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abc acoustics, inc. acoustical engineering and consulting services. noise control, research, testing firm providing services in usa, canada, and mexico.
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big sky acoustics - big sky accoustics acoustical design
big sky acoustics is an acoustical consulting firm in helena, montana that specializes in architectural acoustical design and environmental noise assessment. the firm routinely conducts noise studies and provides noise control design recommendations.
noise, acoustical, control, acoustics, equipment, leed, system, hvac, mechanical, architectural, consulting, consultant, engineer, design, environmental
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home - noise expert – acoustical consulting
noise measurement, acoustical consulting, environmental noise, sound control, impact isolation, room acoustics, mechanical noise, vibration control, traffic
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kirkegaard associates - acoustics, a/v, noise & vibration control
kirkegaard associates is an acoustics, noise and vibration control, and audio/video consulting firm in chicago, il and boulder, co.
consulting, noise, vibration, acoustical, auditoriums, acoustics, centers, conferencing, consultant, design, environmental, facility, testing, studios, recording, conference, architectural, video, concert, mechanical
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sonic-shield engineered sound proofing solutions
sonic-shield company develops & provides products & materials for noise & vibration control in industrial, commercial and residential applications.
noise, control, reduction, acoustical, vibration, acoustics, sound, vinyl, loaded, mineral, mass, attenuation, motor, baffles, generator, consultant, industrial, wool, silencers, community
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ssa acoustics - home
welcome to ssa acoustics, llp. we are a multi-disciplined acoustical consulting firm, providing detailed and creative solutions to architectural, environmental, and mechanical noise control issues as well as sound system design in the seattle area and nationwide.
acoustics, classroom, classrooms, education, design, engineers, mechanical, acoustic, industrial, consultants, acoustical, seattle, noise, control
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west general acoustics
west general is a one stop source for acoustical materials, noise control and noise solutions.
acoustical, control, materials, waste, tiles, ceiling, water, environmental, filtration, panels, treatment, acoustic, isolation, vibration, noise, acoustics, sound, sonex, damping, wall
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acoustic consultation - noise measurement & abatement - soundproofing services
acoustic measurement, consultation & design for home/business/studio. noise/vibration testing, decibel readings, soundproofing & noise abatement design, speaker tuning, noise code violations, expert witness testimony.
noise, testing, soundproofing, acoustical, consulting, consultation, consultant, sound, acoustic, decibel, readings, design, running, privacy, walking, footsteps, complaints, disturbance, exhaust, conditioner
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best soundproofing materials, noise control materials and solutions by
noise control materials - we offer many exclusive soundproofing materials and services online with most affordable prices. supersoundproofing co™ is the first online soundproofing resource in usa, est. 1997.
noise, control, sound, acoustical, foam, fiberglass, barrier, insulation, absorber, soundproofing, acoustics, recording, reduction, panel, home, theater, materials, sonex, alpha, vibration
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acoustic sound curtains for industrial noise control, construction noise abatement and commercial soundproofing applications
sound curtains help control noise and soundproof construction and other sources
noise, sound, control, soundproofing, curtain, barriers, acoustical, materials, products, enclosures, curtains, insulation, proofing, barrier, industrial, reduction, absorbers, construction, highway, diffusers
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phase to, inc. - home
phase to, inc., noise management services. technical and management expertise in areas of environmental noise & vibration, industrial noise control, and architectural acoustics services.
noise, phase, environmental, control, osha, abatement, lansing, ontario, windsor, michigan, acoustics, sound, engineering, conservation, hearing, management, services, acoustical, consultant, survey
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acoustical panels & soundproofing materials to control sound and eliminate noise™, supplied by acoustics first
acoustics first designs, manufactures, distributes and sells acoustical panels and soundproofing materials to control sound and eliminate noise. products include sound absorbers, diffusers, noise barriers, and vibration control devices from people who have been giving out sound advice for over 30 years.
sound, diffusor, wrap, acoustic, quiet, pyramid, cylinder, quadra, louver, sonora, guilford, geometrix, maine, pipe, hiper, duct, wedge, cutting, silent, pictures
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acoustical materials new york - controlled acoustics corporation
controlled acoustics corporation is serving ny, nj and ct with acoustic materials for sound and noise control.
noise, control, materials, media, rooms, studios, absorptive, recording, sound, dampeners, muffle, acoustic, vibration
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commercial and architectural soundproofing control products
sound seal incorporated in 1978 provides soundproofing and noise control products
sound, acoustical, wood, baffles, materials, curtains, absorber, diffusers, barrier, curtain, enclosures, underlayments, floor, screens, insulation, tiles, proofing, acoustics, architectural, commercial
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home | marshall day acoustics
established in 1981, marshall day acoustics has grown to become one of the worlds largest and most respected acoustic consultancies. for over 30 years, we have been providing the highest standard of architectural and environmental acoustic consulting.
noise, control, design, environmental, consulting, engineering, acoustics, acoustical
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db engineering - acoustical foam and noise insulation
db engineering provides solutions for noise control, sound suppression and vibration control for oem.
control, vibration, noise, sound, acoustical, damping, engineering, barrier, foam, soundcoat, polydamp, polyfoam, cloth, hush, roadkill, mechanical, thermal, noiseless, isolators, convoluted
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home ::: oilfield noise mitigation, sound control specialists :: principle energy services
principle energy services' noise specialists measure, monitor, model, and design proactive sound control and noise mitigation solutions for today's oil & gas industry noise control needs.
sound, control, noise, mitigation, principle, turnkey, consulting, jobsite, oilfield, energy, hydraulic, station, fracturing, fracking, approach, compressor, engineering, princple, services, enviro
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baswaphon commercial sound absorbing plaster | baswaphon acoustical plaster
baswaphon delivers premium acoustical environments to a variety of high end commercial, retail and residential spaces while protecting design aesthetic.
acoustical, plaster, acoustic, sound, ceiling, control, commercial, finishing, materials, products, absorbing, systems, damping, absorption, materiel, open, deadening, large, rooms, treatments
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moov llc | acoustic solutions | acoustic wall panels | sound proofing | home theater , studio & auditorium acoustics | noise control | vibration control
moov business units are professionally organized and managed and have been established to focus on customer service delivery and provision of high quality products and services
acoustical, panels, wall, control, fabric, soundproofing, soundproof, sound, foam, noise, absorption, system, doors, door, isolation, curtains, material, walls, acoustic, ceiling
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drilling & fracing sound reduction | acoustical noise barrier
absolute noise control providing noise mitigation with temporary sound walls, permanent sound walls, acoustical enclosures, and acoustical pipe wraps.
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noise barriers, llc. barrier walls, sound doors, window systems providing the sound of silence
manufacturer of acoustically rated sound control & noise control products. soundproof doors, soundproof windows, sound barrier walls, sound absorption panels, and acoustical enclosures, environmental noise control, community noise control
noise, acoustic, wall, barrier, door, control, sound, steel, theater, room, panel, acoustical, flame, spray, studio, recording, sliding, seals, home, silence
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primacoustic acoustic solutions
acoustic, sound, control, music, foam, bass, engineer, isolation, panel, engineering, acoustics, absorption, diffusion, adhesives, treatment, accessories, products, fiberglass, broadway, acoustical
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building acoustics
building acoustics - a range of environmentally friendly building acoustic products to control noise reverberation & reduce overall noise levels.
acoustic, noise, sound, ceiling, proofing, alternative, reduction, noisy, home, neighbours, tile, wall, absorbing, coatings, solutions, control, acoustics, reverberation, plaster, pollution
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acousticontrol | acoustical consultant | noise control engineering
our acoustical consultant services include noise control solutions for healthcare, education, multifamily, commercial and industrial facilities.
hotels, environment, work, housing, auditoriums, consultants, engineer, engineers, engineering, managers, noise, consultant, acoustical, control, architects, developers, estate, real, acousticontrol
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acoustic consultants, noise control, vibration, a/v - acentech
acentech is a multi-disciplinary acoustical consulting firm with expertise in architectural acoustics, a/v design, noise control and vibration control.
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bay acoustics | architectural acoustics | washington dc | baltimore md | bay acoustics
bay acoustics, architectural acoustics located in baltimore md and washington dc
noise, acoustics, planes, kerr, michael, architectural, hall, design, concert, baltimore, environmental, control, vibration, industrial, washington, dynamics, product, mike, building, quiet
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soundproofing material and soundproofing solutions | industrial noise control | acoustical products
soundproofing and acoustic noise control materials and services - of san diego, ca
acoustic, noise, soundproofing, control, sound, foam, barrier, insulation, acoustical, reduction, illbruck, material, panels, curtains, sonex, tile, soundproof, barriers, home, studio
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gretch-ken industries, inc. - professional sound booths and noise control products
gretch-ken sound booths, vocal booths, recording booths, sound isolation booths, noise reduction, sound reduction, sound control, studio foam, noise foam, control booths, sound barrier materials and soundproofing treatments
sound, control, acoustic, reduction, noise, audio, booth, foam, proofing, mass, soundproofing, vinyl, broadcast, absorption, enclosures, products, testing, panels, barrier, equipment
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acoustical surfaces, acoustic interior soundproofing products, acoustic walls,acoustic fabrics uae | acoustical materials panels dubai | soundproofing solutions | noise control | wall panel installations dubai-
acoustical products and surfaces expertise in sound control solutions, interior and exterior noise control, soundproofing material, acoustical products including acoustical foam and panels, acoustical panels, noise control curtains, fabric ceiling system, vibrate mount, soundproof walls, foam and installations all over the middle east
soundproofing, control, soundproof, foam, acoustical, panels, wall, sound, noise, curtains, isolation, fabric, doors, dubai, door, walls, insulation, ceilings, proof, east
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edward dugger + associates
edward dugger + associates is an acoustical consulting firm which combines knowledge of architectural acoustics with design of leading-edge technical systems to produce exceptional solutions for our clients.
edward, dugger, measurements, noise, acoustical, plus, associates, consultants, condo, architectural, acoustics, florida, control, acoustic
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crossspectrum labs - sound | vibration | engineering
based in springfield massachusetts, cross-spectrum labs provides acoustical consulting services including sound and vibration measurements, noise control, home theater design and litigation support
massachusetts, pioneer, valley, microphone, pollution, noise, systems, acoustical, consultant, expert, audio
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neva noise solutions
neva noise solutions industrial & architectural acoustics & noise control
noise, island, absorber, rhode, vermont, hampshire, maine, barrier, mass, blankets, custom, quilted, vinyl, loaded, massachusetts, england, acoustics, soundproofing, acoustic, architectural
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sound insulation testing & acoustic consultancy
nationwide acoustic consultancy offering sound insulation testing for building regs from just £295! experienced providers of noise impact assessments and all types of acoustic surveys.
noise, acoustic, testing, sound, report, surveys, tests, consultants, plant, bs4142, control, building, insulation, regulations, bs8233, assessment, cheap, manchester, cost, impact
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acoustical consultants | acoustics by design grand rapids mi portland or
acoustics by design is one of the leading independent acoustical consulting firms nationwide serving architects, engineers and building owners.
consultants, acoustical, acoustics
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acoustics engineering | engineering dynamics, inc.
40+ years acoustics engineering experience.full service acoustical engineering, simulated environments testing and sound & vibration instrumentation calibration.
engineering, dynamics, acoustical, testing
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kinetics middle east
kinetics middle east llc an engineering company specializing in designing, supplying and installing acoustical products was established in dubai in february 2000 as a branch office ofkinetics uk in london. kinetics middle east offices and warehouses are located in dubai investment park area with a branch office in abu dhabi. our principals kinetics noise controlinc. are located in dublin, ohio u.s.a.
isolation, seismic, acoustical, sound, vibration, barrier, isolators, noise, riser, barriers, limp, mass, damping, enclosures, walls, materials, finish, absorbers, curtains, room
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donald olynyk acoustic consultant | noise consultant edmonton, ab
donald olynyk acoustical consultant is located in edmonton and alberta, saskatchewan. if there is need of acoustical engineers for consultation and engineering services contact us.
acoustical, edmonton, consultant, noise, engineering, engineer, consulting
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siebein associates, inc. - acoustical consultants
siebein associates, inc. is a leading acoustical consulting firm established in 1981 that specializes in architectural and environmental acoustics utilizing advanced acoustical measuring systems to evaluate acoustical challenges in a wide range of project types.
siebein, acoustical, acoustics, gary, associates, architectural, environmental, consultant, consultants, florida, southeast
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stewart acoustical consultants - acousticians - consultant in acoustics, noise control
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south eastern acoustics
noise control, sound abatement walls, sound retardant windows and doors, recording studios, partitions, operable walls, fabric wall panels, medical booths, life science rooms, accordion doors, acoustics georgia.
home, industry, products, sound, abatement, acoustics
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soundproofing products sound insulation acoustic insulation noise control uk
soundproofing products acoustic insulation sound insulation commercial domestic industrial environmental noise control
soundproofing, noise, acoustic, insulation, control, sound, soundproof, panels, materials, roofing, products, ceilings, proofing, walls, floors, acoustics
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pac international, inc. - soundproofing and sound isolation products
soundproofing and sound isolation products
sound, isolation, noise, control, impact, vibration, design, transmission, wave, resilient, pressure, ceiling, attenuation, class, home, floor, suspension, classification, rsic, international
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scitation: acoustical society of america
the purpose of the acoustical society of america is to increase the knowledge of acoustics and to promote its practical applications. established in 1929, the present membership includes leaders in acoustics worldwide. diverse fields of interest in acoustics include physics, engineering, architecture, noise, oceanography, biology, speech and hearing, psychology and music.
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porter acoustics | quality audio, video and lighting for over 17 years
located in middle tennessee, porter acoustics is well-known for providing quality design and installation services throughout the united states for all scopes and sizes. we are also known for providing quality sound reinforcement or live events and corporate events
sound, audio, system, video, church, design, consulting, systems, live, visual, installation, services, professional, acoustical, dallas, studio, forth, subwoofer, contractors, projection
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noise curtains by db engineering
noise curtains - fast delivery of solutions for noise and vibration control
sound, damping, engineering, soundcoat, polydamp, polyfoam, hush, cloth, convoluted, noiseless, acoustical, mechanical, roadkill, vibration, isolators, sonex, absoption, loudness, barrier, quiet
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soundproofing noise control residential industrial commercial sound proofing **
soundproofing noise control products residential industrial commercial soundproofing acoustic banners acoustic baffles noise suppression technology
proofing, sound, noise, soundproofing, composites, products, curtain, acoustical, suppression, quilted, panels, absorbers, baffles, wrapped, curtains, barriers, scrim, metal, screens, absorber
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designed acoustics llc - home
st louis missouri acoustical engineering consultants.
louis, acoustics, missouri, consultants, acoustical, video, church, engineer, engineers, audio
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next acoustics
great sound control products for less! next acoustics foam products for all sound environments
foam, acoustics, acoustical, studio, acoustic, sound
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sparling :: home
largest electrical, technology, audiovisual, acoustics and lighting design and consulting firm in the united states and a leader in integrated design
acoustics, wireless, data, sustainable, security, network, power, seattle, design, planning, telehealth, infrastructure, video, engineer, engineering, acoustical, electrical, technology, consulting, audio
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pro acoustic designs | acoustical engineers canada
we are a team of professional acoustical engineers. we offer acoustical services like noise control, soundproofing and acoustical products for industrial needs.
acoustical, services, engineers, products
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avl systems acoustical wall panels, acoustic ceiling panels, sound diffusers, quadratic residue diffusers, binary amplitude diffusers, pyramid diffusers, barrel diffusers, banners, baffles, clouds, and custom noise control systems, usgbc member, leed
avl systems acoustical wall panels, acoustical ceiling panels, sound diffusers, sound absorption and sound diffusion products, quadratic residue diffusers, binary amplitude diffusers, pyramid diffusers, barrel diffusers, sound reflectors, banners, baffles, clouds, canopies, arrays and custom noise control systems by avl systems, inc, usgbc member, leed, sound control for educational, schools, churches, auditoriums, theaters, cinema, home theater, music, studios, hotels, offices, and gymnasiums
diffuser, ceiling, sound, panel, acoustical, acoustic, reflector, performance, theater, control, noise, wall, worship, home, church, educational, band, music, chorus, auditorium
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a better resource of the latest in sound control methods and materials
acoustic, noise, sound, soundproof, control, ceiling, studio, insulation, material, barrier, reduction, proofing, headphones, cancelling, home, abatement, silverado, window, tile, absorbent
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53 . : . online source for architectural acoustics information is an alliance of educators, experts & design professionals dedicated to promoting the importance of acoustics in the architecture, design, construction & building communities. our efforts are born out of concern for public health & safety.
acoustics, information, safety, health, treatments, remedy, noise, interior, designers, architects, testing, codes, materials, education, architecture, consultants, acoustical, architectural, construction, acoustic
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oeler industries, inc. | acoustic, noise & sound control specialists pittsburgh, pa.
oeler industries, inc. based in pittsburgh, pennsylvania provides provides products, services, and consultation in solving noise problems.
pittsburgh, control, acoustic, acoustics, consultation, services, products, noise, industries, oeler, sound
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engineered sound control structures, enclosures for creating controlled environments and code compliant hazardous occupanies - phoenix-e
phoenix-e is the leading manufacturer of engineered sound control structures, equipment & materials; engineered rooms and enclosures for created controlled environments and code compliant space in hazardous occupancies; factory fabricated buildings, rooms
noise, acoustical, control, controlled, environment, critical, literature, panel, environments, hazardous, facilities, functional, solutions, buildings, enclosures, test, structures
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acoustics in a box - more acoustics - less money - acoustic wall panels
acoustics in a box provides the ultimate in acoustic products at an affordable cost. our proven high quality acoustical treatment products include acoustical absorber panels, bass traps, variable diffusers, portable sound barriers, portable isolation booths and gobos. your complete room treatment system for recording studios, churches and any other room where quality sound matters.
booth, acoustics, panel, vocal, isolation, variable, drum, gobo, trap, sloping, room, wall, bass, acoustic, portable
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memtech acoustical - noise control and soundproofing
memtech acoustical leading full service, low cost provider of noise control and soundproofing solutions - acoustic panels, acoustic foam
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soundproofing | soundproofing materials
for thousands of economical noise barrier applications try acoustiblok sound deadening materials including acoustifence and all weather sound panels
sound, noise, deadening, control, soundproof, barrier, insulation, soundproofing, proofing, reduction
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mediterranean acoustics research and development | acoustics software | noise mapping | room acoustics | noise barriers | room acoustics | building acoustics
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bowshot, cooper and o'donnel engineers, llc - welcome
control, engineering, automation, consulting, engineer, controls, engineers, system, firms, companies, company, firm, services, power, electrical, instrumentation, systems, design, flash, flow
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free online audio tests, test tones and tone generators
tests your audio equipment, speakers, room acoustics and hearing. audio signals and test tones playable online. high resolution sound test files available for free download.
audio, sound, test, tests, testing, generator, tone, noise, waveform, online, speaker, tools, tones, files, benchmarking, download, signals, earplug, function, sine
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adr studios inc - acoustical audio visual consulting & design services
serving the technology needs of the professional and residential communities. adr is highly skilled in all the major sound and visual disciplines including, acoustical design and engineering.
audio, design, system, control, home, equipment, visual, sound, engineering, professional, video, theatres, theaters, custom, entertainment, studio, light, acoustic, process, industrial
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head acoustics - kopfbezogene aufnahme- und wiedergabetechnik, kommunikations-messtechnik, akustik, schwingungsmesstechnik, sound quality
head acoustics gmbh - kopfbezogenen aufnahme- und wiedergabetechnik, kommunikations-messtechnik. head acoustics provides noise and vibration, sound quality, and telecommunications voice quality and acoustics testing systems and aachen head or aachen head binaural recording and playback systems.
head, system, sound, artemis, analysis, telecom, playback, vibration, measurement, quality, acoustics, schwingungsmesstechnik, accurate, investigation, digital, aufnahme, messtechnik, technology, consult, psychoakustik
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audio spectrum analyzer and acoustics software
sample champion is a software spectrum analyzer, a frequency generator and an acoustical engineering design tool. it can be used in acoustics, in speaker design, as distortion analyzer, as oscilloscope and much more..
signal, generator, design, audio, acoustics, speaker, sound, acoustical, test, equipment, measurement, oscilloscope, card, cards, theater, spectrum, digital, engineering, analysis, software
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lead, mold & asbestos testing | m3 environmental consulting llc
established in 2005, m3 environmental consulting has provided high quality environmental consulting services throughout the monterey county area. our
testing, pollution, remediation, consulting, california, environmental, expert, inspector, property, witness, monterey, sound, lead, asbestos, mold, quality, bacteria, noise, plan
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wilson ihrig & associates
seattle, york, california, woodinville, washington, asia, states, united, emeryville, oakland, noise, acoustics, acoustic, consultant, vibration, engineering, jose, francisco, consulting, acoustical
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welcom |
sonic arts . experimental avantgarde. musik instruments online shop !!!! from amsterdam netherlandswij zijn een nederlands bedrijf gevestigd in hoofddorp nederlands met ons
synth, noise, sound, game
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great southern insulation | sound and thermal insulation
experts in sound and thermal insulation: heat shields, generator soundproofing, marine insulation, exhaust wrap, engine room soundproofing, turbo heat shields. soundproof rooms, doors and walls at low cost. sonex pinta acoustics panels and products for sale.
insulation, sound, soundproofing, foam, generator, materials, acoustic, noise, material, acoustical, insulating, reduction, enclosure, board, absorption, room, fiberglass, ceilings, auto, melamine
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69 - soundproofing materials and articles.
soundproofing materials to help control sound in rooms, hotels, offices, home theaters, doors, windows and more. nationwide distributor of green glue, mass loaded vinyl, outdoor sound curtains, rubber underlayment, automatic door bottoms and more. huge variety of acoustical materials including acoustic panels, acoustic fabric, oc 700 panels and more
sound, studio, acoustical, theater, whisper, home, clips, recording, hotels, ceiling, panels, wall, acoustic, caulk, soundproof, mass, loaded, treatments, glue, green
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olson acoustics | the new force in the science of sound
olson acoustics is a solutions-oriented acoustics provider that works with clients to achieve technical and aesthetic results. evolving with the industry since 1989.
acoustic, sound, absorber, foam, ceiling, basotect, bass, vibration, door, trap, plaster, louvre, duct, wall, silencer, attenuator, noise, treatment, isolation
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acoustics ligthing thermal architecture integration service - alta integra
alta integra is an integrated building physics in acoustics lighting thermal and architecture consulting. architectural acoustics noise control natural ventilation lighting design.
lighting, design, thermal, desain, architect, peredam, suara, acoustics
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manufacturer of advanced acoustical products. quietrock by pabco gypsum is designed to reduce noise, improve architectural freedom and promote sustainable construction.
pabco, construction, building, sound, acoustical, noise, drywall, soundproof, quietrock
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easy install faux tin ceiling tiles (2'x4'), white only $13.95
black, brass, bronze, copper, aged copper, nickel and white tin ceiling tiles (2'x4') are easily installed without nailing plus save money. metal tin panels in 31 designs. save on tin tiles for walls, backsplashes and ceilings.
ceiling, ceilings, panels, tambour, acoustical, noise, tiles, sound, acoutical, doors, material, proof, abatement, soundproof, coffered, product, wood, stop, tile, materials
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industrial noise control malaysia, architectural acoustics kuala lumpur (kl), audiometric test room selangor ~ istiq noise control sdn bhd
established in 1995, istiq noise control sdn. bhd. has grown to become one of the leading company in industrial and building acoustics. our main office is located in cheras, kuala lumpur (kl), malaysia.
istiq, lumpur, cheras, kuala, control, malaysia, noise, office, main, acoustics, building, selangor, located, leading, 1995, grown, established, service, supply, supplies
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acoustical sounproofing products dealers, manufacturers,sellers,distributors,engineers, interior designing consultants in bangalore india for acoustical surfaces, soundproofing material, noise control curtains, acoustical panels, soundproof walls,fabrics, doors, windows, curtains, cloths, furniture,sofas
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bash sound acoustics - all around the middle east
acoustical treatment l soundproofing l audio consulting l audio/video setup & configuration l home theater & gaming
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atlanta sound video lighting geogia streaming crestron projection ev
acoustical automation control environmental design house of worship av sound video ip production installation crestron signage projection streaming led ev
digital, design, electrovoice, house, environmental, crestron, automation, acoustical, chief, christie, control, consulting
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commercial acoustics - commercial acoustics
number one resource for architects and contractors to meet their acoustical requirements within cost and schedule. our acoustical consultants are on standby
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andreyev acoustics institute - акустический институт имени академика н. н. андреева
server of the state research center "andreyev acoustics institute" provides information on all research topics of modern acoustics. data on the institute's history, research projects, know-how and technological developments, acoustical conferences and seminars in russia and abroad are presented. a lot of references on internet resources on acoustics and ultrasound can be found on the server. сервер акустического института имени академика н. н. андреева представляет информацию по всем направлениям современной акустики. представлены материалы по истории института, подробная информация о проводимых исследованиях и научно-технических разработках, о конференциях и семинарах по акустике и ультразвуку в россии и за рубежом. освещается деятельность российского акустического общества. на сервере можно найти многочисленные ссылки на ресурсы по акустике и смежным дисциплинам в интернет
acoustics, sound, vibration, noise, radiation, signal, transducers, processing, photoacoustics, optoacoustics, underwater, institute, oceanography, ultrasound, ultrasonics, acoustic, sensors, society, acoustical, russia
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serenity coating | how serenitys sound reduction paint solution works -
shop serenity coatings sound reducing paint applications and materials for home and business purposes.
sound, coating, noise, acoustics, control, shop, product, acoustiblock, insulation, proof, reduce, paint, reduction, serenity, silent
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my car makes noise. listen to these noises and match them to what you hear on this library of car noises to diagnose a car problem.
car noise library of noise when you start your car, noise when you apply the brakes, noise coming from underneath your car, noise when you run your car, noise from your exhaust system.
when, what, your, problems, like, sound, system, transmission, engine, break, exhaust, suspension, sounds
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osha noise: u.s. occupational safety & health administration noise exposure standards -
osha noise provides information about u.s. occupational safety & health administration osha noise exposure standards. osha compliance can reduce miscommunications, accidents, mistakes, errors, noise-induced hearing loss & increase productivity & moral.
noise, hearing, standard, exposure, worker, employee, loss, conservation, accidents, productivity, violations, program, osha, workplace, administration, standards, testing, compliance, codes, enforcement
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sound - acoustical ceilings - united acoustics - san leandro - california
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welcome to gold line - home page
home page for gold line: manufacturer of professional audio test and analysis equipment.
audio, speech, intelligibility, test, noise, sound, analysis, analyzer, time, equipment, acoustical, real, voice, professional, home, pink, gold, tool, meter, transmission
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acoustics northwest, inc.acoustics northwest
acoustical ceilings tacoma, acoustical wall panels tacoma, acoustical ceilings seattle, acoustical wall panels seattle, acoustical baffles seattle, frp, fabric wrapped panels, acoustical ceiling tiles, wood ceilings, wood grille ceilings, linear wood ceilings, linear wood walls, custom acoustical ceilings
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australian acoustical society a.c.n. 000 712 658
australian acoustical society information about acoustics, membership, joining, conferences and more
australian, acoustical, society, acoustics, acoustic
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home | norfolk, va shooting range acoustics, sound walls and highway noise barriers
norfolk, va home | norfolk, va shooting range acoustics, sound walls and highway noise barriers
walls, highway, barriers, sound, noise, shooting, range, acoustics, norfolk, huntsville, diego
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floor, chair, noise, classroom, maintenance, glide, protection, reduce, saver, environment, control, reduction, costs, acoustics, save, savers, school, supplies, damage, tile
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soundsorb noise mitigation material by concrete solutions, inc. - soundsorb inc.
soundsorb is a cementitious, sound-absorptive material that is poured either via precast method into a transportation noise mitigation wall, or by retrofitting 2x2 ft. soundsorb panels to an existing reflective wall to quell transportation noise.
noise, traffic, wall, rail, city, truck, reflective, relfective, tire, train, high, soundwall, sound, transportation, highway, speed
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elevating sound | sound, acoustics, noise, audio, soundscape, sonic, quiet, silent, tinnitus — your guide to sound design, noise pollution, quiet products, noisy products, quiet cars, audio branding, architecture and acoustic design, urban soundscape, tinnitus & hyperacusis, soundproofing, acoustic solutions, ear protection etc.
elevating sound is the leading sound portal covering topics such as sound design, noise pollution, quiet products, noisy products, quiet cars, audio branding, architecture and acoustic design, urban soundscape, tinnitus & hyperacusis, soundproofing, acoustic solutions, ear protection etc. elevating sound - your sound guide to a sound world
soundscape, quiet, decibel, tinnitus, design, innovation, silent, urban, sonic, sounds, acoustics, noise, sound, loud
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home - scantek inc.
scantek, inc. is a worldwide leader in sound and vibration instrumentation sales, service, rental and calibration. scantek sells, services and rents the finest products and provides expert support on their use. the scantek calibration laboratory is accredited for microphones, calibrators, sound level meters, dosimeters, sound and vibration fft and real-time analyzers, preamplifiers and signal conditioners, accelerometers, velocity sensors, vibration meters and vibration exciters. scantek, inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of norsonic as.
vibration, meter, instrumentation, measurement, acoustical, noise, level, acoustics, sound
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revelation sound
we are dedicated to helping you with all your sound control and sound proofing needs along with offering acoustic design and voice over work.
sound, proofing, control, baffle, waves, soundproofing, demos, voice, studio, recording, room, class, design, cubicle, decibels, office, noise, acoustic
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specialists in vibration and noise control - kellett enterprises, inc.
kellett enterprises, inc. is an innovative creator of the lp-13 shake absorber vibration and isolation pad specializing in vibration isolation, sound and noise control.
pick, vibration, products, control, lunometer, counter, reed, scissors, retail, residential, glasses, hooks, adhesives, noise, sound, shake, absorber, isolation, automatic
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church sound systems | commercial audio video (av) | school sound & multimedia design & installation | audio video electronics - ave
minnesota based, audio video electronics | 763-561-0433 | ave is an integrated design and installation company specializing in church sound systems, commercial audio video (av), school sound & video systems, room acoustics, stage lighting and more.
sound, audio, acoustics, design, electronics, video, construction, systems, church, ease, acoustical, svard, stefan, treatment, modeling, minnesota, cities, solution, your, visual
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home - formula sound: analogue dj mixers & noise control
formula sound is a manufacturer of quality standard & bespoke, analogue dj mixers & noise control solutions. all our products are designed & built in the uk
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stp atlantic: sound deadening, soundproofing, sound absorbing, sound dampening materials
stp atlantic is focused on producing sound deadening, sound dampening and soundproofing materials. we are experts in car soundproofing, sound deadening, sound insulation, car audio, door sound deadening, roof sound deadening, engine sound insulation, car sound dampening material.
sound, noise, alternative, dampening, material, deadener, peel, control, quiet, seal, install, cascade, deadening, reduce, dynamat, quieter, make, hushmat, barrier, insulation
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olson sound design
acoustical, system, ease, sound, consulting, design, dual, easera
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signalysis - software systems for vibration and acoustic testing and measurements
software systems for vibration and acoustic testing and measurements, signalysis is an industry leader in acoustic and vibration software applications, systems and consulting. we provide software solutions for production line measurements and testing systems to environmental sound monitoring.
testing, software, monitoring, test, analysis, resonance, quality, sound, vibration, system, detection, consulting, measurements, production, acoustic, control, systems, calibration, national, instruments
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buy online acoustical soundproofing and noise control materials, usa
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home - vibration isolation, noise control, sound proof insulation, spring mounts
looking for building isolation & sound insulation materials? total vibration solutions is one of the uk’s market-leading noise and vibration control specialists.
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home | san antonio sound & light
sasl is an audio/visual contractor specializing in high performance sound systems, video presentation and distibution, design, consulting, acoustics, professional lighting and conferencing solutuions.
video, audio, engineering, acoustical, camera, lighting, sound, conferencing, conference, professional, visual, church, house, worship, room
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noise meter | pulsar instruments | expert noise meters | sound db levels
noise meter experts pulsar, with 45 years experience offer expert noise monitoring equipment and the best noise meter range for noise at work measurement. sound level monitors, sound db levels, expert noise meters and much more.
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peredam suara | noise control | kedap suara | sound proofing
peredam suara karaoke, home theater, studio musik, broadcast, tempat ibadah, aula, sekolah, ruang rapat, perkantoran, industrial, mesin kendaraan, pabrik, noise control, sound proofing, design dan konsultasi,
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rpg europe - acoustic treatment
rpg europe - acoustic panels - absorbers, diffusers and bass tools. a complete range of acoustic tools for the control of room acoustics, for architectural, domestic, proaudio and home theatre projects.
acoustic, panels, bass, ceiling, plaster, wood, absorbers, noise, absorption, products, baswaphon, green, absorber, glue, clipso, broadband, sound, printed, reduction, wall
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p.r.acoustical and engineering works(p) ltd. | the quiet people offering sound solutions to noise
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sound level meters and noise dosimeters from noisemeters
sound level meters, noise dosimeters and environmental noise monitors. the online shop from noisemeters offers buyers professional advice on product selection.
industrial, workplace, microphone, construction, measurement, casella, microphones, community, control, calibrator, decibel, octave, condenser, dosimeter, monitoring, environment, acoustic, analyzer, meters, meter
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technicon acoustics - technicon industries inc, sound absorption products
technicon acoustics specializes in noise and vibration reduction solutions for heavy equipment, industrial, medical, marine and transportation industries.
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american flooring distributors | your source for sound control
acoustical underlayments such as: ecore qt sound control and proflex in los angeles, san francisco, boston, new york. qtscu, qtrbm, proflex msc 90, rcu250
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golterman & sabo acoustics | st louis, missouri
g&s acoustics® is a leading manufacturer of acoustical, tackable and sound diffusing wall and ceiling products distributed worldwide.
louis, missouri, sabo, golterman
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noise barriers, sound walls, absorptive sound barrier walls | sound fighter systems
absorptive sound walls, noise barriers and noise applications for industrial noise reduction, manufacturing sound abatement and more.
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111 your acoustics & noise control resource
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112 | dynamat sound damping | thermal solutions
dynamat is the best sound deadener on the market. the dynamat family of products makes every car cool and quiet, and improves audio sound quality. our home
sound, dynamat, insulation, damping, noise, fairing, vibrations, trunk, harley, audio, door, xtreme, dampening, damp, roller, deadening, superlite, dynomat, dyna, stop
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insulation for metal buildings by cmi
cmi specialty insulation is a metal building insulation laminator, manufacturer, and distributor. we use only john's manville formaldehyde free insulation to bring our customers the most energy efficient and cost saving building material available. our acoustical insulation used for noise control is used in applications from car dealerships, to gymnasiums, to mechanical applications. we specialize in federal specifications; including government and military specified construction. all materials are custom manufactured. we service the entire united states.
metal, blanket, insulation, control, noise, products, building, fiberglass, lamtec, free, formaldehyde, energy, savings, manville, owens, corning, chemical, loss, barrier, solutions
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eq acoustics
eq acoustics are a uk based manufacturer of acoustic panels and sound proofing products. for recording studios they offer the complete range of acoustics products from bass traps to acoustic foam. they also specialise in office interiors and domestic sound proofing. eq acoustics have an emphasis on service and offer every customer a free acoustics consultation via email or telephone.
cell, absorbing, glue, centre, acoustic
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noise news international
noise news international, ince-usa
noise, engineering, audio, exhibitors, waves, reduce, presenters, international, internoise, reduction, vendors, vibration, convention, control, conference, engineers, institute, sound, ince, cancellation
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commercial construction - r&t specialty construction kansas
r and t specialty construction, l.c. does top-quality and dependable commercial construction on a variety of specialty construction and remodeling projects including sun and sound control, demountable walls and acoustical ceilings.
control, sound, walls, remodeling, koolshade, demountable, ceiling, construction, commercial, midwest, acoustical, specialty
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active noise reduction, control and cancellation solutions | silentium
silentium is a leading provider of active noise reduction technology. discover how to reduce your products noise by up to 90%.
noise, active, cancellation, reduction, control, software, system, technology, devices, acoustic, understanding, systems, products
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sb acoustics building your sound
professional loudspeaker manufacturing indonesia
acoustics, loudspeaker, sbacoustics, indonesia, loudspaker, professional, manufacturing
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white noise | the pure "gold standard" in white noise | mp3 downloads, cds.
white noise. each white noise mp3 download and cd provides sound benefits far beyond any expensive, bulky white noise machines.
white, noise, sounds, play, machines, baby, sound, download, nature
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spraydead liquid sound deadener
spraydead liquid sound deadener spray on , brush on paint on. vibration, rattles noise control material manufacture
skin, sound, rattles, vibration, noise, road, sludge, auto, restoration, control, automotive, second, brush, deadening, spray, deadener, deadner, lizardskin, liquid, gtmat
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spectrum sound, llc, design build
spectrum sound is a business designing and building sound, lighting, video and acoustics for church, school, retail and government spaces.
sound, systems, stage, lighting, video, sports, retail, baseball, acoustics, athletic
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snaptex corporate site
snap-tex is the industry-leading acoustical stretched fabric mounting system for walls, ceilings and other interior surfaces.
fabric, walls, ceilings, wall, panels, ceiling, custom, control, noise, sound, acoustic, design, upholstered, textured, site, finishes, fabricated, coverings, system, track
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rwdi consulting engineers and scientists
consulting in the field of wind and snow loading on buildings, building science, microclimate, masterplanning, and environmental impact.
comfort, pedestrian, noise, motioneering, permitting, snow, design, sustainable, testing, stack, microclimate, planning, science, building, quality, environmental, impact, master, habitat, acoustics
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defonic - a fabulous ambient noise generator
ambient soundscapes for use as background noise at home or in the office. create your own unique sound environment with our noise generator.
sound, nature, ambient, relaxation, rain, noise, sounds, background, generator, soundscape
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church sound, acoustics, lighting, and video -
church sound, acoustics, lighting, and video - eagle sound and acoustics
church, system, audio, acoustics, sound, listening, construction, video, assistive, room, sanctuary, projection, building, design, renovation, traning, echo, diffusion, acoustic, absorption
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noise pollution clearinghouse
hearing, noise, sound, quiet, pollution, loss, occupational, control, proofing, protection, noisy, clearinghouse, natural, noisiest
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room acoustics | noise prediction software | sound absorption | acoustic modeling | loudspeaker cluster | brir
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media design group - audio, video and lighting designs - media design group - sound, video and lighting designs
sound, acoustics, video & theatrical lighting consultants for church, theater, corporate and sports facilities. 25 years experienced, complete design and project coordination.
church, sound, training, consulting, video, ministry, technology, lighting, worship, media, corporate, projection, acoustics, design, screens, theater, deisgn
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acoustic noise reduction and noise control systems
solving commercial & industrial noise problems: lowest cost solutions, right first time, meeting legal requirements, acoustic noise reduction & noise control systems
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acoustic noise reduction and noise control systems
solving commercial & industrial noise problems: lowest cost solutions, right first time, meeting legal requirements, acoustic noise reduction & noise control systems
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soundproofing, acoustics and vibration control - shush soundproofing
shush is irelands largest online shop for all your sound insulation and acoustic needs. soundproofing for cars, boats, houses, offices, sports halls.
control, vibration, acoustics, soundproofing, shush
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sun and sound control in the midwest | signature craft
leaders in the design and installation of standard and unique aesthetically-pleasing acoustical treatments and sun control designed just for your spaces
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vaw systems ltd.
vaw systems ltd. is a leading supplier of noise control products for all noise control systems, applications and markets.
plenum, noise, power, silencer, turbine, industrial, generation, acoustic, attenuator, control, enclosure, hvac
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soundproofing panels, acoustic tiles, & services - soundproofing by netwell noise control
soundproofing services & noise reduction and acoustic soundproofing materials. our wall sound panels help control noise in any room.
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soundproofing panels, acoustic tiles, & services - soundproofing by netwell noise control
soundproofing services & noise reduction and acoustic soundproofing materials. our wall sound panels help control noise in any room.
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sound proofing and noise reduction - asi aeroacoustics
asi aeroacoustics
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:: genesis acoustic products - domestic and industrial soundproofing products | noise insulation ::
genesis acoustics � we are leading suppliers of acoustic treatment, industrial and domestic soundproofing and noise insulation products in and around south africa.
sound, proofing, insulation, domestic, soundproofing, home, live, music, venues, flame, acoustic, treatment, retardant, drywall
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thinksound - the most critically-acclaimed wood headphones on the market
thinksound began with a simple goal; to create incredible sounding headphones with the smallest eco-footprint possible. our headphones are made with real wood, creating a more natural resonance and unparalleled acoustics.
thinksound, earbuds, headphones, sound, music, acoustics, definition, bass, recycle, green, sustainable, renewable, high, timbre, passive, iphone, ipod, think, player, rain
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noisegoddess sound
professional audio engineering services based in ohio, available world-wide. concert sound, broadcast, corporate events, television production, foh engineer, monitor engineer, remote recording, audio systems tech and design, sound system maintenance, optimization and repair.
engineer, audio, sound, recording, soundman, mixer, freelance, touring, ohio, female, corporate, radio, television, events, broadcast, concert, film
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sheet membranes, shower installation products, and antifreeze solutions | noble company
call 800-878-5788 - the noble companys innovative products include tile crack prevention membranes, waterproof membranes, impact and airborne sound control membranes, waterproof shower products, hydronic antifreeze, fire protection and heat transfer fluids.
sound, nobleseal, control, chlorinated, noise, isolation, antifreeze, polyethylene, noble, noburst, dampening, insulation, glycol, crack, suppression, propylene, reduction, transfer, fluids, terrazzo
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your sound engineering jobs site @
free sound engineering job postings and career opportunities. start your sound engineering jobs search today.
engineer, broadcast, technician, sound, audio, recording, operator
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independent loudspeaker design, testing and engineering services consultants | spead loudspeaker design software
redrock acoustics has over twenty years of experience designing, testing and engineering some of the best loudspeakers in the world - from transducer design, fea modeling, and klippel testing to spead loudspeaker design software redrock provides the skills and tools you need to make your speakers sound great.
testing, spead, klippel, woofer, reverse, modeling, consultants, patrick, loudspeaker, transducer, speaker, engineering, design, acoustics, services, turnmire
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hipster sound, an ambient noise generator to stay productive at home.
ambient coffee shop sounds to give you an easy creative boost. combine the sounds into your own unique sound environment.
cafe, noise, sound, creativity, ambient, background, shop, coffee, stay, generator, paris, productive
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centerline solutions
centerline solutions is a growing leader in the wireless industry, providing full turnkey services to our customers. our talented team offers a unique breadth of services falling into four major categories: design, build, modify, and maintain.
wireless, site, engineer, consulting, engineering, cell, testing, construction, cellular, services, architecture, active, entitlement, electrical, passive, regulatory, acquisition, perform, self, drive
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whisper blend :: sound enclosures for blenders and juicers
whisper blend sound enclosures come in two different sizes to muffle the sound of your vitamix®, blendtec®, hamilton beach® and many other blenders.
blender, sound, enclosure, acrylic, noise, juicer, clear, blend, whisper, quiet, vitamix, absorber, absorption, muffler, quieter, quietest, smoothie, shield, proof, enclosures
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sonobex | noise reduction solutions | acoustic barriers and enclosuresnext generation noise control :: sonobex -
sonobex design and produce next-generation, noise reduction solutions including acoustic barriers, enclosures and bespoke engineering designs. read more
news, power, sound, acoustic, sonobex, transformers, technology, polygraphy, reduction, transformer, uncategorized, barriers, noise
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car soundproofing and noise insulation services
todayter provides same day installation service of noise deadening materials and window armoring in new jersey and new york city area. we install noise deadening materials such as dynamat, second skin, noico, eastwood, b-quiet and others. car soundproofing and noise insulation
noise, sound, reduction, deadening, quiet, reduce, road, service, decibel, insulation, soundproofing, cancellation, film, armoring, safety, audio, toyota, window, rover, range
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the inter-noise 2016 is the 45th international congress and exposition of noise control engineering taking place in hamburg, germany, from august 21 to 24 2016.
noise, control, engineering, congress, internoise, germany, hamburg, controll, 2016
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calibrated background noise generators | online & free
the ultimate collection of online background noise generators, drones and soundscapes shaped to your personal hearing thresholds.
noise, sleeping, sound, therapy, device, machine, thresholds, masking, hearing, tinnitus, baby, healing
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auralex acoustics | total sound control
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acoustics incorporated - the leader in specialty contracting
the leader in interior contracting since 1946; specializing in specialty commercial construction including cleanrooms, drywall, acoustical ceilings, partitions, wall panels, spray fireproofing, alarms, cctv, monitoring - servicing nc/sc/ga/tn/va.
acoustics, commercial, floor, hepa, contractor, contamination, technologies, filters, systems, building, optics, counter, particle, modular, walls, pass, passthru, softwall, fabric, newmat
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soundproofing & acoustic control - sound control services
discover soundproofing solutions at sound control services. we specialise in noise products, acoustic control, retrofit solutions and more.
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lucid sound design
sound design, music composition, composer, sound editor, brisbane, queensland, australia, post-production, audio, audio branding, sonic branding, advertisement, film crew, audio engineer, australia, international, sound, noise, creation, audio branding
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acoustic consultants perth, wa – noise testing & control
​​we provide acoustic consultancies tailored to your specific needs, at an affordable price. whether it's acoustic consultancy for planning approvals or solving noise related issues, we can find the right solutions for you.
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technical audio services - home
technical audio services offers 20 years+ experience in recording studio acoustical design and consultation.
acoustical, wall, stretched, sound, proofing, fabric, novawall, design, consultant, acoustic, panels, nova
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audio systems group, inc. home page
audio systems group tutorials and application notes on acoustics, sound systems for performance, worship, and other public spaces, radio frequency interference, and amateurr radio.
sound, radio, system, systems, acoustics, design, interference, frequency, amateur, wireless, audio, reinforcement, acoustic, mics, church
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audio systems group, inc. home page
audio systems group tutorials and application notes on acoustics, sound systems for performance, worship, and other public spaces, radio frequency interference, and amateurr radio.
sound, radio, system, systems, acoustics, design, interference, frequency, amateur, wireless, audio, reinforcement, acoustic, mics, church
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anthony w. defranco, pe - consulting engineer
civil engineer specializing in stormwater solutions
control, site, design, stormwater, erosion, engineer, lake, george, civil, adirondacks
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industrial noise suppression - noise solutions
noise solutions inc. is the leading north american provider of engineered turnkey industrial noise control for energy, mining, power generation and aerospace.
noise, generation, power, aerospace, engineering, environmental, turnkey, mining, mitigation, suppression, control, industrial
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e2 engineers | structural engineering consulting firm | new london, ct
e2 engineers is a structural engineering consulting firm with expertise in a variety of commercial, educational, institutional and other structures, as well as high-end residential homes and local bridges.
engineer, structural, county, london, middlesex, island, rhode, waterford, lyme, east, groton, mystic, washington, providence, worcester, plymouth, newport, massachusetts, haven, litchfield
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materials and product qualification testing - element
element materials technology materials testing labs provide testing, inspection, analysis, and consulting for your materials, parts, equipment, and products
testing, materials, automotive, aerospace, engineering, plastic, metallurgy, power, pipeline, generation, metal, nondestructive, equipment, failure, nonmetals, analysis, consulting, stork, systems, component
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noise control audio ltd - home
systems, audio, sound, system, installation, theatre, loudspeaker, professional, world, steve, class, electronics, amplifier, line, source, point, stavrinides, array, screen, effect
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acoustic glossary, sound vibration definitions, terms, units and measurement - home
the world of acoustics is overflowing with terms and parameters. we explain what the 'terms' mean in the practical world.
acronyms, units, parameters, acoustics, definitions, jargon, vibration, dictionary, terms, noise
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blackbox pro audio, pa hire glasgow scotland, sound equipment hire glasgow scotland
blackbox pro audio is a professional sound equipment hire company based in glasgow and hiring pa systems throughout scotland and the uk.
sound, systems, equipment, audio, engineer, conference, event, management, concert, visual, meyer, system, festivals, touring
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vehicle sound deadening materials for noise reduction, and thermal insulation. call 800 679-8511. | second skin audio, made in the usa.
second skin provides the best sound deadening materials in the world ranging from sound deadening pads to sound deadening sheets. from restoring a classic car, building an audio system, vibration elimination, thermal insulation, hot rod noise reduction, vehicle sound deadening, car sound dampening, or trying to give yourself a bit of silent luxury on your daily commute, we have the sound deadening materials to help you achieve your goals.
sound, deadening, sheet, pads, material, audio, materials
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audio plus | church sound systems | church acoustics | church video systems | - home
audio plus specializes in church sound systems, acoustics and video projection systems. we are proud to work with houses of worship! we provide complete new media presentation technology designs and installations for churches. we have a solution for your church sound and video projection needs. for more information on church sound and video systems.located in fenelon falls ontario canada, please call us toll free at 1-800-528-2313 or (705) 328-8088, or 705 877-6677
video, sound, systems, church, screens, audio, projectors, large, hearing, speakers, churches, sanctuary, panels, worship, work, lindsay, quebec, north, windsor, peterborough
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uc synergetic – a full spectrum consulting engineering and technical services firm
uc synergetic engineering, consulting and technical service capabilities can help clients meet project needs globally. we are among the largest engineering firms in us.
engineer, services, engineering, power, designer, structural, controls, protection, transmission, substational, distribution, automation, technical, consulting, outsourced, integration, machine, cost, communications
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uc synergetic – a full spectrum consulting engineering and technical services firm
uc synergetic engineering, consulting and technical service capabilities can help clients meet project needs globally. we are among the largest engineering firms in us.
engineer, services, engineering, power, designer, structural, controls, protection, transmission, substational, distribution, automation, technical, consulting, outsourced, integration, machine, cost, communications
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sound sound llc
sound sound ll: professional sound production, houston
engineer, audio, company, sound, production, dallas, television, austin, film, recording, operator, mixer, store, mixing, location, video, boom, configure, texas, equipment
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live sound seminar
a seminar on how to run sound equipment. learn whats behind the knobs, how to use them and why.
engineer, sound, tech, board, compressor, amps, monitor, drums, equalizer, reverb, delay, bands, bass, parametric, graphic, monitors, vocals, band, group, guitar
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tech environmental
guldberg, environmental, oxidizer, mold, peter, acoustics, quality, control, pennsylvania, jersey, calpuff, aermod, isclt, iscst, surfer, connecticut, vermont, hampshire, rhode, maine
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home | sound-shift acoustics
sound-shift acoustics helpt u in de beheersing en behandeling van geluid en akoestiek. akoestiek metingen en advies op maat. neem vrijblijvend contact op!
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masahiko sunami - live sound engineer - web developer - media artist - los angeles
masahiko sunami is a professional live sound engineer, web developer, and media artist based in los angeles, offering freelance services as foh/monitors sound
engineer, wordpress, custom, theme, japanese, translation, developer, programming, monitors, angeles, live, sound
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declercq’s theatrical specialties, inc. is a product of modern day technology and old fashioned ingenuity. two very inquisitive brothers, joe and paul declercq lived next door to jack craig, owner of oakland united studios.
theater, equipment, installation, theatrical, stage, drapery, screen, acoustical, acoustics, services, supplier, curtains, fabrication, curtain, supplies, tracks, frames, track, frame, masking
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free white noise - sound masking for a more ambient environment - a great source for high-quality free white and pink noise and ambient sounds. drowned-out background noise, sooth a fussy crying baby, rest, sleep and concentrate better plus hundreds of other calming and healthful uses.
sleep, noise, well, sound, sooth, children, babies, your, baby, calm, make, sounds, pink, white, ambient, rest, masking, free, better
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sound level meters, noise dosimeters and noise measurement instruments from cirrus research plc
sound level meters, noise dosemeters and noise measurement instruments from cirrus research plc. cirrus is the world leader in noise measurement instruments for health and safety, industrial and environmental monitoring.
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ecore commercial flooring - distributor of ecosurfaces, everlast fitness flooring, qt sound control, knot carpet, and polyflor
there's elegance in the way ecore commercial flooring solves problems. and in the way we deliver solutions. ecore commercial flooring includes innovative brands that are ideal for the commercial flooring market. ecf is a distributor of ecosurfaces, everlast firness flooring, ultratile, terf, qt sound control, knot carpet, and polyflor.
flooring, ecore, sound, everlast, control, polyflor, eco98, ergonomic, acoustical, impact, carpet, knot, surfacing, fitness, rubber, recycled, commercial, ecosurfaces
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adaptive sound technology | asti - adaptive audio
adaptive sound technology was founded in 2008 and is now a leading supplier of sound masking machines and adaptive audio products.
volume, adjust, sound, audio, adaptive, mode, novo, sleep, control, lectrofan, environment, listening, reduce, listen, auto, hear, soundofsleep, portable, therapy, headset
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mkci | high performance speakers and subwoofers | svs auralex philippines distributor| acoustics | sound control
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blue green submarine
hi, i'm kenneth lovell, a producer, composer and sound designer. i create noise, sometimes that noise is music, sometimes that noise is just noise, and that is ok by me.
documentaries, phone, smart, tablet, movie, trailers, portfolio, contact, clients, bands, mobile, apps, lovell, kenneth, submarine, green, music, audio, commercials, sound
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181 | acoustical society of america
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avant acoustics - acoustical consultants
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ez cool automotive insulation heat barrier and noise reduction for cars, trucks, classic cars, street rods and much more
low-e brand insulation is available in 4' x 10', 4' x 50' and 4' by 120' rolls. this material is 3/16
insulation, heat, noise, floor, sound, exhaust, automotive, headliner, truck, panel, door, auto, custom, engine, mustang, shield, replacement, dash, interior, cool
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pro sound training
synaudcon offers web-based and in-person audio training providing practical, in-depth education on the principles of audio and acoustics.
audio, sound, acoustics, systems, courses, reinforcement, online, seminars, training, professional
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pro sound training
synaudcon offers web-based and in-person audio training providing practical, in-depth education on the principles of audio and acoustics.
audio, sound, acoustics, systems, courses, reinforcement, online, seminars, training, professional
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cascade audio engineering sound damping and sound blocking anything else is a compromise
soundproofing, sound deadening, acoustical materials
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soundsense acoustic consulting, noise reduction, and sound design
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db acoustics
db acoustics is a small iowa based business that specializes in professional sound and residential solutions
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db acoustics
db acoustics is a small iowa based business that specializes in professional sound and residential solutions
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pro-sound of fredericksburg
pro-sound of fredericksburg delivers the best in professional sound systems and audio services from large stadium shows & concerts to business events.
sound, systems, system, wedding, production, event, engineer, installation
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svantek sound and vibration measurement instruments
svantek is the leading brand of sound and vibration meters for occupational health and safety, environmental noise, human vibration and building vibration.
vibration, noise, building, ground, human, analysers, meters, monitoring, sound
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office privacy
sound masking systems for large and small spaces. we offer full service design, installation as well as self-installation options. including voice arrest and qt systems.
noise, white, privacy, masking, sound, machine, commercial, machines, office, speech, system, voice, arrest
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e-a-r specialty composites -- noise, vibration, shock, damping, cushioning, sound, control
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e-a-r specialty composites -- noise, vibration, shock, damping, cushioning, sound, control
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audio acoustics, inc. | sound and communications specialists - springfield, mo
audio acoustics is southwest missouris leading commercial a/v contractor. aai has over 40 years experience in professional audio design and installation.
sound, audio, systems, equipment, church, worship, house, installation, integrator, commercial, professional, contractors
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acoustics and vibration consulting at kjww engineering.
acoustics, mooney, kjww, vibration, consulting
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g2 consulting - motor design and power electronics
g2 consulting is a consulting firm specializing motor design and power electronics including electromagnetic designs, motors and actuators, electronic control, magnetic charging, prototyping and testing.
magnet, sensor, actuator, magnetization, prototype, testing, patent, solenoid, motion, design, consultant, motor, generator, brushless, consulting
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mordion gall, sound engineer
music, freelance, audio, technician, chicago, recording, engineer, studio, live, sound
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rtsys | underwater acoustics, marine robotics, onboard electronics, systems integration
rtsys; marine technologies; auv; acoutics; marine acoustics; marine systems; underwater acoustics; underwater equipmement; iso9001; undewater noise, buoy
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qpt group | no 1 software testing company | sa's no 1 mobile app testing company | south africa's no 1 testing company | qualityprotech group | mobile app testing company | complete testing solution | quality services | quality pro tech | qualityprotech | qpt | web app testing company | mobile app testing company | complete software testing services provider | mobile app testing | android app testing | quality control | software quality assurance | software test consulting | software test outsourcing | learn software testing | testing training
qualityprotech | qpt group | complete software testing services provider | quality control | software quality assurance | software testing consultant | software testing outsource | learning software testing | testing training
testing, quality, company, software, tech, center, training, learning, test, pure, group, volume, performance, technical, integration, processes, planning, strategy, standards, types
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mold testing | aq testing services, llc - mold testing and mold assessment consulting
aq testing services, llc is a houston based mold assessment consulting firm providing complete mold testing services for commercial, residential and marine structures
mold, testing, quality, clearance, consulting, identification
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hiser engineering inc | civil consulting engineer
hiser engineering, inc. is a civil consulting engineer providing engineering and consulting services in the pennsylvania tristate area for over twenty years.
civil, engineering, engineer, consulting, consultant
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sound engineering course in chennai | purplewav academy
best sound engineering course in chennai. lucrative career as a recording engineer, mixing engineer, sound designer in film, radio, gaming and live shows
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air compliance testing, inc.
air compliance testing serves as the quality standard for the stack testing and air monitoring industry, providing expert services that consistently meet and exceed our clients' expectations. with our headquarters in cleveland, ohio, and office in gainesville florida, air compliance testing is one of the largest and most experienced firms in the united states dedicated to stack testing and air emission monitoring. an affiliate of montrose environmental group, inc.
test, engineer, consulting, ohio, cleveland, stack, smoke, compliance, testing, quality, emissions
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commercial sound systems contractor & engineer in ma by prevco audio
call prevco audio in ma for commercial sound & music systems sales, a nicet certified engineer, contractor or repair tech in new england! (508) 820-9972
sound, masking, combining, reinforcement, systems, integration, room, teleconferencing, public, church, music, club, overhead, background, paging, address
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atomic floyd - the new state of sound
atomic floyd for high performance in-ear headphones, stereo headphones. world class in-ear acoustics and noise cancelling earphones.
earphones, headphones, cancelling, noise, floyd, atomic
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livingston sound - main
livingston sound brings together art and science to make sound environments for public spaces.
sound, sounds, nature, sonic, chairs, soundscapes, garden, noise, mitigation, installation, traffic
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ngc testing services
ngc testing services provides full scale fire, acoustical, structural, and analytical testing at its buffalo, ny research center.
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raamaudio - automotive sound deadening products
raamaudio automotive sound deadening products are the result of years of development, testing and refinement. nobody has been selling direct to consumers longer than we have and nobody has more hands-on experience making acoustical modifications to vehicles for competition and just plain improving the driving experience.
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mobile sound science forum - fact based car audio for the diy enthusiast
car audio sound quality forum for diy enthusiasts interested in the science of mobile audio sound reproduction.
audio, sound, mobile, testing, quality, enclosures, fabrication, fiberglass, modeling, sealed, unibox, winisd, installation, ported, processors, interconnects, cable, speaker, caraudio, soundeasy
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long island soundproofing : todaro systems
todaro systems specializes in soundproofing and acoustic room design. our focus on noise pollution and sound control provide our customers with a more comfortable and professional environment. servicing long island, todaro systems will design, build and provide consultation on all your soundproofing and noise control needs.
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thompson & lichtner engineering testing consulting | canton, ma
for over 100 years, offering a broad range of engineering, testing, quality control, advisory, and forensic services to the construction industry in new england
witness, expert, cambridge, massachusetts, construction, structure, weatherproofing, quality, testing, control, advisory, forensic, engineering
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sound masking systems by dynasound, inc.
dynasound manufactures networked, centralized and distributed sound masking systems.
sound, masking, masker, networked, soundmasking, noise, speech, system, protection, duct, eavesdropping, privacy, scif, pink, systems, white, window, door
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wow productions
we offer expert design and installation of sound, video, lighting, acoustical materials, and control systems. our helpful staff will assist you with your project of any size. ask about our services today!
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woofer and bass test – play and download sound test
test your home and car audio proffesional systems. sub woofer and bass test, professional audio systems, download drivers for audio cards, speakers, mp3 files.
sound, bass, audio, test, noise, aplifiers, high, quality, systems, woofer, digital, speakers, driver, subwoofer, card, proffesional, equipment, review, download, pink
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sound visions consulting
sound visions consulting is your full-service web, graphics, programming and media source. sound vision consulting specializes in cost-effective web design and flash interactivity.
flash, visions, sound, design, animation, consulting, technical, illustration
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home inspection, house inspection, - engineer reports, real estate inspection, building inspection
we provide inspection and environmental services throughout new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, and connecticut including rockland county, ulster county, putnam county, orange county, dutchess county, westchester, sullivan, and hudson valley areas.
inspection, testing, ashi, pest, lead, paint, radon, home, control, septic, asbestos, quality, water, inspections, certified, house, real, report, engineer, commercial
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esoteric sound, rek-o-kut, turntables, sound restoration, noise reduction, folk music
rek-o-kut turntables, noise reduction devices, phono accessories for the record collector, audio equalizers, audio editing software, and folk music cds
turntable, noise, used, records, music, bluegrass, classical, jazz, vintage, folk, toscanini, reduction, surface, empire, hiss, transcription, croatian, belt, tonearm, serbian
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home | d.l.s. electronic systems
d.l.s. is a full service compliance laboratory offering testing, consulting, & problem solving for your emc, wireless, product safety, & environmental certification needs.
testing, product, safety, test, environmental, consulting, wireless, certification, seminar, avionics, mark, rtca, military
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acoustic consultants | expert sound engineers | aercoustics
canadas premier acoustic consultants and engineering firm specializing in acoustic design, noise control and vibration control for more than 40 years.
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sound management group | sound control solutions
sound control solutions for large facilities and personal spaces. products include sound masking and sound proofing solutions.
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welcome to acoustic innovations
acoustic innovations is the industry leader in custom home theater interior designs and acoustical products, reclining theater seating, fiberoptic star ceilings, and acoustic solutions using innovative acoustic products such as diffusers, sound barrier isolation and image acoustic panels. with factories in boca raton, florida and high point, north carolina acoustic innovations will significantly enhance the experience of your audio and video media presentation.
theater, seating, home, acoustic, chairs, theaters, raton, boca, sound, diffusers, banners, isolation, ceiling, design, theatre, panels, custom, media, video, solution
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site engineering, inc. - broussard, louisiana (337) 981-1414
site engineering, broussard, lafayette, louisiana, aashto, r18, consulting, geotechnical investigations, foundation engineering and consulting, and quality control testing and inspection services, concrete, soil and aggregate analysis, foundation engineering and consulting, construction materials testing and quality control inspection
engineering, consulting, inspection, quality, control, foundation, testing, materials, concrete, analysis, aggregate, soil, construction, services, site, lafayette, broussard, louisiana, aashto, geotechnical
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ambicular: ambient soundscapes
give you an easy creative boost or just relax, because in all sounds of nature there is something of the marvelous.
sound, noise, ambient, relaxation, nature, soundscape, calm
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testing engineers - construction engineering and consulting services for over 50 years!
testing engineers, incorporated (tei) is an employee-owned, top 500 engineering firm that specializes in special inspection, materials testing, consulting engineering and ndt assessments. tei has provided professional services and proven technical competence at a minimal cost. we're located throughout california and the western states. other services include laboratory & field testing, non-destructive testing, construction inspection, consulting engineering, failure analysis, metallurgy, roofing & waterproofing, research, soils & asphalt testing & inspection services
testing, construction, consulting, laboratory, operations, fabrication, inspect, field, engin, inspection, criteria, design, landro, accredited, services, engineers, engineering
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home audio architects - sound system design - audio, video, acoustical analysis - chippewa falls, wi
we strive to be on the cutting edge of project design, product technology, and custom installation. audio architects provides state-of-the-art solutions for all media needs.
services, design, system, audio, video, acoustical, sound, chippewa, valley, wisconsin, repair, architects, installation, rental, analysis
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noise & vibration testing – m+p international - m+p international - english
vibration controllers for shaker testing, dynamic signal analyzers for noise & vibration analysis, data acquisition systems and test rigs by m+p international. find out more…
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united acoustics - is
when you require acoustical ceilings, talk to the experts at united acoustics. we’re located in san leandro, ca.
acoustic, ceiling, install, contractors, ceilings
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m.l. jones
m.l. jones acoustics, inc. is a family owned & operated commercial subcontractor serving northeast oklahoma for over 30 years.
eifs, ceilings, ceiling, acoustics, stucco, synthetic, builder, contractor, stone, acoustical, finishing, exterior, oklahoma, tulsa, jones, finishes, commercial, framing, subcontractor, drywall
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sr car
sr car is a high performance, viscoelastic coating used to dampen vibration and reduce unwanted noise in hot rods, cars, trucks.
sound, coating, silent, automotive, vibration, paint, dampening, running, high, proof, performance, current, composites, trucks, cars, rods, barrier, blocker, audio, liquid
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flexware innovation | experts in manufacturing it
we hire and place automation and control engineering manufacturing jobs.
engineer, automation, manufacturing, jobs, database, traksys, science, computer, conversion, internship, operational, parsec, technology, trailblazer, excellence, flexfactory, innovations, flexware, flexdog, control
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acoustic consultants, bespoke acoustic advice | kp acoustics
acoustic consultant - bespoke services on noise and vibration monitoring and control. acoustic consultancy call:0208 222 8778.
acoustic, advice, noise, vibration, measurements, measurement, consultant, consultants, consultancy
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radio works r.f. consulting
anritsu lightning vector network analyzer, spectrum analyzer tdr, fdr, line sweeping, line sweeper, time domain reflectometry, rf consulting, south florida, southeast united states, antenna testing, infrared analysis, infrared, thermography, west palm beach, lake worth, palm beach county, greg novik, stainless soul, the new apocalypse
testing, battery, antenna, bank, broadcast, bonding, lightning, survey, grounding, transmitter, vrla, cell, interference, telco, flooded, sweeping, lighting, systems, engineer, radio
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find automation integrators, systems integrators, and control engineers
find automation and control system integrators for your next integration project. search by industry, location, skills, and experience.
automation, system, control, engineer, integration, integrator, manufacturing, turnkey, automated, process, production, plant, factory, industrial
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just the right amount of noise to boost your workday.
noise, brown, ambient, productivity, generator, pink, white
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soundproofing products, material, & solutions| sound isolation company
soundproofing products and solutions from experts. soundproof your home or office with our noise control solutions. talk to an expert - call 888-666-5090
soundproofing, solutions, your, soundproof, control, home, office, noise
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rew - room eq wizard room acoustics software
room eq wizard rew, free room acoustics software and audio analysis software
time, proaudioshack, hometheatershack, roomeq, phase, waterfall, rt60, reverberation, sound, equalizer, modes, parametric, equalisers, resonances, theater, subwoofer, home, spectrogram, guide
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richard ramirez | civil engineering, structural and construction engineer, utility engineer...(732) 831-0152
ramirez engineering has had a wide range of professional experience ranging from engineering analysis, design and construction management. structural expertise includes reinforced concrete design, foundation design, deep pile foundation design, caisson design and construction.
engineer, toms, river, civil, utility, soil, testing, brick, structural, construction
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imac fan noise fix | imac hdd fan control
hdd fan control fixes the issue with imac fan noise after replacing the hard disk drive or installing a ssd
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white noise download
download white noise and soothing soundscapes in the convenience of hour-length mp3s - for sleeping, studying, sound masking, tinnitus and chilling out.
soundmasking, neighbours, noisy, noise, white
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spark and rumble website
londons leading source of freelance sound engineers, sound designers & dubbing mixers for the tv, broadcast & media industries
freelance, audio, designer, engineer, sound, mixer, dubbing
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consulting engineering design services
gna consulting engineers is a multidiscipline mep fp firm in ny manhattan, with licensed engineers for structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design services. architectural professional engineering design services
engineering, licensed, engineer, consulting, structural, services, firms, engineers, york, george, nestor, ranked, state
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software testing assessments - qai
choose from 3 software testing assessment domains – functional testing, performance testing, or test automation in 4 roles – engineer, analyst, lead manager
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welcome to divine danica
breath hold, heart beat and stomach sound videos.
stomach, video, sound, tummy, growl, recording, belly, noise, gurgles, audio, hungry, from, noises
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c.s. davidson, inc.
c.s. davidson, inc. is a civil and structural engineering firm based in central pennsylvania with regional offices located in york, gettysburg and lancaster.
testing, inspection, engineering, services, engineer, structural, surveying, civil, survey
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institute of noise control engineering | primary organization for noise control engineering technology
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q acoustics usa: multi awarding winning speakers from the uk
q acoustics is a multi-award winning hi-fi brand, which was founded by experts in the audio industry with the sole aim of developing a highly successful loudspeaker brand. it has been 10 years since q acoustics was founded, and in every year since we have continued to drive innovation and developed multi-award winning products.
speakers, home, sound, soundbar, best, bookshelf, theater, surround, systems, theatre, system, tower, speaker, stands, wireless, floor, bluetooth, audio, floorstanding
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home - the saint of sound - stereo and surround mastering - the netherlands
the saint of sound | stereo and surround mastering | the netherlands
audio, production, pyramix, wilkins, algorithmix, house, rock, bowers, nederland, netherlands, holland, authoring, manley, dance, weiss, grunge, punk, electro, jazz, jazzrock
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acoustic wall panel, acoustical ceiling tiles, acoustic wall panel in surat, sound proofing, acoustic wall panels, home theater acoustic panels
classic gypsum is manufacturing acoustic products and provide acoustical consultants on acoustic treatments that include acoustic wall panels, acoustic wall, soundproof wall, acoustic wall panel in surat, acoustical ceiling tiles, soundproofing home theater acoustic panels.
acoustic, wall, acoustical, panels, ceiling, panel, surat, gypsum, soundproofing, theater, systems, tiles, home, soundproof, fibre, glass, grgpanel, reinforced, sound, sonic
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maxim silencers - for industrial noise control
maxim silencers engineers and builds industrial grade silencers for noise control in the oil & gas industry, the power generation market, and other industries.
straight, pressure, arresting, through, blower, vent, inline, intake, spark, compact, recover, heat, exhaust, emissions, control, chambered, converter, catalytic, silencer