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acd/ :: your partner in chemistry software for analytical and chemical knowledge management, chemical nomenclature, and in-silico physchem and adme-tox
advanced chemistry development, inc., (acd/labs) is a cheminformatics company providing solutions in support of r&d. we enable scientists to extract, capture, and re-apply knowledge from analytical experiments and predicted property data. our chemistry software offerings include products on our acd/spectrus and acd/percepta platforms as well as nomemclature and chemical structure drawing software.
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chemical, smiles, structure, chemistry, searching, cartridge, cheminformatics, discovery, knowledge, substructure, databases, registration, compound, unique, analysis, corporate, intelligence, technology, inventory, systems
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journal of chemical and pharmaceutical research
journal of chemical and pharmaceutical research publishes research papers, short communications, reviews and notes dealing with entire aspects of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences.
chemistry, analytical, soil, polymer, macromolecular, forensic, petroleum, agricultural, environmental, photochemistry, green, inorganic, physical, biochemistry, industrial, organic
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schrdinger is the scientific leader in developing state-of-the-art chemical simulation software for use in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research.
chemistry, modeling, computational, software, qsar, biology, quantum, pharmacophore, computer, docking, drug, discovery, molecular, homology, cheminformatics
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axion analytical labs, inc. | chromatography laboratory
axion analytical labs, inc. has provided scientific services to every major pharmaceutical, chemical, and petroleum company in the us since 1997.
axion, labs, analytical, laboratories
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smi analytical laboratory services | analytical chemistry services | x-ray diffraction services | drinking water testing
smi analytical laboratory services / chemical laboratory services specializes in quantitative x-ray diffraction (xrd) determination of clays, sand, soils, mine ore, minerals, precious metals, gold, rocks and water in southern africa.
analysis, analytical, chemistry, services, laboratory, quantitative, clay, clays, chemical, mineralogy, research, environmental, inorganic, rock, microbial, refinement, reitveld, sand, bacteriological, silica
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epl bio analytical services | glp analytical laboratory
contract analytical agricultural chemistry microbiology and molecular biology laboratory, contract research organization, cro, crop protection
chemistry, nutrient, chemical, analysis, chromatography, protection, crop, oppts, pesticide, agchem, residue, nutritional, anti, product, mycotoxins, screen
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home :: chemistryviews
comprehensive news and information site for chemists and other scientists offering news on latest research and the chemical industry, interviews and additional features from leading authors
chemistry, sciences, chemical, engineering, education, articles, life, societies, awards, funding, jobs, science, conferences, green, news, nanotechnology, inorganic, organic, biotechnology, biochemistry
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international journal of chemical studies
international journal of chemical studies, is a chemistry journal covers the field of organic chemistry, physical chemistry, phytochemical, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry and analytical chemistry. this journal provides the research ground for the researchers and provides them proper support.
journal, chemistry, medicinal, analytical, biochemistry, physical, organic, phytochemical
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chemical testing lab, chemical analysis services | chemir
chemical analysis & testing lab solves product problems. analytical laboratory services for r&d, failure investigations and litigation support.
chemical, testing, analytical, laboratory, analysis, chemir, services, independent, group, labs, evans
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cheminformatics and molecular modeling | openeye scientific software
openeye scientific software develops software for drug design, molecular modeling, virtual screening and lead-hopping. areas of expertise include cheminformatics, conformer generation, docking, shape comparison, electrostatics, crystallography and visualization.
lead, hopping, optimization, chemical, informatics, discovery, drug, molecular, modeling, virtual, screening, cheminformatics
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mr. kent's chemistry regents help and ap chemistry exam review pages is the premiere chemistry education website on the internet for college and high school students. the sites main purpose is to simplify chemistry, so every student can succeed. the website contains topic links with walkthrough tutorial videos, chemical demonstration videos, a library of new york state chemistry regents exams with the questions explained, various chemistry videos, a compilation of chemistry lab experiments for chemistry teachers and many other interesting items.
chemistry, regents, advanced, college, review, help, exams, placement, answers, exam, labs, board, worksheets, notes, demonstration, chemsitry, chemitsry, chemical, high, kent
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testamerica - homepage
analytical labs with legally defensible data. environmental testing lab services for industrial hygiene, department of defense, hydraulic fracturing & more.
testing, environmental, analytical, volatile, nelac, analysis, water, vocs, monitoring, source, emissions, labs, organic, chemistry, waste, organics, compounds, seminars, sediment, laboratories
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general chemistry laboratory electronic data acquisition technology
the measurenet mcan™ (multifunctional chemical analysis network)is state of the art analytical instrumentation that eliminates many of the problems associated with pc-based lab systems.
chemistry, chemical, equipment, experiments, spectrophotometers, learning, chemisrty, conference, experiment, probeware, sensors, measurenet, data, electronic, lims, acquisition, laboratories, bcce, stem, education
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chemical computing group
keywords: moe psilo ccg drug discovery software protein modeling bioinformatics cheminformatics qsar molecular modeling ligand receptor docking protein analysis protonate states pharmacophore discovery scaffold replacement medicinal chemistry; chemical computing group (ccg) is a life science software company, dedicated to producing leading drug discovery technologies for both pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. ccg product, the molecular operating environment (moe) is a comprehensive system that integrates visualization, molecular modeling, protein modeling and bioinformatics, cheminformatics and qsar, high throughput discovery, structure based design and pharmacophore modeling in one package. psilo is a database system that provides an easily accessible, consolidated repository for macromolecular and protein-ligand structural information.
modeling, discovery, protein, states, protonate, analysis, pharmacophore, scaffold, replacement, docking, chemistry, medicinal, molecular, software, drug, bioinformatics, cheminformatics, ligand, qsar, receptor
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chemistry industry association of canada
the chemistry industry association of canada is the voice of canada’s chemistry industry. we represent the interests of canada’s leading chemistry companies – from petrochemical, inorganic and specialty chemical producers, to bio-based manufacturers and chemistry-related technology and r&d companies.
chemical, chemistry, canada, solutions, emissions, transportation, reporting, safety, health, environment, sustainability, paton, catalyst, responsible, ciac, association, industry, care, producers, magazine
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home - vrs uk
vrs combine recruitment and analytical chemistry expertise to provide an efficient and focused service to client and candidate alike. from your first graduate position (whether in engineering, analytical chemistry or life sciences/biologicals) through to senior management/director level, we have the technical knowledge and recruitment expertise to help you progress your career.
chromatography, spectrometry, mass, science, industrial, sectors, europe, america, north, life, marketing, analytical, services, recruitment, chemistry, biologicals, sales, engineering
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molinspiration cheminformatics
cheminformatics software, calculation of molecular properties, prediction of bioactivity, virtual screening, molecular databases ...
molecular, drug, modelling, modeling, analysis, chemistry, databases, java, data, medicinal, design, qsar, informatics, chemoinformatics, properties, prediction, cheminformatics, descriptors, discovery
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cheminnovation software inc. chemical, biological, and assay database management software
cheminnovation software, inc is a leading provider of innovative software for chemistry graphics, chemical nomenclature, and chemical and biological information management through the internet.
information, systems, cloning, iupac, nomenclator, references, drawing, bibliographical, software, biological, graphics, chemical, molecular, chemistry, visualization, structure
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chemaxon cheminformatics platforms and desktop applications
chemaxon provides cheminformatics software platforms, applications and services to optimize the value of chemistry information in life science and other r&d.
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chemical uses, chemistry information & industry news
chemical blogging to bring you the latest chemical goings on, all whilst showing you how the simply use of chemical knowledge can help you save money.
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chempax (erp and crm software solutions for the chemical, food and process industries)
datacor, inc. has been at the forefront of providing process based distribution and manufacturing erp software for the chemical process industry since 1981.
software, chemical, process, manufacturing, data, logistics, batch, lubricant, formulation, paints, coating, echempax, products, cleaning, label, adhesives, water, treatment, recipe, production
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chempax (erp and crm software solutions for the chemical, food and process industries)
datacor, inc. has been at the forefront of providing process based distribution and manufacturing erp software for the chemical process industry since 1981.
software, chemical, process, manufacturing, data, logistics, batch, lubricant, formulation, paints, coating, echempax, products, cleaning, label, adhesives, water, treatment, recipe, production
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chemical formula - chemistry help for students
chemical formula help to balancing chemical equations. worksheets with answers. practice problems. chemistry calculators, online chemistry quiz & fun chemistry games.
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molecular networks | inspiring chemical discovery
we offer innovative chemoinformatics software products, consulting, development and research services to increase the quality and productivity of discoveries in chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and development.
classic, data, design, corina, drug, organic, reactions, mining, analysis, synthesis, biopath, rotate, cheminformatics, chemoinformatics, networks, chemistry, software, molecular, symphony, sonnia
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biotage - home
biotage is a worldwide supplier of instruments and consumables for analytical, organic and peptide chemistry. pioneers in flash chromatography and custom resins.
chemistry, food, industry, biotech, separation, medicinal, analytical, purification
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virtual computational chemistry laboratory
software, cheminformatics, chemoinformatics, download, free
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division of polymer chemistry - american chemical society
division of polymer chemistry, inc. of the american chemical society. one of the largest and most active divisions of the acs. programs include education, technical meetings, information. polymer chemistry division of the acs
polymer, poly, polymers, division, society, chemical, chemistry, polymeric, materials, american
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chemistry, pharmaceutical and biochemistry resources
chemistry, pharmaceutical and chemical science jobs, postdoctoral places and phd positions in industry and universities plus chemistry links
lecturer, departments, postgraduate, combichem, synthetic, physics, graduate, recruitment, science, biotechnology, biotech, funding, pharmacy, bioscience, biochemical, biochemistry, biology, pharmaceutical, chemist, pharmacist
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iranian journal of chemistry and chemical engineering (ijcce)
chemistry, engineering, industries, unit, polymer, operations, nano, separation, transfer, activated, environment, design, reaction, minimization, waste, thermodynamics, treatment, reuse, analytical, process
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set point labs
we have water solutions analytical testing laboratories that offer chemical analysis of drinking water. our services range from analytical test work to water solutions and mine site services.
chemical, analysis, laboratories, testing, solutions, analytical, water
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ccl home
home page. computational chemistry list. resource for computational chemists. discussions on chemistry software, data, conferences, jobs, quantum chemistry, molecular mechanics, molecular dynamics, qsar, molecular graphics, molecular modeling, and associated archives
chemistry, molecular, chemical, design, monte, optimization, carlo, pharmacophore, physical, spectroscopy, recognition, graphics, geometry, interactions, mechanics, modeling, polymer, quantum, vibrational, state
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apiscent | fine chemical ingredients
apsicent labs is a u.s. based manufacturer and supplier of fine chemical ingredients, supplying pharmaceutical and flavor and fragrance companies around the globe with world-class products and process development expertise. at apiscent labs inspired chemistry enriches lives.
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tokyo chemical industry co., ltd. | global top
tci global home: tci offers high-quality reagents. also please contact us for mass production.
chemistry, chemicals, science, organic, materials, analytical, biochemistry, column, bioscience, glycoscience, chromatography, bulk, custom, reagent, synthesis, fine, laboratory, specialty, synthetic
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pt.encorp reka sintesa | chemical manufacturing and supplier
chemical industry, manufacturing & supplier in indonesia| pt encorp reka sintesa, is a chemical trade and service company within the oil and gas industry.
chemical, indonesia, chemistry, kimia, pabrik, chemicals, supplier, manufacturing, industry, specialist, manucafturer, bahan, industri, industrial, engineering, directory, products, companies, fine, technology
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chemical analysis testing lab, surface analysis labs denver colorado
rocky mountain labs is a specialized chemical analysis lab and chemical testing labs. we do surface and chemical analysis to solve all your material, elemental, surface, thin film and microanalysis needs.
chemical, labs, testing, analysis
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chemical portal - chemistry online education - chemistry online education
chemical portal: a place for chemistry enthusiasts and professionals alike. chemistry tools, periodic table, unit converters and more.
portal, chemical
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chemical science transactions | cst | chem sci trans | chemistry journals | open access journals| online chemistry | quick publications | electronic journals, india,biochemistry,pharmaceutical,
this site publishses an online journal of chemistry, it is published by www publications (p), india. we accept research articles from various fields related to chemistry. free abstract access, member login, online submission, paper status, new member registration, journal search, discussion forum, free download of chemistry software
chemistry, publications, free, journal, college, khadir, nadu, adirampattinam, mohideen, chemisketch, software, downloads, farook, mohamed, tamil, literature, trans, chemical, chem, science
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mch multimedia inc.: interactive science education tutorials for physical chemistry, physics and chemistry
interactive learning for advanced-high school, university science programs; electronic software for physical chemistry, physics, organic chemistry courses.
chemistry, chemical, educational, education, software, physical, science, compounds, atoms, equilibrium, mechanics, quantum, acids, theory, kinetic, electrochemistry, kinematics, laws, atomic, thermodynamics
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product safety labs
psl offers toxicology, pharmacology, analytical chemistry, and biocompatibility testing for biological safety and activity.
safety, product, labs
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canadian chemical transactions | a borderless platform in chemical science research
journal, chemical, chemistry, canadian, society, transactions, online
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envirotest laboratories, inc. 315 fullerton avenue newburgh new york
contacts: envirotest laboratories, an environmental analytical laboratory in operation for over 30 years in the hudson valley. located in newburgh, new york, near the i-84/i-87 interchange, our facility offers easy access for the tri-state area.
environmental, analytical, laboratory, sampling, business, services, source, small, analysis, labs, laboratories, testing, analyses, chemistry
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pharmaceutical development services for solid-state chemistry: polymorphs, salts, and cocrystal screening, materials analysis, method development, and intellectual property support expertise
triclinic labs is the leading provider of comprehensive solid-state chemical development and testing services. crystalline solid form screening & selection services (polymorph, pharmaceutical salt, cocrystal (co-crystals), amorphous materials), and pre-formulation development are offered as well as analytical testing, materials characterization, cgmp method development, and chemical intellectual property patent prosecution and litigation support.
solid, form, chemical, development, pharmaceutical, physical, property, salt, screening, improvement, services, crystal, chemistry, analysis, research, drug, properties, ssci, solvias, pharmorphix
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envantage, inc -petro analytical laboratory services
analytical software, analyzers, and services for the petroleum and petrochemical industries.
plant, repair, instrument, software, consulting, treatment, wastewater, analyzers, services, testing, petroleum, laboratory, petrochemical, refinery, pipeline, chemical, analytical
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home - bioscreen inc.
bioscreen is a cgmp contract testing laboratory performing analytical chemistry, clinical and microbiology testing for fda regulated industries, dea and iso 9001:2000 certified
testing, preservative, stability, sunscreen, ript, effectiveness, contract, endotoxin, laboratory, patch, hript, chemistry, chemical, analysis, trials, clinical, analytical, microbiology, personal, hplc
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adi chemistry | online educational portal | organic | inorganic | physical | analytical
adi chemistry home page. educational website for organic, inorganic, physical and analytical chemistry.
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welcome to cool climate analytical
cool climate analytical is a commercial wine laboratory, providing chemical and microbiological analysis to small and mid-sized wineries.
wine, laboratory, certified, chemistry, analysis, climate, analytical, testing, cool
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technic electroplating chemistry, plating equipment, metal powder, silver powder, analytical controls, semiconductor chemistry, printed circuit chemistry, industrial plating products, decorative plating chemistry, connector plating chemistry |
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welcome - ap chemistry for homeschoolers by peter moskaluk
ap® chemistry is the equivalent of an introductory college-level chemistry course. it has both the content and the laboratory components of college chemistry. by the end of the course, students will be prepared for the ap® chemistry exam.
chemistry, homeschoolers, exam, high, with, home, homeschooling, school, preparation, moskaluk, prep, peter, homeschool, highschool, subject, online, courses, labs, quality, course
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analytical instruments-laboratory equipment-chemical analysis
oi analytical manufactures analytical, laboratory, and chromatography instruments for chemical analysis
analysis, purge, detectors, trap, extraction, organics, laboratory, instruments, equipment, chemical, analytical, chromatography
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analytical instruments-laboratory equipment-chemical analysis
oi analytical manufactures analytical, laboratory, and chromatography instruments for chemical analysis
analysis, purge, detectors, trap, extraction, organics, laboratory, instruments, equipment, chemical, analytical, chromatography
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csir-ugc-net/jrf &gate coaching in chemical science, chemistry in dehradun, north india-genesis tutorials
genesis tutorials is one of the best institutes for csir-ugc-net/jrf, gate preparation for chemical science & chemistry in dehradun. admission opens for csir-ugc-net/jrf chemistry coaching classes for students in dehradun, west up, himachal pradesh, chandigarh & across north india.
coaching, dehradun, chemistry, csir, gate, chemical, best, classes, centre, science, sciences, india, north, center, institute
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auros | knowledge best shared™
active knowledge management is a new way to manage technical knowledge and engineering for innovation.
knowledge, software, checklist, base, capture, system, management, based, dynamic, advantage, competitive, shared, review, design, reviews, process, work, information, best, online
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chemical industry news :: chemical week
chemical week magazine chemical news, chemical pricing, live ethylene pricing data, european chemical news, petrochemical news from the leading chemical magazine, green chemistry
chemical, industrial, plastics, engineering, gases, industry, biotech, nanotech, chemistry, green, innovation, week, chemweek, olefins, ethylene, pricing, aromatics, earnings, regulatory, news
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rd laboratories | specializing in pharmaceutical testing services
r.d. laboratories, inc. provides analytical testing and full service support to pharmaceutical manufacturers and processors worldwide since 1984.
analytical, loss, chemical, traps, stability, testing, method, metal, heavy, development, zero, photostability, rotation, optical, cgmp, analysis, pharmaceutical, laboratory, instrumental, material
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world of chemicals – online chemical directory,chemistry portal,aricles,news
world of chemicals online chemical directory, chemistry portal find here chemical suppliers, chemical manufacturers, chemistry articles, news
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welcome to tati - a leader in workforce development in sultanate of oman
recruitment of lecturers and technicians for colleges in engineering , it, business administration and science
engineering, chemistry, management, computer, quantity, ecommerce, mechantronics, marketing, chemical, petrochemical, architectural, electronics, general, finance, surveying, insurance, pharmacology, pollution, airconditioning, welding
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impact analytical - analytical testing lab
full-service contract analytical lab providing comprehensive testing solutions for pharmaceutical, plastics, medical device, consumer products and chemical industries.
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eldex laboratories; pumps and instrumentation for analytical chemistry and chemical process control
eldex manufactures instruments for analytical chemistry and chemical process control, including a wide range of metering pumps covering microliters to milliliters per minute, a fraction collector and a column heater
pump, hplc, micro, chromatography, metering, liquid, nano, capillary, microbore, pico, picotag, derivatization, collector, hydrolysis, electrospray, column, piston, positive, reciprocating, chemical
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chemistry und natural science webguide with additional chemistry related news, chemistry jobs, research article etc.
laboratory, research, news, sciences, natural, chemical, chemicals, chemistry
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energy labs - home
energy laboratories is the leader in chemical and environmental analysis throughout north america. we can meet the full spectrum of analytical testing needs.
water, montana, inorganics, microbiological, environmental, well, drinking, analysis, testing, laboratory, analytical, waste
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home page - mccampbell analytical, inc.
mccampbell analytical, inc. is a environmental testing laboratory. located in the san francisco bay area, mccampbell analytical tests drinking water, effluent, formaldehyde, soils, solids, hazardous waste, air, industrial materials and food for a wide variety of chemical compounds including organic, inorganic and metallic contaminants.
chemical, compounds, organic, variety, food, industrial, materials, inorganic, metallic, quality, sample, technical, chemistry, environmental, contaminants, specialist, waste, laboratory, francisco, test
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chemistry help for high school & college students | trivedi chemistry
get help with chemistry. tutorials for high school, home school, ap and college chemistry on interactive, multi-media dvd. simple, clear chem help is here!
chemistry, help, trivedi, teacher, teach, learn, t2i2, international, innovations, technology, learning, chem, professor, tutor, with, tutorial, tutoring, homework, education, lessons
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chemadvisor, inc. - (m)sds, label and regulatory compliance services and software
a chemical regulatory compliance company offering training, services, and software solutions for your regulatory compliance needs.
chemical, compliance, msds, regulatory, software, hazard, communication, sheet, data, safety, chemadvisor, niehs, hazcom, materials, authoring, regulation, preparation, hazardous, lolisap, material
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altoros labs | software product development services
for 10+ years, altoros labs provides software product development and qa to software organizations and start-ups; areas of expertise include hadoop, nosql, ruby on rails, .net, java, and mobile technologies.
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laboratory of separation methods chair of analytical chemistry faculty of chemistry warsaw university of technology
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piedmont chemical
piedmont chemical industries' mission has been to provide innovative chemistry to the specialty chemical market. we take pride in over 70 years of productive and successful operation.
chemical, manufacturing, custom, company, synthesis, specialty, manufacturer, curable, industry, industries, coatings, process, chemicals, toll, coating, oligomers, textile
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ray's educational software
great educational software - spelling, math, chemistry plus totally free software for young children and teachers.
software, games, educational, free, kids, spelling, chemistry, chemical, tables, math, maths, freeware, time
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knowledge base software | knowledge management software
safeharbor offers cutting-edge forum and knowledge base software. free 30-day trial! flexible, easy to use, robust search, troubleshooting, workflows and more.
software, knowledge, management, forum, customer, base, solution, support, service
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chemical calculator - general chemistry software
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sami labs limited - privacy policy | nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, standardised herbal extracts, fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, probiotics
we, sami labs limited, consider your privacy as very important to us. our privacy policy has stipulated guidelines to ensure your privacy is protected. the following guidelines ensure that the information we collect about you are not misused.
contract, analytical, microbiological, biotechnology, formulations, research, farming, culture, labs, sami, policy, phytochemistry, synthetic, tissue, chemistry, privacy
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nxg labs pvt ltd - software development and consultancy services india.
nxg labs provides a comprehensive solution to all your software needs. right from web 2.0 applications to complex security and efficient database applications, we can develop whatever you can imagine.
software, educational, organization, accounting, pune, development, labs
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shrader analytical and consulting laboratories, inc.
analytical and consulting laboratory specializing in mass spectrometry. mass spectrometry data system.
mass, testing, laboratory, spectrometry, analysis, chemical, contract, identify, quantitation, michigan, unknown, analytical, services, data, laboratories, system, shrader, labs, spectrum, detroit
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chemical, chemicals, chemical store, chemistry, lab supply, chemical set, lab supplies, chemistry sets
chemical, chemistry, supplies, sets, supply, chemicals, store
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chemical testing services | alliance technologies - chemical analysis labs
chemical testing services laboratory in new jersey that answers your critical questions.
chemical, analysis, testing, jersey, labs, services
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this site is an educational site that provides software, simulations and information. products include lesson plan software, chemistry information, primer software and a jeopardy program for school.
quincy, primer, oligo, jeopardy, oligain, weather, wolfe, chemistry, lesson, plan, baakra, science
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supplier of featured products, custom services and solutions - alfa chemistry
provide the chemical, particularly the pharmaceutical industry, custom made intermediates, carbohydrates, heterocyclic, chiral compounds and fine chemicals, environmental remediation products.
environmental, synthesis, customer, consulting, drug, development, research, services, analytical, asbestos, household, biodegradable, mold, lead, chemical, featured, abatement, biotechnology
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chemlab a virtual chemistry lab - chemistry lab simulations - chemlab by model science software
model science software develops simulation software for education, including our chemistry lab simulation software, known as model chemlab, which can be used for distance learning over the internet.
chemistry, software, laboratory, education, simulation, simulations, educational, chem, experiments, waterloo, development, visualization, molecular, ontario, student, molecule, ordering, updates, support, contacts
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eag | evans analytical group, analytical testing expertise | laboratory network
analytical, group, evans, labs
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eag | evans analytical group, analytical testing expertise | laboratory network
analytical, group, evans, labs
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oriental journal of chemistry
oriental journal of chemistry is a peer reviewed quarterly research journal of pure and applied chemistry. it publishes standard research papers in almost all thrust areas of current chemistry of academic and commercial importance. it provides a platform for rapid publication of quality research papers, reviews and chemistry letters. oriental journal of chemistry is abstracted and indexed in almost all reputed national and international agencies.
chemistry, abstracts, diseases, bulletin, elsevier, periodicals, organic, inorganic, physical, geochemistry, analytical, directory, communicable, poultry, phytochemistry, protozoological, hygiene, nano, coordination, combination
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the huntrods zone
advanced systems solutions for the information technology industry. richard huntrods has been working in the it industry since 1980. born in calgary and educated at the university of calgary (masters of engineering, 1988), mr. huntrods continues to develop sophisticated software for the it industry. his hobbies include music (guitar and keyboards), scuba diving and glassblowing.
huntrods, music, alberta, engineering, distance, diver, education, glass, chemistry, university, consulting, systems, software, athabasca, southern, acsl, analytical, reactor, pyrolysis, chemical
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knowledge base software | knowledge management software | kbpublisher
kbpublisher is knowledge management software, it helps to share information with employees, customers and partners.
software, knowledge, base, management, conocimientos, wissensdatenbank, knowledgebase, applications
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chemical structure drawing search - emolecules
free chemical structure search engine with millions of public domain structures from vendors worldwide.
chemical, building, blocks, suppliers, informatics, compounds, screening, structure, search, custom, chemistry
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logan labs | leading provider of analytical and consulting services
logan labs is located in lakeview, ohio. we provide analytical and consulting services to all areas of the agricultural community.
testing, services, agricultural, ohio, soil, consulting, program, lakeview, american, analytical, proficiency, north, tissue, compost, labs, fertilizer, fruit, logan, water
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86 - more chemistry on the web is a great way to promote your chemistry related work!
colors, additives, colours, dyes, labview, food, promotions, chemical, biochemistry, engineering, links, publications, events, chemistry
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chemical supply | chemical manufacturing - chemtech
chemtech is a leading chemical supplier in middle east. we offer complete range of chemical related products and service. chemtech is a well accepted name in the industry today.
chemical, chemicals, chemistry, supply, treatment, suppliers, laboratory, cleaning, chemtech, manufacturing
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division of inorganic chemistry | of the american chemical society
award, chemistry, subdivision, awards, inorganic, coordination, bioinorganic, organometallic, solid, membership, student, newsletter, deadline, news, undergraduate, investigator, travel, materials, young, state
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actlabs :: activation labs :: contract analytical services
the actlabs group of companies provides contract analytical services covering all aspects of analysis from academic research applications to routine quality control functions.
trace, environmental, metals, geology, analysis, assay, pharmaceutical, forensics, actlabs, labs, gold, geochemistry, geometallurgy, geochronology, activation
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90, analytical jobs, analytical chemistry, analytical data jobs, analytical jobs, analytical chemistry, analytical data jobs
analytical, jobs, data, chemistry, analyticaljobs
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ap chemistry | physics | calculus tutor in plainsboro nj 609-388-1823
ivy league tutor for advanced chemistry, physics, chemistry exams in middlesex and mercer county 609-388-1823
tutor, chemistry, math, brunswick, park, lessons, science, teacher, metuchen, bridge, bedminster, plainsboro, hillsborough, kendall, dayton, south, somerville, bernardsville, franklin, bridgewater
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drug design | drug design home page
molecular conceptor elearning suite teaches drug discovery principles, provides training in medicinal chemistry drug design bioinformatics cheminformatics
drug, design, medicinal, course, chemistry, training, discovery, learning, resource, education
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chemistry jobs, careers | ihirechemists
find 6, 474 chemistry jobs listed in your area on ihirechemists. browse current listings, register and apply online today.
chemistry, site, resumes, resume, search, ihire, jobs, ihirechemists, employment, chemists
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cat in the lab - about me
chemistry tutor
chemistry, tutor, lisle, glendale, heights, ellyn, lombard, wheaton, high, school, science, teacher, glen
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silicycle inc. ultrapure silica gels and chemistry
silicycle is a worldwide leader in the development, the manufacturing and the commercialization of high value silica-based and specialty products for chromatography, analytical and organic chemistry.
chemistry, gels, silica, ultrapure, silicycle
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:.: hecomplex :.:
number, construction, 5r25, drum, merckmillipore, 00r24, merck, chemical, truck, asphalt, roller, paver, mass, single, chromatography, kits, test, liquid, analytical, instrument
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environmental & water quality testing in maryland | fredericktowne labs
fredericktowne labs is an environmental testing laboratory that offers a range of residential & commercial environmental & water quality maryland.
water, testing, drinking, laboratory, total, effluent, environmental, lead, coli, contaminants, oxygen, dissolved, coliform, nitrate, nitrite, volatile, copper, analysis, certified, laboratories
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inovatia laboratories provides high-quality analytical services to chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and environmental industries world-wide.
failure, analysis, deformulation, services, laboratory, analytical
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home - chempharmaserve
chemistry solutions for accelerating drug discovery and development.
development, process, drug, project, chemical, synthesis, supply, outsourcing, custom, standards, management, pharmaceutical, consultant, intermediate, material, intellectual, approved, analysis, flexibility, cgmp
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michem analytical laboratory inc. | ogden, ut 84404
michem analytical laboratory is a full service food science microbiology and chemistry testing laboratory.
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chemistry help, high school chemistry, college chemistry, chemistry tutorial, chemistry
chemistry help, high school chemistry, college chemistry, chemistry tutorial, chemistry tutor, chemistry elements, chemistry lesson plans, learn chemistry, chemistry, chemistry education
chemistry, education, learn, notes, periodic, general, table, plans, elements, high, help, school, college, tutor, tutorial, lesson
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elico marketing | analytical | fuel testing | material anaysis
elico marketing offers wide range of analytical instruments for petroleum, material and non-destructive analysis.
instruments, testing, elico, chemical, measuring, instrumentation, petroleum, analysis, marketing, elicomarketing, analytical
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103 - csir net/jrf - gate - iit jam chemical science preparation online
chemistry today is a blog where you can prepare for csir net/jrf chemical science, iit jam & gate chemistry exam online.
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chemexper is a company joining together the areas of chemistry, computer science and telecommunication. the chemexper chemical directory is a free service that allows to find a chemical by its molecular formula, iupac name, common name, cas number, catalog number, substructure or physical characteristics as well as chemical suppliers. this database contains currently more than 10 millions chemicals, 16000 msds, 10000 ir spectra and more than 2000 chemical suppliers. you may also submit your own data!
chemicals, database, point, directory, notebook, laboratory, substructure, boiling, melting, msds, temperature, safety, organic, catalog, suppliers, information, supplier, molecules, chemical, structure
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digital specialty chemicals
digital specialty chemicals is a private fine-chemical manufacturer, specializing in organophosphorus and organometallic chemistry. since 1987, we have supplied custom and stock chemicals to pharmaceutical, semiconductor and specialty chemical markets worldwide.
organometalic, phosphines, manufacturing, custom, chemistry
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hyperspectral cameras, echelle- and nir spectrometer - lla instruments gmbh
nir technology for material identification, analytical & chemical imaging, sensor based sorting equipment for sorting machines in recycling plants.
imaging, optical, technology, analytical, analysis, measurement, spectroscopic, plastics, sorting, waste, process, identification, metrology, spectroscopy, hyperspectral, spectrometer, material, cameras, chemical
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proprofs - knowledge management software
proprofs - knowledge management software for quizzes, tests, training, flashcards, knowledge base. get started with our knowledge management softwares.
software, knowledge, maker, training, base, online, survey, management, quiz
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downing labs llc - retail pharmacy & custom chemical compounds
downing labs, llc, a dallas tx retail pharmacy specializing in innovative custom compounding.
downing, labs, free, sterile, compounds, biological, prolotherapy, management, pain, thyroid, hormone, sexuality, vitamins, chelation, replacement, allergy, identical, dermatology, chemical, custom
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chemical, chemistry, journal, article, reference, database, material, engineering
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periodic table of elements and chemistry
award winning periodic table, with user-friendly element data and facts. cool, online chemistry videos, dictionary, tools and forum.
periodic, table, chemistry, elements, tables, chemical
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phpkb knowledge base software - knowledge management software
phpkb is a knowledge management software that helps your organization to set up a knowledge base and share information with staff & customers.
software, management, knowledge, base
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goalfinder animated science, technology software for education online, technological movies, physics, chemistry, biology, math animation for elearning and posters for schools and colleges
science e-learning software and technology animation and educational software for download or viewing online for schools, colleges, teachers, students and parents. some elearning software is free. physics, chemistry, biology and technical fields software.
software, elearning, geography, video, movie, multimedia, interactive, entertainment, chemistry, biology, computer, physics, help, technology, education, animation, science, homework, teacher, free
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nelilux - mineral and water laboratory services
nelilux pty limited (nelilux laboratories) is a dynamic mineral and water laboratory situated in boksburg, johannesburg, south africa. our business areas include the provision of mineral, water and metallurgical consulting, research and development (r&d) and chemical analytical services
consulting, services, analytical, metallurgical, laboratory, mineral
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global bonds in chemistry
at the chemical company, we understand our customers need the best from their chemical suppliers. we are your bridge to effective supply chain management.
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the royal society of chemistry
advancing excellence, connecting chemical scientists and shaping the future of the chemical sciences for the benefit of humanity.
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micro-teknik is a sole manufacturer, suppliers and exporter of analytical laboratory equipments and electronic analytical lab instruments that are best suited for scientific instruments industry.
analytical, laboratory, equipments, instruments, india, exporters, manufacturers, suppliers, equipment
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chemical engineering resources - - index
chemical engineering resources, downloads, community, blogs, and more.
engineering, design, technology, specifications, specs, survey, software, spreadsheet, dearator, scrubber, chemical, dust, collector, chemistry, experts, education, science, consultingbr, reactor, resource
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welcome to zep vehicle care | | zep vehicle care
zep vehicle care is the largest provider of car wash chemistry to the professional carwash industry, representing and marketing the most recognized and trusted consumer brands, including armor all professional®, blue coral®, rain-x® and black magic®.
wash, assure, chemical, armor, professional, chemistry, soap, supplier, marketing, merchandising, coral, blue, chemicals, extreme, shine
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sc labs | know your medicine
sc labs is one of the first independent analytical institutions to recognize the importance of promoting cannabis safety through education, testing and certification.
testing, marijuana, cannabis, safe, labs, medical, laboratories, sclabs
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alvas college, moodbidri
alva’s first grade college established in the year of 1998. alva’s college is known for integration of cultural and sport activities with academics. we have
chemistry, botany, science, college, zoology, mathematics, physics, biotechnology, nutrition, microbiology, food, statistics, computer, applied, master, social, work, bharathanatyam, hospitality, dietetics
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analytical testing lab, environmental services, life sciences gmp lab, lab operations | pace analytical services
pace analytical is a leading analytical laboratory for environmental testing services, life sciences and laboratory operations with a network of 24 environmental laboratories, 3 specialty, 2 life sciences labs and 26 service centers nationwide.
testing, environmental, laboratory, wastewater, groundwater, bioassay, radiochemistry, equipment, stormwater, toxics, stack, analytical, quality, dioxins, vapor, intrusion
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knowledge base software | knowledge management software
knowledge base software, knowledge management software, knowledge base, knowledge management, web forms, form maker, flash charts, formmail and web calendar created by website-scripts and used by over 30, 000 clients world-wide.
knowledge, management, base, calendar, flash, software, charts, chart, forms, system, formmail, form, maker
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dmpk drug metabolism pharmacokinetics eliapharma services
canadian analytical laboratory cro, dmpk, toxicology eliapharma services inc. a cro based at laval, qc, canada, offers preclinical, analytical, bioanalytical services and medicinal chemistry for early stage drug development glp and non-glp services. preclinical services: toxicology and and pharmacokinetic studies (mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, monkeys, pigs) ; bioanalytical services: lc-ms-ms method development, method validation, samples preparation from different matrix (plasma, urine, feces, liver, kidney, bones...) using different type of extraction: liquid-liquid, solid phase and protein precipitation, telemetry, radio-immunoassay
dmpk, pharmacokinetics, method, development, validation, pharmacokinietic, accute, pharmacology, dose, contract, metabolism, pharmacodynamics, drug, chemistry, analytical, toxicology, studies, outsoursing, contractual, bioanalysis
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lc resources inc.: innovative resources for chromatography (hplc and lc-ms).
lc resources is a leader in innovative hplc software, hplc training, and contract laboratory services for hplc and lc-ms. look to lc resources for the expertise, knowledge, and experience you need to solve your most vexing chromatography problems.
hplc, training, chromatographic, separations, troubleshooting, analysis, biopharmaceuticals, bioanalytical, chemistry, analytical, development, science, separation, bioseparations, merge, chrom, drylab, courses, chromatography, resources
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walchem, an iwaki america company - reliable and innovative solutions to the global water treatment market
walchem, iwaki america inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of on-line analytical instruments and electronic metering pumps over the last 25 years. our mission is to provide the integration of sensor, pump and electronic technologies for chemical control.
pump, chemical, controller, water, treatment, valve, metering, analytical, chlorine, industrial, instruments, control, dosing, wastewater, level, feeder, dioxide, plating, dialer, electroless
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from genes to drugs | genexplain
genexplain provides bioinformatics, systems biology and cheminformatics software for life science research.
systems, biology, bioinformatics, platform, analysis, sequencing, generation, gene, pathway, data, next, expression, genomics, science, life, software, research, cheminformatics, transcriptomics, genexplain
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physics equipments ambala, general labware ambala, indian plasticware, chemistry instruments ambala, electronics training kits ambala, glassware india, chemistry equipments exporters, analytical equipments exporters, biological models india, glassware manufacturers, kay kay global suppliers
biological models, chemistry instruments, plasticware, general labware, physics equipments, dealer of edibon in india, chemistry equipments, glassware, analytical instruments, microscopes, physics instruments, electronics training kits, charts, analytical equipments, kay kay global suppliers
chemistry, equipments, instruments, india, manufacturers, analytical, ambala, suppliers, indian, kits, electronics, training, glassware, microscopes, plasticware, exporters, physics, models, charts, labware
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center for sustainable materials chemistry |
welcome to the center for sustainable materials chemistry
center, innovation, chemical, materials, science, chemistry, green, csmc, centers, research, sustainable
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129, chemistry jobs, chemical jobs, chemical engineering, che, chem, jobs -,, chemistry jobs, chemist jobs, chemical engineering jobs, chemistry careers, chemicals jobs, organic chemists, inorganic chemist
jobs, chemist, chemistry, organic, chemists, chemicals, inorganic, chemical, chejobs, chemistryjobs, engineering, careers
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manufacturer of specialty additives | king industries, inc.
solutions through chemistry - king industries, inc. is a specialty chemical manufacturer and provider of advanced chemical technical service to leading coatings, lubricant, and rubber formulators around the world. for over eight decades and four generations, the hallmark of king industries has been innovation in the development, manufacturing and marketing of specialty chemical products. a tradition that began in 1932 with company founder, robert j. king, and continues today in norwalk, ct.
technical, service, lubricants, coatings, through, chemistry, solutions
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this page is where you will find the materials i have written for the purpose of teaching high school chemistry, physics and astronomy. feel free to use the material if you find it good but i'd love it if you would drop me a line and give me your comments if you do. akeller [at] scarborough . k12 . me . us
chemistry, lewis, physics, gravity, spectrum, chemical, laws, bond, basic, high, school, compound, mixture, electromagnetic, kinematics, nuclear, radioactivity, light, element, structure
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almond labs
almond labs helps organizations using sharepoint to improve user adoption, engagement & productivity. almond labs is a software company focused on building software solutions for microsoft sharepoint
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chemistry net
a blog that covers chemistry topics required in colleges and universities as well as of general interest. organic, analytical, inorganic, environmental
lewis, structure, carbocations, calibration, textbook, line, analysis, structures, electron, configuration, method, statistical
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instantasp - help desk & community software
we craft beautiful software to help businesses build & support great products
software, forum, desk, base, help, knowledge, service, management, discussion, helpdesk, knowledgebase, customer, board, boards, message, document, community
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instantasp - help desk & community software
we craft beautiful software to help businesses build & support great products
software, forum, desk, base, help, knowledge, service, management, discussion, helpdesk, knowledgebase, customer, board, boards, message, document, community
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moi labs green cleaners
missing octave insights green technology and innovation green cleaners moi labs
green, cleaners, siderail, rockslide, mainstream, testing, environmentally, cheap, moilabs, analytical, labs, view, creekside, gt2020, technology, biodiesel
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knowledge management software | lucidea
our advanced knowledge management and library automation products connect people with the information they need, so they can spend less time searching and more
knowledge, inmagic, software, base, management
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an introduction to chemistry
this is the website that supports an introduction to chemistry by mark bishop published by chiral publishing company.
chemistry, bishop, chem, introductory, prep, ebook, animations, ibook, preparatory, atoms, introduction, chiral, mark, publishing, first
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care labs, inc. - home page
care labs, inc. manufactures and sells cleaning chemicals and sanitary maintenance products. care labs, inc. is a one-source vendor for your cleaning needs.
deodorizers, degreasers, disinfectants, manufacturer, chemical, cleaning
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rely on nsl analytical for materials testing laboratory services
nsl analytical services, inc. provides reliable and cost effective chemical and metallurgical materials testing to a global customer base.
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eurofins calscience
founded in 1986, eurofins calscience is an industry leader in the environmental and marine chemistry laboratory testing field. we offer a comprehensive portfolio of analytical methods and our analytical expertise encompasses all environmental matrices including, air, groundwater, sea water, sediment, soil, solid waste, stormwater, tissue and wastewater.
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w-labs | we love the web.
w-labs is a small software development company based in beautiful vienna, austria. we create high quality web experiences that fit individual customer needs.
wied, labs, technology
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chemical water treatment cleaning solutions | blue earth labs
blue earth labs provides simple, cost-effective chemical cleaning solutions and products for municipal and commercial water systems.
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the beauty of chemistry | vivimed labs
vivimed brands touch the lives of people around the world. active ingredients in your toothpaste, preservatives and moisturisers in face creams, uv filters in sunscreens, colorants in your hair.
care, dyes, hair, moisturisers, preservatives, reversacol, chemistry, photochromic, filters, oral, skin, jarocol, labs, sunscreen, vivimed, vivinol
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software · labs for research on behavior · usability · eye-tracking - mangold international
software and system solutions for behavior reserach labs, such as psychology, human and animal behavior, ergonomics, usability and hci
psychologie, tracking, physiology, video, interact, coding, hardware, research, labs, behavior, observation, usability, software
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all about chemistry |
everything about chemistry and its branches.
chemistry, metals, bases, reactions, chemicals, acids, biomolecules, organic, inorganic
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globalchemmade,chemical b2b website,international chemical market
globalchemmade, chemical b2b website, international chemical market description:chemical b2b website of chemical products and chemical equipments, the latest chemical products and equipment information, the most efficient site for the suppliers and buyers make for trade
chemical, import, export, chemicals, trade, site, network, china, made
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centric analytical labs - home
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software and technical resources from digitalfire corporation
insight glaze software from digitalfire helps you apply glaze chemistry to formulate and adjust ceramic glazes, enamel, glass and porcelain compounds
glaze, chemistry, software, calculation, ceramic, oxides, learn, online, materials, character, temperature, color, purchase, surface, glazechem, stoneware, earthenware, master, hyperglaze, porcelain
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iit jee preparation from the best iit jee institutes
preparing for jee advanced main exams | jee pcm | jee physics | jee chemistry | jee maths | video lectures and ebooks package | 10000 solved question video solutions and ebooks package | motion iitjee | video lectures from exponent education on dvds
motion, advanced, maths, chemistry, chemical, physics, rotational, metals, gravitation, solutions, geometry, coordinate, reaction, function, redox, induction, mathematical, probability, electrochemistry, limits
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in chemistry - september/october 2015
inchemistry is the official acs student member magazine. published quarterly, each issue covers special topics in chemistry, careers, professional development, and other topics of concern to undergraduate students in the chemical sciences.
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3form free knowledge exchange
knowledge, collective, computation, social, answer, memetics, question, solution, cooperation, collaboration, meme, problem, exchange, idea, management, human, markets, intelligence, software, collaborative
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knowledge master educational software
knowledge master places thousands of quality academic questions at your fingertips for educational evaluation and academic competitions.
science, academic, testing, arts, history, contest, competition, knowledge, questions, trivia, biology, astronomy, music, fine, literature, liberal, geology, grammar, meteorology, physical
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welcome to!
your guide to chemistry schools and classes in the united states
chemistry, universities, colleges, classes, schools, courses
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digipac microcomputer software
energy, equilibrium, school, science, kinetics, equation, vapor, water, sabatier, reaction, rates, balance, simulation, coal, molar, kinetic, digits, potential, animation, home
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labs testing - chicago, il | affordable labs inc
laboratory results at an affordable cost.
drawing, protime, blood, results, test, work, panel, comp, chemistry, lipid
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cerilliant-certified reference materials | certified reference standards | analytical standards
we specialize in certified reference materials as well as certified reference standards, chemical reference standards and analytical reference standards. we also specialize in analytical reference materials as well as pharmaceutical reference standards, environmental reference standards and forensic reference standards. please visit our website for more details.
reference, standards, certified, custom, materials, analytical, standard, 17025, certifications, guide, packaging, synthesis, drug, solution, spiking, solutions, organic
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iet labs home page
iet labs manufactures, repairs and supports the genrad instrument line. products include resistance, capacitance, inductance, decade boxes, standards, stroboscopes, sound level meters, rtd simulators, current/voltage source, voltage dividers and ohmmeters. iet labs has become the world’s standard in metrology.
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top 10 chemistry schools: best ten chemistry programs - 2015 rankings
offers list of top chemistry schools and best graduate schools in chemistry in the united states.
chemistry, school, department, graduate, college, grad, best
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svm - support vector machines
svm, support vector machines, svmc, support vector machines classification, svmr, support vector machines regression, kernel, machine learning, pattern recognition, cheminformatics, computational chemistry, bioinformatics, computational biology
machines, vector, support, computational, cheminformatics, recognition, biology, pattern, bioinformatics, chemistry, kernel, classification, svmc, svmr, regression, machine, learning
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modern scientific press
modern scientific press is an academic publisher of open access journals in the areas of science, engineering, technology, computer and medicine. it also publishes academic books. journals include: international journal of modern biology and medicines, international journal of modern chemistry, international journal of modern biochemistry, international journal of modern organic chemistry, international journal of modern analytical and separation science, international journal of modern mathematical sciences, international journal of modern cell biology, international journal of food nutrition and safety, international journal of environment and bioenergy, international journal of modern computer science and engineering, international journal of information science and system, international journal of nano and material sciences, international journal of modern applied physics, international journal of modern theoretical physics, international journal of traditional and natural medicine
science, modern, biology, computer, engineering, chemistry, sciences, environment, physics, nano, press, journal, scientific, materials, publication, biochemistry, safety, organic, nutrition, food
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custom mobile applications | tam software labs
tam software labs: custom iphone, ipad, android apps development. we can turn your concept into a great application. get in touch with us: ? +1 (415) 763-5522, skype: jmoondog
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drawn to chemistry
minimalist, visual chemistry for modern learners. online chemistry help platform to learn chemistry fast and efficiently via sketchnotes and short animations.
chemistry, organic, sketchnote, visual, online, modern, help, illustration, minimalist
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chicago acs
this is the home page for the chicago section of the american chemical society, a professional society of chemists in academia industry, government, and related fields.
chemical, science, materials, engineer, chicago, engineering, chemist, material, academic, college, academia, pharma, pharmaceutical, scientist, scientific, chemistry, chicagoland, area
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primate labs
primate labs develops performance analysis software for desktop and mobile platforms. primate labs' geekbench is the leading cross-platform processor benchmark.
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syd labs - speed up your discovery - syd labs
dedicated to providing quality products and services for research and production, syd labs provides catalog peptides, proteins, antibodies, oligos, dnas, rnas, cells, chemicals, reagents, kits, laboratory supplies, instruments, equipment, and custom services
synthesis, protein, chemical, cell, peptide, antibody, gene, subcloning, cloning, production, custom, generation, line, development, service, chromatography, elisa, reagent, equipment, oligo
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dynamic measurement | accelerometers, data acquisition systems & analytical software - gst
global sensor technology [gst] is a specialist supplier of high quality transducers, signal conditioners, amplifiers, data acquisition systems and analytical software, all at highly competitive prices.
data, amplifiers, acquisition, systems, software, analytical, conditioners, signal, technology, sensor, accelerometers, transducers, global
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periodic table of elements - elements database
periodic table of elements with information on chemical elements like gold, silver, iron, neon, helium, chlorine, copper, cobalt, and more
table, periodic, elements, images, chemistry, free, mass, download, atom, chemical, science, physic, atomic
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adrian dingles chemistry pages — chemistry educator, tutor & author
adrian dingles chemistry pages is a source for ap and high school chemistry materials, worksheets, notes, books and tuition
chemistry, tutor, chem, tuition, school, high, notes
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emtech laboratories - welcome to emtech labs!
emtech laboratories: your source for the highest quality chemicals on the market! emtech laboratories,, emtech, labs
emtech, labs, emtechlabs, norcross, cleaners, american, degreasers, best, georgia, chemicals, sanitary, chem, chemical, commercial, maintenance, enzymes, jansan, bacteria, disenfectant, performance
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chemical connections | chemistry & other curiosities
...chemistry & other curiosities (by stu)
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ib chemistry tutor, igcse chemistry tuition, ib chemistry tutor in delhi, igcse chemistry tutor in gurgaon
get highly experienced ib & igcse chemistry tutors. search ib chemistry tutor, igcse chemistry tutor in delhi, gurgaon, noida, faridabad and gaziabad.
chemistry, tutor, delhi, gurgaon, igcse, tuition, home, igsce
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environmental testing laboratory | suburban testing labs, reading, pennsylvania
suburban testing labs is an accredited environmental testing laboratory in reading pennsylvania. we specialize in the analysis of drinking water, ground water, wastewater, and solid materials such as biosolids, sludge and soil.
analysis, water, testing, consulting, pool, contaminants, environmental, techniques, ucmr3, sampling, operations, quality, staffing, pennsylvania, reading, inorganic, analytical, organic, assurance, laboratory
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free online calculators for engineers - electrical, mechanical, electronics, chemical,construction, optical, medical, physics, etc...
calculators, engineering, mechanical, electrical, electronics, design, construction, manufacturing, consultant, layout, software, chemical, plastic, polymers
apparatus, scientific, solar, battery, radio, metal, thickness, refrigeration, furnace, vehicle, automotive, coating, paint, maintenance, service, equations, assembly, measurement, formula, solve
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cloudnix software labs
cloudnix software labs
simplify, price, affordable, saas, cloud
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provides software and mechanical engineering services for the (petro-)chemical industry. software include vessel and heat exchanger engineer and pipe class component calculations. services range from the authority engineering, mechanical calculations, mechanical design & engineering, finite element analysis (fea) and software development/supply.
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177 | primeval labs official store
shop primeval labs official store to find your favorite primeval labs hard-core supplements.
primeval, labs, andro, mega, test, super, support, cycle, osta, quad, prohormones, primevallabs, supplements, official, tridermal, store
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hill laboratories - r j hill laboratories - agricultural, environmental & food analytical testing
hill laboratories is an independent new zealand analytical testing laboratory, offering environmental, agricultural and food testing. chemistry testing, nir and microbiological testing are specialist areas.
analytical, testing, food, environmental, agricultural
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leads 365: analytical crm software for sales management
leads 365 is the full-featured analytical crm that makes sales easy. start a free trial today.
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summit laboratories
summit labs water treatment
water, treatment, labs, chemical, summit, cooling, denver, colorado, boiler, tower
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portal - braskem
braskem is determined to contribute to the transformation and evolution of the chemical industry, taking global leadership in sustainable chemistry.
global, polyethylene, petrochemicals, evolution, brazil, chemistry, sustainability, green, innovation, braskem
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business intelligence analytics software and visualization | dotmatics
providing scientific informatics solutions for the management, query and visualization of chemistry and biology data. it covers the whole r&d workflow from commercial to academic organizations, including biotechs, pharmaceuticals, chemical, agrochemical, personal care, oil and gas and many more.
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arkan development co ltd medical & sceince tech arkan,medical,science,chemical,laboratory, biotechnology, life science
arkan company specialized in supplies, operating and maintenance of medical equipment, chemical and labs
chemical, dentist, medical, arkan
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arizona aesthetics association
we are a non-profit association dedicated to helping professionals in the aesthetics industry advance their skills through monthly meetings which offer continuing education in the areas of: science/cosmetic chemistry, business building, marketing, product knowledge, advanced treatments including laser and light therapy and chemical peels, trends, legislative issues and networking.
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chemistry lessons | chemistry worksheets | chemistry practice problems
free chemistry video lessons, videos of chemistry practice problems, and practice chemistry worksheets for high school and college chemistry.
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diasystem scandinavia ab - home
clinical chemistry analytical instruments
canine, procalcitonin, cortisol, progesterone, homocysteine, insulin, lppla
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astonjournals - chemistry, business, economics, social sciences
astonjournals is an open access publisher of online journals. we publish research journals in chemistry, fisheries, aquaculture, arts, social sciences, business, management, economics and humanities.
biology, arts, banking, humanities, islamic, sciences, computational, systems, management, social, economics, inorganic, organic, chemistry, physical, analytical, finance, business, environment, journals
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vvchem chemical network - chemical manufacturers,suppliers, b2b marketplacesource
vvchem offers free directory and database of chemicals and chemical manufacturers from china and all over the world. vvchem is the perfect platform for suppliers seeking enduser purchasers of chemicals.
chemical, wholesale, property, manufacturer, selling, suppliers, products, purchase
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wjjsoft - software tools for data, information and knowledge management
high-quality freeform database program and knowledge base management software
software, database, research, manager, notes, base, program, knowledge, freeform
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televic education - digital language labs, wireless language labs, virtualised language labs, cloud based language labs, interpreter training labs, classroom control management software, e-learning, e-assessment
digital language labs, wireless language labs, virtualised language labs, cloud based language labs, interpreter training labs, classroom control management software, e-learning, e-assessment
labs, language, management, software, control, classroom, interpreter, virtualised, wireless, cloud, based, digital, training
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enable labs - web and mobile software development
enable labs develops web and mobile software. give us a call at 866.895.8189 to arrange a free consultation.
developers, software, development, mobile
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twiss analytical laboratories for excellence in laboratory analysis
twiss analytical laboratories, inc. offers chemical and bacteriological testing of water and soil samples to meet drinking water and environmental regulatory requirements for safety and purity. we serve residential, commercial and government clients throughout the pacific northwest.
water, analytical, accredited, soil, certified, laboratory, ecology, cage, department, analysis, environmental, kitsap, laboratories, county, health, twiss, testing, waste, hazardous, fertility
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als environmental - analytical laboratory testing
analytical services and analytical laboratory testing by als environmental. expert analytical services for air, water, sediment, tissue. now als environmental.
testing, analytical, environmental, laboratory, tribology, water, tissue, dioxins, limited, minerals, drinking, pcbs, pharmaceutical, services, analysis, congeners, mercury, furans
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chicago acs
the chicago section of the american chemical society
chicago, section, chemical, society, american, chemistry, life, chemists
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welcome to software knowledge - software knowledge
one of nashvilles original providers of it consulting. we made our bones on the radio shack trash-80
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home dig labs
professional website and software development
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日本分析化学会 (jsac)
chemistry, analytical, society, japan
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knowledge base software | doylesoft
doylesoft offers simple, effective, and affordable knowledge base software and productivity software.
software, productivity, base, knowledge
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florida-spectrum environmental testing and analytical chemistry laboratory
chromatography, atomic, absorption, osha, wastes, hazardous, hazmat, chemistry, certified, spectrometry, mass, groundwater, south, states, united, florida, environmental, laboratory, testing, water
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the chemical thesaurus reaction chemistry database
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aurora e-labs - innovating technology | software services and product development company - hyderabad
welcome to aurora e labs, a software services and product development company focusing on 3 things software services, software products & hardware products (iot). we understand client requirements and provide robust solutions.
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laurus infosystems - electronic lab notebook | document, project and knowledge management | mobile based patient diary system for clinical trials
laurus infosystems (india) private limited is a software product development and services organization that specializes in developing end-to-end solutions for the pharma, life sciences and mobile technology industry. our products include chemia - electronic lab notebook, prodoctive - document, project and knowledge management and padisys - a mobile based patient diary system for clinical trials
system, management, development, project, diary, formulation, patient, epro, mpro, document, life, cycle, streamlining, knowledge, trials, clinical, padisys, notebook, active, electronic
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coulter's smithing
projects diy physics computers hardware software chemistry
vacuum, chemistry, science, computer, deuterium, neutrons, fusor, physics, engineering, fusion
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the open discovery institute-making biohacking easier: the odin
diy bio, diy science, biohacking, hobbyist biology, amateur, indie bio, community labs, biohackerspaces, diy biology, science kits, biology kit, chemistry kit
biology, science, biohacking, biohackerspace, hackerspaces, hackerspace, biohackerspaces, chemistry, kits, labs, amateur, hobbyist, indie, diybio, biohacker, community, biohackers
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hosted knowledge base software -
web-based knowledge-base software. hosted (saas) version of phpkb software.
hosted, base, knowledge, software
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analytical food laboratories - put us to the test - complete mmicrobiological, chemical, nutritional and physical analysis
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chemical formulations - chemical repacking, handling and storage solutions | chemical solutions
chemical solutions is a leading reliable and trusted provider of chemical formulations, customised repacking, handling and storage services. we employ highly qualified expert personnel, specialist equipment and lab facilities. for enquiries contact us at 1300 708 558.
chemical, handling, storage, safety, solutions, chemicals, materials, solution, formulations, formulators
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biovia - scientific enterprise software for chemical research, material science r&d
biovia is a software company which provides scientific enterprise software for chemical, materials and bioscience research especially in the areas of drug discovery and materials science.
software, enterprise, discovery, platform, materials, drug, informatics, scientific, chemical, accelrys, bioinformatics
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advantage pointing labs
advantage pointing labs in yuma colorado. we breed the finest pointing and waterfowl labs in the business.
pointing, labs, american, club, retriever, master, sale, hunter, pponting, titled, colorado, kansas, iowa, bird, minnnisota, title, oklahoma, texas, wyoming, trials
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210 - find science jobs in biology, chemistry and engineering for science careers. is a science career site providing jobs information in biological, chemistry and pharmaceutical research and other scientific areas.
science, jobs, bioscience, pharmaceutical, biomedical, bioinformatics, genetics, chemical, positions, biotech, vacancies, careers, career, biotechnology, biology, recruitment, chemistry
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pdq - hosted analytical applications - knowledge, fast and affordable
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qeworks - software testing website
qeworks provide a platform for software quality professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills. and get knowledge of latest treads in software testing. also learn qtp, selenium and other software testing tools.
testing, regression, performance, database, selenium, manual, automation, software
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the physical chemistry division of the american chemical society
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caveman chemistry : hands-on projects in chemical technology
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clathacker - dont just crack clat, come hack clat with us.
clathacker is an effort to make knowledge freely available to every law school aspirant. share your knowledge and views with everyone!
reasoning, data, interpretation, analytical, critical, clat, legal
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home | high quality low cost research chemicals | research chemist
buy research chemicals | uk & eu trusted vendor | high quality, best prices & free delivery | - mexedrone, 5f-akb-48, clonazolam, methoxphenidine and more
research, chemicals, chemical, best, methoxetamine, methiopropamine, legal, suppliers, online, vendors, supplier, mdai, benzofury, mdmai, where, bchemical, chemistry, buyresearchchemicals, buying, purchase
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the learning labs
the learning labs is a science education workshop and retail company based in pasadena, california. we offer quality science retail products and enrichment science programs for students interested in robotics, rocketry, aeronautics, astronomy, biology, anatomy, chemistry, archaeology, paleontology, engineering, and physics.
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dribank labs | preserves biological samples everywhere
the dri•bank container is an award-winning patented product used to preserve, store or transport biologics anywhere without chemical fixation or cryogenics.
businesses, hospitals, government, facilities, academia, laboratories, labs, medical, products, storage, dribank
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storyboard wedding
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welcome to the simpaqusa creative labs, we are one of the most successful and recognized development firms in north america. print, web, software, systems.
simpaq, software, simpausa, mexico, creativos, grupo, labs, creative
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software development | consulting for startups | webmo labs
webmo labs provides it solutions like customized software development, mobile app development, and web applications, website designing
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v.i. labs | actionable intelligence for software vendors
v.i. labs provides actionable intelligence to drive new software license revenue with its award winning codearmor intelligence platform.
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flinn scientific is a fun and informative science education resource, providing science supplies and innovative ideas to help teachers and students succeed
science, chemistry, safety, supplies, videos, school, laboratory, biology, flinn, flynn, demonstrations, teacher, contract, equipment, resources, cabinets, chemical, storage, earth, middle
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thebrain :: mind mapping software, brainstorming, gtd and knowledgebase software
thebrain provides advanced mind mapping software and knowledge management software that uses visualization and intuitive concept maps to enable intuitive searching, browsing, and organization of information. disparate data sources are integrated and connected into an associative knowledge network to enable recall, understanding, and communication.
mind, mapping, software, collaboration, visual, brainstorming, tools, thebrain, brain, personalbrain, personal, thinking, mindmapping, program, mindmap, concept, knowledge, sharing
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thebrain :: mind mapping software, brainstorming, gtd and knowledgebase software
thebrain provides advanced mind mapping software and knowledge management software that uses visualization and intuitive concept maps to enable intuitive searching, browsing, and organization of information. disparate data sources are integrated and connected into an associative knowledge network to enable recall, understanding, and communication.
mind, mapping, software, collaboration, visual, brainstorming, tools, thebrain, brain, personalbrain, personal, thinking, mindmapping, program, mindmap, concept, knowledge, sharing
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isofys - isotope bioscience laboratory - ghent university
isofys is a state holds state of the art and diverse stable and radioisotope analytical equipment and carries out highly international oriented research and education on isotope biogeochemistry, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and integrated tropical soil fertility. the isofys research group is part of the department of applied analytical and physical chemistry of the faculty of bioscience engineering of ghent university in belgium.
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northfield - financial models and analytical tools for investors
northfield information services is a market leader in providing investment professionals analytical and operating efficiency tools to enhance individual portfolio and firm-wide performance.
investment, financial, modeling, portfolio, software, models, information, services, analytical, northfield
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the easiest way to manage your it service business. cloud-based ticketing, time tracking, knowledge management, and billing software for msps, it providers, and developers.
software, management, ticketing, helpdesk, billing, service, knowledge, simple, time, tracking, softare
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sivance specialty silicone chemistry technologies :: milliken chemical
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common chemistry - search chemical names and cas registry numbers
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ugc point academy : physics | chemistry coaching, net physics coaching in delhi, net chemistry coaching, net chemistry coaching in delhi, jam coaching, csir coaching, ugc net coaching, ugc-csir net coaching, correspondences courses for jam/net, result for net physics, solution for net chemistry/physics, best coaching in delhi, best coaching in ugc, ugc point jia sarai, answer key csir net dec 2015, answer key csir net dec 2015 chemical science, answer key csir net dec 2015 physical science, csir answer key dec 2015, csir jrf answer key dec 2015, csir jrf answer key for chemical science, csir jrf answer key for physical science, csir net answer key, csir net answer key 2015 chemical science booklet a, csir net answer key 2015 chemical science booklet b, csir net answer key 2015 chemical science booklet c, csir net answer key 2015 physical science booklet a, csir net answer key 2015 physical science booklet b, csir net answer key 2015 physical science booklet c, csir net answer key dec
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sharing knowledge worldwide | fasw
software information and development. fasw is a place where we not only develop hight quality software applications but also we share our knowledge to everyone.
software, information, source, development, fasw, open
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smithers viscient | environmental testing ecotoxicology, avian toxicology, fate, metabolism, residue, analytical, and product chemistry, and endocrine testing
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biovia - scientific enterprise software for chemical research, material science r&d
biovia is a software company which provides scientific enterprise software for chemical, materials and bioscience research especially in the areas of drug discovery and materials science.
enterprise, software, discovery, platform, materials, drug, biovia, informatics, scientific, chemical, accelrys, bioinformatics
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qc batch release | pharmapocial | analytical laboratory | gmp laboratort | analytical | chemical/physical | arc pharma
qc batch release, pharmapocial, gmp contract laboratory, pharmasutical analytics, healthcare analytics, test method development, test method validation, dissolution profiling, cgmp laboratort facilties
testing, london, pharmapocial, analytical, laboratory, release, pharma, batch
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it support and software development services | mobee labs
mobee labs is it support and software development company providing mobile apps, custom software development, web application development and quality engineering services across the globe.
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educational software for high school and university chemistry
orchem: educational software for high-school and university chemistry
chemistry, software, educational
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global chemical network - chemicals trading platform for chemical suppliers and chemical buyers - chemnet
chemnet is the chemical trading platform to connect chemical buyers and chemical sellers with chemical search engine of chemical suppliers and chemical products.
chemical, database, network, manufacturers, suppliers, products, chemicals
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middle school chemistry | download free science activities, access chemistry multimedia, find information on workshops
middle school chemistry provides free science activities, multimedia, and information about upcoming workshops offered by the american chemical society for middle school science teachers
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u.s. chemical storage® - chemical storage buildings & services
u.s. chemical storage® fm approved chemical storage buildings are designed for flammables, combustibles, corrosives and other hazmat storage applications.
storage, chemical, buildings, hazmat, containment, safety, building, outdoor, hazardous, chemicals, drum, container, warehouses, waste, paint, fertilizer, combustible, pesticide, regulations, literature
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gallade chemical - chemical distributor
15, 000+ rare and fine chemicals in our continually updated searchable online catalog. if we don't have it we'll find it for you. gallade chemical is a 40-year-old company supplying research and laboratory chemicals.
chemical, chemicals, companies, catalogs, solvents, equipment, purity, services, acids, baker, spectrum, mallinckrodt, reagent, gallade
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private label skin care and hair care manufacturer
gar labs is a private label cosmetic hair care and skin care manufacturer. low cost 5000 pieces and up - email [email protected] or call (951)788-0700.
labs, care, 92507, formula, custom, solar, skin, hair, riverside, california
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video chemistry courses - organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, high school, college
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intelliresponse virtual agent & knowledge base management software
award winning knowledge base management software, the next generation web self-service software. call today for a free demo of our virtual agent software!
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custom laboratory chemical supply company, bulk & specialty research chemical compounds online - boc sciences
boc sciences is a custom lab chemical supply company provides wide range of bulk compounds to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and biotechnology industries.
synthesis, process, chemistry, medicinal, manufacturing, distribution, chiral, development, custom, drug, discovery, pharmaceutical
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labs, sale, puppies, black, white, tested, yellow, health, oklahoma, labradors, texas, silver
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advanced chemical concepts, inc. home page
advanced chemical concepts, inc. home page. developing win/win and sustainable long term relationships.
chemical, supplier, surfactants, products, metalworking, needs, care, service, customer, personal, cleveland, concepts, advanced, company, distributor, midwest, chemicals, ohio
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wissensmanagement / knowledge management: community of knowledge
die deutschsprachige community-website zu knowledge management bzw. wissensmanagement. hier finden sie artikel aus theorie und praxis.
knowledge, wissensmanagement, community, wissen, software, learned, wissenstransfer, management, lessons
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thermo scientific: helping scientists meet the challenges they face in the lab or in the field every day
under the thermo scientific brand of thermo fisher scientific, inc. (nyse:tmo), our high-end analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents help our customers solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity.
laboratory, equipment, instruments, analytical, scientific, thermo
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thermo scientific: helping scientists meet the challenges they face in the lab or in the field every day
under the thermo scientific brand of thermo fisher scientific, inc. (nyse:tmo), our high-end analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents help our customers solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity.
laboratory, equipment, instruments, analytical, scientific, thermo