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aginova wireless (wi-fi) sensors
leverage your wi-fi network using aginova sensors, low cost & powered, temperature, wifi sensors, bluetooth sensors
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icelsius - thermometer/sensor for ipad/iphone/ipod & android devices
icelsius - thermometer/sensor for ipad / iphone / ipod touch & android devices
sensors, thermometer, wireless, temperature, bluetooth, inspection, probe, aginova, grill, body, barbeque, ipad, sensor, humidity, ipod, iphone, android, wifi, barbecue
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data logger solutions
data logger solutions offers affordable monitoring devices for quality assurance of products & environments-temperature, humidity, & more!
logger, data, temperature, humidity, indicator, monitoring, cryogenic, labels, wireless, affordable, solutions, loggers, system, bluetooth
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4 - professional temperature tools
we are temperature experts. specializing in cool, unique and professional temperature tools. super-fast thermocouples, thermistors, infrared thermometers, data logging and more.
thermometer, temperature, infrared, thermocouple, digital, cooks, alton, brown, kitchen, illustrated, today, test, americas, roasting, sale, closeout, thermopen, special, barbecue, case
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tektroniks - wireless temperature monitoring | warehouse, food & server room temperature monitoring
temperature, wireless, monitoring, data, sensors, logger, loggers, humidity, tektroniks, haccp, energy, detection, leak, chain, systems, system, datalogger, food, cold, rooms
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temperature and pressure calibrator | wind meter | thermohygrograph
meter, temperature, thermometer, gauge, infrared, calibrator, pressure, measurement, equipment, sensor, thermal, instruments, fluke, druck, camera, imaging, mini, multi, function, imager
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meet the igrill family of thermometers
discover the different members of the igrill family and find the bluetooth grilling thermometer that’s right for you. get out of the heat and let igrill, the bluetooth meat thermometer, take care of your food.
igrill, thermometer, meat, smart, idevices, enabled, bluetooth, temp, connected, products, igrill1, classic, features, igrillmini, igrill2, version, family
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temperature data loggers & other sensors for research
temperature data loggers & other sensors, archival tags, pressure logger, data storage tags for fish tagging including tilt and depth sensors for researches in the aquatic & fisheries, food and beverages and biomedical industry.
logger, data, research, fisheries, aquatic, industry, biomedical, beverage, depth, food, tagging, tags, archival, sensors, loggers, pressure, storage, temperature, fish, tilt
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mtc home
mtc is a leading supplier of high quality temperature reading instruments for the food service industry, along with countless other specific and demanding commercial applications. for nearly 80 years, mtc continues to be one of the country's largest thermometer suppliers, specializing in high quality special application instruments. a large inventory allows most orders to ship within 24 hours.
thermometer, pocket, making, thermometers, floating, cheese, reading, hartford, bimetal, dial, dairy, probe, glass, remote, candle, michigan, crafts, sale, deltatrak, taylor
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temperature world
temperature news, temperature information and temperature related resources
temperature, thermal, earth, sensors, education, controllers, city, fuse, global, warming, converter, thermistors, fever, thermometers, disc, infrared, link, thermostats, bimetal, controls
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qtemp | the world’s smartest wearable weather station
qtemp is a smart wearable weather station that measures uv and temperature while displaying the safe sun time on ios & android devices.
thermometer, weather, smart, station, wearable, local, wireless, cancer, skin, radiation, index, gadget, alerts, energy, personal, bluetooth, vacation, small, ipad, ipod
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wireless temperature monitoring | humidity monitoring | wireless monitoring
tempgenius wireless monitoring solutions offer the widest range of temperature sensor and wireless data logger, recording and monitoring devices, for
temperature, monitoring, wireless, refrigerator, medication, vaccine, tracking, recording, warehouse, alarm, humidity, monitor, logger, alerting
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infrared temperature measurement sensor – raytek
raytek develops non-contact infrared temperature sensors, infrared thermometers, and ir sensors for measurement of industrial processing, building, and packaging applications.
infrared, sensor, temperature, thermometer, measurement
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temperature sensor and probe manufacturers - probes unlimited, inc. homepage
probes unlimited, inc. designs and manufactures custom oem temperature sensors. we offer a wide range of rtds, thermocouples, thermistors, thermal switches, cable harnesses, stainless steel tubing and more.
temperature, sensor, probes, stainless, harness, steel, lansdale, transmitter, cable, tubing, thermal, thermometer, probe, thermocouple, switch, thermistor, sensors
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infrastructure monitoring, air quality monitors, power meters, motion sensors, flood detectors, camera sensors with email / text alerts and data logging
esensors develops and manufactures state of the art detection solutions for monitoring the internet addressable environment. temperature, humidity, light, water, door sensor, camera, motion sensors, the air quality, the sensor of dust, soil moisture sensors. all sensors support email alerts. wifi ethernet options. poe.
sensor, temperature, nagios, compatible, prtg, cacti, solarwinds, network, power, smart, grid, internet, meter, wifi, humidity, room, server, monitoring, water, flood
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ircon noncontact infrared temperature sensors | ir thermometers -
ircon infrared sensors, system pyrometers, ir handheld thermometers,   linescanners and thermal imaging systems.
temperature, sensors, infrared, noncontact, thermometers, pyrometers, thermometer, handheld, guns, system, systems, linescanners, imaging, monitoring, laser
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upward innovations inc. -- remote wireless data collection
data, loggers, temperature, weather, monitoring, sensors, recorders, tipping, rain, temperatures, external, controllers, bucket, logger, logging, activity, controller, nist, certification, downloading
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18 , rding tech
pcsensor, rding tech, customized keyboard
temperature, thermometer, keyboard, data, multipoint, acquisition, system, measuring, wireless, thermometers, foot, switch, thermocouple, thermograph, hygrometer, customized
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sound velocity, ctd & environmental instrumentation - aml oceanographic
sound velocity, ctd, sensors, instruments, probes, profilers for oceanographic & hydrographic surveys. outstanding flexibility with swappable sensor-heads.
sound, sensors, velocity, oceanographic, conductivity, temperature, survey, hydrographic, calibration, instruments, turbidity, bathymetric, pressure, bathymetry, nephelometrec, meter, smart, r2sonic, logger, data
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solutions direct - products for industrial applications
we sell electrical enclosures, electronic racks & cabinets, ir sensors, material testing equipment, process control & measurement products, scales & balances
enclosures, temperature, sensors, controllers, pressure, pyrometers, process, scales, control, sieves, noncontact, electrical, balances, direct, handheld, thermometer, nema, solutions
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low cost temperature logger: the web energy logger
energy, charts, trend, usage, efficiency, power, heat, hvac, gshp, pumps, display, geothermal, online, thermal, solar, monitor, logger, time, real, wire
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22 sensor,temperature controllers and sensors manufacturers
toshniwal sensors is leading best temperature controllers and sensors manufacturers company in india. if you are searching for temperature sensor then tspl-india will be best place for you.we are providing best high temperature thermocouple in best price range.
company, manufacturers, sensors, temperature, controllers
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measurement specialties—sensors | pressure sensors | position sensors | temperature sensors
sensor, sensors, water, temperature, pressure, entran, level, schaevitz, systems, eureka, cosense, environmental, position, specialties, quality, meas, force, humidity, atexis, planartechnik
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environmental sensors, transmitters, controls | wind, temperature, rain, air, humidity, pressure
comptus is the leading global producer of quality environmental sensors, transmitters and controls for wind, temperature, rain, air, humidity, pressure & solar radiations measurements.
sensors, wind, barometric, temperature, pressure, radiation, humidity, solar, gauges, direction, anemometers, speed, vanes, alarms, environmental, rain, relative
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25 - home
specialists in portable data logging, test and measurement
meter, gauge, thermometer, recorder, thickness, tester, logger, analyzer, ultrasonic, power, data, smith, dissolved, force, manometer, pressure, production, vacuum, pyrometer, concrete
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dixell temperature controller เครื่องควบคุมอุณหภูมิ เครื่องมือวัด ดิจิตอล เครื่องบันทึกอุณหภูมิ อุปกรณ์ห้องเย็น thermometer thermostat control kimo deltaohm fourier logtag
one source service for controller, monitoring system, measuring instruments, air conditioning and refrigeration part and accessories
controller, refrigeration, deltaohm, logtag, fourier, kimo, logger, temperature, dixell, data, thermometer
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manufacturer of thermocouples, temperature sensors, rtd, cables, cartridge heaters, infrared pyrometers, sensors
tempsens instruments is a manufacturers of all types of temperature sensors, temperature measuring instruments, thermocouples, thermowells, cartridge heaters, infrared pyrometers, thermocouple cable manufacturers, temperature sensor, resistance temperature meter and other temperature measurement sensors
temperature, calibration, thermocouple, thermocouples, heaters, cartridge, instruments, analysis, camera, measuring, shell, scanner, controller, imaging, types, cable, sensors, manufacturers, pyrometers, infrared
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opsens, fiber optic temperature sensor, pressure transducer, displacement probe, strain gauge
fiber optic sensors manufacturer offering solutions for life sciences, medical, oil and gas, power transformer, aerospace, defense & oem.
optic, fiber, sensors, temperature, pressure, immune, downhole, sensor, monitoring, manufacturer, measurements, medical, spot, compatible, winding
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templog ig-150+pdf - cold chain temperature / humidity data logger
pre-programmed single use pdf temperature and humidity data loggers for cold chain temperature follow.
logger, data, temperature, single, chain, cold, humidity, control
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bluetooth low energy le wireless 2.4ghz embedded medical data radio modem modules,and lan access point repeaters
bluetooth low energy module devices work for many medical applications. the bluetooth wireless radio mounts directly into your products, converting them into bluetooth-enabled wireless devices.
bluetooth, radios, energy, data, modems, wireless, bc02, wibree, bc03, band, ultra, wide, antennas, class2, class1, bc05, mitsumi, zigbee, bc04, wifi
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temperature sensors and thermowells | h&b sensors
uk manufacturer of temperature sensors, thermowells, level float switches and miniature heaters.
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temperature sensor, rtd sensor, thermocouple & thermowell
your source for high quality rtd sensor, thermocouple, thermowell and temperature components. visit us online to browse all of our temperature sensors today!
sensors, thermowell, pyromation, thermocouple, sensor, temperature
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swaive thermometer is the worlds most intelligent ear infrared thermometer | swaive corporation
the swaive thermometer is the worlds most intelligent ear infrared thermometer for iphone and ipad. the swaive thermometer helps you remote motor your family members temperature
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center technology corp.
center technology corp is a taiwan-based test measuring instrument manufacturer. products include dmm, insulation tester, clamp meter, thermal couple thermometer, ir thermometer, rtd thermometer, hygro meter, sound level meter, light meter, gas detector.
meter, thermometer, clamp, detector, temperature, recorder, hygro, instrument, printer, graphic, humidity, level, leak, combustible, refrigerant, light, sound, infrared, hygrometer, thermal
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almico's home page
sensor, sensors, temperature, hardware, analog, hard, disk, voltage, voltages, system, slow, down, speed, change, modulation, smart, management, pulse, digital, speedfan
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beanair wireless sensor networks
beanair is a german manufacturer and designer of smart and rugged wireless sensor networks (wsn) dedicated to structural health monitoring (shm), flight test measurement, technical building management, condition monitoring system, testbed on rolling stock, smart grid, automotive testing, and environmental monitoring. beanair provides wireless sensors for both dynamic measurement (vibration, shock and deformation) as well as static measurement (temperature, humidity, tilt, binary and analog measurement). our wireless technology has a very high availability rate in harsh environments.
monitoring, wireless, data, acquisition, sensor, system, detection, test, health, systems, logger, measurement, humidity, temperature, smart, engineering, structures, embedded, process, build
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t&d corporation : data loggers for temperature, humidity, voltage, etc.
t&d corporation in developing and selling a compact data logger. temperature (mainly temperature, core temperature, surface temperature, etc.), humidity, voltage, electrical signals, such as weather information can be measured.t&d corporation to each other's data logger wired / wireless communication can be a model, multi-channel model, and respond to various situations can be used together lineup.measured rich, easy to use, compact, reasonable price, wired or wireless network support, pc-compatible features t&d corporation with a data logger and will continue to provide.
network, variety, wired, price, wireless, radio, ondotori, support, reasonable, measurement, water, compact, logger, proof, easy, data, communication
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akku-usb bluetooth-gps receiver hersteller-blumax
blumax technologies. manufacturer and distributor of replacement mobile phone batteries and accessories, digital camera- und camcorder-batteries, bluetooth gps receiver, usb bluetooth dongle, bluetooth headsets
bluetooth, garmin, logger, multicharger, headset, smartphone, data, motorola, panasonic, casio, fuji, sharp, siemens, datacable, nokia, samsung, sony, canon, ericsson, mobile
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worldwide supplier of sensors & controllers
autonics is now a total solution provider in sensors and controllers offering more than 5, 000 items to the various fields of industrial automation
sensors, units, controllers, supplies, power, proximity, area, switching, photoelectric, counters, temperature, timers, panel, autonics, meters, display
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aim, the world leader in data acquisition
aim is a world leader in motor sports and race data acquisition technology, manufacturing data loggers, digital displays, lap timers, stopwatches and gauges for performance and racing vehicles.
acquisition, data, logger, racing, datalogger, temperature, pressure, sensor, laptime, controller, lambda, formula, tourism, probe, water, applications, professional, dash, throttle, suzuki
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madgetech data loggers | temperature, humidity, pressure and more
contact madgetech today for data logger solutions to measure and record pressure, humidity, shock or temperature data, serving many industries including food, pharmaceuticals, energy and more.
data, logger, recorder, recording, logging, loggers, software
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cryogenic temperature sensors | laboratory, industrial & medical | west palm beach, fl
scientific instruments provides the best in cryogenic temperature sensors & instrumentation to the scientific & industrial communities with an emphasis on customer satisfaction & support
applications, medical, industrial, sensors, temperature, cryogenic
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ise the preferred source for variacs, temperature controls and heating elements.
logger, data, rustrak, staco, powerstat, thermocouple, controllers, recorder, controller, transformer, variable, variacs, transformers, temperature, controls, process, control, variac
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elitech uk has accumulated 19 years of r & d and manufacturing experience in the field of temperature and humidity monitoring and control of the refrigeration industry
temperature, leak, detector, halogen, logger, controller, data
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thermometers | exergen corporation
exergen corporation, creator of the first temporal artery thermometer, the temporal scannerô, is the leader in industrial and medical temperature technology.
thermometer, temporal, thermometers, forehead, temple, scanner, artery, scanning
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dti asia pacific - menu
deltatrak, inc. is a leading innovator of cold chain management, supply chain management and food safety, and shelf-life solutions. dti asia pacific
temperature, monitoring, management, cold, chain, storage, food, wireless, sanitation, safety, logger, thermometer, supply, haccp, thermocouple, data, labels
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thermocouple and resistance thermometer experts - peak sensors
experts in designing and manufacturing all types of temperature sensor including thermocouples and resistance thermometers. iso 9001. uk made.
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infrared temperature sensing and gas sensing solutions by lumasense technologies - thermal imaging, pyrometer, fiber optic sensors, infrared temperature sensor.
lumasense’s temperature and gas sensing solutions are used in the most critical and complex environments imaginable. we offer an extensive line of robust temperature (pyrometer, thermal imaging) and gas sensing products that provide unprecedented control over environments, safety, productivity and reliability.
temperature, fiber, sensor, optic, infrared, measurement, sensors, ndir, lumasenseinc, technologies, lumasense, ventilation, monitoring, pyrometer, imaging, thermal
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uteco macedonia
web site for thermocouples, igniters and flame rods what is a thermocouple? a thermocouple is a sensor for measuring temperature. thermocouples consist of two dissimilar metals, joined together at one end, which produce a small unique voltage at a given temperature. this voltage is measured and interpreted by a thermocouple thermometer.
thermocouple, thermocoule, themocouple, probe, thermocuple, wire, sensors, sensor, thermocouples
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jagjan: oem temperature sensors, thermocouples, thermowells, rtds.
jagjan manufactures of all types of temperature sensors, temperature measuring instruments, thermocouples, thermowells. leading supplier of mineral insulated (mi) cables, omega plug socket.
type, temperature, omega, sensor, rare, adjustable, tube, protection, thermowell, thermocouple, rajasthan, india, ajmer
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sensors, flammable, microtemp, meter, vapor, power, snap, controls, pressure, wireless, temperature, humidity, emerson
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sensors, flammable, microtemp, meter, vapor, power, snap, controls, pressure, wireless, temperature, humidity, emerson
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pressure sensors | temperature sensor manufacturer | ampron
ampron sensitive components co., ltd. is a reliable chinese manufacturer of sensitive elements, we have been exerting great efforts in the product development and provided with customers rich quality sensors geared to home appliances and industrial equipment.
automotive, sensors, oxygen, sensor, elements, temperature, pressure, sensitive
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data logger and data acquisition products for any application
data logger and data acquisition products for all applications. data loggers for temperature, humidity, voltage and current, serial data recorders, usb and wireless data loggers and paperless chart recorders.
data, monitoring, acquisition, temperature, logger, loggers, logging
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manufacturer of thermocouple, thermocouples, thermowells, rtd, temperature sensor, calibration equipments, compensating cables in india
tempsens instruments (i) pvt. ltd. is a manufacturers of all types of temperature measuring instruments, thermowells, thermocouples, thermocouple manufacturers, temperature sensors, resistance temperature meter, calibration equipments and other temperature measurement probes in india
temperature, thermocouples, calibration, thermocouple, types, instruments, measuring, controller, scanner, shell, analysis, pyrometers, india, furnaces, thermowells, sensors, manufacturers, calibrating, compensating, thermal
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gps data logger software - bt747
software for tracking gps data loggers: download and convert data (html, gpx, kml, kmz, ...), geotag and configure. for pc, mac, pda, mobile phone. usb, bluetooth
logger, tracking, bt747, mediatek, device, software, data, free
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57 - connect different key sensors within the system
blueapp solution connect different key sensors within your system, including different sensors, temperature, pressure, current, vacuum etc., into a central dashboard.
sensors, blueapp, wireless, monitoring, solutions, remote
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bomb detector - bomb jammer - explosive detector - explosives detector - metal detector - clinical thermometer - forehead thermometer - medical thermometer - needle detector - x-ray machine supplier
manufacture: bomb detector, bomb jammer, explosive detector, explosives detector, mining metal detector, industrial tunnel metal detector, metal detector head, medical thermometer, clinical thermometer, infrared forehead thermometer, ear thermometer, medical infrared thermometer, fever detector, fever thermometer, body thermometer, digital thermometer, flu detector, body temperature detector, h1n1 swine flu & h3n2 flu and hfmd & flu clinical thermometer, under vehicle search mirror, metal detector, x-ray machine, walk-through metal detector, hand-held metal detector, underground metal detector, conveyor type needle detector, hand-held needle detector, x-ray inspection equipment, baggage & parcel scanner, time stamp
detector, thermometer, bomb, metal, needle, machine, forehead, medical, explosive, explosives, clinical, jammer
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minco - thermal solutions, flexible circuits and temperature sensors and instruments
minco designs and manufactures flexible circuits, flexible heaters, sensors and instruments, and integrated thermal solutions.
temperature, heaters, flex, solutions, custom, sensors, sensor, control, printed, circuit, engineered, medical, engineer, thermal, circuits, heater, heating, foil, multi, system
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thermocouple, rtd sensor, bearing sensors, thermowells, flanges, thermocouple types, thermistor, thermocoupler
custom thermocouple types, rtd sensor, bearing sensors, flanges, thermowells and accessories. temperature sensors, thermopiles, thermistors
type, temperature, omega, flange, thermocouple
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cwt co., limited - china supplier
we provide gsm sms controller, gprs data logger, gsm remote control products. gsm/gprs monitoring, gsm sms control, gprs data logger, tempeature controller, gsm security alarm system, 3g video alarm system, modbus data logger, ...
data, logger, gprs, temperature, controller
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espressif systems - wi-fi and bluetooth chipsets and solutions
espressif systems (shanghai) pte. ltd. is a fabless semiconductor company, with headquarter in shanghai zhangjiang high-tech park, providing low power wi-fi and bluetooth socs and wireless solutions for internet of things applications.
wifi, chipsets, bluetooth, chipset, esp8266, things, esp32, solutions, solution, internet
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bluegic - the world's leading brand of bluetooth smart home
bluegic - founder of smarthome solutions through bluetooth technology. we offer low cost and high performance products to make your life easier.
bluetooth, converter, switch, bulb, pccw, home, living, zigbee, wemo, wifi, lumenbulb, smart, apple, smartphone, android
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crazyegg是專為喜歡旅行的香港人提供流動pocket wifi租借服務, 令您旅行輕鬆無線上網!
wifi, router, japan, korea, singapore, international, rental, pocket, rent, british, oversea
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login : bluetooth marketing, proximity marketing, wifi marketing, wifi hotspot, bluetooth server device.
bluetooth marketing, proximity marketing, wifi marketing, wifi hotspot, bluetooth server device.
bluetooth, marketing, campaign, hotspots, proximity, server, advertising
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drag racing weather stations, data loggers, egt, air/fuel, wideband, & lithium batteries - altronics
shop for high performance racing electronic components from altronics inc. here you will find racing electronics, drag racing electronics, racing weather stations, weather stations, data recording and logger, air/fuel, lambda, data acquisition, oxygen sensors, exhaust gas temperature, lithium batteries, racing parts, and other high performance electronics products.
data, sensors, temperature, exhaust, lithium, batteries, altronics, performaire, wideband, racing, stations, loggers, recorders, drag, weather
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thermometer union-thermometers care for your life, for world. - home
thermometer union do focus on global market, collect all kinds of thermometers from daily used to industrial class, e.g.: digital, meat, indoor outdoor, baby, oven, ear thermometer, etc.
thermometer, outdoor, thermometers, indoor, oven, baby, meat, union, digital
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rees scientific home page
rees scientific is an automated temperature monitoring company. centron ems monitors temperature, humidity, differential pressure, oxygen, light, etc. and monitors critical equipment such as stability chambers, refrigerators, freezers, etc.
temperature, monitoring, sensor, system, humidity, wireless, wifi, monitor, automated, temp
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weather, washington, district of columbia, united states - narodmon project
narodmon project ( — it's a geoinformation service for display on the world map and control (via email, sms) sensors readings of its members (temperature, humidity, atm.pressure, speed and direction of wind, radiation, energy and other) and webcams for private and public access.
oregon, thermometer, narodmon, rs232, wifi, dht22, ds18b20, bmp085, mp707, mp707r, bm1707, freeduino, digital, internet, hygrometer, barometer, scientific, vattmeter, devices, monitoring
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smartcore - modulo wifi zigbee bluetooth gps modem iot
smartcore - modulo wifi zigbee bluetooth gps modem iot
modem, axiohm, bluegiga, adulis, nunes, embarcado, embedded, ricardo, termico, impressao, zigbee, wifi, core, smart, bluetooth, modulo, mecanismo, chipset, telegesis, ublox
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bmw bluetooth retrofit information
bmw bluetooth systems
bluetooth, telephone, cellular, cellphone, tooth, accessories, upgrades, navigation, blue, module
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72 - online-greißlerei
zuverlässige temperaturüberwachung, smart home und mehr
thermometer, ethernet, temperatur, feuchtigkeit
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industrial instruments for measuring, controlling & monitoring at chino
chino corporation is a japanese manufacturer of temperature sensors, recorders & temperature controllers. it supplies sensors, instruments and systems in india.
corporation, chino
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k&m associates | home
k&m associates is a company with technical expertise in weighing, temperature and control devices
sensors, keefe, temperature, wavelength, industrial, heating, scales, wireless, thoughtful, selection, kevin, accurate, brian, sales, chicago, treating, steel, mills, controlled, heat
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data logger | gemini data loggers: tinytag temperature loggers
gemini data loggers uk manufacturer of the tinytag data loggers range to monitor temperature, energy consumption, power usage, carbon dioxide levels.
data, tiny, tags, recorders, equipment, dataloggers, logger, datalogger, loggers, logging
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sensor | proximity sensor, pressure sensor, temperature controller, counter, timer
future sky equipment is based in dubai u.a.e , providing sensor, temperature controller, counter, timer and measurement item
sensor, counter, thermometer, timer, tecpel, hogller, infrared, samwon, measurement, proximity, laser, pressure, temprature, controller, sensors
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temperature measurement | air pressure regulators | liquid level sensors - chase controls, inc.
we provide level, flow, pressure and temperature instrumentation solutions. we are also a leading distributor for several major manufacturers of valves and instrumentation.
liquid, level, sensors, regulators, pressure, measurement, temperature
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loop controls, temperature sensors, resistive heaters, process control accessories
process control items -- actuators, temperature sensors, controllers, and accessories
eurotherm, askco, controller, loop, damper, actuator, thermocouple
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libelium - connecting sensors to the cloud
internet of things, smart cities and m2m platform provider. wireless sensor networks hardware manufacturer.
sensors, sensor, wireless, zigbee, wifi, open, source, cloud, gprs, nodes, mote, smart, things, cities, internet, networks, device
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libelium - connecting sensors to the cloud
internet of things, smart cities and m2m platform provider. wireless sensor networks hardware manufacturer.
sensors, sensor, wireless, zigbee, wifi, open, source, cloud, gprs, nodes, mote, smart, things, cities, internet, networks, device
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datataker intelligent data loggers
data logger and data acquisition systems. datataker is a leading designer, manufacturer, distributor and reseller of data acquisition systems throughout over 55 countries.
data, logger, acquisition, datataker, solutions, datalog, system, datalogging, powerful, loggers, temperature, acquistion, systems, flexible, portable, measurements
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welcome to micon automation systems pvt. ltd.
yudian india, yudian temperature controller india , yudian indicator, atc converter, yotta plc, yudian, yudian temperature controller suppliers, pid temperature controller traders, digital temperature controller producers, digital temperature controller exporters, digital temperature controller wholesalers, digital temperature controller production centers, digital temperature controller companies for your sourcing needs temperature controllers, process control instruments, indicators, timers, transmitters, pids, portable indicators, temperature sensors, instrumentation cable, flame proof equipments, temperature transmitter, process controller, temperature sensors, pid controller, mumbai, india, digital temperature controller manufacturers mumbai, digital temperature controller suppliers maharashtra, digital temperature controller dealers india, manufacturers of temperature indicators, temperature scanners, temperature controllers, digital event counters, digital timers, digital temperat
temperature, controller, digital, yudian, india, indicators, process, mumbai, manufacturers, sensors, timers, controllers, suppliers, equipments, proof, flame, converter, instrumentation, cable, transmitter
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cooper-atkins temperature monitoring food safety healthcare wireless haccp
cooper-atkins provides haccp compliant, innovative food safety, wireless, and indoor environment solutions, supplying analog, digital, and wireless temperature monitoring.
wireless, temperature, foodservice, monitoring, probe, food, thermometer, industrial, digital, thermocouple, commercial, safety, trak, haccp, temp, panels, time, timers, probes, thermocouples
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thermistors | temperature sensors & rtd probes | u.s. sensor corp.
u.s. sensor manufactures thermistors, rtd probes & assemblies for temperature measurement, control and compensation applications. wide variety of temperature sensors on the market.
thermistor, assemblies, probes, probe, thermistors
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thiên long computer
chuyên tai nghe bluetooth giá rẻ, pin sạc (adapter) laptop chính hãng. pin dự phòng, usb wifi cao cấp.
laptop, khong, bluetooth, wifi, adapter, phat, phong, chuot, iphone, hdmi, nghe, samsung
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sensys - pressure sensors, temperature sensors, indicators, and more…
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exergen global - home-en
infrared, non-contact, temperature sensors
sensors, temperature, infrared
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yoswit - the marriage of notification and wall switch.
yoswit - founder of smarthome solutions through bluetooth technology. we offer the simplest smart home solution.
bluetooth, bulb, converter, switch, pccw, home, living, zigbee, wemo, wifi, lumen, smart, apple, smartphone, android
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wireless temperature sensors and data loggers. cloud based temperature monitoring with real-time notification
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alpha mach - miniature submersible temperature depth data logger
miniature submersible temperature depth data logger
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интернет fi, беспроводные технологии связи wifi и bluetooth, настройка wi-fi
internet fi - портал о беспроводных технологиях связи. услуги оператором связи, каталог оборудования wi-fi.
bluetooth, wifi
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pro park - a midlands based fitter of parking sensors, reverse cameras & xenon hid - tel 07921464861
pro park is a uk based installer in leicester specialising in parking sensors, reverse cameras, xenon hids & bluetooth car kits
cameras, reverse, sensors, parking, kits, fleet, tracking, bluetooth, witness, xenon, camera, fitted, fitters, reversing, hids
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electronic digital pid temperature & thermoelectric controllers & sensors |oven industries
oven industries has specialized in temperature and thermoelectric controllers for over 50 years, offering custom designs and a catalog of standard controllers and sensors.
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edl, inc. the temperature people
high accuracy temperature test and measurement sensors and instruments made in america for laboratory and industrial applications.
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roboremo - customizable bluetooth / internet / wifi remote control app
bluetooth / internet / wifi remote control for arduino, pic, etc. free and fully customizable! you can add buttons, sliders, leds, etc. move, resize them, change color, text, assign commands, etc.
remote, control, roboremo, customizable, android, bluetooth, wifi, internet, arduino
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arco eng., louisville ky, industrial controls, (502) 966-3134
distributor of pressure, temperature & level, gauges & controls, instrument valves & safety relief valves: ametek, anderson greenwood, delta, dwyer, flow safe, fairchild, mid-west, precision digital, united electric, u.s. gauge, wika.
calibration, valve, pressure, instrumentation, gauge, thermometer, seal, diaphragm, switch, control, industrial, temperature, instrument, service, laboratory, system, mercury, fill, level, digital
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bộ phát wifi 3g | pin sạc dự phòng | loa bluetooth giá rẻ
shop trang hiếu chuyên phân phối bộ phát wifi 3g, wifi 4g, lắp đặt wifi trên ô tô
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parking sensors | bluetooth car kits | installation & fitting uk wide
avr offers mobile fitting of parking sensors, car kits, dash cameras, running lights, vehicle tracking & more for various car makes across the uk. contact us.
lights, running, radio, vehicle, fitted, tracking, time, parking, kits, sensors, reverse, cams, dash, bluetooth
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tabateq: industrial wireless | radio telemetry | data transfer
supply of specialist industrial wireless products & solutions for sub-saharan africa.
temperature, heating, infrared, wireless, sensing, elements, telemetry, systems, runner, sensors, measurement, process, control, thermocouples, controllers
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draadloze speakers | bluetooth & wifi geluidssignaal luidsprekers
de beste draadloze speakers van alle merken. aangestuurd door bluetooth & wifi geluidssignalen via een mobiele telefoon, tablet of laptop.
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inertial aerosystems | distributor of high tech sensors & systems | etlg
uk distributor of motion measurement sensors, inertial navigation, pressure sensors and high temperature semi-conductors.
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chino works america inc. specializing in temperature recorders, controllers, infrared thermometers, moisture & thickness meters, thyristor regulators, temperature & humidity sensors, systems & traceability for new technologies of measurement, control and monitoring
sensors, meters, thermometers, chino, control, temperature, systems, traceability, 22301, california, torrance, monitoring, humidity, thickness, recorders, america, works, controllers, infrared, thyristor
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datalogic industrial automation and automatic data capture
datalogic is a world-class producer of bar code readers, data collection mobile computers and vision systems. we offer innovative solutions for many industrial sectors, from manufacturing, retail, healthcare and transportation & logistics.
sensors, photoelectric, readers, safety, scanner, barcode, laser, curtains, photocells, proximity, light, vision, ultrasonic, distance, marking, industrial, handheld, mobile, dimensioner, gige
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ivt corporation empowers bluetooth wireless technology
ivt corporation is the world's leading provider of bluetooth solutions and bluetooth products.
bluetooth, bluesoleil, energy, development, stack, module, dongles, mobile, tools, tool, phone, marketing, corporation, cphone, android, evaluation, software, drivers, board, iphone
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105, temperature control solutions for home and industry : - pid controllers ssrs & contactors auto gauges, egt boost coffee machine kits accessories plug-n-play controller sous vide cooking smoker controllers timer, counter, tachometer thermometer, pyrometer temperature sensors enclosures (boxes) led lights humidity controller pressure controller controller for lab research controller for coil heater enail din rail components services punch & die for control panel ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping
controller, controllers, enail, heater, rail, coil, lights, humidity, pressure, components, research, services, source, shop, online, shopping, open, ecommerce, punch, control
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news of temperature & moisture sensors & their uses | tempsensornews
tempsensornews provides news about temperature & moisture sensors and applications
sensor, news, kelvin, dewpoint, prt100, temperature, moisture, temp, thermocouple
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htm sensors
proximity sensors, capacitive sensors, safety light curtains, photoelectric sensors, laser, pneumatic sensors, htm sensors, sunx, panasonic, baumer, balluff, omron, turck, pepperl-fuchs, allen-bradley.
sensors, curtains, light, inductive, proxmity, capacitive
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thermo electric company, inc. worldwide leader in the manufacturing and design of industrial temperature sensing solutions.
thermo electric is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and design of industrial temperature sensor solutions for rtd, thermocouples. celebrating over 70 years of service in every major industry.
sensors, cable, wires, services, testing, thermocouple, thermocouples, sensor, temperature, thermowell
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welcome to acez instruments - providing one-stop instrumentation and control solutions worldwide
your one-stop instrumentation catalog house. specialising in temperature, pressure and humidity measuring instruments.
gauge, thermometer, temperature, switch, level, control, instruments, meter, consens, controls, davis, sensing, acez, isotech, blue, gizmo, comark, taishio, aoip, dickson
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aifa-develop - 艾法開發
wifi control homekit , wifi remote control , bluetooth remote control , bluetooth control homekit , 藍芽智慧控制系統 , wifi智慧家庭控制系統 , 智慧家電控制系統 , 無線控制系統開發
control, homekit, iphone, wifi
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bluetooth car kits | hands free car kit installations | parrot car kits | gt-installs | gt installs
gt-installs are bluetooth car kit installation experts. we are certified installers and nokia accredited we come to you to fit your parrot bluetooth hands free car kits at your home or work address. we also supply and install parking sensors, dashboard cameras, car sound systems, cruise control, dvd head rests and gps log books. we specialise in parrot bluetooth car kit installations, onsite. we also do in car entertainment installations and car audio fitments. we supply and install car radios and speakers. contact gt-installs for more information
kits, free, hands, parrot, bluetooth, installers, certified, installation, parking, sensors, suppliers, centre, rests, head, gauteng, books, radio
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datataker - dataloggers inteligentes
datalogger e sistemas de aquisição de dados. datataker é fabricante, distribuidor líder e revendedor de sistemas de aquisição de dados ao longo de mais de 55 países.
data, logger, acquisition, datataker, solutions, datalog, system, datalogging, powerful, loggers, temperature, acquistion, systems, flexible, portable, measurements
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sensorist - online wireless sensors
smart wireless temperature humidity sensors you can trust. live data on desktop and mobile. easy to use.
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wifi-iot firmware builder
sensors, sensor, wireless, 315mhz, 433mhz, rcswitch, mcp23017, livolo, ds3231, pcf8574, ds1307, sender, gpio, virtual, majordomo, nrf24, zabbix, vsens, pcf8591, esp8266
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cete automotive gmbh - online shop
active sound bmw audi mercedes benz wifi bluetooth soundbooster app diesel exhaust tuning
soundbooster, module, wifi, sound, bluetooth, active
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pin sạc dự phòng cenda, romoss | phát wifi 3g | loa bluetooth
shop trang hiếu chuyên phân phối pin sạc dự phòng cenda, thiết bị phát wifi 3g, loa. tai nghe bluetooth... với giá rẻ nhất thị trường. giao hàng tận nơi.
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canada gps online shop - gps receiver, gps geotag logger, real time tracker & navigation software; located in markham (great toronto area), on, canada
logger, shop, canada, mount, ontario, online, software, toronto, markham, real, photo, data, geotag, time, tracker, bluetooth, navigation
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serverscheck - the infrastructure monitoring company
complete enterprise iot solution to monitor their infrastructure: sensors, base units & monitoring platform.
monitoring, sensors, saas, environmental, cloud, infrastructure, dcim, network, server, temperature, software
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city technology ltd, global leaders in gas sensor technology
city technology, global leaders in gas sensors produce electrochemical, pellistor (catalytic bead), infrared, pid and mmos sensors for detecting oxygen, toxic gases, flammable gases and vocs used in automotive, medical, emissions monitoring and industrial safety & hygiene applications.
sensors, dioxide, semiconductor, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, sensor, sulphur, medical, flue, photoionisation, oxide, metal, mixed, chlorine, detector, electrochemical, carbon, monoxide, sulphide
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thermometer specialist | thermometers for home & business
order from our huge range of thermometers for industrial, business and home use. we can help you get the right thermometer, call for advice on 0800 862 0310.
thermometer, digital, catering, thermometers, home
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texense sensors - by texys
20 years' experience in development of high technology sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature sensor, brake disc sensor, ...). the company is involved in all the main international motor racing championships: formula1, motogp, wrc, nascar irl, le mans series...
capteur, accelerometre, frein, gyroscope, disque, fluide, pneu, capteurs, texys, haute, technologie, texense
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acurite® official site | weather stations, thermometers, clocks | free shipping
acurite is the leader in time, temperature & weather technology. shop best-selling weather stations, home weather stations, wireless weather stations, thermometers, weather radio, alarm clocks, atomic clocks, digital wall clocks and more.
weather, chaney, station, rain, gauge, instrument, thermometer, digital, instruments, radios, wireless, forecast, temperature, emergency, altimeters, stations, barometers, hygrometers, analog, noaa
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hd car dvr,wireless wifi ip camera,earphones & headphones,speakers
aoni super slim car dvr camcorder full hd car dash camera, hd megapixel wireless wifi ip camera, wireless bluetooth speakers & headset & headphones and stereo earphones oem/odm factory.
camera, bluetooth, wireless, stereo, speaker, earphones, portable, headphones, wired, wifi, video, dash, cameras, headset
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wifi | high grade wireless antennas | bluetooth, p2p, p2mp,
suppliers of high grade, long range antennas for wifi wireless networking at very competitive prices.
power, protectors, over, homeplug, lightning, tools, testers, ethernet, cameras, crimp, extensions, boosters, splitters, bluetooth, wireless, antennas, magmount, base, repeaters, cable
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online shopping india –shop online for power bank,bluetooth speaker,mobile accessories, 3g wifi router and more –
online shop: best buying power bank, bluetooth gadgets, bluetooth speaker, 3g wifi router, tempered glass and branded accessory at cheaper rates in india free delivery and after sale services.
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lcr hallcrest | temperature indicators | thermometer strips
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hardware sensors monitor for windows 7/vista/xp/2008/2003
hardware sensors monitor - the best hardware monitoring tool for windows 7/vista/xp/2008/2003
monitor, temperature, hardware, vista, temp, hmonitor, sensor, asustek, motherboard, asus, windows, voltage, monitoring, voltages, fans
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hardware sensors monitor for windows 7/vista/xp/2008/2003
hardware sensors monitor - the best hardware monitoring tool for windows 7/vista/xp/2008/2003
monitor, temperature, hardware, vista, temp, hmonitor, sensor, asustek, motherboard, asus, windows, voltage, monitoring, voltages, fans
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temperature controller thermomart
temperature controller-thermostat-thermometer-recorder-humidity-kiln-ntc-pet-pyrometers-solid state relay-ssr-sous vide-connectors-thermocouple-k type-j type-beer-brewing-kegerator-gauge-jacuzzi-hot tub-wine-fridge-
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130 - la prima community italiana sul wifi - la prima community italiana sul wifi
wifi, bluetooth, antenna, modding, wireless
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azel technologies inc.
azel technologies is a manufacturer of radiant hydronic heat control, thermostat, temperature gauge, thermometer, taco, honeywell, argo, digital temperature control, solar differential heating control, zone valve control and hvac equipments.
control, temperature, differential, solar, digital, heating, valve, zone, argo, taco, heat, hydronic, thermostat, gauge, radiant, thermometer, honeywell
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in car hands free, bluetooth handsfree car kits, ipod adapter, dash camera, audi, parrot
hands free car kit & ipod adapter car kit accessories. specialists in the field of car audio accessories and bluetooth parrot hands free solutions including audi bluetooth.
bluetooth, parrot, ipod, digital, audi, tracking, vehicle, radio, telephone, reversing, free, hands, handsfree, dash, sensors, parking, camera
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melt pressure and temperature sensors, rheometers and test instruments for plastics extrusion
dynisco provides melt pressure and temperature sensors and transducers and polytest instruments for plastics extrusion including on-line rheometers, and melt indexers
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wireless communication library
wireless communication library - the ultimate solution for software developers who need support for bluetooth, irda, wifi, serial ports and gaming feautes
framework, bluetooth, delphi, cbuilder, irda, wireless, library, communication, wifi
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data loggers | process controllers | temperature probes | digital thermometers | digital manometers
we manufacture, source and integrate a wide range of sensors and equipment to monitor and control virtually any parameter that can be measured in environmental, manufacturing and retail applications. from data loggers to process controllers, digital manometers to temperature sensors and digital thermometers..
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- acrylic bathtubs manufacturers, shower tray factories, china massage bathtubs
full of best bluetooth headset, bluetooth speakers and peripheral device in rambotech. the top bluetooth device supplier from china.|exclusive to rambotech.
bluetooth, headset, best, earphones, headphones, handsfree
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ihr spezialist für thermometer, handmessgeräte und datenlogger ::
wir produzieren hochwertige und sich auf dem neuesten stand befindliche datenlogger, messgeräte, thermometer und kalibrierung für sie.
thermometer, software, infrarotthermometer, elektronische, feuchtelogger, funklogger, datenlogger, drucklogger
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asm, manufacturing and distribution of sensors and measuring instruments, position sensors, cable extension transducers, angle transducers, string pots and hioki instruments
position, power, sensor, transducers, angle, cable, extension, data, memory, recorders, recorder, string, pots, transducer, sensors, velocity, analyser, analysers, capacitance, signal
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radix electrosystems pvt ltd
established in 1980, radix manufactures a wide range of instruments, temperature sensors, pressure and temperature gauges and control panels. it also offers complete plc and scada automation solutions.
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good samaritan telecare | home monitoring & safety support
good samaritan telecare provides home monitoring, safety and security support with a variety of safety monitoring products and services including personal
alert, sensors, telecare, response, temperature, personal, calls, detectors, monitoring, good, care, door, contact, samaritan, phone, buttons, lock, button, help, large
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bluetooth music miccus
bluetooth, audio, wireless, transmitter, music, jack, stereo, buetooth, devices, adapter, house, reviews, sound, laptop, with, adapters, transmitters, home, products
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omnialog data logger high accuracy temperature web server
omnialog data logger and data acquisition industries is an italian leading designer of rugged, universal, high accuracy daq with web server.
universal, data, datalogger, logger, gprs, server, acquisition, rugged, system
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dynamic gauges pvt ltd
pressure gauges and temperature gauges are used to measure pressure and temperature in industrial environment. pressure gauges are used mainly for flowline products measuring the gas or liquid medium pressure within the system. dynamic pressure gauges and dynamic temperature gauges are built with high quality and conform to all quality standards. dynamic gauges pvt ltd is a leading manufacturer of pressure and temperature gauges and its accessories, widely used in hydraulic (flowline) systems
gauges, pressure, temperature, gauge, mumbai, manufacturer, india, accessories, manufacture, thermowell, industrial, flowline, contact, thermometer, hydraulic
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temp-pro inc.: standard and custom engineered thermocouples, rtds, thermowells, protection tubes, and other sensors, products, and accessories in northampton, ma
temp-pro inc. builds standard and custom-engineered temperature sensing equipment, including thermocouples, rtds, thermowells, protection tubes, and other sensors, products, and accessories in northampton, ma.
thermocouples, protection, temperature, custom, thermocouple, thermistor, tube, tubes, enclosure, sensors, kosha, rtds, wire, thermowell, thermowells, sensing, electrical
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wiyo hk | home
外遊前記得租部 wiyo wifi 24小時保持連線!wiyo 香港 及 馬來西亞 分店同時為你服務。
wifi, japan, wiyo, korea, internet, canada, europe, mobile, travel, overseas, malaysia, taiwan, pocket, china, hong, thailand, singapore, kong, indonesia
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immersion heater, temperature control,thermocouple, rtd, data logger
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newport: process, temperature, strain, controllers, panel meters, thermocouple, sensors
manufacturer of process measurement and control products, temperature, pressure, strain, force, data acquisition, flow, level, ph, conductivity, environmental, electric heaters.
meter, equipment, test, data, valve, process, flow, pressure, server, heater, controller, electric, consultant, treatment, supplier, transmitter, measurement, ethernet, terminal, panel
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wireless temperature monitoring | wireless cloud temperature sensor - sensoscientific, inc.sensoscientific
wireless temperature monitoring, wifi remote sensor, data loggers, environmental temperature, cloud temperature monitoring, and wireless humidity monitoring for health care, science labs, data centers, and food industry.
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htc instruments
htc instrument; exporter of all type of testing instrument, thermometer instrument, multimeter, low fare multimeter in india, india top quality testing instrument manufacturers, manufacturer of multimeter, manufacturer of clamp meter, manufacturer of infrared instrument, send products requirement detail of multimeter, infrared thermometer, clamp meter, sound level meter, lux meter, import, export, best instrument in india, etc.
thermometer, instrument, india, infrared, manufacturer, measurement, exporter, from, elecrama, current, voltage, exporters
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адаптеры elm327 - интернет-магазин elm327 club
elm327, bluetooth, obd2, mini, wifi, android
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temperature monitoring | temperature alert
temperature alert has the most reliable temperature monitoring devices available to protect your servers and network equipment from overheating. [email protected] - $129 usb temperature sensor with email alarms.
temperature, monitor, temp, sensor, alert, server, ethernet, room, alarms, alarm
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page not found : diy security alarm system, professional alarms u install
diy security alarm system : page not found - fire/smoke sensors alarm accessories motion detectors window or door sw sirens and strobes temperature sensors specialty sensors diy, home, security, alarm, system
sensors, alarm, home, temperature, security, specialty, page, found, strobes, system, sirens, detectors, motion, accessories, window, door
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wifi egg 漫遊蛋 日本上網、韓國上網流動pocket wi-fi出租服務
漫遊蛋-流動無限上網 pocket wifi 旅行上網wifi egg租用服務 日本、韓國、泰國wifi租借服務 旅行輕鬆上網 無限上網, get the internet access via a wi-fi router anywhere in japan, korea or thailand.
wifi, korea, japan, rental, pocket, data, international, router, rent, olleh, oversea
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temperature and pressure control systems: providing and engineering
order and get temperature sensors, custom thermocouples, wires and other instruments for manufacturing process control systems in our online store
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sn thương mại điện tử uy tn hng đầu việt nam - huy ph store
tự ho l knh thương mại điện tử uy tn hng đầu việt nam, chuyn kinh doanh android tv box, router wifi 3g, pin sạc dự phng, loa bluetooth, ...
wifi, phng, bluetooth, router, android
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bluetooth low energy|data|audio modules
kc wirefree is a bluetooth systems engineering and development company. our only goal is to make your wireless product a success. we offer oem modules and custom firmware development, specializing in csr bluetooth embedded solutions.
bluetooth, modules, module, development, programming, energy, audio, data, csr8670, csr8675, csr8645, csr1010
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vibrationsteknik ab | makes the world less shaky
vibrationsteknik website presents information on vibrometers, stroboscopes, vibration and fft analyzers, balancing equipment, vibration monitoring
vibration, alignment, balancing, laser, monitoring, portable, probes, sensors, stroboscopes, shaft, inspection, vision, self, machine, light, condition, pocket, tachometer, temperature, thermometer
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magnetic speed sensors, hall effect sensors, freq to current signal converter
magnetic speed sensors, hall effect sensors, flowmeter sensors, signal conditioners. spectec engineers, manufactures and sells speed sensors and preamps.
sensors, speed, converters, manufacturer, flow, effect, hall, magnetic, digital
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thermometer & glass thermometer manufacturer - brannan
the uk's leading thermometer and pressure gauge manufacturer with over 100 years experience of manufacturing and supplying thermometers and instrumentation.
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obd gps tracker | obd gps tracking | wifi obd gps tracker | obd gps logger | obd tracking solutions | manufacturer of china | ulbotech
ulbotech based in guangdong china. which is specialized in designing and manufacturing gps tracker, obd gps tracker, gps tracking solution for fleet management.
tracker, tracking, manufacturer, solution, wifi, logger
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data logger for temperature and humidity - measuring systems from elpro-buchs ag
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gts industrial supplies
your number one choice for inductrial instrumentation - pressure, temperature, switch, force, flow, level. based in perth, western australia, we ship worlwide all types of instrumentation technologies. gauges, transmiters, switches, load cells, flowmeters, level indicators, etc...
pressure, steel, brass, stainless, kilopascal, pascal, sensors, neck, heat, transmitter, transmitters, transducers, transducer, murphy, sensor, adapter, hedland, flotech, schaffer, hydraulic
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sensors - the information centre for sensors and data systems
the site for sensors and transducers to measure acceleration, angle, flow, displacement, load, pressure, proximity, shock, speed, temperature, strain gauges, torque, vibration, calibration, weighing
sensor, flow, pressure, vibration, strain, temperature, transducers, data, transducer, gauge, measurement, sensors, gages, speed, test, current, hall, instrumentation, proximity, ultrasonic
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domoticz is a lightweight home automation system
sensors, weather, open, raspberry, source, temperature, automation, home, rfxcom, zwave, domotica
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grill- & bbq thermometer im test 2015
aktuelle grill-thermometer im test. welches ist das beste bbq-thermometer und für welche art von speisen eignen sich welche thermometer. beratung und test >
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data loggers and sensors - pace scientific
multi-channel data loggers and precision sensors for temperature, pressure, humidity, current, voltage and more. multi-year battery life. free software.
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best bluetooth headset & speakers supplier | rambotech
full of best bluetooth headset, bluetooth speakers and peripheral device in rambotech. the top bluetooth device supplier from china.|exclusive to rambotech.
bluetooth, headset, best, earphones, headphones, handsfree
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sensors, thermocouple, plc, operator interface, data acquisition, rtd
your source for process measurement and control. everything from thermocouples to chart recorders and beyond. temperature, flow and level, data acquisition, recorders and more.
heaters, recorders, data, temperature, pressure, conditioners, signal, chart, calibrator, strain, force, flow, acquisition, valves, loggers, thermistors, probes, thermocouple, electric, sensors
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sensors, thermocouple, plc, operator interface, data acquisition, rtd
your source for process measurement and control. everything from thermocouples to chart recorders and beyond. temperature, flow and level, data acquisition, recorders and more.
heaters, recorders, data, temperature, pressure, conditioners, signal, chart, calibrator, strain, force, flow, acquisition, valves, loggers, thermistors, probes, thermocouple, electric, sensors
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eti sensors and controls - maker of moisture temperature sensors and controls
maker of moisture temperature sensors and controls
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bluetooth obd ii adapter
information about new style of obd2 scan tool
bluetooth, adapter, scan, tool, dongle, scanner, android, adapters, obd2, review
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rg medical diagnostics - manufacturers rep for clinical, hospital and retail consumer application, non-mercury glass, digital thermometers and more!
hypothermia, temperature, heat, related, transport, ccatt, illness, email, body, military, core, casualty, probe, induced, hypothermic, hyperthermia, continuous, monitoring, monitor, hyperthermic
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หูฟัง bluetooth plantronics, bluetooth stereo,bluetooth device,contact center bluetooth headset, pc&gaming headset, ศูนย์บริการ plantronics by systems2000 co.,ltd.
plantronics เป็นบริษัทผู้นำทางเทคโนโลยีและเป็นผู้ริเริ่มนวัตกรรมการออกแบบชุดหูฟังเพื่อใช้ในการสื่อสารทุกประเภท ที่มีคุณภาพเป็นที่ยอมรับและนิยมใช้แพร่หลายมากที่สุดในโลก
bluetooth, systems2000, driver, plantronics
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micron meters-providing solutions for a wide range of applications
micron meters provides solutions for a wide range of applications, our product line includes panel meters, din rail transmitters, data loggers, miniature wire and cable, load measuring devices, signal conditioners, load cell readers, wireless temperature, humidity, voltage and current loggers-recorders used in industrial applications.
wire, wireless, temperature, miniature, recorder, logger, vaccine, load, monitor, transmitter, museum, shackle, strain, reader, gauge, tinytag, rail, compost, pso35, micrometer
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qun wei online store-in car bluetooth headset -
qun wei design’s wide range products now include in-car bluetooth headset, mono bluetooth headset, bluetooth speakers, in-car dvr etc..
bluetooth, speaker, mini, bluetoothheadset, headset
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buy consumer electronic, bluetooth keyboard,android tv box,tv stick,usb hub,hdmi dongle,mobile telescope-
dealfon is a wholesaler that specializes in video converter, tv tuner, bluetooth keybaord, bluetooth speaker, wifi adapter, and related china consumer electronic.
adapter, wifi, accessories, smart, charger, watch, scales, digital, network, wireless, router, quick, card, reader, miracast, controller, station, dealfon, gamepad, training
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home | dis sensors
dis sensors offers a wide variety of sensors. we can help you, among others, with inclination/ acceleration sensors but also with customised solutions.
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guru, wika, h guru, thermometer, temperature gauge, pressure gauge, gauge, watermeter, thermocouple, sensor, guru in kolkata, wika in kolkata, h guru in kolkata, thermometer in kolkata, temperature gauge in kolkata, pressure gauge in kolkata, gauge in kolkata, watermeter in kolkata, thermocouple in kolkata, sensor in kolkata - fairdeal corporation
fairdeal corporation, guru, wika, h guru, thermometer, temperature gauge, pressure gauge, gauge, watermeter, thermocouple, sensor, guru in kolkata, wika in kolkata, h guru in kolkata, thermometer in kolkata, temperature gauge in kolkata, pressure gauge in kolkata, gauge in kolkata, watermeter in kolkata, thermocouple in kolkata, sensor in kolkata
kolkata, gauge, guru, pressure, watermeter, sensor, thermocouple, temperature, thermometer, wika, corporation, indfos, fairdeal
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sensors | sensors magazine | sensor technology news and real-world sensor application.
sensors online is the primary source for design and production engineers seeking information about sensor technologies, sensor-related technologies, and their real-world application.
accleration, principles, speed, displacement, flow, leak, level, optical, vibration, presence, position, pressure, proximity, motion, camera, vision, machine, temperature
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using a raspberry pi zero, some cheap components and some custom software, you can build a data logger to track ambient temperature in your home for
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181 - de wifi specialist voor professionele wifi oplossingen.
wifishop levert wifi producten zoals wifi versterkers, access points, wifi hotspots en wifi antennes. professionele wifi producten tegen een scherpe prijs en voorzien van gedegen advies.
wifi, draadloos, internet, hotspot, utrecht, wireless, professioneel, zone, point, wlan, versterker, repeater, access, antenne, zender
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city wifi - wifi de corazón
city wifi es el corazón de tu internet. ofrecemos wifi publicitario para tu negocio. wifi libre para tus clientes con publicidad de tu negocio al momento de conectarse.
wifi, gratis, para, city, claves, internet, hackear, contrata, conseguir, whatsapp, crackear, samsung, blackberry, guest, restaurantes, encuestas, comunidad, hotspot, libre, publicidad
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home | bei sensors - robust sensor encoder products for motion control
bei sensors specializes in rugged encoders and sensors meant to function in extreme environments. bei manufactures standard and custom sensors for demanding environments in industrial applications
sensors, encoders, potentiometers, thousand, california, effect, oaks, optical, motion, position, control, rotary, rugged, magnetic, hall
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motion sensors - speed sensing solutions
motion sensors, inc. has provided custom speed sensors and engineering services since 1970. speed sensors for the aerospace, military, rail and flow metering industries.
sensors, speed, motion
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proteus - wireless wifi motion sensor, door, water sensors with email, text alerts
proteus wifi sensors monitor for motion door and flood and sends email / text alerts to your inbox or smart phone
sensor, motion, detection, flood, intrusion, door, detector, wifi, alerts
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data center environment monitoring system | temperature humidity monitoring | itwatchdogs
temperature & environmental monitoring sensors/equipment for data center, server room, computer room, cold storage, healthcare, telecom, research labs& more. itwatchdogs manufactures highest quality & reliable environmental systems to monitor temperature, humidity, power, flood, smoke, & more.
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cleode: la domotique facile et sans fil
cleode : créateur produits certifiés conformes zigbee pro 2007 (cc2530, cc2531). plate-forme domotique complète (ethernet, wifi, bluetooth, java, c, c++, c#)
logiciel, embarque, capteur, homeautomation, software, embedded, android, macos, windows, linux, automation, home, ieee802, zigbee, wifi, raspberry, domotique, sensor, bluetooth, certification
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chilled mirror dew point hygrometers, solar radiometers, sky imagers, meteorological instruments
environmental instrumentation for solar radiation, temperature, dew point humidity moisture, rain or snow precipitation and winds at the surface or in the upper air region. advanced technology provides accurate measurements in harsh remote locations. supply hygrometer, hygrometers, humidity, dew point, moisture, chilled mirror hygrometer, cmh, water vapor, rain, snow, pyranometer, radiometer, spectroradiometer, sun photometer, meteorological, thermometer, radiation, infrared, visible, solar, uva, uvb, uv-b sensors. formaldehyde and hydrogen peroxide analyzers
optical, depth, photometer, radiometer, spectroradiometer, thermometer, solar, aerosol, turbidity, radiation, pyranometer, vapor, humidity, imager, precipitation, point, moisture, snow, water, rain
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sensor, proximity sensor, photo sensor,temperature controller, counter, timer - autonics-241
autonics is now a total solution provider in sensors and controllers offering more than 5, 000 items to the various fields of industrial automation through its continuous r&d/manufacturing endeavors
controller, autonics, meter, stepping, motors, supplies, power, switching, motion, laser, lights, digital, indicating, system, marking, unit, display, sensor, sensors, proximity
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alpwise, your expert in wireless solution
everybody will find his bluetooth and bluetooth low energy solution: protocol stack, rf modules, reference design, plug-in’s software, development kit, and wide range of service to support your wireless product development
bluetooth, energy, evaluation, development, module, stack, board, zigbee, wireless, technology
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publicidad bluetooth | marketing sms | publicidad whatsapp | equipos publicidad bluetooth | marketing bluetooth
publicidad bluetooth - equipos para publicidad va bluetooth y marketing bluetooth - marketing sms - publicidad whatsapp
publicidad, bluetooth, marketing, mobile, software, internet, advertising, server, proximity, gateway, email, celular, envio, wireless, empresa, communications, taxis, gratis, hardware, politica
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telatemp is a manfacturer and wholesale retailer of the industrys most advanced temperature measurement & recording products.
indicators, recorders, temperature, humidity, thermometers, labels, desiccants, cards, tags, meters, thermocouples, teladrop, data, salt, tamperproof, solutions, loggers, telatip, coldmark, liquid
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sonicu, sound temperature monitoring, indiana
sonicu, sound temperature monitoring, 4-20ma, and modbus monitoring for hospitals, healthcare, food services, pharmaceuticals, and industrial applications.
food, bluetooth, probe, industrial, hospitals, pharmaceutical, pharmacy, care, probing, services, haccp, monitoring, health
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supertoot, bluetooth lösungen für auto und haus
bluetooth innovationen mit supertooth technik. arcotec mobilfunktechnik ihre ansprechspartner für freisprechanlagen, bluetooth lautsprecher und headsets
bluetooth, headsets, freisprechanlagen, supertoot, lautsprecher
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computer room environmental monitoring
computer room environmental monitoring solutions and sensors including temperature, humidity, voltage, security and water leak detection sensors
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best bluetooth wireless earbuds - reviews & recommendations
read expert reviews and comparisons of the best bluetooth wireless earbuds, headphones, and headsets. find the product that is perfect for you!
bluetooth, headphones, wireless, best, earbuds, headset, stereo, running, smallest, headsetbluetooth, earpiece, earphone, blue, buds, tooth, noise, cancelling, waterproof
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panasonic / sunx sensors usa - largest stocking distributor in the us!
panasonic sensors from ramco innovations, america\'s largest stocking distributor - formerly sunx
sensors, sunx, panasonic, inductive, industrial, automation, curtains, pressure, photoelectric, photo, light
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mobile carkit company - cheap car audio, parrot bluetooth, parking sensors, trackers, car alarms, fitted throughout central scotland
mobile carkit company - cheap car audio, parrot bluetooth, parking sensors, trackers, car alarms, fitted throughout central scotland
trackers, security, parrot, professional, bluetooth, cheap
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watlow | industrial electric heaters, temperature controllers and sensors
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watlow | industrial electric heaters, temperature controllers and sensors
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router wifi 3g|router 3g huawei|pin nokia|pin samsung|pin htc|pin iphone|bo phat wifi|wifi xe khach| sản phẩm tốt - giá tốt - dịch vụ tốt|
router wifi, huawei, bộ phát wifi giá rẻ, bộ phát wifi 3g giá rẻ, bộ phát wifi bằng sim 3g giá rẻ, bộ phát wifi từ sim 3g gia re, mua bộ phát wifi giá rẻ, cục phát wifi giá rẻ, bộ phát wifi giá rẻ hà nội, bộ phát wifi rẻ nhất, thiết bị phát wifi từ sim 3g giá rẻ, bán bộ phát wifi giá rẻ, modem wifi giá rẻ, bộ phát wifi giá rẻ nhất, bộ phát wifi tp link giá rẻ, wifi giá rẻ, phát wifi 3g giá rẻ, phát wifi bằng sim 3g giá rẻ, máy phát wifi giá rẻ, phát wifi giá rẻ, modem phát wifi giá rẻ, mua wifi gia re, wifi giá rẻ hà nội, cục wifi giá rẻ, wifi repeater giá rẻ, cuc phat wifi di dong gia re, wifi tp link giá rẻ, bo thu phat wifi gia re, thiet bi wifi gia re, usb wifi giá rẻ, modem wifi giá rẻ hà nội, modem wifi tp link giá rẻ, wifi gia re tphcm, modem wifi giá rẻ tphcm, wifi gia re hcm, bộ wifi giá rẻ, repeater wifi giá rẻ, bộ phát wifi từ sim 3g, bộ phát wifi sim 3g, bộ phát wifi bằng sim 3g, bộ phát wifi dùng sim 3g, bộ phát wifi từ usb 3g, thiết bịphát wifi từ sim 3g, máy phát wifi 3g, phát wifi 3g, usb 3g phát wifi, phát wif
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voice logger india - call recording solution for all
we sell phone line recorder, voice logger, call recorder for landline phones. we also deal in standalone phone recorder, pri logger, fct
recorder, phone, logger, voice, telephone, companies, stock, callcenter, broking, based, standalone, calls, solution, conversation, software, recording, call, record, monitor, your
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easily track your basal body temperature with our free ovulation calculator iphone app and new basal thermometer.
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bluetooth handsfree car kits, car cradles, gps tracking at strike!
strike is a global leader in bluetooth car kits which also offers quality car cradles, reversing sensors and cameras, gps tracking solutions & much more!
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bluetooth and wifi modules and adapters - lm technologies | bluetooth and wi-fi modules
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noncontact displacement sensors: capacitive and eddy-current
high-performance noncontact measurement; experts and resources to help you use them.
sensors, micro, position, metrology, capacitive, displacement, tool, machine, current, noncontact, label, eddy
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tiptemp trusted thermal advisors
tiptemp, your trusted thermal advisors.
temperature, loggers, data, thermal, thermometer, recorders
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tiptemp trusted thermal advisors
tiptemp, your trusted thermal advisors.
temperature, loggers, data, thermal, thermometer, recorders
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voice logger telephone recording system in india easy software
voice, logger, india, telephone, supplier, monitoring, call, barging, device, system, recording, recorder
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bluetooth problem troubleshooter and technical support forum - bluetooth doctor
support for all your bluetooth devices. check our growing database of products and troubleshooters guides to get answers to your bluetooth problems.
troubleshooting, bluetooth, reception, technical, guide, support, signal, interference, quality
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sensors & controls for flow, pressure, level, & temperature | kobold usa
kobold develops instruments for monitoring, measuring and regulating flow, pressure, level and temperature.
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serial port, rs232 and rs485 software. data logging and monitoring software for com, rs232, usb and tcp ports, opc and dde interfaces
download rs232 and rs485 software. logger, monitors and emulators for com, rs232, usb, tcp and opc interfaces
logger, port, serial, rs232, monitor, software, nmea, comm, data
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welcome to microsens sa
microsens sa specializes in miniature semconductor sensors and systems. our main products are isfet ph sensors and sno2 gas sensors as well as integrated sensing solutions based on these sensors.
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thermocouples & sensing solutions - cleveland electric laboratories
cleveland electric laboratories | temperature control products, advanced technologies group, fiber optic sensing solutions
temperature, structural, thermocouples, health, monitoring, aerospace, engineering, sensors, sensing, products, control, test, cells, fiber, optics
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диагностическое оборудование для автомобилей. elm327, k-line, op-com, autel, launch, autocom, vgate
данный сайт является официальным интернет представителем компании elmelectronics производителя интегральных микросхем elm327, с возможностью заказа в режиме онлайн. если вас интересуют диагностические сканеры или адаптеры, наш интернет-магазин к вашим услугам. благодаря нашим диагностическим адаптерам, вы с легкостью сможете при помощи персонального компьютера, планшета, ноутбука, телефона и т.д. проводить диагностику вашего автомобиля.
elm327, bluetooth, obd2, mini, wifi, android
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azosensors - the a to z of sensors and sensing technology
the a to z of sensors, azosensors, is a free-to-access information portal with the latest news, articles, videos, equipment and interviews from the sensors community.
sensor, sensors
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obdkey :: wired and wireless automotive (obd) scan tools
obd, bluetooth, obdkey, obd key, odbkey, wireless, wifi
bluetooth, wlan, codes, eobd, fault, obdkey, scan, diagnostics, wireless, tool, code
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water, temperature & freeze alarms | humidity sensors - control products online
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environetix technologies corporation wireless high temperature harsh environment sensors
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welcome to lcr hallcrest thermometersite - the premier location for temperature indicating color changing thermometers, thermographic supplies and reference material on the web.
thermometers, liquid, crystal, temperature, safety, food, chain, thermochromic, color, research, household, industrial, kits, testing, crystals, sheets, slurries, sprayable, technology, destructive
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bluetooth driver installer - get bluetooth to work with the microsoft bluetooth stack
get bluetooth to work with the microsoft bluetooth stack. this small freeware utility will try to install generic microsoft driver for your bluetooth adapter.
bluetooth, stack, driver, download, software, install, microsoft, freeware
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sjcam, sj4000 wifi, sj5000 wifi, sj5000x elite, xiaomi, yi camera, dash camera, soocoo, kingone, bluetooth speaker, gadget, action camera, gopro, mi, yi camera, sjcam m20, x1000, sj5000+, qlippie, sony, xbox, playstation, awei, nia, romoss, powerbank, smatree, yunteng, aquapod, trascnend, m10 wifi, m10+
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therm-x of california - your temperature measurement and control specialists | therm-x of california inc.
therm-x of california inc. is a temperature measurement and control specialists
capabilities, integrated, sensors, thermal, temperature
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адаптер elm327 купить за 800 рублей сканер elm327 usb elm327 bluetooth elm327 wifi elm 327
elm327 купить elm327 цена
elm327, bluetooth, wifi
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electric heaters,level sensors,pressure instruments,flow valves & pumps
ogden electric heaters, burkert valve, vaisala sensors, apt instruments, babbitt level, compac erecta level and flow switches, fdc controls, rti filters, thermaledge temperature
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pfrtner - industrial measurement of temperature and pressure
mess- und regeltechnik für temperatur, druck und feuchte
anzeiger, temperatur, digital, digitale, schutzrohre, digitaler, einbauinstrumente, transmitter, messwandler, digitalanzeiger, sondermaterialien, kreisblattschreiber, punktschreiber, bandschreiber, datalogger, datenlogger, datensammler, logger, linienschreiber, kreisblatt
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sea-bird electronics | advancing the science of ocean measurement
sea-bird electronics provides oceanographic sensors and instruments ctd, conductivity, temperature, depth, pressure, ph, dissolved oxygen for marine research.
water, properties, fluorometer, transmissometer, spectrophotometer, scattering, optical, inherent, coastal, marine, sensors, oceanography, quality, ocean
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sentronics automation + marketing pte ltd
sentronics automation & marketing, singapore, asia, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, sensors, singapore, sensors: photoelectric, aeco level controls, artek photoelectric sensors, delta colour sorting machines, euchner safety limit switches, fotostar sensors, haehne load cells, force sensors, hubner load cells, force sensors, lehner tachnogenerators & speed control systems, mayser safety strip, mats & bumper, mecman pnuematic & hydraulics, migation ultrasonic sensors, pics sensors, schonbuch electronic inductive capacitance & opto-sensors, sie minature capacitive sensors, tekel encoder, yippkemper eex photosensor & infra-red temperature sensors, wenglor photoelectric, inductive, laser & colour & safety light curtain, werma optical/audible signal devices, controls: capacitance, electrical supplies-wholesalers sensors, sensors: photoelectric, sensors: proximity, sensors: ultrasonic, switches: capacitance, switches: inductive, switches: limit, colour sorting machines, controls: condu
sensors, photoelectric, safety, colour, capacitance, inductive, sorting, limit, load, cells, force, machines, controls, ultrasonic, asia, aeco, artek, level, photosensor, yippkemper
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технологии стандарта wi-fi 802.11. архитектуры wifi-сетей. проектирование, развертывание, эксплуатация сетей wifi. бизнес кейсы, примеры решений, результаты тестов. статьи и новости wifi.
wifi, byod, direct, aruba, meru, ruckus
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environmental test monitor control alarm system
environmental monitoring, control & alarm, data logger, recording, temperature, humidity, gas, environment for cold-chain, freezer, refrigerator, products, incubator, clean room, utilities, data room, process monitoring, iaq, led, energy safe, microscope, ccd camera, air purifier, indoor air cleaner, uv, sterilizer.
green, purifier, wireless, 4ghz, zigbee, microscope, pm10, cems, particle, building, rttv, ottv, calibration, 2005, star, index, leed, breeam, mark, aqms
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231 | der wlan und netzwerk blog
tipps und trick rund um das thema wlan und netzwerke. wie baue ich mein eigenes wireless netzwerk auf? welche komponenten benötige ich für ein gutes wlan netz?
wlan, wifi, router, hotspot, wireless, optimizer, what, controller, ethernet, wimax, bluetooth, free, modem, point, access, networking
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bluetooth adapter test | ist ein ratgeber rund um das thema bluetooth und zeigt möglichkeiten auf, bluetooth adapter sinnvoll im alltag einzusetzen.
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rbe electronics
we design and manufacture electronic products for the industrial, commercial, and transportation markets. we specialize in custom design electronics. we offer turnkey contract manufacturing, electronic design and engineering services, cad/cam layout, full technical printed circuit boards, cable assembly, and smt.
controls, sensors, parts, refrigeration, contract, electronics, manufacturing, minnesota, monitors, temperature, speed, voltage, remanufacturing, replacement, cable, manufacturers, assembly, transport, turnkey, services
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bluefree messenger, bluetooth enabled instant messenger with business card transfer
bluefree messenger uses bluetooth along with your mobile data or wifi to share business cards with other bluefree users silently and automatically without the need to pair devices or accept files of any kind.
messenger, bluetooth, free, android, iphone, bluefree, blue, mobile, blackberry, transfer, instant, business, card
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dew point calculator
dew point calculator is a web resource created by the image permanence institute to help express and visualize the relationship between temperature, relative humidity and dew point.
preservation, environmental, point, monitor, humidity, analysis, temperature, calculate, conservation, preventative, archive, calculator, software, metrics, monitoring, management, library, institute, environment, pem2
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bijli bachao : pir motion sensor | home - office - industrial lighting automation | occupancy sensor | human movement detector
motion sensors products, occupancy sensors, pir sensors, pir motion sensors, presence sensors, passive infrared sensors, high frequency sensors, wireless sensors, automatic lights, microwave sensors, solar sensors, energy saving products, wall mounted, and other lighting automation and green building products, save energy, light switch, motion sensor in delhi, motion sensor in punjab, occupancy light, hid dimming solutions, outdoor halogen motion sensor, 150w, 500w halogen, ceiling mounted.
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data loggers: temperature, humidity, co2, usb, wireless and cellular
data loggers, sensors and recorders for environmental monitoring of temperature, humidity, co2, via usb, wireless and cellular connections.
humidity, wireless, connections, cellular, temperature, sensors, loggers, recorders, monitoring, environmental, data
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document sans nom
parrot bluetooth hands free car kit: parrot bluetooth handsfree car kits. system bluetooth.
parrot, bluetooth, mki9200, mki9100, kits, 3000, mk6100, seydoux, driveblue, mk600, ck3100, zikmu, voice, henri, accessories, ck3200, mate, sound, mki9000, manos
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rectal temp
rectal temperature checking videos, suppository & injection fetish videos, nice ass.
clitoris, labia, nurse, douche, vaginal, nipples, hospital, clinic, breasts, piss, diaper, pictures, videos, prone, overtheknee, physical, fantasies, gyno, spanking, injection
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5at 嘉盟科創有限公司 technology & innovation
5at嘉盟科創有限公司,消費性電子產品設計生產、無線/有線產品設計(rf/gps/gsm/wifi/bluetooth/ir)、塑膠模具開發加工模型3d列印加工、單晶片程式設計、電路板設計、ios app程式設計、android app程式設計、企業/個人車輛gps管理套件、客制化設計生產、聯絡電話(代表號)+886-975-121997
wireless, bluetooth, digital, android, gprs
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dangcapdigital | android tv box | loa bluetooth| camera the thao | but trinh chieu| ong nhom | camera hanh trinh | tai nghe bluetooth
đẳng cấp digital chuyên phân phối android tv box | loa bluetooth| camera the thao | but trinh chieu| ong nhom | camera hanh trinh | tai nghe bluetooth giá tốt nhất
trinh, camera, nghe, bluetooth, hanh, wifi, phat, phong, nhom, android, dangcapdigital, thao
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network thermostat | smart thermostats, wifi thermostats, ethernet thermostats.
network thermostats with wi-fi, ethernet, xbus, strongmesh wireless, bacnet and n2 communications, and tcp/ip network controllers. energy management systems for the commercial, retail, restaurant, light industrial, multi-dwelling, worship facility and school markets.
thermostat, automation, hvac, building, management, thermostats, system, home, sensors, energy, niagra, internet, programmable, zigbee, wireless, echelon, controls, networkthermostat, industrial, commercial
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243 - thiết bị wifi dân dụng, wifi chuyên dụng, wifi diện rộng, thiết bị phát sóng wifi 3g
trung tâm thiết bị wifi cung cấp các dòng sản phẩm wifi chuyên dụng, wifi diện rộng, wifi dân dụng, thiết bị wifi 3g. hãy liên hệ với chúng tôi để được tư vấn và phục vụ.
wifi, modem, router, dung, thiet, outdoor, indoor, dcom, chuyen
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cables and sensors - spo2 sensors, ecg cables, ekg & nibp accessories
cables and sensors is the global leader in oxygen sensors for bedside monitors and ecg and ekg cables. all our spo2 sensors and ecg & ekg cables ship out of our
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wifi services & solutions | wifi education & accessories | dw wifi
wifi solutions from dw wifi. experienced engineers that develop & deploy wifi solutions to large venues to help leverage their full networking potential
wifi, backhaul, links, wireless, accessories, education, services
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spy bluetooth earpiece earphone shop india buy online gsm devices
959-060-7243, buy online spy bluetooth earpiece gsm id card box banyan jammer free tabiz pen ganji digital nano micro earphone bangalore india
bluetooth, earphone, earpiece, headset, headphone
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starboard medical - temperature management products
starboard medical we are a medical device company specializing in temperature management products, catheter securement products, thermistor sensors and more
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welcome to kmint21 software! our products: home keylogger, family key logger, advanced tcp logger, port mapper, windows hider pro.
products: key logger, keylogger, tcp logger, windows hider, port mapper.
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ametek calibration
welcome to ametek test & calibration instruments. our wide range of pressure, temperature and signal calibration instruments are ideal for all types of industries and applications.
pressure, calibrators, software, signal, temperature, calibration, pumps, hand, instruments, loop, pneumatic, hydraulic, fittings, configuration, logging, test, scanners, comparators, sensors, recorders