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americans for prosperity foundation
americans for prosperity foundation teaches the principles of freedom and how they apply to our daily lives, providing americans with the tools to thrive.
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americans for prosperity
fighting for lower taxes, less government, and an end to obamacare, americans for prosperity is americas largest center-right grassroots organization.
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defending the american dream summit | americans for prosperity
americans for prosperity
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more prosperity for you - the leading and best source of prospering spiritual food to enrich your life!
take advantage of the abundance of enlightening ideas on this website designed to prosper you in all areas of your life. prosperity world headquarters is part of the unity movement which has taught the law of attraction for over 100 years. everything on this website helps you apply the law of attraction so that you upgrade your personal prosperity. read and learn from our hundreds of prosperity articles and affirmations.
daily, prosperity, abundance, prosperous, intention, headquarters, power, world, affirmations, prayers, attraction
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the peter powerhouse foundation - home
the peter powerhouse foundation - improving the lives of children during cancer treatment, helping survivors to thrive.
zucca, peter, foundation, charity, dawn, powerhouse
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legatum institute
the legatum institute is a charitable public policy think-tank whose mission is to help people lead more prosperous lives. the institute defines prosperity as wellbeing, not just wealth.
legatum, institute, charity, foundation, policies, prosperity
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liberty & prosperity – do more than vote
our mission is to learn and teach why ‘liberty and prosperity’, new jersey’s motto since 1776, is still true and relevant today — and how americans can again be free and effective citizens.
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jamul community church | thrive student ministry
thrive student ministry is for all 6th -12th grade students. thrive is all about challenging students to live christ-centered lives. thrive middle school
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barnes foundation: we share one community
the barnes foundation serves as an advocate for causes that improve the lives of those around us as well as the world in which we live. we are dedicated to the health and vitality of all communities and are continuously pursuing new ways in which to make a difference. we hope to touch as many lives as possible and help build a strong foundation for the future.
foundation, barnes, life, involvement, donations, giving, community, charity
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gabrielino/tongva springs foundation
the gabrielino tongva springs foundation - the tongva native americans are the original inhabitants of the los angeles basin. the springs foundation works to protect sacred sites of the gabrielino tongva native americans. los angeles, native americans,
tongva, gabrielino, angeles, chumash, columbus, juaneno, gabriel, cowboys, native, americans, indians, rodeo
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the hawn foundation
the hawn foundation transforms children's lives by providing vital social and emotional learning programs to reduce stress and aggressive behavior, improve focus and academic performance and increase resiliency for success in school and in life.
children, thrive, where, world, creating
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og cares | improving the lives of todays youth.
og cares is charitable foundation. our purpose is to provide the resources and tools children need in order to create positive change in their lives.
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caminos foundation
caminos foundation is a conduit to latino youth and families so they can gain tools and knowledge to live more productive lives and fulfill their potential.
education, development, family, financial, health, foundation, constanza, carrera, ariel, latinos, budgeting, business, careers, caminos, hispanics
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asian americans for equality
asian americans for equality (aafe) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of asian americans and all of those who are in need. founded
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foundation point church | welcome!
this website is utilized for the ministry of foundation point church and pastor otis robinson, jr. foundation point church is a place where god is worshipped, people are saved, healed and delivered and lives are changed.
lives, building, point, foundation, christ, robinson, church, otis
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the mastercard foundation fund for rural prosperity
the mastercard foundation fund for rural prosperity is a $50 million challenge fund to extend financial services to people living in poverty. test
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tools to prosperity - network marketing training
tools to prosperity is your guide to network marketing training. learn mlm recruiting strategies, how to use online tools, so you can generate more leads, more signups, and achieve success in your network marketing business.
marketing, network, leads, strategies, online, recruiting, training, prosperity, tools
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the national trust for scotland foundation usa
the national trust for scotland foundation usa encourages americans to participate in the care of the cultural and natural treasures protected by the national trust for scotland. by providing grants that assist in funding urgent conservation activities, the national trust for scotland foundation ensures that the heritage shared by scots and americans is safeguarded for current and future generations.
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money can bring freedom from stress. daily functioning with an inner peace, we touch other lives with kindness and prosperity.
money, make, home, wealth, freedom, passive, health, save, business, from, fast, financial, income, happiness, prosperity, success, gifting, gift, abundance, kindness
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open the books on obamacare!
open the books on obamacare! demand oversight of connect for health colorado.
colorado, americans, prosperity, care, affordable, obamacare, connect, health
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thrive, coursey, skill, maturity, thriving, guides, training, manna, teachings, practical, ministry, application, spring, conference, books, retreats, synchronizing, fully, synchronization, model
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prosperity preschool
since the early 90's prosperity preschool has been serving the surrounding community in providing quality hands on, biblical, pre-primary education and training to children. the preschool years are very important to the development of a child's heart, mind, soul, and strength. to this end we strive at prosperity preschool to encourage, motivate, and develop discipline and love of learning. we offer the foundation your child needs for the building blocks of, not just their's, but all of our futures.
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lebanese children foundation help our children
lebanese children foundation (lcf) is a non profit organization founded in 1986 by fares francis, our mission is strives to rebuild lives of lebanon's orphans, to aid those who are less fortunate. we are dedicated to creating tools and services to help them get back on their feet and start more productive and joyful lives. thank you for your help.
lebanese, children, help, lebanon, hungry, orphans, poor
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thrive connection - connecting lives, sharing our stories, a safe place to thrive
connecting lives, sharing our stories, a safe place to thrive
connection, thrive
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sip&t - foundation drilling tools - kelly bars - foundation drilling italy - drilling tools italy - drilling accessories
sip&t foundation drilling tools
italy, drill, drilling, telescopiche, trivella, aste, italia, trivelle, tool, foundation, tools, sipdrill
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try thrive now | thrive dft - 100% natural - lvcanada -independent promoter
thrive dft - 100% natural - lvcanada -independent promoter
thrive, experience, life, thriving, label, black, year, health, promoting, teaser, lvlife, promoters, brand, thriver, level, beginning
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| lets touch lives international : the power of networking
"the people whose lives you touch may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel." — david b. haight. lets touch lives international is a human empowerment-based- foundation, a global entrepreneur’s opportunity born out of passion for assisting the less privileged to live a standard life of their choice.
help, touch, lives, poor, financial, freedom, foundation, international, lets, networking, make, money, donate
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saving the american dream: fix debt, cut spending & restore prosperity
saving the american dream is the heritage foundation plan to fix the debt, cut spending, and restore prosperity. read the plan and save the american dream for future generations.
spending, security, social, medicare, government, medicaid, debt, entitlements, prosperity, care, saving, foundation, american, dream, health, reform, heritage
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sems family touch foundation | touch of lives, transforming destiniessems family touch foundation | touch of lives, transforming destinies
orphanag, foundation, charity, site
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daystalk | a daily analysis of days of our lives is a blog the discusses the daily events on the popular daytime drama days of our lives.
days, alison, sweeney, james, scott, dool, opera, lives, soap
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the prem rawat foundation - dignity, peace, and prosperity
the mission of tprf is a simple one: to address the fundamental human needs of food, water and peace so that people can live with dignity, peace and prosperity.
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national federation of croatian americans cultural foundation - main
croatian, foundation, croat, nfca, cultural, federation, american, national, nfcacf, americans
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oak foundation |
oak foundation commits its resources to address issues of global, social and environmental concern, particularly those that have a major impact on the lives of the disadvantaged.
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central valley community foundation
fresno regional foundation is a nonprofit community foundation serving californias central san joaquin valley. we work to improve lives in our community by encouraging philanthropy.
foundation, community, central, valley, charity, mariposa, merced, tulare, madera, fresno, kings
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carry on gardening, thrive's top tips and tools for easier gardening and gardening with a disability
thrive's website gives easier gardening tips and equipment and tools to help you garden: after stroke and with heart disease; using one hand or with a weak grip; sitting down or from a wheelchair; if you can't bend easily; for emotional wellbeing.
gardening, disabled, grip, weak, hand, bending, tools, raised, beds, garden, sensory, loss, easier, sighted, therapy, stroke, horticultural, people, heart, disease
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are you wondering if theres a better path to prosperity? - partners for prosperity llcpartners for prosperity llc | alternative investments and cash value insurance
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the luling foundation - the luling foundation
the luling foundation was established in 1927 by edgar b. davis, to teach diversity in agriculture and improve the lives of farm and ranch families in caldwell, gonzales, and guadalupe counties. these three counties are the foundation's service area by charter; however, over the last seventy five years, the foundation's services have expanded throughout the state and even brought visitors from other countries.
luling, foundation
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prosperity economics - building an economy for all - prosperity for all
prosperity for all is a vision and a plan to build an economy that works for everyone. download the report to learn more about prosperity economics.
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10th street gallery
10th street gallery celebrates art and its impact on creativity, design, and overall learning. art is part of our daily lives.
lectures, panel, cultures, discusses, artisits, americans, classes, african
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myles singleton foundation | todays help builds hope for a brighter tomorrow!
welcome! founded in 2010, myles singleton foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping low-income families by supporting social and educational projects that give them the tools and encouragement to survive and thrive. we believe today’s help builds hope for a brighter tomorrow. msfs initial mission was to raise funds to bring a memorable christmas
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welcome - authentic caribbean foundation
authentic caribbean foundation is a not-for-profit organization, based in boston, geared towards transforming the lives of the caribbean children impacted by disabilities, hiv/aids and their caregivers through health and educational support.
foundation, boston, caribbean, diaspora, program, kids, disability
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thrive event: make money matter | las vegas
thrive is a must-attend event, held in las vegas, for people who want to change their lives and make a real impact on the world. reserve your spot today!
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changing health systems to improve lives | connecticut health foundation
the connecticut health foundation is the state’s largest private health foundation dedicated to improving lives by changing systems via grant-making, technical
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alpha thrive- organic products for a healthy life, lawn and planet.
alpha thrive is an all-natural lawn and garden application that promotes better health in flowers, vegetables, grass, trees- even ponds.
alpha, thrive, green, growing, fertilizer, remover, bacteria, fungi, conditioner, mycorrhizal, solutions, beneficial, mycorrhizae, trees, organics, plants, tips, soil, gardening, toxic
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unlimited solutions | our mission: to empower individual with the tools and knowledge to enjoy a life full of vibrant energy, good health, and prosperity.
we believe in creating solutions … unlimited solutions! solutions that can transform the lives of everyone we touch. solutions to live in health and vibrancy,
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afp day of action
sign up to join americans for prosperity's national day of action and start making a difference!
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daily affirmations & inspirational stories, meditations, & videos by hay house authors -
live the life of your dreams using our daily affirmations by louise hay, doreen virtue, wayne dyer and more. change your life using positive affirmations now.
healing, affirmations, daily, meditations, past, lives, spirit, life, purpose, guides, abraham, energy, chakras, crystal, meditation, guided, positive, feng, shui, attraction
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ebcf home | east bay community foundation
the east bay community foundation is a leading resource for mobilizing financial resources and community leadership to transform the lives of people in the east bay with pressing needs.
east, foundation, community, taylor, nicole, oakland, ebcf, eastbay, philanthropists, open, circle, biggest, rogers, family
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cardiology advocacy alliance - cardiology advocacy alliance
this is the accrisoft freedom responsive framework that thrive launches all licenses on. it saves a developer, on average, 3 hours of time.
thrive, foundation, accrisoft, freedom, responsive, internet, marketing, html, framework
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50 - where preperation meets prosperity
learn how to prepare, survive and thrive in a dynamic world. our tips & methods will help you become self-reliant, positive contributors to society.
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meet thrive networks - thrive networks
we are building an innovation network for social change. join us.
thrive, west, meets, east, networks
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meet thrive networks - thrive networks
we are building an innovation network for social change. join us.
thrive, west, meets, east, networks
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drumbeat indian arts -
drumbeat indian arts, inc. offers the largest selection of authentic native american recordings in north america and is a major supplier of american indian religious herbs, craft supplies and books.
native, american, americans, indians, history, indian, music, culture, jewelry, arts, tribes, cultures, woman, apache, flute, southwest, nativ, kids, women, sioux
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bmw tools zdmak all bmw tools store
zdmak bmw tools, tools for bmw cars this is the place to buy your bmw specialty tools
tools, import, automotive, hazet, special, porsche, volkswagen, mercedes, volvo, audi
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55 | le-vel thrive,thrive weight loss,thrive diet,thrive level
thrive, experience, level, loss, weight, diet
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martin county area foundation
foundation, area, martin, fairmont, county, directors, contributions, contact, distribute, investing, lives, chamber, funds, enhance, beneficiaries, projects, community, grants, grant, acquire
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wear thrive
thrive is a bracelet that tracks daily and weekly tasks to help you reach your health and wellness goals.
tracker, jewelry, wearable, wellness, healthy, handmade, goals, track, thrive, confidence, beauty, responsible, commitment, bracelet, swarvoski, sterling, women, fitness, strong
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young america's foundation - the conservative movement starts here.
young americas foundation is the principal outreach organization of the conservative movement. young americans for freedom (yaf), the reagan ranch, and the national journalism center, are projects of young america’s foundation.
conservative, reagan, young, freedom, poll, president, seminars, conferences, speakers, reaganranch, programs, wall, ronald, ranch, foundation, americas, conservatives, movement, americans, students
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utopia foundation
utopia foundation's mission is to help create a world where communities thrive and every child goes to bed feeling nourished, loved, happy and hopeful about tomorrow.
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rebuild foundation
rebuild foundation helps neighborhoods thrive through culture-driven redevelopment by activating abandoned spaces with arts and cultural programming.
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the simmons foundation
to help create a harmonious, dynamic and informed community, where all people have the opportunity to improve their lives.
foundation, houston, grant, family, nonprofit, report, grantmaking, philanthropy, simmons
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thrive! graphic design for artists and artisans
thrive! graphic design offers professional graphic design giving artists the tools they need to attract and keep galleries and reps.
artists, entrepreneurs, tools, marketing, galleries, thriving, online, artisans, starving
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63 | create the life you crave
boost your happiness and create a life you love.
thrive, positive, psychology, hilmer, dana
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the i am foundation - building life skills for children & adults
welcome to the i am foundation's website. founded in 1998, the i am foundation has impacted over 1.1 million lives in over 50 countries with our book gifting programs.
education, life, skills, reading, international, gifting, foundation, books
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bill self's assists foundation - assisting in the lives of youth
the mission of assists is to help provide young people access to better lives. we accomplish this by identifying areas of need and working with other community-based institutions to provide creative and lasting solutions.
youth, coach, self, foundation, education, community, basketball, kansas, bill, assists, jayhawks
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wallenford foundation - reaping prosperity
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prosperity day school
prosperity day school
gardens, childcare, children, beach, palm, farms, road, prosperity
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chad spicer foundation
the chad spicer memorial foundation, inc., is dedicated to extending support and relief to members of the community who are in need. further, the foundation will promote hope, strength, and courage while fulfilling chad’s goals of helping the community he gave his life for, thus ensuring his legacy lives on forever.
foundation, memorial, chad, spicer, delaware
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stars foundation
stars foundation invests in organisations and ideas that transform the lives of disadvantaged children and their communities globally.
stars, foundation, philanthropy, funding, grant, local, national, effective, london, impact, awards, global, rising
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nea baptist charitable foundation - home page
nea charitable foundation helps change lives through its programs, services, generous gifts of our community, touching every corner of northeast arkansas.
foundation, arkansas, charitable, baptist, jonesboro, support, programs, northeast, community, services, change, lives
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nea baptist charitable foundation - home page
nea charitable foundation helps change lives through its programs, services, generous gifts of our community, touching every corner of northeast arkansas.
foundation, arkansas, charitable, baptist, jonesboro, support, programs, northeast, community, services, change, lives
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aarp foundation - working to win back opportunity for struggling americans age 50 and older
aarp foundation helps struggling seniors with four issues: housing, hunger, income and isolation. aarp foundation is an affiliated charity of aarp.
elderly, assistance, foundation, poor, aarp, hunger, drive, senior, seniors, andrus, help
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the polish arts and culture foundation the foundation centers itself on introducing americans to the wealth of polish historical and cultural achievements through exhibits, concerts, lectures, publications, and polish heritage seminars.
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rio grande foundation | ... "liberty, opportunity, prosperity"
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m&m community foundation - marinette and menominee community foundation
the m&m area community foundation enhances the lives for all citizens residing in marinette and menominee counties by awarding grant money generated by permanent funds entrusted to the foundation by individuals and organizations who want to make a difference today and forever.
grants, funds, marionette, community, foundation, menominee
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tool snob - the online source for tool news and reviews
the online source for tool news and reviews
tools, tool, kits, woodworking, power, sets, automotive, screwdriver, pneumatic, draper, stanley, pliers, dewalt, wrench, freight, harbor, gardening, drill, makita, sockets
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epf armenia home
epf armenia has accumulated 20 years of experience in program implementation, grant making, and cooperation with the armenian civil society. epf became an independent local non-governmental organization in 2007. with locally registered offices in armenia, azerbaijan and georgia, epf is the legacy institution of eurasia foundation (ef). while programmatically, institutionally and financially distinct, epf in armenia is a member of the eurasia partnership foundation and eurasia foundation networks and is strategically cooperating with the other eurasia offices, as well as partnership foundations in georgia and azerbaijan, and implements regional and cross-border programming as a central part of its mandate. epf’s mission is to empower people to effect change for social justice and economic prosperity through hands-on programs, helping them to improve their communities and their own lives.
program, implementation, development, rights, cross, border, human
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daily .net,, and web technology finds | techtoolblog
looking over the web to bring you the best .net,, and web technology tools and news.
tools, links, technology, development, daily
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the glo foundation | honduras childrens charity
the glo foundation is dedicated to brightening the lives of impoverished children living in remote villages in honduras by hand delivering toys, schools supplies and care packages that will improve their quality of life and provide comfort in a time of need. our honduras charity is a registered non-profit devoted to improving the lives of those most affected by the difficulties facing our world.
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epilepsy foundation
the epilepsy foundation is your unwavering ally on your journey with epilepsy and seizures. the foundation is a community-based, family-led organization dedicated to improving the lives of all people impacted by seizures. we are here for you.
epilepsy, answers, questions, discussions, forums, seizures, foundation
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epilepsy foundation
the epilepsy foundation is your unwavering ally on your journey with epilepsy and seizures. the foundation is a community-based, family-led organization dedicated to improving the lives of all people impacted by seizures. we are here for you.
epilepsy, answers, questions, discussions, forums, seizures, foundation
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indian center inc., lincoln, nebraska | servicing the native american community
to provide value to the native american community by creating and obtaining programs that empower self-sufficiency and positive quality of life standards in individuals and families.
native, americans, program, american, nebraska, services, food, youth, indian, distribution, housing, pantry, emergency, foodnet, care, citizens, online, stop, senior, homeownership
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foundation for winona area public schools
grant-making foundation for enriching lives of students throughout winona, minnesota. make a donation, view calendar of events, or submit a request.
winona, foundation, grants, education, school, area, waps, public
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seeds of prosperity
sowing the seeds of prosperity means planting the needed
abundance, faith, fortune, plan, prosperity, seeds
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brian moorman's punt foundation | make a difference in the lives of children fighting pediatric cancer in western new york
punt foundation makes a difference in the lives of children in western new york who face life threatening illnesses.
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thrive, charity using gardening and horticulture to change the lives of disabled people
thrive is the national charity whose aim is to enable positive change in the lives of disabled and disadvantaged people through the use of gardening and horticulture.
gardening, horticulture, horticultural, activities, training, gardens, sensory, position, community, vegetable, water, flower, practical, sitting, social, beds, gardener, garden, therapewutic, therapy
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dedicated to building better lives for the millions of americans affected by mental illness.
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home - thrive wellness
thrive wellness exists to help you discover the healthy body that you want. whether you desire to tone up, slim down, improve your overall health, or all of the above, thrive wellness is for you. at thrive, it's all about service! you'll always have access to, and the support of, certified personal trainers–all included in your membership. thri
weight, fitness, facials, massage, cardio, loss, cellulite, synergie, training, strength, personal, nebraska, weights, management, grants, pass, classes, thrive, exercise
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ca foundation
the ca foundation is responsible for the development of ca education programs, which has affected the lives of more than 20, 000 young people and more than 2, 000 host families over the past 25 years.
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xwebtools - free online web tools for webmasters, web developers, web development, and daily uses.
xwebtools provides free online web tools for web professionals - ip finder, url encoder-decoder, color converter, location tracker, and many more useful online tools.
tools, online, free, xwebtools, tool, development
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r whittington foundation
the r. whittington foundation is dedicated to empowering today's youth to lead constructive and properous lives. this is accomplished by minimizing and in most
nelly, motors, louis, plaza, rickey, saint, roland, lindenwood, gifts, black, better, white, christmas, foundation, family, ball
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meet native americans | native american dating
get up close and personal with native americans by checking out all singles we have registered online! meet native americans and start flirting instantly!, meet native americans
native, american, americans, meet, singles, personal, hookup, date, dating, find, online, personals
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tina schermer sellers • crafting lives & relationships that thrive in todays world
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w e    a r e    a r t we are art.  this fact we believe first and foremost.  art is what each of us live and breathe.  it makes up our daily lives.  each one of us are creators.  we have chosen to be active in this process and not passive.  we create our lives
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martin county youth foundation
foundation, youth, grants, martin, county, directors, contact, distribute, contributions, investing, lives, chamber, funds, enhance, beneficiaries, fairmont, kids, grant, acquire, board
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science of wholeness - connect to spirit using today's scientific knowledge
wholeness is the highest good, the foundation for spiritual freedom and the way to a perfect life. science of wholeness contains your natural keys to everlasting joy, freedom, prosperity and love. find answers to life's most difficult problems.
fulfillment, prosperity, health, transmutation, afterlife, attraction, spiritual, wisdom, wholeness
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welcome to the neuro foundation | the neuro foundation
the neuro foundation’s vision is to improve and support the lives of those affected by neurofibromatosis.
charity, neurofibromatosis, foundation, neuro
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live healthy & thrive youth foundation
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foundation restoration - helping relationships thrive!
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find your own native american love online
have fun while meeting hot native american singles from your vicinity. this is your chance to find someone who will show you what love is all about
native, americans, finder, find, online, singles, meet, date
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find your own native american love online
have fun while meeting hot native american singles from your vicinity. this is your chance to find someone who will show you what love is all about.
native, americans, finder, find, online, singles, meet, date
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gloryhole foundation :: welcome
welcome to the glory hole foundation, a non-profit changing lives in your community.
projects, community, profit, foundation
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anthony aires – when you see prosperity you receive prosperity!
when you see prosperity you receive prosperity!
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the official web site - sharks foundation
the sharks foundation is dedicated to enhancing the lives of youth and families in our community with an emphasis in the areas of education, health and safety, and character development. the sharks foundation supplies emergency aid when appropriate, executes unique and relevant programming, supports the advancement of youth hockey and provides financial support and resources to organizations that enrich the lives of those in need.
sharks, hockey, jose, tickets, club, schedule, stats, roster, ticket
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105 - tools for real americans
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paul rudy jr | prosperity by your design, shermans dale, pa
prosperity by your design. inspire people to find their dreams, to create and achieve a personal vision that delivers a lifetime of happiness. author, coach,
prosperity, vision, dream, author, coach, speaker, mentor, entrepreneur, pennsylvania, your, design, paul, rudy
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prosperity secrets | abundance and prosperity | secrets of the wealthy | limiting beliefs about money
to help jumpstart your journey to financial freedom, i'd like to give you free access to prosperity secrets where you'll discover how to use the law of abundance, develop a richness consciousness, become wealthy by going to sleep, and learn a magic formula to solve any financial problems.
secrets, money, prosperity, wealthy, wealth, attract, manifest, beliefs, abundance, limiting, about
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thrive® solar energy private limited | changing lives in forests, villages, and towns
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moore joy coaching | helping divorced women to feel alive, thrive and enjoy their lives!
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the tammy nusser foundation | to simplify the everyday lives of those with cancer
the tammy nusser foundation in lancaster, ohio, strives to simplify the everyday lives of individuals who have cancer. we do this by providing non-medical
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apollo tools: quality tools for home, mechanics, garden and pink tools
free shipping on products costing $19.99 or higher! apollo tools is a manufacturer of high quality tool kits, hand tools, automotive tools, pink tools, home improvement needs at everyday low prices.
tools, tool, mechanics, garden, apollo, sets, pink, precision, cordless, knives, screwdrivers, apollotools, cancer, foundation, bcrf, research, screwdriver, breast, drill, kits
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thrive aquatics - thrive
thrive aquatics
water, fresh, additives, ponds, salt, thrive, aquatics, aquariums, reef
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seo tools - seo tools analytics platform - keyword tracking softwarepro seo tools | seo software and reporting tools
enterprise daily keyword tracker and export to white label pdf with pro seo tools software. competitor keyword analytics with the leading cloud seo tools and platform. try for free or request demo now!
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seo tools - seo tools analytics platform - keyword tracking softwarepro seo tools | seo software and reporting tools
enterprise daily keyword tracker and export to white label pdf with pro seo tools software. competitor keyword analytics with the leading cloud seo tools and platform. try for free or request demo now!
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the 11 be attitudes of prosperity
the 11 be attitudes of prosperity: god given guidelines to be blessed beyond belief is a powerful book from the pen of five-star financial manager david b. white about biblical principles for managing finances for eternal benefit.
david, book, attitudes, prosperity, white, help, author, harvest, self, economics, beattitudes, 9781612154442, financies
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foundation press your design and screen printing source in santa barbara
// design strong imagery grabs our attention and invites further investigation. with the ever increasing number of visuals we have to filter out in our daily lives, visual impact is more important than ever. foundation press is a full service design and screen printing shop.
logo, tshirt, illustration, goleta, design, identity, printing, santa, barbara, screen
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the spartanburg county foundation - spcf - spartanburg, sc
the spartanburg county foundation (spcf) is committed to improving the lives of spartanburg county residents by promoting philanthropy, encouraging community engagement and responding to community needs. established in 1943, the spartanburg county foundation is the oldest community foundation in south carolina. the foundation is governed by a volunteer board of respected community leaders and managed by professionals with knowledge of the community and its most pressing needs.
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global wealth networks | building your foundation for time freedom, financial prosperity, and happiness
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kingdom investment foundation of tucson
since its founding in 2006, the kingdom investment foundation has awarded over $100, 000 to deserving charities around the globe. our mission to further god’s kingdom by blessing and changing lives through the joy of giving.
foundation, christian, servant, grants, tucson, fund, funding, donor, investment, grantmaker, kingdom, advised
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danville community foundation - scholarships, charities, donations, funds
danville community foundation: the foundation was established to improve and enrich area lives through the generosity of donors.
county, danville, boston, south, halifax, charities, virginia, henry, community, foundation, public, charity, martinsville
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lifes little treasures foundationlifes little treasures foundation improving the lives of premature and sick babies | improving the lives of premature and sick babies
lifes little treasures foundation - australias leading charity providing support, friendship and information to families of premature and sick babies.
little, treasures, premature, baby, charity, lifes, foundation, care, units, special, prem, australian, sick, neonatal
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made in usa, made in america, american made -- apple pie usa
made by americans, for americans, apple pie offers made in usa products ranging from daily essentials to top quality designer goods. apple pie is the easy destination for americans to find, discover and buy products made in usa.
made, american, apple, products, america
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thrive in lambertville | lambertville chiropractor |
welcome to thrive - where life is celebrated! we think radically different about health and wellness at thrive chiropractic. we are about
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the hawkins foundation
the mission of the hawkins foundation is to help more people to establish or re-establish their foundation as they seek god’s promise for their lives.
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east tennessee foundation | thoughtful giving for better lives
east tennessee foundation is a public, nonprofit, community foundation created by and for the people of east tennessee since 1986. call us (865) 524-1223
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grow missouri | stop spending. start growing.
grow missouri - stop spending. start growing. on september 11, our state legislators will vote on whether all missouri families deserve to lower their income
missouri, senator, growth, governor, sales, kansas, legislature, reform, americans, budget, state, linda, luebbering, streamline, constitution, online, chris, revenue, blunt, department
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national obesity foundation
national obesity foundation is a non-profit created to help americans who are struggling with obesity and its related diseases.
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welcome to emosah foundation, inc.!
emosah foundation paves pathways in communities that make a difference in the everyday lives of people of all ages with and without disabilities through the encouragement of social independence and inspiration to fulfill educational work goals.
emosah, noreen, royalty, soccer, ericka, sutton, camp, dreams, disabled, foundation
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the fatherhood foundation | inspire. support. raise. | helping to stop the harmful absence of fathers in our young childrens lives.
this foundation was launched with a sense of urgency to stop the harmful absence of fathers in our young childrens’ lives. too many of our youth are schooled by television and by thugs in the streets. we will inspire fathers to become active in their life and help raise them to be the man or woman that they should be.
fatherhood, foundation, reginald, french, fathers, urban, youth, absent
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monty and stacy reed - thrive life consultant
thrive life: a more convenient way to prepare your meals. a more nutritious way of eating. thrive, a premier line of delicious freeze dried and dehydrated foods is, simply put, a better way.
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the guardsmen - enriching young lives since 1947 — enriching young lives since 1947
since 1947 the guardsmen has been helping youth with the resources they need to thrive. p.o. box 29250 san francisco, ca 94129-0250 (415) 856-0939
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mcclure middle foundation
welcome to the mcclure middle school foundation!  our mission:  fostering student success by partnering with educators and our community the foundation exists to foster opportunities that strengthen student success through partnership with our educators and our community. it is our belief that every student be given the opportunity to thrive in an environment that provides
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thrive vending - thrive home
thrive vending, riverton
advice, expertise, services, solutions
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find your zeroes eliminate. build. thrive.
i have been able to help many individuals and couples get a handle on their finances and make huge changes in their lives.
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spiritalk gathering
native american site where your search for truth is of primary importance!
native, americans, medicine, american, spirituality, tribes, quest, vision, famous
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thrive chiropractic
chiropractor chiropractic glenville thrive thrive chiropractic wellness family doctor physician dr. ryan shaw dr. amy donovan dc route 50 saratoga rd.
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the john d.v. salvador foundation | committed to providing opportunities for children to thrive
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home | the columbus foundation
the columbus foundation is the trusted philanthropic advisor to 2, 400 individuals, families, and businesses who have created charitable funds and planned gifts to make a difference in the lives of others through the most effective philanthropy possible.
columbus, foundation, donor, advisor, spirit, philanthropy, charitable, giving, philanthropic
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hugs foundation, inc.
hugs foundation changes children's lives using a team of skilled surgeons to correct congenital facial deformities.
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heartful children's foundation, home
heartful children's foundation helps children with cancer through the use of art and brings joy to their lives. heartful children’s foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that inspires and taps into the creativeness that exist in every child.
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abundant life foundation
nonprofit foundation built to empower and enrich the lives of others
others, nonprofit, helping, donate, roatan, honduras
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welcome to the frederick douglass foundation
the frederick douglass foundation is a public policy and educational organization which brings the sanctity of free market and limited government ideas to bear on the hardest problems facing our nation.
americans, african, blacks, douglass, republican, frederick
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autism happens foundation, inc.
we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of autistic persons and their families.
foundation, happens, charity, enfield, aspergers, autism
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building a black economic foundation, to solve the major problems in the black community.
bringing billions back to the black community, using the money you spend shopping online to build a black economic foundation, in order to solve the major problems in the black community.
black, african, american, videos, unity, matter, lives, buying, power, community, economics, shopping, issues, articles, video, talk, americans, money, economy, support
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ingram lee foundation | the ingram lee foundation was established to aid and improve the lives of motivated economically disadvantaged individuals
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evander holyfield foundation - striving to strengthen the lives of youth and their families.
striving to strengthen the lives of youth and their families by establishing and funding programs dedicated to their athletic, academic and spiritual development.
evander, holyfield, charity, foundation, real, deal
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dhl - the power of global trade
big businesses and small are crossing more borders, bringing opportunity, prosperity and optimism into the lives of hundreds of millions of people across the developing world.
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welcome to the two angels foundation!
two angels foundation is dedicated to helping children living in colorado with physical disabilities, inspiring them to lead inclusive and active lives.
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home | emergency aid foundation of pa
the eapa foundation awards grants to non-profits to improve the lives of women and children, and it mentors and provides scholarships to young women.
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native americans online
native american site where your search for truth is of primary importance!
native, americans, medicine, american, jewelry, wheel, first, yoga, shaman, navajo, indian, famous, warriors, vision, quest, idle, more
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german-hand-tools home page
german-hand-tools carries high-end german tools which includes nws tools, gedore tools, klann tools, ruko tools, gedore tools, felo tools, knipex tools, rennsteig tools, bgs tools, specialty tools, sockets, ratchets, wrenches, and european tools.
tools, tool, made, germany, german, montezuma, gedore, ruko, felo, knipex, rennsteig, witte
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mahendra kumar trivedi | the trivedi foundation™ | scientific research grants
founded by mahendra kumar trivedi, trivedi foundation™ is a non-profit organization. through mahendra kumar trivedi, the foundation aims to vastly improve the conditions affecting human lives, thus improving the quality of existence around the globe.
trivedi, mahendra, foundation, effect
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be grateful for the things you love
we believe that with more acts of gratitude the whole world will be happier and people will become more successful in what they do; which is a positive inevitability truth. we created as a foundation to empower grateful thinking in order for everyone to nourish their seed of greatness and happiness in our daily lives. express your gratitude towards yourself, your life, your daily good and the good disguised as something else. be grateful for your family, your friends, your coworkers, your neighbour and your pets. share your grateful experiences with those your are grateful for and the whole world, in order to inspire others to feel and do the same.
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shasta thrive
shasta thrive
garden, community, transform, thrive, mentee, mentor, workshops, volunteer, transformation, county, shasta, anderson, street, manter, house, redding, project, adopt
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thrive gym
welcome to thrive gyms website!  we are so glad you stopped by! this week at thrive gym, start the program or join the gym.  take advantage of our expertise and our awesome equipment to help you live in a body that feels great. here are this weeks (august 10th) drop-in hours for the program: m,
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thrive pet care services | loving care for your pets in the santa cruz & los gatos mountains
providing the activity, exercise and socialization that dogs need to thrive! as well informed, loving, dog guardians we know how important it is for our dogs to get regular exercise and an opportunity to socialize with other dogs on a daily basis. a well-exercised dog is less likely to display destructive behavior in our home.
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foundation for community health
foundation for community health (fch) provides philanthropic support for the advancement of healthy lives in western montana.
missoula, health, community, foundation
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prosperity mbc
prosperity missionary baptist church 1815 mt. herman rd murfreesboro, tn 37127 615-893-3545
odie, prosperity, murfreesboro, lawrence, church, baptist
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the stewardship foundation
the stewardship foundation is a public foundation offering gift planning aligned with religious freedom, traditional marriage and the protection of human life.
giving, foundation, stewardship, christian, annuities, gift, planning, charitable, solutions, kingdom, alternative, tools, fund, columbus, transformational, generosity, donor, endowments, advised, public
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guaranteed prosperity - meir ezra
guaranteed prosperity international (gp) is a florida based training, coaching, and implementation company that ensures its clients succeed. no if, than
ezra, meir, prosperity, guaranteed, home
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madeline's gift foundation
financially, through the madeline’s gift foundation, we want to support programs that madeline participated in and other programs which enrich the lives of children and adults with special needs. we also would like to provide opportunities to preserve our memories and memorialize her.
foundation, herman, madeline
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what is seo? how search works? 100% free seo tools
seo new tools is a bundled collection of best seo tools for analysing the website. we offer all for free of charge, such as xml sitemap generator, article rewriter & more.
tools, free, 2015, wordpress, download, rewriter, article, research, chrome, reporting, toolbar, atoz, monitoring, google, management, agencies
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the lion of babylon - a novel
the lion of babylon is a fable of men and women, muslims and christians, americans and iraqis, who look into their futures during a time of war to decide what will become of their lives. haidar is an orphaned iraqi boy who can see the future. the source of his special talent is a 2, 500 year old statue called the lion of babylon. the lion of babylon foretold to haidar that the americans would come and that one of those soldiers would resolve his quest to find the burial place of his parents. when haidar meets and befriends dan murphy, an american soldier, he believes the man to be the answer to his dilemma.
whitehead, michael, novel, iraq
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united health foundation - supporting health and people in communities
united health foundation is committed to helping people lead healthier lives and create brighter futures. our mission is to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of medical outcomes, to expand access to health care services for those in challenging circumstances and to enhance the well being of communities.
health, foundation, united, rankings, scholarships, americas, caregivers, unitedhealth, veterans, center, clinical, centers, diverse, unitedhealthfoundation, healthcare, care, diversity, community
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home - blueskies foundation, inc.
blueskies foundation, inc., is a wisconsin nonprofit corporation and a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the u.s. internal revenue code (tax id number 45-2364127). blueskies foundation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to promote humanitarian support of native americans.
native, organization, pine, ridge, indian, american, foundation, exempt, south, drive, dakota, skies, reservation, rese, blue, ninham, dorothy, blanket, info, golf
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prosperity careers job board- where true prosperity begins
prosperity careers job board links quality employers with career-oriented career professionals by posting their current career opportunities.
jobs, post, board, prosperity, careers, your, computer, systems, architect, cheap, where, advertisers, j2ee, associate, science, industry, pharmaceuticals, java, engineer, biotech
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theresa a. mike scholarship foundation
theresa a. mike scholarship foundation. inspired by the life-journey of theresa a. mike, the tam scholarship foundation provides financial support for undergraduate and graduate-level students to help them achieve their dreams of higher education, live successful and prosperous lives, and assume positions of responsibility and leadership in their communities. every penny counts! help our students achieve their dreams! keep the dream alive!
foundation, show, fundraising, scholarships, fashion, mike, scholarship, theresa
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feel free to prosper, marilyn jenett, renowned prosperity teacher
marilyn jenett is an internationally renowned prosperity mentor and founder of the feel free to prosper program. the universe on speed dial!
universal, prosperity, attraction, group, laws, self, improvement, coach, lessons, wealth, development, personal, spirituality, principles, spiritual, ponder, catherine, money, consciousness, mentoring
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downsize to thrive - home
downsize to thrive is your source for rapid access to repressed and hidden information needed to survive and thrive during this time of rapid change.
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carol cassara - daily inspiration for creating our best lives
daily inspiration for creating our best lives
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council of korean americans - our voice in action
a global network of korean americans dedicated to advancing issues of national importance for our community - council of korean americans
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victor green foundation - non-profit 501(c)
victor green foundation is charitable organization very passionate about improving the lives and future of our youth by raising funds to benefit non-profit programs
golf, american, football, giveaway, help, foundation, green, charity, children, homeless, victor
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ufw foundation
our mission is to empower and improve the lives of farm workers and other low-income and immigrant workers through (1) the advancement of research, implementation, and enforcement of equitable policy, (2) civic engagement, and (3) community education.
chavez, cesar, foundation, rights, farm, union, workers, leader, estrada, equality, civil, human, worker, united, ufwf, social, justice
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art & context
tools, support, and knowledge for artists. build prosperity in a spirit of clarity, integrity, and growth.
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the rogers foundation
the rogers foundation seeks to transform lives through arts and education.
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the slater foundation for youth - home - athens, ga
the slater foundation for youth. creating opportunities. changing lives.
anytown, youth, slater, foundation
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gb prosperity - gb prosperity audit, tax, bookkeeping, financial consulting
gb prosperity is a full service cpa firm serving the dc metropolitan area. gb prosperity uses the latest technology and industry practices and specializes in audit, income tax, sales and use tax, financial reporting, financial modeling, and financial pro
compilation, reporting, gaithersburg, income, sales, firm, audit, bookkeeping
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united states-japan foundation
the united states-japan foundation is committed to promoting stronger ties between americans and japanese by supporting projects that foster mutual knowledge and education, deepen understanding, create effective channels of communication, and address common concerns in an increasingly interdependent world.
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clothing & accessories for women & children.
boutique, texas, prosper, prosperity
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prosperity roundtable
working together to build prosperity in chatham-kent learn more
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beyond baseball foundation - making positive impacts through baseball
beyond baseball foundation uses the venue of baseball to positively impact the lives of millions.
baseball, smolders, beyond, sponsors, community, programs, helping, bats, blog, awareness, others, help, donna, mike, foundation, jackie, robinson, raising, fund, charity
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tri-community health & wellness foundation
the tri-community health and wellness foundation welcomes you to our website. the residents and businesses of the communities of stony plain, spruce grove and parkland county which make up the tri-community area, support the excellent work of the tri-community health and wellness foundation in an effort to enrich the lives of its residents through its many facets of sponsorship.
foundation, wellness, health
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newman's own foundation | the power of philanthropy to transform lives
newmans own foundation turns all profits from the sale of newmans own products into charitable donations.
foundation, newmans, philanthropy, power, charitable, newman, paul
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commonwealth foundation
the commonwealth foundation is a development organisation with an international remit and reach, uniquely situated at the interface between government and civil society. we develop the capacity of civil society to act together and learn from each other to engage with the institutions that shape people’s lives. we strive for more effective, responsive and accountable governance with civil society participation, which contributes to improved development outcomes.
commonwealth, foundation, society, civil
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the 2014 legatum prosperity index™ offers a unique insight into how prosperity is forming and changing across the world.
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color match your foundation across different brands! one of the first science based foundation matching tools created for you and used by renowned makeup artists around the world
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georgia public policy foundation - changing georgia policy, changing georgians lives since 1991
the georgia public policy foundation is an independent think tank that proposes practical, market-oriented approaches to public policy to improve the lives of
georgia, issues, policy, public
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americans for medical progress - because research needs advocates
amp - animal research saves human and animal lives
animal, research, rights, medical, medicine, activism, animals, veterinary, newkirk, wayne, ingrid, science, scientists, pacelle, researchers, attacks, activist, raising, voices, saving
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newborn foundation
the newborn foundation is the only organization of its kind dedicated to leveraging technology innovation to save newborn lives and improve health outcomes.
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thrive | dallas
welcome to the officail website of thrive nightclub located in dowtown dallas inside the crowne plaza hotel. here you will find the latest most uo to date info on events, specials and thrive nightclub itself.
nightclub, party, plaza, thrive, events, downtown, crowne, dallas, dancing, club
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thrive | dallas
welcome to the officail website of thrive nightclub located in dowtown dallas inside the crowne plaza hotel. here you will find the latest most uo to date info on events, specials and thrive nightclub itself.
nightclub, party, plaza, thrive, events, downtown, crowne, dallas, dancing, club
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americans together, cohesive america, america together foundation, one nation, mike ghouse | americans together, cohesive america, america together foundation, one nation, mike ghouse
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prosperity - lamps & components limited
offers to co-create lighting solution meets your needs thru oem/odm partnerships
prosperity, prosperitylamps
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thrive counseling - thrive counseling home page
thrive counseling mission
evolve, engage, encourage
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foundation & endowment intelligence | news, features, data, sales leads & more
foundation & endowment intelligence is a daily information service focused on foundation, endowment, hospital & other nonprofits’ investment management.
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daily musings
inspiration and motivation for your daily lives by author traci lawrence. come, join and be a part of the positive life by reading motivational posts
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the foundation for west africa
the foundation for west africa mobilizes people and resources to support grassroots projects that build peace and prosperity in sierra leone, liberia and other countries in the region. fwa is a tax-exempt organization supporting initiatives in community radio, education and health care.
west, foundation, initiatives, change, community, schools, leone, sierra, badio, barbara, martha, small, sarr, neuman, leaders, youth, women, hamblett, topher, lamin
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gem foundation
gem is an international forum where organisations and people come together to develop, use and share tools and resources for transparent assessment of earthquake risk. discover gem, the people and organisations driving the gem foundation, and learn how you can use the data, resources and tools as input to improved understanding, assessment and management of risk.
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rome tourist information guide by someone who lives here rome survival guide for americans, tourists and expatriates, with information on living and working in rome
living, italy, studying, working, apartments, hotels, tourist, information, expatriates, americans, rome
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if you can dream it, you can do it. prospertastic
prosperity is the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune and / or successful social status. prosperity is fantastic.
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valley village where adults with developmental challenges thrive
valley village where adults with developmental challenges thrive resources and information on individuals with intellectual disabilities. residential, day
adult, home, valley, group, disability, developmental, stories, foundation, fernando, behavior, thrive, advanced, planning, development, therapy, personal, enrichment, volunteer, health, program
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garrett's path - home
the garrett m. brockway foundation was created in 2013 to honor garrett’s ultimate sacrifice of organ and tissue donation as a result of his tragic death at the age of 10-years-old. increasing awareness for the great need of organ donation is first and foremost goal of the foundation. in addition, the foundation will strive to make a positive impact on children’s lives through academic opportunities and athletic programs. garrett was a gift from god and he was also a giver of life. through his ultimate sacrifice, he saved five people’s lives by donating his heart, liver, pancreas and both kidneys. his corneas helped improve vision for two additional people and his tissues have improved the quality of life for countless others. we are grateful that you have joined us on garrett’s path.
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attract abundance and prosperity - manifesting prosperity easily
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prosperity works | powering social and economic prosperity
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insuring health, ensuring prosperity in namibia.
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daily fantasy sports tools, lineups and rankings | fantasylabs
fantasylabs provides innovative daily fantasy sports tools and content to help dfs players create their own models and profit on draftkings and fanduel.
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tertium quids: welcome to
a citizens' agenda for better state government." freedom & prosperity agenda, freedom & prosperity agenda for virginia, freedom and prosperity agenda, freedom and prosperity agenda for virginia
virginia, agenda, prosperity, freedom, reform, advocacy, government, policy, quids, party, third, tertium, taxes, budget, transportation, republican, campaign, democrat, coalition, articles
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african americans in paris dvd
black paris dvd "when african americans came to paris" 2 -set video series showcasing pioneering artists, intellectuals, entertainers and musicians in paris .
paris, african, black, americans, jones, sidney, mailou, lois, bechet, walking, spirit, tours, hughes, dubois, josephine, henry, films, lion, blue, tanner
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209 | buy new & used tools at clearance prices!
save up to 75% on our huge selection of power tools, hand tools and accessories from thousands of popular brands. free shipping available!!
tools, dewalt, cordless, power, powermatic, bosch, hand, drills, reconditioned, makita, milwaukee, fein, festool
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thrive to survive
organization formed to support adults with cancer in geneva new york. 501(c) 3. here to help reduce personal and financial stress on cancer patient.
thrive, making, difference, survive, cancer
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home - thrive design
thrive design specializes in residential remodeling and project management. our goal is to create beautiful spaces and happy clients. we do this by simplifying the complicated renovation process. we love transforming spaces and helping to make our clients lives easier by managing the thousands of details in a remodeling project.
design, home, remodeling, interior, management, consulting, style, concept, decorating, construction, designer, furnishings, furniture, hospitality, residential, colorado, silverthorne, project, renovation, remodel
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atkinson community foundation fund - nebraska community foundation
the nebraska community foundation (ncf) partners with community leaders to inspire charitable giving, prudently manage financial resources and make strategic investments for the prosperity of our people and our communities.
nebraska, foundation, community, hometown, development, charitable, rural, challenge, giving, legacy, website, scholarship, endowment, advisor, financial, wills, bequest, fund, youth, engagement
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home - pro-dig
foundation drilling tools, augers, foundation drilling spares, drilling accessories - universal augers hydraulic drive heads, intelli-tork, torque monitoring
augers, drives, helical, heads, installation, drive, drilling, tools, universal, attachments, gear, torque, wireless, measuring, monitoring, auger, pier, general, foundation, construction
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maef - maryland agricultural education - havre de grace, maryland
the maryland agricultural education foundation, inc. strives to promote the understanding and appreciation of the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.
maryland, agricultural, education, school, high, middle, foundation, maef, showcase, elementary
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alzheimers support chicago | green balloon foundation
more than 5 million americans have alzheimers disease today. green balloon foundation, a nonprofit in chicago, is here to help those in need.
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sell tools at | sell tools | buy tools | antique tools | tools appraisal | appraise tools | tools value | tools collectors
welcome! this is where you sell tools! if you're looking to buy or sell tools, such as vintage tools or other rare tools, you've found the right place!
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port of kalama: where business lives.
welcome to the port of kalama: where business lives. port of kalama offers superior and qualities facilities that your business demands and needs to thrive.
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good&co | discover. unlock. thrive.
revolutionary new self-discovery engine & social network built for those looking for greater happiness & meaning in career, relationships & personal lives.
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abm tools | precision-engineered to deliver precisely what you need
abm tools is a manufacturer and global supplier of hand tools, industrial tools, diy tools, cutting tools, garden tools, woodworking tools, enginers precision tools, many more
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based in sheffield, south yorkshire, uk, thrive clinic and studio is a centre of excellence for pain release relating to fascial (connective tissue) restriction, jaw and neck pain, lower back pain, hip, knee and ankle dysfunction. myofascial release and the 'be activated' system of muscle activation are the specialisms of thrive clinic, along with deep tissue massage, sports massage, swedish massage and hot stone massage techniques. thrive clinic and studio's role is to help you move better and feel better and experience a lift in your daily quality of life through assessment, guidance, supportive listening, excellence in bodywork and self-treatment and movement homework and exercises.
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1st choice foundation repair co.|foundation repair plano tx - winner of 2012 angie's list super service award based on member votes and feedback. call 1st choice foundation repair for your no hassle foundation consultation.
foundation, plano, repair, companies, texas, problems, repairs, engineer, frisco, inspection
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ccw-tools - automotive tools & equipment.
automotive tools & equipment including; sealey tools, draper tools, presto tools, wosp starter motors, stainless steel exhausts. free uk mainland delivery.
tools, electricians, engineering, cordless, security, construction, gardening, socket, sets, workshop, cheap, garage, jacks, booster, cables, recovery, towing, hand, toolboxes, tool
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thrive solar energy – changing lives in forests, villages, and in towns
changing lives in forests, villages, and in towns
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mardy fish children's foundation
the mardy fish children's foundation works to provide children access to after-school fitness, nutritional and enrichment programs to prepare them for healthy, productive and successful lives.
charity, indian, river, county, beach, vero, fish, foundation, mardy
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thrive yoga and fitness - bradenton, fl - thrive yoga and fitness - bradenton, fl thrive yoga and fitness bradenton, fl
thrive yoga serves bradenton, cortez, and anna maria island with gentle yoga, hot yoga, meditation, strength training, alignment, nutrition, and relaxation.
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sog knives and tools
sog knives and tools from the oldest and largest sog only catalog. our pictures and video are great and our prices are even better. new products added daily.
tools, knives, multitools
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the thomas p. knox memorial foundation is dedicated to honoring tommys wonderful life and enduring spirit so that he lives on in all those who knew him and all those who are helped by this foundation
knox, thomas, memorial, foundation, tommy, patrick
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community foundation of new jersey
the community foundation of new jersey is an alliance of families, businesses and foundations creating lasting differences in peoples lives and communities
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find your light foundation
josh groban's find your light foundation - helping to enrich the lives of young people through arts, education, and cultural awareness.
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cotton foundation - helping children in need
cotton foundation is dedicated to restoring hope to children whose lives have been affected by natural disasters or other life-changing challenges
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prosperity life inc - canadian life settlements - the industry leader
prosperity life inc.
life, prosperity
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the gift of learning foundation
learn how the gift of learning foundation is dedicated to changing lives through educational opportunity and life skills implementation.
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home - childrens wish foundation international
childrens wish foundation international (cwfi) enriches the lives of seriously ill children through wishes, educational and entertainment programs.
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la plata county thrive - la plata county thrive! - living wage, durango, colorado
working for just wages that allow everyone to thrive!
living, wage, salary, thrive, minimum, cost
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apostolic christian church of america
the apostolic christian church is a brotherhood of believers that earnestly seeks to interpret the bible literally. the teachings of jesus christ and his apostles serve as the foundation of our doctrine and guide our members’ daily lives. we have approximately 90 congregations in the united states, japan, mexico and canada.
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one woman one voice project - a positive place on the internet to: connect. grow. thrive.
daily positive affirmations, storytelling, celebrating, spiritual life coaching, online classes, and nurturing life-long friendships.
love, start, friendship, meditation, community, heal, thrive, writing, creative, storytelling, memoir, divorce, women
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astro foundation - a 501c3 non-profit
astro foundation a non-profit whose mission is to save the lives of homeless animals by engaging students in the rescue process, including fostering and marketing.
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foundation for retinal research
the foundation for retinal research is committed to finding treatments and cures for retinal degenerative diseases and supporting the lives of affected for retinal research blind leber congenital amaurosis lca
cep290, impdh1, nmnat1, crb1, rdh12, iqcb1, kcnj13, tulp1, lrat, rpgrip1, aipl1, blind, leber, research, retinal, congenital, amaurosis, spata7, rpe65, gucy2d
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peter g. dodge foundation
the peter g. dodge foundation exists to help people lead lives free from the effects of alcohol addiction.
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thrive youth - thrive youth
thrive youth is a ministry of people's church in arnold, mo. we invite you to come and join us on wednesday nights at 7:00. we like to have a lot of fun at thrive and learn how to be better followers of jesus.
church, arnold, games, activities, wednesday, night, missouri, sunday, students, youth, louis, jefferson, county, teens
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home - the gabriel foundation
founded in 1995, the gabriel foundation is a 501c3 whose mission is to provide safe sanctuary/care for parrots in need, match birds with adopters, improve lives of parrots
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steward of prosperity | how to create prosperity from your own home
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yours for prosperity | sharing, learning, growing together for prosperity
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prosperity guidance | achieve true prosperity
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american opinion foundation
to empower americans to understand, enjoy and preserve the freedom and moral responsibility embodied in america's founding principles.
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we have been correcting foundation problems in the dallas fort worth metroplex since 1988. every job, from the most minor repair to the complete foundation rebuild, is completed with precision, accuracy and careful attention to detail.
foundation, leveling, park, mckinney, texas, slab, addison, cities, branch, plano, dallas, carrollton, farmers, garland
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spells for happiness and prosperity by african doctor mama nana
browse spells for happiness and prosperity from dr mama nana, you can get the fast result from the most powerful healer who has traditional in spells of happiness and prosperity.
spells, mama, nana, prosperity, happiness
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your thrive life with jodi and julie
two busy moms sharing how we use thrive life foods to save time and money while cooking healthy easy meals for our families.
easy, recipes, kitchen, tips, storage, food, life, home, store, thrive
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welcome - nebraska community foundation
the nebraska community foundation (ncf) partners with community leaders to inspire charitable giving, prudently manage financial resources and make strategic investments for the prosperity of our people and our communities.
nebraska, foundation, community, hometown, development, charitable, rural, challenge, giving, legacy, website, scholarship, endowment, advisor, financial, wills, bequest, fund, youth, engagement
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welcome - nebraska community foundation
the nebraska community foundation (ncf) partners with community leaders to inspire charitable giving, prudently manage financial resources and make strategic investments for the prosperity of our people and our communities.
nebraska, foundation, community, hometown, development, charitable, rural, challenge, giving, legacy, website, scholarship, endowment, advisor, financial, wills, bequest, fund, youth, engagement