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anglebrackets conference
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web & mobile product development for startups, companies on ruby on rails, javascript, node.js
web development company for startups, entrepreneurs building mvps, web applications using ruby on rails, ember.js, javascript, node.js, angular.js, ios, android
startups, node, javascript, rails, ruby
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home | angularconnect 2016 - europe’s largest angular conference
angularconnect is a two day, two track conference featuring talks from the world’s best angular experts.
development, client, side, node, jquery, angularjs, html, json, angular, javascript
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intridea | user experience, user interface design, angular, backbone, ruby on rails, cordova
intridea designs and develops simple, intuitive web and mobile applications to help companies realize the power of social and business collaboration, cloud computing, and next-generation tools for the enterprise. our developers specialize in angular, ruby, ruby on rails, html5, node.js, backbone.js, java, c, and languages for ios and android development with cordova phonegap
mobile, android, java, design, backbone, rails, ruby, html, node, javascript, angular
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5 | dmitri voronianski's blog
javascript / node.js / objective-c / cocoa / lua / open-source / ux bits hunted.
angular, shell, javascript, node
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node.js 教程|培训|咨询
范圣刚的部落格,node.js 全栈开发工程师,培训师和咨询师,提供 node.js 相关的培训和咨询服务。
mocha, libuv, javascript, express, mongodb, angular, node
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just node - node.js中文資源及學習筆記
node.js中文學習資源, node.js中文資料, node.js中文教學, node.js中文, express.js中文, angular.js中文, mango.js中文, mean中文
node, express, mean, angular, mango, tutorials, resource
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web european conference 2015 - milano 26 september
the first european conference dedicated to the future of development on all technologies. everything about the newest and coolest framework for building modern web applications and websites: vnext, node.js, ruby, angular.js and much more.
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alex fedoseev blog
в основном о веб-разработке (flux, javascript, node.js, react, ruby on rails), иногда об аналитике, маркетинге и менеджменте и немного о себе.
ruby, rails, react, javascript, node, flux
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in data we trust
programlama üzerine herşey.
angular, routing, directive, mongodb, webgl, javascript, node, html5, css3, programlama, socket
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11 - 前端技术博客
node, javascript, css3, html5
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angular first | angular development on the microsoft stack
this post demystifies the term 'module' in javascript and angular. learn how to write modular javascript for more maintainable javascript code.
angular, expressions, getting, started, filters, with, javascript, angularjs, modules, ecmascript, visual, link, studio, browser, talks
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github, rails, centos, angular, node, javascript, react, birdwing3, ruby
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ruby on rails development team in miami, fl -gistia labs
design & development of custom web applications using ruby on rails and javascript mvc’s (bootstrap, angular, ember, node, and more) miami, fl -
development, miami, application, ruby, rails, software, angular, design, java, custom
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think2011 | javascript | coffeescript | node | node.js | nodejs | angular | angularjs
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4dev web development tutorials | java ee, javascript, angular, node.js, php and much more
node, process, child
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node forward
node forward is a broad community effort to improve node, javascript, and their ecosystem through open collaboration.
node, forward, nodejs, javascript
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mediasoftpro - enterprise solution provider
provide enterprise level solution providers in world top technologies including, php, ruby on rail, node js, angular js, ionic framework, means stack and hundreds of more
provider, solution, node, angular, rail, ruby
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usoftek | software development and design - ruby on rails, node.js, angular.js, ios - ukraine
software development, consulting and design - ruby on rails, node.js, angular.js, ios - ukraine
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magento, ruby on rails und node.js agentur
wir realisieren ihre ruby on rails, node.js und magento visionen. web development training und workshops.
ruby, rails, training, javascript, nodejs, magento
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codetrick - the ultimate tutorials for development
codetrick is programming blog dedicated to provide high quality coding tutorial on node.js, angular.js, javascript, python, mongodb and many more.
tutorials, tutorial, typescript, mongodb, django, laravel, unity3d, angular, react, javascript, python, node, code, html5, angularjs, backbone, unity5, unity2d, nodejs, trick
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javascript koleji
sıfırdan programcılığı, object oriented javascript, design patterns, angular.js, three.js, webgl, jasmine ve node.jsi öğreniyoruz.
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angularjs tutorials
angular tutorial, angularjs examples, angular mvc, angular bootstrap, angular template, angular directive, angular event, angular dialog, angular form
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ourjs 爱我技术 我们的技术-it文摘 javascript社区 node.js社区 前端社区 全端论坛 mongodb html5 css3 开源社区
jser javascript node.js mongodb css3 html5 linux shell 程序员 码农 技术 脚本 学习 教程 创业 前端 干货 免费 招聘 猎头 it ruby python c# .net java c 期刊 周刊 评论 外文 翻译 心得 体会 话题 计算机 发布
java, python, ruby, html5, linux, shell, css3, mongodb, javascript, node, ourjs
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jquery training - amazing jquery, node.js, angular.js and javascript tutorial
amazing jquery, node.js, angular.js and javascript tutorial
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marcel quasnica, freier programmierer für app- und web-entwicklung
node, phonegap, javascript, html5, apps, nodejs, css3, angularjs, cordova, celle886, twitter, bootstrap, angular, freelancer, freiberufler, freelance, programmierer, quasnica, android, galaxy
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biodegradable geek | js, angular, php, ruby, magento, wordpress, vim, shell . ~
magento, php, javascript, angular, anguarjs, meteor, js, development, coding, linux tutorials and snippets
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javascript development conference, september 27-28, istanbul
istanbul, webbox, conference, conf, webcomponents, performance, javascript, angular, backbone
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visualcaptcha - the best captcha alternative
the best captcha alternative. accessible, mobile-friendly, and retina-ready! available for node.js, php, ruby, meteor, jquery, angular, and vanilla js.
captcha, accessibility, accessible, better, fancy, demo, alternative, turing, angular, jquery, node, ruby, visualcaptcha, meteor, test
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webデザイン・アプリ制作備忘録 - matorel
angular, three, javascript, create, chart, node, monaca, wordpress
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underground webdev
um blog pdd (passion-driven development) focado em posts sobre node.js, ruby, rails, java e web standards.
blog, node, ruby, java, desenvolvimento, nodejs, rails
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databound provides javascript a simple api to the ruby on rails crud
bower, library, angular, ngresource, javascript, rubyonrails, rails, activerecord, crud, mongoid, ruby
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codingmart web & mobile aplications developement in ruby on rails, angular js, react js
rails developers in bangalore, node js developers angular js react js backbone js developers in bangalore web designers bangalore, web developers in bangalore
bangalore, developers, india, rails, ruby, developer, designers, angular, laravel, photoshop, wordpress, backbone, nodejs, html, conversion
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前端外刊评论-翻译 前端 前端开发 javascript angular jquery react node.js 互联网
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f22labs: ruby on rails, angular, node.js and mobile design and develoment
rails, ruby, development, india, company, best, iphone, companies, consulting, mobile, consultancy, website, consultant, design, services, labs, what, dallas, york, f22labs
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ruby on rails, & javascript web app development | tizewell
tizewell is a ruby on rails, javascript, angular.js, ios design, web development shop based out of los angeles and san francisco.
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html5 developer conference
the html5 developer conference has grown to become the highest attended html5, javascript, and web development conference in the world. providing tracks on javascript, html5, apps and games, client, server, and mobile. html5devconf boasts renowned speakers and leading edge sessions at the most developer friendly price on the planet
html5, game, mobile, application, games, conference, developer, conf, javascript, node
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아임포트 - 개발자를 위한 무료 결제연동 서비스
online payment를 아임포트 api를 사용해 1시간이면 개발하는 무료서비스 : python 결제연동, node.js 결제연동, ruby 결제연동, 전자결제, 워드프레스 결제, 우커머스 플러그인, 이니시스, lgu+, 나이스페이, jtnet, tpay
python, ruby, node, inicis, java, paypal, tpay, jtnet, kakaopay
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39; - javascript conference; is a conference for all things javascript in sofia, bulgaria. one day event dedicated to learning and meeting new people. focused mainly on the cutting-edge javascript innovations, but also aiming to bring the community together on all web-related technologies.
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node-machine project | an open standard for node.js modules & reusable javascript functions
the goal of the machine and machinepack specifications is to standardize the way npm modules are required, and the way reusable javascript functions are used and shared in general. this lays down the foundation for automatically-generated documentation, type-safety, caching, and proveability.
machinepack, machine
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41 | open-source software development company is an open-source software development company. provides ruby, python, iphone, ipad, ios and web development services and conferences.
mobile, application, html, javascript, design, macos, node, ruby, istanbul, development, rails, python, sinatra, django, software
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the disco blog
technology observations, tutorials, and options from a disco lovin' cat who writes ruby, java, node, and objective-c code.
continuous, mobile, heroku, jquery, mongoid, devops, delivery, docker, coffescript, integration, ubuntu, linux, mongodb, android, html5, redis, scala, javascript, node, coffeescript
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lodossteam | node.js and ror developers
lodoss team web and mobile application development company. we provide following services: creation custom web applications, web portals, corporate websites, content management systems, developing creative designs and logos, ios and android apps
development, node, angular, website, android, iphone, html5, ipad, custom, developer, developers, mobile, python, django
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js.talks(); - javascript conference
js.talks(); is a conference for all things javascript in sofia, bulgaria. one day event dedicated to learning and meeting new people. focused mainly on the cutting-edge javascript innovations, but also aiming to bring the community together on all web-related technologies.
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skalar - vi forenkler hverdagen
skalar skreddersyr forretningskritiske applikasjoner for desktop, nettbrett og mobil.
design, ruby, brukeropplevelser, responsive, interaksjonsdesign, ember, rails, javascript, node
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stepan suvorov - javascript/angularjs evangelist
javascript resume
javascript, jquery, angularjs, angular, developer, stepan, software, engineer, senior, suvorov
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gulp.js - 基于流的自动化构建工具。 | gulp.js 中文网
gulp.js 是一个自动化构建工具,开发者可以使用它在项目开发过程中自动执行常见任务。gulp.js 是基于 node.js 构建的,利用 node.js 流的威力,你可以快速构建项目并减少频繁的 io 操作。gulp.js 源文件和你用来定义任务的 gulp 文件都是通过 javascript(或者 coffeescript )源码来实现的。
gulp, node, make, coffeescript, javascript, grunt, gruntjs
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ruby/logs is a blog with focus on ruby, rails, javascript, object-oriented design, open source technologies and everything in between. authored by ilija eftimov
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一套框架,多种平台 - angular 2
angular is a development platform for building mobile and desktop web applications
javascript, google, framework, dart, angularjs, angulardart, javscript, angular
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an open source cms for node.js and mongodb.
javascript, express, mongoose, mongo, node, nodejs, mongodb
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webapplog — software engineering, node.js, javascript and startups
node.js, express.js, backbone.js and javascript tutorials, examples and tips.
azat, mardanov, backbone, node
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53 -
node, ruby, operations, testing, sinatra, httperf, development, performance, administration, nodejs, lang, programming, system, devops
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devahoy : แชร์เทคนิค ความรู้ และประสบการณ์เกี่ยวกับ java/android, การทำเว็บไซต์ด้วย html/css/javascript รวมทั้ง node.js/angular.js, เขียนเกมส์ด้วย phaser.js และ libgdx ตลอดจน technologies ต่างๆที่เจ้าของบล็อคสนใจ
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node.js and javascript tutorials. learn node.js, mongodb and more javascript tools from the ground up with tom boutell.
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jquery, javascript, zepto, node, angular, css3, html5, html
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taller estratégico en proyectos web
angular, frontend, css3, responsive, node, drupal, html5
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red ant - ruby on rails sydney & angular developers in australia
red ant is a technical agency.we create & build exceptional digital products. these live as web sites, in mobile apps, and in social networks.
angular, developers, rails, ruby, redant
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jasdeep singh | toronto ruby on rails angularjs developer
passionate ruby on rails, javascript, angular developer based out of toronto.
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codable | finding the best educational resources
codable | finding the best educational resources on the web
ruby, game, design, programming, coding, developers, development, python, codeable, rails, django, codable, angular, node
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javascript 是属于网络的脚本语言! javascript 被数百万计的网页用来改进设计、验证表单、检测浏览器、创建cookies,以及更多的应用。 javascript 是因特网上最流行的脚本语言。 javascript 很容易使用!你一定会喜欢它的! 你喜欢javascript 那么你一定会喜欢fe-前端网
angular, nodejs, javascript, html
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javascript 论坛社区 - node.js论坛社区 - express论坛社区 - koajs论坛社区 - javascript教程 - 视频教程 - node.js视频教程 - node.js教程
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cursos, treinamentos e e-books sobre ruby, git, javascript (jquery e node.js) e web standards (html5 e css3) • howto
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andries filmer
i am a developer since 1996 and build web applications with mongodb, express, angularjs en node.js.
ubuntu, javascript, linux, rails, mysql, angular, mongodb
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nate armagost | front-end developer
front-end/javascript developer working out of minneapolis, minnesota.
node, grunt, responsive, design, queries, media, using, angular, development, minneapolis, minnesota, html, backbone, javascript
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math.js | an extensive math library for javascript and node.js
math.js is an extensive math library for javascript and node.js. it features big numbers, complex numbers, matrices, units, and a flexible expression parser.
math, node, function, variable, unit, string, extensive, advanced, matrix, mathematics, value, bignumber, expression, library, javascript, parser, numeric, mathjs, number, complex
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angularjs & ruby on rails web software
agile team for web applications. drop us a line and get a free quote!
angular, rails, backend, agile, ruby, applications
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jags | just another game and software development company
jags is one of the best software company in india which focus on modern web technologies like laravel, angular, react js, meter js, mean stack, ember js, wordpress, drupal, knockout js
css3, javascript, angular, drupal, wordpress, rails, laravel, html5, ruby
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blog about ruby, ruby on rails, tutorials for beginners, several off-topic subjects, software development, project management, agile techniques, and technology in general
ruby, rails, saas, paas, infrastructure, cloud, trends, consultancy, technology, sysop, heroku, amazon, science, scrum, startup, computer, programming, google, apple, project
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program with erik
this site is my tutorials, rantings and musings on software development, with a focus on javascript, ember.js and node.js.
freelance, ember, javascript, node
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thoughts and tutorials on javascript frameworks, testing, and patterns - the js guy - david tang
thoughts and tutorials on javascript frameworks, testing, and patterns
javascript, testing, ember, backbone, unit, angular, patterns, developer, testable, david, tang, development, maintainable, emberjs, angularjs, anglar, design, integration, backbonejs, acceptance
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ruby on rails and ios development | ikantam
web application (ruby: on rails, php: zend, symfony), e-commerce (magento) and mobile application (ios, android) development agency. | ikantam
mobile, design, development, angular, android, node
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关于编程javascript, java, c#, php, 安卓, jquery, python, html, c++, ios, mysql, css, sql,, objective-c, ruby-on-rails, .net, c, 数组, sql-server, ruby, angularjs, json, ajax, 正则表达式, xml,, r, linux, django, node.js, xcode, excel, spring, swift, android-studio的问题.
angularjs, json, ajax, linux, spring, swift, excel, xcode, django, node, ruby, jquery, python, html, java, javascript, mysql
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cj7 i programming blog: php, cakephp, jquery, mysql, css, wordpress, yii, htaccess, sql, html and javascript is a programming blog managed by dinesh rawat and neeraj rawat. tutorials focused on programming, jquery, ajax, php, demos, web design, javascript, software, mysql, jsp, node.js etc
node, using, mongodb, mongoose, text, database, application, html, mysql, update, express, executing, create, css3, connecting, javascript, long, convert, file, seconds
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barbershop labs: boston ruby on rails development shop
barbershop labs is a small team of technology veterans who have led software and product development efforts for both startups and established brands. our developers leverage modern technologies and proven methodologies to build world-class web and mobile apps. we are experts with ruby on rails, ios and mobile development, ember.js, backbone.js, angular.js, and phonegap
rails, boston, development, developers, ruby, mobile, coders, application, programmers, iphone, great, node, motion, jruby, saas, cloud, bootstrap, phonegap, backbone
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nodecloud - node.js resources
a collection of node.js resources
framework, application, asynchronous, javascript, evented, node
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webdeveloper programing php, codeigniter, html5, css3, jquery, bootstrap & scripting tutorials
a blog about web design and development with php, jquery, mysql, ajax, .net, html5, css3 tutorials
codeigniter, javascript, node, angular, json, tutorials, mysqli, oracle
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ruby on rails | web development company | tech racers
tech racers provide business intelligence solutions to racing your ideas into reality by using technologies like ror, node, angular, ios, android.
mobile, intelligence, apps, design, commerce, business, company, ruby, racers, rails, development, tech
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home - xmldocx
generate docx and pdfs with python, node.js, .net, java or ruby, from scratch or using templates or databases.
java, ruby, node, python, convert, database, docx
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汇智网 - 最前沿的在线互动编程学习平台
node, mongodb, javascript, nodejs, jquery, ajax, mongoose
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jonathan creamer
living, learning, developing. write about what i do, what i love, and what i learn. lonely planet. javascript, ruby, c#. node, rails, .net mvc. ms mvp, telerik developer expert, and ieuseragent.
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powow! we make apps that solve problems
powow! we make apps that solve problems
development, agile, ruby, reviews, programming, pair, code, mapper, remote, team, offshore, augmentation, kanban, staff, object, consultancy, coffeescript, javascript, rails, clojure
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windows, html5, bash, multithreading, mongodb, regex, ruby, eclipse, django, spring, questions, image, forms, scala, swift, database, string, apache, xcode, html
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database, eclipse, string, excel, xcode, ruby, windows, ajax, regex, multithreading, html5, laravel, django, support, questions, bash, algorithm, hibernate, json, html
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multithreading, string, regex, eclipse, hibernate, xcode, database, excel, windows, html5, css3, discussion, questions, performance, ruby, oracle, algorithm, wordpress, html, mysql
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node.js hints
some useful node.js, javascript and programming hints and tips.
ifttt, memcache, cloudant, couchdb, node
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87 - online hackathons
connect with developers and designers around the world through online hackathons. create cool apps and compete for prizes or just learn how to code.
hackathons, node, online, python, javascript, java, rails, ruby, development, developers, coding, design, apps, virtual, hackathon
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ajax, eclipse, bash, string, spring, django, regex, windows, xcode, database, html5, laravel, questions, perl, multithreading, algorithm, excel, jquery, mysql, angularjs
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bin-co - scripts and tutorials for perl, tcl/tk, php and more
bin-co is a site that provides some free and great codes for some of the programming languages. these include open sources for javascript, perl, tcl/tk and others.
javascript, development, perl, ruby, client, scripting
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smartweb conference 2015, bucharest
a conference for east-european web designers and developers, bringing you an exquisite lineup of speakers.
css3, html5, javascript, development, conference, design, event
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multithreading, eclipse, excel, swift, string, xcode, node, django, database, windows, spring, html5, matlab, forms, facebook, questions, oracle, swing, wordpress, algorithm
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string, excel, wordpress, spring, multithreading, xcode, database, swift, eclipse, windows, django, algorithm, html5, performance, image, stackoverflow, matlab, swing, oracle, mongodb
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django, database, string, excel, spring, html5, multithreading, eclipse, node, windows, image, bash, performance, wordpress, winforms, algorithm, xcode, question, swing, forms
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hack sparrow: captain of the internets
node.js, javascript, and other tutorials by capn hack sparrow
neo4j, html5, css3, redis, mongodb, javascript, nosql, node
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schwerdt christian - gestaltung & webentwicklung - ug (haftungsbeschränkt)
gestaltung & webentwicklung
angular, entwicklung, mobile, javascript, node, development, flow, extbase, fluid, branding, webentwicklung, print, typo3
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daniel li - full-stack web developer in hong kong
professional, full-stack web developer in hong kong, specializing in javascript and node. helping startups to network and create open-source applications.
express, node, laravel, meteor, developer, software
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swing, string, multithreading, html5, angularjs, windows, swift, eclipse, node, wordpress, image, django, perl, stackoverflow, questions, hibernate, database, winforms, forms, facebook
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regex, multithreading, django, windows, database, xcode, node, arrays, spring, html5, swift, wordpress, forms, string, stackoverflow, css3, winforms, linux, facebook, image
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apache, ajax, leancloud, redis, shell, ubuntu, flask, django, css3, ruby, thinkphp, centos, bootstrap, iphone, tech, questions, json, typecho, linux, jquery
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home |
josh finnie's blog about programming and stuff
angular, node, javascript, django, finnie, joshfinnie, python, josh
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node center
node-center - это главный русскоязычный сайт, посвящённый node.js. здесь вы можете найти не только самые свежие новости, но и огромное количество переведённой на русский язык документации.
mean, sails, mongodb, javascript, node, server, mongo, express, nodejs
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parashuram :: home page
the home page of parashuram
angular, nodejs, performance, node, scripts, javascript, java, programming
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node.js frameworks
hand-picked registry of node.js frameworks.
node, nodejs, javascript
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node.js, php, javascript, and html5 blog
web development with node.js, javascript, and html5
html5, javascript, node
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enrique moreno tent - web developer
blog about web development by enrique moreno tent
ruby, rails, node, joomla, dresden, typo3, typoscript, wordpress, grunt, html, developer, development, html5, jquery, javascript, css3
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aaron gray • angular developer in birmingham, al
web developer and business guy. i like angular, ruby on rails, wordpress, startups, and internet marketing.
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patrick steele-idem
web development, javascript, node.js and open source software.
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artifact conference
artifact conference. an event for designers and developers facing challenges in designing for a multi-device world. takes place may 5-7, 2014 in austin, texas and sept. 29-oct. 1, 2014 in providence, rhode island.
design, conference, responsive, javascript, mobile, development, event, artifact, css3, html5
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the node beginner book » a comprehensive node.js tutorial
a comprehensive node.js tutorial for beginners: learn how to build a full blown web application with server-side javascript
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the node beginner book » a comprehensive node.js tutorial
a comprehensive node.js tutorial for beginners: learn how to build a full blown web application with server-side javascript
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open source development company | linnovate - web solutions for enterprise
linnovate is the leading open source and drupal company in israel, dedicated to the creation of high-end open source based solutions for enterprise, and the creator of
node, mongo, angular, source, drupal, mean, open
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112 | a conference for moms
mamacon is the premier conference for moms. it\s a parenting conference, a women\s conference, a girlfriend getaway and a chance for moms to relax,
conference, event, mamacon, convention, parent, mothers, women, mother, parenting, mama, parents, single, moms, preschool, seattle, mommacon, bellevue, momacon, mommycon, mommas
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csnipp - social code sharing
csnipp is a code snippet management tool which helps coders to share knowledge, recieve feedback and reduce their time spend on writing code
snippets, code, snippet, tool, management, angular, knowledge, store, collaborate, share, sharing, python, html, csnipp, javascript, bootstrap, jquery, ruby, node
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evs minder | your open source solution for event registration software
open source, online registration, event registration, software application flexible, affordable alternative regonline
registration, online, software, event, conference, service, open, source, seminar, line, training, system
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freelance designer & developer. like ruby and node.
percol, rbenv, ruby
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jschannel: we, the javascript people...
jschannel is a community providing a platform from javascript enthusiasts from across the world to meet, greet and explore.we host conferences, we run meetups and we train people on javascript topics.
javascript, conference, nodejs, angularjs, jsconference, community, jschannel, bengaluru
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javascript, html5 & css conference: o'reilly fluent, march 07 - 10, 2016, san francisco, ca
learn to design & build websites using javascript, html5, css, node & the latest web development frameworks at fluent, mar 7-10, 2016 in san francisco.
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angular grid and native javascript grid
ag-grid is one of the best javascript data grids that works as native javascript grid, web components grid and angularjs grid. feature rich. blazing fast.
components, grid, data, angularjs, angular, javascript
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learn javascript -
learn javascript with eric elliott
node, course, courses, book, books, classes, class, elliott, javascript, learn, eric
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ps: its mike - michael mukhin . los angeles . playing with javascript, node.js, php,, sand on sunny days
my personal blog, php single page apps, node.js,, tutorials - michael mukhin
developer, angeles, node, rooms, single, page, chat, application, backbone, mukhin, javascript, michael, socket
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toronto ruby on rails developer kevin faustino | adventures in coding
toronto based ruby on rails developer kevin faustinos technical blog about ruby on rails, javascript, and software development
ruby, development, javascript, toronto, rails
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node, javascript, chromium, nwjs, chrome
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the #1 nigerian blog discussing application development techniques focusing especially on hypertext markup language (html), cascading style sheets (css), javascript, php, mysql, node.js, python and other technologies
python, django, node, mysql, javascript, html
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node.js news
nodejs news is a news web site on node.js
node, connect, async, javascript, webperf, news, nodejs, socket
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simples ideias, por nando vieira. artigos sobre ruby, rails, javascript, jquery, node.js e muito mais. - simples ideias
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node.js hispano | node.js javascript en el servidor comunidad en español
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energeliasoft - construimos web
creamos páginas web e- commerce, tiendas, drupal, wordpress, joomla, shopify, shympony, cake, ruby on rails, heroku programación en ruby, php, javascript
ruby, javascript, heroku, rails, wordpress, joomla, drupal
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home page | all your base - the practical database conference
all your base - the practical database conference
data, open, oracle, cassandra, python, ruby, source, scaling, couchbase, hadoop, elasticsearch, store, sharding, performance, rdbms, conference, back, databases, developer, database
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sean omlor | ruby on rails and javascript web developer
hello, my name is sean omlor. i'm a ruby on rails and javascript web application developer.
ruby, rails, developer, omlor, sean, javascript, development, seanomlor, somlor, consulting, contract, expert, application, ember, hire, backbone
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ollie mcfarlane : developer in london
i am ollie mcfarlane and this is my blog. i am currently a web developer in london. mainly javascript, angular, php node. specialise in prestashop, concrete5 & express
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node.js web and framework development company india
node js india has a team of node.js developers providing you cost effective, real-time, scalable node.js web and framework development to meet your all requirements.
node, development, india, company, services, developer, framework
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ruby on plugingeek
notable plugins for web and mobile development. like airbnb but for space travel.
ruby, find, search, rails, jquery, cocoapods, gems, rubygems, javascript
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javascript screencasts and tutorials -
javascript tutorials - javascript free videos around angularjs, ionic and angular 2, learn now.
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angular-meteor - realtime full stack
realtime, build, stack, apps, angular, easy, data, json, authentication, node, mongodb, synchronization, oauth, collaborative, bindings, websockets, backend, sync, browser, completely
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home - monomelodies
monomelodies website for open source projects
github, node, javascript, source, documentation, open
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rspective | pragmatic software house | node.js | web | mobile | saas
we are a pragmatic software house. we deliver it and software development services for startups and fast-growing companies. let us be your cto and tech team!
software, nosql, apps, nodeschool, android, rails, learning, machine, python, mobile, ruby, java, bespoke, tailored, custom, development, nearshoring, outsourcing, startups, node
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appunti software
sito web sul software development utilizzando le tecnologie java, javascript ed open source
appcelerator, eclipse, tomcat, javascript, ruby, software, development, open, source, java
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proudcloud | a ruby on rails, javascript, ui/ux design company from manila, philippines
ruby on rails and javascript development in manila, philippines
ruby, javascript, manila, philippines, development, agile, backbonejs, design, rails, developers
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angular 2 book | angular books
angular 2 book! the first angularjs 2 and laravel book! learn by building awesome interactive web applications
angular, angularjs, book, books, framework, tutorials, learn, laravel, learning, tutorial
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a curated list of angular-js directives. | the best angular-js directives for $http, ui, controller, $scope, element, plugins, directives, bootstrap
module, directive
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improvement interactive inc.
improvement interactive builds customer software for the enterprise with expertise in javascript, angular 2, mongodb and nodejs.
nodejs, mongodb, angular, javascript
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developers blog - javascript, node.js, python and php.
javascript, node.js, python and php.
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developers blog - javascript, node.js, python and php.
javascript, node.js, python and php.
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cylon.js - javascript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the internet of things using node.js
cylon.js is a javascript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the internet of things using node.js. it provides a simple, yet powerful way to create javascript robots that incorporate multiple, different hardware devices at the same time.
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conference and event services
university of vermont's affordable conference services include logistical coordination for business events in vermont and provide marketing, registration, financial management, housing, dining, parking, transportation, & technology support for conferences at uvm.
vermont, event, planning, conference, services, center, company, management, wedding, meeting, business, coordination
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кирилл ширинкин. full stack ruby developer. блог о разработке веб-приложений, продуктивности, путешествиях и медиа-развлечениях. а помимо всего прочего - курсы ruby on rails и angular.js
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node.js qa 게시판
node.js 의 무궁한 발전을 위해 발판이 되고자 궁금한 부분 질문해주시면 답변해드릴 수 있는 q&a 게시판을 제작해 봅니다. 많은 질문해주세요. 바로 답변해드리겠습니다. 그리고, 상단에 draft story, publish story 에 다양한 컨셉을 바탕으로 해서 글이 연재되니 참고하세요. mobile에서도 잘 나옵니다. ^^ kin플~ - 저의 소개 (@nanhapark) thanks for 다양한 front-end 기술을 연구하고 전파하는 모임 frends
mobile, html5, nanhapark, ecmascript, javascript, node
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textangular :: lightweight angular.js, javascript wysiwyg/text-editor
editor, wysiwyg, javascript, text, texteditor, angular, angularjs
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home - andre honsberg
articles about technologies that include php, ruby, javascript, hacking, frameworks and much more.
zend, framework, search, information, technology, jquery, devlopment, ruby, javascript
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inrhythm | high velocity product development
inrhythm focuses on high velocity product development, agile & lean start-up, ux design, javascript, single page application, responsive web, angular, node.
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rafael benevides' blog
rafael benevides - software engineer - blog (java, angular, javascript, devops, docker, etc)
nodejs, github, conferences, technologies, talks, architecture, patterns, java, devops, javascript, angular, design, agile, docker
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152 - store your .net, php, ruby, java, javascript, jquery,
save your .net, php, ruby, java, javascript, jquery, sql and all of your code online. share it with the world or keep it public but always have it available to
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laravel, angular & node.js developers | cubet techno labs pvt ltd
cubet techno labs, experts in laravel, angular & nodejs development, stands for rendering web & mobile app solutions to meet any business/enterprise.
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cubet techno labs | laravel, angular & node.js developers
cubet techno labs, experts in laravel, angular & nodejs development, stands for rendering web & mobile app solutions to meet any business requirements.
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home page | render conference - oxford 2016
render conference - oxford 2016
source, open, html5, webgl, white, events, october, html, sass, front, designer, developer, conference, less, javascript
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smashing conference oxford 2016, march 15th to 16th
smashing conference oxford 2016, march 15th to 16th an event for passionate web designers and developers, organized by vitaly friedman and the smashing magazine team.
smashing, conference, html5, javascript, css3, magazine, development, event, design
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mobily marcin dziewulski
experienced and creative javascript and ruby developer from poland.
html, sass, css3, html5, ruby, grunt, rails, ember, frontend, engineer, developer, poland, jquery, stapes, zepto, javascript
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rafael fidelis | programming notes
aqui estou eu novamente, pronto pra revelar para vocês mais uma falha de segurança que eu encontrei em dos produtos/sites mais utilizados do mercado
fidelis, rafidelis, github, fidelisrafael, angular, node, programming, rpgmaker, titanium, rails, ruby, mobile, sinastra, rafael, octopress, rgss
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node.js для начинающих » подробный учебник по node.js
подробный учебник по node.js для начинающих: научитесь создавать полномасштабные веб-приложения с серверными javascript
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mike neder | remote full stack developer | javascript angular meanjs | seo specialist
technical consultant for javascript and php projects
technical, consultant, programmer, javascript, html
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hire ruby on rails experts - railization.
we are an excellent team of ruby on rails experts who are delivering robust and bespoke apps since 2012
development, android, wordpress, angular, rails, experts, ruby
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angular summit - angularjs conference - september 27 - 30, 2015 - boston, ma - angular summit
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eon | home
the event organiser's network. everything you need to make organising your next event simpler and more informed is right here.
conference, event, venues, audio, decor, visual, venue, events, speakers, services
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node.js chrome javascript i/o
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email address verification service | kickbox
determine which email addresses are real and high-quality for free. upload and verify email lists or use our api for node.js, php, python, and ruby.
email, verify, free, check, node, ruby, verification, list, validation, python
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nexgen cloud conference & expo | cloud channel conference
nexgen cloud is the only cloud event for the channel that brings together solution provider and vendor executives to discuss how cloud computing is changing the way companies conduct business today.
event, conference, cloud, provider, channel, service, solution, services, independent
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as3js - actionscript to javascript transpiler
as3js is a transpiler for converting actionscript 3.0 to javascript that allows you to write both client and server-side javascript applications using as3
oopsjs, mcleodgaming, greg, mcleod, oops, importjs, node, javascript, actionscript, flash
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nightwatch.js | node.js powered end-to-end testing framework
browser automated testing done easy. write efficient and straightforward javascript end-to-end tests in node.js which run against a selenium server.
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169 | infos und tutorials zu node.js
nodecode ist ein deutsch-sprachiges portal zu node.js. hier findest du infos, anleitungen und tutorials rund um die themen nodejs, javascript und webentwicklung.
deutsch, deutschland, server, tutorial, nodejs, javascript, nodecode
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fractal | node.js consulting, events, and open source
fractal applies cutting edge technologies - including node.js, html5 and nosql - to solve hard problems. as a dedicated contributor to the community, we offer consulting, development, and training steeped in best practices that results in clean and performant code.
nodejs, node, source, open, consulting, events, training
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home page | smac day, 2015, bangalore
a conference for smac entrepreneurs, bringing you an exquisite lineup of speakers.
css3, html5, javascript, development, conference, design, event
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pragmatic - leading provider of open source business applications openerp, ruby on rails, node.js, talend, jaspersoft - pragmatic
pragmatic tecsoft pvt. ltd. software company provideing solutions for cutting edge technologies in openerp, ruby on rails, talend, jaspersoft, twilio, openvbx, crm, cms
stability, training, services, implementation, integration, applications, legacy, control, india, pune, magento, maintainence, saas, development, rails, ruby, openerp, talend, jaspersoft, twilio
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effectif development
notes on the use of dynamic scripting languages for agile web development, covering ruby on rails, javascript and version control with git. written by graham ashton.
developer, javascript, ashton, ruby, graham
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the angular cheilitis
how to cure the angular cheilitis even if this condition is not considered serious by the medical community and pharmaceutical companies. here is the definitive
angular, cheilosis, cheilitis, stomatitis, perleche, commissural
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unser ziel ist es, ihnen eine qualitativ hochwertige lösung anzubieten, die darüber hinaus mit blick auf bereits bestehende oder künftige anwendungen flexibel und somit kosteneffiziente ist.
joomla, native, javascript, apache, html, zend, node, angular, jquery, webprogramming, webengineering, systemengineering, mode, customizing, windows, linux, mambo, nagios
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lanyrd - discover thousands of conferences and professional events!
see events your contacts are going to, build your own speaker profile and catch up on conference videos and slides. event organizers: promote your event with lanyrd.
conference, find, speaker, directory, organising, event, conferences, experts, social, expert, training, teaching, coaching, listing, portfolio, lanyard, near, lanyrd, events, speaking
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welcome to srt premium functions | bringing experience to the party! | home
srt-functions specializes in event management, conference planning, special event planning, wedding planning, party planning, events management, event organizing, product launches. garden route, western cape
management, event, events, conference, meeting, planning, companies, company, group, corporate, special, agencies, service, team, plan, agency, project, solution, premiere, premier
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a friendly ruby on rails / javascript agency in bristol | cookieshq
ruby on rails / javascript development studio in bristol, uk
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govern node right.
the node foundation should adopt io.js's open governance model for its technical committee.
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jquery ui chat
javascript realtime chat like facebook/gmail web style built with jquery ui + node.js +
node, nodejs, jqueryui, socket, realtime, chat, html5, websocket, jquery, javascript
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online training institute in ameerpet, hyderabad, india, online training institute in hyderabad, india.
scripting school provides online training by real time experts from hyderabad, india. call 7032920093 for online training demo timings and classes. we provide online trainings on perl scripting, python, shell scripting, linux admin, ant, awk, javascript, jquery, lua, groovy scripts, groovy on grails, html5, maven, powershell, php, ruby script, ruby on rails, r scripts, rexx, tcl script, vbscript, angularjs, backbone js, node.js etc.
training, online, india, institute, from, script, ruby, scripting, hyderabad, software, scripts, vbscript, node, rails, angularjs, shell, backbone, computer, python, powershell
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victor.js - 2d vectors for javascript
a javascript vector maths library for node.js and the browser.
browserify, bower, drawing, vector, victor, math, javascript
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marcos placonas blog
a technology weblog about web development and usability. featuring adobe coldfusion, railo, rails, python, java, adobe flash, adobe flex, jquery, javascript, c#
ruby, rails, development, design, placona, marcos, tomcat, flex, flash, coldfusion, java, javascript, apache, resin, jquery
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how to create free online store and make money daily
the convention facilities you need for effective conference planning are paramount to the success of your conference. here are the indispensible ones and how to get them in lagos
conference, managers, meeting, convention, event, center, planning, centers, centre, house, halls, business, nigeria, education, facilities, lagos, ikeja, plan
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all angular cheilitis sufrer who think they can not cure their angular cheilitis ever
i got rid of angular cheilitis in just 2 days using a simple home remedy. you too can get immediate relief. guaranteed
cheilitis, angular, cure, overnight, remedy, home, treatment
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electrode | universal react and node.js application platform @walmartlabs powered
open source react/node.js application platform from walmart labs. scaffold an app and deploy to the cloud in minutes with electrode.
react, node, rendering, scalable, performance, walmart, enterprise, components, alone, modules, confippet, stand, component, reactjs, electrode, reusable
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société huile de code - developpement logiciels libre et applications mobile temps réel - open source - node.js - web socket - jquery - bootstrap - java - j2ee - html5 - css3
société de production de code informatique javascript, nodejs et web socket. spécialisé dans le développement open source et sur mesure. applications temps réel, mobile et desktop. jquery - bootstrap - java jee - html5 et css3
jquery, socket, java, j2ee, css3, html5, mobile, applications, node, javascript, code, reel, temps, developpement, mesure, libres, logiciels, source, open
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nodejs中文网 - 专注于nodejs技术,分享nodejs使用心得。
node, nodejs
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meet in ireland - home | meet in ireland
meet in ireland is the official mice (meetings, incentives, conference and events) brand and website for the island of ireland
event, conference, events, planning, corporate, hotels, incentive, venues, company, management, meeting, travel, dublin, ideas, business, meetings, rooms, activity, building, team
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magento - ecommerce - node js - angular js - web & mobile application development- auriga it
start your online business/ecommerce store with auriga it’s professional web and mobile application development team. we are experts of magento - node js -
development, ecommerce, company, india, magento, solutions, joomla, website, angular, node
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hitchhikers blog on web development
blog about php(laravel), js(angular), css & life.
application, page, single, maroc, hitchhiker, programming, laravel, angular, angularjs, life, morocco, javascript
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conference and event management agency in the uk | conference contacts
conference contacts are a leading conference and event management agency. for more information contact us on 01628 773300
management, event, meeting, planner, delegate, finder, venue, planners, days, agency, conference, team, building
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orizen oren farhi javascript blog, angular.js blog | javascript & ui development, web technologies and trends
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実践型プログラミング問題集 techdrill | あなたのプログラミングを次のレベルへ
過去2500名以上の卒業生を輩出したtech::campが提供する無料のプログラミング問題集。ruby / ruby on rails / javascript / swift / html・cssのカテゴリーからあなたにあった問題を選ぶことができます。
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react.js, node.js, mongodb, express.js and javascript courses
san francisco and new york city courses on react.js, node.js, mongodb, express.js and javascript
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196 :: design, develop, and launch awesome products
we work with startups and established companies implementing great ideas with simplicity and code quality
android, reactjs, legacy, upgrade, maintenance, angularjs, elixir, code, startup, develop, ruby, rails, javascript, node, design
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fred wu's blog | freelance ruby on rails, javascript, front-end, ui web developer in melbourne, australia
freelance ruby on rails, javascript, front-end, ui web developer in melbourne, australia
book, tests, protip, ruby
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programming design. designer/artist capable of 3d design and printing media who is able to program in ruby on rails, php and javascript. joomla expert, wordpress designer, blender 3d user.
design, cinema, ruby, free, wordpress, template, rails, coffescript, haml, framework, joomla, javascript, blackmagic, film, graphic, hobby, blender, germany, hannover
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online conference directory and event planning
confevent helps you find details about conferences worldwide and plan your events. do not miss interesting events and popular conferences! plan your own events with close friends!
conference, event, meetings, conferences, promotion, regional, local, publicity, events, directory, database, service, planning, academic
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streaming json loading for node and browsers : oboe.js
a streaming approach to json. oboe.js is a javascript library for node.js and browsers that speeds up web applications by providing parsed objects before the response completes
browsers, node, streaming, json
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free professional hd screencasts and video tutorials on ajax, coffeescript, css, css3, haml, homebrew, html5, ios, javascript, jquery, ruby, ruby on rails, sass, sinatra, titanium mobile and unobtrusive javascript
javascript, ruby, tutorials, jquery, rails, sinatra, unobtrusive, mobile, titanium, sass, html5, coffeescript, ajax, videos, video, css3, screencasts, homebrew, haml
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web rube - 噜吧
web 开发相关的技术型资讯交流网站,包括后台的 php/ruby/python 甚至 mysql/apache 等,以及前台的 html5 javascript 等。是 hick( 同学自娱自乐的同时,也渴望分享交流的一亩三分地。
html, javascript, mysql, apache, html5, python, ruby
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huge event - event & conference template
huge event - event & conference template
event, page, conference, business, project, corporate, hugestem, html5, template, hugeevent, huge, responsive
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ruby - nashville's boutique event venue
ruby is an upscale, boutique event venue that is as unique as nashville. ruby has a modern, industrial vibe in a historic structure. ruby is an oasis in the city, surrounded by dragon park and part of the hillsboro village/vanderbilt neighborhood.
nashville, venue, events, event, village, vanderbilt, hillsboro, outdoor, dragon, park, space, wedding, hall, reception, music, ruby, corporate
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frontend-entwicklung mit javascript, css und html
dennis reimann ist freiberuflicher softwareentwickler für webanwendungen: frontend-entwicklung mit javascript, css und html.
angular, mobile, html5, html, javascript, responsive
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nodetime - performance analytics for node.js applications, node.js apm
performance profiler and monitor node.js
node, analytics, metrics, slow, bottlnecks, monitoring, heap, nodejs, performance, profiling
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w3villa technologies | nodejs and ruby on rails consultancy
w3villa technologies is a top node.js and mobile game development company in india. experts in ruby on rails (ror), node.js, spree commerce and android. follow agile : tdd and bdd
development, product, software, company, services, startup, lean, consulting, design, outsourcing, technology
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sails.js | realtime mvc framework for node.js
sails.js makes it easy to build custom, enterprise-grade node.js apps. it is designed to resemble the mvc architecture from frameworks like ruby on rails, but with support for the more modern, data-oriented style of web app development. its especially good for building realtime features like chat.
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9piecesof8 software llc | product design and development consultancy
outsourced web development, custom web development, product design, research and development, ruby, rails, angular, node
development, outsourced, application, product, custom, design
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pages of interest
michael robinson's site, the font from which all truth flows. mostly php, javascript, objective c, rapid weaver and web development. with some random sauce mixed in.
tutorial, technology, javascript, meta, mate, rapidweaver, angular, uncategorized
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chris larson | challenging the status quo and empowering engineers
how tos and tutorials about labview, node.js, angular.js, drupal and the internet of things
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a counseling astrologer, with a background in the psychology of carl jung, provides astrology readings in life direction, soul purpose, and relationships.
node, north, astrology, uranus, life, relationships, aries, love, crisis, aging, healing, heart, gemini, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces, scorpio, libra, stress
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токарчук андрей (zend framework, php, ruby on rails, ruby)
zend framework, doctrine, php, ubuntu и другие интересные штуки. блог zend framework разработчика. программирование на php, вопросы использование memcached,
ruby, framework, javascript, html, ajax, mootools, tookit, dojo, jquery, mysq, rails, paterns, php5, zend, php6
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ウェブエンジニアのメモ帳 |
php, ruby, html5, javascript 界隈のこと、勉強会情報等を記録しています。 @mawatarin
rbenv, ruby, python, composer, laravel, homebrew, serverspec, cakephp, ansible
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international cross-cultural consulting, llc | open source web design for a beautiful web
custom website design, web development using open source technologies like drupal, node.js, linux, php, javascript and wordpress
development, design, module, responsive, drupal
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.xx[_ redrails _]xx.
tutoriais, dicas e truques sobre ruby, ruby on rails, jquery, programação em geral e jogos
rails, desenvolvimento, ruby, javascriptrails, tocantins, palmas, jquery, wordpress, tips, dicas, tutorial, javascript
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the bike shed
on the bike shed, hosts derek prior, sean griffin, laila winner, and guests discuss their development experience and challenges with ruby, rails, javascript, and whatever else is drawing their attention, admiration, or ire this week.for sponsorship opportunities, inquire at
rails, javascript, ruby, development
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snippet repo
snippet repo is a members-only code repository created to save developers time spent rewriting code.
snippets, snippet, bootstrap, python, node, angular, jquery, repo, html, code, javascript
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220 the tutorial hub for developers the tutorial point all about web design, web development, how to tutorial, php, ajax, jquery, angular js, html, cygnite, magento etc.
development, design, server, rest, soap, framework, mysql, service, application, magento, sanjoy, cygnite, json, ajax, angular, jquery, javascript, mongodb, database, appsntech
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collection of ruby tutorials, excercises, puzzles, screencasts, blogs, podcasts, conference recordings, and other resources to help you learn ruby.
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dandy coding | web and mobile applications with ruby on rails
dandy coding is a development agency located in mons (belgium) building quality web and mobiles applications with ruby on rails and javascript
ruby, rails, development
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ruby sky event planning - conferences, meetings, incentives and events
welcome to ruby sky event planning. we provide unique experiences for your guests that keep them engaged, motivated and above all, talking about you!
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delahunty event management
delahunty event management specialise in corporate hospitality, event management and conference organisation in dublin, ireland. we offer a wide range of solutions for every corporate event, from 'one-off' corporate functions to new music and dance shows and sports events'. we provide a personalised and professional service. we have worked on a vast portfolio of events including, rod stewart, george michael and harry connick jr
event, management, conference, corporate, ireland, dublin, hospitality, organiser, organisation, launch, companies, company, entertainment, themed, events, ceremonies, awards, organisers, timberlake, planners
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gamarod - programacion web
javascript, posicionamiento web, tutoriales para web developers y web designers.
javascript, download, windows, downloaden, inschakelen, free, nederlands, tutorial, script, activeren, current, element, feedback, input, textbox, grid, label, voor, xbox, browser
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webuilder - code editor for html, css, javascript, php, asp, ruby, python, perl
webuilder is a quick and lightweight yet very powerful web developer's editor with support for html, css, javascript, php, asp, ruby, perl and more.
editor, javascript, html
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smart it - web development, software development, mobile application development
web development, software development, mobile application development
javascript, ajax, java, objective, javaee, cakephp, framework, zend, struts, android, html5, flash, development, ruby, python, mysql, node, rails
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jarrod spillers
jarrod spillers#8217;s blog about ruby, rails, programming, technology, the universe, and everything.
ruby, rails, security, unix, encryption, systems, ajax, javascript, cryptography
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ebusiness and ecommerce experts -
magento e-commerce, sap hybris, cloudera, angular.js, node.js, symfony 2. we provide consultancy, setup and implementation.
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isomorphic javascript - the future of web app development
isomorphic javascript resources: libraries, frameworks, tutorials, techniques, and more.
angular, ember, flux, rendr, javascript, libraries, frameworks, tutorials, isomorphic
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arthur gouveia - full stack web developer
web developer who saves the world one line of code at a time w/ ruby on rails, python and php. defends the front end w/ html5, css3 and javascript.
css3, html5, javascript, brazil, pessoa, xhtml, html, ruby, development, developer, rails, python
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hes staffing
event, staffing, conference, staff, security, support, companies, national, conferences, corporate, events, promotional, show, trade, admin, special, administrative, models, services, personnel
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omar fouad - advanced angularjs structure with gulp, node and browserify
omarfouad, zero, quartier, fouad, omar, official, css3, html5, javascript, nodejs, sass, coffeescript, development, ruby, designer, website, developer, quartierzero, portfolio, york
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phocuswright conference : phocuswright conference - travel conference
the phocuswright conference - the leading global event for the travel industry - a vibrant must attend 3-day business to business event.
conference, phocuswright, technology, analysis, travel, strategy
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joyvictor softwares
joyvictor softwares the ultimate destination for all your software needs.we provide the best professional web and software services with 110% effort and commitment . we have 2+ years experience in various web programming and designing technologies including php, css, javascript, jquery, angular js, bootstrap, ruby on rails , java, python and other famous cms & frameworks
applications, softwares, joyvictor, business, solutions, mobile
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emanuel goette, alias crespo
java apache linux spring soa scala ruby maven javascript php open source nosql hibernate jvm esb android python erlang mongodb html hadoop osgi rest
apache, spring, cloud, bpel, objeto, ceylon, orientada, haskell, clojure, rest, perl, computing, servicemix, postgres, richfaces, dart, newsql, lisp, jruby, activemq
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learn ruby, rails, javascript | how to code | codequizzes
learn programming with ruby, javascript, and rails code quizzes.
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gateway event & conference center
the gateway event and conference center is akron and cantons newest facility for meetings, seminars, continuing education classes, and socials events. we are very happy to provide you with conference and event services to suit your business or personal needs. the gateway event and conference center is located in north canton, ohio in the cak international business park which is on the grounds of the akron canton airport. ,
conference, center, ohio, canton, event, gateway, rooms, akron, training, business, meeting, party, global, facility, meetings, executive, wedding, international, seminars, north
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hugo web前端开发
关注html, css, javascript, jquery, flex, node.js等web前端开发技术
react, javascript, wordpress
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north node or true node - learn all about the north node or true node and its impact on your karmic destiny.
the true node, also known as the north node, is your karmic direction in this lifetime. like a lighthouse, it points the way towards your destiny.
node, true, north
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conference venues sa - venues for meetings, events and conferences
find a venue in south africa with conference facilities for your business meeting, training course, corporate hospitality event or conference at conference venues south africa
conference, venues, south, cape, africa, province, north, eastern, state, western, free, west, mpumalanga, conferences, centres, facilities, northern, gauteng, limpopo
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fenix web server | static web servers for the desktop
static, server, json, node, html, simple, visual, javascript
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global event forum
unique business conference for professionals of event-marketing industry. platform for building up an open and honest dialogue between the agencies, suppliers and clients.
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home | quantumui -
quantumui is the most powerful native angularjs and bootstrap css based ui components make developer life easy. completely mvvm structure, easy, light, fast, mobile friendly 25+ components and lots of native angular services. optimized and extended bootstrap based css structure with pure css3 plugins
angularui, pageable, quantumui
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beyond tellerrand // an event about web design, development and more
beyond tellerrand is an affordable web design and development event with high quality talks and full day workshops. taking place every year in may in düsseldorf and november in berlin. an event for a friendly and inspiring community!
type, html5, javascript, typography, berlin, thiele, marc, css3, btconf, tellerrand, event, conference, development, design, beyond
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ben d'angelo's dev blog
software developer in toronto, canada. indie game developer, linux user, open-source contributer, and book worm. javascript, ruby, c#, and c++ are my specialty.
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conference alerts|national conference alerts | international conference alerts|
find conference alerts for upcoming academic conferences of your interest and choice. you can also add and advertise your national and international seminar, webinar, workshops conference, event.
conference, conferences, database, service, promotion, academic, alerts, publicity
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devstickers stickers and t-shirts for web developers
huge selection of stickers and t-shirts for designers and developers of open source projects like angularjs, node.js, html5, javascript, css3, vim, linux and much more.
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runningcoder open source javascript plugins
useful open source javascript plugins using the jquery library for your web applications, read documentation and try multiple implementation demos
demo, source, development, open, plugins, typeahead, validation, jquery, javascript, runningcoder
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international conference services ltd. / a conference, association and corporate event management company
at international conference services (ics), our passion is organizing superior conferences, events and incentive programs. call us today [+1] 604 681 2153
management, event, conference, planning, planner, corporate, planners, meeting, events, convention, destination, special, companies, company, incentive, international, professional, program, servi, programs