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official bible resources - your resource for god's biblical truth has over 10, 000 pages revealing the lord god, his son jesus christ, and his biblical truth behind bible verses. includes articles written by betty miller co-founder of, daily bible devotional, bible answers to your bible questions, bible study and bible search tools.
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workmen for christ
workmen for christ is a ministry devoted to god and his word, aimed at teaching biblical truths and comparing doctrines to the bible itself. we aim to help the body of christ grow stronger and more mature in the faith of our lord.
christian, teaching, biblical, doctrine, bible, help, christ, false, maturity, growth, ministries, online, jesus, workmen, truth, word
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making disciples & planting churches
teaching the gospel, establishing in righteousness
jesus, christ, ministry, ministries, life, lord, healing, gospel, name, death, international, souls, love, internatio, through, restoration, living, great, bible, cross
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the shekinah glory
this website is dedicated to the lord of heaven and earth. emphasis is ont the creator of the universe. the gospel of jesus christ. also featured is the adler family, horst adler, jeanette adler, chris, tracy.
jesus, christ, earth, lord, gospel, heaven, savior, christianity, saved, faith, trust, inspiration, bible, inerrancy, redeemer, biblical, truth
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jesus folk
the official web site of jesus christ loving folk and god fearing christian. jesus folk: love jesus, people, & the bible. it is your god & jesus christ centered bible based christian portal where jesus is lord!
jesus, official, christian, christ, christians, love, gods, christianity, bible, website
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bible reasons- bible verses about various topics
bible verses for any topic! christian questions answered! bible verse of the day! help with god, christianity, jesus, faith, and biblical quotes!
christianity, jesus, scriptures, verses, quotes, bible
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the coming rapture of the church
this website describes what will happen in the future based on biblical teachings. jesus christ is king of kings and lord of lords. come to find out the truth in gods' word.
jesus, tribulation, again, biblical, born, saved, future, children, scripture, jerusalem, christ, trinity, israel, prophecy, bible, holy, spirit, messiah, church, great
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wordtruth partnership
the purpose of wordtruth is to bring glory to god by presenting biblical truth that is applicable and meaningful for daily life.
holy, christ, spirt, trinity, lord, jesus, faith, bible, study, religion, truth
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biblword | daily thoughts from the bible to comfort, teach, and challenge you brings the word of god to people on the internet. home of internet's best bible question, bible quotes and other encouraging bible verses.
bible, jesus, online, christian, life, images, courage, verses, lord, faith, quotes
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unlocking truth: truth will set you free!
truth, bible, unlocking, biblical, about, righteousness, heaven, prophecy, studies, salvation, mark, redemption, faith, beast, sanctification, hope, love, online, life, rapture
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holy is the lamb - christian flash movies, flash trax, e-prayer cards, daily verse
holy is the lamb - christian flash movies, flash trax, e-prayer cards, daily verse...this site is dedicated to our lord and savior jesus christ
daily, bible, lamb, faith, christian, flash, scripture, holy, verse, passages, verses, life, christianity, yeshua, yahweh, biblical, eternal, fellowship, messiah, religion
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bible verses by subject
visit this site for thousands of bible verses by subject. bible verses by subject and topic. search free bible verses by subject.
bible, verses, study, biblical, studies, catholic, christian, bookss, look, inspiring, funerals, children, life, kids, religious, lessons, king, james, teen, colleges
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getting to know jesus
getting to know jesus is a nondenominational bible study of the life and teachings of jesus.
jesus, study, bible, christ, about, history, know, galilee, gospels, love, lord, judas, dead, simon, raising, learn, temple, philipp, priests, thaddeus
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heaven - god's promised eternity - bible verses about eternal life
bible verses about heaven and gods promised eternal life. knowing christ and following his example of the proper humble attitude during suffering and at all times. we should all love others.
jesus, bodies, humility, citizenship, attitude, resurrection, testament, destruction, pain, love, eternal, afterlife, christ, life, bible, suffering, dead, hope, biblical, heaven
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sound bible doctrine | christian apologetics | bible doctrine | sound bible teach is needed to defend the faith with spiritual discernment.
christian apologetics website looking at sound bible doctrine and understanding what the bible teaches, and not what men say the bible teaches. listening to the teachings and doctrine of men opened the door to false doctrine, false teaching & false teachers and that have lead millions away from the truth of the gospel found in the bible.
doctrine, bible, false, doctrines, truth, faith, christ, christian, holy, teaching, sound, devils, hope, audio, spirits, blessed, jesus, lord, teachers, apostasy
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woodlands bible church - home
welcome to woodlands bible church we are a church dedicated to teaching the truth of god's word. we are a place of worship, learning and fellowship. the lord jesus christ is central and the glory of god is our deepest desire as we meet together to honor h
woodlands, church, jesus, bible, salvation, smith, christ, pastor, darrell
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bible teachings
christian site presenting articles, books, confessions, etc., that reflect bible views on both doctrinal and practical areas of discipleship. these are written in a clear and simple style, supported by abundant scripture, so the lord can use his word to tell his own story.
testament, christ, lord, jesus, church, eternal, redemption, life, mennonite, mennonites, evidences, conservative, discipleship, truth, scripture, teachings, christian, studies, word, bible
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wordtruth | biblical presentations, scriptural insight or bible study notes | home
welcome to wordtruth, check out wordtruth for your life, relationships, and benefit to others.
holy, christ, spirt, trinity, lord, jesus, faith, bible, study, religion, truth
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abbe road baptist church|bible-based|family oriented|christ magnified
we are committed to helping people come to know jesus as their personal lord and savior, and to walk alongside them as they grow and mature.
choir, truth, widows, children, bible, jesus, christ, awana
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abbe road baptist church|bible-based|family oriented|christ magnified
we are committed to helping people come to know jesus as their personal lord and savior, and to walk alongside them as they grow and mature.
choir, truth, widows, children, bible, jesus, christ, awana
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pacific rim bible studies - bible doctrine for today's needs! free adobe books
jesus, christianity, faith, grace, lord, truth, doctrine, christ, salvation, bible
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henelizs christian corner
my site is dedicated to the truth of the bible, and sending the gospel into the world in these last days, before the year 2011 when christ will more than likely return based on a biblical calendar derived from studying the bible dates.
jesus, bible, delusion, pastors, truth, tongues, signs, israel, wonders, heaven, glory, sword, death, tribulation, last, days, prophet, latter, daniel, seal
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bible prophecy and truth - bible prophecy and truth - free prophecy book - prophecy and current events, prophecy, biblical prophecy, islam in the bible
free prophecy book. islam in the bible. explanation of current events as they relate to biblical prophecy and end time prophecy, and the truth about the word of god. prophetic implications of world events.
islam, bible, prophecy, jesus, time, quran, muslim, antichrist, koran, islamic, christianity, biblical, truth, prophecies, armageddon, religion, church
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bible truth chapel home
bible truth chapel is the meeting place of a group of christians who gather together in the name of the lord jesus christ alone.
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discover the truth television program
discover the truth your church does not want you to find out!
bible, christian, growth, biblical, yahweh, tabernacles, scriptural, guide, feast, christmas, passover, yeshua, with, jesus, yahshua, contemporary, jehovah, spiritual, spirit, truth
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community bible church
reformed bible church in monmouth county, new jersey ? teaching, preaching the lord jesus christ, doctrines of grace and new covenant theology?.
church, jersey, bible, independent, tulip, sovereignty, commentary, worship, glory, evangelism, expository, missions, missionary, exegetical, preaching, biblical, study, sacred, house, christ
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welcome to is the website for christ's church in billings, montana, usa, a body of believers committed to the gospel of the glory of jesus christ. here you will find articles on a variety of biblical subjects, bible study materials, podcasts, live streaming and more.
hell, satan, jehovah, yahwey, wisdom, spirituality, koran, truth, salvation, christianity, jesus, christian, christ, bible
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jesus christ is lord
christ, life, jesus, holy, rfid, chist, messiah, antichrist, anti, salvation, baptism, biblical, text, scripture, evangelical, spirit, beast, christian, creator, meaning
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springwood chapel - york pa
we are a new testament church under the lord jesus christ located in york pa
bible, grace, truth, school, doctrines, five, mercy, fellowship, love, word, family, solas, jesus, christ, salvation, chapel, york, messiah, messianic, covenant
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christ is the truth - home
christ is the truth, the way, and the life. god’s love flows continuously like a spring, bestowed to you, to me, and to him, bestowed to all who genuinely seek the truth and wait for god’s appearing.
bible, almighty, faith, church, inspiration, religion, union, christ, gospel, hell, lord, trinity, kingdom, heaven, grace, cross, jesus, lightning, eastern, good
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lighthouse bible church - pastor john farley
lighthouse bible church (lbc) is a no-nonsense, non-denominational, grace oriented and bible centered christian church. lbc is dedicated to proclaiming the gospel of the lord jesus christ.
gospel, prison, prisoner, christ, jesus, doctrine, truth, grace, bible
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the bible page - home
the bible page - the truth shall set you free - bible-based christianity on the internet
truth, bible, died, love, loved, death, crucify, yeshua, cross, world, crucified, begotten, trust, religion, religious, church, faith, belief, save, believe
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all for jesus
with god's help, this site will become a vessel of honor for god, a place of prayer and praise - of sharing and of caring; an invitation for all men to come to god through faith in jesus of nazareth.
jesus, lord, christ, fybromyalgia, alzheimers, adultery, perspective, about, debt, spiritual, witness, prayer, force, homeless, nazareth, feminism
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by jeanne geidel-neal inspirational scripture pictures at and god says productions
inspirational scripture pictures, god's word on photographs, inspirational bible pictures, word of god, living way scripture pictures, bible verses on pictures, scripture photography, inspirational photographs, inspirational scripture pictures, word of god photographs, scripture pictures, bible verses, bible scripture pictures, pictures with scripture, pictures with scriptures, pictures with scripture verses, christian bible quotes, bible verses on pictures, pictures of bible verses, biblical quotes, inspirational bible scriptures, bible scriptures, bible verses, scriptures from the bible, inspirational bible, bible quotes, encouraging bible scriptures, inspirational bible verses, inspiring scriptures from the bible, christian scripture, scriptures in the bible, christian scripture quotes, scriptures of the bible, bible verse, verses from the bible, scripture verses, christian pictures, scripture in pictures, bible pictures, bible scripture images, scripture search, scripture with pictu
bible, pictures, scripture, verses, scriptures, inspirational, quotes, photographs, christian, with, from, word, photography, testament, biblical, verse, inspiring, encouraging, acts, proverbs
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trinity bible church - home
trinity bible church is a diverse group of people who come together in the unity of christian love to worship christ, serve and fellowship with one another, and minister the gospel of the grace of god to our community. we are committed to the bible, the written word of god, as the only trustworthy source of revelation from god available to the world today.
jesus, word, christ, creation, exegesis, evolution, doctrine, salvation, saints, church, evangelism, preaching, conservative, bible, messiah, lord, scripture, baptist, truth, expository
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biblical law center
helping churches overcome government persecution and intrusion.
christ, head, jesus, biblical, church, believers, saved, people, bible, carroll, founder, congregational, lords, warfare, spiritual, carnal, weapons, offerings, supper, pastors
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true bible teaching, god's purpose, bible truth, eternal life
bible teaching. bible truth. what is true bible teaching, you invest your time and this website will help you to learn the truth about what the bible really teaches and what our real hope in god is all about.
bible, truth, teaching, jesus, believer, true, apostacy, saint, apostasy, hope, heaven, hell, angels, faith
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defending gods word | a call for sound biblical and spiritual discernment
defending gods word is an online biblical and spiritual discernment ministry here to help you in rightly dividing the word of god when contending for the faith. even amidst persecution we are asked as christians to go forth and preach the gospel and rebuke false doctrines in being a witness for the truth revealed by our lord and savior jesus christ.
false, discernment, word, doctrines, faith, apostacy, witness, prophets, teachers, truth, rebuke, lord, spiritual, biblical, gods, savior, defending, christ, jesus, contend
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your prayers are coveted and most appreciated at gospel truth lighthouse church. your support means so much to us as we strive to reach and do all that we can for our lord and savior, jesus christ.
christ, jesus, lord, reach, cristo, christo, prayer, pray, savior, lighthouse, truth, donate, donation, church, gospeltruth, donut, perkins, gospel, city, rainbow
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lincoln community bible church
biblically sound doctrine church teaching god's word verse by verse.
verse, christ, bible, jesus, time, gospel, word, seminary, christian, expository, lincolnton, church, truth, religion, macarthur, john, biblical
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the lord's prayer
find the lord's prayer here. jesus is lord.
lord, jesus, bible, scripture, christ, pray, prayer, lords, christian, gospel, father
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christ centered lessons - home
designed to bring lessons to those who seek the truth from gods word. not a truth based on ones feelings, desire, or agenda, but the truth based solely on the word of god.
church, christ, supper, lords, singing, lord, worship, husband, papacy, elders, word, wife, family, parenting, christianity, baptism, heaven, truth, bible, jesus
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in christ scriptures - home
the most complete list of in christ scriptures available, all bible verses defining our new identity in christ
christ, bible, verses, study, scriptures, creation, identity
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westfield alliance church good news! jesus christ is lord and savior
a christ centered bible believing church, affiliated with the christian and missionary alliance, a worldwide evangelical denomination.
westfieldalliancechurch, eternal, truth, faith, life, hope, grace, prophesy, probability, resurrection, believe, christian, salvation, news, good, church, alliance, jesus, christ, bible
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truth or tradition? - dedicated to helping you understand the word of god, free from the traditions of men.
there are many ideas about christianity, but our aim is to help people understand what the bible actually says.
holy, jesus, communion, saved, christian, doctrine, unitarian, death, bible, scripture, heaven, spirit, hell, trinity, salvation, truth, lose, tradition, lord, enlightenment
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faith and marriage ministries
faith and marriage ministries is a marriage restoration ministry providing encouragement and support when standing for marriage restoration, even after years of separation and divorce; relying on the biblical principles of faith and marriage restoration, the power of prayer and fasting, sharing praise and restored marriage testimonies, spiritual warfare and the word of our testimony to defeat the works of the devil and stop divorce. the site includes links to online broadcasts, marriage restoration testimonies and prayers for husbands and wives, and bible verses and seeds of faith articles to encourage faith and confidence in the love, power and grace of jesus christ, our lord and savior.
marriage, restoration, prayers, fellowship, members, testimonies, support, bible, lord, verses, faith, praise, restored, word, christ, ministry, believe, flesh, join, sharing
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faith in his blood . org - welcome to faith in his blood . org
the lord jesus christ did all the work necessary to bring about the needed reconciliation between god and man, and salvation is a free gift from god!
holy, bible, jesus, king, james, ghost, spirit, christ, lord
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immanuel's church is a bible believing, bible teaching, evangelical gathering of faith in the lord jesus christ. we are multi-denominational in our makeup and teaching, embracing the best of the truth of our lord and savior.
church, camp, sonshine, youth, cross, interdenominational, summer, deaf, ministry, apostolic, evangelical, media, sacrifice, love, maryland, spring, silver, evangelism, 20905, christ
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jesus name united pentecostal church
jesus name united pentecostal church is a church serving colorado city texas and the surrounding mitchell county area. we are a family of believers that worship the lord jesus christ in spirit and in truth. we enjoy serving the lord in worship, music, praise, preaching, bible study, prayer and obedience to his word.
pentecostal, texas, bible, baptism, ghost, holy, christ, jesus, spirit, scripture, lord, west, evangelism, preaching, study, oneness, school, upci, united, colorado
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juig! tydskrif | christelike familielewe | afrikaans magazine | christian news | christen nuus | jesus christ
joy magazine is a christian family living magazine focused on christian news, eductaion, information and the application of jesus christ in all areas of life.
christian, magazine, worldview, christ, jesus, faith, biblical, promoting, unity, spiritual, lord, informing, online, living, family, news, statement, bible, educating
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home - forerunner chronicles
the truth is the truth! this is the forerunner chronicles official web page.
truth, bible, forerunner, christ, jesus, word, gaga, light, fashion, forerunner777, chronicles, theforerunner777, 4runner77, entertainment, exposes, lady, youtube, politics, music, order
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the new holy bible
the new holy bible, it supercedes and it replaces the old holy bible, the torah, and the koran.
jesus, christ, lord, metatron, enoch, yahweh, bible, messiah, dreher, coming, second, shekinah, mark, holy
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welcome to the church of the open bible!
the church of the open bible is an independent, bible believing and teaching assembly located in the greater burlington woburn community. founded in 1884, cob is located just 12 miles outside of boston and directly off us highway i-95. our convenient location provides easy access from almost anywhere in the greater boston and southern new hampshire areas. we are a christ-centered, family-oriented body of believers seeking to glorify the lord jesus christ. our mission is to honor god by making and maturing disciples who together are becoming like the lord jesus christ.
open, bible, gospel, jesus, christ, discipleship, burlington, boston, area, woburn, church
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† constellation seven revelation † direction in jesus christ †
† the full gospel truth of god as jesus in holy scripture, salvation, creation, miracles, healing, church, prophecies, revelation, biblical archaelogy and testimonies. † all religious myths dispelled once & for all. † discover the absolute truth linked throughout this domain - amen †
holy, testimonies, biblical, church, archaelogy, prayer, revelation, healing, seven, truth, amen, real, ministries, miracles, constellation, scripture, ghost, spirit, jehovah, christ
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true faith baptist church
join us as we share in the truth, build our faith, and activate the christ jesus that was in us all along... opinion is not allowed!
bible, long, spirit, word, hallow, holy, bless, blessings, truefaithbc, paul, biblical, life, jesus, offering, scripture, pastor, truth, true, faith, james
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christ's sanctified holy church-holiness unto the lord
christ sanctified holy church - holiness unto the lord! come worship in the beauty of holiness. sanctify them by thy truth, thy word is truth. no creed but christ, no law but love, no guide but the bible.
holy, north, raleigh, forgiven, second, coming, hell, born, cross, ghost, heaven, again, baptism, redemption, redeemed, father, propitiation, saved, baptize, trinity
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disciples of jesus christ church apostolic faith
we are the disciples of jesus christ church - apostolic faith we have started this website to bring more people closer to our lord jesus christ. we are here to answer questions and provide information that may help guide you on your journey. if you have any questions feel free to email anyone on our contact list. please sign our guest book and let us know that you were here. we have two services a week, you can find the days and times on our home page.
contacts, services, verses, bible
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the westside church of christ of peru, in
our goal as a church and as christians is to find biblical authority for all that we do in service to god. for every thing we do, we want to find a book, chapter and verse to show that it is authorized and therefore pleasing to the lord.
peru, church, truth, westside, lord, indiana, christ, christian, bible
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bible church apostolic
apostolic, holiness, sanctification, gospel of jesus christ, truth, bcooljc, bible church apostolic, bible church of our lord jesus christ, gospel, salvation,
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home - real salvation explained
a comprehensive site to explain the biblical truth about salvation
salvation, christianity, religion, christ, altar, inspiration, real, true, church, times, truth, bible, saved, jesus, saving, biblical, save, christians
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mountain ridge bible chapel
mountain ridge bible chapel is a local church in berkeley heights, nj. our purpose is to worship god, remember the work of the lord jesus christ, and teach biblical truth.
church, berkeley, heights
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bear creek baptist church in hubert, north carolina is currently under the care of interim pastor o. s. sandy bain. we are thriving, growing and continue our commitment to serving the lord by loving others, standing firm on biblical truth and helping one another to grow in relationship with jesus christ. please come and join us in prayer and fellowship!
hope, preschool, ministry, children, marriage, youth, addictions, freedom, from, vacation, minstry, team, kids, bible, school, gospel, depression, sandy, bane, southern
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web page title here
the hebrew word translated intercessor is
prayer, lord, jesus, christ, calling, call, work, faith, bible, corporate, praying, intercessor, sheets, kingdom, ever, ministry, spmi, corpus, shammah, intercessors
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first assembly of god, mountain view ar 72560
first assembly of god church mountain view, ar 72560, pentecostal christian bible study for family. 870-269-3398
church, assembly, jesus, christ, resources, first, ministry, ministries, evangelism, generosity, minister, giving, pentecostal, bible, lord, missions, pastors, pastor, outreach, singles
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bill, jesus christ's peace,justice,reconciliation,counseling,bible study and christian dispute-conflict management
as members of christ's body-the church, peacemakers is dedicated to practicing a dynamic witness for jesus christ that builds the body of christ and attracts the attention of a lost world through; biblical community, biblical instruction; biblical counseling and biblical peacemaking; that reconciles mankind to god, mankind to themselves and mankind to others.
justice, peace, conflict, peacemaker, bible, peacemaking, christian, disciple, disciplined, counseling, reconciliation, love, matthew, peacemakers, repentance, christ, forgiveness, doctrine, discipline, church
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truth labs
meant and the lord jesus christ has located knowledge while in the bible code to be read the bible code to become realized by humanity, starting large intake.
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the gospel truth ministry
christ, africa, misssion, uganda, healing, gifts, prayer, teachings, outreach, evangelism, love, discipleship, christians, testamonies, spirit, holy, religion, destin, ministries, ministry
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e2 (squared) media network - christian pod cast (podcast) | christian media | christian video | christian bible teaching about the truth about god and the love of god.
christian podcast | christian media | christian video | encouraging and engaging (e²), christ-centered media for the church and the "christ-curious -
christian, teaching, church, podcast, love, culture, media, video, jesus, bible, about, christ, devotional, biblical, gods, podcasts, help, what, influence, discipleship
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hot rod church for sinners
hot rod church for sinners is a place where sinners come in and get transformed by the gospel of jesus christ. they are given the owners manual for life (the bible) to equip them to be ambassadors of our savior jesus christ.
jesus, christ, lord, salvation, southern, bible, grace, california, fifties, religion, rods, rockabilly, music, cars, church
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word of hope international church :: home
we are word of hope. a ministry called to passionately love god and each other. we declare that every stronghold of the enemy be broken through our prayers, our worship, our works and our giving. we have divine favor & connections that will enable us to fulfill the plan of god for our lives & ministry.
worship, jesus, prayer, praise, holy, request, songs, spirit, sermons, online, gospel, audio, lord, church, christ, bible, ministry, prayers, song, verses
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word of hope international church :: home
we are word of hope. a ministry called to passionately love god and each other. we declare that every stronghold of the enemy be broken through our prayers, our worship, our works and our giving. we have divine favor & connections that will enable us to fulfill the plan of god for our lives & ministry.
worship, jesus, prayer, praise, holy, request, songs, spirit, sermons, online, gospel, audio, lord, church, christ, bible, ministry, prayers, song, verses
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let god be true!
bible truth for bible christians
bible, election, doctrine, questions, predestination, false, exposed, teaching, times, catholic, commentary, christ, jesus, baptist, christian, truth, proverb, music, perilous
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jesus the rock fellowship is an independent, full gospel and christ-centered fellowship. we of jesus the rock fellowship share the same faith and trust in the lord jesus christ as our own personal lord and savior. we have always chosen the bible as the sole authority in doctrine as basis for our actions in faith and in the daily practices in life. we have openly pledged to actively serve the lord with all our being and resources. for more info about the church, please call us at (908)358-6089. may the lord god richly bless you!
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seek the truth - saved by saved by
only the truth of the bible is taught here!
jesus, christian, hebrews, jews, church, jewish, satan, christ, bible, study, saved
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biblical christian faith - hesed agape ministries international
christian ministry teaching principles of bible faith - prayer, healing, salvation and other biblical topics via our local church and the web - jesus is lord and the word is alive!
faith, church, bible, biblical, christians, salvation, healing, ministries, prayers, tulare, community, devotions, christianity, study, prayer, word, teaching, ministry, alive, williams
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marikina church of christ
welcome to marikina church of christ official website
church, bible, worship, school, christ, youth, praise, outreach, night, sunday, vacation, team, study, vesper, churches, education, christian, center, oval, world
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cartoons for christ - cartoons illustrating bible verses - by hooray
christian cartoons - the message of jesus in cartoons and graphics. bible commentary. art, pictures and imagery by hooray, scripture by the holy spirit.
hooray, commentary, imagery, pictures, encouragement, picture, kids, youth, christ, truth, wisdom, children, cartoon, flash, bible, scripture, cartoons, shockwave, posters, christian
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the ministry of yahweh, yahushua messiah, and the truth
ministry of yahweh, we teach the biblical truth of yahshua messiah, (aka jesus christ), and yahweh the only true elohim of yisra'el and the nations
biblical, yhwh, elohim, yahshua, truth, esther, torah, peterborough, scripture, pesach, messianic, assembly, purim, ministry, messiah, teaching, christ
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dawn bible students association - home page
dawn bible students association, publishers of the dawn magazine. a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the gospel of christ's coming kingdom.
bible, dawn, kingdom, students, judgement, jesus, christ, ernest, prayer, consecration, sacrifice, tabernacle, studies, presence, pentecost, publications, armageddon, frank, holy, passover
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robert mclaughlin bible ministries / grace bible church - bible doctrine truth in christ
a non-denominational church dedicated to teaching the word of god from the original languages and making it available at no charge throughout the world.
jesus, christ, grace, truth, doctrine, bible
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haili congregational church hilo, hawaii
haili congregational church, founded in 1824, continues today in the same biblical and christ-centered ministry as when the hawaiian royal family was a part of our congregation. jesus christ is the head of the church and the bible is our standard in all matters of faith and practice.
haili, school, bible, hawaii, christ, jesus, christian, savior, gospel, east, worship, cross, choir, triune, titus, coan, adult, chapel, kuhio, church
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grace harbor church
bible, grace, paul, doctrine, christ, school, apostle, jesus, home, faith, dispensational, study, childrens, club, through, pauline, truth, authorized, version, james
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scripture truth the gospel of jesus christ
to proclaim bible truth in general and the gospel of jesus christ in particular
genesis, numbers, christ, choruses, hymns, bible, exodus, leviticus, deuteronomy, again, hell, born, repent, judgement, acts, colossians, philemon, revelation, john, matthew
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new covenant ministries
a church of the teachings of our lord jesus the christ as he takes us to fellowship with father god.
bible, jesus, preaching, ghost, holy, anointed, fellowship, ekklesia, kingdom, truth, salvation, love, saints, teaching, christian, ministries, covenant, church, filled, spirit
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joy magazine | christian family living | online christian magazine | christian news | jesus christ
joy magazine is a christian family living magazine focused on christian news, eductaion, information and the application of jesus christ in all areas of life.
christian, magazine, worldview, christ, jesus, faith, biblical, promoting, unity, spiritual, lord, informing, online, living, family, news, statement, bible, educating
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church of christ sermons from gahanna-jefferson (outlines, powerpoint, streaming audio)
church of christ sermon outlines, powerpoint and streaming audio. free to be presented again! bible verses and bible quotes are linked to an online bible. from the gahanna-jefferson church of christ (in gahanna ohio).
outlines, sermons, sermon, blacklick, gahanna, christian, biblical, religion, religious, nondenominational, quotes, salvation, columbus, ohio, save, wisdom, world, judge, preaching, church
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grace & truth chapel, mahwah, new jersey
an assembly of bible - believing christians gathered around the lord jesus christ
church, bible, mahwah, christian, organizations, sunday, grace, truth, school, classes, religious, groups, worship, prayer, places, churches, christians, brethren, assembly, chapel
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88 ministries
this is a place for those who are serious about worshiping our father in spirit and truth. may yahweh be magnified and may he bless all who seek him.
yahweh, spirit, truth, love, lord, roots, jewish, christ, jesus, spiritual, bible, peace, commandments, scriptures, messiah, feasts, hebrew, hebraic, yashua, yeshua
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bibleverses - online bible verses
bibleverses - online bible verses
king, bible, james, verses, version, bibles, find, search, gifts, christian, verse, christ, church, gift, chistianity
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home - contend earnestly for the faith
dr. fernandes is one of the countries leading apologist. dr. fernandes has debated some of the countries leading atheist s. defending the biblical christian faith is what we are focused on.
biblical, bible, trinity, testament, defending, truth, faith, christ, darwinism, defense, institute, phil, fernandes, apologetic, evolution, fellowship, jesus
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spirit and truth website 4.0
spirit and truth bible study tools, bibles, kjv, nasb, kj2000, treasury, isbe, free, cdrom, teaching
study, bible, jesus, spirit, truth, christ, salvation, christianity, jehovah, cdrom, free, messiah, again, born, teaching, tools, kj2000, nasb, yeshua
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lets reason together
loving the truth, discussing the truth, following the truth where it leads.
church, christ, bible, truth, jesus
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sickle of truth
sickle of truth, a bible student website containing a range of biblical topics pertinent to the bible student, a.k.a. the reapers here at the end of the age during the harvest as they go about their work in the lord's vineyard.
mission, important, their, creation, chronology, work, truth, knowledge, forehead, prophecy, sealed, pyramid, tabernacle, judgement, revelation, studies, student, ransom, salvation, great
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how to pray the scriptures - : how to pray the scriptures
the best collection of bible verses and prayers to help you move mountains. you are born to be amazing in christ.
bible, prayers, verses, blessing, encouraging, inspirational, healing, prayer, pray
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the speakn deacon solid bible teaching
social media ministry. experience bible teaching safe at home.
bible, study, gospel, sermons, christian, jesus, christ, holy, preaching, books, truth, evangelism, scripture, discipleship, topics, minsitry, christians, theology, ministry, praise
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psalm 121: i lift my eyes - drawing you close to the one who loves you so
dedicated to drawing you closer to god through devotionals, inspirational quotes, encouraging bible verses and leads to 1000's of christian resources. we'd love to pray for you!
bible, worship, drama, dance, truth, arts, family, prodigal, pastors, kids, praise, apologetics, testimony, year, chronological, read, stories, testimonies, poetry, short
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christian bible life your source for christian news, articles, devotions, teachings, bible verses and more
a christian blog dedicated to providing you with articles, news, teachings, devotions and more that will help to build your faith and trust in jesus christ.
bible, scripture, christian, verses, faith, christianity
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bible way church of our lord jesus christ, world wide, inc. | official website
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welcome to chandler st. church of christ
visit the chandler st. church of christ website! learn about our kilgore, texas church family, and find out about our exciting ministries for families, and everyone! find meaning in life by finding god.
bible, christ, jesus, study, studies, church, churches, marrieds, first, young, century, youth, worship, world, protestants, services, kilgore, group, monday, classes
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red bay-home
wecome to the red bay church of christ home page
church, christ, truth, alabama, murrell, love, holy, grace, told, scott, searching, north, webster, churches, jesus, bible, sermons, freebies, leadership, worship
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praise to the lord jesus christ!
a church family that cares.
jesus, christ, bible, salvation, baptist, carolina, church, north, christian
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spreading the gospel of jesus christ by every effective means available and equip others to do the same. follow jesus ministries is a fivefold god given ministry, dedicated to take the message of hope, compassion, love, peace and deliverance to the people in need and raise a generation to follow the footsteps of our lord and savior jesus christ. "following christ to make followers of christ!" is our tagline.
christian, jesus, outreach, prayer, answers, christ, spiritual, with, know, request, growth, peace, message, eternal, life, spirituality, evangelists, about, truth, nonprofits
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spreading the gospel of jesus christ by every effective means available and equip others to do the same. follow jesus ministries is a fivefold god given ministry, dedicated to take the message of hope, compassion, love, peace and deliverance to the people in need and raise a generation to follow the footsteps of our lord and savior jesus christ. "following christ to make followers of christ!" is our tagline.
christian, jesus, outreach, prayer, answers, christ, spiritual, with, know, request, growth, peace, message, eternal, life, spirituality, evangelists, about, truth, nonprofits
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bible prophecy
access to free bible prophecy research and prophetic topics.
seven, prophecy, bible, research, biblical, prophecies, beast, dragon, plagues, book, prophets, resurrections, millennium, place, martyrdom, fire, lake, mark, safety, martyrs
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life of christ: life, history, and teachings of jesus christ.
life of christ. teachings of jesus. history of our lord. truths about the son of god.
apostles, parables, sermon, disciples, peter, luke, john, cross, crucifixion, resurrection, genealogy, harmony, mount, prayer, mark, matthew, lord, holy, teachings, history
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returning to the biblical faith of jesus...looking at the christian's bible
study of the jewish and hebrew roots of christianity whereby we see gentile christianity is antisemitic and has departed from the faith of the historical jesus
biblical, jesus, historical, christ, jewish, errors, contradictions, testament, prophecy, christianity, apostle, translation, misquotations, septuagint, qumran, essene, mistranslations, fathers, fulfilled, salvation
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institute for biblical studies - (
providing scholarly discussions on biblical topics by oneness pentecostals
gospel, jesus, christ, religion, exegesis, oneness, theological, salvation, truth, holy, soteriology, christology, eschatology, systematic, hermeneutics, exegetical, biblical, study, theology, bible
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singapore bible baptist church - singapore bible baptist church
singapore bible baptist church. our founder is the lord jesus christ. we are a local assembly of christ - a church for the new millennium, adapting to our times while anchored to our christ.
tithes, christ, faith, testimony, testament, witness, jesus, salvation, fundamental, baptist, bible, church, missionary, gospel, missions, singapore
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biblical christianity
biblical christianity: fresh and contemporary study of the bible in its eternal and contemporary relevance. study of the greek and hebrew texts in plain english for thinking christians
biblical, testament, salvation, theology, holiness, holy, spirit, abortion, board, tongues, christ, essays, living, christian, christianity, thought, questions, bible, answers, jesus
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2 timothy 2:15(kjv) - home
2timothy2-15 is dedicated as a help in the study of the king james authorized version of the bible
timothy, jesus, christ, study, holy, bible, version, kahler, authorized, james, believer, christian, sermons, remnant, word, king, research, birc, show, shew
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jesus plus nothing! christ centered bible study
welcome to the jesus plus nothing website. this site is dedicated to the centrality of jesus christ in the christian life. a large range of studies, audio messages and video resources are used to emphasise this purpose!
bible, christ, jesus, prophecy, daily, news, audio, sermons, studies, messiah, study, heaven, test, revealed
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good news dispatch
good news dispatch, a resource for those seeking to learn more about jesus christ, featuring videos by gayle erwin and zola levitt.
gayle, erwin, jesus, holy, christ, spirit, rapture, trinity, hell, heaven, lord, satan, israel, commandments, righteous, life, afterlife, eternal, evangelism, witness
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understanding bible verses will guide you into gods will for your life.
bible verses reveal gods will, nothing missing & nothing broken-total wholeness-wellness. come to a greater understanding of the kingdom of god, so will you prosper in all things be in health.
christian, beliefs, biblical, prosperity, wellness, verses, gods, will, definition, bible
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fort dick bible church
fort dick bible church is where we rejoice in jesus christ the lord. he is our savior and redeemer
christ, forgiveness, sins, word, jesus, bible, fortdickbible
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home -
a multi-ethnic baptist church comprised of all nations with strong ties to the thai filipino lao chinese, and korean christian community. lifting up jesus as lord through worship & disciplining
church, jesus, korean, nations, christ, filipino, tampa, baptist, christian, bible, faith, disciplining, kingdom, worship, hope, life, truth, international, southern, thai
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the official website of the united church of jesus christ apostolic, inc.
the united church of jesus christ apostolic, inc. is a christian ministry organization. our endeavor is to exalt our lord jesus christ and to provide resources to enrich and heal family relationships. we are committed to biblical faith teaching.
baltimore, maryland, apostolic, churches, pentecostal, ghost, holy, united, christ, holiness, jesus, church, james, acts, avenue, gorsuch, bishop, thornton
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bible discernments, revealing the biblical text in a fresh way
the mission of bible discernments is helping christians to grow their biblical understanding and to walk in the abundant love of jesus christ
writings, author, books, discernments, christian, bible
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the bible
this a blog about the bible that focus on everything about the bible : the word of god, jesus christ , salvation messages, the holy spirit, declarations and confessions, healing , the gospel of jesus and inspirational verses
jesus, verses, confessions, healing, declarations, gospel, inspirational, holy, word, christ, salvation, messages, spirit
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calvary chapel truckee
calvary chapel of truckee is a non-denominational fellowship of believers in jesus christ who hold fast to his inspired word, the bible, worshipping him in spirit and in truth. we are young and old, friends and families who love the lord jesus christ! living in the beautiful sierra nevada town of truckee, california, we desire to worship and serve jesus alone.
jesus, christ, truckee, love, lord, families, young, friends, living, nevada, worship, serve, alone, desire, california, sierra, town, beautiful, worshipping, fellowship
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christianity - faith in god, jesus christ - christian living, trivia
learn about christianity - having faith in god and jesus christ. christian living articles, daily devotionals, bible trivia, and more!
bible, christian, christianity, faith, tools, ministries, study, christ, verses, ministry, jesus, games, life, spiritual, living, online, daily, blogs, trivia, devotionals
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one disciple to another
introduction to all the teachings of jesus christ. the need to hear jesus christ as teacher is important for every christian. it isn't so much what would jesus do, but what did jesus say.
christ, word, light, jesus, truth, church, faith, salt, world, mormon, teachings, abide, doctrine
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ncbc home
national capital bible church
bible, thieme, doctrine, church, berachah, christ, spirit, truth, robert, study, pastor, method, virginia, inghram, volition, seminary, believer, soul, jehovah, rapture
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the church in san francisco - lovers of jesus affiliated with local churches, watchman nee, witness lee (splash page)
a local church, the church in san francisco, enjoys christ and recommends the ministry of witness lee, watchman nee.
recovery, local, christians, witness, watchman, version, campus, church, churches, christ, bible, spirit, holy, jesus, living, ministry, stream, believers, fellowship, testimony
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calvary community church
located in beautiful schaumburg, il, our church values sound, biblical teaching authentic worship and passionate prayer. we are a loving, humble community of christ followers with intentional witness to the gospel of jesus christ.
mission, jesus, prayer, schaumburg, worship, illinois, community, bible, lord, calvary, christ, church
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white stones ministries-end time messages from the lord to his church
white stones ministries has this web site dedicated to making public prophetic messages from the lord to the church about soon coming judgment. end time messages.
prophecy, bible, christian, prayer, jesus, ministry, days, last, prophetic, endtime, revelation, endtimes, faith, america, dreams, lord, coming, site, ministries, israel
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lord of hosts:
god bless you for visiting our christian web site. we pray that the lord guide and strengthen us as we spread the gospel of salvation by grace through faith in the lord jesus christ, the son of god.
holy, christ, grace, gospel, faith, salvation, news, bless, israel, again, born, church, doctrine, christian, father, jesus, praise, prayer, spirit, ghost
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pentecostal church of eastlake
bible, pentecostal, church, jesus, tongues, study, gifts, healing, truth, word, spirit, gift, speaking, preacher, holy, faith, united, baptism, eastlake, name
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all about god - all about god - growing relationships with jesus and others
a dynamic, caring, biblical, community of people loving god and following jesus christ.
theology, family, marriage, bible, community, church, jesus, christ, christian
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welcome to
teaching people how to understand what is in god's word the bible. we provide discipleship resources to grow deeper into the heart of god, as well as missionary and pastoral training, free discipleship tools and resources for christian growth!
study, bible, discipleship, lord, savior, doctrine, christ, theology, pray, prayer, resources, reformed, jesus, tools, leading, will, verses, character, devotions, gospel
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make a christian statement! statement wear clothing
christian clothing that proclaims that jesus christ is lord of lords and king of kings.
clothing, gift, tshirts, from, baby, saves, clothes, verses, cross, apparel, shirt, bible, christian, jesus
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online bible
visit this site for a useful online bible. this online bible provides the complete sayings and the life of jesus. the online bible with information about the apostles and the parables.
online, study, bible, free, storey, stories, church, storeys, words, printable, religious, print, download, pictures, christian, read, christ, short, jesus, apostles
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another jesus? the jesus cult examines world religions from the bible warning (ii corinthians 11:4) of another jesus, another spirit and another gospel
the jesus cult book examines world religions and the christian church from the bible warning (ii corinthians 11:4) of another jesus, another spirit, and another gospel.
jesus, another, world, judge, christian, spirit, omega, tower, tribulation, babel, upon, your, citizen, nameless, servant, tithes, this, judging, denomination, judgement
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true bible info | bible truth and bible study | online bible facts
true bible info is a bible website dedicated to revealing the real bible truth. through the use of bible facts and bible study guides we aim to identify a biblical truth as opposed to a man made traditional view that answers today's complex problems.
bible, online, facts, study, truth, info, true
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what is the meaning and purpose of baptism? -- the #1 most important website in the world
an online new testament study of the meaning and purpose of baptism and its relationship to salvation through the death, burial, and resurrection of jesus christ.
baptism, christ, baptized, conversion, bible, christianity, salvation, saved, holy, heaven, scriptures, lord, born, need, what, passion, baptize, must, kings, king
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bible verses daily reading by william "nuggie" nugent
matthew 23 (kjv) 23 then spake jesus to the multitude, and to his disciples, 2 saying the scribes and the pharisees sit in moses' seat: 3 all therefore
bible, bibles, commentary, verses, scripture
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wljc - wonderful lord jesus christ
wljc was established in 1982 as the first completely christian television station in the state of kentucky. wljc is an independent christian, faith based ministry dedicated to spreading the gospel of jesus christ. the call letter wljc stand for wonderful lord jesus christ
christ, jesus, lord, wonderful
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calvary baptist church
home of old time religion, preaching jesus christ out of the king james bible. preaching the whosoever will gospel to all that will accept jesus as their lord and savior. buses, teen, children, and senior ministries, and bible college.
bible, james, chris, haizlip, college, calvary, king, preaching, statesville, gospel, jesus, christ
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apologetics central
then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. - jesus - john 8:32
religions, prophecy, christianity, bible, creation, science, criticism, textual, creationism, denominations, sects, cults, archaeology, comparative, birth, mere, evidence, fulfilled, apologetics, jesus
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warm springs road church of christ
we are a family of believers seeking to love ourselves, our neighbors and our lord by following new testament christianity.
church, sermon, truth, faith, love, bible, jesus, columbus, georgia, christ, christian
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grace bible church - home - welcome
grace bible church is an independent bible church, organizationally unrelated to any denominational group. we are committed to the proclamation of the gospel of jesus christ and to the exposition of the holy scriptures.
truth, gospel, christ, expository, exposition, preaching, jesus, scripture, church, bible, granbury, texas, worth, fort, grace
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lord of life lutheran church - north vernon, in
welcome to lord of life lutheran church! we are a member of the lutheran church - missouri synod. our church believes and teaches the whole of gods word in its truth and purity, and administers the sacraments according to the commands of christ jesus. we worship and serve together the triune god: father, who created and cares for us; son, the lord jesus christ, who died and rose to redeem us from sin, death, and satan; and spirit, who calls, enlightens, empowers and keeps us in the true faith.
church, lord, lutheran, life, indiana, vernon, north, 47265, centered, christ, 3300, state, highway
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bible scriptures
find a good selection of kjv bible scriptures. bible scriptures by subject. search free kjv bible scriptures.
bible, biblical, verses, study, studies, catholic, christian, bookss, qoutes, inspiring, funerals, children, look, life, kids, lessons, king, james, teen, colleges
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clinton first united methodist church
join us at clinton first united methodist church, 4th and blackman streets, clinton, in to worship the lord, god. our mission is to develop followers of jesus christ and our vision is: through jesus christ and our strong foundation, we will build a better tomorrow! we are a people open to all who want to grow in faith, love, and service.
group, methodist, bible, school, music, jesus, pastor, service, womens, wedding, christian, baptism, communion, protestant, united, youth, missions, worship, christ, praise
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the gospel of jesus christ through bible verses
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westside bible chapel ~ wichita, kansas
westside bible chapel is an assembly of believers in the lord jesus christ who meet together weekly for biblical teaching, spiritual enrichment, and fellowship in wichita, kansas.
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the glory be to god
based on jesus christ. a city church outreaching to the community one block at a time. developing real realtionshipswithin the body of christ.
jesus, christ, centered, caring, spirit, holy, people, truth, word, downtown, children, rochester, bible, city, area, christian, oriented, family, church, neighborhood
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truth tabernacle
truth tabernacle church of fontana. an apostolic pentecostal church located in southern california in the beautiful inland empire. we offer free home bible studies and prayer for the sick. we are very blessed to have pastor r. d. frazier as our pastor. come and worship our lord jesus christ with us!
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bible society - the bible, the world's best seller
the bible: more than a book. come and explore the bible for yourself and see what we mean.
bible, what, scripture, where, stories, society, about, verses, online, jesus
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ask the bible - what does the bible say. just ask
ask the bible answers questions about what the bible says and also provides answers on current issues.
bible, truth, word, life, answers, divine, question, meaning, from, questions, logos, answer, words, revelation, inspiration, light, revealed, righteous, study, scripture
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grace evangelical free church - grace evangelical free church - home page
grace evangelical free church in davenport, iowa, is dedicated to helping people become authentic followers of jesus christ. bible inerrancy, sermons applicable for today, and music to help you worship are all offered.
jesus, christ, evangelical, jehovah, lord, inerrancy, free
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christ city church - birmingham, al
we believe that when people truly encounter jesus, like the samaritan woman did at the well, they will never be the same. christ city church is not about religion or condemnation. it is a place where anyone can find out more about the god who loves them and who has a plan for their lives.
church, loving, christ, biblical, others, sermons, jesus, truth, city, focused, outreach, outward, scripture, contemporary, charlie, parish, ministries, centered, birmingham, antjuan
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heavenly feast - experience jesus
heavenly feast is a trans-denominational movement irrespective of caste, creed and religion where people join hands to lift the name of jesus christ.
christ, life, christian, revelation, truth, gospel, church, grace, jesus, bible
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gay christian 101 - affirming bible truth and god's good news for all lgbts.
gay christian 101 - presenting accurate biblical and historical info defending lgbt christians from those who rip verses out of context to condemn.
evangelism, gospel, rights, bible, christian, study
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home page
spiritual prophecy from our lord, jesus christ given through kathleen mccarthy.
truth, peace, jesus, christ, angels, grace, lord, hope, love, mccarthy, kathleen, spiritual, healing, holy, mercy, anointing, spirit, prophecy
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all nations biblical study center | home
all nations biblical study center . . . for all individuals interested in furthering their biblical education, regardless of their specific ministry callings. offering tuition-free bible courses in the hebrew scriptures, the new testament, the life of jesus, the biblical languages, biblical cultures, the land of israel, and a wide array of other related subjects.
bible, online, free, jesus, course, jewish, courses, hebrew, study, gospel, classes, biblical, scriptures, christ, studies, land, holy, church, background, christian
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discover and explore all the most popular verses in the bible - top verses bible
the fastest way to find any verse of scripture. find any bible verse quickly and simply. covers three bible versions and shows results sorted by popularity.
bible, verses, scripture, concordance, ranked, search
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157 a woman of the truth ministries
a woman of the truth helps people to know, believe in, and receive jesus as their lord and savior.. also helps with growing in his truth and with the practical help in learning to minister to others in the same way through various teachings, etc..
seminars, sermons, truth, women, pastor, ministry, bible, studies, conferences
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seek god's word - the answers to life's questions are in the holy bible
the purpose of this website is to answer some of life's questions from the ultimate source of knowledge, the holy bible. god's word has the answers but we must study to find the truth and then we must follow in jesus footsteps to have the hope of eternal life. this site provides a bible dictionary, a bible commentary and a bible verse comparison.
bible, church, religion, christ, jesus, scripture, mormon, spirituality, true, islam, jehovahs, lamb, witness, lutheran, greek, other, verse, gateway, dictionary, commentary
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bubc | welcome
baptist union baptist church, dillwyn va - believers united by christ
baptist, jesus, christ, bible, christian, church, heaven, salvation, commandments, prayer, lord, testament, faith, holy, hell, dillwyn, evangelism, union, dating, grace
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west valley bible church
west valley bible church, a non-denominational bible believing church in hemet, california. find service times, location and ministries at west valley bible church. "to know the lord jesus christ and make him known."
ministires, request, least, these, prayer, christ, bible, valley, church, wvbc, jesus, west
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biblical genealogy chart, the bible family tree, adam and eve to jesus.
a graphic bible family tree, from adam and eve to jesus. over four thousand years - seventy five generations - over 1100 names - all of this in one grand picture of biblical genealogy.
jewish, jesus, gildon, genesis, king, levesque, tree, roots, moses, lineage, generations, genealogy, biblical, bible, adam, abraham, cain, christ, family, david
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new testament christians - we're just christians and christians only
new testament christians. . . we're simply a church of christ dedicated to teaching and preaching nothing more or less than the word of god
bible, christians, church, testament, authority, study, jesus, videos, course, free, only, christ, worship, immersion, lying, abortion, choice, gambling, baptism, pornography
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new testament christians - we're just christians and christians only
new testament christians. . . we're simply a church of christ dedicated to teaching and preaching nothing more or less than the word of god
bible, christians, church, testament, authority, study, jesus, videos, course, free, only, christ, worship, immersion, lying, abortion, choice, gambling, baptism, pornography
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hope cbc
hope community bible church exists to glorify god by making disciples who will grow in the grace and knowledge of our lord and savior jesus christ.
bible, church, christian, lordship, inerrancy, gospel, scripture, christ, hope, holy, jesus, spirit, salvation, community
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catholic bible: douay-rheims bible online, verses search.
douay-rheims bible online, roman catholic bible verses, search scriptures, challoner footnotes.
roman, word, christian, prophesy, jesus, christ, challoner, footnotes, church, mary, mother, book, story, bible, study, rheims, douay, catholic, online, holy
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valley bible church, 3347 west avenue j, lancaster ca 93536. 661-942-2218
valley bible church - a non-denominational church founded upon the belief that god has authority over our lives and has communicated his truth uniquely in the bible.
bible, word, jesus, christ, church, valley, lancaster, scriptures, verse, spirit, sword, trinity, california, antelope
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167 | a website about god and his son, jesus christ
articles, videos & audio mp3s in support of biblical monotheism & unitarian christianity (not to be confused with unitarian universalism).
jesus, bible, trinity, christian, monotheism, doctrine, christ, spirit, holy, father, study, theology, triune, church, debate, trinitarian, history, reformation, john, unitarian
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mormon, apologetics, jesus christ, bible, religion, christian, prophet
shields: responses to issues raised by critics of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints (mormon, jesus christ, lds).
christian, farms, fair, fundamentalist, missionary, hinckley, smith, brigham, young, scriptures, gospel, utah, baptist, truth, jehovah, berean, baptism, cult, joseph, plates
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hilltop bible chapel
jesus christ is our savior we  believe jesus christ is the only way to heaven. he died on the cross for our  sins. eternal life in heaven cannot be earned by church membership, baptism, or  any other good works. it is a gift to be received by any who repent and trust  the lord jesus
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jesus christ says: 'ye abide in me, and my words abide in you'.
jesus christ says 'ye abide in me, and my words abide in you'. so, what is abiding? jesus christ says: “they all may be one; as thou, father, art in me, and i in thee, that they also may be one in us:” this is the abiding. this will happen when we walk according to his words, that is when we obey him.
abide, false, jesus, teachings, words, truth, heaven, christian, earth, jerusalem, life, christmas, preachers, bible, study, good, friday, sabbath, perfection, righteousness
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i preach bible | inspirational verses and encouraging christian quotes
ipreachbible offers daily inspiration for everyone in form of inspirational bible verses, encouraging christian quotes, biblical preaching and related blogs.
quotes, inspirational, bible, encouraging, verses, christian
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sda maryland nigeria - maryland, lagos
official website of seventh-day adventist church, maryland, lagos, nigeria
church, adventist, jesus, need, bible, life, spirit, love, white, truth, maryland, christ, healthy, peace, sabbath, ellen, living, heavenly, father, holy
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word of life ministries home
welcome to our word of life ministries members page. this is designed to assist new and present patrons regarding our beliefs which are based on biblical principles. please feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments. thanks for your time. below is a lists of our beliefs. we believe the entire bible is inspired by god, without error and the authority on which we base our faith, conduct and doctrine. we believe in one god who exists in three distinct persons: father, son and holy spirit. we believe jesus christ is the son of god who came to this earth as savior of the world. we believe jesus died on the cross and shed his blood for our sins. we believe that salvation is found by placing our faith in what jesus did for us on the cross. we believe jesus rose from the dead and is coming again. we believe water baptism is a symbol of the cleansing power of the blood of christ and a testimony to our faith in the lord jesus christ. we believe in the regular taking of commu
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bible studies demanding church repentance! - proclaiming the revolution of god’s unpopular truth! -
hear truth! be saved from sin! submit to the scriptures! obey jesus! | we are here to call the modern church to repent and to disciple jesus' bride! | hard-core bible studies proclaiming salvation from sin & obedience to jesus’ forsaken truth! | provides free bible studies revealing the (often-unpopular) truth of god, as well as free mp3 sermons of josiahs preaching gods truth. (using pdf, mp3, & html)
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carter avenue church of christ, san jose, california
welcome to - carter avenue church of christ, san jose, california.
bible, study, church, lessons, jose, christ, gospel, free, bill, ball, online, road, questions, course, correspondence, religion, jesus, christian, religious, carter
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the way of holiness church of jesus christ - home - baltimore, md
the way of holiness church of jesus christ "walking in the way, to be more of who god wants us to be." elder louis m. shufford, sr. shufford
holiness, church, jesus, churches, apostolic, truth, christ, lighthouse, life, study, born, bible, shufford, ministries, baltimore, faith
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bethel church of god
a group holding fast to the faith once delivered, observing the biblical sabbath and gods holy days.
church, christ, pentecost, jesus, faith, meats, sabbath, truth, codified, word, salvation, unclean, crucifixion, clean, bible, revelation, kingdom, plain, prove, born
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first baptist church of welcome jesus will meet you where you are, but never leave you!
we believe in a christ centered worship, biblical instruction, prayer, world evangelism, nurturing fellowship, and caring acts in the name of our lord and savior, jesus christ.
baptist, bible, maryland, school, southern, harvest, convention, festival, vacation, christian, welcome, church, namb, bcmd, potomac, association, cooperative, christmas, board, mission
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david chadwell
advancing relationships, the divine and the human. the challenge is to think and reflect. allow jesus christ to be your way to god the father, the guide to truth regarding righteousness and evil, and your light to lead you as you live in a world of darkness.
bible, study, gospel, faith, missions, abraham, journey, resources, books, doctrine, commandments, rule, sinful, internet, restoration, christianity, christians, worship, spirit, first
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lets reason together
discussing all matters related to the truth.
church, christ, bible, truth, jesus
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grace bible church
our mission is to make the gospel of the lord jesus christ known to all people and to disciple them in their new life in christ. we proclaim the grace of god declared in the message of the bible for the purpose of building and expanding the kingdom of christ through the church.
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home - marshal church of christ
website for the marshall church of christ located at 14734 18 1/2 mile road in marshall, michigan, lord's church
christ, body, worship, church, jesus, sunday, with, marshall, members, peace, kids, every, drinking, unleavened, bread, need, vine, fruit, assistance, taking
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beautiful canvas prints with scripture| create your own posters with bible verses | truth on my walls
beautiful canvas prints of your digital photos overlaid with scripture. create your own pictures with bible verses. truth on my walls! get the truth on your walls! christian art. scripture photos. bible verse pictures. scripture verse art prints. canvas scripture art. christian gift ideas. jesus gifts. christmas gifts.
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a peronal website of bible study for believers and non-believers, for the church of christ (acapella)speaking of salvation in jesus christ our lord and savior, fundamentals of the faith, textual criticism, bible commentary.
music, vocal, acapella, congregational, singing, quizes, lessons, instrumental, commentary, bible, christ, jesus, textual, criticism, baptism, salvation
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in christ bible study - home
who am i in christ. a complete in christ jesus website for everything you need to learn what it means to be in christ.
christ, creation, teaching, bible, jesus, study
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the hidden word
discover the hidden truth and what god is exposing in the manuscripts for these end days.. learn what is hidden in god's word and in the world today. learn what is hidden in god's word and in the world today. the hidden bible exposed - learn the hidden truth in god's word today.
lies, about, truth, hidden, world, church, jesus, bible, christ, coal, energy, smyrna, coming, paul, days, churches, antichrist, bankers, ecomony, politicians
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his sheep
faith, saints, contend, evolution, compromise, uplifting, topsites, james, bible, king, truth, spirit, messages, poetry, discipleship, spiritual, prophecy, christ, jesus, warfare
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ex-catholics for christ - spreading the gospel of jesus christ!
ex-catholics for christ is a father and son ministry, devoted to reaching roman catholics and others with the true and glorious gospel of the lord jesus christ, throughout the world. as bible believing christians, we also go on the streets to preach, pass out tracts and even distribute free king james bibles.
christ, james, bible, repentance, king, videos, mormons, saved, witnesses, born, united, kingdom, cults, preaching, street, again, testimony, teaching, christian, gospel
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lavender church of christ, singapore
welcome to the home page of the lavender church of christ, singapore.
bible, church, testament, singapore, christ, churches, faith, jesus, study, studies, lord, contending, salvation, sermons, seek, restoration, first, scriptural, questions, articles
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jesus christ is the only way to heaven!
uplifting the king james bible and the name of jesus christ in these last days, this website is a ministrya pulpitexposing false prophets, deceptions and all manners of evil in its ugly forms. god loves sinners with an unconditional lovenot because of who we are, but because of who he is. we are living in the perilous times foretold in 2nd timothy 3:1-7. people are confused and apostasy abounds. lost sinners need to hear the simple gospelthat we are guilty sinners (romans 3:19) saved by jesus' righteousness (2nd corinthians 5:21), which is by grace through faith alone in christ. amen!
jesus, bible, preaching, false, religion, salvation, almighty, college, people, great, loves, saved, christian, fire, versions, hell, heaven, christ, savior, king
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in search of truth
students in search of truth - enjoy studying bible lessons and online corrspondence courses. listen to bible audio lessons. or, consider our bible thought for the day. includes search engine for site.
religion, interwoven, course, correspondence, chritianity, jesus, menu, main, salvation, christ, audio, truth, search, lessons, thought, study, bible
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uk bible students website
the uk bible students seek to present helpful biblical teachings as to appeal to thinking christians of all faiths truth new and old in english and french languages
bible, studies, biblical, christian, johnson, tubman, paul, language, russell, harriet, french, taylor, stories, students, audio, lessons, childrens, great, pyramid, free
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perilous times | home
prophetic web site with prophecies, dreams and visions given to martin banner including a prophecy about 9-11, the tsunami and a prophecy to america about the current economic collapse, and the coming world war which will soon follow. biblical teaching about the last days and the end time. solid biblical teachings about the return of jesus christ, the harlot church system and the true church that will overcome the antichrist and his one world government to rule and reign with the lord jesus christ at his return.
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bible baptist church - home
bible baptist church. independent fundamental baptist. come visit a church that loves the lord and the truth of his word.
king, christ, james, 1611, jesus, fundamental, church, baptist, paragould, independent, bible
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calvary chapel of grace and truth
our desire at calvary chapel of grace and truth is to serve our lord jesus christ! we are excited to see what the lord wants to do in the city of yonkers and abroad.
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rapture or wrath ministries. - a biblical look at coming world events
a biblical look at coming world events
christ, judgments, judgment, jesus, revelation, witnesses, wrath, soul, rise, antichrist, lamb, harvest, tribulation, armageddon, seal, trumpet, beast, mark, false, prophet
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sonrise biblical counseling
about sonrise biblical counseling the sonrise biblical counseling ministry (sbcm) is a ministry of the sonrise baptist church in ozark, missouri. the goal of biblical counseling is to help individuals meet the challenges of life in a way that will please and honor the lord jesus christ and allow them to enjoy fully his love
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christian sites - deception warnings, forum, prophecy, salvation +
many very different christian sites including: 1. most christians are deceived & placed in danger by deceptions and false christianity. 2. a detailed summary of bible prophecy! 3. christian forum 4. revolutionary bible indexer finds verses in 4 s. 5. salvation through jesus christ.
bible, christian, jesus, crucifixion, saved, salvation, christ, evangelism, evangilism, studies, study, heaven, fellowship, churches, hope, ministers, crusifixion, forum, prophecy, warnings
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grace & truthbible church - home
information about grace and truth bible church of aurora minnesota
iron, range, virginia, biwabik, lord, savior, christ, eveleth, lakes, palo, hoyt, jesus, fayal, grace, minnesota, aurora, fundamental, bible, miller, daniel
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grace brethren church marion ohio
the purpose of grace brethren church of marion, and preeminent goal, is for each individual member, and for the body of believers, to grow into a deep, personal knowledge of jesus christ and to serve him completely. along with the apostle paul we proclaim: “i count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing christ jesus my lord…that i may know him” if you share such a conviction, and strive with us to follow the lord with nothing less than your whole life, let us know about it: call, write or e-mail us today.
jesus, christ, lord, relationship, salvation, grace, church, marion, ohio, 43302, brethren
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bible prophecy watchmen
bible prophecy watchmen on end times bible prophecy and bible prophecy resources for the end time bible prophecies revealing the soon second coming of jesus christ
christ, bible, prophecies, prophecy, second, coming, eschatology, jesus, premillennialism, dispensationalism, pretribulationism, pretribulational, rapture, futurists
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the god for god experience. all are welcome here. tools from the word of god to help you taste and see that the lord is good.
loving, lord, jesus, system, marking, bible, coming, christ, publications, second, preparation, three, messages, heaven, thinks, awesome, love, things, think, these
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the power to change lives
this website was founded on the firm belief that a solid understanding of fundamental biblical principles are essential to one’s personal faith in jesus christ.
life, christ, jesus, success, value, adding, alexander, teaching, word, bible, ortiz, public, faith, changed, principles, biblical, christian, courage, encouragement, fundamental
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the power to change lives
this website was founded on the firm belief that a solid understanding of fundamental biblical principles are essential to one’s personal faith in jesus christ.
life, christ, jesus, success, value, adding, alexander, teaching, word, bible, ortiz, public, faith, changed, principles, biblical, christian, courage, encouragement, fundamental
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page 1
welcome to the website of bible baptist church.  we are an independent, fundamental, mission-minded baptist church.  we believe and preach from the king james bible 1611.  we strive to fulfill the great comission of our lord jesus christ through a worldwide mission program, bus ministry, and door-to-door visitation. we hope this website is helpful and informative for you. if you are looking for a church home in franklin county, indiana, or are visiting our area for only a short time, we would love to welcome you to our services!
christ, bible, jesus, county, indiana, metamora, franklin, baptist, james, church, king
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god's kingdom first - home
this site presents a systematic study of what jesus christ meant by the kingdom of god, which was the focal point of all his teaching
life, holy, kingdom, biblical, theology, unitarian, jesus, testament, heaven, pfal, wierwille, power, international, faith, abrahamic, church, hell, word, grace, salvation
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mpbc home
the mount prospect bible church home page. the mt. prospect bible church consists of people from many ethnic backgrounds and ages gathered together, unified, joined by our lord and savior jesus christ.
church, bible, prospect, mpbc, sunday, worship, grace, christ, site, mount, help, jesus
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inspirational bible verses and scriptures ***
find the best inspirational bible verses and scriptures by subject. a-z bible verses and scriptures for those of the christian faith. short bible verses and scriptures for family, children and friends.
life, quotes, family, great, hope, comfort, tattoos, friends, short, find, small, search, prayer, holy, today, jesus, inspirational, faith, daily, verses
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life in progress ministries
truth, bible, christianity, about, jesus, speaker, study, womens, christian, apologetics, defending
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calvary chapel san pedro
welcome to calvary chapel san pedro located in the heart of san pedro and the port of la. call 310-684-1321 for more information. sunday service 9:00am.
bible, jesus, church, chapel, calvary, christ, pedro, community, south, hope, believing, teaching, encourage, kindness, prevention, gospel, evangelism, anchor, suicide, truth
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westminster bible college
westminster bible college - truth, wisdom, instruction, guidance
college, bible, westminster, valley, orange, county, huntington, beach, fountain, mesa, christ, teaching, jesus, newport, costa, grove, anaheim, hollywood, woodland, hills
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how is faith like ice-cream? skip traditional bible study with fun quick and easy new parables designed for memorizing bible verses! mystery-laced morals form the script in scripture for family and friends of all ages! free download.
bible, study, samaritan, good, prodigal, free, verses, memorize, read, book, teach, parables, teacher, lesson, jesus, christian, favorite, lessons, school, sunday
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duluth bible church - home
duluth bible church is a grace-oriented, bible-believing local body of believers in christ whose passion is the preaching of the gospel of jesus christ and the teaching of the word of god verse by verse. we are non-denominational and believe in the literal, historical, grammatical, and contextual understanding of scripture, which says salvation from the hell we deserve to the heaven we don’t is by grace alone through faith alone in jesus christ. because salvation is through christ’s work and not our own, the bible tells us that we can know that we have eternal life and in our christian life have access to god the father through our relationship with jesus christ the son. the ultimate purpose of duluth bible church is to exalt the savior, equip the saints, and evangelize the lost.
duluth, verse, bible, eternal, minnesota, news, good, hell, heaven, cross, relationship, life, father, evangelism, sound, doctrine, church, jesus, christ, faith
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welcome to whiting bible church-worshiping christ together whiting bible church
jesus christ bible church christian god holy spirit salvation christianity saved born again worship truth light redemption encouragement
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true church of jesus christ
welcome to true church of jesus christ it is our privilege to share with you the ministry that god has placed with in our spirits to invigorate, challenge and impact your life to renewed heights in the lord.
christian, counselling, marriage, councelling, study, bible, pentecostal, oneness, holy, spirit, jesus
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welcome | church of christ bridgeport
here in the downtown area of bridgeport, ct the church of christ is dedicated to god and strives to be pleasing to him.
church, bridgeport, churches, christ, disaster, relief, jesus, truth, connecticut, what, 2011, nondenominational, local, bible, gospel, word, meeting, light, darkness, faith
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sda hymnal | online church hymnal
music, jesus, christian, worship, christ, hymns, hymnal, sheet, lyrics, praise, bible, choir, lord, contemporary, love, free, choral, lover, soul, church
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church of christ at wesley chapel
the church of christ at wesley chapel is a non-denominational congregation of christians led by jesus christ and god's word. the local church is independent, loving, scriptural, and sticks as close to the first century church as possible. we believe that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of god. the bible is the inspired, infallible and authoritative voice of god for our lives.
word, church, bible, christ, elders, inspired, jesus, acappella, classes, singing, truth, dade, chapel, wesley, florida, city, tampa, zephyrhills
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trinity church | built upon the foundation of jesus christ
trinity church
bible, christ, savior, lord, family, jesus, believing, church, congregational, evangelical, trinity
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the life branch ministry - home - freeman,, sd
the life brach ministry - freeman, sd. the lord is the tree and we are the branches this ministry is a non-denominational, full gospel, charismatic teaching based entirely on the word of god and the truth, which is jesus christ who shed his blood on the cross so we may have eternal life and fellowship with him
bible, topics, requests, interestfreeman, prayer, studies, life, brach, ministry, devotions
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bible baptist publications
tracts, booklets, books, articles, bible studies, bible institute, and cassettes on bible topics
bible, literature, baptist, james, truth, sermons, sunday, articles, stickers, printed, school, scripture, publications, martin, 1611, christian, preaching, institute, teaching, jesus
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home - truth that matters
jehovah, authentic, truth, salvation, grace, faith, judgment, christ, jesus, evidence, history, bible
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inspirational bible verses by topic | bible yellow pages
browse famous bible verses by topic and find encouraging bible verses on subjects like love, hope, faith, death, strength, friendship and more.
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224 - jesus christ the son of god, creator and savior of mankind
a web site for our lord jesus christ, the son of god
christ, creation, salvation, saviour, jesus, christianity
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home | not by works
biblical resources from a free grace perspective and the personal ministry website of j.b. hixson
bible, grace, dallas, gospel, truth, christ, getting, eschatology, teacher, professor, times, jesus, wrong, netbible, school, church, brenham, salvation, theology, cowboys
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bikers for jesus
bikers for jesus a national christian biker ministry, sharing the love of jesus christ worldwide.
christian, biker, christ, jesus, bible, motorcycle, bikers, church, motorcyclists, prayer, salvation, gospel, patches, apparel, motorcycles, christianity, children, gods, faith, religious
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right word truth | rightly dividing the word of truth
welcome welcome ! i am so happy to have you visit this web-site and to be able to share my views with others who love the lord jesus christ. it might be
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the lighthouse fellowship - home
we are desirous of seeing the gospel of jesus christ proclaimed into all the world. in addition as a fellowship we want to see believer's lives continually being transformed by the power of the holy spirit through the proper teaching and preaching of god's word.
jesus, christ, what, today, will, church, truth, love, there, hope, children, hurting, great, come, care, evolution, world, does, anyone, created
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free printable bible verses for vbs children/kids and parents
free printable bible verses/cards for vbs, children and parents, sunday school teachers, kids, great for family devotions children parents and bible memory verses for children, for vbs and children's church.
verses, bible, free, printable, memory, kids, children
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welcome to kenneth copeland ministries official website - kenneth copeland ministries
kenneth copeland ministries (kcm) specializes in teaching principles of bible faith - prayer, healing, salvation and other biblical topics via believers voice of victory, bible study, devotions and real help - jesus is lord!
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welcome to kenneth copeland ministries official website - kenneth copeland ministries
kenneth copeland ministries (kcm) specializes in teaching principles of bible faith - prayer, healing, salvation and other biblical topics via believers voice of victory, bible study, devotions and real help - jesus is lord!
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heavens helpers :: home
heavens helpers is a christian web site and bible teaching, followers of christ helping the helpless, doing what jesus did healing the sick faith in jesus christ,
faith, jesus, lord, prayer, sinner, grace, saved, salvation, bible, times, healing, helpers, rapture, tribulation, devil, angels, christian, heavens
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greenwood hills
a bible camp and conference center located in south central pennsylvania. we hold no afiliation with any denomination and seek only to follow, preach, and teach the lord jesus christ through god's word, the bible.
bible, conferences, camp, teaching, vacation, camps, bibe, conference
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world bible society - christian religious ministry spreading the word of god
an evangelistic teaching and biblical research ministry dedicated to placing the treasure of god's word into the hands of people around the world through the distribution of bibles. thank you for your support in sharing god's word.
prayer, jesus, christ, africa, ministry, religious, mission, pray, urgent, religion, devotional, scripture, evangelical, bibles, world, bible, evangelistic, biblical, christian, word
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st nicholas church, tooting, sw london - welcome to st nicholas, tooting
st nicholas is a church of england congregation in tooting, south-west london. our priority is to know jesus christ and proclaim him as lord of all. we believe that he is revealed in the pages of the bible; therefore bible teaching is central to our work.
church, jesus, london, bible, sunday, nicholas, christianity, rector, davis, courses, congregation, explored, service, lord, england, cofe, tooting, christ, teaching
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how to memorize bible verses | memorizing scripture
memorize scripture 10x faster! memorization of 100 popular bible verses takes just hours, so memorize the bible today!
bible, memorize, verses, scripture, memorizing, easy, memory, memorization, ways
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the old time gospel ministry: totg home page
a ministry dedicated to preserving the truth and accuracy of the infallible word of god.
bible, time, gospel, christian, truths, christ, preachers, randy, munter, missions, ways, doctrine, school, revival, word, jesus, cartoons, request, devotionals, rapture
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the second coming of jesus christ - bible truth
when will christ jesus return? the bible truth about the second coming of jesus christ, and how and when jesus will return.
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rantoul church of christ
the church of christ in rantoul is the church you can find in the new testament. it is guided and run by the precepts set forth in the bible. the new testament is the sole authority for the church of christ.
spanish, chamberlain, testament, illinois, wayne, christ, church, lord, sing, pray, services, worship, jesus, supper, preacher, evangelist, help, building, bread, wine
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front page - the seventimes journal
biblical understanding of jesus, god, father, context
repent, repentance, holy, spirit, baptism, savior, father, jesus, lord, bible
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clearwater baptist church - delta junction alaska
clearwater baptist church is located in delta junction, alaska. we are a southern baptist church and are here to worship god and jesus christ our savior. we strive to teach the bible as accurately as possible, and encourage one another to live our lives day by day walking in faith in the lord jesus christ. this site will introduce you to our church.
bible, family, jesus, church, cotton, glen, teaching, pastor, style, school, sunday, creator, baptist, faith, alaska, delta, christ, southern, christian, junction
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pastor bill's nuggets of truth, sermons and biblical teachings for christian living
a collection of inspirational sermons and nuggets of truth for spirit filled christian living from pastor bill's worldwide ministries. this site hosts an inter-faith e-zine magazine for professional christian women that nurtures the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of a woman.
inspirational, word, life, professional, ghost, teachings, savior, ministry, revival, gospel, pentecostal, church, charsmatic, biblical, lord, satan, hope, devil, worship, praise
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grace and truth church - "for what we proclaim is not ourselves but jesus christ as lord." 2 cor. 4:5
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we are ''the times church, dublin''impossible possible! a bible believing evangelical gospel /charismatic ministry, who believes in the saving power of jesus christ through faith and baptism; with a deeper apostolic and evangelistic grace! a an outreach ministry commited to bringing, '' revival to the nations together with a go jesus world missions; a network of holy ghost churches/ministers workdwide if jesus so tarries! calling all to run to jesus and bring all to christ! evangelism is our suprem task and one of our greatest calling in missions! we are both committed and dedicated to soul winning on a daily basis! and the psychosocial development of the individual! that may may know christ and the power of his resurrection in hope of the gospel!
christ, lord, jesus, hope, satanic, ghost, holy, faith, happiness, recovery, salvation, tourist, church, life, redemption, therapy, love, meaning, purpose, find
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northpark christian church - kingwood, texas
northpark christian church is a warm welcome, genuine people, meaningful worship, a clear biblical and inspirational message and christ centered teaching.
bible, sunday, christ, church, study, christian, school, groups, teaching, chuch, humble, kingwood, texas, jesus, tabernacle
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bible verse of the day - bible verse of the day
a daily verse for your daily walk
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community bible study uk
cbsi exists to make disciples of our lord jesus christ in our communities, through in-depth, caring bible studies available to all.
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faith baptist church
faith baptist church cisco texas independent fundamental church schedule of services bible believing preaching submitted submission jesus christ fellowship family truth doers hearers king james kjv kjb the lord witness
church, doers, hearers, truth, fellowship, christ, king, family, james, lord, witness, jesus, submission, independent, fundamental, texas, cisco, baptist, schedule, preaching
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the church of unity in christ
we who belong to the church of unity in christ believe that the beauty of this truth begins at the moment of birth.
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truth in christ - truth in christ
followers of the truth of jesus christ
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