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lynx x calm bigger issues campaign – lend your voice
on the 19th november, calm and lynx are asking you to join the #biggerissues campaign to raise awareness of male suicide in the uk – the single biggest killer of men aged under 45.
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campaign against living miserably | calm, the campaign against living miserably, is a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide, the biggest single killer of men aged 20-45 in the uk
calm, the campaign against living miserably, is a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide, the biggest single killer of men aged 20 - 45 in the uk.
mens, support, suicide, health, charity, mental, calm, miserably, chat, living, issues, help, young, male, masculinity, campaign, against
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3 suicide prevention, suicide awareness, suicide support -!!! suicide prevention, suicide awareness, suicide support, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide!
suicide, suicides, commit, teen, help, kevin, caruso, never, stop, prevent, rate, prevention, teenage, support, survivors, recovery, assistance, pain, more, elderly
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touching myself - rhian touches herself video
rhian touches herself video for the male cancer awareness campaign mcac
cancer, awareness, sexy, tease, model, touchingmyself, mcac, blonde, wanna, peaches, rankin, lingerie, rean, rian, sugden, strip, balls, rhian, charity, testicles
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todd waite legacy foundation for suicide awareness
promoting suicide awareness and prevention
suicide, prevention, material, free, help, awareness
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home - i am isiah
to increase suicide awareness and promote a healthy quality of life by providing guidance and assistancre through the use of community resouces.
suicide, awareness, lives, warning, nonprofit, isiah, saving, signs, support, foundation, community, prevention, charitable, rochester, volunteer
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one for the boys | male cancer awareness
one for the boys is a male cancer awareness campaign that gives men a voice for their health and encourages them to say something when there is a problem.
cancer, testicular, prostate, mouth, bowel, fundraising, symptoms, jackson, samuel, boys, male, awareness
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topless female trampolining world championships campaign - men get breast cancer too. by male cancer awareness campaign and coppafeel!
topless female trampolining world championships campaign - men get breast cancer too. by male cancer awareness campaign and coppafeel!
cancer, male, topless, female, trampolining, world, championships, mcac, campaign, larson, breast, awareness, lars, coppafeel
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the center for suicide awareness - about
the center for suicide awareness offers support groups for youth and adults, counseling and training services. our focus is on teaching coping skills, discussing the stages of grief, and simply giving the gift of presence. we also hold an annual fundraising event, the walk for suicide awareness.
support, suicide, appleton, donation, resources, organization, valley, wisconsin, kaukauna, oshkosh, nonprofit, cities, family, adult, groups, death, awareness, youth, prevention, training
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the center for suicide awareness - home
the center for suicide awareness offers support groups for youth and adults, counseling and training services. our focus is on teaching coping skills, discussing the stages of grief, and simply giving the gift of presence. we also hold an annual fundraising event, the walk for suicide awareness.
support, suicide, appleton, donation, resources, organization, valley, wisconsin, kaukauna, oshkosh, nonprofit, cities, family, adult, groups, death, awareness, youth, prevention, training
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the center for suicide awareness - information
the center for suicide awareness offers support groups for youth and adults, counseling and training services. our focus is on teaching coping skills, discussing the stages of grief, and simply giving the gift of presence. we also hold an annual fundraising event, the walk for suicide awareness.
support, suicide, appleton, donation, resources, organization, valley, wisconsin, kaukauna, oshkosh, nonprofit, cities, family, adult, groups, death, awareness, youth, prevention, training
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the center for suicide awareness - home
the center for suicide awareness offers support groups for youth and adults, counseling and training services. our focus is on teaching coping skills, discussing the stages of grief, and simply giving the gift of presence. we also hold an annual fundraising event, the walk for suicide awareness.
support, suicide, appleton, donation, resources, organization, valley, wisconsin, kaukauna, oshkosh, nonprofit, cities, family, adult, groups, death, awareness, youth, prevention, training
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suicide prevention | suicide awareness | say no to suicide in westmoreland county, pa | ray of hope, greensburg, pa
at risk for suicide? in crisis? call 1-800-836-6010 right now. receive the help you need to weather the storm. ray of hope, westmoreland county. pa
suicide, westmoreland, county, greensburg, prevention, awareness
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youth suicide prevention program: teen suicide, teenage suicide, suicide statistics
the youth suicide prevention program mission is to reduce suicide attempts and deaths among washington state youth. working toward that goal, we build public awareness, offer training, and support communities taking action.
suicide, youth, prevention, teen, statistics, program
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topless female trampolining world championships campaign - men get breast cancer too. by male cancer awareness campaign and coppafeel!
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with hope foundation
with hope, the amber craig memorial foundation - suicide prevention through mental health education
suicide, prevention, support, survivor, awareness, mental, depression, hope, with, health, education, youth, griefshare, teens, grief, amber, county, orange, foundation, craig
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walk a mile registration
walk a mile in my shoes is a community-wide suicide awareness event.
suicide, elmira, eldridge, park, york, chemung, teen, southern, tier, county
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male cancer awareness campaign
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one in three campaign - family violence - australia says no!
the one in three campaign aims to raise public awareness of the existence and needs of male victims of family violence and abuse; to work with government and non-government services alike to provide assistance to male victims; and to reduce the incidence and impacts of family violence on australian men, women and children.
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teen depression and suicide information: non-profit organization
foods-4-thought is an organization to help break down the stigma of teenage depression and suicide, one conversation at a time. contains information on helpful links, books and a forum to pay tribute to those weve lost.
suicide, depression, teenage, teen, thought, awareness, injury, afsp, food, prevention, teenager, survivor, sign, warning, family, memorials, stigma, cutting, doctors, psychologist
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prevent suicide manitowoc - partners saving lives in our state
prevent suicide wisconsin, manitowoc county's mission is to reduce the number of deaths by completed acts of suicides in manitowoc county each year. we will work to increase public awareness of suicide, the warning signs and methods for prevention through education, information and collaboration with all who are affected by suicide within our community. this population includes the whole of manitowoc county as everyone is affected by each event directly or indirectly. we will work to overcome the stigma associated with suicide through emphasis that “suicide is more than an act, it’s an illness.”
suicide, depression, hotline, wisconsin, manitowoc, prevention, prevent
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depression support and awareness organisation. kane's crusade inc.
kane's crusade is a not for profit organisation providing support and awareness for depression in australia
help, crusaders, chat, illness, lonely, male, awareness, crusade, suicide, advice, anxiety, alive, depression
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black dog ride - raising awareness of depression and suicide prevention since 2009
black dog ride began in 2009 as one man's ride to raise awareness of depression, evolving into a national movement of thousands of australian motorcycle riders who have raised over $1, 300, 000 for mental health services and fostering mental health awareness around the country. join black dog ride on our mission to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention.
mental, illness, health, suicide, lifeline, motorbikes, motorcycling, charity, black, riding, mood, disorders, crisis, blackdog
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parker hatcher
home page of parker hatcher, an indie artist from winnipeg. born in winnipeg, parker is a transgender male musician with lupus, he is currently raising funds to spread awareness about lupus and being a queer disabled person through music. from now until the end of my current campaign, everyone who donates will automatically be entered to win either an epiphone les paul special ii, or an epiphone pro-1 acoustic guitar. every separate donation will count as one entrance. all donations over 50 dollars will count as 2 entrances, and donations over 100 dollars will count as 4. i will make a video and re post this tomorrow. i will also be running an incentive campaign for those who hand out flyers for me and those who receive a flyer. there are 29 days left in my campaign. and i have to reach my goal. i have to get out there and spread awareness. i have to do this.
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survivors of suicide - suicide survivors - survivors of suicide support groups
survivors of suicide - time heals all wounds is not necessarily true for survivors of suicide. time is necessary for healing, but time is not enough. shared feelings enrich and lead to growth and healing. the grief of suicide survivors is unique. grief following a suicide is always complex. the death of someone to suicide is a shattering experience. survivors of suicide don't just get over it. instead, with support and understanding they can come to reconcile themselves to its reality. assisting suicide survivors means you must break down the terribly costly silence.
suicide, survivors, support, loss, grief, survivor, bereavement, groups, healing, from, help, surviving, circle, death
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save | suicide prevention information, suicide, depression awareness
suicide, grieving, prevention, depression
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jpd warrior project
a non-profit organization dedicated to getting the word out on suicide awareness and prevention. each year it host an ice fishing jamboree on the turtle flambeau flowage out of butternut, wi to raise
suicide, fisheree, donner, memorial, fish, walleye, contest, flowage, justin, project, fishing, awareness, warrior, turtle, flambeau
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alliance for suicide prevention of larimer county
preventing suicide in larimer county by raising awareness, educating and training youth and adults about depression and suicide, and providing resources and support to those who have been impacted. asps vision is that the communities of larimer county will be caring and tolerant of those affected by depression, other mental illnesses, and suicide. people will be encouraged to recognize, intervene, and support those in need. those suffering from mental illness and suicidal thoughts will seek treatment, resulting in a reduced suicide rate.
support, grief, depression, prevention, suicide
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aasra-helps in suicide prevention-depression-teenage suicide-suicide hotline-suicide counseling-youth suicide
aasra helps prevent suicide. if you are lonely and depressed, we're here to help you.
suicide, hotline, counselling, indian, commit, suicidal, prevention, depression, lonely, thoughts
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jordan matthew porco memorial foundation | suicide awareness and prevention | hartford, ct
this foundation is dedicated to changing the conversation surrounding mental health, fostering a continuing dialog for prevention of suicide among our young
college, suicide, foundation, depression, mental, jason, afsp, prevention, bipolar, minds, active, darkness, teen, health, porco, michaels, connecticut, vermont, illness, jordan
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veterans4usa - ptsd & suicide awareness, military services, veteran services
veteran4usa is a veteran ran nonprofit organization by sgt michael rodgers a wounded veteran with the 101st airborne. veterans4usa ptsd & suicide awareness
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florida initiative for suicide prevention suicide awareness, prevention, support and community outreach.
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tears of a cop - under pressure
police, suicide, cops, trauma, law enforcement stress, ptsd, counseling for police, memorial for officers who died from suicide, educational awareness and prevention on police suicide epidemic and ptsd in law enforcement, supporr for survivors of law enforcement suicide
stress, enforcement, police, suicide, counseling, cops, mental, prevention, management, pressure, survivors, under, health, disorder, ptsd, risk, post, traumatic, officers
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35 - police suicide prevention program offers police suicide prevention program and police officer suicide prevention education.
police, suicide, prevention, program, rates, ptsd, data, numbers, training, center, preventing, suicides, enforcement, stress, officer
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home l3 ads-b lynx
the lynx multilink surveillance systems (mss) is a single box avionics solution packed full of ads-b benefits. using an intuitive layout and touchscreen interface, the lynx ngt-9000 is a solution that balances today’s needs with tomorrow’s flight environment.
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home l3 ads-b lynx
the lynx multilink surveillance systems (mss) is a single box avionics solution packed full of ads-b benefits. using an intuitive layout and touchscreen interface, the lynx ngt-9000 is a solution that balances today’s needs with tomorrow’s flight environment.
lynx, system, multilink, traffic, transponder, datalink, weather, tail, solution, cockpit, surveillance, communications, glass, cockpits, pilot, avionics, mode
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what is the i refuse campaign for epidermolysis bullosa awareness
i refuse is a campaign used to reach out to others and get them involved in raising awareness for epidermolysis bullosa and supporting the research for a cure.
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bluemoon 211 inc
our mission is to help prevent suicide through public awareness, education and motivation. our services will act as a resource and referral center.
suicide, center, resource, prevention
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sos out of darkness walk
the official website for the out of darkness community walk in tidewater, virginia for depression and suicide awareness and for raising funds for the american foundation for suicide prevention
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thank you for ad blocking | a initiative | is a public awareness campaign focused on increasing awareness about the danger associated with online advertising.
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秋田市 川尻 美容室 calm( カーム)
calm(カーム)とは、凪、とか、穏やかな、とかいう意味です。私は、お客様に、穏やかな時間を過ごして頂きたく calm(カーム)という名前をつけました。日ごろの忙しさから開放された、穏やかな時間をcalmでお過ごし頂ければ幸いです。
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texas suicide prevention | know the signs. save a life.
suicide, texas, prevention, support, grief, training, spanish, school, anxiety, depression, cognitive, illness, policy, bipolar, mental, facing, council, psas, apps, postvention
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the suicide project - share your suicide stories
suicide stories: share your suicide story, either as a person contemplating it, or someone who has survived it.
suicide, hurt, depressed, depression, unhappy, want, suicidal, story, stories, help, kill
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keep calm
the place to come for keep calm posters and signs!
keep, calm, carry
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keep calm
the place to come for keep calm posters and signs!
keep, calm, carry
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cubic ab | din sea-doo och lynx-handlare i mora - cubic ab | cubic ab
cubic ab är din lynx-återförsäljare i mora. hos oss hittar du nya lynx snöskotrar, personlig utrustning och begagnade skotrar av märket lynx, men även övriga märken. vi är auktoriserad serviceverkstad för lynx och kan hjälpa dig med allt från reparationer till service enligt serviceboken samt försäkringsskador. tack vare våra erfarna medarbetare kan vi även hjälpa er med reparationer av andra märken som polaris, ski-doo, yamaha, arctic cat.
mora, skoter, lynx, cubic, skoterservice
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welcome to caffe' milano
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reason to live – manitoba suicide line |
suicide affects us all. call the manitoba suicide line at 1-877-435-7170 if you or someone you know is thinking about suicide or dealing with a suicide loss. the manitoba suicide line: reason to live provides crisis counseling, support, information and referrals for people who are feeling suicidal, concerned friends and family, and survivors of a suicide loss.
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raising awareness fighting stigma and preventing suicide - molly murphy memorial - baltimore, md
molly murphy memorial raising awareness fighting stigma and preventing suicide the molly murphy memorial for young adult anxiety & depression awareness in baltimore, maryland has a mission to reach out to young adults and their families whose lives are complicated by the demons of mental illness – especially anxiety and depression – and to create open forums, educational environments, and therapeutic communities where frustrations can be voiced, greater understanding achieved, and ultimately lives saved.
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drug awareness
drug awareness
doctor, drug, osmond, prescriptions, antidepressants, depressed, depression, murder, suicide, ssri
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lynx fm
au coeur de l'actualité guinéenne
lynx, lance, news
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scanware electronic gmbh - this site presents the company scanware and its main products.
inspection, pharmakontrolle, pharma, control, pharmacontrol, dragees, tablets, capsule, pharmacode, datamatrix, kontrolle, codeleser, codereader, packmittelkontrolle, spectra, signum, blister, lynx, capa, blisterkontrolle
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p.a.i.n. - p.a.i.n. home.
this site raises awareness and support. for child abuse prevention - domestic violence prevention & suicide prevention. " prevention is our first priority "
prevention, safety, awareness, community, fundraising, violence, abuse, domestic, child, suicide
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suicide prevention at uw-madison - home
student organization website whose goal is to promote a healthier mental health status on uw-madisons campus as well as spread awareness of depression and related mental health problems.
suicide, depression, walk, darkness, campus, listen, student, afsp, organization, save
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audiology awareness campaign ~ home
audiology awareness campaign (aac) mission is to raise public awareness of hearing loss, educate the public about the value of hearing healthcare, and network the public with audiologists.
hearing, audiology, deafness, processing, auditory, test, tympanic, cochlea, incus, malleus, membrane, immittance, tympanometry, care, audiometric, audio, acoustic, stapes, sound, starkey
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c.a.r.e.s. suicide prevention - home
community in recognizing and educating on suicide is a local suicide prevention organization serving south west florida, in particular lee, collier, and charlotte counties.
suicide, prevention, county, florida
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lynx wind power - home
lynx wind turbines michigan based manufacturer of small vertical axis wind turbine kits. sea gull and mini sea gull, lynx alternators for wind, steam and hydro power.
lynx, wind, power, alternator, turbines, vawt
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veteran suicides & ptsd - ptsd the link between adrenaline & cortisol
vetern suicide prevention
adrenaline, suicide, ptsd, veteran, sexton, baker, dopamine, oregon, cortisol, cure, city, awareness, prevention, military, junkie, title
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suicide prevention awareness | know the warning signs of suicidal behavior
although the warning signs of suicide can be subtle, they are there. by recognizing these signs, knowing how to start a conversation and where to turn for help, you have the power to make a difference – the power to save a life.
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ca against assisted suicide - caas
californians against assisted suicide is a coalition of disability rights, healthcare, civil rights and patient advocacy organizations dedicated to preventing legalization of doctor assisted suicide in california.
assisted, suicide, california, death, dignity, with, physician, against, coalition, legalization, californians
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chicago suicide programs | suicide prevention in chicago | chicago suicide support | chicago suicide in illinois | elyssas mission | northbrook, illinois creating a safer today for our youth®
suicide, chicago, illinois, prevention, teen, support, programs, help, adolescent, crisis, youth, teenage, substance, abuse
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lynx uk trust, conservationists working to reintroduce eurasian lynx to the british isles
lynx uk trust is a british cic carrying out research, public education and reintroduction projects with the lynx
wildlife, ireland, lynx, british, england, wales, northern, animal, wild, feline, scotland, eire, nature, eurasian, britain, isles, reintroduction, repatriation, rewild, research
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suicide prevention center of ny
spcny aims to develop & implement community-based suicide prevention, intervention, & recovery programs by providing training & linkage with expert resources.
suicide, prevention, york
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lynx motors (international) ltd
lynx provides a valuable service for owners of historically important sports and racing cars
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healthy penis | making every penis a healthy penis!
the healthy penis campaign is back. the goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of syphilis and promote testing among gay men.
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suicide, electrocution, cold, drowning, wrist, cutting, hypothermia, gunshot, shotgun, jumping, rifle, handgun, guns, drugs, overdose, attempted, assisted, methods, stone, parasuicide
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the compassionate choice
suicide, assisted, death, against, compassion, choices, arguments, kevorkian, with, dignity, doctor, choice, walk, clair, midnght, uncategorized, midnight, jane, good, terri
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suicide prevention awareness research & education
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lynx | - et legekontor med det lille ekstra
lynx, senter, sundt, medisinsk, lege, allmennlege, stoffskifte, fibromyalgi, legesenter, sykdom, helse, spesialist, fastlege, kronisk, kristine, dikeveien, morten, hans, vister, almennlege
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lynx solution provides cheap websites, web hosting and softwares applications and database on demand.
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will to live foundation | teen suicide awareness & prevention
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love sami organization - suicide prevention, advocacy & awareness, grief support services for suicide survivors, top non profit organizations
the website was established in memory of sami coburn. sami tragically took her life in 2014. we aim to provide grief therapy services to survivors
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best crowdfunding platforms, top ten sites for charity israeli
do you have a great t-shirt campaign idea? launch a crowd-funding t-shirt campaign to raise funding & awareness for your cause!
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teen suicide - adolescent suicide statistics and prevention
teen suicide statistics and articles on adolescent suicide prevention as well as teenage suicide warning signs. get the stats on teen suicide today and related issues like teen depression.
suicide, teen, depression, help, troubled, warning, teenage, adolescent, signs
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white ribbon - australia's campaign to prevent men's violence against women
white ribbon is an organisation that works to prevent male violence against women. it is a male-led campaign that believes that most men are good and that good men abhor such violence. white ribbon also believes in the capacity of the individual to change and to encourage change in others.
ambassadors, events, shop, donate, help, support, volunteer, take, schools, universities, partners, whiteribbon, action, finding, resources, foundation, charity, ribbon, campaign, violence
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military suicide prevention | stop soldier suicidestop soldier suicide
no veteran should have to deal with pts/tbi or thoughts of suicide on their own. we help veterans and their families get help with suicide prevention.
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calm k9
calm k9 dog training is dedicated to bring out the best in your dog - because every dog wants to be a calm canine!
trainer, calm, certified, area, francisco, oakland, raymond, iacp, adoa, susan, berkeley, port, behavior, training, canine, boarding, walking, expert, care, costa
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yea inc (youth/young-adults empowered achievers)/suicide awareness
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kyle ambrogi foundation education & awareness of suicide prevention
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death to suicide
my own father took his life through suicide... i can never bring him back but i can help tell others that suicide is never the answer.
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campaign advertising agencies & media news plus watch tv ads online | dubai lynx | digital essay
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letters to trayvon black men boys workshops conference
a campaign designed to flood the internet with positive images of black men in tribute to trayvon martin that inspires change and empowerment.
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ppc campaign generator software lets search engine marketing agencies, paid search managers, business owners & affiliate marketers generate ppc campaigns fast.
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suicide prevention awareness \| mental health resources | it's up to us san diego
"it's up to us" to talk openly about mental illness, recognize symptoms, utilize local resources and seek help in san diego.
diego, mental, stigma, suicide, resources, illness, prevention, health, reduction
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webwizard george dula
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lynx management group
lynx offers management services to medical professionals in the healthcare environment. services include: planning, management, design, and billing services.
management, lynx, medical, englewood, group, lynxmm
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sc campaign to prevent teen pregnancy | healthy youth. bright futures. strong communities.
the mission of the sc campaign is to prevent adolescent pregnancy in south carolina through education, technical assistance, public awareness, advocacy and research.
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keep calm studio keep calm studio
with the keep calm poster maker from keep calm studio you can create and print your own poster on your printer at home. in addition you can order products ranging from mugs to t-shirts with your own creations on!
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(collateral damage) | images of suicide survivors
collateral damage: images of suicide survivors
suicide, survivors, canadian, thunder, pictures, association, health, mental, suicidology, images, left, damage, behind, chisholm, scott, collateral
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blue frontier | website & campaign management software for dems
blue frontier provides everything a democrat needs to run a great campaign. campaign website, online donations, email blasts, and event rsvps all in the cloud.
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look learn live | a texas motorcycle safety and awareness campaign
a texas motorcycle safety and awareness campaign
training, texas, safety, motorcycle
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crab creek desert lynx - home
desert lynx wildly exotic lap cats
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d.a.n | | fighting for mental awareness
d.a.n is dedicated to promoting mental health, preventing mental conditions and achieving victory over mental illnesses and addictions through advocacy, education, research and service.
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welcome to the national ffv awareness campaign
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suicide, wiregrass suicide prevention services dothan, al home
wiregrass suicide prevention services is a nonprofit organization servicing the wiregrass area, whose mission is to provide services to those who h
dothan, suicide, prevention, help, wiregrass
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asexual awareness week
asexual awareness week is an international campaign that seeks to educate about asexual, aromantic, demisexual, and grey-asexual experiences and to create materials that are accessible to our community and our allies around the world.
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the lynx group comprising of lynx transport and lynx logistics, based in oranmore, co. galway, ireland
the lynx group comprising of lynx transport and lynx logistics, based in oranmore, co. galway, has evolved from its origins in 1985 as a courier company into the leading nd transport and logistics provider in the west of ireland, servicing customers in both at home and abroad.
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suicide prevention and support for those affected by suicide
samaritans is a suicide prevention that serves the greater boston and metrowest communities of massachusetts. call our 24/7 crisis services at 877-870-4673.
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welcome to the idaho weed awareness campaign!
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campaign compliance group campaign compliance group | accounting services for political candidates, committees, and donors
campaign compliance group assists a wide range of clients, including candidates, political action committees, and major donors in complying with complex campaign reporting requirements under federal, state, and local laws.
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lynx - innovation by digital doing | lynx
lynx innovation by digital doing
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megan meier foundation | bullying and cyberbully prevention
the mission of the megan meier foundation is to promote awareness, education, and positive change in response to the issues surrounding bullying, cyberbullying, and suicide.
bullying, cyber, anti, prevention, meier, suicide, megan
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home - the calm
at the calm, massage therapy optimizes health with deep tissue, sports and swedish massage. our minimalistic clinic environment inspires calm and no stress.
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seasons centre for grieving children
seasons centre is founded on the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to grieve in a supportive and understanding environment. seasons centre is a non-profit organization registered canadian charity and all donations are tax-deductible.
suicide, grief, death, grieving, child, hearts, tournament, golf, ontario, healing, tender, process, loved, awareness, with, dying, barrie, cope, gala, what
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oh my god!
-if you cant find my follow button try here :)- you have to know before you follow, that this tumblr contains nsfw material. photos belong to their respective owners, i dont claim ownership over...
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hone male grooming offers grooming treatments exclusively for men in a male only salon in poole.
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face aging mn - a campaign to create awareness of minnesotas growing aging population.
a campaign to create awareness of minnesotas growing aging population.
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awareness campaign inc. | integrated business management & communications
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ccmac colette coyne melanoma awareness campaign
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the society for the prevention of teen suicide | teen suicide prevention
the society for the prevention of teen suicide is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the belief that accurate information and education about suicide can save lives.
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counseling - suicide prevention - food pantry - youth shelter | foundation 2
foundation 2 is a 24-hour suicide prevention and crisis intervention service in cedar rapids, iowa.
suicide, survivors, groups, support, group, rapids, cedar, counseling, confidential, prevention, crisis, assessment, intervention, foundation
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veterans crisis line | hotline, online chat & text
free, confidential support for veterans in crisis and their families and friends. call the veterans crisis line (1-800-273-8255 and press 1) or chat online 24/7/365.
suicide, veteran, chat, hotline, online, military
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lynx healing praktijk voor healing
lynx healing is de praktijk van diana polis en is gevestigd in leusden (regio amersfoort). lynx is een praktijk voor healing en psychologische begeleiding, ...
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calm photography
a piece of calm photography’s vision is to give back to help the community and those less fortunate through illness or circumstance.
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how to commit suicide
how to kill yourself quickly, peacefully and 100% painlessly
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cry of the orphan
cry of the orphan. recognizing that the severity of today's orphan crisis is bigger than any one organization, hope for orphans, focus on the family and show hope joined together to launch a long term, nationwide campaign called cry of the orphan. this campaign seeks to raise awareness of the orphan crisis and spur fellow christians to action.
orphan, care, focus, campaign, family, hope, familylife, ministry, christian, foster, adopt, adoption, children, fatherless, aids, church
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suicide zero - självmord kan förhindras!
välkommen till suicide zero. 1600 personer tar sina liv varje år. helt i onödan, för självmord kan förhindras. suicide zero arbetar med suicidprevention.
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childrens mental health matters! | a maryland public awareness campaign
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help4guys | raising awareness about male abuse
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mobilisation générale - l'assoce des ados suicidants
association lorraine développant des travaux sur la suicidalité infanto-juvénile
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center for optimal living — stories of people finding mental clarity, calm and well being in their life and work.
do you love the sense of calm you find in yoga, and wish you could maintain it throughout your day? in this seminar you will learn: how everyone has a natural capacity for calm and well being deep within them. how to awaken to what brings out your inner calm, without the use of techniques or exercises. how to see the thought habits that get in your way, so you can break free of them. friday march 18th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, & saturday march 19th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. cost: $125 early bird registration $100 if paid by march 10 (save $25). contact: annika schahn, 508-687-9946. credit cards accepted.
well, being, yoga, meditation, freedom, peace, stress, calm
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club kids yoga | amy macconnell | home page
club kids yoga is a fun and engaging way for children of all ages to practice the art of yoga, a form of exercise that builds mind, body and spirit. our variety of yoga classes develop better body awareness, self-control, flexibility and coordination while helping to instill calm, confidence and balance.
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one hope united: protecting children. strengthening families.
one hope united is a private, nonprofit human service organization dedicated to protecting children and strengthening families.
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christian suicide prevention - home
christian suicide prevention
suicide, prevention, line, hotline, crisis, prayer, counseling, phone, volunteer, after, hours, christian
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christian mindfulness offers a unique course which combines the latest scientific research on prayer, meditation and mindfulness with an exploration of how biblical theology, faith and practice relate to these ancient tools.
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colon awareness: promoting colon health
public awareness campaign dedicated to promoting colon health and education.
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positive promotions is your one-stop shop for your promotional product needs. visit our site to learn how our expert marketing staff can help your awareness, education and incentive programs campaign a success.
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raising awareness of dangers bad indoor air quality: the great indoors
desso has launched the campaign the great indoors to raise awareness of the continued dangers of bad indoor air quality & to promote health and wellbeing.
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families against cult teachings | get help from cults
families against cult teachings is a non-profit that raises awareness about dangerous cults, helps abused victims, rescues kids, reunites families, and more...
prevention, awareness, education, resuce, suicide, schools, kids, teens, families, cults
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thirst living waters
suicide prevention and suicide resources
suicide, resources, prevention
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calm mediation
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suicide squad (2016) | full movie stream
suicide squad, the full movie, was recently leaked online and was made available to the public! watch a high quality stream of the movie online for free!
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suicide squad (2016) | full movie stream
suicide squad, the full movie, was recently leaked online and was made available to the public! watch a high quality stream of the movie online for free!
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americas leading mental health speaker, mike veny
guest motivational & inspirational mental health keynote speaker is bringing public awareness to mental illness (and disabilities) for suicide prevention.
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max movies online | watch movies free online hd
from dc comics comes the suicide squad, an antihero team of incarcerated supervillains who act as deniable assets for the united states government, undertaking high-risk black ops missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences.
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suicide prevention center
we provide help in the area of suicide prevention. we have a 24-hour crisis hotline, manned by trained volunteers, as well as, a 24-hour pet loss support line for those grieving the loss of their pet or the impending loss of a pet. we also have three local support groups. they are the 'survivors of suicide' for those grieving a suicide death. 'other passages' for those who are depressed or suicidal and 'other passages for adolescents' for those ages 13-17 who are depressed or suicidal.
suicide, survivors, other, passages, support, prevention, crisis, hotline, loss
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congrats, you have an all male panel!
documenting all male panels, seminars, events, and various other things featuring all male experts. please submit! preferably photos and screenshots. or links. make sure it is an all male thing, if...
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189 - home
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wake forest survivors of suicide - home
wake forest survivors of suicide - home - wake forest s.o.s. support group provides an open environment for those who have lost someone to suicide.
grief, suicide, center, support, shore, adult, teen, wake, forest, depression, survivors, elderly
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contemporary lynx
contemporary lynx is an essential guide to polish contemporary art scene focusing on contemporary & modern art, photography, design and tips for
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brothers for life | medical male circumcision (mmc) | gender-based violence (gbv) | yenza kahle - do the right thing
brothers for life promote positive male norms and encourage the uptake of medical male circumcision, men taking up hiv testing, consistent condom use by men and reduction of sexual partners. the campaign mobilises men to actively engage in activities to address gender-based violence in their communities.
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for more than a decade demwebs has been america's go to source for democratic websites, democratic logos, campaign cards, banners and much more
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suicide squad 2016 | watch full movie online stream
suicide squad, the full movie, was recently leaked online and was made available to the public! watch a high quality stream of the movie online for free!
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cancer awareness shirts, pink ribbons, courage, faith, strength merchandise, breast guy...
help raise awareness with these hand drawn cancer awareness shirts and more, a percentage of every item sold is donated to a cancer awareness foundation. show your support for cancer awareness and our angels.
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jeffhelp - homejeffhelp
jeffhelp is a grant funded project aimed at developing a sustainable mental health awareness and suicide prevention program for the entire jefferson community.
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lynx india - indian online computer store located in chandigarh north india .we sell computer , audio and electronic products online in india .
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survivors of suicide - albuquerque
survivors of suicide loss, is a volunteer support group that serves the needs of people suffering the loss of someone they love by suicide.
survivors, group, support, suicide, loss
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jail suicide expert prison suicide expert witness correctional mental health deliberate indifference risk management
dr. thomas w. white is an internationally recognized suicide expert, offering litigation support, consultation, and training services for jail and prison suicide. also, risk management services.
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personalised keep calm and carry on posters | keep calm
personalised keep calm and carry on posters. you can have any text as you want it, personal to you. celebrity, sports team, hobby, tv show, favorite pop idol.. the list is endless.
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take action say no unite | un women headquarters
the un secretary-general’s unite to end violence against women campaign, managed by un women, has proclaimed every 25th of the month as “orange day” – a day to take action to raise awareness and prevent violence against women and girls.
women, against, violence, awareness, raise, girls, prevent, campaign, unite, orange
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reasons to go on living
welcome to the reasons to go on living project. we are collecting the stories of people who have attempted or seriously contemplated suicide but now want to go on living. the project will study and share these anonymous stories for research, education and inspiration.
suicide, reasons, living, kirkpatrick, attempt, choose, life, helen, attempted, project, rtgol, jennifer, brasch
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bozeman help center - home
crisis services
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yanan :: the you are not alone network
the you are not alone network :: yanan is dedicated to helping stem the tide of native american teen suicides.
suicide, american, native, intervention, teen, prevention
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suicide & faith | helping faith leaders identify and prevent suicide
courses and support tools to help faith leaders address suicide within their faith organizations.
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the national authority for the campaign against alcohol and drug abuse - home
the national authority for campaign against alcohol and drug abuse (nacada)focuses on demand reduction, which involves providing preventive education, public awareness, life skills, treatment, rehabilitation and psycho-social support to the general public, also we contribute towards supply suppression through policy formulation and capacity building.
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calm - child abuse listening mediation
calm’s vision is a world where child abuse no longer exists. until then, our treatment services help provide happier, healthier lives for those suffering from
abused, luncheon, calm, children, teens, therapy
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noharmm access page
noharmm is a non-profit, direct-action men's network organized against circumcision of healthy male infants and children. our mission is to raise public awareness about male genital cutting practices and to increase public understanding of genital integrity as a fundamental human right.
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association québécoise de prévention du suicide
fondée en 1986, l’association québécoise de prévention du suicide (aqps) est un organisme à but non lucratif qui a pour mission d’œuvrer au développement de la prévention du suicide au québec.
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follow the fifty
women’s heart health awareness and action campaign about heart disease and its risk factors.
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suicide détour - prévention du suicide - maniwaki - outaouais - 819-441-1010- maniwaki - organisme de prévention du suicide
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* repubblica di frigolandia. frigidaire e il nuovo male *
frigidaire fondato nel 1980 e attualmente in edicola ogni mese come "mensile popolare d'lite " ed editore del mensile il nuovo male anche un luogo: frigolandia, redazione di frigidaire e de il nuovo male, museo dell'arte maivista, laboratorio di ricerche e riparo accogliente per i naviganti del pensiero, dell'arte, della rivoluzione.
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adobe campaign lets you orchestrate personalized experiences across online and offline marketing channels and increase productivity through campaign automation.
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see a new sun foundation inc. - suicide prevention through education, signs of suicide (sos program), social services
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euthanasia suicide mercy-killing right-to-die physician assisted suicide living wills research
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stop suicide | sensibilisation et prévention du suicide des jeunes dans la région suisse romande
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sing a song of how they tried
brett19/male/ncdcintjinterested in politics, public policy, economics, international relations and foreign policy, philosophy, and sociology
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ferus, premire association nationale de protection et de conservation de lours du loup et lynx en france. toute lactualit de lours, du loup et du lynx.
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a voice for male students: informing, connecting, empowering
avfms is a pro-male, pro-human rights, pro-education website with a counter-cultural slant.
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centre de prvention suicide haut-st-maurice
le centre prvention suicide du haut st-maurice est un organisme communautaire qui vient en aide aux personnes vivant une dtresse, qu'elle soit suicidaire, endeuille ou en crise personnelle.
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