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find brasileiras coroas tube, tube amplifier and more at get the best of tube amp or tube amps, browse our section on guitar tube amps or learn about tube amp book. is the site for brasileiras coroas tube.
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vintage guitar tube amplifiers, boutique hand wired, point to point vintage combo tube amplifier
firebelly amps, 2530 wilshire blvd., santa monica, ca., 90403, 310-315-5404, [email protected]
tube, vintage, guitar, amplifier, point, custom, fender, clone, boutique, amps
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tube sonic amps | guitar amplifiers, tube amps, amplifier repair
tube sonic amps builds custom guitar amplifiers specializing in tube amps and a certified amplifier repair location for all major brands of amps
amps, guitar, repair, tube, amplifiers, custom, amplifier
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swart amplifier co - hand built custom tube guitar amplifiers
tube, guitar, swart, fender, custom, amplifier, mike, michael, wilmington, champ, amps, princeton, matchless, deluxe
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tube amp information, guitar amp schematics, tube amp information
tube amplifier parts, tubes, guitar tube amps, vintage tube amp parts, tubes, guitar tube amplifier building supplies, tube amp information
tube, amplifiers, guitar, amps, wired, amplifier, information, supplies, building, hand, pots, vacuum, schematics, tubes, transformers, valves, parts, switches
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allen amplification - quality tube guitar amps, kit, parts, and repairs
amps, kits, tube, boutique, vintage, transformers, amplifier, flame, parts, repairs, guitar, accomplice, brown, tubes, amplifiers, sugar, spot, amplification, encore, capacitors
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7 - the cooperative tube guitar amp project
ax84 delivers a variety of tube guitar amplifier projects for musicians with minimal electronics skills. we have schematics, layouts and media.
eyelet, schematic, tone, board, turret, distortion, transformer, layout, cranked, 12ax7, amps, guitar, el84, el34, electric, amplifier, tube
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p.m. sound technology, llc custom guitar amplifiers, amp repair & restoration
p.m. sound technology, llc is a professional guitar amplifier repair and restoration service. we specialize in tube amps and speaker repair and reckoning. we also produce one of a kind custom built tube amplifiers. our focus in on guitar and bass amplifiers but we also service hi-fi amps as well. we are located in northern virginia. we provide professional amp repair for musicians across the united states. if you are a working musician, recording studio engineer, or a hobbyist, p.m. sound technology, llc can handle all of your equipment needs.
repair, amplifier, washington, speaker, tube, virginia, service, guitar, area, reconing, reair, restoration, maryland, custom, amplifiers, nova, northern
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vht amp - guitar amps and cabs
guitar amps from vht amplification - the world leader in affordable hand-wired amplification. for almost 20 years, vht has become synonymous with excellent tone and boutique style. vht amps are available with many features, and are suitable for any style of playing. click for details.
british, vintage, tone, affordable, tube, amplifiers, guitar, amps, amplifier
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welcome to the vintage stereo equipment store
seller of vintage stereo equipment; tube amplifiers, vintage speakers, vacuum tubes, vintage preamps, guitar amplifiers, vintage receivers, and reel to reel
tube, amplifier, stereo, build, headphone, power, schematic, kits, fender, valve, circuit, class, small, guitar, amplifiers, vacuum, integrated, audio
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11 - the canadian guitar forum
welcome to your source for high end used guitars in canada. amps and effects, vintage, advice, reviews, concerts and more on canada's only guitar forum.
guitar, guitars, amps, canadian, effects, fender, pickups, gibson, orange, amplifier, music, strings, used, processor, canada, boogie, mesa, historic, krank, paul
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landry amps . . . hand-wired all tube guitar amplifiers
hand wired guitar all tube amplifiers made in the u.s.a. - everything from chimey cleans to the brown sound to the 80s killer rock sounds without the use of distortion pedals!
guitar, amplifier, tube, boutique, made, landry, vintage, hand, wired, marshall
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jdp amplifiers
jdp amplifiers is dedicated to the highest quality custom built guitar amplification systems. custom made, each amp is a technical work of art.
tube, guitar, amplification, amplifier, custom, amplifiers
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specimen products / the chicago school of guitar making
specimen builds custom electric guitars, tube amplifiers and audio horn speakers. we also provide expert guitar repair and tube amp repair. the chicago school
guitar, tube, repairs, custom, guitars, amps, amplifiers, speciman, chicago, making, classes, vintage, luthiers, instruments, instrument, stringed, builders, repair, amplifier, speakers
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activity stream - music electronics forum
this is a discussion forum about building , modifying and maintaing musical electronic devices such as guitar amps and effects.
guitar, tube, discussion, bulletin, board, amplifier, valve, transistor, ampage, forum
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hunt amplification | guitar amp repair | phoenix, arizona
tube, valve, amplifier, guitar, hunt, repair, orange, magnatone, vintage, boutique, fender, services, arizona, repairs, technician, service, marshall, custom, bass, tech
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colby amps - home of the dual tone booster
pure tube tone and no compromise. offering the dtb50 & dtb100 amplifiers, designed by mitch colby.
amps, boutique, tube, amplifier, custom, colby, amplfier, amplification
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thd electronics
thd electronics is a company specializing in products for the music industry, specifically tube amplification and products catering to tube amps.
yellow, amplifier, tube, guitar, speaker, power, bench, reactive, custom, univalve, transformers
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19 - nashville amplfier service
amp repair - nashville amplfier repair service -
repair, amplifier, tube, guitar, nashville, bass, speaker, service, power, tonequest, report, gbase, base, recones, recone, amplifiers, system, restoration, modification, amps
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amplifier experts - audio amplifier repair services
we do repairs on most any audio amplifier in connecticut, including musical instrument amps, hi-fi, vintage audio, vacuum tube audio, equalizers, processors and similar equipment. 我々は、最も上の修理を楽器アンプ、ハイファイ、ヴィンテージオーディオ、真空管オーディオ、イコライザ、プロセッサと同様の装置を含む任意のオーディオアンプを行います。
milford, brookfield, danbury, amps, guitar, keyboard, connecticut, kent, audio, vacuum, repair, amplifier, tubes, vintage
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tube amplifier repair at d & s tube audio
tube amplifier repair, modification, and restoration. guitar and musical instrument tube amplifiers, hi-fi & vintage stereo tube amplifiers
amplifier, repair, vacuum, tubes, marshall, fender, guitar
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tone lizard tales from the tone lounge
this is the home page for the tone lizard website, an insightful guide to the facts and fantasy surrounding the building, maintenance and use of guitar amplifiers built with tubes or valves as they are known in europe.
amplifier, valve, tube, myths, guitar, tone, vacuum, thermionic
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guitar amps cairns - guitar service and repair
neil sibley guitars repair and amplifiers service and repair
guitar, cairns, sibley, repair, amps, neil, valves, tube, image, thermal, amplifiers, restoration, fender, repairs, gibson, amplifier, valve
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taurus - bass & guitar amplification made in poland
taurus-amp: we specialize in manufacturing professional bass & guitar amplification. all taurus products are hand crafted in poland, using the advanced technologies.
bass, amps, tube, 300h, series, system, line, amplifier, vechoor, abigar, zebu, amplification, cross, made, poland, best, neodyme, neodymium, speakers, boutique
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vacuum tube audio - diy electronic projects
lighthouse electric, specializing in diy tube audio equipment, hobby electronics, parts, tutorials and advice
tube, audio, amplifier, preamps, amps, equipment, headphone, guitar, high, electronics, lighthouse, tutorials, valve, vacuum, archive, circuit, projects, electric
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graytech sound
graytech sound is the inventor of hi-definition amps with performance and tone that tells the truth! simply put, it's not possible to build a high-definition, vintage-designed amplifier using cheap transformers, cheap resistors, cheap caps, cheap tube sockets, and cheap switches.
george, amps, repairs, guitar, cabinets, built, speaker, custom
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davidson amp repair, vintage tube amp repair, fender, marshall, etc., since 1993, updated july 20, 2013
welcome to the original davidson amplifier repair, operated by john davidson, nashville, guitar amplifier repairs and service. thousands of fenders fixed, 50's - 90's. also experienced on vintage english 240 volt amps such as marshall. laney, park, london city, matamp, northcourt supreme, orange, sound city, vampower, vox
davidson, repair, john, fender, amplifier, guitar, nashville, tube
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dynamic amps
dynamic amplifiers | play more | 269 321 9330. [email protected] original guitar amplifiers designed and hand-crafted in the usa. built from highest grade components, designed by players for players..
tube, amplifiers, amps, vintage, sound, boutique, vacuum, 2040, d2040, dynamic, guitar
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el diablo amps & guitars
minneapolis based boutique amp retailer and guitar repair shop // el diablo amps & guitars
guitar, electric, custom, business, small, music, sound, bass, strings, acoustic, cable, amplifier, pedal, swart, electroplex, amps, louis, boutique, minneapolis, repair
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aiken amps
guitar amplifiers
amplifier, valves, guitar, tubes
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vintage amplifier restoration - mcintosh,amplifier repair,guitar, speaker repair,dynaco,fender, gibson, ampeg,vintage,guitar intonation, hi-fi,pro audio, stereo,guitar, tube amplifier, dynaco,vaccum tube, amplifier rebuilding, tube amplifiers, tube amplifier, tubes, stereo, hi-fi, hifi, amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, tube, audio, dynaco, mcintosh, amplifiers, preamplifiers, preamps, vintage audio, tube audio, marantz, sound, stereo, heathkit, tube amplifier, tube amplifiers
amplifier, vintage, guitar, dynaco, tubeamp.
tube, amplifier, amplifiers, audio, stereo, mcintosh, repair, dynaco, guitar, vintage, preamps, preamplifiers, sound, heathkit, marantz, rebuilding, speaker, intonation, vaccum, tubes
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classic tube amps
hand wired tube amps, tube amp parts, diy tube amp info, guitar amp kits, vintage amp parts, tubes, guitar amps, tube amp kits, guitar amp kits, vintage tube amp parts.
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soul cat guitar, uke and amp
cigar box guitars, ukuleles, and amps
guitar, cigar, ukulele, amplifier, slide, pike, best, finest, roots, instruments, americana, place, musical, market
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hearth splash
hearth amplifiers vacuum tube guitar amplifiers & effects pedals
hearth, amplifier, pedal, tube, valve, effects, point, guitar, warmer, flame, ingle, stone, hall, distortion, vacuum, wiring, handmade, boutique
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tube amp parts, guitar amp parts, tube amp for guitar
hoffman amplifiers stocks tube amp parts for the diy tube amp builder, hoffman amps ships guitar amp parts all over the world, tube amp for guitar
board, parts, guitar, switches, resistors, capacitors, transformers, turret, tube, eyelet
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alloy music
musical instruments, instrument and speaker repair, musical instruction, books, retail used instruments, best prices
guitars, guitar, amps, music, instrument, used, electric, sound, acoustic, boards, drums, vintage, repair, speaker, equipment, cases, stands, amplifier, rentals, basses
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straub amplifiers
custom guitar tube amplifiers in wood cabinets
amps, straub, guitar, heyboer, triode, volume, sapele, faceplate, transformers, master, lightup, cantus, amplifiers, tube, twisted, plexi
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hashimoto sansui vacuum tube transformer vacuum tube transformers valve transformer tube amp transformer amps amplifier amplifiers with hasimoto mc stepup interstage line output output transformer power transformer transformers choke coil coils including single ended output transformer transformers
hashimoto hasimoto vacuum tube transformer tube amp transformer amps amplifier amplifiers single ended output transformer transformers - sansui leaped forward the vacuum tube valve amp amps amplifier amplifiers technologies with the sm-30 and the sm-80 tuner amplifiers in the early 1960’s. then sansui perfected tube amplifier technologies by the end of the 1960’s with the 1000 / the 1000a receiver the au-70 / au-111 integrated amplifier, the ca-303 control amplifier the ba-202 / the ba-303 power amplifiers. sansui’s original business was based on manufacturing tube transformers; however sansui spanned off the entire transformer business to hashimoto hasimoto electric in 1979 including the original sansui logo. hashimoto provided the au-111 power and output transformers to sansui when sansui reissued the famed au-111 in 1999. hashimoto currently provides branded vacuum tube valve amp amps amplifier amplifiers transformer transformers; these transformers include 34 different
transformers, transformer, tube, vacuum, output, valve, amplifier, amps, hashimoto, choke, interstage, input, coupling, hasimoto, power, tubes, pull, push, line, amplifiers
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vintage amp repair, expert fender amp repair | skip simmons amp repair
expert repair and restoration of vintage tube guitar amps, harp amps, and studio equipment at skip simmons amp repair. vintage fender amp repair specialist.
repair, california, francisco, sacramento, area, amps, tube, amplifier, guitar, harp, fender, vintage
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guitar amplifier | electric guitar amp
find the widest selection of guitar amplifiers and amps by clicking here.
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indigo amplification
indigo amplification is a musical instrument amplifier manufacturer offering handcrafted, hand wired products, all made in the usa. we also offer top notch repair and vintage amplifier restoration services.
tube, shawde, jack, nicky, camilo, moroch, velandia, gilderdale, miles, harrison, inspired, vintage, amplifiers, amps, guitar, blueyou, screamer, handwired, reverb, elmariachi
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the gear mall | vintage & boutique amps, guitars & effects
the gear mall features information on the best boutique amps, vintage amps and vintage guitar effects gear available today. it's your resources for classic vintage tone.
vintage, amps, boutique, fender, guitars, guitar, tweed, carr, gibson, amplifiers, tube, archtops, blackface, amplfiers, marshall, mercury, plexi, silverface, jazzmaster, pedals
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blankenship amp repair - home
guitar amp repair by roy blankenship. looking for guitar amplification repair? roy blankenship’s reputation as a quality one-off tube and builder and repairman have cemented him as the go to man in the amplifier industry.
guitar, repair, premium, player, boutique, guitarist, blankenship, amps, amplification
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blankenship amp repair - home
guitar amp repair by roy blankenship. looking for guitar amplification repair? roy blankenship’s reputation as a quality one-off tube and builder and repairman have cemented him as the go to man in the amplifier industry.
guitar, repair, premium, player, boutique, guitarist, blankenship, amps, amplification
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blackstar potential - id:series guitar lessons
a free guitar lesson site for users that have purchased a blackstar id:series guitar amplifier. register using your product serial number to gain access to free guitar lessons focused on the id:series guitar amps.
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the new moscode 402au tube hybrid amplifier
official site for the moscode 402 hybrid tube amplifier. the moscode 402au, with gold plated circuit board, combines the best characteristics of tubes and transistors; employing a class a tube driver stage coupled to mosfet power outputs. all the best qualities you’d expect from an audiophile amplifier: deep, tightly controlled bass; open, layered, textured midrange; extended, open, sweet sounding highs, all in a stable, realistic soundstage.
amplifier, tube, mosfet, moscode, hybrid, harvey, stereo, circuitry, monoblock, 402au, 401hr, stereophonic
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tonetron amplifiers - tonetron amps-hand built guitar tube amps and amp repair
tonetron amps is a manufacturer of custom hand-built guitar tube amps. we also repair all brands of amplifiers.
minneapolis, paul, manufacture, repair, amplifiers, amps, boutique, guitar
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the amp shop
home page of the amp shop, a production company from asheville, nc. the amp shop provides top of the line pro audio repair and builds custom guitar amps!
amps, audio, workstation, custom, digital, amplifier, music, repair, built, equipment, yorkville, stage, roland, yamaha, samson, guitar, mackie, fuchs, hand, boutique
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welcome to trinity amps
custom built point to point vacuum tube guitar amps and vacuum tube guitar amp kits based on vintage matchless marshall fender hiwatt vox and more.
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mad science works amp repair in raleigh, nc
this is a service facility in downtown raleigh, nc, specializing in the best of amplifier and electronic instrument repair, both tube and solid state.
repair, service, amplifier, authorized, guitar, restoration, ampeg, vintage, blackfacing, biasing, bass, tube, replacement, fender, mesa
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redtube blog | site vídeos porno redtube brasileiras
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guitar amplifier repair, art's audio incorporated highland, mi about us
art's audio inc. has been providing professional guitar amplifier repair services (both in and out of warranty) for the past ten years.
highland, repair, amplifier, electronic, vintage, tube, guitar
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granite audio - vacuum tube amps, preamps, speaker cables, ac power cords, cd players, granite speakers, amplifiers, tubes, silver interconnect cables, stereo.
granite audio - we manufacture high-end vacuum tube amps, preamps, & audio stereo speaker systems. unique acrylic-granite speakers, home theater speaker systems, silver cables, decorator granite colors.
tube, vacuum, speakers, valve, audio, speaker, amplifier, preamp, amps, preamplifier, triode, silver, granite, phono, preamps, theater, stereo, cables, power, music
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blackstar amplification - guitar amplifiers, amps, pedals, valves
the official blackstar amplification site, featuring guitar amplifiers, guitar amps, effects pedals, merchandise, dealers, videos, artist news
guitar, amps, pedals, valve, effects, guitars, blackstar, amplifiers
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diezel guitar amps
diezel guitar amps, vertrieb für die schweiz, traxx-media gmbh
tumblin, maurer, dice, reinighaus, metallica, many, laut, boutique, hetfield, nine, helloween, riepel, neilsnielsen, zombie, inchnails, tool, toten, hosen, vollroehren, vielseitig
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59 guitars, lessons, reviews and guitar news (guitarsite)
guitar news and 1000's of great guitar and music sites on the web! your guide to: guitars, bands, mp3, tablature, resources, software, tuition, music search...
guitar, amps, tube, tubes, valves, amplifiers, lessons, guitars, guitarists, news
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watts tube audio - guitar amplifier parts
watts tube audio | your one stop source for guitar amplifier parts & service. we offer quality guitar amplifier parts including custom and reproduction circuit boards, wire, sockets, jacks, switches, indicator lights, chassis, hardware, potentiometers, knobs, capacitors, resistors, diodes & complete amplifier kits. also: circuit board building supplies including: single tubular turrets, double tubular turrets, eyelets, swage tools, staking tools, g-10, gpo-3, drill bits & mounting hardware including screws, nuts, lock washers and standoffs and now full custom metal fabrication services.
amplifier, boards, guitar, circuit, tube, power, kits, parts, project, boxes, chassis, audio, supplies, board, building, resistors, plugs, switches, cords, potentiometers
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watts tube audio - guitar amplifier parts
watts tube audio | your one stop source for guitar amplifier parts & service. we offer quality guitar amplifier parts including custom and reproduction circuit boards, wire, sockets, jacks, switches, indicator lights, chassis, hardware, potentiometers, knobs, capacitors, resistors, diodes & complete amplifier kits. also: circuit board building supplies including: single tubular turrets, double tubular turrets, eyelets, swage tools, staking tools, g-10, gpo-3, drill bits & mounting hardware including screws, nuts, lock washers and standoffs and now full custom metal fabrication services.
amplifier, boards, guitar, circuit, tube, power, kits, parts, project, boxes, chassis, audio, supplies, board, building, resistors, plugs, switches, cords, potentiometers
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watts tube audio - guitar amplifier parts
watts tube audio | your one stop source for guitar amplifier parts & service. we offer quality guitar amplifier parts including custom and reproduction circuit boards, wire, sockets, jacks, switches, indicator lights, chassis, hardware, potentiometers, knobs, capacitors, resistors, diodes & complete amplifier kits. also: circuit board building supplies including: single tubular turrets, double tubular turrets, eyelets, swage tools, staking tools, g-10, gpo-3, drill bits & mounting hardware including screws, nuts, lock washers and standoffs and now full custom metal fabrication services.
amplifier, boards, guitar, circuit, tube, power, kits, parts, project, boxes, chassis, audio, supplies, board, building, resistors, plugs, switches, cords, potentiometers
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start - laboga amps & cables
laboga amps & cables
tube, wzmacniacze, laboga, guitar, amps, cables, tubes, ulabogi, lampowe, lampy
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start - laboga amps & cables
laboga amps & cables
tube, wzmacniacze, laboga, guitar, amps, cables, tubes, ulabogi, lampowe, lampy
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choose the right valves for your amplifier – great guitar amplifier valves at great prices
guitar amplifier valves - amp valves are the number one choice for great quality replacement guitar amplifier valves and valve kits for all major brand amplifiers.
valves, amplifier, guitar, replacement
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prowess amplifiers - tube amplifier resources and schematics
prowess amplifiers offers resources for the guitar tube amplifier builder. we have a huge schematics inventory, projects section and forum.
tube, amplifiers, amplifier, guitar, schematics, prowess
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vintage guitar gallery of long island - vintage & used guitar shop vintage guitar gallery of long island - used & vintage guitar shop in huntington, ny
best vintage guitar shop in ny. we are experts in vintage guitar repair, as well as vintage guitar appraisals for insurance, estate planning, and investments
guitar, vintage, shop, repair, island, long, best, appraisal, instrument, guitars, fender, signed, gibson, amplifier, records, area, electric, acoustic, store, manhatten
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welcome to universal electronic repairs - serviced by roger pinto
universal electronic repairs serviced by roger pinto
guitar, repair, marshall, amplifier, electronics, service, crate, korg, repairs, tube, fender, line, kurzweil, zoom, kustom, hughes, kettner, laney, hartke, randall
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tube amplifier and guitar repairs - repair mentoring - international network
cranky's provides service for your amplifiers and stringed instruments. located in mansfield, ma - servicing boston, providence, worcester and beyond since 1984.
guitar, repair, service, acoustic, electric, bass, parts, tech, guitars, authorized, factory, instrument, school, tube, mods, tubes, center, technician, svetlana, audio
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myers audio | boutique amps and pedalboards
custom boutique amps and pedalboards hand built in the usa.
pedalboard, pedal, guitar, amps, amplifier, boutique
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guitar amp tone and effects placement
guitar amps, effects, guitar amplifiers, tube amps, guitar amp, effects pedals, preamps, guitar effects, amp emulation, tube amp kits, guitar effects pedals, power attenuators, power soaks, power scaling, speaker simulators, amp modelling, modelling amps, amp tone, reamping, cosm, distortion, dummy loads, guitar gear, multifx, power tubes, soaks, speaker isolation cabinets, tube amp tone
guitar, power, effects, amps, tube, speaker, soaks, pedals, tone, modelling, dummy, loads, multifx, cabinets, isolation, tubes, distortion, gear, scaling, emulation
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quality tube guitar amplifiers
quality tube guitar amplifiers. designed in seattle by legendary boutique tube amp builder michael soldano and built affordably from high-quality materials.
soldano, tube, guitar, city, amps
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guitar amp, bass amp, power amplifier repairs sales & service - pro audio service ltd
guitar amp , bass amp, power amp and mixing desk repairs to pro audio equipment. valve / tube amp repairs to modern and vintage equipment. electronic repairs to solid state and tube amps, switch mode power supply
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te systems -- electronic equipment
amplifiers site
amplifier, subsystems, wideband, amplifiers, data, octive, linear, paging, radio, vhpa, impedance, mobile, transceiver, defense, bipolar, megahertz, preamp, preamplifier, gigahertz, gaas
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it-11 audio / tonegeek | music gear & tech stuff
gear, music. guitar pedals mods : clipping diodes, ma856, 1s1588, tubescreamer, bluesbreaker, valve and tube amps, schematics, it-11, it-11 audio
guitar, amps, valve, tube
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hayward boutique amps - your sound, your way
imagine playing through an amplifier that sounds exactly the way you've always dreamed it should. tube amplifiers from hayward amps can make that happen.
amplifiers, your, sound, tube, amps, hayward
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atomic amps | amplifier pedal | clr reference monitors
atomic amps is the leading designer of guitar modelers - the amplifire pedal, and reference guitar, keyboard and studio monitors - clr wedges and cabinets
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best guitar amps | guitar amps buying guide 2016
looking at thousands of brilliant guitar amps which can help you listen to many loud songs? our brilliant website lists many items.
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electric guitar amplifier | guitar cabinet | guitar preamp - fryette amplification
fryette amplification offers the best amps on the planet! from the legendary pitbull series to our new valvulator gp/di, we have what you need! shop now!
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tube amplifier products by stephenson amplification
pedals, amps, amplifiers, tube
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music city buffalo - guitars, amps, pedals, repairs, lessons, and more!
offering unbeatable prices on leading brands in new, vintage, & used musical instruments in buffalo, new york. great selection of guitars, acoustic instruments, and effect pedals online.
guitar, shop, buffalo, amps, store, marshall, tube, warwick, gretsch, pedals, rickenbacker, used, music, instruments, musical, york, bass, acoustic, online, vintage
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tube-tone amplifiers
new tube guitar amplifiers hand made using point to point wiring, quality components, jj tubes, etc. custom modifications of vintage tube amplifiers.
tube, face, black, tweed, ab763, boutique, vacuum, fender, amplifier, vintage, clone, valve, guitar, sale, classic
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woo audio high-end tube amplifiers - the sound of excellence
manufacturer of the finest high-end audio products. designed by expert electrical engineers, made in the u.s.a. specializing in vacuum tube headphone amplifier, preamplifier, and powered amplifier.
headphone, amplifiers, amps, tube, audio
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best boutique guitar amplifiers, guitar pedals, guitar amps - baroni-lab
best guitar pedals and amplifiers, combo amps, amplifiers head and cabinets, high quality, best boutique effects pedals. 2 years warranty service.
guitar, amps, pedals, amplifiers, best
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classic anz valve guitar amplifiers
classic australian and new zealand valve amplifiers for guitar and p.a. - pictures, circuits and data.
guitar, amps, pianos, organs, electric, mouthharps, mouthorgan, harmonica, synths, bass, loudspeakers, kiwi, speakers, stage, blues, keyboards, accordion, ava103, ava102, ava104
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sequerra online home
sequerra, sound, stereo, speakers, speaker, transducers, triode, microphone, vacuum, tube, ribbons, ribbon, hifi, audio, amplifiers, amps, loudspeaker
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custom guitar amplifiers boutique guitar amplifiers hand build guitar amplifiers |
soul tramp amplification designs and builds boutique guitar amplifiers. soul tramp amps are handcrafted custom amps built of the finest components and mercury magnetics transformers.
custom, mercury, magnetics, cabinets, tramp, soul, guitar, amplifier, boutique
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vacuum tube supplies | vacuum tubes for sale, vacuum tube amplifier service & repair.
vacuum tube supplies | denver's premier vacuum tube sales, amplifier service & repair. custom musical & hi-fi amps designed & manufactured.
vacuum, kustom, egnater, fletcherhaynes, orange, crate, mackie, line, ampeg, thermionic, valves, marantz, mcintosh, silvertone, genalex, boogie, mesa, bogner, randall, eden
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carol-ann amps - carol-ann amplifiers
tube, boutique, guitar, amplifier, carol
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guitar center ltd. for the best guitars and guitar amps visit pjs guitar center, portsmouth.
pjs guitar center ltd, the widest selection of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars and guitar amps. browse through our great new website or visit us at guitar center ltd, portsmouth.
guitar, guitars, classical, acoustic, bass, electric, center, amps, centre, portsouth, hampshire, martin, basses, fender, gibson, ibanez, epiphone, jackson
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amp parts, cabinets, guitar, bass, pickups, pedals -
the best source for vintage amplifier and guitar parts. specializing in vintage reproduction cabinets and replacement components.
doctor, ampdoc, tubeamp, customwound, wound, kits, custom, cabs, 12ax7, tubeparts, tubeamps, tube, base, baseguitar, pickups, tubes, speakers, guitars, amplifiers, cabinet
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ignite amps
ignite amps - engineering for the moshpit
amplifiers, modeling, tube, gain, subscreamer, ts999, emulation, preamplifier, preamp, nrr1, triode, bass, guitar, amps, tubes, 12ax7, plugin, ignite, distortion, anvil
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toobz amp service | howell, nj
toobz amplifier service offers a full range of amp repair and cosmetic services, custom tube amps, electric guitar repair, speaker re-coning, and more.
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welcome to analog bros.
home of custom tube amplification for musicians and recording
amplifier, custom, amplification, modification, recording, analog, guitar, tube, bros, studio
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joe's amps | repairs • sales • service • tone
we repair, service and sell solid state and tube amplifiers and electronic equipment in austin texas.
vintage, speaker, electronic, guitar, stereo, bass, state, solid, repair, amplifier, tube, vacuum, austin
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boutique guitar shop | guitars and amplifiers | area 22 guitars
area 22 guitars has a great selection of boutique guitar amps, acoustic guitars, effect pedals and microphones. free shipping on all items over $299.00
amps, guitars, guitar, boutique, carr, guitarworks, walter, little, divided, anderson, effects, store, shop, amplifiers, acoustic, area, pedals, matchless
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york music shop : guitars and amplifiers : new, vintage and used instruments, guitar effects and accessories
world renowned purveyor of fine instruments and music gear. new, used and vintage guitars since 1973. we buy, sell, and trade high quality used and vintage guitars. instrument repairs, appraisals and super tune.
vintage, guitars, guitar, amps, instruments, collectible, effects, drums, musical, classic, fender, gibson, marshall, orange, instrument, pedals, acoustic, processors, cases, gretsch
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greer amps | handmade boutique guitar pedals & amps from athens, ga, usa.
we build the best handmade boutique guitar effects pedals & tube amplifiers in the usa! custom vintage style construction & tones with a lifetime warranty!
bass, pedal, guitar, hand, boutique, made, gear, greer, warranty, spec, lifetime, amplifier, analog, coastline, boost, eric, effect, handmade, compressor, effects
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102 - whats this site about?
[vox ac30 set up for recording] i have built this site, so people like me, who enjoy building and fixing things by themselves, can use this as a source of information. it all began when i had to repair my old '68 vox ac30 guitar amplifier. it turned out it needed a little more surgery than i [1626 hifi tube amp prototype] had anticipated but since then i was hooked on the whole diy and tube topic. i have prototyped a hifi tube amp, which has been responsible for my living room audio experience …
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tc tubes - specializing in vintage vacuum tubes
tc tubes specializes in precision testing and matching of vintage and new production vacuum tubes for guitar players, diy tube audio enthusiasts, and audiophiles. we also offer high quality and hard to find parts for diy tube amplifier projects. our website features secure payment options and fast, convenient shipping around the world.
tubes, tube, audio, socket, james, rectifier, amperex, bugle, valve, telefunken, emissions, 12au7, 12ax7, el34, 12at7, 6sn7, conductance, sylvania, transconductance, mutual
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guitar and amplifier reviews! fender, gibson, martin, marshall, taylor & more!
guitar and amplifier reviews! we've filled the pages of this website with detailed guitar and amplifier reviews, from us, and other musicians just like you.
gibson, marshall, stratocaster, fender, reviews, amplifier, guitar
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paul ruby amplifiers
paul ruby amplifiers - amplifiers for working musicians
tube, el34, el84, kt66, vacuum, handmade, amplifier, amps, boutique, handwired, guitar
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jims guitars : vintage guitars and amplifiers : buy, sell and trade vintage and used instruments, guitar appraisals - owner jim singleton
world renowned purveyor of fine vintage instruments. used and vintage guitars since 1973. we buy, sell, and trade high quality used and vintage guitars. instrument repairs, appraisals and super tune. owner jim singleton
vintage, guitars, guitar, amps, collectible, effects, musical, instruments, drums, classic, gibson, fender, acoustic, marshall, instrument, pedals, processors, amplifier, cases, gretsch
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fat waves | guitar, bass, pedal and amp repairs berlin kreuzberg
fat waves is a repair shop for musicians located in berlin kreuzberg. we repair amps, pedals, guitars, synths and more - contact us to get a quote!
repairs, guitar, amplifier, bass, pedal
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guitar villa, your source for quality new, used & vintage instruments at an affordable price.
custom, guitar, fender, villa, retro, music, john, slog, vintage, simon, paul, amps, thompson, carl, amplifier, crazy, hearts, alembic, guitars, basses
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guitar amps | louis electric amplifiers
louis electric amps is dedicated to to the art of hand crafted guitar amps. each amp takes early sounds and brings them to the present. warmth, clarity, responsiveness and seemingly unlimited headroom is the sonic signature of louis electric amplifiers. listen to one of our amps and you will hear why legendary tone lives here.
amplifiers, amps
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tube guitar amp valve guitar amplifier marshall jtm45 jmp vox ac30 hiwatt vintage rare collectable
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grammatico amps
handmade vintage inspired boutique tube guitar amplifiers modern amps, vintage spirit
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amp crazy hollywood - los angeles amp repair
best guitar amp repair los angeles
angeles, repair, crazy, custom, amps, hollywood, pedals, orange, parts, plexi, musical, preamp, preamps, modification, local, marshall, modifications, kustom, mods, solid
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builders of high quality hand wired valve tube guitar amplifiers.woodhead valve tube guitar amplifiers. redneck tube guitar amplifiers and spring reverb pedals. repairers and restorers of valve tube guitar amps amplifiers.
amplifiers, valve, fender, guitar, british, made, britain, marshall, tube, hand, dumble, 1974, redneck, 5f6a, special, pedal, spring, reverb, overdrive, bassman
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sloan's guitar emporium
sloan's guitar emporium is a butler, pennsylvania, guitar store. we have electric and acoustic guitars, as well as bass guitars, amps, effects pedals, strings, straps, and other accessories. we have new and used equipment, all ready for rockin' out.
rock, metal, acoustic, distortion, music, amplifier, bass, pedal, effects, guitar
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promota music sales
promota music sales is een van de grootste steel guitar specialisten in europa
steel, guitar, evans, stage, versterkers, amplifier, excel, amps, hawaiian, sales, music, pedal, promota, fender
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springmeyer vintage restoration | oakville, ct 06779
springmeyer vintage restoration is a vintage guitar restoration and guitar repair shop located outside of waterbury ct just off of route 8. we specialize in repairs, restorations and sales of all stringed instruments. our guitar services include complete vintage guitar restorations, setups, fretwork, refretting, refinishing, broken headstock repairs, bridges and bridge work, nut and saddle replacement, pickup replacement, wiring work, bindings, pearl inlays, custom work, and custom building. our services also include complete tube amplifier repairs, modifications and restorations. on site guitar lessons are available by appointment. we have restored or repaired all types of vintage guitars, bass guitars, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, mandalas, banjos, stand up basses, cellos. our services also include complete tube amplifier repairs, modifications and restorations.
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midnight guitar repair: rochester's nocturnal guitar and amplifier repair shop
amplifier and guitar repair in rochester new york. (585)729-7244
rochester, repair, guitar, amplifier, bias, traveling, refret, york, setup
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harry joyce guitar amplifiers | buy real harry joyce amps offers guaranteed high quality guitar amplifiers available online. buy now high quality harry joyce guitar amplifier for quality sound
guitar, effects, pedal, amplifiers, tuner, harry, joyce
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hand-built world class guitars, vintage style tube amplifiers and fx pedals, custom technology. repairs, parts, service. perth, western australia
amplifiers, guitar, guitars, union, boutique, repairs, fyffe, amplifier, pedals, parts, perth, speakers, vintage, tube, built, hand, dave, modifications, david, celestion
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* * the jade cat * *
jade australia, audio, musical products, australia.
guitar, guitars, amps, tokai, vintage, strauss, sanchez, tiki, drum, slides, series, ukuleles, casino, harlem, martinez, australia, crown, babicz, timberidge, luthier
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shredder's planet | musical instruments store | doha - qatar | guitars, basses, amps & more!
shredder's planet | musical instruments store | doha - qatar | guitars, basses, amps & more! we ship woldwide!
guitar, planet, bass, amplifier, cordoba, amps, strings, rock, metal, classical, rich, musical, qatar, doha, instruments, store, shredders, shop, randall
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marshall amp forum -
discussions and pictures of everything marshall amplification.
marshall, amps, amplifier, guitar, forum
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blue book of guitar values- used guitar, amp, amplifier, values, pricing and information
find the current blue book value and worth of your new and used guitars, both acoustic, electric and amplifier. the number one source of guitar and amplifier pricing and information so you can find the price and value of your used guitars and amplifier. use this site for a pricing guide and source of information on all guitars.
price, guitar, worth, blue, amplifier, guide, book, values, pricing, value, ibanez, paul, epiphone, martin, smith, gibson, mandolin, fender, used, reep
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jgr guitar & amp repairs
jgr guitar & amplifier repairs benelux
afregelen, herstel, restauratie, afstellen, herfretten, refret, adjusting, customizing, maintenance, onderhoud, reparatie, snaarinstrument, gitaar, guitar, repairs, versterker, amplifier, repair
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george tsantis guitars : vintage guitars and amplifiers : vintage and used instruments, effects and accessories
here you will find quality, collectible vintage, new and used guitars, amplifiers and effects. great every day deals can be found on instruments and accessories.
vintage, musical, collectible, instruments, guitars, guitar, effects, instrument, classic, drums, amps, processors, acoustic, amplifier, bass, marshall, drum, telecaster, strat, pedals
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new & used guitars, guitar repair, amps, accessories, effects pedals: sedalia, mo: backwoods guitar
shop online for the best selection of guitars & accessories, including vintage guitars, guitar amps, guitar repair & more! a store for the working musician.
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coroas e safadas - as coroas mais gostosas e safadas da net!
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572b and 811a tubes in stock 06/08/15!! has thousands of new and nos vacuum tubes in stock for immediate shipment! all tubes are tested and guaranteed!low noise matched small signal and matched power output tubes is our speciality! view about us and our on line catalog for more information. check our new section on cryogenically treated tubes for most cost-effective tweak for your equipment! sell us your tubes!contact us with your lists of tubes for habla espanol. llamar 561-891-5641 por olga. gracias! jj electronik e34l, 6l6gc and gz34/5ar4, ecc83s, ecc803s, ecc82, el509 new type, kt88, kt88 gec, 65506sn7gtb, 12ax7 tung-sol, china beijing12ax7(6n4), mullard 12ax7, el34 all in stock!,
tubes, tube, audio, vacuum, amps, electronics, electron, guitar, tone, tubeman, amplifiers, audiophile, head, chait, cable, industrial, high, sockets, valves, radio
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home page
we are the exclusive distributor for breedlove guitars, bedell guitars, cordoba guitars, carvin guitars, amps and pro sound, dbz guitars, diamond amplification, decibel eleven, elixir strings, fulltone products, fernandes guitars, one control, primacoustic, prestige guitars, radial, reverend guitars and wampler pedals. we are the dealer for ehx, seymour duncan, jim dunlop and mxr products. many more to be added soon!
guitar, shop, gritersngears, gears, guiter, keyboards, drums, stomp, room, boxes, gear, audio, amps, acoustics, amplifier, easy, online, bangladesh, bass, electronic
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world tube company: - we sell vacuum tubes and valves for all electronic applications including audio equipment, radio, antique radio, tv, guitar, amplifier, organ, military, linear amplifier, ham, short wave and other electronic equipment. we also have a growing assortment of russian tubes. if you can't find a tube, we'll find it for you!
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hot rox uk - computer matched valves - guitar effects pedals - speakers - amp parts - guitar strings hot rox uk
hot rox uk are a music company that specializes in amplifier parts, premium matched valves (tubes) for all amplifiers. distribution for jensen speakers, cioks power supplies and tube amp doctor valves. hotrox started in 1989 and now is an established global music company offering amplifiers and guitars including, blackstar, orange amps, hughes & kettner, fishman etc. one of the uk's largest pedal effects suppliers ranging from boutique pedals like electro harmonix (ehx), tc electronic, line 6, earthquaker, and lots more
guitar, valves, pedal, dunlop, tubes, line, tech, duesenberg, pedals, burns, catalinbread, voodoo, train, strymon, time, earthquaker, timeline, 4eb3c1d, speaker, drop
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coroas, videos, porno, morenas, gostosas, rabudas, loiras
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bbi amps home
bbi amps is a custom box building and repair service.
tube, transistor, transformer, supply, mobile, base, service, services, high, drive, volt, pill, radio, antenna, watts, watt, power, amplifier, repair, build
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dean guitars: electric, acoustic and bass guitar, pickups and amps
dean guitars: electric, acoustic and bass guitar, pickups and amps. official dean guitar website showing the world's finest selection of electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, guitar pickups, guitar amps, and related gear. click for details.
dean, guitars, amps, sale, pickups, bass, guitar, electric, acoustic, pickup
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studio devil - virtual tube amplification and guitar effects for vst, audio units, and protools rtas
valve, tone, plugin, guitar, vacuum, amplifier, tube, knob, control, pickup, clip, drive, presence, knobs, mids, preamp, digital, preamplifier, clipping, treble
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dave's tube amp repair
'dave's tube amp repair' repairs all manner of tube amplifiers. specializing in garnet, traynor, fender, gibson.
repair, guitar, tube, amplifier
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velhinhas, velhinha, velhas, coroa, madura, maduras, velha, coroas
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car audio & stereo - car dvd players, stereos, subwoofers & amplifiers - discount audio
all audio expo carries a full line of car audio and stereo products including car dvd players, car amplifiers, car video monitors, home audio, woofers and more .
amplifier, audio, stereo, video, amplifiers, subwoofer, amps, electronics, quality, packages, speakers, players, mobile, midrange, kits, accessories
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a tiazinha | coroas brasileiras | sexo com coroa | maduras |
a tiazinha o melhor site de videos de mulheres coroas da internet! sexo com mulheres maduras e experiente
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electric guitar amps, pickups, speakers : tech support |
guitar schematics, guitar amp drawings, schemes of guitar, speakers for guitar, guitar cabinets, electric guitar amps, pickups, speakers : tech support
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kidult online store, usb dac, tube amplifier, headphone amplifier, t amp, earphones, headphone, interconnect
established in 2012, kidult online is an online shop mainly selling audio products such as amplifier, dac, earphones and interconnects etc. we have source many brand with high quality: yulong, matrix, yaqin, qinpu, topping
headphone, power, tube, player, media, processor, card, sound, buffer, phono, tubes, rack, preamp, amplifier, accessories, board, vacuum, distributor, effect, electronics
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carpenter's world of music
since 1980. selling the best names in amps, guitars, accessories, and sound reinforcement. new and used instruments. expert amp and fretted instrument repair.
equipment, music, guitar, instruments, used, guitars, gear, hagerstown, sales, layaway, instrument, bass, packages, acoustic, amps, musical, keyboards, schaller, musician, store
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online guitar genie blog - | articles on guitars, buying guitars, guitar parts, guitar maintenance, guitar repairs, guitar evaluation, guitar restoration, vintage guitars, amps, effects and more!
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guitar source - used guitars & gear
we have a wide selection of acoustic electric guitars, acoustic guitar amps, acoustic guitars, electric guitar amps, electric guitars, guitar cases, speaker
guitars, guitar, electric, acoustic, amps, travelling, cabinets, speaker, cases
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l-3 narda-miteq home
welcome to, amplifiers, fiber optic products, rf/microwave components, satcom products, rf/microwave assemblies, spaceborne products, custom solutions, low noise amplifiers, low noise amplifier, ultra low noise amps, low-noise amp, low-noise amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, low noise amps, low noise amp, low noise bipolar amplifiers, low noise cryogenic amplifiers, low-noise low-current amplifiers, low-noise high power amplifiers, low-noise medium power amplifiers, low noise satcom amplifiers, low noise temperature compensated amplifiers, low noise waveguide amplifiers, low noise wideband amplifiers, low noise bipolar amplifier, low noise cryogenic amplifier, low-noise low-current amplifier, low-noise high power amplifier, low-noise medium power amplifier, low noise satcom amplifier, low noise temperature compensated amplifier, low noise waveguide amplifier, low noise wideband amplifier, low-noise, low noise, low, noise, amplifiers, amplifier, amps, amp, low noise micro
noise, amplifiers, amplifier, power, amps, satcom, products, compensated, bipolar, cryogenic, high, temperature, waveguide, medium, wideband, microwave, ultra, optic, fiber, components
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crate - the best value in professional tone :: products
crate amplifiers provide the best quality for the right price, offering you great sound without having to sign away your soul.
series, amps, crate, speaker, musician, tubes, speakers, combo, loud, music, head, amplifier, blue, wave, flex, guitar, voodoo, profiler, taxi, flexwave
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sherlock amplifiers | tube guitar amps | melbourne australia
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151 - hi-end vacuum tubes, sockets, capacitors, nixie. retail and wholesale to worldwide.
vacuum tubes, sockets, capacitors, nixie and electron tube accessories. new and nos (new old stock). retail and wholesale to worldwide.
tube, nixie, tubes, vacuum, radio, capacitor, caps, guitar, teflon, 6p3s, socket, capacitors, 400v, 200v, tungsram, tone, driver, silver, mica, cpus
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the best of sansui
the best of sansui: sansui electric vintage stereo and classic audio products and company history including international and japanese domestic markets. main focus is on amplifiers and receivers including vacuum tube amps amplifiers transformers. sansui electronics
tube, amps, vacuum, amplifiers, 1000a, electronics, electric, alpha907, classic, audio, history, stereo, vintage, 8080db, 500a, 9090db, separated, power, amplifier, receiver
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home page
guitar fuel offers the latest in tone enhancement products for your guitar, bass or just about anything with strings! from active tone, equalizer (eq) and amplifier circuits to acoustic products and effects pedals we have all of your tone needs covered!
guitar, circuit, tone, acoustic, amplifier, monster, equalizer, pickup, cigar, soundhole, bass, active, pedals, fuel, preamp, under, saddle, piezo
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joe kolla - the tube amp guy - richmond, virginia
tube amplifier repairs and modifications in richmond, va.
tube, richmond, guitar, repair, kolla
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quality guitar repair and custom acoustic guitar maker offering low rates, excellent craftmanship and great customer service. located in winters ca near sacramento and serving the sfo bay 530-795-1795
guitar, repair, acoustic, authorized, repairman, davis, bridge, luthiers, headstock, vacaville, taylor, martin, amplifier, broken, service, gibson, electric, building, sacramento, classes
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vintage classic collectible used guitars & tube guitar amps for sale
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ifi - rf microwave amplifiers, traveling wave tube amplifiers, twt amplifiers, solid state amplifiers, pulsed amplifiers, cw amplifiers, broadband amplifiers, tetrode tube amplifiers, millimeter amplifiers, amplifier systems, ew amplifiers, emc amplifiers, emi amps, testing amplifiers, gan amplifiers, rf amplifier modules, rf amplifiers
twt - traveling wave tube amplifiers (twta), solid state amplifiers, pulsed, cw, millimeter and combination rf amplifiers, high power, and amp. modules. rf amplifier designs include: broadband, testing, twta, tetrode tube rf amplifiers, (ew) electronic warefare twta, (ecm) electronic counter measure amplifiers, emi (electro magnetic interference) and lab testing amplifiers.
power, amplifiers, tube, high, wave, traveling, wideband, state, solid, microwave, pulsed, millimeter, medium, broadband, testing, tetrode, amplifier
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vintage vacuum audio
dedicated to the cosmetic and electronic restoration of classic tube amplifiers
mcintosh, eico, tube, audio, magazine, vintage, restoration, ampli, amps, valves, amplifiers, chrome, quad, stereo, mc75, mc30, transformer, capacitor, mc40, mc225
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tubetvshop & amptech systems, vintage tv, antique radio & tube audio maintenance, repair & restoration. home of the "angel head test pattern" dvd
radio, tube, vintage, audio, antique, television, amplifier, classic, color, roundie, oscilloscope, recapping, vacuum, tester, parts, valve, console, service, repair, restoration
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tubetvshop & amptech systems, vintage tv, antique radio & tube audio maintenance, repair & restoration. home of the "angel head test pattern" dvd
radio, tube, vintage, audio, antique, television, amplifier, classic, color, roundie, oscilloscope, recapping, vacuum, tester, parts, valve, console, service, repair, restoration
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home page jerry's music
proudly serving wisconsin's music needs! established in 1958. we carry everything from guitars to sound systems and everything between!
guitars, guitar, used, pedals, pianos, acoustic, casio, instruments, ukulele, electric, fender, amps, amplifiers, band, tube, martin, violin, cables, books, rentals
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free forum : the dynaco tube audio forum
free forum : dedicated to the preservation, restoration and rebuilding of all dynaco tube audio equipment.
tube, amplifier, dynaco, preamp, tubes4hifi, audio, latino
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welcome to imperial guitar & soundworks
guitar, electric, keyboards, tubes, piano, pecussion, drums, repair, effects, heads, amps, preamps, speakers, sticks, parts, snares, software, books, karaoke, used
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the guitar store
the best guitar store in seattle, stocking over 400 effect pedals, 400 guitars from breedlove, paul reed smith, g&l, gretsch, evh, danelectro, reverend, suhr, mike lull, asher, takamine, alvarez, andrews, halcyon, rainsong, recording king, and mesa boogie, marshall, miller, fishman, golden phi, vox, blackstar, roland, and supro amplifiers.
guitars, guitar, boogie, mesa, effect, bass, boutique, pedals, pedal, smith, mike, lull, asher, reed, paul, amplifiers, amps, acoustic, suhr, center
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relacionamento online coroas on line
encontros privados em coroas on line. encontre membros, veja fotos, videos, converse online e divirta-se!
online, coroas, namoro, chat, site, relacionamento, procuram, serio, casais, software, casamento, casual, para, somente, social, rede, eventos, video, relacionamentos, gratuito
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guitars new, vintage & pre-owned | electric & acoustic | gibson, fender & more - jesse gago guitars
guitars, vintage, guitar, amps, electric, gibson, bogner, rare, bass, suhr, anderson, effects, divided, pigtronix, online, paul, store, fender, boutique, sale
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blackrider vintage guitar
lexington, kentucky shop dealing in guitars, tube amps, and parts for gretsch, fender, gibson, and many others. specializing in gretsch parts and guitar and amp restoration and repair. we ship worldwide!
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audiomusik toko musik jual guitar, pedal, power supply, tube
audio musik, kami menjual instrument seperti gitar, bass, keyboard, mic, effect, power supply, speaker, kabel, wiring, pedal board dan tube tabung amplifier
musik, pedal, toko, instrument, amply, switcher, cable, kabel, amplifier, servis, cafe, recording, studio, tube, service, board, gitar, guitar, effect, audio
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captain amps - captain guitars - captain guitar parts shop - captain rentals - lounge
captain körg tube amp service ich repariere oder restauriere jeden verstärker als wärs mein eigener. bei mir findest du kompetente beratung, egal ob sammler oder musiker, oder beides! service heißt auf deutsch kundendienst, und das ist was es ist.
service, tube, ampeg, selmer, augsburg, landsberg, gibson, bayern, boogie, vintage, tubes, amps, fender, captain, mesa, marshall
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aguilar amplification: bass pedals, bass pickups, bass preamps, bass amplifiers, and bass speaker cabinets bass pedals, bass pickups, bass preamps, bass amplifiers, bass speaker cabinets
bass, aguilar, guitar, amplifiers, pickups, amplification, speakers, amps, pedals, boss, octamizer, compressor, black, chocolate, thunder, jazz, white, green, classic, hammer
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how to design valve guitar amplifiers
how to design valve guitar amplifiers, from the power supply to output stage and pre amp
long, follower, yorkshire, cathode, tail, tailed, homebrew, home, pair, cascode, repair, tube, amplifier, bass, guitar, merlin, loadline, burnley, design, tech
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parts is parts - blackstar, korg keyboard, vox, fender, ashdown, swr, gretsch, bigsby, hk, guitar, amplifier, parts | parts is parts - guitar parts, amplifier parts, korg keyboard parts
korg, vox, buzz stop, fender, ashdown, hofner, swr, blackstar, gretsch, bigsby, guild, hk lucas, lag, guitar, amplifier, parts
pedal, strat, pa800, foot, nt15, bigsbyb3, supply, adapter, htclub, pa3x, tremolo, bigsby, buzzstop, krome, kronos, htstage, pa600, pa900, joystick, drive
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paul and vaos - all-tube guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets
paul and vaos make custom all-tube guitar and bass amps and custom size, half-stack or full-stack speaker cabs for guitars and bass
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modulus amplification
modulus amplification - manufacturer and supplier of guitar amp parts in the uk - supplying guitar amp kits, guitar amp spares, valve amplifier parts, fender parts, marshall parts, sozo capacitors, marshall chassis, tweed amp kits, 18watt amp parts, standard faceplates and custom made faceplates, engraving, valve amp kit, tube amp kit, guitar amp kit
parts, guitar, valve, kits, faceplates, marshall, standard, custom, made, tube, engraving, 18watt, tweed, amplifier, spares, fender, chassis, capacitors, sozo, supplying
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your online guitar shop. prs, schecter, marshall, line 6 and more!
your new center for guitars | paul reed smith (prs) and schecter guitars, marshall amps and more | free shipping on most orders and awesome service!
guitar, acoustic, guitars, electric, shop, online, breedlove, schecter, marshall, amps
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audiophile tube amplifiers and loudspeakers by decware
usa manufacturer of the famous zen triode amplifiers and loudspeakers / factory direct sales / lifetime warranties
speaker, tube, repair, speakers, amplifier, single, amplifiers, audio, triode, triodes, driver, preamps, high, efficiency, subwoofer, ended, stereo, preamplifier, woofers, enclosures
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northstar music center home
northstar music center in e hampstead nh is everyones favorite local music store, carries quality merchandise at affordable prices, is staffed with excellent instructors and always delivers fantastic customer service.
music, guitar, drum, system, cymbal, picks, microphone, effects, banjo, performance, ukulele, cables, case, amplifier, stick, strings, amps, lesson, electric, bass
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home page
home page of amps & more: the place for sound and guitar repair. located in westminster, md.
virginia, washington, baltimore, maryland, digital, piano, west, delaware, pennsylvania, westminster, electronics, sound, repair, equipment, turn, guitar, mixer, speaker, table, amplifier
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modman guitar | guitar repair and modification | nashville tn
modman guitar offers one-of-a-kind work for guitars, amplifiers, effects pedals and other music gear. guitar repair, modifications and set-ups in nashville tn
guitar, nashville, repair, mods, modman, pedals, shop, best, custom, amps
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you can find a wide rande of electric & acoustic guitars and guitar accessories at
guitar, amps, straps, cables, strings, electric, acoustic
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vacuum tube (valve) audio including se and pushpull amplifiers, line stages and phono stages.
tube, tubes, triode, stage, audio, phono, line, valvole, 300b, lampes, buizen, pushpull, custom, electronics, ended, kennedy, single, heated, direct, amplifier
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buy guitar gear online | discount guitars & amps | hipswap guitar
search millions of guitars and guitar accessories and find deals on the perfect guitar, bass, or amp.
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hermetico guitar
hermetico guitar blog, about guitars, guitar amps, guitar pedal effects, guitar dyi and studio gear related to guitars. tests, demos, info
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framus, warwick, bass, guitar, amplifiers, gitarre, electric, bassist, cabinets, instruments, amplifier, musical, guitarist, grand, campus, auditorium, hall, music, amps
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framus, warwick, bass, guitar, amplifiers, gitarre, electric, bassist, cabinets, instruments, amplifier, musical, guitarist, grand, campus, auditorium, hall, music, amps
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framus, warwick, bass, guitar, amplifiers, gitarre, electric, bassist, cabinets, instruments, amplifier, musical, guitarist, grand, campus, auditorium, hall, music, amps
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framus, warwick, bass, guitar, amplifiers, gitarre, electric, bassist, cabinets, instruments, amplifier, musical, guitarist, grand, campus, auditorium, hall, music, amps
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ampwares aims to provide the best guitar and amplifier knowledge base all in one easily accessible place.
tweed, silverface, rivera, reissue, redknob, front, woody, vfront, knob, tvfront, wide, narrowpanel, panel, narrow, widepanel, offset, protube, tube, offsetchassis, chassis
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the eden bass amps forum - index
the eden bass amps forum - index
bass, eden, string, electronics, player, lessons, playing, amplifiers, guitar, amplifier, amps
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tube king amps | electronics repair
tube king is a full-service tube amp repair shop and tube dealer located in salem, oregon. we offer full diagnostic services including tube testing, and can replace your worn or faulty tubes, capacitors, resistors, power transformers, output transformers, potentiometers, tube sockets, etc.
tube, transformers, tubes, doctor, sovtek, ruby, groove, sunrise, amplifier, winged, valve, potentiometers, oregon, vintage, salem, apms, king, repair, testing, output
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lark guitars | boutique guitar shop
san antonios boutique guitar shop! we carry fender custom shop, gibson, suhr, jackson amps, morgan amps, fano, two rock, prs collection, mesa boogie and more!!
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194 - home of the bird dog bobby band plus vintage guitar/amp sales & repairs - home of the bird dog bobby band plus vintage guitar/amp sales & repairs
vintage, repairs, guitar, sales, florida, amps, marshall, ibanez, central, peavey, gibson, bobby, bird, band, guitars, fender, tube
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195,south,florida,guitar store,guitars,amplifiers,new,used,vintage guitars
the guitar exchange, specializes in guitars, music lessons, guitar repair, in coral springs and nearby areas pompano beach, ft.lauderdale, parkland, coconut creek, margate, tamarac, boca, west broward
guitar, guitars, instruments, lessons, used, music, vintage, lauderdale, alvarez, amps, parts, basses, hamer, musical, florida, exchange, martin, andys, telecaster, classical
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cream city music | a milwaukee vintage guitar, amps & effects dealer
cream city music is one of the worlds finest guitar shops with over 700 new, used, and vintage guitars, basses, amps & effects in stock daily. cream city music is an authorized dealer for gibson, fender, gretsch, taylor, martin, national, dr. z, matchless, marshall, vox, fulltone, and many more! call 800-800-0087.
guitars, guitar, vintage, amps, pedals, acoustic, amplifiers, used, fender, shop, music, milwaukee, gallien, krueger, blackstar, marshall, dunlop, hofner, daddario, victoria
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vacuum tubes for guitar amps and hifi audio |
supplier of vacuum tubes for guitar, audio, and recording applications. we burn-in, test and match all tubes. free shipping on orders $105 and over.
hifi, amps, guitar, tubes
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alvarez guitar and amp service and repair
guitar, guitar amplifier, and pro keyboard repairs in north seattle, wa.
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199 -- the rm italy store
rm italy linear amplifier
amplifier, antenna, meter, band, linear, 70cm, 1000, 300v, ampliifier, italy, radios, wide, supply, power, accessories, dual, mount, certified
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sunn support
official website of sunn amplification
bass, model, guitar, amplification, amps, amplifier, sunn
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enjoy in your hi-fi project, diy tube amp, amplifier diy, amp diy
all our hi-fi products are designed by chinese domestic famous diy amplifier enthusiast. our amp diy kits and finished hi-fi products are made by high-quality pcb and components. perfect design and quality create superior performance and high-end experience. here is a pleasure park for diy amp enthusiast. let
amplifier, tube
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stringed instrument guitar makers | luthiers
find when your guitar was made
guitar, number, serial, amplifier, date, your
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just guitars - guitar store | guitar lesson | guitar repair | newington, ct
find quality instruments when you shop at just guitars. acoustic and electric. bass. amps. we offer guitar lessons. repairs. call 860-665-1125 or 860-978-8403
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audio equipment sales and repair services
tube, amplifier, state, radio, tester, solid, repair, vintage, modification, upgrade, transistor
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callaham vintage guitars and parts (home)
we produce and sell callaham guitars and replacement guitar parts.
callaham, parts, guitar, vintage, guitars, amps, tremolo, blocks, stainless, enhanced, steel, tele, manufacturers, electric, saddles, compensated, case, custom, bridge, lindy
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tube nirvana - audio equipment, home audio systems
custom, handmade vacuum tube home audio systems - hear music how it's meant to be, pure and flawless! upgrade kits for dynaco pas3 amps also available.
tube, vacuum, preamplifiers, amplifiers, preamps, amps
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black magic amplifiers | guitar amp repair and electronic design engineering
repair, amplifier, bass, guitar, vintage, valve, tech, mods, effects
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.: guitar effect patches for zoom, digitech, korg, tc-electronic, boss, vox, behringer
guitar and bass effect patch/settings sharing site
patch, preset, amplifier, effect, bass, guitar
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guitar showcase - california's largest independent guitar store
guitar showcase is california's largest specialty guitar store featuring a huge selection of vintage, collectible and new guitars and amps from the world's largest brands in both acoustic and electric guitars and amps, accessories, sound gear and professional music lessons for all levels of musicians.
guitar, guitars, paul, gear, equipment, bass, snare, music, strings, drum, acoustic, recording, brasswind, stanley, shure, randall, s101, pyle, pickup, pignose
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bad cat - tube amplifiers
the official bad cat website features our usa manufactured premium, all tube, hand built, hand wired, and point to point guitar amplifiers.
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vero amplifiers
tube amplifiers for guitars
tube, guitar, amplifiers, amplifier
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hamrepairguy - home
amplifier, collins, tube, jennings, variable, vacuum, broadcast, rockwell, eimac, 3cx6000a7, socket, henry, 3cx3000a7, ameritron, linear
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l.a. vintage gear
l.a. vintage gear specializing in pro players, engineer, producers gear. whether you are a session player, engineer, rock star or player collector, you can look to l.a. vintage gear to get you top dollar for the sale of your gear.
guitar, vintage, recording, gear, fender, landau, outboard, session, amplifier, michael, pedalboard, mike, steve, pierce, equipment, microphone, effects, studio, lukather, electric
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dr. rawkenstein's lab
dr. rawkenstein's lab is a guitar and amplifier repair/customization business based out of centralia il.
pedal, livesoundstudio, rawk, repair, tube, guitar, centralia, custom
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discount guitars and guitar amps | guitars and guitar amps for sale
where guitarists shop online. find great deals on new and used acoustic, acoustic electric, and bass guitars.
bass, electric, acoustic, guitar
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phillips music company online
online presentation of musical instrument products, accessories, lessons, and services.
guitar, lessons, amps, drum, band, guitars, recording, digital, music, reeds, instruments, accessories, clarinets, trumpets, methods, trombones, saxophones, flutes, rental, roland
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crucial audio llc home page
repair, guitar, leslie, analog, amplifier, delays, tubes, resistors, capacitors, mods, components, modification, ampeg, echoplex, loudspeakers, parts, fender, gibson, wiring, keyboards
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triode electronics home page and world hq
tubes and parts for hi-fi, radio, guitar, data & amp schematics online...links to tube amp info on the web
5ar4, 6267, ef86, tubedata, twistlock, el84, 6sl7, 6sn7, 6bq5, data, sheet, dynakit, dyna, sunn, kits, dynaco, links, schematics, plug, jack
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leo'z guitarz - vintage charvel guitars, j-frog, fender, gibson, wayne guitars
my collection of guitars, amps and gear acquired over 30+ years in the obsessive, eternal quest for the ultimate guitar tone.
guitars, charvels, amps, fender, stratheads, collections, guitar, brown, vintage, sound, dimas, strathead, gibson, wayne, soldano, charvel, marshall
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archer guitars | home page
archer guitars, amplifiers and accessories provide quality and sound value at a modest price for everyone from beginners to featured artists. practice, perform, play an archer. located near milwaukee, wi
guitar, ukulele, bass, guitars, archer, custom, strings, travel, beginners, cases, packages, camp, concert, baritone, soprano, artist, shop, melokia, student, practice
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aquablue diyparadiso tube amplifiers lundahl double c core , tubes , triodes , penthodes , se 2a3, se 845 , pp or single ended, se300b ,dht se,scan speak , accuton , mundorf , diy tube amps
do it yourself, diy, lundahl, interstage, tube, amplifiers, 300b, single, ended, 845, single, ended, revelator, scan, speak, peerless, xls10, slave, passive, subwoofer, focal, audiom, high, efficiency, hornloaded, folded, horns, pp, kt88, monoblock, monoblocks, high, end, intertechnik, push-pull, pre amp, filter, aquablue, beyma, seas, scan, speak, focal, speaker, netfilters, woofer, tweeter, enclousure, box, velleman, kit, parts, lundahl transformers, dac, advicepromotion, deal, hot, aquablue, tube, amplifier, glass audio, sound practises, electronic kits, diy projectspromotion, deal, hot, aquablue, tube, amplifier, glass audio, sound practises, electronic kits, diy projects
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the vintage sound, your source for vintage tube amplifier and guitar parts!
the vintage sound - replica fender and marshall cabinets, lava cables, vacuum tubes effects speakers recording guitar & bass parts tolex grillcloth transformers guitar pickups attenuators test equipment chassis baffles guitar amplifiers bass amplifiers
guitar, baffles, chassis, accessories, reverb, amplifiers, bass, equipment, capacitor, kits, speakers, tubes, vacuum, tolex, grillcloth, transformers, test, replica, marshallcabinets, fender
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e-gitarrensound, service, rent
tube amp service, hier dreht sich alles um den guten ton einer e.-gitarre.alle einflußfaktoren in der signalkette : instrument, kabel, eff.-pedale, amps, recording - werden behandelt.
tube, effekt, jufo, rent, range, musikinstrumente, gitarre, modifikation, service, restaurierung, guitar, pueton, kabel, electronik
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227 - instruments: guitars, amps, effects, keyboards, strings, brass, drums, band instruments and acessories - national musical instrument retailer with a large discount inventory in new and used brand-name musical instruments including guitars, amps, effects, keyboards, strings, brass, woodwinds, pa systems and accessories. free shipping!
guitar, bass, music, acoustic, instruments, microphones, percussion, wireless, microphone, amps, keyboard, electric, guitars, stand, piano, amplifiers, string, power, double, stands
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page 1 | | | | jitapu | guitarpro | guitartab | powertab | guitar lesson | learn guitar
guitar, solo, scales, step, licks, technique, riffs, resources, riff, albums, effects, improvisation, practice, transpose, learning, transposing, tips, releases, forum, tablature
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devon sound - devon sound
home page
amplifier, repair, sound, electronics, dawn, kustom, tubeworks, markley, yourkville, warrior, instrume, traynor, dean, pickups, bartolini, ampeg, repairs, instrument, bass, guitar
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welcome to outlaw music, missoula, montana 59801 - home of the best 6 string outpost in north western montana
welcome to outlaw music, missoula, montana 59801 - home of the best 6 string outpost in north western montana
guitar, guitars, bass, used, instruments, outlaw, music, missoula, epiphone, musical, strings, straps, electric, acoustic, amplifier, behringer, crate, ball, ernie, elixir
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lean business, outstanding audio - specialist for audio products and authorised resellers for celestion and carlsbro. based in uk, delivers throughout europe
as the web's specialist for audio products and authorised resellers for celestion and carlsbro, the lean-business team bring you top quality loudspeakers and music reproduction equipment at the best possible prices.
speakers, guitar, celstion, celestion, audio, amps, inch, carlsbro, hifi, equipment, amplifiers, cabs, keyboard, powerline, hardware, truvox, zoot, wireless, ceiling, disco
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abalone vintage guitars amps guitar effects photos
abalone vintage guitars provides columbia south carolina and the entire world with the most rare unique and collectible guitars amps and effects.
vintage, guitar, kramer, brian, guild, fender, gibson, kafe, paul, photos, 5150, south, carolina, guitars, edward, king, eddie, burst, collecting, halen
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quality guitar amplification at great values
quality guitar amplification at great values
tube, soldano, amplification, city, amplifier, guitar
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marks music , music store , cape cod, guitar lessons, music lessons
marks music, orleans, mass. 508-255-1191. guitar, bass and drum lessons. new and used guitars. fender, epiphone , ovation & takamine acoustic guitars, basses, gibraltar, used marshall amps, used fender amps, roland amps, boss effects, strings, picks, sticks, cables, repairs, ect. ect. ect. come on in and see all the new gear. thank you.
music, lessons, guitar, cape, store, marks, orleans, drums, help, mass, drum, bass, guitars, private
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jb music: home of great musical instruments and join the ultimate jb community
musical instrument store with guitars, amps, fx, keyboards, drums and percussions, recording, pro-audio, wind and musical accessories.
accessories, guitars, amps, guitar, keyboard, drums, musical, processors, drum, instruments, electric, acoustic, bass, equalizers, cables, mixing, consoles, amplifiers, mixers, wires
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electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vintage guitar & guitar amps serving iowa, nebraska, missouri, illinois, minnesota, wisconsin and midwest | lawman guitars, des moines, iowa
lawman guitars, an online guitar shop specializing in vintage guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, mandolins, and classical guitar located in des moines, iowa. brands including supra, ibanez, danelectro, fender, gibson, rickenbacker, taylor, epiphone and martin guitars.
guitar, guitars, used, cheap, rare, supra, ac30, silvertones, acoustic, online, shop, bass, vintage, danelectro, stratocaster, mandolins, sale
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bentley guitar studios
new and used guitars banjos, mandolins, ukes, basses, amps, guitar effects, music accessories, music lessons, guitar and amp repair.
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tube amplifier and many other technical describtion around the range of audiovalve tube power and pre valve amplifier with many hifi magazine reports
tube, tubes, valve, siemens, hifi, rhre, amplifer, stereofile, audiovalve, 300b, telefunken, sound, hiraga, ecc802s, stereoplay, triode, 12ax7, forum, 12au7, ecc83
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redlands guitar shop
specializing in quality new and used guitars & amps, guitar lessons and guitar repairs since 1995. our music store is located at 208 orange st in downtown redlands, ca.
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marks music center the local business that gives great service
marks music center where service is what we are. we sell new and used equipment we carry ibanez, takamine, crafter .larrivee plus amps drums effects and supplys
guitar, music, center, ibanez, takamine, local, instruments, band, shop, electric, marcs, guitars, service, lessons, guitarcenter, store, friend, musicians, amazon, repair
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alnico speakers - alnico speakers
vintage alnico speakers for guitar amps and other vacuum tube amp projects.
speakers, alnico, guitar, vacuum, tube, jenson, alniso, vintage, speaker
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243 - 2016 shop news
repair, amplifier, repairs, fender, bass, guitar, repa
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wisdoms guitar | guitar lessons & repair
wisdom's guitar is the home of guitar teacher and guitar repairman brent wisdom. private lessons and lessons via skype if you are out of town. king of the $40...
guitar, lessons, books, instructional, skype, intonation, mods, wisdom, tube, repair, bias, bernardino, lead
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australia's number 1 online music store
guitar, guitars, buy guitars, electric guitars, buy electric guitars, guitar starter packs, guitar and amp packs, cheap guitar packs, musos corner, musos, fender guitars, fender amps, marshall amps, mesa, mesa boogie, vox, vox amps pa hire, public address hire, hire, maton guitars, boss effects, squier, squier guitars, ashton, esp, gibson, epiphone, zoom, ibanez, martin, electro harmonix
guitars, guitar, amps, packs, hire, fender, mesa, squier, musos, electric, gibson, ashton, epiphone, zoom, harmonix, electro, martin, ibanez, effects, maton
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beyond eleven: guitars | amplifiers | parts | accessories | toll free: 866-203-7475
guitar, beyond, store, repair, parts, milwaukee, online, amplifiers, eleven, guitars, amps
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tonetronix boutique guitars, effects pedals, amplifiers
tonetronix specializes in boutique guitar effects pedals, guitars, amplifiers and accessories, serving the youngstown, hubbard, sharon, warren, boardman, canfield, brookfield, & western pennsylvania for over 28 years.
pedals, guitar, effects, speakers, amps, volume, goodrich, retro, sonic, peterson, tuners, sound, visual, compressor, lehle, cmat, mods, janglebox, eminence, hilton
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248, แม็กเนท ออดิโอ ดอท คอม, shopping audio online:magnet, แม็กเนท : music speaks louder than words.
magnet, แม็กเนท : music speaks louder than words.
amplifier, audio, reference, janus, filter, hyperion, power, cable, medusa, a450, phenix, p2000, p2000t, online, shopping, magkit, limited, integrated, amps, vacum
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gray dog guitars
new and used guitar and amp store in prescott, az.
guitar, amps, amplifiers, electric, prescott, music, guitars, store, acoustic, guild, gretsch, earthquaker, malekko, reverend, taylor, supro, cordoba
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shuguang and psvane vacuum tubes
the finest chinese shuguang and psvane audio tubes
tube, shuguang, elecdol, putki, psvane, rohr, audio, amplificateur, amplifier, hifi, amplificatore, tubo, gitar, forsterker, chitarra, valvole, kitaravahvistin, vuoto, vendita, verkauf