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carbon neutral commons - home
carbon neutral commons is an organization dedicated to the development of biomass-gasification technologies for energy, soil, and carbon sequestration, promoting the ideas of ted redelmeier
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climate safe - toward climate stability
carbon, neutral, climate, products, certification, footprint, solutions, standard, international, carbonsolutions, offset, friendly, safe, climatesafe, services, system
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plantstone, carbon eater
carbon, plantstone, jeff, sequestration, soil, parr, agriculture, archaeology, phytoliths, eaters, phytolith, plant, phytoc, silica, opal
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algae aqua-culture technologies
the green power house™: heat, power, organic fertilizer and food... in virtually any climate. self-sufficient, self-managing and super-intelligent.
soil, solution, rooting, energy, hormone, drench, foliar, transplanting, falls, transplant, plant, food, seed, cloning, montana, sustainable, root, liquid, columbia, germination
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carbon neutral - carbon offsets, carbon credits, biodiversity
carbon neutral is a carbon solutions provider and australia’s major biodiverse reforestation offset developer.
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carbon neutral flights > calculate carbon footprint | carbonneutral from natural capital partners
calculate the carbon emissions from flights, or your entire carbon footprint with this great tool designed by carbonneutral from natural capital partners. it covers areas of your life that make the largest contribution to carbon emissions; travel, energy and waste.
carbon, footprint, calculate, calculator, neutral, flights
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clear - clear | carbon experts since 2005 with qas-approved carbon offsets
clear is one of only three carbon offset providers in the world to have carbon offsets approved by the quality assurance standard for carbon offsetting (qas) for consumers and businesses. our qas-approved carbon audit tool for business is free.
carbon, neutral, trading, emission, quality, offset, calculator, offsetting, climate, standard, travel, business, emissions, greenhouse, warming, global, gold, green, kyoto, reductions
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carbon offsetting, auditing & reduction services for corporate businesses – carbon managers uk
go green & lower costs - go carbon neutral. save by investing in green business practices and offset your carbon footprint and with carbon managers uk tree planting service.
carbon, costs, business, green, initiatives, reducing, reduction, corporate, labelling, neutral, tree, gases, greenhouse, footprint, trees, audit, offsetting, planting
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masers energy inc. | smart grid city, national smart grid
1malaysia carbon free nation - melaka carbon free nation - smart grid city melaka
energy, carbon, grid, smart, hydro, wind, solar, economic, zone, special, velchip, micro, phone, zero, project, technology, innovation, free, malaysia, city
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the vermont sail freight project: a carbon-neutral transport initiative
a carbon-neutral freight company connecting the farms and forests of lake champlain with the lower hudson valley
sail, cargo, freight, reskilling, shipping, sailing, freighter, food, transportation, triloboat, working, scow, workboat, market, carbon, farming
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carbon footprint ltd - carbon management services - calculate, reduce, offset and carbon neutrality
carbon management experts. helping businesses calculate, reduce and offset their carbon footprint. for high quality carbon credits to make your company carbon neutral.
footprint, carbon, reduce, reduction, co2e, emissions, sustainability, business, offsetting, offsets, offset, neutral, neutrality, pas2060, management, corporate
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'go green' think green, act green
carbon, warming, global, cars, hybrid, climate, change, neutral, offsetting, offset, earth, energy, living, sustainable, green, conservation, freecycle, recipes, beauty, homemade
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cowichan energy alternatives | green energy solutions for everyone
carbon, reduce, gobinet, reduction, software, footprint, accounting, management, reducing
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air fuel synthesis | renewable energy | air to liquid fuels | carbon neutral | aviation fuel | low carbon | electricity | hydrogen | atmospheric carbon dioxide
air fuel synthesis
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saaraketha - sri lanka
a boi registered and organically certified company specializing in agro forestry with other down stream value additions in the form of organic agriculture, generation of power using alternate sources of energy, bio extracts, eco/agro tourism and carbon sequestration and trading.
lanka, extracts, energy, sequestration, trading, sources, carbon, tourism, power, forestry, agro, company, certified, organic, agriculture, using, organically, generation, alternate
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silverstein editorial | compelling energy journalism
ken silverstein is an award-winning journalist and columnist whose work has been published in more than 100 periodicals. he is an oft-cited expert when it comes to today’s prominent energy issues: global warming, the nuclear renaissance and the emergence of renewable energy and clean technologies.
energy, utilities, electricity, hydropower, sequestration, biomass, efficiency, renewable, technology, journalist, clean, grid, capture, smart, green, energybiz, insider, columnist, journalism, silverstein
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autonomous energy - sustainable energy sytems & engineering - energy audits, commercial solar power, energy efficiency upgrades, residential solar power
autonomous energy sustainable energy systems engineering autonomous energy is an award winning national sustainable energy...
energy, solar, power, carbon, management, neutral, efficiency, electricity, audit, renewable
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ecs - home
energy, sanas, inspection, smartroad, body, carbon, verification, measurement, neutral, monitoring, road, enerserv, services, combustion, plus, greenserve, greenfleet, conditioning
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environmental future | its your future
you can reduce your carbon footprint and take action to save the environment. environmental future presents information, ideas and methods to save our planet.
carbon, dioxide, sequestration, footprint, save, planet
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insolvency care - sequestration - liquidation
sequestration is the only debt remedy which allows a debtor to rid himself of 80% of his debt through a single process.
sequestration, debt, solutions, problems, process, insolvency, voluntary, financial
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efficientcarbon - sustainability, carbon management and renewable energy advisory
efficientcarbon is a hyderabad, india based specialist consulting firm providing advisory and consulting services in the areas of sustainability, carbon management & renewable energy
energy, carbon, green, testing, renewable, management, hyderabad, environmental, advisory, light, efficiency, 14001, environment, pollution, lights, waste, clean, assessment, efficient, water
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carbonstory: welcome to carbonstory
carbonstory is a crowd funding platform for climate change projects. calculate your carbon footprint and support carbon offset projects all around the world.
carbon, offset, offsetting, project, gold, reduce, standard, vivo, management, co2e, engagement, plan, warming, credit, credits, footprint, offsets, neutral, calculator, global
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nativeenergy | your climate solutions expert
nativeenergy is an expert provider of carbon offsets, renewable energy credits, and carbon accounting software. we help businesses and individuals identify and reduce their greenhouse gas pollution and attain their sustainability goals.
carbon, calculator, footprint, products, project, offsets, native, energy, nativeenergy, credits
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nativeenergy | your climate solutions expert
nativeenergy is an expert provider of carbon offsets, renewable energy credits, and carbon accounting software. we help businesses and individuals identify and reduce their greenhouse gas pollution and attain their sustainability goals.
carbon, calculator, footprint, products, project, offsets, native, energy, nativeenergy, credits
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the national petroleum council - an oil and natural gas advisory committee to the secretary of energy
an oil and natural gas advisory committee to the secretary of energy
energy, truths, hard, report, technology, resources, facing, peak, cafe, efficiency, fuel, vehicle, carbon, advisory, natural, council, petroleum, security, independence, capture
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carbon offsets fight global warming - livclean reduces your carbon footprint and helps you go carbon neutral
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freegreenhost | free green web hosting
powerful free web hosting and quality premium services. all plans run on our clustered platform using green wind power. neutralize the carbon footprint of your web presence with quality shared, semi-dedicated, and vps hosting from your green web hosting experts.
hosting, free, green, host, carbon, neutral, domain, space, company, webspace, website
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esolve energy limited | based in redhill, surrey
with the carbon reduction commitment energy efficiency scheme legislation now in effect, it is crucial for organisations to accurately monitor their carbon footprint, and then highlight the areas they can make the most efficient carbon savings
energy, esolve, limited, surrey, redhill
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ashton hayes going carbon neutral - home
ashton hayes going carbon neutral cheshire uk charnock
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the energy bill revolution | a campaign for warm homes & lower bills
an alliance of organisations and members of the public calling for warm homes and lower bills for all.
energy, carbon, fuel, bills, green, poverty, homes, bill, costs, efficiency, lower, emissions, economy, home, cold, winter, reduction, cost, crisis, reducing
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renewable energy, self sufficiency and low impact living
learn more about diy renewable energy, frugal living, off grid living, solar hot water, solar panels, energy saving and much more.
energy, grid, neutral, frugal, grow, carbon, living, turbines, water, solar, babington, nozzles, renewable, wind, saving
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carbon control systems inc.
carbon control systems inc. is passionate about promoting and implementing anaerobic digestion (ad) systems, which produce renewable energy in the form of biogas (60% methane and 35% carbon dioxide) and digestate which is a nutrient rich material that can be used as a fertilizer.
which, carbon, systems, digestate, methane, nutrient, material, used, fertilizer, biogas, that, rich, promoting, implementing, about, passionate, control, anaerobic, digestion, form
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south pole group
south pole group is the world's leading premium emission reduction project developer, named best project developer in environmental finance's voluntary carbon markets survey 2011 2012 2013 2014. profit from our wealth of experience!
carbon, hydro, cooking, energy, heat, waste, stoves, small, video, micro, reforestation, redd, geothermal, landfill, fact, sheet, biomass, standard, footprint, credits
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south pole group
south pole group is the world's leading premium emission reduction project developer, named best project developer in environmental finance's voluntary carbon markets survey 2011 2012 2013 2014. profit from our wealth of experience!
carbon, hydro, cooking, energy, heat, waste, stoves, small, video, micro, reforestation, redd, geothermal, landfill, fact, sheet, biomass, standard, footprint, credits
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wenergy global
wenergy global pte ltd is the one-stop-shop provider of renewable energy solutions actively operating in emerging economies.
energy, green, solar, clean, carbon, finance, biomass, policy, training, growth, footprint, efficient, power, hydro, wind, renewable, renewables, smart, buildings, panels
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neutral fuels converts used cooking oil into biodiesel
neutral fuels converts used cooking oil into biodiesel, significantly reducing carbon emissions and making environmental sustainability a commercial
biodiesel, yielding, transportation, higher, production, costs, world, supply, prices, processors, chain, sustainability, cooking, used, fuels, reducing, carbon, neutral, environmental, emissions
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37 | unique decoration
how make a unique home decorations so your home like a hotel room
ideas, shower, baby, gift, baptism, announcements, tile, decorating, chic, shabby, remodel, bathroom, board, fence, backyard, neutral, nursery, cork, covering, window
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38 | unique decoration
how make a unique home decorations so your home like a hotel room
ideas, shower, baby, gift, baptism, announcements, tile, decorating, chic, shabby, remodel, bathroom, board, fence, backyard, neutral, nursery, cork, covering, window
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terrapass: buy carbon offsets to reduce carbon footprint
buy carbon offsets to balance your carbon emissions. use our carbon footprint calculator & begin reducing your carbon footprint with clean energy projects.
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terrapass: buy carbon offsets to reduce carbon footprint
buy carbon offsets to balance your carbon emissions. use our carbon footprint calculator & begin reducing your carbon footprint with clean energy projects.
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ccs tlm
the rapidly emerging carbon capture and storage industry is the single-most challenging and exciting aspect of todays global energy business
carbon, capture, industry, facilitator, heavy, storage, hybrid, energy
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ses, inc. — providing sustainable solutions to ever-changing challenges
ses, inc. was founded in 1998 with expertise in natural resources management, environmental consulting, agriculture and program development/verification. ses has expanded its expertise into the areas of carbon offset verification trading/sequestration, database development and management, rangeland management and homeland security. ses is now providing emergency response planning for all sectors of industry, including livestock disease, plant health and food defense.
carbon, continuity, kansas, emergency, offset, environmental, response, biosecurity, agroterrorism, soil, development, government, operations, methane, exercise, planning, compliance, verification, sustainability, verified
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energy management solutions | sustainability consulting
firstcarbon solutions provides energy management solutions, sustainability consulting & more to businesses and industries seeking to maximize profits & minimize resources in the 21st century.
management, energy, consulting, sustainability, carbon, solutions, systems, industry, businesses, reporting, metrics, chain, software, supply, sustainable, consultants, emission, credit, first, footprint
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co2 solutions inc. - co2 solutions
co2 solutions patented technology allows for the efficient capture of co2 from large stationary emissions sources such as coal-fired power plants and aluminum refineries,
carbon, enzymatic, capture, power, sequestration, carbonic, anhydrase, technology, natures, solution, solutions
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home - ieaghg - carbon capture and storage
what is carbon capture and storage? carbon capture and storage (ccs) is one of the technologies that has the potential to mitigate the effects of climate change. in simple terms, co2 can be captured from power stations or other large emission sources, transported via pipelines or ships and injected very deep underground into suitable geological storage formations where it will remain safe and secure and not contribute to global warming and climate change.
storage, sequestration, capture, carbon, greenhouse, programme, ieaghg
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towards carbon-neutral tourism
tourism, towards
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emirates energy star reduces the carbon footprint of uae
optimizing energy use is beneficial for everyone. reducing energy consumption reduces fuel bills, reduces greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions and reduces reliance on fossil fuels.
building, green, carbon, energy, council, save, rating, dubai, dhabi, system, reduce, leed, star, emirates, footprint, buildings, sustainable, emission
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cr resource contracting inc - helping your business save energy
cr resource contracting inc. has over 10 years experience working with forward thinking, environmentally conscious businesses to reduce energy consumption with various technologies and produce alternative energy to minimize their carbon footprint while maximizing their energy efficiency.
energy, solar, carbon, footprint, efficiency, panels, alternative, consumption, resource, contracting, environmental
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home - co2neutral website
co2 neutral website carbon neutral homepage
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whitham group | renewable energy executive search in san francisco
carbon, building, solar, bipv, integrated, power, photovoltaic, concentrated, concentrating, emissions, automation, clean, dioxide, emission, chillers, system, certified, reduction, assigned, response
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among the top energy saving & auditing companies – climate friendly
climate friendly is one of the leading energy management companies. offering innovative energy audits, renewable energy carbon credit and carbon offset solutions.
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fight climate change and alleviate poverty with cotap carbon offsets.
carbon offsets to alleviate poverty (cotap) connects your carbon footprint with certified forestry projects that create life-changing wages for the poorest.
carbon, giving, poverty, footprint, philanthropy, cotap, corporate, emissions, calculator, offsets, employee, donors, donating, charity, gifts, gift, give, microfinance, donation, international
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lightened energy dynamic - home
lighting energy dynamic is your best choice for green lighting alternatives.
energy, dynamic, carbon, lighting, power, savings, utility, reduce, emissions, efficient, incandescent, retrofit, smart, alternative, florescent, green, solution, warehouse, retrofitting, light
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environmental commons
environmental commons: promoting active involvement in defending our environmental heritage
democracy, species, endangered, principle, precaution, precautionary, salmon, toxics, mendocino, policy, wetlands, democratic, pesticides, food, engineering, genetically, genetic, gmos, commons, modified
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elevated fitness - green carbon-neutral functional fitness classes in lake tahoe
best and only carbon-neutral, green, functional fitnes and metabolic conditioning gym in lake tahoe. green spin classes, functional training, and metabolic conditioning classes.
training, class, metabolic, classes, trainer, strength, spin, spinning, group, personal, functional, carbon, green, tahoe, neutral, human, workouts, fitness, power, lake
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news and views for making and saving money in new energy and fuel
a wide ranging blog covering topics in energy, fuels and energy conservation for making and saving money. we cover fusion, fission, biofuels, solar panels and
energy, sodium, carbon, fuel, storage, figure, merit, selenide, thermoelectric, batteries, efficient, systems, electricity, production, cells, electrochemical, cell, harvesting, heat, alternative
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scrap plastic - north american plastic recycling network - carbon neutral carbon footprint
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the carbonzero programme. an internationally accredited greenhouse gas (ghg) certification programme.
carbonzero - an internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification programme. provides tools and resources to help you measure, manage, mitigate and market your ghg emissions with credibility and integrity.
carbon, carbonzero, emissions, calculators, greenhouse, emission, environment, footprint, organisations, food, miles, homes, travel, products, events, neutral, ebex, trees, ebex21, cemars
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welcome to soil blockers
soil blockers are easy to use and made of robust zinc-plated steel construction. they provide a high rate of germination and easy blooming.  soil blockers
soil, blockers, sale, ladbrooke, work, starting, blocks, seed, what
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eco alkalines - certified carbon neutral batteries
eco alkaline batteries are the world's first certified carbon neutral batteries. landfill safe. completely mercury, lead and cadmium free.
alkaline, batteries, alkalines, friendly, environmentally, battery, green
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green room - a carbon neutral nightclub
green room - a carbon neutral nightclub
downtown, nightclub, room, green, byward, market, ottawa
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energycaretech | energy saving devices |
we strive to be the first choice of every energy user seeking to lower energy spending and carbon footprint, delivering smart energy savings!
energy, display, homes, efficient, management, savings, smart, systems
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good life pizza
goodlife modern organic pizza is australia’s first carbon neutral, organic pizza restaurant
pizza, restaurant, goodlife, neutral, carbon, adelaide, organic
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activated carbon equipment, media, services-air & water purification
tigg activated carbon media & equipment for adsorption & filtration systems to purify air and water.
carbon, activated, water, purification, treatment, removal, vapor, soil, adsorber, odor, extraction, tigg, separators, waste, equipment, vessels, municipal, remediation, drums, industrial
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ask about energy | energy ireland | energy forum | irish energy news
energy forum, energy news and ber assessor directory
energy, ireland, renewable, sustainable, future, emissions, recyle, trust, action, grant, investment, about, advice, paper, carbon, white, equity, policy, geothermal, solar
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66 - think green with eco friendly news and tips - earth, water, air, life. | home provides you with a fun online social atmosphere that encourages the exchange and discussion of green ideas. a marathon environmental and ecological conversation for normal people. join us! a greeniac nation is a happy nation!
green, living, lifestyle, carbon, nation, sustainable, simple, fuels, environmental, energy, nature, renewable, simplicity, alternative, products, greenie, greeny, greeniac, greeniacgreeniacs, ecology
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independent energy consultants
sds energy group is an award winning, multinational energy services consultancy incorporating sds energy, sds power and ecoteric sds.
energy, renewable, consultancy, renewables, certifications, savings, monitoring, scheme, opportunities, carbon, esos, leed, belfast, group, ecoteric, power, audits, breeam
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digitalenergy :: digitalenergy energy management system
digitalenergy is the leading energy management system for the private and public sector. delivered over the carbon expressway for reduced energy consumption and increased efficiency.
consumption, data, implementation, greendeal, integration, iso50001, bureau, energy, enms, management, carbon, reduction, compliance
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home - tigre energy ltd
tigre-energy provides renewable energy solutions for clients who need systems to generate low carbon, sustainable heat and power. tel: +44(0)7957884098
incineration, green, electricity, cooling, chilling, thermal, tigre, carbon, scrubber, absorption, power, sustainable, engine, syngas, pyrolysis, gasification, wood, waste, renewable, energy
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rock dust local - revive the planet!
rock dust, biochar and organic amendments. good information about biologic and sustainable farming, indoor and outdoor growing supplies, usda nop compliant materials for organic production
organic, carbon, minerals, soil, capture, sequestering, dust, negative, farming, amendm, gardening, usda, paramagnetic, agricultural, agrominerals, biochar, remineralization, amendments, rock, fertilizer
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soil & energy:start
die soil & energy ggmbh fördert und entwickelt projekte für nachhaltige land- und energienutzung in entwicklungsländern.
energienutzung, soziale, projekte, landnutzung, landwirtschaft, entwicklungsprojekte, entwicklungshilfe
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oswin strauss. specialists in recruitment for the low-carbon and renewable energy economy in britain
oswin strauss ltd has been founded by one of the search and selection industrys most accomplished and experienced professionals and offers recruitment solutions for the renewable energy and low-carbon sector as well as providing executive development and coaching.
renewables, jobs, recruitment, britain, scotland, england, britian, energy
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california climate & agriculture network | advancing policy solutions at the nexus of climate change and sustainable agriculture
the california climate and agriculture network (calcan) is a coalition that advances policy solutions at the nexus of climate change and sustainable agriculture
climate, agriculture, farming, food, california, protection, management, adaptation, rangeland, biodiversity, farmland, ecological, systems, local, coalition, agroecology, soil, organic, sustainable, change
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cmt compositi
cmt produces structural parts, cars accessories, motorcycles accessories and design products, through the study of the model, the construction of the mold and the lamination of the carbon fiber product.
carbon, parts, composite, spare, design, special, materials, motorbike, fibre, kawasaki, carbonio, compositi, honda, suzuki, yamaha, motorcycle
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greenlight energy group
greenlight energy provides renewable energy certificates (rec) and carbon offsets as well as green power community programs.
greenhouse, renewable, energy, sustainability, certificate, power, green, carbon, offset, community
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nrg the worlds most energy efficient concrete block
to get to net zero energy buildings, nrg delivers on the first rule of energy efficient building design: reduce the building energy load through passive means.
energy, building, zero, saving, thermal, insulated, passive, efficient, carbon, green, smart, 2030, most, warming, global, barrier, mass, house, money, value
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renewable energy experts | jlm energy inc.
energy, backup, battery, storage, solar, grid, home, reduce, supply, independence, micro, outage, carbon, bills, footprint, renewable, power, utility
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exit carbon | sailing worry free | carbon boat gangways, carbon sailboat steering wheels, carbon bathing ladders, carbon extension tillers, carbon vectran trapezes, marine equipment, carbon flag poles
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iasc-commons | the leading professional association dedicated to the commons
the international association for the study of the commons, by bringing researchers from different disciplines together with practitioners and policymakers, aims to improve our understanding of and provide sustainable solutions for environmental, electronic and other shared resources that are commons.
research, scientific, association, iasc, iascp
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farnek :: total facilities management | facilities management dubai | maintenance services | water tank cleaning | building maintenance
farnek is a part of the zurich-based, priora group, an international full service property management company. with seven offices throughout the uae, the company has grown into one of the region�s foremost property and facilities management outsourcing companies.
management, service, maintenance, facilities, services, carbon, neutral, cleaning, dubai, consulting, united, arab, sustainability, emirates, company, tank, sustainable, security, facility, water
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managenergy - supporting local and regional sustainable actions
managenergy - promoting energy saving & renewable energy
energy, transport, efficiency, european, agencies, commission, clean, rational, saving, renewable
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renewable & non-renewable energy sources - conserve energy future
energy is broadly classified into two main groups: renewable and non-renewable. the use of natural and renewable energy sources to provide heating and electricity for your home.
energy, renewable, emissions, geothermal, carbon, alternative, clean, tides, fuels, fossil, sources, global, warming, natural, earth, wind
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carbon credit investments, llc - a eco-real estate brokerage
carbon credit investments, llc is pioneering wave energy off the coast of daytona beach, florida. these renewable resources are integrated into eco-engineered community centers resulting in carbon-zero footprint.
real, estate, energy, community, development, renewable, offset, daytona, carbon, investments
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westdale commons in modesto, ca - apartment for rent
westdale commons is located in modesto, ca with club house, high speed, laundry, storage space, short term lease, pool, night patrol, package receiving, on site maintenance, on site management, free wi-fi & movies, covered rsvd pkg, pet & people friendly!
westdale, commons, management, apartment, modesto, rent, rentals, apartments
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welcome to soil & more international - soil and more
large-scale composting sites management and carbon footprinting
composting, footprinting, management, sites, carbon, reduction, soil, netherlands
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home globalcore cenergy
globalcore energy has the products and services to ensure that you have the advantage in your carbon market.
polluters, emissions, control, energy, solar, market, lights, carbon
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welcome to green-e!
green-e is the nation's leading independent consumer protection program for the sale of renewable energy and carbon offsets in the retail market. green-e offers certification and verification of renewable energy and greenhouse gas mitigation products through green-e climate, green-e energy, and green-e marketplace.
energy, power, green, electricity, certification, renewable, climate, clean, wind, sustainable, carbon, marketplace, consumer, emmisions, solar, generation, resource, marketer, center, soutions
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blue planet foundation | generating positive energy for hawaii -- reducing fossil fuel use in hawaii
ending the use of carbon-based fuels on earth by making hawaii a global leader for energy independence within a decade.
energy, blue, planet, tools, laws, legislative, save, volunteer, honolulu, green, government, clean, fuel, oahu, hawaii, foundation, maui, lanai, molokai, nonprofit
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liberty commons fremont
your source for homes available in liberty commons, community and school information.
commons, liberty, homes, estate, real, sale
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carbon-express carbon shop
carbon shop für carbon material und carbon bauteile, rohre, stäbe, platten und folie, aus cfk, gfk und kohlefaser. individuell für ihre anforderungen an carbon.
carbon, glasfaser, fiber, bauteile, kohlefaser
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we are creating a path to a low carbon economy with energy solutions that are sustainable and lower cost than fossil fuels.
energy, green, greenbox, peak, renewable, grid, sustainable, smart, mesh, crisis, internet, eroi, network
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bulk activated charcoal carbon air water purification
buy bulk quantities of activated charcoal, activated carbon for odors, ventilation, gas vapors, chemicals, water purification, aquaculture aquariums, hazardous cleanup, virgin coconut pellet, granular, chip, powder
charcoal, carbon, purification, water, granular, pellet, odor, removal, fish, control, activated, soil, additive, food, diesel, grade, conditioning, chemical, pond, drinking
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new ways to save!
energy, saving, save, tips, light, bulbs, savings, home, bulb, lights, heat, technology, solar, water, windows, advice, devices, household, appliances, products
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ecofys consultancy
ecofys is a leading consultancy in renewable energy, energy & carbon efficiency, energy systems & markets and energy & climate policy.
energy, climate, policy, systems, carbon, efficiency, markets
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windmill | greening our urban environments
windmill is dedicated to green real estate development that optimizes land, water, air, energy and building materials to ultimately produce zero carbon
green, building, energy, development, leed, responsible, urban, socially, property, renewable, efficient, condo, brownfield, estate, real, retrofit, revitalization, preservation, heritage, certified
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environmental data management software | locus technologies
environmental data management - locus technologies is a global leader in on-demand environmental information management. locus provides businesses with the power to be green on demand and has pioneered web-based environmental software suites. locus' software enables companies to organize and validate all key environmental information in a single system, which includes analytical data for water, air, soil, greenhouse gases, sustainability, energy, compliance, and environmental content. locus software is delivered through cloud computing (saas), so there is no hardware to procure, no large up-front license fee, and no complex set-ups. locus also offers services to help implement and maintain environmental programs using our unique technologies. locus' software helps organizations reduce their energy consumption and improve operating profits by better management of emission to water, air, and soil and sustainability performance.
environmental, management, software, data, energy, system, information, compliance, engineering, reporting, carbon, trading, emissions, content, sustainability, company, consultants, impact, systems, safety
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bicycle wheels,carbon wheelsets,29er carbon frames,carbon road bicycle wheels,carbon rims, mtb bike frame - asian cycle express focus on carbon light bicycle
ace is the asiancyclexpress official online shop who sells high quality bicycle wheels, carbon bike wheels, carbon bike rims, carbon bike frames, carbon bike handlebars, carbon stems, carbon seatpost and the other carbon bike components.
carbon, wheels, mountain, bike, forks, road, rims, frames, bicycle, wheelset
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bicycle wheels,carbon wheelsets,29er carbon frames,carbon road bicycle wheels,carbon rims, mtb bike frame - asian cycle express focus on carbon light bicycle
ace is the asiancyclexpress official online shop who sells high quality bicycle wheels, carbon bike wheels, carbon bike rims, carbon bike frames, carbon bike handlebars, carbon stems, carbon seatpost and the other carbon bike components.
carbon, wheels, mountain, bike, forks, road, rims, frames, bicycle, wheelset
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soil testing | soil test company | soil testing laboratory| soil test lab |tirupati fresh agro crop science pvt. ltd.
tirupati is a leading soil testing or soil test company provides facility to maximize efficiency of soil through soil testing services in soil test laboratory. contact us for soil test.
soil, test, testing, indore, laboratory
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wind turbines for nova scotia | scotian windfields
scotian windfields inc (swfi) is an innovative renewable energy corporation that provides integrated solutions scaled to suit all energy needs.
wind, scotian, carbon, panels, solar, services, power, windfields, turbine, energy
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activated carbon, carbon filter, activated carbon filter, activated carbon replacement
large inventory of nsf certified carbon, impregnated carbon, carbon filters, specialized in bulk changeout service and regeneration.
carbon, activated, water, treatment, respirators, control, filter, media, powdered, granular, odor, impregnation, impregnated, solvent, recovery, filtration, systems
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city soil - urban agriculture is rooted in city soil
city soil cultivates and sustains agricultural projects and provides soil, compost, mulches and our specialized 'grow-how' to greater boston.
compost, boston, education, agriculture, soil, lead, farming, energy, greenhouse, sustainable, food, ecology, city, yard, dispose, waste, organic, bioenergy, methane, urban
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3degrees | a renewable energy and carbon offset provider
3degrees helps utilities, businesses and leed green building professionals buy, sell and market renewable energy certificates (recs) and carbon offsets.
green, recs, power, programs, leed, renewable, energy, pricing, credit, offsets, credits, certificates, carbon, 3degrees, vers
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green energy times
green energy times is designed, utilizing 100% solar, off-grid with a 3.8 kw pv system. we are a people’s paper, published by a passionate band of vermonters whose mission is to create radical energy awareness, understanding and independence. we reach out to businesses, communities and individuals, as we move into an energy independent future. carbon emissions continue to rise, which makes this information even more important than ever for us all to be able to make the changes now, and must be taken seriously and addressed sooner, not later. our mission is to get people motivated to move forward and be able to make educated measures to seriously reduce their carbon footprint and become energy independent now!
green, energy, weatherization, incentives, installers, times, home, biomass, wind, newspaper, advertising, solar, building
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housing energy advisor | your free home energy saving adviser
interested in energy efficiency and saving energy in your home; reduce your bills and carbon emmisions. latest on renewable energy, tips and guides.
energy, advice, renewable, efficiency, advisor, adviser, home, saving
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magi-led - energy saving led lighting & heating solutions
a great place to find led lighting, energy saving lighting, portable led lights, infrared heater, energy efficient central heating, carbon crystal commercial and domestic heating, carbon heating panels, infrared heating, energy saving led lighting and led down lights
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sustainability - waste, recycling, energy and carbon services
reduce costs and improve sustainability performance on waste, recycling, energy and carbon with leading service provider & management the green house
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about the carbon trust
expert advice, footprinting and technology services to help business, governments and organisations worldwide cut carbon emissions & costs
carbon, trust, business, sustainable, economy, responsibility, resource, efficiency, social, emissions, green, reduction, sustainability, footprint, footprinting, corporate
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gill it | utopia power manager | pc power management
enterprise pc power management software; utopia power manager. reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. pc power management - roi within 3 months, without impacting user productivity
power, management, reduce, energy, carbon, green, consumption, waste, office, electricity, dioxide, your, systems, software, reduction, global, professional, shutdown, auto, bills
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carbon fibre customisation | carbonrevo singapore
specialises in fabrication and installation of carbon fibre automotive parts, promoting the exceptional light weight and rigid qualities of the material.
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permamatrix, it's what your soil and plants need!
permamatrix® is a new way of thinking, developing the optimum rhizosphere for plant growth using mother natures components.
soil, organic, fertilizer, restore, biotic, amendment, mulch, geohumus, plant, dirt, growth, carbon, biochar, permamatrix, compost, particle, mycorrhizae
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premier energy auditing franchises - soil to sun
we offer energy auditing services throughout our many locations. certified energy auditors including bpi and resnet/hers. franchise opportunities exist.
franchise, audit, energy
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nuclear energy institute - advancing clean, reliable energy
nei promotes the beneficial uses of nuclear energy, america's leading source of carbon-free electricity. discover why nuclear is key to our energy future.
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stone and cottonwood
using mostly rediscovered wood and certified smartwood, stone and cottonwood designs and manufactures furnishings and décor for homes and offices. we rely exclusively on local colorado materials and craftsmen using sustainable methods. we support the forest stewardship council and the rainforest alliance. we provide a unique, beautiful, and cost effective carbon-negative furnishings.
carbon, tree, wood, tables, kitchen, sequestration, island, boulder, offsets, green, cutting, colorado, desks, finishing, trees, removal, carpenter, woodwork, cabinetry, woodworking
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forester network, home of forester university & related resources
forester network, home of forester university plus resources for professionals in earth moving, energy efficiency, erosion control, solid waste & water management.
definition, energy, water, soil, geothermal, online, resources, facts, renewable, pollution, nonrenewable, management, osha, desalination, pros, erosion, cons, waste, what, stormwater
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forester network, home of forester university & related resources
forester network, home of forester university plus resources for professionals in earth moving, energy efficiency, erosion control, solid waste & water management.
definition, energy, water, soil, geothermal, online, resources, facts, renewable, pollution, nonrenewable, management, osha, desalination, pros, erosion, cons, waste, what, stormwater
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energy systems group - esg is a naesco-accredited energy services provider that specializes in the design, construction and implementation of energy efficiency, waste to energy, and renewable energy solutions.
energy systems group (esg), an award-winning energy services provider, specializes in developing sustainable energy solutions which allow building owners to maximize their energy efficiency and operational performance, while reducing their carbon footprint.
energy, systems, sustainability, renewable, waste, esco, services, group, performance, contracting, provider
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alternative energy
is there a way we can speed the adoption of alternative energy? is clean, cheaper energy a possibility that may even avert carbon taxes?
fusion, nuclear, energy, alternative
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green & sustainable energy policy india - shakti sustainable energy foundation
shakti sustainable energy foundation works towards facilitating indias transition to sustainable energy future by promoting green energy policies encouraging energy efficiency and renewable energy generation.
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the soil cube tool - soil block maker
soil cubes are free standing blocks of compressed soil made with an ejection mold-type tool known as the soil cube tool. soil cubes or soil blocks save space, eliminate transplant shock, and plastic pots!
soil, block, maker, blocks, seed, starting, tool, cube, peat, equipment, makers, blocker, making
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carbon trade exchange | accessing the worlds environmental markets
carbon trade exchange (ctx) operates spot exchanges in multiple global environmental commodity markets, including carbon, renewable energy certificates (recs)
trading, renewable, markets, energy, commodity, environmental, recs, carbon, trade, exchange, water
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building energy analytics
emsd beeo energy audit | iso 50001 energy management | iso 14064 carbon management
energy, audit, management, 14064, carbon, 50001, beeo, forms, download, emsd
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homepage - ensol energy management solutions
ensol energy management solutions offer a unique range of energy saving products & solutions that could save you up to 40% of your energy costs. call us today for a free assessment and presentation 866-815-6322.
energy, reduce, cost, saving, light, controller, motor, intelligent, saver, system, starter, electricity, soft, lighting, unit, chilled, carbon, management, solution, technology
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energy, carbon and water training courses
terra firma academy offers accredited energy, carbon, water, environmental strategy training courses.
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home - energy systems conference 2016, 14-15 june 2016, london, uk
the theme of conference will be '21st century challenges' which speaks to a new and emerging energy trilemma: 1) jobs, wealth and productivity, 2) low carbon and affordable energy, and 3) energy security. visit website for more information!
energy, systems, 2016, conference, transition, public, infrastructure, engagement, urban, cycle, climate, change, assessment, studies, life, innovation, policy, london, june, economics
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environmental financial group inc
environmental financial group, inc. is working to build a financially sustainable, low-carbon world. we offer clean water and green energy financial advisory services to a global clientele.
cleantech, financial, services, climate, advisory, carbon, harder, scott, strategies, advice, green, sustainable, planning, environmental, energy, clean, investment, projects, water
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wgl is a diversified energy business that provides natural gas, electricity, green power, carbon reduction and energy services. our calling as a company is to make energy surprisingly easy—for our employees, for our community and for all our customers.
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the energy report - energy stock coverage from experts- learn to invest in energy stocks
insight, analysis and ideas about energy investments from the best experts in the energy industry
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creative commons
creative commons licenses provide a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators.
commons, derivatives, lessig, sharing, sharism, attribution, culture, free, open, source, creative
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renewable energy training courses | european energy centre
training courses in renewable energy and energy efficiency. promoting best practice since 1975. leading energy centre for renewable energy training: solar, wind, electrics, biomass, rhi, policy, finances and management of renewable energy. achieve galileo master certificate. international conferences and publications with the united nations (unep).
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low carbon studio
low carbon studio is an architectural practice working in east lothian and edinburgh designing low energy and sustainable houses, green oak frame buildings and masterplanning. from our base at denerigg west saltoun we are working on projects throughout the uk.
frame, studio, carbon, douglas, house, east, architect, lothian, energy, edinburgh, green, forest, nursery, healthcare, houses, architecture, sustainability, class, classroom, garden
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edf energy | compare our electricity rates online edf energy
compare our different gas and electricity produces and get a quote now - edf energy
carbon, zingy, promise, energy
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home - inventys
inventys is an energy technology company that could alter carbon dioxide (co2) emissions worldwide. the company has developed the veloxotherm™ process, which is the most economically viable means to capture carbon at its emission source.
carbon, adsorbents, veloxotherm, dioxide, emissions, capture
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a handbook for low impact living's mission is to reduce our impact on the environment through education, communication and online tools such as our own community carbon calculator, local food resources, town conservation programs, ask henry and the latest news and events.
concord, carbon, energy, reduction, calculator, environmental, news, conserve, sustainability, footprint, rebates, conservation, agriculture, food, saving, tips, local, keyspan
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carbon wheels,carbon rims,carbon track frames,carbon cyclocross forks,carbon fatbike parts,mountain bicycle components,racing and road bike accessories-boostbicycle
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natural soil supplement : bovine basics
bovine basic provides a natural soil supplement through the production of a cow manure based soil additive that that is created through anaerobic manure digestion leaving only a 100% organic soil supplement.
fertilizer, bovine, peat, moss, carbon, alternative, green, basic, manure, basics, natural
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zonewicz faserverbundtechnik
zonewicz faserverbundtechnik - entwicklung, design sowie prototypen-, einzel-, und serienfertigung in gfk, cfk und afk. entwicklung von musikinstrumenten aus carbon.
ecello, entwicklung, auslegung, violin, electric, eviolin, evioline, musikinstrument, oldtimer, carbon, vakuum, handlaminieren, carbonfaser, kohlefaser, kevlar, infilrieren, laminieren, rennauto, mini, motorsport
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carbon mountainbike en carbon racefiets onderdelen
vind hier carbon fietsonderdelen, carbon wielen of carbon velgen voor uw mountainbike of racefiets. dt swiss, edco, oibio, ax-lightness, engage, rotor en crankbrother carbon fietsonderdelen zijn verkrijgbaar bij
carbon, wielen, fietsonderdelen, mountainbike, racefiets
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solar pv, energy management, carbon and training
solar pv, energy management, carbon and training - terra firma solutions will be able to find a solution.
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the energy education council
the energy education council is committed to the education and empowerment of energy consumers, with the goal of enhancing lives by promoting safe and efficient use of energy.
energy, efficiency, council, illinois, education, electric, safe, world, teachers, parents, children, games, challenges, energyedcouncil, interactive, electrical, power, electricity, bandit, universe
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carbon rims - carbon wheels - carbon frames kayotebike
our primary products:carbon rims, carbon wheels, carbon frames, road bike carbon rim , mtb carbon rim, 3 spokes carbon rim, 20" carbon rim, road bike carbon wheels, mtb carbon wheels , carbon frame etc.with the en standards
carbon, wheels, road, bike
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ena - energy networks association homepage
energy networks association (ena) is the voice of the networks, representing the ‘wires and pipes’ transmission and distribution network operators for gas and electricity in the uk and ireland.
theft, electricity, networks, transmission, metal, carbon, bill, smart, distribution, network, energy, operator, electric, safelec, safety, improvement, public, powering, magnetic, emfs
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pure energy reiki - home - westhampton, ma. promoting balance and well being with energy
energy, reiki, relief, balance, vibrations, stress, chakras, work, pure, healing
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leonardo energy | connecting energy technologies, policies and markets
leonardo energy is the premier web site delivering a range of virtual libraries relating to electrical energy. also hosts e-learning leonardo academy, an online university serving energy professionals and delivering free online courses about power quality, voltage distorsion and mitigation techniques with completion announcement. information centers about renewables, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, ecodesign, data centres and sustainable energy mailing lists.
energy, photobank, video, design, carbon, free, animation, flash, webinar, library, motors, home, efficiency, future, lighting, electric, renewable, quality, power, renewables
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summitt energy | ontario gas, electricity, energy supplier, home protection plans, water tank rental, carbon offsets
summitt energy is a retail energy marketer who provides natural gas and electricity to homes and businesses across canada. summitt also provides home services
energy, home, rates, electricity, price, rate, natural, summit, water, green, carbon, fixed, ontario, summitt, prices, services, comfort, enbridge, quebec, protection
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crazy good dirt
the best cannabis soil, marijuana soil, soilless medium, worm castings, soil supplements, peat moss, indoor potting soil
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save the globe
our planet is dying and we are running out of time, lets do something!
global, warming, energy, earth, greenhouse, carbon, planet, pollution, wind, green, going, renewable, free, overheating, what, environmental, issues, mother, footprint, consequences
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pedal force super-light carbon bicycle
super-light carbon bicycles at great prices. we specialize in carbon bike frames, carbon forks and carbon seatposts.
carbon, fiber, bicycle, seatposts, monocoque, bikes, forks, bicycles, fork, bike, seatpost, custom, configured, mail, frame, titanium, frames, order
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esight energy - global energy management software
learn more about how esight energy management software can help your facility reduce energy costs, consumption, and carbon by up to 30%.
software, energy, intelligence, emis, utility, management, esight
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soil and forage laboratory
rock river laboratory
soil, test, analysis, feed, certified, nutrient, garden, testing, tmrd, manure, evaluator, ration, ndfd, tract, total, zach, ttndfd, sawyer, dustin, goeser
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ecosystem marketplace - making the priceless valuable
the ecosystem marketplace, a project of forest trends, is a leading source of news, data, and analytics on markets and payments for ecosystem services (such as water quality, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity).
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home energy audit & weatherization analysis from rovegno's of carlisle
contact rovegno's of carlisle, who has been specializing in home energy audits and weatherization analysis for 37 years, to save energy costs in your home.
energy, home, insulation, pennsylvania, audit, save, costs, camp, hill, harrisburg, central, carlisle, shippensburg, cellulose, foam, chambersburg, newville, lemoyne, mechanicsburg, analysis
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ascension energy group - promoting domestic energy growth
domestic oil and gas exploration for energy independence
energy, domestic
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sid richardson | carbon black manufacturer
sid richardson, a carbon & energy company, is a leading manufacturer of carbon black products. visit to learn more!
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viaspace green energy inc. - giant king grass: renewable low-carbon biomass for green energy
viaspace green energy inc. cultivates a proprietary giant king grass as a renewable energy crop, processes the harvested grass into biomass products, and markets these sources of alternative, green energy to electric power companies and bio-fuel producers worldwide.
fuel, renewable, biomass, energy, alternative, replacing, fossil, king, green, giant, viaspace, grass, products
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institute for industrial productivity
institute for industrial productivity (iip) is committed to promoting the efficient use of high energy consuming industries to improve energy productivity industry. iip provides global industrial energy efficiency best practices to governments and businesses to help promote the use of national and local carry out energy-saving policies, best practices and energy saving technology.
energy, industrial, industry, technology, efficiency, institute, financing, productivity, organization, international, policy, system, steel, technologies, management, cement, systems, electrical, optimization
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dragonplate carbon fiber composite components - carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber sheets, nomex, square tubes & splices, carbon fiber panel, carbon fiber tube & rod
dragonplate is a source for information and purchasing of carbon fiber sheet, carbon square and round tubes, tube splices, i-beams, carbon fiber sheets (twill & plain), solid carbon fiber panel, and other carbon fiber composites. we can cnc machine your carbon fiber to your dimensions.
carbon, fiber, sheets, twill, tube, machined, strip, composite, laminate, square, tubes, panel, veneer
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monarch media & consulting, inc. - publishing ideas. promoting purpose.
publishing ideas. promoting purpose.
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creative commons
creative commons licenses provide a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators.
commons, free, ryan, derivatives, merkley, lessig, sharing, copyleft, software, culture, open, source, creative, attribution
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bola bicycle | carbon bike rim, carbon bike wheel
chinese professional carbon bike rim producer and carbon bike wheel builder, the main size is 700c, 650c, 26er, 27.5er, 29er and the tire can be tubular, clincher, and tubeless ready. all the carbon is from toray and the resin from taiwan. it' s taiwan technology but chinese factory direct price.
carbon, bike, wheel, racing, bola, compoments, bicycle
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cbk bike|carbon rims|carbon wheels|carbon mtb rims|carbon frames|sincere bike-xiamen sincere carbon composite technology co., ltd.
cbk bike a high-tech enterprises dedicates in developing, manufacturing and selling carbon fiber bike parts. focus on carbon rims , and building wheels for clinets.we also have produce and sell frames, forks, handlebars etc.
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home energy consulting | sheboygan, wi |energy strategies inc.
we are an energy consulting company dedicated to helping and educating people to make life-enhancing decisions about their homes and the equipment they use to control them.
energy, sheboygan, home, light, insulation, bills, bulb, rebates, efficient, sealing, incentives, conservation, carbon, testing, compact, fluorescent, contractors, performance, sustainable, monoxide
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low carbon communities network
the low carbon communities network was formed in april 2008 to link, network and support the rapidly growing movement of climate change groups that are forming
activism, greenhouse, communities, local, media, social, ozone, emissions, energy, community, renewable, environment, planet, green, carbon
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nj environmental & well drilling, water well, soil borings
b&f well drilling provides new jersey (nj) & south jersey environmental & water well drilling, water well services, jersey shore soil borings. nj pa de.
well, water, soil, filters, tanks, drilling, carbon, neutralizers, acid, reverse, osmosis, sediment, delaware, pennsylvania, jersey, wells, geothermal, geotechnical, services, geoprobe
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production of high-quality, advanced carbon fiber elements.
carbon, fibre, mask, production, moulds, producent, laminates, prepreg, manufacturer, producer, elements, custom
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five, neutral, dioxide, australia, global, planet, climate, carbon, scooters, scooter, moped, mopeds, sale, wholesale, electric
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catskill solar | delhi new york
if you’re looking for a way to lower your carbon footprint and your energy costs, solar energy is a smart solution. solar panels harness the energy of the sun
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carbonnation - the movie - home
carbon nation, a climate change solutions movie that does not even care if you believe in climate change.
energy, clean, warming, renewable, sustainability, global, change, peter, nation, byck, climate, carbon
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eco-soil | the soil, topspoil, mulch & fertilizer experts | eco-soil recycling corp. | where nature & science connect
for truly sustainable soils and growing media... look to the industry leader, eco-soil. with our experience and commitment to quality we will make sure that you have the right soil for your landscape project large or small.
composting, amender, composted, dirt, amendment, dressing, dress, lawn, nursery, organic, landscape, veggie, planting, soil, fertilizer, compost, turf, grass, landscaping, gardening
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green deal providers | energy saving solutions | efficiency & carbon reduction | hampshire, berkshire, west sussex & dorset
southern energy solutions are green deal providers supplying energy efficiency & carbon reduction technologies across hampshire, berkshire, west sussex & dorset.
green, energy, deal, saving, solutions, reduction, provider, efficiency, carbon
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carbon solutions |
home site of the csg ltd, founded for carbon emission trading. carbon calculator available for measuring carbon footprint.
bblue, credit, solutions, carbon
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hemlock printers | carbon neutral green printer | metro vancouver commercial printing company
metro vancouver based hemlock printers is western canadas premier carbon neutral, sustainable, commercial sheetfed offset green printing company, competitively offering a full range of services from rack cards, giclee, art prints, books, annual reports, calendars, magazines, maps, posters, presentation folders, stationery and business cards to digital short run
printer, vancouver, offset, digital, pacific, canada, coast, west, company, printing, post, recycled, consumer, sustainable, commercial, green, canadian, environmental
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fairclimatefund biedt unieke oplossingen voor vermindering van co₂ uitstoot. waarom uniek? fairclimatefund: scant de co₂ uitstoot van klanten en geeft hen
carbon, climate, gold, credits, projects, standard, emission, klimaatprojecten, emissie, uitstoot, klimaat, neutral, reduction, fairclimatefund, fund, klimaatneutraal, reductie, fonds, fair, eerlijk
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home | terra soil science
terra soil science provides services such as soil classification & mapping, wetland delineation and soil & wetland rehabilitation
soil, wetland, rehab, rehabilitation, science, lourens, waals, pedology, agricultural, environmental, mapping, delineation, classification, terra, soils, johan
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virginia vineyard consultants | preliminary soil reports
soil foundations specializes in vineyard consultants, preliminary soil reports, and more in virginia.
soil, survey, land, vineyard, testing, development, mapping, carolina, north, maryland, analysis, reports, preliminary, services, water, agriculture, region, serving, berryville, virginia
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solar power system,solar energy system,solar power companies
solar, power, energy, inverters, installation, mobile, grid, green, system, carbon, reducing, photo, voltaic, eskom, world, trailer, geysers, footprint, plant, costs
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sprat society for promoting rationality
sprat is a secular society that abides by reason, science, humanism and constitutionalism.while serving both muslims and hindus, we remain neutral to islam and hinduism. blending professionalism with compassion, sprat works with complete transparency and decentralization. we compliment other ngos, rather than compete with them, seeking to harness general latent goodwill in our society.
promoting, rationality, secular, superstition, development, rational, reason, people, learn, muskaan, ahmedabad, society, gujarat, caravan, sprat, taleem, communal
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untitled document
axion power manufactures high-quality batteries for specialty markets and has developed new proprietary technology for lead-carbon (pbc
lead, battery, energy, advanced, batteries, acid, deep, carbon, storage, cycle, vehicles, electric, hybrids, activated, hybrid, technology, power, devices, electrodes, prototype
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renewable choice energy
renewable choice energy helps organizations achieve renewable energy & carbon reduction goals through a portfolio of renewable energy products & services.
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utilitywise plc: home
we help businesses get the most value from their energy contracts, reduce their energy consumption, and lower their carbon footprint.
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the daily fusion: energy news, science, technology, ideas, innovation
the daily fusion is the hub for all the energy news: from fossil fuels, to renewable energy and cutting-edge technology and science.
energy, news, daily, alternative, green, sector, science, conventional, industry, articles, renewable, technology
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compare household products energy efficiency, appliances, electricals to save money - have you sust-it?
energy efficiency database of consumer electrical products, view running costs & power usage of washing machines, dishwashers, plasma tvs, lcd tvs, computers, printers & photocopiers
energy, trust, power, saving, efficiency, reducing, carbon, metering, save, ratings, consumption, appliances, electricity, costs, homes
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caffe neutral  カフェ ニュートラル
caffe neutral カフェニュートラル カフェ&ギャラリー&bar 神戸市東灘区住吉本町3-15-21 tel 078-811-8607 ようこそ! こちらは caffe neutral web site です.
neutral, caffe
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green web hosting thats powered by on-site solar panels
solar powered green web hosting. we are the worlds greenest data center providing green web hosting, dedicated and vps server hosting, co-location and more.
hosting, friendly, carbon, neutral, sustainable, earth, environmentally, green, data, renewable, center, solar, powered
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infocast: the leading source - home
infocast deal working, business intelligence & venture capital conferences and events connect attendees with key decision makers & provide critical business insights in renewable energy, alternative fuels, carbon, power generation, energy delivery, oil & natural gas, infrastructure investment, pharma biotechnology.
energy, natural, investment, delivery, generation, deal, carbon, power, infrastructure, finance, information, biotech, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, pharma, fuels, alternative, seminars, webinars, conference
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solar panels ideas | the clear choice for top solar energy tips and products
solar energy is the top way to power your business or home. solar energy can benefit the environment while reducing bills. the article will offer you useful and
solar, energy, hvac, system, power, grid, heaters, renewable, systems, natural, tankless, contractor, green, general, featured, panels, consumption, efficient, powered, installing
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climate science for sceptics - home
climate science for those who genuinely want to know more about why scientists are worried about the global warming effect of man made carbon dioxide other greenhouse gas emissions from energy, transport and agriculture.
climate, energy, level, anomaly, temperature, rise, carbon, keith, burrows, pause, hiatus, dioxide, weather, balance, warming, global, science, change, sceptics, skeptics
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eco friendly, green ideas
ecoideaz aspires to be an exclusive website that acts as a repository for innovative green ideas both from the investor and consumer perspective.
ideas, energy, green, renewable, fuels, innovation, deforestation, responsibility, products, sdbr, friendly, social, corporate, development, awareness, consumer, tour, environmental, degradation, biomass
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energy & utility management | solution 105
solution 105 is the authority on energy management. a thorough evaluation of your portfolio will reveal new ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and overall energy cost.
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kiy carbon co.,ltd.
kiy carbon is a professional manufacturer of carbon fiber products. we mianly use autoclave process to produce high quality carbon fiber products for our customers. currently our products range includes carbon fiber motorcycle parts, car parts, water sports parts, snow sports parts, medical equipments, instruments, furniture, gifts and complex shaped composite parts. with our strength on development and production, we highly welcome oem orders from customers worldwide.
fiber, carbon, parts, motorcycle, products, plates, tubes, fairings, instruments, auto, sports, medical, equipments
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recycle with greasecycle! - quality, service and support - home
professional, carbon, neutral, solutions, licenced, competitive, clean, reliable, insured, leader
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under construction
energy mix limited (eml) - promoting investment in nigerias energy mix with local content in mind
mode, maintenance
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west roxbury saves energy
a community-based organization to help residents of west roxbury, ma, a neighborhood of boston, save money as well as the environment.
energy, organization, west, roxbury, massachusetts, boston, community, reduce, save, savings, carbon, footprint, green
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your soil plant science jobs site @
free soil plant science job postings and career opportunities. start your soil plant science jobs search today.
scientist, soil, research, hydrologist, specialist, fertility, extension, physical, nutrition, agronomy, manager, crop, microbiology
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midwest independent soil samplers llc | power yourself with healthy soil
soilview - a complete site-specific soil sampling system by midwest independent soil samplers, llc assessing your soil health to maximize yield.
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earn 100% cashback, charity shopping, free fundraising ideas and carbon offsets at froggybank
charity shopping community where you can earn 100% of the middleman's fee from 1500 shops. you choose to donate or keep your earnings, free fundraising pages and carbon offsets.
charity, free, ideas, community, offset, carbon, fundraising, cashback, cash, back, shopping
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mojo - organic indoor potting soil & all natural outdoor garden soil
mojo produces an organic indoor potting soil and an all natural outdoor garden soil. mojo soils are made and distributed in the usa.
soil, mojo, mojogro, garden, outdoor, potting, natural, indoor, organic, dirt, best, grow, performing, good, repotting, repot, vegetables, flowers, fertilizer, mojosoil
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home | clean energy ideas
the clean energy ideas website website is home to information on topics relating to both renewable and natural energy sources.
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veev - vitafrute
veev® is the worlds 1st carbon neutral spirit.
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biochar news links and information | the new era of carbon negative soil improvement
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ac energy systems
ac energy systems providing commercial carbon monoxide monitoring systems for over 20 years
paybacks, savings, environment, insure, managment, risk, substancial, quality, carbon, commercial, monoxide, monitoring, high, systems, providing
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hanas new energy | promoting chinas energy transformation
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hanas new energy | promoting chinas energy transformation
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solar energy contractor in colorado xcel rebates - arise energy
at arise energy solutions, we assist clients in making their homes or businesses more energy efficient, while helping them save money and reduce their carbon footprint through implementing effective renewable energy solutions. at aes, we design and ...
state, rebate, federal, xcel, rebates, energy, contractor, colorado, solar
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energy capital partners
energy capital partners is a private equity firm focused on investing in north americas energy infrastructure.
energy, storage, river, midstream, services, funds, private, equity, power, road, lake, odessa, reeder, pete, labbat, tyler, milford, masspower, nextlight, air2
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carbon war room
the carbon war room accelerates the adoption of business solutions that reduce carbon emissions at gigaton scale and advance the low-carbon economy.
room, carbon
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energy automation
solution providers for energy management and building control system throughout the united kingdom
energy, power, consumption, management, monitoring, building, amps, volts, kilowatts, contractor, niceic, approved, watts, factor, remote, telemetry, expert, optimisation, voltage, reactive
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home energy rating services
home energy rating services
energy, building, green, professional, certified, blasdel, footprint, beth, thermographer, thermal, efficiency, rater, thermography, camera, imaging, carbon, resnet, greg, dewitt, ohio
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psychic healing and more.
discussions about psychic healing, metaphysics, new age thought, ideas about human potential, the law of attraction, stuart wilde and also metaphysical product reviews.
healing, energy, psychic, with, human, shift, what, awaken, huge, toning, essential, therapy, meditation, chakra, methods, benefits, your, hands, system, during
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natural life magazine - green family living
positive alternatives to high cost, high consumption lifestyles creating a sustainable, just, and healthy world.
energy, healthy, solar, priesnitz, wendy, homes, environment, ecological, solutions, wellness, magazine, life, frugality, living, family, recycling, reusing, natural, gardening, organic
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tree new mexico | new mexico trees | how to plant a tree | planting trees
tree new mexico is dedicated to ensuring sustainable forests in urban and rural communities and natural areas through restoration, public education and advocacy
plant, carbon, reforestation, neutral, offset, trees, million, mexico, tree, more
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213 - your community driven venue for promoting products, services, ideas and causes. is a community driven venue for promoting products, services, ideas and causes.
upcoming, submit, comments, tags, live, groups, networking, articles, stories, vote, publish, social, news
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reading anthracite coal - pottsville, pennsylvania
the reading anthracite company is a leader in pennsylvania's anthracite coal industry and a source for energy, carbon, and media products and solutions.
coal, energy, heat, water, land, industry, county, filtration, high, treatment, mining, media, carbon, anthracite, scale, grade, philterkol, municipal, business, filters
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global energy news - home
global energy news brings to you the latest in energy news, including biogas, oil, gas, renewables, and much more.
news, energy, magazine, renewable, biogas, carbon, coal, nuclear, international, global
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green energy products - customized renewable energy solutions
we provide customized renewable energy solutions that can help you reduce your carbon footprint and your energy costs for your home, farm or business.
solar, farms, homes, businesses, renewable, minnesota, agriculture, wind, energy, products, power, panel, green
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gfs - global forestry services
global forestry services provides formal programs for forestry and timber industry to meet international certification standards such as forest stewardship council (fsc). gfs has established forest investment services for secure high yielding green investments competitive to equity markets to support forest restoration through intensive planting of fast growing trees.
forestry, carbon, credit, support, program, investment, neutral, global, wood, tracking, malaysian
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seai - welcome to the sustainable energy authority of ireland
the sustainable energy authority of ireland's (seai) mission is to play a leading role in transforming ireland into a society based on sustainable energy structures, technologies and practices.
energy, carbon, emissions, change, policy, climate, efficiency, ireland, authority, renewable, sustainable
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optimised buildings
optimised buildings maximises the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. using powerful energy analytics platforms for energy consumption, monitoring and management combined with our engineering expertise we deliver a typical roi in less than 12 months. we have a proven track record of solving complex energy problems in many vertical markets, and deliver quantifiable business outcomes for our clients.
management, energy, carbon, efficiency, bems, space, visualization, operator, system, smart, grid, software, independent
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home page
clearwater forest consultants is a forestry consulting firm that provides professional forest and wildlife management services in missouri and surrounding states.
forest, consultant, timber, management, forester, carbon, professional, sequestration, credits, resource, sales, arkansas, forestry, wildlife, missouri, illinois, appraisals
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community carbon marketplace
the community carbon marketplace (ccm) is an online exchange to buy and sell community carbon credits generated from a wide range of greenhouse gas (ghg) emission reduction projects, such as switching from fossil fuels to bio-fuels or electric vehicles, diverting organics from landfill, building retrofits, etc.
carbon, calculator, footprint, marketplace, community, credits
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blue sky biomass - for carbon neutral power generation
blue sky biomass was formed to provide growth of viable commercial tree and and waste wood biomass projects in the united states.
blue, biomass, cure, resource, richard, energy, california, renewable, maher, james, colorado, denver, fund, georgia, giant, tindall, kronos, martin, skye, international
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ultra-carbon || custom carbon fiber race parts and accessories
ultra-carbon is a high-quality carbon fiber manufacturer for anything and everything. based in tacoma, wa, ultra-carbon uses years of experience to produce
bumper, fenders, fender, doors, bumpers, valve, plates, motor, covers, door, seats, nhra, fiber, carbon, ultra, ihra, drag, seat, race, racing
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light bicycle-carbon frame,carbon rim,carbon wheel,carbon wheelset,carbon mountain bike,carbon road bike light-bicycle
light-bicyle industry co., ltd. is a professional chinese manufacturer in carbon fiber bicycle parts, our main products are carbon mountain bike & carbon road bike parts, including carbon bicycle frame, carbon rim, carbon wheel and so on. welcome to light-bicyle online bike shops!
carbon, bike, mountain, road, wheelset, frame, light, wheel
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energy foundry - energy venture capital fund
energy foundry invests venture capital in todays most promising energy start-ups. we partner to bring groundbreaking energy ideas to market. energy foundry is an energy venture capital fund located in chicago, illinois
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envirocitizen | natural, organic, green & eco-friendly products & environmental info
products, services and information for those interested in a natural, organic, green, eco-friendly, environmental, lifestyle as well as with interests in solar or wind energy, sustainable, renewable and alternative energy. information about recycling, reclaimed materials, reducing carbon footprint, carbon offsets, non-toxic personal care, toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning, green energy, green jobs, energy efficient products and appliances and led or cfl lighting.
green, products, efficient, energy, sustainable, vegan, solar, organic, environmental, global, natural, warming, renewable
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commons transition - commons transitioncommons transition
commons transition showcases practical experiences and policy proposals for a more humane and environmentally grounded mode of societal organization.
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carbon wheels - carbon wheelsets - bicycle wheels carbonwheels is online carbon fiber bicycle parts wholesaler and retailer, offer the best quality carbon wheels, frames, rims, handlebars, cycling lights, all cycling products.all come with manufacturer warranty.
carbon, wheels, online, wholesaler, bicycle, lights, china, cycling, saddles, cheap, shoes, frames, clothings, best, fiber, wheelsets, road, handlebars, rims, stems
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bladex official online shop - buy carbon wheelset, carbon frame, road bikes, mountain bikes, tt bike components manufacturer, carbon bicycle parts online
default description
carbon, parts, bicycle, frames, wheels
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ereda renewable energy pvt. ltd - erepl jodhpur rajasthan
erada renewable energy pvt. ltd. (erepl) is one of the leading service providers in solar plant, energy and environment sector with specialization in the areas of renewable energy project development and is dedicated to work across the spectrum of renewable energy, climate change, carbon markets, and sustainable development with its best customer oriented services, ereda renewable energy pvt. ltd - erepl jodhpur rajasthan
erepl, jodhpur, rajasthan, renewable, energy, ereda
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oxy hydrogen engine carbon cleaning machine, oxy hydrogen generator, oxyhydrogen welder-changsha city okay energy equipment
okay energy manufacture professional high quality wholesale price oxy hydrogen engine carbon cleaning machine, oxy hydrogen generator and oxyhydrogen welder for welding, cutting, sealing, polishing etc.
hydrogen, oxyhydrogen, welder, generator, cleaning, engine, carbon, machine
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soil moisture measuring, soil moisture measurement – sentek
soil moisture measuring, soil moisture measurement – sentek are leaders in soil moisture monitoring utilising capacitance sensors to measure volumetric soil moisture content
soil, moisture, technologies, australia, measurement, measuring, sentek
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energy audits, energy saving solutions, weatherization, green constrution, bangor, maine | osher environment systems
an energy efficient home can save you up to $1, 500 per year. it also helps reduce your carbon footprint with energy audits, energy saving solutions, weatherization and green construction
energy, efficient, maine, auditing, free, analysis, consultation, bangor, environment, savings, audit, weatherization, green, osher, construction, systems
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the lighting on the john deere commons - saturday, november 19th, 2016
commons, center, concert, wireless, lighting, november, tour, illinois, john, moline, holidays, deere
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contaminated land remediation contractor
telluric land remediation contractors provide nationwide contracting services for soil remediation, bioremediation, contaminated land remediation, ground water treatment and more.
waste, remediation, soil, oxidation, groundwater, environmental, pump, bioventing, product, free, sparging, treat, activated, mixing, natural, attenuation, washing, phase, carbon, catalytic
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viridor - carbon services
viridor carbon services, including carbon credit trading, green projects, reforestation, wind farms, brazil, africa,
carbon, viridor, services, welcome, home, green, credits, trading, biodiversity, community, projects, brazil, warming, global, emissions, solutions, reduction, standard, voluntary
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strength in neutral, fit for life | be in balance. gain energy, and get your power back
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manufacturer-carbon carbon composite, graphite felt, pyrolytic graphite, cfc, c/c, hopg..
we are a carbon group company, manufacturer of graphite felt, cfc, carbon composite, c/c, pyrolitic graphite, hopg in china, best quality and competitive prices...
carbon, insulation, composite, graphite, felt, heat, thermal, pyrolytic, rigid, composites, barrels, highly, nuts, sheet, bolts, oriented, screws, fasteners, magnetic, levitation
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harford commons apartments in edgewood md, edgewood md apartments home page
harford commons offers large one, two, and three bedroom apartments in edgewood md as well as spacious one, two, three, and four bedroom townhouses. harford commons is located 1 mile from interstate 95 and 35 minutes from downtown baltimore.
harford, commons, apartments, edgewood, edgwood
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clean corbon solutions gmbh, alternative kraftstoffe für die luftfahrt - home
website der clean carbon solutions gmbh
fuel, aviation, synthetic, fuels, industry, 2020, clean, growth, drop, testflug, luftfahrt, kraftstoffe, kraftstoff, fischer, wachstum, verfahren, tropsch, alternative
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cool planet | biochar coolterra™ and green renewable fuels
cool planet makes biochar soil enhancer coolterra™ and clean green renewable fuels. order biochar for gardening, buy biochar for horticulture and find biochar for sale for nursery and greenhouses
cool, energy, planet, fuel, char, alternative, coolplanet, systems, fuels, renewable, negative, coolterra, carbon, biochar, green, terra
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soil quality for environmental health
soil quality - improving how your soil works is a web site devoted to soil quality concepts, indicators, assessment, management, and practices.
sustainable, agriculture, indicators, organic, conservation, quality, health, tillage, soil
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carbon washington | yes on initiative 732
initiative 732 makes taxes fairer. it taxes carbon to fight climate change, boost clean energy & save the environment for future generations. support i-732.
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carbon washington | yes on initiative 732
initiative 732 makes taxes fairer. it taxes carbon to fight climate change, boost clean energy & save the environment for future generations. support i-732.
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soil works llc - yankton, sd - welcome
soil, rite, phos, garden, nutrients, grow, works, conventional, fertility, golf, health, natural, courses, experts, organic, fertilizer, phosphorus, calcium, sustainable, micronized
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institute for market transformation
promoting energy efficiency in buildings
energy, building, green, data, save, codes, efficiency, benchmarking, estate, commercial, city, real, project, appraisal, rating, utility, leasing, efficient, market, transformation
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protech composites | carbon fiber sheets & panels | carbon fiber manufacturer
protech composites is a leading manufacturer of carbon fiber sheets, carbon fiber panels, carbon fiber cloth and custom carbon fiber materials. fast shipping.
carbon, fiber, laminate, panel, sheets, sheet
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we love solar - find out all about it here!
as much as we love and believe in solar and renewable energy in general, we also believe in helping you reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint.
solar, information, tips, saving, energy
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solar energy explorer
solar energy explorer is a site which is dedicated to promoting the knowledge & use of solar to all the people the world over. explore the wonderful world of the clean, green, free sun energy
solar, tubes, lights, power, energy, panels
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carbon planner emission mitigation and analysis by greenhouse go
carbon planner is a carbon emission mitigation and analysis app for land planners and developers.
emissions, development, calculator, carbon, greenpoint, ccar, cacp, cris, lgop, action, warm, urbemis, plan, carrot, hara, emfac, environmental, quality, index, nepa