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code handbook | a code journal
code handbook is a code journal which publishes articles & tutorials realted to software programming.
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菜鸟教程 - 学的不仅是技术,更是梦想!
菜鸟教程(提供了最全的编程技术基础教程, 介绍了html、css、javascript、python,java,ruby,c,php , mysql等各种编程语言的基础知识。 同时本站中也提供了大量的在线实例,通过实例,您可以更好的学习编程。..
jquery, mobile, mysql, bootstrap, python, angularjs, easyui, html, javascript, w3cschool, ajax
expand collapse - online compiler and ide >> c/c++, java, php, python, perl and 40+ other compilers and interpreters
online, code, programming, interpreter, python, java, tool, execute, snippets, compiler, learn, snippet, pastebin, debugging
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c - learn c and c++ programming -
programming, quiz, code, tutorials, source
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codeguru - microsoft developers related ideas, articles, tips, tricks, comments, downloads, and so much more related to programming in areas including c++, visual c++, c#, visual basic, .net framework, and more
codeguru is where developers can come to share ideas, articles, questions, answers, tips, tricks, comments, downloads, and so much more related to programming in areas including c++, visual c++, c#, visual basic, asp,, java, and more.
programming, developers, code, visual, architects, csharp, studio, coding, software, development, windows, source, community, download, downloads, microsoft, string, activex, ajax, listbox, shell, basic
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train with programming challenges/kata | codewars
codewars is where developers achieve code mastery through challenge. train on kata in the dojo and reach your highest potential.
code, development, kata, dojo, coffeescript, software, ruby, coding, practice, codewars, javascript
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9lessons programming blog, tutorials, jquery, ajax, php, mysql and demos
9lessons is a programming blog maintained by srinivas tamada. tutorials focused on programming, jquery, ajax, php, demos, web design, javascript, software and mysql.
ajax, programming, jquery, google, scripts, demos, 9lessons, development, script, twitter, facebook, hosting, database, java, validation, form, tutorial, examples, free, software, restful, oauth, info, blog, application, mail, tomcat, smtp, technology, tutorials, mysql, expression, regular, design, blogger, visualization, code, coding, submit
expand collapse,,,jquery,javascript,gridview,sql server,ajax,ssrs, xml examples,,, jquery, javascript, gridview, sql server, ajax, jquery plugins, jquery ui, ssrs, xml, html, jquery demos, code snippet examples
code, samples, examples, tutorial, windows, forms, articles, beginners, guide, primer, lessons, learning, programming, webservice, linq, authoring, school, howto, links, list, tips, demos, reference, free, source, suresh, javascript, jquery, crystal, ajax, studio, gridview, dropdownlist, visual, reports, ssis, application, csharp, dotnet, sharp
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i programmer - programming, reviews and projects
programming book reviews, programming tutorials, programming news, c#, ruby, python, c, c++, php, visual basic, computer book reviews, computer history, programming history, joomla, theory, spreadsheets and more.
news, programming, book, reviews, developer, programmer, history, computer, basic, theory, spreadsheets, visual, joomla, python, software, tutorials, ruby
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dr. dobb's | good stuff for serious developers: programming tools, code, c++, java, html5, cloud, mobile, testing
software tools and techniques for global software development. dr. dobb's features articles, source code, blogs, forums, video tutorials, and audio podcasts, as well as articles from dr. dobb's journal,, c/c++ users journal, and software development magazine.
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酷壳 –
享受编程和技术所带来的快乐 –
oracle, mysql, perl, linux, javascript, jquery, linus, torvalds, programmer, programming, unix, windows, ubuntu, language, python, ruby, java, android, bash, book, algorithm, ajax, code, review, game, google, html, erlang, ebook, coding, database, debug
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python central | python programming examples, tutorials and recipes
python central is a one-stop resource for python programmers. its a treasure trove of know-how about the python programming language - check us out today!
expand collapse - learn python by example
__str__ vs. __repr__, the del statement, break and continue statements, numeric types in python, dns lookup with python, encoding json with python, how to use mysql connector/python, postgen, getting the most popular pages from your apache logfile, make your life easier with virtualenvwrapper,
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codecombat - learn how to code by playing a game
learn programming with a multiplayer live coding strategy game for beginners. learn python or javascript as you defeat ogres, solve mazes, and level up. open source html5 game!
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wikitechy | tutorialspoint,learn html |javscript | angularjs | nodejs |ionic | ajax
wikitechy a community of developers and it professional, tutorialspoint, learn to code — to teach people how to different technologies by way of clear and organized lessons
source, code, examples, reference, primer, lessons, colors, demos, teradata, windows10, pinterest, aurelia, tips, clojure, quiz, training, jquery, javascript, development, html, programming, tutorials, bootstrap, learning
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code search for developers
the best code search for developers
code, recipe, source, repository, snippets, gist, programming
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programming blog on php tutorial, jquery, ajax, online demo and download code
discussdesk is a programming blog mainly focus on topics ranges from php, mysql, javascript, jquery, ajax, web development, programming tips with their live demo and download. user can see live demo of web projects and download their code.
programming, tutorial, jquery, demo, discussdesk, code, online, blog, ajax, mysql, download, codeing, javascript, technology, form, json, google, development, design, facebook, database, validation
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apress - apress it ebooks
apress it ebooks for professionals including ebooks from apple,, databases, game, java, microsoft, server programming, web development ebooks
basic, wireless, visual, technology, development, publishers, tech, professional, programmer, code, msoft, csharp, iphone, apress, microsoft, database, open, source, java, books
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full stack python
full stack python explains programming concepts in plain language and provides links to the best tutorials for those topics.
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hacker typer
developer, programmer, programming, software, thinkgeek, python, ruby, javascript
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online python tutor - visualize python, java, javascript, typescript, and ruby code execution
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free programming tutorials and source code
kodeblog is an education website that provides free programming tutorials and complete source code
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nullege: a search engine for python source code
nullege finds python examples from open source projects. it understands python and yields more relevant results
code, source, search, examples, python
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snip2code is a web service for software developers to share, collect and organize code snippets. it highly improves the performances of the develop...
code, snippet, online, snippets, library, manager, quality, coder, notebook, execute, software, programming, repository, knowledge, collect, java, share, engineering, developer, compiler, eclipse, tool, source, reuse, basic, visual, debugging
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dive into python
this book lives at . if you're reading it somewhere else, you may not have the latest version.
python, documentation, book, free, programming, dive, tutorial
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codesamplez - programming tutorials and source code examples
blog site containing programming and software development tutorials for software guys with detailed explanations and code examples.
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bitboost (aka bitboost systems) -- provider of python obfuscation software, pawsense software to help protect computers from 'cat typing,' and other products and services...
bitboost sells software, custom software development services, and other computer-related services. our best-known retail software product is pawsense[tm], which protects computers against 'cat typing.' we also sell a python source code obfuscator to help protect python software code against reverse engineering, and to optionally somewhat reduce python code size.
game, bitboost, poster, maze, katakana, educational, hiragana, tiletag, kana, puzzle, systems, solutions, japanese, boost, software, learning, computer, tile
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native, cross-platform development - xojo
development, programming, software, tool, windows, tools, raspberry, alternative, cloud, real, mobile, studio, linux, xojo
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python programming
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codingunit programming tutorials
codingunit is your online resource for learning to program. tutorials on c, c++, php, python, mysql, java, jquery, opengl, directx and many more!
programming, development, game, jquery, software, learn, tutorials, java, opengl, directx, dummy, visual, tutorial, code, source, python
expand collapse - programming blog tutorials (, c#, jquery, javascript, mvc, angularjs, charts ) is a programming blog maintained by satinder singh. tutorials focused on programming, c#, jquery, angularjs, gridview, mvc, ajax, javascript, xml, ms sql-server, nodejs, web design, software.
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codingalpha - programming codes and tutorials
programming codes and tutorials for c programming, c++, java, python, sql, html, visual basic, .net, wordpress with detailed description and algorithm analysis.
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bit of technology - .net, web api, angularjs, jquery, and more…
bit of technology - taiseer joudeh blog where he posts tutorials about software development covering stack, restful api, angularjs, and microsoft azure
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sebastian raschka's personal website and blog about data science, machine learning, and python programming.
science, sebastian, raschka, data, programming, machine, learning, python
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code with c | programming: projects & source codes
code with c is a comprehensive compilation of projects, source codes, books, and tutorials in java, php, .net, , python, c++, c, and more.
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angular code | angularjs projects with demos and downloads
here at angularcode we publish simple web applications made with angularjs, php, mysql including demos and downloads.
demos, downloads, begineers, snippets, projects, mysql, angularjs
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zip code software - complete list of american zip codes - 5-digit zip code database downloads
zip code software list of all american zip codes in the usa. download the latest zip code database files and zip code program.
code, database, postal
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cipher trick
we at ciphertrick are a small and dedicated team of developers based out of mumbai india. our intention here at ciphertrick is to share knowledge through our blogs and tutorials and build an interactive relationship with our readers.we also listen to requests for tutorials here.
programming, blog, tutorials, code, technology, languages, tech, download, home, demo
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home - vbcity - the .net developer community
vbcity is a community of vb and .net developers joined together with a common goal: to learn, teach, and have fun programming. developers from all over the world come together to share knowledge, source code, and tutorials for free to help their fellow programmers - professional developers, hobbyists and students alike. (
visual, developer, dotnet, community, winforms, studio, webforms, server, blogs, board, programming, basic, csharp, microsoft, bulletin, discussion, forums, forum, blog
expand collapse | sharing coding knowledge
as programmers, we have long learned that duplication is the ultimate sin of programming. even considering to duplicate something is almost unthinkable.
java, code, cache, intellij, java8, lambdas, eclipse, comparison, stateful, timeout, stateless, streams, iterator, validation, forma, form, cascade, hibernate, cascadetype, design, javascript, comparator, single, page, application, jshint, browserify, database, caching, system, scala, slick, duplication, reuse, maven, jetty, tomcat, record, angular, maps
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programmingfree is a technical blog with quality articles on various programming languages with appropriate source code, screenshots and live demos.
angularjs, twitter, bootstrap, mysql, dotnet, java, javascript, programming
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txt2re: headache relief for programmers :: regular expression generator
regular expression generator for languages perl php python java javascript coldfusion c c++ ruby vb vbscript jsharp csharp c++.dotnet vb.dotnet
dotnet, ruby, vbscript, csharp, jsharp, coldfusion, javascript, expression, regexp, regular, generator, perl, java, python, regex
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programming blog - yegor bugayenko
yegor bugayenko blogging about object-oriented programming, java, project management, philosophy, and venture investments; one new post every week.
blog, software, quality, java, programming, yegor, bugayenko, high, development
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good coders code, great coders reuse
peteris krumins' blog about programming, hacking, software reuse, software ideas, computer security, browserling, google and technology.
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python ide for python developers - wingware python ide
python ide for python developers - wingware python ide - the intelligent development environment for python programmers
browser, code, source, coding, programmer, software, programming, programmers, debug, debugger, integrated, editor, development, environment, tools, tool, python
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myanmar journal download | home
home - you can download myanmar journals. we update all journal download link from myanmar. such as sports, news, technology, arts, jobs, politics, culture journal
journal, myanmar, newspaper, news, sport, kyamon, union, view, daily, light, messenger, wave, auto, world, media, aurora, sports, shwe, tway, mizzima, tehcspace, goodhealth, 7days, internet, pyimyanmar, download, eleven, popular, digital, life, minutes, voice, flower, opportunity, yangon, times, euro
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angularjs 4u blog - demos, news, directives & coding tips
angularjs blog community sharing news, angularjs plugins, video tutorials, angularjs demos, code snippets and accredited web development contributions.
angularjs, tips, news, angular, blog, plugins
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a practical programming tutorials on c++, c language, windows and linux network, mfc user interface gui, standard template library (stl), compilers, win32, device drivers, secure coding and object oriented with code and program examples
these tutorials cover a wide range of c and c++ programming for both opensource and commercial. the topics include c and c++ basic to advanced programming, c and c++ secure coding, windows forms, mfc gui, linux and windows network programming, c++ object oriented and many more. complete with working code and program examples, detailed step-by-steps with screenshots
computer, programming, software, applications, training, industrial, networking, developments, hardware, certifications, compilers, financial, wireless, technology, drivers, device, win32, managements, mobile, medical, opensource, object, oriented, linux, language, tutorials, visual, databases, samples, program, examples, code, security
expand collapse,,,mvc,jquery,javascipt,ajax,wcf,sql server example
a blog containing code for, sql server, mvc, linq,,, ajax, javascript, jquery, xml, wcf services, css, c, c++, interview questions and answers
code, samples, examples, articles, forms, tutorial, windows, webservice, application, linq, beginners, demos, tips, links, source, free, learning, guide, howto, programming, ssis, dotnet, gridview, repeater, detailsview, sharp, csharp, datalist, dropdownlist, crystal, reports, ssrs, jquery, javascript, visual, studio, ajax, winforms
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hello angularjs - angularjs code samples, tutorials
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the code post - tech it easy
technology blog with tech tips, tricks, how-tos, software and gadget reviews and programming advice.
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vasplus programming blog, tutorials, demos, jquery, ajax, css, html, php, mysql
vasplus technologies international is a software company established in 2011 and registered in united kingdom. our area of concentration are on javascript, jquery, ajax, php, mysql database, css, html and fields includes web development, software designs, software applications and much more.
ajax, programming, system, jquery, demos, google, vasplus, scripts, development, script, validation, hosting, free, form, database, twitter, facebook, tutorial, blog, java, examples, message, private, application, publishing, news, software, submit, mail, restful, oauth, smtp, tomcat, info, design, regular, expression, examination, online, management
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online syntax highlighting for the masses!
online syntax highlighting for more than 100 languages, including c#, java, php, basic, perl, python, pascal, sql, javascript and others including rare and obscure ones!.
programming, online, highlighting, syntax, java, perl, csharp, colorising, colorizer, rare, languages, coloriser, colorizing
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cambia research - software better - .net articles and code snippets.
lautenschlager, steve, cambia, research, cambiaresearch, javascript, dotenet, developers, stack, programmers, csharp, microsoft
expand collapse :: home of the best robot programming language for educational robotics. made for nxt programming and vex programming.
robotc is a robot programming language for nxt programming and vex programming.
programming, robotics, software, educational, language, robot, robots, robotc
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yazılım, csharp, c#, asp,, asp net, sql, veritabanı
yazılım, csharp, c#, asp,, asp net, sql, veritabanı, software, technology yazılım dünyası ile alakalı, teknoloji ile alakalı makaleler, yazılar.
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im programmer learn programming do programming teach programming
we started this site to inspire young minds to motivate and encourage them towards programming language. programming tutorials, tech, programming facts, programming fun and programming blogs.
programming, programmer, stuff, blog, tech, funs, tutorials
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coder bag
coder bag, software development, programming
programming, multithreading, sergej, kuznecov, concurrent, algorithms, win32, windows, windbg, javascript
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tutorial visual basic .net, belajar java pemula, csharp, vb 6, php, database, mysql, html, css, java script, and learn how to code it !
tutorial, java, code, mysql, belajar, csharp, database, script, source, sector, html
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learn python | python tutorials for beginners | the python guru
start learning python from the basics to pro level. everything you need to become proficient in python
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visual basic code, free vb code
free visual basic code, vb code. visual basic,, c#, asp, source code snippets and downloads in all categories including, visual basic database programming, game programming, networking, controls, graphics, security, activex, api, asp, .net, and more.
code, visual, basic, source, win32, books, programming, game, free, database
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python cloud ide | python fiddle
the python ide for the web. play around with and modify live example code. share or demonstrate solutions to problems.
prototyping, rapid, python
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marginhound - barking about python and analytics
programming & analytics blog - focused on using python, php, and analytics to improve marketing and seo performance.
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proven open source php web software scripts for web business offers unique paid and free open source web applications for web entrepreneurs. all of our revenue generating scripts can be used to start turnkey online business. also offers script customization, installation and custom programming in php, asp, xml, ajax etc..have partner and affiliate programs for web hosts and webmasters.
scripts, source, script, free, code, social, networking, business, turnkey, card, opensource, webscripts, paypal, gateway, payment, programming, credit, open, software, automation, apps, developer, ecommerce, programmer, mysql, coding, ajax
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sedot code,source code php
sedot code, free source code, download source code programming php script, blog berisi sepenggal kode gratis dari berbagai sumber gratiss.
source, code, aplikasi, penjualan, absensi, perpustakaan, informasi, sistem, codeigniter, gratis, website, download, crud, mobil, komputer, pegawai, alumni, metode, rental, koperasi, karyawan, projects, contoh, sample, framework, mysql, online, free, login, sekolah
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the code ship
deployment, adventure, coding, code, development, software, programming
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analyze and measure application software to control risk and improve productivity - cast
leader in software analysis and measurement providing visibility into root causes of cost and risk in the software product.
software, analysis, code, quality, structural, technical, points, requirements, automated, scan, static, risk, management, measurement, function
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codedodle is a programming and web design blog focusing on php, javascript, jquery, adobe photoshop, mysql, css, c++, python, ajax and web design.
design, mysql, development, ajax, database, demos, template, blogger, storage, session, photoshop, technology, facebook, google, programming, python
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codetrick - the ultimate tutorials for development
codetrick is programming blog dedicated to provide high quality coding tutorial on node.js, angular.js, javascript, python, mongodb and many more.
tutorials, tutorial, typescript, mongodb, django, laravel, unity3d, angular, react, javascript, python, node, code, html5, angularjs, backbone, unity5, unity2d, nodejs, trick, backbonejs, machine, learning, golang, ember, bigdata, codetrick, responsive, development, game, gamedev, design
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code send - share programming code easily. a free programmer's collaboration tool.
code send - share programming code easily. a free programmer's collaboration tool. includes features such as registration, private/public code, syntax highlighting, browser extension, and more.
code, collaboration, snippets, programming, share, send, codesend
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g-loaded journal | open-source software and technology blog
a linux and open-source related journal. resource of quality howto articles, tips and news about computers, technology and programming. free software, including scripts for the everyday use, wordpress plugins and rpm packages, is also available.
rhel, centos, fedora, python, wordpress, programming, tutorial, technology, information, howto, linux
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how to build software, collection of tutorials, how to, programming tips, debugging and building a software
hand picked best answer of programming, database, java, c#, html css javascript dom jquery xml ajax angular asp .net php sql tutorials, references, web building examples
software, jquery, tutorial, training, learning, development, programming, javascript, colors, creating, debug, build, smartphones, tablets, html, java
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php中文网 - php教程,php入门教程,php高级技术,php数据库
php中文网(提供了最全的编程技术基础教程, 介绍了html、css、javascript、python,java,ruby,c,php , mysql等各种编程语言的基础知识。 同时本站中也提供了大量的在线实例,通过实例,您可以更好的学习编程。..
jquery, mobile, mysql, bootstrap, python, angularjs, easyui, html, javascript, w3cschool, ajax
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high-quality posters featuring great maxims and quotations about creating software: wisdom for your walls.
posters, quotes, programming, developer, software, complex, quality, readability, counts, implicit, explicit, wisdom, code, workspace, simple, office, python
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welcome to voidspace by michael foord
website of michael foord. python programming articles, projects and technical blog.
scifi, voidspace, ironpython, cyberpunk, blog, programming, michael, foord, python
expand collapse - home
nicolas, seriot, engineering, engineer, code, source, software, python, cocoa, apple
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how to start programming
computer programming tutorials and source code for beginners who wish to start programming. tutorials mainly for the .net framework but also for other languages.
programming, framework, learn, snippet, microsoft, teacher, language, javascript, html, programmers, basic, visual, tutorial, lesson, coding, start, software, computer, code, source, development
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pythonicway - главная
сайт по обучению языку программирования python. примеры программ на python, игры на python, приложения с открытым исходным кодом на python.
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code pool | dynamsoft coders minds
programming tutorials and tricks for barcode, ocr, twain sdks, android, vss, tfs and other technologies in java, python, javascript, c# and c/c++.
python, java, javascript, twain, sdks, android, barcode
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website designing & development | mobiweb technologies
mobiweb technologies is a world class offshore software development company in india works for website design • development • seo • application • angularjs
symphony, mobiweb, technologies, zend, nodejs, development, website, angularjs, software
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interview questions and answers for .net,,sql server,c#,design pattern,sharepoint,wcf, wpf,wwf,mvc,silverlight,entity framework,,reporting services,java,c# training,csharp,jquery,javascript, html 5 interview questions,programming interview questions,software testing
interview questions and answers for .net,, sql server, c#, design pattern, sharepoint, wcf, wpf, wwf, mvc, entity framework,, silverlight, csharp, html 5 interview questions, programming interview questions, reporting services, java, tester, c# training, jquery, javascript, algorithm interview questions and answers, interview questions with answerssoftware testing
interview, questions, answers, software, javascript, jquery, enterprise, testing, application, block, word, powerpoint, server, training, excel, networking, entity, framework, csharp, pattern, design, html, silver, light, questionsprogramming, sharepoint, algorithm
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code farms | new ideas on how to design better software
we distribute ideas of how to rapidly evolve industrial grade software with superb runtime performance, while working all the time with a functional code. in this truly agile programming environment, pointer/reference errors in your code are completely eliminated, both in c++ and in java.
persistent, data, database, code, memory, pointer, library, associations, design, serialization, blasting, patterns, swizzling, resident, farms, engine, ingergrity, diagram, aspects, farm, model, languages, codefarms, meta, generator, class, software, persistence, objects, programming, generic, tools, intrusive, incode, agile, java, structures
expand collapse,,mvc,jquery,javascript,sql server,wcf examples c# dotnet 3.5, 4.0 javascript mvc jquery sql server webservices wcf html iis 7.0 7.5 errors xml articles programming learning beginners guide
code, tutorial, http, articles, samples, programming, import, databind, interview, question, control, export, beginners, errors, html, server, regex, expression, caching, guide, demos, regular, learning, blogger, gridview, ajax, javascript, jquery, dotnet, sharp, csharp, examples, handler, module, tips, tricks, services, rest, webservice, source
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cat /dev/random | prakhar srivastav
my name is prakhar srivastav and i build stuff. i love programming, python, vim and ice tea, not necessarily in that order.
prakhar, srivastav, python, programming, blog
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php training in indore | best php training institutes in indore
browse through online training and classroom training courses offered by we conduct online trainings, corporate trainings and classroom trainings across the india - php, python, html5, css3, c programming
programming, training, institute, indore, bhopal, engineering, software, html, python
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techsoft tutorials , latest programming languages tutorials. - we make for you..
techsofttutorials is tutorials blog for all latest programming languages like cakephp developer, css3, html5, phonegap app, angularjs apps, php, jquery, ajax.
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techie code - programming, technology, interviews questions, tutorials
techie code - programming, technology, interviews questions, tutorials, php, c, java, database, angularjs, blogging, seo, blog maintained by girijesh kumar.
interviews, questions, tutorials, technology, programming, code, techie
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php2python - python alternatives to php functions, classes and libraries - php2python
looking for a python equivalent of some php function, class or library. here is the place to find it or contribute your findings.
equivalent, php5, alternative, replacement, version, php4, programming, function, python, class, library, module
expand collapse help to code [free, c#,, jquery, ajax, javascript, sql server articles]
code display offers articles and tutorials, csharp dot net, articles and tutorials, articles, gridview articles, code examples of 2.0 /3.5, ajax, sql server articles, examples of .net technologies, xml
code, articles, detailsview, javascript, ajax, examples, studio, samples, gridview, csharp, sharp, dotnet, dropdownlist, shawpnendu, visual
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eggs lab a programming lab
eggs lab programming lab
ajax, programming, jquery, development, demos, scripts, script, validation, java, google, facebook, form, examples, tutorial, blog, application, twitter, database, eggs, free, software, eggslab, restful, mail, smtp, technology, blogger, mysql, tutorials, design, code, coding, submit
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python quiz
take your free online python quiz here
python, perl, mysql, intel, computer, software, purify, valgrind, memory, programming, quiz, leaks, database, oracle, coverity
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reviews, promotion, software, programming - webtech 360
website update technology news, new cars, smartphone, share experience, source code, templates, software, promotions, reviews
smartphone, webtech360, cars, software, reviews, source, code, templates, promotions
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finance, programming, options, stocks, csharp, equities
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gcse computing python programming resources
gcse computing python resources -- learn python by developing programming solutions to fun and exciting real-world problems.
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visual c# kicks - csharp programming .net free source code and downloads
free visual c# tutorials and source code for programming. explore our collection of original free and commercial .net components.
code, programming, articles, visual
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djiesoft, all about source code
this is about programming, information technology, computers, software, source code, program, application, visual basic, blogging, bisnis online
user, flash, program, control, tutorial, devexpress, barcode, android, contoh, basic, visual, vbnet, database, belajar
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find source code | support with tutorials and source code
find source code and video tutorials of c, c++, c#, java, php, html, css and etc. we provide various kind of software development and programming recipes.
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kodumun dünyasi
c, c++, c#, visual basic, java se, java ee, android, python, web programlama gibi diller için öğretici içerik ve daha fazlası...
dersleri, java, yazmak, android, python, csharp, dersler, kodumun, programlama
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c and c++ programming tutorials and source code - mycplus
programming resources for c and c++, visual c++ and c# .net languages, c and c++ programming tutorials and articles, source code, free open source programs and
programming, code, source, free, language, books, faqs, magazines, tutorials
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developer insider
developer insider is a community for software developer with articles on different topics and programming languages such as mobile application development , c, c++, java, tech news and other topics.
programming, insider, windows, news, android, tutorial, interview, language, turbo, tech, developer, program, phone, questions, programs, platform, object, oriented, universal, question, tutorials, technology, developers, basic, code, source, quiz
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python weekly: a free, weekly python e-mail newsletter
a free weekly newsletter featuring curated news, articles, software, events, tools and libraries, jobs etc related to python.
turbogears, zope, pyramid, web2py, grok, newsletter, django, pylons, python
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csharp articles c# vb tutorials code examples samples
csharpdotnetfreak provides 2.0, 3.5, 4.0 articles tutorials code examples and sample codes of csharp c# vb, sharepoint 2010, mvc, wpf, wcf, silverlight, gridview, samples of ajax, jquery, sql server
javascript, ajax, silverlight, jquery, winforms, sqlserver, forms, windows, csharp, dotnet, sharepoint
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обучение python 3 с ноля до профессионала на подробные видео курсы и простым языком
python, django, framework, russian, heccrb
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extreme programming: a gentle introduction.
extreme programming (xp): a gentle introduction
programming, extreme, test, planning, plan, testing, integration, computer, design, pair, refactoring, methodologies, software, agile, development, engineering, methodology, process, refactor
expand collapse - learn angularjs @ng_learn
angularjs examples, recipes & tutorials including directives, binding, filters, ngrepeat, testing, isolate scopes
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apprendre a programmer avec des exemples - orienté-objet
exemples, cours, tutoriels, code source, java, perl, python, c et c++, csharp, php apprendre à programmer, télécharger les api, jar, information des nouvelles téchnologies, windows microsoft mac. unix
cplusplus, csharp, java, perl, python, programmation
expand collapse || delphi pascal source code, programming articles, tutorials and programs
delphidabbler: delphi pascal source code library, components, programming articles, tutorials and open source programs
code, source, pascal, delphi, tips, object, download, hints, open, tutorial, applications, programs, software, library, programming, components, article
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qbs software ltd
qbs software is a leading software supplier in europe. we provide a range of products from ides to code tools, components to installation tools as well as security, reporting, installation, web, database, help creation, system tools and application software.
software, business, programs, windows, computer
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zentut - programming made easy
learn programming easy, fast and fun. we cover a lot of programming topics including sql, pl/sql, php, jsp, c, perl, python... etc and many more.
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c# tutorials - let the power of be with you..!!
let the power of be with you..!!
tutorials, beginners, csharp, programming, tutorial, windows, examples, free, dotnet, xaml, services, online, forms, csharptutorials, power, sharp, server
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ipol journal · image processing on line
ipol is a research journal of image processing and image analysis which emphasizes the role of mathematics as a source for algorithm design and the reproducibility of the research. each article contains a text on an algorithm and its source code, with an online demonstration facility and an archive of experiments. text and source code are peer-reviewed and the demonstration is controlled. ipol is an open science and reproducible research journal.
open, reproducible, data, source, processing, image
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python 3 - программирование на python 3
python 3 - молодой, но быстро развивающийся язык программирования. изучить python 3 онлайн на нашем сайте. скачать python 3
python, django, symbian
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入门无忧网-- 技术的梦想从这里启航
入门无忧网-(提供了最全的编程技术基础教程, 介绍了html、css、javascript、python,java,ruby,c,php , mysql等各种编程语言的基础知
jquery, mobile, mysql, bootstrap, python, angularjs, nosql, rabbitmq, easyui, w3cschool, javascript, ajax
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makers academy - learn to code in 12 weeks
makers academy is london's leading web developer bootcamp. learn to code in 12 weeks by enrolling on one of our programming / web development courses! learn ruby, javascript and the best software p...
expand collapse # il punto di riferimento italiano per gli appassionati di python # il punto di riferimento italiano per gli appassionati di python
zope, plone, wxpython, pycon, pygtk, py2exe, jython, pypy, ironpython, cpython, numpy, twisted, django, utilizzatori, appassionati, italiano, italia, programmazione, programming, tkinter, pyqt, wiki, forum, scripting, python
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gibbscam cad/cam software - nc programming software for 2 axis, 3 axis, simultaneous 4 axis and 5 axis surface milling, multi axis lathe, swiss machining, mtm, wire edm | gibbscam - eng
gibbscam cad/cam software is a state-of-the-art, pc-based computer-aided manufacturing (cam) system for programming computer numerically controlled (cnc) machine tools. gibbscam is a computer-aided manufacturing (cam) program developed by gibbs and associates (moorpark, ca), a division of cimatron group. gibbscam specializes in providing a powerful range of cnc programming functionality.
machining, software, programming, swiss, gibbscam, cimatron, manufacturing, multi, high, milling, speed, highspeed, axis, multiaxis
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coding labs :: home
coding labs - marco alamia - programming c++ web site with articles and tutorials for game programming and engine programming in directx and opengl
code, labs, alamia, alien, marco, zenith, psyche, pomb, bios, orbital, game, programming, coding, design, graphics, portfolio
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codershood - articles,tutorials and more
codershood programming blog dedicated to providing high-quality coding tutorial and articles on angularjs, css framework, node.js, expressjs and many more
programming, codershood, tutorial, website, tutorials, blog, code, coders, hood, info, program
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algorithms: algorithms in java language, perl, python, solving mathematical problems.
search, algorithm, sorting, automats, crzptography, python, algorithms, programming, puzzle, java
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software talk: blog about java, php and software development
discussions of software development in java, php and other programming languages. also offering download of games, apps, software and example code.
software, source, code, games, development, programming, java, download
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visual c++ .net programming tutorial: learn step by step c++ .net programming through program examples and source code samples
this page host the visual c++ .net 2003 and 2005 step-by-step console mode application development programming tutorial using visual c++ .net with code samples and project examples
visual, framework, code, psdk, tools, development, compilers, download, managed, winforms, applications, console, programs, examples, 2005, technology, edition, express, toolkits, studio, install, tutorials, system, programming, project
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concise software|software development partner
concise software is a boutique software engineering company, providing high quality programming services to the mobile and it industries.
software, programming, android, mysql, mobile, development, partner, concise
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gonet web design and programming
gonet web design, programming code and resources
programming, subdomains, free, code, design, resources
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more than technical | on software, code, the internet and more.
tips and guides for programming, internet and other than technical issues.
tips, programming, work, coding, software, technical
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best employee handbook in california - employment law handbook
looking for employee handbook in california? employment law handbook is the trusted place from where you find best employee handbook which is an important communication tool between you and your employees.
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top 10 programming languages to learn in 2016!
top ten programming languages for 2016.
programming, languages, javascript, objective, python, java, learn, computer, coding, popular
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dot net mafia
group site for .net and sharepoint developers, with blogs dealing with (usually) sharepoint 2010, office 365, sharepoint online, .net, sql server, and other microsoft products, as well as some discussion of general programming related concepts.
sharepoint, studio, 2010, visual, mafia, blog, ooad, programming, practices, architecture, search, fast, development, software, oriented, object, csharp, microsoft, 2013, design, patterns, online, office, server, moss
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edumaven - training materials for python, perl, javascript, mongodb, and more
tutorials for ruby, python, perl, javascript, dart, and several other programming languages and technologies. (mongodb, vim)
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20fingers2brains, mvc 4, projects,, html5, wcf, jquery, json, javascript, gridview, sql server, ajax, jquery plugins, ssrs, ssis, reports, facebook, twitter, mvc projects, xml, html, css, css3, code, snippets, examples, articles
articles, code, ajax, javascript, tutorial, examples, dotnet, csharp, sharp, gridview, howto, programming, guide, tips, css3, linq, demos, free, ssis, studio, visual, jquery, ssrs, samples, webservice
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fabio biondi - html5 and flash developer and instructor
html5, angularjs, createjs, flash platform - development and training
development, programming, canvas, flash, angularjs, createjs, html5
expand collapse,,,jquery,javascript,gridview,sql server tutorials,examples and sourcecodes pickles javascript jquery visual studio sql server html css xml and xslt tutorials examples samples tips and tricks
code, examples, samples, tutorial, articles, lessons, school, guide, beginners, howto, learning, free, list, forms, links, tips, programming, source, demos, reference, dotnet, gridview, dropdownlist, sharp, csharp, visual, studio, detailsview, webservice, linq, jquery, ajax, javascript, authoring
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mvtec software gmbh - start
mvtec software gmbh is a leading international manufacturer of software for machine vision.
code, reading, intuitive, programming, data, development, tool, linux, windows, support, solution, machine, software, merlic, halcon, vision, applications, analysis, blob, matching, mvtec
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first code academy - kids coding courses and camps in hong kong and singapore
kids coding and programming courses and holiday camps in hong kong and singapore. learn scratch, appinventor, python, javascript and more!
coding, kids, children, teens, learn, school, code, camp, programming, courses, python, computer, thinking, design, christmas, camps, easter, scratch, bootcamp, summer, singapore, entrepreneur, javascript, appinventor, appjamming, valley, hour, academy, silicon, kong, robotics, hong, hopscotch, alice, makeymakey, drones, littlebits, raspberry, turtle, java
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python - python türkiye
python programlama dili için geçerli tüm kaynakları sunan bir sitedir. python hakkında tüm bilgileri türkçe olarak bulabilceğiniz nadir sitelerdendir.
python, egitim, bilgiler, blogu, temel, mobil, programlama
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code nirvana - programming tutorials
learn programming and algorithms easily. c, c++, java, php, sql, data structures tutorials for beginners. blogger templates, widgets and support.
learn, programming, blogging, technology, blogger, projects, code, tricks, development, source, computers, programs, java, algorithm, javascript, coding, structure, data, design
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onecore - software development and testing —
programming tutorials and open source code, test scripts for software developers, testers and architects.
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the best software recommendations, linux tweaks, and awesome python code before its cool.
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code arsenal - programming tutorials and code samples
.net and java tutorials, c# (csharp), wpf, xaml, java source code examples
tutorials, source, code, download, examples, linq, java, python, sqlite, xaml
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html code play android application
learn html, css, javascrip, jquery, angualarjs from android application editor with live output. learn from everywhere computer client side programming.
html, android, bootstrap, application, editor, output, live, materialize, angularjs, play, code, learn, jquery, javascript, knockoutjs
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web code programming blog : jquery, html, html5, youtube api, ajax, css3, css, php, javascript - w3 tweaks
w3 tweaks is a programming blog. tutorials focused on programming, jquery, ajax, php, demos, web design, javascript, software and mysql.
ajax, programming, jquery, youtube, demos, w3tweaks, development, scripts, script, form, twitter, validation, examples, tutorial, facebook, database, blog, hosting, application, submit, free, software, blogger, mysql, search, tutorials, expression, design, regular, list, java, technology, coding, visualization, code
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cad-cam | computer aided design & manufacturing by bobcadcam
2d & 3d cad/cam (computer aided design - computer aided manufacturing) software for cnc machining: cnc milling, turning, routing & more - get a free
software, axis, milling, lathe, free, demo, hobby, reviews, system, programming, bobcad, multiaxis, design, bobcadcam, trial, custom, fabrication, woodworking, metalworking, sign, making, mold, pricin, controller, certification, tool, aerospace, education, machine, tooling, drilling, training, laser, downloads, support, products, nesting, download, systems, program
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randooms covers everything fintech, blockchain, bitcoin, android, bringing you the latest news, prices, breakthroughs and analysis from across the future of money.
source, code, android, bitcoin, game, free, software, pokemon, eclipse, java, script, site, cryptocurrency, cash, earning, make, money, dollars, altcoins, news, guide, multiplatform, cyber, security, softw, chat, reviews, expert, online, card, bitcoinget, nulled, appel, trading, find, movie, define, libc, editor, arduino
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source code analysis tools for security & reliability | klocwork
klocwork delivers the most comprehensive source code analysis solution using static analysis and complete codebase inspection for c++, c, c# and java
code, software, analysis, developer, vulnerability, tools, tool, productivity, defects, static, critical, source, visualization, quality
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drtuts - drtuts is a programming blog & helping developer for smart work, mainly focusing on javascript, angularjs, html, php, web development & programming
drtuts is a programming blog & helping developer for smart work, mainly focusing on javascript, angularjs, html, php, web development & programming
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pylint - code analysis for python |
python, pylint, pyreverse, code analysis, checker, logilab, pep8
checker, logilab, pep8, analysis, code, pylint, pyreverse, python
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visual basic code at
hundreds of visual basic source code snippets and files. copy and paste code from your browser directly into visual basic. download complete visual basic projects. search our extensive visual basic source code database.
code, visual, basic, source, database, functions, game, subroutine, programming, routines, programs
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development, coding, software, hacking, video games, mobile, web, programming.
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develandoo team is a group of software engineers who are passionate about everything that is connected with cyberpunk and coding
software, development, custom, developers, company, mobile, applications, manga, anime, computers, network, matrix, shell, ghost, nerd, iphone, programming, services, designers, firm, cyberpunk, angularjs, angular, geek
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programming bootcamps reviews and comparison
programming bootcamps reviews, side-by-side comparison and testimonials. the list of ruby on rails, php, javascript, python, asp and big data programming schools.
programming, bootcamps, learn, school, javascript, bootcamp, ruby, review, coding, comparison, code, python, rails, testimonials, compare, java
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a website about trendy technologies like bigdata, programming languages like r/python, crm software like siebel open ui, salesforce.
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dave on c-sharp — c# programming tutorials
c# programming tutorials
software, programmer, applications, visual, studio, computer, development, tutorials, programming
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computer science | software engineering | programming
learn all about software development, software projects, programming, and everything else between.
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it tutorials with example
it tutorials with example is a tech blog and provides articles on html5, css3, javascript, c#, sql, wpf,, android with examples
code, articles, forms, samples, windows, tutorials, examples, tutorial, winforms, reports, application, programming, tips, links, android, xamarin, source, free, linq, crystal, beginners, guide, webservice, javascript, ittutorialswithexample, html5, css3, bootstrap, csharp, sharp, dotnet, visual, studio, ajax, jquery, gridview, sharma, anoop, kumar
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clean code development - code affine
code affine is a group of independent software engineers dedicated to clean code development. we offer consulting, training and tool programming.
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literate programming
learn about literate programming using the cweb tool for software development. download a free cweb distribution for microsoft windows
software, literate, programming, documentation, ctan, typesetting, pdftex, publishing, desktop, languages, metapost, postscript, freeware, comments, code, source, cweb, refactoring, development, public, tools
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free source code and usefull technical articles - programmer world
this site contains free books on c sharp , , , java , c++ , linux , unix and other programming topics. beside it contains articale and source code of free open source firewall for windows. it contains free tools , code , articles , libraries for various programming language.
windows, hack, books, java, free, software, source, tutorial, professional, registry, code, resume, cisco, tips, hidden, parameter, secret, firewall, sharp, database, visual, basic, newgen, open, sales, system, invoice, oracle, resources, technology, faqs, fdisk, partition, enginner, format, mangla, articles, tutorials, sudhir, limat
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source code for delphi programming
delphi source code. get free code for your application. develop easily your programs using simple examples. use the tutorials to increase your skills.
delphi, code, source, develop, application, sample, tips, borland, tutorials, tricks, programming, free
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ak eric
this page is about my interests, projects, and profession (video games industry). i code in python (& pygame), mel (maya embedded language), and processing
electronics, maker, printing, arduino, raspberry, replicator, makerbot, pygame, maya, pymel, photography, processing, programming, python
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дайджест новостей о python
еженедельная подборка свежих и самых значимых новостей o python
python, django, flask
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vcl examples
c++ builder & delphi programming examples and software.
application, free, subtitle, templates, download, tutorial, chrome, firefox, coding, code, source, design, visual, component, delphi, builder, library, programming, generator, vehicle, serial, examples, manager
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code katas -
a code kata is an exercise in programming which helps a programmer hone their skills through practice and repetition.
resharper, rspec, ruby, python, factors, nunit, prime, string, calculator, visual, studio, uncle, testdriven, mocking, codebreaker, cyberdojo, autospec, numerals, roman, erlang, fizzbuzz, minesweeper, javascript, life, game, arabic
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welcome to metanet software inc.
metanet software is an innovative indie game programming company brimming with intrigue, creativity and intrigue. so much intrigue. we're the creators of n, n+ and n++, versions of which are now available on computers and consoles everywhere.
game, design, code, indie, sublime, interface, independent, development, xbla, tutorials, modular, ninja, creativity, graphics, programming, style, mare, raigan, flash, physics
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grant rettkes weblog
are you interested in reading some interesting things about science or personal philosophy? if you are, stop on over!
programming, philosophy, science, oriented, object, personal, analysis, design, ruby, yoga, training, spirituality, scheme, smalltalk, languages, lisp, computational, custom, computer, csharp, barcamp, blogging, software, development, consulting, java, functional, eiffel, meditation
expand collapse - c#, vb, asp,, sql server, goolge map apis, user controls tutorials and samples
learn and download vb, c#,, sql server, phpnuke, linux turotials and samples. troubleshoot your day to day programming challenges. discuss cutting edge technologies.
basic, visual, code, free, programming, download, software, google, microsoft, tutorial, hosting, windows, open, source, apis, framework, excel, shopping, control, learn, examples, games, cart, snake, victoria, ajax, baton, bitter, insect, caterpillar, vbro, heaven, tactical, xtreme, talk, dictionary, recipes, asparagus, samples, freenet
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lrn - learn to code at your convenience
lrn is a mobile app that teaches you to code through interactive mini-quizzes
javascript, ruby, python, education, programming, coding, html
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hacker's delight
a collection of programming tricks at the bit level, including a superoptimizer program for risc computers.
prime, numbers, programming, code, algorithms, graphs, formulas, delight, curve, plots, tricks, superoptimizer, curves, peano, hamming, hacking, correcting, bashing, level, twiddling, bits, binary, assistant, bitwise, cyclic, error, redundancy, check, edac
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software vulnerability management tool - code dx
most computer security incidents can be traced back to vulnerabilities in software that were inadvertently put there when the code was  developed.
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codedamn: programming hub
codedamn is a web portal where you can learn various programming languages like html(5), css(3), javascript, angularjs, c++, php, python, ruby, sass, and many more!
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programming tutorials geekpedia
programming tutorials and source code for many programming languages and especially for the .net framework. also has software articles, faqs, reviews, news, projects, forums, blogs from the it domain.
software, programming, source, code, assembly, perl, java, mysql, visual, basic, javascript, script, webmaster, news, webdesign, graphics, games, open, microsoft, teacher, reference, snippet, tutor, delphi, development, language, community, free, tutorials, programmers, online, csharp, sharp, project, framework, hardware, interactive, courses, learn, lesson
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ruby, rails, macruby and everything related to software development
everything ruby and software development related, from golang, python, macruby to rails3 without forgetting rack, jruby, rubinius, sinatra, merb or couchdb. matt aimonetti shares his experiments with software development.
software, jruby, couchdb, rubinius, architecture, diego, python, sinatra, cocoa, programming, development, ruby, macruby, rails3, rails
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code - barcode reader manufacturer
code designs, develops and manufactures image-based bar code readers, portable data terminals, and software tools for data collection applications. with expertise in software development, optics, imaging, and bluetooth® wireless technology, code has become an innovative leader in the auto id and data collection industry.
code, barcode, medication, reader, administration, verification, imagers, decoder, aspen, batch, advanced, readers
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source code formatter & beautifier for c/c++/java/vb/php/asp/c#/delphi
sourceformatx is multi-language source code formatter, source code beautifier, pretty printer and code indent tool for c, c++, java, c sharp, php, asp, jsp, vb, vb dotnet, vbscript, javascript, delphi, pascal, c#,, 80x86 assembly and asm51 programming languages.
code, source, beautifier, formatter
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winsock, socket and network programming tutorials using c#, c++/cli and vb .net with code examples and program samples
this is a windows platform network programming tutorials using the .net framework with working c#, c++/cli, vb .net source code and program examples.
platforms, libraries, courses, computers, software, frameworks, tools, projects, developments, internet, hardware, notes, programs, programming, network, winsock, tutorials, protocols, training, technology, socket
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angularjs training in chennai - angularjs training institute
need best angularjs training in chennai ? credo systemz offers the best angularjs training. we are the leading angularjs training institute in chennai.
angularjs, chennai, training, syllabus, courses, institutes
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hire expert offshore programmers, web designers, software design architects for your software or web ideas..
programming, development, software, developer, website, programmer, hire, designing, design, application, architecture, custom, inda, hourly, rates, consulting, project, consultants, outsourced, rate, outsource, experienced, hour, india
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programming | library | reference -
be a part of our developer community and help create the wiki for programmers to support us do simple things e.g. correct spelling and grammar,
code, library, source, wiki, quick, programming, reference, start
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what a computer is and how it works on
we offer general how-to computer articles and tech articles to help you be more efficient, to see the power of computing, and increase your computer knowledge.
programming, computer, software, guides, source, code, works, computers, tutorial, programmer
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1utopiantutorials,javascript,jquery,css,xml,ajax,css,computer programming,tutorial,php,sql,database
html css javascript jquery ajax xml sql tutorials.ajax tutorial for beginners . learn c sharp programming.sql tutorial.
programming, ajax, tutorial, learning, xmlhttp, html, database, syntax, namespaces, classes, inheritance, file, interfaces, methods, making, decision, operators, constants, loops, polymophism, struct, strings, arrays, enums, encapsulation, exception, expression, regular, multithreading, handling, structured, concepts, clauses, language, directives, preprocessor, attributes, reflection, variables, overloading
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home | codes answers
ask and answer about code and programming php, javascript, html, css, android, ios, .net, csharp, cplus, python...
android, csharp, python, cplus, html, programming, answer, code, javascript
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home | ask about code
ask and answer about code and programming php, javascript, html, css, android, ios, .net, csharp, cplus, python...
android, csharp, python, cplus, html, programming, answer, code, javascript
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software development | python programming | django,flask,,angularjs,nodejs,bootstrap,ajax,solr,html5,css,api
g crew solutions : we offer software and web application development service using python, c# and vb. we use frameworks like django, flask,, wordpress etc. we also offer maintenance and back-end support services for the clients across the globe.
development, outsourcing, website, python, india, software, company, application, desktop, design, framework, django, programming, nodejs, angularjs, responsive, flask, ajax
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share my snippets //your code here
manage your code snippets and share them with others.
java, objective, perl, python, csharp, programming, code, development, javascript, snippets
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python ide for python developers - wingware python ide
python ide for python developers - wingware python ide - the intelligent development environment for python programmers
browser, code, source, coding, programmer, software, programming, programmers, debug, debugger, integrated, editor, development, environment, tools, tool, python
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programming & software q&a | collectivesolver
programming & software q&a (c#, c, php, java, mysql, javascript, html, css, winapi, win32, sql, cpp, c++, opengl, software, code,, python, html5, css3, database)
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programming concepts help
conceptf1 helps in understanding programming concepts. it has articles related to angularjs, javascript, html, css, csharp and other programming languages.
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programming hub
programming hub is a perfect app that makes your programming life so much easier! #1 application to learn 15+ programming languages such as python, assembly, html,, c, c++, c# (c sharp), javascript, php, ruby, r programming, css, java programming and much more! fastest way to learn any programming language by referring ready made programs and theory created by programming experts.
programming, code, java, examples, programs, learn, html, coding, nexino
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website name
conceptf1 helps in understanding programming concepts. it has articles related to angularjs, javascript, html, css, csharp and other programming languages.
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website name
conceptf1 helps in understanding programming concepts. it has articles related to angularjs, javascript, html, css, csharp and other programming languages.
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csharp/c# tutorial, learn c sharp programming, c# source code for free
c#/csharp example source code for free and csharp/c# tutorial - learn c sharp programming in simple and easy steps starting from environment setup.
tutorial, region, rectangle, pyramid, clip, rotate, polygon, pixel, collections, events, pens, scale, point, screen, format, string, stringalignment, stringtrmming, solidbrush, mode, scrolling, smooth, paint, smoothing, delegates, properties, types, data, variables, constants, operators, syntax, basic, programming, beginners, decision, making, file, classes, attributes
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tech illumination
blog about web and mobile application development. tutorials/articles related to android, python, javascript, angularjs,, c#, gae, jquery.
nodejs, linux, programming, android, angularjs, ajax, python, flask, jquery, javascript
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programming on (many) different levels of abstraction
java, software, development, python, blog, programming, code, devlog
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codemio - programming and technology - a software developer's blog
software projects, free, code snippets, java, c, c++, javascript, html5, css3, python, programming, tutorials, technology, seo and more by berk soysal
software, developers, blog, technology, programming, codemio
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code capsule
software and thoughts. a weblog by emmanuel goossaert.
programming, python, computing, business, entrepreneurship, iphone, mobile, startup, cloud, intelligence, code, software, weblog, algorithm, complexity, artificial, learning, machine, blog
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programming tips, code and tutorials
jaxcoder - code for the fun of it!
interface, gradients, software, arduino, assembler, studio, periphieral, serial, atmega, micro, controller, attiny, assembly, language, atmega1280, register, shift, atmel, fundiono, iduino, debounce, button, generator, wave, gradiator, atmega48, atmega328p, attiny2313, square, ubuntu, easy, made, windows, snippets, code, csharp, development, programming, graphics, framework
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volkswagen audi group software for car diagnostic, vag software, bmw software, mercedes software
programming, programmer, commander, software, mercedes, info, 9s12, audi, code, renault, toyota, pauli, cutting, blanks, hardware, reading, 9x12, locks, machines, 9s12x, garrage, opel, 7940, 7945, 7941, 7942, 7946, auto, 7944, diagnostic, pcf7935, 7936, tools, citroen, tango, reader, fiat, peugeot, decoder, turbo
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official appsworkforce website
learn to program via massively open online courses (moocs), get job placement afterwards and start earning a competitive wage in a fun career
javascript, java, html, software, engineering, python, ruby, nigeria, student, lagos, angularjs, stack, apps, workshop, training, jobs, learn, earn, school, waec, mobile, android, programming, code, program, students
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ocean python | python tools for oceanography and marine sciences is a website to learn python programming language for ocean- and marine-science applications and to share python code. ******* previous posts ********
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python academy - the python training specialist
we are specialized in python teaching. regular training courses for the programming language python.
python, training, beginners, advanced, learning, programming, seminar, pythonseminar, pythonseminars, pythontraining, seminars
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internet profil software house
realizujemy projekty webowe (python, js) i mobilne. web najczęściej python + django + angularjs
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kotan code
preaching the way of simple, elegant code.
mobile, enterprise, cocoa, ruby, iphone, dotnet, elegance, programming, simplicity, simple, csharp, developer, code
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python diary | what's new
a python blog with many different posts, package reviews, and tutorials.
kevin, examples, veroneau, chronoboy, unixboy666, code, packages, django, programming, videos, tutorials, python
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agile software development company. experts in python / django, angularjs and ios / android | django stars
django stars is a full-service software development company that creates high-value web and mobile apps, using agile methodology and cutting-edge technologies
agile, lean, scrum, software, product, products, mobile, startup, restful, knockoutjs, angularjs, node, django, android, tornado, react, ember, backbone, rest, python
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professional programming hub -
professional programming hub to solve your problems.
linux, python, questions, java, code
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gadgets code
programming with software products
html5, python, game, java, browser, android, application, chrome, wordpress
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filip ekberg's blog
filip ekberg is a c# mvp, author of c# smorgasbord, speaker, pluralsight author. swedish software engineer with a burning heart for programming!
programming, filip, ekberg, dotnet, xamarin, book, csharp, roslyn, smorgasbord, software, engineering
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computer programming dotprogramming-tutorials(,c#,winforms,c,java)
code, programming, samples, free, examples, tutorial, windows, forms, source, articles, lessons, school, howto, reference, primer, guide, tutorials, learning, beginners, demos, tips, drupal, java, dotnet, server, datastructure, list, links, authoring, linq, crystal, reports, ssis, ssrs, jquery, studio, ajax, javascript, detailsview, winforms
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computer programming dotprogramming-tutorials(,c#,winforms,c,java)
code, programming, samples, free, examples, tutorial, windows, forms, source, articles, lessons, school, howto, reference, primer, guide, tutorials, learning, beginners, demos, tips, drupal, java, dotnet, server, datastructure, list, links, authoring, linq, crystal, reports, ssis, ssrs, jquery, studio, ajax, javascript, detailsview, winforms
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cad-cam software | cnc software by dolphin cad-cam usa
cad-cam machine programming software by dolphincad-cam usa for cnc milling, routing, water jet, lathe and wire edm is powerful and easy to use. try it free
axis, software, programming, machining, fanuc, turning, machine, haas, center, code, electrical, post, training, videos, learning, education, rotary, processor, discharge, router, waterjet, wire, milling, lathe, toolpath, manufacturing, dolphincadcam
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codegurukul | codegurukul - let's talk code
codegurukul is a specializing in programming education for careers in the information technology industry.
nodejs, angularjs, training, trainer, mumbai
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so code it - learn. code. compete.
learn computer programming language and algorithms through examples and tutorials here like c++, java, python and become best can also compete here.
learn, online, examples, python, java, programming, tutorials, language, lanuage
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jesse noller
python programming, developer advocacy - cloud technology, the python software foundation and more.
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dotnet-expert - a microsoft technology blog about, mvc, csharp, wcf, sql server, jquery, angularjs, ajax
a step by step tutorial for beginners and professional of, web forms, mvc, wcf, entity framewok, jquery in , framework & topic like gridview, webgrid, mvc4, dropdownlist, ajax, microsoft, reports, .rdlc, mvc, detailsview, winforms, windows forms, windows application, jquery plugins, jquery ui, ssrs, xml, html, .net code, examples, wcf, tutorial, webservice, linq and more.
code, examples, forms, windows, aspnetscript, reports, ssrs, beginners, ssis, linq, tutorial, webservice, guide, crystal, free, list, amit, kumar, links, tips, reference, samples, source, demos, howto, application, sharp, angularjs, gridview, csharp, dotnet, webgrid, mvc4, detailsview, winforms, visual, rdlc, dropdownlist, ajax, microsoft
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computing, software, programming, csharp
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theadal.con is an online education marketplace with limitless variety of free tamil programming videeos
tamil, programming, examples, lessons, primer, source, reference, colors, csharp, tips, demos, quiz, code, training, jquery, javascript, development, html, tutorials, bootstrap, learning
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programming and hacking tutorials on c, c++, c#, java, python, html5, css
this site lets you learn c, c++, c#, python, java and many more programming languages and also ethical hacking using windows, above programming languages and linux
python, hacking, programming
expand collapse consultants, programming,zip code lookup
we offer custom programming including web applications, web services and windows applications. contact us to get 1 hour of free software consulting.
programming, raleigh, consultants, medical, billing, code, lookup, softwares, outsource, bespoke, software, development
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zen and the art of programming
programming blog by antonio cangiano, software engineer & technical evangelist at ibm. ruby, rails, python, django, db2 and more.
development, ruby, rails, science, mathematics, algorithms, agile, purexml, research, testing, django, wash, haskell, python, programming, mysql, postegresql
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angularjs 中文api | angularjs api中文在线手册
angularjs api 1.3.9 中文在线版,angularjs api中文最新版, angularjs 是一款优秀的前端js框架,最为核心的是:mvvm、模块化、自动化双向数据绑定、语义化标签、依赖注入等等。
angularjs, angular
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coding avenue - software development & consulting
softare engineering, development, and consulting
software, programming, design, custom, consultant, javascript, ajax, mysql, python, open, source, foss, ruby, postgresql, java, perl, applications, engineering, development, sites, coding, avenue, freebsd, linux, consultants, lamp
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vba code samples for excel and outlook - jp software technologies
jp software technologies is the premier internet site for vba code samples for use in office programming projects. home of the vba search engine.
formulas, functions, automation, programming, samples, excel, outlook, code
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professional programming answers search engine
linux, python, questions, java, code
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20fingers2brains, mvc 4, projects,, html5, wcf, jquery, json, javascript, gridview, sql server, ajax, jquery plugins, ssrs, ssis, reports, facebook, twitter, mvc projects, xml, html, css, css3, code, snippets, examples, articles
articles, code, ajax, javascript, tutorial, examples, dotnet, csharp, sharp, gridview, howto, programming, guide, tips, css3, linq, demos, free, ssis, studio, visual, jquery, ssrs, samples, webservice
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codesdope : learn c java and python in simplest way and discuss your doubts
codesdope : learn c, java and python in a very simple way. discuss and ask questions or doubts and get them cleared with well-suited people
codesdope, start, software, application, codes, mentor, problems, begin, edution, study, robotics, easy, tutorials, practice, game, beginner, code, learn, python, java, coding, scratch, discuss, programming, program, website, simple, language, doubt, question
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stefano ricciardi on software development
software development discussion: techniques, processes, and tips.
design, patterns, dotnet, csharp, programming, development, software
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indian offshore software development company | outsourcing projects | delphi python php android ios java .net software company india | iphone ios xcode mobile app development | android native mobile app development | software mobile vendors india | web cms development india | delphi development | delphi software india | android mobile programmer | offshore software application development contractor india | delphi migration | php development | python programmer | delphi ios software programmer | delphi android programming |outsourcing software solutions india | outsource delphi programming | offshore development partner | offshore development center |offshore software migration services | custom software application development | delphi software developer india | software development company | offshore software developers india | delphi application programming | c++/ python plugin development | delphi software development | delphi software india | india software solutions | content ma
delphi, python, php, android, ios, java, native, mobile, .net firemonkey, offshore software development outsourcing company, contractors, vendors in goa india, delphi xe3, xe4, xe5, xe6, xe7, xcode, phonegap, titanium, mosync, umang software technologies offers offshore it outsourcing services on product development, customized software applications, mobile development offshore software development, programmers on hire, consultants, programming, migration, team augmentation, support and maintenance
development, delphi, india, software, android, programmer, offshore, programming, company, team, developers, firemonkey, developer, iphone, application, java, migration, custom, content, management, system, mobile, blackberry, center, desktop, technology, vendors, develop, developing, contractor, programmers, companies, python, solution, solutions, augmentation, outsourcing, services, inde, applications
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journey coder – sharing to success
download wordpress themes, plugins, html5, jquery javascript, css, css3, mobile, php scripts, media, skin, ecommerce, articles, , asp, mvc, c#, vb, csharp, c sharp, , ajax, xml, crystal reports, code samples, .net code examples, webservice tutorial, linq, programming, learning, beginners guide, source code, demos, crystal reports, reporting, rdlc reports, reportviewer
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code gym | 10 weeks of extreme coding
code gym is a training facility for web developers. learn to code in in 10 weeks and be on your way to a better life.
developer, designer, software, school, academy, programming, code
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csharp articles c# vb tutorials code examples samples
csharpdotnetfreak provides 2.0, 3.5, 4.0 articles tutorials code examples and sample codes of csharp c# vb, sharepoint 2010, mvc, wpf, wcf, silverlight, gridview, samples of ajax, jquery, sql server
javascript, ajax, silverlight, jquery, winforms, sqlserver, forms, windows, csharp, dotnet, sharepoint
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{ the code ninja }
writing about technology, code, productivity and everything in between.
productivity, security, technology, programming, python, code
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zach snow | that's me
i surf most mornings, usually at ocean beach or lindamar. i write code most days, usually in python and django, javascript and angularjs. and i drink delicious beers most nights, usually ipas of all stripes.
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c# computing services
csharp computing is a software development company providing quality custom software solutions and developing consumer facing applications in medicine, banking and entertainment
software, development, custom, microsoft, application, server, programmers, programming, medical, services, communications, insurance, banking, computer
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coding blocks - podcast and your source to learn how to become a better programmer –
coding blocks is the podcast and website for learning how to become a better software developer. we cover a wide variety of topics that range from good programming practices which are language agnostic all the way to specifics for particular languages.
program, development, software, engineer, programming, csharp, java, podcast, learn
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logicify. bringing order to software.
logicify is a small but smart software outsourcing service company. from the moment of foundation in 2008 we have been successfully providing software development and support services for our clients. as of now, we feel confident to look into growing. got a project to accomplish? we have spare hands! and don’t think about technical details - should it be .net, java, python - we’ll make it for you.
outsourcing, software, nodejs, logicify, company, python, django, java, javascript, programming
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qr manager - qr code software für agenturen und marketingabteilungen
qr code software zum erstellen für qr codes, kampagnen managen und ergebnisse analysieren mit dem qr-manager! 14-tage kostenlos testen!
code, analyse, verwaltung, management, software, tracking
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cs : tutorial php, angularjs, ajax, mysql, jquery programming
programming tutorials in php, jquery, angularjs, ajax, mysql, javascript, html5, css3 design with demo and downloadable codes.
blogging, engine, search, coding, programmer, programming, news, google, olaoluwa, peters, hosting, wordpress, joomla, nigeria, free, timothy, blogger, technology, development, adsense, money, application, apps, jquery, html, demo, tutorial, angularjs, optimization, mysql, tips
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two way radio programming software
programming software for your two way radio. programming cables for your two way radio. for kenwood, icom, midland, hyt, hytera, motorola pagers, download instantly to program frequencies into your radios.
software, programming, radio, frequency, midland, kenwood, icom
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programming : ethical hacker way
a blog where you learn c/c++ programming, python programming, assembly programming, networking in hackers way under one roof.
expand collapse - cctv, software, code, articles
video surveillance and general application software programs, free sample code for vb6, vbscript, and classic asp. specializing in dahua and geovision. custom remote video software and browser based applications.
surveillance, video, dahua, geovision, download, cctv, windows, software, security, programming, code, script, bahamas
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woodstock blog
1. choose a framework assuming we use python to do this. plain python? we can write a simple python crawler with the code below: import re, urllib
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starting with basic python programming
always wanted to have a go at programming? no more excuses, because python is the perfect way to get started! learn the basic and advance uses...
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starting with basic python programming
python programming easily
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code issue - get free help and solution for your programming code issue
get free help and solution for your programming code issue. free sign up. share and resolve coding issues. share articles and gain more knowledge. create your professional profile and create your professional circle of friends to resolve coding issues.
basic, visual, website, resolution, solution, problem, mysql, programming, program, issue, software, development, database, code
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dotnet - awesome
angularjs tutorial, tutorial, mvc tutorial, mvc4 tutorial,,, jquery, javascript, angularjs, gridview, sql server, ajax, jquery plugins, jquery ui, ssrs, xml, html, jquery demos, code snippet examples
tutorial, code, examples, windows, forms, free, guide, samples, links, list, demos, tips, beginners, source, application, dropdownlist, ajax, gridview, dotnet, mvc4, articles, microsoft, reports, webservice, angularjs, winforms, rdlc, detailsview, linq
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python - python türkiye
python programlama dili için geçerli tüm kaynakları sunan bir sitedir. python hakkında tüm bilgileri türkçe olarak bulabilceğiniz nadir sitelerdendir.
python, egitim, bilgiler, blogu, temel, mobil, programlama
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youngwonks - computer programming (coding) and electronics for kids (7 to 18)
an education system for kids to learn computer programming like - scratch programming, python programming, circuit magic, arduino/raspberry prototyping
programming, prototyping, magic, python, scratch, computer, circuit
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inconvergent a study of generative algorithms
fascinating generative algorithms that give complex and intricate results from a set of simple rules.
python, computational, inconvergent, mathematics, design, parametric, orbitals, animation, algorithms, code, programming, canvas, generative
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ldra - home
ldra software technology provides automated software verification, requirements traceability and standards compliance.
testing, code, ldra, analysis, software, standards, coverage, testbed, 62304, iso26262, 61508, consultancy, 50128, misra, training, cert, dynamic, programming, checking, unit, static, tbrun, tbevolve, embedded, system, maintenance, process, adherence, source, regression, improvement
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grok some code. programming tutorials, long form articles, and opinion pieces about building things on the internet.
development, hacking, hackers, computer, developers, science, programming, software, code, grok, grokcode
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home | 株式会社ビープラウド
python, connpass, professional, programming, beproud, training
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dotnet - awesome
angularjs tutorial, tutorial, mvc tutorial, mvc4 tutorial,,, jquery, javascript, angularjs, gridview, sql server, ajax, jquery plugins, jquery ui, ssrs, xml, html, jquery demos, code snippet examples
tutorial, code, examples, forms, windows, microsoft, free, guide, samples, links, list, demos, tips, beginners, source, application, dropdownlist, ajax, gridview, dotnet, mvc4, articles, reports, rdlc, webservice, angularjs, winforms, detailsview, linq