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codeshare - share code real-time in your browser - codeshare
share code snippets and collaborate with developers with this free code sharing tool.
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code pad - organize and share code snippets
share and store code snippets. collaborate with other developers using this free code sharing service. free for public open-source code.
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csnipp - social code sharing
csnipp is a code snippet management tool which helps coders to share knowledge, recieve feedback and reduce their time spend on writing code
snippets, code, snippet, tool, management, angular, knowledge, store, collaborate, share, sharing, python, html, csnipp, javascript, bootstrap, jquery, ruby, node
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code send - share programming code easily. a free programmer's collaboration tool.
code send - share programming code easily. a free programmer's collaboration tool. includes features such as registration, private/public code, syntax highlighting, browser extension, and more.
code, collaboration, snippets, programming, share, send, codesend
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snip2code is a web service for software developers to share, collect and organize code snippets. it highly improves the performances of the develop...
code, snippet, online, snippets, library, manager, quality, coder, notebook, execute, software, programming, repository, knowledge, collect, java, share, engineering, developer, compiler
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insert new paste | ipaste,
ipaste allows you to store (for unlimited time), share, download, display (in different formats json, xml, yaml) and keep track of textual content like code snippets. the website is mainly oriented towards the world of developers, offering services like syntax highlighter and code snippet password protection. ipaste supports several programming languages ​​such as java, php, perl, python, c #, c + + and many more
storage, development, pastie, vault, snippet, pastebin, online, markdown
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toughdev - we love technical sharing!
one-stop content sharing platform for companies to create and share high quality technical content with developers
geeks, forum, technical, programming, developers, share, development, hardware, electronics, crowdsource
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sharexy, social sharing and bookmarking tool for blog and website
sharexy - social sharing, bookmarking tool.
share, sharing, twitter, bookmarking, facebook, monetization, blog, button, orkut, widget, website, blogger, email, digg, plugin, bookmark, myspace, delicious, stumbleupon, reddit
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snipped code snippet gallery
snipped is a social code snippet sharing service that lets you share code snippets with your friends, co-workers and other programmers.
code, repository, social, share, programming, source, javascript, snippets, snipped, jquery
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easy file share - efshare
free web tool for sharing files. it makes use of p2p technology to allow a simple and direct browser-to-browser file sharing option. there is no registration and any kind of software installation required. you start your browser and start sharing files instantly with less than 3 steps.
share, file, simple, easy, transfer, fast
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sync and share outlook calendar and contacts. microsoft outlook sharing software.
synchronize and share outlook calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, journal and email folders. software addon for microsoft outlook sharing and synchronization without exchange server.
outlook, share, sharing, calendar, folders, contacts, public, activation, code, server, netfolders, workgroup, exchange, documents, synchronize, synchronization, email, downloads, network, sync
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sourcetalk: online code discussion tool
sourcetalk is a real-time collaboration tool that allows you to share source code and discuss it with your remote colleaguesjust as if you were working in the same office!
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smipple - social code snippets
smipple is a social code snippet sharing service that lets you share your snippets with your friends and other programmers.
code, source, share, snippets, programming, repository, social, smipple
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code rwanda | software developers | technology rwanda | web design | open source projects is an interactive group of developers that have a passion for software development, thus are interested in sharing their knowledge and experiences.
consultancy, code, club, business, update, online, website, development, design, software
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code search for developers
the best code search for developers
code, recipe, source, repository, snippets, example, gist, programming
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owely simple screenshot sharing tool
owely is a screenshot sharing tool that helps to easily capture and share your screen using dropbox. you can draw and leave comments on a image to mark some part.
capture, screenshot, yosemite, desktop, dropbox, share, owely, screen, tools, sharing
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rapid development - website for developers - designers - webmasters includes source code, tutorial, tips and tricks
we create tutorial, tip & trick and share experience for developers, designers and webmasters.for those who love this site, let contribute and share your own
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18 - revenue share monitor / expert advice - central website for internet experts and beginners. easy earn money online with us. the best & most trusted revenue share programs - top revenue sharing sites 2016 - revenue sharing sites april 2016 list - revenue sharing monitor - best ptc sites - best revenue sharing websites - make money with the best revenue sharing sites - legit - top 10 revenue sharing programs 2016 - revenue sharing sites that can help you earn - revenue sharing sites top & best - adpack revenue sharing sites - best revenue sharing programs - how to start online business - paying revenue sharing programs - new revenue sharing sites - scam revenue sharing websites - revenue share not paying - revenue share problems - revenue share stop paid - easy earn money - all paying sites - monitoring revenue sharing - revenue share trusted owner - paypal revenue share - advcash revenue share - stp revenue share - solid trust pay revenue share - payeer revenue share - perfect money revenue share - neteller reve
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share promo code
you are looking live promo code and save some dough! on this page we sharing promo code and coupon code for domain name, web hosting, ssl and more... daily updates
code, domain, name, hosting, coupons, coupon, renewal, promo
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20 | share scripts, share software, share wordpress, share host, share hostting, share vps, share theme, share code, share psd, share coupon
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paste now - share any text!
a text, link and code sharing website.
sharing, link, text, code
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php code - its all about php
sharing the php knowledge | php code | php code help | php blog
code, library, help, snippets, toolkit, online, implement, buddy, learn, ggateway, tutorial, useful, scripts, wordpress, customization, payment, integration
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jkey share - get every thing best !!!
blog for share theme, plugin wordpress, script, code, tool mmo free and best !
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jkey share - get every thing best !!!
blog for share theme, plugin wordpress, script, code, tool mmo free and best !
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25 - free text sharing tool
rcpaste is an advanced text storage tool where you can store & share text, source code and programs securely.
rcpaste, syntax, programs, itcscr, highlighter, secure, javascript
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code the future - developers and educators working together
we connect developers with educators to help students learn how to code. register as an educator or developer and post/find a project today. code on!
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sharemyfare connects fellow travellers to share a car and the fare so that they can travel for less; help reduce traffic congestions, and the carbon emission.
share, fare, sharing, ride, less, travel, frugally, carbon, driving, together, social, emission
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welcome to the embedded code source
microchip embedded code source - microchips embedded code source is a software portal for pic mcu enthusiasts to share their software code examples with a wide community of embedded developers
arduino, atmel, pic32, dspic33f, dspic30f, texas, instruments, psoc, stm32, stm8, msp430, pic24, pic18, technology, application, microchip, microcontroller, code, example, pic12
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ncover | .net code coverage for .net developers
improve code coverage on build servers with ncover, the original .net code coverage tool. used by quality assurance and development teams.
code, coverage, teams, improve, server, build
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the availability & scheduling api -
use timekit to do the heavy lifting when building a marketplace for car sharing, a virtual assistant or productivity tool you can. timekit is a modern api-first calendar platform built for developers, by developers.
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upload pie - the simple image sharing tool
upload pie is a simple no fuss tool for temporarily sharing images and text files, allowing you to view the files within a browser window for a chosen amount of time.
collaboration, tool, share, exchange, simple, bake, easy, text, image, host, expire, transfer, upload
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photos gallery : upload and share photography at pix
pix gallery is the perfect tool for sharing your photos and videos gallery with your friends, family, and the world at large.
image, share, sharing, photo, free, pictures, video, website, your, galleries, upload, photos, picture, photography, online
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teamgum : collaboration tool for teams to share, access and discuss efficiently using browser extension and mobile app.
teamgum is a simplest link discovery, sharing and collaboration tool for professionals via browser extension and mobile app. sign up for free.
social, knowledge, sharing, collaboration, enterprise, tool, business, platform, team, management, news, alternative, extension, reader, list, build, assistance, base, discover, tools
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share this: the web's best free sharing app
share this - the best free sharing app.
share, post, twitter, this, pinterest, news, content, sharing
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mocknow an online html5 based wireframing & mockup tool
mocknow is easy, fast, (drag & drop) and totaly free web based online mockups (wireframe) creating and sharing tool for website and ready to publish in minutes
tool, wireframe, website, mockup, sharing, free, online, mockups, wireframing, dummy, share, html5, mock
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codebom , blog chia sẻ code - codebom , blog chia sẻ code
share code shop , code forum , code phim , code nhạc, share phần mềm máy tính miễn phí, bản quyền mới và tốt nhất đã được chọn lọc, cập nhật liên tục, ...
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free code review & code analysis tool | codereviewer
codereviewer is a free, easy to use code review tool from smartbear - makers of collaborator. the industry’s first commercial code review tool. try today!
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doc-o-matic - source code documentation and help authoring tool
doc-o-matic is a software source code documentation and help authoring tool. it takes source code and comments, adds conceptual topics and external input and produces documentation from it. with its single-source approach it generates many different kinds of output from a single documentation base.
help, code, documentation, source, tool, studio, assurance, visual, quality, aspx, matlab, javadoc, html, javascript, windows, automated, system, authoring, docomatic, software
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flyme app | one click social networks share
share your content, images and videos on social networks. flyme makes it simple to share your content across top social networks with one click. download flyme app now!
social, sharing, media, click, distribution, tool, management, network
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40 - code paste snippet and code store. is a code snippet in javascript, html, php, css,’s a way for you to keep your code snippets organized and easily accessible from any computer.
code, snippet, iphone, java, textmate, ajax, android, jquery, html, repository, programming, organize, share, source, store, pastebin
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41 - online clipboard service
share instantly between devices connected to one network
share, files, sharing, link, send, text, local, clipboard, iphone, online, airforshare, file
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1page - free upload and sharing your text and image
the 1page is the original next generation tool for sharing text
text, online, share, bdcfb0nr4geca7fpe9j4nhjf2qg, host, upload, document
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codehaivl - làm web haivl haivn , bán code haivl haivn
tạo website giống - nhanh chóng, an toàn và chuyên nghiệp nhất. hơn 100 khách hàng tin dùng và đã có khách hàng lọt top 100 việt nam
code, haivl, haivn, full, share, nguon, website, giong, linkhay, haivainoi, codehaivl, clone, source
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create, annotate and share screenshots and photo stories. discover the easiest way of creating and sharing tutorials online. snaptip is a free instant creation tool and service that enables you to take images, annotate and share them easily.
tool, screenshots, photo, stories, tutorial, free, tutorials, annotate, share, create
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popily - customer-facing analytics, built for developers
discover, share, and tell stories with data. zero code required.
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pike - add private comments to the links you share with your friends
pike is a chrome extension that allows you to add private comments to the links you share with your friends.
chrome, content, extension, sharing, browser, pike, share, plugin, commenting, annotation, links, private, discussion, highlight, tool, text, articles, social, link
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the indiepinion - inspiring and liberating game developers
game industry veterans share their experiences and wisdom to help indie game developers to succeed.
cocos2d, ipad, ipod, indie, freelance, code, developer, iphone, agile, design, programming, business, marketing, scrum, development, game
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sharethingz - sharing is caring
sharing is caring- this is the philosophy on which is based. we believe our knowledge increases two times if we share it with others. sharethingz is community for zealous open source web developers who wants to develop the things differently. it mainly focuses on html, css, php, mysql, jquery & wordpress.
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code gym | 10 weeks of extreme coding
code gym is a training facility for web developers. learn to code in in 10 weeks and be on your way to a better life.
developer, designer, software, school, academy, programming, code
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autocode is an open source code automation and code generation platform to help developers write code that writes code in any language and framework using a unified yaml input.
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insta share: the web's best free sharing app
insta share - the best free sharing app.
share, post, twitter, insta, pinterest, news, content, sharing
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share my snippets //your code here
manage your code snippets and share them with others.
java, objective, perl, python, csharp, programming, code, development, javascript, snippets
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devs forrest - developer community - code snippets
share and add code snippets never forget code that you has spent hours or even days figuring out how to use. never forget code add and share or keep private
facebook, developer, share, delete, wordpress, javascript, buddypress, profile, joomla, plus, google, twitter, tags, coder, photos, free, media, forum, amazon, search
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anypic is the easiest way to share photos with your friends. get the app and share your fun photos with the world.
photo, sharing, photos, code, server, mobile, development, backend
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codeguru - microsoft developers related ideas, articles, tips, tricks, comments, downloads, and so much more related to programming in areas including c++, visual c++, c#, visual basic, .net framework, and more
codeguru is where developers can come to share ideas, articles, questions, answers, tips, tricks, comments, downloads, and so much more related to programming in areas including c++, visual c++, c#, visual basic, asp,, java, and more.
programming, developers, code, visual, architects, csharp, studio, coding, software, development, windows, source, community, download, downloads, microsoft, string, activex, ajax, listbox
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nomadesk is a european saas company, focused on enterprise file sharing & synchronization (efss) technology. we are leading developers of cloud software for sharing and synchronizing electronic documents, allowing foremost business users to open, share, synchronize and secure files from anywhere – online and offline!
dropbox, egnyte, ctera, owncloud, collaboration, management, sharing, file, synchronization, mobile, device, enterprise
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yome - india's smartest mobile app for carpool in bangalore|innovative app based ride sharing.
yome, a rideshare app helps you find your commuting companion to increase the occupancy of car to beat the traffic. book a cab to share a car ride now.
ride, sharing, share, rideshare, service, carpool, pool, apps, website, shared, websites, online, bangalore, private, based, book, shares, taxi, sites, booking
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code snippets - snipplr social snippet repository
snipplr lets your store and share all of your commonly used pieces of code and html with other programmers and designers.
code, html, snipplr, textmate, source, share, repository, organize, programming, store
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home - vbcity - the .net developer community
vbcity is a community of vb and .net developers joined together with a common goal: to learn, teach, and have fun programming. developers from all over the world come together to share knowledge, source code, and tutorials for free to help their fellow programmers - professional developers, hobbyists and students alike. (
visual, developer, dotnet, community, winforms, studio, webforms, server, blogs, board, programming, basic, csharp, microsoft, bulletin, discussion, forums, forum, blog
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codefyre - powerful online tools for developers, coders, and paranoid surfers. enjoy
codefyre is an advanced text storage tool where you can store text, sensitive data and source code for a set period of time. also us
paste, online, text, code
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61 - share links - share thoughts - share urls
link sharing community - this is a community based links sharing site edited by our members. if you are aware of any blog, story, news, or any other interesting topic - share it with others.
submit, links, websites, directory, stories, share, urls
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trusted revenue sharing, rev share, best rev share provides you the unique platform to visit all best trusted revenue sharing sites in the world. here you start your online earning within 24 hr
share, traffic, monsoon, online, money, revenue, sharing, sites
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php code snippets
helping developers from the experienced to the beginner learn and connect with others. share php code snippets of all types to learn and to use for later use in production quality projects.
simple, timezone, script, send, registration, caesar, ciphers, feed, checklist, artist, toolkit, annoying, learn, phpsnips, code, snippets, wordpress, addresses, convert, chrome
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stackify prefix: free profiler for developers
prefix is a free, slick, super-profiling sidekick for .net developers. download now and fix application issues before they get to production.
microsoft, azure, cloud, java, test, code, application, prefix, developer, tool, troubleshoot, profiler, stackify
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share tally | how many social shares does my url have?
share tally is a free tool that gives you social sharing data from tons of different social networks!
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ftopia | simple, secure file sharing for business teams
ftopia is an online document sharing service for professionals that enables you and your team to create customized private workspaces and to invite customers, suppliers, and employees to share various files of any kind with ease.
sharing, document, file, collaboration, online, share, cloud, rooms, easy, secure, computing, data, simple
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add-in a-tools: query, share excel file on lan, internet with multiple users
add-in a-tools sharing excel workbook on lan, internet, query data on worksheet
excel, data, file, sharing, query, report, database, function, user, network, download, application, management, tools, condition, filter, sources, supports, speed, high
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appoptim is a mobile ad network which is aimed at app developers; it offers unique and exclusive monetization solution.
monetize, social, revenue, maximize, share, money, tool, promote, socialize, user, basic4android, platform, mobile, monetization, network, developers, advertise, appoptim, html5, android
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share your items and decrease the waste |
delicious food or stuff you do not need? why throw away when you can share or recycle/reuse instantly on your location? together we change sharing economy! join, share and enjoy!
sharing, stuff, food, free, sovqat, united, kingdom, giveaway, takeaway, freecycle, scotland, craigslist, instant, location, recycle, moving, home, economy, going, platform
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diễn đàn kỷ niệm share code web xenforo và style xenforo
diễn đàn kỷ niệm share code web code diễn đàn xenforo style xenforo share code wordpress tải game android. dốc bầu tâm sự cùng kỷ niệm
code, full, game, android, share, xenforo, wordpress
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travel share is the first travel-focused social media marketing optimization tool. share your hotel or tourism website on social networks including twitter, facebook and tripadvisor..
social, bookmarking, share, button, travel, marketing, best, travelshare, hotel, sharing, bookmark, hospitality, tourism
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it tech developers for sharing the technology and development knowledge
we share the news related to technology, and share our experience to with all the interested ones to increase our knowledge.
javascript, drupal, ajex, robots, wordpress, development, news, nokia, android, samsung, technology
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ourcam | free camera - instant private photo sharing app & group text for family and friends
ourcam is the fastest photo sharing app in the world. share photos in private groups and chat instantly with family & friends. download ourcam now for free!
photo, sharing, share, instant, family, with, photos, apps, camera, group, friends, chat, messaging, picture, gallery, image, free, messenger, social, notification
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74 - automated code replacement file generation for sports photographers and editors is an online automated code replacement file generator for sports photographers. the site generating code replacement rosters for use in photo mechanic, picturepro, lightroom and any other photo editing software. tool generates rosters for nfl, nba, mlb, milb, nhl, college football and basketball, and mls.
code, photo, photography, sports, rosters, tool, milb, basketball, football, ncaa, roster, automated, replacements, automatic, mechanic, jason, replacement, watson
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communauté de partage et de téléchargerement des scripts et code source,
thư viện chia sẻ source code, download mã nguồn miễn phí, tổng hợp các mã nguồn và đồ án, source code web, kiến thức lập trình chuyên nghành công nghệ thông tin
source, code, free, trinh, share, downloads
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lukkr | multisearch, share buttons and widgets
search all easier and faster. web, music, mp3, videos, photos, files and more.... get smart social share buttons for your websites and blogs
buttons, share, sharing, social, search, engines, apps, facebook, tools, like, twitter, website, google, plugins, widgets, best, gadgets, lukkr, browser
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d.g.z | 上海东革志信息科技有限公司
gitcafe is the online platform for you to host your projects. it's a happy community for sharing and collaborating. join now to meet interesting people and projects here!
code, open, source, site, repository, service, collaboration, hosting, sharing, tortoisegit, managed, gitcafe, project
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image sharing plugin for wordpress
image sharing plugin for wordpress. share your images to all major social networks: facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, pinterest, vkontakte, odnoclassniki.
image, sharing, plugin, wordpress, share
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chop post code, write notes and share feedback
a little app from zurb that lets people slice up bad code and share their feedback to help put it back together.
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code for a living: for software developers at every career stage
programmers are writing the script of the future. stack overflow's blog, code for a living, is the resource for developers at every stage of their career.
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obdscan-apex scan tool for all obd-2 and eobd vehicles
tool, scan, ford, j1939, diagnostic, code, misfire, reader, j1979, scanner, obdii, eobd
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free cage code search tool
free cage code search tool. use this tool to search by company name or cage code. this is 100% free.
commercial, entity, manufacturer, lookup, bincs, cage, codes, government, contractor, search
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» code fellows
code fellows is a world-class code school training web and mobile developers in industry best practices, in-demand frameworks and technologies, and more.
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84 | free code snippet tool for the masses
free code snippet tool. save all your code snippets with our free code snippet hosting.
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paltip - share your tip, earn your share
paltip is a recommendation and sharing tool, recommend products, share your links through social platforms and earn extra income
income, extra, review, blog, reviewers, earn, product, share, products, affiliate, paltip, recommend
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css type set
css type set is a hands-on typography tool allowing designers and developers to interactively test and learn how to style their web content.
type, letterpress, styles, styling, design, tool, style, sheets, cascading, csstypeset, interactive, code, typeset, digital
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code courses for developers, students, and entrepreneurs. | code south labs
our mentors and instructors represent the best from mississippi's tech community
code, learn, javascript, classes, school, development, wordpress
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pineventz - sharing videos, photos, events with family & friends
pineventz - sharing videos, photos, events with family & friends
with, family, photos, sharing, share, friends, online, video, social, people, events, videos, site, event, meet, members, sites, pics, images, media
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89 - simplifying map sharing :: home
we are simplifying your map sharing - just locate at map, set name and description and we generate the simple url for you to sharing it
listing, location, share, sharing, list
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szoter - online annotation tool
szoter is easy to use, free, online image annotation tool. it makes expressing your ideas and thoughts easy. it can be used to share your ideas with friends, highlight important parts of images or even to create readable bug reports. you can use szoter, to manipulate images loaded from your harddrive or downloaded directly from internet. want more... annotate images captured with your webcam or simply, take a screenshot of your desktop. szoter is an online image annotation and sharing platform.
image, simple, sharing, annotation, hosting, annotate, online, capture, sharer, hoster, shreenshot, pictures, screenshot, screen, funny, szoter, host
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share buttons | share on any social sharing service. e-mailit
the button that monetizes your site. a superior social experience with smarter sharing, less clutter and lightweight widget.
share, buttons, social, button, plugins, facebook, wordpress, follow, joomla, like, this, widgets, pinterest, tweet
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an interactive css playground and code sharing tool. dabblet saves to github gists and offers many conveniences for css editing.
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secureslice - secure file sharing and compliance tool
business secure file sharing with governance risk and compliance (pci, hipaa, sox, rohs)
document, sharing, file, enterprise, synchronization, data, protection, list, audit, compliance, tool, security, secure, request
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whitetail-tales - share your hunting experience - home
whitetail-tales is the future for sharing and enjoying hunting experiences with friends and family from every neck of the woods. it offers you the opportunity to meet other individuals who share the same passion as you for the outdoors and all the joy that it brings. sign up for free!
hunting, stories, tales, shooting, guns, tradition, tool, rifle, features, profile, rifles, adventure, sport, experience, wildlife, buck, activities, deer, fawn, story
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carpool global
carpooling system by carpool global is a go green initiative by irisidea technologies to fight global warming and an interface for the people looking for a shared ride. find carpool in delhi | carpool in mumbai | carpool in bangalore | carpool in hyderabad | carpool in chennai | carpool in kolkata | carpool in pune | carpool in noida | carpool in gurgaon | carpool in new york | carpool in chicago | carpool in washington | carpool in london | carpool in singapore | commuters | carpool | shared ride | shared car
carpool, share, carpooling, pool, ride, carpools, pooling, advantages, auto, global, sharing, together, save, benefits, cost, travel, driving, commuting, work, tool
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help your neighbors, help yourself! - share in neighborhood is an online community and platform targeting in great toronto area (gta) that enables and performs the story of sharing. she covers the stuffs, services, events and people bringing a shareable world to life in neighborhood.
local, neighbors, free, tool, toronto, stuff, swap, meet, business, event, base, location, community, used, neighbor, neighbourhood, share, service, rent, classified
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find a nanny share in uk | share a nanny | part time nanny jobs london
considered sharing a nanny? join nanny share, meet local families, share a nanny and reduce childcare costs. nannies can find part time nanny jobs.
nanny, childcare, part, sharing, share, time, flexible, services
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python ide for python developers - wingware python ide
python ide for python developers - wingware python ide - the intelligent development environment for python programmers
browser, code, source, coding, programmer, software, programming, programmers, debug, debugger, integrated, editor, development, environment, tools, tool, python
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python ide for python developers - wingware python ide
python ide for python developers - wingware python ide - the intelligent development environment for python programmers
browser, code, source, coding, programmer, software, programming, programmers, debug, debugger, integrated, editor, development, environment, tools, tool, python
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lukkr | instasearch with smart share buttons
multisearch for web, music, mp3, videos, photos, files and more.... get smart sharing buttons for websites and blogs
search, engines, share, buttons, sharing, apps, tools, website, best, multiple, quick, page
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101 - - high quality advertisement at affordable price revenue sharing program
sharing, click, myadstory, share, traffic, revenue, directory, business, revshare, website, story, adshare, adsharing
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hack tool dragon city
hack tool dragon city.rar
storage, files, sharing, access, file, photo, backup, windows, ipad, versioning, undelete, iphone, linux, recover, android, remote, share, collaboration, cloud, free
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cipher trick
we at ciphertrick are a small and dedicated team of developers based out of mumbai india. our intention here at ciphertrick is to share knowledge through our blogs and tutorials and build an interactive relationship with our readers.we also listen to requests for tutorials here.
programming, blog, tutorials, code, technology, languages, tech, download, home, demo
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it's almost is a snazzy free countdown tool designed and developed by type/code. create and share your own countdown to anything.
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hd video share is an extension for joomla cms | video sharing script | youtube clone | joomla video site
hd video share is an extension for joomla cms. this video sharing script has been developed in joomla to create video based website. it has features similar to youtube functions. have your own video sharing website within short notice of time with fantastic quality!
video, script, sharing, joomla, online, software, share, youtube, player, best, videos, clone, site, website
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pixie photo sharing - best place to share and backup photos online.
irelands largest photo sharing community.
community, social, network, ireland, irish, photos, share, sharing, photo
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qr code generator -
generate and share qr codes for text, url, sms, phone numbers. place it on facebook, linkedin and anywhere you want.
code, maker, facebook, phone, myspace, free, generator, codes
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source code formatter & beautifier for c/c++/java/vb/php/asp/c#/delphi
sourceformatx is multi-language source code formatter, source code beautifier, pretty printer and code indent tool for c, c++, java, c sharp, php, asp, jsp, vb, vb dotnet, vbscript, javascript, delphi, pascal, c#,, 80x86 assembly and asm51 programming languages.
code, source, beautifier, formatter
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109 - save your code snippets and share with other programmers
do you want to have yor code snippets allways accessible? save your code snippets and share with other users.
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w.m. jackson
jackson gainsharing plan - a financial based, team oriented, pay-for-performance, target focused tool.
gainsharing, performance, compensation, improvement, sharing, incentive, alternative, rewards, productivity, gain, employee, profitability, tool, profit, continuous, profits, jackson, improshare, rucker, plan
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more share forum - indonesian community
welcome to, pusat diskusi sharing sumber informasi forum komunitas indonesia terbesar dan terlengkap, read more on more share forum indonesian community
share, forum, indonesian, more, community, terbaru, bisnis, info, berita, domain, murah, hosting, online, download, free, indonesia, movie, software, game, script
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coupon pinboard - share the bargains
coupon pinboard is a pinterest-style site where you can find and sharing coupon code, deals & promotional information.
coupon, deals, discount, code, pinboard
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auto obd diagnostic conter - car diagnostic tools, obd scan tool, car key programmer, car odometer correction tool
auto obd diagnostic center onllne shopping mail supply auto diagnostic tool, car key programmer, obd2 code scanner remote key diagnostic tool manufacturer, china auto diagnostic tool wholesaler.
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auto obd diagnostic conter - car diagnostic tools, obd scan tool, car key programmer, car odometer correction tool
auto obd diagnostic center onllne shopping mail supply auto diagnostic tool, car key programmer, obd2 code scanner remote key diagnostic tool manufacturer, china auto diagnostic tool wholesaler.
code, scanner, remote, shell, obd2, programmer, diagnostic, tool, auto
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india ifsc code tool | one step ifsc code search
ifsc tool provide one step ifsc code search for banks and branches across indian. find and ifsc code in one step now.
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sharecloud - free file sharing app
share files with super speed, no network restriction, fastest shareing app, photo, music, video, doc and so on. it can also download files, backup files, etc.
share, files, send, file, transfer, video, music, shareapps, fast, photo, sharecloud
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117 - just share
one click sharing of images - no registration required!
facebook, twitter, free, myspace, netlog, easy, fast, public, media, photos, photo, images, picture, pictures, sharing, share, image
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lets share: wir teilen die share economy
lets share: die neuesten tauschtrends der share economy, die besten sharing-webseiten
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persian c# experts --> programmers --> developers in
persian developers resource
programmers, article, design, source, code, builder, csharp, developers, flash, actionscript, flex, persian
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android developer tutorial
android developer , tutorial android developer , android source code free , start up news , live hack , sharing source code, share tutorial, startup, startup playbook, design , ui , ux
android, code, startup, source, tutorial, developer, playbook, share, design, news, start, free, live, hack, sharing
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obd ii scan tool reviews
obdii scan tool unbiased reviews. obdii scanners for sale researched by well informed staff.
tool, scan, obdii, code, review, scanner, reviews, reader, readers, obd2, auto
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c# - .net code snippets library for c# developers
open source .net solutions and resources for winforms, wpf and webforms c# developers
webform, winform, csharp
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hopsee | hong kong taxi ride sharing community
same journey, one taxi. hopsee on board for the new taxi sharing experience. introducing the newest way to save, ride, and meet new people.
share, friends, transportation, economy, uber, cars, taxi
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frontend developers
a slack powered community for creative developers to share knowledge.
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share your links, images, posts and videos on new fastest growing social network!.
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126 | convert your files into cash.
free and easy file upload. earn money from uploading and sharing your files
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127 - share your files - share your files freely
file, sharing, share, upload, host, storage, best, files, hosting
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share-pic image sharing ist ein gratis bilderhoster
image, fotos, sichern, fotoalbum, bilder, sharing, hosting, hochladen
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chia sẻ code seo trên nhiều nền tảng, hướng dẫn làm wap web share code hay nhất
blogger, template, tien, thuat, code
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ultragauge obdii scan tool & information center
ultragauge is both an obdii scan tool and an information center that displays selectable engine gauges, such as rpm, speed, coolant temperature, boost, distance, fuel pressure, mass air flow, and more. ultragauge displays mileage gauges including instantaneous mpg, average mpg, gallons per hour, dte and more. ultragauge can scan, read and clear trouble codes. just plug and go! english and metric units are supported.
diagnostic, obd2, auto, code, codes, scanner, tool, gauge, diagnostics, trouble, obdii, what, automotive, scan, engine, automobile, digital, diagnosis, inter, vehicle
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rydo - an online carsharing community platform
rydo intend to create an online family where people care and share. we want to find the solution to urban problems through technology. we are committed to security and safety. we analyze ratings and encourage users to rate each other so that our rydo community is more trustable.
share, ride, carpool, carpooling, liftsharing, liftshare, lift, cheap, find, travel, journey, pool, carsharing, sharing, rideshare, carshare, free
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uploadmax - simple file sharing and storage.
a simple file sharing and storage service, earn money from uploading your files (pay per download, pay per lead, pay per sale)
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codebrag - your daily code review tool
codebrag is a simple code review tool that makes the process work for your team
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mobile app and web developers in edinburgh, scotland / katana code
mobile ap and web developers in edinburgh, scotland. katana code specialise in developing mobile and ruby on rails aps for startups and smal busineses.asdf
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clean code development - code affine
code affine is a group of independent software engineers dedicated to clean code development. we offer consulting, training and tool programming.
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codetitle - library source code download, sharing community
library source code free download, free code, free themes, free tempate, interface, source code, web templates
code, wordpress, phpbb, drupal, joomla, free, source
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design presentation and collaboration workflow & design sharing tool - maquetter
maquetter is a design tool for designers to share their work. design collaboration workflow with your colleagues and presentation your design works to your clients just a few clicks
design, presentation, present, work, sharing, designers, website, preview, collaboration, client
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auto diagnostic tool supplier - car diagnostic tool, obd2 code scanner, car diagnostic software is a professional reliable auto diagnostic tool supplier, provide a variety of car diagnostic tool, obd2 code scanner, car diagnostic software, etc.
diagnostic, scanner, software, code, tool, tools, auto, obd2
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fordevs - we learn we share
fordevs is a technology/programming blog been regularly updated by developers for developers. as our caption says we share what we learn. our prime focus are
tools, designing, tips, technology, news, online, programming
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obd ii code reader scanner tool scan fault codes automotive obdii
obd ii readers & code readers to scan your vehicle for fault codes. top quality obd programmers and scan tools at low prices.
tool, scan, scanner, obdii
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latest fights - codefightclub helps fellow developers learn how to write their code in the nicest, most effecient and preferred way they can.
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code experts - tech development resource
tech development resource, free code snippets, reference guide for software developers, network engineers & it professionals. oct 7 2014
code, free, source, snippets, networking, experts, programming
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file sharing service
reliable file sharing service for mobile phones that enables you to upload and share your files for free
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file sharing service
reliable file sharing service for mobile phones that enables you to upload and share your files for free
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145 | your 1-click upload and sharing platform for images, videos, music, and more | 1-click, no hassle upload and sharing platform for images, video, audio, flash and more
upload, share, images, video, files, hosting, sharing, free
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carpooling | find a ride | liftlelo trusted carpooling community
liftlelo, the world’s largest trusted carpooling community for connects car owners and co-travellers to share city to city car journeys at reasonable prices.
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cardsharing kings - the best cardsharing community
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obd ii, obd scanner tools, car diagnostic tools - british auto diagnostic tool center
britain's largest online obd scanner supplier, buy obd ii scanner, car diagnostic codes, car diagnostic obd tool, obd ii code reader code reader for cars and locksmith tools with the cheapest price from
code, reader, diagnostic, scanner, locksmith, tools, cars, tool, codes
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149 - code, tips and tricks for developers working on a mac. mac developer tips
code, tips and tricks for developers working on a mac. everything os x: applescript, bash, c, cocoa, objective-c, perl, ruby, python and more.
tricks, tips, open, source, news, xcode, tools, developer, iphone, ipad
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php upload file - online file storage,cloud file storage,file upload,upload file,harddrive data recovery services,upload image,free file transfer online,online file share,share file online free,royalty free images stock,best file sharing sites,file sharing sites,file sharing free,file sharing script,team file sharing,file sharing,file sharing free sites
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share your images
use jpeghost to upload, share and download all your images up to 10mb's fast and simple.
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whatdoyouallthink - welcome
whatdoyouallthink a place share your pictures ask questions and get opinions.
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diff online - text compare tool which lets you feel the difference
compare text with online diff tool. you can easily compare text files and share the result with your friends.
compare, diff, text, online, tool, code, files, file, comprare
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url 2 tag | create your short qr code and share mobile | #2tagnl
paste your long url and shorten it for a mobile by making a mobile tag. and share it on facebook / twitter / etc. so everybody can scan your interesting link to their mobile.
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code&quill | notebooks for creatives code & quill
code & quill crafts beautiful notebooks for designers, developers, and creative professionals. we focus on smart, useful products that you can use every day.
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deepshare - share your app with the world
deepshare allows app developers to make the sharing and welcoming flow of user much more easy and brilliant. monitoring channel data, optimising operation strategy, and building expanding user group.
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157 - where developers go to laugh and cry - where developers go to laugh and cry
code, programming, crapy
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web mobile app development blog, social network for developers
findnerd, a social platform for tech nerds to share knowledge by posting blogs, forums on web development along with job freelancing & project management feature.
development, online, projects, post, project, management, tool, recording, desktop, forum, game, developers, network, mobiles, mobile, blogs, social
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code snippets | code snippets for wordpress, java, php, android and more from developers to developers
code snippets for wordpress, java, php, android and more from developers to developers
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search for people in your campus or around your location to sell, rent or share your books.connect, discuss and share books with readers around you. start sharing now !
readersnode, sharing, book
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easy link sharing - automatically sharing links with thousands of websites
the fastest way to share your link with other websites, exhange links quickly and easily with this link exchange system.
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learn os programming online with the system code geeks
os developers resource center. windows, linux news, tutorials, code examples and snippets, articles and more.
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learn web programming online with the web code geeks
web developers resource center. javascript, php, html, css,, html5, news, tutorials, code examples and snippets, articles and more.
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buy best car diagnostic tool and auto obd2 scanner on! provides professional car truck diagnostic tool, obd2 scanner, auto key programmer, ecu chip tunning and other auto maintenance tools from china. wholesale and retail.
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plaaying for mac | auto share, intermission, and control your media.
plaaying for mac | auto share, intermission, and control your media.
media, music, sharing, snooze, share, controller, social, player, tunes, itunes, mini, autocrat, macapp, intermission, autoshare, plaaying, twitter, apple, shows, movies
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one big group focusing on coding. we gather all passionated developers in the frankfurt area who love to code, want to learn something new and want to connect. more description to come ... :) join us
networking, local, meet, sharing, meetup, community, event, frankfurt, coders, group, club, germany
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creators of world creator, a powerful terrain generator and shader tool, a shader authoring application.
software, development, shader, render, composer, terrain, glsl, monkey, fulda, germany, developers, hlsl, procedural, generation, rendermonkey, fxcomposer, gametextures, tool, code, programming
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free and instant car radio code retrieval tools.
radio, code, free, unlock, alfa, retry, citroen, fiat, codes, becker, blaupunkt, renault, philips, retrieval, mercedes, decode, kode, romeo, tool, entry
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| bank ifsc code,micr code,swift code,sort code,bsb code, atm,branches
the website application helps the daily customers who search for ifsc code for their banks.
ifsc, code, bank, hdfc, icici, india, chennai, idbi, indian, baroda, state, what, axis, bangalore
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ambassador sermon sharing & analytics
ambassador is a powerful online ministry tool, allowing you to share your sermons and track listens, shares and downloads.
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cubeupload - zero compression image sharing
share images online with zero compression, completely free.
sharing, photo, pictures, pics, hosting, unlimited, sites, storage, online, upload, file, websites
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sd code bootcamp | sioux falls sd
code bootcamp of south dakota is a twelve week bootcamp to train web developers.
code, bootcamp, camp, sioux, falls
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luv2code for software developers who luv to code: java architects and developers java ee, j2ee, blog chad darby
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174 -- share all your files in the cloud - big and small allows you to share all your files in the cloud, securely, with precise control, and visibility of when and who viewed them.
free, files, sharing, file, online, large, send, best, solutions, affordable, internet, over, share, upload, keep, where, securely, documents, post
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software development blog - source code and snippets
source code snippets, software development tips and tricks for .net developers or php developers. software design suggestions
development, news, tech, featured, general, software
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crm online, small business crm, simple crm - funnela
funnela is easy and intuitive small business crm, collaboration suite and information sharing tool for your business. sign up and start selling more!
share, address, book, tasks, calendar, contact, information, small, business, collaboration, mail
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free google play codes $10,$15,$25,$50
free download google play code generator..generate your own google play gift code for free..with our newest key generator tool..
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178 - official xxx site for sharing your boyfriend porn
sharemybf features the best threesomes, swingers porn, and sharing porn online. these girls love watching their men with other women, and arent afraid to join in!
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verbr is a content only sharing website based on quality content you want to share with friends, it’s really that simple. if you don’t want sift through emails, pointless posts or unqualified content then verbr is the place for you. your verbr quality score is calculated based on the quality of the content you share between friends
content, only, quality, sharing, social, verbr, share
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wbd - inspiration, resources for web designers & developers
ideas and inspirations for web designers and developers. we share best resources on web designs and development projects. get freebies for your projects daily.
design, ideas, inspiration, resources, trial, school, code, webuilddesign
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jsxhint, a reactjs/jsx code quality tool online
jsxhint, jshint, a javascript code quality tool
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online photo sharing, picture sharing, share photos, photo share
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barcode 1 | information about bar code | upc
code, barcode, plessey, datamatrix, maxicode, pdf417, pharmacode, codabar, scanner, barcodes, barcoding, reader, labels, product, universal
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home | .net web developer blog by paul seal
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seo website test tool | is a tool for website owners and web developers. this tool easily discover possible errors on every webpage.
search, marketing, engine, engines
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hello developers
over the past 6 years we've spent thousands of hours making the internet a better place. you can be sure we have plenty to share.there's nothing like beautiful
jquery, html, wordpress, developers, development, developer
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weblogictech - hire it professionals, hire programmers, it staffing, it consulting, it services, software developement
hire it professionals and get all it related services at very affordable costs in india
hire, developers, nopcommerce, magento, experts, designers, website, joomla, cakephp, drupal, html, wordpress
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get up and code! - refactoring for a fitter life
get up and code is a podcast about fitness for programmers and software developers. every week, john sonmez, helps you lose weight, refactor your diet and get in shape.
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189 - java source code search 2.0 is a code search engine built by developers for developers to search and browse open source java projects.
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unlock phone tool
the best software tool to unlock any phones how nokia, samsung, alcatel, htc and any other call phones via code.
unlock, code, phone, tool
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freehostpics - image sharing, photo sharing, photo uploading
freehostpics is an easy & absolutly free images sharing and hosting, share and connect with community.
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imagecia - image sharing, photo sharing, photo uploading
imagecia is an easy & absolutly free images sharing and hosting, share and connect with community.
sharing, image, photo, online, hosting, imgur, flickr, photobucket, facebook, photofacefun, lunapic, befunky, site, upload, funny, images, pictures, host, photos, free
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skstube - image sharing, photo sharing, photo uploading
skstube is an easy & absolutly free images sharing and hosting, share and connect with community.
sharing, image, photo, online, hosting, imgur, flickr, photobucket, facebook, photofacefun, lunapic, befunky, site, upload, funny, images, pictures, host, photos, free
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gdg lagos
the gdglagos - google developers group lagos - blog. sharing technology. for designers, developers and serious tech enthusiasts
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fotki: share and print your photos |, photo and video sharing made easy. is superior service for sharing and printing your photos online. the easiest way to share photos with friends & family.
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web technologies blog the things web developers should know
web technologies sharing for web developers. get in touch we will provide many useful articles for you as well as web developer tools
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modem unlock code calculator offers you the ability to unlock your modem or router huawei safely and no technical knowledge is required because the solution is 100% reliable. our service unlock all huawei old, new, v1, v2, v201, v3, v4 algo and auth v4 algo huawei by code. once unlocked, use your device with sim cards of all gsm operators.
huawei, code, modem, unlock, calculator, flash, firmware, unlocker, download, flasher, writer, tool, cardlock, dashboard, enter, generator, update, free, mobile, partner
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bullseye testing technology
industrial strength c++ code coverage analyzers for windows and unix
coverage, code, analyzer, testing, analysis, decision, test, tool, branch, bullseyecoverage, tools
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narrange - .net code organizer/formatter/beautifier
narrange is a tool for arranging .net source code. this code beautifier allows you to sort and organize c# and code members into groups or regions.
coding, style, code, formatter, source, basic, beautifier, organizer, visual
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cộng đồng chia sẻ và download source code, mã nguồn, đồ án miễn phí
thư viện chia sẻ source code, download mã nguồn miễn phí, tổng hợp các mã nguồn và đồ án, source code web, kiến thức lập trình chuyên nghành công nghệ thông tin
source, code, free, trinh, share, downloads
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201 - home - official site 100% online app builder free white label native apps
tools for app developers
tools, website, generator, tool, traffic, apps, developers, make, your, small, meta, hits, freeseo, cell, easy, platform, mobile, phone, free
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202 - enjoy the sharing || ask to share is all about sharing your thoughts, blogs, your experiences and asking about your doubts or question related to programming where everyone....
your, news, html, real, javascript, entertainment, bajaj, sahil, estate, thoughts, blog, doubts, programmer, share, java, jquery
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rock your code: learn new things, share your experiences
..unity is quite useful. but every tool has its own cons. one of that cons is a www class - some kind of http wrapper. you might say: "what\'s wrong with it? it\'s quite handy!". yes, it is, till you need to work with some kind of rest api...most o...
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free download of fully functional software with source code for real time business, developed in vb6,, sql 2005, ms access etc. free tutorials for various software topics. offers free software with source code to download which is useful for business persons, developers, computer science / information technology expert & beginners. download free software project source code for various real time requirements. free tutorials with step by step explanation guides for various software topics. source code and tutorials is available in vb6,, sql server 2005 database, ms access database and more.
code, source, software, project, working, server, access, time, people, free, full, with, download, business, developers, real
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» great discount up 70% off monthly!
bring to you all of valid and biggest coupon codes, discount codes, voucher and promo codes. they are enriched and updated every day. you can completely found
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online powerpoint presentation and document sharing -
discover, share, and present document and presentations with the world's largest professional content sharing community.
sharing, document
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online powerpoint presentation and document sharing -
discover, share, and present document and presentations with the world's largest professional content sharing community.
sharing, document
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online powerpoint presentation and document sharing -
discover, share, and present document and presentations with the world's largest professional content sharing community.
sharing, document
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online powerpoint presentation and document sharing -
discover, share, and present document and presentations with the world's largest professional content sharing community.
sharing, document
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online powerpoint presentation and document sharing -
discover, share, and present document and presentations with the world's largest professional content sharing community.
sharing, document
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online powerpoint presentation and document sharing -
discover, share, and present document and presentations with the world's largest professional content sharing community.
sharing, document
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online powerpoint presentation and document sharing -
discover, share, and present document and presentations with the world's largest professional content sharing community.
sharing, document
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claim academy | teaching st. louis how to code
learn to code with claim academy! start your programming career here.
code, programming, computer, developers, bootcamps, louis, ruby, java, coding, learn
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code issue - get free help and solution for your programming code issue
get free help and solution for your programming code issue. free sign up. share and resolve coding issues. share articles and gain more knowledge. create your professional profile and create your professional circle of friends to resolve coding issues.
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chia sẻ kiếm tiền trên mạng – ssh free - thủ thuật – tool – phần mềm – coupon domain – hosting
trang chia sẻ kiếm tiền trên mạng các bài viết hướng dẫn kiếm tiền trên mạng, share ssh free, share free tool mmo, tool traffic, tool check ssh, share tut chiến mmo, youtube, coupon domain hosting, vps free
free, tool, domain, hosting, coupon, traffic, scan, private, youtube
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the intersection of pastebin, help desk, version control, and social networking
code, sharing, algorithms, articles, snippets, programming
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play marketing: contests, giveaways on your website - free
goodbuzz is the best free online tool to organize contest and giveaways on your website to drive more traffic, get new users and customers- get more people to share your website - play marketing
tool, marketing, share, management, giveaways, contest, button, social, goodbuzz, media, free, play
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23 photo sharing: share, store and print your photos
23 is easy photo sharing. share private or public with photo albums, tags, storage, slideshow, photoblog, subscriptions, send photos and much more
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train with programming challenges/kata | codewars
codewars is where developers achieve code mastery through challenge. train on kata in the dojo and reach your highest potential.
code, development, kata, dojo, coffeescript, software, ruby, coding, practice, codewars, javascript
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train with programming challenges/kata | codewars
codewars is where developers achieve code mastery through challenge. train on kata in the dojo and reach your highest potential.
code, development, kata, dojo, coffeescript, software, ruby, coding, practice, codewars, javascript
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worthy files sharing - im software, magazines, graphics, themes
download share your knowledge about files in your hardisk. from rapidshare, mediafire, zippyshare, extabit, uploaded
sharing, files, download, sites, scripts, software, nulled, file, graphics
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a developer diary - {about:"code learn and share"}
{about:"code learn and share"}
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mediasharesuite | main
share your audios, images and videos with friends, family, and the whole world!
video, script, youtube, sharing, software, share, media, mediashare, clone
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bem — block element modifier
bem — block element modifier is a methodology, that helps you to achieve reusable components and code sharing in the front-end.
sharing, code, development, components, blocks, webpack, react, frontend, html, javascript, framework
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upload your own custom image with meme maker!
create and share memes with meme maker! upload your own image and share with facebook, twitter and google+. purchase the source code from code canyon.
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yo! share and connect without the internet
yo! is the world's first 'off-grid' messaging, sharing and content discovery app. connect at high speeds without data or the internet
share, internet, blog, without, connect, wifi, files, connected, stay, photos, videos, lets
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bachelor of computer application (bca) | share bca
share bca , a new domain for sharing bachelor of computer application (bca) notes and bca solutons for fy bca, sy bca and ty bca students of gujarat university - an initiative by aadil keshwani & friends
share, application, computer, bachelor
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piccshare - make picture sharing easy!
piccshare is a tool for sharing photos you love. millions of people use piccshare in their lives and work. no matter what youre interested in, theres a place for it here. join our community and start sharing today!
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home page - r4b
housing, roommate, room, share, find, women, boomer, shared, sharing, roommates, over, home, intentional, living, finder, rent, good, mate, trend, traits
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share code generator
generate share links for facebook, twitter and email!
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zip code map, zip code maps, free zip code map, united states(us) zip code maps, postal code maps, 5-digit zip code maps
map and demographic information of every zip code, city and state of usa.
code, california, vegas, free, postal
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extrazoom - online image zoom! | high definition images hosting | high-res photos sharing platform! | online zoom for high resolution pictures
extrazoom - high-res photos sharing platform. upload and share your big image! put you high definition (hd) images into your web site or blog with full control over viewer appearance. share high resolution photo with social networks. extrazoom - image zoom tool online to publish and show high resolution photos. high quality pictures to enrich your site
image, zoom, high, tool, photo, quality, pictures, resolution, size, definition, extrazoom, photos
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shareit-the world's fashionable cross-platform sharing app
shareit - the world's fastest cross-platform file transfer tool for near-field communication. 200 times bluetooth speed! no usb! no data usage! no internet needed! supprted android, ios (iphone/ipad), windows phone, windows xp/vista/7/8/10, and mac os.
tool, cloneit, tansfer, transfer, share, file, shareit
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iframe generator - free online iframe code maker tool
this online free iframe html code generator tool can helps you to instantly create customized cool iframes for your web site or blog with preview.
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code cocktail - code crazy with cocktail
code cocktail is sharing programming skills on php. jquery, wordpress, magento, wordpress, joomla and all in my experience
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buy mobile application source code | selling mobile apps - swappz
swappz is an online auction house for the sale of mobile device applications and app source code. offer great mobile applications for iphones, android, ipad and other mobile phones.
mobile, application, apps, development, code, iphone, sell, business, promote, developer, android, source, ipad, paid, rights, sale, start, applications, developing, marketing
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mediashare live | main
online community for browsing, uploading, hosting and sharing videos, audio and pictures.
video, script, youtube, sharing, software, share, media, mediashare, clone
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kerbalx - ksp craft sharing simplified
craft sharing simplified. share your kerbal space progam craft, with automatic detection of mods, search by mod & craft attributes
search, rocket, program, space, sharing, share, kerbal, craft
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віджет для пасажира |
blablacar обєднує водіїв і пасажирів, яким по шляху - понад 10 мільйонів користувачів вже економлять до 70% на міжміських поїздках!
carpool, share, carpooling, ride, blabla, travel, find, cheap, liftsharing, carsharing, rideshare, sharing, carshare, blahblahcar, blahblah, liftshare, lift, journey, free, pool
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mastering ios - a developers search for code greatness
a developers search for code greatness
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rce online - developers tool arsenal
developers tool arsenal
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(un) - serialize and unserialize online tool for developers
(un) - serialize and unserialize online tool for developers
developer, yaml, unserialize, json, http, serialize
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gfx share - share what you have
gfx share - best free source | share what you have
template, graphic, background, design, abstract, icon, workshop, photography, logo, colorful, vintage, wallpapers, video, tutorials, ebook, wallpaper, frames, girls, gnomon, tutorial
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source code analysis tools for security & reliability | klocwork
klocwork delivers the most comprehensive source code analysis solution using static analysis and complete codebase inspection for c++, c, c# and java
code, software, analysis, developer, vulnerability, tools, tool, productivity, defects, static, critical, source, visualization, quality
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std codes | std code | std codes in india | std code locator
std codes are assigned to each city in india. std code locator is a tool to find out the std code number of any city. std codes of indian cities are listed over here.
code, codes, list, number, bsnl, india, indian
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myquery builder: visual mysql query editor and php development tool
myquery builder is a visual browser-based mysql query editor for php web developers that makes building mysql queries easy. build your select queries with drag-and-drop ease. build utility queries with just a few clicks. wrap your queries in php code using our code builder. sign up for free and discover how myquery builder can improve your development workflow.
query, mysql, builder, queries, development, developer, build, truncate, delete, visual, editor, tool, select, replace, insert
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code freaks - web & mobile app developers
at code freaks, we provide professional web development services to add value to your business. we are passionate, innovative, dedicated team mixing quality design with effective web solutions.
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html to xml parser|blogger adsense code converter|escape tool
adsense, tool, html, escape, online, converter, parser, code
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html to xml parser|blogger adsense code converter|escape tool
adsense, tool, html, escape, online, converter, parser, code
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4 port data switch for sharing between usb devices - for usb enabled computers
the usb 4 port data switch allows up to four computers to share one usb device; or when used in conjunction with a usb hub, can share multiple usb devices. great for setups that require multiple computers sharing a usb cable modem, usb printer, scanner, zip drive, and/or other usb peripherals.
switch, printer, sharing, device, switching, cables, vista, data