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concert of hope usa
concert of hope is an organization reaching out to the homeless and families in need with supplies and humantarian aid all in the name of the lord jesus christ
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making disciples & planting churches
teaching the gospel, establishing in righteousness
jesus, christ, ministry, ministries, life, lord, healing, gospel, name, death, international, souls, love, internatio, through, restoration, living, great, bible, cross
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all for jesus
with god's help, this site will become a vessel of honor for god, a place of prayer and praise - of sharing and of caring; an invitation for all men to come to god through faith in jesus of nazareth.
jesus, lord, christ, fybromyalgia, alzheimers, adultery, perspective, about, debt, spiritual, witness, prayer, force, homeless, nazareth, feminism
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scotchtown presbyterian church | the light on the hill
the lord be with you! grace and peace to you in the name of the lord jesus christ, and welcome to the website for the worshiping congregation at scotchtown presbyterian church, middletown, ny. we hope to bless you by sharing the good news of jesus christ throughout our community, and we hope that you will
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wljc - wonderful lord jesus christ
wljc was established in 1982 as the first completely christian television station in the state of kentucky. wljc is an independent christian, faith based ministry dedicated to spreading the gospel of jesus christ. the call letter wljc stand for wonderful lord jesus christ
christ, jesus, lord, wonderful
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we are ''the times church, dublin''impossible possible! a bible believing evangelical gospel /charismatic ministry, who believes in the saving power of jesus christ through faith and baptism; with a deeper apostolic and evangelistic grace! a an outreach ministry commited to bringing, '' revival to the nations together with a go jesus world missions; a network of holy ghost churches/ministers workdwide if jesus so tarries! calling all to run to jesus and bring all to christ! evangelism is our suprem task and one of our greatest calling in missions! we are both committed and dedicated to soul winning on a daily basis! and the psychosocial development of the individual! that may may know christ and the power of his resurrection in hope of the gospel!
christ, lord, jesus, hope, satanic, ghost, holy, faith, happiness, recovery, salvation, tourist, church, life, redemption, therapy, love, meaning, purpose, find
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christ covenant church
christ covenant church is a missional church with roots in the restoration movement.​​ we accept the essentials of the christian faith. there is one body, one spirit, one hope, one lord, one faith, one baptism, and one god. there is but one gospel, which is the good news of the death, burial and resurrection of jesus christ. there is one mediator between god and man, the man jesus christ. we accept the power of the holy scriptures as our only authority for faith and practice. ​ ​​​​​​​doctrine we accept the necessity of the foundation of christ as lord. christ's teachings mature and strengthen us. his teachings serve the purpose of training, edifying and growing us to the point of becoming more and more like jesus.
praise, christian, worship, jesus, churches, church, christ, missional
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the lord's prayer
find the lord's prayer here. jesus is lord.
lord, jesus, bible, scripture, christ, pray, prayer, lords, christian, gospel, father
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hope chapel hawthorne
hope chapel hawthorne helps people come to know and love god through faith in jesus christ as their personal lord and savior. we help make disciples (followers of jesus christ) who understand their purpose in life is to honor god and draw others to jesus.
church, christian, hope, chapel, service, angeles, worship, gospel, sermons, foursquare, hawthorne
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grace brethren church marion ohio
the purpose of grace brethren church of marion, and preeminent goal, is for each individual member, and for the body of believers, to grow into a deep, personal knowledge of jesus christ and to serve him completely. along with the apostle paul we proclaim: “i count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing christ jesus my lord…that i may know him” if you share such a conviction, and strive with us to follow the lord with nothing less than your whole life, let us know about it: call, write or e-mail us today.
jesus, christ, lord, relationship, salvation, grace, church, marion, ohio, 43302, brethren
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first baptist church of paintsville where everyone is someone and jesus christ is lord
serving paintsville kentucky by providing hope through evangelical ministry relating the love of jesus christ to the lost and growing faithful christians through discipleship. where everyone is someone and jesus christ is lord.
baptist, paintsville, first, kentucky, southern, church, savior, salvation, bible, children, evangelical, study, belief, babtist, 41240, cornett, wayne, convention, group, love
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home page
spiritual prophecy from our lord, jesus christ given through kathleen mccarthy.
truth, peace, jesus, christ, angels, grace, lord, hope, love, mccarthy, kathleen, spiritual, healing, holy, mercy, anointing, spirit, prophecy
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13 - jesus christ the son of god, creator and savior of mankind
a web site for our lord jesus christ, the son of god
christ, creation, salvation, saviour, jesus, christianity
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the shekinah glory
this website is dedicated to the lord of heaven and earth. emphasis is ont the creator of the universe. the gospel of jesus christ. also featured is the adler family, horst adler, jeanette adler, chris, tracy.
jesus, christ, earth, lord, gospel, heaven, savior, christianity, saved, faith, trust, inspiration, bible, inerrancy, redeemer, biblical, truth
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hope cbc
hope community bible church exists to glorify god by making disciples who will grow in the grace and knowledge of our lord and savior jesus christ.
bible, church, christian, lordship, inerrancy, gospel, scripture, christ, hope, holy, jesus, spirit, salvation, community
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jesus the rock fellowship is an independent, full gospel and christ-centered fellowship. we of jesus the rock fellowship share the same faith and trust in the lord jesus christ as our own personal lord and savior. we have always chosen the bible as the sole authority in doctrine as basis for our actions in faith and in the daily practices in life. we have openly pledged to actively serve the lord with all our being and resources. for more info about the church, please call us at (908)358-6089. may the lord god richly bless you!
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getting to know jesus
getting to know jesus is a nondenominational bible study of the life and teachings of jesus.
jesus, study, bible, christ, about, history, know, galilee, gospels, love, lord, judas, dead, simon, raising, learn, temple, philipp, priests, thaddeus
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spreading the gospel of jesus christ by every effective means available and equip others to do the same. follow jesus ministries is a fivefold god given ministry, dedicated to take the message of hope, compassion, love, peace and deliverance to the people in need and raise a generation to follow the footsteps of our lord and savior jesus christ. "following christ to make followers of christ!" is our tagline.
christian, jesus, outreach, prayer, answers, christ, spiritual, with, know, request, growth, peace, message, eternal, life, spirituality, evangelists, about, truth, nonprofits
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spreading the gospel of jesus christ by every effective means available and equip others to do the same. follow jesus ministries is a fivefold god given ministry, dedicated to take the message of hope, compassion, love, peace and deliverance to the people in need and raise a generation to follow the footsteps of our lord and savior jesus christ. "following christ to make followers of christ!" is our tagline.
christian, jesus, outreach, prayer, answers, christ, spiritual, with, know, request, growth, peace, message, eternal, life, spirituality, evangelists, about, truth, nonprofits
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church of the lord jesus christ directions/welcome/mission/map pastor king, 4209 rosemary ln church of jesus christ, church of lord jesus christ, pastor lawrence master, l.r. masters
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find your hope in jesus christ - my hope with billy graham is where you can learn of the hope found in jesus christ.
hope, christ, heaven, bible, jesus, salvation, peace, billy, graham, finding
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life of christ: life, history, and teachings of jesus christ.
life of christ. teachings of jesus. history of our lord. truths about the son of god.
apostles, parables, sermon, disciples, peter, luke, john, cross, crucifixion, resurrection, genealogy, harmony, mount, prayer, mark, matthew, lord, holy, teachings, history
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marriage made in god's image retreat
"marriage made in god's image" is a 3-day marriage enrichment retreat designed to follow only one agenda, and that is the will and purpose of our lord and savior jesus christ. this ministry was given life by jesus christ in an effort for his children to reach out, and take hold of his hand as he guides them through the life-long journey called marriage. a true walk with jesus christ can only begin when we, as individuals and couples, submit 100% to the will and purpose of our lord and savior jesus christ.
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church of the lord jesus christ - home
the pentecostal church, church of the lord jesus christ at blue mountain - blue mountain, ms. pastor joe mcknight and the congregation of the pentecostal church at blue mountain welcomes you! here you will find a friendly church, pentecostal in worship and apostolic in doctrine. we are interested in reaching out to touch the hearts of mankind.
blue, church, mountain, christ, lord, jesus, tpcbluemountain, apostolic, pentecostal, assemblies, mcknight, pastor, aljc
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oasis of hope community church | one body, one spirit, one hope
we are a community of believers of one body and one spirit called to one hope in jesus christ, our lord and savior. the word of life (jesus) is the hero who
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lord of hosts:
god bless you for visiting our christian web site. we pray that the lord guide and strengthen us as we spread the gospel of salvation by grace through faith in the lord jesus christ, the son of god.
holy, christ, grace, gospel, faith, salvation, news, bless, israel, again, born, church, doctrine, christian, father, jesus, praise, prayer, spirit, ghost
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pinnacle lutheran christian church - teaching jesus christ our lord in rochester
pinnacle lutheran christian church is a registered lcms lutheran church that has been teaching, speaking and spreading the word of jesus christ our lord god
lutheran, lord, christ, jesus, christian, church, york, henrietta, lcms, martin, luther, rochester
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church of the living hope | declaring the "whole counsel of god"
an all-inclusive body of believers, uniquely mandated by the lord jesus, to declare the “whole counsel of god”(acts20: 27) to the world. this complete message includes the gospel of the grace of god unto salvation for everyone who calls upon the lord (romans 10:9-12) and the much neglected, yet absolutely vital and needed, message of christ’s coming kingdom and the responsibility of the believer in relation to this kingdom.
hope, living, sermons, christianity, good, sovereignty, news, spirit, holy, jesus, christ, christian, gospel, grace, kingdom, salvation, church
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yeshua (jesus) is lord
yeshua (jesus) is christ, the only true living god, the lord god almighty, lord of lords, king of kings, my savior, and my faithful friend.
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christian voice is a prophetic ministry in the sense that we attempt, with god's grace, to analyse current events in the light of scripture, proclaim god's word to those in public life and provide the information which christians need in order to pray with the mind of god in these dark days. we love god and the precious name of our lord jesus christ, we love our fellow man and grieve for those afflicted by the injustice which successive governments have enacted and we pray for the united kingdom to repent and turn back to god and his ways. there is no salvation in messianic politicians or bureaucratic superstates. the only hope for our dysfunctional nation lies in the person of the lord jesus christ.
stephen, government, green, jerry, springer, times, jesus, voice, christ, messiah, christian
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praise to the lord jesus christ!
a church family that cares.
jesus, christ, bible, salvation, baptist, carolina, church, north, christian
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web page title here
the hebrew word translated intercessor is
prayer, lord, jesus, christ, calling, call, work, faith, bible, corporate, praying, intercessor, sheets, kingdom, ever, ministry, spmi, corpus, shammah, intercessors
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annunciation of our lord parish
information about events, groups and the catholic community at annunciation of our lord parish.
ontario, hamilton, peace, canada, west, road, limeridge, hope, love, lord, parish, church, christ, jesus, annunciation
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jesus folk
the official web site of jesus christ loving folk and god fearing christian. jesus folk: love jesus, people, & the bible. it is your god & jesus christ centered bible based christian portal where jesus is lord!
jesus, official, christian, christ, christians, love, gods, christianity, bible, website
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westfield alliance church good news! jesus christ is lord and savior
a christ centered bible believing church, affiliated with the christian and missionary alliance, a worldwide evangelical denomination.
westfieldalliancechurch, eternal, truth, faith, life, hope, grace, prophesy, probability, resurrection, believe, christian, salvation, news, good, church, alliance, jesus, christ, bible
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your prayers are coveted and most appreciated at gospel truth lighthouse church. your support means so much to us as we strive to reach and do all that we can for our lord and savior, jesus christ.
christ, jesus, lord, reach, cristo, christo, prayer, pray, savior, lighthouse, truth, donate, donation, church, gospeltruth, donut, perkins, gospel, city, rainbow
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happy 'cos i got jesus - he's my best friend!
jesus christ our lord and saviour. he is the only way to everlasting life for us sinners. for we have all sinned and come short of the glory of god.
sinner, judgement, righteousness, gospel, christ, kingdom, jesus
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lord of life lutheran church - north vernon, in
welcome to lord of life lutheran church! we are a member of the lutheran church - missouri synod. our church believes and teaches the whole of gods word in its truth and purity, and administers the sacraments according to the commands of christ jesus. we worship and serve together the triune god: father, who created and cares for us; son, the lord jesus christ, who died and rose to redeem us from sin, death, and satan; and spirit, who calls, enlightens, empowers and keeps us in the true faith.
church, lord, lutheran, life, indiana, vernon, north, 47265, centered, christ, 3300, state, highway
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welcome to christ for india interior ministries
christ for india interior ministries is spreading the gospel to the remote interior regions of southern india
ministries, hope, christ, orphans, training, shelter, food, widows, light, revelation, salvation, heaven, lord, bible, vineyard, interior, india, jesus, holy, evangelists
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immanuel's church is a bible believing, bible teaching, evangelical gathering of faith in the lord jesus christ. we are multi-denominational in our makeup and teaching, embracing the best of the truth of our lord and savior.
church, camp, sonshine, youth, cross, interdenominational, summer, deaf, ministry, apostolic, evangelical, media, sacrifice, love, maryland, spring, silver, evangelism, 20905, christ
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christ for us
jesus, rolf, preus, christ, forgiveness, trinity, sorrow, redemption, lutheran, reformation, catechism, savior, gospel, lord, repentance
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church of god and saints of christ of the continent of africa
church of god and saints of christ of the continent of africa; we also hope that you will find the information in this site useful and informative. we hope by this site we may reach many souls and bring all mankind to the teachings of jesus christ, our lord and savior (st john 17:3, romans 10:9-10).
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house of the lord fellowship - oberlin, ohio
the church with a ministry to meet every need the mission of the house of the lord church is to apply the gospel of jesus christ in a holistic synthesis of progressive spiritual and social action, including: personal salvation through jesus christ.
minister, miller, cleveland, ohio, service, church, house, oberlin, lord, oholf
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greater hope missionary baptist church - home
the greater hope missionary baptist church is located in houston, texas and is a christian church dedicated to preaching and teaching the gospel of jesus christ our lord and savior
greater, church, hope, baptist, christ, jesus, missionary, christian
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hope fellowship united pentecostal church - cottage grove oregon
finding hope in jesus christ. being born again of the water and spirit. the staff and ministries of a pentecostal church and what they do and their objectives in ministering to people here in cottage grove, or and abroad. trying to convey, through pictures, that christians have a great time doing the will of god.
potlucks, fellowship, life, abundant, church, sunday, singing, preaching, teaching, school, hope, salvation, modesty, holiness, pentecostals, oneness, doctrine, conservative, savior, lord
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home - marshal church of christ
website for the marshall church of christ located at 14734 18 1/2 mile road in marshall, michigan, lord's church
christ, body, worship, church, jesus, sunday, with, marshall, members, peace, kids, every, drinking, unleavened, bread, need, vine, fruit, assistance, taking
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community of christ homepage
community of christ is a worldwide church with a mission to “proclaim jesus christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.”
christ, jesus, latter, church, reorganized, temple, missouri, indpendence, rlds, saints, mission, spirit, holy, community, hope, home, peace, love, ministry
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jesus christ is lord
christ, life, jesus, holy, rfid, chist, messiah, antichrist, anti, salvation, baptism, biblical, text, scripture, evangelical, spirit, beast, christian, creator, meaning
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park baptist church
park baptist church is comprised of baptized believers in the lord jesus christ in rock hill, sc. we strive to do everything, whether word or deed, in the name of the lord jesus christ through the power of the spirit to the glory of god the father.
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jesus, christ, fire, muse, lord, down, videos, songs, humble, unto, prostrate, music, kingdom, front, chris, walk, worthy, ministries, lost, seeking
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hot rod church for sinners
hot rod church for sinners is a place where sinners come in and get transformed by the gospel of jesus christ. they are given the owners manual for life (the bible) to equip them to be ambassadors of our savior jesus christ.
jesus, christ, lord, salvation, southern, bible, grace, california, fifties, religion, rods, rockabilly, music, cars, church
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fhbc boston - jesus christ is the lord
jesus christ is the lord
fhbc, boston, baptist, christian, worship, haitian, church
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ukrainian evangelical baptist church - where hope is found
join us to worship our lord jesus christ
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lord, jesus, christ, house, hope, ministry, praise, worship, living, church
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the armoury ministries: home
the armoury ministries is a research, outreach, and publishing ministry dedicated to the glory of christ. through the printed page, videos, and internet publishing, this ministry is dedicated to one objective alone: the glory of mankind's only hope - the lord jesus christ.
reformed, theology, biblical, exegesis, solas, christ, book, publishing, jesus
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fuquay-varina church of christ | followers of jesus christ
we are followers of jesus christ, the crucified and risen son of god. we want to be nothing more or less than undenominational christians who work and worship
community, faith, hope, love, christianity, religion, christ, jesus, bible, church
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iglesia bautista principe de paz | where jesus christ is lord and savior
where jesus christ is lord and savior
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antioch community ministries | a place where everybody is somebody and jesus christ is lord | a place where everybody is somebody and jesus christ is lord
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eternal life worship center
bring people into salvation through the lord jesus christ..bridging the gap between god and man through the love of jesus christ.
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word of hope international church :: home
we are word of hope. a ministry called to passionately love god and each other. we declare that every stronghold of the enemy be broken through our prayers, our worship, our works and our giving. we have divine favor & connections that will enable us to fulfill the plan of god for our lives & ministry.
worship, jesus, prayer, praise, holy, request, songs, spirit, sermons, online, gospel, audio, lord, church, christ, bible, ministry, prayers, song, verses
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word of hope international church :: home
we are word of hope. a ministry called to passionately love god and each other. we declare that every stronghold of the enemy be broken through our prayers, our worship, our works and our giving. we have divine favor & connections that will enable us to fulfill the plan of god for our lives & ministry.
worship, jesus, prayer, praise, holy, request, songs, spirit, sermons, online, gospel, audio, lord, church, christ, bible, ministry, prayers, song, verses
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anchored in him
anchored in him is a christian site filled with inspirational poems, stories, and testimonies that give hope and glorify our lord and savior, jesus christ, by his word.
anchored, faith, prayer, thoughts, friends, love, christian, fellowship, gift, salvation, jesus, baptist, religion, spiritual, truth, inspirations, stories, christ, gifts, hope
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church in lander, wy - grace reformed fellowship
in obedience to the lord jesus christ we are endeavoring to lead people to faith in jesus christ and to make disciples of him.
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new hope worship center
pentecostal church, worshiping our lord and savior jesus christ
spirit, jesus, holy, gospel, full, pentecostal
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home seaford baptist
seaford baptist church together we point to christ for what we preach is not ourselves, but jesus christ as lord, and ourselves as your servants for jesus
seaford, school, awana, salvation, hope, christian, youth, love, children, bible, newport, news, career, college, adult, single, jesus, yorktown, peninsula, county
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bethlehem baptist church - bethlehem baptist church - being disciples. making disciples. for the glory of our lord jesus christ!
a congregation of believers in the lord jesus christ in carthage, nc. cooperating with the southern baptist convention.
baptist, jesus, christ, church, southern, christian
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hilltop bible chapel
jesus christ is our savior we  believe jesus christ is the only way to heaven. he died on the cross for our  sins. eternal life in heaven cannot be earned by church membership, baptism, or  any other good works. it is a gift to be received by any who repent and trust  the lord jesus
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dayspring christian fellowship church in woodland park
we desire to see the people of god grow in the grace and knowledge of our lord, jesus christ. we invite you to come visit us for worship and fellowship, and whether you just come for a visit or make dayspring your church home, we pray that the lord jesus christ richly blesses you.
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ripe harvest ministries
a christian ministry devoted to reaching the world with the gospel of the lord jesus christ.
poems, saves, soul, saved, souls, hope, godslove, care, quotes, quote, audio, video, bible, family, gospel, mercy, love, ghost, holy, christ
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st. luke evangelical church | servants of the lord jesus christ
interested in joining a small group? full youth pastor/worship leader job description here we are a community of servants of the lord jesus christ. drop by or call us to let us know how we can serve you! sunday services: worship hours! 9:00 am - sunday school for all ages 10:00 am - worship service -- come
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less than after - christian rock band
south texas christian rock band less than after exists to see people come to know jesus. our heart is lead people to a place where they honestly and sincerely praise the creator of heaven and earth.
google, christ, jesus, christian, praise, lord, last, lyrics, apostle, amen, gospel, catholics, googl, aquarian, christians, words, sayings, rock, hits, abilene
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faith in his blood . org - welcome to faith in his blood . org
the lord jesus christ did all the work necessary to bring about the needed reconciliation between god and man, and salvation is a free gift from god!
holy, bible, jesus, king, james, ghost, spirit, christ, lord
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jesus christ - a relationship with god
jesus christ - who is he? discover the good news about jesus, that you can be forgiven and live forever through christ jesus. receive god's gift of salvation.
jesus, christ, salvation, christianity, gospel, heaven, what, fall, teachings, eternal, life
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newlife fellowship - altadena, california
multi-cultural family-oriented church in pasadena, california, usa - worship god, teach the word, live the life, share jesus
church, jesus, christ, praise, life, bible, study, holy, missions, lord, worship, holiness, other, each, friendship, hope, spirit, glorify, helping, hearts
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new hope baptist church of akron, ohio
a church where everyone experiences new hope through jesus christ.
religion, lord, jesus, holy, spirit, ohio, gospel, spiritual, hope, baptist, akron, church
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new hope baptist church | just another wordpress site
new hope baptist church welcomes you with the love of god in the name of our lord and savior jesus christ.come worship with pastor e ray cox sr.
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women walking wisely "as you have received christ jesus the lord, walk in him. " (colossians 3:15)
"as you have received christ jesus the lord, walk in him. " (colossians 3:15) (by cheryl marshall)
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home -
a multi-ethnic baptist church comprised of all nations with strong ties to the thai filipino lao chinese, and korean christian community. lifting up jesus as lord through worship & disciplining
church, jesus, korean, nations, christ, filipino, tampa, baptist, christian, bible, faith, disciplining, kingdom, worship, hope, life, truth, international, southern, thai
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church of christ at harlan
the church of christ at harlan greets you! as the body of christ here in harlan, we are trying our best to follow what jesus has set forth in his word.   we claim no lord but jesus christ.  we exercise only what authority we have been given according ...
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the warner sallman collection
the warner sallman collection at anderson university in anderson, indiana, contains about 200 original works by warner sallman, including head of christ, one of the most recognized images of christ produced in the 20th century.
christ, jesus, sallman, anderson, indiana, images, warner, religious, face, paintings, imagery, church, pictures, talk, christian, galleries, wilson, chalk, hearts, head
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women of the well ministry
our mission is to set an atmosphere of praise and worship for our lord and saviour jesus christ so the king of glory can come in
women, christ, jesus, ministry
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church of the lord jesus christ
church of the lord jesus christ. wilderness lighthouse
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great hope baptist church in carlisle, pa | as ye have therefore received christ jesus the lord, so walk ye in him: rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith… colossians 2:6-7
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welcome to the church of the open bible!
the church of the open bible is an independent, bible believing and teaching assembly located in the greater burlington woburn community. founded in 1884, cob is located just 12 miles outside of boston and directly off us highway i-95. our convenient location provides easy access from almost anywhere in the greater boston and southern new hampshire areas. we are a christ-centered, family-oriented body of believers seeking to glorify the lord jesus christ. our mission is to honor god by making and maturing disciples who together are becoming like the lord jesus christ.
open, bible, gospel, jesus, christ, discipleship, burlington, boston, area, woburn, church
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the church of the lord jesus christ of the apostolic faith
welcome to the church of the lord jesus christ of the apostolic faith web site! all are welcome!
apostolic, holy, ghost, baptism, repentance, jesus, church, revival, pentecostal, pentecost
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clinton first united methodist church
join us at clinton first united methodist church, 4th and blackman streets, clinton, in to worship the lord, god. our mission is to develop followers of jesus christ and our vision is: through jesus christ and our strong foundation, we will build a better tomorrow! we are a people open to all who want to grow in faith, love, and service.
group, methodist, bible, school, music, jesus, pastor, service, womens, wedding, christian, baptism, communion, protestant, united, youth, missions, worship, christ, praise
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church of christ in marysville - home
the 92nd street church of christ is a church of christ in marysville, wa. we are believers in the fact that jesus christ is our lord and savior. in addition to providing a following for our congragation we provide rents of our beautiful facilities.
halls, wedding, banquet, meeting, rentals, room, church, christ, christian, believers, jesus
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true church of jesus christ
welcome to true church of jesus christ it is our privilege to share with you the ministry that god has placed with in our spirits to invigorate, challenge and impact your life to renewed heights in the lord.
christian, counselling, marriage, councelling, study, bible, pentecostal, oneness, holy, spirit, jesus
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| love & faith chapel
lfc is a christ-centered church where you will find a community of people who exhibit love for one another and aspire to walk in faith as commanded by our lord and savior jesus christ.
christ, redemption, jesus, faith, gospel, christianity
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bible teachings
christian site presenting articles, books, confessions, etc., that reflect bible views on both doctrinal and practical areas of discipleship. these are written in a clear and simple style, supported by abundant scripture, so the lord can use his word to tell his own story.
testament, christ, lord, jesus, church, eternal, redemption, life, mennonite, mennonites, evidences, conservative, discipleship, truth, scripture, teachings, christian, studies, word, bible
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righteous ministries international |faith in jesus christ
righteous ministries international was created to bring the hope of jesus throughout the world. illuminating the darkness with faith in jesus christ.
amrine, salvation, ministries, faith, truth, righteous, righteousministriesinternational, italy, christ, gospel, april, hope, jesus
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apocalypse soon - announcing the return of jesus christ
red alert - up-to-date info on end times events this site deals with the that precede second coming of lord jesus christ, also known as apocalypse or revelation
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home - oklahoma district
welcome to the assemblies of the lord jesus christ, oklahoma district site
curt, christ, green, apostolic, pentecostal, jesus, lord, aljc, district, assemblies, oklahoma
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hope presbyterian church
centered in christ, sent in his love. this year as a church our emphasis is on sharing the story. jesus names us as his witnesses and ambassadors. he invests us with the incredible privilege and responsibility of telling the world who he is and how he loves us - that he is light and life, healer and hope, savior and lord.
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geyer road baptist church
geyer road baptist church is a southern baptist congregation, located in kirkwood, missouri. the mission of this church is the worship of god according to the teachings of the word of god, practicing the precepts and examples of the church of the lord jesus christ as set forth in the new testament, sustaining ordinances and doctrines, and to preaching personal faith in jesus christ as savior and lord.
geyer, baptist, jesus, woodbine, christ, missouri, southern, road, church, kirkwood
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lyrics for jesus | christian musics, videos, song lyrics for praise and worship our lord, jesus christ | home provides free english and indonesian christian musics, videos, song lyrics / gospel / church songs and resources to help praise and worship our lord, jesus christ.
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home -
we will use all the gifts, talents and resources we have to glorify god and reach people with the real message of hope we have found in our lord and savior jesus christ!
nations, recovery, missions, celebrate, addictions, people, conference, youth, savior, many, helping, pastors, first, music, ministry, christ, jesus, ministries, gathering, native
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sda hymnal | online church hymnal
music, jesus, christian, worship, christ, hymns, hymnal, sheet, lyrics, praise, bible, choir, lord, contemporary, love, free, choral, lover, soul, church
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unveilinglory - home
unveilinglory is a ministry committed to helping the body of christ discover the glory of the lord in new ways and to see his glory go to all the nations of the earth.
christ, jesus, glory, theology, sjogren, pray
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this website is for people who yearn to love and follow jesus christ as lord and bring our father maximum glory! the essence of kingdom living in union with jesus through his indwelling spirit. it's a way of life that's modeled on the obedient trust of abraham, the first hebrew
kingdom, lord, lordship, jesus, living, abraham, hebraic
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christian faith center
christ, jesus, youth, events, lord, hope, recovery, welcome, faith, love, celebrate
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emmanuel ministries international (emi) - flash intro
emmanuel ministries international - albuquerque, nm. declaring his glory among the nations. ministries bringing a message of salvation through jesus christ
christ, jesus, emmanuel, ministries, love, glory, into, ministry, power, releasing, albuquerque, international, kingdom, purpose, greater, life, your, discover, school, experience
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chad's hope - home
where hope begins . . . a christ centered program meeting the needs of men with addictions, by providing quality residential recovery care. in order to meet the unique needs of the students, chad’s hope teen challenge focuses on the men’s spiritual, mental and physical rehabilitation. the staff of chad’s hope believes that the only true change for people addicted to drugs and alcohol, comes through a relationship with jesus christ. day in and day out, men’s lives are transformed by the power of god. we call this the jesus factor.
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groton bible chapel - reflecting the lord jesus christ to a needy world
reflecting the lord jesus christ to a needy world
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grace evangelical free church - grace evangelical free church - home page
grace evangelical free church in davenport, iowa, is dedicated to helping people become authentic followers of jesus christ. bible inerrancy, sermons applicable for today, and music to help you worship are all offered.
jesus, christ, evangelical, jehovah, lord, inerrancy, free
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i draw jesus
beautiful pictures of jesus christ sketch art to help inspire your walk with god
jesus, christ, christian, artwork, draw, drawing, wallpaper, pictures, images
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anchorpoint radio
anchorpoint radio is a weekly radio program that promotes gospel awareness on 52 frequencies across canada as well as on satellite tv. its mission is to provoke deeper thought upon life's key issues and to offer the only sure answer to man's deepest need - the person and work of the lord jesus christ.
gospel, testament, christ, church, heaven, christian, cross, hell, going, sure, calvary, forgiveness, sermons, sins, hall, preaching, salvation, radio, teaching, messages
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christformation in you - home
christ, formation, christformation, ministries, jesus, spirit, faith, ministry, holy, lord, father, christian
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yonkton church of christ, yankton, sd
yankton church of christ is a congregation of the lord's church that seeks to edify and uplift those who are willing to spend some time with us. we offer static information as well as interactive services via e-mail, bible studies, and proactive informational text.
grace, angels, faith, hope, salvation, forgive, saved, heaven, religion, bible, church, christ, jesus
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light of hope evangelistic ministry - sharing god's love to those in need
light of hope evangelistic ministry primary focus is to love the lord our god and our neighbor as our self. then to minister the gospel of jesus christ thru evangelism and discipleship making as jesus commanded to the least of these in prison.
prison, stoltzfus, ministry, family, crusades, tours, amos, evangelistic, mifflinburg, hope, light, pennsylvania
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hope in christ church - albuquerque, new mexico
hope in christ church of albuquerque, new mexico
church, christ, hope, robbie, price, mexico, albuquerque, plaza, sandra, 1605, pastor, suite, blvd, tabo, juan, worship, christian, jesus, hicc, bible
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jesus is lord church worldwide
in the philippines, one christian church stands out for the testimony of its phenomenal growth: the jesus is lord (jil) church worldwide. jil church spiritual director and international president bro. eddie c. villanueva started jil in 1978 with 15 of his former college students; it has now grown its membership in more than 50 countries around the world, evangelizing all peoples of the world through teaching, preaching and living out the full gospel of the lord jesus christ!
churches, christian, church, again, born, manila, philippines, villanueva, batangas, pampanga, visayas, makati, ortigas, mindanao, worldwide, luzon, cebu, fellowship, salvation, phillipines
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good news for find peace with god footer
actsweb is a leading resource site for finding and knowing god, spiritual help, life help, as well as emotional and interpersonal relationships help, about jesus christ, about christianity and christian religion and much more. it is the first choice for all your spiritual questions and needs.
help, christian, religion, know, spiritual, jesus, bible, save, find, world, christ, inspirational, study, online, living, christianity, book, crusade, literature, question
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home page
jesus, christ, lord, holy, friendship, church, ministry, father, saved, sunday, baptist, lamb, almighty, kingdom, love, pray, jehovah, religion, preach, praise
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the official website of the united church of jesus christ apostolic, inc.
the united church of jesus christ apostolic, inc. is a christian ministry organization. our endeavor is to exalt our lord jesus christ and to provide resources to enrich and heal family relationships. we are committed to biblical faith teaching.
baltimore, maryland, apostolic, churches, pentecostal, ghost, holy, united, christ, holiness, jesus, church, james, acts, avenue, gorsuch, bishop, thornton
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hope lutheran church
hope lutheran church, clinton, maryland
christ, jesus, questions, doubt, community, spirituality, christian, hope, lutheran, church, faith, spiritual
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neill's creek baptist church is a community of christian believers committed to the lordship of jesus christ, and exists for the purpose of advancing god's kingdom through worshiping god, making disciples for jesus christ, and ministering to persons in need. for many years, we have been referred to as the “light on the hill” and that describes the relationship that we want to have with our community. it is our hope and prayer that everyone can look to us to shine the light of jesus christ to all those around us.
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welcome to the website of bible baptist church.  we are an independent, fundamental, mission-minded baptist church.  we believe and preach from the king james bible 1611.  we strive to fulfill the great comission of our lord jesus christ through a worldwide mission program, bus ministry, and door-to-door visitation. we hope this website is helpful and informative for you. if you are looking for a church home in franklin county, indiana, or are visiting our area for only a short time, we would love to welcome you to our services!
christ, bible, jesus, county, indiana, metamora, franklin, baptist, james, church, king
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ignite church- richmond
with the inspiration of the lord jesus christ, this website is geared to ignite faith, hope, love, into family, friends, and community
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the living word bride church. contending for the faith.
welcome to the living word bride church's website. stay and have a look around. we guarantee that you'll find something inspirational! our heart's desire is to help you draw closer to god through his son the lord jesus christ. we have no creed but christ and no law but love. we believe that almighty god sent a message to the world through a man name william m. branham. god vindicated this humble servant with signs and wonders not seen since the times of the lord jesus. just like a bride needs a wedding garment and must be ready for the
church, spirit, message, bible, gospel, full, word, love, bride, life, gifts, come, king, manifested, preachers, interdenominational, denomination, divine, agapo, righteousness
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new hope baptist church in brooksville
new hope baptist church web site-the purpose of this church shall be the teaching and preaching of the word of god, the winning of the lost to jesus christ, and the spreading of the gospel in all the earth.
melissa, crossings, elliott, ernie, norman, revival, couch, faithful, graham, hope, christ, baptist, church, billy, moon, sunshine, jesus
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follow lord jesus | the teachings of lord jesus
follow lord jesus's teachings, recieve gods holy spirit, be forgiven and inherit eternal life in gods kingdom forever.
jesus, follower, teachings, follow
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international gospel church of christ minisitres, inc.
the international gospel church of christ ministries has been providing a place of worship for the community and spreading the gospel of our lord jesus christ.
jesus, orville, wright, international, igcoc, christ, church, gcoc, gospel, bishop
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victory church in new albany, mississippi is a part of the assemblies of the lord jesus christ. our campus offers to the public a church, daycare, academy, and a thrift store.
christian, daycare, small, family, kids, groups, praise, sunday, store, worship, christ, upci, pentecostal, school, assembly, lord, church, jesus, thrift
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victory church in new albany, mississippi is a part of the assemblies of the lord jesus christ. our campus offers to the public a church, daycare, academy, and a thrift store.
christian, daycare, small, family, kids, groups, praise, sunday, store, worship, christ, upci, pentecostal, school, assembly, lord, church, jesus, thrift
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kenosha amigos en cristo iglesia del nazareno | kenosha, wi
amigos en cristo iglesia hispana del nazareno is located in kenosha, wisconsin. we have the desire to impact your life in a way that you leave our temple feeling differently than when you came in. and through the grace that our lord jesus christ has granted us, may we be of great help for the spiritual growth of each individual. we encourage you to come and join us to each service that we provide. god deserves at least one day from our busy week.
hope, despair, cristo, christ, jesus, spanish, love, church, kenosha
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christ community church: ashburn, va church
christ community church, located in ashburn, va. you, me, christ. living life together. pastor jeff good. christ community church is a christ-centered, biblically based evangelical church in ashburn, va, committed to sharing and demonstrating the love, forgiveness and grace of the lord jesus christ. we are one of many great ashburn va churches but we hope you will visit us and find something special here. we are committed to meeting the needs of families in ashburn, brambleton, broadlands, washington, dc and around the world through our missionary partners. if you are looking for a church in ashburn va, wed love to have you join us.
brambleton, broadlands, youth, virginia, church, ashburn, christ
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findanswers4life is dedicated to answering life's most important questions. our mission is to reveal god's plan of salvation through faith in jesus christ. religions are based on performance while christianity is based on receiving christ as a gift apart from any human effort. god offers this free gift of eternal life in love. he longs to be in relationship with us and is the only true source of peace, hope and lasting joy. trusting in the cross and the blood payment to forgive all our sins releases every believer from sin and condemnation. this is the good news of the gospel of jesus christ!
heaven, jesus, christ, questions, life, answers, truth, hope, love, christian
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an association of churches & ministries - home
kingdom league international is an association of churches, ministries and ministers passionate about presenting the gospel of the kingdom of our lord jesus christ in power with character.
minister, mobilization, churches, ministers, clergy, comissioning, ordination, training, church, lord, christ, jesus, league, army, taylor, kingdom
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christian, lord of the harvest church home
lord of the harvest church exists to preach the gospel and reach this generation with the good news of god's salvation through the blood of jesus christ.
salvation, through, blood, christ, jesus, church, fundamentalist, full, gospel, christian
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the new holy bible
the new holy bible, it supercedes and it replaces the old holy bible, the torah, and the koran.
jesus, christ, lord, metatron, enoch, yahweh, bible, messiah, dreher, coming, second, shekinah, mark, holy
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the church of jesus christ - the restored gospel of jesus christ - your spiritual home for a faith-centered life
the church of jesus christ is rooted in the truth of the restored gospel of jesus christ and god’s vision for mankind as communicated through scripture.
christ, jesus, gospel, spirit, church, restored
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the church of jesus christ - the restored gospel of jesus christ - your spiritual home for a faith-centered life
the church of jesus christ is rooted in the truth of the restored gospel of jesus christ and god’s vision for mankind as communicated through scripture.
christ, jesus, gospel, spirit, church, restored
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hope in jesus
an non-denominational church based purely on the word of god that aim for perfection, as a part of the body of christ.the almighty god started the ministry hope in jesus in the year 1989 by giving a miraculous healing to bro.s.j manomohan when a terrible disease which doctors could not diagnose affected him. he was miraculously healed by a prayer from jesus calls prayer tower at madras and the presence of holy spirit came upon him.the small prayer group started in 1989 was anointed by the holy spirit as a ministry, leading thousands of people to salvation, healing, deliverance and anointing of the holy ghost in various parts of the nation and even outside the country. some of those who received deliverance and healing came back to support the ministry. thus the lord helped us to extend the boundaries and finally became a registered religious charitable trust by name hope in jesus as guided by the lord.pastor anish mano stephen
mano, hope, live, anish, stephen, jesus, videos, worship, hopeinjesus, channel, justus, selvaraj, binu, united, mohan, pastor, sunday, youtube, ministries, livewebtvchannel
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christ our king church
we are joined as one body of believers where jesus christ is the head of the church and the word of god is the final authority.
ricks, church, ohio, robin, children, central, family, messages, help, christian, lord, christ, cokc, king, bellefontaine, jesus, pastor
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jesus is coming
jesus is coming to the earth. this site gives everybody the opportunity to be ready!
christian, jesus, christianity, lord, religion, savior, christ
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jesus name united pentecostal church
jesus name united pentecostal church is a church serving colorado city texas and the surrounding mitchell county area. we are a family of believers that worship the lord jesus christ in spirit and in truth. we enjoy serving the lord in worship, music, praise, preaching, bible study, prayer and obedience to his word.
pentecostal, texas, bible, baptism, ghost, holy, christ, jesus, spirit, scripture, lord, west, evangelism, preaching, study, oneness, school, upci, united, colorado
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ex-catholics for christ - spreading the gospel of jesus christ!
ex-catholics for christ is a father and son ministry, devoted to reaching roman catholics and others with the true and glorious gospel of the lord jesus christ, throughout the world. as bible believing christians, we also go on the streets to preach, pass out tracts and even distribute free king james bibles.
christ, james, bible, repentance, king, videos, mormons, saved, witnesses, born, united, kingdom, cults, preaching, street, again, testimony, teaching, christian, gospel
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christ church cincy preaching repentance toward god and faith in our lord jesus christ
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christ fellowship church - home
christ fellowship church is dedicated to helping people experience the love, hope, help, and life of jesus christ.
fellowship, christ, christian, help, 20905, cloverly, religion, church, jesus, silver, spring, faith
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what does jesus want ?
educational web site
creator, christ, jesus, lord
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petit valley church of the nazarene | beacon of hope in jesus christ
beacon of hope in jesus christ
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crosscountry church - home
crosscountry church exists to honor god by developing fully devoted followers of jesus christ, through worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and missions.
celebrate, jesus, christ, life, recovery, groups, youth, students, lord, children, ministry, school, sunday, verse, live, praise, worship, baptist, music, bible
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lights 4 christ
lights 4 christ is run by jr & heather vogtman in kennewick, washington to remind others out there that christmas is all about our lord & saviour jesus christ
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the jesus christ show
the jesus christ show is interactive radio theater designed to teach people about themselves and the historical person of jesus.
jesus, christ, neil, show, saavedra
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philosophies of strawberry shortcake growing in grace and the knowledge of our lord and savior, jesus christ
growing in grace and the knowledge of our lord and savior, jesus christ (by strawberry short cake)
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central baptist church - palmyra, nj
central baptist church is part of the unfolding of the "greatest story ever told" – the gospel of jesus christ.  we invite all to come and discover this fellowship, and to become part of our shared journey as we follow jesus.  we hope you encounter the lord who conquered sin and death, and are transformed
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abbe road baptist church|bible-based|family oriented|christ magnified
we are committed to helping people come to know jesus as their personal lord and savior, and to walk alongside them as they grow and mature.
choir, truth, widows, children, bible, jesus, christ, awana
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abbe road baptist church|bible-based|family oriented|christ magnified
we are committed to helping people come to know jesus as their personal lord and savior, and to walk alongside them as they grow and mature.
choir, truth, widows, children, bible, jesus, christ, awana
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redeemer revival ministries/redeemer church
at revivalwaters, our focus is to lift jesus up that he might draw all men unto himself. we know from the word of god in hab. 2:14, that "the knowledge of the glory of the lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea." in order for that day to fully dawn, multitudes of souls must be won to the kingdom of god, while, at the same time, as the bride of christ, the church is to be looking for the appearing of our lord in the "catching away of the saints, " or the rapture. his plan for the end of this age will be fulfilled in his way, while we are fellowshipping and enjoying the glories of heaven with him. teaching, preaching, and missions are the areas into which the lord has directed us. our greatest desire is to glorify the lord and to do the will of the father. carl and betty seiley
bridegroom, christ, bride, song, solomon, souls, winning, teaching, rapture, holy, glory, revival, christian, faith, jesus, missions, evangelism, spirit
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epworth umc
grace to you and peace from god our father and the lord jesus christ (ephesians 1:2 nrsv). we are so glad you have found us. we are a united methodist congregation who gather to worship god, celebrate the sacraments, and grow in faith. we invite you to join us for any of the fun and exciting ministries that go on here.
morning, mothers, traditional, contemporary, nurture, grace, united, children, faith, hope, forgiven, safe, worship, jesus, methodist, christ, epworth, preschool, daycare, love
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sunset church of christ | jesus christ is lord of all creation!
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peniel atlanta
come and join us praising our lord and god jesus christ, saviour and migthy god
miller, annointing, spirit, holy, emmanuel, ministries, resurrection, kingdom, christian, peniel, papi, jesus, christ, john, love
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freedomhouse ministries | sharing the gospel of jesus christ because it sets people free!
the spirit of the lord god is upon me, because the lord has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners; isaiah 61:1 (nasb) our vision . . . our vision is for lost people to encounter jesus as he presented himself in the
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one disciple to another
introduction to all the teachings of jesus christ. the need to hear jesus christ as teacher is important for every christian. it isn't so much what would jesus do, but what did jesus say.
christ, word, light, jesus, truth, church, faith, salt, world, mormon, teachings, abide, doctrine
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bubc | welcome
baptist union baptist church, dillwyn va - believers united by christ
baptist, jesus, christ, bible, christian, church, heaven, salvation, commandments, prayer, lord, testament, faith, holy, hell, dillwyn, evangelism, union, dating, grace
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the berean experience home
we welcome and greet you in the name of our lord and savior, jesus christ. our mission is to glorify god, make disciples for jesus christ and empower them through the holy spirit to live the abundant life.
berean, expereince, byron, benton, raleigh, baptist, church
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teaching the way to jesus christ
this ministry teaching the way to jesus christ is strictly dedicated to the teachings of jersus christ and getting his gospel out to the world according to his ways. bringing the lost souls to jesus christ and teaching other christians the true jesus christ of the bible is the #1 priority of this ministry!
christ, jesus, christian, ministry, kansas, committed, america, about, teaching, christians, city, information, united, teachings, states, midwest, north, faithful
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a church in warrenton - a church in warrenton
we are just a family of believers (a church) who live in and around warrenton, virginia who are part of christ's body (the church). our heart cry is for others to come to know for themselves our lord and savior jesus christ. therefore, our only focus is
jesus, love, christ, congregation, mercy, grace, churches, loving, prayer, freedom, life, warrenton, faith, kingdom, savior, believers, believer, virginia, christian, church
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victory family chiropractic – but thanks be to god, who gives us the victory through our lord jesus christ. 1 corinthians 15:57
but thanks be to god, who gives us the victory through our lord jesus christ. 1 corinthians 15:57
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2015 lionlamb northwest arkansas music festival
2015 lionlamb is a music festival that aims to emphasize the beautiful diversity of the church in an ecumenical spirit of unity by bringing together christians of all faiths to function as one body under one lord, the lord jesus christ.
christian, music, artists, lionlamb, arkansas, bands, festival, concert, live
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shiloh baptist church | home
a church of the lord jesus the christ.
cheeks, christ, jesus, virginia, churches, tysons, corner, mclean, shiloh, baptist, church, northern, pastor, christian
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disciples of jesus christ church apostolic faith
we are the disciples of jesus christ church - apostolic faith we have started this website to bring more people closer to our lord jesus christ. we are here to answer questions and provide information that may help guide you on your journey. if you have any questions feel free to email anyone on our contact list. please sign our guest book and let us know that you were here. we have two services a week, you can find the days and times on our home page.
contacts, services, verses, bible
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welcome to kenai lake baptist church
church, christian, life, love, christ, jesus, saved, baptist, salvation, ministry, worship, meaning, landing, cooper, site, bible, services, find, cross, prayer
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new hope christian church (disciples of christ) - oklahoma city oklahoma
official website of new hope christian church, in southwest oklahoma city. this site is about providing basic information about what is going on, and what we are all about as a congregation. it is going to be used by members as something that will keep them informed, and to let people who are interested in our congregation know what we are all about and what is going on.
church, hope, christ, christian, oklahoma, liberal, city, disciples, theology, spirit, postmodern, jesus, baptism, bible, life, creation, redemption, sinner, filled, holy
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bear creek baptist church in hubert, north carolina is currently under the care of interim pastor o. s. sandy bain. we are thriving, growing and continue our commitment to serving the lord by loving others, standing firm on biblical truth and helping one another to grow in relationship with jesus christ. please come and join us in prayer and fellowship!
hope, preschool, ministry, children, marriage, youth, addictions, freedom, from, vacation, minstry, team, kids, bible, school, gospel, depression, sandy, bane, southern
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my brother jesus
as we journey through life, it is important to grow closer to our lord, and recognize that heaven is our goal. nothing in this world will bring us true freedom, it is only found in christ jesus our lord.
church, catholic, pfeifer, forks, brother, mybrotherjesus, jesus, grand, neil, homilies, holy, spirit, diocese, fargo
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restoration worship center - springfield, ma —
in a season where hope, happiness, and peace, are not easily found, rwc is devoted in demonstrating to springfield, ma and the surrounding vicinities that jesus christ, our lord, is the answer.
serrano, jesus, music, m411, church, candy, springfield, restoration, worship
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welcome to faith church - faith church of grayslake
faith church of grayslake, committed to helping you take the next step on your spiritual journey, and making mature followers of jesus christ.
faith, signing, deaf, jesus, service, church, grayslake, spiritual, christ, sovereign, regeneration, repentance, renewal, righteousness, lord, sacrifice, thorwall, celebrate, recovery, drew
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come lord jesus home
lord, recipes, quilting, jesus, holidays, jewish, neighbor, christmas, crafts, chrisitian, christian, love, january, thoughts, inspritaional, devotional, come, bible, devotion, watchman
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171 - home
our lady of hope is a welcoming catholic community of faith in jesus christ, inspired by the holy spirit and guided by mary. through the gospel and celebrating the sacraments, we are called to serve.
catholic, jesus, parish, hope, lady, spirit, christ, shores, clair, mary, community, school, church, christian, faith, saint, father
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campus view church of christ - our mission: equipping spirit led, missional disciples of jesus christ to go throughout the world. know, grow, go! - home
campus view church describes a gathering of the followers of jesus who seek to know god and his ways more deeply, to grow in their understanding and practice of jesus’ ways, and to go courageously into every sphere of their lives in concert with the spi
church, georgia, view, followers, jesus, campus, christian, christ, athens, student, center
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celebrating the word of the lord in lansdowne pa
the anointed tabernacle of praise is a ministry chosen by god to empower believers to fulfill their purpose and experience the saving power of our lord and savior jesus christ.
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home : seventh-day adventist church at kinderhook valatie ny
welcome to the seventh-day adventist church at kinderhook, new york. the emphasis of our church is to provide an environment of love, care and acceptance, reflecting the character and ministry of jesus christ to the needs of individuals and families within our community.
sabbath, review, living, adventist, multi, christian, jesus, christ, amazing, lord, cares, worship, word, heaven, faith, praise, happiness, mercy, love, saves
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first baptist church|worship service|145 s. main st, greenville, ky
this is a house of god where people come together to worship jesus christ as our lord and savior
lord, worship, father, jesus, greenville, heaven, church
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the church of unity in christ
we who belong to the church of unity in christ believe that the beauty of this truth begins at the moment of birth.
christ, prayer, lord, sunday, sermon, school, jesus, ministry, balch, springs, church
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end times prophecy, current events, christian symbols, numerology -
focusing on end times prophecy including the rapture, the mark of the beast (666), the antichrist, global government, and the second coming of the lord and saviour jesus christ. symbols, events, numerology, and news.
jeremiah, isaiah, daniel, revelation, spirit, ezekiel, matthew, thessalonians, corinthians, holy, scriptures, lord, saviour, coming, second, times, jesus, christ, studies, bible
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the lighthouse fellowship - home
we are desirous of seeing the gospel of jesus christ proclaimed into all the world. in addition as a fellowship we want to see believer's lives continually being transformed by the power of the holy spirit through the proper teaching and preaching of god's word.
jesus, christ, what, today, will, church, truth, love, there, hope, children, hurting, great, come, care, evolution, world, does, anyone, created
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jesus is lord ministries | paul david silway
jesus is lord ministries is a holy spirit filled part of the body of christ spearheaded by ps. paul david silway, anointed pastor and teacher, in pune &
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message of peace church - south san francisco, california
message of peace is a community of believers that exists to share the good news of christ, to bring people to worship god, to grow according to god"s word,
church, hope, francisco, assemblies, area, baptist, millbrae, burlingame, mateo, peninsula, community, message, christ, jesus, lord, bible, worship, fellowship, believer, religion
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great hope christian fellowship - great hope christian fellowship
we are a non-denominational church sharing the word of god to help people change their lives for a deeper walk with the lord, giving him the glory.
hope, christian, religion, life, journey, purple, jesus, holy, relationship, myghcf, fellowship, church, great, lord, videos
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christ's sanctified holy church-holiness unto the lord
christ sanctified holy church - holiness unto the lord! come worship in the beauty of holiness. sanctify them by thy truth, thy word is truth. no creed but christ, no law but love, no guide but the bible.
holy, north, raleigh, forgiven, second, coming, hell, born, cross, ghost, heaven, again, baptism, redemption, redeemed, father, propitiation, saved, baptize, trinity
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jesus christ, restoration church of jesus christ of latter day saints home
the restoration church of jesus christ of latter day saints was established in april 1991 to continue the work of spreading the gospel of jesus christ.
mormon, book, restoration, christ, jesus
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the coming rapture of the church
this website describes what will happen in the future based on biblical teachings. jesus christ is king of kings and lord of lords. come to find out the truth in gods' word.
jesus, tribulation, again, biblical, born, saved, future, children, scripture, jerusalem, christ, trinity, israel, prophecy, bible, holy, spirit, messiah, church, great
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socastee baptist church
socastee baptist church located in socastee south carolina. our mission is to develop and equip believers who will engage in the great commission of our lord jesus christ
programs, socastee, childrens, training, choirs, awana, good, reach, youth, street, club, news, discipleship, school, carolina, south, church, baptist, myrtle, beach
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disciples in christ - home - wynne, ar
iris latonya shalonda saving souls for the kingdom of heaven we are disciples in christ its not about us is all about jesus
disciples, christ, jesus, jehovah, organization, religion, conway, ministry, gospel, religious
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the church in san francisco - lovers of jesus affiliated with local churches, watchman nee, witness lee (splash page)
a local church, the church in san francisco, enjoys christ and recommends the ministry of witness lee, watchman nee.
recovery, local, christians, witness, watchman, version, campus, church, churches, christ, bible, spirit, holy, jesus, living, ministry, stream, believers, fellowship, testimony
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welcome to oseiandosei
osei and osei psalm 23 king james version (kjv) 23 the lord is my shepherd; i shall not want. 2 he maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. 3 he restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. 4 yea, though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 5 thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 6 surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and i will dwell in the house of the lord for ever.
christ, jesus, hell, heaven, consulting, osei
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pillar of hope temple of deliverance - a message of hope
a christian church that shares the message of hope
hope, pillar, worship, christian, jesus, christ, church, sunday, quotes, service, deliverance, gospel, thoughts, sayings, scriptures, bible, philadelphia, hours, services, temple
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juig! tydskrif | christelike familielewe | afrikaans magazine | christian news | christen nuus | jesus christ
joy magazine is a christian family living magazine focused on christian news, eductaion, information and the application of jesus christ in all areas of life.
christian, magazine, worldview, christ, jesus, faith, biblical, promoting, unity, spiritual, lord, informing, online, living, family, news, statement, bible, educating
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new hope church - splash page
new hope church ministries seeks to touch people with the message of god's love, bring the awe of god back into the church, and transform lives through the supernatural power of the holy spirit.
church, hope, holy, ministry, spirituality, nondenominational, youth, service, gospel, salvation, school, pastor, prayer, healing, truth, christ, jesus, christianity, savior, lord
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home page
draw god's people into a deep relationship with jesus christ, to save the lost, heal the broken, promote unity and fellowship between the members of his body, the church and to equip the believers to do the work of the ministry through discipleship and to provide a way for others to serve god. to minister to the needs of family, marriages, single adults and youth. we will be known for the love, compassion and mercy we demonstrate to each other and to strangers.
spirit, mankind, holy, christ, lord, heaven, savior, jesus, pray, texas, counseling, christian, church, paso, love, marriage, ministry, fellowship, family, hope
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easter bunny pics quotes wallpapers greeting cards images -
on this day, christians celebrate the resurrection of the lord, jesus christ. according to christians scripture, jesus took rebirth after the third day of his death. the death of jesus christ by excruciation is memorialized on good friday. good friday is the friday that lies just before easter.
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welcome to the frontpage
lord jesus christ the alpha and the omega; lord jesus christ the way the truth and the life;the alpha - the new coepa website; the coptic orthodox electronic publishing australia;h. h. pope shenouda iii booksfather tadros malaty boo father dawoud lamie sermon collectionchristian orthodox books free downloadscoptic christian orthodox books free downloadscoptic orthodox hymnsdr. ragheb moftah
orthodox, lord, booksfather, free, books, alpha, christ, jesus, malaty, dawoud, tadros, lamie, downloadscoptic, christian, shenouda, collectionchristian, sermon, downloads, publishing, truth
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fort dick bible church
fort dick bible church is where we rejoice in jesus christ the lord. he is our savior and redeemer
christ, forgiveness, sins, word, jesus, bible, fortdickbible
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christ the lord lutheran church - christ the lord home
christ the lord lutheran church
wels, twin, cities, church, grove, cottage, christ, lord, lutheran
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christ fellowship...a fellowship of faith, hope, praise, and worship in christ...
christ fellowship is a fellowship of faith, hope, praise and worship located on n. three notch road in ringgold, georgia. we meet on sunday mornings & evenings, in addition we also meet on wednesday evenings for a simple supper and bible study. everyone is welcome. please join us as we worship the lord together.
georgia, bible, greater, chattannoga, three, notch, demoninational, north, coming, rapture, ringgold, battlefield, parkway, church, catoosa, nondenominational, protestant, second, small, congregation
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blessed hope chapel | simi valley, california | a non-denominational church
blessed hope chapel is a christ-centered non-denominational fellowship committed to leading people into an authentic and growing relationship with jesus christ.
church, worship, denominational, simi, valley, churches, christian, evangelical, blessed, hope, christ, jesus, lead, rock, places, sunday, religious, presence, schimmel, nondenominational
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victory baptist church, douglasville, ga where faith triumphs through the lord jesus christ
victory baptist church, pastor james h. cook, jr., 4414 state highway 92 & 166, city of douglasville, douglas county, georgia, 30135-5118, u.s.a., 770-942-5062, is a conservative, bible believing, southern baptist family of faith experiencing and expressing the vibrant love and victorious life of the lord jesus christ with our community and world.
douglasville, cook, james, victroy, chruch, saeved, bibel, pastor, babtist, love, georgia, church, baptist, help, salvation, victory, christ, bible, jesus, grace
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one in christ ministries
we teach the content of the scripture, in its context
apologetic, theology, lord, jesus, christ, gospel, teaching, ministry, bible, study, christian
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living way foursquare church - we believe that our calling to this community is easy to follow, "a simple devotion to the lord jesus christ"
we believe that our calling to this community is easy to follow, "a simple devotion to the lord jesus christ"
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the way of hope : welcome!
the way of hope is a gathering of godly people in the community who have chosen to unite with one another in love and fellowship! as members of the body of christ, we are the church, therefore, we seek to glorify god in all that we do, united in christ!
ministry, volunteers, support, missionaries, agape, love, serve, fellowship, gathering, hope, missions, commission, father, heavenly, christ, holy, spirit, great, unity, christian
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mannahouse church (acc) - making disciples of the lord jesus christ through gathering, training and releasing.
making disciples of the lord jesus christ through gathering, training and releasing.
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greenville first christian church, churches in greenville, nc, disciples of christ, greenville nc churches
all are welcome - affiliated with the christian church in the united states and canada sunday worship. first christian church is called to share the word of god by living god's peace - people who love god and each other, emphasis on god through jesus christ, all are welcome, compassion for all, engage in building the community of faith through jesus christ
church, greenville, christ, christians, eastern, churches, sunday, worship, disciples, christian, religion, carolina, lord, noth, jesus, street, 14th, first, savior
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north town church of christ, mcalester, ok is a growing congregation of all kinds of loving people.
at the north town church of christ in mcalester, oklahoma you will find a welcoming atmosphere designed to encourage your walk with our lord and savior jesus christ.
christ, congregation, bible, christians, north, town, savior, mcalester, oklahoma, jesus, church, share
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jesus tag ministry
finding jesus for yourself.
forgiveness, lord, suicide, heaven, encouragement, believer, hope, faith, acceptance, salvation
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the god for god experience. all are welcome here. tools from the word of god to help you taste and see that the lord is good.
loving, lord, jesus, system, marking, bible, coming, christ, publications, second, preparation, three, messages, heaven, thinks, awesome, love, things, think, these
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boulder valley church of christ - boulder valley church of christ
at boulder valley, we are committed to making it easier for you to come to church to experience great worship, encouraging messages, friendly people and an enjoyable atmosphere. part of this commitment involves answering some of your questions even before
church, boulder, christ, christian, faith, jesus, serving, superior, valley, community, lafayette, louisville, outreach, lord, fellowship, action
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home - believers victory international church
believers' victory international church. we are a growing family church on the move and on the rise. a ministry of faith, hope and love, exalting the name of our lord and savior jesus christ.
faith, bible, worship, praise, filled, spirit, sermons, evangelism, studies, study, school, outreach, sunday, word, mueller, hope, gordon, california, torrance, love
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home - christ apostolic church - tampa
christ apostolic church tampa bay florida was established in 1999 and we extend a hand of fellowship to you to come and experience the goodness of our lord if you do not know him yet, and to keep the faith if you do.
ministry, lord, jesus, christian, fellowship, florida, apostolic, church, tampa, christ
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new hope church (new hope church)
new hope is a passionate and exciting church located in port coquitlam, bc. we hope you'll join us this sunday for modern music, a powerful bible study that applies to your life, and a great kids program!
church, teaching, preaching, jesus, coquitlam, adults, port, young, vancouver, children, families, lower, faith, messiah, scripture, lord, christ, spirituality, mainland, music
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the church of jesus christ - home
the church of jesus christ
jesus, christ, holiness, apostolic, name, pentecostal, oneness, church
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who is a disciplined disciple of the lord jesus christ(series of 4 ebooks) divine connexions of christ | who is a disciplined disciple of the lord jesus christ(series of 4 ebooks) divine connexions of christ
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hope river church of god - welcome!
hope river is a new church in the jersey shore, pa area. god is doing exciting things at hope river church. join us as we find hope in christ and spread that hope to the community.
worship, bible, clinton, lycoming, ministry, prayer, service, hope, student, children, pennsylvania, church, spirit, christ, jesus, williamsport, lock, shore, jersey, haven
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rantoul church of christ
the church of christ in rantoul is the church you can find in the new testament. it is guided and run by the precepts set forth in the bible. the new testament is the sole authority for the church of christ.
spanish, chamberlain, testament, illinois, wayne, christ, church, lord, sing, pray, services, worship, jesus, supper, preacher, evangelist, help, building, bread, wine
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in christ bible study - home
who am i in christ. a complete in christ jesus website for everything you need to learn what it means to be in christ.
christ, creation, teaching, bible, jesus, study
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official bible resources - your resource for god's biblical truth has over 10, 000 pages revealing the lord god, his son jesus christ, and his biblical truth behind bible verses. includes articles written by betty miller co-founder of, daily bible devotional, bible answers to your bible questions, bible study and bible search tools.
bible, lord, truth, faith, biblical, verses, christ, information, christian, daily, where, jesus, search, questions, devotional, answers, official
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redeemed and delivered |home
welcome to redeemed and delivered church. church whose primary focus is spreading the gospel of jesus christ and helping their fellow man
christ, church, believers, jesus, lord, fellowship, bikers, christian
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home - holy trinity lutheran church - port angeles, wa
we hope you will come and hear god's word, receive god's gifts and join us in sharing the good news of jesus christ and join us in doing god's work.
christ, jesus
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cornerstone community church - wisconsin rapids wisconsin
we are a holy spirit filled, pentecostal/charismatic church. and we solely exist to proclaim that jesus christ is lord, preaching the word of faith!
wisconsin, jesus, deliverence, love, charismatic, healing, salvation, praise, worship, anointing, power, bible, faith, word, community, church, cornerstone, lord, rapids, pentecostal
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bath nc - st clair's church of christ, churches in bath, nc, bath nc churches
we are a family working to grow together in the faith, love, and wisdom of jesus christ. we strive to only serve him as he is our high priest and only mediator between man and god the father.
bath, church, christ, sunday, worship, eastern, churches, christians, noth, carolina, jesus, savior, lord, youth, christian, religion, upward, washington, ministry
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bellevue church
bellevue church is a bible believing, globally focused, community based, loving, caring, welcoming, christ centered gathering place.
church, bellevue, jesus, christ, foursquare, gathering, community, place, washington, lord
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woodlands bible church - home
welcome to woodlands bible church we are a church dedicated to teaching the truth of god's word. we are a place of worship, learning and fellowship. the lord jesus christ is central and the glory of god is our deepest desire as we meet together to honor h
woodlands, church, jesus, bible, salvation, smith, christ, pastor, darrell
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singapore bible baptist church - singapore bible baptist church
singapore bible baptist church. our founder is the lord jesus christ. we are a local assembly of christ - a church for the new millennium, adapting to our times while anchored to our christ.
tithes, christ, faith, testimony, testament, witness, jesus, salvation, fundamental, baptist, bible, church, missionary, gospel, missions, singapore
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jesus christ is lord
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jesus christ is lord
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jesus christ is lord
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new hope baptist church
new hope baptist church is a great place to worship and learn more about jesus christ. we are a bible teaching and praying community.
christ, pell, city, jesus, bible, church, cogswell, baptist
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trinity reformed church, cape coral, florida
trinity reformed church, cape coral, florida. an assembly of believers united in jesus christ our lord and savior.
sunday, study, bible, worship, service, school, group, youth, lord, cape, church, reformed, coral, christ, jesus, florida, trinity
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valley center christian church
valley center christian church, valley center, kansas 316-755-1233
center, valley, christ, church, kansas, jesus, with, purpose, congregation, which, other, christian, properties, express, lost, practices, winning, para, cooperate, churches
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peace of jesus ministry
peace of jesus ministry works to bring the gospel of christ to the nations. the ministry is led by a.s.v.robin, who has nearly thirteen years of profound experience in doing the lord's ministry.
peace, jesus, programme, televison, request, samadanam, yesuvin, prayer
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good news dispatch
good news dispatch, a resource for those seeking to learn more about jesus christ, featuring videos by gayle erwin and zola levitt.
gayle, erwin, jesus, holy, christ, spirit, rapture, trinity, hell, heaven, lord, satan, israel, commandments, righteous, life, afterlife, eternal, evangelism, witness
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new hope presbyterian pca church in olathe brings jesus christ glory.
new hope presbyterian pca church in olathe, ks gives god glory and unites the followers of jesus christ by fostering spiritual growth in the community and to the ends of the earth.
church, olathe, glory, prespiterian, hope
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the redemption mission
spreading the word of our lord jesus christ to sinners where they are...out on the streets!
lake, erie, northeast, cleveland, sinners, savior, salvation, ohio, tracts, witnessing, streets, city, gospel, jesus, lord, christian, ministry, mission, christianity, word
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235 - a christian ministry to both the born and pre-born, whose primary ministry is to the church of our lord jesus christ. 2chr 7:14
on calvary’s cross, where you and i were ransomed, jesus christ measured out his blood equally for each one of us. not a drop more or a drop less of his blood was for a white man or black man, a male or female, old or young, retarded, crippled, blind, deaf, dumb or precious baby in the womb. he paid an eternal life for each one of us, and that was "while we were yet sinners, christ loved us and gave himself for us" (rom 5:8).
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woodlawn presbyterian church
woodlawn presbyterian church, located in hopewell, va, would like to invite you to come join in the worship of jesus christ our lord. we offer church school and a worship service every sunday morning, as well as a christian preschool where your child can develop their social and preschool skills in a christian environment.
woodlawn, education, church, presbyterian, sunday, jesus, christ, preschool, christian, learn, choir, fellowship, preacher, confirmation, christmas, communion, baptism, easter, family, pastor
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healing, god, illness, cancer, lupus, jehovah, rapha, jesus, salvation, eternal life
healing, with, cancer, panic, lord, salvation, battle, scriptures, attack, jesus, depression, heals, deliverance, healer, your, batter, rapha, incurable, attacks, christ
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mt olive lutheran church - home
mt. olive lutheran church is a community of caring christian people who are committed to serving our lord and savior jesus christ, our community, congregation, families and you.
school, antonio, after, christ, schoolers, worship, jesus, savior, early, childhoo, faith, children, lent, lord, care, bible, mount, vacation, request, olive
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sardis presbyterian church - charlotte, north carolina
the mission of sardis presbyterian church in charlotte, nc is to glorify god as we seek to live, express and faithfully demonstrate the great commandment and great commission of our lord, jesus christ.
church, charlotte, presbyterian, jesus, lord, christ, engine, discipleship, expression, commandments, service, north, churches, carolina, worship, evangelism, sardis, fellowship
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community bible church
reformed bible church in monmouth county, new jersey ? teaching, preaching the lord jesus christ, doctrines of grace and new covenant theology?.
church, jersey, bible, independent, tulip, sovereignty, commentary, worship, glory, evangelism, expository, missions, missionary, exegetical, preaching, biblical, study, sacred, house, christ
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help ministries believes jesus is lord.being fully convinced of the love of jesus christ it is help's goal to freely give as they have freely received.
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seeking to increase christ and decrease self.
hope, theology, eschatology, culture, morality, wrong, right, vice, virtue, values, faith, salvation, christianity, jesus, soteriology, pneumatology, bible, love, spirit, christ
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stateline baptist church
stateline baptist church loves and wants to help people learn more about jesus christ
gosple, lord, jesus, christ, time, bible, fundamental, church
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racine baptist temple - racine, wi
racine baptist temple is an independent, king james bible believing church. our purpose is to magnify the lord jesus christ through worship and the word of god. we make jesus christ known to our neighbors and the nations. we are moving believers in jesus christ toward maturity and ministry. racine baptist temple is a
baptist, wisconsin, racine, church, east, american, temple, south
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the lord jesus christ church
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the church in the name of the lord jesus christ
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about us - ekklesia of the lord jesus christ
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hope lutheran church - west jordan, utah
whether you are looking for a home church or just passing through, hope lutheran invites you to worship with us, our lord and savior, jesus christ.
lutheran, utah, alone, synod, wisconsin, jordan, evangelical, west, from, christ, gift, life, faith, through, grace, westjordanlutherans, lutherans, city, lake, salt
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central church of christ
the central church of christ endeavors to worship, teach, and minister according to the new testament scriptures. we are committed to being genuine followers of jesus christ. if you are in or near shawnee, please visit us. we would love to meet you and have you join with us in worshipping our lord!
church, christ, dennis, dwyane, robert, prater, hyde, jimmy, deacons, cofc, shawnee, oklahoma, history, bible, elders
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staten island deliverance temple inc., gospel of jesus christ
to impact our community with the power of the gospel of jesus christ. to offer hope to the hopeless and haven to the hurting.
ministry, kenya, parks, pantry, island, staten, prayer, hope, health, deliverance, africa, food, greenthumb, grow, aids