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debian -- the universal operating system
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debian -- the universal operating system
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debian -- the universal operating system
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mepis | a linux operating system based on debian stable
mepis linux is a user-friendly operating system based on debian stable that “just works”. it comes live, meaning it runs from your cd or usb drive so you can use it on your windows or mac machines without installing.
based, debian, linux, mepis
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5 :: aptosid - debian hot and spicy!
aptosid - debian hot and spicy!
source, open, amd64, detection, hardware, linux, system, unstable, debian, installer, high, operating, performance, aptosid
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dealership all-in-one operating system
all in one complete web based operating system
system, operating, dealer, management, payment, processing, customer, payments, track, feeds, digital, based, sites, data, manager, inventory, solutions
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operating systems assignment help | online operation system tutor | help with operating system homework
operating system online homework help, operating system test preparation help, help with operating system assignment and online tutoring from experts, operating
operating, system, help, homework, tutoring, online, assignment, project, with
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emdebian -- the universal embedded operating system
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the official website for the nash operating system. explore ecommerce and auction software and find latest information, updates, downloads for nash operating system.
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point linux - home
point linux is a free and easy to use debian gnu/linux based distribution.
linux, source, open, easy, debian, system, mate, pointlinux, free, operating, point, foss
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v-lock universal mounting system | quick release for all the gear in your boat
bracket, mounting, universal, mount, system, marine, utility, quick, lock, veelock, trolling, motor, vlock, interchange, vlok, kayak, military, switch, enforcement, guard
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zorin os - home
zorin os is a multi-functional operating system designed specifically for windows users who want to have easy and smooth access to linux.
system, zorin, operating, windows, replacement, computers, distribution, distro, based, linux, ubuntu
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zorin os - home
zorin os is a multi-functional operating system designed specifically for windows users who want to have easy and smooth access to linux.
system, zorin, operating, windows, replacement, computers, distribution, distro, based, linux, ubuntu
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debian administration - debian administration resources
tips for a debian gnu/linux system administrator.
sysadmin, linux, administration, debian, system, news
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techy guides technical linux blog tutorial
how to use psad to detect network intrusion attempts introduction being able to detect network activity that may indicate an
debian, ubuntu, system, operating, server, line, systems, putty, mysql, databases, snort, command, services, apache, install, setup, zabbix, guides, tutorials, help
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linux links - the linux portal
comprehensive links to information and resources about the linux operating system.
linux, help, hardware, documentation, links, drivers, software, openlinux, linuxpro, debian, redhat, slackware, yggdrasil, projects, group, mailing, list, user, usergroup, torvalds
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17 | buy software - cheap and fast, windows 7, windows 8, windows xp - the online shop for operating system. buy windows 7, windows xp, cheap office products and more.
windows, software, antivirus, vista, office, system, operating
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news - aros-exec
aros-exec is the natural online meeting place for users of, developers of and people generally interested in the amiga research operating system (aros). the site provides news, forums, tutorials and more related to aros.
system, operating, wanderer, aros, amiga, icaros, vmwaros, desktop, research, source, commodore, zune, alternative, warez, open, guru, kitty, windows, amigados, workbench
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debian admin debian/ubuntu linux system administration tutorials,howtos,tips
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ebsnet inc. | smart software solutions for embedded success
ebsnet is a well established embedded software company, offering a high performace tcp/ipv4/ipv6 dual network stack, real time operating system, and many more embedded networking products.
system, rtos, embedded, operating, realtek, computer, upnp, device, support, failsafe, certified, application, time, real, ipv6, protocol
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n-com m5 - what ever your style
discover m5, the innovative universal communication system created by n-com that can be installed on all helmets.
system, nolan, bluetooth, universal, communication
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портал русскоязычного сообщества debian
скачать debian, репозитории debian, уроки debian, советы debian, статьи debian, форум debian, debian 6 squeeze, debian 7 wheeze, debian программы, debian утилиты, справочник debian, 4debian, debian, linux
debian, linux, 4debian, squeeze, wheeze
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rtos - real-time operating systems for embedded development, real time system by express logic
real time operating system and embedded operating system software by express logic
embedded, system, software, rtos, operating, strongarm, mode, multitasking, development, coldfire, filex, applications, threadx, systems, netx, firmware, programming, i960, tasking, expresslogic
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what's my os? what is my os?
help finding out what operating system your running. how to find your operating system version. finding out if your os is 32-bit or 64-bit. what version of windows do i have?
what, version, windows, linux, operating, system, agent, help, user
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the temple operating system
open, free, source, public, domain, templeos, system, temple, operating
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multics was a mainframe timesharing operating system begun in 1965 and used until 2000. it was a major influence on subsequent computer operating systems.
honeywell, bell, project, laboratories, computer, program, source, mainframe, software, glossary, sharing, stories, time, timesharing, system, technical, papers, history, bibliography, people
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operating room design and integration - optimus integrated surgical environment (ise™), the operating room of the future
optimus has reengineered the operating room design and installation. rethinking surgical delivery from the ground up, teaming with technology leaders, developing 17 new patents, has produced a revolution in operating room design and installation standards: safety, sterility, simplicity.
room, operating, efficiency, layout, workflow, design, sterile, systems, standards, superbugs, clean, smart, safe, safety, cleaning, designs, productivity, integration, creation, operation
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welcome to robolinux
welcome to robolinux
windows, linux, debian, virtualbox, stealth, ubuntu, install, software, robolinux, virus, gnome, speedup, mint, upgrade, private, slow, internet, cloud, distro, earth
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google operating system
unofficial news and tips about google. a blog that watches the google services that help you move your operating system online.
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русскоязычное сообщество debian gnu/linux - главная страница
русскоязычное сообщество debian gnu/linux - главная страница
debian, mysql, linux, apache
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slax linux - your pocket operating system
slax is a modern, portable, small and fast linux operating system with a modular approach and outstanding design. despite its small size, slax provides a wide collection of pre-installed software for daily use, including a well organized graphical user interface and useful recovery tools for system administrators.
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free: windows 10 starter kit to help you confidently install and get to grips with the new system
unique windows 10 starter kit to help you confidently install and get to grips with the new windows 10 system
windows, system, operating, upgrade, customising, help, settings, tips, download, essentials, tuning, security, diagnostics, knowledge, training, expert, tools, performance
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eos - entrepreneurial operating system for small businesses
the entrepreneurial operating system (eos) helps owners and leadership teams create healthier, stronger businesses and achieve powerful results.
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diolinux - linux, ubuntu, android e tecnologia
aprenda a usar linux, instalação do ubuntu, download do ubuntu, dicas e tutoriais linux, games e notícias sobre android
linux, ubuntu, mint, computer, system, download, operating, command, windows, installation, server, install, work, gimp, file, blender, diolinux, youtube, android, games
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freenas storage operating system | open source - freenas - open source storage operating system
open source storage operating system. file sharing, snapshots, replication, plugins all for free!
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emu 2.0
emu is the flash operating system game thingy. the aim is to get to the end by observing and remembering.
system, operating, flash
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osv - the operating system designed for the cloud
osv is an open source project to build the best os for cloud workloads
system, operating, cloud
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android op sys - android operating system tips & tricks
android operating system tips & tricks
android, bean, operating, system, jelly, sandwich, gingerbread, cream
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meta operating system - advanced web environments, user interfaces and cutting-edge code
javascript, webapps, cloud, framework, html5, system, operating, environment, experience, user, meta
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a web operating system
operating, source, driven, open, event
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a web operating system
operating, source, driven, open, event
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linux aio
our plan was to bring some of the major linux distributions (ubuntu and flavors, linux mint, linux mint “debian”, debian live, fedora) with different desktop environments on one iso file that can be burnt on one dvd / dvd dl or usb 8gb+ flash drive. every one of them can be used as live system, with no need of installation on hard drive, or can be eventually installed on computer for full system experience.
linux, multi
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the inspirations | software and technology
operating, system, google, chrome, computer, alternative, marketing, extension, proxy, your, view, browse, maintain, windows, method, online, extensions, 2015, blog, internet
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ucds universal can diagnostic system | official site universal can diagnostic system
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45 - offer latest information about windows 10 operating system, win 10 discussion, win10 comments, all types of software review which run on windows and more.
windows 10, win10, win 10 info, win 10 os, concept, download, windows 10 operating system, microsoft windows 9, win 9, windows 8, win 8
windows, office, microsoft, system, desktop, download, win10, info, concept, operating
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minoca os
minoca os is a new general purpose operating system for embedded devices. it delivers high-level functionality in a fraction of the memory footprint.
embedded, internet, wearables, things, devices, system, systems, operating
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linux blog
blog related to linux and opensource - by nikesh jauhari
linux, redhat, ubuntu, howtos, minihowto, debian, howto, opensuse, application, kernel, security, computer, open, source, documentation, operating, system, tutorials, downloads, torvalds
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linux blog
blog related to linux and opensource - by nikesh jauhari
linux, redhat, ubuntu, howtos, minihowto, debian, howto, opensuse, application, kernel, security, computer, open, source, documentation, operating, system, tutorials, downloads, torvalds
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universal tv remote | universal remote app | home automation | remote control
blumoo turns any smartphone or tablet into a powerful universal remote, interactive tv guide, and music streaming device for your sound system, tv, and other home entertainment devices.
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universal tv remote | universal remote app | home automation | remote control
blumoo turns any smartphone or tablet into a powerful universal remote, interactive tv guide, and music streaming device for your sound system, tv, and other home entertainment devices.
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syllable free software operating system family
posix, linux, lgpl, object, amiga, beos, atheos, oriented, rebol, source, open, system, lightweight, operating, desktop, server, responsive, soho, free, software
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cylon linux operating system - home
cylon linux operating system. its here!
fast, cool, lanka, best, nalanda, linux, hanthana, ubuntu, cylon
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system scanner
provides available through a web browser information about your computer system.
system, software, hardware, vulnerabilities, browser, operating, privacy, geolocation, display, speed, broadband, online, scanner, information, address
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armrest universal - distributor armrest universal original
armrest universal. kami adalah distributor armrest universal untuk berbagai jenis kendaraan anda, produk terbaik, awet, dan menambah kenyamanan serta kemewahan.
armrest, universal, mobil, konsol, handrest, jual
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chrome - news and support for googles open source operating system
articles and support for google chrome os. chrome os is the new lightweight open source operating system especially for netbooks presumably hitting the market in late 2010.
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studio universal | inicio
studio universal | sitio oficial de latinoamérica. tu lugar para ver la mejor programación. series, programas y peliculas estreno.
universal, studio, jackie, nurse, movies, legal, fairly, psych, originals, ringer, series, universalstudio, clips, canal
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gmp documents and sop templates medical devices
a standard operating procedure (sop) template as word document for good manufacturing practice (gmp) pharma, device experts and quality system managers. each sop template for immediate download.
template, quality, management, system, format, operating, standard, procedure
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debian root server blog » debian root
debian root server blog mit tutorials und anleitungen rund ums thema debian squeeze und lenny. howtos zur installation, einrichtung und absicherung des servers.
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biosmuseum | virtual computer technology museum
n the early 70's, there was a company known as intergalactic digital research. the name was just a little too geeky for even them, and was later shortened to
operating, systems, system, computers
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universal cartographics
welcome to the universal cartographics online commander interface - find stellar, planet and system records data from with the elite: dangerous galaxy.
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tv universal
na tv universal você encontra os principais programas da igreja universal: plantão da fé, terapia do amor, palavra amiga, fala que eu te escuto, retratos de família, ponto de luz e muito mais!
igreja, universal, deus, iurd, reino
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tv universal
na tv universal você encontra os principais programas da igreja universal: plantão da fé, terapia do amor, palavra amiga, fala que eu te escuto, retratos de família, ponto de luz e muito mais!
igreja, universal, deus, iurd, reino
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llc operating agreements | operating agreements | learn about llc operating agreements
all you need to know about llc operating agreements. the llc operating agreement resource center. learn all about llc operating agreements.
operating, agreement, state, customized, sample
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support für debian gnu/linux auf deutsch
knoppix, etch, sarge, lenny, squeeze, testing, stable, oldstable, woody, potato, sidux, aptosid, gnoppix, slink, hamm, buzz, unstable, linux, support, debiansupport
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мои черновики | здесь нет инструкций для использования, здесь только то, что я «скопипастил», адаптировал для себя и сохранил дабы не забыть...
iredmail, iredmail debian, atslog 2.1.1, atslog на debian, atslog на linux, debian, preseed.cfg, tftp, как установить debian, сетевая установка, файл ответов
debian, atslog, modprobe, iredmail, preseed, error, mageia, virtualbox, dphcp, ntpdate, bind9, tftpd, it87, tftp, linux, virtual, mysql, apache, machine
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[debian addict]
debian addict est un site dedie a la distribution gnu linux debian
tutoriaux, addiction, addict, francais, distrib, truc, astuce, howto, ubuntu, debian, tutoriel, tutorial, linux, distribution
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air & gas compressor systems - virginia - universal air products
as a specialist in air and gas compressor, filtration and drying systems for over 40 years, universal air products corp. provides complete system design, installation and on-going maintenance for your system.
systems, compressor, compressors, drying, filtration, services, fire, mobile, trailer, precipitators, piping, water, chillers, process, booster, alternate, virginia, corp, products, fuels
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find what your looking for! - softnu
in softnu you can download software, applications, games, completely free for most windows, linux, ubutu, operating system for mobile devices, operating system daily update our site so you can find what you are looking for. - softnu
software, discovery, advice, articles, guide, reviews, multiplatform, expert, news
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the manux operating system
the manux operating system homepage.
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need inkjet or toner refill? save up to 90% with universal inkjet and toner refills.
a way to refill your inkjet cartridges for as low as $2 each! we have inkjet refill kits, bulk ink, inkjet cartridges, toner refill kits, toner cartridges, continuous ink systems, etc. with many items being added each month!
toner, cartridges, refill, system, printer, inkjet, laser, universal, colorfastink, universaltoner, allbrandsinkjet, cheap, continous, printers, digital, color, photofast, refills, continuous, photography
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need inkjet or toner refill? save up to 90% with universal inkjet and toner refills.
a way to refill your inkjet cartridges for as low as $2 each! we have inkjet refill kits, bulk ink, inkjet cartridges, toner refill kits, toner cartridges, continuous ink systems, etc. with many items being added each month!
toner, cartridges, refill, system, printer, inkjet, laser, universal, colorfastink, universaltoner, allbrandsinkjet, cheap, continous, printers, digital, color, photofast, refills, continuous, photography
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need inkjet or toner refill? save up to 90% with universal inkjet and toner refills.
a way to refill your inkjet cartridges for as low as $2 each! we have inkjet refill kits, bulk ink, inkjet cartridges, toner refill kits, toner cartridges, continuous ink systems, etc. with many items being added each month!
toner, cartridges, refill, system, printer, inkjet, laser, universal, colorfastink, universaltoner, allbrandsinkjet, cheap, continous, printers, digital, color, photofast, refills, continuous, photography
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need inkjet or toner refill? save up to 90% with universal inkjet and toner refills.
a way to refill your inkjet cartridges for as low as $2 each! we have inkjet refill kits, bulk ink, inkjet cartridges, toner refill kits, toner cartridges, continuous ink systems, etc. with many items being added each month!
toner, cartridges, refill, system, printer, inkjet, laser, universal, colorfastink, universaltoner, allbrandsinkjet, cheap, continous, printers, digital, color, photofast, refills, continuous, photography
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server operating systems technical comparison
a technical answer to the question: how does rhapsody stack up as a server operating system?
server, netbsd, netware, nextstep, openbsd, openvms, solaris, ultrix, pyramid, macintosh, irix, digital, unix, rhapsody, amigaos, operatign, operating, systems, windows, hurd
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clearcenter - the world of best hybrid it operating platform
clearcenter - redefining the way it gets done. introducing the world’s best hybrid it operating platform that brings industry leading technology together.
clearcenter, clearos, system, operating, products
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76 website is for sale!-linux operating system resources and information.
this website is for sale! is your first and best source for information about linux operating system . here you will also find topics relating to issues of general interest. we hope you find what you are looking for!
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house of open-source operating systems
download, solaris, independent, operating, system, store, linux, archive
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revive that old pc! < the lxle desktop
lxle linux, revive your old pc. lxle is a remastered version of ubuntu/lubuntu lts releases, using the lxde desktop interface. lxle provides a complete drop in and go operating system coupled with style, speed and capability. its light on resources and heavy on functions.
computer, windows, replace, vista, alternative, linux, lubuntu, revive, operating, system, replacement, lxle, extra, life, extension
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query admin - system administration tips, security, internet
notes from a system administrator. tips about web development, debian, linux, microsoft windows, virtualization, xen, php, mysql.
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linux slaves
share all about open sources | linux, android, knowledge, tutorial, etc
linux, tutorials, android, application, ebooks, download, command, tools, wallpaper, distros, software, system, operating, video, debian, ubuntu, sources, open, kali, error
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linux secrets | the source for linux information
linux secrets contains hacks, information and configuration to get your system operating perfectly. linux is rated highest in operating system standards.
linux, linuxsecrets, download, mysql, cloud, secrets, facebook, blog, ubuntu
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what is my ip address, country, operating system, browser : arul john
view your ip address, country, isp name, operating system, browser. convert ip address to hostname, find weather forecast, text to voice.
bible, christian, tracing, perl, mildred, john, arul, trace, telephone, tracking, address, hostname, linux, lookup
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universal puppies llc
looking for a puppy? look no further! universal puppies llc provides services for both our customers and our reputable breeders. check out our available puppies
puppies, universal, retriever, golden, sale, shepherd, german, charles, king, cavalier, spaniel, dachshund, bulldog, english, cavachon
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corewind embedded system for arm sbc,computer-on-module and custom design
nanopi embedded system for arm sbc, computer-on-module and custom design
nanopi, wifi, debian, board, hardware, feature, raspberry, development, bluetooth, linux, corewind
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thechromesource - google chrome and chrome os news and community
chrome browser and chrome os resources. news on google chrome and the upcoming chrome os along with tips and tutorials.
chrome, google, forum, download, browser, operating, system, news, chromium, blog, source, tablet, netbook, chromeos, chromebooks, store, device, thechromesource, chromebook, systems
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versabuilt universal machine tending
versabuilt universal machine tending
machine, jaws, single, soft, system, vise, tending, multigrip, easy, universal, revolutionary, benefit, complete, value, dual, robotics, versabuilt, operation, mutli, operations
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palm computer solutions - landing
pc run services specializes in extensive hard drive diagnostics, hard drive re-installations, virus removal, and deep operating system optimizations.
service, drive, hard, laptop, errors, repairs, services, audit, maintenance, operating, crash, beach, diagnose, myrtle, system
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xcite health
we provide practices with more than an ehr/pm system—we offer an office operating system. lower costs, increase revenue, and keep more patients on protocol.
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how to learn |
shoutmetutorials is a how to tutorial blog helps to learn solidworks cad software and windows 10 operating system tutorials for beginners. it shows the basic to intermediate level learning tips with help of both videos and step by step images.
tutorials, operating, system, windows, learn, shout, solidworks
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gbs & co galway accountants, tax and business consultants
easypayroll is a payroll outsourcing team who provide a fully functioned payroll service to companies operating in the republic of ireland. paye / prsi, usc / universal social charge / management accounts are all specalities of our service. client log in to our online protal giving 24-7 access to historical reports and payslips. operating in conjunction with galway accountants gbs & co.
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the universal
the universal è un blog che viaggia alla scoperta di nuove storie attraverso nuovi occhi.
universal, informazione, news, blog
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printer software | free download printer driver for all operating system
free download printer drivers for all operating system
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retirement usa: working for a universal, secure, and adequate retirement system | retirement usa
retirement usa is a national initiative that is working for a new retirement system that, along with social security, will provide universal, secure, and adequate income for future retirees.
retirement, washington, wake, retirees, pensions, system
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computer repair, data recovery, new operating system installation - the peoples geek
the peoples geek offers computer repair services to customers and small businesses in southern maine. virus removal, data recovery, operating system installation.
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| nuestro tributo a debian gnu/linux es nuestro pequeño homenaje a todos aquellos que hacen posible el proyecto debian gnu-linux y, de paso, es nuestra pequeña contribución al mismo. hablamos de debian, de software libre, de linux, de nuestras aventuras con el mejor sistema operativo del mundo y también de podcast.
debian, software, gnome, fuentes, podcast, abierto, n1mh, eugenia, dabo, codigo, bahit, free, linux, hackers, libre, opensource, source, open, freedom
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debian hk | debian @ hong kong
kong, foss, floss, ubuntu, hong, source, linux, free, software, open, debian
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97 - website for linux beginners
really linux website for linux beginners with basic commands list.
linux, basic, help, commands, caldera, suse, debian, fedora, modem, internet, dialup, beginner, ubuntu, redhat, unix, beginners, with, operating, system, slackware
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travelherd, the online fit tour operating system
travelherd web-based fit tour operating software app is designed for travel wholesalers. travelherd is the one app for reservations, sales and accounting.
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repairtraq - free universal repair tracking system for repair shop's customers and orders
repair traq is universal repair tracking system for a repair businesses customers, vendors, and orders.
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bovino consulting group
our gainsharing model is a seamless integration of the four systems: a performance measurement system that identifies and measures a few key performance indicators (the critical business drivers), a shared rewards - incentive pay system that is a motivational variable-pay or incentive pay system linked to factors that employees can influence, a performance & rewards communication system informs employees of their performance and the gainsharing pay, and a performance improvement system, a team-based system for capturing and implementing employees’ ideas for improvement. when employees’ variable/incentive pay is linked to operating performance, the operating performance will, in a significant way, improve. gainsharing is a comprehensive process that inspires and financially motivates employees to positively change their workplace behaviors and work practices. it is this change that produces extraordinary improvements in operating performance and profits for companies. we are a gr
gainsharing, improvement, performance, employee, productivity, gain, sharing, systems, incentives, quality, incentive, profitability, increased, motivation, seminars, workshops, share, profit, webinars, consulting
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online crm system - mybusiness
mybusiness crm is a leading online crm system provider. our company has been operating for the past decade with great success, with tens of thousands of satisfied users, from different vertical markets.
software, system, online
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justlinux forums
this is a forum for discussiing all matters related to the linux operating systems, all distrobutions and versions
knoppix, novell, debian, suse, redhat, ubuntu, linux
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skylinknet alarm system
the skylinknet connected home alarm system is a smart home security system that allows you to arm and disarm it using a smartphone app. you don’t have to pay a monthly fee or sign up for a contract to use it and can add up to 100 sensors and controllers to it. the skylink app gives you full control and access to the status of your alarm sensors. you can track what’s happening, arm & disarm the system, see a live view, receive notifications when something happens, track recent activities or monitor various locations. with a keychain remote you can control the system remotely without a smartphone. the device can support up to 10 wireless cameras. if your power goes out, the backup battery will keep your system running. you can also add a telephone dialer to notify your friends when your system is out of battery or disconnected.
door, system, alert, garage, remote, home, transmitter, universal, automatic, gate, security, monitor, opener, control, smart, alarm, household, wireless, emergency, button
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home theatre system manual
home theatre cinema system download user guide manuals operating instructions
guide, user, manual, system, theatre, home, operating, cinema, instruction
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linux too - linux too lists videos related to different concept related to free and open source computer operating system software components
free, redhat, open, source, computer, fedora, ubuntu, system, operating, software, kerenl, linux
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europavertrieb urs-krankentrage universal-rescue-stretcher.
rescue, stretcher, schaufeltrage, deutschland, memmingen, germany, metallverarbeitung, bergen, tragestuhl, rettungstrage, rettungsdienst, bavarian, bayern, universal, metall, cross, emergency, kombitrage, rotes, mediking
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solution57 - complete products based on the android operating system
solution57 is an embedded software solutions company, specializing in multimedia technologies on android and other embedded linux platforms. founded by a group of specialists with 60+ years of experience in embedded development and consumer electronics, we offer architectural development and support for creation of complete products based on the android operating system.
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replacement remotes: oem remotes & accessories for hdtv & audio offers remote controls, operating manuals, universal remotes and accessories for all brands of tv, dvd, hdtv and more
remote, remotes, replacement, universal, repair, player, control, hdtv, door, service, garage
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abc remote control codes, manuals, and operating instructions for all brands including: sony, jvc, zenith, rca, sanyo, samsung, sharp, lg, toshiba, etc.
we offer codes, operating manuals, instructions, remote controls, codes, & operating manuals. we manufacture replacement remote controls. we have thousands of operating manuals for many tv, dvd, remote controls, etc.!
remote, manual, control, manuals, samsung, mitsubishi, onkyo, pioneer, sharp, magnavox, kenwood, hitachi, aquos, hughes, screens, elite, epson, sima, hdtv, dynex
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marty-tech - computer and smartphone repair service
computer setup, wireless networking, operating system installation, software installation and setup, pc tune-up
android, removal, spyware, flashing, repair, recovery, virus, microsoft, office, networing, wireless, setup, windows, operating, backup, hardware, software, system, computer
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“we are trader distributor products service and solution for industrial”
pss corporation was established in 1997 as a product supply and service provider. starting with representing a few products, now pss corporation is handling several world class industrial products and services.
system, equipment, pump, fire, compressor, tank, arms, vacuum, heat, exchanger, protection, loading, water, integration, purifier, resins, control, monitoring, treatment, alarm
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aktywność wątków - polskie forum użytkowników debiana
polski portal użytkowników dystrybucji debian gnu/linux, dyskusje, artykuły, nowości, blog, porady, pomoc.
linuks, linux, howto, operacyjny, system, konfiguracja, instalacja, portal, forum, blog, blogi, debiana, debian
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настройка linux ubuntu и linux debian
статьи и заметки по работе с gnu linux ubuntu debian.
linux, server, debian, zabbix, mysql, webmin, apache2, wordpress, ubuntu, openssh, squid
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execute to win | management operating, leadership training & coaching systems
management training, coaching and operating systems that connect employees to strategy and culture to drive sustainable winning results.
management, training, leadership, coaching, workshops, system, consulting, welch, operating
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home - adeneo embedded
adeneo embedded provides world-class design, system integration, support and training expertise to companies seeking solutions based on windows embedded, windows mobile, and linux embedded operating systems.
training, mobile, embedded, system, operating, linux, windows, adeneo
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solar, ontanu bogdan, solar os, solos, hostile encounter rts, solar operating system
game, solar, time, real, assembler, strategy, win32asm, free, radasm, masm32, tasm, encounter, solos, valentin, bogdan, ontanu, operating, system, hostile, realtime
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net1 | universal electronic payment system technologies
net1 is the leading provider of secure and affordable transaction channels between formal business and un-banked and under-banked individuals.
payment, ueps, transactions, solutions, secure, alternative, system, universal, electronic, net1, technologies
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web talk - windows tips and tricks, windows operating system help, tutorials, computer and google tricks.
web talk is a blog about windows tips and tricks for windows 7 and vista operating system, windows help, computer and google tricks.
tricks, windows, tips, google, internet, tutorials, programs, computer, help, operating, system, free
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| club el universal +
club el universal mas (+). programa diseñado especialmente para los suscriptores de el universal, el objetivo es brindarles recompensas exclusivas: premios, descuentos y beneficios especiales.
universal, promociones, recompensas, suscriptor, periodico, descuentos, premios, beneficios, suscriptores, suscripcion, club
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runtime.js – javascript library operating system for the cloud
javascript library operating system for the cloud
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chromebookhq home page - chromebookhq
chromebook, samsung chromebook, acer chromebook, chrome book, cr48 chromebook, chrome os, chromeos, chrome-os, chrome os forum, google chrome os, chrome operating system, chrome netbook, chrome notebook, chromebook forum, chromebook, chromebook forums, google chromebook, google chromebook forum, google chromebook forums, samsung chromebook, acer chromebook, chromebook for business, chrome os forum, chromium os forum, chrome os netbook, chrome operating system, google operating system, chrome os, chrome os community,
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122 goal is to share with the community the adquired experience of using the hp-ux operating system, environment on a daily the same time, we strive to increase our knowledge of other unix and unix-like operating systems.
authors, articles, page, main
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123 - debian live system / cd for sysadmins and texttool-users
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the universal seduction
conspiracy, metaphysics, spirituality - blockbuster trio of hidden knowledge! each volume 7x10, 600 pages of revolutionary information.
universal, seduction, author, alien, abductions, hybrids, aliens, berran, james, bartley, baaden, control, beckley, mkultra, mind, allan, bowers, coleman, cooper, auth
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what is my country | find your ip, country and coordinates
shows you which country you are accessing from based on ip address and the geoip library
country, browser, operating, system, coordinates, geoip, what, flag, detect, guess, your, locator, city, library
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universal manufacturing | jar-o'-do™
universal manufacturing, inc. has over 75 years in the gaming industry, universal manufacturing co. is one of the largest and oldest custom manufacturers of paper game tickets in the world.
manufacturing, universal
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universal athletics
universal athletics
universal, kentucky, cheer, dance, gymnastics, murray, athletics, universalathletics, kidz, center
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smos linux - scrypt mining operating system - official website
smos, mining, bamt, linux, scrypt, valute, best, valut, virtualne, centos, srypt, debian, freebsd, balkan, balcan, pitanje, bitcoin, litecoin, mine, help
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welcome to your global resource for aircraft battery maintenance automation we stock the christie electric cbs or christie battery system including the rf80-k, rf80-m, universal 60, datafx, casp/2500 and fill-master battery watering system
specialists in christie electric battery shop equipment and aircraft battery maintenance automation, distributors of the christie battery system including the cbs rf80-k universal 60 datafx casp/2500 and fill-master battery watering system
battery, aircraft, reflex, christie, maintenance, r400, digiflex, charger, rectodyne, datafx, universal, electric, system, casp, casp2500, casp2000
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os attack - attack of the operating systems
os attack is an operating system centered blog focused on tools and fixing issues with windows.
windows, registry, security, tools, tips, tricks, technician
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debian, ubuntu et al. is a blog about all things related to linux (ubuntu, debian etc.). it offers its readers valuable advice to enhance their linux experience.
raspberry, ubuntu, debian, linux
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beltel — it consulting, system integration and engineering systems
beltel is a leading, fully certified system integrator which has been operating on the russian market for almost 20 years
centres, solutions, russian, data, outsourcing, system, integration, beltel
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universal avionics | nextgen avionics for your aircraft
universal avionics (uasc) manufactures a line of nextgen advanced avionics equipment. including the insight intergrated flight deck, uns-1 sbas/waas-enabled flight management systems, flat panel integrated cockpit displays; synthetic vision system; the taws terrain awareness and warning system, cockpit voice recorders and more.
awareness, cockpit, aircraft, displays, universal, system, flight, business, aviation, terrain, avionics, cvfdr, deck, transport, panel, situational, flat, unilink, taws, systems
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the _khattam_ blog - sharing views and experiences!
i am a linux hobbyist and currently run fedora as my only operating system. i post my experience with computers and the internet.
fedora, galaxy, samsung, corrupt, download, boot, precise, pangolin, android, consumer, oneiric, ocelot, wallpaper, electronics, driver, windows, ubuntu, raspberry, osmc, tahr
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записки старого сисадмина
все о линукс и не только
linux, unix, free, open, source, news, debian, system, operating, software, documentation
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universal blower pac | custom blower systems, positive displacement blowers, blower system manufacturer
universal blower pac is the leader in the engineering and manufacturing of blower systems for centrifugal and positive displacement blowers. universal blower pac provides solutions for your aeration needs by customizing each blower system to fit customer needs.
blower, displacement, blowers, positive, enclosures, centrifugal, rotary, lobe, maintenance, enclosure, acoustical, custom, packages, sound, manufacturer, systems
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skylink products | garage door openers and accessories | home automation | wireless security / alert system | emergency dialers | swing door opener |
protect your family against intruders with wireless home security systems. whether you need a remote alarm system or automatic garage door opener and closer for your home or business, we can provide you with all the security you need.
door, alert, remote, system, garage, home, transmitter, universal, security, monitor, gate, opener, automatic, control, wireless, smart, household, emergency, closer, clip
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el universal
el universal - encuentra aquí fotos, videos, noticias, todo tipo de archivos y resultados de la web
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139 linux tutorials tips system administration resources
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universal hint system: not your ordinary walkthrough. just the hints you need.
scrolls, elder, drew, games, nancy, vegas, lies, machinarium, labyrinth, darkness, murphy, adventure, codes, tesla, beginning, portal, skyrim, adventures, walkthroughs, walkthrus
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universal warehouses - universal warehouses
universal warehouses
packaging, glass, universal, industry, port, general, merchandise, warehouse, store, club, repackaging, city, pack, wilkes, warehouses, warehousing, distribution, variety, reselect, logistics
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universal boxing gym
courage begins with heart
boxing, universal, hill, woodhaven, fitness, richmond, ozone, queens, south, park
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easyos - articles on operating systems: windows, linux, freebsd
articles and tips on how to work with operating systems: windows, linux, freebsd and more.
server, mysql, windows, freebsd, unix, linux, apache, operating, tips, system, install, settings, setup, articles
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stuff for your debian desktop -
stuff for your debian desktop - community portal for debian themes multimedia graphic development utilities screensaver look x11
debian, graphic, development, multimedia, utilities, look, themes, screensaver, community, desktop, your, stuff, portal
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trade to forex | forex buy or sell signal indicator | forex pips striker indicator software |
you can double up your money each and every month! with forex pips striker buy or sell indicator, you will keep making money!
forex, system, trading, systems, automated, foreign, exchange, free, best, emas, trend, stealth, trade, reviews, 5emas, scalping, review, amazing, hedging, software
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support for operating system|support for antivirus
support for operating system, support for antivirus, desktop and laptop support
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universal pictures germany
universal pictures: alle neuerscheinungen im kino sowie alle neuen neuerscheinungen auf dvd oder blu-ray.
universal, high, definition, kino, theater, filme, pictures, studios
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universal pictures germany
universal pictures: alle neuerscheinungen im kino sowie alle neuen neuerscheinungen auf dvd oder blu-ray.
universal, high, definition, kino, theater, filme, pictures, studios
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borgeson universal steering components
manufacturing quality steering components since 1914
double, hoses, system, pump, truck, mustang, conversion, hose, delphi, design, problems, chevy, universal, power, joints, shaft, joint, dodge, mullins, shafts
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jenness enterprises specializes in developing customized applications for the windows™ operating system, such as our popular unit converter software. we also develop applications for the esri arcview geographic information system.
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the gnu operating system
more info collapse
tractionfirst llc - eos implementation – gain control and solve your business problems with the entrepreneurial operating system®.
gain control and solve your business problems with the entrepreneurial operating system®.
more info collapse
rtos - real time operating system for embedded systems - safertos, openrtos
a high quality, specially developed small rtos kernel used for commercial and safety critical applications such as medical, automotive, aerospace, nuclear, and industrial devices, using 32 bit microprocessors
medical, openrtos, automotive, aerospace, nuclear, safertos, embedded, real, time, operating, system, rtos
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linux, support, linus, documentation, torvalds, yggdrasil, debian, linuxpro, openlinux, slackware, redhat, home, page, homepage, ubuntu, projects, kernel, list, bash, shell
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webmoney universal payment system
webmoney transfer is a global settlement system and environment for online business activities
purses, statistics, system, settlement, transfer, webmoney
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welcome to universal school kemayoran & kelapa gading - excellence in education | universal school
universal school since 2002 is associated with two of the most famous and prestigious educational institutions in the world that is the university of cambridge and edexcel united kingdom
school, universal, jakarta, internasional, biaya, sekolah, alamat, international, kemayoran, kelapa, gading, present
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158 :: gnu linux live system based on debian, optimized for hd-install and high performance
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universal pictures international
universal pictures international brengt films in de bioscoop voor universal, sony en paramount. universal pictures benelux verzorgt home entertainment voor universal en paramount.
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アーフ 日々の光景
debian gnu/linuxを使った京都在住の音楽家アーフのホームサーバ
sound, music, sample, tracks, linux, musics, debian
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universal pictures france
portail officiel universal pictures france
universal, acteur, bandes, annonces, podcast, sorties, pictures, films, cinema
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universal pictures france
portail officiel universal pictures france
universal, acteur, bandes, annonces, podcast, sorties, pictures, films, cinema
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microdata alumni is the site for former employees of microdata, mcdonnell douglas isg/csc/fsc, and novadyne computer systems.
reality, pick, system, data, operating, fuller, genicom, nelson, m1000, dick, control, m9000, printronix, prism, m6000, corporation, tymnet, sequel, mdcsc, mdfsc
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the liteos operating system
more info collapse
~ formulahr - the hr operating system
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servidor debian [servidor debian]
servidor debian como instalar, configurar e administrar um servidor linux. um guia prático para instalar, configurar e administrar um super-servidor linux baseado no debian 8 'jessie'. este site pretende ser um guia fácil de como instalar, configurar e administrar um servidor linux com um máximo de funcionalidades e um mínimo de dificuldades.
configuracao, instalacao, guide, howto, monitorizacao, guia, tutorial, servidor, seguranca, security, monitoring, server, linux, jessie, installation, configuration, email, internet, intranet, debian
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168 | tutorials, coupons, themes, and blogs
free tutorials, programs and mcq questions for c, c++, java, php, vb, c#, asp,, sql,, computer fundamental, html, javascript, css, jquery, jsp, operating system, network concepts, html5, pl/sql
system, operating, jquery, network, html5, concepts, fundamental, java, html, computer, javascript
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mass notification with alertify!
the alertify network is the easiest-to-use universal mass notification system for sending time-sensitive information to mass audiences. with our instant deployment capability, you could be sending notifications today.
notification, mass, universal, audiences, alertify, emergency
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dover corn products ltd
dover corn products ltd. is quickly becoming an industry leader in the dry corn milling market. we are a 100% canadian, family owned and operated facility, bringing one of canada's oldest and most stable industries back to ontario. we are strategically located in chatham, ontario with close proximity to the 401 highways and us border, which enables us to defiantly serve both the canadian and us markets. dover corn products ltd. has a robust quality operating system. many industry initiatives have been incorporated into our system which include good manufacturing practices (gmp's), hazard analysis and critical control points (haccp), standard operating procedures (sop's), cleaning and sanitation, preventative maintenance, traceability and on going training. our quality operating system, along with our "statement of guarantee" provides assurance to our customers that dover corn products ltd. stands behind our products.
corn, dover, ontario, milling, kernel, cornmeal, distributors, wholesale, bakeries, flour, cereal, industry, products, chatham, snack, food, only, industries, mill
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universal channel | la mejor programación
universal channel | sitio oficial de latinoamérica. la mejor programación para la familia, mira tus series y peliculas favoritas.
universal, orden, gifted, house, movies, rookie, universalchannel, sisters, medium, brothers, psych, event, serie, greek, wife, angeles, good, blue, unidad, whats
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all interview question and answers of java, php,sql, networking, dbms, .net, software testing, c, c++, c#, operating system
here we provide all interview question and answers of java, php, sql, networking, dbms, .net, software testing, c, c++, c#, operating system, unix file
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universal küchenmaschine und teigknetmaschine - test, preise und erfahrungen ›
teigknetmaschinen sind, wie universelle küchenmaschinen, wirklich so universal einsetzbar bei allen arbeiten rund ums kochen und backen.
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universal now! - orlando podcast
universal, podcast, orlando, studios, florida, attractions, rumor, nights, podcas, rumors, horror, halloween, adventure, disney, islands, travel, news, videos
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operating system hacking & security
more info collapse
q4os - desktop operating system
more info collapse
brusters operating system (b-o-s-s) - bruster's
more info collapse
ulix os -- the literate operating system
more info collapse
viopsys | vision operating system
more info collapse
180 - silverlight operating system
more info collapse
brusters operating system (b-o-s-s) - bruster's
more info collapse
coyotos secure operating system
more info collapse
~ formulahr - the hr operating system of goair
more info collapse
184 | everything you need to know about your browser and operating system.
more info collapse
operating system hacking & security
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mountain computer service & repair hendersonville, nc 28739
virus & malware removal, operating system upgrades, new computers, system reinstall, configure webmail, pc repair , hendersonville nc
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computer repair in jupiter fl (561) 744-3238
computer repair in jupiter fl (561) 744-3238. call today for your free diagnostics.
jupiter, computer, security, system, repair, business, operating, remote, support, hosting, monitoring, maintenance, installation, removal, store, reload, tutoring, 2jdata, camera, connect
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universal monetization system
more info collapse
the universal healing tao system
more info collapse
universal tv
universal, live, faaliyaha, qaranka
more info collapse
universal tv
universal, live, faaliyaha, qaranka
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cumulus networks | linux network os
cumulus networks offers a full-featured linux os for networking hardware. the first, true linux operating system for data center networking.
linux, cumulus, network, networks, system, networking, operating
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omnialog data logger high accuracy temperature web server
omnialog data logger and data acquisition industries is an italian leading designer of rugged, universal, high accuracy daq with web server.
universal, data, datalogger, logger, gprs, server, acquisition, rugged, system
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the computer guy in reno, nv
the computer guy in reno, nevada has been providing computer repair, virus removal and computer networking since 1996. call 775-829-2341 to schedule an appointment today!
computer, upgrades, operating, support, installation, system, repair, onsite, hardware, technician, software, device, antivirus, removal, virus, networking, mobile, development, remote
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universal music polska
universal music polska sp. z o.o. jest największą firmą fonograficzną na polskim rynku, która zajmuje się wydawaniem i promocją płyt lokalnych i zagranicznych artystów.
universal, music, koncerty, wydarzenia, audio, muzyczne, teledyski, kultura, muzyka, polska, firma, fonograficzna, promocja
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leeenux linux the best operating system for netbooks, eee pc
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198 | gnu/linux is the best operating system.
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download operating system, softwares for free..
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200 (company operating procedures system)
more info collapse
rdos operating system and the neanderthal theory
more info collapse
the gnu operating system and the free software movement
more info collapse
download operating system, softwares for free..
more info collapse
download operating system, softwares for free..
more info collapse
download operating system, softwares for free..
more info collapse
wtware — thin client operating system
wtware — thin client operating system
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main page - soekris info wiki
debian, soekris, gentoo, connecting, wheezy, serial, switch, configuration, squeeze, console, chassis, boot, alternative, interfaces, page, 5501, from, main, drive, connect
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online pc support forum | free tech support | computer help
discuss and get tips on issues related to operating system, internet, software, hardware, networking and many other types of computer problems from online pc support forum.
forum, support, operating, system, issues, software, internet, computer, remote, online, laptop
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porteus kiosk - free and open source kiosk software for web terminals.
porteus kiosk is a locked down linux operating system for public access computers. it is fast small and secure.
kiosk, public, signage, access, custom, internet, digital, system, software, linux, free, open, source, operating
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universal stone | order in canada
content="the natural alternative to harsh cleaning products. in 1992, the zielinsky universal stone company began producing this remarkable, eco-friendly cleaning and polishing compound.
universal, stone, foam, product, zielinsky, cleaners, safe, cleaner, cleaning, green, uses, foamy, linen, cloths, simple, dish, leather, natural, naturally, metal
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homepage - concurrent
concurrent is a provider of real-time solutions based on the redhawk linux real-time operating system. the redhawk rtos is a real-time os that provides guaranteed interrupt response for time-critical applications.
real, time, generation, image, debugging, modeling, imaging, simulation, cuda, system, operating, linux, guaranteed, rtos
more info collapse
embedded rtos for x86 embedded systems
on time rtos-32. win32 api compatible embedded rtos. on time's royalty-free embedded operating system for protected mode 32/64-bit x86 cpus meets hard real-time requirements and implements a windows subset kernel in only 16k of ram/rom. it can be fully integrated in microsoft visual studio and supports about 400 win32 api functions.
cross, system, 386ex, operating, win32, mass, storage, elan, delphi, pascal, ontime, visual, geode, borland, microsoft, pentium, 9660, debugger, driver, realtime
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universal, bispo, cardoso, macedo, igreja, renato, romualdo, santos, clodomir, bezerra, ester, salom, templo, cristiane, arca, reino, edir, iurdtv, panceiro, deus
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blvd hotel studio city california near universal studios & universal city hollywood
boutique hotel in studio city near universal studios & universal city hollywood. hotel offers spa & bar & great location. book your saty now.
universal, near, studios, hotel, city, hotels
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supreme search 3000 | unique search engine & web os
powerful new hybrid search engine specializes in search marketing, web hosting, & web applications. find information & websites at
search, link, operating, system, advertising, engine, click, classified, business, advertise, unlimited, clicks, roms, cheap, packages, your, software, office, desktop, webos
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roomie remote - iphone and ipad universal remote control for home theaters
roomie transforms your iphone and ipad into the best universal remote control to control your home theater components supporting thousands of devices – often
remote, universal, sonos, samsung, lutron, yamaha, dish, plex, marantz, insteon, oppo, directv, iphone, ipad, tivo, roomie, roku, denon
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magicalclouds, world's most advanced cloud operating system
more info collapse
peach osi | a free computer operating system alternative
more info collapse
volute | a first-of-its-kind learning management operating system
more info collapse
a way to select an operating system for a virtual inner most server -
more info collapse
~ formulahr - the hr operating system of tata capital limited
more info collapse
freenos :: free niek's operating system
more info collapse
223 | an open real-time operating system
more info collapse
allegro consultants, inc. | excellence in operating system support
more info collapse
outlook issues and solution for both mac and windows operating system
more info collapse
new lenox ordnance - home
projectiles, fsp's & sabots, powder breech system, universal receiver, universal receiver barrels, cut rifled gun barrels, snap caps, test range facility, ballistic test equipment
barrels, projectiles, caps, receiver, firing, universal, pins, nato, accuracy, testing, ballistic, rifled, test, breech, powder, systems, fsps, prototype, ordnance, specialty
more info collapse
universal shorei-goju karate system
more info collapse
debian cosillas
blog dedicado a dar soluciones fáciles a cualquier problema sobre debian y sistemas basados en él. donde se explican las cosas para que todos las entiendan.
mate, ubuntu, distro, soluciones, tutoriales, script, linux, mint, xfce, debian, redes
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online technical support, desktop pc & computer repair, printers, laptops, operating system & business it support in manchester, uk by smart support guys
at smart support guys our technicians are available 24/7 to repair your pc/computers (both laptops & desktops) printers & operating system. call 0207-193-9836 for instant pc technical support & online technical support in uk, usa. we offer small business it desktop support services in manchester as well. get reasonable priced pc support with smartsupportguys.
support, tech, repair, printers, laptops, online, technical, desktops, computers, laptop, operating, system
more info collapse
enea is a global software and services company providing linux and real-time operating systems solutions. we have more than 40 years of experience in developing software platforms with extreme demands on high-availability and performance.
systems, embedded, linux, operating, wireless, time, real, networking, broadband, base, station, rtos, system, communication, communicating, solutions, enea, realtime
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231, news, articles and tips for microsoft operating systems; windows 8, windows 7 and windows xp
windows, registry, crashes, review, performance, setup, problems, troubleshooting, helpwithwindows, help, cleanup, hacks, installing, security, system, operating, computer, desktop, microsoft, networking
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surgical tables | surgery table | or table
medrecon is your money & time saving resource for rebuilding, repairing and maintenance of surgical tables. call now for highest industry standards backed by warranty.
table, jersey, operating, surgical
more info collapse
car bench | car bench america | liquidating inventory | collision equipment | universal system
car bench america is liquidating inventory specializing in collision, collision equipment, car benches, frame racks, and universal systems.
equipment, collision, inventory, bench, sale, liquidation, tradeshow, demo, racks, universal, america, liquidating, system, benches, frame
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universal ic chip programmers
universal programmer, chip programmer, ic device programmer, eprom programmer, flash programmer, isp programmer, pic programmer, production programmer
programmer, programming, device, chip, emmc, adapter, system, socket, universal, gang, automated
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mokee opensource project | android community operating system
more info collapse
contiki: the open source operating system for the internet of things
more info collapse
mokee opensource project | android community operating system
more info collapse
visionlink® helps nonprofits and government organizations work together on a single software system, the community operating system® or communityos®. in short, we help you help others better!
nonprofit, software, database, government, human, service, collaboration, disaster, technology, relief, system
more info collapse
visionlink® helps nonprofits and government organizations work together on a single software system, the community operating system® or communityos®. in short, we help you help others better!
nonprofit, software, database, government, human, service, collaboration, disaster, technology, relief, system
more info collapse
the ultimate resource for ibm i for power systems including as/400, iseries, and system i
the ultimate resource professionals using the ibm power systems running ibm i, aix, and linux
system, iseries, as400, midrange, client, access, servers, server, operating, lpar
more info collapse
sqweezel - universal tablet holder & mounting system
more info collapse
onos - a new carrier-grade sdn network operating system designed for high availability, performance, scale-out.
a new carrier-grade sdn network operating system designed for high availability, performance, scale-out.
more info collapse
linuxawy - gnu/linux system administration tips & resources
blog about linux and everything related to open source. there are tutorial, tips and how-to guides for linux.
security, general, developers, database, websever, virtualization, tools, system, ubuntu, debian, unix, opensource, kernel, bash, shell, linux
more info collapse
homewood suites near universal studios orlando hotel
the homewood suites near universal studios orlando hotel includes a hot full breakfast and internet access just steps from i-drive, wet ‘n wild, and universal.
universal, studios, hotels, stay, orlando, extended
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bar in universal city, tx | da bunker sports bar (210) 659-1090
if you are seeking a bar in universal city, tx contact us at da bunker sports bar today.
city, universal, pool, nightlife, music, darts, billiards, full, sports, leagues, live
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presenting universal medicine - universal medicine official network site: serge benhayon & universal medicine teachings & philosophy
welcome to the universal medicine network site; read about serge benhayon and universal medicine the teachings and philosophies and worldwide activity of students of the way of the livingness
livingness, serge, benhayon, medicine, student, body, universal
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bona fide os developer - learn to write your own operating system from scratch
more info collapse
cloud dine systems the restaurant operating system ™ mobile handheld pos & more
more info collapse
pmt milling machines - universal milling machine.
manufacturer of milling machine, universal milling machine, vertical ram turrent and universal milling machine with auto feed to quill and auto feed to x-y-z, universal and vertical milling machine, plano milling machine, all geared drive shaping machine, plano miller cum vertical boring machine, ludhiana, punjab, india.
geared, drive, type, working, table, vice, lubrication, punjab, india, ludhiana, axis, system, duty, heavy, turrent, plano, universal, machine, auto, feed
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universal music austria
die universal music gmbh ist eine tochterfirma des weltweiten marktführers in der musikindustrie, der international operierenden universal music group international, die wiederum teil eines der größten entertainment-unternehmen der welt ist - der vivendi, einem der weltweit größten medien- und kommunikationsunternehmen darstellt.
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