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hareshima: the jewish internet portal. your gateway to jewish and israel internet sites from around the world.
the jewish internet portal. your gateway to jewish and israel internet sites from around the world. the most frequently updated list of jewish and israeli sites on the internet.
jewish, israel, judaism, calendar, hospitals, websites, community, business, sites, index, hebrew, links, torah, companies, resources, regional, talmud, kashrut, centers, dating
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ahavat israel - the amazing jewish website!
based on the principles of ahavat israel: love for the jewish nation, judaism, and the land of israel. free jewish chat, postcards, software, discussion forum, games, music, israel weather, classifieds, and much more.
israel, jewish, judaism, free, internet, discussion, news, forum, advertisements, weather, music, games, post, links, calendar, dates, cards, greeting, classified, card
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hebrew english dictionary by subject | hebrew audio cd | joel yaron publishing
discover how you can improve your hebrew vocabulary and hebrew pronunciation easily and effectively with the popular book and audio cd, english hebrew by subject
hebrew, english, learn, learning, dictionary, study, free, audio, book, resources, ivrit, phrases, modern, perets, pronunciation, with, subject, vocabulary, chapter, context
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the bible land shop homepage: holy land experience, bible study tools, jewish and christian gifts from israel                                                                                                         holy land, bible codes, unlocking the bible codes, dead sea scrolls, bible land, bible study, map israel, hebrew scriptures, christian gift, jewish gift, oil lamp, bible land shop, dvd, books, video, cd, software, cd-rom, learn hebrew, hebrew dictionary, israel, jesus, jesus christ, old testament, new testament, israel history, israel temple, israel army, jewish holiday, torah codes, christianity, judaism, jerusalem, temple, bethlehem, nazareth, jordan river, wars of israel ,six day war, holocaust, archeology, jewish prayer, messianic music, israel air force, jewish tradi
israeli resource for unlocking the bible codes and dead sea scroll multimedia, provider of bible study tools, christian gifts, israel oil lamps, and hebrew study tools.
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learn hebrew verbs at
translations, education, words, milon, dictionary, definition, hebrew
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7 jewish torah books by feldheim publishers - jewish books - feldheim publishers
get feldheim books for the jewish family. torah literature, judaism, jewish law books, jewish holiday books and kosher cookbooks. free shipping on all jewish books.
jewish, books, torah, hebrew, judaism, bible, tehillim, kippur, online, shabbat, purim, avot, psalms, bookstore, rosh, hashana, portion, festivals, holidays, prayer
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hebrew lessons
resources for online learners of hebrew
hebrew, jewish, israel, ulpan, dictionary, test, apprenez, learn, lessons
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judaism 101
an encyclopedia of information about judaism, jewish practices, holidays, people and beliefs. for beginners, intermediate or advanced readers.
jewish, judaism, jewfaq, judaic, beliefs, mitzvah, chasidic, chasidism, commandments, traditional, mitzvoth, holidays, introduction, basic, introductory, women, hebrew, orthodox
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jewish educational games & toys, hebrew holidays items, workbooks, dvds, study accessories for learning hebrew
jeducate provides worldwide educational games, workbooks, dvds, cds, holiday and subject posters, artworks, birthday decorations, cards for teaching hebrew and jewish heritage.
jewish, hebrew, educational, schools, israel, holiday, toys, kids, learning, kindergartens, sunday, institute, other, individual, workbooks, heritage, holidays, craft
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shamash: the jewish network
shamash, the jewish network, provides high quaility jewish mailing lists, databases and resource information. our mission is to provide a broad array of state-of-the-art education and community building resources to jewish organizations and individuals for the benefit of the jewish community.
shamash, jewish, lists, judaism, database, food, mailjewish, kosher, israel, holocaust, culture, college, network, consortium, internet, jews, mailing, torah, hebrew, resources
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chabad of the north peninsula - center for jewish living and learning
jewish center in san mateo for jewish programs, holiday events, torah judaism, hebrew, youth programs, preschool, sunday school and religious school for special needs children
mitzvah, israel, mateo, carlos, foster, hebrew, city, kabbala, belmont, camp, education, summer, bruno, millbrae, burlingame, holidays, religious, school, synagogue, chabad
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israel perspectives: feeling 'right' at home
perspectives on daily life in israel, politics, and issues confronting the jewish people through the eyes of one who was born and raised in new york, and who, as of january 2003, finds himself taking an active role in the compelling drama that is the life of the jewish people in the land of israel.
israel, jewish, blog, state, perspectives, news, events, current, land, eretz, zionism, judaism, jews, israeli, zionist, people, aliyah, yisrael
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buy made in israel products & jewish gifts online – web store
israel catalog is the leading internet retail online store for israeli made products and jewish themed gifts, located in israel, ensuring you get real genuine, made in israel products from a verified israeli sourcs. we offer over 5, 000 different products related to judaism, hebrew and israel, shop our extensive selection dead sea cosmetics, buy israeli movies , jewish gifts, jewish jewelry, learn hebrew products and much more, all within our web store.israel catalog is the largest online israeli web store of bullet proof vest products. best cheap low prices on all brands, great closeouts deal offers, amazing discounts & promotions, fast shipping delivery.
star, cosmetics, david, necklace, dead, vest, proof, jewish, jewelry, judaica, bullet
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support israel | latest israel news today
united with israel is a global grassroots pro-israel movement, deeply committed to supporting israel. we educate and empower our friends to advocate for israel
israel, jewish, torah, jerusalem, news, aliyah, facts, with, history, israeli, people, gives, technology, startup, sites, immigrants, move, experience, holyland, tour
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learn hebrew on mobile for iphone and android
hebrew, dictionary, learning, learn, lessons, reading, writing, free, read, tables, verb, verbs, classes, write, biblical, portal, online, language, beginners, interactive
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the jewish heritage center of queens and long island
explore the beauty and depth of judaism. basic judaism – study torah in a way that touches the heart and stimulates the mind. hebrew school – where judaism is fun and exciting for long island children. adults with little or no hebrew skills or those who find traditional temple settings incomprehensible or overwhelming love this service. ask the rabbi. hotel programs and events. support the jhc.
long, school, island, judaism, queens, mitzvah, hebrew, rabbi, question, jewish, preperation, sunday, mizvah, classes
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breaking israel news today | ways to support israel
united with israel is a global grassroots pro-israel movement, deeply committed to supporting israel. we use every means possible to spread the good news from
israel, jewish, torah, jerusalem, news, aliyah, facts, with, history, israeli, people, gives, technology, startup, sites, immigrants, move, experience, holyland, tour
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learn hebrew signs - modern hebrew in everyday use
444 hebrew signs with hebrew nikud and english translations
hebrew, signs, ivrit, learn
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jewish, judaism, renewal, prayer, torah, fiction, poetry, stories, short, life, beliefs, study, learning, spirituality, culture, customs, religion, tradition, practices
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21 - hebrew dictionary
hebrew, verbs, nouns, adjectives, modern, learn, dictionary, vocabulary, words
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the jewish week | connecting the world to jewish news, culture & opinion | the jewish week
the jewish week is an independent community newspaper offering the latest israel, national and new york news; features about judaism, jewish life and culture, jewish dating; opinion and analysis; and features on jewish arts, museums, travel, food and family life.
jewish, judaism, bank, gaza, settlements, west, iran, travel, terrorism, hamas, palestinians, rabbi, museums, intermarriage, continuity, process, peace, syria, lebanon, reform
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b'yachad - the experiential jewish school - news from the school
byachad is a supplementary religious school in pompton lakes serving jewish families in passaic, morris and northern bergen counties.
jewish, hebrew, judaism, education, school, judaica, byachad, holidays, mitzvah, religious, high
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god's everlasting covenant
god's everlasting covenant, turning hearts toward israel….loving the jewish people….celebrating the hebraic roots of christianity
jewish, jesus, roots, feasts, people, first, chosen, century, jews, prophesy, role, name, covenant, blessing, hebrew, church, everlasting, appointed, messiah, yeshua
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judaism's answer
judaism, missionary, jews, chassidic, torah, zohar, orthodox, kabbala, kabbalah, talmud, messiah, messianic, counter, moshiach, sabbath, mashiach, missionaries, spirituality, chassidus, tanach
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holy language institute ♥ learn biblical hebrew
we're a website of yeshua-centered, affordable hebrew learning experiences, a circle of live messianic teachers and artists, and a global tribe following yeshua in a hebrew way.
torah, israel, judaism, jewish, tattoo, yeshua, messianic, online, hebrew, free, lessons, bible, learn
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- congregation sh'ma yisra'el
congregation shma yisrael - a messianic jewish congregation
jewish, messianic, roots, hebrew, congregation, judaism, mashiach, synagogue, jesus, portland, messiah, yisrael, worship, hebraic, yeshua, shema, clackamas
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jewish directory and jewish search by mavensearch
mavensearch is the leading jewish web directory and search engine
torah, israel, holocaust, shoah, orthodox, tenach, hebraic, hebrew, yamulka, reform, talis, conservative, kippur, maven, schools, holiday, aviv, conversion, jerusalem, rabbi
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jewish uk site offering london jewish news, jewish dating services, information on jewish festivals and the jewish calendar, in-depth details of the jewish religion and food and, in-depth guides for jewish weddings, bar mitzvahs and other celebrations.
jewish, kosher, jews, travel, news, holidays, recipes, passover, mitzvah, israel, internet, kippur, judaism, sport, wedding, personals, social, portal, politics, kashrut
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to the ends of the earth--teaching the jewish roots of christianity
insights from israel into the bible, jesus the messiah, and the jewish roots of christianity.
jewish, christians, ancient, texts, discoveries, history, judaism, hebrew, hebraic, jews, word, scriptures, scripture, testament, messianic, gentile, christ, biblical, messiah, jesus
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akhlah :: the jewish children's learning network
akhlah: the jewish children's learning network
jewish, torah, heroes, akhlah, traditions, holidays, kids, charity, israel, children, education, hebrew, judaism, aleph, online, parsha
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jewish journal: breaking news, u.s., israel, middle east, jewish & hollywood
jewish, israel, nation, hollywood, judaism, corp, world, tribe, journal, news, angeles, media
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33 - torah, judaism and jewish info - ask the rabbi
ask a rabbi any questions you have on the jewish religion, or jewish philosophy. learn more about orthodox judaism, hassidic judaism & chabad.
jewish, education, rabbi, calendar, moshiach, messiah, mashiach, chabad, lubavitch, parshah, habad, spirituality, bible, israel, faith, holidays, rebbe, parsha, talmud, kabala
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rabbi simcha weinberg| the foundation stone™| torah| judaism| hebrew bible
learn & discover the divine prophecies with rabbi simcha weinberg from the holy torah, jewish law, mysticism, kabbalah and jewish prophecies. the foundation stone is the ultimate resource for jews, judaism, jewish education, jewish spirituality & the holy torah.
jewish, halacha, beliefs, judaism, talmud, mysticism, kabbalah, commandments, torah, bible, weinberg, simcha, foundation, stone, hebrew, online, spirituality, rabbi
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chabad-lubavitch of wisconsin - serving the jewish community of wisconsin for over 40 years
all your jewish needs in milwaukee. hebrew school, summer camp, adult education and youth programs.
jewish, milwaukee, school, wisconsin, hebrew, camp, schools, adult, education, shul, services, programs, teen, judaism, kosher, shabbat
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home - anglo-list
making aliyah, relocation and living in israel easy for english speakers! learn hebrew, employment, lifestyle, services, biz directory and more.
israel, english, speakers, hebrew, aliyah, jobs, information, tour, communities, employment, general, lifestyle, much, translations, relocation, does, live, cost, learning
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shearith israel community - home
shearith israel of columbus ga
judaism, israel, synagogue, shearith, conservative, rabbi, glusman, brian, traditional, temple, columbus, jewish, georgia, united
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hebrew for christians - learn hebrew for free!
learn hebrew for free. study the hebrew alphabet and names of god. understand hebrew grammar and the hebraic mindset of the bible. gain powerful insights into your christian faith! do hebrew bible study. an online course with exercises, hebrew audio, vocabulary, charts, downloads, and much more.
hebrew, jewish, bible, names, testament, tanakh, forum, messianic, learn, glossary, grammar, lessons, yiddish, blessings, biblical, alphabet, levitt, study, alephbet, books
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hebrew for christians - learn hebrew for free!
learn hebrew for free. study the hebrew alphabet and names of god. understand hebrew grammar and the hebraic mindset of the bible. gain powerful insights into your christian faith! do hebrew bible study. an online course with exercises, hebrew audio, vocabulary, charts, downloads, and much more.
hebrew, jewish, bible, names, testament, tanakh, forum, messianic, learn, glossary, grammar, lessons, yiddish, blessings, biblical, alphabet, levitt, study, alephbet, books
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adelaide hebrew congregation inc.
the adelaide hebrew congregation is adelaide's only orthodox synagogue. situated in adelaide's eastern suburbs in glenside, the adelaide hebrew congregation offers orthodox jewish services for all and runs various events throughout the year.
adelaide, hebrew, congregation, jewish, australia, shule, shul, college, rabbi, massada, rabbonim, church, flemington, south, glenside, jews, judaism
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jesus is a jew - contents
jesus is a jew. he always has been. how is that relevant to you? topics include the jewish messiah, jesus' name yeshua, yeshua's message to jews and gentiles, the torah (law) of moses and the new covenant, the jewish apostles, saint paul and torah, the people israel, the messiah of israel, the god of israel, galatians (galations), and much more!
jesus, israel, christian, hebrew, jewish, paul, messiah, judaism, yeshua, land, tribe, testament, judah, spirit, commandments, damascus, gentiles, salvation, road, emmaus
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hidabrut - judaism, torah and jewish
the greatest jewish website in the world, serving you the best online content on judaism, news, current affairs, children, internet tv channel with a variety of video content, & more
jewish, torah, education, family, judaism, holidays, study, mitzvot, learn, thought, talmud, rabbi, faith, israel, spirituality, parsha, prayer, parshah, library, character
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jewish outreach and education community center serving sheepshead bay area
official site for chabad of sheepshead bay movement that promotes judaism provides daily lectures insights. chabad is a philosophy, a movement, and an organization.
school, sheepshead, jewish, education, cteen, 11235, club, hebrew, passover, synagogue, chabad, kids, hanukah, chanukah, purim, sukkot, child, visitations, brooklyn, hospital
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what jews believe
jewish, bible, testament, jews, hebrew, jesus, federow, judaism, moses, mount, sinai, dogma, credo, trilogy, repentance, forgiveness, biblical, christian, christ, theology
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judaism by choice
judaism by choice offers classes, resources, learning events and trips for jews and non-jews, and those interested in conversion, who want to learn more about the jewish faith, religion, people and culture.
judaism, rabbi, weinberg, temple, choice, jewish, convert, hebrew, beth, conversion, university, american, jews, neil, neal, education, high, sinai, finley, leeuwen
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chabad of fremont jewish center
the jewish center for judaism in the tri-city hayward & milpitas
jewish, fremont, hayward, chabad, holiday, temple, torah, school, judaism, synagogue, beth, shabbat, hebrew, mitzvah, hanukah, services, conservative, center, sunday, community
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jbs - jewish broadcasting service | americas jewish television network
a jewish television network available throughout north america, jbs has programs addressing the entire spectrum of the jewish experience, with movies, news and information, israel shows, programs from new york's 92nd street y, children's programs, jewish study, hebrew lessons, kabbalah, author and celebrity interviews, event coverage, jewish documentaries, holocaust testimonies, jewish cooking, and jewish entertainment.
jewish, study, television, documentaries, cooking, holocaust, cable, hebrew, programming, network, kabbalah, life, programs, channel, street, torah, service, broadcasting, israel, news
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jewish contra costa ~ chabad your source for everything jewish
to promote jewish values and identity through our hebrew school, camp gan israel , holiday programs, chanukah, passover throughout contra costa.
jewish, camp, contra, costa, walnut, creek, east, lamorinda, judaism
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the times of israel | news from israel, the middle east and the jewish world
the times of israel is your one-stop site for news, features, live blogs and more - on israel, the region & the jewish world
muslims, islam, christians, christianity, antisemitism, diaspora, land, promised, jewish, jews, judaism, east, middle, israel
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our vision is to bring the light of the world (jesus) to all peoples of all nations throughout the world.
jewish, feast, hebrew, high, holy, matzah, judaism, covenant, messianic, testament, tanakh, torah, scriptures, ruakh, shabbat, tabernacles, sukkot, sabbath, erev, hakodesh
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cjcuc | jewish-christian relations & bible study center
cjcuc is a center where christians who tour israel can study the hebrew bible with orthodox rabbis and learn about the hebraic roots of christianity.
bible, israel, meister, gerald, rabbi, study, christian, relations, jewish, cjcuc, state, crucifixion, resurrection, university, shoah, holocaust, judaism, theology, dialogue, center
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temple sinai is an inclusive, caring reform community that aspires to a dynamic, constantly evolving judaism, and is committed to life-long learning, traditional jewish culture, ethics and meaningful worship.
school, religious, shabbat, worship, torah, hebrew, cantors, rabbis, nursery, mitzvah, israel, synagogues, toronto, synagogue, jewish, community, reform, judaism, temple
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chabad center for jewish life & learning
judaism in san antonio; outreach, synagogue services, hebrew school, adult education, jewish learning institute, gan gani preschool, camp gan israel, kosher food
jewish, education, adult, passover, high, rodfei, seder, beth, children, hillel, agudas, holidays, river, shul, shule, torah, rosh, hashanah, chanukah, classes
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54 - a fun jewish learning school. best hebrew school, best congregation in greenwich, fun hebrew school,learn hebrew, act out the bible stories, bat mitzvah preparation, unique services, community hebrew program, happy hebrew school, best hebrew school in greenwich
make hebrew fun, learn through color war, spiritual leaders who love to teach positive jewish experience through jewish music and prayer, best hebrew school in greenwich
school, jewish, hebrew, kids, teach, creative, learning, hebrewe, training, teens, profit, private, sunday
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chabad of the tri valley: the center for jewish life, joy, prayer, and learning in the tri-valley - pleasanton, dublin, and livermore
the jewish center: synagogue, preschool, sunday school, hebrew school, adult education - serving the communities of pleasanton, dublin, and livermore.
jewish, judaism, livermore, pleasanton, school, valley, preschool, sunday, hebrew, temple, synagogue, dublin, chabad, lubavitch
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one for israel - because the best way to bless israel is with jesus
winning & building hebrew speaking jews & arabs in israel for messiah
evangelism, israel, yeshua, jewish, irsael, oneforisrael
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a spiritual, educational, ritual, and social center for reform judaism in the greenville area
jewish, judaica, shalomfest, shop, ecec, daycare, preschool, carolina, greenville, israel, reform, judaism, temple, upstate, south
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ancient hebrew research center - home page
dedicated to researching and teaching the biblical hebrew text of the bible based on the ancient hebrew culture and language. resources include the ancient hebrew alphabet, paleo-hebrew inscriptions, dictionary, translations, root word studies and learn biblical hebrew course.
hebrew, alphabet, paleo, inscription, culture, script, alephbet, ancient, biblical, language
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hebrew verb tables
translations, pronunciation, verbs, words, dictionary, hebrew
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congregation beth israel - reform jewish synagogue in houston, texas. torah teachings. the shlenker school for pre-k to fifth grade children. hebrew religious school for children and adults.
beth israel, the oldest jewish congregation in texas, is a reform congregation which dedicates itself to studying and living by the teachings of torah.
judaism, temple, religion, torah, jewish, reform, beth, israel, houston, texas, congregation
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kollel is the premier source of jewish programming and education in portland, providing you with meaningful and inspirational ways to connect to judaism.
jewish, shine, portland, levy, israel, trip, jwrp, kaballah, education, oregon, torah, talmud, kabalah, judaism
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ronit d. appel, hebrew ulpan and hebrew tutoring in nyc
we offer fall, winter, spring, and summer ulpans on the upper west side of manhattan as well as private hebrew tutoring. all lessons are taught ivrit b'ivrit. we offer beginner, intermediate, advanced, and academic levels.
hebrew, ulpan, appel, tutor, learn, ronit, study, upper, aliyah, intensive, side, west, classes, manhattan, york, city, summer, tutoring
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poetica magazine contemporary jewish writing
we publish poetry, prose, and short stories centered on the jewish and universal spiritual experience. works submitted by all writers are considered. subscription available!
jewish, hebrew, synagogue, school, book, newspapers, awards, clubs, memoir, holocaust, stories, short, poetry, prose, literature, writing, creative, books, israel
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jewish telegraphic agency: your global jewish news source
jta gives you the latest jewish news from the u.s., israel, europe, and around the globe. read now for breaking news and more.
jewish, european, jewry, jews, judaism, american, israel, telegraphic, agency, news
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chabad of palm beach gardens
chabad of palm beach gardens is an enterprising jewish organization fusing the ancient traditions of our heritage with the ever changing dynamics of today's society.
jewish, palm, beach, torah, school, hebrew, seder, gardens, israel, lubavitch, orthodox, rosh, matzah, hashana, yartzheit, kippur, minyan, kotel, wall, chanuka
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beit hashalem emet - messianic jewish congregation - york pa
a messianic jewish synagogue in york, pa including both jewish and gentile believers who follow yeshua (jesus) the messiah and who desire to restore the hebrew roots of the early church's teaching and worship.
messianic, christian, jewish, hebrew, messiah, roots, church, jews, jesus, synagogue, tanakh, mashiach, hebraic, torah, congregation, judaism, york, community, fellowship, harrisburg
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aleph champ hebrew reading program
teach and motivate jewish kids to learn hebrew reading and writing with our fun & exciting karate based program. use at home or in your classroom
hebrew, school, aleph, learn, reading, writing, education, home, script, kits, judaic, flashcards, based, karate, program, read, curriculums, ivrit
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learn hebrew prayers: front page
jewish prayers are more than phrases to be repeated. they imply a world vision, a compromise with god and ourselves. find prayers for all occasions. jews can pray in any language. traditional hebrew prayers. jews prayers. judaism.
hadlakat, nerot, jewish, blessing, hebrew, prayer, lighting, torah, shema, harai, children, candles, shabbath, mezuzah, shabbat, midst, yiddish, minyen, birkat, hamazon
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jerusalem media
best place to advertise in israel. advertising in english and hebrew newspapers or other israeli and jewish media.
advertise, advertising, israel, yediot, maariv, haaretz, internet, post, acharonot, newspaper, hebrew, obituary, jewish, french, jerusalem
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east midwood jewish centereast midwood jewish center | a vibrant, egalitarian congregation in the heart of brooklyn.
east midwood jewish center, hebrew school, minyan, hebrew, school, midwood, jewish, conservative judaism, synagogue, temple, music, yoga
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the jewish website -
judaism - one stop for everything jewish, jewish holidays, israel news, holocaust studies, jewish spirituality, weekly torah portion, western wall camera, aish hatorah, aish, parenting, dating, marriage, bar mitzvah, shabbat, and more.
israel, aish, jewish, parsha, sabbath, shabbat, mitzvah, rabbi, education, recipe, cookbook, kosher, hatorah, dating, bible, holidays, torah, spirituality, holiday, news
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ezra usa - world youth movement
ezra usa is an affiliate of ezra olami and focuses on russian-speaking jewish community in usa, ezra usa organizes free trips to israel
russian, news, israel, jewish, events, entertainment, restaurants, concerts, women, music, dating, chat, search, jokes, links, prikoli, shops, hebrew, anekdoti, shutki
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ruach israel home page - welcome to ruach israel
congregation ruach israel, a messianic jewish synagogue in needham, massachusetts.
boston, interfaith, high, holidays, marriage, area, child, children, hebrew, brit, mitzvah, chavurah, fulfillment, mixed, biblical, bible, judaism, family, christian, services
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standing with israel - a place for jews and christians to support israel!
standing with israel - a place for jews and christians to support israel!
jewish, israel, news, daily, bulletin, dead, cosmetics, islam, fanatic, christians, holidays, learning, holocaust, indices, kashrut, hebrew, calendar, clipart, gifs, genealogy
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standing with israel - a place for jews and christians to support israel!
standing with israel - a place for jews and christians to support israel!
jewish, israel, news, daily, bulletin, dead, cosmetics, islam, fanatic, christians, holidays, learning, holocaust, indices, kashrut, hebrew, calendar, clipart, gifs, genealogy
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- jewish books | judaism | jewish religion
israel drazin rabbi bookreviews about the jewish religion, judaism and religion
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77 everything jewish in berlin
information and tours in english and hebrew about jewish life and judaism in berlin and germany
tour, berlin, guide, jewish, tours, nadav, guides, private, germany, walking, guided, historical, judaism, museum, religion, jews, licensed, potsdam, hebrew, gablinger
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hebrew streams: ancient hebrew elements in the new testament
ancient hebrew elements in the new testament, jewish jesus, y'shua and jewish people, messianic prophecy, why do jews reject jesus, monotheism, is trinity jewish, messiah at qumran, messiah and dead sea scrolls, hebrew symbols, aramaic symbols
hamashiach, hebrew, triunity, trinity, afikomen, testament, paul, yashar, aramaic, afikoman, sumner, hahadashah, meshichim, yehudim, judaism, yeshua, mashiach, brit, hashem, shema
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judaism, torah and jewish info - chabad lubavitch
official homepage for worldwide chabad-lubavitch movement that promotes judaism and provides daily torah lectures and jewish insights. chabad-lubavitch is a philosophy, a movement, and an organization. chabad is considered to be the most dynamic force in jewish life today.
education, jewish, rabbi, parshah, messiah, mashiach, moshiach, parsha, spirituality, bible, israel, faith, habad, holidays, lubavitch, chassidus, hasidim, chasidus, torah, hasidism
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jewish seforim and hebrew books by z. berman books
z. berman books is currently the largest retailer of jewish books in the world. we've 7 retail stores throughout the tri-state area. z berman books also exclusively publishes many best selling seforim through 2 publishing companies it has acquired in israel.
bookstore, jewish, brooklyn, hebrew, books, seforim
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israel news online
israel and jewish news from around the world with exclusive articles and features. the latest breaking news from israel updated 24/7 - your news, from jerusalem
news, solution, state, palestinians, bank, yisrael, west, breaking, judaism, jewish, jerusalem, aviv, israel
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temple of israel reform jewish congregation, wilmington, north carolina
jewish, reform, temple, israel, shabbat, services, synagogues, temples, hebrew, congregation, synagogue
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kehillat israel, reconstructionist and conservative synagogue
egalitarian, participatory synagogue. conservative and reconstructionist liturgy. religious and hebrew school, lifelong learning, family programs, chevra kadisha. conservative, interfaith, and non-traditional families and individuals. shabbat and high holiday services open to all. michael zimmerman, rabbi.
judaism, school, reconstructionist, jews, egalitarian, interfaith, reconstructionism, jewish, liberal, religious, hebrew, lansing, synagogue, conservative, participatory
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temple israel of boston - living judaism together
temple israel has been an integral part of boston jewish life for over 160 years. we are a warm, urban congregation where all are welcome to live judaism through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.
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congregation jewish community north in spring, texas. a member of the union for reform judaism. rabbi jonathan siger
hebrew, synagogue, torah, spring, rabbi, texas, temple, congregation, reform, houston, israel, woodlands, exxon, jewish
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the shema yisrael torah network
we connect you with shulchan aurach learning programs online offering smicha upon course completion. shema yisrael torah network is an international network of jewish educational centers and internet portals. our classes assume little or no jewish background, and have achieved a worldwide reputation for making judaism exciting, relevant and user-friendly.
torah, jewish, dvar, orthodox, shulchan, kosher, israel, tradition, tovim, davening, traditions, yamim, belief, yomtov, culture, jews, bible, kaballah, spirituality, talmud
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the shema yisrael torah network
we connect you with shulchan aurach learning programs online offering smicha upon course completion. shema yisrael torah network is an international network of jewish educational centers and internet portals. our classes assume little or no jewish background, and have achieved a worldwide reputation for making judaism exciting, relevant and user-friendly.
torah, jewish, dvar, orthodox, shulchan, kosher, israel, tradition, tovim, davening, traditions, yamim, belief, yomtov, culture, jews, bible, kaballah, spirituality, talmud
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jewish fiction .net :: current issue
jewish fiction .net came into being with the recognition of the exciting potential of online technology, and the decision to harness this potential to create a virtual home for jewish fiction from around the world. we publish jewish stories, jewish novels, jewish novellas, jewish fiction, jewish literature, from many different countries around the world, globally and internationally. we publish israeli fiction, hebrew fiction, yiddish fiction, ladino fiction, and fiction that is spanish jewish, latin american jewish, argentinian jewish, russian jewish, french jewish, serbian jewish, croatian jewish, english jewish, romanian jewish, turkish jewish, canadian jewish, british jewish, australian jewish, and american jewish. every story and every novel or novella has its special place in our journal. readers love our journal and we help contribute to increasing reading and readership internationally. we have published jewish stories, novels, and novellas originally written in spanish, russia
jewish, fiction, literature, hebrew, israeli, novels, american, stories, books, story, yiddish, ladino, novel, yehoshua, semel, wiesel, appelfeld, agnon, israel, literary
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tons of information and resources related to learning hebrew.
hebrew, learn, language, ivrit
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michigan jewish institute
mji provides college degree programs in computers, business and judaic studies centered on career development. we offer flexible classroom scheduling and online courses.
jewish, degree, learning, hebrew, forward, torah, online, study, abroad, israel, yeshiva, thinking, moving, distance, seminary, history, college, studies, judaic, custom
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temple beth elohim - a reform synagogue located in brewster, ny
temple beth elohim is a reform synagogue located in brewster, n.y. the temple practices liberal judaism and strives to be a center for religious observance, for hebrew and cultural education, and for family and social life.
temple, jewish, hebrew, education, union, judaism, school, reform, county, putnam, torah, rabbi, beth, congregations, american, services, elohim, congregation, york, synagogue
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learn hebrew online. with our podcast, learning hebrew is easy. |
the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn hebrew and hebrew culture. start speaking hebrew in minutes with audio and video lessons, audio dictionary, and learning community!
hebrew, write, travel, podcasts, read, language, study, speak, learn, culture
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jewish elmira
jewish life in the twin tiers of ny and pa
cultural, school, arts, charity, charitable, judaism, hebrew, sayre, corning, watkins, glen, jewish, elmira
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the hebrew academy orange county, ca
the hebrew academy offers quality preschool and k-12 education. this 2x blue ribbon school serves the orange co. and long beach areas and provides transportation options.
jewish, school, california, hebrew, private, academy, orange, mommy, county, southern, preschool, studies, community, class, challah, baking, classes, children, mothers, holidays
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the hebrew academy orange county, ca
the hebrew academy offers quality preschool and k-12 education. this 2x blue ribbon school serves the orange co. and long beach areas and provides transportation options.
jewish, school, california, hebrew, private, academy, orange, mommy, county, southern, preschool, studies, community, class, challah, baking, classes, children, mothers, holidays
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chabad of roslyn
chabad of roslyn offers synagogue services, classes, holiday programs, summer camp and more to the jewish community.
school, hebrew, preschool, camp, center, learning, israel, shul, synagogue, lubavitch, heights, roslyn, westbury, shabbat, judaism, jewish, chabad
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commemoratives international, ltd. commemorative coins and collectibles.
israel coins. commemorative coins and collectibles: specializing in commemorative coins from israel and the usa. trading collectibles since 1947.
coins, israel, bible, covers, sheqalim, mitzvah, lirot, zionism, scrolls, menorah, philately, synagogue, postage, rabbi, gelt, geld, first, hebrew, prints, postcards
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beth zion messianic synagogue - declaring messiah to the jewish heart of central new jersey
as a messianic jewish synagogue, we celebrate messiah and the judaism he represented, where the principles of torah are observed from the heart and not merely from the head. beth zion provides a synagogue service where a jewish person can grow and learn about the messiah in an enviroment that is culturally familiar.
bible, rabbi, jerusalem, scripture, torah, shabbat, sabbath, hebrew, faith, jewish, yeshua, synagogue, israel, religion, christian, messiah
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congregation bnai israel | little rock, arkansas
congregation b`nai israel is a dynamic and inclusive reform jewish congregation in little rock, arkansas. all are welcome to join us for shabbat worship.
jewish, sisterhood, judaica, education, hebrew, temple, reform
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chabad jewish center of sudbury
a cool website with tons of jewish content and amazing features, and up to date news on sudbury jewish programs, classes and events
hebrew, camp, women, learn, education, shabbat, yiddish, wayland, school, adults, teens, pray, temple, shul, torah, stow, maynard, hudson, marlborough, jewish
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home - beth israel congregation
jewish, community, needs, religious, local, educational, worship, pennsylvania, spiritual, conservative, chester, congregation, israel, county, united, beth, synagogue, judaism
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jewish kids groups - a premier independent hebrew school in the heart of atlanta serving affiliated and unaffiliated families - home
jewish kids groups, jkg, is atlantas independent hebrew school.
atlanta, jewish, hebrew, school, synagogue, intown, sunday, best, cool, kids, events, toddler, student
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chabad jewish center oceanside/vista
judaism with a smile. experience the warmth of judaism in a fun and loving environment. come and join a vibrant jewish community where everyone feels at home.
oceanside, jewish, judaism, chabad, hashana, kipur, rosh, high, holidas
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chabad of the delta
chabad of the delta jewish community center serving the california delta area, including pittsburg, antioch, brentwood, oakley and discovery bay.
94561, 94565, 94531, 94509, 94505, kaddish, israel, rabbi, shofar, yizkor, 94513, kosher, shabbat, chabad, hebrew, judaism, high, holidays, minyan, orthodox
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jewish chabad center in warwick ri
chabad of west bay, warwick ri, outreach and education to the entire local jewish community. jewish counseling, volunteer clerical services, camp gan israel. synagogue services, educational programs.
chabad, jewish, laufer, chai, holidays, high, rhode, island, learning, judaism, torah, camp, religion, spirituality, rabbi, israel, mysticism, passover, warwick, yossi
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jewish community of maple/north thornhill
serving the jewish community of maple | thornhill ontario
jewish, hebrew, maple, school, vaughan, daycare, thornhill, chabad, nursery, judaism, preschool
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jewish charity israel - israel jewish children charities
israel laad is a jewish charity offering food backets to israels elderlies and afternoon learning center programs to the israel jewish youth. help them strive and succeed by making a donation today.
jewish, charity, children, charities
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chabad lubavitch el paso, texas is the official website of chabad lubavitch of el paso. log on to learn about our community and jewish services available in el paso.
hebrew, jewish, school, kosher, shabbos, shabbat, study, community, paso, judaism, synagogue, chabad, friendship
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the chai center - 631-351-8672
the chai center - located on the corner of deer park rd and vanderbilt is a synagogue and center for jews of all backgrounds.
jewish, center, hills, hebrew, preschool, school, judaism, synagouge, temple, holidays, events, infant, mitzvah, mitzva, names, judaic, family, baby, autism, hollow
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travel, judea, jewish, judaism, myrtos, israel, hebrew
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temple sinai of palm beach county
temple sinai reform jewish synagogue in delray beach, fl, south florida religious school, jewish school, palm beach hebrew school, hebrew school 33445, jewish hebrew school delray beach, hebrew school delray, hebrew school beach, one day religious school delray, rabbi delray, hebrew delray, hebrew 33445, hebrew 33445 school, school hebrew 33445, 33445 school, 33445 jewish school, temple 33445, temple school, temple school delray, temple school delray beach, learn hebrew, learn hebrew delray, learn hebrew palm beach, hebrew reform, hebrew children, kids hebrew, class hebrew, hebrew class, 33444 hebrew school, 33446 hebrew school, 33447 hebrew school, 33448 hebrew school, 33482 hebrew school, 33483 hebrew school, 33484 hebrew school, boca raton hebrew school, delray beach hebrew school, learn jewish, learn hebrew, 33444 school, 33445 school, 33446 school, 33447 school, 33448 school, 33482 school, 33483 school, 33282 school, reform, temple, sinai, jews, jewsih, jwes, delrya, delray beech,
jewish, beach, florida, palm, mitzvah, temple, torah, county, wisdom, delray, books, jews, hebrew, young, school, spirituality, synagogue, south, temples, reform
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the seed of abraham
a hebraic perspective of messiah yeshua to introduce yeshua to the jewish people.
religion, biblical, christianity, jewish, hebrew, yahveh, gentiles, christian, unleavened, shofar, passover, israel, lord, feasts, torah, land, messiah, christ, abraham, seed
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chabad of scottsdale
services include shabbat hospitality, prayer services, torah education and classes, kosher food market & restaurant, mikvah, hebrew school, bar & bat mitzvah, and teen programs.
hebrew, phoenix, arizona, mitzvah, jewish, shabbat, shabbos, community, school, classes, learning, judaism, kosher, programs, education, youth, tucson, rabbi, program, rebbe
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jewish & israel news | breaking alerts, commentary, insights analysis and blogs
the fastest growing jewish newspaper in america, your one stop source for all news, commentary and analysis from israel and jewish communities around the world.
jewish, israel, news, breaking, middle, analysis, commentary, east, updates, music, culture, blogs, tradition, politics, israeli, opinion
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chabad lubavitch of tampa bay- your home for everything jewish in tampa bay, including: hebrew academy, preschool and elementary school; adult jewish education; jewish women's circle; mikvah.
a site providing any jewish service you might need. from day school to camp, adult education to mikvah, chabad serves the entire jewish community of tampa bay.
tampa, jewish, mikvah, hebrew, academy, chabad, camp, judaism, school, summer, synagogue
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schechter institutes
schechter institute of jewish studies promotes religious pluralism through jewish education in israel with ma program, tali education fund and rabbinical school
studies, jewish, schechter, judaism, neve, religious, prof, golinkin, david, women, family, community, contemporary, masorti, shamma, friedman, tolerance, liebhaber, prize, arts
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the albert einstein archives at the hebrew university of jerusalem - the homepage
the albert einstein archives at the hebrew university of jerusalem own the literary estate of albert einstein, as declared in his last will and testament
university, hebrew, resources, pictures, children, jerusalem, jewish, berlin, princeton, germany, israel, copyright, estate, science, relativity, physicist, physics, albert, archives, nobel
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everything jewish in commack, east northport, hauppauge, fort salonga, kings park and w. smithtown
bringing the warmth of judaism to the jewish communities of mid suffolk county. including commack, east northport, hauppauge, fort salonga, and w. smithtown
synagogue, rabbi, community, kabbalah, holiday, education, hebrew, judaism, school, torah, study, jewish
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chabad jewish center
cjc serves south orange county jewish community - minyan, shabbat, holiday services, hebrew school, youth programs, adult education, social groups, & silver gan israel summer camp
laguna, jewish, hills, beach, niguel, irvine, orthodox, capistrano, juan, margarita, santa, dove, canyon, synagogue, coto, caza, judaism, passover, sukkah, sukkot
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marathon jewish community center
the congregation of marathon jewish community center is a conservative synagogue that strives to maintain a spiritual home for all its members. we are dedicated to meeting the religious, educational and social needs of the community while furthering the causes and objectives of conservative judaism as interpreted by the synagogue's rabbi. we are also committed to the welfare of our members and to improving the community in which we live
jewish, queens, marathon, judaism, leadership, east, school, center, conservative, community, hebrew, north
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temple israel is the only reform synagogue in west palm beach, florida. join us every friday night.
jewish, judaism, hebrew, mitzvah, intracoastal, synagogue, west, israel, palm, beach, reform, florida, temple
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camp gan israel - providing a fun and warm jewish camping experience!
camp gan israel is a non profit day camp operating in the summer months. a program of chabad center for jewish life & learning
jewish, camp, antonio, kids, children, summer, education, israel, izzy, camps
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judaism & jewish life - my jewish learning
explore jewish life and judaism at my jewish learning, a trans-denominational website of information about judaism. visit us today!
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new york hebrew school
new york hebrew, a manhattan based after-school judaica and hebrew program for jewish children from pre -k - 8th grades.
hebrew, jewish, school, programming, cheap, community, language, children, york, youth, judaica, festivals
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home - chabad of maple ontario - the maple shul
hebrew, maple, school, jewish, vaughan, daycare, chabad, thornhill, nursery, preschool, judaism, homejewish
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north orange county chabad center: synagogue, hebrew school, jewish center
park, orange, hebrew, school, seder, holiday, high, passover, service, chanukah, jewish, judaism, torah, mitzvah, purim, mikvah, grove, anaheim, villa, brea
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chabad jewish center - sw coral springs
jewish, club, school, hebrew, mitzvah, passover, hanukkah, chanukah, torah, giving, legacy, yizkor, kosher, holidays, funeral, burial, shiva, high, hashana, planned
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welcome to the young israel of aberdeen
young israel of aberdeen is an orthodox synagogue in a fast growing jewish community. we support local activities including the eruv, mikvah, yeshivas, and kosher establishments.
orthodox, israel, young, jewish, synagogue, kosher, services, candlelighting, davening, prayers, aberdeen, beit, sabbath, council, national, tefilah, shabbat, community, mikveh, mikva
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kesher newton - welcome to kesher newton
kesher newton is a nationally-recognized alternative to traditional hebrew school, where children learn jewish culture and hebrew language in a spirited, camp-like environment.
school, hebrew, unaffiliated, judaism, sunday, newton, after, program, israeli
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asu jewish students, jewish life - chabad at asu
jewish student life at asu: we provide jewish classes, fun jewish social events at arizona state university, friday night shabbat meals and free trips to israel and more.
jewish, arizona, shabbat, services, torah, university, phoenix, tempe, kaballah, israel, kabbalah, kabalah, mishna, tanach, talmud, parsha, hebrew, pesah, passover, shiurim
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131 społeczność żydowska w polsce
strona społeczności żydowskiej w polsce. piszemy o tym, co ważnego dzieje się u nas, w izraelu i na całym świecie. sprawdź sam!
jewish, jidysz, yiddish, rabbi, hebrew, hebrajski, rabin, polska, izrael, gmina, community, synagogue, synagoga, israel
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chabad of sf
chabad of sf is a place where every jewish person, and the entire jewish community is welcome - regardless of affiliation or level of knowledge.
jewish, shul, chabad, soma, community, minyan, happy, holidays, hour, events, rabbi, hebrew, rally, menorah, chanukah, hanukah, calander, learning, synagogue, prayer
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orthodox messianic judaism
a messianic jewish discussion blog about messianic judaism, hebrew roots, and christianity.
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camp gan israel of houston, texas | best jewish camping in harris county!
camp gan israel, jewish camping, swimming, sports, arts, culture for the cummer season. located at chabad lubavitch center - texas regional headquarters
jewish, culture, sports, arts, staff, judaism, religion, dedicated, swim, vacation, camp, camps, community, camping, pride, summer, children, heat
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illini hillel - celebrating jewish life at the university of illinois - home
hillel at the university of illinois at urbana-champaign is the premier jewish student organization, with holiday observances, student groups, kosher food and more, all supported by our generous donors!
hillel, hebrew, israel, orthodox, conservative, reform, illini, holidays, abroad, study, first, 1923, shabbat, university, jewish, illinois, chicago, urbana, college, judaism
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the jewish chronicle
the uk’s oldest and most widely-read jewish newspaper, covering news, sport, lifestyle and religious features of interest to jews worldwide.
news, jewish, simchahs, networking, judaism, social, life, israel, community, jews
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catholics for israel
building bridges of reconciliation between israel and the church, and rediscovering the jewish roots of the catholic faith.
jews, judaism, catholic, church, christ, messiah, palestine, jesus, yeshua, israel
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or chadash is a reform temple serving a vibrant and growing jewish congregation in hunterdon, warren, and somerset counties. we hope to provide a warm and nurturing environment for everyone who walks through our doors; provide our children with the background necessary to develop a love and enthusiasm for judaism so that jewish values might guide and enrich their paths through life; and create a place of meaningful experiences that are cherished and carried on wherever each and every one of us may go.
county, reform, temple, judaism, mitzvah, congregation, jewish, wedding, worship, hunterdon, somerset, warren, school, rabbi, flemington, synagogue, chadash, jersey, hebrew
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chabad jewish center of monroeville & the eastern suburbs
home for everything jewish in monroeville and the eastern suburbs of pittsburgh, including synagogue services, hebrew school, adult and youth education, and holiday programing.
jewish, monroeville, camp, rabbi, lubavitch, shabbat, education, kosher, services, shabbos, study, synagogue, hebrew, penn, hills, plum, churchill, murrysville, center, torah
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welcome to temple israel!
temple israel is a historical building and museum in leadville, colorado. built in 1884 and restored in 2008, it is the oldest synagogue building still standing west of the mississippi river! the hebrew cemetery, established in 1880 and restored in the 1990s, is related to temple israel.
synagogue, museum, jews, leadville, jewish, cemetery, colorado, history, temple, pioneer, israel, historical, exhibits, western, building, hebrew, foundation, west
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chabad of the nyacks
bringing the warmth, love and inspiration of chabad into your home 24/7. your window to anything jewish in rockland county
jewish, nyack, rockland, piermont, synagogue, nanuet, kosher, temple, ridge, hebrew, judaism, school, chestnut
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israel t-shirts and much more - israeli-t
this is the place to find authentic israel t-shirts. we cover all trends and styles related to israel including jewish t-shirts, hebrew t-shirts and many more.
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alevy chabad of peabody jewish center
jewish peabody, center for judaism and jewish life in the city of peabody adult education, hebrew school, shabbat prayer, prayers, classes, children youth
peabody, jewish, shabbat, school, hebrew, prayer, prayers, youth, children, classes, education, judaism, center, life, city, adult
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chabad of wilmette
helping every jew discover their spiritual needs and timeless jewish values with joy, sincerity and warmth in a genuinely accepting environment. a synagogue for every jew.
hebrew, school, high, holiday, schneerson, family, jewish, wilmette, chabad, center, preschool, conservative, orthodox, holidays, nursery, continuity, illinois, life, learning, classes
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home | kehillat israel
kehillat israel is a warm, inclusive, jewish synagogue in los angeles. ki is a reconstructionist temple featuring a preschool, hebrew school and adult learning.
jewish, holidays, angeles, calendar, holiday, high, synagogue, holy, reconstructionist, days, temple, dates, center, learning, becoming, kaplan, bnai, mitzvah, spiritual, with
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usc hillel
usc hillel seeks to enrich the lives of jewish undergraduate and graduate students so that they may enrich the jewish people and the world in the university of southern california community, through social, leadership and community service programs.
jewish, angeles, students, trojan, social, leadership, justice, college, tzedek, hillel, connection, alumni, free, judaism, trip, israel, shabbat
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chabad of the desert communities
jewish, palm, springs, chabad, rabbi, education, study, rancho, mirage, passover, missionaries, shabbos, parsha, kosher, shabbat, deuteronomy, numbers, leviticus, mezuzah, women
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jewish family experience! - home
school, mitzva, mitzvah, hebrew, sunday, deerfield, park, northbrook, glenview, highland, chumash, learning, experience, jewish, confirmation, torah, values, tradition, judaism
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jewish fun in new paltz & interactive judaism for jews
torah judaism for reform, conservative or orthodox any jew that moves. fun learning and jewish activities in new paltz.
young, cool, suny, judaism, student, paltz, kabbala, jewish, cabala, torah, kosher
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judaism, torah & jewish info • chabad of arizona • phoenix, arizona • headquarters
chabad of arizona: your source for everything jewish in arizona. outposts throughout arizona. providing social programming as well.
yeshiva, scottsdale, kollel, study, kippur, hashana, totah, chandler, circle, cteen, friendship, seniors, smile, rosh, lubavitch, phoenix, camp, arizona, chabad, jewish
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chabad of pinellas county - serving the jewish community of clearwater, palm harbor and all of pinellas county
preschool, pinellas, chabad, jewish, hebrew, adler, rabbi, chaya, israel, lubavitch, young, services, night, shabbat, friday, school, coast, academy, west, kosher
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temple b'nai jeshurun - des moines, iowa
temple b'nai jeshurun, des moines, iowa: iowa's largest reform congregation
jewish, temple, jeshurun, reform, education, judaism, bnai, youth, torah, rabbi, programs, choice, israel, soloist, group, outreach, congregation, brotherhood, sisterhood, cantorial
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pilotyid palm hebrew / jewish software for palmos (pilot yid, clie, tungsten, zire, lifedrive, treo)
pilotyid - the only source for the jewish piloteer.pilotyid is a collection of software for the palm(pilot) family of organizers, and for any other pda that runs on the palm computing platform such as the handspring visor, ibm workpad or the qualcomm pdq smartphone. what makes pilotyid different from all of the other palmpilot software archives on the web is that only the software that is useful to the jewish or hebrew speaking palmpilot user will be listed here.
software, israel, palmpilot, penticon, hebrew, aaron, engel, calendar, luach, palmos, tapwave, zodiac, palmone, pilot, jewish, visor, palm, handspring, trgpro, kosher
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bible society in israel | "bringing treasures to light" isaiah 45:3
the bible society in israel publishes hebrew scriptures and bibles for christians and messianic jews in israel while proclaiming yeshua as the messiah
bible, hebrew, original, free, yeshua, holy, english, online, james, jews, messianic, king
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tes - largest distributor of jewish software, hebrew language and bible software ()
largest distributor of jewish and hebrew software for study, education, gifts. hebrew-english word processors keyboards dictionaries, bible and codes software, learn hebrew language cds, jewish clip art, hebrew fonts, jewish calendar, encyclopedia, judaic libraries, torah games, and more.
jewish, hebrew, software, responsa, ilan, dagesh, artscroll, gifts, education, torah, judaica, davka, fonts, learn, processing, word, programs, language, clip, keyboard
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chabad of pasadena synagogue and jewish community center - serving the needs of the jews in the pasadena and greater san gabriel valley with shabbat synagogue services - adult education - chabad hebrew school - holiday programs camp gan israel
hebrew, holidays, passover, holiday, matzah, hanukah, hanukkah, kaballah, school, arcadia, temple, synagogue, gabriel, jewish, chabad, pasadena
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israel news: ynetnews
homepage: ynetnews is israels most comprehensive, authoritative daily source for 24/7 breaking news & current events from israel and jewish content online.
news, bank, gaza, holy, west, east, middle, land, palestinian, ynetnews, jews, breaking, yediot, aviv, judaism, arab, jewish, english, yedioth, ahronoth
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young jewish professionals san diego
networking jewish events
israel, judaism, dating, chabad, jewish, networking, events
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en-gedi resource center
the website of en-gedi resource center in holland, michigan, a ministry that explores the jewish roots of the christian faith
jewish, christianity, church, bible, christ, roots, jesus, engedi, archaeology, rabbinic, biblical, hebraic, israel, messianic, center, early, heritage, literature, torah, temple
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chabad center of natick
chabad natick is dedicated to strengthening jewish awareness and practice throughout metrowest and beyond.
natick, chabad, judaism, massachusetts, lubavitch, jewish, kosher, metrowest, centers, center, local, holidays, high, masssachusetts, hebrew, kippur, passover, school, hasid, hasiddic
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shalom hartman institute - jewish scholarship, education, leadership for israel, diaspora
shalom hartman institute is a pluralistic research and leadership center at the forefront of jewish thought and education in israel and the jewish diaspora that is empowering scholars, rabbis, educators and lay leaders to develop new and diverse voices within jewish tradition and is building the foundation for the future of jewish life in israel and worldwide.
jewish, hartman, israel, institute, religion, moshe, donniel, torah, machon, tisha, shavuot, independence, passover, simchat, sukkot, kippur, hannukah, chanukah, holocaust, purim
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israel & judaism studies - the education website of the nsw jewish board of deputies - israel & judaism studies
israel & judaism studies - the education website of the nsw jewish board of deputies
jewish, board, deputies, website, judaism, studies, education, israel
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welcome to "the mishkahn" ...a messianic synagogue in n. smithfield, ri - mishkahn david messianic synagogue, located in n. smithfield, ri
rhode islands messianic jewish synagogue. celebrate yeshua the messiah and discover the hebrew/jewish roots of your faith in him.
rhode, peter, samuel, hebrew, island, judaism, jewish, messianic, synagogue, congregation, haiti, oliveira, rabbi, mishkahn, church, smithfield, brian, mishkan, roots, churches
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hebrew dictionary (learn hebrew with hebrew english dictionary with audio pronunciation, niqqud and worksheets).
learn hebrew with our free hebrew dictionary, including audio pronunciation, niqqud and hebrew worksheets.
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temple adath israel lexington kentucky reform jewish judaism
reform, jewish, judaism, kentucky, lexington, adath, israel, temple
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chabad of thousand oaks - jewish thousand oaks, ca, jewish adult education, holiday celebrations
judaism, joy, inspiration, jewish services, bar/bat mitzva
local, events, judaism, jewish, practice, moshiach, picture, updated, education
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bitterroot house of israel
we are a congregation of messianic believers following in our messiah s footsteps through our hebrew heritage, and strive to be as messiah, a light unto the world.
congregation, fellowship, christians, yahweh, bible, sabbath, biblical, feast, feasts, shabbat, grafted, jewish, yahshua, bitterroot, yeshua, hebraic, hebrew, israel, church, hamilton
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free online hebrew dictionary. type in hebrew/english. translate hebrew or phonetic hebrew.
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congregation or zarua | home page of congregation or zarua, new york city
congregation or zarua of new york city is a traditional, egalitarian, and participatory conservative synagogue located on the upper east side of manhattan on east 82nd street, between lexington and park avenues. come daven with us on shabbat and holidays and join us at morning minyan, held every day of the year and open to the community; check the calendar on our website for service times.
jewish, conservative, york, judaism, synagogue, hebrew, shabbat, school, services, torah, religious, rituals, classroom, holiday, language, pesah, hanukkah, hanukah, chanukkah, purim
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chabad of toluca lake jewish center
jewish, hebrew, toluca, universal, mitzvah, city, lake, cause, temple, kosher, good, charity, adult, education, funeral, spiritual, guidance, wedding, prayer, rabbi
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keneseth israel
congregation keneseth israel is a reform jewish community in allentown pa. everyone, jews and interfaith families are welcome. judaism is alive at ki. we are committed to worship, wellness, mitzvot and education.
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israel college of the bible | study the word of god in the land of the bible
israel college of the bible is the only messianic/hebrew-speaking bible college and seminary in israel, where the next generation of leaders are being trained and sent out from. taking time to be trained in the word of god can be an investment in eternity. but an additional benefit of studying with us here in israel is that the bible takes on an experiential dimension: students are immersed not only the words of the bible, but also the land, the people, the language and the culture of the scriptures. as one of our students, you will join a supportive and social learning environment where you will be challenged by an academically rich, and spiritually-centered encounter with the bible. what better way is there to study the languages of the bible, the history of the bible, the faith of the bible and more, than in the place where it all began?
bible, israel, messianic, testament, biblical, college, evangelism, judaism, institute, classes, hebrew, archaeology, jews, moody, ancient, online, erez, soref, courses, accredited
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lazer beams
reflections of emuna with rabbi lazer brody
news, israel, jewish, brody, lazer, nachman, rebbe, emuna, self, faith, fitness, chassidus, help, judaism, coach, life, guide, inspiration, spirituality, spiritual
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stitches by sue
jewish machine embroidery designs for all holidays, rituals, and events in a jewish home and synagogue.
jewish, machine, embroidery, israel, jerusalem, chanukah, pesach, shavuot, purim, star, hannukah, aleph, hebrew, designs, judaic, shabbat, fonts, passover
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chabad center for jewish life in downtown chicago
loop. gold coast. lincoln park. synogogue. shabbat. holidays. counseling. preschool. hebrew school. adult education. kosher food. no membership or fees required.
jewish, rabbi, seders, baomer, shul, programs, mitzvah, orthodox, chicago, camp, shabbat, pesach, passover, meir, chai, rebbe, benhiyoun, israel, events, parties
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jewish lights
jewish books that reflect the jewish wisdom tradition for people of all faiths and all backgrounds.
jewish, books, mysticism, passover, marriage, kabbalah, interfaith, book, spirituality, judaism, ritual, publisher, holidays
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anshe sholom chabad jcc
chabad forest hills, anshe sholom chabad jcc, an all inclusive traditional jewish center.
chabad, hills, forest, jewish, torah, hebrew, center, gardens, queens, mezuzah, hecht, classes, library, kosher, central, park, kitchen, gutnick, free, conservancy
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chabad lubavitch
the homepage for worldwide chabad-lubavitch movement that promotes judaism and provides daily lectures and insights.
education, jewish, rabbi, parshah, messiah, mashiach, moshiach, parsha, spirituality, bible, israel, faith, habad, holidays, lubavitch, chassidus, hasidim, chasidus, torah, hasidism
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chabad @ university of miami
jewish programs for students, faculty and their families at the university of miami. kosher food, shabbat dinners, highholidays, passover seders, israel, jewish activism
jewish, jews, chabad, torah, learning, passover, purim, activism, israel, chanukah, judaism, holidays, students, miami, kosher, food, high, dinner, shabbat, university
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chabad of lincoln park & depaul university
lincoln park. depaul. synogogue. traditional & musical services. shabbat. adult education. no membership or fees. all are welcome. the urban jew.
jewish, depaul, park, lincoln, urban, judaism, shabbat, line, holidays, chicago, kosher, temple, synagogue, high, events, mitzvah, rabbi, torah, university, services
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camp gan israel of dayton
camp gan israel of dayton is a place where children can experience the richness, excitement and warmth of judaism.
camp, dayton, chabad, ohio, jewish, kids, children, judaism
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free hebrew for juniors
hebrew, classes, school, montreal, children, westpark, jewish, free, federation, roger, elizabeth, souvenir, edinburgh, ballantyne, pilon, sunday, dollard, ormeaux, education, after
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congregation ahavath chesed - the temple - reform judaism for jacksonville and surrounding cities
congregation ahavath chesed (the temple) is the center of reform judaism in northeast florida. worship, lifelong learning and social action guide our congregants as they connect with god, israel and the jewish people.
judaism, jacksonville, north, florida, reform, jewish, ahavath, chesed, temple, congregation
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chabad lubavitch of manhattan beach - neshama - serving russian american jewish community
teaching, inspiring & uniting the jewish russian american community of south brooklyn, ny – manhattan beach & brighton beach with jewish pride, culture & education.
jewish, culture, brooklyn, russian, hebrew, beach, bris, judaism, torah, waterfront, name, ceremony, mitzvah, chupa, south, wedding, american, project, neshama, brighton
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chabad of nw metro denver
the chabad house - synagogue & cultural center serves the entire nw metro denver area for their jewish needs.
jewish, westminster, denver, arvada, broomfield, school, hebrew, brackman, synagogue, israel, northglenn, thornton, camp
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chabad center for jewish life
a jewish center for all jewish needs, in somerset county, nj.
jewish, holiday, skillman, mead, franklin, somerset, montgomery, belle, rocky, camp, millstone, manville, hill, hillsborough, services, mommy, school, hebrew, matzah, chabad
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online dictionary and translations
1913 webster's online dictionary, wordnet lexical database, online dictionary of computing, legal online dictionary, medical online dictionary, dream dictionary. includes dictionary browser, morphological search, thesaurus, related words, and dictionary browser. provides usage examples
mean, synonym, definitions, definition, meaning, dictionary, thesaurus, online
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poughkeepsie; synagogue; reform judaism; jewish temple; hudson valley; jewish news
judaism, reform, poughkeepsie, valley, jewish, hopewell, fishkill, wappingers, hyde, pleasant, lagrangeville, beekman, park, county, york, jews, days, holy, high, news
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chabad jewish center of aliso viejo and laguna woods
chabad of aliso viejo and laguna woods is a place for people to get together and celebrate their judaism. we are hosting shabbat services.
jewish, adult, education, chabad, learning, woods, aliso, torah, viejo, shul, community, shabbat, shabbos, minyan, happy, hour, events, hashanah, kippur, kiddish
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chabad bayside
your virtual centre for everything jewish in bayside, victoria
jewish, family, children, education, melbourne, victoria, youth, torah, classes, school, community, bayside, brighton, jews, hebrew, judaism, orthodox, synagogue, centre, temple
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welcome to congregation b'nai israel of albuquerque!
for more than 90 years, the mission of congregation b'nai israel has been "to create an environment in which all who enter our doors can be enriched and inspired by conservative jewish life, values, and spirituality." congregation b'nai israel is the second-oldest synagogue in albuquerque, and the only conservative synagogue in the state of new mexico. we are a welcoming, multi-generational community, conveniently located in albuquerque's northeast heights, at the intersection of indian school road and washington street, just minutes away from i-25 and i-40. whether you are observing a yahrzeit, celebrating a bar / bat mitzvah or other life cycle event, or just looking for a comfortable place to pray, learn, or socialize, congregation b'nai israel is the place to be. if you are not already a member of congregation b'nai israel, we encourage you to visit us and to consider joining our family. regardless of your current jewish affiliation or background, we welcome you with open arms.
jewish, albuquerque, mexico, synagogues, kosher, israel, community, conservative, events, bnai, synagogue, congregation, shul
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hebrew theological college
hebrew theological college - beis hamidrash latorah is committed to the advancement of scholarship in accordance with the principles of orthodox judaism, providing academic programs to produce torah scholars, who will provide rabbinic and lay leadership, serving the jewish community in their professional and personal vocations.
illinois, skokie, university, yeshivas, hakayitz, chicago, rabbi, theological, college, beis, midrash, hebrew
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shoresh hebrew high school -- welcome
a unique jewish studies program for 8-12th grade students attending secular schools in the greater dc area, builds a strong foundation to achieve jewish literacy, to become a critical thinker about our jewish heritage, to find a sense of shared community and destiny among all jews, and to meet the challenges of american jewish life.
jewish, shoresh, history, high, school, culture, israeli, zionist, identity, community, studies, study, literacy, heritage, jccgw, hebrew, rockville
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hebrew school for jewish children 5-14 years old- a fun and exciting jewish learning experience
jewish, education, school, hebrew, bucks, county, bensalem
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chabad at wiregrass - judaism, done joyfully!
chabad offers all jewish services in the new tampa area and pasco county including shabbat and holiday synagogue services, adult education jewish womens circle, and more
synagogue, tampa, shabbat, hebrew, temple, lakes, land, pasco, jewish, jews, school, services, judaisim, holidays, chabad, wesley, chapel, east
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196 - the judaism site
the ultimate site for information about jews, judaism, jewish philosophy, jewish holidays, and jewish observances
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harvest of israel - welcome
teaching the church about itamp;amp;#39;s jewish roots; providing tangible ways for the church to engage in blessing israel, expecially the messianic jews and arab believers; providing see and serve tours in israel.
israel, harvest, joseph, project, blessing, genesis, tours, funding, praying, dean, akko, messianic, jewish, cohen, haun, humanitarian, asher, yeshua
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christians for israel international - start your biblical journey to understand israel and the church in the end times
bible studies, news and opinion, helping christians to understand the role of israel, the jews and the church. what does god say about the jewish nation and the jewish people? what has the church been saying about the role of the jewish people throughout history?
israel, christians, church, journey, says, jewish, people, jews, what
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temple rodeph torah in marlboro new jersey mixes traditional jewish experiences with an enlightened, modern approach. come share a new, exciting jewish experience.
judaism, jewish, rock, experience, shabbat, reform, innovative, temple, synagogue, central, jersey
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community reform temple of westbury
reform congregation, practicing a liberal jewish form of worship
reform, adult, jewish, nassau, county, education, family, outreach, events, judaism, mitzvah, unity, space, rental, programming, youth, special, programs, cycle, life
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chabad jewish center temecula murrieta
serving jewish temecula, murrieta & surounding areas with all jewish needs. hebrew school, family programs, adult education, judaica & more.
jewish, riverside, school, murrieta, temecula, programs, family, county, kabbalah, cabala, judaica, kabbala, west, sout, meniffee, wildomar, valley, hebrew, torah, chabad
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chabad lubavitch of edmonton
shavuos, baomer, shavuot, passover, purim, pesach, torah, mitzvah, menorah, menora, shofar, kosher, mikvah, mivka, mitzvot, mazal, hanukka, chanukah, rabbi, shul
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welcome to christian witness to israel, home page
cwi is a uk-based interdenominational evangelistic society committed to sharing the good news of jesus the messiah with the jewish people
welcome, perspectives, international, evangelistic, evangelical, society, jewish, interdenominational, charity, introduction, page, christian, witness, israel, judaism
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chabad of temecula "a jewish family experience"
serving jewish temecula, murrieta & surounding areas with all jewish needs. hebrew school, family programs, adult education, judaica & more.
jewish, riverside, school, murrieta, temecula, programs, family, county, kabbalah, cabala, judaica, kabbala, west, sout, meniffee, wildomar, valley, hebrew, torah, chabad
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the j site - jewish education & entertainment
jewish trivia, jewish games, jewish clipart, the shabbat page, jewish holidays, learn hebrew sites, 3 year jewish holiday calendar, photos of jerusalem, israeli stamps
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206 - chabad lubavitch community news service
news and views from the chabad-lubavitch jewish community in brooklyn, israel and around the world.
news, jewish, orthodox, jews, rebbe, frum, kingston, chabad, israeli, israel, hasidism, lubavitch, chasidus, lubavitcher, chassidim, chassidus, education, hasidim, rubashkin, schneurson
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the shul of bellaire - jewish center for life & learning - high holidays - hebrew school, houston, texas synagogue - chabad lubavitch
judaism in bellaire, houston, texas
shul, chabad, family, texas, judaism, houston, bellaire, synagogue, jewish
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jewish media agency - promoting israel and global judaism
jma is a 24/7 news hub for the collation & distribution of global jewish and israeli news and original content.
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camp f.r.e.e. - gn israel, best jewish sports camp in brooklyn
dedicated to enriching the lives of children from diverse jewish backgrounds and affiliations through a stimulating camping experience.
camp, sports, brooklyn, free, club, center, skiing, scout, youth, mitzvah, hebrew, shabbat, shabbaton, shabbos, school, jewry, israel, jewish, brighton, beach
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foundation on judaism and christian origins
the foundation for judaism and christian origins is a not-for-profit research and education organization pursuing answers to the mysteries of the first century about judaism and christianity, before and after the birth of jesus of nazareth.
temple, judaism, talpiot, jesus, dead, tomb, second, christian, origins, holy, wall, bible, james, testament, jerusalem, jewish, caves, foundation, gospels, gospel
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chabad of fairfield - judaism with a smile! offers something for jews of all ages and affiliations. the world's foremost jewish calendar, the acclaimed kid's website and much much more.
jewish, fairfield, kids, landa, programming, chabad, education, purim, miriam, hannuakh, chanukah, festival, shlame, kippur, jews, israel, website, sukkot, shabbat, holiday
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chabad of plantation
plantation, jewish, mikvah, judaism, synagogue, mikveh, youth, minyan, hebrew, school, prayer, chabad, kosher
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chabad of plano / collin county
chabad of plano/collin county is your "home for jewish life and learning" in the northern suburbs of dallas. find out about our programs, study torah and be inspired!
school, chanukah, purim, holiday, high, shabbat, women, services, holidays, passover, celebration, block, alevsky, sunday, seder, programs, jewish, lubavitch, judaism, children
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chabad of cary synagogue & jewish center | serving cary, morrisville, apex, holly springs, raleigh, north carolina, nc | a place where every jewish person is welcome, regardless of affiliation or level of knowledge | rabbi yisroel cotlar
synagogue website for chabad of cary | a center of jewish life and welcoming home for jews of all ages regardless of affiliation or level of knowledge. rabbi cotlar
jewish, cotler, rabbi, beth, cary, raleigh, rosh, torah, lunch, yisroel, hebrew, herman, learn, holidays, mitzvah, chabad, north, israel, carolina, high
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avi chai
avi chai is a private foundation endowed by zalman c. bernstein that is committed to the perpetuation of the jewish people, judaism, and the centrality of the state of israel to the jewish people.capacity building photo here __
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chabad jewish community center of milford, ma, holliston, franklin, hopkinton, millis, medway, bellingham, upton, hopedale, whitinsville, wrentham, grafton, metrowest, ma
services to jews in the greater milford, holliston, franklin, hopkinton, upton, medfield, sherborn, metrowest areas. for reform, conservative, orthodox and any jew that moves.
hebrew, camp, chabad, school, kosher, food, menorah, sukkot, visitation, moshiach, hospital, sukkos, chassidus, house, classes, shofar, summer, israel, kippur, cassid
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radio islam - the freedom fighter. join the struggle against jewish racism and domination!
radio islam informs in 23 languagues on jewish power, jewish racism and war mongering lies. zionism, an extension of judaism, is the most widespread form of racism known today! radio islam is also fighting for freedom of speech, the right to know the truth about the so-called 'holocaust' and the jewish wars in palestine, iraq, lebanon.
jewish, revisionismus, maroc, shahak, henry, ford, israel, roger, robert, faurisson, adolf, garaudy, hitler, belzec, sobibor, palestine, morocco, dachau, treblinka, auschwitz
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temple emanuel, a reform jewish synagogue in lowell, massachusetts.
reform, education, jewish, music, preschool, choir, judaism, uahc, valley, yiddish, chelmsford, hebrew, adult, synagogue, instruction, religious, temple, lowell, merrimack
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ujia | make your mark on the jewish story
in the uk we strengthen young people’s knowledge, faith and jewish identity through a meaningful connection with israel*. in northern israel we support
engagement, fundraising, sponsorship, events, education, identity, israel, charity, jewish, ujia
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israel jewish heritage tours | bar & bat mitzvah tours to israel
with our israel bar mitzvah tour & bat mitzvah tour, both you & your child get to enjoy! and our jewish heritage tour for families & senior citizens is the perfect blend of fun & enjoyment!!
tours, israel, jewish, mitzvah, heritage, holy, land, christen, tour, package
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the jewish electronic library
electronic library of jewish books
kahane, library, israel, zionism, jewish, judaism
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american friends of panim el panim is a 501c3 npo established in the us to promote jewish identity and jewish unity in israel today.
panim, jewish, judaism, unity, identity, core, american, afpelp, friends, values
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facing each other - official retrial of yeshua
a jewish orthodox scholar from jerusalem, endeavors to remove the jewish anathema on yeshua, to ransom him back and to start the official retrial on his behalf.
messiah, judaism, jewish, messianic, moshiach, yeshu, priest, jesus, israel, chassidic, alloro, cohen, christ, christianity, holy, ariel
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susan leviton arts |
delicately painted, elaborate ketubah by susan leviton echoes the complexity of persian tiles and manuscript art while also incorporating eastern european art.
jewish, papercut, ketubah, lettering, images, calligraphy, hebrew, illuminated, park, cirque, same, artist, marriage, national, arts, papercutting, susan, kesuba, ketuba, leviton
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chabad on campus international: the heart of jewish student life. vibrant judaism on campus.
chabad on campus international. the source of vibrant judaism on campus, includes links to all chabad jewish student centers.
jewish, campus, life, chabad, student, judaism, heart, foundation, house, organization, youth, students, international
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israel tours - tours to israel | bar/bat mitzvah tours and family tours | tova gilead, inc. tours to israel
three-generation family tours are my specialty and i try to make the rite of passage an event that involves the child, the parents and the grandparents.
jewish, laromme, hotel, david, heritage, king, kibbutz, wall, temple, synagogue, religious, petra, egypt, tour, europe, middle, east, israeli, central, spain
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jewish, preschool, diego, temple, rabbi, lawson, martin, marcus, east, county, devorah, cerro, service, reform, union, synagogue, judaism, hebrew, price, shabbat
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neturei karta - orthodox jews united against zionism
neturei karta is an international organization of orthodox jews dedicated to the propagation and clarification of torah judaism.
antizionism, israel, palestine, middle, demonstration, east, israeli, orthodox, judaism, jewish, zionism, torah, jews
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chabad chai - south tampa - enhancing jewish life through education, appreciation, and celebration.
this website serves as an online center for the jewish community of south tampa to connect with each other and their heritage. find info on chabad's events, and jewish study.
tampa, jewish, south, judaism, school, shabbat, kosher, mikvah, education, chabad
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congregation israel
congregation israel of san antonio
congregation, israel, synagogue, torah, jewish, antonio, judaism
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jewish news, jewish culture and jewish life - shalom life
shalom life is a daily jewish media site covering local, international and israel news, culture, business, health and entertainment.
jewish, israel, news, business, technology, media, entertainment, culture
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chabad jewish discovery centre | saskatoon, saskatchewan
where judaism is celebrated joyfully, and where judaism sheds relevant perspective to our daily lives, with opportunities to expand the mind, excite the heart, and touch the soul.
jewish, saskatoon, chabad, saskatchewan, kosher, centre, community, communty, synagogue
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at the judaism in the foothills community center -- serving the jewish people of evergreen, conifer, morrison, pine, bailey and surrounding foothills communities -- you will enjoy and feel comfortable learning, debating and exploring judaism, its culture and spirituality. we offer you the opportunity to experience judaism first hand and to delve into jewish teachings and spirituality in a and a thought provoking and stimulating manner.
levi, brackman, denver, foothills, evergreen, judaism
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jewish charities of america
repair the world! support american jewish charities - feed the hungry, heal the sick, shelter the displaced, and pursue justice, freedom, and peace for all humanity.
jewish, school, community, hillel, center, camping, american, holocaust, survivor, shalom, diaspora, friends, action, tsedakah, tzedakah, israel, nonprofit, charity, charities, giving
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definitions, translations, and word of the day
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chabad jewish learning center - central pa: harrisburg, hershey, carlisle
torah, judaism, shabbat, classes and holidays in harrisburg, hershey and carlisle
jewish, harrisburg, hershey, chabad, holidays, mitzvah, learning, mezuza, tefillin, center, calendar, belief, hebrew, community, torah, temple, networking, synagogue, memorial, carlisle
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olive branch hebraic hebrew
teachings on jewish history hebrew perspective
roots, rabbi, jewish, hebraic, yeshua, hebrew
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israel seen|podcast|blogs | zionism|judaism|jewish|jews|
israel seen is a labor of love and a portal to the other side of israel. we provide content from an array of innovative, interesting and dynamic israelis.
israel, news, jerusalem, nuclear, about, today, obama, threat, middle, pictures, jews, bank, monitor, east, west, palestine, terrorism, what, city, happening
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chabad of the rivertowns
chabad of the rivertowns services the jewish community with all of their jewish needs.
mitzvah, services, jewish, chabad, judaism, hebrew, preschool, holidays, school
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institute of adult jewish studies - home
institute of adult jewish studies
jewish, studies, hebrew, neck, great, jericho, torah, nassau
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chabad at uc - home
chabad house jewish student center at the university of cincinnati
kippur, shabbat, israel, clifton, judaism, hashana, rosh, cincinnati, rabbi, creeger, jewish, campus, chabad
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silver gan israel jewish day camp- huntington beach, california
camp in huntington beach california
camp, summer, jewish, beach, huntington, county, orange, camps, boys, teens, girls, long, transportation, irvine, israel, silver, community, american, hebrew, trips
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teach me hebrew - home
teach yourself hebrew
hebrew, teach, ajatt, months, fluent, alexander, hebr, srugim, luca, arguelles, phrases, language, yourself, learn, modern, israeli, words, common, alphabet, verbs
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all nations biblical study center | home
all nations biblical study center . . . for all individuals interested in furthering their biblical education, regardless of their specific ministry callings. offering tuition-free bible courses in the hebrew scriptures, the new testament, the life of jesus, the biblical languages, biblical cultures, the land of israel, and a wide array of other related subjects.
bible, online, free, jesus, course, jewish, courses, hebrew, study, gospel, classes, biblical, scriptures, christ, studies, land, holy, church, background, christian
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jewish end-time ministries (jem)
jem - jewish end-time ministries. sharing the light with god's precious gems. jews need of yeshua hamachiah (jesus the messiah) and salvation for their souls
jewish, evangelism, time, christian, jews, tracts, courses, chosen, books, gospel, grace, faith, study, salvation, people, messiah, israel, passover, outreach, ministries
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west side cjl - a division of chabad ws
the west side cjl is dedicated to providing informative and creative jewish experiences for the west side jewish community. our goal is to make judaism accessible to everyone
side, west, jewish, upper, judaism, connections, shabbat, modern, center, learning, life
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israel books store
israelbooks offers a wide range of books books covering such topics as jewish history, israeli and middle east politics, jewish philosophy, jewish communities, israeli society, the holocaust, jewish art, jewish children's books, jeiwsh poetry, religion, science, haggadas, haggadahs, and israel travel.
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chabad of western michigan: judaism, jewish outreach & education serving grand rapids, lansing and all of west michigan
serving the jewish community of grand rapids, lansing, kalamazoo & all west michigan. offers jewish pre-school, synagogue, classes, shabbat programs, summer camp, mikvah, & more.
jewish, kalamazoo, michigan, shabbat, programs, classes, online, meat, donate, calendar, tools, kosher, study, rabbi, daily, hebrew, academy, weingarten, haller, college
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chabad of western michigan: judaism, jewish outreach & education serving grand rapids, lansing and all of west michigan
serving the jewish community of grand rapids, lansing, kalamazoo & all west michigan. offers jewish pre-school, synagogue, classes, shabbat programs, summer camp, mikvah, & more.
jewish, kalamazoo, michigan, shabbat, programs, classes, online, meat, donate, calendar, tools, kosher, study, rabbi, daily, hebrew, academy, weingarten, haller, college
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history of israel
history of israel - stamps, phone cards, aliyah, jerusalem
stamps, jewish, cards, history, jerusalem, judaism, israeli, calling, phone, telecards, israel