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csohns - canadian society of otolaryngology - head and neck surgery
the canadian society of otolaryngology-head & neck surgery is dedicated to improving patient care through the support of education, the promotion of research, the dissemination of information, the scientific advancement of the society, and the maintenance of high professional and ethical standards.
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european sleep research society / home
european sleep research society / home /the european sleep and research society (esrs) is an international scientific non-profit organization and promotes all aspects of sleep research and sleep medicine. these include the publication of the journal of sleep research (jsr), the organization of scientific meetings, and the promotion of training and education, the dissemination of information, and the establishment of fellowships and awards.
sleep, european, research, narcolepsy, insomnia, apnea, disorder, syndrome, restless, behavior, publications, home, society, medicine, laboratories, education, meetings, quality
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society for research on adolescence | dedicated to understanding adolescence through research and dissemination
society for research on adolescence (sra) is a dynamic, multidisciplinary, international organization dedicated to understanding adolescence through research and dissemination.
research, social, adolescence, society, journal, psychology, adolescent, issues, adolescents, understanding, science
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the research communications agency
research dissemination services guaranteed to engage audiences. science communicators of choice for over 3, 500 research projects worldwide.
research, dissemination, innovation, media, international, science, strategy, communication
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turkey neck exercises, surgery options and more
learn about turkey neck and exercises you can do to prevent turkey neck, turkey neck surgery options and more!
neck, turkey, surgery, plastic, treatment, exercises, cost, remove, lose, without, wattle, exercise, recipes, thing, creams, removal, cream, lift, pictures, best
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| international society of differentiation
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nonprofit, scientific, research, cell, international, conferences, journal, cancer, differentiation, topics, relating, with, dealing, development, function, structure, cellular, multidisciplinary, biology, society
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cancer research society - crs - cancer research society
the cancer research society is a canadian, not-for-profit organization whose sole mission is to fund research on all types of cancer, thereby contributing to preventing, detecting, and treating this disease.
cancer, research, donation, breast, prostate, colon, grants, lung, cure, society, statistics, survival, challenge
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pulsus group inc, the medical peer review publisher, canada
pulsus group inc, the medical peer review publisher, publishes the work of medical researchers in a manner that exemplifies the highest standards in research integrity. main specialty areas include cardiology, gastroenterology, paediatric health, respiratory health, pain, infectious diseases and plastic surgery. endorsed by canadian medical societies, pulsus group inc is an ardent supporter of canadian and international medical research, and publishes journals, supplements and conference reports directed at a broad range of physician specialties. beyond the print medium, pulsus group inc delivers its content through cd-rom projects, sponsorship programs and on-line publication.
canadian, medical, journal, society, health, research, association, infectious, cardiol, official, pain, microbiology, child, pharmaceutical, advertising, gastroenterology, cardiology, canada, healthcare, care
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aaps - american association of plastic surgeons
the purpose of the american association of plastic surgeons is to advance the science and art of plastic surgery through surgical education, research, scientific presentations, and professional interaction.
plastic, surgery, association, american, award, surgeons, scientific, lecturers, academic, scholarship, surgeon, reconstructive, surgical, brown, clinician, barrett, james, year, canada, field
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front range center for brain & spine surgery, p.c.
surgery, neck, pain, back, peripheral, brain, spine, cervical, kansas, referring, physicians, nerve, doctors, colorado, information, patient, neurosurgeon, doctor, conservative, wyoming
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the egyptian society of surgeons ess
egyptian society of surgeons ess was founded as non-profit organization in the middle of 20th century. it has been established to support the highest quality of patient care. the founding objectives at its beginning were the advancement of this science and art of surgery, and the promotion of friendship among surgeons continuing medical education (cme) is one of the main tasks of the society & most of the efforts is done to achieve this goal.
society, surgery, surgeons, egyptian, oncology, hepatobiliary, hand, surgical, hepato, emergency, plagiarism, journal, endocrine, trauma, research, eduction, care, patient, organization, continuing
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neck surgery & back surgery - princeton, trenton, hamilton | new jersey neck & back institute - njnbinjnbi | new jersey neck and back institute
neck surgery, spine surgery, & back surgery performed by dr. larocca in new jersey. serving ewing twp, hopewell twp, lawrenceville, nj.
surgery, neck, spinal, spine, back
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vermont french-canadian genealogical society: home page
french canadian genealogy
genealogy, france, canadian, vermont, genealogical, family, canada, quebec, french, society, history, records, tree, search, societies, surname, information, book, books, queries
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the breast cancer society | funding life-saving breast cancer research, types of breast cancer, breast cancer events
the breast cancer society of canada is a registered, national, not-for-profit, charitable organization dedicated to funding canadian breast cancer research.
cancer, breast, about, canadian, questions, education, shop, treatment, learn, celebrate, cure, society, walk, canada, pinkapalooza, cause, roots, awareness, donations, grass
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san antonio society of otolaryngology - head and neck surgery | empowering otolaryngologists in san antonio, tx to deliver the best patient-centered care
whats new? clinical practice guidelines new allergic rhinitis new tinnitus acute otitis externa icd-10 transition resources american academy of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery multiple pages of information on icd-10 implementation that address issues specific to otolaryngology, including a slide set from the presentation at the 2010 annual meeting. centers for medicare and medicaid services information
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french-canadian genealogical society of connecticut - french-canadian genealogy society of connecticut
the french-canadian genealogical society of connecticut is dedicated to collecting, preserving and disseminating genealogical and historical information about our ancestors who settled in quebec and acadia and their descendants. our focus is on the genealogy of people of french-canadian and acadian heritage who settled in connecticut, massachusetts, new york and throughout new england, though we also have information about other areas of the united states and canada.
tolland, genealogy
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the obesity society is the leading scientific society dedicated to the study of obesity. since 1982, the obesity society has been committed to encouraging research on the causes and treatment of obesity, and to keeping the medical community and public informed of new advances.
obesity, research, industry, leaders, clinicians, clinical, treatment, scientists
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rrs education - evidence-informed, clinically applicable continuing education products for chiropractors, osteopaths & physiotherapists
rrs education is a continuing-education service for chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths & other manual-medicine providers offering 3 formats for learning - subscription to weekly research reviews of evidence-based scientific information, seminars & online credit-hour courses - affordable, evidence-informed & clinically applicable.
reviews, research, weekly, chiropractic, pain, online, physiotherapy, information, back, read, scientific, injury, neurological, conditions, rehabilitation, surgery, sports, neck, osteopaths, courses
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multinational finace society
multinational finance society a non-profit organization established in 1995 for the advancement and dissemination of financial knowledge and research findings pertaining to industrialized and developing countries among members of the academic and business communities.
society, finance, multinational
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home - beef cattle research council is critical to the long-term strategy to improve technology transfer and knowledge dissemination within the canadian beef cattle industry.
beef, cattle, research, technology, industry, quality, canada, council, bcrc, canadian
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oatext - open access, scientific publishing
oa text is an independent open-access scientific publisher showcases innovative research and ideas aimed at improving health by linking research and practice to the benefit of society.
access, open, publishing, text, scientific
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22 home page
research, group, alcoholism, disorders, spectrum, study, fasdsg, fassg, alcohol, fetal, acquisition, dissemination, scientific, knowledge
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the international cannabinoid research society
welcome to the international cannabinoid research society. the icrs is a non-political and non-religious organization dedicated to scientific research in all fields of the cannabinoids - ranging from biochemical, chemical and physiological studies of the endogenous cannabinoid system to studies of the use and abuse potential of recreational cannabis.
receptor, icrs2014, icrs2015, icrs2018, icrs2017, icrs2016, science, spice, phytocannabinoid, endocannabinoid, cannabinoid, international, synthetic, research, marijuana, cannabis, society, icrs
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aesthetic medicine & cosmetic surgery treatments uk - trueme
true me ltd, in the uk, provides nose surgery, eyelid surgery, laser surgery, prominent ear surgery, neck lift surgery to give you that body confidence you deserve.
surgery, lift, scar, revision, neck, prominent, eyelid, laser, nose
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ahns - american head and neck society - head and neck cancer research & education
ahns the single largest organization in north america for the advancement of research and education in head and neck oncology
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جمعية الرسالة العلمية الخيرية - الصفحة الرئيسية
جمعية الرسالة العلمية الخيرية هي جمعية خيرية غير ربحية مستقلة ومرخصة من قبل وزارة الداخلية الفلسطينية تحت رقم hb-524-e ومقرها مدينة الخليل في فلسطين وميدان عملها كل فلسطين.
society, charitable, scientific, alresala, resalah, palestine, hebron, alresalah, resala
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south arkansas paranormal research society
south arkansas paranormal research society is dedicated to paranormal research with the goal of investigating, documenting, and sharing scientific evidence to
ghost, spirits, south, research, team, arkansas, investigators, groups, paranormal
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researchgate - share and discover research
find over 80 million publications, 7 million researchers and 1 million answers to research questions. researchgate is a network dedicated to science and research. connect, collaborate and discover scientific publications, jobs and conferences. all for free.
research, scientific, collaboration, researcher, find, lifescience, interdisciplinary, international, articles, platform, partner, network, journal, community
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society of higher education & industrial research
as the world's leading provider of scientific and industrial recognition, society of higher education and industrial research (sheir).
industry, publishing, partnership, research, education, shair, shier, society, sheir
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national center for the dissemination of disability research
ncddr's scope of work focuses on knowledge translation (kt) of nidrr-sponsored research and development results into evidence-based instruments and systematic reviews. ncddr is developing systems for applying rigorous standards of evidence in describing, assessing, and disseminating research and development outcomes.
disability, research, dissemination, national, center, ncddr
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psychological society of northern greece
psychological society of northern greece in thessaloniki. information about the society, publications, scientific meetings.
abstracts, journal, announcements, scientific, meetings, hellenic, annals, society, greece, thessaloniki, psychologists, psychology
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the royal canadian geographical society
the royal canadian geographical society is dedicated to imparting a broader knowledge and deeper appreciation of canada through its educational program, as well as by funding geographical expeditions and research, in the form of grants, studentships and awards.
geographical, studentships, grants, awards, medal, knowledge, funding, canadian, research, education, teaching, canada, geography
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back, neck and spine: information, illustrations, and links on anatomy, pain, treatment and health
back, neck and spine: information and illustrations about all aspects of back pain, neck pain, spine anatomy and spine surgery. based on oxord university press: do you really need back surgery?
spine, pain, back, spinal, traction, cord, piriformis, oxycontin, fusion, syndrome, epidural, discograms, ergonomics, block, nerve, nerves, neck, pinched, yoga, medication
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home - isac-net
the international society for advancement of cytometry (formerly international society for analytical cytology) is a scientific and educational organization that leads the way in development of cytometry, transfer of new methodologies, and exchange of cutting-edge scientific and technical information in quantitative cell sciences.
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istituto italiano di tecnologia
the italian institute of technology (iit) primary goals are the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge through partnerships scientific development, technological advances and training in high technology.
discovery, drug, neuroscience, development, graphene, robotics, nanobiotechnology, icub, italiano, istituto, tecnologia, technology, research
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psw: the oldest scientific society in washington
psw: the oldest scientific society in washington, dc
cosmos, newcomb, club, john, powell, wesley, simon, henry, society, lecture, washington, joseph, scientific
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oatext - open access text
oa text is an independent open-access scientific publisher showcases innovative research and ideas aimed at improving health by linking research and practice to the benefit of society.
text, access, publishing, open, scientific
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welcome to the frontpage
the stroke society of australasia (ssa) is a professional association of clinicians and researchers tackling the enormous burden of stroke. subsequent pages include information about our activities, including our annual scientific conference, as well as information on professional development, other educational opportunities, funding opportunities, awards, and links to stroke related journals, community groups and other organisations. a number of documents are available for download. these include guidelines for the management of stroke, stroke strategies, factsheets and newsletters
stroke, health, australia, zealand, trials, professional, guidelines, investigators, award, resources, unit, care, conference, association, society, doctor, scientific, treatment, nurses, allied
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the scientific pages
the scientific pages
pages, scientific, medicine, health, physical, pulmonology, pediatrics, nephrology, diseases, orthopedics, opthalmology, otolaryngology, sports, care, nursing, public, aids, sleep, infectious, rheumatism
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neck pain, arm pain, numbness and weakness - neck surgery and other treatment options.
neck pain, spine health and treatment options including neck surgery - online resource for answers. neck
neck, numbness, weakness, symptoms, treatment, pain, surgery, options
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profile canada home
profile canada is a trusted source for comprehensive business information profiling canada's largest 1, 000, 000 businesses. databases customized by geography, industry and size, you can cull from our data and target invaluable sales leads to grow your business.
company, information, canadian, business, sales, research, directory, direct, prospecting, industry, marketing, competitive, white, pages, intelligence, purchaser, target, compile, management, database
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ijmr | international journal
ijmr is devoted to the dissemination of scientific, management and technological information around the world and make all efforts towards achieving this goal.
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portland, oregon head and neck surgery-head and neck surgical associates
located in portland, oregon, head and neck surgical associates provides oral and maxillofacial surgery, tmj treatment, dental implants, head and neck cancer surgery, and a range of cosmetic procedures. our practice is staffed with highly experienced, board-certified dentists and physicians.
surgery, neck, head, surgeons, cosmetic, cancer, implants, imaging, sirona, dental, galileos, technology, plastic, maxillofacial, oral, oregon, surgical, associates, northwest, portland
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the scientific committee on antarctic research
scar initiates, develops and coordinates scientific research in the antarctic region and provides objective independent scientific advice to the antarctic treaty consultative meetings.
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orthognathic surgery - orthognathic jaw surgery |
doctors arnett and gunson limit their oral and maxillofacial surgery practice to orthognathic surgery and facial reconstruction. this focus permits them to conduct research on functional and cosmetic conditions, develop surgical techniques and instruments and research ways to improve accuracy and results.
orthognathic, surgery, results, complications, recovery
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global market research publishing by kelly scientific publications
kelly scientific publications generate cutting-edge market reports that provide comprehensive information for strategic business and scientific needs.
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canadian hero biographies | canada heros essay research links
presents an essay research site with photos and biographies on over 120 canadians. includes related links for further research.
canadian, heroes, leaders, love, canada, business, doctors, bravery, outstanding, brunswick, gallant, terry, soldiers, politicians, women, french, famous, hero, news, singers
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canadian centre for architecture (cca) | an international research centre and museum devoted to architecture
the canadian centre for architecture (cca) was founded in 1979 as a new form of cultural institution to build public awareness of the role of architecture in society, promote scholarly research in the field, and stimulate innovation in design practice.
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american society of anesthesiologists - american society of anesthesiologists
the american society of anesthesiologists is an educational, research and scientific association of physicians organized to raise the standards of the medical practice of anesthesiology and to improve patient care.
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arlington historical society (va) | a non-profit organization that supports research, collection, preservation, discovery, restoration and dissemination of the local history of arlington county, virginia
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world journal of emergency surgery | home page
the field of emergency surgery spans a wide range of disciplines including the surgical and emergency medicine specialties. as such, the world journal of emergency surgery is an indispensible resource for emergency surgeons and physicians, providing a forum for the rapid exchange of ideas and findings, and publication of state-of-the art research, including unique case reports and innovative surgical techniques. the journal also publishes key surgical guidelines from the world society of emergency surgery, the journals official society.
surgery, emergency, medicine, traumatic, journal, world
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neck pain relief - causes, symptoms, and treatment options for neck problems
neck pain - learn more about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment available for neck problems and pain relief. visit our neck pain blog and learning center to find out even more.
neck, pain, nerve, stiff, cracking, pinched, surgery, cervical, relief, resources, shoulder, exercises, conditions
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earthworm society of britain
the earthworm society of great britain and northern ireland aims to promote and support scientific research so that earthworms and their environment can be better understood.
britain, society, earthworm
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current research in nutrition and food science journal - international research journal of food and nutrition
current research in nutrition and food science journal is an open access, peer reviewed, international research journal of food and nutrition science published with sole aim of rapid dissemination of scientific knowledge among scientists, technocrats, planner and elite citizens for a better life supporting system and to promote the cause for food and nutrition science.
nutrition, food, malnutrition, science, technology, obesity, sports, health, public, chemistry, eating, research, journal, calorie, intake, clinical, consumption, disorders
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isar | international society for astrological research
the international society for astrological research (isar) is dedicated to promote and encourage responsible astrological studies and research, to establish high standards of competence for the astrological profession, to provide a forum for reporting the results of current research in the field, and to the exchange of ideas and information among astrologers world wide.
research, isar, astrological, astrology, international, attendance, conference, members, professional, certification, astrologers, schools, discussions, articles, astrologer, society, organisation, membership, journal, books
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isar | international society for astrological research
the international society for astrological research (isar) is dedicated to promote and encourage responsible astrological studies and research, to establish high standards of competence for the astrological profession, to provide a forum for reporting the results of current research in the field, and to the exchange of ideas and information among astrologers world wide.
research, isar, astrological, astrology, international, attendance, conference, members, professional, certification, astrologers, schools, discussions, articles, astrologer, society, organisation, membership, journal, books
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isfr - international society for fluoride research inc.
isfr is an independent non-profit organization which promotes the sharing of scientific research on all aspects of inorganic and organic fluorides by hosting international conferences on fluoride research and publishing quarterly, online and in print.
research, international, fluoride, isfr
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back pain, hollywood fl | neck pain, spine surgery, disc replacement - spine solutions
there is no reason to let back or neck pain hinder your life. spine solutions in hollywood, fl can help alleviate your ailment. call us today.
spine, lauderdale, disc, florida
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elliot scientific
elliot scientific is a major supplier and manufacturer of scientific products serving the global scientific, research and industrial communities.
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american society for psychical research
the american society for psychical research is the oldest psychical research organization in the united states. founded in 1885, the aspr has supported the scientific investigation of extraordinary, or yet unexplained phenomena that have been called psychic or paranormal. the aspr maintains a one-of-a-kind library and archive. a pioneering organization with an international membership, the aspr serves a global information network for public and professional audiences. through its publications and educational services it provides responsible information about relevant contemporary and historical research.
psychic, healing, experience, astral, cards, spirit, photography, trance, perception, paranormal, phenomena, research, materialization, dream, metaphysics, reading, mind, lucid, medium, ghost
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texila second international scientific e-conference
texila american university conducts the second international scientific e-conference with the theme research, technology and innovation: the bedrock for global development
conference, research, scientific, publication, paper, multidisciplinary, free, international
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besscr | belgian society for stem cell research
we want to set-up a scientific society grouping all stem cell research in belgium, the belgian society for stem cell research (besscr).
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international journal of information and communication technology research
international journal of information and communication technology research is an international refereed research publishing journal with a focused aim of promoting and publishing original high quality research dealing with theoretical and scientific aspects in all disciplines of information technology.
security, mining, technology, information, journal, software, data, safety, reliability, system, intelligence, papers, call, performance, computational, design, infrastructure, research, communication, standards
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journal of scientific research in pharmacy | journal of scientific research | journal of pharmacy research | journal of pharma science | journal of pharmaceutics | pharma journals | journal
journal of scientific research in pharmacy |any one can submit articles. we are publishing journals for every 3 months.submit - review - publish.
journal, research, scientific, journals, pharma, pharmacy, science, medical, pharmaceutics
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international journal of computer science issues - ijcsi
the international journal of computer science issues (ijcsi) is a refereed journal for scientific papers dealing with any area of computer science research. the purpose of establishing the scientific journal is the assistance in development of science, fast operative publication and storage of materials and results of scientific researches and representation of the scientific conception of the society.
papers, computer, science, journal, august, september, july, june, april, november, index, deadline, december, march, october, publication, access, call, open, issues
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global journal of animal scientific research
global journal of animal scientific research (gjasr) is an international scholarly open access journal
scientific, journalanimal, global
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international journal of computer science
the international journal of computer science and application (tijcsa) issn - 2278-1080 is a refereed journal for scientific papers dealing with any area of computer science research. the purpose of establishing the scientific journal is the assistance in development of science, fast operative publication and storage of materials and results of scientific researches and representation of the scientific conception of the society. this is a scholarly online, open access, peer-reviewed, monthly and fully referred journal that publishes articles, focusing on theories, methods and applications in computer science and relevant fields. it is an international scientific journal intended for professionals and researchers computational mathematics, computer engineering and scientific computing.
science, computer, journal, international
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spie - the international society for optics and photonics
spie is dedicated to advancing the scientific research and engineering applications of optics and photonics through international conferences, education programs and publications.
conference, research, biophotonics, tradeshow, laser, imaging, society, optics, photonics, spie
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ua foundation | connecting science & society
united academics foundation connects science & society. it promotes open access to scientific research output so as to bridge a global knowledge gap.
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mark w. howard md - orthopaedic spinal surgery
dr. mark howard is an orthopaedic surgeon in the monterey peninsula area specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and surgery of injuries and diseases of the neck and spine.
surgery, spine, neck, orthopaedic, fusion, orthopedic, surgeon, doctor, spinal, monterey, replacement, disc, mark, lumbar, howard, laminectomy, posterior, cervical, prosthetic, scoliosis
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international network for natural sciences- research journal
international network for natural sciences is a global research journal publisher that publish research article on biology, environment, agriculture and health
research, scientific, article, journal, science, topics, paper, agriculture, publisher, journals, biology, manuscript, articles, biodiversity, medicine, ijmm, ijaar, ijbb, organic, biotechnology
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home - industrial technology institute- sri lanka
iti=::industrial technology institute of sri lanka , the pioneer scientific research & development organization in sri lanka.we are the successor to ceylon institute of scientific and industrial research ( cisir ) and comes under the purview of the ministry of science, technology and research and is accredited as per iso 17025:2005 and conforms to iso 9001:2008 quality management standards. research institutes in sri lanka ::
research, technology, services, development, lanka, science, government, assessment, environment, cisir, scientific, testing, institute, insecticide, heavy, metals, powder, milk, pesticides, water
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home - csem the canadian society of endocrinology and metabolism
csem the canadian society of endocrinology and metabolism (csem) is a professional organization bringing together clinical endocrinologists, educators and researchers engaged in providing health care, training and research within the broad domain of endocrinology. the csem is a national advocate for excellence in endocrinology research, education, and patient care, and its mandate is to advance the discipline of endocrinology and metabolism in canada., csem the canadian society of endocrinology and metabolism (csem) is a professional organization bringing together clinical endocrinologists, educators and researchers engaged in providing health care, training and research within the broad domain of endocrinology. the csem is a national advocate for excellence in endocrinology research, education, and patient care, and its mandate is to advance the discipline of endocrinology and metabolism in canada.
csem, endocrinology, endocrinologists, registration, doctors, diet, society, metabolism, canada, medical, canadian
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information for neck & back pain, back treatments & surgery - spinal surgeon
there are many types of back and neck pain. spinal surgeon have detailed explanations of the most common types of neck and back pain, also information on treatments and surgery for back and neck pain.
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patients - american society of ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery
american society of ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery (asoprs)
implants, facial, lift, nasal, cheek, forehead, chin, neck, lower, rejuvenation, surgery, enhancement, midface, face
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agro-know stem | stem provides a customizable dissemination gateway to your agri-food research information
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london eye surgery | eye surgery ophthalmology | refractive eye surgery | eye lens surgery provides you with information on eye conditions and advanced eye care surgery treatments to correct poor vision. we offer eye surgery for cataract
surgery, treatments, condition, specialist, cataract, information, expert, refractive, cornea, transplantations, laser, ophthalmologist
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international journals of research papers (ijrp)
this scientific journal is dedicated for the publication of peer reviewed research papers, all scientists are invited to contribute with new scientific papers in this academic journal. the journal accept scientific articles in all areas of related sciences.
papers, international, research, journal, journals, index, publication, open, call, access
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scottish rite research society
the scottish rite research society® (srrs) was formed on may 8, 1991, when fourteen scottish rite freemasons were granted a charter by the supreme council,
research, masonic, scottish, society, rite, srrs, heredom, plumbline
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science research and scientific experiments - science-blog
research, trivedi, science, mahendra, human, wellness, reports, microbiology, scientific, biotechnology, kumar, effect, agriculture, genetics, materials
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society for research and academic excellence
society for research and academic excellence is an academic society incorporated in nigeria to encourage brilliant and enterprising research scholars, both young and experienced, to make known the results of their hard work for the good of the nation and the world. the society accepts research initiatives for publications and mentors potential scholars to achieve their vision.
academic, excellence, leadership, servant, articles, society, publications
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american society of plastic surgeons | plastic surgery
plastic surgery before & after photos, cosmetic & reconstructive procedure information & more trusted resources from asps, the world's largest society of board-certified plastic surgeons.
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indian chemical society
indian chemical society, 92, a p c road, amherst street, a p c road, machuabazar, kolkata, west bengal 700009, a premier scientific society of india, national forum
society, india, scientific, chemical, indian, premier
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canadian addison society - home
the primary purpose of our site is to offer information about addison's disease
society, addison, canadian, disease
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the scientific society of radiology
the idea of the society began in september 2004, when a group of physicians saw, that it is necessary to have such society to provide the need of radiologist specialization of knowledge and science due to the present enormous advance in the different diagnosis fields, depending on god and their experience in this field.
imaging, pediatric, neck, head, mamdouh, emergency, mahfouz, musculoskeletal, uroradiology, radiology, gastrointestinal, neuroradiology, spinal, chest
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scientific spine: free and independent training source for spine professionals
scientific spine is a professional source and communication platform for spine specialists
spine, pain, back, articles, spinal, news, neck, physicians, cervical, lumbar, guide, imaging, disorder, disease, surgery, implant, anatomy, scientific, scale, score
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congenital heart surgeons' society
the congenital heart surgeons' society is a not-for-profit charitable corporation, whose purpose is to associate persons interested in, and carry on activities related to, the science and practice of congenital heart surgery, sponsor and oversee multi-institutional clinical studies evaluating the application of surgical interventions in congenital heart disease, encourage and stimulate investigation and study that will increase the knowledge of congenital cardiac physiology, pathology and therapy, and to correlate and disseminate such knowledge, hold scientific meetings featuring free discussion of problems and developments relating to congenital heart surgery, and to succeed to, and continue to carry on the activities formerly conducted by the congenital heart surgeons society, an unincorporated association.
congenital, chss, heart, society, pathology, therapy, kirklin, fellow, physiology, surgery, annual, surgeons, data, center, meeting, cardiac
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dr. louis c. rose - orthopaedic surgeon |
louis c. rose, m.d. orthopaedic surgeon. dr. rose is the founder and executive medical director of throgs neck multi care, p.c. throgs neck is a comprehensive
bronx, throgs, orthopaedic, neck, surgeon, county, york, medical, society, louis, rose, therapy, physical, management, services, neurology, expert, pain, orthotics, witness
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the scientific association for the dissemination of legal culture in the arab world
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promoter - information technology, research & innovation
promoter provides professional know-how in ict, business promotion, project management, communication and smart dissemination
integration, software, development, consultancy, culture, digital, innovation, multimedia, project, research, technology, management, promotion, business, information
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iasir-international association of scientific innovation and research
iasir-international association of scientific innovation and research
journal, magazine, publication, papers, research, engineering, scientific, innovation, electronics
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orthopedic surgery | danbury | bethel
orthopedic surgery danbury - connecticut neck and back specialists performs many types of orthopedic surgery serving danbury, bethel and the surrounding area.
treatment, surgery, disc, neck, back, david, herniation, scoliosis, pain, orthopedic, bone, graft, laminectomy, injection, steroid, lumbar, epidural, newtown, degenerative, chronic
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plastic surgery in dallas tx | matthew j. trovato, md
plastic surgery in dallas tx can change your life. it can improve your confidence and even your physical comfort. call matthew trovato today for more information.
surgery, breast, lift, reconstruction, plastic, male, neck, dallas, maxillofacial, reduction, adult, hand, eyelid, pediatric, nose, microsurgery, blepharoplasty, treatment, rhinoplasty, botox
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the biblical creation society home page
a christian society that advances and defends the biblical teaching on creation. founded in 1976, we seek to think through issues related to origins from a coherent biblical and scientific standpoint. we respectfully challenge fellow christians who have accepted holistic evolutionary explanations of
society, nature, environment, church, christian, bible, sermon, notes, guide, report, research, creationist, creation, biblical, creator, genesis, science, evolution, beginning
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canadian antique phonograph society
if you are interested in phonographs, gramophones and the history of recorded sound, then the canadian antique phonograph society (caps) is for you. this site provides a glimpse of the society's programs and activities, and highlights from its bi-monthly publication antique phonograph news (apn).
recording, edison, music, sound, cylinder, gramophone, canadian, antique, victrola, phonograph
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society of electronics and computer engineering journal | home
society of electronics and computer engineering journal (secej) are international academic journals and opens to the world. it has serveral sessions in each issue and those research journals aim to promote the cutting-edge research finding in all scientific fields.
journal, electronics, computer, society, journals, solved, issues, secej, engineering, publish, articles, publication, article, india, published, jourals
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ismics - welcome to ismics
the 14th anniversary scientific meeting of the international society for minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgery will be held 8-11 june, 2011 in washington dc.
award, poster, moderated, presentation, annual, competitions, endovascular, awards, session, emery, mini, video, investigator, endoscopic, young, robert, speaker, course, atrial, postgraduate
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niagara rhinoplasty - otolaryngology head and neck surgery
we specializes in: blepharoplasty, otoplasty, rhinoplasty, ear surgery, head & neck surgery nasal surgery, pediatric otolaryngology and more.
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science and technology research news | home
projects is europes leading website and magazine dedicated to research and development, science, technology and innovation across europe.
research, news, science, projects, website, scientific, magazine, development, technology, events, innovation, european, commission, directory, publishing, insight, sceince
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authormapper - scientific research and author locations globally
a free tool visualizing scientific research areas and trends through timeline graphs and bar charts, allowing users to locate other experts in a field of study and browse article results.
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otolaryngology houston 77043 * bechara y. ghorayeb, md
houston ent surgeon. dr. ghorayeb specializes in otolaryngology head and neck surgery (ent). diseases and surgery of the ear nose and throat, houston, tx 77043. minimally invasive, endoscopic parathyroid surgery, laser surgery for snoring. endoscopic sinus surgery. vertigo, balance and equilibrium disorders. audiology and hearing aids. informed consent. post-operative information.
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otolaryngology houston 77043 * bechara y. ghorayeb, md
houston ent surgeon. dr. ghorayeb specializes in otolaryngology head and neck surgery (ent). diseases and surgery of the ear nose and throat, houston, tx 77043. minimally invasive, endoscopic parathyroid surgery, laser surgery for snoring. endoscopic sinus surgery. vertigo, balance and equilibrium disorders. audiology and hearing aids. informed consent. post-operative information.
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home - uw medicine department of surgery
the department of surgery at the university of washington is a first-rate academic surgical program providing competitive and comprehensive educational experiences, groundbreaking research and superb patient care that encompasses a wide variety of surgical specialties. these include bariatric surgery, burn surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, plastic surgery, transplant surgery, trauma and emergency surgery, vascular surgery, and oncologic surgery
burn, trama, plastic, gastrointestinal, bariatric, oncology, vascular, transplant, cardiovascular, fellowships, university, surgery, washington, research, department
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canada income research, independent research of canadian equities using audit-quality analysis is an independent, audit-quality, research firm rigorously committed to the continual and timely valuation of canadian equities.
research, equities, investment, canadian, investor, income, independent, canada
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parkinson society canada / société parkinson canada
parkinson society canada is the national voice of canadians living with parkinson’s. our purpose as the parkinson society federation is to ease the burden and find a cure through advocacy, education, research and support services.
parkinson, depressions, sleep, superwalk, constipation, disturbance, posture, speech, handwriting, stooped, dopamine, tulip, genetic, discrimination, nerve, cells, nhcc, requip, donate, permax
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scientific illustration for the research scientist. improve your science communication with effective illustrations.
we help publishers and research scientists to improve their scientific communication with effective scientific illustrations.
scientific, science, communication, scientists, research, illustration, publishing
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migraine information, migraine education, migraine research, migraine support | american migraine foundation
the american migraine foundation was founded by the american headache society to support innovative migraine research to help improve the lives of those that suffer from migraine and other debilitating headaches.
migraine, headache, foundation, patient, information, donation, research, american, society, support, about
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eucornea | european society of ocular and surface disease specialists
the society is a non-profit, scientific organisation active in europe and whose main focus is the exchange of scientific knowledge and practical skills among
society, specialists, disease, surface, european, ocular
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research chemicals:enzymes:dna:rna;protein research astral scientific
astral scientific is a leading specialist product supplier of laboratory consumables, lab supplies, plastics, lab equipment and clinical diagnostic test kits.
laboratory, supplies, equipment, scientific, astral
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canadian nautical research society - socit canadienne pour la recherche nautique
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west texas herpetological society (wths) - home
west texas herpetolocical society, west texas, snakes, reptiles, herps, society, herpetological, scientific, texas, species, conservation, research, wths, lectures, trans pecos, desert, lizard, amphibians, alterna, lepidus, milk snake, kingsnake, wildlife, ratsnake, suboc
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new york plastic surgery | great neck plastic surgeon | sasson plastic surgery
dr sasson offers cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures: face, body and breast surgery. service areas include: great neck, manhattan, hamptons, long island new york.
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csc - home
canadian society of cinematographers
society, canadian, canada, cinematography, cinematographer
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aquatt: a specialist in scientific knowledge transfer and management
management, research, stakeholder, consultation, development, network, transfer, dissemination, training, marine, aquaculture, knowledge, education, aquatt, project
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ingemar pongratz hemsida
information om forskning som ingemar pongratz följer.
pongratz, ingemar, fenix, karolinska, scientific, research, pathfinder, project, proposal, biology, forskning, information, consulting, chief, institute, science, executive, officer, sweden, molecular
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aciids 2015
aciids is an international scientific conference for research in the field of intelligent information and database systems, to be held on march 23 - 25, 2015 in sanur paradise sanur bali, bali, indonesia. the aim of the conference is to provide an internationally respected forum for scientific research in the technologies and applications of intelligent information and database systems
aciids, connectiva, 2015, conference, bina, universe, nusantara
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crs :: clinical research society - international society for clinical research and translational medicine
worldwide society that provides leadership for ethical and meaningful clinical research.
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health and quality of life outcomes | home page
health and quality of life outcomes is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal offering high quality articles, rapid publication and wide diffusion in the public and quality of life outcomes aims to promote the dissemination of knowledge on the health-related quality of life (hrqol) assessment within the scientific community.
life, quality, research, outcomes, health
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scientific research poster printing, quality poster printer
top quality scientific research poster printing to look your best at the conference! order by noon - posters ship same day. we're your research poster printer.
poster, print, template, scientific, printing, research, posters
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crrf this month - canadian race relations foundation
the canadian race relations foundation is canada's leading agency dedicated to the elimination of racism and all forms of racial discrimination in canadian society.
society, racism, canadian, inclusion, relations, diversity, race
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advanced specialty care ct
allergy & asthma audiology & hearing aids cosmetic & plastic surgery dermatology ent / head & neck surgery general surgery hand surgery skincare & laser
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society of interdisciplinary business research - sibr home
sibr society of interdisciplinary business research strives to extend knowledge and understanding of the real business world from interdisciplinary perspectives, and acts as a focus and centre of excellence for interdisciplinary business research.
research, interdisciplinary, business, economics, conference, management, marketing, finance, accounting, interdisciplinarity, interdiscipline, society, 2012, call, sibr, paper
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invenzone is a platform for researchers and scientists where they can discuss about research papers, thesis and patents.
research, network, scientific, platform, journals, patents, community, collaboration, science, paper, vertical, researchers
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cinel - instruments for research and industry
cinel strumenti scientifici (vigonza-pd) produces apparatuses (oem) for scientific research and industry, system integration and turnkey solutions
frontend, scientific, monochromator, design, sincrotrone, synchrotron, strumenti, progettazione, instruments, research, ricerca, tecnologia
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canadian edge: in-depth research of high yield canadian stocks
canadian edge delivers actionable research on safe, high-yield canadian stocks. login in to here, or become a subscriber today!
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parafishcontrol project
aquatt: a specialist in scientific knowledge transfer and management
management, research, stakeholder, consultation, development, network, transfer, dissemination, training, marine, aquaculture, knowledge, education, aquatt, project
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home - canadian association of research libraries
the canadian association of research libraries (carl) provides leadership on behalf of its members and helps advance research & higher education in canada.
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institute for education, research, and scholarships (ifers) - institute for education, research, and scholarships (ifers)
the institute for education, research, and scholarships (ifers) is dedicated to improving society by providing resources to high achieving students, scientific researchers, nonprofits, and educational organizations.
energy, books, music, renewable, sponsor, clean, fiscal, education, research, scholarships, internship, ifers
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ent chandigarh
ent chandigarh. chandigarh ent centre is a network of hospitals in chandigarh panchkula mohali. the centre is run by very qualified ent surgeons dr.salil agarwal and dr. rishi raj. both the surgeons have tremendous experience in conducting ear surgery, nose surgery, throat surgery, sinus surgery, head and neck cancer surgery, thyroid surgery. chandigarh ent centre has all facilities under one roof which include ent consultation, well equipped operation theatre, audiometry facility, speech therapy.
surgery, hospital, chandigarh, panchkula, salil, mohali, tricity, neck, rishi, agarwal, surgeon, hearing, dissection, treatment, aids, deafness, doctor, thyroid, throat, nose
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grants international|the refund experts | ei refunds | dtc | sr&ed
grants international are the refund experts specializing in ei refunds, employment insurance refunds for family businesses in canada, disability tax credit experts, sr&ed, scientific research and experimental development tax credit experts. call toll free 1-888-999-2221.
family, business, refunds, insurance, canadian, canada, businesses, employment, refund, grants, owned, international, unemployment, consultant, planning, operated, succession, consulting, issue, management
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actapress scientific publishing company scientific & technical publications journals, proceedings & papers
acta press, a scientific publishing company publishes numerous technical publications, technical journals and research papers for international conferences in the general areas of engineering and computer science. you can find any technical publications related to your field.
scientific, technical, journals, publications, papers, abstract, research, press, acta, proceedings
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south florida back and neck pain treatment without surgery
avoid the knife south florida back and neck pain centers, avoid the knife 30 day back re-education centers, avoid the knife back and pain center locations, avoid the knife broward and dade county back and neck pain centers
back, surgery, pain, disc, spinal, neck, bulging, herniated, accident, spondylosis, drx9000, management, accuspina, arthritis, stenosis, surgeon, broward, dade, florida, south
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american society of jewelry historians
american society of jewelry historians is dedicated to the study of jewelry history and the dissemination of jewelry-related information.
jewelry, historian, nonprofit, history, society, historians, american
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the rhinoplasty society - top rhinoplasty surgeons - nose surgery
the rhinoplasty society is dedicated to the open exchange of innovative ideas and techniques concerning rhinoplasty surgery. find a top rhinoplasty surgeon.
surgeons, honorable, society, rhinoplasty, surgery, rhinoplastic, plastic
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welcome - american society for mohs surgery - american society for mohs surgery
american society for mohs surgery (asms) a society of over 1, 000 medical professionals and provides training in mohs surgery.
cancer, skin, mohs, surgery, asms, surgeon, society, cell, american, trained, basal, college, fellowship, carcinoma, squamous, education, treatment, scars, biopsy, rate
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canadian society of hospital pharmacists
the canadian society of hospital pharmacists (cshp) is the national voluntary organization of pharmacists committed to patient care through the advancement of safe, effective medication use in hospitals and other collaborative healthcare settings.
pharmacy, employment, canadian, hospital, jobs, opportunity, cjhp, canada, society, health, opportunities, cshp, ebulletin
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european corporate governance institute
the european corporate governance institute is a pan-european not-for-profit organisation established to improve corporate governance through fostering independent scientific research and related activities.
corporate, governance, research, scientific, independent, european, ecgn, indicators, network, objective, collective, executive, antonio, borges, chairman, becht, director, marco, impartial, practice
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witamy w ceon
centre for open science, is a unit within icm, university of warsaw. it has four priorities of equal importance: (1) promotion of open science, (2) providing access to scientific literature and databases for the polish scientific community, (3) software development for digital repositories and (4) interdisciplinary research: knowledge discovery in collections of scientific documents as well as social phenomena and transformations related to development of science and new technologies.
open, science, centre, access, digital, europe, openaire, system, research, infrastructure, nauki, techniki, synat, mathematics, elsevier, springer, baztech, yadda, commons, library
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research dreams - welcome to research dreams
welcome to research dreams, a platform for dreams about the near and distant future of scientific and scholarly research. narratives play an important role in the creation of new concepts, tools and ways of working. presently, most of these stories only live within their own discipline. research dreams constitutes a support and intersection for stories, scenarios, and speculations about the future of scientific and scholarly research. research dreams and its participants aim to strengthen the role of these stories and to reflect on the potential of connections across narratives. this website creates links across expectations and dreams of working scientists, of scholars, and of those engaged with research in a variety of ways. contributions to this project are welcome!
participation, policy, utopia, wanderer, paradigm, experience, yourself, engagement, champion
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home | denville scientific inc. - your source for research equipment and plastics
denville scientific is a leader in distributing disposable plastics for research laboratories
pipet, tips, gloves, centrifuges, electrophoresis, pipettors
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aurora scientific | trusted research instrumentsaurora scientific
muscle, force, detector, transducer, function, photoionization, olfactometer, research, instruments, physiology, trusted
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esprm - european society of physical and rehabilitation medicine
he mission of the esprm is to be the leading scientific european society for physicians in the field of physical and rehabilitation medicine and to improve the knowledge of fundamentals and the management of activities, participation and contextual factors of people with a disability.
society, european, scientific
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surgery information -
information on plastic surgery, laser eye surgery, carpal tunnel, healthy living & more. impartial surgery information site.
dental, surgery, restoration, lasik, cosmetic, hair, dentistry, implants, liposuction, crowns, bridges, veneers, plastic, diet, health, breast, tummy, augmentation, tuck
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laser spine surgery, reading neck and spine, berks county, pa
laser spine surgery - find out more information about laser surgery for the spine by contacting our specialist doctors at reading neck and spine, reading, berks county, pennsylvania.
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annals of general psychiatry | home page
annals of general psychiatry, the official publication of the international society of neurobiology and psychopharmacology, is an open access journal dedicated to publishing basic and clinical research on all subjects within psychiatry. the journal is a high visibility forum for the dissemination of high quality research, reviews and commentary on research related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders. annals of general psychiatry spans a wide range of topics, including psychology, neuroscience, psychiatric genetics and psychopharmacology.
psychiatry, general, annals
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european society for gynaecological endoscopy
european society for gynaecological endoscopy aims to encourage the exchange of clinical experience and scientific thought among gynaecological endoscopists.
esge, society, european, scientific, endoscopy, gynaecology
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dallas ent allergy head & neck surgery * ent doctors * head & neck surgery * dallas, texas
dallas ent – head & neck surgery center specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of pediatric and adult ear, nose, and throat disorders, including allergies, sleep apnea and snoring, hearing and balance disorders, voice disorders, endoscopic sinus surgery, and head and neck surgery.
dallas, surgery, pediatric, disorders, throat, nose, endoscopic, voice, texas, balance, sinus, allergies, neck, head, sleep, apnea, snoring, hearing
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international center for abduction research
the international center for abduction research (icar) is an organization devoted to the dissemination of trustworthy information about ufo and alien abductions.
abduction, alien, david, jacobs, life, secret, threat, regression, straight, talk, hypnosis, abductees, icar, research, collection, memory, hypnotic
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experts in agricultural research - miller research
miller research llc is dedicated to providing scientific research for the improvement of crop production.  miller research is operated by jeff mi...
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eastern carolina ear, nose and throat associates (ent) otolaryngology located in smithfield and clayton, nc
surgery, facial, neck, head, cosmetic, sinus, hearing, audiology, sleep, carolina, clayton, sampson, wilson, harnett, wayne, smithfield, raleigh, north, selma, county
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nature index
the nature index tracks the affiliations of high-quality scientific articles. updated monthly, the nature index presents research outputs by institution and country. use the nature index to interrogate publication patterns and to benchmark research performance.
nature, research, institution, science, index, metrics, group, publishing, collaboration, outputs, natureindex, scientific, data, analysis
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the or society - operational research, at the heart of analytics
the or society is the worlds oldest-established learned society catering to the operational research (o.r.) profession
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kahili plastic surgery research
kahili plastic surgery research posts articles and blogs about the plastic surgery and other health topics including dermatology, cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty,
breast, plastic, surgery, kahili, rhinoplasty, implants, research, augmentation, health
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ent medical services, p.c.
since 1957, ent medical services, p.c. has provided quality otolaryngology, head, neck, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients in iowa city and surrounding communities.
plastic, surgery, reconstructive, neck, facial, otolaryngology
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ear nose & throat doctor | head surgery | neck surgery hickory nc | lincolnton nc | morganton nc
ear nose & throat doctor hickory nc - carolina ear nose & throat specializes in head surgery, neck surgery and other treatment procedures. our practices serve hickory nc, lincolnton nc, morganton nc and the surrounding areas.
treatment, surgery, cancer, hearing, doctor, procedure, thyroid, pediatric, nose, throat, neck, head, reconstructive, labyrinthitis, skin, apnea, probe, sleep, laup, bone
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canadian immigration and permanent residency latest information
latest canadian immigration information for student, skilled worker, investor & family visa to canada, work permit, sponsorship, pr and citizenship.
canadian, immigration, class, residency, experience, permanent, forms, citizenship
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canadian immigration and permanent residency latest information
latest canadian immigration information for student, skilled worker, investor & family visa to canada, work permit, sponsorship, pr and citizenship.
canadian, immigration, class, residency, experience, permanent, forms, citizenship
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back surgery -back surgery
considering back surgery but still have questions? is the leading source for unbiased information. find information about cost, surgeons, methods of surgery, types of surgery and more
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society for the dissemination of historical fact
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epilepsy research, information and support | epilepsy society
information about epilepsy from medical charity epilepsy society working towards a full life for everyone affected by epilepsy.
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home: future of identity in the information society
homepage of the fidis noe fp6 project. fidis - future of identity in the information society (network of excellence)
research, union, management, program, framework, european, society, identity, future, network, information, excellence, fidis
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scientific research laboratory equipment & supplies | midsci
midsci provides lab refrigerators & freezers, tpp cell culture, pcr, pipettes, & labdoctor equipment for scientific research.
supplies, equipment, laboratory, scientific
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impact papers singapore | proofreading, academic editing and science communications solutions for dissertations, research publications, essays, research grant proposals and project reports.
at impact papers, my mission is to help scientists, academics, students, professionals and organisations present the best of their work through impactful written communications. why is good scientific writing important? good scientific writing is paramount to the advancement of your research career. it is intimately linked to your research productivity, which takes the forms of journal
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iarigai - the international association of research organizations for the information, media and graphic arts industries
research, international, arts, graphic, industries, media, association, information, organizations, nieminen, susanna, dion, urlike, claypole, canet, prof, nils, enlund, timothy, christine
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dr. khuong nguyen, md, ms, msme, facs, certified american board of otolaryngology
cosmetic, facial plastic and reconstructive, and head and neck surgery
neck, surgery, plastic, facial, head, reconstructive, cosmetic
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chicago plastic surgeon dr. anthony geroulis
dr. geroulis is a 30+ years expert plastic surgeon specializing in facelift, nasal rhinoplasty, upper & lower eyelid surgery, neck, eyebrow & forehead lift
surgery, lift, neck, forehead, tummy, tuck, facelift, liposuction, blepharoplasty, cosmetic, plastic, implants, nasal, rhinoplasty, facial
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welcome to the washington state genealogical society
the washington state genealogical society shares information about genealogical activities and resources from individual members and local, county, state and national organizations. wsgs promotes preservation of and access to public and private genealogical and historical information.
family, history, personal, ancestry, research, genealogy, state, genealogical, society, washington
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home - international ghost research society
igrs is a group of friends trying to solve the phantom equation. we look at things in our investigations in a scientific light and eliminate all factors, leaving only the unexplained.
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international journal of scientific research and engineering studies
ijsres intended for scholars, professionals and researchers in all spheres of science and engineering.
journals, research, journal, paper, call, scientific, online, papers, article, science, international
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welcome to the polish genealogical society of michigan
the pgsm website offers polish-americans the opportunity to connect with other researchers and access to web links and databases, along with the latest events & happenings in polish-american research.
polish, society, research, genealogical, history, polonia, roots, michigan, ancestor, family, ancestors
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insights on health - being healthy naturally
health is a topic close to many peoples hearts, yet good health is elusive for most. what can be very confusing is the myriad of seemingly contradicting health information, tips and advice out there, encompassing both scientific research as well as age-old traditional health wisdom and knowledge. here are numerous health discussions where we put forth health information and research, as well as views, musings, analysis and other insights on health. the focus is on being healthy naturally.
health, advice, research, insights, tips, remedies, information, being, healthy, good, natural
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mindfulness research guide is a comprehensive electronic resource and publication database that provides information to researchers, practitioners, and the general public on the scientific study of mindfulness and hosts the mindfulness research monthly bulletin, which informs mindfulness science.
mindfulness, research, center, medicine, alternative, buddhism, dalai, yoga, association, mindfo, lama, complementary, reduction, stress, black, david, cognitive, therapy, guide, monthly
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chiropractic research, news and information -- chiroaccess
chiroaccess is a resource for chiropractic research, news and information
chiropractic, pain, back, neck, manipulation, headache, adjustment, mantis, news, research, products, practice, building
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international continence society (ics)
ics is a membership society for medical professionals furthering continence education, scientific research, clinical practice and removing the stigma of incontinence. ics organises educational and scientific meetings around the globe - ics 2014 will be held in rio de janiero, brazil. ics members represent key opinion leaders in the field of continence care and research.
incontinence, pelvic, urinary, dysfunction, bladder, nerve, pain, floor, continence, prolapse, muscles, urology, organ, gynecology, mesh, office, modulation, nocturia, pudendal, urogynecology
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international journal of emerging trends in computing and information sciences
journal of emerging trends in computing and information sciences is an international refereed research publishing journal with a focused aim of promoting and publishing original high quality research dealing with theoretical and scientific aspects in all disciplines of computing and information sciences
journal, computing, sciences, information, research, jouranl, emerging, trends
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aloha surgery | weight loss surgery
aloha surgery is proud to be designated bariatric surgery center of excellence by the american society for metabolic and bariatric surgery.
surgery, bariatric, general, cosmetic, reversional, smartlipo, center, weight, loss, aloha, metabolic
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scientific research group in egypt
egypt, research, learning, scientific, computational, group, machine, intelligence
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canadian society for quality | just another wordpress site
8th annual canadian quality congress is in montreal this year.
society, canadian, congress, quality
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vaccine research - clinical trials | canadian center for vaccinology
the canadian center for vaccinology is an integrated collaborative vaccine research team committed to research, discovery and evaluation of vaccines.
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welcome - australian market & social research society
the australian market & social research society (amsrs) is a not-for-profit professional membership body of over 2, 000 market and social research professionals who are dedicated to increasing the standard and understanding of market and social research in australia.
research, social, market
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outsource research services | research optimus india
outsource research services to expert research company to achieve of economies of scale and cost-effectively acquire insights for strategic decisions.
research, market, media, scientific, analyst, optimus, services, analytics, data
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american journal of research communication | american journal of research communication
american journal of research communication (ajrc) is a scientific journal publishing scientific research in biological sciences, medical sciences, chemistry,
journal, american, research, fastest, scientific, ajrc, communication
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worldwidescience is a global science gateway—accelerating scientific discovery and progress through a multilateral partnership to enable federated searching of national and international scientific databases.
science, scientific, technical, information, global, databases, gateway, library, portal, international, british, department, office, osti, worldwidescience, energy, worldwide
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craigavon historical society
the craigavon historical society website
meetings, schools, portadown, atkinson, bequest, guide, research, history, historical, society, review, information, craigavon
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ftm top surgery guide - find a surgeon - ftm transsexual surgery
comprehensive information about ftm top surgery procedures and ftm top surgery surgeons.
surgery, chest, areolar, male, reconstruction, peri, masculinization, incision, surgeons, pictures, cost, double, keyhole
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ear nose and throat associates of nassau county
physicians who specialize in ent (ear, nose and throat) have special expertise in the daily treatment of diseases and trauma of the ears, nose and nasal passages, sinuses, larynx (voice box), oral cavity and upper pharynx (mouth and throat), neck, thyroid, salivary glands and esophagus, as well as tumor surgery, allergy and plastic surgery of the neck and face.
county, nassau, doctors, surgery, allergy, plastic, sleep, facial, otolaryngology, head, neck
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massachusetts society for medical research
massachusetts society for medical research promotes biomedical and biological research, including the proper care and use of animals, for the improved health and well-being of people, animals, and the environment.
research, animal, laboratory, care, biomedical, animals, medical, veterinary, people, society, massachusetts, health, united, awakening, iacuc, welfare, education, humane, institutional, committee
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the canadian/american spinal research organizations
the canadian/american spinal research organizations (csro/asro) are dedicated to the funding of targeted research to maximize functional recovery and cure paralysis caused by spinal cord injury.
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citris - center for information technology research in the interest of society
center for information technology research in the interest of society
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arab states research and education network - asren
arab states research and education network (asren) is the association of the arab region national research and education networks (nrens) and strategic partners, that aim to implement, manage and extend sustainable pan-arab e-infrastructures dedicated for the research and education communities and to boost scientific research and cooperation in member countries through the provision of world-class e-infrastructures and e-services.
arab, research, talal, cooperation, researchers, knowledge, scholars, initiative, education, states, network, asren, nren, association, scientific
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welcome to golive cyberstudio 3
society, research, aicpa, cpas, lawyer, accountant, group, resource, certified, public, attorney
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the heart surgery forum
the heart surgery forum® is a peer-reviewed, indexed scientific journal for cardiothoracic surgery professionals. the journal utilizes electronic peer review for efficient and timely decision making and publishes articles to the web as soon as accepted and processed through the production system.
surgery, thoracic, heart, cardio, invasive, minimally, cardiothoracic
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palm harbor chiropractic & wellness center - palm harbor, clearwater, tarpin springs
chiropractic, pain, neck, harbor, palm, back, chiropractor, care, information, florida, injury, head, association, chiropractors, treatment, shoulder, treatments, springs, tarpon, clearwater
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marfan - home
the canadian marfan association (cma) is a national charitable organization dedicated to saving lives and helping marfan patients live a good quality of life. we are the only association in canada helping marfan patients and the most reliable source for current and accurate information about marfan syndrome.
marfan, canadian, treatment, awareness, conference, association, patients, networks, donations, disorder, genetic, tissue, connective, news, questions, research, support, information, syndrome, community
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welcome to the florida chapter of the ohio genealogical society
the florida chapter of the ohio genealogical society supports the collection, preservation, and publication of historical records pertaining to ohio and to make them available for genealogical research.
records, surnames, conference, workshop, education, obituaries, newspapers, census, maps, probate, directories, vital, society, genealogical, ohio, chapter, genealogy, research, information, ancestor
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veterinary orthopedic society of america | veterinary orthopedic society of america
the objectives of the organization shall be to provide for the association of persons engaged in the practice, teaching, or research in the area of orthopedics for the presentation and discussion of items of common interest, to further scientific investigation, and to upgrade the specialty of orthopedics in order to provide better patient care.
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cnps – the canadian nurses protective society
the canadian nurses protective society
insurance, nurse, legal, risk, practitioner, assistance, management, occurrence, action, nursing, civil, incident, based, lawsuit, society, professional, protective, nurses, canadian, liability
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christian cadre
christian apologetics debate, research, evangleism (cadre)-- research and dissemination of the best apologetical defense of the faith on the internet; existence of god, truth of the bible, historicity of jesus and the resurrection, jesus as messiah, power of prayer, scientific evidence
christian, hitler, theology, mythology, messiah, social, links, audio, reasonable, faith, truth, cadre, egalitarian, prayer, argument, existence, resurrection, jesus, apologetics, bible
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ent specialist singapore - dr. chris hobbs - ent head , neck & thyroid surgeon
dr. christopher hobbs, consultant ear nose and throat / head & neck surgeon, internationally trained ent specialist in singapore, 15 years of surgical experience, fellowship in head & neck surgery and laryngology/voice, hunterian professor
clinic, allergy, gleneagles, hospital, somerset, tripleone, snoring, sinus, throat, nose, head, neck, surgery, thyroid
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canadian cancer society
the canadian cancer society is a national community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer.
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canadian cancer society
the canadian cancer society is a national community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer.
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canadian cancer society
the canadian cancer society is a national community-based organization of volunteers whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer.
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203 - say what you really think.
say what you really think.
canadian, scientific, patents, papers, banks, counties, disclosure, places, employee, charities, companies, sunshine, list, salary
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what is a lazy eye or amblyopia? how do you get and how to fix lazy eye? treatments: surgery, eye exercises, vision therapy - scientific research
how do you get lazy eye? how to fix a lazy eye - treatments - surgery, eye exercises
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research chemicals | building blocks | matrix scientific
providing research chemicals and building blocks - matrix scientific has been serving the research community for over 50 years!
blocks, building, chemicals, research, scientific, matrix
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chilean canadian cultural society of edmonton
the official website of the chilean canadian cultural society representing edmonton and its surrounding communities.
edmonton, society, cultural, chilean, canadian
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eye hospital, eye care, lasik, chennai, india, charitable, best eye hospital: sankara nethralaya
sankara nethralaya, a not-for-profit charitable eye hospital chennai india, embarked on a relentless journey on september 6, 1978 to provide world-class tertiary eye care in chennai india. its growth since then has been phenomenal — thanks to the unconditional and generous support received from all quarters of society.
hospital, surgery, ophthalmic, india, chennai, care, cataract, lasik, best, sankara, laser, vision, education, ophthalmology, treatment, research, mobile, retinal, advanced, opththalmology
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ecs redcat blog
discover the latest discoveries and innovations in the scientific community. find podcasts, videos, and podcast on topics ranging from sustainable energy to
science, electrochemical, news, electrochemistry, energy, society, technology, podcasts, blog, series, videos, latest, about, learn, what, masters, scientific, podcast, sustainable, materials
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stem cell therapy | colorado | premier stem cell institute
our research and treatment facility in johnstown, colorado utilizes your own stem cells to treat neck, back, spine, elbow, foot pain and more.
stem, cell, surgery, plasma, rich, services, therapy, platelet, physicians, orthopedic, institute, osci, research, premier, colorado
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stem cell therapy | colorado | premier stem cell institute
our research and treatment facility in johnstown, colorado utilizes your own stem cells to treat neck, back, spine, elbow, foot pain and more.
stem, cell, surgery, plasma, rich, services, therapy, platelet, physicians, orthopedic, institute, osci, research, premier, colorado
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artificial disc centers | neck surgery, neck surgeons, cervical disc replacement, cervical spine fusion, phoenix, las vegas
artificial disc centers (adc) is a network of elite, board certified, fellowship trained doctors that specialize 100% in spine care. the doctors at adc have completed additional training on the assortment of artificial disc replacement techniques and we are among the leaders in the number of artificial disc replacement procedures we have performed.
surgery, fusion, neck, cervical, replacement, discectomy, disc, vegas, miami, phoenix, spinal, spine, anterior, stenosis
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beating dyslexia, not just coping with it, a free resource
the most comprehensive range of techniques for overcoming dyslexia with information and definitions that have been based on scientific research.
reading, help, intervention, treatment, information, dyslexia
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jove | peer reviewed scientific video journal - methods and protocols
jove publishes peer-reviewed scientific video protocols to accelerate biological, medical, chemical and physical research. watch our scientific video articles.
video, scientific, science, journal, videos, experiment
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medicalink takes the mystery out of medicine. medical writing, medical editing, and scientific information for professionals and curious consumers.
medicalink provides medical and scientific writing and editing services, serving publishers, researchers, practitioners, and consumers.
medical, alternative, medicine, ghostwriter, information, research, writing, editing, editor, freelance
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plastic surgery santa monica - plastic surgeon brentwood - dr. cher
dr. john cher of parkside surgery institute provides care for brentwood, west hollywood and santa monica plastic surgery patients.
plastic, surgery, surgeon, santa, monica, beverly, facial, hills, brentwood, tuck, procedure, tummy, jobs, nose, breast, center, face, neck, clinic
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zing conferences | scientific research conferences
zing conferences organise scientific research conferences in fantastic worldwide resorts and provide extensive networking opportunities
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poles in america foundation
a foundation dedicated to research in polish-american history and geneology and the dissemination of such information. founded by polish-american historian edward pinkowski.
polish, concerts, posters, films, exhibits, pulaski, events, chopin, scholarship, piano, genealogy, paderewski, research, lectures, education, culture, poland, literature, american, language
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t.e.r:r.a.i.n - taranaki educational resource: research, analysis and information network - home
t.e.r:r.a.i.n - taranaki educational resource: research, analysis and information network
trust, taranaki, park, rotokare, pukekura, scenic, reserve, friends, forest, society, reptiles, herpetological, bird, motu, kiwi, educational, research, kete, community, groups
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american cancer society | information and resources for cancer: breast, colon, lung, prostate, skin
dedicated to helping persons who face cancer. supports research, patient services, early detection, treatment and education. contact us anytime day or night 1-800-227-234.
cancer, birthdays, donate, information, society, american
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eye tracking software and solutions - imotions
eye tracking software fitted for multiple hardware systems & biometric sensors. providing accurate insights for research & usability studies.
research, tracking, usability, scientific, software, university, marketing, hardware, sensors, biometric, solutions
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eye tracking software and solutions - imotions
eye tracking software fitted for multiple hardware systems & biometric sensors. providing accurate insights for research & usability studies.
research, tracking, usability, scientific, software, university, marketing, hardware, sensors, biometric, solutions
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european journal of scientific research
european journal of scientific research is a peer-reviewed scientific research journal that addresses both applied and theoretical issues. the scope of the journal encompasses research articles, original research reports, reviews, short communications and scientific commentaries in the fields of applied and theoretical sciences, biology, chemistry, physics, zoology, medical studies, environmental sciences, mathematics, statistics, geology, engineering, computer science, social sciences, natural sciences, technological sciences, linguistics, medicine, industrial, and all other applied and theoretical sciences. the journal publishes both applied and conceptual research. european journal of scientific research covers all applications of polymers, from composite and structural materials, to those used in packaging, biomedical implants, plastic electronics, energy, and many more. the journal bridges the crucial gap between basic research and patenting of an invention, targeting a broad audi
sciences, research, applied, journal, theoretical, both, scientific, engineering, computer, geology, statistics, environmental, zoology, medical, studies, science, mathematics, linguistics, other, publishes
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los angeles chiropractors. pain relief without surgery by the top chiropractors in the west los angeles 90066 area.
pain, from, relief, neck, west, angeles, back, surgery, without, massage, sciatica, management, muscle, hyperactivity, acupuncture, arthritis, therapy, sports, subluxation, chiropractic
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neck pain support blog
how to effectively deal with the pain in your neck: choose the best neck pillow, get better sleep, improve your posture, do proper neck exercises to prevent injuries....everything you can do stop that pain in the neck and have a healthier neck !
neck, pain, relief, articles, treatment, support, pillow, stiff, headaches, chronic, acute
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scientific society | scientific society swakopmund
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dundalk-patapsco neck historical society and museum, inc. providing defenders day information.
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institute for multidimensional awareness (ima)
the institute for multidimensional awareness (ima) is a nonprofit scientific organization, based on the disbelief principle, staffed by volunteers researchers, focused on the investigation of the consciousness, of extra-sensory perceptions and other human attributes through self-research and laboratory research that will be disseminated through seminars, courses, scientific publications, and other media.
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journeylite surgery
as a multi-specialty surgery center, we provide a variety of different surgical options including minimally invasive spinal surgery, back and neck pain management, neuropathy treatment and much more!
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canadian free stock picks - toronto stock exchange stock advice
stock, canadian, advice, free, exchange, research, stocks, good, invest, best, daily, picker, super, buying, superstockpicker, websites, canada, portfolios, software, winning
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home - canadian physiotherapy association
canadian national professional organization. current research, physiotherapy news, advocacy, consumer information, career advice and continuing learning.
physiotherapy, association, physiotherapist, canadian, congress, find, insurance, physiotherapie, physiotherapists, member, membership, canadienne, physiotherapeute, physio, what, about, students, npaa, assistants
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dr. m.r.grate north florida ear nose throat and facial plastic surgery
north florida otolaryngology and facial plastic head and neck surgery done by dr. myrle r. grate in tallahassee, florida who specializes in the ear nose and throat and plastic surgery of the head, neck and limited face lift, which exclusively targets the jowls, frown lines, wrinkles, and facial skin.
sinus, relieva, balloon, surgery, catheter, sinuplasty, facelift, lift, medical, plastic, cosmetic, throat, nose, sinusitis, dermabrasion, best, procedure, slift, facial, grate
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long island plastic surgery - cosmetic surgery nyc - great neck, manhattan, ny
dr. danovich delivers among the best liposuction long island has available and also offers an amazing tummy tuck in great neck for her patients.
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the canadian down syndrome society (cdss)
the canadian down syndrome society (cdss) is a national non-profit organization providing information, advocacy and education about down syndrome. the cdss supports self-advocates, parents and families throughout canada. we are canada's national voice of people with down syndrome and their families.
national, prenatal, syndrome, support, media, local, conference, contacts, screening, testing, statements, voice, position, club, advocacy, information, canada, parents, cdss, down
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southern head and neck surgery - ear, nose, and throat doctor in alexander city, sylacauga, talladega, al
southern head & neck surgery is an otolaryngologist in alexander city, sylacauga, talladega al specializing in diseases and disorders of the head and neck, most commonly the ears, nose and throat. southern head & neck surgery diagnoses and treats head and throat problems such as sinusitis, sleep apnea, allergies, outer ear infections, dizziness, laryngitis, and hearing loss.
city, sylacauga, talladega, alexander, sleep, nose, throat, mcleod
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empty nest genealogy
genealogy research site with large database including images, documents and sources available for free download. numerous cultures, groups, and histories including acadian, quaker, royal, american, canadian, french canadian and military.
genealogy, research, images, ancestry, tree, family
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metsoc of cim, metallurgy and materials society (home)
organizer of the annual conference of metallurgists (com2016), impc 2016, copper 2019, annual canadian materials science conference (cmsc). metallurgy and materials society (metsoc) is an canadian based society with international membership of engineers.
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american hosta society (ahs)
american hosta society is a not-for-profit organization. the american hosta society is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes, and especially to promote, encourage, and foster the development of the genus hosta and public interest therein.
hosta, society, hybridizing, feeding, american, care
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home - melanoma research alliance
melanoma research alliance is a leading funder of melanoma research, committed to accelerating scientific discovery and the development of new treatments and diagnostics for this deadly skin cancer. 100% of donations to the melanoma research alliance go to research funding.
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home - plastic surgery institute
the plastic surgery institute of california is southern california’s premier provider of aesthetic plastic surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery and weight loss surgery
lift, sleeve, surgery, neck, body, beltplasty, gastrectomy, makeover, mommy, thighplasty, nose, tummy, rhinoplasty, augmentation, tuck, gastric, breast, bariatric, liposuction
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welcome to the aadc research trust childrens charity | aadc research trust - aromatic amino acid decarboxylase deficiency
the aadc research trust was founded in 2006 to globally disseminate as much medical and scientific information and improve disease awareness about aromatic amino acid decarboxylase (aadc) deficiency.
aadc, deficiency, hours, several, time, change, difficult, tone, muscle, symptoms, difficulties, usually, severe, severity, suffering, medications, trial, treatment, parkinson, links
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breast surgery | cosmetic surgery | cosmetic surgery holidays | cosmetic surgery thailand | cosmetic surgery group tours thailand | breast surgery | breast implant surgery | breast reduction surgery | beautiful escapes | destination beauty | stunning makeovers |tummy tuck surgery | cosmetic surgery holiday packages | face, forehead, neck lift | male breast reduction | plastic surgery thailand | weight loss surgery | cosmetic surgery new zealand | cosmetic surgery thailand | nip-tuck cosmetic surgery
home page of nip-tuck cosmetic surgery. cosmetic surgery that includes breast implants, plastic surgery, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, breast reduction, cosmetic surgery, thailand dental holidays, thailand plastic surgery, dental holidays, boob job thailand, boob jobs, breast surgery, dental surgery, abdominoplasty, liposuction, facelift, neck lift, face lift, face and neck lift, eyelid surgery, lasik, brow lift, forehead lift, nose surgery, rhinoplasty, ostoplasty, ear surgery, body contouring, weight loss surgery, veneers, dental implants, tooth implant, teeth whitening, crowns, bridges,
surgery, lift, breast, cosmetic, thailand, tours, dental, implants, tummy, tuck, group, brow, liposuction, rhinoplasty, boob, neck, face, weight, loss, contouring
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spine, back & neck pain specialists - virginia spine institute
nationally-recognized, virginia spine institute provides a wide range of pain management solutions for clients locally and nationally. located outside washington, dc in reston, virginia we specialize in treatments, procedures and surgery related to the s
surgery, pain, back, spine, therapy, spinal, robotic, management, physical, stem, fusion, regenerative, guided, robot, minimally, neck, invasive
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alzheimer's research & care society - online
alzheimer's research & care society research funding in birmingham, al.based in birmingham al we're hosting fundraising events for alzheimer's research nationwide.
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plastic surgery in new york | manhattan, great neck, long island | aristocrat plastic surgery nyc
aristocrat plastic surgery & medaesthetics offers cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery and non-surgical services for manhattan, new york city, and great neck, long island areas of new york. services include breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, mommy makeover, facelift, botox®, and voluma™.
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the leukemia & lymphoma society of canada - official website
canadian resource for information on leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, myelodysplastic syndromes and myeloproliferative diseases.
leukemia, lymphoma, society, canada, myleoproliferative, myelodysplastic, syndrome, information, disorder
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dr. catalona - prostate cancer, psa study, and nerve sparing prostate surgery
dr. catalona's urological research foundation provides prostate cancer information, including psa study, prostatectomy, genetic research
prostate, cancer, catalona, research, prostatectomy, urological, hormonal, therapy, surgery, urology, william, lupron, testing, eulexin, casodex, agents, genetics, genetic, preventative, detection
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free paper formats | paper template | paper examples
scientific paper is a document related to his search or search results prepared by a scientist to be reviewed by other professional. simply it is for sharing
paper, scientific, thesis, template, papers, free, sample, format, printable, blank, layout, draft, online, research, writing, student, professional, example, samples, templates
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nanotechnology research
manufacturing, society, benefits, future, products, studies, nanobots, nanotech, molecular, medicine, education, advanced, science, news, technology, research, information, policy, health, systems
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ent doctors of ohni los angeles: parotid surgeons & otolaryngologists
top rated patients choice for ear, nose, and throat care. the osborne head and neck institute has ent specialists located in los angeles, california. areas of specialty include head and neck surgery, pediatric otolaryngology, and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.
surgery, doctors, parotid, sinai, cedars, plastic, throat, gland, voice, specialist, head, neck, pediatric, surgeons, doctor, osborne, hills, beverly, problems, tumor
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ear nose and throat (ent) los angeles
ear nose and throat (ent) los angeles - ear nose and throat (ent) procedures performed by dr. mani h. zadeh, m.d., serving los angeles and the surrounding areas.
surgery, treatment, minimally, invasive, tumors, parathyroid, hearing, gland, thyroid, disorders, parotid, head, neck, voice, tonsil, adenoid, tonsillectomy, testing, imaging, thyroidectomy