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environmental future | its your future
you can reduce your carbon footprint and take action to save the environment. environmental future presents information, ideas and methods to save our planet.
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our future planet
our future planet is the only online community that allows you to share ideas, design the future and create global change in the real world
design, ideal, ideas, solution, actions, petitions, ecology, redesign, discussion, forums, systems, utopia, environment, community, citizen, planet, social, network, environmental, earth
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terrapass: buy carbon offsets to reduce carbon footprint
buy carbon offsets to balance your carbon emissions. use our carbon footprint calculator & begin reducing your carbon footprint with clean energy projects.
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terrapass: buy carbon offsets to reduce carbon footprint
buy carbon offsets to balance your carbon emissions. use our carbon footprint calculator & begin reducing your carbon footprint with clean energy projects.
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reduce your bills & carbon footprint – save money while you save resources and the planet
save money while you save resources and the planet
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green chamber of commerce
the green chamber of commerce represents the new voice of commerce, one that can envision the future - a future where businesses work to protect our planet.
fuel, green, energy, biodiesel, solar, business, clean, power, carbon, conservation, area, planet, california, water, sustainable, world, earth, ocean, francisco, progressive
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carbon footprint ltd - carbon management services - calculate, reduce, offset and carbon neutrality
carbon management experts. helping businesses calculate, reduce and offset their carbon footprint. for high quality carbon credits to make your company carbon neutral.
footprint, carbon, reduce, reduction, co2e, emissions, sustainability, business, offsetting, offsets, offset, neutral, neutrality, pas2060, management, corporate
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save the globe
our planet is dying and we are running out of time, lets do something!
global, warming, energy, earth, greenhouse, carbon, planet, pollution, wind, green, going, renewable, free, overheating, what, environmental, issues, mother, footprint, consequences
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carbon offsetting, auditing & reduction services for corporate businesses – carbon managers uk
go green & lower costs - go carbon neutral. save by investing in green business practices and offset your carbon footprint and with carbon managers uk tree planting service.
carbon, costs, business, green, initiatives, reducing, reduction, corporate, labelling, neutral, tree, gases, greenhouse, footprint, trees, audit, offsetting, planting
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carbon neutral flights > calculate carbon footprint | carbonneutral from natural capital partners
calculate the carbon emissions from flights, or your entire carbon footprint with this great tool designed by carbonneutral from natural capital partners. it covers areas of your life that make the largest contribution to carbon emissions; travel, energy and waste.
carbon, footprint, calculate, calculator, neutral, flights
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.eco - using the internet to help save our planet
certified, social, economics, clean, aspects, sustainability, responsibility, platform, carbon, analysis, cycle, source, life, organisms, organics, planet, internet, hotspot, ecosystems, healthy
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carbonstory: welcome to carbonstory
carbonstory is a crowd funding platform for climate change projects. calculate your carbon footprint and support carbon offset projects all around the world.
carbon, offset, offsetting, project, gold, reduce, standard, vivo, management, co2e, engagement, plan, warming, credit, credits, footprint, offsets, neutral, calculator, global
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trucost : environmental data experts
trucost data identifies environmental risk and opportunity across company operations, supply chains and investment portfolios.
environmental, data, london, costs, companies, risk, impact, input, rising, financial, consultants, engagement, footprint, carbon, environmentally, optimised, portfolio, investments, providers
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unpollute - a way forward: to the zero emissions future.
promoting and a greener and healthier you! everybody needs transportation, food, and energy! save yourself, save money, save the planet.
bicycling, cycling, green, biking, unpollute, warming, environmental, solutions, global
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climatestore, products and ideas to reduce your carbon footprint
climatestore's mission is to make it fun and easy to reduce your carbon footprint. shop, learn about climate change, take action, and explore at
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cr resource contracting inc - helping your business save energy
cr resource contracting inc. has over 10 years experience working with forward thinking, environmentally conscious businesses to reduce energy consumption with various technologies and produce alternative energy to minimize their carbon footprint while maximizing their energy efficiency.
energy, solar, carbon, footprint, efficiency, panels, alternative, consumption, resource, contracting, environmental
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athletes for a fit planet
green, races, footprint, eliminate, waste, carbon, triathlon, environmental, events, sustainable, road
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carbon footprint calculator
get a rough estimate or an accurate calculation of your carbon dioxide and other emissions from electricity, gas, oil, car, bus, train, plane, food and miscellaneous spending
carbon, footprint, warming, greenhouse, global, dioxide, climate, change, calculator
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carbon offsets and carbon offset membership - bluedot register
offset your carbon footprint and earn savings with our discount membership. use our free carbon footprint calculator and learn sustainability tips
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fight climate change and alleviate poverty with cotap carbon offsets.
carbon offsets to alleviate poverty (cotap) connects your carbon footprint with certified forestry projects that create life-changing wages for the poorest.
carbon, giving, poverty, footprint, philanthropy, cotap, corporate, emissions, calculator, offsets, employee, donors, donating, charity, gifts, gift, give, microfinance, donation, international
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eco-friendly lifestyle tweaks to reduce your carbon footprint
green blizzard has many co2 reducing suggestions to shrink your carbon footprint through your daily choices: diet, transportation, activities, consumptions, ...
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the book on better roads
what if there were a better way to manage, preserve and rehabilitate our roads on this planet and we could do it for less money and less carbon footprint? what if there was a resource guide that could save local agencies millions, billions, perhaps even trillions of dollars over the next decade?
roads, pavement, management, better, barnhardt, book, blair
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emirates energy star reduces the carbon footprint of uae
optimizing energy use is beneficial for everyone. reducing energy consumption reduces fuel bills, reduces greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions and reduces reliance on fossil fuels.
building, green, carbon, energy, council, save, rating, dubai, dhabi, system, reduce, leed, star, emirates, footprint, buildings, sustainable, emission
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cowichan energy alternatives | green energy solutions for everyone
carbon, reduce, gobinet, reduction, software, footprint, accounting, management, reducing
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recycling services, sustainable solutions, reduce your carbon footprint | green planet 21
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carbon solutions |
home site of the csg ltd, founded for carbon emission trading. carbon calculator available for measuring carbon footprint.
bblue, credit, solutions, carbon
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about the carbon trust
expert advice, footprinting and technology services to help business, governments and organisations worldwide cut carbon emissions & costs
carbon, trust, business, sustainable, economy, responsibility, resource, efficiency, social, emissions, green, reduction, sustainability, footprint, footprinting, corporate
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climate safe - toward climate stability
carbon, neutral, climate, products, certification, footprint, solutions, standard, international, carbonsolutions, offset, friendly, safe, climatesafe, services, system
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think green when you travel | five-leaf system
our aim is to help holidaymakers and people travelling on business to find hotels that value eco-performance. with this in mind, a five-leaf system was created to classify the eco-performance of hotels.
environmental, carbon, emissions, performance, personal, certification, pelham, products, hygiene, business, electric, cars, natural, emas, hotel, sustainable, commitments, commitment
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power knot: helping you reduce your carbon footprint
power knot provides environmentally sound products that help reduce costs while reducing your carbon footprint. we provide the liquid food processor, an aerobic digester, that reduces waste food and the synthetic refrigerant additive that increased air conditioning and cooler efficiency while reducing power costs.
food, digester, waste, liquid, best, footprint, carbon, refrigerant, composter, synthetic, additive, reduce, enthalpy, uses, aerobic, seer, chart, friendly, psychometric, composting
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carbon footprint voor bedrijven
voetafdruk, prestatieladder, ecologische, footprint, carbon
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young voices for the planet | youth solutions to the global warming crisis
young voices is a series of short films featuring children and young people using science and data to reduce the carbon footprint of their homes schools communities states and planet.
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nativeenergy | your climate solutions expert
nativeenergy is an expert provider of carbon offsets, renewable energy credits, and carbon accounting software. we help businesses and individuals identify and reduce their greenhouse gas pollution and attain their sustainability goals.
carbon, calculator, footprint, products, project, offsets, native, energy, nativeenergy, credits
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nativeenergy | your climate solutions expert
nativeenergy is an expert provider of carbon offsets, renewable energy credits, and carbon accounting software. we help businesses and individuals identify and reduce their greenhouse gas pollution and attain their sustainability goals.
carbon, calculator, footprint, products, project, offsets, native, energy, nativeenergy, credits
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carbon offsets fight global warming - livclean reduces your carbon footprint and helps you go carbon neutral
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envirotec magazine
envirotec - the latest developments, products, technical changes and legislation in the environmental technology and services industry.
sludge, spills, management, renewables, environment, footprint, carbon, waste, valves, remediation, technology, environmental, pipelines, pumps, quality, envirotec
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blackbox gps - fleet tracking, routing & management tools
blackbox gps provides efficient fleet tracking, routing and management that increases driver safety, reduces fuel, maintenance and labor costs and reduces your carbon footprint. don’t wait, call us today.
fleet, driver, carbon, footprint, tracking, reduce, behaviour, sustainability, management, manager, hours, service
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community carbon marketplace
the community carbon marketplace (ccm) is an online exchange to buy and sell community carbon credits generated from a wide range of greenhouse gas (ghg) emission reduction projects, such as switching from fossil fuels to bio-fuels or electric vehicles, diverting organics from landfill, building retrofits, etc.
carbon, calculator, footprint, marketplace, community, credits
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39 - think green with eco friendly news and tips - earth, water, air, life. | home provides you with a fun online social atmosphere that encourages the exchange and discussion of green ideas. a marathon environmental and ecological conversation for normal people. join us! a greeniac nation is a happy nation!
green, living, lifestyle, carbon, nation, sustainable, simple, fuels, environmental, energy, nature, renewable, simplicity, alternative, products, greenie, greeny, greeniac, greeniacgreeniacs, ecology
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efficientcarbon - sustainability, carbon management and renewable energy advisory
efficientcarbon is a hyderabad, india based specialist consulting firm providing advisory and consulting services in the areas of sustainability, carbon management & renewable energy
energy, carbon, green, testing, renewable, management, hyderabad, environmental, advisory, light, efficiency, 14001, environment, pollution, lights, waste, clean, assessment, efficient, water
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blue planet foundation | generating positive energy for hawaii -- reducing fossil fuel use in hawaii
ending the use of carbon-based fuels on earth by making hawaii a global leader for energy independence within a decade.
energy, blue, planet, tools, laws, legislative, save, volunteer, honolulu, green, government, clean, fuel, oahu, hawaii, foundation, maui, lanai, molokai, nonprofit
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premier facility management
food, digester, waste, carbon, best, liquid, footprint, refrigerant, balers, reduce, synthetic, additive, composter, shredder, baler, allegheny, auger, horizontal, turbo, speciality
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first steps environmental - leaving behind a green footprint
first steps environmental is an environmental consultancy who implements a safe and common sense approach to the relationship between construction and the environment. it is our philosophy to deliver effective solutions that satisfy our client’s needs in a timely and efficient manner.
environmental, environment, consultancy, consulting
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south pole group
south pole group is the world's leading premium emission reduction project developer, named best project developer in environmental finance's voluntary carbon markets survey 2011 2012 2013 2014. profit from our wealth of experience!
carbon, hydro, cooking, energy, heat, waste, stoves, small, video, micro, reforestation, redd, geothermal, landfill, fact, sheet, biomass, standard, footprint, credits
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south pole group
south pole group is the world's leading premium emission reduction project developer, named best project developer in environmental finance's voluntary carbon markets survey 2011 2012 2013 2014. profit from our wealth of experience!
carbon, hydro, cooking, energy, heat, waste, stoves, small, video, micro, reforestation, redd, geothermal, landfill, fact, sheet, biomass, standard, footprint, credits
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people and planet environment, sustainability and peace in canada & beyond
gateway to environment, conservation and sustainability in canada and beyond. eco-jobs, contracts, internships, volunteer opportunities, events, courses, links, resources, e-mail newsletter and lists. also: sustainable/organic food, gardening and agriculture.
environmental, green, people, canadian, planetfriendly, business, planet, natural, grassroots, action, activism, gardening, jobs, right, livelihood, employment, organic, food, ecoportal, agriculture
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a handbook for low impact living's mission is to reduce our impact on the environment through education, communication and online tools such as our own community carbon calculator, local food resources, town conservation programs, ask henry and the latest news and events.
concord, carbon, energy, reduction, calculator, environmental, news, conserve, sustainability, footprint, rebates, conservation, agriculture, food, saving, tips, local, keyspan
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good enough meal | my meal
our meals comes with healthy combinations of greens, and beans. all these goodness starts from only rm6.90. help reduce your carbon footprint and save precious
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welcome to - co2balance
carbon offsetting is an effective tool as part of an overall carbon reduction strategy for your organisation. co2balance are uniquley placed to provide a full carbon footprint analysis of your business, product or service to the provision of verified carbon credits from our own projects and others across the world.
carbon, environment, gold, businesses, africa, communities, standard, management, project, stakeholder, ngos, climate, greenhouse, offsetting, co2balance, offset, assessment, ethical, mitigate, impact
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rete clima | carbon footprint, riduzione co2, compensazione co2 e carbon offset, forestazione urbana compensativa, sostenibilità, attuazione del protocollo di kyoto sul territorio locale contro i cambiamenti climatici ed il riscaldamento climatico
carbon footprint, carbon sink, impronta di carbonio, riduzione co2, compensazione co2 e carbon offset, forestazione urbana compensativa, sostenibilità,
carbon, attuazione, protocollo, compensativa, kyoto, climatico, riscaldamento, climatici, cambiamenti, urbana, offset, sink, footprint, reteclima, clima, impronta, carbonio, rete, compensazione, riduzione
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quintronix | vacuum is our business
quintronix is a full service suplier for vacuum related industries and universities nation wide. we supply refurbished vacuum equipment to reduce the carbon footprint on our planet. this saves you money, time, and helps keep frames, chambers and like components out of the land fill. by using refurbished vacuum systems it also reduces energy needed to make new vacuum systems. quintronix ability to work with clients budgetary requirements has earned us a reputation for superior client service and cost effective equipment results.
vacuum, pumps, equipment, reduce, carbon, footprint, systems, refurbished, diffusion, chambers, semiconductor, mechanical
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environmental professionals network |
you can make money while making the planet better. green investment markets are becoming more profitable today than ever before.
green, work, sustainability, going, ideas, environmental, issues, office, global, workplace, bring, into, sustainablility, investment, investing, businesses, jobs, environment, sustainable, homes
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hvac contractor randolph, ma
green energy mechanical specializes in hvac solutions that help reduce your carbon footprint and save money every month on utility bills.
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carbon washington | yes on initiative 732
initiative 732 makes taxes fairer. it taxes carbon to fight climate change, boost clean energy & save the environment for future generations. support i-732.
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carbon washington | yes on initiative 732
initiative 732 makes taxes fairer. it taxes carbon to fight climate change, boost clean energy & save the environment for future generations. support i-732.
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good green moving | moving you to a better future
we are residential and commercial movers focused on minimizing our carbon footprint, the consumption of natural resources, and giving back to our community.
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g home | affordable, sustainable green home & eco friendly lifestyle
smart green design for the earth & planet using architecture, building, construction, products, materials & technology for zero carbon & climate change living.
housing, houses, hybrid, innovation, lifestyle, life, future, environmental, ecological, design, economical, efficient, energy, electric, clean
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envirocitizen | natural, organic, green & eco-friendly products & environmental info
products, services and information for those interested in a natural, organic, green, eco-friendly, environmental, lifestyle as well as with interests in solar or wind energy, sustainable, renewable and alternative energy. information about recycling, reclaimed materials, reducing carbon footprint, carbon offsets, non-toxic personal care, toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning, green energy, green jobs, energy efficient products and appliances and led or cfl lighting.
green, products, efficient, energy, sustainable, vegan, solar, organic, environmental, global, natural, warming, renewable
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sustainable housing: atlantic canada's energy efficiency experts
sustainable housing, your home energy experts! let us show you how you can retrofit your existing home, or upgrade your new home building plans to reduce energy consumption and ensure a healthy & comfortable living environment. we will show you how to lower your operating costs, improve the air quality in your home, reduce your carbon footprint, and qualify for government rebate programs.
energy, home, costs, renvovation, residential, healthy, performanceplus, commercial, house, heat, homes, program, retrofit, ecoenergy, loss, save, plus, environmental, rating, savings
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conserve earth foundation
the conserve earth foundation helps nature to recover from the decline. our planet is in great danger. our main goals is to save earth and educate people.
save, forest, earth, awareness, environmental, global, environment, warming, wild, green, agriculture, life, protection, rehabilitation, labor, child, natural, conservation, conserve, rights
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environmentally friendly & recycled gifts | eco gifts
environmentally friendly products & recycled eco gifts & presents available online at protect the planet today, leading online retailer of upcycled gifts.
products, gifts, lifestyle, carbon, recycled, presents, trade, fair, environmental, living, sustainable, planet, ideas, environmentally, friendly, protect, green, gift
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clientearth - environmental law, environmental justice, air, oceans, energy, climate, forests, toxics, health
clientearth means justice for the planet. we are an organisation of activist environmental lawyers committed to securing a healthy planet. we work in europe and beyond, bringing together law, science and policy to create pragmatic solutions to key environ
clientearth, earth, client, planet, justice
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reduce carbon footprint with carbon offsets
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clear - clear | carbon experts since 2005 with qas-approved carbon offsets
clear is one of only three carbon offset providers in the world to have carbon offsets approved by the quality assurance standard for carbon offsetting (qas) for consumers and businesses. our qas-approved carbon audit tool for business is free.
carbon, neutral, trading, emission, quality, offset, calculator, offsetting, climate, standard, travel, business, emissions, greenhouse, warming, global, gold, green, kyoto, reductions
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carbon emissions training, consultancy, co2 footprint, crc, ghg,uk - carbon emissions;crc;clean developement mechanism training courses
carbon, footprinting, house, iso14064, training, emissions, consultancy, green
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carbon trade exchange | accessing the worlds environmental markets
carbon trade exchange (ctx) operates spot exchanges in multiple global environmental commodity markets, including carbon, renewable energy certificates (recs)
trading, renewable, markets, energy, commodity, environmental, recs, carbon, trade, exchange, water
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mega-carbon company
mega carbon develops bonded carbon for environmental control
emissions, evaporative, patented, technology, filtration, contaminants, carbon, bonded, purification, activated
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tiny house, tiny footprint
kathleen + greg + blaize are living in a 140 sq. ft. camper trailer, hoping to inspire others to get small + reduce their environmental footprint.
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environmental financial group inc
environmental financial group, inc. is working to build a financially sustainable, low-carbon world. we offer clean water and green energy financial advisory services to a global clientele.
cleantech, financial, services, climate, advisory, carbon, harder, scott, strategies, advice, green, sustainable, planning, environmental, energy, clean, investment, projects, water
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the ue foundation - in pursuit of a better, cleaner, healthier future for the betterment of humanity and the planet we share.
normalizing, bloodpressure, natural, reducing, hypertension, lowering, life, healthy, high, search, knowledge, portal, happy, devices, educational, servic, library, regulating, raising, longer
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tiny footprint coffee: carbon negative coffee / artisan coffee
tiny footprint coffee combines small-batch artisan coffee with reforestation efforts in ecuador, making it the only carbon negative coffee.
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lca, lyfe cycle assessment, sustainable agriculture, carbon footprint, green thinking, energie rinnovabili, water footprint, crediti di carbonio
footprint, rinnovabili, energie, water, crediti, carbonio, thinking, green, assessment, cycle, sustainable, agriculture, carbon, lyfe
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carbon, capture, utilization, recycling, remediation, mitigation, environmental
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extinction of life on this planet now possible - planet extinction
global warming threatens planet extinction by triggering irreversable tipping points. we can act now to stop fossil fuel use, end logging and prepare for the inevitable sea rise. we may have less than ten years. greenland glaciers, carbon, methane, amazon, clathrates, drought, permafrost, gulf stream, refugees and war are all problems that need to be addressed.
greenland, glaciers, climate, clathrates, logging, perafrost, environmental, point, tipping, amazon, deforestation, damage, wars, crisis, coalition, drought, rise, gulf, stream, sink
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integrated environmental solutions
from concept to operation to entire eco-cities we can tell you how your buildings will perform and how you can save energy and money. want to know how?
energy, analysis, performance, training, research, environment, virtual, consultancy, carbon, solutions, environmental, software, modeling, building, sustainable, integrated
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aurum science environmental science resources for teachers
free environmental science resources for science teachers grades 7-12+.
planet, earth, worksheet, science, forests, worksheets, shallow, worlds, deep, ocean, seas, rainforests, jungles, freshwater, seasonal, deciduous, plains, free, environmental, teaching
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productie en engineering van carbon fiber producten carbon fiber | material of the future, today applied!
refitech ontwikkelt en produceert carbon fiber componenten for high performances op basis van serieproductie. composieten zijn carbon- en glasvezel versterkte kunststoffen.
engineering, fiber, carbon
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small footprint family | sustainability starts at home
empowering and inspiring you to reduce your household resource footprint so you save money, consume less, produce more, and live a more sustainable life.
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scrap plastic - north american plastic recycling network - carbon neutral carbon footprint
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ecotransit world - a sustainable move
ecotransit world - a sustainable move. energy and emission calculation of any transport chain free of charge.
ecotransit, carbon, emissions, consumptions, energy, pm10, nmhc, transport, world, environmental, dioxid, chains, primary
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sustainability, carbon footprint, greenhouse gas reporting, carbon disclosure, gri reporting, corporate social responsibility, engineering, tulsa, woman owned, consulting
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the carbonzero programme. an internationally accredited greenhouse gas (ghg) certification programme.
carbonzero - an internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification programme. provides tools and resources to help you measure, manage, mitigate and market your ghg emissions with credibility and integrity.
carbon, carbonzero, emissions, calculators, greenhouse, emission, environment, footprint, organisations, food, miles, homes, travel, products, events, neutral, ebex, trees, ebex21, cemars
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vegfestuk - website for all vegan festivals in the uk
find all the uk vegan festivals happening in the uk right here!
vegan, lifestyle, ethical, natural, show, reduce, footprint, carbon, your, living, fairtrade, vegetarian, veggie, fayre, green, environmental, organic, healthy
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snugasabug insulations - cavity wall insulations, attic insulations, energy saving, insulation services
snugasabug insulations - save money, save heat, save the environment
bills, energy, savings, save, attic, bead, loose, rolled, insulate, cold, carbon, environmental, snug, cosy, insulation, cavity, heat, wall, pump, warm
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growthbusters | hooked on growth
i am not alone. that’s the message i got from the results of our recent green living survey. i didn’t expect to have so much company on a number of fronts.
population, footprint, growth, overshoot, unfpa, nations, world, united, silent, taboo, mead, lake, water, economic, overconsumption, sustainability, overpopulation, size, carbon, ecological
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proact services corporation specializes in environmental treatment equipment and services for soil, water, and air
treatment, carbon, degassing, change, remediation, equipment, environmental, servicing, media, dewatering, canisters, scrubber, tank, water, industrial, proact, groundwater, vapor, construction
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green planet engineering consultancies & solutions - gpecs
gpecs - green planet engineering consultancies & solutions - gpecs is a uk-based full-service engineering and environmental consulting firm. our staff of engineers, project consultants, and environmental scientists possesses a keen understanding of the environmental issues, regulations, and challenges of the middle east. they deliver what works best and what is most applicable in that part of the world.
consultancies, solutions, engineering, planet, green, gpecs
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home | nature's vision fundraising
looking for green fundraising ideas? natures vision fundraising specializes in providing environmental fundraising ideas, as well as nature fundraising products such as t-shirts, sport bottles, jewelry and more. our green fundraiser ideas can help you promote environmental awareness, as well as raise money for your cause.
fundraising, ideas, green, nature, schools, fundraisers, events, fundraiser, kids, environmental, school
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home - friends of the seminole county environmental studies center
friends of the seminole county environmental studies center purpose is to save the environmental studies centers programs which are the 1st grade nature walk and the 5th grade mudwalk and dry day.
environmental, seminole, county, walk, center, grade, studies, program, mudwalk, study, save, florida, fifth, education, friends, lake, schools, museum, board, natural
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green eatz | healthy eating for a green planet!
the impact that food and nutrition have on our health, the environment and animals.
climate, warming, change, environment, welfare, animal, global, nutrition, healthy, sustainability, diet, carbon, footprint, food
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digital image systems | copy solutions for less
same day copier repair & copier leasing. save up to 60% on copiers and lower your carbon footprint.
copier, leasing, repair
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west roxbury saves energy
a community-based organization to help residents of west roxbury, ma, a neighborhood of boston, save money as well as the environment.
energy, organization, west, roxbury, massachusetts, boston, community, reduce, save, savings, carbon, footprint, green
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cmt compositi
cmt produces structural parts, cars accessories, motorcycles accessories and design products, through the study of the model, the construction of the mold and the lamination of the carbon fiber product.
carbon, parts, composite, spare, design, special, materials, motorbike, fibre, kawasaki, carbonio, compositi, honda, suzuki, yamaha, motorcycle
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exit carbon | sailing worry free | carbon boat gangways, carbon sailboat steering wheels, carbon bathing ladders, carbon extension tillers, carbon vectran trapezes, marine equipment, carbon flag poles
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environmental consulting firm, environmental services, inc.
environmental services, inc.(esi) is a leading full service environmental consulting firm with national and international expertise, providing superior solutions for environmental, natural, cultural and sustainable resource needs
environmental, services, permitting, sites, commercial, site, assessment, carbon, sustainable, remediation, residential, technical, consulting, consultants, national, solutions, superior, international, expertise
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spinning planet | herald of the future
the spinning planet blog is about future and tomorrow. we talk about the new and futuristic features of anything and everything!
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activated carbon equipment, media, services-air & water purification
tigg activated carbon media & equipment for adsorption & filtration systems to purify air and water.
carbon, activated, water, purification, treatment, removal, vapor, soil, adsorber, odor, extraction, tigg, separators, waste, equipment, vessels, municipal, remediation, drums, industrial
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fairtrade certification, footprint assessment & other services
flocert offers fairtrade certification & verification, code of conduct development, gap analysis, training, climate services (water/carbon footprint assessment)
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save the environment blog
find out the best ways, reasons and tips to save our earth and environment to make a better world to live in future.
save, water, electricity, world, universe, environment, earth
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dial-a-cab - driving down your carbon footprint
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chain, supply, energy, green, environmental, sustainability, electric, utility, cable, wire, sustainable, emissions, life, carbon, distribution, power, flat, length, transformer, strap
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we plant trees for a better world. help us children to save our future. - plant-for-the-planet
overview & stats
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kiri park paulownia plantation
kiri park paulownia plantation - managed by environmental carbon offset
paulownia, investments, timber, investment, australia, carbon, environmental, savings, with, deductibility, prospectus, ethical, woodlot, park, kiri, product, rulings, approved, furniture, forests
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welcome to planet x ireland | planet x ireland | performance carbon and titanium bikes
exclusive supplier of planet x carbon and titanium performance bikes and components in ireland.
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enova textile
enova produces the finest apparel and home products from regenerated fibers at competitive prices. we are creating a paradigm shift in the apparel and home goods businesses by creating products that lessen our carbon footprint on our planet.
regenerate, textiles, recycling, enova, ecoconscious, ecofriendly, cotton
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carbon credit investments, llc - a eco-real estate brokerage
carbon credit investments, llc is pioneering wave energy off the coast of daytona beach, florida. these renewable resources are integrated into eco-engineered community centers resulting in carbon-zero footprint.
real, estate, energy, community, development, renewable, offset, daytona, carbon, investments
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107 | carbon footprint reduction strategy
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arkain enterprises - home
our mission is to promote humanitarian and environmental responsibility world wide.
environmental, help, news, information, footprint, experience, principles, economic, stability, green, standards, humanitarian
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solar panels, heat pumps and insulation - experts since 1977 | solarwall
solarwall can help you save money, energy and c02. lower your bills and carbon footprint with solar panels, a heat pump, or insulation.
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carbon-express carbon shop
carbon shop für carbon material und carbon bauteile, rohre, stäbe, platten und folie, aus cfk, gfk und kohlefaser. individuell für ihre anforderungen an carbon.
carbon, glasfaser, fiber, bauteile, kohlefaser
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carbon dioxide, global warming and you - carbonify
global warming related climate change through increasing carbon dioxide levels is one of the greatest threats to our planet. learn more about the issue and some of things you can do to reduce carbon emissions
carbon, global, warming, change, climate, dioxide, emissions
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environmental data management software | locus technologies
environmental data management - locus technologies is a global leader in on-demand environmental information management. locus provides businesses with the power to be green on demand and has pioneered web-based environmental software suites. locus' software enables companies to organize and validate all key environmental information in a single system, which includes analytical data for water, air, soil, greenhouse gases, sustainability, energy, compliance, and environmental content. locus software is delivered through cloud computing (saas), so there is no hardware to procure, no large up-front license fee, and no complex set-ups. locus also offers services to help implement and maintain environmental programs using our unique technologies. locus' software helps organizations reduce their energy consumption and improve operating profits by better management of emission to water, air, and soil and sustainability performance.
environmental, management, software, data, energy, system, information, compliance, engineering, reporting, carbon, trading, emissions, content, sustainability, company, consultants, impact, systems, safety
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the offset project | offsetting environmental impact through community action.
the offset project (top) works with individuals, municipalities, businesses and events on sound waste policies and environmental stewardship.
carbon, offset, sustainable, fund, events, monterey, project, mbcf, waste, zero, green, sustainability, greening
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the infrared heater store reducing carbon footprint
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carbon footprint home improvement | just another wordpress site
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fix the world project
fix the world is a small group of volunteers who are working to provide services that help implement humanitarian planet-changing projects. we hold plans to an array of projects that include clean energy technology, alternative healing, environmental cleanup, alternative education, and sustainable communities. our work is focused spreading awareness of real solutions to our planet’s problems, and exposing corruption and the suppression of ideas.
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fix the world project
fix the world is a small group of volunteers who are working to provide services that help implement humanitarian planet-changing projects. we hold plans to an array of projects that include clean energy technology, alternative healing, environmental cleanup, alternative education, and sustainable communities. our work is focused spreading awareness of real solutions to our planet’s problems, and exposing corruption and the suppression of ideas.
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planet footprint | smarter energy use
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bicycle wheels,carbon wheelsets,29er carbon frames,carbon road bicycle wheels,carbon rims, mtb bike frame - asian cycle express focus on carbon light bicycle
ace is the asiancyclexpress official online shop who sells high quality bicycle wheels, carbon bike wheels, carbon bike rims, carbon bike frames, carbon bike handlebars, carbon stems, carbon seatpost and the other carbon bike components.
carbon, wheels, mountain, bike, forks, road, rims, frames, bicycle, wheelset
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bicycle wheels,carbon wheelsets,29er carbon frames,carbon road bicycle wheels,carbon rims, mtb bike frame - asian cycle express focus on carbon light bicycle
ace is the asiancyclexpress official online shop who sells high quality bicycle wheels, carbon bike wheels, carbon bike rims, carbon bike frames, carbon bike handlebars, carbon stems, carbon seatpost and the other carbon bike components.
carbon, wheels, mountain, bike, forks, road, rims, frames, bicycle, wheelset
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activated carbon, carbon filter, activated carbon filter, activated carbon replacement
large inventory of nsf certified carbon, impregnated carbon, carbon filters, specialized in bulk changeout service and regeneration.
carbon, activated, water, treatment, respirators, control, filter, media, powdered, granular, odor, impregnation, impregnated, solvent, recovery, filtration, systems
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institute for environmental nanotechnology - environmental nanotechnology articles | journal of environmental nanotechnology
institute for environmental nanotechnology is handling journal of environmental technology for research article on nanotechnology. journal of environmental nanotechnology is an online research article journal
nanotechnology, environmental, research, journal, article, institute, international, proceedings, india, conference, submitting, issue, nanotubes, paper, carbon, publisher, provider, special, number, institue
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glj champlain : home page
public, press, hearth, compost, home, resources, community, planet, stephen, livelihood, living, lifestyle, organic, morris, landscape, commons, renewable, environmental, garden, harmony
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zero carbon garden - saving the planet one plant at a time zero carbon garden
csa, flowers, iris, perennials, vegetables, organic
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go green guidance | let us help you find the savings in saving the planet
arizona, phone, cell, recycling, building, energy, conservation, donation, donating, friendly, consulting, footprint, carbon, recycle, battery, consumption, consumerism, crafts
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crunchy chicken
a blog about environmentalism, toxins, health, carbon footprint, urban homesteading, gardening and organics
living, green, sustainable, making, urban, chapter, summaries, seattle, farming, chicken, crunchy, city, soap, simple, save, money, blog, dilemma, environmental, animal
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environmental law in georgia | greenlaw
environmental law services ensure that georgia citizens have clean air, clean water and environmental justice.
georgia, clean, environmental, pollution, water, environment, plants, coal, dioxide, toxic, landfills, savannah, macon, atlanta, carbon, legal, justice, interest, public, center
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low carbon communities network
the low carbon communities network was formed in april 2008 to link, network and support the rapidly growing movement of climate change groups that are forming
activism, greenhouse, communities, local, media, social, ozone, emissions, energy, community, renewable, environment, planet, green, carbon
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mathrubhumi - seed - students empowerment for environmental development
mathrubhumi's unique initiative, seed( student empowerment for environmental development) for students of government/private (including cbse & icse) schools. it is aimed at creating awareness and sustainable action for environmental protection within the student community through simple but effective measures.
seed, save, mathrubhumi, green, world, mathrubhumionline, environment, earth, love, plastic, students, tree
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sustainable distribution by sailing dog dry goods
low impact, petroleum free, sustainable distribution of local goods in the puget sound and western washington state.
environmental, carbon, footprint, washington, shipping, biofuel, impact, distribution, sail, freight, sailing, sustainable
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ballantine environmental resources, science, education & communication : connecting nature and human nature
we specialize in environmental science, education & communication. our goal is to teach and inspire persons of all ages; restore and protect lands and waters by sustainable methods; and support the well-being of our planet, our community and our families
environmental, water, conservation, interpretive, services, solutions, infrastructure, resources, science, planning, green
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ses, inc. — providing sustainable solutions to ever-changing challenges
ses, inc. was founded in 1998 with expertise in natural resources management, environmental consulting, agriculture and program development/verification. ses has expanded its expertise into the areas of carbon offset verification trading/sequestration, database development and management, rangeland management and homeland security. ses is now providing emergency response planning for all sectors of industry, including livestock disease, plant health and food defense.
carbon, continuity, kansas, emergency, offset, environmental, response, biosecurity, agroterrorism, soil, development, government, operations, methane, exercise, planning, compliance, verification, sustainability, verified
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environmental consulting & remediation management | pioneer environmental
ioneer environmental group, llc provides environmental consulting, investigation, and remediation management services for the future of its client’s properties and business interests.
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keystone energy solar services - committed to reducing the carbon footprint of pennsylvania
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air pollution particles in the air which have a negative affect on human health and the environment. air pollution comes from toxic gases released during the manufacturing process, during transportation and from off-gassing. eco buzzwords - b biodegradable a product which is made of natural, raw materials that will decompose or rot into the earth without having a negative affect on the environment. eco buzzwords - c carbon capture a process to trap and hold carbon dioxide as it is being produced before it reaches the atmosphere, as a method to reduce damaging emissions. carbon dioxide (co2) a colourless chemical compound gas released into the atmosphere as a by product of burning carbon and when vegetable and animal matter composes. co2 is one of the many greenhouse gases. carbon footprint a measured amount of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide which are released into the atmosphere by manufacture, transport, products, materials, activities etc. footprints are described in
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esolve energy limited | based in redhill, surrey
with the carbon reduction commitment energy efficiency scheme legislation now in effect, it is crucial for organisations to accurately monitor their carbon footprint, and then highlight the areas they can make the most efficient carbon savings
energy, esolve, limited, surrey, redhill
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planet thrift
reuse, repurpose, restyle
thrift, save, saving, profit, money, green, planet, world, donation, charity, inexpensive, cost, deals, cheap, deduction, classy, awesome, lanet, little, canada
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carbon offsets - carbon reduction | the carbonneutral company | the carbonneutral company
the carbonneutral company is a world-leading provider of solutions to businesses reducing their environmental impacts.
offset, offsetting, offsets, carbon
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masers energy inc. | smart grid city, national smart grid
1malaysia carbon free nation - melaka carbon free nation - smart grid city melaka
energy, carbon, grid, smart, hydro, wind, solar, economic, zone, special, velchip, micro, phone, zero, project, technology, innovation, free, malaysia, city
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isivuvu technical solutions (pty) ltdis an engineering, environmental consulting and management services company that provides support to many of the engineering, procurement, construction and managerial services. we adopt a holistic approach to various engineering and environmental management in order to contribute to responsible development and also providing sustainable engineering solutions. we look for opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint of operations, while promoting the needs and objectives of our clients.
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relumination > energy-efficient lighting solutions
relumination, llc is an energy-efficient lighting solutions company that helps customers reduce energy costs, save electricity, minimize facilities management expenses and decrease their environmental footprint.
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maine energy systems - wood pellet furnaces and boilers - reduce your carbon footprint
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indigenous environmental network
the indigenous environmental network is an alliance of grassroots indigenous peoples whose mission is to protect the sacredness of mother earth from
native, food, climate, carbon, fracking, mining, uranium, offsets, trading, redd, justice, security, news, american, sands, keystone, sovereignty, pipeline, energy
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environmental foam of vermont - insulation contractor | essex, vt
protect against the winter with eco-friendly insulation from environmental foam of vermont. save money, save heat, and get a cozier building. call 802-899-9901.
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environmental, health and safety news | volunteer ehs news network dedicated to protecting people & our planet
environmental, health and safety news is a 100% volunteer ehs news network dedicated to protecting people & our planet. read ehs today. subscribe get your ehs news right in your inbox.
consumer, obesity, news, government, geothermal, global, glrppr, greatlakes, hazardous, heat, haase, grid, green, future, funding, facts, federal, facebook, ethanol, feed
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carbon neutral commons - home
carbon neutral commons is an organization dedicated to the development of biomass-gasification technologies for energy, soil, and carbon sequestration, promoting the ideas of ted redelmeier
carbon, biomass, energy, soil, remediation, biochar, alexis, neutral, commons, sequestration, gasification, belonio
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carbon footprint - a custom furniture design company that crafts artisan products from durable materials
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carbon wheels,carbon rims,carbon track frames,carbon cyclocross forks,carbon fatbike parts,mountain bicycle components,racing and road bike accessories-boostbicycle
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home energy audit & weatherization analysis from rovegno's of carlisle
contact rovegno's of carlisle, who has been specializing in home energy audits and weatherization analysis for 37 years, to save energy costs in your home.
energy, home, insulation, pennsylvania, audit, save, costs, camp, hill, harrisburg, central, carlisle, shippensburg, cellulose, foam, chambersburg, newville, lemoyne, mechanicsburg, analysis
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zonewicz faserverbundtechnik
zonewicz faserverbundtechnik - entwicklung, design sowie prototypen-, einzel-, und serienfertigung in gfk, cfk und afk. entwicklung von musikinstrumenten aus carbon.
ecello, entwicklung, auslegung, violin, electric, eviolin, evioline, musikinstrument, oldtimer, carbon, vakuum, handlaminieren, carbonfaser, kohlefaser, kevlar, infilrieren, laminieren, rennauto, mini, motorsport
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carbon mountainbike en carbon racefiets onderdelen
vind hier carbon fietsonderdelen, carbon wielen of carbon velgen voor uw mountainbike of racefiets. dt swiss, edco, oibio, ax-lightness, engage, rotor en crankbrother carbon fietsonderdelen zijn verkrijgbaar bij
carbon, wielen, fietsonderdelen, mountainbike, racefiets
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ange solar | renewable energy
we specialise in all types of renewable energy. the company was created to bring a solution to our dependence on fossil fuels and to save our planet for future
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green energy times
green energy times is designed, utilizing 100% solar, off-grid with a 3.8 kw pv system. we are a people’s paper, published by a passionate band of vermonters whose mission is to create radical energy awareness, understanding and independence. we reach out to businesses, communities and individuals, as we move into an energy independent future. carbon emissions continue to rise, which makes this information even more important than ever for us all to be able to make the changes now, and must be taken seriously and addressed sooner, not later. our mission is to get people motivated to move forward and be able to make educated measures to seriously reduce their carbon footprint and become energy independent now!
green, energy, weatherization, incentives, installers, times, home, biomass, wind, newspaper, advertising, solar, building
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cotton paperie | letterpress wedding invitations, eco-friendly save the dates, letterpress invitations, couture letterpress thank you cards
cotton paperie offers environment friendly letterpress wedding invitations, elegant wedding stationery and business stationery
letterpress, invitations, wedding, paper, cards, environmental, baby, wind, elegant, sophisticated, neutral, foil, stamping, engraving, recycled, carbon, handmade, powered, printing, calligraphy
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women’s green guide to living environmentally friendly safe healthy & responsible
eco news / information, earth- friendly, non-toxic products / services / non-toxic resources for the home – appliances, cleaning, energy & water conservation, recycling, building, decorating, and remodeling.
green, earth, woman, women, environment, energy, clean, save, nature, world, healthy, safe, future, maceachern, diane, ecoexpo, beat, planet, week, prices
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environmental jobs, careers | ihireenvironmental
find 7, 103 environmental jobs listed in your area on ihireenvironmental. browse current listings, register and apply online today.
environmental, site, resumes, resume, search, employment, jobs, ihireenvironmental, ihire
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carbon rims - carbon wheels - carbon frames kayotebike
our primary products:carbon rims, carbon wheels, carbon frames, road bike carbon rim , mtb carbon rim, 3 spokes carbon rim, 20" carbon rim, road bike carbon wheels, mtb carbon wheels , carbon frame etc.with the en standards
carbon, wheels, road, bike
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agilyx is the first company in the world to effectively convert previously non-recyclable and low value waste plastics into crude oil through a patented system that is environmentally beneficial. our technology is making a significant impact in the reduction of the disposal of non-recyclable waste plastics, while creating a new source of domestic energy. our proven technology provides an environmental and cost effective alternative while producing high value low carbon intensity petroleum products. read about agilyx’s new generation 6 technology, which features continuous automated feed, internal self-cleaning ability and sits on a substantially smaller footprint, all while continuing to reduce waste streams and producing a cleaner, more consistent high value crude oil.
waste, energy, plastics, environmental, landfill, solutions, into, reduce, alternatives, conversion, agilyx, clean, streams, fuel, domestic, technology, crude, generation, rene, municipal
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save our earth : save the rainforests, save the world
we are dedicated to saving the rainforests of the earth. we only have a short time to achieve this...sign our petition, spread the word and save the future!
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a sustainable future - environmental friendly travel
we discuss how earth can have a sustainable future. environmental friendly tip & recommendations for everyone
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mastergeotech - erasmus mundus master in geospatial technologies mastergeotech
this recognized master program prepares you to exploit new technologies to support environmental and societal decision-making affecting the planet’s future.
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enplan | environmental and gis services
environmental and geospatial solutions for a sustainable future.
geographic, information, technology, systems, environment, geospatial, environmental
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panchabuta | news analysis and insights in renewable energy and cleantech industry in india
according to reports, we need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to keep our planet safe for future generations. india being one of the world’s largest
grid, wind, finance, smart, other, agriculture, biomass, cleanfuel, solar
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baby hand and footprint kits with alginate unusual gift ideas
your baby hand and footprint kits are put together right here in the ireland, baby hand and footprint kits with alginate unusual gift ideas
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pedal force super-light carbon bicycle
super-light carbon bicycles at great prices. we specialize in carbon bike frames, carbon forks and carbon seatposts.
carbon, fiber, bicycle, seatposts, monocoque, bikes, forks, bicycles, fork, bike, seatpost, custom, configured, mail, frame, titanium, frames, order
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what's new
the elmhurst cool cities coalition is a volunteer coalition of local institutions, organizations, business leaders and citizens working to achieve the goals of the sierra club cool cities campaign and the u.s. mayors' climate protection agreement
agreement, protection, environmental, global, warming, climate, cool, cities, carbon, footprint, elmhurst
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anti suit entrepreneur
many books share new ideas that get you excited about the future, yet leave you wondering what to do next to achieve that exciting future. the anti suit entrepreneur is more than a book, it's a path towards building a life that you can live on your terms.
entrepreneur, ideas, business
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dragonplate carbon fiber composite components - carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber sheets, nomex, square tubes & splices, carbon fiber panel, carbon fiber tube & rod
dragonplate is a source for information and purchasing of carbon fiber sheet, carbon square and round tubes, tube splices, i-beams, carbon fiber sheets (twill & plain), solid carbon fiber panel, and other carbon fiber composites. we can cnc machine your carbon fiber to your dimensions.
carbon, fiber, sheets, twill, tube, machined, strip, composite, laminate, square, tubes, panel, veneer
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organic america : micro salad
eco-friendly, energy-efficient agriculture that nurtures the environment and creates a minimal carbon footprint.
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170 |
in light of the recent paris climate deal, many conscientious consumers are working toward implementing small changes to decrease their carbon footprint.
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geocup: paper coffee cup, recycled paper cup, insulated coffee cup
geocup is a disposable paper coffee cup designed to be compostable, organic and earth-friendly.
cups, design, green, warming, carbon, products, holistic, plastic, cutting, organic, coffee, world, planet, footprint, decomposable, compostable, biodegradable, mindful, universal, styrofoam
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bola bicycle | carbon bike rim, carbon bike wheel
chinese professional carbon bike rim producer and carbon bike wheel builder, the main size is 700c, 650c, 26er, 27.5er, 29er and the tire can be tubular, clincher, and tubeless ready. all the carbon is from toray and the resin from taiwan. it' s taiwan technology but chinese factory direct price.
carbon, bike, wheel, racing, bola, compoments, bicycle
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cbk bike|carbon rims|carbon wheels|carbon mtb rims|carbon frames|sincere bike-xiamen sincere carbon composite technology co., ltd.
cbk bike a high-tech enterprises dedicates in developing, manufacturing and selling carbon fiber bike parts. focus on carbon rims , and building wheels for clinets.we also have produce and sell frames, forks, handlebars etc.
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county of hawai‘i department of environmental management
the official county of hawai‘i department of environmental management site. find information on recycling programs and facilities and ideas on how you can reduce your use of resources and save money.
hawaii, island, wastem, zero, county, landfills, program, waste, transfer, stations, recycling, solid
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production of high-quality, advanced carbon fiber elements.
carbon, fibre, mask, production, moulds, producent, laminates, prepreg, manufacturer, producer, elements, custom
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creative methods - scientific analyses of fundamental issues
'outside the box' perspective for fundamental issues, as in us air quality gradebook, which grades us counties a-f on 21 epa measures of air quality.
environmental, pollution, pollutant, impairment, fires, health, hazard, carbon, creative, nitrogen, burning, dioxide, asthma, acrolein, lung, emission, disease, lead, respiratory, chronic
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carbon neutral - carbon offsets, carbon credits, biodiversity
carbon neutral is a carbon solutions provider and australia’s major biodiverse reforestation offset developer.
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challenge:future :: global youth think tank
challenge:future is an open youth competition and global think tank accelerating ideas and talent for a future that works for all.
challenge, future, contest, team, voting, video, teams, solutions, quick, collaborative, sustainable, global, sustainability, work, innovation, business, ideation, mentors, ideas, schools
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179 - home
formothernature helps visitors find artists/artisans who donate a portion of their sales proceeds to environmental organizations. sales of their art help save wildlife and wild places. they do it for mother nature.
nature, store, artisan, craft, donate, artist, donation, hand, crafted, handmade, earth, mother, planet, wild, animal, wildlife, environment, places, conservation, save
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no impact man
a blog by colin beavan aka no impact man about living a green, sustainable, environmental life to help save the planet by reducing pollution, global warming, and climate change
green, impact, beavan, colin, sustainability, planet, saving, zero, global, environmentalism, warming, climate, living, change, environment
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planet livestock - çiftlikten çatala
2010 yılında et ve şarküteri sektöründe, türk damak tadını sofralara güvenle taşıyan bir marka doğdu: planet çiftlikten çatala güvenilir ürünler sunuyoruz
planet, angus, toptan, kurlumu, tesisleri, livestock, istanbul, konya, entegre
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biofuel central | biofuel | for a cleaner transportation future
the difference between fossil fuels and biofuels by john brian shannon one: prior to the large scale commercial extraction of fossil fuels by humans, the carbon embedded within coal and oil had been permanentl­y stored undergroun­d since the time of the dinosaurs. two: it wasn’t going anywhere near the surface of our planet or into
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home - focusing future
innovative portal is made for developers and innovators in business, society, science and education. explores consumer behaviour signals, coming trends and new innovations. four categories were designed to touch all aspect of future development, powered with latest researches and examples of achieved excellence. ecocity: renewable energy, solar, wind, thermo; transport, waste management. consumer behavior change, gender gap, education. data driven society: big data, digital footprint. business solutions: hr, outsourcing, investment, competitive advantage.
future, focus, trends, insight, offering, business, solutions, data, focusing, behavior, discovering, foresight, ecocity, social, digitalization, consumer
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marathonbiodiesel - home
marathon biodiesel inc., community certified recycler and system manufacturer
biodiesel, sell, vegetable, carbon, used, fame, b100, biofuel, cooking, wholesale, marathon, waste, processor, sustainable, renewable, recycle, astm, d6751, certified, footprint
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welcome to heritage plastics – for calcium carbonate concentrates
heritage plastics manufacturers calcium carbonate concentrates for a variety of plastic resins and applications. concentrates are designed to improve the performance and productivity and help offset any rising resin costs. our calcium carbonate concentrates offer proven advantages for minimizing the overall carbon footprint of the finished products versus resin only systems. our expertise is focused on highly filled mineral based concentrates using our minapol™ additive technology. we lead the way in calcium carbonate concentrates.
plastics, compostable, carbonate, calcium, resin, bags, film, enhancement, carbon, footprint, applications, reducing, additives, biotuf, hm10, polymax, minapol, concentrates, hical, styrocal
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diigem consulting: a corporate sustainability advisory firm
diigem consulting supports companies across sectors to identify socio-environmental trends and mitigate the resulting risks to their businesses.
risk, sustainability, design, consulting, esms, corporate, reporting, responsibility, social, business, traditional, trends, strategy, environmental, management, footprint, ecological
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ellipse - home
vintage and one-of-a-kind designer recycled/restyled clothing and jewelry for women and men, located in new york's hudson valley, run by fashion designer (fit alum) michelle elise.
fashion, green, designer, recycled, environmental, creative, carbon, reuse, ethical, organic, recreate, footprint, clothes, redesign, upcycled, clothing, restyle, ooak, repurpose, vintage
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wwf - australia: global environmental conservation organisation
wwf's mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. we work at conserving the world’s biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.
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home | greenpeace australia pacific
we confront those who want to harm the planet. we work in the australia pacific region to promote peace and sustainability and to protect the environment.
environmental, pacific, australia, under, threat, organisation, issues, greenpeace, oceans, forests, food, nuclear, whales, climate
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social media footprint | taking steps towards a brighter future
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freegreenhost | free green web hosting
powerful free web hosting and quality premium services. all plans run on our clustered platform using green wind power. neutralize the carbon footprint of your web presence with quality shared, semi-dedicated, and vps hosting from your green web hosting experts.
hosting, free, green, host, carbon, neutral, domain, space, company, webspace, website
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carbon planner emission mitigation and analysis by greenhouse go
carbon planner is a carbon emission mitigation and analysis app for land planners and developers.
emissions, development, calculator, carbon, greenpoint, ccar, cacp, cris, lgop, action, warm, urbemis, plan, carrot, hara, emfac, environmental, quality, index, nepa
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tusch amsterdam || no-ideas-no-future
no ideas, no future. juist die ideeën zijn de basis waarop wij toonaangevend werk maken. zie hier onze laatste projecten. wij zijn tusch.
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home ::
ethosolutions: world changing ideas for the betterment of humanity, the planet, and the future we all know is possible. making this a better place to live one
empathic, civilization, change, world, ethosolutions, ethosolution
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kiy carbon co.,ltd.
kiy carbon is a professional manufacturer of carbon fiber products. we mianly use autoclave process to produce high quality carbon fiber products for our customers. currently our products range includes carbon fiber motorcycle parts, car parts, water sports parts, snow sports parts, medical equipments, instruments, furniture, gifts and complex shaped composite parts. with our strength on development and production, we highly welcome oem orders from customers worldwide.
fiber, carbon, parts, motorcycle, products, plates, tubes, fairings, instruments, auto, sports, medical, equipments
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eco hair design - sarasota florida's low carbon footprint salon. webber street - sarasota
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uk source for environmental buyers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers.
environmental, products, news, industry, directory, videos, jobs, datasheets
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utilitywise plc: home
we help businesses get the most value from their energy contracts, reduce their energy consumption, and lower their carbon footprint.
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competitive green technologies - home
corporation whose only reason for being is to commercialise technologies that lower the carbon footprint
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trees planet
tree is our best friends in the world. only tree who never wants any return. if want to live and keep our world safe, we must care the tree. if we plant a tree it’s returns lots of benefit. keep the world safe and peace for your children. do not cut the tree. so, love the tree save the world.
trees, planet, tree, world, about, nature, save, gardening, plant, environment, description
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earn 100% cashback, charity shopping, free fundraising ideas and carbon offsets at froggybank
charity shopping community where you can earn 100% of the middleman's fee from 1500 shops. you choose to donate or keep your earnings, free fundraising pages and carbon offsets.
charity, free, ideas, community, offset, carbon, fundraising, cashback, cash, back, shopping
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geological resources, inc.
geological resources, inc., environmental consultant serving the southeast, provides ust closure, assessment and remediation services, due diligence and construction engineering.
environmental, consultants, consulting, company, jobs, services, companies, engineers, careers, geologists
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too good to go eat well. save money. save the planet.
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custom technology creations | there is no job too big or too small.
protect your home and your family get reliable security to keep your loved ones safe reduce your carbon footprint automated homes are more efficient and
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don't just wave, say hello. create your web footprint and share that place.
profile, personal, footprint, signature, consolidated, link, email, introduction, digital, brand, contents, networking
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carbon war room
the carbon war room accelerates the adoption of business solutions that reduce carbon emissions at gigaton scale and advance the low-carbon economy.
room, carbon
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carbon fiber parts for american muscle cars
we offer premium carbon fiber parts for mustang, corvette, camaro, and mopar.  sign up today and save on your first purchase!
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gpcp - cabbagetown and grant park cooperative preschool | grant park cooperative preschool
environmental law services ensure that georgia citizens have clean air, clean water and environmental justice.
georgia, clean, environmental, pollution, water, environment, plants, coal, dioxide, toxic, landfills, savannah, macon, atlanta, carbon, legal, justice, interest, public, center
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business green – news and analysis for the low carbon...
the uk's leading source of information for the green economy, delivering the latest news and in-depth analysis on green business and environmental issues.
green, business, waste, reducing, sustainability, cost, initiatives, issues, environmental, delivering, clean, carbon, news, economy, change, climate, energy, technology
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earth friendly products - green shopping
environmental shopping for a sustainable world, find thousands of responsible green products and ways to conserv energy, reduce your eco footprint at the ecomall, a place to help save the earth,
products, organic, natural, gifts, greentailing
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herbstreet restaurant | homemade food cooked to order, using locally sourced ingredients where possible, keeping an eye on our carbon footprint, playing some good tunes and having a happy work force.
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welcome to eco face - towards eco revolution | environmental awareness
eco face is the world first environmental social networking site which provide platform to share work, ideas, knowledge, network relating to environment.
environmental, networking, site, social, awareness, face, ecoface
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footprint medical inc. "helping tiny babies make their footprint in the world"
footprint medical inc. - your solution for neonatal & pediatric medical supplies and products
medical, neonatal, products, footprint, patients, superior, vulnerable, smallest, innovative, services, supplies, footprintmed, equipment
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a non-profit organisation aimed at helping vulnerable communities improve resilience to disasters, climate change, and humanitarian crises through sustainable environmental management.
environmental, recovery, change, community, strategies, livelihood, resilience, sustainable, refugee, humanitarian, security, climate, disaster, action, plan, local, strategic, assessment, hazard, reduction
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i love farmers...they feed my soul
i love farmers. they feed our soul. together we are working to help our generation understand the importance of knowing where our food comes from and who produced it.
food, care, american, about, produced, environment, family, farmers, farmer, beef, watched, vegetables, farming, closely, fruits, regulated, sustainably, pork, values, wholesome
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the official website of dr. tim ball
this website examines a wide variety of topics about the way the environment affects humans and the way humans affect the environment.
climate, change, carbon, ball, greenhouse, science, dioxide, footprint, timothy, effect, intergovernmental, anthropogenic, global, warming, panel, ipcc
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snipsave 2 - save code snippets online for future reference
save snippets of code quickly and easily into your own repository for future reference. instant search helps you find the exact piece of code you're looking for.
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ultra-carbon || custom carbon fiber race parts and accessories
ultra-carbon is a high-quality carbon fiber manufacturer for anything and everything. based in tacoma, wa, ultra-carbon uses years of experience to produce
bumper, fenders, fender, doors, bumpers, valve, plates, motor, covers, door, seats, nhra, fiber, carbon, ultra, ihra, drag, seat, race, racing
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light bicycle-carbon frame,carbon rim,carbon wheel,carbon wheelset,carbon mountain bike,carbon road bike light-bicycle
light-bicyle industry co., ltd. is a professional chinese manufacturer in carbon fiber bicycle parts, our main products are carbon mountain bike & carbon road bike parts, including carbon bicycle frame, carbon rim, carbon wheel and so on. welcome to light-bicyle online bike shops!
carbon, bike, mountain, road, wheelset, frame, light, wheel
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eldredge geothermal solutions
eldredge geothermal solutions is a company specializing in the design and installation of geothermal heating and cooling systems. if you would like to see how eldredge geothermal solutions could save you up to 70% on your heating and cooling bills, please visit our contact page and we will contact you right away. we look forward to helping you lower your bills, reduce your dependence on fuel, and minimize your carbon footprint!
chester, west, landscaping, eldredge, landscapers, landscape, pennsylvania, county, maintenance, ideas, contractor, john, design, installation
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energy management solutions | sustainability consulting
firstcarbon solutions provides energy management solutions, sustainability consulting & more to businesses and industries seeking to maximize profits & minimize resources in the 21st century.
management, energy, consulting, sustainability, carbon, solutions, systems, industry, businesses, reporting, metrics, chain, software, supply, sustainable, consultants, emission, credit, first, footprint
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future events day-by-day through may 2019 - - future news and life events by day fo 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. find the next date of a dow 30 company earnings, economic statistics, or news event. upload to apple ical or microsoft outlook. future events, future dates, holidays, future news, deadlines, anniversaries, timelines, story ideas, day-by-day schedules in sports, economics, business, and american culture.
events, future
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carbon wheels - carbon wheelsets - bicycle wheels carbonwheels is online carbon fiber bicycle parts wholesaler and retailer, offer the best quality carbon wheels, frames, rims, handlebars, cycling lights, all cycling products.all come with manufacturer warranty.
carbon, wheels, online, wholesaler, bicycle, lights, china, cycling, saddles, cheap, shoes, frames, clothings, best, fiber, wheelsets, road, handlebars, rims, stems
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bladex official online shop - buy carbon wheelset, carbon frame, road bikes, mountain bikes, tt bike components manufacturer, carbon bicycle parts online
default description
carbon, parts, bicycle, frames, wheels
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the campaign of the save food initiative, is a partnership between unep, fao and messe düsseldorf, and in support of the un secretary-general’s zero hunger challenge, which seeks to add its authority and voice to these efforts in order to galvanize widespread global, regional and national actions, catalyze more sectors of society to be aware and to act, including through exchange of inspiring ideas and projects between those players already involved and new ones that are likely to come on board.
think, save, environment, food, waste, campaign
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welcome to planet hernando
planet hernando is a place where we can share, communicate and inform each otherabout local events, ideas and adventures
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green energy solutions | tips that will help you incorporate more green energy
solar energy can help your business or home more cost efficient and environmentally friendly. solar energy will keep your utility bills and it's also better for
with, difference, make, these, reduce, carbon, footprint, investments, small, find, here, home, know, about, should, sources, solutions, simple, uncategorized, making
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carolina recycle, inc. offers zero waste solutions to the tire industry throughout the united states and canada.
carolina recycle, inc. is an unvulcanized rubber recycling company serving the united states and canada. carolina
scrap, america, north, zero, waste, environmental, edge, cutting, landfill, green, tire, rubber, unvulcanized, carbon, footprint, canada, states, united, recycle
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viridor - carbon services
viridor carbon services, including carbon credit trading, green projects, reforestation, wind farms, brazil, africa,
carbon, viridor, services, welcome, home, green, credits, trading, biodiversity, community, projects, brazil, warming, global, emissions, solutions, reduction, standard, voluntary
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from urban bicycles to mountain bikes - go on an adventure! pedal the planet. free shipping!
get everything you need for your bike and biking lifestyle at pedal the planet. browse our top rated national™ store and save online today!
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solar energy contractor in colorado xcel rebates - arise energy
at arise energy solutions, we assist clients in making their homes or businesses more energy efficient, while helping them save money and reduce their carbon footprint through implementing effective renewable energy solutions. at aes, we design and ...
state, rebate, federal, xcel, rebates, energy, contractor, colorado, solar
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planet gizmo - uk stockists of zoom, fatman, edirol, grado, beyerdynamic and many more high end electrionics
planet gizmo – uk stockists of high end electronics. buy your audio systems, digital recorders, headphones, gadgets from a number of market leading names including akg, fatman, grado, roland, zoom, klipsch and many more. competitive prices, free and fast delivery, flexible payment options and free extended warranty.
fatman, roth, zoom, flip, carbon, edirol, personal, ultra, mino, archos, players, audio, cables, media, digital, headphones, earphones, sennheiser, gizmo, valve
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save the river - riverkeeper of the upper st. lawrence river
save the river! is a non-profit, member-based environmental organization whose mission is to preserve and protect the ecological integrity of the upper st. lawrence river through advocacy, education and research.
river, environmental, advocacy, upper, integrity, lawrence, research, willbanks, ecological, education, preserve, clayton, save, york, protect
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manufacturer-carbon carbon composite, graphite felt, pyrolytic graphite, cfc, c/c, hopg..
we are a carbon group company, manufacturer of graphite felt, cfc, carbon composite, c/c, pyrolitic graphite, hopg in china, best quality and competitive prices...
carbon, insulation, composite, graphite, felt, heat, thermal, pyrolytic, rigid, composites, barrels, highly, nuts, sheet, bolts, oriented, screws, fasteners, magnetic, levitation
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empowering connecticut to make smart energy choices | energize connecticut
energize connecticut is dedicated to empowering its citizens to make smart energy choices, now and in the future. we provide connecticut consumers, businesses and communities the resources and information they need to make it easy to save energy and build a clean energy future for everyone in the state. it is an initiative of the connecticut energy efficiency fund, the clean energy finance and investment authority, the state, and your local electric and gas utilities. the initiative has funding support from a charge on customer energy bills.
energy, efficiency, fund, energize, clean, connecticut, save, finance, investment, department, environmental, protection, conneticut, board, authority, cefia, money, savings, renewable, energizeconnecticut
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empowering connecticut to make smart energy choices | energize connecticut
energize connecticut is dedicated to empowering its citizens to make smart energy choices, now and in the future. we provide connecticut consumers, businesses and communities the resources and information they need to make it easy to save energy and build a clean energy future for everyone in the state. it is an initiative of the connecticut energy efficiency fund, the clean energy finance and investment authority, the state, and your local electric and gas utilities. the initiative has funding support from a charge on customer energy bills.
energy, efficiency, fund, energize, clean, connecticut, save, finance, investment, department, environmental, protection, conneticut, board, authority, cefia, money, savings, renewable, energizeconnecticut
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gobar times
gobar times is an environmental reporting magazine for students and beginners to help you break down planet-sized environmental issues, published by centre for science and environment
curriculum, sustainable, environmental, school, education, programme, green, sustainability, campus, club, change, development, india, issues, schools, training, climate
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california political review - new ideas for californias future
new ideas for californias future
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california political review - new ideas for californias future
new ideas for californias future
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ways to save money | passive income ideas - my penny challenge
i will show you passive income ideas. you will also learn how to save money and be debit free. if you are looking for how to get rich quick. this is not the site for you.
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discover and save creative ideas -
discover and save creative ideas. find the hottest, most social content on the web.
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protech composites | carbon fiber sheets & panels | carbon fiber manufacturer
protech composites is a leading manufacturer of carbon fiber sheets, carbon fiber panels, carbon fiber cloth and custom carbon fiber materials. fast shipping.
carbon, fiber, laminate, panel, sheets, sheet
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coffee planet malaysia
coffee planet has outlets nationwide serving scrumptious specialty coffee drinks, frapps, premium teas, international & local foods plus amazing desserts.
coffee, planet, mall, city, quill, shah, alam, sentral, klcc, malaysia
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neutral fuels converts used cooking oil into biodiesel
neutral fuels converts used cooking oil into biodiesel, significantly reducing carbon emissions and making environmental sustainability a commercial
biodiesel, yielding, transportation, higher, production, costs, world, supply, prices, processors, chain, sustainability, cooking, used, fuels, reducing, carbon, neutral, environmental, emissions
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your environmental scientist jobs site @
free environmental scientist job postings and career opportunities. start your environmental scientist jobs search today.
environmental, specialist, scientist, research, health, safety, hazardous, analyst, protection, substances
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sustainable earth | going green tips | eco-friendly living | one planet - one life - make the most of both!
go green for a sustainable earth. from energy saving tips to green products, we will help you lower your carbon footprint and live a sustainable lifestyle with
energy, green, sustainable, earth, sustainability, saving, savings, friendly, money, products, water, efficiency, conservation, living
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jv planet - a brand new internet marketing launch calendar
jv planet is an awesome place where you can get quality information, share ideas and tips from top affiliates and internet marketers in the world.
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green products, sustainable materials, earth friendly products
the green world is our world. we understand the importance of renewable, sustainable, recyclable, reusable, efficient products. and the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and reducing the amount of greenhouse gases to preserve the planet.
green, materials, products, friendly, sustainable, earth
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trees, bugs, dirt | managing landscapes ecologically
workshops & consulting using environmental science, promoting new landscaping ideas, environmental sustainability and ecological management of plant pests.
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inheriting our planet - educating our future
educating our future
kids, activities, upcycling, recycling, crafts, recycled