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faith in his blood . org - welcome to faith in his blood . org
the lord jesus christ did all the work necessary to bring about the needed reconciliation between god and man, and salvation is a free gift from god!
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king james bible believers
a site dedicated to the lord jesus christ and his holy written word as found inspired and infallible and perfectly preserved in the king james bible
bible, king, james, version, authorized, christian, av1611, schooling, home, study, software, forum, versions, 1611, only, textus, gospels, receptus, defending, homeschoolingbible
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ex-catholics for christ - spreading the gospel of jesus christ!
ex-catholics for christ is a father and son ministry, devoted to reaching roman catholics and others with the true and glorious gospel of the lord jesus christ, throughout the world. as bible believing christians, we also go on the streets to preach, pass out tracts and even distribute free king james bibles.
christ, james, bible, repentance, king, videos, mormons, saved, witnesses, born, united, kingdom, cults, preaching, street, again, testimony, teaching, christian, gospel
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blue skies ministry
bible, king, james, psalms, matthew, prayer, faith, luke, weddings, christ, jesus, spirit, holy, peace, john, study, open, proverbs, instruction, leviticus
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the new holy bible
the new holy bible, it supercedes and it replaces the old holy bible, the torah, and the koran.
jesus, christ, lord, metatron, enoch, yahweh, bible, messiah, dreher, coming, second, shekinah, mark, holy
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lighthouse baptist church - home
welcome to lighthouse baptist church. we focus on learning god's word (holy bible) and building personal relationships with god's son, the lord jesus chirst. we use the kjv bible and sing the old hymns of the faith in all our services.
bible, jesus, town, james, christ, church, missionaries, nelson, larry, king, cape, hout, independent, baptist, africa, south, learning, fellwoahip, trinity, join
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lord of hosts:
god bless you for visiting our christian web site. we pray that the lord guide and strengthen us as we spread the gospel of salvation by grace through faith in the lord jesus christ, the son of god.
holy, christ, grace, gospel, faith, salvation, news, bless, israel, again, born, church, doctrine, christian, father, jesus, praise, prayer, spirit, ghost
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calvary baptist church
home of old time religion, preaching jesus christ out of the king james bible. preaching the whosoever will gospel to all that will accept jesus as their lord and savior. buses, teen, children, and senior ministries, and bible college.
bible, james, chris, haizlip, college, calvary, king, preaching, statesville, gospel, jesus, christ
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ben joyner
caresweb is dedicated to the distribution of resources related to the study of the holy bible, king james version. articles and pages here are available to encourage and defend the 1st and 2nd amendments specifically related to freedom of religion and the right to bear arms. caresweb is a christian owned and maintained web presence as a testimony to our lord jesus christ.
bible, balm, gilead, wtbi, sermons, king, james, resources
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king james audio visual bible
king james bible society: king james audio visual bible (kjavb) - the preserved and living word of the lord god.
james, king, bible, online, authorized, jesus, visual, audio, version, 1611, official, scriptures
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king james bible verse - study online
king james bible, study online how jesus died for our sins.
bible, king, holy, online, james, html, internet, free, search, study, version, verse, scripture
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sluice box adventures - king james bible study
king james bible study
jesus, christ, bible, dispensation, promotion, believers, growth, nation, church, family, this, those, 1611, defined, live, language, need, dedicated, time, help
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fellowship baptist church - mount joy, pennsylvania
fellowship baptist church's desire is for people to know the lord jesus christ as their personal savior and become actively involved in a bible-believing, bible-preaching church that cares for them.
king, james, bible, pastor, jonathan, bixler, pennsylvania, salvation, version, hope, christ, jesus, church, baptist, mount, calvary, savior, christian, fellowship
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jesus christ is lord
christ, life, jesus, holy, rfid, chist, messiah, antichrist, anti, salvation, baptism, biblical, text, scripture, evangelical, spirit, beast, christian, creator, meaning
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2 timothy 2:15(kjv) - home
2timothy2-15 is dedicated as a help in the study of the king james authorized version of the bible
timothy, jesus, christ, study, holy, bible, version, kahler, authorized, james, believer, christian, sermons, remnant, word, king, research, birc, show, shew
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pekin il. church where to go to church pekin area how to be saved?
gethsemane church is a king james bible believing church that loves the lord and seeks to glorify the name of jesus! come visit us this sunday. pekin, il
christ, jesus, illinois, judie, king, lord, bible, james, hymns, hymn, churches, christians, christian, frank, noyes, church, gethsemane, choir
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crossroads baptist church
we are an independent, fundamental, king james bible believing church where christ is preeminent, and the membership is family.
bible, baptist, preaching, fellowship, prayer, missions, worship, communion, christ, king, church, james, jesus, independent, lord
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making disciples & planting churches
teaching the gospel, establishing in righteousness
jesus, christ, ministry, ministries, life, lord, healing, gospel, name, death, international, souls, love, internatio, through, restoration, living, great, bible, cross
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the bible for today homepage
these are the pages of the bible for today website which proclaims and defends the principles of the bible.
bible, defined, church, baptist, bibles, king, james, today, scripture, christ, christian, sermons, jesus, demand, just, catalog, updates, women, webstore, defense
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brg bible ministries | king james bible | king james ebook | kjv ebook | bible on ebook
brg bible uniting all believers into god the father, jesus christ the son, and the holy spirit.!
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grace harbor church
bible, grace, paul, doctrine, christ, school, apostle, jesus, home, faith, dispensational, study, childrens, club, through, pauline, truth, authorized, version, james
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page 1
welcome to the website of bible baptist church.  we are an independent, fundamental, mission-minded baptist church.  we believe and preach from the king james bible 1611.  we strive to fulfill the great comission of our lord jesus christ through a worldwide mission program, bus ministry, and door-to-door visitation. we hope this website is helpful and informative for you. if you are looking for a church home in franklin county, indiana, or are visiting our area for only a short time, we would love to welcome you to our services!
christ, bible, jesus, county, indiana, metamora, franklin, baptist, james, church, king
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unto you therefore which believe he is precious!
uplifting the precious king james bible and the precious name of jesus christ in these last days. this needful website is a ministrya pulpitexposing false prophets, deceptions and all manners of evil in its ugly forms. we are living in the perilous times foretold in 2nd timothy 3:1-7. people are confused and apostasy abounds. lost sinners need to hear the simple gospelthat we are guilty sinners (romans 3:19) saved by jesus' righteousness (2nd corinthians 5:21), which is by grace through faith alone in the gospel of jesus christ. amen!
america, precious, righteousness, evil, heaven, hell, christ, king, james, bible, jesus
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new life fellowship
we are an independent bible believing new testament church. we are baptist by conviction but are not a member of any official denomination. we preach the bible as the inerrant, infallible word of god. jesus christ is the only means of salvation. there is on god. salvation is by faith through grace by the shed blood of jesus christ.
jesus, stroudsburg, life, saved, northeast, fashion, contemporary, messages, sermons, preaching, love, holy, spirit, doctrine, christ, jehovah, conviction, creek, evangelical, independent
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bubc | welcome
baptist union baptist church, dillwyn va - believers united by christ
baptist, jesus, christ, bible, christian, church, heaven, salvation, commandments, prayer, lord, testament, faith, holy, hell, dillwyn, evangelism, union, dating, grace
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getting to know jesus
getting to know jesus is a nondenominational bible study of the life and teachings of jesus.
jesus, study, bible, christ, about, history, know, galilee, gospels, love, lord, judas, dead, simon, raising, learn, temple, philipp, priests, thaddeus
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jesus christ is the only way to heaven!
uplifting the king james bible and the name of jesus christ in these last days, this website is a ministrya pulpitexposing false prophets, deceptions and all manners of evil in its ugly forms. god loves sinners with an unconditional lovenot because of who we are, but because of who he is. we are living in the perilous times foretold in 2nd timothy 3:1-7. people are confused and apostasy abounds. lost sinners need to hear the simple gospelthat we are guilty sinners (romans 3:19) saved by jesus' righteousness (2nd corinthians 5:21), which is by grace through faith alone in christ. amen!
jesus, bible, preaching, false, religion, salvation, almighty, college, people, great, loves, saved, christian, fire, versions, hell, heaven, christ, savior, king
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abdicate - to surrender as in our lives to the father's will
this site is dedicated to the absolute truth.
calendar, time, zones, testament, bible, jesus, world, salvation, holy, separation, saint, pastor, faith, heart, spirit, holiness, deliverance, lord, christ, apostle
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we are ''the times church, dublin''impossible possible! a bible believing evangelical gospel /charismatic ministry, who believes in the saving power of jesus christ through faith and baptism; with a deeper apostolic and evangelistic grace! a an outreach ministry commited to bringing, '' revival to the nations together with a go jesus world missions; a network of holy ghost churches/ministers workdwide if jesus so tarries! calling all to run to jesus and bring all to christ! evangelism is our suprem task and one of our greatest calling in missions! we are both committed and dedicated to soul winning on a daily basis! and the psychosocial development of the individual! that may may know christ and the power of his resurrection in hope of the gospel!
christ, lord, jesus, hope, satanic, ghost, holy, faith, happiness, recovery, salvation, tourist, church, life, redemption, therapy, love, meaning, purpose, find
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victory baptist church, douglasville, ga where faith triumphs through the lord jesus christ
victory baptist church, pastor james h. cook, jr., 4414 state highway 92 & 166, city of douglasville, douglas county, georgia, 30135-5118, u.s.a., 770-942-5062, is a conservative, bible believing, southern baptist family of faith experiencing and expressing the vibrant love and victorious life of the lord jesus christ with our community and world.
douglasville, cook, james, victroy, chruch, saeved, bibel, pastor, babtist, love, georgia, church, baptist, help, salvation, victory, christ, bible, jesus, grace
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heavenly grace ministries - home
here at heavenly grace ministries we are king james bible believers. this website was built to help people with there day to day walk with god. please come join us. heavenly grace ministries, pastor allen brown © 2004
bible, james, praise, glory, king, donations, surrender, saved, live, forgiven, care, love, photography, christ, name, convert, heaven, jesus, holy, gospel
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jesus the rock fellowship is an independent, full gospel and christ-centered fellowship. we of jesus the rock fellowship share the same faith and trust in the lord jesus christ as our own personal lord and savior. we have always chosen the bible as the sole authority in doctrine as basis for our actions in faith and in the daily practices in life. we have openly pledged to actively serve the lord with all our being and resources. for more info about the church, please call us at (908)358-6089. may the lord god richly bless you!
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web page title here
the hebrew word translated intercessor is
prayer, lord, jesus, christ, calling, call, work, faith, bible, corporate, praying, intercessor, sheets, kingdom, ever, ministry, spmi, corpus, shammah, intercessors
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christ covenant church
christ covenant church is a missional church with roots in the restoration movement.​​ we accept the essentials of the christian faith. there is one body, one spirit, one hope, one lord, one faith, one baptism, and one god. there is but one gospel, which is the good news of the death, burial and resurrection of jesus christ. there is one mediator between god and man, the man jesus christ. we accept the power of the holy scriptures as our only authority for faith and practice. ​ ​​​​​​​doctrine we accept the necessity of the foundation of christ as lord. christ's teachings mature and strengthen us. his teachings serve the purpose of training, edifying and growing us to the point of becoming more and more like jesus.
praise, christian, worship, jesus, churches, church, christ, missional
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his sheep
faith, saints, contend, evolution, compromise, uplifting, topsites, james, bible, king, truth, spirit, messages, poetry, discipleship, spiritual, prophecy, christ, jesus, warfare
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all for jesus
with god's help, this site will become a vessel of honor for god, a place of prayer and praise - of sharing and of caring; an invitation for all men to come to god through faith in jesus of nazareth.
jesus, lord, christ, fybromyalgia, alzheimers, adultery, perspective, about, debt, spiritual, witness, prayer, force, homeless, nazareth, feminism
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official bible resources - your resource for god's biblical truth has over 10, 000 pages revealing the lord god, his son jesus christ, and his biblical truth behind bible verses. includes articles written by betty miller co-founder of, daily bible devotional, bible answers to your bible questions, bible study and bible search tools.
bible, lord, truth, faith, biblical, verses, christ, information, christian, daily, where, jesus, search, questions, devotional, answers, official
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faith baptist church
faith baptist church cisco texas independent fundamental church schedule of services bible believing preaching submitted submission jesus christ fellowship family truth doers hearers king james kjv kjb the lord witness
church, doers, hearers, truth, fellowship, christ, king, family, james, lord, witness, jesus, submission, independent, fundamental, texas, cisco, baptist, schedule, preaching
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holy is the lamb - christian flash movies, flash trax, e-prayer cards, daily verse
holy is the lamb - christian flash movies, flash trax, e-prayer cards, daily verse...this site is dedicated to our lord and savior jesus christ
daily, bible, lamb, faith, christian, flash, scripture, holy, verse, passages, verses, life, christianity, yeshua, yahweh, biblical, eternal, fellowship, messiah, religion
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the church of the lord jesus christ of the apostolic faith
welcome to the church of the lord jesus christ of the apostolic faith web site! all are welcome!
apostolic, holy, ghost, baptism, repentance, jesus, church, revival, pentecostal, pentecost
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college heights baptist church of temple, tx
dedicated to preaching and teaching the gospel of jesus christ and lifting up those in need. call 254-778-4328 or click for more information.
baptist, church, james, bible, king, independent, jesus, christ, salvation, security, eternal, version, temple, faith, gospel, fundamental, truth
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cornerstone community church - wisconsin rapids wisconsin
we are a holy spirit filled, pentecostal/charismatic church. and we solely exist to proclaim that jesus christ is lord, preaching the word of faith!
wisconsin, jesus, deliverence, love, charismatic, healing, salvation, praise, worship, anointing, power, bible, faith, word, community, church, cornerstone, lord, rapids, pentecostal
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rock shiloh church ministries - home
rock shiloh church ministries. "go to the rock" here at rock shiloh church ministries, we are committed to serving god and the needs of you and your family. using the word of god and spiritual principles of faith, we offer practical tools for leading a spirit filled, joyous, productive, abundant and peaceful life through christ jesus.
christ, jesus, church, shiloh, love, holy, prayer, rock, faith, king, bible, pastor, glory, victory, ministry, word, spirit, educational, dynamic, ghost
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christ the redeemer reformed presbyterian church index
christ the redeemer reformed presbyterian church. a reformed theological teaching of the holy scriptures. we are located near the town of eureka, in the state of california.
cross, service, scripture, spirit, holy, spiritual, loving, kind, baptist, reformed, presbyterian, grace, peacemaker, baptism, communion, reverend, pastor, decon, body, blood
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sound bible doctrine | christian apologetics | bible doctrine | sound bible teach is needed to defend the faith with spiritual discernment.
christian apologetics website looking at sound bible doctrine and understanding what the bible teaches, and not what men say the bible teaches. listening to the teachings and doctrine of men opened the door to false doctrine, false teaching & false teachers and that have lead millions away from the truth of the gospel found in the bible.
doctrine, bible, false, doctrines, truth, faith, christ, christian, holy, teaching, sound, devils, hope, audio, spirits, blessed, jesus, lord, teachers, apostasy
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true faith baptist church
join us as we share in the truth, build our faith, and activate the christ jesus that was in us all along... opinion is not allowed!
bible, long, spirit, word, hallow, holy, bless, blessings, truefaithbc, paul, biblical, life, jesus, offering, scripture, pastor, truth, true, faith, james
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christ the king church of denville - home | christ the king church of denville
christ the king church of denville, nj is an assembly of christians seeking to honor jesus christ, our king, in all areas of life and worship.
king, christ, denville, bible, morris, teaching, worship, catholic, high, evangelical, areat, school, faith, church, christians, seeking, jesus, honor
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christian directory listing of christian sites across the globe.
listings of christian websites including christian businesses, rock groups and religious web pages. /
bible, christian, free, american, home, music, sabbath, holy, site, gospel, james, standard, heaven, king, christ, jesus, testament, nehemiah, ministry, micah
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writings of the holy spirit
writings of the holy spirit homepage, jesus, gospel video, christ, holy spirit, holy bible, king james version auth. 1611, spiritual truths, his fathers words meanings, scriptural teachings, insights into scriptures,, web sales copy writer
holy, copy, spirit, writing, words, webwriter777, lead, christ, service, jesus, lord, page, elance, aaawebcopyservices, sales, divine, instruction, gods, word, christian
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king james bible
king james bible
bible, free, software, downloads, king, holy, online, james, html, internet, study, verse, search, scripture, version
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st. james evangelical lutheran church, north branch, michigan
this website exists as an aid to the members and visitors of st. james: to keep them up to date about our ministry, informed about what we teach and enlightened about the only way to eternal life.
testament, bible, life, eternal, congregation, service, ministry, baptism, saints, lord, cross, communion, holy, supper, forgiveness, north, branch, michigan, church, lutheran
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faith bible church
bible, christ, faith, church, cross, pantry, food, panorama, school, holy, spirit, jesus, vacation, panora
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home page
jesus, christ, lord, holy, friendship, church, ministry, father, saved, sunday, baptist, lamb, almighty, kingdom, love, pray, jehovah, religion, preach, praise
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victory independent baptist church (greenfield, in. 46140)
we are a self autonomous independent baptist church that believes the 1611 kjv edition of the word of god.
church, bible, christian, worship, baptist, music, christ, churches, jesus, faith, ministry, independent, gospel, testament, pastor, places, james, ministries, king, praise
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word of hope international church :: home
we are word of hope. a ministry called to passionately love god and each other. we declare that every stronghold of the enemy be broken through our prayers, our worship, our works and our giving. we have divine favor & connections that will enable us to fulfill the plan of god for our lives & ministry.
worship, jesus, prayer, praise, holy, request, songs, spirit, sermons, online, gospel, audio, lord, church, christ, bible, ministry, prayers, song, verses
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word of hope international church :: home
we are word of hope. a ministry called to passionately love god and each other. we declare that every stronghold of the enemy be broken through our prayers, our worship, our works and our giving. we have divine favor & connections that will enable us to fulfill the plan of god for our lives & ministry.
worship, jesus, prayer, praise, holy, request, songs, spirit, sermons, online, gospel, audio, lord, church, christ, bible, ministry, prayers, song, verses
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christian web site directorymodiyil
welcome to the christian websites directory, listing the christian businesses, christian rock groups, and religious websites across the globe. find christian resources to assist in your ministry, and much more.
christian, bible, free, american, heaven, holy, testament, home, gospel, music, site, sabbath, king, james, standard, jesus, christ, mission, ministry, minister
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christ's sanctified holy church-holiness unto the lord
christ sanctified holy church - holiness unto the lord! come worship in the beauty of holiness. sanctify them by thy truth, thy word is truth. no creed but christ, no law but love, no guide but the bible.
holy, north, raleigh, forgiven, second, coming, hell, born, cross, ghost, heaven, again, baptism, redemption, redeemed, father, propitiation, saved, baptize, trinity
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the church in san francisco - lovers of jesus affiliated with local churches, watchman nee, witness lee (splash page)
a local church, the church in san francisco, enjoys christ and recommends the ministry of witness lee, watchman nee.
recovery, local, christians, witness, watchman, version, campus, church, churches, christ, bible, spirit, holy, jesus, living, ministry, stream, believers, fellowship, testimony
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revival focus forum: discussing the christ-life and revival
revival focus forum, previously known as the "friends of revival" blog, launched on september 1, 2012 with the intent of facilitating an ongoing,
holy, spirit, bible, ghost, study, what, about, teaching, trinity, gifts, father, revival, gospel, verses, daily, doctrine, lessons, jesus, works, describe
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amazing grace epc - "for it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, not of yourselves; it is the gift of god." ephesians 2:8
we are an evangelical church founded on the belief of the holy trinity; god the father, god the son, and god the holy spirit. we affirm that the bible is gods inspired and infallible word. we believe it contains eternal truths that speak to gods holiness and wisdom for our lives. we believe jesus is the way, truth, and the life. we believe jesus christ is the only way. we believe salvation to be by grace and faith alone. we strive to love, care for, and support each other as well as others who are not part of our congregation. we welcome all to join us in worship, praise and fellowship with our lord.
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welcome & schedule :: saint james church, james island, charleston, south carolina
saint james church, james island, charleston, s.c. proclaiming god's grace in jesus christ. please come visit us, we would love to welcome you.
james, holy, south, carolina, bible, prayer, love, gospel, charleston, jesus, service, morning, eucharist, christian, fellowship, ministry, education, mission, services, welcome
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biblical advanced basics - understanding the bible and end times
bible study, bible understanding, finally, information that will prove to you that: the bible and end times can be understood! for god is not the author of confusion... i corinthians 14:33
bible, theology, advanced, grace, biblical, holy, christ, kingdom, dispensational, body, version, interpretation, king, basic, james, concepts, basics, justified, joint, rapture
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word of life ministries home
welcome to our word of life ministries members page. this is designed to assist new and present patrons regarding our beliefs which are based on biblical principles. please feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments. thanks for your time. below is a lists of our beliefs. we believe the entire bible is inspired by god, without error and the authority on which we base our faith, conduct and doctrine. we believe in one god who exists in three distinct persons: father, son and holy spirit. we believe jesus christ is the son of god who came to this earth as savior of the world. we believe jesus died on the cross and shed his blood for our sins. we believe that salvation is found by placing our faith in what jesus did for us on the cross. we believe jesus rose from the dead and is coming again. we believe water baptism is a symbol of the cleansing power of the blood of christ and a testimony to our faith in the lord jesus christ. we believe in the regular taking of commu
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revelation 6 - new int. readers version :: bibleserver
[...] verse 10: they called out in a loud voice. “how long, lord and king, holy and true?” they asked. “how long will you wait to judge those who live on the earth? how long will it be until you pay them back for killing us?” [...]
testament, jesus, psalm, christ, concordance, theology, synopsis, scriptures, evangelical, bible, gospel, holy
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the shekinah glory
this website is dedicated to the lord of heaven and earth. emphasis is ont the creator of the universe. the gospel of jesus christ. also featured is the adler family, horst adler, jeanette adler, chris, tracy.
jesus, christ, earth, lord, gospel, heaven, savior, christianity, saved, faith, trust, inspiration, bible, inerrancy, redeemer, biblical, truth
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bible baptist church - ashtabula, ohio -
bible baptist church is an independent baptist church (ibc). as an ashtabula baptist church, it is about the friendliest church in ashtabula, ohio. the baptist independent church strongly adheres to the king james version (kjv), as we believe the king james bible (kjb) is the most reliable translation of god's holy word.
baptist, cole, emery, ashtabula, larry, bible, greg, church, college, fellowship, geneva, ohio, pastor, dianne, king, james, fires, 44004, 44005, revival
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life of christ: life, history, and teachings of jesus christ.
life of christ. teachings of jesus. history of our lord. truths about the son of god.
apostles, parables, sermon, disciples, peter, luke, john, cross, crucifixion, resurrection, genealogy, harmony, mount, prayer, mark, matthew, lord, holy, teachings, history
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home - believers victory international church
believers' victory international church. we are a growing family church on the move and on the rise. a ministry of faith, hope and love, exalting the name of our lord and savior jesus christ.
faith, bible, worship, praise, filled, spirit, sermons, evangelism, studies, study, school, outreach, sunday, word, mueller, hope, gordon, california, torrance, love
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camas bible baptist church welcomes you. see our plan of salvation, meet pastor dudley, view our pledges, find us on the map in camas, washington.
bible, baptist, events, sunday, doctrine, values, independent, fundamental, saviour, james, christ, lord, save, holy, camas, evening, school, services, church, study
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bible baptist church of hilton head island, sc
bible baptist church of hilton head island is an old fashioned, bible believing independent baptist church. we preach from the king james bible and stand for the fundamentals of the faith and hold to historic baptist distinctives. at bbc you'll hear sound preaching, conservative, christ-honoring music, and be challenged to be a committed disciple of jesus christ.
near, hilton, baptist, bible, james, churches, church, hymns, missions, soul, soulwinning, adults, evangelism, children, head, scott, preaching
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newlife fellowship - altadena, california
multi-cultural family-oriented church in pasadena, california, usa - worship god, teach the word, live the life, share jesus
church, jesus, christ, praise, life, bible, study, holy, missions, lord, worship, holiness, other, each, friendship, hope, spirit, glorify, helping, hearts
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munising baptist church
located in the heart of alger county along the shores of lake superior, in munising, michigan. munising baptist church is an independent, text-based, christ-centered, local church - a unique body of believers committed to demonstrating the love of the lord jesus christ through our worship, evangelism and ministry to others.
school, munising, church, bible, pray, praying, bapsit, pastor, spirit, prayer, james, service, witness, king, lighthouse, father, faith, county, holly, upper
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official king james bible online: authorized king james version (kjv)
king james bible online: authorized king james version (kjv) of the bible- the preserved and living word of god. includes 1611 kjv and 1769 cambridge kjv.
king, james, bible, online, jesus, scriptures, authorized, 1611, version, official
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the living word bride church. contending for the faith.
welcome to the living word bride church's website. stay and have a look around. we guarantee that you'll find something inspirational! our heart's desire is to help you draw closer to god through his son the lord jesus christ. we have no creed but christ and no law but love. we believe that almighty god sent a message to the world through a man name william m. branham. god vindicated this humble servant with signs and wonders not seen since the times of the lord jesus. just like a bride needs a wedding garment and must be ready for the
church, spirit, message, bible, gospel, full, word, love, bride, life, gifts, come, king, manifested, preachers, interdenominational, denomination, divine, agapo, righteousness
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a church that loves god
holy, youth, belief, faith, awana, spirit, sermon, king, message, ministry, james, healing, church, baptist, will, free, jesus, northside, bible, salvation
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pacific rim bible studies - bible doctrine for today's needs! free adobe books
jesus, christianity, faith, grace, lord, truth, doctrine, christ, salvation, bible
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heavens helpers :: home
heavens helpers is a christian web site and bible teaching, followers of christ helping the helpless, doing what jesus did healing the sick faith in jesus christ,
faith, jesus, lord, prayer, sinner, grace, saved, salvation, bible, times, healing, helpers, rapture, tribulation, devil, angels, christian, heavens
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home page - victory temple fellowship church
a ministry of restored believers growing in grace by faith in jesus christ. a people restored, going into their next dimension of faith, action and commitment in relationship with our savior jesus christ and each other!
victory, holy, jesus, christ, social, bible, alex, church, temple, henry, bernard, fellowship, facebook, network, music, testimonial, testimonials, testimony, gospel, jahnjae
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the official website of the united church of jesus christ apostolic, inc.
the united church of jesus christ apostolic, inc. is a christian ministry organization. our endeavor is to exalt our lord jesus christ and to provide resources to enrich and heal family relationships. we are committed to biblical faith teaching.
baltimore, maryland, apostolic, churches, pentecostal, ghost, holy, united, christ, holiness, jesus, church, james, acts, avenue, gorsuch, bishop, thornton
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home - holy church in the lord jesus christ in the apostles' doctrine, inc.
this is the home page and official website of the holy church in the lord jesus christ in the apostles' doctrine, incoroporated. this apostolic church is the mother church of an independent body of churches in the north and south east of the united states of america. the founder is bishop decarlous e. sims, apostle and pastor. the church is located at 701 south edisto avenue in the city of columbia, south carolina. this is the headquaters of this apostolic faith church.
churches, church, columbia, cogic, baptist, carolina, jesus, bishop, apostle, pentecostal, south, deitrick, haddon, official, founder, power, overseer, priority, realty, edisto
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singapore bible baptist church - singapore bible baptist church
singapore bible baptist church. our founder is the lord jesus christ. we are a local assembly of christ - a church for the new millennium, adapting to our times while anchored to our christ.
tithes, christ, faith, testimony, testament, witness, jesus, salvation, fundamental, baptist, bible, church, missionary, gospel, missions, singapore
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dawn bible students association - home page
dawn bible students association, publishers of the dawn magazine. a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the gospel of christ's coming kingdom.
bible, dawn, kingdom, students, judgement, jesus, christ, ernest, prayer, consecration, sacrifice, tabernacle, studies, presence, pentecost, publications, armageddon, frank, holy, passover
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bible sermons, full gospel bible teaching, sermons, articles on jesus christ our lord, messages and audio sermons. max solbrekken world mission
bible articles on jesus christ, healing, faith, salvation and eternal life. bible teaching, sermons, full gospel preacher, teacher, evangelist pastor max solbrekken shares the love and salvation of jesus christ. listen to powerful life changing audio sermons
life, death, messiah, rapture, jewish, lord, bible, eternity, eternal, hell, jehovah, heaven, salvation, jesus, spirit, prophesy, seek, sins, prophecy, after
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wordtruth | biblical presentations, scriptural insight or bible study notes | home
welcome to wordtruth, check out wordtruth for your life, relationships, and benefit to others.
holy, christ, spirt, trinity, lord, jesus, faith, bible, study, religion, truth
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feed my sheep ministries - feed my sheep world evangelism
holy, lord, spirit, bible, peace, study, adonia, teaching, worship, praise, saved, salvation, christian, religion, jerih, father, healer, prince, christ, deliverer
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effective faith - trust god, believe in jesus
effective faith in god by grace and belief in our lord and saviour jesus christ. trust god, believe in jesus and have faith.
faith, principles, mountain, perseverance, inspiration, jesus, move, prayer, give, trust, godly, teachings, effective, never
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88 - where the word of god is the final authority
a compendium of sermons from various pastors taken from the king james bible. complete with dictionary, scriptural references, stories and multimedia presentations, you'll be compelled to turn to christ!
soulwinning, crucifix, rapture, heaven, motorcycle, prayer, faith, denomination, parable, hell, christian, bible, christ, baptist, sermon, salvation, savior, church, jesus
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our savior lutheran church - our savior lutheran church home page
our savior evangelical lutheran church is a member congregation of the wels (wisconsin evangelical lutheran synod). our faith, our confessions, our preaching and teaching are the faith, the confessions, the preaching and teaching of the holy bible, which is the god-breathed inerrant, and unchangeable word of god. we are committed to bringing the gospel of jesus christ, the only savior of mankind, to people here and everywhere.
bible, holy, faith, gospel, evangelical, savior, synod, christ, brookings, wels, jesus, lutheran
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the coming rapture of the church
this website describes what will happen in the future based on biblical teachings. jesus christ is king of kings and lord of lords. come to find out the truth in gods' word.
jesus, tribulation, again, biblical, born, saved, future, children, scripture, jerusalem, christ, trinity, israel, prophecy, bible, holy, spirit, messiah, church, great
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marion church of christ - marion, il welcomes you.
the marion church of christ in marion, illinois has no creed but the bible! let us speak where the bible speaks, and be silent where the bible is silent!
church, holy, commission, plan, ghost, body, kingdom, great, salvation, marion, inspiration, bible, word, christ, jesus, illinois
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mountain view baptist church
our purpose is, through the holy spirits power, to reach, win and teach others the gospel of jesus christ as set forth in the holy bible, so that together we will worship god, grow in our faith, and share our witness with the world.
grace, youth, scripture, religion, wetumpka, alabama, salvation, savior, cross, praise, believers, baptism, gospel, redemption, mountain, emerald, family, spirit, holy, christian
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the holy face devotion - home page
jesus, christ, christianity, rosary, child, catholicism, bible, catholic, veronica, saints, theology, religion, prayer, pope, theresa, faith, cross, arrow, dupont, golden
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the story of jesus - florida's leading passion play.
passion play, the story of jesus: a most incredible, full-scale passion play portraying the birth, life, death and resurrection of our lord and savior jesus christ.
holy, jesus, king, christian, bible, florida, story, land, ministries, disney, galilee, testament, nazareth, peace, passion, play, lakeland, sebring, orlando, lake
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95 website
primitive baptist church internet outreach. setting forth the bible doctrines of sovereign grace from king james bible. thousands of doctrinal articles, commentaries, church histories, daily devotionals, hundreds of audio mp3's, over 1, 300 video sermons, video specials, 1, 000 + a cappella hymns, mp3's, scripture songs, king james audio bible, plus much more.
hymns, outreach, heaven, internet, elect, teach, lord, knowledge, understanding, sheep, populate, king, james, songs, baptist, obedience, nations, elder, keith, ellis
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hope cbc
hope community bible church exists to glorify god by making disciples who will grow in the grace and knowledge of our lord and savior jesus christ.
bible, church, christian, lordship, inerrancy, gospel, scripture, christ, hope, holy, jesus, spirit, salvation, community
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wljc - wonderful lord jesus christ
wljc was established in 1982 as the first completely christian television station in the state of kentucky. wljc is an independent christian, faith based ministry dedicated to spreading the gospel of jesus christ. the call letter wljc stand for wonderful lord jesus christ
christ, jesus, lord, wonderful
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sisters of the faith
an analysis of the lives of christian women and their many roles. a resource for christian women and their families.
hair, christ, jesus, bible, faith, music, gospel, beauty, homemaking, purity, christian, holy, holiness, prayer, women, spirit, disciple, sexual, family, skincare
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one lord, one faith, one baptism! - home
faith tabernacle apostolic ministries, a church in north houston, tx. one lord, one faith, one baptism!
holy, church, north, apostolic, faith, ghost, houston, praise, volunteer, witness, food, prayer, jesus, district, elder, wayside, request, pantry, drive, glory
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a word in season
a word in season, the voice of breakthrough, voice of prophecy, prophecy, prophesy, prophet, prophetic
glory, holy, jesus, word, breakthrough, ministries, voice, healing, miracles, bible, realm, ghost, lord, christ, spirit, fire, deliverance, elijah, free, blessed
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what is the meaning and purpose of baptism? -- the #1 most important website in the world
an online new testament study of the meaning and purpose of baptism and its relationship to salvation through the death, burial, and resurrection of jesus christ.
baptism, christ, baptized, conversion, bible, christianity, salvation, saved, holy, heaven, scriptures, lord, born, need, what, passion, baptize, must, kings, king
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latin vulgate bible with douay-rheims and king james version side-by-side+complete sayings of jesus christ
parallel latin vulgate bible and douay-rheims bible and king james bible; the complete sayings of jesus christ
sayings, latin, jerome, jesus, bible, christ, version, king, vulgate, saint, james
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pentecostal church of eastlake
bible, pentecostal, church, jesus, tongues, study, gifts, healing, truth, word, spirit, gift, speaking, preacher, holy, faith, united, baptism, eastlake, name
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clearwater baptist church - delta junction alaska
clearwater baptist church is located in delta junction, alaska. we are a southern baptist church and are here to worship god and jesus christ our savior. we strive to teach the bible as accurately as possible, and encourage one another to live our lives day by day walking in faith in the lord jesus christ. this site will introduce you to our church.
bible, family, jesus, church, cotton, glen, teaching, pastor, style, school, sunday, creator, baptist, faith, alaska, delta, christ, southern, christian, junction
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faith baptist church - home
faith baptist church is a fellowship of believers in the lord jesus christ. our chief purpose is to see christ glorified through the proclamation of his word.
salvation, preaching, sermons, jesus, trust, bible, growing, raymore, faith, baptist, church
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the speakn deacon solid bible teaching
social media ministry. experience bible teaching safe at home.
bible, study, gospel, sermons, christian, jesus, christ, holy, preaching, books, truth, evangelism, scripture, discipleship, topics, minsitry, christians, theology, ministry, praise
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bible truth tv, 24 hour christian tv, broadcasting the gospel of jesus christ, 24 hour christian tv: broadcasting the true gospel of jesus christ as revealed in the king james bible.
christ, jesus, king, james, bible, gospel, hour, christian, bibletruthtv
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grace & truth baptist church - home
welcome to grace and truth baptist church goa india. we are based in goa, a small tourist destination located on the west-coast of india, that has long stretches of sandy beaches, and kissed by the vast expanse of the arabian sea. we are an old-fashioned, independent, baptist church that believes, preaches, and practices the word of god using the king james bible.
church, spirit, fellowship, holy, christ, jesus, salvation, sermons, video, audio, youtube, preaching, bible, panjim, baptist, james, india
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churches of god outreach ministries
christian biblical education and bible study resources in god's holydays, in salvation through jesus, and in the study of man's destiny to become members of god's divine family
bible, software, christian, search, study, electronic, scripture, cgom, jesus, religious, ebooks, james, king, resources, savior, directory, bibles, scriptures, periodicals, books
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the lord's prayer
find the lord's prayer here. jesus is lord.
lord, jesus, bible, scripture, christ, pray, prayer, lords, christian, gospel, father
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infant jesus .com :: home page
the pioneer site of infant jesus
holy, catholic, jesus, infant, church, prague, christ, eucharist, mass, sunday, faith, roman, sacraments, rosary, christian, child, prauge, mary, sacramentals, christianity
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| love & faith chapel
lfc is a christ-centered church where you will find a community of people who exhibit love for one another and aspire to walk in faith as commanded by our lord and savior jesus christ.
christ, redemption, jesus, faith, gospel, christianity
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jesus folk
the official web site of jesus christ loving folk and god fearing christian. jesus folk: love jesus, people, & the bible. it is your god & jesus christ centered bible based christian portal where jesus is lord!
jesus, official, christian, christ, christians, love, gods, christianity, bible, website
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king james bible study
preaching the word for jesus chirist if you would like to help with the king james bible school pastor jep hansen
study, bible, james, king
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christianity - faith in god, jesus christ - christian living, trivia
learn about christianity - having faith in god and jesus christ. christian living articles, daily devotionals, bible trivia, and more!
bible, christian, christianity, faith, tools, ministries, study, christ, verses, ministry, jesus, games, life, spiritual, living, online, daily, blogs, trivia, devotionals
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true church of jesus christ
welcome to true church of jesus christ it is our privilege to share with you the ministry that god has placed with in our spirits to invigorate, challenge and impact your life to renewed heights in the lord.
christian, counselling, marriage, councelling, study, bible, pentecostal, oneness, holy, spirit, jesus
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seek god's word - the answers to life's questions are in the holy bible
the purpose of this website is to answer some of life's questions from the ultimate source of knowledge, the holy bible. god's word has the answers but we must study to find the truth and then we must follow in jesus footsteps to have the hope of eternal life. this site provides a bible dictionary, a bible commentary and a bible verse comparison.
bible, church, religion, christ, jesus, scripture, mormon, spirituality, true, islam, jehovahs, lamb, witness, lutheran, greek, other, verse, gateway, dictionary, commentary
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paradise primitive baptist church website, arlington, texas
paradise primitive baptist church internet outreach. setting forth the bible doctrines of sovereign grace from king james bible. thousands of doctrinal articles, commentaries, church histories, daily devotionals, hundreds of audio, over 1, 100 video sermons, video specials, 950 + a cappella hymns, mp3's, photos, king james audio bible, plus much more.
outreach, heaven, elect, internet, hymns, populate, keith, sheep, teach, ellis, songs, christ, king, james, lord, knowledge, gospel, ministry, food, kingdom
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faith baptist church | pastor jeff vinci
faith baptist is an independent baptist church pastored by pastor jeff vinci. it has a friendly, atmosphere, compassionate vision, and strong commitment to truth
bible, church, baptist, class, sunday, club, kids, study, school, again, family, born, life, gospel, counseling, james, faith, christian, christ, jesus
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home - faith multipliers international ministries
faith multipliers international ministries
spirit, faith, jesus, holy, education, conference, spreading, media, gospel, health, missions, discipleship, philos, fruit, agape, witnessing, mission, giving, medical, love
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clinton first united methodist church
join us at clinton first united methodist church, 4th and blackman streets, clinton, in to worship the lord, god. our mission is to develop followers of jesus christ and our vision is: through jesus christ and our strong foundation, we will build a better tomorrow! we are a people open to all who want to grow in faith, love, and service.
group, methodist, bible, school, music, jesus, pastor, service, womens, wedding, christian, baptism, communion, protestant, united, youth, missions, worship, christ, praise
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christian faith – about jesus christ, bible teaching, testimonies, salvation, prayer, faith, holy networking
about jesus christ, bible teaching, testimonies, salvation, prayer, faith, holy networking
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faith community church of vacaville, ca - bible-based expository preaching
faith community church exists to bring glory to god in all things. this is our aim, our passion, our desire, our goal. we want to be bible based and god centered and to hold high the word of god because we love the god of the word. we believe in expository preaching and want to be used by god to impact this generation for his glory.
church, jesus, christ, faith, community, scripture, gospel, expository, exegetical, sufficiency, kile, lordship, spirit, holy, salvation, bible, vacaville, christian, inerrancy
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disciples of jesus christ church apostolic faith
we are the disciples of jesus christ church - apostolic faith we have started this website to bring more people closer to our lord jesus christ. we are here to answer questions and provide information that may help guide you on your journey. if you have any questions feel free to email anyone on our contact list. please sign our guest book and let us know that you were here. we have two services a week, you can find the days and times on our home page.
contacts, services, verses, bible
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jesus name united pentecostal church
jesus name united pentecostal church is a church serving colorado city texas and the surrounding mitchell county area. we are a family of believers that worship the lord jesus christ in spirit and in truth. we enjoy serving the lord in worship, music, praise, preaching, bible study, prayer and obedience to his word.
pentecostal, texas, bible, baptism, ghost, holy, christ, jesus, spirit, scripture, lord, west, evangelism, preaching, study, oneness, school, upci, united, colorado
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read the divine name king james bible online
name, divine, king, james, bible, yhwh, jhvh, yahweh, dnkjb, testament, version, holy, scripture, jehovah, scriptures, gospel
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home - great valley presbyterian church
welcome to great valley presbyterian church as an historic church, we exist to glorify god by enabling all people to become fully devoted followers of the lord jesus christ. we prayerfully strive, through the holy spirit, to fulfill our purpose by worship biblical teaching, service, fellowship, and active involvement in world evangelism. we are a confessing church upholding the essential tenets of the reformed faith.
testament, faith, church, love, community, grace, bible, christ, vision, pastor, stewart, redeemer, salvation, jesus, lord, risen, mission, upholding, essential, tenets
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welcome to the church of the open bible!
the church of the open bible is an independent, bible believing and teaching assembly located in the greater burlington woburn community. founded in 1884, cob is located just 12 miles outside of boston and directly off us highway i-95. our convenient location provides easy access from almost anywhere in the greater boston and southern new hampshire areas. we are a christ-centered, family-oriented body of believers seeking to glorify the lord jesus christ. our mission is to honor god by making and maturing disciples who together are becoming like the lord jesus christ.
open, bible, gospel, jesus, christ, discipleship, burlington, boston, area, woburn, church
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baptist church tucson | about us
shining light baptist church in tucson stands on the king james version of the holy bible and we use the word of god “in spirit and in truth”.
tucson, baptist, holy, soulwinning, salvation, ghost, father, fundamental, preacher, mission, bible, independent, spirit, hell, arizona, worship, tabernacle, church, heaven, version
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home - king james video ministries
this website can provide information on the king james version issue and many other subjects.
king, james, bible, controversy, version, onlyism
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faith of god bible school
welcome to faith of god bible school! we are a non-denominational bible school dedicated to freely teaching god's people to observe all things that jesus commanded (matthew 28:19-20). it is our prayerful desire that many will join our bible school and be blessed by their growth in knowledge and love for the lord through our courses. we encourage all who are seeking to further their studies in the bible to prayerfully consider becoming a student of faith of god bible school. we offer all our courses as free correspondence courses which are available online. thus, a believer has many means available to continue their studies and is not required to rearrange their schedule for classes. also, correspondence study helps encourage personal study, which is essential to the training of a minister of the glorious gospel of jesus christ. we offer degrees in theology and ministry. our graduates are even able to be ordained ministers of the gospel through word of faith holiness fellowship! god
bible, school, faith, moodle
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sacred name bible index - sacred name king james version by
read the sacred name bible online, or download the html files for $5.00. several free bibles and free bible software are available at this site
bible, king, sacred, james, free, name, swahili, rumanian, swedish, romanian, tagalog, vietnamese, ukrainian, greek, strongs, cebuano, albanian, software, hungarian, apocrypha
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alpha ministries, inc. - 718.604.2205::protestant reformation movement ::
thank you and god bless for visiting the alpha ministries website.. -* designed by *-
ministry, christian, lord, praise, church, jesus, spirit, christ, bible, study, cryout, eternal, life, married, pastor, free, bless, friend, christianity, fruit
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racine baptist temple - racine, wi
racine baptist temple is an independent, king james bible believing church. our purpose is to magnify the lord jesus christ through worship and the word of god. we make jesus christ known to our neighbors and the nations. we are moving believers in jesus christ toward maturity and ministry. racine baptist temple is a
baptist, wisconsin, racine, church, east, american, temple, south
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135 - welcome to flat creek baptist church!
flat creek is a cooperating southern baptist church serving the lynchburg community since 1831. flat creek embodies the founding faith of our fathers and mothers as southern baptists. we are dedicated to the gospel of our lord and savior jesus christ as the compelling reason that god is at work in this world. god has communicated to us by the living word, jesus christ, and through his written word, the holy scriptures. the bible is given so that we may enjoy our sin's forgiveness in christ jesus and relish the true, magnificent nature of an infinite god.
jesus, christ, flat, word, that, southern, creek, written, holy, scriptures, bible, through, serving, communicated, living, given, magnificent, nature, infinite, true
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westfield alliance church good news! jesus christ is lord and savior
a christ centered bible believing church, affiliated with the christian and missionary alliance, a worldwide evangelical denomination.
westfieldalliancechurch, eternal, truth, faith, life, hope, grace, prophesy, probability, resurrection, believe, christian, salvation, news, good, church, alliance, jesus, christ, bible
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christ's sanctified holy church-holiness unto the lord! sanctified church-second blessing holiness
christ sanctified holy church, raleigh, nc - holiness unto the lord! worship with us! no creed but christ, no law but love, no guide but the bible.
holiness, sins, christmas, holy, sanctified, forgiveness, gospel, story, again, ones, loved, forgiven, born, salvation, second, north, raleigh, blessing, jesus, church
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outside the camp: reflections of a renegade christian
reflections of a renegade christian on popular culture, american politics, american history, lsrael, islam, king james bible, jesus christ, the christian life, ruckman, kjb only, jacques ellul
bible, james, kjvo, king, jesus, camp, christian, outside, christ, authorized, videos, music, books, movies, boxing, version, believers, fellowship, renegade, ellul
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immanuel's church is a bible believing, bible teaching, evangelical gathering of faith in the lord jesus christ. we are multi-denominational in our makeup and teaching, embracing the best of the truth of our lord and savior.
church, camp, sonshine, youth, cross, interdenominational, summer, deaf, ministry, apostolic, evangelical, media, sacrifice, love, maryland, spring, silver, evangelism, 20905, christ
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a peronal website of bible study for believers and non-believers, for the church of christ (acapella)speaking of salvation in jesus christ our lord and savior, fundamentals of the faith, textual criticism, bible commentary.
music, vocal, acapella, congregational, singing, quizes, lessons, instrumental, commentary, bible, christ, jesus, textual, criticism, baptism, salvation
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wordtruth partnership
the purpose of wordtruth is to bring glory to god by presenting biblical truth that is applicable and meaningful for daily life.
holy, christ, spirt, trinity, lord, jesus, faith, bible, study, religion, truth
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christ's bondservants
testimonies, bible studies, inspirational articles and sermon outlines from a variety of writers, all from a pentecostal emphasis, and are aimed to encourage believers and produce unity in the church.
prayer, church, encourage, grace, kingdom, bible, stephens, christian, believers, love, praise, christ, worship, jesus, pentecostal, faith, charismatic, healing, harvest, evangelist
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welcome to faith church - faith church of grayslake
faith church of grayslake, committed to helping you take the next step on your spiritual journey, and making mature followers of jesus christ.
faith, signing, deaf, jesus, service, church, grayslake, spiritual, christ, sovereign, regeneration, repentance, renewal, righteousness, lord, sacrifice, thorwall, celebrate, recovery, drew
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faith baptist church family friendly king james san antonio texas
we use the king james bible, we are not formalistic, facetious, famous, nor fake; we are not trying to be popular; we just want to please god!
bible, baptist, king, james, fundamental, family, version, texas, independent, church, antonio, iindependent
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home - faith bible church
faith bible church is a bible preaching church 518-234-3497
church, bible, faith, king, carlisle, james, fellowship, york, traditional, academy, christian, canajoharie, school, cobleskill, sprakers
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christian bible studies | the berean research institute
berean research bible studies explain the gospel of jesus christ - how to be saved - born again, and go to heaven.
bible, doctrine, catholic, tongues, pentecostal, baxter, calvinism, church, wright, mike, christ, jesus, irvin, false, christian, christianity, carnal, studies, baptist, king
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lavender church of christ, singapore
welcome to the home page of the lavender church of christ, singapore.
bible, church, testament, singapore, christ, churches, faith, jesus, study, studies, lord, contending, salvation, sermons, seek, restoration, first, scriptural, questions, articles
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to assist those searching for information related to 'the things concerning the kingdom of god and the name of jesus christ' as revealed in the bible.
kingdom, heaven, baptism, milllenium, israel, jews, redemption, atonement, operation, onesimus, spirit, eden, holy, faith, devil, satan, trinity, immortality, bible, christadelphia
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bible, christ, jesus, gospel, salvation, king, james, haynie, open, athens, richard, maine, church
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revealing word deliverance centre inc. is an evangelical christian ministry dedicated to the un-compromised preaching, teaching and demonstration of the gospel of our lord and savior jesus christ. r.w.d.c. inc.
faith, help, gentiles, heaven, jews, hope, power, hell, satan, sing, preach, patriarchs, jerusalem, charismatic, angels, devil, holy, deliverance, love, christian
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bible baptist church - home
bible baptist church. independent fundamental baptist. come visit a church that loves the lord and the truth of his word.
king, christ, james, 1611, jesus, fundamental, church, baptist, paragould, independent, bible
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this site is not about evangelizing non-christians and is about spreading the truth about the holy bible. we strive to bring fresh insight and commentary on the study of gods word.
bible, study, james, testament, macarthur, king, online, application, life, material, newly, click, christ, goats, provided, bizarre, allwords, genealogy, zondervan, christian
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bible online - speaking bible online software by - index - download free bible software or bible on cd rom
bible online software in a web-based format. if you can surf the web you can use this online bible software. there is a speaking bible that uses microsoft agent technology, a bible dictionary, a bible concordance, an online bible search bible online, and numerous bible translations including the king james bible and the douay rheims catholic bible.
bible, free, online, software, audio, search, concordance, catholic, pictures, scripture, james, dictionary, name, speaking, html, study, bibles, talking, speed, holy
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memorial tabernacle church
memorial, memorial tabernacle is a christ holy sanctified church located in oakland california.
church, tabernacle, memorial, youth, king, sanctified, stephen, holy, salvation, ministries, study, adult, bible, sermons, rehearsal, choir, 58th, jesus, lord, love
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memorial tabernacle church
memorial, memorial tabernacle is a christ holy sanctified church located in oakland california.
church, tabernacle, memorial, youth, king, sanctified, stephen, holy, salvation, ministries, study, adult, bible, sermons, rehearsal, choir, 58th, jesus, lord, love
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peace presbyterian church | welcome
invitations to worship from followers of jesus in elk grove, ca
church, bible, holy, study, games, serving, traditional, contemporary, service, worship, spirit, christ, jesus, ghost, joshua, invitations, salvation, faith, youth
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christ fellowship...a fellowship of faith, hope, praise, and worship in christ...
christ fellowship is a fellowship of faith, hope, praise and worship located on n. three notch road in ringgold, georgia. we meet on sunday mornings & evenings, in addition we also meet on wednesday evenings for a simple supper and bible study. everyone is welcome. please join us as we worship the lord together.
georgia, bible, greater, chattannoga, three, notch, demoninational, north, coming, rapture, ringgold, battlefield, parkway, church, catoosa, nondenominational, protestant, second, small, congregation
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158 - rediscover the holy bible
rediscover the wisdom of the holy bible with searchable verses, biblical images, dictionary, topical index, study aids and more.
bible, testament, version, standard, american, nasb, pictures, search, dictionary, images, king, james, online, holy, chinese, union, bibleing
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new heights baptist church - home
new heights baptist church is an independent, fundamental, king james bible believing baptist church here in aurora, colorado. we have a focus on missions, sound doctrine, soul winning, separation, and discipleship.
bible, james, preaching, king, nursery, school, sunday, believers, ruckman, mens, teaching, only, missions, jesus, aurora, southern, baptist, independent, discipleship, separation
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cqodspurgeon: the grand fact
daily quotation from classical christian writers
truth, grace, spirit, prayer, heart, heaven, believe, divine, gospel, peace, power, holy, faith, church, christian, christ, jesus, lord, bible, people
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home - cross centered missions
our vision is to bring together missions and people who desire to grow in their christian faith and reach the world with the gospel. we desire to fulfill what scripture states: to "prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves." james 1:22.
heaven, saved, jesus, christ, test, south, dakota, savior, repent, hell, people, pierre, good, university, holy, spirit, bible, centered, missions, john
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absolute bible study
study, bible, word, religion, testament, love, gospel, guidance, spiritual, church, lord, holy, theology, scriptures, spirit, christianity, jesus, advance, christian, christ
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the catholic forum
we are striving to provide a forum in which local conversations may explore universal aspects of catholic teaching, practice and culture, in order that our audience might be invited into the conversation of grace and experience the fullness and richness of the catholic faith in jesus christ.
holy, father, christ, spirit, ghost, religion, bible, forum, jesus, mary, evangelize, catholic
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welcome to new life bible church | fayetteville, nc | christian academy | praise & worship in cumberland county
new life is a fellowship of believe in the lordship of jesus christ. our supreme desire is to know christ and to be conformed to his image by the power of the holy spirit. we are not a denominational church, nor are we opposed to denominations as such, only their overemphasis of the doctrinal differences that have led to the division of the body. we believe that only true basis of christian fellowship in his (agape) love, which greater than any differences we may have.
holy, lordship, christ, spirit, pastor, mclauchlin, allen, lord, jesus, bible, life, church, christian, fellowship
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online free bible, holy bible, king james version | index.htm
king james bible online, online bible, free bible, bible verses, books of the bible, holy bible, king james version,
bible, james, online, king, version, holy, books, free, verses
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166 - the official web site of the youth bishopric - egypt
saint, holy, trinity, coptic, family, christ, spirit, christians, church, religions, youth, jesus, bible, egyptian, savior, egypt, aigyptos, mina, mark, george
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167 largest cross in western hemisphere
largest free standing cross in america, a spiritual experience you will never forget
cross, christ, jesus, ministries, candles, texas, angelic, wheel, site, need, help, holy, saved, died, empty, tomb, thomas, turin, shroud, groom
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bible on cd rom - speedbible software by - index - download free bible software or search the bible online
the speedbible is the web-based html bible on cd rom, and is available for $14.95. if you can surf the web, you can use this online bible software. in addition, there is free bible software, a speaking bible that uses microsoft agent technology, a bible dictionary, a bible concordance, an online bible search, bible commentary, and numerous bible translations including the king james bible and the douay rheims catholic bible. a web based red letter edition of the holy bible with the words of our saviour in red is available online for your daily scripture reading. the speedbible is downloadable as free bible software in the microsoft html help format, that has a bible search engine and works under your browser.
bible, free, search, audio, concordance, commentary, quote, story, pictures, scripture, catholic, james, dictionary, verse, speaking, talking, speed, speedbible, software, sacred
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hot rod church for sinners
hot rod church for sinners is a place where sinners come in and get transformed by the gospel of jesus christ. they are given the owners manual for life (the bible) to equip them to be ambassadors of our savior jesus christ.
jesus, christ, lord, salvation, southern, bible, grace, california, fifties, religion, rods, rockabilly, music, cars, church
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twin oaks baptist church is all about spreading the good news of eternal life through jesus christ. our focus is to lead others to chirst through the preaching of the word of god and by example. we support several missionaries called out to the field to further our reach to the lost. br. jessie simon is our pastor. we are located in keller, texas
church, youth, baptist, download, simon, grace, sunday, sermons, jesus, faith, redemption, saving, bible, salvation, virtue, school, women, twin, mercy, worship
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moraine heights baptist church dayton oh
welcome to moraine height baptist church dayton ohio. a friendly dynamic bible-believing church for the whole family. 5661 munger rd., dayton oh 45459 937-434-6658 email: [email protected]
church, christian, baptist, christ, hudson, bible, testament, sunday, school, ministry, programs, music, jesus, holy, dayton, terrell, pastor, mhbc, with, outreach
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faith fellowship church, hanston, ks
saved, christian, lord, gospel, bible, savior, fellowship, jesus, forgiven, christ, faith
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good news dispatch
good news dispatch, a resource for those seeking to learn more about jesus christ, featuring videos by gayle erwin and zola levitt.
gayle, erwin, jesus, holy, christ, spirit, rapture, trinity, hell, heaven, lord, satan, israel, commandments, righteous, life, afterlife, eternal, evangelism, witness
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christ is the truth - home
christ is the truth, the way, and the life. god’s love flows continuously like a spring, bestowed to you, to me, and to him, bestowed to all who genuinely seek the truth and wait for god’s appearing.
bible, almighty, faith, church, inspiration, religion, union, christ, gospel, hell, lord, trinity, kingdom, heaven, grace, cross, jesus, lightning, eastern, good
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running for my life ministries | marysville, oh 43040
to reach the unsaved and encourage them to surrender their life to christ. to encourage the body of christ to live and move by their faith in bring restoration (body, soul and spirit) to those who struggle or have struggled with life-limiting addictions, compulsions and life-altering hurts. worship service with relevent and anointed messages. bible studies, mentoring, support groups will be forming. allowing the holy spirit to move and fill all individuals while encouraging them and their families to run the race that is set before them in victory found in our lord and savior jesus christ.
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holy bible prophecy | pastor paul begley
holy bible prophecy
will, when, prophecy, bible, christ, revealed, book, anti, come, holy, return, antichrist, revalation, prophet, revelation, beast, last, times, jesus, mahdi
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northwinds church - faith. family. friends
northwinds church provides an opportunity for all people to be accepted, connected and transformed (a.c.t.) through the truth of jesus christ.
generation, friends, holy, jesus, indiana, family, faith, bible, beliefs, christ, christian, evansville, church
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grace baptist church, glen rose, tx
it gives information about grace baptist church. grace baptist church is an independent, fundamental baptist church.
king, james, grace, river, bible, church, baptist, mill, brazos, squaw, paluxy, faith, creek, jesus, messiah, scripture, kings, christ, israel, word
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church of the lord jesus christ directions/welcome/mission/map pastor king, 4209 rosemary ln church of jesus christ, church of lord jesus christ, pastor lawrence master, l.r. masters
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the holy spirit - facts about the holy spirit, fruit of the spirit, jesus, holy ghost, god, tongues, prayer, speaking in tongues, pentecost, trinity, bible, scripture, father, son
the holy spirit: who is he? why do i need to know him? facts about the holy spirit, fruit of the spirit, jesus, holy ghost, god, tongues, prayer, speaking in tongues, pentecost, trinity, bible, scripture, father, son
spirit, jesus, sandy, kulkin, tongues, holy, spiritual, gifts, healing, angels, miracles, interpretation, discernment, knowledge, revival, charismatic, wisdom, jerusalem, peter, fire
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new testament revealed: deception by the devils
shocking new research of the new testament reveals christianity as a deception tool. all exposed in new testament revealed: deception by the devils.
bible, jesus, holy, christ, book, scriptures, lies, people, hebrew, research, true, religious, living, prophecy, testament, prophecies, about, order, christian
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fill the void
is your life empty? let the lord jesus christ fill the void!! informative articles that will help you find meaning and purpose in your life.
bible, christian, heaven, cults, spirituality, entertainment, media, occult, online, aliens, schedule, creation, reading, hell, faith, graphics, prophecy, free, void, christ
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henelizs christian corner
my site is dedicated to the truth of the bible, and sending the gospel into the world in these last days, before the year 2011 when christ will more than likely return based on a biblical calendar derived from studying the bible dates.
jesus, bible, delusion, pastors, truth, tongues, signs, israel, wonders, heaven, glory, sword, death, tribulation, last, days, prophet, latter, daniel, seal
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daily bible | be inspired with daily devotions, prayers and bible verses with our daily bible site.
read the king james bible online, look up bible passages and get free online bible devotions all at
bible, online, verse, daily, free, find, psalms, scripture, finder, study, devotions, holy, king, james, passage, lookup
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rejection of pascal's wager: a skeptic's guide to christianity
a skeptic's guide to the rejection of christian beliefs.
testament, bible, church, christ, theology, jesus, atheism, christianity, christian, religion, catholic, religions, roman, greek, study, salvation, christians, true, liberation, reform
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faith walkers baptist church
faithwalkers baptist church, home , "a people being transformed in christ through faith, worship, witness and service" , , join us
gospel, jesus, lord, prayer, walkers, bible, christ, church, faith, baptist
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bethel church of god
a group holding fast to the faith once delivered, observing the biblical sabbath and gods holy days.
church, christ, pentecost, jesus, faith, meats, sabbath, truth, codified, word, salvation, unclean, crucifixion, clean, bible, revelation, kingdom, plain, prove, born
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bible teachings
christian site presenting articles, books, confessions, etc., that reflect bible views on both doctrinal and practical areas of discipleship. these are written in a clear and simple style, supported by abundant scripture, so the lord can use his word to tell his own story.
testament, christ, lord, jesus, church, eternal, redemption, life, mennonite, mennonites, evidences, conservative, discipleship, truth, scripture, teachings, christian, studies, word, bible
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mount zion united holy church of oxford, nc inc.
the mount zion uhc of oxford, nc greets you in the name of our lord and savior jesus christ! we invite you to visit with us whenever you are led to do so
holy, zion, mount, church, united, jackson, word, bible, sunday, north, carolina, oxford, worship, missionary, pastor, praise, savior, ministry, morning, service
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juig! tydskrif | christelike familielewe | afrikaans magazine | christian news | christen nuus | jesus christ
joy magazine is a christian family living magazine focused on christian news, eductaion, information and the application of jesus christ in all areas of life.
christian, magazine, worldview, christ, jesus, faith, biblical, promoting, unity, spiritual, lord, informing, online, living, family, news, statement, bible, educating
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white stones ministries-end time messages from the lord to his church
white stones ministries has this web site dedicated to making public prophetic messages from the lord to the church about soon coming judgment. end time messages.
prophecy, bible, christian, prayer, jesus, ministry, days, last, prophetic, endtime, revelation, endtimes, faith, america, dreams, lord, coming, site, ministries, israel
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shiloh apostolic church living word center in new jersey and georgia. praise jesus
holy, praise, king, coming, holiness, lord, soon, ghost, hallelujah, service, ministry, worship, jesus
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life church church of god in christ - detroit michigan
free, church, holy, jesus, youth, sunday, lord, worship, life, teenage, exciting, wisdom, leaders, honest, bible, praise, learning, ghost, study, faith
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copperfield bible church
copperfield bible church, located in northwest houston, is an independent, nondenominational body of believers with a common love for jesus christ. our purpose is to glorify god through the preaching and application of the bible which will bring men to faith and maturity in jesus christ. as our name implies, the bible is our sole guide for faith and practice. we believe in the doctrines of christianity as taught in scripture, most importantly as they relate to the nature of god, the person and work of jesus christ, and salvation through him.
houston, phillips, tilting, pyromaniacs, gospel, world, gods, proverbs, wisdom, daniel, dispensational, baptist, church, evangelical, northwest, copperfield, bible
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faith community church - janesville, wi - faith community church - janesville, wi
a church with a mission. faith community church is committed to bringing people to faith and maturity in christ. that is who we are, and what we do. that mission statement is the driving force behind everything we do. but it is not a mission that we made up. it is the mission jesus gave to the church nearly 2, 000 years ago. includes many resources for families, teenagers, and children.
bible, youth, community, contemporary, discipleship, creek, willow, classes, spiritual, curriculum, mentor, program, free, training, gifts, children, lord, christ, christian, music
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free kjv bible studies | prepared by the h.e.a.r.t. ministry | brian and diana starre
browse our library of free king james bible studies that help pastors and local churches with discipleship, soulwinning and evangelism.
bible, baptist, cleveland, starre, studies, diana, king, star, salvation, book, brian, broadview, pastor, james, ministry, version, church, folger, kevin, faith
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david chadwell
advancing relationships, the divine and the human. the challenge is to think and reflect. allow jesus christ to be your way to god the father, the guide to truth regarding righteousness and evil, and your light to lead you as you live in a world of darkness.
bible, study, gospel, faith, missions, abraham, journey, resources, books, doctrine, commandments, rule, sinful, internet, restoration, christianity, christians, worship, spirit, first
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home - candlestick baptist church
baptist, church, bible, candlestick, independent, version, jesus, spring, fundamental, music, christian, james, family, christ, resurrection, gospel, king, salvation, authorised, texas
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woodlands bible church - home
welcome to woodlands bible church we are a church dedicated to teaching the truth of god's word. we are a place of worship, learning and fellowship. the lord jesus christ is central and the glory of god is our deepest desire as we meet together to honor h
woodlands, church, jesus, bible, salvation, smith, christ, pastor, darrell
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online bible - home
free bible study software
bible, software, study, free, sunday, school, christian, online, download, tool, home, freeware, shareware, research, book, resource, electronic, dictionary, teach, exegesis
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christian, non-denominational, church on the rock: home page
a christian, non-denominational church, church on the rock, is a word of faith church based in georgetown and lago vista, texas and central texas and preaches directly from the bible and allows the holy spirit to move freely.
spirit, holy, jesus, christian, church, rock, christ, ghost, gifts, hill, father, round, country, austin, cross, family, pflugerville, team, revolution, band
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home - non-denominational, church located in indian traill, nc. no one is turned away. want to know what your purpose in life is or where you belong? might be here!
jehovah, spirit, holy, purpose, bible, testament, james, king, version, help, indian, church, trail, located, standard, international, canu, provider, raphah, prayer
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west-ark church of christ splash page
original website for west-ark church of christ.
bible, missions, classes, class, software, supper, acappella, capella, cappella, webminister, internet, ministers, library, sinful, linkbrary, sermons, evidences, books, articles, acapella
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the common man's prospective
the common man's prospective analysis from the bible and history written, edited and published by common men for common men.
bible, king, james, holy, jesus, septuagint
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saint ann's episcopal church - amsterdam, ny
saint ann's episcopal church is a group of disciples of jesus christ making visible the kingdom of god in the power of the holy spirit. we believe that the bible is the word of god containing all things necessary for salvation. we gather together for worship, celebration, fellowship and the celebration of the sacraments.
bible, church, holy, amsterdam, communion, eucharist, jesus, episcopal, albany, diocese, welcoming, city, sermons, believing, wedding, baptism, prayer, christ, saint, anglican
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bible baptist publications
tracts, booklets, books, articles, bible studies, bible institute, and cassettes on bible topics
bible, literature, baptist, james, truth, sermons, sunday, articles, stickers, printed, school, scripture, publications, martin, 1611, christian, preaching, institute, teaching, jesus
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life in christ family church
teaching god's people to live by faith
hope, love, charismatic, york, faith, church, jesus, holy, spirit, bible
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path to heaven
is there strife in your life? are you seeking comfort? the ultimate joy is in knowing you are saved! are you on the path to heaven? we are a congregation of the one true church christ himself formed.
satan, lord, devil, worship, prayer, scripture, faith, denominational, doctrine, central, wisconsin, christ, church, marshfield, holy, spirit, jesus, hell, heaven, path
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bikers for jesus
bikers for jesus a national christian biker ministry, sharing the love of jesus christ worldwide.
christian, biker, christ, jesus, bible, motorcycle, bikers, church, motorcyclists, prayer, salvation, gospel, patches, apparel, motorcycles, christianity, children, gods, faith, religious
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yonkton church of christ, yankton, sd
yankton church of christ is a congregation of the lord's church that seeks to edify and uplift those who are willing to spend some time with us. we offer static information as well as interactive services via e-mail, bible studies, and proactive informational text.
grace, angels, faith, hope, salvation, forgive, saved, heaven, religion, bible, church, christ, jesus
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free bible software by - index - download web-based free bible software or bible on cd rom
the html bible is free bible software in a web-based format. if you can surf the web you can use this online bible software. there is a speaking bible that uses microsoft agent technology a bible dictionary a bible concordance an online bible search bible commentary and numerous bible translations including the king james bible and the douay rheims catholic bible. a web based red letter edition of the holy bible with the words of our saviour in red is available online for your daily scripture reading. the speedbible is free bible software in the microsoft html help format that has a bible search engine and is available for free download.
bible, free, software, online, search, audio, concordance, catholic, pictures, scripture, commentary, dictionary, holy, speaking, html, study, bibles, talking, speed, king
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truth or tradition? - dedicated to helping you understand the word of god, free from the traditions of men.
there are many ideas about christianity, but our aim is to help people understand what the bible actually says.
holy, jesus, communion, saved, christian, doctrine, unitarian, death, bible, scripture, heaven, spirit, hell, trinity, salvation, truth, lose, tradition, lord, enlightenment
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new covenant ministries
a church of the teachings of our lord jesus the christ as he takes us to fellowship with father god.
bible, jesus, preaching, ghost, holy, anointed, fellowship, ekklesia, kingdom, truth, salvation, love, saints, teaching, christian, ministries, covenant, church, filled, spirit
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yeshua (jesus) is lord
yeshua (jesus) is christ, the only true living god, the lord god almighty, lord of lords, king of kings, my savior, and my faithful friend.
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our savior's lutheran church
wisconsin evangelical lutheran church congregational body in east wenatchee washington our saviors lutheran
holy, jesus, bible, christ, lutheran, pastor, worship, wenatchee, church, evangelical, schwarz, bryan, east, easter, trinity, spirit, saviors, lwms, christmas, study
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christformation in you - home
christ, formation, christformation, ministries, jesus, spirit, faith, ministry, holy, lord, father, christian
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workmen for christ
workmen for christ is a ministry devoted to god and his word, aimed at teaching biblical truths and comparing doctrines to the bible itself. we aim to help the body of christ grow stronger and more mature in the faith of our lord.
christian, teaching, biblical, doctrine, bible, help, christ, false, maturity, growth, ministries, online, jesus, workmen, truth, word
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teachingfaith ministries | welcome!
christian, bible, faith, gospel, prayer, testament, jesus, hearing, teachingfaith, saint, enoch, abraham, warfare, moses, daniel, revelation, genesis, angels, spiritual, peter
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teachingfaith ministries | welcome!
christian, bible, faith, gospel, prayer, testament, jesus, hearing, teachingfaith, saint, enoch, abraham, warfare, moses, daniel, revelation, genesis, angels, spiritual, peter
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teachingfaith ministries | welcome!
christian, bible, faith, gospel, prayer, testament, jesus, hearing, teachingfaith, saint, enoch, abraham, warfare, moses, daniel, revelation, genesis, angels, spiritual, peter
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god calls you : free bible, worship songs, videos, bible messages, bible quiz, prayers, testimonials
god calls you is a christian website. gcy proclaims the good news about jesus christ and the messages from the bible. we are christians and we believe in the father, son jesus and the holy spirit. we learn gospel and understand the bible in our day to day life and through this website we share it with others. we give free bible to everyone.
bible, salvation, gospel, christian, pentacostal, quiz, believer, saviour, calls, jesus, christ, messiah
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springwood chapel - york pa
we are a new testament church under the lord jesus christ located in york pa
bible, grace, truth, school, doctrines, five, mercy, fellowship, love, word, family, solas, jesus, christ, salvation, chapel, york, messiah, messianic, covenant
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west fifth bible chapel :
welcome to west fifth bible chapel, we are a fellowship of born again under the authority of the lord jesus christ through his word and the holy spirit.
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ncbc home
national capital bible church
bible, thieme, doctrine, church, berachah, christ, spirit, truth, robert, study, pastor, method, virginia, inghram, volition, seminary, believer, soul, jehovah, rapture
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victory center church where jesus is lord
victory center church-where jesus is lord, pastor anna drinkwine
ministry, spirit, victory, prayer, holy, church, reverend, pentecost, pastor, power, healng, ghost, tongues, praise, lost, soul, worship, word, preacher, miracle
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the site has been created to teaching the gospel and spread the good news of jesus christ. our desire is to bring others into an intimate relationship with him.
salvation, eternal, bible, gospel, repent, worship, believe, choir, fellowship, faith, union, jesus, missionary, baptist, christ, holy, christian, yuma, spirit, church
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brice united methodist church - brice ohio
united methodist church we profess a christian faith in god, incarnate in jesus christ for our salvation and ever at work in the holy spirit.
church, methodist, school, brice, praise, holy, bible, jesus, food, ministries, ministry, pantry, outreach, youth, emmaus, sanctuary, academy, ohio, christian, chapel
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family life center - escanaba michigan
we are a one god, apostolic, tongue talking, holy ghost filled, jesus name church! family life center is all about bringing families together to worship god! we believe that god is the miracle worker, no problem is to big for him! everyone is welcome!
pentecostal, church, preach, evanglist, choir, children, lord, signlanguage, separation, bible, youth, group, prayer, family, couples, hope, christ, love, acts, hair
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jesus is alive! ask god
if you are looking for motivation, healing, prosperity and miracles click here. we answer questions and pray for you jesus is alive and he loves you!
bible, translation, online, spanish, french, jesus, prayer, english, james, king, latin, german, concordance, search, commentary, verse, motivation, healing, answer, alive
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spoken word church
spoken word church
jesus, christ, word, bride, branham, time, spoken, spirit, church, birth, seven, holy, faith, rapturing, rapture, redemption, christianity, baptism, angels, brother
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bible baptist church grand forks, nd
what is truth, good church, how to have a good marriage, how to serve god, how to worship god, how do i know who god is, which religion is right, how can we know what god thinks, how can we know what god says, is the bible true, is the bible real, is god real, how can we trust god, can we trust god, good music, christ honoring music, christian music, conservative, conservative music, king james version, king james bible
worship, sunday, service, trust, music, family, home, church, lord, truth, baptist, bible
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praise to the lord jesus christ!
a church family that cares.
jesus, christ, bible, salvation, baptist, carolina, church, north, christian
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welcome to word christian fellowship church, casper, wy.
word christian fellowship church in casper, wy.
holy, word, christian, ghost, lord, gospel, television, revival, full, faith, cable, sutton, digital, pastor, ktwo, telecast, grace, pastors, teaching, preaching
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biblical christian faith - hesed agape ministries international
christian ministry teaching principles of bible faith - prayer, healing, salvation and other biblical topics via our local church and the web - jesus is lord and the word is alive!
faith, church, bible, biblical, christians, salvation, healing, ministries, prayers, tulare, community, devotions, christianity, study, prayer, word, teaching, ministry, alive, williams
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jesus plus nothing! christ centered bible study
welcome to the jesus plus nothing website. this site is dedicated to the centrality of jesus christ in the christian life. a large range of studies, audio messages and video resources are used to emphasise this purpose!
bible, christ, jesus, prophecy, daily, news, audio, sermons, studies, messiah, study, heaven, test, revealed
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discover the word with dr. james m. phillips
dr. james m. phillips and others provide advanced biblical studies in easy to understand formats. classes and sermons are presented in mp3 for free. many outstanding free bible study resources available.
bible, word, discover, holy, christ, jesus, landmark, greek, study, hebrew, text, baptist, audio
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saint paul missionary baptist church, mcconnells, sc
st. paul missionary baptist church, a word centered church, is a powerful family oriented church, positioned to do the will of the lord jesus christ.
bible, jesus, church, teaching, dinner, fellowship, christ, christian, faith, love, baptist, missionary, paul, mcconnells, rock, chester, hill
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fort dick bible church
fort dick bible church is where we rejoice in jesus christ the lord. he is our savior and redeemer
christ, forgiveness, sins, word, jesus, bible, fortdickbible
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jamaica queens wesleyan church
our congregation comprises persons from the caribbean, north america and the world. our core values include a commitment to christ-like faith, holy living, biblical authority in preaching, teaching, guidance, evangelism, faith in jesus christ. welcome!
sanctification, holy, salvation, holiness, protestant, pilgrim, trinity, biblical, jesus, christ, faith, authority, evangelical, america, service, district, methodist, people, warm, caribbean
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child evangelism fellowship® (cef®) is a bible-centered, worldwide organization that is dedicated to seeing every child reached with the gospel of the lord jesus christ, discipled and established in a local church. we work together with churches, schools and communities so kids are able to hear and understand how to receive christ and grow in their faith.
child, club, snow, training, fellowship, evangelism, kids, winter, children, shoeing, teens, bible, smores, sledding, skating, retreats, blitz, know, fair, ministry
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the holy bible
the holy bible online: formatted for easy reading and study.
bible, christian, soldier, holy, soldiers, child, children, book, christ, study, good, jesus
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trinity reformed baptist church of topeka, ks holds to the london baptist confession of faith of 1689 and the king james version of the holy bible.
baptist, confession, 1689, london, faith, version, calvinist, king, james, reformed, preterist
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milton assembly of god
milton assembly of god
holy, bible, ministry, milton, baptism, spirit, supernatural, mens, rangers, womens, belief, royal, hampshire, miracles, james, prayer, pray, pentecostal, assembly, jesus
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grow in faith with daily christian living articles
be inspired with daily articles featuring marriage help, parenting advice, movie reviews and more! christian living resources and bible study to encourage your walk with jesus christ.
christian, bible, jesus, love, faith, reading, messiah, crosswalk, living, christ, christians, study, tools, resources, video
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christ community church of owensboro, kentucky
at christ community church we worship god in the holy spirit and rejoice in jesus christ with the bible as our guide.
bible, owensboro, church, churches, prayer, pray, christian, worship, jesus, father, christ, holy, spirit
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bible study gateway has a free bible toolbar that provides information built in to your web browser such as bible verses, quotes, passages & reading
bible, daily, reading, verse, james, gateway, plans, verses, king, download, audio, finder, free, bibles, guide, quotes, version, study, lessons, scriptures
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plains baptist church is a christ centered church with an emphasis on local and world missions. at plains you'll find the word of god taught with practical application to your life.
baptist, promise, missions, christ, faith, jesus, james, church, bible, king, plains
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abbe road baptist church|bible-based|family oriented|christ magnified
we are committed to helping people come to know jesus as their personal lord and savior, and to walk alongside them as they grow and mature.
choir, truth, widows, children, bible, jesus, christ, awana
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abbe road baptist church|bible-based|family oriented|christ magnified
we are committed to helping people come to know jesus as their personal lord and savior, and to walk alongside them as they grow and mature.
choir, truth, widows, children, bible, jesus, christ, awana
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bible baptist church in grove city, ohio
bible baptist church is an independent fundamental bible believing church on home road in grove city, ohio
bible, church, missions, king, ohio, james, baptist, salvation, father, jesus, soulwinning, holy, feed, news, spirit, ghost, hell, heaven, city, believing