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spreading the gospel of jesus christ by every effective means available and equip others to do the same. follow jesus ministries is a fivefold god given ministry, dedicated to take the message of hope, compassion, love, peace and deliverance to the people in need and raise a generation to follow the footsteps of our lord and savior jesus christ. "following christ to make followers of christ!" is our tagline.
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spreading the gospel of jesus christ by every effective means available and equip others to do the same. follow jesus ministries is a fivefold god given ministry, dedicated to take the message of hope, compassion, love, peace and deliverance to the people in need and raise a generation to follow the footsteps of our lord and savior jesus christ. "following christ to make followers of christ!" is our tagline.
christian, jesus, outreach, prayer, answers, christ, spiritual, with, know, request, growth, peace, message, eternal, life, spirituality, evangelists, about, truth, nonprofits
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making disciples & planting churches
teaching the gospel, establishing in righteousness
jesus, christ, ministry, ministries, life, lord, healing, gospel, name, death, international, souls, love, internatio, through, restoration, living, great, bible, cross
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true men ministries home
true men ministries is a christian men's organization. this is the front door to the ministries available to men, their families, and churches. we are dedicated to helping fulfill the purpose of a husband, father, brother, and son to follow jesus christ.
ministry, brother, jesus, christ, father, spirit, holy, bible, christian, relationship, studies, husband
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breath of life ministry
miracle ministry of jesus christ. gods word from a couple who have experienced the miracle hand of god on their lives.
christian, miracle, miracles, jesus, healing, traumatic, brain, from, christ, ministries, website, injury, women, examples, deeper, spiritual, international, couple, testimonies, ministry
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teaching the way to jesus christ
this ministry teaching the way to jesus christ is strictly dedicated to the teachings of jersus christ and getting his gospel out to the world according to his ways. bringing the lost souls to jesus christ and teaching other christians the true jesus christ of the bible is the #1 priority of this ministry!
christ, jesus, christian, ministry, kansas, committed, america, about, teaching, christians, city, information, united, teachings, states, midwest, north, faithful
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peace of jesus ministry
peace of jesus ministry works to bring the gospel of christ to the nations. the ministry is led by a.s.v.robin, who has nearly thirteen years of profound experience in doing the lord's ministry.
peace, jesus, programme, televison, request, samadanam, yesuvin, prayer
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bikers for jesus
bikers for jesus a national christian biker ministry, sharing the love of jesus christ worldwide.
christian, biker, christ, jesus, bible, motorcycle, bikers, church, motorcyclists, prayer, salvation, gospel, patches, apparel, motorcycles, christianity, children, gods, faith, religious
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emmanuel ministries international (emi) - flash intro
emmanuel ministries international - albuquerque, nm. declaring his glory among the nations. ministries bringing a message of salvation through jesus christ
christ, jesus, emmanuel, ministries, love, glory, into, ministry, power, releasing, albuquerque, international, kingdom, purpose, greater, life, your, discover, school, experience
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ministries of francis frangipane
known mostly as an author of life-changing books, the diversified ministry of pastor francis frangipane also includes an online school (in christ’s image training); conferences; television and radio interviews; and music, video and audio albums.
christian, training, online, image, frangipane, francis, ministries, jesus, school, pastors, ministry, river, pastor, life, healing, accreditation, pastoral, ministerial, icit, bible
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ministries of francis frangipane
known mostly as an author of life-changing books, the diversified ministry of pastor francis frangipane also includes an online school (in christ’s image training); conferences; television and radio interviews; and music, video and audio albums.
christian, training, online, image, frangipane, francis, ministries, jesus, school, pastors, ministry, river, pastor, life, healing, accreditation, pastoral, ministerial, icit, bible
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tony alamo christian ministries new jerusalem
tony alamo christian ministries dedicated to spreading the gospel of the lord jesus christ and the winning of souls worldwide.
ministry, christian, latvian, korean, macedonian, marathi, norwegian, nepali, kannada, japanese, hindi, hebrew, hungarian, ilocano, italian, indonesian, persian, protuguese, thai, telugu
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::: bay area christian church :::
bay area christian church is in webster, texas. the goal of our church and of is to introduce you to jesus christ and help you get to know him better through the ministries presented here. we would be honored to welcome you to our church and website.
christian, jesus, church, salvation, christ, messiah, faith, eternal, life, holy, worship, groups, ministry, contemporary, support, hope, peace, love, counseling, spirit
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wallula christian church ::: leavenworth, kansas
wallula christian church is in leavenworth, kansas. the goal of our church and of is to introduce you to jesus christ and help you get to know him better through the ministries presented here. we would be honored to welcome you to our church and website.
christian, jesus, church, christ, messiah, holy, faith, spirit, salvation, love, groups, ministry, contemporary, support, hope, life, counseling, worship, peace, lance
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lamb and lion ministries
lamb and lion ministries is a bible prophecy teaching ministry proclaiming the soon return of jesus christ.
christ, prophecy, lion, lamb, bible, nathan, jones, ministry, reagan, rapture, ministries, return, jesus, tribulation, lords, premillennial, church, revelation, eschatology, gospel
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jesus christ ministries international
jesus christ ministries international is a contemporary christian church located in lewisville, nc. we invite you to come worship and fellowship with us!
christ, jesus, high, point, worship, born, generation, again, young, ministries, international, fellowship, holy, song, revive, praise, church, songs, christian, contemporary
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victory in christ ministries church| pastors tom & ann kuchenreuther
victory in christ ministries in winter garden, fl. pastors tom & ann, loving & encouraging people through the word of god to live victoriously!
church, kuchenreuther, victory, christ, ministry, pastor, christian, apopka, annmarie, thomas, florida, word, churches, online, vicm, ministries, jesus, salvation, love, living
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feed my sheep ministry | ministries in honduras
feed my sheep, showing compassion to all, tending to and feeding the sheep jesus christ and loving one another as christ has loved us - no matter whom nor where - is the mission of feed my sheep ministry.
ministries, another, greater, christian, love, christ, feed, honduras, sheep, jesus, loving
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jesus christ believers community ministry - home
official website of jesus christ believers community ministry
christian, ministry, forum, community, believers, children, blog, christ, jesus, basis, faith, care, westminster, street, trinity, sermon, orphans
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home | the pointe church
the pointe church is an evangelical christian community which adheres to traditional biblical values regarding god (father, son holy spirit) and his word (the bible).
ministry, youth, ministries, children, roseville, life, jesus, missionary, christ, christian, heights, north, lifegroup, highlands, lifegroups, group, worship, citrus, sacramento, antelope
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christformation in you - home
christ, formation, christformation, ministries, jesus, spirit, faith, ministry, holy, lord, father, christian
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ministries | ebony taylor ministries
find your strength with ebony taylor ministries, no matter if you are just reconnecting your life with christ jesus or have been walking with him for years, we
ministry, christian, ministries, taylor, ebony
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soldiers of christ outreach ministries (socom) - home
the soldiers of christ outreach ministries (socom) is an organization of christian support for fellow soldiers of jesus christ. enlist for the cause! join the socom army!
christ, soldiers, soldier, army, prayer, training, hope, salvation, basic, military, faith, gods, socom, holy, jesus, outreach, ministry, christian, fellowship
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sopp international ministries
my sermons and commentaries are given away free of charge in an effort to facilitate personal growth in god and holy scripture, thereby, helping every called-out-one safely into the kingdom of god. we are a christian ministry reaching out to the lost with the gospel of jesus christ. faith in jesus, i.e., being born again (authentic christianity) will indeed set you free!
discipleship, watchman, christian, christianity, prophecy, prophetic, prophet, again, born, ministry, jesus, sermon, sopp, commentaries, prayer, ministries
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welcome to branches of the vine ministries
a teaching and evangelistic ministry dedicated to revealing jesus christ to the world and bringing the body of christ into the fullness of god through a revelation of god's love in christ.
gospel, christ, grace, fullness, fruit, bearing, good, jesus, news, peace, biblical
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star vision ministries
we are a free non-denominational christian certification, licensing & ordination ministry. we believe in empowering ministers certified, licensed & ordained through us.
ministry, free, ordination, christian, jesus, forums, christ, ordain, ministers, ministerial, preparation, certification, licensing, online
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white stones ministries-end time messages from the lord to his church
white stones ministries has this web site dedicated to making public prophetic messages from the lord to the church about soon coming judgment. end time messages.
prophecy, bible, christian, prayer, jesus, ministry, days, last, prophetic, endtime, revelation, endtimes, faith, america, dreams, lord, coming, site, ministries, israel
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bethlehem christian church
bethlehem christian church, suffolk, virginia is a loving, welcoming family that seeks to follow jesus christ above all things. we welcome christians of all backgrounds--methodists, baptists, catholics, lutherans, presbyterians, episcopalians, and non-denominations. we have children's ministry, youth ministry, teens ministry, food pantry ministry.
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ray mann ministries, deliverance ministry
since 1985 ray mann ministries, a deliverance ministry, has been helping oppressed christians find their freedom in christ
mann, jesus, ministries, satan, demons, authority, tongues, spirit, holy, freedom, church, christian, full, gospel, deliverance, christ
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best news anywhere 615-883-3064 270-9010046
evangelist ministry spreading the gospel of christ - best news anywhere 615-883-3064 or 270-9010046
saved, jesus, christ, christian, tennessee, soul, kentucky, wise, bill, evangelism, bestnewsanywhere, salvation, ministries, literature, tracts, ministry, best, news, witness, gospel
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the word of wisdom ministries
welcome to our faith based prophetic christian organizational ministry. we are dedicated to teaching and preaching the gospel throughout the world. prophetess adrienne mason has dedicated her life to jesus christ and has promised god that she will do everything within the holy ghost power to bring people over to the kingdom of god. she has dedicated her life to saving souls and would like for everyone to know that the moment you accept jesus into your life this will be a new beginning and you will see your life transform in a mighty way. the word of wisdom ministries is an organizational ministry that believes in teaching people how to live by the biblical principles.
wisdom, adrienne, word, ministry, prophetess, ministries, mason, oils, holy, land, essential, products, blessed, christian, principle, jewelry, christ, jesus, kingdom, proverbs
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christking | tamil christian lyrics and videos
watch your entire favorite online sermones, christian video songs, lyrics, etc. from various ministries like jesus calls ministry, antantulla appam ministry, jesus redeems ministry, jesus meets, jesus lives ministry,
christian, tamil, ministry, jesus, songs, lyrics, video, news, robinson, bible, dhinakaran, english, sermon, online, redeems, meets, appam, antantulla, calls, lives
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red letter ministries | live a lifestyle of rapture!
red letter ministries inc is the sonship ministry of brandon and penny barthrop. live a lifestyle of rapture! rlm is discipling the nations into heaven on earth by manifesting the fire and glory of the lord jesus christ.
christianity, christ, gospel, power, jesus, healing, christian, prophetic, ministries, signs, miracles, wonders, apostolic
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being better magazine, christian ministry, sioux city, ia
being better magazine presents information on how to have a better life, which includes god. promoting jesus a way that doesn't freak you out.
magazine, gospel, message, ministries, salvation, ministry, freak, evangelism, holy, christian, spirit, jesus, better, being, bible
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kcm kenneth copeland ministries south africa
christian ministry teaching principles of bible faith - prayer, healing, salvation and other biblical topics via believers voice of victory, gods master plan for your life bible study, devotions and real help - jesus is lord
teaching, christian, copeland, faith, ministries, ministry, kenneth, international, church, biblical, mountain, gloria, jesus, lord, eagle
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take another step ministries
official website for take another step ministries, a christian ministry with a vision to lead people to be faith-filled, purpose-focused followers of christ.
christian, life, journey, groups, praise, service, development, ministry, connection, growth, leader
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lighthouse ministries
lighthouse christian ministries (lcm) is a christ centered ministry dedicated to reaching people with the gospel of jesus christ through spiritual means of prayer, bible study, and church services.
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osprey ministries, inc - home
osprey ministries is devoted to sharing jesus christ and helping those in need.
ministries, haiti, osprey, nonprofit, uganda, outreach, global, jinga, humanitarian, african, christian, ministry, ospreyministries, native, american, people, indigenous, jinja
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day by day christian ministries - day by day christian ministries
day by day christian ministries
christianity, jesus, christ, bible, faith, redemption, philippines, christian, ministries, lapiz, cultural
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amazing facts ministries | amazing facts canada | christian media ministry
amazing facts ministries is a christian ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel of jesus christ and the three angels' message of revelation 14 to the entire world through television, radio, literature, live bible and prophecy events, the internet, bible seminars.
facts, amazing, canada, ministry, media, christian, ministries
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ignited ministries
ignited ministries is devoted igniting a passion for revival in the hearts of gods people everywhere and to the truth that god, jesus, is alive and speaks if you have an ear to hear his spirit.
prophetic, ministries, spiritual, christian, ignited, jesus, kathy, campbell, kent, ministry, simpson, power, warfare, prophet, holy, words, spirit, christ, gift, online
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the great commission evangelistic ministries
the great commission evangelistic ministries is a non-denominational and non-profit bible believing christian ministry committed to the preaching of the gospel of the lord jesus christ and dedicated to encourage holiness.
great, commission, life, word, ministries, church, bible, evangelistic, prayer, christ, pastor, jesus, frankfurt, germany, nigerian, evangelist, aladesanmi, europe, faithful, soulwinning
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harvest international ministries | home
harvest international ministries is an evangelism oriented christian church, which makes provision of the building of the other areas of the five-fold ministry. it places emphasis on providing pastoral cover and teaching christians to become effective in their specific vocations. it also aims at building leaders who will influence their generations for jesus christ. rokettube porno izle
harvest, praise, christ, ministries, international, jesus
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puregrace ministries | hemet, ca 92543
a ministry of jesus christ and his grace, love, forgiveness and peace towards us.
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evergreen community church - home
evergreen community church, of manassas, va is a christian church in the manassas, virginia area committed to god-exalting worship, christ-centered discipleship, and spirit-empowered evangelism.
small, christ, youth, holy, ministry, jesus, ministries, churches, worship, community, evergreen, kids, fellowship, religion, family, covenant, club, motorcycle, riders, bible
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prayer for the harvest ministries
the mission for prayer for the harvest ministries is to encourage and assist the body of christ corporately and in their personal lives to come back to our
prayer, ministries, ministry, prayers, christian, minister, denomination, dukes, daily, youth, devotionals, pastor, public, bible, speaking, montana, wedding, kalispell, whitefish, speaker
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our zion ucc
our zion united church of christ offers a variety of programs involved in christain education. our youth ministry is very strong, and teaches bible lessons and teaches youth to be like jesus. we at zion are a community of christ, and church built on the teachings of jesus. zion is a church of god, and a friendly fellowshipping community. our youth ministry and our senior ministry are second to none. the christian churches in the north canton area are strong in the faith, and bound to christ's teachings. the united church of christ is seeking the un-churched and encouraging them to come into the fold. our bible studys are very informative, and have many people are are well versed in the methods of discussion. our bible study for youth is strong as well. our bible study fellowship is something that attracts new people to zion united church of christ.
bible, study, youth, ministry, christian, women, fellowship, ministries, churches, church, christ, community
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about him! ministries
christ centered scripture intensive bible studies and essays that glorify jesus christ. christian flash movies, songs in mp3, realaudio and midi. daily topical posting of gods word.
christian, sermons, bible, word, faith, daily, book, review, jesus, forwards, church, songs, hymns, humor, cartoons, praise, free, online, about, apostolic
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welcome to hard hats for christ
hard hats for christ is a network of volunteers dedicated to telling others, encouraging one another, and assisting christian ministries with constructions and maintenance projects.
christ, home, construciton, promoting, vehicle, abroad, church, washington, kelso, longview, motorhome, camps, recreational, united, construction, ministries, ministry, hard, hats, rvers
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alpha ministries, inc. - 718.604.2205::protestant reformation movement ::
thank you and god bless for visiting the alpha ministries website.. -* designed by *-
ministry, christian, lord, praise, church, jesus, spirit, christ, bible, study, cryout, eternal, life, married, pastor, free, bless, friend, christianity, fruit
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welcome to victor levan ministries......
we are a ministry that focuses on those that have been hurt at one time through mainstream religion, by spreading the gospel of jesus christ to a lost and dying world!
christian, hell, hevan, lost, baptist, church, jesus, saved
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cj lister ministries
cj lister ministries is a christian online ministry designed to mentor people into amaturing relationship with jesus christ.
ministries, lister
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one in christ ministries
we teach the content of the scripture, in its context
apologetic, theology, lord, jesus, christ, gospel, teaching, ministry, bible, study, christian
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bramalea christian fellowship church - a family friendly church in brampton
bramalea christian fellowship located in brampton ontario, is a brampton church with a diverse cultural, pentecostal and charismatic experience. if you live in brampton ontario or are just visiting please consider joining with us in worship. we are a family friendly church
brampton, churches, jesus, christian, bible, church, christ, youth, worship, ministry, nondenominational, conference, fellowship, groups, pastor, membership, ministries, faith, cell, integrity
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home - antioch churches
we are a covenant ministry that believes in the apostolic vision of god for our region. our ministry has a strong prophetic anointing to hear what god is saying in our generation. we believe in the power of deliverance to free all people from bondage and sin.
ministry, antioch, christian, apostolic, families, training, marriages, apostles, nations, kingdom, family, ministries, jesus, churches, prophetic, christ, center, wilmington, deliverence, delaware
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warriors ministries - home
warrrior ministries - orlando, fl. christian motorcycle ministry. homeless outreach
motorcycle, rides, ministries, ministry, biker, saved, warriors, motorcycles, orlando, donations, riders, give, warrrior, donation, bike, homeless, family, church, baptist, bikes
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community of christ homepage
community of christ is a worldwide church with a mission to “proclaim jesus christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.”
christ, jesus, latter, church, reorganized, temple, missouri, indpendence, rlds, saints, mission, spirit, holy, community, hope, home, peace, love, ministry
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revelation outreach ministries daphne, al
spreading the gospel of jesus christ by reaching out to the community and abroad. leading those who are seeking a better relationship with christ...
mercy, street, prosper, plains, mission, prison, ministry, prayer, training, discipleship, christ, church, conferences, christian, block, driven, evangelism, jesus, speakers, guest
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the armoury ministries: home
the armoury ministries is a research, outreach, and publishing ministry dedicated to the glory of christ. through the printed page, videos, and internet publishing, this ministry is dedicated to one objective alone: the glory of mankind's only hope - the lord jesus christ.
reformed, theology, biblical, exegesis, solas, christ, book, publishing, jesus
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calvary christian school - old bridge
calvary christian school is a private christian school in old bridge, new jersey. our motto is education through discipleship in jesus.
christian, jesus, calvary, ministry, bridge, youth, worship, school, couples, families, eric, singles, grace, jersey, faith, prayer, children, child, cross, fellowship
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impulse student ministries ii christian youth
impulse student ministries of grace ministry center in port huron. we are commited to educated, equipping, and empowering young people through jesus christ.
student, ministry, youth, group, jesus, impulse, study, christianity, grace, bible
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las vegas christian center
a bible-based, spirit-filled non-denominational christian ministry with a passion to share the good news of jesus christ. worship services follow a...
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grace church :: allen, texas
grace church is in allen, texas. the goal of our church and of is to introduce you to jesus christ and help you get to know him better through the ministries presented here. we would be honored to welcome you to our church and website.
church, texas, jesus, holy, spirit, messiah, worship, christ, salvation, counseling, ministry, contemporary, groups, support, faith, hope, love, eternal, north, sermon
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first christian church (disciples of christ), vallejo
first christian church (disciples of christ), vallejo, california is a liberal, progressive open and affirming congregation in the san francisco bay area which welcomes all regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation and medical condition.
christian, progressive, peace, disciples, christ, liberal, ministry, welcoming, fellowship, solano, congregation, worship, church, gospel, open, justice, vallejo, affirming, lgbt, faith
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events | keep the promise ministries
making the most of every opportunity to share jesus christ with the world through music, testimony and gods word.
bible, christian, worship, christ, ministry, church
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christian bible studies - deborah ministry
christian bible studies; prophet; body of christ; bride of jesus christ; the rapture; prosperity; word of god; abundant life; ministries; spiritual eyes to see
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jesus christ apostolic church
apostolic church
holiness, heaven, faith, holy, ghost, peace, ministry, love, commandments, christian, acts, christ, jesus, apostle, baptism, apostolic
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peace community church | welcome!
whether you are seeking to know more about the christian faith, or have been a believer for some time, or somewhere in between, we are a church inviting all people to participate with us in learning about god and growing in our relationship with jesus christ. peace community church has developed a variety of ministry areas, all focused on providing god-centered education, opportunities for personal service, as well as a nurturing environment for the child, teen, and adult.
devoted, experience, community, peace, follower, love, grow, know, hide, church, jesus, mission, teaching, relationships, bible, world, proclaim, christ, truth, worship
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her passion ministries *** womens ministry *** womens christian speaker *** women christian conference speaker
her passion is the glory of god. her passion is knowing jesus. her passion is making jesus known. her passion is taking what god has given her and using it to bring glory to his name. broken i have been. abandoned i am not. divorce. death. disability. i am familiar with them all. through it all, who am i? a child of god. redeemed…through process restoration. created with a great purpose…by a great god…to be involved in a great plan…with great passion.
christian, women, ministry, speaker, ministries, womens, passion, word, outreach, sustaining, david, events, ashburn, candice, church, conference, teacher, widow, bible, special
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woodville united methodist church | woodville, texas
woodville united methodist church is in woodville, texas. the goal of our church is to introduce you to jesus christ and help you get to know him better through the ministries presented here. we would be honored to welcome you to our church and website.
church, jesus, holy, spirit, messiah, christ, worship, salvation, counseling, ministry, contemporary, groups, support, hope, love, life, christian, congregation, texas, sermon
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peace lutheran church dresser, wi
deloach, lutheran, christ, peace, wayne, jesus, church, bible, religion, thrivent, christian, elca, pastor, services, financial, outreach, social, service, communion, polk
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workmen for christ
workmen for christ is a ministry devoted to god and his word, aimed at teaching biblical truths and comparing doctrines to the bible itself. we aim to help the body of christ grow stronger and more mature in the faith of our lord.
christian, teaching, biblical, doctrine, bible, help, christ, false, maturity, growth, ministries, online, jesus, workmen, truth, word
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love of christ church | home
love of christ church is a nondenominational multi-site church with campuses in bear and middletown, delaware. our goal is to help you experience god in a way that draws you closer to him, while finding joy, peace and fulfillment.
church, find, delaware, ministry, bible, worship, love, family, life, gods, peace, loving, jesus, purpose, spirit, middletown, christ, adults, religious, organizations
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welcome to oasis fellowship ministries
oasis fellowship seeks to be the open arms of christ to all people without distinction. we are a spirit-filled church with a passion to believe and obey the full gospel of jesus christ. we stand together for the purpose of worship, fellowship, ministry, prayer, and evangelism. take a few moments to explore our site and learn more about god's love and how he can meet all of your needs. then, come and join us for a rewarding period of worship each sunday.
bible, salvation, forgiveness, word, holy, peace, spirit, love, christ, church, christian, jesus, orlando, oasis, study, oviedo, help
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christianity - faith in god, jesus christ - christian living, trivia
learn about christianity - having faith in god and jesus christ. christian living articles, daily devotionals, bible trivia, and more!
bible, christian, christianity, faith, tools, ministries, study, christ, verses, ministry, jesus, games, life, spiritual, living, online, daily, blogs, trivia, devotionals
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the disciples of the blood of the lamb - home
bible, study, christian, outreach, ministry, ministries, faith, programs, worship, lessons, fellowship, church, groups, resources, devotion, jesus, group, discipleship, christians, studies
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christian witness ministries - home
christian witness ministries (cwm) - preaching the uncompromising gospel of jesus christ
philip, christian, powell, bible, witness, ministries, assemblies, apologetics, apostasy, copeland, deception, jesus, benny, hinn, discernment, kenneth, hillsong
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elite christian men family god home, elite christian ministries las vegas, nv wish list
elite christian ministries is a bibically based ministry delivering the gospel of jesus christ to all who have an ear to listen.
vegas, home, services, events, donations, prayer, donate, christian, elite, family, ministries
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79 samish island campground
samish island campground webpage
christ, community, church, saints, jesus, latter, reorganized, heaven, peace, disciple, zion, spirit, kingdom, ghost, joseph, faith, temple, justice, holy, smith
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noble women for christ international ministries | where ordinary women come to honor, praise and worship an extraordinary god.
the official website of noble women for christ international ministries. where ordinary women come to honor, praise and worship an extraordinary god.
noble, healing, women, spiritual, word, discipleship, peace, testimony, devotional, study, savior, minister, blessing, kingdom, truth, saviour, gospel, scripture, jesus, worship
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through the cracks ministries
the home page of through the cracks ministries
resource, transgendered, uplifting, spirit, spiritual, bible, christ, christian, grace, love, encouragement, jesus, ministry
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high tech ministries - home
high tech ministries leads professionals in the atlanta technology community into a life-changing personal relationship with jesus christ. the programs offered equip and enable atlanta's technology leaders to become ambassadors for christ as they integrate their faith and work life.
christian, workplace, faith, christ, business, work, study, bible, life, christians, evangelism, small, worklife, personal, groups, technology, ambassadors, relationship, ministry, businessmen
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christian radio - free online christian ministry radio broadcasts
listen to christian radio ministry broadcasts, programs, and sermons from pastors, speakers like john macarthur, adrian rogers, beth moore, david jeremiah. study the bible with christian internet ministry audio & radio shows online.
jesus, christ, adrian, rogers, greg, jeremiah, david, beth, laurie, moore, ingram, pastor, pastors, bible, swindoll, broadcasts, chip, chuck, ministries, stations
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eugene christian fellowship | church | ecf
learn about what it means to enjoy a relationship with christ in a safe compelling environment
church, oregon, christ, bible, christian, eugene, clark, community, gary, springfiled, ministry, worship, churches, pastor, ministries, jesus
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home of rhema ministries | kenneth hagin ministries
kenneth hagin ministries/rhema reaches people worldwide with the message of faith and healing in jesus christ and is training others to do the same.
christian, faith, teaching, word, bible, ministry, events, outreach
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home of rhema ministries | kenneth hagin ministries
kenneth hagin ministries/rhema reaches people worldwide with the message of faith and healing in jesus christ and is training others to do the same.
christian, faith, teaching, word, bible, ministry, events, outreach
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ironmen ministries - mens christian ministry - warner robins - prayer breakfast
ironmen ministries in warner robins, georgia is a group of christian men, that meet every friday morning to encourage one another in our walk with the lord jesus christ.
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power of hope ministries - teaching truth not tradition
power of hope ministries is a non-profit christian ministry reaching the world with the gospel of christ.
ministry, christian, hope, bible, sermons
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good news for find peace with god footer
actsweb is a leading resource site for finding and knowing god, spiritual help, life help, as well as emotional and interpersonal relationships help, about jesus christ, about christianity and christian religion and much more. it is the first choice for all your spiritual questions and needs.
help, christian, religion, know, spiritual, jesus, bible, save, find, world, christ, inspirational, study, online, living, christianity, book, crusade, literature, question
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go ministries, inc. - home
go ministries exists to fulfill the great commission of jesus christ and is dedicated to the ministry of evangelism and discipleship
ministries, evangelism, compassion, trips, discipleship, missions, ministry, gospel, mission
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christian family church of chattanooga
christian family church of chattanooga is a local and international ministry, the goal of which is to know jesus christ and make him known
chattanooga, church, jesus, christ, ministry, religion, christianity, christian, awesome, evangelism, free
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christian family church of chattanooga
christian family church of chattanooga is a local and international ministry, the goal of which is to know jesus christ and make him known
chattanooga, church, jesus, christ, ministry, religion, christianity, christian, awesome, evangelism, free
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will-liv ministries
will-liv ministries is a non-denominational ministry called to proclaim the gospel of jesus christ in a practical and applicable way.
will, ministries, live, wlministries
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wljc - wonderful lord jesus christ
wljc was established in 1982 as the first completely christian television station in the state of kentucky. wljc is an independent christian, faith based ministry dedicated to spreading the gospel of jesus christ. the call letter wljc stand for wonderful lord jesus christ
christ, jesus, lord, wonderful
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what god wants ministries - what god wants ministries
what god wants ministries is dedicated to helping those searching for the "truth".
jesus, christ, chapel, mission, church, prayer, pastor, ministry, ministries, preach
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welcome to passion for prison ministries!
passion for prison ministries. help keep
prison, holy, bible, jesus, passion, christ, ministry, hernando, correctional, florida, commandments, evangelize, edify, incarcerated, john, church, volunteer, ministries, churches, matthew
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welcome to first christian church - monticello, ky
the purpose of first christian church in monticello, ky is to worship god and love people. we strive to do our best to follow christ's commission.
jesus, worship, service, ministries, christ, kentucky, christian, church, monticello, first
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god's vision ministries, inc. : christian outreach ministries, christian family retreat, services, bible study and christian summer camp for kids
god's vision ministries, inc. christian retreat welcomes you to come and enjoy the land, pond, bike trail, and give praise to god through jesus christ. christian retreat, outreach events and camps.
retreat, camp, christian, bible, study, summer, nature, jesus, spiritual, christ, love, family
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lakechurch :: montgomery, texas
lakechurch (the church at lake conroe) is in montgomery, texas. the goal of our church and of is to introduce you to jesus christ and help you get to know him better through the ministries presented here. we would be honored to welcome you to our church and website.
jesus, lakechurch, church, montgomery, messiah, christ, life, faith, holy, salvation, worship, groups, ministry, contemporary, support, hope, eternal, love, counseling, spirit
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the door ministry - home
a ministry dedicated to enabling gods people to believe the holy scriptures and trust in the power of god through his son jesus christ.
believers, worship, jesus, ministry, christian
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new life ministries world outreach center, inc. - the ministry of reconciliation
new life ministries world outreach center, inc. ( is a ministry of reconciliation. our objective is to restore mankind to intimate relationship with god through knowledge and acceptance of jesus christ.
florida, community, orlando, jesus, central, christ, church, outreach, faith, religious, ministry
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our mission at fairhope united methodist church is to reach people with the love and saving grace of our lord jesus christ, to equip them spiritually and with practical skills for ministry, and to set them loose to serve in ministry to the church, community, and world in his name. our objective is that all our activities and ministries reflect this simple yet complete purpose. through the ministries of the christian life center completed in 2008 and the entire church we fulfill this mission across all age groups.
ministry, worship, student, childrens, caring, missions, church, fellowship, methodist
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warrior ministries
ministries, ministry, jesus, griffin, answer, warrior, building, kingdom, bible, study, christian, radio, carolyn
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home | ministries of jesus
ministries of jesus (moj) is a christian center for the whole person – healing spirit, soul & body – based on luke 4:18-19.
ministries, jesus, soul, spirit, healing, groups, body, freedom, volunteer, mission, liberty, support, donate, social, oklahoma, edmond, ministry, clinic, recovery, counseling
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international bible christian fellowship - lynnwood, washington
the international bible christian fellowship in lynnwood, washington. the international bible christian fellowship is a multi-cultural church committed to sharing the gospel of christ to the greater community and the growing number of ethnic groups in the puget sound, bringing them into a deeper knowledge and relationship with jesus christ through worship, fellowship, discipleship, service and mission
christian, washington, sente, lynnwood, christ, pastor, bible, alliance, missionary, gospel, ministries, 98037, ministry, religion, savior, jesus, ibcf, fellowship, church, cmalliance
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jesus folk
the official web site of jesus christ loving folk and god fearing christian. jesus folk: love jesus, people, & the bible. it is your god & jesus christ centered bible based christian portal where jesus is lord!
jesus, official, christian, christ, christians, love, gods, christianity, bible, website
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church decatur alabama | wayman chapel ame church | decatur alabama | home
ame church with rich history that gives testimony to the faithfulness of god. we exist today only by his grace. our mission is to glorify god by helping people know, love, obey, and exalt jesus christ. our vision is to present christ to decatur and the world in a contemporary and creative way through equipped and mobilized believers who make disciples. decatur alabama, decatur bible church, decatur religion, north alabama bible study, churches in decatur alabama, first bible, youth leadership, ministry, bible study, adult ministries, youth ministries, jesus christ, god, world missions, missionaries, decatur alabama worship, christian ministries, christian faith, family church service
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the first international church of the web, established february 7, 1997
first international church of the web.a christ centered, non-denominational web based church. free membership. free ordination.
ordination, christian, christ, jesus, ministry, church, online, ordained, clergy, free, body, minister, simple, salvation, international, first, bible, bibles, ordain, prayer
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the first international church of the web, established february 7, 1997
first international church of the web.a christ centered, non-denominational web based church. free membership. free ordination.
ordination, christian, christ, jesus, ministry, church, online, ordained, clergy, free, body, minister, simple, salvation, international, first, bible, bibles, ordain, prayer
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high call ministries: proclaiming the good news of jesus christ with an emphasis on reaching the cowboy culture
high call ministries is called to proclaim the good news of jesus christ, with an emphasis on reaching people in the cowboy culture. high call ministries is based in garber, oklahoma.
cronkhite, cowboy, call, ministry, high, christian, oklahoma, ministries, kelly, western
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glory united ministries
glory united ministries was founded by evangelist patricia benneman and bishop dr. gregory scott, delaware universal ministries. evangelist benneman's prophetic ministry is framed within the doctrine of the christian gospels, in terms of saving souls for jesus christ and helping others to understand the meaning of jesus’s death and resurrection that leads to salvation via the holy spirit and accept jesus as their personal savior. evangelist benneman is the ceo and founder of the women on divine assignment ministry (woda). dr. scott’s healing ministry in framed within the doctrine of the universal ministries, which encompasses all beliefs, understanding that the wonders of religious enlightenment, spiritual upliftment and the joys of the holy spirit are available to all. his work serves those on other god-centered spiritual paths that have not yet accepted jesus as their savior, as he has. with prophetic guidance, he truly understands that the holy bible provides the framework for under
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welcome to father's vision ministries
a ministry about our fathers business. father’s vision is a five-fold, non-denominational deliverance ministry; simply stated we believe in the teachings and the atoning blood of jesus christ. we recognize and acknowledge the father, the son and the holy ghost. we believe that christ was crucified for our sins, and was resurrected and is sitting on the right hand of god. we believe that the only way to the father is by his son jesus christ.
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welcome to the gospel of peace evangelistic ministries website. we hope you will find what you are looking for when browsing through our webpage.
love, ministry, outreach, support, jesus, help, church, counseling, christ
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biblical christian faith - hesed agape ministries international
christian ministry teaching principles of bible faith - prayer, healing, salvation and other biblical topics via our local church and the web - jesus is lord and the word is alive!
faith, church, bible, biblical, christians, salvation, healing, ministries, prayers, tulare, community, devotions, christianity, study, prayer, word, teaching, ministry, alive, williams
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home - new life church woodbury
new life church of woodbury, minnesota.
christian, academy, jesus, word, trinity, holy, ministry, connect, spirit, ministries, community, gospel, church, christ, truth, bible, love, hope, school
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la jolla community church: : home
la jolla community church is a biblically-based, non-denominational church that is similar to many evangelical churches. we are a diverse group of people from a wide variety of backgrounds who are discovering the love, joy, peace, and power through knowing jesus christ. together we are striving to become the kind of church described in the bible.
church, diego, jolla, christian, community, jesus, evangelical, ucsd, clairemont, churches, prayer, mall, fellowship, faith, worship, students, gospel, ministry, eastgate, bible
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words from the word - home
the official website for words from the word ministries. words from the word ministries is the teaching ministry of pastor justin dubose of whiteville, nc. justin is the pastor of missionary alliance church and a chaplain in the us army reserves.
christian, christ, pray, jesus, sermons, books, literature, bookstore, book, carolina, ministry, bible, pastor, ministries, justin, whiteville, dubose, north
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christ is life ministry outreach, inc.-cilm music cilm publishingnew york 888-374-4909 - christian ministry | mahopac, ny - christ is life ministry outreach
a christ centered non-profit organization sharing the gospel of jesus christ through preaching god's word, teaching & minstering through music & personal testimony.
mahopac, music, christian, ministry
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rock shiloh church ministries - home
rock shiloh church ministries. "go to the rock" here at rock shiloh church ministries, we are committed to serving god and the needs of you and your family. using the word of god and spiritual principles of faith, we offer practical tools for leading a spirit filled, joyous, productive, abundant and peaceful life through christ jesus.
christ, jesus, church, shiloh, love, holy, prayer, rock, faith, king, bible, pastor, glory, victory, ministry, word, spirit, educational, dynamic, ghost
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new beginnings christian ministries |
new beginnings christian ministries exists to create an atmosphere for people far from god to find the truth of jesus christ through, establishing house churches in the chicagoland area, so that they become devoted followers of jesus.
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welcome to gospel power ministries (gpm)
the official website for the gospel power ministries
jesus, bible, ministry, worship, christ, sunday, spiritual, deliverance, praise, teaching, preach, service, morning, choir, preaching, minister, help, counseling, cleveland, outreach
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christian bible teaching ministry and shopping mall megasite - christ-centered mall
an interactive, family-friendly christian bible teaching ministry, biblical resource center, and shopping mall megasite which preserves the purity of biblical doctrine on the web and provides sound biblical teachings and unique christian stores.
christian, teaching, bible, biblical, ministries, ministry, teachings, mall, resource, center, shopping, doctrine, sound, gathering, stores, study, place, megasite, online, lessons
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understanding his way ministries - understanding his way ministries
understanding his way ministries is multifaceted; however, our primary purpose is to provide biblically balanced studies (curriculum) that will lead christians into a spirit-filled victorious christian life
scripture, evangelism, christ, jesus, lord, pastor, imgrund, prayer, grace, salvation, faith, ministry, victorious, christian, balance, biblical, bible, gospel, church, discipleship
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horn of salvation ministries inc.: christian community services & churches in jacksonville fl
horn of salvation ministries inc is a non-denominational christian fellowship in jacksonville fl.
jacksonville, christ, christian, jesus, florida, savior, free, sermon, gospel, bank, churches, donation, community, services, charitable, food, church
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ellel ministries international
ellel ministries is an international, non-denominational, christian organization seeking to fulfil the vision of luke 9:11 where jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the kingdom of god and healed those in need.
christ, emotional, physical, spiritual, jesus, healing, ministries, peter, horrobin, christian, ellel
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ellel ministries international
ellel ministries is an international, non-denominational, christian organization seeking to fulfil the vision of luke 9:11 where jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the kingdom of god and healed those in need.
christ, emotional, physical, spiritual, jesus, healing, ministries, peter, horrobin, christian, ellel
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bread of life christian center, inc. - home
bread of life christian center - deerfield beach, fl. pastors george jestina bowles. a bible teaching preaching ministry reaching out to mankind with the message of gods love, salvation, deliverance, restoration, renewal, faith, healing.
ministry, christian, bible, singles, prayer, people, hurting, youth, womens, life, mens, school, coaching, holy, family, christ, jesus, study, deliverance, spirit
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philadelphia ministries
welcome to the media driven ministry of philadelphia ministries
ministry, reeves, faith, church, christ, christian, religion, colleges, bible, american, gospel, publishing, david, ohio, springfield, ministries, penny, philadelphia, penda, channel
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findanswers4life is dedicated to answering life's most important questions. our mission is to reveal god's plan of salvation through faith in jesus christ. religions are based on performance while christianity is based on receiving christ as a gift apart from any human effort. god offers this free gift of eternal life in love. he longs to be in relationship with us and is the only true source of peace, hope and lasting joy. trusting in the cross and the blood payment to forgive all our sins releases every believer from sin and condemnation. this is the good news of the gospel of jesus christ!
heaven, jesus, christ, questions, life, answers, truth, hope, love, christian
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animal alley ministries
a christian ministry that uses live exotic animals to teach chrisitan lessons at hundreds of churches, christian schools and outreaches each year.
ministry, lessons, children, christian, church, school, ministries, sunday, kids, ideas, childrens, outreach, bible, preschool, youth, sermons, curriculum, themes, effective, videos
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reach out and touch prison ministry -st albans, ny 11412
we are a very active christian prison ministry. ministering to the lost men and women of the nys and nyc correctional systems, primarily rikers island. we offer regular and frequent christian bible based teaching, preaching, mentorship and bible study to those seeking to know jesus christ. our motto is
bible, study, prison, courses, christ, ministry, york, correspondence, rikers, ment, correctional, island, system, discipleship, christian, city, jesus, evangelical, outreach, studies
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tacoma calvary :: tacoma, wa church
veritas chrisitan fellowship is a non-denominational church located in tacoma, wa. our desire is to grow in our relationships with jesus christ and to make his gospel known.
christian, calvary, study, jesus, christ, chapel, fellowship, veritas, tacoma, service, pray, prayer, praise, truth, love, worship, holy, spirit, holiness, family
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christian t-shirts, risen apparel, jesus tee shirt, christian clothing
risen christian t-shirts, raises money for ministries, gives 5.00 dollars of every tee shirt. gives jesus christ, believes he is risen from the dead.
christian, tops, tank, toddler, accessories, shirts, hoodies, clothing, jesus, christ, risen, apparel
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christian t-shirts, risen apparel, jesus tee shirt, christian clothing
risen christian t-shirts, raises money for ministries, gives 5.00 dollars of every tee shirt. gives jesus christ, believes he is risen from the dead.
christian, tops, tank, toddler, accessories, shirts, hoodies, clothing, jesus, christ, risen, apparel
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victory in jesus christ ministries
victory in jesus christ is a non-denominational church for individuals seeking a redirection, renewal, or revitalization to your walk with jesus.
churches, bible, vijcm, sunday, thornton, cleaves, ministries, leon, service, colorado, westminister, victory, salvation, denver, jesus, christ, church, study, ministry
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witness tools ministries
armor of god, jesus, holy spirit, cross, coins, pendants, key chains, dog tags, faithful christian reminders to remind us each day of our life style.
jesus, armor, armour, savior, christ, witnessing, armer, christian, witness, tags, witnes, teddy, coins, holy, spirit, cross, pendants, bear
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we follow christ - home
christ followers church fellowship is a non-denominational ministry designed to enrich the lives of individuals and families with the word of god. as christ followers we believe living by the word of god will project the light of jesus christ through our ministry and our daily lives. love god, love people while helping people become fully devoted christ followers
church, christ, forida, family, jacksonvile, jesus, cfcf, ministry, jacksonville, families, fellowship, followers, denominational, familiy
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agape worship ministries - birmingham, al - pastor eric harris
we are a ministry committed to the challenge, change and transformation of the lives, community and ultimately the part of the world assigned to us. we depend on the leading of the holy spirit to direct and guide our every move so that we can accomplish the plan of god for our ministry and affect the people that god has assigned to us.
agape, worship, christian, alabama, church, birmingham, eric, ministries, ministry, harris, praise, pastor, parkview, christ, love, world, outreach, freedom, jesus
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bill, jesus christ's peace,justice,reconciliation,counseling,bible study and christian dispute-conflict management
as members of christ's body-the church, peacemakers is dedicated to practicing a dynamic witness for jesus christ that builds the body of christ and attracts the attention of a lost world through; biblical community, biblical instruction; biblical counseling and biblical peacemaking; that reconciles mankind to god, mankind to themselves and mankind to others.
justice, peace, conflict, peacemaker, bible, peacemaking, christian, disciple, disciplined, counseling, reconciliation, love, matthew, peacemakers, repentance, christ, forgiveness, doctrine, discipline, church
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welcome to kenai lake baptist church
church, christian, life, love, christ, jesus, saved, baptist, salvation, ministry, worship, meaning, landing, cooper, site, bible, services, find, cross, prayer
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welcome | the ridge christian fellowship
the ridge christian fellowship is a non-denominational christian church meeting at ironwood ridge high school in tucson, arizona each sunday at 10 a.m. for an adult service and simultaneous children’s ministry, birth to 6th grade. small groups, youth ministry, bible studies, women’s and men’s ministries, and other gatherings take place during the week in members’ homes. we are a body of christ including all ages and backgrounds; everyone who believes in jesus—and those who are searching—are welcome!
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romans 1:16 ministries
for i am not ashamed of the gospel of christ
writings, events, prayer, christian, ministry, gospel, jesus, christ, romans
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uga christian campus fellowship
christian campus fellowship is a registered student organization at the university of georgia that strives to follow jesus christ as lord. we are a diverse grou
free, freshman, ministry, food, fellowship, campus, christian
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st. luke lutheran church, sacramento, california
sharing the victory through jesus christ
jesus, peace, religion, ministry, martin, luther, music, salvation, word, worship, youth, witness, truth, spirit, trinity, love, elca, sacramento, california, church
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christ end time ministries - wholly and solely to the glory of god
christ end time ministries is a non-profit christian ministry based in cape town, south africa. we help all ministries with “end time” materials, that being, through printed booklets, cds, distributions of believers’ personal testimonies through this website.
prophecy, times, endtime, bible, days, last, antichrist, jerusalem, israel, jesus, armageddon, rapture, tribulation, ministries, satans, secrets, update, news
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greenville first christian church, churches in greenville, nc, disciples of christ, greenville nc churches
all are welcome - affiliated with the christian church in the united states and canada sunday worship. first christian church is called to share the word of god by living god's peace - people who love god and each other, emphasis on god through jesus christ, all are welcome, compassion for all, engage in building the community of faith through jesus christ
church, greenville, christ, christians, eastern, churches, sunday, worship, disciples, christian, religion, carolina, lord, noth, jesus, street, 14th, first, savior
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runner for christ ministries
our mission to spread the gospel of jesus christ through the preaching and teaching of the word of god. our vision it is our vision that runner for christ ministries evolve into a spiritual urban based center that addresses the spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, family, senior and youth needs of the community, state, and nation. our values we will fully engage in the work of christ according to the teaching of christian doctrines, such as feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick, those in prison, care for the young, and seniors. �a ministry of teaching, learning, and doing�
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s.o.f. message of peace ministry
message, savali, peace, leaders, ambassadors, pastors, jesus, christ, study, choir, reach, filemu, ministry, bible
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welcome to masterplan ministry
masterplan ministry is a group of like-minded believers who follow jesus christ and believe the word of god is true in every aspect. god is the same yesterday, today and forever.
church, missions, christian, discipleship, ministry, foreign, domestic, gospel, local, nondenominational, full
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online ministries
the purpose of this website/ministry is to bring the lost to a saving knowledge of jesus christ!
witchcraft, satanism, times, news, bonnieq, forum, exposing, jesus, knowledge, christ, online, onlineministries, ministries, saving
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potter's gate ministries - transforming nations by rebuilding lives!
potter's gate ministries is dedicated to global evangelism, church planting, discipleship and equipping of the saints for the work of ministry. we evangelize the world, preaching the gospel of jesus christ and provide training for churches, christian and church leaders, rebuilding the church of god to become an evangelical church. evangelization of the world is our priority. we provide leadership styles and kingdom strategic planning and prophetic direction, covering, support and accountability for churches and ministries for the purpose of effectively building the kingdom of god through jesus christ.
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pineville first baptist church online
our relationship to god and his world are important to the people of pineville first baptist church. in this website are descriptions of the worship, education, fellowship, and ministry opportunities of our congregation. providing and participating in these occasions we believe helps to grow faithful followers and disciples of jesus christ our lord and savior.
baptist, ministry, ministries, literalists, church, sunday, conservative, bible, belivers, community, local, jesus, christians, christian, religious, organization, resources, principles, fellowship, churches
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kings & priests motorcycle ministry/home
kings & priests motorcycle ministry is a group of born again christian bikers of el paso, tx commited to spreading the gospel of our lord and savior jesus christ to the motorcycle community and the unsaved world.
biker, paso, christian, jesus, kings, calendar, motorcycle, priests, database, lord, ministry, testmonies, christ, runs, salvation, hossanna
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christian walks
biblically based answers to christian issues, discover bible truths and answers to life's difficult questions.
christian, humor, religion, rapture, christianity, secondcoming, spirituality, studies, bible, tribulation, revelation, prophecy, christ, jesus, churches, holy, spirit, apocalypse, times, church
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cathedral of faith ministries cogic the family church serving the family of god
serving tallahassee, fl and the global community by ministering to all who are seeking a closer and covenant relationship with jesus christ.
ministry, elder, cogic, pentecostal, florida, incorporated, holiness, tallahassee, international, manning, 32310, smith, richard, christ, joseph, married, collegiate, ministries, faith, internet
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sermon - sermons, subscriptions, series, powerpoint
offers sermons online, sermon illustrations and sermon outlines for use in christian ministry by pastors, ministers and priests
sermon, christian, scripture, christ, ministry, child, sermons, church, baptist, search, resource, youth, bible, minister, illustration, pastor, priest, jesus, central, inspiration
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omg orthodox ministry for god - home
omg, providing modern ministry with an orthodox foundation, uniting theology with life.
orthodox, ministries, small, programs, church, group, christ, christian, fellowship, ministry
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all things possible christian ministry
reaching the world with the gospel of jesus. global ministry outreach offering christian education and resources online to all people all ages.
jesus, film, hope, minister, volunteer, bible, gospel, ministry, religion, prayer, christian
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project reach ministries - project reach ministries
project reach is a non-profit movement enabling students to reach the meek, poor, and lonely through music, messages, and ministry.
project, reach, jesus, church, christ, experience, profit, donate, charity, access, love, thompson, serving, service, ministries, college, station, bryan, graham, texas
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ripe harvest ministries
a christian ministry devoted to reaching the world with the gospel of the lord jesus christ.
poems, saves, soul, saved, souls, hope, godslove, care, quotes, quote, audio, video, bible, family, gospel, mercy, love, ghost, holy, christ
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at the well international ministry - our ministries - pasadena, ca
at the well international ministry inc is a non profit organization dedicated to the gospel of jesus christ. our ministries include healing, prison, prophetic, evangelism, teaching, preaching and feeding the poor and needy.
ministry, spirit, holy, prayer, church, baptism, prison, donate, today, prophetic, language, seed, christian, anointing, evidence, anointed, fire, give, heal, fold
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godly christian ministries - home
reaching out to the world to bring everyone under christ jesus!
articles, writings, poetry, ecards, music, christ, unity, jesus
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christian medical ministry of alabama - welcome
jesus, discipleship, christ, hope, couples, lunch, singles, dental, therapy, ministry, medical, alabama, nursing, physical, medicine, christian
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internet ministries - church of christ
this is the entry page to internet ministries web site for the churches of christ. locate all types of information on salvation, christian living, and the churches of christ in general. as the first online global network for the churches of christ we continue to provide the largest and most accurate worldwide directories of the churches of christ and its ministries in english and spanish.
christ, churches, church, directory, saints, jesus, locator, worldwide, spirit, global, fire, worship, hell, peace, hope, love, life, demon, cherub, jehova
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carroll roberson ministries - carroll roberson ministries
carroll roberson where jesus is real! preaching the jewish roots of the christian faith, with holy land pilgrimages and music that lifts up christ, carroll preaches and sings in revivals, crusades and concerts all across the country.
teaching, preaching, soundtracks, dvds, messiah, biblical, this, roberson, carroll, ministry, television, jewish, christian, jesus, christ, faith, holy, crusades, music, land
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welcome to terry veazey ministries, inc
evangelist terry veazey has traveled more than 3 million miles world wide, proclaiming the gospel in most of the usa and in more than 60 nations on 5 continents.
ministry, jesus, gospel, harry, international, harvesters, christ, cousin, mission, missions, trips, leaders, ministries, veazey, terry, nationwide, evangelist, church, worldwide, training
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heart of jesus ministries, renewing, restoring and releasing gods people to the fullness in christ! how? through lighthouses, operating in the 3ls! 1. loving one family at a time 2. loving one block at a time 3. loving one neighborhood at a time
jesus, heart, christ, beloved, brothers, children, family, church, avenue, saved, salvation, ministries, ministry, arrived
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love christian center reaching out to people of ever nationality with the sincere love of jesus christ.
ministry, church, family, love, christian, jesus, christ
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home page | yfcni
helping young people find jesus, follow him and join his family
yfcni, centre, ministry, project, jesus, christian, northern, christ, ireland, young, belfast, people, youth
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welcome homemusical ministries - welcome home musical ministries home
welcome page
christian, music, welcome, church, ministry, worship, home, pastoral, living, evangelism, kentucky, belivers, gospel, musical, guest, youth, speaker, evangelistic, jesus, ministries
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welcome to lion's roar ministries!
we are an apostolic-prophetic ministry committed to equipping believers to become conformed to the image of christ, establishing a kingdom vision center that promotes, equips, assists and provides resources to leaders and ministries, and restoring the biblical pattern of unity and divine order in the church of jesus christ.
center, ministry, prophetic, apostolic
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welcome - hanover evangelical friends church
we are a group of christians from a variety of backgrounds growing together in christ. we come to church to worship, study god's word, bear one another's burdens, and enjoy our church family. we want to share the love of christ with our community and with the world.
ministries, friends, school, church, food, outreach, care, jesus, hanover, youth, worship, praise, here, friendly, audio, from, sermons, adult, missions, fcds
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enjoying god\s love and fellowship-
hi, jesus loves you. peace be unto my wonderful readers! god is faithful! by the grace of god i published my first ebook called “peace money can't
life, peace, love, jesus, mind, christ, success, fellowship, with, christian, steps, true, victory
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youth conference ministries
youth conference ministries/pfr youth ministry produces youth ministry summer events, including fun in the son, the great escape, son servants and 12 in 1 for middle and high school students to experience jesus christ.
youth, summer, ministry, camp, conferences, camps, conference, discipleship, christian, school, missions, group, chuck, middle, opportunities, campus, high, fits, neder, mission
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twr asia using media to reach asia for christ
twr asia is a non-profit christian organization. our ministry broadcasts the gospel of jesus christ throughout asia, using relevant forms of media.
christian, asia, singapore, organization, radio, media, ministry, mission, gospel, broadcast, word, programs, broadcasting, world, sermons, christ, jesus, evangelistic, trans, missions
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glory cloud ministries col 1:24-29 - flash intro - lexington, ky
inspirational music, picture, welcome
ministry, gospel, prayer, bible, glory, women, hope, christ, music, africa, jesus, teachings, preacher, spirit, ministries, cloud, videos, holy, spiritual, daily
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kirtland temple
the kirtland temple symbolizes the eternal principle that human efforts can be directed by the will of god. latter-day scripture contains some specific instruction about the building of the temple. in obedience to this direction, the latter day saints soon began construction of the building.
church, saints, christ, jesus, latter, community, reorganized, temple, kirtland, peace, heaven, disciple, religion, zion, kingdom, ghost, spirit, christian, joseph, priesthood
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home (jackson free methodist church)
ministry, adult, methodist, worship, jackson, free, journey, care, prayer, force, events, bible, ministries, loving, christ, christian, divorce, serving, friday, back
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peace lutheran church, fort myers, florida
peace lutheran church : fort myers, florida : our mission is to equip disciples of jesus christ for ministry and mission
myers, church, lutheran, christian, evangelical, jesus, christ, bible, sanibel, elca, fort, peace, florida
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lion and eagle ministries international |
as can be appreciated from previous posts, eric & lavonne have really been taking some hits; and the grieving process, especially for lavonne, has not been
christian, malone, eagle, lion, missionary, pastors, jesus, intercessor, prophetic, christ, gospel, savior, outreach, bardell, missions, adam, year, ordained, marlena, hackney
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rhemalog community - home page
this is a community. the gathering of god lovers from all over the world. we share, connect, help and relate with one another in the love of christ. this is exciting. join us! this is rhemalog. welcome.
social, christian, network, jesus, like, prayer, community, rhemalog, music, blogs, videos, messages, pray, authors, ministries, ministry, church, bibles, praise, requests
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youth specialties | all about youth ministry
the latest youth ministry ideas, resources, and events to help churches lead students to find and follow jesus christ.
ministry, student, youth
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new life christian center church pensacola fl | daycare center
new life christian center church and daycare service is a bible believing church in pensacola fl. we also offer daycare services. call us at 850-208-3788
christian, church, academy, jesus, trinity, word, spirit, connect, ministries, ministry, school, holy, love, bible, center, life, gospel, christ, hope, truth
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bread of life outreach ministries
bread of life outreach ministries is a non-denominational congregation and outreach ministry dedicated to bringing hope to people for a better tomorrow with the message of jesus christ.
bible, church, life, group, class, bread, harmony, recovery, study, food, kansas, city, outreach, ministry, assistance, worship, jesus, clothing, free, christ
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christian holiness ministry | orange, nj 07051
this is a website that purposed only to the ministry of the jesus christ and to show to the whole world that this ministry is their extended hands of
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victory independent baptist church (greenfield, in. 46140)
we are a self autonomous independent baptist church that believes the 1611 kjv edition of the word of god.
church, bible, christian, worship, baptist, music, christ, churches, jesus, faith, ministry, independent, gospel, testament, pastor, places, james, ministries, king, praise
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pinehurst united methodist church jesus christ in us; jesus christ through us
a newer church in the north carolina sandhills area. we are committed to making disciples of jesus christ in the united methodist tradition.
ministry, methodist, united, sandhills, church, women, golf, wellness, churches, parish, nursing, habitat, conference, care, family, promise, human, coalition, humanity, carolina
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his hands support ministries
our goal is to support and encourage the work of our brothers and sisters in christ in impoverished areas of the world and to support the ministries of their churches, giving special emphasis to helping with the ministries of their schools and in supporting children to enable them to attend school.
christ, ministries, hands, christian, haiti, charity, ministry, africa, support
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lutheran ministries media | worship for shut-ins
sharing christ's love through ministry and media.
home, nursing, sermon, worship, hymns, hospital, jesus, christian, church, faith, hospice, christ
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prophecies of revelation
who is jesus? how do you imagine yourself meeting the creator of the universe? do you have a personal relationship with jesus christ?
jesus, revelation, christ, prophecies, religion, rapture, propheciesofrevelation, prophets, scripture, tribulation, teachers, sermons, prophecy, behind, counterfeit, devotional, church, christian, boycott, caetta
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at his feet ministries international
a dynamic, spirit flowing, joyful ministry for seekers and lovers of god. we look forward to ministering to you personally and through e-ministry, e-bible study, e- answers and so much more. welcome home!
holy, salvation, christ, spirit, prayer, adoption, publishing, jesus, intercession, feet, bible, dance, study
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safe haven prayer center and ministries - home
a christian self- help resource center focus upon prayer and outreach ministry for th dalls/ fort- worth, texas metroplex
ministry, prayer, richardson, garland, texas, jesus, christian, addison, plano, center, have, ministries, safe, prison, dallas
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liberty baptist church dalton, ga - home
liberty baptist church has campuses in dalton, ga and fort oglethorpe with brian branam as senior pastor. we have a place for you at liberty. we have ministries for all ages and activities designed to bring you to a loving relationship with jesus christ and to help you grow in your christian walk.
baptist, ministry, church, worship, choir, sunday, school, holy, spirit, christ, jesus, missions, salvation, fort, oglethorpe, georgia, dalton, brian, branam, chatsworth
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i am born again ministries: home
with i am born again ministries, we say what jesus said and do what jesus said do.
jesus, christ, again, hemingway, born, children, feeding, teaching, refuge, preaching, house, palawan, outreach, tribal, discipleship, philippines, missions, missionaries, missionary, mission
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christians for christ
christians for christ is a ministry dedicated to providing bible study materials to roman catholics and all christians who desire to go deeper in their walk with jesus.
christ, catholic, passion, jesus, golden, rule, hill, christian, gibson, salvation, religion, roman, christians, former, xcatholic, trees
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prophetic ministries today || prophetic ministries tabernacle
prophetic ministries today is devoted to the truth that god, jesus, is alive and speaks if you have an ear to hear the spirit. this web site is filled with prophetic teachings which will help you understand the process of hearing god for yourself. the lord wants you to pray, hear, and obey him because god is the only one who can truthfully lead you into a better life.
prophetic, simpson, kent, jesus, spiritual, power, christ, holy, spirit, ministries, word, words, prophet, guidance, love, gift, ministry, prayer, warfare, prophecy
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captivated by god
captivated by god ministries is dedicated to the in depth teaching of god’s word.
jesus, bible, study, christ, scripture, faith, church, devotionals, hill, women, baptist, peace, discipleship, godly, stealers, ministry, truth, perserverance, salvation, repentance
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valley christian church - fargo-moorhead
valley christian church is made up of christians in the fargo moorhead area. people who desire to connect jesus christ in a life-giving and life-sustaining way. vcc has been in the fargo moorhead area since before 1978.
jesus, christian, groups, church, county, love, counseling, worship, support, hope, messiah, salvation, faith, christ, ministry, holy, spirit, evangelism, camping, programs
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adams road ministry | "i am not ashamed of the gospel" | home
christian music ministry
jesus, mormon, christ, christian, music, musical, road, ministry, good, gospel, news
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spirit of liberty christian fellowship global ministries
ministry mens ministry women of ministry music ministry teen ministry praise dance ministry learn more about our ministries join bishop each morning as he
progressive, church, gospel, ministry
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pursuing the truth ministries
pursuing the truth ministries ministers to people by presenting the word of god in a practical manner. we do not promote a particular denomnation, but rather the powerful word of god and a relationship with the lord.
word, minister, christ, ministry, christianity, jesus, christian
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4-given ministries - home
sharing the love of god through the word, testimony and song. reaching out to the world with the truth of the gospel of jesus christ. discipleship through one on one, conferences and writings.
discipleship, christian, worship, writer, singing, music, blogging, pastoral, ministry, outreach, speaking, blog, blogs, biblical
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a christian ministry where jesus christ is central and the word of god is foundational - home
to reflect the ministries of mid-america mission, inc. and woodland acres bible camp
camp, bible, ministry, supported, faith, christian, ozark, baptist, sonrise, rental, church, summer, mailbox, akros, mission, acres, ifca, arkansasgives, prison, woodland
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juig! tydskrif | christelike familielewe | afrikaans magazine | christian news | christen nuus | jesus christ
joy magazine is a christian family living magazine focused on christian news, eductaion, information and the application of jesus christ in all areas of life.
christian, magazine, worldview, christ, jesus, faith, biblical, promoting, unity, spiritual, lord, informing, online, living, family, news, statement, bible, educating
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courage - home page
courage is a uk-based christian ministry offering understanding and support for homosexual people who wish to follow the path of christian discipleship. their families can benefit as well. courage also offers a national resource to help churches understand the issues and needs of homosexual people. our ministry aim is to seek god together to work out an honourable and practical way forward, consistent with scripture, for christian people who are also homosexual; to inform our brothers and sisters in our churches who find gay issues hard to understand or accept, and to communicate the good news to all who do not know jesus christ.
trust, christian, courage, evangelical, counsellors, alliance, exodus, europe, association, help, christianity, lesbian, pastoral, hope, ministry, support, homosexuality, aids
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first united methodist church of north liberty | follow and invite others to follow jesus christ.
follow and invite others to follow jesus christ.
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207 church of christ ministry resources and more!
christ, movement, sermons, restoration, faith, blog, powerpoint, stories, jokes, helps, links, ministry, jesus, christian, resources, church, teaching, preaching, bible
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christian homepage with search engine, ministry video, news, email, weather, bible studies, daily devotionals, and information on jesus christ, church, the bible and the christian faith.
bible, christian, study, news, churches, church, living, family, faith, resources, scripture, religion, music, answers, sermons, jesus, engine, search, christianity, home
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looking for an uncompromising christian ministry? lmdm
welcome to lmdm (lay me down ministry), one of the most dedicated international christian ministries. we exist to advance the kingdom of jesus!
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cco | campus ministry
calling college students to serve jesus christ with their entire lives.
ministry, christian, coalition, outreach, christianity, college, jubilee, campus
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welcome to mandeville christian fellowship!
mandeville christian fellowship church media website
ministry, christian, tammany, church, louisiana, covington, love, worship, christ, friends, gospel, fellowship, hope, ministries, pantry, mandeville, orleans, greater, parish, highway
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cowboy church ministries
contains information on the different aspects of the ministry. provides a cowboy church directory, event calendar, history of the ministry, and several different teachings. podcast available.
cowboy, ministries, church, rope, nrcha, america, barter, study, bible, money, booger, tent, jesus, christian, world, religion, healing, preachers, finances
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gfdm, inc. is a dynamic ministry headquartered in downingtown, pa (satellite location in philadelphia, pa) and dedicated to assisting others in their pursuit of christian freedom. all are welcome!!!
deliverance, blagmon, philadelphia, faith, preach, help, comfort, bible, strength, christ, word, jesus, freedom, chains, broken, captives, protection, holiness, peace, love
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marty angelo ministries, inc. and once life matters ministries, inc. - outreach ministry to prisons/jails, substance abuse recovery programs, and to troubled celebrities
proclaiming and teaching the gospel of the kingdom of god throughout prisons, jails, substance abuse recovery programs, and troubled celebrities utilizing life-changing books, evangelistic outreaches, and follow-up resources. once life matters ministries, inc. is a second chance ministry founded by minister/author marty angelo that brings hope to those who are weary from the weight of the world with the love of jesus christ.
prison, drug, life, books, christian, abuse, faith, troubled, angelo, marty, youth, ministries, testimony, alcoholics, addicts, inmate, literature, help, rehabilitation, conversions
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glory to god ministries international
glory to god ministries was established to further the proclamation of god's word and equip god's people for ministry
palm, teaching, giving, praise, tongues, healing, prayer, miracles, christ, bible, quiz, christianity, church, jesus, christian, faith, randy, mirage, desert, rancho
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the supper quilt - by donald e. locke d.d.s.
a quilt of the last supper
jesus, christian, quilt, last, supper, disciple, picture, christ, craft, twelve, image, painting, work, travel, arts, modern, site, contemporary, square, davinci
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christian meditation
christian meditation is a sacred activity nourishing your faith that the kingdom of god is within you. this comprehensive instruction manual presents unique meditation techniques inspired by yoga that include coordinating the breathing and focusing on different parts of the body. these meditation methods are integrated into an entirely christian context in which the number one priority is reliance on the action and grace of the holy spirit.
christian, yoga, course, meditation, mind, jesus, miracles, spirit, acim, practices, christ, love, body, based, awakening, spiritual, self, true, forgiveness, follow
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house of david ministries, inc.
david, owens, ministry, jesus, house, tony, sceniorette, anointing, school, ministries, christ, revival, rapture, times
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:: iglesia cristiana emanuel - san antonio:: bienvenidos! emanuel christian church :: san antonio ::
iglesia cristiana emanuel es una iglesia de cristo, en el sur de san antonio, texas. emanuel church is a church on the southside san antonio, texas.
groups, christ, church, ministry, small, cristo, fellowship, postmodern, emergent, sunday, iglesia, ministries, youth, religion, christian, hogar, texas, antonio, churches, home
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kingdom culture ministries
a revivalist, relationship based ministry to the church; to help it transition into the new apostolic season.
fold, pinky, gabrielle, five, ministry, shack, apostle, prophet, lissa, pinkerton, christ, christian, honor, culture, jesus, bethel, love, bssm, kingdom
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persian christian church - persian christian church
a contemporary, multicultural community church reaching the farsi and english speakers of california. we are a church that loves god, believes that jesus is god, and that the bible is god's word. we cater to a wide range of age groups, cultures and nationalities and invite every heart to be part of our family of christ.
church, persian, ministry, center, assyrian, jesus, christ, assembly, pentecostal, farsi, valley, irvine, angeles, fernando, bible, christian
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timothy ministries home
information on the activities and services of timothy ministries along with downloadable articles on christian topics
spiritual, news, church, courses, services, pulpit, supply, pastor, sermon, roderick, keith, mike, graciano, student, preaching, ministry, counseling, discipleship, bible, biblical
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new dimension ministries
official site of new dimension ministries
stephen, irie, theology, ministry, ministries, christian, church, jesus, bible
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baxter road bible church: anchorage church ministry
baxter road bible chruch is a bible based anchorage church and we exist to help people come into a saving relationship with jesus christ through our ministry.
ministry, anchorage, bible, chruch, church, christian, becoming, committee, missions, baptized, john, carpenter, mather, worship, being, young, jesus, alaska, anchroage, childrens
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new bethel baptist church win people to christ and minister to all
a baptist church providing christian adult and youth ministries in verona, kentucky and surrounding communities.
baptist, ministry, christian, kentucky, church, ministries, verona, george, naylor, 41092, association, mops, bethel, convention, awana, mile
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teaching ministry - sound biblical ministry teachings -
teaching ministry. sound biblical ministry teachings from the king james version of the bible can be found at these anointed ministry teachings from the bible are located in our bible teaching directory and will help disciples of jesus christ understand and apply the milk and meat of god's word in their lives.
ministry, teaching, teachings, sound, adults, biblical, word, teacher, bible, james, teachingministry, king, version, meat, milk, christ, children, ministries, from, kids
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227 - a christian ministry to both the born and pre-born, whose primary ministry is to the church of our lord jesus christ. 2chr 7:14
on calvary’s cross, where you and i were ransomed, jesus christ measured out his blood equally for each one of us. not a drop more or a drop less of his blood was for a white man or black man, a male or female, old or young, retarded, crippled, blind, deaf, dumb or precious baby in the womb. he paid an eternal life for each one of us, and that was "while we were yet sinners, christ loved us and gave himself for us" (rom 5:8).
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new life christian ministries | saxonburg, pennsylvania
new life christian ministries a non-denominational church in saxonburg, pa. sharing the new life of jesus christ with the world - one person at a time!
christian, saxonburg, life, churches, awesome, bible, church, ministries, teaching, discipleship, holy, sarver, christianity, jesus, spirit
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bible study, open heavens ministries home
open heavens ministries is a non-denominational ministry dedicated to spiritual maturity and an understanding of the scriptures.
jesus, christ, coming, judgments, tribulation, lordship, kingdom, study, spiritual, growth, bible
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marriage made in god's image retreat
"marriage made in god's image" is a 3-day marriage enrichment retreat designed to follow only one agenda, and that is the will and purpose of our lord and savior jesus christ. this ministry was given life by jesus christ in an effort for his children to reach out, and take hold of his hand as he guides them through the life-long journey called marriage. a true walk with jesus christ can only begin when we, as individuals and couples, submit 100% to the will and purpose of our lord and savior jesus christ.
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anointed with love ministries - home
christian blog for women in christ
love, hackett, ministry, women, erica, blessed, jesus, anointed, with, christ
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sword of the spirit ministries online - we preach the gospel
an interdenominational christian ministry for preaching the gospel of jesus christ to all humanity
christian, bible, child, healing, churches, kenya, college, online, drugs, ministries, colleges, christians, prayer, testimonies, christianity, requests, motivation, street, children, orphans
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good shepherd lutheran church | state college, pa
good shepherd lutheran church meets in state college, pa. the goal of our church is to introduce you to jesus christ and help you get to know him better through the ministries presented here. check us out. we would love to meet you.
state, jesus, holy, messiah, christ, spirit, salvation, worship, groups, ministry, support, hope, love, counseling, life, church, lutheran, penn, college, pennsylvania
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wcu catholic campus ministry
wcu catholic campus ministry serves the catholic students of western carolina university. a ministry of the roman catholic diocese of charlotte.
church, student, faith, saints, mass, eucharist, ministries, liturgy, adoration, fellowship, retreat, prayers, prayer, papal, mary, university, campus, carolina, western, ministry
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walk in peace womens ministries
walk in peace is a web site dedicated to the encouragement and discipleship of women. bible studies and devotionals, a prayer page and opportunity to connect with other christian women all provided.
prayer, bible, womens, ministries, cope, encouragement, power, ladies, blog, discipleship, pray, years, recipes, walk, peaceful, christian, devotions, overcoming, coping, study
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transforming lives through the holy spirit and seeing people grow from biblical information to biblical life application.
church, bread, christ, jesus, interactive, real, holy, ministry, spirit, peace, hope, gifts, tithes, evangelism, giving, ministries, international, life, love, christian
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new season - home
new season family christian center - fayetteville, nc. changing lives, one family at a time
christian, season, family, center, bennett, church, fayetteville, jesus, road, prayer, raeford, religious, hope, nondenominational, carolina, worship, christ, denominational, marriage, north
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christian web tv \| free online 24/7 christian tv streaming video broadcasting
christian web television network find all the latest christian tv broadcasts of christian tv videos, christian music tv, christian tv teachings, small local christian ministry tv broadcasts, tips on creating a better christian broadcast ministry tv, news and information from christian web news and more.
christian, broadcast, television, tips, creating, better, free, church, videos, teachings, jesus, christ, network
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victory world outreach ministries
victory world outreach ministry is a global outreach ministry reaching out to the sick and down trodden, orphans and less privileged in adherence to the great commission of our lord jesus christ in the gospel of mark 16:15
orphans, global, jesus, sick, down, international, trodden, love, christians, ministries, outreach, world, church, aide, christ, help, victory
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who are you & what are you searching for?
a community church where love and freedom reigns in jesus in our worship, ministry, & personal lives. founded to hep bring freedom to families and individuals from personal, cultural, and religious bondage's through jesus christ while providing an atmosphere of peace and love to freely worship, grow, cultivate your spiritual gifts, while moving confidently into the identification of who god has called you to be in christ revealing your membership ministry.
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home -
discovering god s plan and purpose for your life.
sacramento, ministries, ministry, religion, spirituality, church, minstries, christian, fear, crisis, victory, anxiety, help, confidence, salvation, love, jesus, hope
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simple message ministries - reaching cops
simple message ministries home page. a ministry that takes the gospel to police officers.
police, christ, brian, enforcement, officers, deputy, international, peace, memorial, appreciation, trooper, honor, sheriff, second, ministry, stewart, cops, church, baptist, state
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world bible society - christian religious ministry spreading the word of god
an evangelistic teaching and biblical research ministry dedicated to placing the treasure of god's word into the hands of people around the world through the distribution of bibles. thank you for your support in sharing god's word.
prayer, jesus, christ, africa, ministry, religious, mission, pray, urgent, religion, devotional, scripture, evangelical, bibles, world, bible, evangelistic, biblical, christian, word
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exodus outreach ministries
meet the needs of the community through a wholistic approach while attracting those who are not saved to the saving grace of god through jesus christ.
purpose, women, outreach, ministry, exodus, jesus, christ
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crosspoint church | welcome to crosspoint church
crosspoint church in bloomington, mn is an intergenerational church that exists to guide people in life change through jesus christ by engaging our world, extending christ's love and equipping each other to live in christ. in submission to god and in obedience to the holy spirit, we strive to embody: • grace • authenticity • courage • inclusiveness • dependence • brokenness
ministry, love, ministries, student, children, adult, church, worship, sunday, crosspoint, high, christ, service, others, bloomington, france, group, junior, study, small
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riverlakes community church :: home
welcome to riverlakes community church. our church is a christ-centered, mission-minded church. you will find it a warm, friendly place where you sense the lord's presence and where you can worship and grow in your knowledge and understanding of him.
jesus, christ, kern, riverlakes, bakersfield, counseling, prayer, rosedale, support, pastor, class, education, transformation, life, times, riverway, northwest, vision, values, bible
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welcome to parma heights baptist church
a church for the whole family, helping you find and follow jesus christ
ministry, heights, parma, sports, academy, camp, focus, youth, adult, young, christian, oneeightyone, special, baptist, ohio, cleveland, needs, children, church, preschool
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the church of jesus christ
the church of jesus christ, where holiness and truth is our life and language
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dd ministries - home
welcome to dd ministries international!
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christ for humanity | humanitarian relief | christian outreach ministry
christ for humanity (cfh) is a christian humanitarian relief organization whose purpose is to glorify god by enabling the church to advance the gospel of jesus christ to the needy and to minister to members of god's family
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