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image engineering - solutions to test image quality
our core competence is the measurement, analysis and improvement of digital image quality. we also offer suitable test equipment for all imaging devices.
expand collapse - the global broadband quality test
test your internet line quality to locations around the world with this interactive ping test
ping, test, internet, connection, cable, packetloss, adsl, address, jitter, voip, latency, line, quality, speed, bandwidth, pingtest, speakeasy, flash, ookla, packet, broadband, network, cnet, loss
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thank you for choosing the best free imaging software - daemon tools lite
daemon tools lite is the best free imaging software which allows mounting all types of images, creating image files, emulating virtual devices and working with handy image catalog.
imaging, software, tools, daemon, free, image, files, create, lite, mount, images
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dxo one | professional quality connected camera for iphone |
get the worlds smallest 1 - inch sensor camera and capture beautiful, high - resolution photos anywhere .
image, quality, camera, superraw, portable, iphone, digital, dslr, photography
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the entertainment station
free download hd wallpapers and images of bollywood , hollywood actor and actress. find the best suitable image for your pc and mobile
image, wallpaper
expand collapse - user-friendly website for searching of best hd quality wallpapers
the best chance to fill your desktop with the bright mood on (more than 40000 free wallpapers and backgrounds). all wallpapers in hd quality and suitable for pc, mobile and other devices.
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kitware inc. - leading edge, high-quality software
image, processing, visualization, software, data, parallel, medical, computing, large, video, understanding, supercomputing, rendering, volume, information, grid, analysis, paraview, vision, process, computer, imaging, graphics, publication, archival, cdash, segmentation, cmake, registration
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keith price, home page
image, analysis, video, yosemite, sequoia, grand, processing, stereo, understanding, vision, conference, recognition, canyon, icip, iccv, cvpr, computer, price, accv, eccv, keith, biometrics, compression, icpr, pattern
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the standard for mobile app testing | perfecto mobile
perfecto mobile is an on-demand mobile testing infrastructure. with it, you can test mobile apps in any real-world end-user condition throughout all stages of the sdlc. our continuous quality lab lets you access thousands of real devices, test load, speed, geography and more, automate, monitor and collaborate, and connect to your existing workflow.
mobile, testing, test, monitor, automation, scripts, automate, performance, continuous, real, cloud, devices, perfecto, mobilecloud, quality
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quick iq test - good questions
test your intelligence quotient with good questions. our iq test is suitable for all ages.
questions, good, test
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mobile app testing - testdroid
testdroid offers agile mobile app testing and automation on real android and ios devices, enabling developers to build high quality apps, games and websites.
testing, android, test, device, mobile, apps, farm, cloud, automation, agile, game
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community photo albums & image hosting |
create public photo albums to host images for your blog/website or share your popular photos with friends.
image, photo, hosting, high, album, pictures, site, quality, uncategorized, wallpapers, pics, picture, free, resolution, thumbnail, gallery, culture, technology, vehicles, celebrities, fashion, cars, cartoons, comics, funny, games, nature, sports, anime, pets, home, historic, lifestyle, travel
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premier biosoft
leading bioinformatics company offering software products and services for life science research
software, analysis, bioinformatics, lipid, glycan, protein, identification, proteomics, imaging, maldi, data, mass, genomics, services, company, design, assay, qpcr, spectrometry
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iq test - do you know your iq?
do you know your iq? 30 questions 2 test options. take the newest iq test.
test, mensa, intelligence, tests, online
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extech instruments - a flir company
extech test tools offer solutions in predictive maintenance, electrical testing, thermal imaging, thermography, and plant maintenance with digital multimeters known as dmm
maintenance, imaging, electrical, test, multimeter, digital, predictive, thermometer, anemometer, tachometer, infrared, testing, tool, tester, thermal, electronic, thermography, plant
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exam on air:online test platform
yoctel is one of the best company for arrange online online test.
online, test, exam, analysis, psychometric, aieee, response, csat, gmat, toefl, coordinator, offline, quiz, sowt, survey, classroom, director, report, catonline, administrator, upload
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the real-time intelligence platform for the global media industry. we provide commentary and analysis of the changing world of content and devices in an increas
mobile, tablet, journalism, analysis, media, themediabriefing
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analyze and measure application software to control risk and improve productivity - cast
leader in software analysis and measurement providing visibility into root causes of cost and risk in the software product.
software, analysis, code, quality, structural, technical, points, requirements, automated, scan, static, risk, management, measurement, function
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fastpictureviewer professional | a fast 64 bit raw image viewer for windows 8.x desktop, windows 7, windows vista & xp.
beautiful and fast image viewer for photographers, and robust imaging components for microsoft windows.
exif, unicode, histogram, fastpicviewer, rating, picture, photo, image, viewer, fast
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perfectly clear - award-winning image correction for desktop and mobile devices
award-winning image correction for desktop and mobile devices
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dialego ... moves your mind: startseite
die digitale marktforschungs-agentur dialego bietet neue perspektiven, preisgekrönte marktforschungstools und co-creation-ansätze für innovationsprozesse und kommunikationsentwicklungen an, auf der ganzen welt.
online, market, research, marktforschung, conjoint, image, concept, methode, test, produkttest, productfit, netjet, verpackungsentwicklung, development, product, packungstest, markenimage, konzepttest, preisanalyse, pricefit, slogantest, claimcheck, claimtest, preisschwellenanalyse, packagefit, verpackungstest, namenstest, preistest, namefit, satisfaction, erhebungen, forschung, marktforschungsstudie, umfragen, umfragestudien, marktanalysen, meinungsumfragen, marktstudien, marktforschungsinstitut, semanticminning
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electrical test equipment from power station to plug | megger
megger provides a full service solution to meet your electrical test and measurement needs. our products provide testing solutions in the most critical maintenance areas including cable fault locating, protective relay testing, on-line monitoring of substation apparatus, and power quality testing. with such a diverse product offering, we are the single source for electrical test and measuring instruments.
equipment, test, power, insulation, resistance, factor, fault, cable, monitoring, partial, quality, discharge, pcits, building, wiring, contractor, meter, watthour, scits, seba, transformer, relay, breaker, primary, secondary, current, battery, ground, high, injection, ohmmeter, motor, hipot, generator
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graphicsmagick image processing system
graphicsmagick is a robust collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in any of the more popular image formats including gif, jpeg, png, pdf, and webp. with graphicsmagick you can create gifs dynamically making it suitable for web applications. you can also resize, rotate, sharpen, color reduce, or add special effects to an image and save your completed work in the same or different image format.
software, image, tclmagick, library, photo, development, openmp, imagemagick, perlmagick, processing, graphicsmagick
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displaymate monitor projector and hdtv set up calibration and testing
displaymate technologies is the worldwide leader in video diagnostics and test patterns for optimizing, enhancing, calibrating, evaluating, testing, and improving image and picture quality for all displays on smartphones, tablets, tvs, computer and video monitors, and projectors
display, test, calibration, video, monitor, utility, screen, hdtv, color, oled, projector, quality, chart, microdisplay, infocomm, card, adjustment, registration, setup, convergence, tune, olor, tuneup, picture, micro, image, cinema, optimize, calibrate, optimization, pattern, shootout, diagnostic, mate, displaymate, printer, lcos, plasma, television, udhrv
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biomedical test equipment | medical device analysis | fluke biomedical
fluke biomedical is a leading manufacturer of biomedical test equipment, x-ray quality assurance, and medical device analysis tools for hospitals, health care facilities and medical equipment manufacturers.
biomedical, simulators, patient, testing, equipment, calibration, repair, company, victoreen, raysafe, medical, test, spo2, dosimeter, detectors, simulator, nibp, instruments, radiation
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block imaging
block imaging refurbishes used medical imaging equipment for diagnostic imaging providers worldwide
imaging, equipment, medical, refurbished
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media cybernetics - image analysis software | image processing software | image deconvolution
developers of image analysis software and image processing software for scientific and industrial applications.
image, imaging, software, analysis, enhancement, deconvolution, microscopy, processing, digital
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imatest | image quality testing software & test charts
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testlodge - online test case management tool
online test management tool, allowing you and your qa team to collaboratively manage test plans, requirements, test suites, test cases and test runs with ease.
test, software, suite, management, cases, case, assurance, testlodge, requirements, tool, plans, quality
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geometric tools
books, source code, and documentation for computing in the fields of graphics, mathematics, physics, and image analysis.
eberly, wild, analysis, magic, dave, david, image, physics, source, tools, code, graphics, mathematics, geometric
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used microscopes | spectra services |used microscope warehouse
spectra services offers the best in imaging including new and used microscopes, analysis software, custom digital imaging systems, fiber optics and accessories. we also service and repair microscopes.
eppendorf, leitz, zeiss, nikon, objective, eyepiece, condenser, lomb, motorized, microscopes, stages, olympus, bausch, leica
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testdroid - mobile app testing on android and ios devices
testdroid is agile mobile app testing and test automation on real android and ios devices, enabling developers to build high quality apps, games and website.
testing, android, test, device, mobile, apps, farm, cloud, automation, agile, game
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optimizing windows 7/vista/xp: installing, optimizing windows and imaging your optimized windows system.
optimizing windows 7/vista/xp: installing, optimizing windows and imaging your optimized windows system. all the information you need to install, optimize and create a system image of your windows xp pc.
install, installing, image, imaging, computer, vista, optimize, windows, optimizing
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society for experimental mechanics (sem)
the development and application of engineering, experiments, measurements, modeling and test methods to material characterization and system analysis.
dynamics, structural, analysis, materials, digital, modal, correlation, uncertainty, kolsky, hopkinson, quantification, experimental, monitoring, health, substructuring, split, volume, time, structures, civil, image, nonlinear, dynamic, behavior, operational, validation, model, imac, dependent
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informatik inc. - informatik inc. tiff, pdf, image converstion utilities, viewers, document management and more
document imaging, document management, document archiving, deed and map plotters, tiff printer drivers, multipage tiff, multi-page, electronic imaging, pdf and image conversion tools
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digital image forensic analyzer -
public and free digital image forensic analyzer
forensic, image, analysis, tool, analyzer, jpeg, metadata
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framos imaging - image processing, image sensors, industrial cameras
we enable imaging - supplier of cameras and components for industrial image processing and solutions for any imaging challenge.
industrial, image, cmos, cameralink, module, sensor, processing, machine, vision, imaging, camera
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rf power, semiconductor and imaging technologies | e2v
e2v partners to improve, save & protect lives. our innovations lead developments in communications, automation, discovery, healthcare & the environment.
cmos, imaging, semiconductors, cameras, tubes, electron, valve, imagers, electric, english, electronic, devices, converters, including, lifecycle, power, management, high, sensors, performance, specialist
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struers - ensuring certainty
struers is the world’s leading supplier of materialographic preparation equipment and consumables, hardness testers and imaging software.
preparation, cutting, materialographic, hardness, mounting, machine, wheels, sample, press, microvias, target, polishing, modules, metallography, imaging, tester, testing, test, grinding, coupon, image, equipment, software, cold, analysis, materialography
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innobright tech: image rendering, cgi, vfx, animation
monte carlo, denoising, image rendering, cgi, vfx, animation, imaging
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iq test - do you know your iq?
do you know your iq? 30 questions 2 test options. take the newest iq test.
test, mensa, intelligence, tests, online
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wtw gmbh –laboratory & field instrumentation
wtw offers the most comprehensive program of high-quality measuring devices for the water analysis in the world - reliability, operational safety and versatility
analysis, water, online, measurement, technology, quality, treatment, wastewater, systems
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join thousands who used our iq test. this test was set up in collaboration with top psychology experts and is one of the most precise ones on internet. find you how you are doing in 30 minutes.
test, certificate, intelligence, testing, tests, online, free
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imaging sdk | .net pdf viewer sdk| multimedia sdk activex| twain sdk activex | multimedia display software|
viscom software company mainly focuses in .net imaging multimedia sdk activex components for multimedia systems. we provide high quality software at reasonable prices and internet delivery is available in most cases.
imaging, video, software, management, digital, signage
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free swot analysis | free online provider of quality swot analysis
free swot analysis provides free swot analysis of corporates and companies of the world.
swot, analysis, corporations, companies, 2010, free, latest
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communications & power industries
communications & power industries (cpi) provides microwave, radio frequency (rf), power and control solutions for defense, communications, medical, scientific and industrial applications. products include: veds, klystrons, twts, twtas, cfas, satcom amplifiers, hpas, sspas, lnas, lnbs, power grid devices, advanced antenna systems, bucs, solid-state devices, imas, eiks, magnetrons, gyrotrons, medical x-ray generators, medical digital imaging systems, telemetry systems, radomes, transmitters, microwave switches, rf decks, receiver protectors, pressure windows, helix devices, coupled cavity devices
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visualware - broadband performance, bandwidth measurement, voip quality testing, network management solutions
solutions for network performance and broadband testing, bandwidth speed test, voip quality testing, connectivity testing, and network management.
test, trace, traceroute, route, locations, email, performance, internet, broadband, bandwidth, connection, connectivity, analysis, speed
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iq test - do you know your iq?
do you know your iq? 30 questions 2 test options. take the newest iq test.
test, mensa, intelligence, tests, online
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iq test - do you know your iq?
do you know your iq? 30 questions 2 test options. take the newest iq test.
test, mensa, intelligence, tests, online
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iecbes 2016
with great honour, we would like to announce that the flagship conference of ieee embs malaysia chapter is now ieee embs conference of biomedical, engineering and sciences, a regional conference of the ieee embs. connecting emb with medical physicians: challenges towards better healthcare and life quality is the theme for iecbes2016. advancing for healthcare and life quality will require integrative effort between biomedical engineers and medical physicians to produce novel solutions to challenges in healthcare and clinical application research to better translate discovery into clinical practices. iecbes 2016 provides a platform to showcase enabling technologies of computing, devices, imaging, sensors, and systems to do just that. iecbes 2016 welcomes original submissions that have not been published by researchers, clinicians, and industrial partners from the biomedical, life sciences, medical, and industrial communities. all papers will be peer reviewed. accepted full-length 4-page
engineering, tissue, biomaterial, biomimetic, molecular, cellular, simulation, robots, bioinformatic, healthcare, rehabilitation, humanitarian, rehab, telemedicine, ehealth, mhealth, modelling, biomedical, signal, image, conference, 2016, myembs, iecbes, processing, instrumentation, neural, ieee, biosensors, nano, devices, micro, embs
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iq test - do you know your iq?
do you know your iq? 30 questions 2 test options. take the newest iq test.
test, mensa, intelligence, tests, online
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home | enadoc
enadoc is a cloud-based innovative enterprise document imaging system.
document, system, management, services, imaging, paperless, data, enadoc, entry, cloud, capture, processing, finding, solutions, forms, collaboration, technology, assurance, image, remote, quality, whitepaper, efficient, categorized
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check the health of your site. you will receive a report at the end of test and be able to download the pdf. you will provide suggestions corresponding each issue. try now, how it works ! this is particularly needed for site admin
analysis, checker, suggestion, health, tool, analyzer, website
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vintasoft | document imaging .net, wpf & sdk | barcode .net, wpf & silverlight sdk | twain .net & wpf sdk, activex
vintasoft develops professional image acquisition, barcode reader and generator, document imaging sdk for .net, wpf and web.
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testo limited instruments
testo instruments are used across a range of industries for a variety of test and measurement applications.
instrument, service, calibration, pressure, analysis, imaging, temperature, humidity, thermal
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plant image analysis - software
website presenting the available plant image analysis softwares
plant, lobet, analysis, image, root
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wavemetrics - scientific graphing, data analysis, curve fitting & image processing software
technical graphing and data analysis for macintosh and windows. igor pro creates publication quality scientific graphics used by scientists and engineers around the world.
analysis, data, fitting, graphing, curve, scientific, science, igor, processing, image, signal, macintosh, nonlinear, regression, global, peak, acquisition, numerical, environment, engineers, line, command, scientists, animation, earth, education, program, modelling, neuroscience, finding, dynamic, systems, electrophysiology, nclamp, university, numerics, software, statistics, neuromatic, life
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freejazzinstitute - jazz educational website: transcriptions, theory & analysis, changes
freejazzinstitute is a jazz educational website, musician forum, supports use of finale, sibelius, mp3, wav, midi, image, and pdf documents in forum posts. site has transcriptions, analysis, loops, changes to jazz standards, and essential tunes lists.
finale, sibelius, image, midi, transcription, analysis, lead, institute, jazz, sheet, music, harmonic, notation, free
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delta-t devices: soil moisture content, pyranometers, data loggers, canopy analysis
delta-t devices specialises in instruments for environmental science, in particular: agronomy, soil moisture, data logging, solar energy studies, eco-physiology and meteorology.
delta, devices, device, canopy, analysis, solar, loggers, irradiation, content, soil, moisture, pyranometers, data
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radiology imaging centers is your comprehensive resource for medical imaging centers across the nation. our database of diagnostic radiology imaging facilities is your reference to find a radiology imaging center near you.
centers, imaging, radiology
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dreamlovewallpapers - hd quality desktop image wallpaper
download best quality high definition widescreen hd photo image wallpapers & desktop backgrounds on computers, mobiles in (1920x1080, 1366x768), dream, love.
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dcs quality solutions - quality assurance and dimensional analysis
dcs - a quality assurance company focusing on helping enterprises achieve higher quality through dimensional analysis software, quality data management and quality assurance solutions.
dimensional, analysis, control, systems, assurance, tolerance, quality
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optos - optos
optos is a leading medical technology company for the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of ultra-widefield retinal imaging devices. our devices produce a high resolution image, optomap, of up to 200 degrees of the retina in a single capture
retinal, optometrist, cataracts, opthamologist, locator, exam, diagnosis, imaging, optomap, problem, digital, disease
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power quality analyzers and monitors : wireless power quality measurement : power monitors, inc.
power quality analyzers. power quality analysis. power monitors inc. specializes in compact, wireless power quality monitoring devices that provide convenience while lowering operating costs.
equipment, power, analyzer, quality, tester, phase, neutral, safety, measuring, webinar, seminar, consumption, problems, demand, recorders, digital, portable, provision, software, angle, loggers, utilities, flexible, line, monitors, devices, measurement, smart, electric, training, ammeter, meter, electrical, test, analysis, factor, powermeter, energy, watt, kilowatt
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pass a drug test - visit us for drug screening and analysis detox products
pass a drug test, drug screening, and drug analysis with a proven drug testing detoxification leader- passing your drug test is safe and easy with our proven detox products. pass a urine screening, blood test, hair analysis or saliva drug tests for marijuana, thc and all other toxins with our fda safe product.
drug, test, testing, employment, teen, passing, pass, school, detoxify, workplace, type, procedure, detoxification, random, urine, hair, tests, marijuana, cleansing, blood, drig, home, screen
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conseil en image et relooking
agence de conseil en image "les yeux delsa"
relooking, image, conseil, coaching, delsa, dressing, shopping, personal, yeux, femme, test, mode, agence, homme
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zoomifyzoomable web images!
zoomify allows you to deliver high-resolution images over the web - it's fast & easy! zoomify's products include zoomify html5, zoomify flash, and zoomify enterprise.
imaging, image, zoomify, zoomifyer, images, zoom, flash, annotation, enterprise, medical, design, server, jpeg2000, pathology, object, interactive, panorama, photo, telepathology, telemedicine, enforcement, aerial, jpeg, system, biotechnology, biotech, 2000, defense, html5, panoramas, gigabyte, pano, megabyte, resolution, high, satellite, scientific, education
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test equipment manufacturer and supplier | pce instruments
pce instruments offers various kind of test equipment and test devices for all measurement applications. specialist test equipment and instruments are needed? please call our technicians and engineers.
measurement, test, instruments, equipment, testing, instrumentation
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iq test - do you know your iq?
do you know your iq? 30 questions 2 test options. take the newest iq test.
test, mensa, intelligence, tests, online
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radiology news, education | medical imaging resources| diagnostic imaging hub
health imaging hub provides latest radiology news, medical imaging & healthcare articles, educational resources and online learning opportunities worldwide
imaging, radiology, news, cardiac, mammography, resources, jobs, technologists, education, medical, diagnostic, case, healthcare
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the imaging source community
these support forums are the central support channels for the imaging source: tx text control and ic imaging control
text, processing, rich, cameras, word, firewire, control, editor, components, video, converters, imaging, image, source
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iq test - do you know your iq?
do you know your iq? 30 questions 2 test options. take the newest iq test.
test, mensa, intelligence, tests, online
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document process automation and document imaging by top image systems
top image systems is a document imaging and document process automation enterprise solution provider that optimizes and automates content and document-driven business processes.
document, capture, enterprise, solution, imaging, workflow, data, management, mobile, process, automation, document1, content
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image processing software for nano- and microscale analysis | image metrology
image analysis software of afm, spm, stm, sem, tem, interferometers, confocal microscopes, profilers, and optical microscopes.
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lantheus medical imaging
imaging, medical, xenon, gallium, cardiovascular, thallium, contrast, technelite, cardiolite, definity, miraluma, lantheus, neurolite
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data acquisition (daq), test and measurement solutions | dewesoft
innovative, state-of-the-art data acquisition (daq), test and measurement solutions.
measurement, data, analysis, vibration, combustion, dynamics, vehicle, modal, analyser, sound, power, temperature, telemetry, strain, torsional, tracking, interface, sirius, dewesoft, acquisition, krypton, ethercat, processing, order, test, logger, recorder, balancing
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handwriting insights 5 minute handwriting analysis kit personality test profile, icebreaker games
a simple, do-it-yourself guide to handwriting analysis. free online course will teach you how to do a basic handwriting analysis
handwriting, analysis, ancestors, free, graphology, understand, understanding
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linseis - thermal analysis equipment manufacturer
first choice in thermal analysis and thermophysical properties testing. linseis manufactures and sells highest quality thermal analyzers for research and quality control.
thermal, analysis, measurement, systems, analyzer, differential, tansient, flash, xenon, bridge, thin, film, thermoreflectance, temperature, laboratory, quality, control, high, dosing, domain, laserflash, seebeck, time, diffusivity, dilatometrie, dilatometer, calorimetry, scanning, linseis, manufacturer, thermomechanical, gravimetric, sorption, simultaneous, thermogravimetry, thermobalance, conductivity
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home store products | sellers of pro-lab home safety test kits
home store products is a proud retailer of pro-lab® test kits, the number one selling brand of home safety testing kits.
test, asbestos, lead, carbon, quality, monoxide, radon, mold, water
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image and photo enhancement and processing with imageskill
imageskill works in the software development for image processing. our area of interest includes digital photo-editing (automatic image enhancement and image correction), digital image analysis, natural image matting, pattern and texture generation.
background, tile, adobe, photoshop, plugin, elements, ulead, contrast, enhancement, sharpening, erasing, collage, paintshoppro, wallpaper, magic, sharpener, translucator, builder, remover, outliner, backgroundremover, imageskill, texture, pattern, tilebuilder, masking
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accusoft imaging sdks & document viewers | image processing & compression
accusoft provides the full spectrum of document, content and imaging solutions as applications and sdks.
image, dicom, viewer, processing, compression, imaging
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multispectral and hyperspectral imaging solutions from channel systems - spectral cameras
channel systems supplies spectral imaging cameras and systems for the uv, visible and infrared. we also offer a complete line of infrared cameras. system integration and accessories are available.
imaging, spectral, cameras, infrared, chemical, multispectral, hyperspectral, spectroscopy
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new york city radiology - alpha 3t mri & diagnostic imaging - welcome to alpha 3t mri, pc - the highest quality mri facility in new york city. our facility features one of the few 3 tesla mri units in manhattan, providing the highest quality images possible. specializing in mri, ct, mra, nuclear imaging, general diagnostic studies, and neurological imaging.
new york city radiology, manhattan mri, alpha 3t mri, pc, highest quality mri facility in new york city, 3 tesla mri, ct, mra, nuclear imaging, general diagnostic studies, neurological imaging, board certified radiologists, orthopedic radiology, neuroradiologists, neuro radiologist
scan, radiology, imaging, coronary, brain, angiography, spine, bone, screening, scoring, neck, diagnostic, resonance, magnetic, body, york, radiologist, digital, xray, tomography, multidector, spiral, computed, aorta, total, cardiac, full, lung, calcium, heart, aneurysm, density, angiogram, chest, epilepsy, thoracic, open, closed, center, technology
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dnr bio-imaging systems | manufacturerer of gel documentation and analysis equipment for the molecular biology research community.
dnr bio-imaging systems ltd. manufactures high-quality, professional gel documentation and analysis equipment for the life science research community. dnr utilizes its superior know-how to develop leading-edge, innovative solutions that address the challenges facing researchers in these fields.
analysis, imaging, electrophoresis, image, fluorescence, molecular, chemiluminescence, geldoc, ultraviolet, blot, western, bioimaging, system, documentation, systems, proteome, transilluminator, gene
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image quality analysis systems | print quality analysis company - qea - quality engineering associates, inc.
leading provider of image quality analysis systems, print quality analysis tools, software and other color and image quality analysis solutions for printing industry companies. qea's products range from sophisticated bench-top systems for the most efficient automated testing to portable handheld instruments.
analysis, image, quality, solutions, software, distinctiveness, meter, color, handheld, company, print, systems, companies, automated, system, portable
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advanced imaging concepts - digital imaging solutions for microscopy
advanced imaging concepts supplies digital imaging solutions for microscopy, microscopes, cameras, confocal microscopes, image database, image archiving, medical imaging, scientific imaging, analog video cameras and automated microscopy applications
image, analysis, deconvolution, structured, database, illumination, microscope, imaging, software, microscopy, fluroescence, confocal
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.:: visiopharm :: turning images into knowledge ::.
visiopharm contributes to the succesful development of new drugs, by realizing the full potential of quantitative image analysis in drug discovery and development projects.
image, processing, imaging, drug, development, discovery, animal, post, microscopy, models, pharmacology, analysis, utilities, segmentation, life, histology, visiopharm, sciences, toxicology
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home | wimasis image analysis
we create image analysis solutions to help researchers to automate their image analysis tasks and standardize cell-based assay measurements.
image, analysis, easy, adapt, platform
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image core lab | clinical trials and medical devices
image core lab provides image management services, therapeutic expertise, clinical trial technologies and approach
imaging, trials, radiology, core, clinical, biomakers, reviews, india, image
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amnis imaging flow cytometers | life science research | emd millipore
the powerful combination of quantitative image analysis and flow cytometry in a single platform creates exceptional new experimental capabilities.
cell, image, imagestream, microscopy, imaging, analysis, high, confocal, phagocytosis, cytometry, microscope, scanning, translocation, oceanography, content, immunology, morphology, images, applications, dark, laser, ocean, field, lasers, coding, flow, autophagy, facs, fluorescence, biochemistry, colocalization, throughput, nfkb, nfat, nuclear, interaction, amnis, multispectral, transcription, factor
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uvitec cambridge - home
uvitec is an independent supplier of high quality gel documentation and gel analysis systems plus ultraviolet equipment. the company is built on a lifetime’s experience in the field of gel documentation and bio imaging and we give high priority to technical expertise & customer support for all of our products.
imaging, documentation, ultra, violet, molecular, analysis, lamps, electrophoresis, image, digital, gene, chemiluminescence, ethidium, blue, green, protein, coomassie, bromide, camera, innotech, alpha, vilber, syngene, lourmat, fuji, bioluminescence, software, gels, orange, products, transilluminators, anthrax, biology, capture, genome, darkrooms, band, document, archiving, ultraviolet
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imaging core lab - clinical imaging trial | medical metrics
medical metrics is a leading provider of independent imaging core lab services for clinical trials of medical devices, drugs and biologics.
imaging, clinical, trials, core, cardiovascular, research, institute, orthopedic, spine, medical, image, management
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spectral instruments imaging
optical imaging systems from spectral instruments imaging in tucson, arizona featuring wide imaging capabilities and x-ray, bioluminescent, fluorescent and other advanced imaging capabilities.
imaging, spectral, instruments, research, device, luminescence, university, cerenkov, animal, devices, medical, small, plant
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erasmus mc - biomedical imaging group rotterdam
welcome to the biomedical imaging group rotterdam
image, segmentation, reconstruction, bigr, research, modeling, erasmus, interpolation, processing, imaging, analysis, visualization, biomedical, registration, enhancement
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clemex | scientific image analysis for microscopy
clemex provides professional image analysis software and systems for quality control, research and clinical labs seeking to optimize their analysis process.
microscopy, laboratories, software, scientific, analysis, image
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imaging & microscopy - research, development, production
imaging & microscopy: light microscopy, electron and ion microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, x-ray analysis, image processing.
vision, pattern, control, camera, system, smart, assembly, surface, gauging, quality, sensor, robot, machine, processing, recognition, matching, inspection, identification, image
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medical imaging equipment :: clear image devices
clear image devices is a medical imaging equipment manufacturer specializing in medical imaging accessories, x-ray room equipment, and radiology products.
equipment, radiology, manufacturers, imaging, medical, products, machines, room
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photogrammetric tools | uav | aerial survey system - ensomosaic
ensomosaic is a combination of hardware and software tools, which enable you to produce high quality, digital aerial image mosaics.
image, aerial, processing, software, imaging, lidar, digital, point, cloud, vehicle, laser, airborne, unmanned, orthomosaic, mosaic, hardware, triangulation, orthorectification, ortho, ensomosaic
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prodigital software home
image, imaging, editing, software, irfan, view, paintshop, control, quality, plugin, effect, digital, photoshop, prodigital, creative
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neuroscience associates | neurohistology, stains & imaging
neuroscience associates provides high-throughput neurohistology which produces unsurpassed quality of stained sections and accelerated image analysis.
multibrain, analysis, multicord, antibodies, brains, image, stains, nsalabs, associates, neurohistology, stained, sections, neuroscience
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optos patients - optomap
optos is a leading medical technology company for the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of ultra-widefield retinal imaging devices. our devices produce a high resolution image, optomap, of up to 200 degrees of the retina in a single capture
retinal, optometrist, cataracts, opthamologist, locator, exam, diagnosis, imaging, optomap, problem, digital, disease
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image trends - digital imaging software, plug-ins, oem products
image trends provides unique, leading edge digital imaging tools and plug-ins to original equipment manufacturers (oem's) and photographic consumers that enable them to enhance the joy and excitement of the photographic experience. we accomplish this by attracting and retaining a world class team of digital imaging scientists and developers. this is with the fundamental goals of improving the productivity of those who use our products and provide a competitive advantage enabling profitable growth for our self and our partners. the scanmaster 4000 is a state of the art high quality 35mm motion picture film scanner with digital ice® that automatically removes dust and scratch defects. the high quality sensor (4872x3248) produces a 48 megapixel image.
imaging, image, dust, software, digital, correction, scanning, film, teeth, fisheye, shine, yellow, defects, sensor, photographic, whitening, reflection, glare, powder, face, photography, defect, picture, plug, photoshop, removal, service, enhancement, distortion, lens, camera, motion
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forensic image analysis
forensic image analysis, photo forensics, photo forensics. forensic reports and expert witness for image analysis, photograph analysis, photographic enhancement, digital image manipulation and error level analysis
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thermal imaging camera, thermal imager, thermal imaging module - dali-tech
dali-tech - thermal imaging camera, as a leader in infrared night vision, dali thermal imager, thermal imaging module, infrared camera used in fire fighting, surveillance in total darkness, electrical equipment test, industry test, security observation, online monitoring etc.
thermal, camera, imaging, infrared, vision, night, infra, imager, module, thermographic, image
expand collapse | online test | online analysis | cs foundation | ca | cpt is a hi end test portal which allows students to prepare themselves for competitive and professional exams. it is an tool for professor and students to prepare them for competitive and professional exam's with superior quality content and detailed analytics.
online, test, analysis, mumbai, india, foundation, skills, training, computer, based, practice, mock
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welcome to photonics & analytics - photonics & analytics limitedphotonics & analytics limited | innovative spectral imaging & optical solutions
we are an advanced spectral imaging & optical technologies company, providing leading edge hardware & software solutions for the analysis of liquids, materials & landscapes.
spectral, technologies, analysis, imaging, optical, software, hardware, authentication, control, beverage, quality, landscapes, liquids, materials, hyperspec, raman
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diagnostic mammogram imaging services - bridgeway diagnostics
visit bridgeway diagnostics for quality diagnostic mammogram imaging services. get exact image analysis for your doctor using x-ray, ultrasound etc.
diagnostic, services, mammogram, imaging
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testnest - best self-serve app store and google play a/b testing
a/b test your app listing pages and get more quality users for less. learn from user behavior analysis and make data-driven optimization decisions.
test, description, screenshots, icon, split, store, submit
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imageiq | icro imaging contract research organization
imageiq is an imaging cro (contract research organization) with deep scientific expertise and imaging analysis aptitude. we are your imaging experts!
imaging, experts, analysis
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3d coordinate measurement & 3d imaging devices & software | home | faro asia
faro develops and markets portable cmms (coordinate measuring machines) and 3d imaging devices to solve dimensional metrology problems.
measuring, machine, coordinate, imaging, measurement, portable, devices
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wtw gmbh –laboratory & field instrumentation
wtw offers the most comprehensive program of high-quality measuring devices for the water analysis in the world - reliability, operational safety and versatility
analysis, water, online, measurement, technology, quality, treatment, wastewater, systems
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mevislab: mevislab
medical image processing and visualization: mevislab represents a powerful modular framework for image processing research and development with a special focus on medical imaging. it allows fast integration and testing of new algorithms and the development of clinical application prototypes. mevislab includes advanced software modules for segmentation, registration, volumetry, as well as quantitative morphological and functional analysis. several clinical prototypes have been realized on the basis of mevislab, including software assistants for neuro-imaging, dynamic image analysis, surgery planning, and cardiovascular analysis.
developer, software, framework, toolkit, visualization, medical, mevislab, integration, support, insight, dicom, visual, programming, tools, solutions, mevis, shader, volume, segmentation, registration, modules, image, processing, volumetry, opengl, rendering, python, inventor, open
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acordex imaging systems
acordex specializes in document imaging products for transportation, trucking, vital records, supply, healthcare and clinics. technology expertise includes imaging, database, internet and mobility.
imaging, internet, intranet, document, macintosh, image, acordex, scanning, systems, output, cross, platform, computer, disk, cold, retrieval, laser, management, digital, archive, system, library, electronic, storage
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timeless quality imaging, llc - digital printing, gilcee printing, photo chemically printed
timeless quality imaging, online printing services, film and digital printing, flyer printing, poster printing, business card printing for all your photos & image needs frame & matt at tqi. 100's of mat boards in stock. frames from 3x5 to 34x 40' in stock or special orders available. timeless quality imaging, is locally owned and operated, serving the central wisconsin area and beyond.
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mayachitra, inc | image informatics company
mayachitra delivers state of art image informatics solutions.
image, analysis, picasa, microscopy, iphoto, quantitative, search, surveillance, registration, images, mosaic, stitching, security, bioimage
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awaiba cmos image sensors | where innovation and technology come together
sensors, digital, endoscopy, imaging, image, line, scan, inspection, automotive, analysis, cmos, industrial, scientific, cameras, board, vision, smallest, worlds, sensor, naneye, camera, minimal, design, custom, awaiba, diameter, medical
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allied high tech
milling, allied, analysis, precision, metallography, microscopy, mechanical, tech, high, failure, digital, microelectronics, imaging, image, metallurgical
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imaging technology including image viewers, imaging sdk's, java imaging, internet imaging, and applets - snowbound software -
solutions, imaging, software, snowbound
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materials evaluation and engineering, inc. | material testing laboratory | failure analysis laboratory | upper midwest material testing | upper midwest failure analysis
the mee laboratory studies composition, microstructure, and mechanical properties. specialize in comprehensive failure analysis.
services, analysis, imaging, laboratory, failure, industrial, midwest, material, upper, testing, spectroscopy, fracture, energy, electron, scanning, microscopy, field, emission, dispersive
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gel documentation (gel doc) for fluorescence, chemiluminescence, proteomics applications
gel documentation (gel doc), gel imaging and analysis systems for fluorescence, chemiluminescence and proteomics applications from syngene.
systems, analysis, documentation, software, hardware, electrophoresis, bioimaging, imaging, image, chemiluminescence, fluorescence, proteomics
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exam on air:online test platform
yoctel is one of the best company for arrange online online test.
online, test, exam, analysis, psychometric, aieee, response, csat, gmat, toefl, coordinator, offline, quiz, sowt, survey, classroom, director, report, catonline, administrator, upload
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evalid automated web application testing & performance analysis suite
a test enabled web browser, evalid provides web-driver equivalent browser-based support for functional & regression testing and validation of web and ajax applications, for desktop and mobile devices, server load testing, site analysis spidering, test suite management, performance timing and tuning, e-business content analysis, and transaction monitoring.
testing, analysis, application, loading, server, monitoring, performance, regression, content, spidering, website, manipulation, browser, enabled, test, mobile, apps, evalid, synchronization, ajax, structural
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dotestme is a unique analysis to determine a student's or a job seeker's skills and aptitude to secure a suitable job with a rewarding remuneration. give a test related to your specialization and let the employers know your proficiency in the domain of your knowledge and get a career changing job. dotestme is an employability assessment test which focuses on entry level jobs for freshers.
dotestme, online, testing, test, aptitude
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hair follicle test & analysis in australia , uk , nz , usa | bio profiler
the bio-profiler test is a breakthrough cutting edge technology allows users to gain access to a wide variety of bio-information with hair follicle analysis and test to detect the root cause of your health problems.
hair, test, analysis, profiler, follicle, australia, welbeing, cell, bioprofiler
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ultrasound imaging workstation & reporting software for ultrasound image capturing, image printing, dicom conversion, images management and ultrasound reporting. ultrasound images & videos to pacs, dicom cd or local database
ultrasound, software, imaging, image, reporting, dicom, floroscopy, cathlab, endoscopy, worklist, pacs, machine, echocardiography, templates, workstation, capturing, printing, printer, report, medical
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soil and forage laboratory
rock river laboratory
soil, test, analysis, feed, certified, nutrient, garden, testing, tmrd, manure, evaluator, ration, ndfd, tract, total, zach, ttndfd, sawyer, dustin, goeser, john, wildlife, wisconsin, management, applications, sampling, agricultural, plan, food, agsource, dairyland, fertilizer, plot, forage
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image consultant louisville, ky | vip studio - visual impact and presence
vip studio provides seminars for corporations, businesses and associations in the area of visual, verbal, and non-verbal communication. our focus for individuals is on all areas relating to makeup, body and figure analysis, body language and wardrobe. whether you are looking for a career boost, need help picking out the right outfit for a special occasion, or feel it is time for an image improvement, vip will guide you to a confidence that is seen on the outside and felt on the inside.
image, consultant, consulting, business, analysis, corporate, louisville, studio, wardrobe, studios, figure, body
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ehr, pacs, ihe, dicom, & hl7 training and consulting - otech, inc.
otech provides training and consulting primarily in the area of medical imaging (pacs, dicom, and hl7) and compliance (hipaa, quality systems and regulatory requirments).
image, medicine, otech, images, digital, otechimg, oosterwijk, interfaceware, doctor, physician, picture, herman, medical, regulatory, quality, pacs, compliance, dicom, teleradiology, telemedicine, imaging
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home | med image systems
we founded med image systems in memphis, tennessee in 2003 in order to provide high-quality medical imaging equipment and service to the healthcare
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personal stylist and image consultant | house of colour
find your personal stylist and image consultant who will show you how to discover your personal style through colour analysis and image analysis.
image, colour, personal, consultant, style, corporate, analysts, clothing, advice, dress, analysis, wardrobe, stylists, stylist, profiles, archetypes, guru
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international journal of clinical & medical imaging | omics international
international journal of clinical & medical imaging
imaging, journal, medical, acta, radiology, applied, annals, image, journals, spectroscopy, biomedical, medicine, nuclear, radiation, american, advance, radiologica, processing, informatics, cancer, control, signal, card, asian, radiological, research, bioinfo, studies, biotechnic, breast, disease, british, bulletinsociety, isotopes, media, obscurafeminism, histochemistry, culture, body, camera
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oakland mri center in troy, michigan — troy, mi
highest quality mri imaging and 3d breast imaging. diagnostic excellence in arthrography, myelography, discography. experience the difference.
imaging, arthrography, center, myelography, discography, test, spine, breast, diagnostic, brain
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en'urga - spray imaging, analysis, drying and spray characterization
enurga is specialized in scientific & laboratory equipment, customized optical diagnostic equipment & spray imaging, spray analysis, spray characterization, and spray drying.
spray, drying, analysis, pray, imaging
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welcome to taylor technologies
taylor technologies is a specialty chemical manufacturer of water testing supplies for industrial, commercial, institutional, laboratory, and home use.
water, test, quality, taylor, pool, analysis, testing, boiler, cooling, index, suretrack, wastewater, langelier, chlorine, hardness, alkalinity, process, comparator, reagents, slide, colorimeter, strips, laboratory, supplies, balance, chemicals, technologies
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sobox image - homepage - dicom software - dicom viewer - medical application
si_viewer dicom 3.0, digital imaging and communication in medicine, imaging and reporting in medicine, dicom standard, free dicom viewer, medical imaging products, medical imaging, image viewer, editor anonymizer header editing converter, flash converter
viewer, dicom, digital, digitale, network, rete, medicina, cardiologia, system, medical, free, image, dicomviewer, echocardiographic, ecocardiografia, cardiology
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open mri of orlando - radiology & diagnostic imaging center florida
open mri of orlando has provided patients with quality care in radiology & diagnostic imaging for over 16 years. our highly trained staff strives to make every patient feel comfortable while providing high quality scans, which are promptly interpreted by our board certified radiologists.
imaging, florida, orlando, center, radiology, diagnostic
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somethin'xtra inc.
digital, high, image, imaging, camera, integrator, systems, speed, industrial, video, enginering, party, resolution, cmos, coaster, flume, mouse, carnival, portable, gate, front, reseller, thrill, ride, roller, color, machine, vision, processing, solutions, strobe, flash, photo, lens, lights, products, framegrabber, event, photography, system
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providing a quality chemical analysis service for regional hop growers and beer brewers in the midwest.
test, quality, control, hops, beer, chemical, analysis, business
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coliseum imaging center | home - coliseum imaging center
coliseum imaging is the leading provider of high field open mri imaging in the greater kansas city metro area. at coliseum, we believe in providing our patients and referring physicians the highest quality mri imaging available at the most competitive prices around.
imaging, coliseum, medical, park, overland, arthrogram, city, kansas
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suni medical imaging – the leader in digital radiography
suni, the global leader in digital imaging, has been committed to delivering high-quality dental devices to the us and international medical community for over twenty years.
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home - image sense
image sense services include personal image and style analysis, colour analysis, wardrobe editing and personal shopping
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ide inc. - the image search and recognition company
idée inc. develops advanced image identification and visual search software.
image, search, recognition, tineye, idee, analysis, video, services, processing, tracking, pattern, stock, augmented, reverse, photo, reality, engine, photography, comparison
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a shade of perfect - home
image consultant and colour analysis
analysis, colour, skin, outfits, bride, tones, nelson, gwent, cardiff, mother, consultant, colurs, image, wear
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national alliance for medical image computing
the national alliance for medical imaging computing (na-mic) is a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, software engineers, and medical investigators who develop computational tools for the analysis and visualization of medical image data.
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bruker - high-performance scientific instruments and solutions for molecular and materials research, as well as for industrial and applied analysis | bruker corporation
bruker corporation is a manufacturer of scientific instruments for molecular and materials research, as well as for industrial and applied analysis. it is headquartered in billerica, massachusetts and is the publicly traded parent company of bruker scientific instruments (bruker axs, bruker biospin, bruker daltonics and bruker optics) and bruker energy & supercon technologies (best) divisions.
imaging, process, chemical, food, industry, surface, automotive, quality, research, control, drug, surfacesenvironmental, conservation, screening, pesticide, transport, characterization, testing, infrastructu, measurement, agriculturesurface, critical, roughness, tribology, thickness, film, waste, services, security, pulp, paper, analysis, textile, coatingshomeland, fibre, materials, environmental, emergency, glass, military
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rematek test fixtures | manufacturer of in-circuit, functional and custom test fixtures
advanced products and services for the electronic test industry : in-circuit and functional test fixtures, custom test solutions, board stress analysis (fea) and more.
test, stress, analysis, electronic, custom, fixture, fixtures, functional, solution
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unique ultrasound - serving the murrieta and palm springs area
unique ultrasound is a 3d 4d ultrasound imaging studio in murrieta & temecula ca.
ultrasound, photo, image, picture, imaging, fetal, prenatal, videos, studios, ultrasounds, video, baby, fetus, pictures, images
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automated cell counters, automated cell counting and cell imaging cytometry
nexcelom bioscience offers the cellometer line of automated cell counters and the celigo cell imaging cytometer for saving time and increasing accuracy in the lab. with its image-based cytometry and fluorescence detection capabilities, cellometer enables cell analysis and viability measurement. celigo offers a multi-channel bright field and fluorescence imaging cytometer for both attached and suspension cells.
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test equipment for electro-optical imaging and laser systems
cameras, intensifier, streak, discrete, light, sources, image, night, thermal, vision, systems, fused, swir
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metasystems usa | automated life science imaging
metasystems is a leading manufacturer of professional imaging systems for microscopy. the versatile slide scanning platform metafer, a family of imaging systems for interactive imaging, and a comprehensive dna probe kit portfolio make metasystems the primary supplier of products for microscopy imaging.
virtual, slides, digital, pathology, imaging, slide, hematology, microscope, devices, scanner, microcopy, cytogenetics, forensics, chromosomes, scanning, toxicology
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particle analysis instruments - retsch technology
professional instruments for particle analysis with highest standards in flexibility and accuracy -
particle, image, analysis, camsizer, characterization, dynamic, processing, digital
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mineral analysis test, regenerate wellness | advancedbiocell
mineral analysis test can help your body to regenerate wellness. testing individual vitamin, mineral imbalance prevents heart disease, diabetes to cancer.
wellness, regenerative, test, analysis, mineral
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behold | search high quality flickr images
a visual image search engine for high quality creative commons images.
image, search, visual, engine, analysis, high, quality
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medical devices news, industry analysis, market research reports - medical devices business review
medical devices business review provides latest medical devices industry news, analysis and market research also offers a comprehensive breakdown of medical devices producers, contractors and suppliers.
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milwaukee mri | kenosha mri | racine mri
mh imaging is a radiologists-owned milwaukee diagnostic imaging and medical imaging center dedicated to providing quality and comfort services to patients.
imaging, diagnostic, center, medical
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cid bio-science, inc.
manufacturers of portable, photosynthesis analysis systems, minirhizotron systems, gas analysis, leaf area and leaf spectrometers. portable instruments for precision plant measurement.
analysis, measurement, canopy, leaf, plant, area, imaging, research, tools, photosynthesis, imager, bioscience, ethylene, root, minirhizotron, spectrometer, index, spectroscopy
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endecotts - manufacturer of test sieves & sieve shakers
test sieves, sieve shakers or sample collection - endecotts offer the world’s finest particle analysis equipment designed and produced in london.
analysis, particle, sieve, shaker, sieves, test, size
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pelican imaging. capture life in 3d.
pelican's array sensor captures images and video in 3d for mobile devices, virtual reality, and augmented reality applications.
camera, sensor, reality, depth, image, mobile, array, plenoptic, measurement, smart, linear, virtual, augmented, computational, imaging, refocus
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northern lights imaging - medical imaging, mri, ct, x-ray
northern lights imaging delivers professional medical imaging services, including mri, ct, and computed radiography x-ray. offering a high quality, low cost option, northern lights imaging accommodates the needs of all patients with its state-of-the-art imaging technologies and convenient scheduling options - including same-day appointments. visit us at,,, or
imaging, northernlightsimaging, lights, proscan, northern, centers, zanesville, diagnostic, radiology, pomeranz, scan, pomerantz, medical, radiologists, nlimaging, info, xray
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thermography - industrial infrared imaging-compix
thermography, infrared, clinical, equine, breast, medical, diti, camera, imaging, equipment, pain, neurology, myofascial, lesion, vascular, rheumatology, lameness, thoracic, syndrome, sympathetic, reflex, image, electronic, digital, analysis, screening, thermal, horse, injury, inflammation, imager, knee
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hyperspectral cameras, echelle- and nir spectrometer - lla instruments gmbh
nir technology for material identification, analytical & chemical imaging, sensor based sorting equipment for sorting machines in recycling plants.
imaging, optical, technology, analytical, analysis, measurement, spectroscopic, plastics, sorting, waste, process, identification, metrology, spectroscopy, hyperspectral, spectrometer, material, cameras, chemical
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surgical displays | radiology monitors | medical informatics | nds surgical imaging
nds surgical imaging is the global leader in designing and manufacturing advanced surgical imaging and radiology imaging solutions for today’s hospital enterprise, radiology reading rooms, integrated or, and interventional suites.
medical, imaging, flat, surgical, systems, display, video, high, visualization, radiology, panel, definition, panels, displays, digital, technologies, image, integration, ndssi, dome, wireless, national, radiance, control, monitors, signal, endoscopic, solutions, processing, camera, management, diagnostic, telesurgery, telemedicine, informatics, pacs, documentation, backlight
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asp .net imaging sdk library: graphics mill image processing
the robust imaging sdk for the professional developer. manipulate images of any size with the market’s most versatile sdk.
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same day oil analysis, oil testing and filter analysis of debris.
same day oil analysis / oil testing from insight services an oil analysis testing laboratory providing ferrography - filter analysis - tribology - lube oil test services.
test, testing, condition, monitoring, ftir, motor, synthetic, engine, lubrication, tribology, fischer, laboratory, insight, wear, karl, friction, diesel, results, machine, services, contamination, ohio, strongsville, analysis, independent, ferrography, filter, titration, based, spectroscopy
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water testing made simple | accurate diy water test kits
simpltek offers high quality, accurate do it yourself water test kits for professionals and consumers, coliform & e-coli water test, well water testing for total microbial contamination and chemicals in water. take a charge of your family and business water and indoor air quality control!
test, water, kits, chemical, biological, bottle, drinking
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op-test | hbled test systems | color analysis
op-test's patented energy signature testing technology will reduce your hbled manufacturing costs by 10% within one year of implementation.
test, hbled, systems, color, energy, testing, signature, quantifying, technology, tools, analysis, optest, software
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datazap > home
datazap image hosting, easy auction listing for sites such as ebay and amazon. simple listing with the auction listing helper.
hosting, image, auction, picture, imaging, pictures, scanning, photo, post, imager, images, host, tool, ebay, webtv, posting
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pro imaging golf championship | 2014 event announcement coming soon!
the premier golfing event for the imaging industry.
imaging, tournament, photo, liberty, networking, future, conquistador, expo, media, lexjet, golf, kodak, fuji, prolab, durst, quality
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thermal imaging | thermal imaging camera | thermal imaging cameras | thermal images & technology | fluke thermal imaging
thermal imaging blog by fluke thermography provides in-depth explanation & information on the use of thermal imagers & infrared cameras.
thermal, imaging, camera, images, image, cameras, infrared, technology
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mm solutions - global leader in mobile software for image, video and audio processing. experience in mobile phones imaging, video and audio imaging, e-books, tablets, automotive multimedia.
processing, imaging, qualcomm, multimedia, texas, omap, tablets, instruments, audio, solutions, mobile, software, video, image
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willamette valley imaging: eugene, oregon medical diagnostic imaging
willamette valley imaging is a medical diagnostic imaging facility in lane county, offering 3t mri with board-certified radiologists.
imaging, medical, magnetic, tomography, computed, testing, test, radiologists, field, diagnostic, strength, valley, willamette, scanning, resonance, eugene, center, diagnotic, oregon, images, tesla, scan
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imris home intraoperative imaging solutions with imri and ict
intraoperative imaging solutions with mri and ct
intraoperative, surgery, operating, room, guided, integrated, image, hybrid, imaging, mobile, pediatric, cranial, surgical, navigation, interventional, theatre, invasive, imri, glioma, deerfield, minimally, siemens, neurosurgery
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altasens - ultimate cmos imaging
altasens hd cmos image sensors -- capture the ultimate image!
cmos, sensors, image, hdtv, range, high, dynamic, module, ultra, 2015, sensor, chip, 2014, camera, bitsdream, definition, wide, cameras, imaging, camcorders, digital
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open system imaging
at osi, cutting edge science, prestigious medical professionals and the highest level of care is every patient
body, scanning, imaging, scan, heart, cancer, tomography, full, disease, test, screening, diagnostic, early, positron, emission, detection, medical, california, facilities, southern, irvine, palm, springs, centers, computed, ultrafast, beam, electron, virtual, colonoscopy, ebct, alzheimers, imatron, medicine, check, nuclear, testing
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caliber i.d. - imaging & diagnostics, inc.
caliber id - imaging & diagnosis on a cellular level. confocal imaging devices.
cellular, detection, laser, research, microscopy, diagnostics, vivascope, images, diagnosis, imaging, dermatology, dermapathology, caliber, cancer, confocal
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home - medqia - quantitative image analysis
medqia is a global, full service, contract research organization specializing in quantitative image analysis for clinical trials.
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qui sommes-nous ? - kerf pro imaging
kerff pro imaging est un pôle image vous proposant un panel de services : réalisation d'un plan marketing, graphisme, studio photo et...
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azure biosystems offers the best gel documentation and western blot imaging systems
azure biosystems offers the cseries imaging systems, a range of gel documentation and western imaging systems that include applications from uv gel doc to chemiluminescence and fluorescence imaging and western blot quantitation
blot, system, western, scanner, chemiluminescence, imager, detection, fluorescence, documentation, imaging, quantitation, infrared, densitometry, fluorescent, machine, software, blue, image, light, sensitive, multi, analysis, chemilumnescence
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colour me beautiful image consultants and personal stylists. a career in image consulting
welcome to the official website of colour me beautiful image consultants and personal stylists. colour analysis, style consultants, training courses for a career in image.
consultants, image, style, colour, personal, lessons, stylist, bridal, consultant, beautiful, analysis, consultation, consultations
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colour me beautiful image consultants and personal stylists. a career in image consulting
welcome to the official website of colour me beautiful image consultants and personal stylists. colour analysis, style consultants, training courses for a career in image.
consultants, image, style, colour, personal, lessons, stylist, bridal, consultant, beautiful, analysis, consultation, consultations
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analysis, fragmentation, software, rock, blast, particle, photo, aggregate, optimization, image, granulometry, sizing, size, systems, feed, material, optical, virtual, wipware, photoanalysis, explosives, wipfrag, palangio, mining, sieving
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sendero imaging - mri, ct, cat scan, xray, bone density, ct heart screen - radiology san antonio & austin texas
sendero imaging and treatment is an outpatient imaging provider, dedicated to providing quality radiology & imaging services in central and south texas.
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home - california imaging & diagnostics medical group, llc.
california imaging & diagnostics strives to provide our patients, our physicians and our community the highest quality imaging available. our reputation for quality and excellence in providing superb diagnostic imaging, thoughtful patient care, and radiological interpretations is second to none.
mammography, digital, bone, density, imaging, field, health, high, slice, healthcare, fluoro, fluoroscopy, center, mineral, hippa, biopsy, mammo, radiologist, outpatient, radiology, doctor, diagnostics, ultrasound, california, dexa, nuclear, medicine, mammogram
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complete women's imaging - home
complete womens imaging, pc: education + early detection = cure
test, physician, detect, york, doctor, medical, imaging, health, diagnostic, mammogram, cure, women
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pre-employment personality test training - home
we are the industry leader providing pre-employment personality test online training based on realistic questions, simulations, analysis and tips.
test, psychometric, personality, honesty, integrity, anger, assessment, stress, tests, career, testing, selection, aptitude, ability
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measuretronix ltd. | the measurement solution for industrial
importer/distributor of electronic test and measuring instruments, tools and parts. established since 1981, measuretronix ltd. is a leading test and measurement supplier company you can trust for quality goods, quality delivery and training, and quality
test, reworks, diagnostic, enviroment, hvac, process, calibration, safety, electrical, quality, power, telecommunication, saving, sound, vibration, networks, calibrator, tools, machine, health, industrial, energy, biomedical, battery, solar
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image & me : image consultant in singapore to enhance personal & professional image
image & me, image consultant in singapore offer practical solutions to enhance their clients image. personal shopper service, style consultations,
image, personal, consultant, makeover, corporate, wardrobe, management, branding, fashion, complete, analysis, training, shopping, style, consultants, shopper, professional, workshop, singapore, colour
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lenticular printing by virtual images - virtual images
virtual images is the industry leader in high quality lenticular and other specialized printing capabilities
lenticular, virtual, image, printing, printer, motion, drinkware, images, print, virtualimages, redlands, design, high, quality, marketing, direct, dimensional, large, format, tags, travel, imaging, effects
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image connections
image connection offers you the largest and most technologically advanced imaging centers in the houston and dallas area.
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imaging | painting, drywall, stucco, and repair - imaging contractors of usa
imaging contractors of usa has established a foundation for personal service, quality work, specialized results and largely customer satisfaction!
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new color image | the first impression experts
new color image is a color analysis and advisement firm serving los angeles and the surrounding areas.
color, beautiful, pallets, colors, analysis, seasonal
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solutions4statistics - home
data analysis and statistical consulting
analysis, survey, regression, test, state, spss, statistical, statistics, anova
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home - t & n laboratories in beaumont, texas
at t & n laboratories & engineering, we provide the building construction industry with engineering laboratory services in quality control inspection, testing, analysis, test results, and recommendations with certified reports and documented procedures.
concrete, analysis, beaumont, testing, foundation, triangle, engineering, labs, golden, houston, texas
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online test prep solution - design and create online test series
create online test preparation - make online test, get test analysis, generate test on real time easy and efficient way for online test prep
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radqual global sources :: the premier developer of innovative quality control products for the nuclear medicine and pet imaging communities
radqual, llc, is the premier developer of innovative quality control products for the nuclear medicine and pet imaging communities.
sources, imaging, calibrator, dose, flood, dual, products, geometry, markers, shield, spot, scooter, nuclear, global, spect, industry, vial, xcal, line, pharmacies, significant, quality, dealers, catalog, flexible, cobalt, simulated, system, radqual, penpoint, product, source, medicine, news, contribute, testimonials, contact, molecular, devices, read
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bounce imaging
bounce imaging develops throwable cameras and sensors for first responders and best-in-class real-time omnidirectional image stitching algorithms.
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quince imaging - image projection services
architectural and widescreen image projection and 3d interactive video content for event production. headquartered in washington dc with nationwide service.
production, projection, image, mapping, architectural, live, definition, interactive, high, imaging, event, screen, washington, widescreen, video
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leading provider of testing and measurement solutions for storage devices | flexstar technology
flexstar is the foremost service provider of storage devices for their testing and measurement solutions. we utilize standard and repeatable process to ensure
test, testing, pcie, reliability, performance, drive, solid, disc, hard, compliance, state
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the best mobile devices
find the best mobile devices around and with the best deals around. just have a look at the huge selection of quality mobile devices and accessories.
mobile, devices, software, blackberry, droid, android, computers, programing, samsung, laptop, ipad, iphone, ipod, apple, accessories, notebook
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cuvi - gpu accelerated imaging library
image processing on steroids; a simple to use, gpu accelerated computer vision sdk
library, cuda, imaging, nvidia, image, processing, speedup
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molecular imaging
bridging the science of molecular imaging and clinical practice to provide healthcare decision-makers with analysis and strategies to maximize resources, performance and productivity.
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imaging sdk for winforms, wpf & web development.
use imaging sdk to capture, compose, display, annotate, clean-up, edit and print documents from within winform, wpf and web applications...
imaging, scan, annotation, activex, tools, development, toolkits, document
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s.p.a. defense
s.p.a. defense is a defense contractor based out of ft. lauderdale, fl. a global night operations support group, s.p.a. defense specializes in night vision and thermal imaging devices and other equipment designed for special operation groups
equipment, operations, special, collimators, thermal, imaging, accesories, weapon, devices, arms, small, tools, illumination, dayscopes, magazines, aids, optics, vision, night
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parts consulting group - your source for all of your diagnostic imaging needs
parts consulting group is the ohio and pennsylvania region's premium source for high quality health care diagnostic imaging, replacement parts, medical system parts, and services.
imaging, diagnostic, parts, replacement, system, medical, part, simad, technix, gendex, ziehm, toshiba, shimadzu, sias, villa, healthcare, installation, refurbished, picker, hologic, philips, systems, siemens
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video dental concepts – buy dental imaging devices direct & save
buy dental imaging devices direct & save
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home | pro imaging st. louis - mri scans, ct scans
professional imaging is a privately owned and operated diagnostic imaging center. our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care by offering affordable state of the art medical imaging in a patient friendly environment. our focus is to provide exceptional patient-centered care with expert radiology services.
scan, imaging, diagnostic
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eavesdropping24 listening devices
our listening devices room monitoring video bugs are suitable for all kind of needs, and are very easy to use. to use our surveillance systems, all you have to do is place the video bug in any point of the room you wish to keep under control, and it will go unnoticed thanks to its extraordinarily tiny size.
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casino supplies, equipment, management, analysis and training
casinopros - offering casino equipment and supplies, operations analysis and management training. in addition to a complete line of quality gaming products we also provide casino marketing program analysis, property image enhancement, surveillance/security training and much more.
casino, table, games, dealer, security, training, supplies, management, analysis, operations
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forensic pursuit
forensic pursuit is a national computer forensics investigation company headquartered in denver, co. our certified analysts handle forensic imaging, collection, analysis, and production for computers, mobile devices, game consoles, and more. we provide expert testimony, affidavits, and reports for our clients. contact us at 303.495.2082 today.
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the scientific society of radiology
the idea of the society began in september 2004, when a group of physicians saw, that it is necessary to have such society to provide the need of radiologist specialization of knowledge and science due to the present enormous advance in the different diagnosis fields, depending on god and their experience in this field.
imaging, pediatric, neck, head, mamdouh, emergency, mahfouz, musculoskeletal, uroradiology, radiology, gastrointestinal, neuroradiology, spinal, chest
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ncode products - software for fatigue & durability analysis
ncode is the leading software for fatigue and durability solutions with advanced capabilities for fe-based fatigue analysis and test data analysis
fatigue, analysis, durability, testing, software, materials, prediction, ncode, accelerated, data, test, metal, composite, life, characterization
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freedompacs - pacs system - radiology pacs - dicom software
freedompacs is a web-based radiology pacs system that utilizes cloud technologies, including a web-based dicom diagnostic viewer and secure offsite storage for archiving all your radiology images.
pacs, dicom, imaging, viewer, image, radiology, solutions, cloud, orthopedic, film, teleradiology, mamography, router, digitizer, archiving, companies, medical, tech, radiologist, vendors, digital, picture, neurology, administrator, mini, storage, osirix, images, archive, technology, room, breast, radiation, rsna, block, oncology
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thermal imaging service for hilton kzn and surrounding areas.
thermal, horse, imaging, equine, breast, thermography, image, farm, care, therapy, services, animal, hilton, kwazulu, pietermaritzburg, natal
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quality new and used electronic test equipment | provided by arizona's leading provider mhz electronics | home
refurbished and used electronic test equipment managed by the in house experts at mhz electronic to guarantee product quality for agilent hp, anritsu, bk precision, hewlett packard, tektronix, tek, and wavetek.
equipment, test, analyzer, spectrum, testing, electronic, optical, refurbished, rental, electrical, calibration, leasing, rent, depot, tektronix, anritsu, fluke, repair, rentals, megger, electronics, vibration, surplus, battery, microwave, sale, fiber, lease, audio, portable
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suraksha diagnostic | imaging systems, cardiology, , x-ray, usg, ct scan, mri, ecg, diagnostic center in kolkata, barasat, garia, kasba, jalpaiguri, kestopur, khardh, nrs, saltlake, siliguri, delhi & patna
suraksha diagnostic is one of the best diagnostic center in kolkata for complete health check ups, blood test, blood count test, imaging systems, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, pathology, x-ray, usg, ct scan, mri, ecg, diagnostic & polyclinic center. center in kolkata, barasat, garia, kasba, jalpaiguri, kestopur, khardh, nrs, saltlake, siliguri, delhi & patna.
imaging, equipment, health, blood, center, scan, diagnostic, test, resonance, delhi, kolkata, pathology, check, magnetic, medical, processors, serology, hospital, helth, packages, radiologist, products, systems, film, endocrinology, diagnostics, checkup, group, testing, annual, complete, urea, services, research, labs, india
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surface imaging, analysis and metrology software
digital surf provides surface imaging and metrology software solutions for instrument manufacturers. it can be used with stylus profilometers, optical profilers, interferometers, confocal microscopes, electron microscopes, spm, etc.
roughness, mountainsmap, texture, topography, imaging, metrology, surface
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surface imaging, analysis and metrology software
digital surf provides surface imaging and metrology software solutions for instrument manufacturers. it can be used with stylus profilometers, optical profilers, interferometers, confocal microscopes, electron microscopes, spm, etc.
roughness, mountainsmap, texture, topography, imaging, metrology, surface
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image analysis & stereology | image analysis and stereology is the official journal of the international society for stereology
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carolina imaging - fayette, nc | mri • ct • nuclear medicine
carolina imaging - fayetteville is a diagnostic radiology & imaging center that provides high quality mri and radiology exams in a comfortable setting.
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petroleum test equipment & laboratory instruments, including flashpoint testers and oil test centrifuges, from stanhope-seta
petroleum test equipment and laboratory test instruments for quality control, calibration and analysis manufactured by stanhope-seta. these include flashpoint testers, oil test centrifuges and more.
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image consultant supplies and colour analysis products
direct colour international, colour analysis products for image consultants
colour, color, analysis, fashion, image, consultants, colors, products, personal, forecasts, consultant, stylist, healing, spring, fans, fabric, colours, autumn, swatches, seasonal, summer, style, tonal, winter, tools, student, shopper, colorsdirect, coloursdirect, swatch, pantone, forecast, ties, socks, mugs, colourmebeautiful, colorlovers, improvability, colourlovers, fall
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dtk water test kits - simplified test water analysis | dtk water are a leading manufacturer and supplier of water testing equipment and reagents offering analysis solutions for all types of water systems and industries.
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diagnostic imaging services in oregon : portland medical imaging (pmi) center : radiology in portland, or
at portland medical imaging, our diagnostic imaging equipment is operated by experienced technologists and radiologists. results are the highest quality diagnostic images, interpreted by one of portland oregon's leading specialty radiology practices.
imaging, oregon, portland, medical, services, diagnostic, center
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home | cardiac imaging specialists, inc
cis- mobile nuclear imaging - nuclear cardiac imaging team producing the highest-quality images and giving the greatest patient care. (714) 364-5471
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onstream systems - imaging software solutions
trapeze software solutions for scanning, capture, viewing, annotating, measuring, redaction and more
document, software, imaging, annotations, viewer, image, trapeze
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lakeland veterinary imaging / home
lakeland veterinary imaging provides advanced diagnostic imaging for veterinary patients in south-central wisconsin. our services include: radiographic film interpretation, mobile ultrasound, and computed tomography. by offering convenient, affordable, high-quality imaging consultation, the company has successfully eliminated may barriers to these diagnostic tools.
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the imaging source dmk, dfk & dbk astronomy cameras - usb, firewire & gige
the next generation of astronomy cameras. for more than 20 years, the imaging source has been manufacturing rugged, high-quality products in the imaging field. now, the imaging source is pleased to introduce a line of cameras to the astronomy community.
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ntbio diagnostics inc. - manufactures ivd devices in canada
simple, rapid, reliable, cost-effective in vitro diagnostics devices in canada.
test, dengue, malaria, poct, quantitative, reader, abuse, drugs, rapid, cups, troponin, cardiac, ctni
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scanners autoscan document scanning | pdf converter | pdf 2 anything | check document scanner | tiffsurfer web imaging
high speed document scanners, scanners and pdf converter available at visionshape. the imaging toolkits are very versatile and powerful. it provides check document scanner worldwide. document capture software are optimum for document scanning ad are very cost effective. tiffsurfer makes web imaging convert a simple task. visionshape provides sdk for barcode recognition, imaging components including dunord isis, twain xionics.
document, imaging, check, micr, image, scanning, duplex, production, software, high, speed, recognition, simplex, tiffsurfer, viewer, scanners, management, reader, marks, decompression, character, compression, kofax, xionics, tiff, twain, isis, optical, dunord, free, cmc7, toolkits, convert, e13b, visionx, capture, autoscan, converter, scanner, engineering
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broadband, telecom and technology research, analysis and updates :: just tech 2.0
live and exclusive coverage of mobile devices, tablets, electronic gadgets, networks and analysis of their features and performance benchmarking
phones, gadgets, latest, android, devices, windows, tizen, electronic, policy, spectrum, telecom, internet, auction, mobile, iptv, wireless, broadband
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actsmart dental – helping dental practices benefit from todays technology
helping dental practices benefit from todays technology
imaging, dental, dexis, trojan, schick, suzy, sirona, systems, scanx, kodak, planmeca, suni, gendex, tdo4endo, pearl, opendental, easydental, abeldent, softdent, dentrix, support, eaglesoft, carestream, practiceworks, orthotrac, orthoware, navigator, opms, winoms, integration
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ecognition | trimble
ecognition is the original object-based image analysis software. and it’s remained the solution of choice for industry leading data providers, value adders and remote sensing professionals for nearly a decade. ecognition is the most advanced image analysi
radar, lidar, imagery, digital, satellite, hyperspectral, multispectral, agriculture, landcover, urban, forestry, observation, earth, definiens, analysis, image, software, remote, sensing, binnig, gerd, geospatial, ecognition
expand collapse - 4k/ultra hd test materials by joe kane and florian friedrich | helps you to test and optimze your uhd devices with ultra hd test patterns and videos
news, products, resolution, test, application, notes, info
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the image studio
the image studio - professional image consultants dressing the east bay.
hair, image, collection, accessories, color, salon, hairpieces, bovo, design, wigs, anne, perms, deroeck, carlilse, total, wardrobe, analysis, consultant, makeover, personal, carolyn, marjory, system, discovery, woodworth
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image data, inc. - document and data archiving, scanning, management — document and data imaging, scanning, archiving, cloud storage, web access, pdf, tiff
image data offers services in document/data imaging and archiving, pdf, cloud, web based back-up, disaster-recovery, cold, data conversions, compliance, sox, hipaa, capture, and more.
hipaa, cold, tape, backup, conversion, compliance, tiff, documents, data, files, archiving, cloud, imaging
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document management consulting in cloud content management, document imaging, document management, records management, and workflow.
vendor neutral document management consulting in document imaging, document management, records management, and workflow.
document, imaging, consulting, management, planning, writing, support, proposal, business, conversion, development, justification, cost, analysis, procurement, county, case, requirements, information, strategic, collaboration, consultant, backfile, analyst, california, workflow, assessment, marin
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solstice imaging
solstice imaging inc. specializes in makeup artistry and image consulting with an emphasis on service, sensitivity and style.our makeovers are perfect for
professional, performance, weddings, polished, life, special, occasions, transition
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imageshare | medical image sharing
enhance referrals, facilitate collaboration, and save time with imageshare, a secure web-based medical image sharing exchange.
sharing, image, medical, imaging, upload, trials, dicom, secure, share, images, clinical
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endochoice - a platform gi company providing devices, diagnostics, infection control and imaging.
endochoice, a platform gi company, provides devices, diagnostics, infection control and imaging for specialists treating a wide range of gastrointestinal diseases. endochoice currently has over 2, 000 customers and distribution in 34 countries worldwide, and was recently recognized for the third consecutive year as one of the fastest growing companies in the u.s. by inc. magazine.
endoscopy, snare, polypectomy, biopsy, forceps, cinchpad, brush, endokit, cart, spectrum, full, pathology, motorized, fuse
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novant health imaging triad | greensboro | excellence in radiology imaging
novant health imaging triad is a diagnostic radiology & imaging center that provides high quality mri and radiology exams in a comfortable setting.
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lamb technologies inc -
lamb technologies, a medical imaging and informatics technology engineering group, transforms healthcare through the design, implementation and service of ehr/ris/pacs systems that improve patient care, drive business best-practices and ensure regulatory compliance
storage, medical, archiving, digital, image, radiology, dicom, images, scans, imaging, document, record, archive, storing, patient, pacs, offices, offline, centers, hospitals, physician, radiological, groups, filmless, archives, services, georgia, retrieval, solution, records, solutions, provider, practices, group, documents, california, louisiana, texas