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js bin - collaborative javascript debugging
a live pastebin for html, css & javascript and a range of processors, including scss, coffeescript, jade and more...
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jsrun javascript在线编辑器,支持scss编译 - jsrun
test your javascript, css, html or coffeescript online with jsfiddle code editor.
online, editor, javascript, coffeescript, scss, testing, code, html
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js2coffee 2.0 convert javascript to coffeescript
a js to coffeescript trans-compiler
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js2coffee 2.0 convert javascript to coffeescript
a js to coffeescript trans-compiler
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wallaby - intelligent test runner for javascript, typescript, and coffeescript
smart and fast test runner for javascript/typescript/coffeescript, it enables continuous testing, tdd and bdd with instant feedback in your text editor.
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coffeescript 中文
coffeescript 中文, unfancy javascript, 翻译
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gulp.js - 基于流的自动化构建工具。 | gulp.js 中文网
gulp.js 是一个自动化构建工具,开发者可以使用它在项目开发过程中自动执行常见任务。gulp.js 是基于 node.js 构建的,利用 node.js 流的威力,你可以快速构建项目并减少频繁的 io 操作。gulp.js 源文件和你用来定义任务的 gulp 文件都是通过 javascript(或者 coffeescript )源码来实现的。
gulp, node, make, coffeescript, javascript, grunt, gruntjs
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oceans art jade |
welcome to oceans art jade, among the leaders in contemporary jade art and jade jewelry. specializing in big sur jade jewelry, earrings, pendants and gallery pieces. custom jade carving, jade sculptures and jade massage stones.
jade, jewelry, pendant, diving, rings, bracelet, ocean, cove, vulcan, festival, carving, piece, artist, arnold, drew, gallery, oceans, stones, massage, earrings
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ect - fastest javascript template engine with coffeescript syntax
fastest javascript template engine with embedded coffeescript syntax. ect can runs on server-side with node.js and client-side with all modern browsers.
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artem anikeev
перспективный 20-летний студент, фрилансер и front-end developer из украины. люблю html5, css3, javascript, порядок в проекте, красивые макеты, новые и модные технологии.
wordpress, joomla, php5, prestashop, modernizr, responsive, normalize, boilerplate, twitter, bootstrap, jquery, javascript, haml, jade, markdown, html5, developer, css3, sass, grunt
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home page jade jewelry and jade gifts jade mine - jade west corp
the jade mine - a jade west resources company. quality nephrite jade mined from our northern mines in british columbia.
jade, canada, british, columbia, rough, gifts, jewelry, carvings, rings, necklace
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domflags - devtools extension to create keyboard shortcuts to dom elements
domflags is a browser extension for web developers to create shortcuts to dom elements. created by phil lapier.
sass, javascript, scss, coffeescript, tools, developer, browser, inspector, extension, chrome, devtools, design, development, shortcut, keyboard, domflags
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jade bangle, jade pendant, jade ring, jade necklace, jade bracelet, jade earrings, jade jewelry
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minijs - jquery plugins made easy provides a suite of simple and consistent jquery plugins written in coffeescript
tooltip, feed, notification, counter, boilerplate, twitter, slider, javascript, plugins, utilites, coffeescript, demo, jquery
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we offer genuine jade jewelry in jade jadeite, non-treated, non-dyed in imperial green, red, lavender, white colors.
jade jewelry featuring jade pendant, jade ring, jade necklace, jade bracelet, jade ring
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rafal wilinski | software engineer | poznan, poland
rafal wilinski - software enginner from poznan/poland. hacking in javascript, node, react, html and scss. aws architect.
scss, html, react, node, javascript
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raymon schouwenaar - mastering the frontend with html, css & javascript
as a frontend developer raymon loves to work with & write with passion about html5, css3, yeoman, nodejs taskrunners, sass/scss, (vanilla) javascript etc.
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free professional hd screencasts and video tutorials on ajax, coffeescript, css, css3, haml, homebrew, html5, ios, javascript, jquery, ruby, ruby on rails, sass, sinatra, titanium mobile and unobtrusive javascript
javascript, ruby, tutorials, jquery, rails, sinatra, unobtrusive, mobile, titanium, sass, html5, coffeescript, ajax, videos, video, css3, screencasts, homebrew, haml
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fix javascript errors -
simple 3-step instruction to fix javascript errors, including javascript runtime error in web browser. very easy to follow. for home users only.
javascript, error, repair, runtime
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autumn jade - free videos and naked pics of autumn jade
autumn jade: watch here free videos and high quality pictures feat. voluptuous autumn jade! enjoy watching busty jade getting fucked in every hole.
autumn, jade, videos, autumnjade
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here you will find some of the most unique javascript and (dhtml) effects on the web including the best non-flash animated rollovers and fading rollovers
javascript, scroller, image, news, menu, button, interface, rollover, click, tickers, bullets, fantasy, elastic, zoom, globe, animated, trailers, floating, layers, fader
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gamarod - programacion web
javascript, posicionamiento web, tutoriales para web developers y web designers.
javascript, download, windows, downloaden, inschakelen, free, nederlands, tutorial, script, activeren, current, element, feedback, input, textbox, grid, label, voor, xbox, browser
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jade consulting pty. ltd. | growing your business
jade is turning critics into advocates. jade is on-line store and social media management. jade is closing service gaps. jade is coaching & training. jade is growing your business.
business, performance, development, profits, consultancy, sales
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plunker is an online community for creating, collaborating on and sharing your web development ideas.
testing, javascript, preview, coffeescript, live, pastebin, codepen, angular, editor, online, jsfiddle, jquery
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jade ocean sunny isles beach | jade ocean miami florida
jade ocean sunny isles beach condos are so much desirable for the quality features and utmost luxury. now, you can easily buy or rent such royal living place.
jade, ocean, miami, apartment, sale, florida, rent, property, sunny, isles, condo
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think2011 | javascript | coffeescript | node | node.js | nodejs | angular | angularjs
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imba : welcome
react, language, lang, meteor, coffeescript, javascript, node, imba
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28 | jade plants,bonsai jade plants, how to grow jade plants-largest indoor jade plant in the world,jade plant care instructions: how to care for a jade plant location: seattle, wa room temperature: 50-60f age:28+yrs
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coffeescript love
a fan blog about coffeescript.
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benjamin lupton
website of benjamin lupton. founder of bevry, docpad and history.js. aficionado of html, coffeescript and nodejs. available for consulting, training and talks. entp.
history, html, programming, lupton, hackathon, hacking, aloha, hallo, inventor, entp, jekyll, contenteditable, design, editor, docpad, nowpad, javascript, node, benjamin, coffeescript
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codecombat中国 - 通过游戏学习编程|致力于为编程爱好者提供更好的服务
coffeescript, clojure, javascript, python, codecombat
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jade jewelry: shop jade jewelry at jade
discover jade jewelry at jade gift, green jade jewelry, multi-colored jade jewelry, and more at jade
jewelry, jade
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jade empire in style
this mod adds over 20 new styles to jade empire, modifies many existing ones and adds numerous techniques, gems and other goodies. this mod includes many other jade empire mods and adds many times more content of its own. it has turned into a complete overhaul of jade empire.
jade, empire, style
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california jade
california offering a variety of jade products and information about jade,
california, bubbly, nuggets, jade, botryoidal, trinity, alps, gems, minerals, gemstones, county, mendocino, viewing, masterpieces, boulders, carvings, jadeite, jewelry, suiseki, nephrite
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alphatek quality x-ray processors
alphatek is a leading manufacturer of quality x-ray film processors. all the alphatek processors are available globally.
alphatek, processors, film, ax390se, ax300se, ax300, ax390, ax700, ax745le, ax200, ax700le, health, quality, processor, corporation, medical, imaging, care, distribution, global
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jade jewelry: discover jade jewelry at jade jewelry web
shop jade jewelry online at jade jewelry web. exclusively selected, finest quality jade jewelry on the web, shop now!.
jewelry, jade
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javascript search and ajax search
javascript search is your source for hundreds of free javascripts and javascript related information, including scripts, tutorials, faq's, tips, and much more.
javascript, script, search, java, free, ajax, timestamp, suggestions, directory, download, counter, getelementsby
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forsaken-jade 1.3.6 jade dynasty private server
forsaken-jade is a free, 150x jade dynasty private server with a lot of custom quests, npc, items, bosses and more. new features every week! come and enjoy the real gameplay!
jade, play, free, dynasty, forsaken, fjade, rate, high, forsakenjade, server, private, mmorpg
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eurojade est le spécialiste du jade (jadéite et néphrite), naturel et non traité, sous toutes ses formes : brut ou taillé, bijoux, cabochons, sculptures...
jade, bouddha, certificat, gemmologie, bijou
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an easy-to-use automated front-end setup.
javascript, html, jquery, optimize, automate, development, livereload, framework, frontend, boilerplate, gulp, scss, sass
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front-end technology talk
blog with articles on all things web development: css, js, node, html, a11y
mobile, browsers, html, html5, javascript, postprocessors, scss, sass, less, preprocessors
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framer group – archive
this is a read-only archive of the framer community on facebook. framer is an interactive prototyping tool for ios, android and desktop.
javascript, prototyping, interaction, sketch, mockup, code, coffeescript, online, android, tool, design, animation
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jade is an umbrella organisation of more than 280 student-run businesses across 200 universities in 12 european countries. following the motto “learning-by-doing”, our students bridge the gap between academia and real business world
jade, junior, enterprises, network, jadenet, confederations, europe, european, confederation
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mod synth
mod is a new chrome experiment where you can create your own modular synthesizer, or emulate different synths by simply drag and drop components.
pixi, javascript, coffeescript, box2d, webaudio, webmidi, webgl
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javascript |
сайт о объектно-ориентированному скриптовому язык программирования - javascript.
javascript, jquery, mootools, dojo, extjs, ajax
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home | jan monschke
homepage of jan monschke. javascript, coffeescript, web audio api, couchdb, backbone, react, react native
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iam portfolio of maarten baijs: webdesign, webgraphics and javascript is een portfolio gericht op interactieve media of te wel iam. de website is bedacht en gemaakt door maarten baijs
browserify, commonjs, canvas, jira, grunt, gulp, requirejs, drupal, memcache, varnish, nodejs, apache, nginx, wordpress, backbone, coffeescript, json, less, haml, sass
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javascript tutorialjavascript tutorial | this is the javascript tutorial and resource center for learning javascript
this is the one-stop javascript tutorial and resource centre. we present our tutorial in a straight forward manner to help everyone master javascript effortlessly. on top of that, we publish articles from time to time to update knowledge on javascript.
javascript, what, html, tutorial, learn
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javascript. por anyelguti
curso de javascript desde cero
javascript, tutorial, curso, aprender, webmaster, html
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jade ocean sunny isles condos for sale, jade ocean condominium
jade ocean condo in sunny isles is a luxury oceanfront condo with amenities and features of highest standard. jade ocean condos are available at deeply
jade, ocean, miami, condo, sale, condos, sunny, isles
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jade hotel hue | hue jade hotel
jade hotel hue - hue city - viet nam. to serve you is our pleasure. your satisfaction is our greatest reward.
hotel, jade, viet, good, cheap, services, rooms, best
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ricardo garcía vega, full stack developer - code, love & boards
my name is ricardo and i'm a passionate full stack developer linving in the northen coast of spain. i love building web applications using ruby on rails, coffeescript, haml and sass.
ruby, jquery, javascript, haml, sass, html5, coffeescript, rails, stack, full, applications, ricardo, developer, vega
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jade bay buccaneers, jade pirates - die offizielle website
jade, football, cheerleading, american, pirates, buccaneers, wilhelmshaven
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drv rettungshundestaffel ems-jade e.v. - willkommen auf der startseite
webseite der rettungshundestaffel ems-jade e.v., wir bilden unsere rettungshunde aus in flächensuche und wasserortung, arbeiten dabei ehrenamtlich!
rettungshundestaffel, wasserortung, rettungshund
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web energy: современные технологии в веб-разработке — алексей симоненко
блог о современных технологиях в веб-разработке
mongodb, coffeescript, css3, node, nodejs, javascript, html5
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jade integrated health | jade integrated health
the leading integrative health center in portland, maine. with services including physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, chinese herbology, yoga classes.
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alan j. hogan: web developer, mac user, and more |
alan hogan's website: web design, web development; javascript, coffeescript, css, php, python, xml, xhtml, mysql, c#, ruby, and c++ discussion, programming and code; apple, mac, and os x tips; arizona state university; and more.
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autumn jade - autumn jade's official big tits website - autumn's official big tit website. download all of autumn jade's big boob videos and photo galleries.
autumn, jade, tits, southern, busty
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jade dynasty guru - русская база данных, сообщество русскоязычных игроков. jade dynasty база знаний. - русскоязычная база данных jade dynasty! jade dynasty база знаний.
dynasty, jade, mmorpg
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jade jewelry: discover jade jewelry at jade shop
discover jade jewelry at jade shop, green jade jewelry, multi-colored jade jewelry, and more at jade shop.
jewelry, jade
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jade rough
gemstone rough, lapidary material, wholesale direct, jade rough, black jade rough, raw jade rough, mine jade, agate rough, opals rough, obsidian rough, black onyx rough, lapidary rocks, lapidary rough,
rough, jade, lapidary, rocks, opal, agate, gemstone, material, mine, black, materials
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jade maya
our company has evolved as a leader in reintroducing maya jade to the world through the discovery, mining and working of guatemalas fine jadeite jade. ...
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green mountain gemstones - nephrite jade
nephrite jade is the focus of the company’s production as bc has one of the richest known concentrations of jade in the world.
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home - w3 javascript | tutorialsw3 | javascript tutorialsw3 javascript | tutorialsw3 | javascript tutorials | javascript code solutions.
w3 javascript. well organized and easy to understand web bulding tutorials with lots of examples of how to use html, css, javascript, sql, php, and xml.
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javascript 是属于网络的脚本语言! javascript 被数百万计的网页用来改进设计、验证表单、检测浏览器、创建cookies,以及更多的应用。 javascript 是因特网上最流行的脚本语言。 javascript 很容易使用!你一定会喜欢它的! 你喜欢javascript 那么你一定会喜欢fe-前端网
angular, nodejs, javascript, html
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jade centro de estética
jade centro de estética
jade, flores, vitaminas, cavitacion, estetica, bach, dietetica, multivitaminas, acupuntura, xbody, corporal, presoterapia, becerra, ventas, manuel, madrid, centro, masajes, tratamientos, electroestimulacion
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emydex -factory floor software for food processors - homepage
emydex provide factory floor software to leading meat, fish & food processors around the world including ireland, the uk, europe, africa & australasia.
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green jade | order online | st marys, pa - green jade chinese restaurant
green jade | order online | st marys, pa
jade, green, marys, online, chinese, order, specials, delivery, hours, menu
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jade- thermal- rückenmassage im jadehaus hof - jadehaus hof
jade- thermal- rückenmassage im jadehaus hof. es stehen ihnen 6 jade- thermal- massageliegen zur verfügung. wellness und entspannung im zentrum hofs.
massageliegen, massage, vertrieb, wellness, massageliegenvertrieb, thermalmassage, jade, jadesteine
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jewels jade - latina milf - jewels jade blog
jewels jade blog dedicated to latina milf jewels jade. jewels jade is a hot latina milf who can't wait to show off her big tits and hardcore skills. watch jewels jade sucking and fucking in these hot pictures and videos.
nude, tits, latina, hardcore, milf, movies, videos, pictures, jade, official, website, pornstar, blog, jewels
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javascript beautifier and formatter online
enter your compressed, minified, or obfuscated javascript and get clean, well-formatted code.
javascript, jquery, beautify, format, beautifier, formatter
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jade presents | keeping music live!
named one of the top 100 promoters in the world by pollstar magazine. you\ll find the inside scoop on all of our upcoming events right here!
concerts, jade, entertainment, fargo, jadepresents, present, presents, montana, billings, missoula
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j! template — простой шаблон joomla 3 и 2.5 (less, scss, mobile, css3, html5)
для тех кто делает уникальный дизайн с нуля, не любит лишнего в своих шаблонах и главное — не боится делать что-то своими руками.
blank, html, scss, less, template, jblank, joomla
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custom web tools for humans | oddbird
custom-built web tools for humans
susy, scss, javascript, jquery, sass, python, tools, development, open, source, custom, django
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official ava jade -pretty fly for a jedi - official ava jade
official ava jade webpage. welcome to your one stop shop for everything geek. if you love marvel, star wars, cosplay, comics and gaming, you have found your new home.
jade, marvel, comics, geek, wars, cosplayer, cosplay, officialavajade, official, star
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jade bracelet, jade bangle, jade pendant, jade necklace, jade earrings, jade jewelry - your source
jade bracelet, jade bangle, jade pendant, jade necklace, jade earrings, jade jewelry, your source for fine jade bracelet, jade pendant, jade earrings, jade necklace at great prices.
jewelry, source, fine, great, earrings, necklace, bracelet, bangle, pendant, jade
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ultrasonic liquid processors | sonicator | qsonica
qsonica - usa manufacturer of sonicator ultrasonic liquid processors for particle dispersion, cell disruption, dna/chromatin shearing and homogenization.
ultrasonic, processors, sonication, chip, shearing, nanotechnology, equipment, liquid, sonicator, cleaning, misonix
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minify javascript - online compressor / packer
minify and compress your javascript for free to make your website faster and more efficient by improving load time.
javascript, minify, compress, packer, compressor, minifier, minification
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cassette | asset bundling for .net web apps
cassette automatically sorts, concatenates, minifies, caches and versions all your javascript, coffeescript, css, less, sass and html templates to help you manage your client-side code.
asset, development, software, bundling, developer, management, tools
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80 - ricardo tomasi's blog
stories about code, design, coffee and other good stuff.
design, interface, interaction, user, alegre, porto, experience, code, javascript, coffeescript, css3, node, development, html5
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scrap processors inc welcomes your questions, comments, suggestions, compliments, and complaints as one critical way to continuously improve our services to you. this is what has kept us in business for over 60 years. please contact us by phone or email. scrap processors inc. des moines - 515-243-5905 scrap processors inc. webster city - 515-832-5360 spi appliance recycling center - 515-263-8000
processor, metals, scrap
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javascript object scripts, tutorials, jobs, jobs, book reviews, user groups, forums - js classes
free javascript classes, javascript tutorials, download javascript scripts, javascript articles, javascript jobs, hire javascript developers, javascript book reviews, javascript language oop materials
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east corner - manhattan based asian gallery buying and selling chinese antiques
jade, chinese, furniture, antique, gallery, jadeite, jewelry, painting, tibet, asia, oriental, scholar, porcelain, eastern, antiques, barrel, bangle, ring, bracelet, pendant
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christopher krumm - freelance web developer from wiesbaden
i've created these sites to give you an insight to my skills and work on selected projects in the last 3 years.
developer, jquery, javascript, xslt, sass, scss, css3, html5, deutschland, wiesbaden, entwickler, 65183, freelancer, website, projekte, html
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jade world -
wholesale jade jewelry in b.c. all our jewelry is made of a grade nephrite jade.
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jewels jade – buff pornstar
free pictures and exclusive never seen video from jewels jade official site.
jade, jewels
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spi - society of the plastics industry
spi is the plastics industry trade association representing the third largest manufacturing industry in the united states. spi's member companies represent the entire plastics industry supply chain, including processors, machinery and equipment manufacturers and raw materials suppliers.
plastics, plastic, industry, processors, machinery, materials, trade, association, equipment, bioplastics, society, material, suppliers
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spi - society of the plastics industry
spi is the plastics industry trade association representing the third largest manufacturing industry in the united states. spi's member companies represent the entire plastics industry supply chain, including processors, machinery and equipment manufacturers and raw materials suppliers.
plastics, plastic, industry, processors, machinery, materials, trade, association, equipment, bioplastics, society, material, suppliers
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studio jade[ジェイド]hair work| つくば理容室(床屋)
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welkom bij chinese jade | webwinkel chinese jade
de onderstaande uitspraak van de dalai lama geeft aan waarom guasha zo een mooie methode is om mensen te leren zichzelf preventief te behandelen.nieuw bij praktijk chi4u; raindrop:
guasha, jade, bian, workshop, stenen, cursus, gezichts, gezicht, paarde, regenesis, armband, acupressuur, wierookhouders, rollers, olie
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koala - a gui application for less, sass, compass and coffeescript compilation.
koala is a gui for less, sass, compass and coffeescript. koala can run in windows, mac, and linux.
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faber - kitchen range hoods | wall range hoods | island range hoods | traditional range hoods | contemporary range hoods | kitchen range vent hoods | kitchen vent hoods | kitchen exhaust hoods
faber kitchen range hoods provides premium italian kitchen range hoods to vent your kitchen and make a statement in your home. faber makes high quality stainless steel kitchen vent hoods in many styles including: wall, island, insert, glass, hidden, professional, chimney, built in and integrated vent hoods. models are available in all sizes 24, 30, 36, 48 and cfm levels including 300, 600 and 1200.
hoods, range, vent, hood, kitchen, integrated, chimney, insert, built, best, downdraft, statement, 600cfm, hidden, stainless, island, modern, italian, steel, glass
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minify javascript - free javascript compressor
minify javascript - compress javascript. minification is the practice of removing unnecessary characters from code to reduce its size, thus improving load times.
minify, javascript, compress, javascripts, code
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intelligent networks powered by cavium octeon and nitrox processors| mips processors
semiconductor technology at cavium - specializing in multicore networking, communication processors, arm-based & mips-based network processors, video & security processors, server adapters, ethernet switches, multicore socs and digital home.
ethernet, networking, processors, security, appliances, network, multicore, cloud, adapters, server, data, solutions, switches, socs, mips64, accelarators, semiconductors, mips32, products, wireless
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praktijk jade - dordrecht | voetreflextherapie en huidverzorging
welkom bij praktijk jade. bij praktijk jade kunt u terecht voor voetreflextherapie en huidverzorging in een sfeervolle en kleinschalige praktijk waarin aandacht en onstpanning voorop staan.
bloesemtherapie, schoonheidssalon, bach, dordrecht, jade, voetreflextherapie, praktijk
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portblog - der photoblog für den schiffsverkehr in der jade
der photoblog für den schiffsverkehr in der jade - von den inneren hafenanlagen über die umschlagsbrücken und den jade weser port bis hooksiel!
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musings of aamir afridi - musings of aamir afridi
blog, london, developer, frontend, animations, animation, safari, sublime, firefox, chrome, photoshop, front, wordpress, sass, plugins, javascript, scss, plugin, agile, html5
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jade bistro | 25 lafayette ave, suffern, ny 10901 | tel: 845-368-0011| fax: 845-368-2688
jade bistro suffern, jade bistro sushi, chinese, thai, jade bistro lafayette ave
roll, hand, salmon, thai, sashimi, bistro, suffern, teriyaki, sushi, jade
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jade recherche - accueil jade recherche
jade recherche laboratoire centre son étude sur le silicium organique, transfert de l'information et mémoire cellulaire, action dans la sphère physique et émotionnelle. cosmétiques haut de gamme et autres articles de santé
gamme, silumine, laboratoire, organique, silicium
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jade condos for sale méxico | jade signature condos for sale, russia | jade condos for sale, méxico
for information about jade condos for sale in méxico, call us today! luxury sales associate in todays business world unless
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la chine au trsor - bijoux, vtements, bien-tre asiatique
bijoux en jade, perles de chine, notre boutique chinoise vous propose aussi des robes et vestes en soie, le bien-tre asiatique et des objets feng shui
jade, bijoux, chinoise, chinois, pendentif, homme, bracelet, boutique, shui, feng, chemise, bijou, bijouterie, perles, vetement, robes, veste, chemisier, chinoises
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yaldex javascript editor
javascript editor is used for professionally editing javascript code and creating animations and other special effects for web pages using dom, dhtml, css, ajax and javascript
javascript, editor, debugger, ajax, dhtml, validator
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codebunk: online realtime collaborative editor and compiler
ideal for phone screen/online interview of developers and learning to code from friends, codebunk provides a realtime collaborative editor with in-browser code execution and repl (read-eval-print-loop) shells. codebunk is an online compiler/interpreter for php, python, ruby, perl, lua, javascript, c, c++, java, erlang, haskell, julia, clojure, go, r, rust, scala, coffeescript. codebunk also has peer-to-peer video/audio chat facility.
online, compiler, perl, python, ruby, erlang, clojure, julia, haskell, java, scala, rust, collaborative, coffeescript, repl, prelude, iruby, ipython, compile, phone
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art by natasha jade
natasha jade is an artist based in east london, who takes inspiration from her travels and many spiritual influences. contact her today or visit her shop...
london, landscapes, travel, painter, painting, natasha, jade
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jade hotel & restaurant | magsaysay drive east tapinac olongapo
jade hotel in olongapo city | online booking available. reserve online and get instant confirmation.
jade, hotel, restaurant, olongapo
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photoshop to html conversion software | webbsy
software converts any photoshop image into a website. automatically slices image, converts your text, and writes the html and css. works in all browsers.
html, photoshop, haml, stylus, jade, scss, slim, slicecenter, converter, software, adobe, less, sass
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javascript enlightenment | by cody lindley | 1st edition | ecma-262, edition 3
this book is not about javascript design patterns or implementing the object-oriented paradigm in javascript. it was not written to distinguish the good features of the javascript language from the bad. it is not meant to be a complete reference guide. it is not targeted at those new to programming or those completely new to javascript. and it is not a cookbook of javascript recipes. all of these books have already been written. it was my intention to author a book that would give the reader an accurate javascript worldview through an examination of the native javascript objects and supporting nuances (scope, closures, inheritance, etc.). i intended this book to be an digestible summary of the ecma 3 specification, specifically focused on the nature of objects in javascript. if you are a designer or developer who has only used javascript libraries to write introductory javascript programs, it's my hope that the material in this book will transform you from a javascript library develope
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joel rodelo designer & developer
joel is a designer who's in love with everything about technologies.
rodelo, joel, wireframe, sketch, rails, scrum, ruby, amplemind, sinaloa, development, iknode, compass, html, scss, sass, css3, less, html5, javascript, graphic
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jade garden helena
welcome to the jade garden! fine chinese cuisine.
jade, garden, restaurant, food, oriental, chinese
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javascript format - your online javascript formatter and javascript beautifier
online tool for formatting javascript, into a pretty human readable format
javascript, online, tool, formatting, beautify, data, format
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jade palace | order online | webster, ny - jade palace chinese restaurant
jade palace | order online | webster, ny
webster, palace, jade, delivery, online, chinese, order, food, menu, specials, hours
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julien renaux - blog
hi, i am a front end engineer based in toulouse, france. i am particularly interested in ui design, coffeescript, javascript (jquery, mootools, angularjs), php,
wordpress, hybrid, ionic2, ionic, mobile, system, cordova, client, nodejs, trendingdevs, typescript, ecmascript6, angularjs, webpack, front, tools, tutorials, angular2
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​jade mountain coffee and tea company began as simple dream among friends with a passion for quality tea. fresh loose leaf taiwanese teas feature distinctive traits that are as exquisite and refined as taiwanese culture itself.
mountain, madison, jade, sales, oolong, online, taiwanese, cafe, bubble, boba, loose, leaf
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javascript made easy: free javascripts tutorials example code
large collection of javascript source code. choose from thousands of free scripts. javascript tutorials with example code. excellent reference material for javascript. if you need help with javascript. javascript made easy is the place to find it.
javascript, code, source, netscape, dhtml, reference, cookies, windows, tutorials, html, online, script, jsmadeeasy, internet, programing, developer, navigation, dhmtl, develop
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t. f. processors
welcome to t. f processors, a wholesale contract manufacturer of baked goods for twenty years and counting! if you’d like to place an order, you can do so by calling (847) 709 2600 or clicking here to email us.
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jade palace asian cuisine | 252 main street, farmingdale, ny 11735 | tel: 516-694-6688
jade palace farmingdale, 252 main street, farmingdale, ny 11735, sushi fusion, chinese restaurant in farmingdale, chinese restaruant, sushi restaruant, jade palace sushi long island, jade palace sashimi, jade palace sushi & lounge, jade palace asian cuisine in farmingdale, jade palace chinese restauant
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jades imperio maya
jades imperio maya transforma rocas pesadas de jade en joyería fina y reproducciones de arte maya.
guatemala, maya, jade, antigua, jades, hoteles, fhising, arqueology, inguat, sail, tikal, imperio, mascara
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jade stores | from charming souvenirs to fine jewellery | alaska, british columbia, mexico
jade stores is the primary source for the finest canadian nephrite jade. the stores are owned and operated by jade west, one of the largest nephrite jade mining companies in the world, based in british columbia, canada. stores are located in vancouver bc, victoria bc, juneau ak, ketchikan ak, and playa del carmen  mexico.
ketchikan, mexico, carmen, playa, victoria, souvenirs, jewellery, sculpture, nephrite, jade, vancouver, juneau
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ribbon 4, better than ever | ribbon js - html5, css3 and javascript ribbon bar. state-of-the-art ui. by martin ivanov.
arguably the best recreation of the desktop ribbon bar with javascript, css3 and html5
ribbon, javascript, html5, ribbonbar, css3, toolbar, office, tabs, tabbed, metro, jquery, webcomponents, control, flat, components
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china jade beverly ma
china jade has been serving the most delicious chinese food in the town of beverly for over 50 years.
food, chinese, restaurant, jade, late, china, beverly, quick, beer, wine, convenience, parking, service, cocktail, dine, open, american, drinks, night, lounge
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jade asian bistro
located at 331 new dorp lane, jade asian bistro invites you to a dining experience like no other. we serve an array of traditional cantonese dim sum and sushi
staten, jade, island, bistro, asian
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jade lomas anderson - justice for jade campaign
this website is to honor the memory of jade lomas anderson, who was tragically killed by 4 dogs while visiting a friend. now we want justice.
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jade joddle speaking skills
speaking skills blog and video training for introverts. speak as your authentic and sparky self!
jade, skills, english, teacher, shyness, learn, communication, conversation, aspergers, meltdown, drained, pronunciation, speech, anxiety, awkward, joddle, accent, cockney, posh, introverts
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tom duncalf | software engineer | london
london-based front and back-end software engineer with extensive industry experience of a wide range of technologies including javascript, ruby, scala and python.
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omar fouad - advanced angularjs structure with gulp, node and browserify
omarfouad, zero, quartier, fouad, omar, official, css3, html5, javascript, nodejs, sass, coffeescript, development, ruby, designer, website, developer, quartierzero, portfolio, york
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makeup by jade
professional makeup applications for any and all occasions
makeup, jade, transformation, thursday, tips, artist, gasseling, magic, monday, looks
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welcome to bw broadcast
bw broadcast, manufacturer of professional broadcast equipment including fm transmitters, audio processors, rds encoders, fm amplifiers, fm receivers and audio over ip codecs.
audio, receiver, tuner, over, codec, processor, transmitters, amplifiers, amplifier, encoder, encoders, transmitter, processors
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ncb commodities, inc. - processors/marketers of recyclables
ncb commodities, inc. - processors and marketers of recyclable materials including paper, glass, metals, and plastics
commodities, processing, baled, processor, brokerage, recovery, center, facility, marketing, materials, plastics, recycling, recyclers, recycle, paper, glass, plastic, metals, metal, marketers
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neil carpenter interactive developer
i build websites - personal portfolio of neil carpenter, interactive / front end developer
interactive, html, coffeescript, javascript, websites
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jade beach sunny isles | jade beach condos
get the extended amenities of condo life residing at jade beach sunny isles having some pleasurable luxury of the ocean front in your affordable cost.
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bruno imbrizi - creative developer
bruno imbrizi - creative developer
designer, motion, minimalism, grafikonstruct, sonoplastico, unit9, london, sketch, coffeescript, imbrizi, bruno, developer, flash, javascript, processing, creative
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the jade chinese seafood restaurant - richmond, bc, canada
the jade restaurant
nest, bird, abalone, king, lobster, crab, shark, restaurant, food, seafood, jade, cuisine, chinese
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sass: документация на русском языке
sass - документация на русском языке. что такое sass или scss?
html, ruby, css3, scss, sass
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jstips - get one js tip every day!!
with less than 2 minutes each day, you will be able to read about performance, conventions, hacks, interview questions and all the items that the future of this awesome language holds for us. at midday, no matter if it is a weekend or a holiday, a tip will be posted, tweeted and sent. based on github repo loverajoel/jstips.
javascript, tricks, learn, tutorial, tips, jstips, reference
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jade garden: lawrence, ks (order online)
online ordering menu for jade garden. since 1988 jade gardens been located at 15th & kasold in lawrence, ks. *please note that wait time may take longer than suggested during peak lunch & dinner hours* *price may vary with additional items added*
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pornic et la côte de jade avec
tout savoir de pornic et de la cote de jade avant de voyager en loire atlantique : informations touristiques et renseignements pratiques sur pornic. actualités, agenda, hébergements, camping, restaurants, photos, panoramiques, météo, cinéma, forum...
pornic, jade, cote, tourisme, loire, bernerie, prefailles, croisic, nantes, tharon, noirmoutier, nazaire, saint, brevin, baule, voyager, gites, location, touristiques, informations
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lunchroom picknick
basic javascript slideshow with fading transition, including code sample
carousel, agile, slideshow, javascript, basic
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javascript world :: javascript scripts and information
javascript world is the companion web site for the bestselling book javascript: visual quickstart guide, 9th edition, by tom negrino and dori smith.
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games by jade - do you wanna play my games?
check out the latest games from jade
jade, games, homepage
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jscompress: minify javascript online / online javascript compression
free online instant javascript compression tool. copy and paste your code in or upload multiple files to combine them together.
javascript, online, minify, packer, uglify, jsmin, tool, compress, compressor
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black nerd jade gasm
my name is jade. well, no it isnt. its ashley. but i dont know you. call me jade. im thirty (something) fucking years old, too old to like the shit that i do but fuck you. anime freak, kpop...
blerd, women, black, fanbros, anime
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webprofusion - app, web & software development
webprofusion develop and operate a range of systems, apps and software tools across a broad range of industries and topics including web apps, database systems, apps and tools.
aberdeen, server, england, london, scotland, glasgow, apache, edinburgh, vbscript, windows, html, javascript, database, development, intranet, internet, programming, software, consulting, design
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jade jewelry: pendants, earrings and bangles set in silver or gold - australian jade
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baby jade usa - introducing chic comfort for everyone.
the most luxurious and comfortable handmade blankets youll ever own - comforting babies, kids, as well as adults too. baby jade blankets unique
baby, blankets, jade, handmade, scarves, chevron, blanket, throw, infinity, wrap, shawl, scarf, gift, print, best, minkydot, softest, burp, animal, cloths
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bodhifest miami
2nd annual bodhifest miami is a multicultural festival of spiritual activities, entertainment, and is pleased to host the jade buddha for universal peace.
jade, buddha, interfaith, miami, gardens, ichimura, bodhi
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best cpu processors
discovery best cpu processors for computer, latest cpu processor for sale, fastest computer processor, list of computer processors, fastest cpu on the market.
processor, best, processors, sale, latest, fastest
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rr jade, llc - baton rouge, la | (225) 229-6924
call rr jade, llc to get mold prevention for your home at a price you can afford.
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froxot - javascript game by armin kielack
froxot, a two player game, was programmed by armin kielack in javascript to download fast and to be playable by the largest audience possible on the web, including 286, wb-1, and webtv user.
free, design, kostenlos, online, game, spiel, bough, pipeline, javascript, kielack, webtv, froxot
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jade tilburg japans thaise restaurant jade
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jade mine resources | nephrite jade mining company
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home | jade palace - louisville, kentucky
jade palace is a chinese restaurant in louisville that offers a full menu plus dim sum on the weekends. daily lunch specials plus chef specialties enhance our traditional dishes.
fresh, made, congee, menu, palace, louisville, jade
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jade massage bed|9/11 ball jade projector|massage chair|tourmaline mat factory
china factory jade massage bed, massage chair, thermal therapy jade roller massage bed, tourmaline mat, 9 ball&11 ball jade projector, massage products.
jade, massage, chair, thermal, tourmaline, projector, ball, therapy
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best computer cpu processor
discovery best cpu processors for computers, best processor for gaming, fastest cpu processor, new computer processors, latest cpu processors, best pc cpus.
processor, best, computer, sale, price, latest, fastest, processors
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mobile device detect mdd wp plugin, php and javascript mobile device detect
mdd detects and redirects mobile devices to an optimized url or domain. mdd offers a wp plugin for easy installation as well as php and javascript options that will work for almost any website including cf (coldfusion) and asp/
plugin, javascript, device, detect, mobile
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famed in jade framed in jade
utah based modest online women's clothing boutique. affordable and on point.
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friends of jade - news
the global jade community
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oriental jade jewelry | authentic quality jade
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startseite | t4 - consulting
im jadefahrwasser tut sich etwas. aufgrund der geplanten und laufenden industriellen investitionen am jadefahrwasser wird mittelfristig der schiffsverkehr auf der jade stark zunehmen. wir als regional verwurzelte internetagentur betreiben unter anderem ein gut besuchtes urlauberportal unter und . unseren portalbesucher ca. 20.000 bis 30.000 pro monat möchten wir ein für das jadefahrwasser einmaliges angebot bieten. metas
jade, port, weser, friesland, wangerland, keywords, wilhelmshaven, schleuse, schiffsdaten, horumersiel, jadebusen, hooksiel
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online shopping | buy computer hardware online | india -
buy computer parts online | india. wide range of motherboards, processors, graphic cards available. everything you need to build a gaming pc. we ship across india. safe and secure online shopping. all inclusive prices.
online, best, shopping, india, shop, motherboards, site, store, motherboard, computer, hardware, processors, laptops, place
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home page
jade tree wushu home page, this is the home page for jade tree wushu and the jade tree wushu snow dragons
wushu, wrestling, sanda, martial, sword, weapons, arts, kung, jade, jadetreewushu, tree, shelburne, falls
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dojo of front end developer
cordova, phonegap, angularjs, grunt, jquery, wordpress, yeoman, gulp, compass, html5, developer, css3, javascript, sass, jade, front
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kahn dermatology, pllc
we take care of the full range of skin problems, including skin cancer, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, hair loss and scars. we also offer a wide range of cosmetic services, including botox, dermal fillers (juvederm, radiesse), and laser procedures.
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sharpkit - c# to javascript compiler
sharpkit is a tool that converts c# to javascript during compilation. sharpkit supports all popular web and mobile frameworks and generates pure clean javascript.
visual, studio, converter, javascript, jquery, html5
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thoughts and tutorials on javascript frameworks, testing, and patterns - the js guy - david tang
thoughts and tutorials on javascript frameworks, testing, and patterns
javascript, testing, ember, backbone, unit, angular, patterns, developer, testable, david, tang, development, maintainable, emberjs, angularjs, anglar, design, integration, backbonejs, acceptance
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jade|official site
jade|official site
club, jade
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best quality asian garlic processors in india - ptc garlic
ptc garlic is a pioneer processors of asian garlic at new sardar market yard, national highway 8-b, gondal in india to produce best quality product to valuable customers.
garlic, india, suppliers, processors
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jade inmobiliaria - jade real estate
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river blossom jade: california jade
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jade surf ジェイドサーフ
湘南・藤沢鵠沼海岸サーフショップ jade
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crystal jade asian fine dining
crystal jade
jade, crystal
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jschannel: we, the javascript people...
jschannel is a community providing a platform from javascript enthusiasts from across the world to meet, greet and explore.we host conferences, we run meetups and we train people on javascript topics.
javascript, conference, nodejs, angularjs, jsconference, community, jschannel, bengaluru
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exceptionhub | javascript error tracking
exceptionhub tracks javascript errors that occur on your site and provides you with a stack trace to help you debug. similar errors are grouped togeather for convenience.
javascript, tracker, exception, error, catch, errors, exceptions
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blacks creek firewood processors
firewood processors, equipment and conveyors
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javascript beautifier
javascript beautifier formats javascript source code to make it easier to read and understand.
javascript, code, source, beautify, beautifier, formatter, print, prettyprint, pretty
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jade moon photography | jade moon photography prints, calendars and wallpapers
jade moons flowers of hawaii and the world. photographs, prints, greeting cards, calendars, wallpapers. all of the art you see on my site is original.
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boilerplate | javascript reference architecture
reference architecture for large scale javascript development. boilerplatejs is a collection of product engineering patterns and some solid integrations of industry leading javascript libraries
javascript, development, boilerplate, product, large, reference, architecture, scale
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deobfuscate javascript - deobfuscate malicious javascripts for quick and easy analysis
deobfuscate javascript - deobfuscate malicious javascripts for quick and easy analysis
javascript, deobfuscator, deobfuscate, online, unpacker, unpack, obfuscate, deobfuscation
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train with programming challenges/kata | codewars
codewars is where developers achieve code mastery through challenge. train on kata in the dojo and reach your highest potential.
code, development, kata, dojo, coffeescript, software, ruby, coding, practice, codewars, javascript
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train with programming challenges/kata | codewars
codewars is where developers achieve code mastery through challenge. train on kata in the dojo and reach your highest potential.
code, development, kata, dojo, coffeescript, software, ruby, coding, practice, codewars, javascript
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jade love - home
jade love is a fashion boutique located in omaha, ne that carries a great selection of trendy an fun apparel and accessories.
omaha, stores, jade, shopping, love, boutique, clothing, boutiques, cute, dress, best, fashion, womens
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food processors kitchenaid and food appliances, kitchenaid mixers, grinders, blenders, 12-cup, 7-cup, coffee maker
kitchenaid is one of the leading companies in kitchen and dinning industry providing mixers, grinders, food processors
processor, hamilton, classic, knives, beach, blender, grinder, mixer, shun, wolfgang, cooking, kitchenaid, processors, products, food, cuisinart, capacity, puck
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html basix - html tutorials and online webmaster tools
beginner's tutorial that teaches how to code html using notepad. html and javascript code generators including popup window generator, colored scrollbar generator, mouseover links and images generator, disable hotlinking code generator, marquee code generator, frames generator, table generator, email form generator, mouse trails generator and many more.
banner, javascript, html, code, tutorial, rotator, rotating, rotater, build, learn, beginners, websites
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resource recovery systems, inc. - firewood processors, firewood-processors, fuelwood processors, log splitters, firewood, firewood bundler, firewood wrapper, firewood conveyor, forestry equipment, conveyors, crushers, municiple grinders, chippers
firewood, logs, into, lumber, wood, lengths, unlimited, length, pump, hydraulic, wedge, chippers, grinders, splitters, bundler, splitter, processors, processor, wrapper, conveyor
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jade garden, international district - seattle, wa 98104 - (206) 622-8181
jade garden is a restaurant located in international district, seattle, wa 98104.
jade, garden, seattle, 98104, international, menu, review, district
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jade | brandschenkestrasse 25 | 8002 zürich
jade ist vielseitig und einzigartig - ein stilvolles und facettenreiches restaurant, ein treffpunkt für freunde, die ideale location für events- und firmenanlässe und ein chicer club für lange partynächte mit nationalen und internationalen top-djs.
clubs, finest, zurich, brandschenkestrasse, gastro, prime, club, restaurant, clubbing, party, jade
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jade esthétique - bienvenue sur
linstitut jade esthétique, ville des avirons, la beauté dévoilée, soins corps et visage, épilations, spas, maquillage, teinture, vente, île de la réunion.
spas, maquillage, teinture, visage, corps, manucure, avirons, ville, soin, jade
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柯乐义_jquery、javascript、 cms等教程、源码、实例
orchard, javascript, jquery
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home - west coast jade - west coast jade
west coast jade - carving, accommodation and greenstone shop.
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sam jade guest house
sam jade guest house
house, jade, guest, rent, highlands, hotel, room, cameron
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welcome to hot jewels jade
a blog dedicated to hot pornstar jewels jade
blog, pics, videos, star, porn, jade, pornstar, jewels
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the disco blog
technology observations, tutorials, and options from a disco lovin' cat who writes ruby, java, node, and objective-c code.
continuous, mobile, heroku, jquery, mongoid, devops, delivery, docker, coffescript, integration, ubuntu, linux, mongodb, android, html5, redis, scala, javascript, node, coffeescript
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javascripture - the word on javascript
interactive javascript api reference. learn javascript quickly and easily.
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javascript territory - jster javascript catalog
development, programming, libraries, frameworks, javascript
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jade beauty and day spa
a harmony of mind, body, and spirit--that is the goal of jade day spa. we pursue the eternal quest for beauty and health by fusing the best of east and west, cutting edge spa treatments infused with asian therapies. it is a new sort of yin and yang. the western treatments emphasize the surfaces of things. that is the yang. the eastern techniques, the yin, seek an interior balance. the one will treat your nails, skin and body with the best that western science has to offer. the other uses acupressure points, deep massage, herbal oils, and exotic aromas to correct the distortions of stress, fatigue, and strain, and to provide an inner sense of restoration, well-being, and self-confidence.
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js beautify, beautify javascript, beautify js
beautify js that are minified, obfuscated or compressed into clean and well-formatted javascript
javascript, formatter, beautify, online, code, format, html, obfuscator
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js beautify, beautify javascript, beautify js
beautify js that are minified, obfuscated or compressed into clean and well-formatted javascript
javascript, formatter, beautify, online, code, format, html, obfuscator
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download javascript code examples, tutorials, reference
provide thousands of free javascript code examples, dhtml, html javascript tutorials, reference and help. is the best javascript resources
free, javascript, development, scripts, javascriptbank, beginners, example, codes, tutorials, download
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::|: javascript cdigos :|: :|::
scripts en javascript
script, java, codigos, javascript
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javascript minifier
javascript minifier/compressor. provides an api. simple quick and fast!
javascript, minifier, html, minify, compress, compressor
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php & javascript room
checkbox, javascript
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ongo works | we're building a new commerce experience.
ongo works - building reaction commerce, a new commerce experience
node, coffeescript, javascript, ecommerce, commerce, meteor
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ocean jade health retreat - home
information site about ocean jade health retreat
health, retreat, mindfulness, yoga, management, sabatino, meditation, cessation, smoking, stress, frank, fitness, vegan, loss, weight, jade, diet, detoxification, ocean, fasting
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meris | boutique audio processors
los angeles based maker of boutique audio processors. uniting art & engineering. we make everything in la.
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sherilynn jade salon_sherilynn jade salonsherilynn jade salon | 955 mountain view dr. lafayette, ca 94549
sherilynn jade salon specializes in clients with all hair types and those who love colour. our artistic team creates on-trend looks customized for each client brining unique fashion trends and concepts from the streets of new york city directly to the bay area. with great dedication to our clients, our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience along with beautifully coiffed hair and makeup.
color, hair, salon, sherilynn, shampoo, brazilian, innersense, blow, corrective, bridal, perm, highlights, complex, lafayette, beauty, jade, smart, extensions, redken, coppola
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top 5 credit card processors | all business types |
explore trusted and affordable payment processors. lower your credit card processing rates. stay up to date on industry news and emerging technology.
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free javascript calendar | javascript date picker - jsdatepick |
jsdatepick is a free javascript calendar for date picking in any web site or application. easy to use for javascript programmers and webmasters with little javascript knowledge.
javascript, picker, datepicker, date, calendar, free
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bluezebra highend, wide screen 17" laptop, servers & pc workstations with xp & the lindows os, with amd & intel processors, including web site authoring, hosting, domain name registration & professional e-mail service
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jade child development center
child, care, palmer, school, jade, childcare, canton, michigan, daycare
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boulangerie jade
boulangerie jade is a fine french artisan bakery and patisserie with four locations in south-east london.
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211 | jose aguinaga
front-end engineer, ux & interactions designer, full-stack javascript developer. javascript is beauty.
nodejs, fullstack, angularjs, frontend, javascript
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jade varden official blog
jade varden, ya author, blogs writing 101 posts offering writing tips, punctuation help, grammar tips and self-publishing advice.
blog, official, varden, jade
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l'oeil de jade 33
l'oeil de jade, la teste de buch, l'association
forme, cours, physique, sport, asociation
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jade and juliet
jade and juliet is the online destination for savvy shoppers looking for the latest in womens fashion and accessories. we are the source for unique one of a k
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jade castrinos
blog about jade castrinos, edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes, music, gay stuff. yeah.
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jade garden - home
jade garden, elkhart
lunch, dinner, cuisine, food, restaurant, asian
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free javascript compression and minify javascript resources - minify js
minify js - minify javascript. minification is the practice of removing unnecessary characters from code to reduce its size, thus improving load times.
minify, javascript, compress, javascripts
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sanstar produtos de higiene, empresa que há vinte anos leva produtos de qualidade a sua família como jadefrog, escova dental, jade, esmaltes, holográfico
jade, esmaltes, onde, comprar, distribuidora, dental, produtos, higiene, empresa, escova, jadefrog, sanstar
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neto solis
javascript, codigos, manual, hosting, programar, aprender, google, java, tutorial, ejemplos, examples, css3, gratis, tutoriales, codigo, programation, python, facebook, programacion, nodejs
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interact.js - javascript drag and drop, resizing and gestures with inertia and snapping
interact.js is a lightweight, standalone javascript module for handling single-pointer and multi-touch drags and gestures with powerful features including inertia and snapping.
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free javascript obfuscator - protects javascript code from stealing and shrinks size
javascript obfuscator, protect javascript code
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scobies direct: a great deal for butchers and processors
great deals for butchers and processors in the uk and ireland on ingredients, casings, sundries, packaging, clothing, machinery and meat net at scobies direct
meat, processors, butchers, sausage, offers, seasonings, great, deal, pouches, packaging, sundries, casings, clothing, machinery, vacuum, ingredients
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wochenende an der jade - großes stadt- und hafenfest in wilhelmshaven
das wochenende an der jade in wilhelmshaven ist eines der größten stadt- und hafenfeste im nordwesten. zahlreiche traditionssegler besuchen wilhelmshaven und laden zu törns und open-ship ein und auf fünf bühnen wird ein abwechslungsreiches programm geboten.
schiffe, hafenfest, marine, hafenbahn, veranstaltungskalender, wochenende, jade, veranstaltungen, wilhelmshaven
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realext js school
realext js school - лучшие javascript курсы в харькове. учись и получай высооплачиваемую профессию в сфере it.
javascript, realext, jquery, school, front, ajax
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jade ng photography · new york city
jade ng photography, new york based photographer.
jade, photography
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jade - dim sum in essen
im jade, rellingahuser str. 6 in 45128 essen tel.: 0201 225161, treffen sich die asiaten des reviers zum dim sum, oder genieen hausgemachte nudeln, kantonesischen schweinebauch, gerstete ente, gedmpften fisch und andere leckereien!
kche, hefeteig, dimsum, essen, chinesische, glckskekse, kanton, asiatische, kantonesische, spezialitten, restaurant, jade, china
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boss has achieved legendary status among guitarists by offering a diverse, world-leading product lineup that includes compact effects processors, multi-effects processors, digital recorders, rhythm machines, metronomes, tuners, and more.
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news blog | we love to write news articles
acer liquid jade 2 is about to be launched with exceptional camera quality and many awesome features and specs in it. here is all about the new beast from acer,
lava, flair, acer, liquid, jade, price, with, features, specs, lenovo, vibe, camera, rear, 13mp, plus, launched
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maleny sports & recreation club inc - home
maleny district sports and recreation club inc. this is an umbrella organisation for the various sports clubs of the area covered by the hinterland of queensland's sunshine coast, now only 2 week’s away, the mdsrc 2015 awards dinner welcomes olympic gymnast and weightlifter, jade sharp, as after dinner guest speaker. mother of 2 boys aged 5 and 6, jade’s achievements in 2 gruelling sports are outstanding., the maleny bowls club has re-commenced the popular night social bowls on a wednesday night. night bowls was first tried earlier in the year and proved very popular, however with the onset of winter it was suspended until the weather warmed up again.
maleny, bowls, social, awards, dinner, msarc, club, jade, clubs, sports, blackall, range, queensland, area, sharp
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rock stop
rockstop, is a rock shop, for all your gem and mineral needs, specializing in california or botryoidal jade
jade, botryoidal, county, gems, gemstones, mendocino, minerals, california, rock, shop, rockstop, nephrite
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emberscript: ember.js-infused coffeescript
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unbenanntes dokument
kanal, paddeln, verein, freizeit, boote, camping, veranstaltung, friesland, sande, wassersport, kajak, jade, kanu, sportverein
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ömer aslanbakan - front end developer
a front end developer blog, including javascript focused articles, tips & tricks, code snippets, developement notes and architecture structure..
developer, javascript, articles, responsive, design, blog, grunt, markdown, mobile, development, text, regular, expression, sublime, interface, bower, user, jquery, engineer, html5
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professional range hoods - dealer wholesale pricing -
wholesale prices on range hoods, island hoods, wall hoods, under cabinet hoods and accessories.
range, hood, hoods, inch, large, height, black, stainless, filters, steel, copper, downdraft, ceiling
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takana - live edit scss & css
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scss, sass, node
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nordsee jade weser urlaubsland wesermarsch
herzlich willkommen auf der internetseite vom urlaubsland wesermarsch. entdecken sie unsere perlen, die sich entlang an nordsee, jade und weser reihen.
urlaubsland, wesermarsch, urlaub, weser, jade, nordsee
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photography by jadephotography by jade
snap your joy with photography by jade! a dungannon based photographer specialising in weddings and children's portraiture. studio located at 6 irish street, beside landi's cafe.
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a commitment to excellence and passion for precision | jade corporation
jade is an industry leading manufacturer of close tolerance, complex machined parts and component assembly.
machining, precision
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as3js - actionscript to javascript transpiler
as3js is a transpiler for converting actionscript 3.0 to javascript that allows you to write both client and server-side javascript applications using as3
oopsjs, mcleodgaming, greg, mcleod, oops, importjs, node, javascript, actionscript, flash
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le blog de jade
le blog de jade : mode et tendances / décoration / voyages / art de vivre.
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rochester, ny wedding and family photography tracy jade photography
welcome! tracy jade specializes in unscripted wedding and family photography. she practices an authentic style that focuses on real life and stories, not poses. her work has been featured in numerous photography blogs including; the elite looks like film, life unscripted,  the dark room,
photography, family, engagement, professional, couples, photographer, documentary, rochester, storytelling, wedding
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holyjs: javascript - конференция в санкт-петербурге | holyjs: javascript - конференция 5 июня в петербурге
5 июня в петербурге пройдет большая javascript-конференция holyjs. на конференции вас ждут 20 технических докладов, море общения с коллегами и возможность обсудить наболевшее с javascript-экспертами.
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恩智浦半导体 | 汽车电子,安全,iot
from microcontrollers and processors to sensors, analog ics and connectivity, our technologies are fueling innovation in automotive, consumer, industrial and networking.
microcontroller, management, sensors, socs, processors, power, processing, solutions, semiconductors, applications, analog, digital, signal
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jade meadow | flowing with milk & honey
jade meadow - a land flowing of milk & honey
jade, meadow, blog
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home page | jade acupuncture treatments
as a holistic medicine practitioner ewmc considers that all aspects of patient’s needs including psychological, physical and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole.
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limpopo tobacco processors (ltp) south africa
limpopo tobacco processors (ltp) is the biggest single supplier of tobacco leaves to domestic buyers in south africa.
suppliers, domestic, africa, south, tobacco, processors, rustenburg, limpopo
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javascript obfuscator - protect your javascript code
javascript obfuscator and css obfuscator. protect javascript and compress javascript code.
javascript, obfuscator, obfuscation, obfuscate, protect, compress, html
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powow! we make apps that solve problems
powow! we make apps that solve problems
development, agile, ruby, reviews, programming, pair, code, mapper, remote, team, offshore, augmentation, kanban, staff, object, consultancy, coffeescript, javascript, rails, clojure
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jade, lladro, & decorative art repair & restoration services | hamlin’s restoration studio
contact hamlin’s restoration studio today for an estimate on professional repair and restoration of jade, lladro & more fine art pieces. call 866-331-9673!
restoration, repair, lladro, jade, decorative, restorer, fine