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music partners in healthcare
from the tiniest premature infants to the elderly, research and personal experience have shown that live music provided by trained music practitioners can ease both mental and physical suffering.
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national standards board for therapeutic musicians
the national standards board for therapeutic musicians (nsbtm) consists of leaders in the therapeutic music field who have joined together to develop and
music, healing, therapeutic, conducive, process, human, environment, musician, board, standards, musicians, national, therapy
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healing beyond borders - healing beyond borders
healing touch international, inc., (dba: healing beyond borders, educating and certifying the healing touch®) is a non-profit certification, education, and membership organization serving healing touch providers, practitioners, instructors, and the general public. the organization educates and certifies healing touch practitioners and instructors, coordinates healing touch research, assists integration of healing touch into healthcare settings, and promotes the work of healing touch around the world.
healing, energy, therapy, touch, holistic, beyond, borders, medicine
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coro health - music therapy and spirituality for healthcare
we believe in the power of emotional and spiritual experiences and their effect on health and overall well-being. our two flagship products musicfirst and
music, therapy, musicfirst, elders, wellness, therapeutic, services, corofaith, spirituality, media, alzheimers, caregivers, healthcare
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what is sound therapy vibroacoustic music
vibroacoustic therapy- sound therapy is using music low tones and healing frequencies to bring the body into a state of healthy resonance - reduce stress lower blood pressure
therapy, music, healing, autism, vibroacoustic, depression, sound, relaxation, sounds, frequencies, frequency, songs
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therapeutic landscapes network
information, education, and inspiration about healing gardens, therapeutic landscapes, and other landscapes for health.
landscapes, gardens, healing, restorative, health, therapeutic, gardening, sanctuary, green, nature, outdoor, healthcare, rehabilitation, horticultural, landscape, architecture, therapy, designers, design
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healing sounds music therapy - home
music, spiritual, healing, therapy, stress, health, guided, what, caregiver, with, imagery, caregiving, managing, spiritualism, spirituality, journey, women, life, depression, development
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jill mattson's wings of light | sound healing cds and books, new age music
sound healing cds and books by jill mattson. ethereal music with sacred and star tones; vitamins and collagen frequencies. healing meditations and tools
healing, music, sound, therapy, paintings, premal, original, landscapes, portraits, deva, fairy, relaxing, sounds, meditation, mattson, sleep, jill, energy, arts, enya
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exceptional educational, recreational, and therapeutic programs based in music | beth patellas center for music | woodbridge, hamden, ct
beth patellas center for music serves infants through adults and has exceptional educational, recreational, and therapeutic programs based in music.
sound, therapy, music, childhood, programs, classes, healing, adults, seniors, therapeutic, leisure, community, socialization, integrative, alternative, social, emotional, mental, trauma, grief
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great strides - promoting emotional healing and growth in partnership with horses. it’s your life, take the lead!
experiential, therapy, mental, emotional, counseling, healing, physical, couty, county, psychotherapy, relationship, howard, montgomery, carroll, frederick, kids, learning, facilitated, equine, services
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musicworx inc. san diego music therapy provider and clinical training internship
musicworx inc. is the san diego county leader and longest-serving provider of full-spectrum music therapy and music-centered wellness services. and musicworx is one of the largest private-practice amta-approved music therapist clinical training internship sites in the united states.
music, therapy, wellness, making, cancer, healing, medicine, diego, recreational, alzheimers, parkinsons, traumatic, groups, programs, older, adult, support, brain, military, medical
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alternative counseling - psychotherapy and hypnosis. - home
alternative counseling provides individual, couples, and group therapy services, including psychotherapy, hypnosis, hawaiian healing, reiki, mandala assessments, music sea shell therapy. we use an individualized approach, focusing on the body, mind, and spirit.
therapy, healing, music, movement, maternal, issues, infertility, healthcare, child, grandchildren, shell, mindfulness, hypnosis, psychotherapy, hawaiian, mandala, marble, reiki, relationships
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gemformulas :: explore the world of gemstone therapy
gemstone, healing, energy, therapy, therapeutic, remedies, remedy, natural, gemstones, sprays, bracelets, necklaces, medicine, formulas, gems, crystal, homeopathy, homeopathic, gemformulas, spray
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amy recchia, hudson valley music therapist - home
amy recchia is a board-certified the power of music affects everyone and has a profound impact on brains and bodies when used properly, music can be an incredibly powerful treatment tool can transform lives music therapist with over twenty years experienc
music, therapy, county, therapist, saugerties, ulster, kingston, dutchess, therap
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sound sanctuary healing arts - music therapy
music therapy for the greater philadelphia area
music, therapy, hospice, seniors, stress, relief, autism, wellness, groups, philadelphia, musician, healing, arts, drumming, counseling
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home - worldwide directory of healing touch practitioners | your connection to wellness
find healing touch practitioners in your area. healing touch program is a leader in energy medicine, offering a multi-level certification program to individuals and healthcare professionals desiring an in-depth understanding and practice of healing work using energy based concepts that support the integration of healing arts with conventional medicine.
healing, energy, chakra, touch, complementary, certificaion, practitioners, program, medicine, research, education, nurses, continuing, hospitals, classes, control, workshops, arts, field, aura
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flower remedies & emotional healing - dr andrew tresidder
a resource site about flower remedies and emotional healing, by dr andrew tresidder of somerset, england
flower, remedies, healing, emotional, therapies, practitioners, health, healthcare, bach, alternative, resource, what, sites, chard, remedy, rescue, holistic, essences, tresidder, complementary
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jodie ponkos: healing through horses
jodie ponkos offers programs, classes and individual sessions and therapeutic riding
riding, healing, therapy, lessons, animal, amputee, beginner, horse, intuitive, therapeutic, reconnective
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total rehab at home - cecil county, maryland - physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy
total rehab at home provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy for individuals within the comfort of their home. our personalized approach provides quality individualized rehabilitation programs, producing functional independence for the patient. by providing superior care within the familiar surroundings of the home, we give our patients the tools they need to become self-sufficient, resulting in an improved quality of life.
home, therapy, county, elkton, cecil, maryland, physical, healthcare, agency, speech, occupational, medicare, providers, provi
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natural health touch
find information about therapeutic touch™, reiki and electromagnetic therapy - effective healing modalities widely used and accepted in clinical practice.
healing, medicine, complementary, energy, kitchener, cambridge, waterloo, reiki, touch, electromagnetic, therapy, pemf, therapeutic
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latest entries
the portal/hub/centre for expressive, reflective, and therapeutic writing practitioners and clients.
writing, therapy, emotional, health, journal, healing, life, expressive, guided, hospital, narratives, benefits, keeping, journaling, support, group, goddesses, your, finding, voice
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music - for our brains and hearts |
brain, music, therapy, eldercare, adults, healthcare, older, valley, fernando, minds, functioning, research, science, neuroscience, healing, amta, playing, sound, health
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flow music therapy - flow music therapy
music therapy services in montreal
music, therapy, support, skills, private, service, social, healing, autism, special, needs, rehabilitation
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vibrational healing, holistic health practitioner, functional medicine, holistic healing, usui reiki, energy healing, healing energy, homeopathic, spiritual healer, reconnective healing, home remedies, homeopathic medicine, reiki healing, reiki attunement, touch healing, healing with touch, alternative medicine, alternative therapies, therapeutic touch, rekki, rekie, rejki, reiking, reikhi, reiki healing, animal healing, pet reiki, animal reiki, energy practitioner, reiki chakras, chakra balancing, reiki chakra, chakra reiki, chakras healing, reiki and chakras, holistic healing, polarity therapy, energy therapy, reiki therapy, alternative therapies, reiki practitioner, healing touch therapy, energy healing techniques, energy healing modalities, reflexology, therapeutic touch, reki, myofacial release, shiatsu, spiritual energy healing, spiritual healing methods
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beacon of light healing
beacon of light healing offers reiki, therapeutic touch and cranio sacral therapy, crystal healing and chakra balancing. living streams probiotic.
chakra, probiotic, streams, living, catskill, athens, county, greene, healing, energy, cranio, touch, therapeutic, sacral, therapy, balancing, clearing, reiki
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northwest healthcare center
pain, therapy, physical, back, wellness, orthodics, evaulation, rehabilitation, programs, injuries, biomechanics, treating, exercises, painful, posture, cyclist, free, injury, center, healthcare
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hundred acre homestead - vermont licensed therapeutic community residence
a small, structured, healing farm community that offers a therapeutic program for adults with mental illness, focused on self discovery, life skills and independence.
mental, therapy, health, farm, treatment, facility, program, vermont, residence, residential, healing, therapeutic
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cmps mortgage industry certification, loan originator training
cmps institute is a national organization that certifies mortgage bankers and brokers. cmps is the first and most widely recognized mortgage planning designation in the mortgage industry.
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mosaic music institute - music therapy & rehabilitation services
mosaic music institute - music therapy & rehabilitation services
music, therapy, mosaic, special, stroke, needs, lessons, county, speech, adaptive, injury, autism, institute, rehabilitation, brain, monmouth
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welcome to carly litvik music therapy services! | carly litvik music therapy services
in home music therapy services for children and adults of all abilities in the sacramento area. helping others to thrive and grow through music!
music, therapy, syndrome, stroke, down, autism, folsom, granite, early, dementia, intervention, carmichael, speech, elderly, special, needs, roseville, sacramento, rocklin
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home page
welcome to susan cutter healing arts. in coming to my site you have taken the first step toward making meaningful change in your health. many of us live with pain on a daily basis, unnecessarily. whether it's from illness, injury, a traumatic event or simply the stresses and pressures from everyday life, there is hope and help through my healing arts therapies.
healing, therapy, therapeutic, pain, touch, holistic, management, stress, health, therapies, practitioner, arts, cutter, reiki, living, susan, with
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earthtones music therapy services make a notable difference through the universal language of therapy is an established healthcare profession that uses music to address the physical, psychological, cognitive, and social needs of individuals of all ages. music therapy improves the quality of life for people who are well and meets the needs of children and adults with disabilities or illnesses.
oregon, northwest, portland, earthtones, therapy, music
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welcome to can-tr | your resource for therapeutic riding & hippotherapy
can-tr provides equine-assisted activities and therapy (eaat) to people with disabilities in chatham county, in an inclusive setting when possible.
riding, therapeutic, county, therapy, physical, chatham, hippotherapy, eaat, carolina, therapies, north, equine, horseback, narha, disabilities, assisted, activities
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home | barbara the harpist
barbara the harpist, mm the juilliard school, has been an accomplished harpist for v.i.p. events and beautiful weddings for over thirty years. as a denver-based harpist, barbara has played for four u.s. presidents and many politicians, corporate gatherings, and special events.
harpist, music, denver, wedding, musician, live, colorado, healing, special, events, practitioner, therapeutic, harp, player, healthcare, reception, dinner, respectful, funeral, arts
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welcome to the therapeutic village for therapy and counseling in your own home
welcome to the therapeutic village where we provide hope and healing is a safe, confidential, and secure on-line therapy setting. we offer on-line therapy and counseling using email, phone, chat, or video-conferencing. all of are therapists and are at least master's level and approved through their state credentialing board. the terms on-line therapy, on-line counseling, e-therapy, or web-based therapy all define our mental health practice. we do individual, group, or family therapy in office settings as well.
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home - alabaster box essentials
aroma therapy & therapeutic-grade essential oils with healing properties
essential, oils, therapy, raindrop, baby, technique, carriers, purses, wraps, healing, scoliosis, pain, pure, back, aroma, therapeutic
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alternative medicine & rehabilitation center - (718) 934-2211
rehabilitation center (physical therapy, pain management, acupuncture, and oriental medicine)
healing, exercises, therapy, breathing, medicine, colors, magnets, with, sounds, auriculotherapy, quantum, therapeutic, chinese, manual, acupuncture, oriental, herbal
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transformational health and wellness
healthcare for your body, mind spirit. body and mind therapy combine to form a unique source of self healing.
therapy, healing, nutritional, stress, monica, angeles, santa, topanga, body, mind, wellbeing
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milwaukee reiki healing wi shamanic healing | loving light healing
loving light healing specializes in reiki healing, shamanic energy healing, and more located in the greater milwaukee, wi area. calleen bohl is a registered nurse and reiki master teacher offering reiki sessions and classes in the
healing, energy, reiki, medicine, practitioners, milwaukee, earth, techniques, therapy, spiritual, integrated, shamanic, methods
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hallow voices | harmonic therapy | sound therapy| individual and group sessions
welcome to hallow voices. come and experience the healing benefits of harmonic vibrations produced by himalayan singing bowls, gongs and other sound instruments made out of metal, clay and wood.
sound, music, therapy, healing, bowls, singing, relaxation, meditation, mantra, chanting, tibetan, instruments, overtones, harmonics, sacred, overtone, chant, alternative
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freedom hills therapeutic riding program - home
freedom hills therapeutic riding program offers equine facilitated therapy to individuals with mental, physical and emotional difficulties.
county, cecil, riding, maryland, pennsylvania, delaware, castle, horseback, lancaster, chester, harford, port, facilitated, equine, therapeutic, therapy, freedom, horses, hills, deposit
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sound mind & body healing center
it's the use of uniquely created sound, which sets sound mind & body apart from every other sound healer, hypnotherapist, or healing center. the sound gives our clients results, better, faster, and cheaper. sound healing cds also available for listening anywhere, anytime.
healing, therapy, sound, wellness, touch, group, regression, past, life, hypnotherapy, program, music, hyponotherapy, corporate, hypnosis
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the art and drama therapy institute - home
the art and drama therapy institute, inc. has 20 years of experience using art, drama, dance and music as a mallet to aid in servicing individuals with intellectual disabilities ages 18 and older that they may achieve success within their own rights.
arts, theater, therapeutic, healing, needs, drama, therapy, special, institute, adti
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the healing jukebox • home
the healing jukebox is a soulful promoter of human compassion. the mission of this agency is to grow the use of music as a tool to help heal and deliver joy to those who are suffering.
illinois, care, senior, term, centers, healthcare, directors, activity, long, memory, central, therapy, effingham, assisted, living, music
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bang a beat music therapy centre | winnipeg, manitoba
music therapy is a clinical and evidenced-based health care profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship by an accredited music therapist to address physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs of individuals.
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tongbu wellness center
tongbu wellness center is a serene alternative healthcare facility that specializes in homeopathic and ancient chinese medical therapy. located on scenic novato creek in marin county, our team of alternative medicine practitioners help people facilitate their own healing of symptoms such as: sinus issues, chronic fatigue, migraines, back pain, personal relationships, work stress, acne, and eczema.
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great lakes region of the american music therapy association |
music therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a
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gemstone wellness & therapy | crystal healing | gemisphere
gem therapy and gemstone therapy resource for therapeutic gemstones, publications, workshops and practitioner training.
gemstone, therapy, guardians, gemisphere, healing, luminary, katz, hall, katherine, crystal, michael, health, crystals, gemstones, gems, accupuncture, ayurveda, energy, alternative, naturopathy
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satyamani store |crystal healing-reiki,gemstone,mineral,music therapy
satyamani is online store which provides crystal therapy, reiki, crystal healing gemstones, semi precious stones, minerals, music therapy for healing treatment
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atlantic music therapy, llc - atlantic music therapy - home
atlantic music therapy, llc - your source for sound health
cognition, cognitive, speech, military, injury, illness, sensorimotor, sensory, stroke, alzheimer, dementia, motor, deficit, brain, traumatic, song, healing, carolina, north, therapy
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lovetree yoga therapy with ann braden - home
healing yoga in the north san fernando valley
yoga, therapy, cancer, survivor, breast, physical, healing, therapeutic, northridge, relaxation, movement
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american music therapy association | american music therapy association (amta)
the american music therapy association is a resource and organization dedicated to professional music therapists. benefits gained from using music as a tool include help educating, reducing stress, and improve the general quality of life.
intervention, music, therapy, rehabilitation, physical, alleviate, pain, improve, training, expression, gait, communication, disabilities, amta, school, stress, manage, wellness, special, need
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relaxation music therapy | stress relief music
our mission is to create music that has not existed before. music that is more beautiful, that has a specific healing purpose, and that heals emotionally and physically.
music, soul, heart, soulful, energy, songs, lower, relief, blood, pressure, musci, healing, stress
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toronto music therapy for children, seniors, adults and teenagers - new song music therapy
new song music therapy offers programs for individual families as well as seniors organizations looking to offer music therapy.
therapy, music, song, program, start, north, york, andrews, oakville, ontario, ajax, seniors, toronto, children, teenager, thyra
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my shine therapeutic riding program
my shine is a therapeutic riding program, helping children, adults and veterans with special needs since 2006.
riding, therapy, heroes, county, shine, instructors, certified, path, hippotherapy, needs, horses, veterans, instructor, autism, long, horseback, assisted, animal, island, equine
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stacey houghton, llc - reiki and craniosacral therapy services
stacey is a reiki master physical therapist offering reiki and craniosacral therapy services in northern berkshire county mass.
adams, therapy, holistic, physical, intuitive, manual, massachusetts, healthcare, north, healing, berkshire, alternative, county, berkshires, education, craniosacral, healer
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bloch healing: therapist in cheshire and manchester
relational healing through therapeutic touch with peter bloch in cheshire and manchester. a gentle and effective evidence-based approach to therapy.
macclesfield, knutsford, manchester, cheshire, therapy, wilmslow, healing
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nurse practitioners idaho | building bridges to healthcare excellence
npi is an organization of professional nurse practitioners in idaho who share common interests in healthcare excellence.
care, boise, organization, health, healthcare, nurse, practitioners, idaho
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therapeutic ultrasound pain therapy device
discover sam® sport, the fda-approved, drug-free wearable pain therapy system that provides therapeutic ultrasonic waves to accelerate natural healing.
ultrasound, pain, approved, medical, device, wearable, therapy, system, therapeutic, relief
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home - healing touch program™ | worldwide leaders in energy medicine
healing touch program is a leader in energy medicine, offering a multi-level certification program to individuals and healthcare professionals desiring an in-depth understanding and practice of healing work using energy based concepts that support the integration of healing arts with conventional medicine.
healing, energy, touch, research, natural, insurance, professional, complementary, chakra, nurses, chtp, chti, education, hospitals, classes, health, continuing, therapy, htpa, association
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nes health - alternative wellness system using bioenergetics for holistic health
nes health’s total wellnes system allows medical and alternative health practitioners to analyze, correct and restore clients’ health through energy flow.
healthcare, energy, healing, alternative, solution, restore, infocueticals, mihealth, provision, field, homeostasis, human, bioenergetic, holistic, medicine, systems, technology, wellness, information, body
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k2 equestrian center — spirit of the healing horse
k2 equestrian center provides therapeutic riding and equine assisted therapy programs to special needs children and adults in northern idaho - its a place where the spirit of the healing horse runs free.
therapy, idaho, riding, animal, therapies, assisted, counseling, grief, childern, horse, ranch, hayden, canine, equine, autistic, coeur, programs, therapeutic, center, equestrian
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welcome to kingman's healing hooves equine therapeutic riding center. - home
therapy, riding, equine, horses, lessons, horseback, therapeutic
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bio-energy healing therapy & training courses - bi-aura foundation of uk and ireland
this is the bi-aura foundation for bio-energy healing therapy, offering accredited diploma training courses in bio-energy healing therapy in uk and ireland. bio-energy healing therapy has been used to treat back pain, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and many other conditions. the bi-aura foundation is a member of complementary medical association (cma).
healing, therapy, training, ireland, course, energy, plexus, treatment, complementary, chakra, therapist, healer, alternative, stress, animal, depression, pranic, distant, medicine, meditation
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arts & healing network - home
arts & healing network is an online resource celebrating the connection between art and healing. our site offers a wealth of resources, inspiration, and opportunities to connect with others interested in the field of art and healing.
healing, community, arts, artists, grants, therapy, funding, projects, grant, artist, healthcare, environmentalism, creativity, environmental, activist, cancer, building
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natural healthcare providers | one-stop healthcare directory
health care natural, the holistic healthcare directory that provides info on healthcare topics & helps to find alternative healthcare providers in your area.
care, health, alternative, directory, practitioners, holistic, complementary, providers, natural, services, naturopathic, healthcare, centers, therapy
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your bridge to healing | energy healing groton ma | reiki, iet, shamballa
your bridge to healing provides energy healing sessions using reiki, intergrated energy therapy, or shamballa multi-dimensional engery therapy to nurture and heal the mind, body, and spirit.
healing, therapy, energy, wellness, physical, personal, decoteau, holistic, transformation, integrated, reiki, shamballa, alternative
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therapeutic spiritualist - teacher, healer
#holisticlifecounselor #holisticlifecoach #metaphysicalpractitioner #reader #teacher #healer
therapy, reiki, healing, healers, energy, what, spiritual, animals, chakra, animal
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amanae & frequencies of brilliance - amanae & frequencies of brilliance center
our facility offers powerful healing therapies and a school for healing practitioners. we also rent our workshop space, kitchen and lodging for live-in workshops for up to 10 people. amanae is a holistic healing modality that views the person as a whole:
healing, manna, stones, peace, emissaries, minneapolis, leshem, arna, burdy, workshops, lodging, practitioners, brilliance, frequencies, holistic, energy, amanae, space, workshop, catering
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healing waters sanctuary: biodynamic craniosacral aquatica in maui - healing waters sanctuary: biodynamic craniosacral aquatica healing sessions in maui
join healing practitioner, andy marcus for biodynamic craniosacral therapy and aquatic therapies in maui, hawaii.
maui, therapy, healing, healers, travel, craniosacral, aquatic, practitioner, practitioners, healer, biodynamic
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mahalo art center
healing center, transpersonal drama therapy, nature, summer camps, sound healing, retreat space, host events, professional development, adult, teen, children, therapeutic, music, dance, theatre, poetry, plays, fire, water, earth, air, ether, spirit, therapist, sacred, indiginous wisdom, gratitude, community, creativity
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72 - home
equine-assisted psychotherapy therapeutic riding, bc horses, therapy nelson, bc, horse therapy, riding, therapeutic riding, nelson, castlegar, equine assisted growth development and therapy
mindfulness, horses, teachers, counselling, healing, holistic, services, health, pass, beautiful, creek, amazing, boost, views, located
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infinity healing center - provides holistic/alternative health services - in brookfield, milwaukee, wi - 53005
infinity healing center.
adolescent, group, therapy, homeapothy, drainage, accupuncture, healing
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the healing people - home
new jersey healing touch therapist
pain, management, migraines, adhd, lymes, disease, headaches, soreness, touch, therapeutic, hands, laying, illness, chronic, cancer, hospice, county, passaic, jersey, fatigue
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granite state music therapy, llc
granite state music therapy provides music therapy, music lessons, and parent-child music classes to the entire new hampshire community.
music, hampshire, therapy, syndrome, down, intervention, early, guitar, therapists, lessons, piano, autism
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humor matters
therapeutic humor from mirthologist and clinical psychologist steven m. sultanoff
therapy, humor, laughter, jest, jokes, healing, mirth, wellness, sultanoff, therapeutic, health, steven
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resonance healing arts - home
resonance healing arts is a cooperative of four healing practitioners offering visionary healing
healing, wudang, taos, gong, arts, alternative, tarot, sound, regression, life, crystal, bowls, past, channeling
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minerva complementary educational and alternative treatment center llc
pennsylvania holistic and complementary healthcare center providing wellness counseling treatments and educational programs in reiki, clinical aromatherapy, integrated energy therapy and healing touch in conjunction with your physician
reiki, treatments, aromatherapy, healing, complementary, wayne, living, therapy, recipes, county, master, medicine, holistic, health, counseling, depression, wellbeing, arthritus, family, quitsmoke
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art therapy in morris county
the art in therapy specializes in art therapy in morris county and play therapy in morris county, along with other therapeutic psychotherapy services..
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dymond speech & rehab., p.a. | sanford nc | pittsboro nc
nc speech therapy, nc therapeutic listening, nc pediatric speech therapy, nc pediatric physical theray, nc physical therapy, nc swallowing therapy, nc occupational therapy, dymond speech and rehab nc, vitalstim, lee county speech and physical therapy, moore county speech and physical therapy, chatham county speech and physical therapy, lillington nc, fayetteville nc, raliegh nc, pinehurst nc, chapel hill, sanford, pittsboro, cary, nc speech and physical therapy careers, nc speech and physical therapy jobs
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cmps | agenzia di comunicazione creativa | bologna
creativit, comunicazione
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shamanic healing and sound therapy for nj
healing rhythms is the shaman healing practice operated by al romao in eatontown, nj.
therapy, sound, county, drum, circle, romao, monmouth, healing, shaman, jersey, shamanism, practitioner, shamanic
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lori's spiritual healing for the body, mind, and spirit
i am a psychic medium who performs energy healing, alternative healthcare, reiki, past life regressions, spirit releasement therapy, paranormal investigations, ufo abductee experiencer therapy, iridology, and ear candling. i am a minister with the universal life church monastery and have received training with fellowships of the spirit school of healing and prophecy in lily dale, ny.
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dolores cannon qhht dedicated practitioners list, find a quantum healing hypnosis therapy practitioner near you.
qhht, cannon, preparing, regression, session, forum, practitioners, practitioner, life, journey, dolores, delores, dalores, hypnosis, therapy, candace, earth, past
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healing steps therapy - home
healing steps therapy strives to provide an environment that is safe, open, and conducive to growth and healing. call to make an appointment now!
therapy, healing, marriage, family, wichita, kancare, medicaid, derby, steps, rose, wellness, hill, city, park, depression, counselor, counseling, therapist, kansas, andover
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soundscape music therapy | music therapist on the road for kansas city elders and caregivers
what you have: grief. depression. difficulty sleeping. confusion. stress. overwhelm. pain. what you want: healing. growth. creativity. new experiences. family togetherness. memories. music. soundscape music therapy exists to help you and the people you care for live better lives through music. i bring music to help adults and older adults with emotional and physical health
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patricia guerin, r.n. b.s.n. - holistic nurse healer, transformational healing practice
patricia guerin, rn, bsn and her transformational healing practice. patricia's practice includes classes and healing in suffern, ny, new york city, ny and long distance healing.
healing, master, retrieval, past, soul, inner, alchemy, life, reiki, clearing, chakra, holigraphic, intuitive, metaphysics, occidental, trainer, therapeutic, therapy, energy, touch
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iahp - international association of healthcare practitioners
the international association of healthcare practitioners is a professional network of more than 100, 000 therapists who have taken continuing-education classes from upledger, barral, chikly, d'ambrogio, & iahe affiliates.
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welcome to able healthcare | home health and outpatient rehabilitation -from our family to yours-
welcome to able healthcare able healthcare takes a balanced approach to your healthcare. we provide home health and outpatient therapy services. using a blend of nursing and therapy, we help you return to your independent life style in the comfort of your home.
healthcare, therapy, testimonials, nursing, services, able, outpatient
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sandy kemp energy therapy
sandy kemp, ma, chtp - energy therapy restores the body's energies which aids healing. healing touch supports and complements traditional healthcare.
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therasport physical therapy
therasport physical therapy, located in merchantville and washington township, is a therapist owned and operated company. therasport was founded on the principles of evidence based practice, personalized care, and strong communication with other health care professionals including physicians, athletic trainers, nurse practitioners, and the community.
physical, therapy, rehabilitation, county, pain, jersey, south, camden, gloucester, specialist, spine, mckenzie, shoulder, pediatric, stroke, torticollis, sports, back, merchantville, sewell
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arts, developmental, palsy, disabilitiescerebral, expression, delays, theater, spectrum, autism, adults, children, healing, integrated, injury, brain, traumatic, needs, survivors, therapeutic, special
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posture alignment therapy- holistic healing - nevada city - grass valley, ca
in your therapy session you will learn simple egoscue exercises that will empower you stop pain and to return to a fully active lifestyle.
healing, yogananda, without, drugs, alternative, yourself, wisdom, self, heal
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best therapy center for energy healing in va| healing fountain
the best place for natural, powerful and innovative energy healing therapy in virginia beach va| healing fountain.
therapy, holistic, healing, energy, beach, techniques, reiki, virginia, therapies, body, center, natural, affordable
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healing touch connecticut - home
healing touch connecticut - norwich, ct. holistic education for body, mind spirit
touch, healing, education, therapeutic, reiki, wellness, group, practice, classes, holistic, norwich, connecticut, energy, therapy, health
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bio energy healing : mayo
marian trench & the bio energy clinic in co mayo / county galway, use bio energy healing to help unblock the energies in the body to target the causes of pain & sickness, call 094 9364150 for more information.
energy, marian, mayo, trench, bioenergy, healing, galway, county, west, healthcare, plexus, institute, negative, emotions, reduce, children, energies, unblocking, clinic, mental
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inside-out healing strength.honor.freedom
invest in your health. our team established this company to allow more people to experience the healing properties of recreational therapy and energy therapy.
reiki, healing, raindrop, energy, young, recreation, relaxation, therapeutic, certified, stress, specialist, improved, mind, body, spirit, wellness, yoga, health, reduction, oils
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therapy gloves | prolotex far infrared therapy gloves for hand pain relief |
therapy gloves. far infrared therapy gloves for arthritis pain relief and healing raynaud's syndrome. therapeutic gloves.
therapy, infrared, gloves, alternative, arthritis, relief, health, natural, pain, medicine, medical, tunnel, syndrome, carpal, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, thermo, infared, healing, muscle
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99 - healing therapy
home page
donegal, healing, therapy, problems, reiki, sleep, stress, natural, relief
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andean healing energy cards
a unique tool for the shamanic practitioner
shamanism, practitioners, andean, peruvian, divination, healing, energy, guidebook, tool, practices, andes
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let's get hype - hip hop therapy
h.y.p.e.: healing young people thru empowerment is the hip hop therapy program created by dr. adia winfrey. h.y.p.e. is being used by school districts and local governments. music by artists including lil boosie and drake are included in h.y.p.e.
therapy, black, education, books, males, pedagogy, brothers, counseling, psychology, boys, keeper, with
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capital music therapy - home
capital music therapy offers music therapy services for all age ranges and abilities throughout the north florida region.
tallahassee, music, therapy, ones, mommy, little, living, capital, autism, assisted, down, syndrome
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occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy in southern new jersey | the therapeutic puzzle occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy in southern new jersey | the therapeutic puzzle
the therapeutic puzzle is a privately-owned occupational, physical, and speech therapy practice located in southern new jersey. we are a group of dedicated professionals practicing state-of-the-art pediatric therapy in an environment dedicated to the health and well being of children and their families. at the therapeutic puzzle, we aim to help each client achieve his or her fullest potential. we are committed to helping children and their families thrive.
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therapeutic yoga with leela - therapeutic yoga with leela kelley
movement for body-mind health
yoga, therapy, movement, balance, holistic, health, putney, healing, functional, vermont, bodywork, healthy, lifestyle, brattleboro
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rainbows of healing - vibrational energy healing, reiki, crystal balancing, sound therapy, naturopathic healthcare, workshops, and metaphysical boutique in langhorne, bucks county, pennsylvania
a healing center and metaphysical boutique offering support for people on their journey of spirituality, health, and wellness. services from vibrational
reiki, healing, kids, crystal, crystals, metaphysical, sound, native, naturopath, american, balancing, classes, journeying, master, usui, tuning, making, forks, spiritual, counseling
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harper, vocalist, storyteller, multi-instrumentalist eve watters has performed professionally since 1977
harp, music, virginia, storytellers, celtic, therapeutic, charlottesville, therapy, crozet, storytelling, virgininia, musician, waters, watters, water, watter, harper, storyteller
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colour energy home page
therapy, colour, chakra, aura, energy, color, healing, medicine, bath, body, vibrational, aurastar, reflexology, holistic, spirit, mind, chart, ayurveda, ayurvedic, alternative
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hooves for harmony - equine therapy for children with special needs
therapeutic horseback riding for children with special needs in marin county, california
needs, special, horseback, riding, therapeutic, therapy, children, equine, palsy, cerebral, lessons, downs, syndrome, autism, with, horse
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sportscare physical therapy | new york physical therapy
sportscare physical therapy - your best choice for hands-on care and aquatic therapy. to reach a caring professional call 516-420-1927.
therapy, physical, york, county, centers, services, seniors, rehabilitation, program, associates, nassau, suffolk, farmingdale, advance, classes, children, offices, pediatric, exercises, sports
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healing winds
pages assembled to give information about healing winds therapeutic riding center and about therapeutic riding
horses, riding, therapeutic, winds, healing
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beyond limits physical therapy - vestibular therapy, aquatic therapy, therapeutic exercise, acute & chronic pain management
beyond limits physical therapy (formerly herriman physical therapy) serves the communities of herriman, riverton, bluffdale and south jordan in salt lake county and eagle mountain, saratoga springs and lehi in utah county. specializing in manual therapy techniques, shaun s. schulz, mspt and matthew p. sudweeks, dpt provide patients with vestibular therapy, aquatic therapy, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, to name a few.
therapy, pain, county, herriman, physical, chronic, management, neuropathic, therapeutic, exercise, neuromuscular, dysfunction, acute, during, vertigo, pelvic, dizziness, balance, coordination, osteopenia
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yothera - therapeutic yoga
yothera promotes health and wellness through yoga and ayurveda. christelle offers private treatment in yoga therapy for physical and emotional healing.
yoga, back, care, cancer, senior, therapy, jorge, private, therapeutic, christelle, maui
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turning point reiki llc - joann duncan, reiki master teacher, integrated energy therapy practitioner, danbury, ridgefield and fairfield county, ct
reiki, energy, healing, ridgefield, classes, therapy, integrated, cancer, training, turningpoint, cell, cellular, relief, balancing, pain, memory, health, alternative, trauma, integrative
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apple tree therapy
apple tree therapy, llc provides revolutionary sensory integration, occupational therapy treatments for children with special needs in silverdale, wa.
therapy, sensory, bremerton, silverdale, integration, kitsap, county, childrens, tree, apple, occupational, pediatric, listening, disabilities, learning, craniosacral, therapeutic, stories, delay, praxis
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chakras in colour
chakras in colour offers colour & light therapy to assist recovery from diseases & disorders, alleviate pain & injury and address mental/emotional states.
therapy, colour, color, light, healing, treatment, bioptron, syst
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wellness music therapy
music therapy, san diego, austin, grief, loss, wellness, imagery, sound therapy, relaxation, harp therapy, meditation
music, encinitas, therapy, counseling, imagery, therapist, diego, guided
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ambler music academy | ambler, pa | music lessons
ambler music academy, a community music school located in the heart of ambler , offers private music lessons and music therapy, as well as group music lessons
lessons, music, piano, viola, violin, voice, therapy, class, guitar, montgomery, county, ambler, instructors
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dh special services - nccap certification, activities, mepap, on line continuing education
recreation, activity, therapy, therapeutic, professionals, nccap, activities, certification, education, course, crafts, orientation, reality, director, sensory, stimulation, games, sports, outdoor, nursing
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nicktoo healthcare services - dallas, tx and surrounding areas
provides certified home health aides, skilled nursing, bathing and personal care, light house keeping, meal preparation, medication assistance, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy, throughout the dallas area including collin county, dallas county, denton county, and tarrant county.
homecare, care, county, therapy, home, senior, nursing, management, health, dallas, medicare, caregiver, skilled, restorative, insulin, caregivers, elder, speech, occupational, aide
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scarborough physical therapy associates, p.a.
providing physical therapy services with an emphasis on manual therapy
scarborough, therapy, pain, therapeutic, manual, specialists, exercise, maine, face, integrative, medicine, health, practitioner, associates, physical, care, mind, alternative, wellness, body
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untitled document
maryland therapeutic riding (mtr) is a non-profit organization located near washington, dc, baltimore and annapolis, maryland on a beautiful 25 acre farm. with the help of hundreds of volunteers and generous community contributors, mtr strives to improve the lives of special needs riders of all ages using a high quality program. includes both traditional therapeutic riding as well as hippotherapy. instructor training is also offered. mtr is a premier operating center accredited by the north american riding for the handicapped association (narha).
horses, therapeutic, therapy, heroes, equine, riding, baltimore, narha, annapolis, washington, soldiers, stress, horse, therapist, assisted, program, hippotherapy, traumatic, county, disorder
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therapeutic horsemanship - home
the mission of rainier therapeutic riding is to utilize equine-assisted therapy to promote healing, teamwork and fellowship dealing with post traumatic stress and other physical and emotional challenges faced by our active and retired military.
army, injury, brain, force, washington, yelm, volunteer, traumatic, intl, therapeutic, horses, veteran, riding, mental, path, ptsd, health, soldier
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tama-do, the academy of sound healing, color therapy and chi movement
explore the field of vibrational medicine, color therapy, sound healing and acupuncture with tuning forks for the finest and least invasive natural healing techniques..
sound, therapy, healing, movement, color, workshops, conference, maman, tuning, forks, fabien, academy
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holistic panama - holistic panama home
holistic practitioners offering their services in panama
retreats, healing, therapy, medicine, nature, holistic, center, yoga, health, sacred, ceremonies, detox, community, harmony, natural, panama, arts, integration, balance, workshops
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healing touch directory
healing touch program is a leader in energy medicine, offering a multi-level certification program to individuals and healthcare professionals desiring an in-depth understanding and practice of healing work using energy based concepts that support the integration of healing arts with conventional medicine.
healing, energy, chtp, complementary, medicine, mentgen, practitioner, research, program, certificaion, practitioners, workshops, education, chti, nurses, control, hospitals, continuing, classes, healers
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howl therapy qualified animal healers & therapists
howl therapy is looking to bring more awareness to the emotional & physical health of animals in the uk
healing, animal, healer, therapy, tarot, dorset, sussex, bournemouth, ware, relaxation, holistic, purbecks, reset, london, therapist, reiki, energy, mandala, btec, bereavement
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theresa foster - home
theresa foster, healing touch practitioner, uses an energy biofield therapy that enhances well-body, well-being.
energy, touch, biofield, therapy, chakra, being, well, healing, care, self, alternative, field, medicine, health, repair, centers, etheric, aura, techniques, auric
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musicworks music therapy for children in delaware county and beyond
musicworks provides music therapy for children, seniors and all individuals in the delaware county in pennsylvania.
delaware, county, nonprofit, havertown, aging, autism, therapy, children, seniors, music
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signature healthcare of fayette county
nursing, healthcare, signature, home, facility, care, rehabilitation, therapy, elderly, house, fayette, county, washington, court, ohio
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healing well - counseling, play therapy, family therapy
healing well counseling-healing well is a psychotherapeutic and wellness center for children, families and adults seeking holistic healing.
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joyful yoga shreveport - private therapeutic yoga
joyful yoga shreveport offers private therapeutic yoga at your home, office or yoga studio for any health condition. let us bring the healing of yoga to you.
yoga, shreveport, therapy, bossier, healing, christian, private, sound, best
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dr. michael demaria | psychologist, author, speaker & musician
michael demaria is a psychologist, author, speaker & four-time grammy® nominated artist. explore his music, books and online programs and find peace
healing, music, books, psychotherapy, workshops, brandt, demaria, michael, personal, therapy, meditation, integrative, growth
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metamorphosis holistic and integrative therapies | rachel hill (devjeet kaur)
metamorphosis is a wellness consulting company that offers complimentary therapy services, holistic education, and creates therapeutic partnerships with individuals, healthcare agencies, and healthcare professionals to blend today’s medical practices with the non-medical practices that have re-emerged from mother nature, mother earth, and our ancestors. the services we provide are an integration of both healing paths that exist in today’s medicine, allopathic or holistic (traditional medicine or natural medicine). our goal is to work closely with you and your health care provider to help you achieve the most optimal balance of your whole self-being (body, mind, and spirit); at whatever state of health and life you are currently in.
holistic, healing, nursing, classes, interpretation, dream, life, coach, holism
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just for good healing touch
healing touch is a compassionate energy therapy to balance the whole person...body, mind and spirit.
healing, touch, wisconsin, good, energy, just, therapy, richmond, tricia, griffith, hudson, chakra, balancing, body, work
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soul healing therapy and spirit release
soul healing therapy is a unique form of alternative healing. blending a mix of eastern philosophies with western understanding...
healing, release, spirit, therapy, soul
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a gifted healer: shiatsu, energy healing, dowsing, vibrational essences, crystals, and magnet therapy
healing, healer, distant, holistic, reiki, animal, natural, heal, dreamhealer, distance, therapy, shiatsu, dowsing, energy, touch, dousing, treatments, pendulum, spiritual, power
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certified music therapist - music therapy in dallas, pa | back mountain music therapy
do you have a loved one or student with autism? our certified music therapists provide an established music therapy program to effect change. discover more!
music, dallas, disorder, developmental, therapy, autism
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the family center bethesda | family, marital, couples & individual therapy
therapy is held in confidence between therapist and individual. individual therapy aims to increase the individuals sense of his/her own well-being. in the beginning of a therapeutic, therapist and individual build rapport and trust. together, the therapist and individual collaborate to define areas of interest and goals of therapy. the process allows for clarity, healing,
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samara healing center | wellness counseling & healing center dc
samara healing center practitioners provide acupuncture, chinese dietary therapy & medicine, wellness counseling, sound healing, meditation, and more.
healing, thomas, samara, retreat, medicine, meditation, pyramid, energy, spiritual, yoga, acupuncture, alternative, center, paul, chinese, sound
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doreen virtue workshops | realm reader | clairvoyance therapy
doreen virtue’s online angel workshops include the realm reader online course, clairvoyance therapy online course, and healing with the angels meditation.
angel, doreen, course, virtue, with, online, therapy, forgive, healing, workshops, angels, spirituality, meditation, development, earth, clairvoyance, realm, reader, practitioners, psychic
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doreen virtue workshops | realm reader | clairvoyance therapy
doreen virtue’s online angel workshops include the realm reader online course, clairvoyance therapy online course, and healing with the angels meditation.
angel, doreen, course, virtue, with, online, therapy, forgive, healing, workshops, angels, spirituality, meditation, development, earth, clairvoyance, realm, reader, practitioners, psychic
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pediatric occupational therapy l orange county ny
pediatric occupational therapy orange county ny
yoga, listening, therapeutic, children, program, alert, metronome, interactive, laura, therapy, occupational, stubecki, ayres, integration, sensory, pediatric
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westcoast shamanic services - shamanic practitioners, body health, energy healing
westcoast shamanic services enables healing and change through various methodologies from a range of holistic practitioners.
earth, medicine, shaman, shamanic, prider, angela
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home - katherine healthcare
katherine healthcare is a skilled nursing facility and nursing home in salinas, california, monterey county.
nursing, care, home, skilled, healthcare, katherine, therapy, senior, long, living, elder, term, speech, post, acute, occupational, pathology, physical, retirement, medicaid
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balanced healing
balanced healing provides wellness practitioners services in and around wadsworth oh.
practitioner, pediatric, patient, visit, minutes, auricular, initial, program, outreach, community, return, 1hour, appontment, healing, wadsworth, balanced, maple, kathleen, returning, hours
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the spring lake heigts counseling center
offers a wide range of counseling services, early recovery groups and educational and therapeutic workshops aimed at healing relationships. the center specializes in the treatment of adults and children from dysfunctional and addictive family systems.
workshops, therapy, psychodrama, healing, psychotherapy, counseling, mexico, marrraige, early, recovery, arts, sociometry, creative, drama, shamanism, communication, relationships, angel, family, systems
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belle vie - home
belle vie specializes in bodytalk, color therapy and essential oils.
healing, holistic, alternative, medicine, natural, tapping, empower, plus, vernal, talk, body, color, energy, oils, essential, healthcare, bodytalk, therapy
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healthcare foundation - welcome!
healthcare foundation northern sonoma county is a non-profit organization established in to raise capital funds in support of quality healthcare services for all residents of the northern sonoma county health district - essentially all who live or work in the communities of windsor, healdsburg, geyserville, cloverdale, and north to the mendocino county line.
healthcare, county, sonoma, cloverdale, geyserville, healdsburg, windsor, mendocino, events, support, funds, capital, services, fundraising, health, girlfriends, northern, foundation, cure, wines
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healing beyond borders, educating and certifying the healing touch
healing touch international, inc., dba healing beyond borders, educating and certifying the healing touch
touch, healing, classes, research, program, certification, conference, heal, natural, international, healingtouch, credentialing, endorsed, ethical, certificate, educational, credible, education, control, practitioners
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sky therapeutic riding - long island
offering therapeutic riding for people with disabilities to help increase confidence, patience and self-esteem. traditional riding instruction including jumping and dressage available for all ages and abilities.
riding, therapeutic, instructor, island, therapy, long, needs, path, certified, special, horseback, autism, facilitated, jumping, lessons, equine
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center for counseling & integrative healing - home
counseling marriage individual therapy integrating alternative holistic health mind body spirit tuning forks frequency reiki shaman cranial sacral astrology
healing, therapy, homeopathy, group, hypnotherapy, cranial, energy, reiki, sacral, psychotherapy, spiritual, remedies, integrative, counseling, mental, health, natural, holistic, alternative, center
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tamar gold | integrative healing energy healing usui reiki therapeutic
integrative healing, energy healing, usui reiki, therapeutic dialogue, 2134 ne 123rd st n. miami, fl 33181 ph 347-668-3458 [email protected]
healing, therapeutic, dialogue, reiki, gold, usui, tamar, florida, integrative, miami, energy
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we speak many languages of healing - play, art, music and more - expressive child therapy, teen therapy - heart and mind therapy services, llc - henrico, va
mental health services, trauma-informed care, child therapy in henrico, family and group therapy - specializing in adoption, ptsd, anxiety, learning disabilities.
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fountain therapeutic center | home
fountain therapeutic center in texarkana, texas, improves the lives of every patient by providing individualized therapy to children of all ages. call 903-793-6135 today!
autism, therapy, occupational, center, therapeutic
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stable movements - home
equine assited therapy
therapy, equiine, physical, research, alternative, volunteer, riding, therapeutic, horse, animal, hippotherapy, holistic, horses
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revolution health center
revolution health center brings you the green health movement: the synergy of exceptional nutritional health and the best of western medicine and the traditional healing arts has come together in a single therapeutic team that believes that it is you, not your symptoms or disease, that is the therapeutic target.
health, herbal, thyroid, anxiety, therapy, chiropractic, healing, spiritual, depression, acupuncture, obesity, movement, green, center, zachary, bush, revolution, diabetes, endocrinology, fatigue
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cantu'smexican heiberia & imports - home
located in austin, texas, cantus is a curenderar that focuses on maximizing both spiritual and human potential in health and healing. we help people identify what therapy works and is successful, and mark what doesnt make sense in a heathly life.
healing, chakra, spiritual, energy, balancing, clearing, intuitive, aura, imports, therapy, cleansing
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equicenter, inc.
equicenter, inc. provides therapeutic riding, horsemanship and equine facilitated learning. our goal is to provide a safe, appropriate, productive and enjoyable environment in which participants can work toward their individual goals.
therapy, horticultural, horse, therapeutic, riding, veterans, hippotherapy, horses, equicenter, heroes, alternative
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the toit group | ilkley therapists are working together to give you the best that our ancient spa town has to offer with therapy, healing and all aspects of well-being, in this beautiful environment renowned for its therapeutic benefits.
ilkley therapists are working together to give you the best that our ancient spa town has to offer with therapy, healing and all aspects of well-being, in this beautiful environment renowned for its therapeutic benefits. our mission as the therapists of ilkley together is to be a state of the art player in the field of
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kreativeriet - sonja lidsheim
healing, crafts, arts, woodwork, meditasjon, trearbeider, therapy, hulder, huldresang, smykker, runes, drums, runer, kunstterapi, sjamantrommer, kunst, maleri, creative, kreativeriet, kreativitet
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healing beyond borders
touch, healing, classes, program, certification, heal, research, natural, international, conference, certificate, credentialing, healingtouch, educational, credible, endorsed, ethical, continuing, control, practitioners
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kim bright natural therapies - healing the natural way
bowen therapy soft tissue specialist, reiki master, theta resonance practitioner & spiritual healing and counselling, muscular synergy treatments, qi gong therapeutic exercise practitioner, and inspirational photographer
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reiki colours - bringing relaxation and stress relief to you! master practitioners, dawn rafferty, lynne jamieson, stress management, reducing stress, alternative therapy, therapies, balancing your chakras, 7 chakras, pamper, increase energy, reduce stress, health, wellbeing, aches, pain relief, preventative healthcare, energise, healing, heal, physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, deep relaxation, meditation, east kilbride.
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compassionate nursing and health care agency - home care services in silver spring, maryland - skilled nursing and personal care assistance
nursing, county, healthcare, care, spring, silver, maryland, skilled, personal, health, home, baltimore, prince, georgia, montgomery, hartford, washington, arundel, marys, saint
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therapeutic riding with rae pertuit at bienvenue acres
therapeutic riding for children and adults with rae pertuit at bienvenue acres in mississippi.
therapy, riding, horse, autism, veteran, mississ, pertuit, therapeutic, lesson, handicap, certified, path, ptsd, equestrian, bienvenue, horseback
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hansten healthcare pllc
hansten healthcare promotes healing and wholeness, transforming organizations through relationship enhancement and skill development.
care, based, relationship, healthcare, healing
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new age music, relaxing music for spa & healing, real music
real music is the worlds leading catalog of new age music for relaxation, meditation and healing. purchase cds, digital downloads, box sets and pre-loaded ipods with new age music from throughout the world.
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home - welcome to the therapeutic equestrian center ... we enhance the lives of people with special needs through horse-related activities.
providing therapeutic horse-related activities to those with special needs
special, needs, michigan, therapeutic, riding, with, horseback, county, equestrian, horse, southwest, center, therapy, services, activities, things, adults, equine, children, stockbridge
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divenergy healing - home
purpose, mission statement, business name
healing, divenergy, reiki, therapy, certification, card, reader, marconics, angel, anytown, energy, complemenatary, meditation, kung
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therapy center hendersonville, tn
the therapy center of hendersonville provide therapeutic care based upon the needs of their patients throughout middle tennessee.
therapy, tennessee, injury, sports, pain, chronic, pediatrics, repair, early, program, services, intervention, surgical, joint, speech, occupational, physical, middle, hendersonville, rehabilitation
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river cities therapy and recreation center, inc.
since 1995 we have provided therapeutic horseback riding, equine therapy assisted activities, recreational and occupational therapy to children and adults.
therapy, recreational, therapeutic, horseback, riding, recreation, occupational, camps, disabilities, equine
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horses for healing of nwa
bentonville, training, education, equine, healing, path, arena, indoor, boarding, stabling, board, stable, therapeutic, country, arkansas, riding, northwest, horses, special, needs
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home - rhythmworks music therapy, llc
rhythmworks music therapy - chicago, dupage county, kane county
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healing thru color - home
have you ever wondered why you are attracted to a certain color? healing thru color is a holistic approach to emotional and mental wellbeing with color essences and creams made from channelled color and mother nature.
colour, healing, animal, therapy, spiritual, reiki, energy, natural, essences, cards, sprays
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home - evergreen lakeport healthcare
lakeport healthcare is a skilled nursing facility and nursing home in lakeport, california, lake county.
nursing, skilled, home, care, healthcare, lakeport, senior, therapy, evergreen, long, term, elder, living, pathology, post, acute, occupational, speech, physical, retirement
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healing music and sound healing by javier ramon brito - home
healing music to balance your energy, mind and spirit. sound healing mp3s for your body's chakras and meridians. subliminal audios to improve your life.
healing, chakras, meridians, meditation, subliminal, music, sound, audios
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therapeutic specialists provides physical therapy, we will get you moving in the right direction.
therapy, rehabilitation, therapeutic, specialists, outpatient, fort, dania, beach, physical, lauderdale
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jaime caplis, licsw - welcome
jaime caplis, licsw: counseling for mind, body, and spirit. located in florence, ma amp; w. hartford, ct. jaime#39;s unique therapeutic approach guides you towards greater self-discovery and facilitates healing of mind, body, and spirit.
guidance, healing, support, grief, trauma, psychotherapy, peace, integrative, couples, individual, health, mental, western, northampton, therapeutic, therapy, akashic, readings, depression, anxiety
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welcome to the national association for poetry therapy
the official web site for napt, the national association for poetry therapy
poetry, therapy, journal, scriptotherapy, therapeutic, healing, poems, bibliotherapy, writing, therapists, national, association, napt
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music therapy dallas, ft. worth, houston, austin, texas, atlanta, georgia
southwestern music therapy, l.l.c. provides music therapy services throughout texas and georgia. populations served include autism, down syndrome, brain injury, eating disorders, pdd-nos, add, adhd, cognitive delays, sensory delays, fragile x, speech delay, developmental delays, learning disabilities, dementia, stroke, oncology, hospice, and much more. dallas, ft. worth, houston, austin, texas, atlanta
music, therapy, hospice, dallas, worth, houston, therapist, texas, austin, oncology, injury, brain, evaluation, palsy, dementia, rehabilitation, cerebral, evaluations, schools, atlanta
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home-4th dimension healing
mary jo feely, rn, htcp, rmt, intuitive energy healer, accredited healing touch certified practitioner, usui reiki master/teacher, intuitive energy healing, reiki, healing touch, reiki, raindrop technique, young living therapeutic grade essential oils, backchakra activation, hara healing, meditation, usui reiki classes, advanced healing classes, children, healing, adults, stones, crystals, gemstones, prayer, music, mentoring, physical healing, emotional healing, mental healing, spiritual healing, reiki for kids, healing, gemstones, crystals, stones, mentoring, western wisconsin, hudson, river falls, eastern minnesota, stillwater, white bear lake, woodbury, prescott, root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra, crown chakra, chakra healing, crystal healing, shamanism, past life healing
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psychologist sacramento | chronic pain | weight loss | depression | autism
our clinic gives non-intrusive treatment, including psychotherapy and play therapy for children, art and music therapy, therapeutic yoga, and natural medicines.
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karen church physical therapy specializes in functional manual therapy and is located at the hotel denver, glenwood springs.
physical therapy in glenwood springs, co. functional manual therapy™ integrates soft tissue and joint mobilization with neuromuscular reeducation.
therapy, physical, yoga, therapeutic, certified, warriors, wellness, medicine, sports, photography, wisdom, functional, therapist, holistic, physiotherapy, manual, physio, book
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therapeutic mental health for professional women in florida
pamper your mind provides an elite therapeutic experience for professional women seeking healing, clarity & balance for optimal health in brevard county, fl
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barefut healing
barefūt healing essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade; ethically and organically produced around the world and free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides. our oils do not contain fillers, additives, or any other type of dilution, and offers a daily special and reward points.
natural, health, vitality, therapeutic, organic, healing, essential, oils, barefut
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san diego music therapy | medical music therapy | drum circle facilitation | sound health music
welcome to san diegos music therapy and wellness provider. our board-certified music therapists work with people of all ages around san diego.
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therapists, social workers and caregivers in lincoln wood illinois 60712 - illinois therapeutic and nursing services llc
illinois, therapy, occupational, speech, therapeutic, itns, illinoistherapeutic, services
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frederick county 4h therapeutic riding program - therapeutic horseback riding for mentally, physically & emotionally disabled citizens in frederick county, md
frederick county 4h therapeutic riding program provides a recreational experience and therapeutic regimen of horseback riding to frederick county citizens with medically certified mental, physical and emotional disabilities, through appropriate equestrian activities.
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earth angel healing
holistic healing therapy practitioner and teacher reiki integrated energy therapy iet crystal healing self care relaxation stress reduction healing from the inside out
healing, holistic, crystal, therapy, alternative, teacher, practitioner, energy, care, valley, lehigh, reiki, bethlehem, nazareth, allentown, easton, integrated
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hugs for horses home page
since 1987, hugs for horses therapeutic riding has provide therapeutic horseback riding to children and adults with physical, cognitive, or social/behavioral disabilities in the georgetown, south carolina community at no charge to the riders.
georgetown, hugs, horses, riding, equestrian, therapeutic, center, united, equine, needs, therapy, county, disabilities, special, rona, amikids, jacobs, marie, disability, foundation
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full circle pediatric therapy, inc. - home
full circle pediatric therapy, inc.. we play an integral part in your childs development, providing physical therapy and occupational therapy to kids and their families in north carolina and south carolina
therapy, county, physical, occupational, variety, like, york, iredell, mecklenburg, cabarrus, union, gaston, cleveland, treat, library, ymca, local, licensed, professionals, able
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tru integrative health | counseling, therapy, holistic, chiropractor
tru integrative health & wellness offers individual therapy, marriage counseling, holistic healthcare, hypnotherapy, & chiropractic care
counseling, healing, energy, reiki, therapy, intuitive, herbalist, marriage, hypnotherapy, healthcare, holistic, health, coaching, couples, chiropractic
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dhara yoga | san diego gentle yoga
our gentle yoga classes and therapy in san diego are open to all levels of physical ability, including seniors, pregnant women, and those with special needs.
diego, yoga, music, classes, relaxation, herbs, therapy, gentle, free, shree, guided, flute, healing, meditation, studios, prenatal, shavasana, special, remedies, chair
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suara harmony centre
a website bringing all people into the holistic world of sound, sound therapy and vibrational energy under one roof. courses, retreats, workhsops, soundbaths, earth healing and much more
sound, therapy, healing, angelic, bowen, cornwall, reiki, southwest, flower, complimentary, alternative, essence
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sound therapy with healing sounds |
heal yourself using healing sounds and let sound healing frequencies perform a perfect sound therapy through your body. get the best fit to diagnosis sound formulas today.
sound, healing, medical, healtone, sounds, treatments, rife, alternative, frequencies, diseases, with, therapy, health, illnesses, care
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jimmy mack healing
find information about theta healing, theta healers, theta practitioners, matrix energetics, and matrix energetics practitioners
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expeditionary counseling
expeditionary counseling is a non-denominational christian counseling ministry. our counselors are licensed practitioners who are professionally trained and equipped to offer the highest standard of therapeutic services.
counseling, marriage, cheating, infidelity, anxiety, abuse, family, blue, ministry, confidential, christian, individual, depression, addiction, expeditionary, expedition, healing, snyder, pornography, therapy
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legacy music - home
music therapy for senior adults and children
children, california, orange, county, dementia, therapy, seniors, adults, music
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national association for esoteric healing — in support of esoteric healing practitioners
in support of esoteric healing practitioners
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alatheia riding center - therapeutic riding center
therapy horses and equine assisted therapy in wenatchee, wa. serving central washington needs for equestrian therapy with path therapeutic riding programs from
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welcome to pikes peak therapeutic riding center | elbert, colorado | nationally recognized premier riding and training center
the pikes peak therapeutic riding center strives to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities or special needs through equine assisted activities and therapies.
therapeutic, riding, therapy, hippotherapy, memorial, organization, charitable, hospital, volunteer, equine, disability, health, mental, horse, path, center, peak, pikes, professional, association
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essential oils for healing - home
essential oils for healing, sharing the life-enhancing benefits of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and essential oil blends.
oils, healing, essential, remedy, surrey, therapeutic
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physical therapy arcadia fl, physical rehabilitation arcadia fl, physical therapist arcadia fl
therapeutic fx is your source for occupational therapy in arcadia, florida. we provide effective, holistic, safe and effective healing physical therapy, speech
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healthcare marketing education for ambitious practitioners healthcare marketing education for ambitious practitioners
more passion, patients & profit
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energy healing toronto: reiki, aromatherapy, ear candling, eft, healing touch
energy healing toronto - holistic health services: reiki healing, ear candling, aromatherapy, eft tapping, spiritual healing touch & raindrop therapy.
toronto, healing, energy, spiritual, healers, health, touch, therapy, raindrop, holistic, therapeutic, alternative, reiki, candling, aromatherapy, medicine
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synergistic healing - energy healing | reiki | distant | healing touch i lafayette louisiana energy healing reiki energy healing healing touch
synergistic center located in lafayette, louisiana offers a natural alternative to medicine including energy healing, reiki healing, distant healing, healing touch, and much more!
healing, energy, touch, synergistic, lafayette, therapy, therapist, reik, distant, holistic, center, healer, synergy, healers
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holistic health, healing arts professionals, sipn, capital district, saratoga springs
alternative health and healing arts practitioners in the saratoga springs area, capital district of new york.
alternative, therapy, capital, york, ballston, district, saratoga, healing, craniosacral, arts, professionals, modalities, springs
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physical therapy professionals, p.c. - lakeville / caledonia / mt. morris, new york
physical therapy professionals, p.c. - your choice for comprehensive personal evaluations and treatments for individual therapy needs
therapy, livingston, physical, mattle, pool, rehabilitation, rehab, andy, dawn, physicaltherapypros, therapeutic, recovery, injuries, lakeville, livonia, aquatic, professionals, caledonia, health, injury
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rainbow medicine | therapy with the a-team
transpersonal empowerment healing & teaching services channeled therapy | readings | psychic mediumship training dr. leanne levy ~ akasha whitewolf ~ 514-482-7777 ~ [email protected] healing in our healing sessions we teach through healing, in our teaching sessions, we heal through teaching. in our transpersonal empowerment practice where we blend therapy and mediumship, we work with individuals,