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1 - candidates on the issues
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2 - candidates on the issues
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americas most popular voting guide for elections, political issues, candidates, and poll data
isidewith shows which political parties, candidates, and ballot initiatives you should vote for based on your stances to the most important political issues of
political, issues, quiz, polls
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empowervote home page. discover your choices. own your vote.
who should i vote for? i'm a candidate. discover your choices. own your vote for all types of election scenarios.
political, candidates, campaign, vote, local, voter, politicians, primary, republican, elections, party, voting, issues, independent, help, politics, democratic, management, presidential, matching
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2012 elections - political positions and politlcal views for all candidates and elections - is the presidential election headquarters for campaign news, polling results, primaries, the candidates running and where they stand on the issues.
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voter guide software a user-friendly interface, customizable for your federal and state-specific races, referendums and ballot initiatives. a side-by-side comparison of candidates on numerous key issues. the ability to print, email or text the names of user-chosen candidates.
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2016 election | republican & democratic candidates, news & forums
the 2016 us presidential election campaign has started. join the debate on election predictions, news, issues & candidates.
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8 - candidates on the issues
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alberta elections network - home
alberta elections brings together the voters and candidates to create an interactive news platform providing you with the information that drives the needs of your community. on these pages you will find news items written by the candidates. learn about each candidate’s platform, respond to their issues and voice your own concerns.
election, alberta
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welcome to the lwv charlotte county, florida
members of our chapter of the league of women voters defend democracy by helping all eligible voters to register, obtain knowledge about voters' issues and candidates, and have open access to the polls.
women, voter, candidates, registration, nonpartisan, rights, elections, florida, league, voters, charlotte, county
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karmany inspires candidates around the world to connect with businesses that are tackling social issues in emerging countries
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the salvation army - evangeline booth college
the candidates department of the southern territory is dedicated to helping those who believe that god has called them to serve in ministry. the candidates department helps with the application process by working with the corps and the divisions in an effort to make a somewhat tedious process a smooth transition.
candidates, army, salvation, become, school, officer, booth, officership, training, evangeline, college, department
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colorado ceasefire is the only gun control group in colorado which endorses and supports candidates for elected office. is a nonpartisan political action committee dedicated to holding state legislators accountable for their votes on gun issues. formed in response to the failure of the 2000 colorado legislature to pass reasonable and modest legislation reducing criminal acts with guns. endeavors to remove the stranglehold the gun lobby has on our legislature and to place power back in the hands of the voters. endorse candidates, make contributions from pooled resources, and allocate volunteer resources to targeted campaigns.
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berkshire gop - home
berkshire gop, republican and conservative issues and candidates in western mass, berkshires
political, glenn, beck, issues, correct, politics, right, rush, sean, chartock, berkshir, allan, wamc, president, hanity, limbaugh, romney, berkshires, republican, conservative
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homeflathead county republican women
republican women's club, supporting our local and state candidates
candidates, club, legislation, politics, women, kalispell, republican, flathead
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republican candidates
2016 republican presidential candidates ♦ republican candidate profiles
candidates, republican
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christian citizens - america's political christian heritage
conservative christian candidate list recommendations for 2014. massive information of the issues of the day and american christian heritage. christian christians are the most influential political organization. read the latest about the christian coalition and the events of the day.
christian, candidates, conservative, voter, alabama, guides, coalition, heritage, citizens, american, christians
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louisianavoterguide.orghomepage - -
what matters most to you? family? finances? education? freedom? life? the truth is, elections have consequences for our day-to-day lives. discover where the candidates stand on the issues here.
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19 - who are the people that will represent you and your area? is the first uk website that helps you discover and compare the candidates for parliament from your area. fill in your postcode and connect with local candidates. see what they’re up to on social media, get the latest predictions on local results, and compare policies.
candidates, parliament, ge2015, advice, voting, politics, election
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conservative christians - definition of conservative
conservative christians of alabama are the most influential political organization in alabama. read the latest about conservative political candidates and issues in alabama.
alabama, conservative, coalition, christian, candidates, definition, constitutional, constitution, amendments, governor, moore, voter, christians, guides, judge, party
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political action committee | find kansas pro life political candidates
find kansas pro life political candidates
voting, vote, representatives, election, ballad, delegates, abortion, primary, house, senators, politicians, politics, life, candidates, senate, elections, primaries
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minerva academy - ssb interview & written examination coaching
the minerva academy specializes in imparting training for ssb interviews for army, navy and air force selection boards for nda, cds, ota, ssc, na, afcat, tes, ues, tgc, special entry scheme for women, army candidates : (sco), pc(sl), acc, navy candidates: cw, sd, het, air force candidates: f(p), gdoc, branch commission and ncc c certificate candidates for all wing.
academy, coaching, centre, fcat, certificate, candidates, wings, gdoc, examinations, center, minerva, india, interview, best, indias, number, armed, forces, entrance, other
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source candidates and screen candidates | careerbuilder for employers - careerbuilder for employers
with source and screen, careerbuilder's customized recruiting service, we create a pipeline of qualified candidates you need for your next hire.
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lake highlands/white rock democrats
you are welcome to join a group of dallas democrats who meet monthly to discuss issues and support democratic candidates for local, state and national offices.
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kentucky free press - a political watchdog publication
a political watchdog publication
candidates, paul, liberty, revolution, united, states, office
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democratic candidates
democratic candidates for president ♦ democratic candidate profiles
candidates, democratic
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shouldn't the candidates for president be debating the big science issues that are changing the economy, our health, and the planet? we think so. join us.
science, antiscience, politicians, politics, debate, political
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hirewand, automatic shortlisting software
instantly shortlist and be alerted of the best candidates from your talent pool, aggregated across all sources. with profile insights beyond what is available in the resume and a consistent crisp view you can compare and pick the best candidates quickly.
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north phoenix chamber of commerce - "serving the community since 1963"
the mission of the chamber is to unite the people of commerce, industry, education and the professions to work together for the development of the greater north phoenix area. the chamber believes that by fostering business growth and prosperity, the quality of life of the entire area is improved. the north phoenix chamber provides businesses the opportunity to network and build relationships that make for long term success. we provide resources depending on the need to help build our members specific businesses. we are a volunteer driven organization with emphisis on peer-to-peer contacts. our volunteer leadership provides the vision and commitment to make positive things happen in our community. we are advocates for the small and medium sized businesses in our served area with special emphisis on local concerns and issues. we do not endorse candidates for elected positions but do endeavor to bring to our members the positions of candidates on various business oriented issues. we sp
phoenix, north, chamber, business, commerce
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best new real free click vote for congress by larry shultz beverly hills
larry shultz presents free clickvote political campaign news & mobile informed voter service: who should i vote for? which is best candidate?
candidate, election, 2016, clickvote, state, candidates, congressional, representing, district, select, standing, which, your, news, with, voter, vote, best, find, guide
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the ca gop has a "fight on the right"
the california republican candidates for governor are set to square off against each other. unfortunately for the ca republicans, theyre both weighing in light on the issues. view their stats and chime in on the "fight on the right."
right, california, fight, kashkari, donnelly
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recruiting software that helps you find and hire candidates | hirehive recruiting software
recruiting software that helps you find and hire the best candidates. post to job boards and social media, and manage all of your candidates in one place.
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marine corps officer candidates school | ocs blog
education. preparation. success. dedicated to informing applicants for usmc officer candidates school since 2009.
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project vote smart - the voter's self defense system
project vote smart provides free, unbiased, in-depth information about current officials, candidates, issues, legislation, and voting. non-partisan and nonprofit since 1988.
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personhood fl prolife pac endorsing candidates
personhood fl prolife pac endorsed candidates who will promote the personhood of all human beings irrespective of age, race, health, function, & condition
fetal, personhood, amendment, research, prolife, tissue, abortions, assisted, funding, suicide, mother, life, euthanasia, incest, rape, constitutional, candidates, politics, stem, cloning
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custom campaign material for democratic candidates - the blue deal
usa-made, union-printed campaign gear for democratic candidates and progressive organizations. helping democrats take over the world one yard sign at a time.
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canadian owned and operated, we’re known for stand-out service, insightful market intelligence and ingenuity when it comes to finding top-talent candidates who fit seamlessly into your corporate environment. our robust and substantial database of over 35, 000 pre-screened candidates, coupled with approachable and dedicated consultants give you and your business a competitive edge.
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president 2016 report – the race for the white house
the race for the white house
candidates, rick, john, mike, marotn, pence, omalley, michele, rubio, bachman, huckabee, gutierrez, bolton, biden, kasich, lindsey, mitch, luis, graham, marco
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mergecareer: jobs in middle east | merge | ميرج
searching for jobs in middle east ? merge helps you in your job search to find jobs in middle east. choose the right job using our recruitment services. , searching for candidates in egypt ? merge helps you in your employees search to find candidates in egypt. choose the right candidates using our recruitment services. , merge provides distinguished recruitment services derived by its rich resources and database as well as its selective team who are trained on the efficient methodologies to allocate the right candidates that match specific criteria at the shortest possible time
recruitment, merge
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oregon right to life - oregon politics
oregon right to life has both a candidate political action committee (pac) and an issues pac. the candidate pac works to support pro-life candidate for state and federal office. the issues pac works to support or oppose ballot measures.
oregon, life, right, ortl, ortlpac, candidates, action, political, committee
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41 | healthcare it jobs is a niche healthcare it job board specializing in bridging specific qualified candidates with industry leading employers. was founded to help meet the needs of the ever growing healthcare it jobs demand. has partnered with the nation’s premier healthcare it recruiting firm; specializing in epic, cerner, meditech, siemens, mckesson & allscripts candidates/positions. “where healthcare it jobs meet qualified candidates”
location, permanent, qualified, candidates, seeker, project, management, engineer, hospital, network, systems, analyst, hired, epic, meditech, siemens, jobs, cerner, mckesson, technology
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conservative republicans of texas
“since 1992, i have been pleased to present voters a listing of the best qualified, conservative candidates. this is the original endorsement slate of
election, 2016, super, tuesday, candidates, primary, conservative, republican, vote, texas
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relode a better way to find and organize job candidates
relode is building a better way to find and organize job candidates from anywhere: your professional network, colleagues, passive search, job posting sites and more. need help with your job opening? we have on-demand recruiters to assist you!
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my top health issues
my top health issues is a blog that talks about the risk of having diseases from an unhealthy lifestyle and how to avoid them.
health, issues, 2013, advice, lifestyle, tips
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cara staffing - matching candidates with the right employer
cara staffing specializes in matching candidates with the right temporary or full-time job opportunities with a variety of employers in all industries.
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your talent pool | ceevee
your talent pool | ceevee
candidates, resume, creation, book, human, online, search, curriculum, vitae, resumes
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oklahoma christian counseling — professional counseling from a christian perspective.
you can feel better and therapy can help. start today! we use a patient-centered approach that is about you, not just psychological theory. real solutions for real people.
issues, counseling, marriage, anger, self, behavior, esteem, adoption, problems, crisis, family, neglect, management, abuse, marital, grief, anxiety, depression, counselor, therapist
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citizens united political victory fund: the conservative pac for conservative candidates
the conservative pac for conservative candidates
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8am - the social network for jobs in malta is a network of candidates and jobs in malta. candidates create a profile, private or public and connect to the employers they like.
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csg | resume sourcing | candidate sourcing | resume mining
candidate sourcing group (csg) provides candidate sourcing and screening to employers seeking a high impact, low cost solution. all candidates provided will match a minimum of 80% of your requirements and are delivered within 3 business days. we offer a real time free snapshot preview of the candidates you will receive. other services available include candidate screening, testing and phone sourcing.
resume, sourcing, resumes, candidate, candidates, recruiting, search, recruitment, screening, online, board, find, passive, recruiter, techniques, qualification, source, internet, hunters, mining
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offers personal counseling services in the west dundee area. specializes in financial issues, self-care, relational issues, and legal issues
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uvss elections office | integrity & democracy
election results click here to see the final results of the spring 2015 uvss election to the board of directors and the referendum questions. martlet supplement click here to read candidates platforms and learn more about the uvss elections. uvss candidates click here to see list of all of the candidates for the spring 2015 uvss election period. referendum questions
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integral recruiting services|recruiting|wisconsin
providing strategic recruiting and consulting. great candidates, great clients, and a unique model for recruiters looking to be on their own.
recruiting, staffing, temporary, recruiter, staff, independent, contingent, contract, candidates
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pfcona home page
pfcona was formed to have forum for neighborhood groups to collectively air their concerns and work with the city council to resolve problems and to bring the community together.
pflugerville, neighborhood, candidates, forum, pfcona, neighborhoods, leader, town, meeting, council, lessons, education, affiliated, roundtable, naos, profit, texas, community, workshop, hoas
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mississippi voters information providers(ms vip pac) 601-456-9571 - mississippi political action committee
we support qualified candidates and issues in mississippi
pacs, mississippi, election
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wentworth talentmetric recruiting and workforce management
wentworth provides solutions to help you find employment candidates, attract candidates who will be successful, and improve the acceptance rate of your offers.
resources, human, management, workforce, recruiting
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the candidate nurturing platform
start nurturing the candidates you already have. herefish candidate nurturing platform helps keep un-used candidates engaged, creating a prime talent pool.
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on the issues magazine the progressive woman's magazine winter 2013: we are all savita
oti is the successor to the print publication, on the issues magazine, a progressive, feminist quarterly magazine from 1983 to 1999. the online edition features a cafe and content from the most fascinating writers, activists, and thinkers of the day in a passionate discussion of the issues that shape our lives.
rights, issues, reproductive, media, independent, feminist
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all things democrat
smart analysis and opinion on the latest political news, issues and hot topics of interest to dems.
elections, campaigns, candidates, news, political, blog, media, headlines, forums, freebies, links, politics, lefty, allthingsdemocrat, democrat, things, democrats, democratic, left, progressive
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keystone politics - liberal pa politics - news, commentary, and action.
liberal news and commentary about pennsylvania politics, elections, candidates, and issues.
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life changes learning center
we specializes in couple’s therapy, divorce issues, domestic abuse, lgbt issues, relationship issues, teen violence, and support groups in dallas, tx. 75201
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home | bath pony club
schedule for ul preps through june 8 note all c2 candidates must assist in unmounted  instruction and you must have a letter from the dc! c2 test is june 18. note that all hb candidates must have 6
schedule, announcements, assist, preps, instruction, june, candidates, letter, test, note
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warren & tallent - tennessee cpa, pllc
warren & tallent has almost 100 years experience as an accountant’s firm. the local, state, and federal governments have called on our staff for expert testimony and research. our accountants are even asked to speak regularly at conferences across the country, and our services cover almost every aspect of your financial life.
issues, professional, success, financial, accounting, complex, quality, tennessee, best, affordable, sweetwater, solutions, ensure, assistance, assistant, problems, relationships
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priority candidates inc. - prepare to get hired
priority candidates prepares college/post college students to get hired for their first job.
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employment recruiting agency | trace staffing - savannah ga
trace staffing connects employers with qualified candidates: career placement, temp to hire, and temporary solutions for companies across the southeast.
trace, down, hard, candidates, find, years, over, build, talent, discover, quality, thoroughness, staffing
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the epicurean digest
a blog about food related health issues and natural health through food.
issues, food, health, related, milk, wines, butter, nutrition, diet, wine
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connecting companies to candidates in indianapolis | gannett desc
gannett desc uses advertising and marketing solutions to get companies in touch with the top candidates in the indianapolis, indiana area. join our team and become part of a fun, team-focused place to grow your sales career.
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campaign websites for political candidates running for office | political website designers
powerful political campaign websites and tools at a great price. custom political website design packages and monthly options. helping candidates win elections since 2004.
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ait recruitment - home
in ait we are driven by our passion and determination to get things right for both parties, clients and candidates, maintaining the highest standards of integrity and best recruitment practice.
assessment, psychological, psychometric, professional, evaluations, competency, checklist, medical, proficiency, language, candidates, potential, america, latin, east, middle, engineers, venezuela, contact, headhunting
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elections planet - live results, live trends, final winner, current mla, candidates list
indias #1 election portal, featuring information on candidates list, results, vote counting schedule, results schedule, ceos list, result analysis and more.
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conservative issues — discussion on top u.s. political issues
discussion on conservative issues such as health care reform, the obama adminstration, economic stimulus package, and other political issues affecting the u.s.
issues, political, reform, health, conservative, care
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the philippine presidentiables - be informed. know your candidates. be wise.
be informed. know your candidates. be wise.
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hslf: humane society legislative fund
humane society legislative fund works to pass animal protection laws at the state and federal level, to educate the public about animal protection issues, and to support humane candidates for office.
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74 - looking for a job in norway
unicjob has long experience since 2004 recruiting candidates from eu to the norwegian market. we create great job opportunities for our employees finding the best match and follow up as a correct and reliable partner for both sides. when working with peop
norway, work, labour, rental, estonia, recruiting, from, candidates, hotel
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santa cruz county democratic party
the santa cruz county democratic party is committed to supporting democratic ideals, issues, and candidates on local, state and national levels.
cruz, voter, registration, santa, opportunity, democrat, equality, fairness, clubs
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resolution therapy
issues, teens, troubled, parenting, communication, skills, domestic, occupational, esteem, self, violence, support, recovery, blended, management, anger, counseling, family, creative, thinking
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mark reed for congress - 30th district - 2014 california
mark reed for congress - 30th district - 2014 california
2014, candidates, republican, california, conservative, brad, sherman, howard, berman, reed, congress, mark, conservatism, 30th, district
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christian voter guide 2016
christian voter guide - this free online voter guide provides christian voters with in-depth analyses of the 2016 presidential candidates and issues from the christian perspective.
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politics1 - american politics, elections, candidates & campaigns
us political and election news from around the nation - by ron gunzburger, publisher of the award-winning site
trump, clinton, obama, bush, kasich, fiorina, election, congressional, senate, governor, president, candidates, elections, democrats, republicans, congress, campaigns, politics
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politics1 - american politics, elections, candidates & campaigns
us political and election news from around the nation - by ron gunzburger, publisher of the award-winning site
trump, clinton, obama, bush, kasich, fiorina, election, congressional, senate, governor, president, candidates, elections, democrats, republicans, congress, campaigns, politics
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81 - insurance jobs, employment, careers, candidates, recruiting, post jobs free on 4 insurance jobs
get insurance jobs, careers, employment, employees, candidates in insurance. is the new service that is taking on the large insurance job posting firms. climb aboard for your insurance staffing needs.
jobs, find, 4insurancejobs, post, online, recruiting, careers, employment, underwriters, data, insurance, candidates, staffing
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roanoke tea party - promoting greater liberty through smaller government
the roanoke tea party is committed to promoting liberty, vetting potential candidates prior to elections (at all levels), and holding those same candidates
agenda, virginia, wind, boondoggle, energy, salem, roanoke, party, protest, liberty, constitution
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conservative party of new york state | the conservative party is right for new york
promotes conservative values
jobs, economy, york, state, releases, press, conservative, issues, values, candidates, legislation, legislative
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maynard republican town committee | maynard rtc
the maynard republican town committee is an organization of maynard residents that promotes republican values, supports republican candidates for local, state and federal offices including seeking qualified candidates, raising funds, and disseminating information.
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popular issues -
popular issues - what events and people stand out as significant to the world today? discover their significance and the reasons for their popularity.
issues, popular
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who we are - do recruit - recruitment advisors services
established in 2008 by nathalie delebois and sinéad o'donnell, do recruitment advisors is a recruitment agency operating in the luxembourg job market. we assist candidates in their search for employment and provide clients with high quality candidates through providing specialist recruitment services such as executive search, contingency recruitment and in-house recruitment solutions.
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meta tags - bringing quality candidates & top companies together!
premier career events: bringing quality candidates face to face with key personnel from top companies in westchester, fairfield, and litchfield counties!
recruiters, recruiting, human, resources, hiring, recruit, fairs, career, jobs, careers, event, fair, events
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88 - back issues of magazines
back issues of magazines at great prices. architectural, sports, celebrity, fashion, music, television, news, science, decorating, history, movie, car, truck and the like. we buy and sell magazines of all kinds.
issues, back, shopping, shop, desire, time, print, current, shipping, same, discount, sale, want, real, collection, vintage, pastissues, past, backissues, magazines
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support coastal conservation pac
cco pac’s mission is to support issues and candidates who share our passion to conserve and restore key marine and freshwater fish and wildlife populations, including salmon & steelhead runs, sturgeon, bottom fish, crab and other shellfish, while promoting policies to make oregon a world class place for recreational fishing!
gillnetts, salmon, conservation, oregon, save, coastal
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afkar yemen
afkar 2.0 will shortlist about 100 candidates to go through the build your business training. the training will allow these candidates to create solid business and an action plans that they could implement even if they don’t become the top winners. the award will reward the top 10 innovative business ideas and teams with the amount of $15, 000 of seed money to allow them to kick-start their businesses. the winners will be assigned and supported by business coaches and will be given access to mentors to help them at the early stages of their business.
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able finds great careers for great candidates at top employers in massachusetts and rhode island
jobs, staffing, temporary, massachusetts, agencies, employers, candidates, employment, part, warehouse, accounting, skilled, recruiters, good, career, time
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92, candidates, candidate, resumes, bio data, resume, applications, india jobs, jobs in india, candidates, candidate, resumes, bio data, resume, applications, india jobs, jobs in india
candidates, india, jobs, applications, resume, candidate, resumes, data
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presidential candidates
2016 presidential candidate profiles ♦ 2016 presidential election
candidates, presidential
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world issues 360 | every topics, every angles issues newsworld issues 360 | every topics, every angles issues news
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indian naval placement agency
indian naval placement agency (inpa) is an online placement site of indian navy, government of india. inpa provides you to find genuine candidates from indian navy background as well as genuine employers. as an employer you can search for the job-seekers, and can directly contact them. as an inpa candidate you can search for the jobs, being provided by the employers. above all inpa team provides you full support as well.
naval, indian, search, candidates, sailors, dependents, widow, officers, jobs, navy, inpa, placement, agency
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league of women voters of the space coast
a nonpartisan political organization dedicated to making democracy work through voter education, issue advocacy and citizen participation
action, issues, government, candidates, members, vote, guide, advocacy, good, registration, league, education, nonpartisan, brevard, women, voter, elections, voters, florida
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nda,cds,afcat,indian army,indian air force,indian navy,merchant navy,territorial army coaching in chandigarh delhi
the delhi career group specializes in imparting training for ssb interviews for army, navy, nda, cds, ota, ssc, na, afcat, tes, ues, tgc, and special entry scheme for women, army candidates: (sco), pc (sl), acc, navy candidates-cw, sd, het, air force candidates-f (p), gdoc, branch commission and ncc certificate candidates for all wings
delhi, chandigarh, coaching, navy, army, indian, territorial, entry, merchant, force, commandant, assistant, afcat
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jobs, staff, news in the veterinary industry / vetclick
a great resource for jobs in veterinary or working with animals and pets. lastest jobs, candidates, news and veterinary cpd listings.
mrcvs, advice, vets, vetclick, nurse, technician, locum, candidates, jobs, recruitment, staff, veterinary
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mercatornet: promoting human dignity
mercatornet offers lively news and articles promoting human dignity.
issues, society, life, ethics, family, reviews, technology, articles, business, ethical, thinking, economy, market, women, democracy, science, free, true, impact, book
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independent candidates
2016 independent presidential candidate profiles ♦ 2016 presidential election
candidates, independent
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health issues - health nutrition | canada health issues
health issues. discuss health issues. free to join health issues forum. ask questions, give your advise, discuss your health issues.
nutrition, canada, advise, forum, issues, discuss, health
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bio careers is the first and only career service dedicated to expanding professional options for life science phds and mds. the service provides online career resources and job postings to post-graduate and alumni candidates, and recruitment services to employers.
career, employers, research, paths, alumni, candidates, careers, biocareers, jobs, recruiting
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opr recruitment agency - woking, surrey - jobs and candidates | opr
opr recruitment agency - specialist resourcing agency based in woking, surrey. jobs & candidates in pa, secretarial, finance, human resources, logistics
agency, jobs, recruitment, finance, secretarial, human, resources, logistics, contract, candidates, woking, permanent, temporary
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we (are) the people - reddit-style political opinion polls on issues of the day
a reddit-style political opinion polling site focused on increasing active participation and education on issues of the day. we the people decide and vote on what issues are most important, which sources of information we trust regarding those issues, and use that data to hold our politicians accountable.
democracy, political, informed, organize, media, what, education, stay, issues, polls, resources, people, voice
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hotfoot recruiters
recruiting firm that specializes in presenting open jobs to candidates in the midst of their career search while also sourcing specific candidates for clients with talent needs in the following areas: engineer, alternative energy, it, administrative, marketing , sales, and construction.
firm, interview, business, solutions, services, professional, search, jobs, recruiting, hiring, hire, career, recruiters, staffing
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the conservative candidates corner: an informed effort to identify statesmen, not politicians
an informed effort to identify conservative statesmen, not politicians.
tierra, shores, redington, verde, clearwater, florida, gulfport, dunedin, beaches, gulf, pinellas, statesmen, candidates, petersburg, tampa, largo, conservative
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banking jobs | credit union jobs -
find banking, accounting and finance candidates - jobs ads fairly priced - no contract required - jobseekers search thousands of banking, accounting and financial jobs free!
bank, banking, jobs, post, employees, find, boards, candidates, local, financial, bankers, accounting, classified, recruit, advertise, advertising, board, looking
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chorus - looking for talented resources : chorus advisors - federgon
since 1994, chorus advisors is your trusted independent partner in recruitment! the identification and assessment of talented candidates for management functions in line with your requirements is our core business!
chorus, advisors, bruxelles, humaines, brussels, ressources, recrutement, partner, recruitment, candidates
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staffing solutions | charlotte, nc | ethel harris, inc.
let the professionals at ethel harris, inc. provide you with dependable employment solutions. we’ve been uniting qualified candidates and employers in the charlotte area since 1985.
staffing, harris, ethel, services, solutions, members, candidates, staff
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national organization for women political action committees | just another national organization for women sites site
hillary, clinton, candidates, feminist, 2016, rodham, mobilization, voter, elections, lindsey, carolina, south, graham, feminism, 2014, mspresident, mspresidentnow, president, politics, elect
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cat health
cat health issues. explains a variety of cat health issues, includes practical tips and ways to prevent health problems for your cat.
kittens, issues, health
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powerful counselling | teenage issues in melbourne | parenting issues in melbourne
we are an expert solution provider in the genre of teenage issues in melbourne, parenting issues in melbourne and powerful counseling to all our customers.
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chasman's collectible magazines
back issues sports illustrated magazines, sports illustrated, back issues of magazines, back issues of sports illustrated
sports, illustrated, issues, back, magazines, clay, olympics, prefontaine, michael, woods, vince, basketball, tiger, steve, jordan, swimsuit, magazine, illustrateds, spor, secretariat
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playboy back issues | playboy magazines back issues at is a playboy back issues provider. we have served collectors of playboy magazine back issues and other magazines around the world since 1992 (we sold playboy magazine back issues on usenet before the web appeared, and under a different url from 1995 to 2004). we provide back issues of playboy magazines, perfect 10, femme fatales, maxim, newlook, penthouse, vintage adult magazines, and other unique magazines that feature celebrities, models and playboy playmates. we offer free shipping on orders over $40 and a toll-free number you can call if you do not want to order online.
playboy, fatales, maxim, penthouse, newlook, femme, perfect, back, issues, calendars, magazines
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the healing spiral, llc - taking healing to the next level
are you having health issues and you want to deal with them naturally? issues like: digestion trouble, chronic pain/fatigue, sleeping issues, hormonal imbalance, allergies/sensitivities, food issues, depression or anxiety. if so, then get our combined 35
issues, natural, healing, imbalance, hormonal, food, health, anxiety, depression, sleeping, chronic, transform, modalities, remedies, your, life, trouble, digestion
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kootenai democrats - home
this is the landing page for the kootenai county democratic central committee. our mission is to recruit and elect viable democratic candidates in kootenai county and idaho. this site is maintained to serve individuals who share this goal.
events, 2014, info, voting, candidates, bill, sponsors, blog, moyers, groups, democratic, join, donate, contact, democrats, what, kootenai, idaho, believe, platform
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99 issues comics and gaming
99 issues comics and gaming
comic, issues, book, marvel, image, gaming, alabama, books, daphne, comics, arcade, store, machines, mobile
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issues in sport - sport issues home page
sport issues: exploring classic and contemporary cases in sport and society sport issues: exploring classic and contemporary cases in sport and society is a multi-media on-line book ideal for colle...
life, sports, thinking, while, critical, over, such, athletes, both, inquiry, skills, cases, society, issues, exploring, classic, ethical, contemporary, students, sport
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welcome - divine wellness
do you have issues with foods, dust, mold, pets, trees, grass or weeds? are you or anyone in your family suffering from digestive issues, ibs, adhd, hormonal issues or pain? we offer an energy-balancing technique called bioenergetics (bie), as well as pain relief using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and nutritional consulting.
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teen advisor - for teenagers and the many issues you will face is a website intended to help teenagers with the many questions you have. it's intended to help you with your thoughts, issues and your fears.
divorce, alcohol, peer, pressure, image, body, drugs, issues, teens, family, parents, safe, teenagers
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stepping stones recruitment
our business is to ensure the smooth running of your business. at stepping stones recruitment we believe that providing you with the best candidates is the core factor in our business relationship. we also believe in giving the organisation and the candidate our fullest attention and respect to ensure that both parties understand the needs of each other and work in a mutually beneficial manner.
australia, find, candidates, jobs, recruitment
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committee for a qualified judiciary | dallas, texas
committee for a qualified judiciary - dallas, texas. the cqj is a non-partisan, non-profit, independent political action committee. it was formed in 1982 for the sole purpose of promoting a competent, fair and impartial justice system in dallas county. the cqj provides the voters of dallas with information needed to elect qualified judges in both political primaries, runoffs and in the general election. the cqj only endorses candidates determined to be qualified for the judgeship they seek. more than one candidate may be endorsed as qualified for any particular judgeship or no candidates may be endorsed. the cqj does not recommend to voters the best candidate in any race. instead, the mission is only to serve as a gatekeeper to make sure that the public is advised about any or all candidates who are determined to be qualified.
dallas, competent, impartial, qualified, judicial, texas, judges, canidates
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roanoke valley democratic women
roanoke valley democratic women is an organization that supports democratic candidates and identifies and develops leadership skills in democratic women.
political, politics, womens, group, organization, action, democratic, candidates, democrat, committee
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netcode | html issues | css issues | js issues | free themes | themeforest themes | odesk test answers
netcode is site for day to day designers, front-end devlopers, back-end developers. netcode provides you solutions of php, javascript, html/html5, css/css3.
issues, themes, test, answers, developers, odesk, themeforest, free, netcode, html
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david m. creech, millwork 719-322-2725 - home
architectural millwork
millwork, plant, efficiency, production, jobs, candidates, project, estimator, cabinets, cabinet, woodworking, millworker, maker, manager, search, management
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eastern washington voters: progressive and independent - eastern washington voters
eastern washington voters: an independent, progressive, political membership organization advocating for progressive candidates and issues.
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rowan county democratic party
the democratic party of rowan county, promoting the ideals, issues, and candidates of the democratic party at all levels of government and specifically those that impact the residents of rowan county at the county, state, and local levels.
democratic, party, carolina, north, county, rowan
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the social network for usmle candidates - landing page is a social network for usmle candidates around the world who are preparing to take or have taken the united states medical licensing examination®. there is a usmle forum, as well as groups and chat to allow users to interact and share their experiences. this is your site's landing page.
usmle, questions, network, step, forum, board
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singapore private driving instructor offers affordable driving lessons for beginners, refreshers and driving school candidates.
professional private driving instructor conducts driving lessons to beginners, refreshers and driving school candidates. instructor with about 30 years of teaching experience. a qualified instructor certified by singapore traffic police.
driving, lessons, instructors, singapore, plate, traffic, centre, police, skills, test, practical, comfort, pass, license, remedial, drving, tuitions, centres, schools, affordable
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global issues summit 2016
the global issues summit (gis) is an initiative started by global studies academy students to spread awareness about global issues to the community.
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c2c requirements is an online recruitment portal for recruiters where the requirements and profile information of job-seeking candidates is exchanged among the recruiters.
jobs, corp, requirements, site, newest, portal, recruiters, from, candidates, hotlist, contract, consultants, tech, c2crequirements, talent, seekers
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couple counselling | northern beaches | whole heart relationships
couple and family counselling northern beaches
issues, counselling, adolescent, cheating, behaviour, trust, kids, separation, grief, parenting, affairs, unhappy, family, relationships, couples, marriage, conflict, intimacy, emotions, communication
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prostaff holdings group | providing complete recruitment solutions | highly effective human resource services - contact +27 11 807 6066 | prostaff recruitment services sandton, johannesburg, south africa.
prostaff offers specialised recruitment and human resources services that will identify and promote the full potential of suitable candidates for long term careers with client companies. our in-depth knowledge and years of experience within our specialized industries enable us to provide the best service to both clients and candidates.
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india election voter list
india election voter list provide you the details about state wise voter list. candidates can also discuss about issues regarding voter id registration, filling form etc.
voter, form, download, registration, list, election
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1st dynamic personnel resources inc. – competitive and exceptional customer service while providing top-notch candidates.
competitive and exceptional customer service while providing top-notch candidates.
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french resources | recruitment agency specialised in bilingual french-english jobs and candidates
recruitment agency specialised in bilingual french-english jobs and candidates
french, jobs, londres, emploi, bilingual, angleterre, recruitment, recrutement, francais, consulat, bureau, travail, marche, centre, ambassade, france, teacher, francaise, peguy, chambre
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engineering recruitment agency - shanklin & associates
shanklin & associates is a recruitment and placement firm based in cleveland, oh that provides senior-level technical and engineering candidates for engineering-based companies. the company uses decades of engineering experience and a unique, 5-step elimination process to deliver highly-qualified leadership candidates that add instant value and growth-potential.
engineering, cleveland, jobs, agency, recruitment
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cher a. geiger, psy.d. - emotional vitality
dr. geiger is a licensed clinical psychologist offering individual, and couples therapy with an emphasis on creating quality in relationships, assessing emotional intelligence, creating healthy lifestyle plans, and treating depression, anxiety, anger, and parenting issues. she utilizes emdr to address trauma and performance issues, state-of-the-art technology to address issues of stress and emotional eating, and much of her study has been on issues that uniquely affect men.
emotional, issues, emdr, clinical, therapy, psychology, weight, stress, intelligence, vitality, anxiety, depression, anger, parenting, sleep
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old magazine issues including old life, time, and sports illustrated magazines:
find old life magazines, old issues of sports illustrated, vintage time magazines and all of your old magazine issues at
magazines, issues, signs, reproduction, vintage, magazine, newsweek, life, metal, time, post, journal, home, ladies, saturday, evening, sports, back, illustrated
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ireland's big issues magazine
ireland’s issues magazine is published every three weeks and covers a wide range of topics, locally and from around the world including, social issues, health & lifestyle, exclusive interviews, photo world, film reviews, writers world -an invitation to writers to get their short stories published-, political and historical issues.
homeless, world, initiative, league, street, informative, suportive, subscribe
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parliamentary candidates uk – a new resource for academics, political parties, journalists, politicians and lobbyists.
our aim in this project is to collect and make publicly available biographical, socio-demographic and electoral data on candidates and mps from 1945-2015.
election, political, candidate, data, pcuk, results, ukip, 2015, british, roundtable, constituency, study, forecasts, voters, class, campaign, preferences, polls
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health issues articles
health issues articles cater all kinds of health information ranging from a – z on heath tips, including a healthy lifestyle, bodybuilding and well-being.
articles, issues, health
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nch dems for progress
north college hill democrats for progress is the official wing of the democratic party in north college hill, oh.
college, hill, events, history, platform, blog, donkey, government, beliefs, rooster, committee, guide, news, voting, vote, candidate, local, issues, campaign, progress
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global issues : social, political, economic and environmental issues that affect us all — global issues provides insights into global issues that may be misrepresented but are all closely related. list of topics covered include social, political, economic and environmental issues, including human rights, economy, trade, globalization, poverty, environment and health related issues.
rights, media, issues, free, development, trade, global, food, biotechnology, biodiversity, children, conflict, conservation, agriculture, small, arms, energy, landmines, democracy, justice
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highlands county florida | clerk of courts | bob germaine | records | legislative issues | tax issues
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jason shohara, ceo/producer, author & screenwriter - current issues
affairs, curent
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lively and associates staffing | recruiting in the united states and canada - lively and associates staffing, llc
lively and associates staffing, llc is a privately owned staffing and recruiting firm that provides top talent to small, medium and large companies in the united states and canada. business owners are often overwhelmed when it comes to hiring. no matter how many people you need to bring on to your team, we can help! let us be responsible for finding quality candidates who will be valuable assets to your company.
candidates, owners, business, canada, states, hiring, team, assets, valuable, quality, help, united, employees, firm, recruiting, staffing, associates, talent, emlpoyers, companies
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support doctors
support doctors | | software repair
issues, printer, wireless, webmail, remote, easy, service, problems, email, software, computer
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new transitions counseling | private mental health therapy office
new transitions counseling is a private mental health therapy office in ohio.
counseling, issues, gerontological, couples, disorder, abuse, sexual, management, care, foster, attachment, stress, anger, post, adhd, adolescent, children, anxiety, behavioral, marriage
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routerloginexpert | resolving routers issues reachout from issues to solutions
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kentucky candidate information survey
the kentucky candidate info is a non-partisan project of the family trust foundation of kentucky, a kentucky educational, non-profit organization founded in 1989 to serve all kentuckians.
district, congress, appeals, courts, representatives, court, election, elections, views, opinions, reps, november, issues, senate, candidates, candidate, foundation, family, trust, info
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commonwealthy - training limited government candidates to win elections
training limited government candidates to win elections
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153 : our creation, your advantage
interview chance is an application which connects employers and job seekers where employers are the source of the resources and job seekers can find and applied for their targeted jobs.interview chance have a active job seekers and right candidates. interview chance is a such a job portal to attach a talent quantifying test questionnaire to filter irrevalant candidates.
better, offers, opportunities, fast, jobs, resumes, seekers, portal, chance, guarantee, security, interview, recruiters
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election 2014 - result
get complete coverage of maharashtra assembly elections 2014 on mission 144 and update yourself with latest news, latest videos, latest photos. blogs. get the information about constituencies of maharashtra assembly elections 2014 with candidates, trends, past results. read the feedback about parties, constituencies and candidates.
assembly, election, elections, 2014, photos, blogs, candidates, news, constituencies, results, videos, mission, maharashtra, latest
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texas conservative tea party coalition
home of the texas conservative tea party coalition (tctpc). supporting and serving voters and candidates who believe in conservative values, the constitution of the united states and good old fashioned common sense.
party, texas, montgomery, patriots, conservative, county, candidates, taxes, constitution, patriot, woodlands, conroe, coalition, tctpc, commissioner, liberty, austin, voters, decision, noack
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technosphere - staffing and consulting
we connect clients and candidates through staff augmentation, employee recruitment, and it consulting.
staffing, search, recruitment, contingency, service, retained, solutions, outsourcing, process, candidates, executive, firm, augmentation, staff, consulting, finance, accounting, talent, contract, temp
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caringhope counseling
alison dyck family counselor
issues, counseling, management, parenting, depression, stress, sexual, councelling, spiratual, spiratuality, christian, wellness, health, supportive, faiths, values, cultures, differing, faith, separation
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vote or vote none: theres no reason to be silent in this election.
voting none is a positive protest when you believe in democracy but do not support any of the candidates in this election.
vote, protest, democracy, candidates, silence, worth, none, reason, election, voting
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end time issues : endtime issues
a study of biblical end-time issues
prophecy, second, coming, advent, christs, time, revelation, daniel, apocalypse, appointed, apocalyptic, signs, times, eschatology, biblical, reike
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160 | serving those who served us does not endorse or support any particular candidates or party. we desire to promote a free and active exchange of ideas, issues, and political news
veterans, veteran, national, bill, guard, student, america, disability, improve, care, obama, college, compensation, gretchen, president, well, says, will, survivor, expand
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recruitment specialist of florida matches quality candidates to clients distinct employment needs.
recruitment specialist of florida matches quality candidates to clients distinct employment needs. confidential employee search for client companies and job-seeker assistance, including resume-writing.
recruitment, tampa, recruiter, employment, executive
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captio consulting
assisting companies in choosing the right candidates to fill highly visible, important positions with candidates who they can trust. we train your security staff to be observant of their surroundings, identify credible threats, and capitalize on the opportunities to protect and serve.
deception, analysis, training, detection, polygraph, preparation, aecurity, witness, stress, reading, people, security, interviewing, voice, employment, nonverbal, language, body, communication, content
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velocity resource group : quality candidates fast
an on-demand resume sourcing company that leverages our global workforce to deliver resumes overnight. our disciplined process for candidate prescreening is an unparalleled strategic advantage to companies looking for qualified candidates.
recruiter, candidate, search, resume, sourcing, screen, phone, windows, android
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swish movie - logoturn3.swi -
information and discussion about men's issues and gender issues
rectangle, scene, state, phpbb, over, logo, logoturn, down
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i am a mom of one, opinionated woman of today. i am a passionate reader and writer. i love reading about a variety of issues and written so many article on various issues. an mba by qualification and...
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blog - tracking down roofing issues
unless you moonlight as a professional roofer, it might be hard to spot issues with your home. learn more on preventing roof damage.
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jobsanswers -latest jobs, vacancies & recruitment in nigeria
jobsanswers is an easier way to search and apply for jobs in nigeria also giving companies direct access to skilled candidates.
nigeria, latest, recruitment, vacancies, jobs, candidates, site, applicants, online, careers, profiles
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staff providers, llc - lean six sigma recruiters
our search division places candidates as vice presidents, directors, managers, analysts, consultants, along with other types of roles. our pipeline of talent is continuously filled with lean six sigma black belts, master black belts, lean masters, and asq certified (quality) candidates.
recruiters, improvement, headhunters, continuous, information, technology, performance, excellence, operational, recruiter, lean, quality, sigma
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jobg8 - homepage
jobg8 gives job boards access to a global network that delivers job applications, job seeker traffic and jobs.
board, jobg8, candidates, network, applications, buying, sell, summit, syndication, jobs, boards, traffic, receiving, qualified, postings
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voodoo comics | issues lots of issues
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social issues lab dr. allen omotosocial issues lab
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dr. tony ortega | ortega psychology pllc
psychological services for lgbtq individuals. neuropsychological, forensic, and psychological evaluations. bilingual - english and spanish.
issues, abuse, bluecross, emblemhealth, cigna, empire, fidelis, blueshield, amerigroup, identity, aetna, beacon, network, health, oxford, optum, phcs, united, multiplan, medicaid
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recruitment agency gloucester stroud cheltenham hr agencies consulting
find a new job in gloucester stroud and cheltenham with wavelength recruitment agency. candidates can submit their cv and employers can post jobs
employees, candidates, employers, hiring, jobs, agency, gloucester, stroud, cheltenham, recruitment
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houston staffing agency, recruiting firm, temporary agency, employment agency - murray resources
houston, technical, recruiters, agencies, recruiting, candidates, staffing, great, resume, linkedin, find, search, spot, employees, weak, career, talent, resolutions, tips, confidential
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automated video interviewing software |
use online video interviewing software to see, hear and select better candidates to invite to an interview automate the recruitment screening process with sonru video interviewing software.
video, interviewing, automated, candidates, software, jobs, screening, selection, interviews
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mba25. top schools. top candidates
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candidates and credentials committee
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about candidates: 2.0 | focused on the candidate
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gestalt wellness studio
i am a gestalt therapist in asheville, north carolina and provide services for psychotherapy, personal training, group fitness, therapy groups, and wellness coaching. my specialties are weight loss, addictions, process groups, business, epa, wellness issues, lgbtqia issues, relationship issues, trauma, body image, eating disorders, obesity, cbt, and lifestyle change.
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xsell resources | it staffing | contract hire | direct hire | coretech solutions
xsell resources helps companies balance staffing needs with budget limitations by offering qualified candidates at competitive rates. our recruiting team carefully screens candidates, and when necessary utilizes a tech check, in order to provide consultants with all the proper qualifications to meet client expectations.
service, resources, request, software, help, pushes, desk, services, printing, refresh, hire, employment, staffing, managed, solutions, xsell, direct
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dc prime - talent search - dc prime - executive search
dc prime, based in zürich, bern and genève offers services like executive search, talent, recruiting, headhunting, human resource, coaching and interview training for candidates. we help you also to design your cv to increase your market chances. help us to find the right candidates and get cash.
search, recruitment, arbeit, personalbeschaffung, rekrutierung, personalvermittlung, laufbahn, beruf, werdegang, karriere, personalberater, competences, consultant, personal, suche, stellensuche, lebenslauf, vakanz, stelle, stellenangebot
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adina gilliam, lmft
marriage and family therapy, individual counseling in franklin, tn specializing in relationship issues, depression, self-esteem issues, anxiety and military families.
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curate partners | we bring together top candidates and employers who want to change the game in big data, cloud, mobile, and security.
we bring together top candidates and employers who want to change the game in big data, cloud, mobile, and security.
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indigo strategies | for candidates, causes and labor
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poe knows providing a clearer picture of your candidates
providing a clearer picture of your candidates
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tea party 911 news, endorsed candidates, and more
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home sedona ag services
sedona ag services, a division of careerpros llc, has been providing nationwide career services in agriculture for the past 17 years by successfully matching the needs of companies with the skills of professional candidates. we are an organization committed to delivering value to the american producer, working together to protect a sustainable future for food production.
agriculture, services, jobs, health, ehtanol, industries, animal, energy, farm, management, finance, accounting, grain, engineering, manufacturing, ranch, feed, employer, employee, resume
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the latina café home
the latina café is a forum where one can come to discuss and debate important issues that for many years have been swept under the rug or have not been addressed due to political and cultural sensitivity. through this forum we want to reach readers of all ages touching on issues such as education, employment law, politics, health, nutrition, cooking, beauty, arts and entertainment, selfesteem and women's empowerment. we hope that you will become a regular and if there are any issues that are of interest to you, start the dialogue with us. so send in your suggestions and let's talk about it.
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manufacturing recruiting firm | manufacturing engineering jobs
top candidate recruiting - a manufacturing engineering recruiting firm. we place top manufacturing engineering candidates with top manufacturing companies.
manufacturing, jobs, engineer, recruiting, engineering, plant, manager, firm, candidates, recruiter, production, supervisor, positions, employment, managers, automotive, recruitment, supplier, electrical
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john cullum - congress
john cullum for congress, u.s. house of representatives
candidates, cullum, 2012, house, representatives, republican, district, john, congress, 46th, congressional
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the baby boomers webplace
the webplace where baby boomers can come together and discuss the issues facing our generation....and reminisce about the people and circumstances which shaped our lives.
baby, issues, health, retirement, generation, boomers, boomer
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singles: relationship questions answered, relationship issues resolved, find long-term happiness
personal life coaching addresses relationship issues and answers relationship questions. get dating tips for men & relationship advice for women who are ready for a long-term relationship. work on your relationship issues with a coach, now!
relationship, dating, advice, women, tips, issues, questions
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the grey matters group - online
services include psychosexual evaluation, parenting, family reunification, couples counseling, co-occuring mental health issues, special needs issues and addiction
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pe magazine - september/october 2015
pe magazine is the flagship publication of the national society of professional engineers. as the only magazine dedicated specifically to licensed professional engineers, pe covers news and commentary on licensing, engineering ethics, employment, legislative and regulatory issues, education, and many other issues that have a direct impact on the profession. it is published 10 times per year, with combined issues in january/february and august/september.
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jobs - the #1 social network for candidates and recruiters
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recommended candidates for la local election 2015
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management consulting tips for candidates - blogue
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pda fund
pda hybrid pac
sanders, bernie, candidates
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welcome to starchefs jobfinder, the hospitality industry's leading job site, where you can search for chef jobs, restaurant jobs and hotel jobs. employers can post jobs and seek out qualified candidates to fill them. starchefs jobfinder offers a screening service to assist employers in finding the best candidates.
jobs, chef, house, career, back, cook, sous, front, classifieds, jobfinder, hotel, restaurant, culinary, hospitality, employment, starchefs, want
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easton personnel -   what we do we are a team of highly motivated personnel consultants specializing in the placement of corporate support staff. we at easton take an aggressive approach to personnel recruiting. our methods allow us to keep in touch with a broad base of highly qualified individuals. additionally, we go to great lengths to learn more about the client company, the prospective candidates and the specific requirements of the job. this assures both the client and candidate that a proper chemistry exists, so that only the most qualified candidates are referred for an interview. collectively, the staff of easton personnel brings with them decades of experience. we have developed and maintained an excellent reputation within the industry, as a result of our ability to stay in touch with and locate the right person for the job.  
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management-issues | homepage news, advice and opinion about the changing world of work and the skills you need to become a more effective manager
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status overview | down detector
realtime overview of issues and outages with all kinds of services. having issues? we help you find out what is wrong.
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different day, same shit.
different day same shit is a blog that talks about politics, social issues, race, economics and other important topics and issues of the day.
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status overview | down detector
realtime overview of issues and outages with all kinds of services. having issues? we help you find out what is wrong.
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status overview | down detector
realtime overview of issues and outages with all kinds of services. having issues? we help you find out what is wrong.
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status overview | down detector
realtime overview of issues and outages with all kinds of services. having issues? we help you find out what is wrong.
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the existentialist cowboy
a blog about politics, issues, philosophy, current events, policy, world issues, u.s. politics
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status overview | down detector
realtime overview of issues and outages with all kinds of services. having issues? we help you find out what is wrong.
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status overview | down detector
realtime overview of issues and outages with all kinds of services. having issues? we help you find out what is wrong.
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cleaner seas - marine issues -
cleaner seas: facts on marine issues, sea pollution, environmental issues and green politics -
pollution, issues, marine, seas, cleaner
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foster parent rescue
written by a foster dad who has worked with tough kids and deals with issues like working with rad, add and other complex issues on a daily basis.
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about us
legal professor provides affordable legal training for sexual harassment compliance, bullying, respect, morale issues, small claims issues and much more.
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the naira guy | think before you talk. read before you think.
the naira guy gives analysis and opinions on finance and economics issues and the occasional off topic musings on issues such as learning and productivity.
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ap dsc 2016 district wise merit list
ap dsc 2015 district wise selection candidates list
2015, list, selection, candidates
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magazine back issues
default description
back, issues, magazines, magazine
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couples therapy - anxiety disorders - child abuse | eileen maxwel - the therapy place
eileen maxwel specializes in relationship conflict, work & career issues, lgbt issues, & parenting in the long beach, san pedro, & torrance, ca areas.
counseling, issues, therapy, relationship, parenting, family, couples, mental, lgbt, marriage, counselor, work, health, career, grief, anxiety, therapists, counselors, abuse, substance
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justin natoli psychotherapy
psychotherapy and expert help with joyful sexuality and intimacy, relationship issues, addiction, lgbt issues, emotional healing, and personal growth.
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side issues | side issues is about ideas arising alongside everyday usual business.
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candidates with a future
women owned recruiting firm
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find jobs and candidates in technology sales. | pipeline™
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home - 2016 elections news,candidates & polls
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amne samne
connect with recruiters/candidates nearby
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paramount communications - the choice of candidates on the central coast
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canadaxa | jobs for foreign candidates-your access to canada
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vocation promotion | finding good candidates
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humanize candidates | real questions to sway voters
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called by name | connecting vocation offices to potential candidates
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bernie sanders or hillary clinton? we help you compare the candidates.
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odiorne recruiting group - providing quality candidates
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ulster county democratic committee | support the candidates
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sbc issues
contemporary issues facing the southern baptist convention today.
baptist, southern, committees, board, mission, issues, facing, arminianism, convention, american, international, hadley, churches, north, acts, pastor, calvinism, change, name, molinism
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mfy legal services
our mission is to ensure that no new yorker is denied equal access to justice. we advise and represent those who can’t afford an attorney on issues such as housing, benefits, employment, consumer, civil rights, and family issues.
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justine brooks froelker, med, lpc, cdwf-candidate
licensed professional counselor specializing in the treatment of anxiety, depression, relationship issues, perfectionism, addiction, eating and weight issues, infertility and shame resilience.
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urbotip is a service through which you can share issues in your city with the world, trying to show authorities the right places where to act. the concept is really simple: you see something, create a cause telling us where there issues are taking place and, using the power of social media, your voice will be stronger. through your phone or personal computer, you'll be able to post photos, videos and support causes from your friends through an amazing interactive experience.
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hays us main page
hays is the leading global specialist recruitment group, placing professional candidates into full-time, temporary and contract jobs. our people work with job seekers and employers to place the right people in the right jobs in construction & property, it and life sciences across the us.
jobs, hays, opportunities, raleigh, chicago, york, texas, florida, denver, south, atlanta, orlando, houston, tampa, apply, candidates, recruitment, staffing, careers, clients
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campaign compliance group campaign compliance group | accounting services for political candidates, committees, and donors
campaign compliance group assists a wide range of clients, including candidates, political action committees, and major donors in complying with complex campaign reporting requirements under federal, state, and local laws.
campaign, treasurer, accounting, compliance, political, county, california, finance, orange
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india pakistan,india pakistan news,terrorism in india,terrorism in pakistan,india pakistan issue,india security issues,india-china relations,maoist attacks india
ipcs conducts independent research on conventional and non-conventional security issues in the region and shares its findings with policy makers and the public.
india, issues, news, relations, pakistan, indian, terrorism, southeast, asia, attacks, maoist, policy, foreign, information, social, asian, sutheast, crisis, army, conflicts
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utah stonewall democrats :: working for lgbt equality in salt lake city, utah
utah stonewall democrats, an all-volunteer and member-based organization, works to fight for equal rights for utah's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities and their families.
right, bisexual, transgender, lesbian, constituents, issues, community, family, elect, democracy, lobby, educate, register, vote, candidates, party, democrat, glbt, stonewall, city
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law times
law times keeps ontario lawyers at the top of their game by providing timely, pertinent information on case law, professional development, governance issues as well as in-depth coverage and commentary on the issues of the day.
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we have all 4 you
welcome to the wehaveall4u news centre where you can find information on our current vacancies, projects and portfolio and stay in touch with all of the group news.
social, issues, economic, development, education, employment, food, access, government, poverty, housing, programs, services, nonprofits, news, topics, opinion, global, field, stanford
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salt therapy of georgia
a relaxation center to help people breathe easier. natural allergy & asthma relief, snoring, sleep issues and relieves skin issues. it's a great place to take a relaxing break, or to meditate.
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psychotherapy, counseling and mind-body wellness
licensed austin psychotherapist experienced in counseling with self-esteem, depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues and common therapy issues.
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barbara's beat
barbaras beat blogs about family issues; helps find resources to save money and make life easier; win giveaways; and learn about consumer issues.
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from the mind of lord publius
a blog about aspie issues, nerd culture, cars, science, science fiction, technology, rock music and varying socio-political issues.
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