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anti aging holistic clinic that specializes in restorative medicine by using iv nutrition, prp, stem cells, and other natural treatments.
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stem cells | icms -- advancing stem cell treatments, stem cell medicine, stem cell clinics
the international cellular medicine society is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the field of adult cell based medicine through ensuring patient safety, facilitating physician education, and providing peer oversight.
stem, cell, cells, adult, therapies, autologous, organization, international, treatment, research, doctors, medicine, facts, what
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home | ny wellness center
get healthy naturally by addressing the root cause of your illness. start your journey back to wellness utilizing our holistic approach
holistic, medicine, doctor, doctors, practitioner, alternative, health, practitioners, medical, integrative, information, find, healthcare, training, treatments, online, wellness, center, jeffrey, tice
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natural and holistic health - homecascade natural health | natural and holistic health
health, natural, medicine, alternative, holistic, testing, muscle, practitioners, remedies, store, herb, naturopathic, naturopath, practitioner, doctor, grand, rapids
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adult stem cells and stem cell nutrition creates stem cell wellness
adult stem cells are body's repair system and stem cell nutrition mobilizes millions more bone marrow stem cells for stem cell therapy options.
stem, cell, help, nutrition, cells, dogs, athletes, best, supplements, stemtech, medicine, therapy, enhancers, treatments, adult, morris
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stemade biotech - india's first & largest dental stem cell bank
dental stem cell banking services in india is pioneered by stemade biotech. dental stem cells / mesenchymal stem cells (mscs) are harvested from the milk teeth of children in the age group of 6 -12 years. stem cell therapy is the new realm of regenerative medicine for diabetes type 1, wound healing, parkinson's, spinal cord injury, mi, ms, and osteoarthritis and for many more ailments.
stem, cell, cells, india, therapy, banking, treatment, dental, cancer, research, what, diabetes, mesenchymal, pluripotent, medicine, regenerative, preservation, differentiation, transplant, umbilical
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dr. jamie smellie nd - naturopath toronto
dr. jamie smellie nd is a board certified and licensed naturopathic doctor in toronto, ontario. his mission is to empower people to achieve optimal health.
toronto, naturopath, holistic, what, naturopathic, doctor, practitioner, naturopathy, healing, health, medicine, naturopat
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holistic medicine new jersey, alternative medicine nj, holistic naturopath
holistic naturopath is a locally owned new jersey healthcare facilitiy specializing in; alternative medicine, holistic medicine, holistic health, naturopathy, natural medicine, holistic healthcare, holistic nutrition, and natural detoxification.
jersey, holistic, healing, medicine, alternative, psoriasis, natural, detoxification, naturopathy, health, naturopathic, medine
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gold coast natural medicine & wellness centre
a team of dedicated, patient focused, holistic health and natural therapy professionals, including naturopathy, natural medicine, natural therapies, natural
gold, coast, natural, health, medicine, naturopath, care, news, education, therapies, blog, holistic, naturopathic, therapy, doctors, best
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115 south washington oxford, mi - home
om wellness institute is an educational platform designed for students to become trained in holistic health practices. we have an online global program to help our students learn holistic health practices.
holistic, health, natural, online, medicine, school, practitioner, program, ayurvedic, lifestyle, vitamins, course, ayurveda, training, herbal, institute, wellness, flower, meditation, work
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home of mukilteo natural health clinic - welcome!
mukilteo natural health - primary care physicians offering an integrative holistic approach to health care
medicine, naturopath, allergies, immune, article, mukilteo, seattle, disorder, sleep, menopause, insomnia, hypothyroidism, hypertension, weight, thyroid, balancing, management, pain, migraine, headache
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washington dc stem cells - dr. lox stem cells
washington dc stem cells, dr. dennis lox stem cells sports and regenerative medicine center. a stem cell center of excellence. (844) 440-8503
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home page
home page
pain, medicine, chelation, natural, metal, heavy, elbow, naturopathic, hormones, high, testosterone, weight, allergies, insomnia, loss, edta, therapy, testing, phobias, stress
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natural health, natural healing, wellness, nutrition, anti aging, super food, stem cell and regenerative medicine experts
natural health, natural healing, nutrition, anti aging medicine, wellness, superfoods, regenerative medicine experts
medicine, wellness, natural, superfoods, health, remedies, holistic, vitamin, community, supplements, preventative, nutrition, healing, alternative, regenerative, online, anti, cells, stem, aging
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stem cell institute - philippines - stem cell institute - philippines
stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine in the usa offers an innovative and regenerative approach to its autologous adipose stem cell therapy and stem cell treatments.
stem, therapy, cell, cells, treatment, osteoarthritis, ligaments, torn, arthritis, dystrophy, muscular, injuries, diabetes, rejuvenation, dysfunction, autism, erectile, multiple, sports, sclerosis
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stemtech international, inc. • the stem cell nutrition company
first-ever stem cell enhancer - stemenhance is the very first product on the market from the product category called stem cell enhancers - products that support your natural stem cell physiology. recent scientific developments have revealed that stem cells derived from the bone marrow, travel throughout the body, and act to support optimal organ and tissue function. stem cell enhancers are products that support the natural role of adult stem cells.
stem, cells, algae, stemtech, stemplex, drapeau, stemenhance, cell, adult, research, cellular, repair, christian
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stemtech international, inc. • the stem cell nutrition company
first-ever stem cell enhancer - stemenhance is the very first product on the market from the product category called stem cell enhancers - products that support your natural stem cell physiology. recent scientific developments have revealed that stem cells derived from the bone marrow, travel throughout the body, and act to support optimal organ and tissue function. stem cell enhancers are products that support the natural role of adult stem cells.
stem, cells, algae, stemtech, stemplex, drapeau, stemenhance, cell, adult, research, cellular, repair, christian
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stemtech international, inc. • the stem cell nutrition company
first-ever stem cell enhancer - stemenhance is the very first product on the market from the product category called stem cell enhancers - products that support your natural stem cell physiology. recent scientific developments have revealed that stem cells derived from the bone marrow, travel throughout the body, and act to support optimal organ and tissue function. stem cell enhancers are products that support the natural role of adult stem cells.
stem, cells, algae, stemtech, stemplex, drapeau, stemenhance, cell, adult, research, cellular, repair, christian
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natura integrative medicine, llc | natural healthcare for the whole family | 971-317-0222
natural healthcare for the whole family | naturopathy, acupuncture, bio identical hormones | call 971-317-0222 to schedule an appointment.
medicine, naturopathic, holistic, beaverton, portland, doctor, naturopath, natural, remedies, care, pelvic, complementary, homeopathic, doctors, physician, natura, alternative, family, integrative, escharotic
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holistic health practitioner directory natural alternative medicine doctor acupuncture chiropractic massage
holistic health practitioner directory for natural alternative medicine. find acupuncturist, md, chiropractor, massage therapist, energy worker, etc.
natural, therapies, medicine, alternative, health, holistic
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stem cells universe
stem cells universe is an online business that strives to educate how people can access their own adult stem cells by using a stem cell nutrition product called, stem enhance
stem, cell, chronic, cells, treatments, alga, health, food, disease, super, aphanizomenon, nutrition, therapy, adult, enhance, blog, edible
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holistic medicine physician - sushma hirani, md | herndon, fairfax, va
sushma hirani, md is a board certified family physician specializing in holistic medicine in the herndon/fairfax/northern virginia area. she incorporates the best of conventional and alternative medicine in her practice.
medicine, holistic, natural, health, healthy, care, living, hirani, practitioner, physician, virginia, alternative, fairfax, loudon, alexandria, arlington, centreville, mclean, vienna, sterling
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holistic medicine | holistic alternative medicine | natural supplements
holistic medicine, holistic alternative medicine and natural supplements including vitamins, herbs, and hormones provided by the center for holistic medicine. our holistic doctors in michigan also offer holistic services such as natural therapy.
medicine, alternative, holistic, natural, supplements
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stemcells, inc. : groundbreaking science. breakthrough medicine.
stem, cell, research, cells, degeneration, macular, adult, human, trials, products, technologies, clinical, spinal, cord
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natural health techniques - dr. denice moffat
medical intuitive telephone consultations for people and pets offered from a seasoned practitioner with actual medical knowledge.
natural, healing, alternative, holistic, medical, medicine, intuitive, health, veterinarian, techniques, naturopathic, naturopath, doctor
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dr. lorraine caron, nd
dr. lorraine caron, nd provides naturopathic care to adults and children in fort collins, colorado. dr. caron offers natural, effective therapies such as homeopathy, nutrition, and herbal medicine to restore your body's balance.
collins, fort, doctor, naturopath, natural, holistic, medicine, children, colorado, homeopath, pediatrics, caron, naturopathic, nutrition, diet, homeopathy, pediatrician, wellness, naturopathy, nutritionist
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naturopath in edmonton > dr. eric muradov nd > naturopathic doctor in edmonton alberta | dr eric muradov
naturopath in edmonton - dr. eric muradov nd - naturopathic doctor practicing in edmonton, providing holistic family medicine, food allergy testing, intravenous (iv) therapy, chelation therapy, natural cancer treatment, ms treatments and other alternative medicine services. acupuncture, chiropractic and massage are therapies also offered. dr. muradov often treats patients from sherwood park and st. albert.
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california stem cell treatment, stem cell therapy los angeles
stem cell therapy at telehealth offers stem cells, prp, bone marrow, adipose & amniotic derived injections for arthritis, soft tissue & cosmetic
stem, cell, cells, injections, derived, research, marrow, bone, treatment, amniotic, prolotherapy, pain, clinic, back, regenerative, medicine, arthritis
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dr teresa gryder at fundamental medicine
holistic healthcare for adults with depression and anxiety
medicine, madness, living, life, worth, happy, honest, best, future, human, holistic, disorder, brain, health, naturopath, scientific, natural, fundamental, herbs, deprivation
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medicine, natural, alternative, wraps, body, programs, therapeutic, atlanta, georgia, mcdonough, detoxification, reflexology, nutrition, therapies, practitioner, holistic, herbs, vitamins, weight, communication
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wausau wi acupuncture and naturopathy
dr. crystal urban is a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist in wausau, wisconsin
wausau, practitioner, medicine, urban, crystal, naturopath, appointments, natural, integrative, patient, acupuncture, integrated, earth, schofield
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robert lanza
robert lanza is considered one of the leading scientists in the world. he is chief scientific officer at ocata therapeutics and adjunct prof. at wake forest school of medicine.
stem, cell, cells, science, biology, advanced, embryonic, lanza, medicine, creationism, design, physics, pseudoscience, thinking, critical, skepticism, intelligent, biotechnology, biotech, technology
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33 » alternative & holistic veterinary medicine, acupuncture, stem cell therapy, herbal remedies & natural pet solutions
holistic and alternative veterinary medicine for treating the complete animal. specializing in stem cell therapy, acupuncture, spinal manipulation and natural
alternative, chiropractic, acupuncture, medicine, juice, modalities, complementary, plus, recommended, tick, flea, products, maniuplation, spinal, anxiety, fears, dogs, adjustment, holistic, veterinary
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health and vitality center | best doctor los angeles, leader in functional medicine los angeles, naturopathic doctor los angeles
hvc provides an intuitive and empathetic approach combined with the latest scientific insights to determine the true underlying causes of your condition. also providing myers cocktail, glutathione iv, iv vitamin therapy, how to heal leaky gut, iv therapy, naturopathic doctor los angeles, functional medicine los angeles, integrative medicine los angeles, best doctors los angeles, anti-aging clinic, naturopath los angeles, holistic medicine los angeles, holistic doctor los angeles, chelation therapy los angeles, myers cocktail los angeles, vitamin drip, hcg diet los angeles, hcg injections los angeles, vitamin therapy and more.
angeles, therapy, medicine, vitamin, doctor, cocktail, holistic, myers, clinic, naturopath, chelation, injections, diet, drip, doctors, functional, heal, leaky, integrative, glutathione
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naturopath, holistic practitioners, homeopath, naturopathic doctor, windsor ontario, pro active health care
dr. natasha zajmalowski from pro active health care is a trained naturopathic doctor, naturopath, holistic practitioner and homeopath - that will help you feel better.
doctor, naturopathic, doctors, holistic, natural, alternative, ontario, windsor, active, care, health, clinic, physician, physicians, practitioner, naturopaths, naturopath, homeopathic, practitioners, homeopath
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palm beach integrative medicine - home
pbi medicine in florida, uses the best of traditional and complementary and alternative medicine. we specialize in detoxification, chelation therapy, weight loss and internal medicine.
medicine, whole, holistic, lifestyle, therapy, complementary, alternative, mind, healing, body, genetic, spirit, thyroid, internal, management, pain, detoxification, chelation, sports, loss
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broward acupuncture and holistic medicine - home
acupuncture in plantation, acupuncture in weston, acupuncture in broward, acupuncture in sunrise, acupuncture in aventura, holistic medicine in plantation, holistic medicine in broward, holistic medicine in weston, holisitic medicine in sunrise, holistic medicine in ft lauderdale, natural medicine in plantation, natural medicine in broward, natural medicine in weston, natural medicine in ft lauderdale, natural medicine in sunrise, alternative medicine in plantation, alternative medicine in westo
medicine, acupuncture, holistic, broward, plantation, natural, migraines, doctors, pain, weston, testing, memory, poor, fatigue, depression, back, brain, food, arthritis, acupunture
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stem cell treatments in india|stemrx bioscience solutions
stem cells are obtained in human body that have the unique ability to duplicate themselves and make new cell types. stemrx provides stem cells treatments in mumbai india. stemrx has team of stem cells researchers and world class stem cells processing laboratory.
stem, diabetes, treatment, arthritis, injuries, spinal, stemrx, treatments, cell, therapy, mumbai, cells
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urban wellness group portland | naturopath | naturopathic doctor
we are a group of naturopathic doctor practicing holistic medicine located in a beautiful naturopath clinic in se portland, oregon. at urban wellness group, we focus on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease with a focus on naturopathic medicine. the programs and services we offer encompass all of your primary and specialized healthcare needs, ranging from acupuncture, nutritional counseling, homeopathy, iv therapy, biotherapeutic drainage, botanical medicine, spinal alignment and massage.
portland, medicine, naturopathic, holistic, doctor, naturopath, treatment, acupuncture, clinic, alternative, nutrition
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natural medicine | orthomolecular techniques | natural healing | heavy metal detox | | julie anderson, arnp
integrating natural medicine into my western medical training has proven me to be a unique practitioner, with expertise that can have a positive effect on any person ready and willing to improve their quality of health.”
sensitivity, chelation, protocol, heavy, chemical, multiple, chronic, lead, metal, toxicity, syndrome, fatigue, infusions, disease, mercury, inflammation, lyme, fibromyalgia, autism, intravenious
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natural healthcare: the naturopathic perspective
the trusted resource on natural healthcare. find tips from naturopathic doctors, solutions for a healthy life, natural health resources, and more…
natural, health, medicine, naturopathic, wellness, holistic, healthy, cures, naturopath, information, herbal, doctor, products, provider, diet, healthcare, alternative, remedies, living
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boulder natural health - holistic, naturopathic health care for the whole family in boulder, colorado
boulder natural medicine offers naturopathic and holistic health care for the whole family in boulder, colorado. we specialize in natural and alternative
medicine, longmont, louisville, lafayette, golden, loss, children, treatment, menopause, weight, pain, naturopathic, naturopath, boulder, colorado, alternative, natural, hormones, holistic, fertility
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boulder natural health - holistic, naturopathic health care for the whole family in boulder, colorado
boulder natural medicine offers naturopathic and holistic health care for the whole family in boulder, colorado. we specialize in natural and alternative
medicine, longmont, louisville, lafayette, golden, loss, children, treatment, menopause, weight, pain, naturopathic, naturopath, boulder, colorado, alternative, natural, hormones, holistic, fertility
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cook general biotechnology - home
cells, cell, stem, human, distributor, epidermal, cord, blood, lines, keratinocytes, neutrophils, basophils, naive, distributors, immunological, line, monocytes
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stem cell research - stem cell treatments - treatments using stem cells - research on stem cells
stem cells can grow into any one of the body's more than 200 cell types. stem cells assist the body in repairing cells damaged by disease, injury and everyday life.
stem, blood, cord, cells, cell, umbilical, research, preservation, storage
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eastside natural medicine - kirkland acupuncture and naturopath
kirkland acupuncture and naturopath care with dr. sunita iyer naturopathy, homeopathic, holistic, alternative medicine in bellevue, redmond, woodinville.
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michael janson, m.d.: nutrition & alternative medicine
i provide general health, nutrition and alternative medicine information, as well as health consults in person, by phone or e-mail, based on 25 years experience.
medicine, health, supplements, holistic, chelation, growth, minerals, herbs, vitamins, personal, therapy, exercise, complementary, alternative, nutrition, wellness, diet, stress, dietary, management
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naturopath nanaimo
naturopath nanaimo specializing in holistic health and naturopathic remedies serving the nanaimo area. alternative medicine and therapy centralizing around preventative treatments and natural vitality.
nanaimo, medicine, alternative, naturopathic, naturopath
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tbi therapy
tbi therapy, founded and managed by dr. john hughes, d.o., treats traumatic brain injury (tbi) patients using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (hbot) and adult stem
stem, aspen, cell, cells, basalt, therapy, pain, injections, john, hughes, traumatic, medicine, injury, brain, ultrasound, manipulation, treatment, cranial, guided, doctor
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dr. lisa watson toronto naturopathic doctor
toronto naturopathic doctor. natural family medicine for fertility, pregnancy, children, teens and adults. traditional wisdom, modern research and healthy
naturopathic, doctor, health, toronto, naturopath, alternative, natural, clinic, holistic, medicine, herbal, downtown, wellness, healing, medical, acupuncture, fertility, teen, family, children
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growing healthy together | newport pediatrics, integrative medicine los angeles, holistic pediatrician, family healthcare long beach, holistic practitioner, holistic health practitioner
searching for a holistic health practitioner? ght kids |562.473.4441| offers a blend of alternative healthcare & modern western medicine. we provide integrative medicine los angeles, newport pediatrics, holistic pediatrician, family healthcare long beach, holistic practitioner and more.
holistic, practitioner, family, healthcare, beach, pediatrician, long, health, angeles, newport, pediatrics, integrative, medicine
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midwest acupuncture clinic
midwest acupuncture clinic offers acupuncture, herbal medicine, holistic medicine, diet and nutrition therapy, as well as tui na massage
natural, medicine, holistic, moines, iowa, practitioner, massage, cupping, healers, chinese, herbal, herbs, health, remedy, acupuncture
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stem cells in mexico | del prado stem cell center - tijuana
del prado stem cell center is a cutting edge premium source stem cell therapy provider. treatment is performed in tijuana mexico. del prado stem cell center provides certified stem cells by osac and
stem, cell, mexico, treatment, therapy, tijuana, transplant, cost, clinic, research, cells, center, medicine, sport, anti, aging, bank, cancer
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crossroads healing arts - naturopathic medicine
crossroads healing arts an integrative healthcare clinic blending the best of traditional, naturopathic and preventative medicine including: nutrition, prolotherapy, anti-aging, iv nutritional therapy and chelation serving elkhart indiana.
medicine, therapy, holistic, supplements, naturopathic, natural, practice, family, chelation, doctor, weight, elkhart, goshen, indiana, homepathic, loss, nutritional, vitamin, laser, surgery
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naturae medical - home
naturae medical - welcome page
natural, medicine, primary, holistic, physician, care, vermont, brattleboro, 05301, aviva, cures, wert, healing, doctor, family, medical, practitioner, naturopathic, homeopathic
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midwest natural medicine | natural health clinic in alexandria, minnesota
midwest natural medicine is a natural medicine clinic in alexandria, minnesota. dr haabala provides natural, alternative and holistic medicine in alexandria, mn
medicine, alexandria, minnesota, naturopath, holistic, alternative, natural, naturopathic
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tulsa natural health clinic & spa - tulsa alternative medicine, tulsa natural medicine
tulsa natural health clinic & spa - tulsa natural health clinic & spa specializing in complementary medicine. complementary medicine is used to describe therapeutic techniques that are not part of conventional medicine
tulsa, medicine, natural, massage, alternative, doctors, holistic, therapy, sauna, therapeutic, aesthetician, drainage, lymphatic, naturopath
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the sanctuary - home
renew healing center is now the sanctuary - 5557 government street, baton rouge, la. body * mind * spirit *. therapeutic massage, energy healing, natural pain management. cottage style spa nestled behind underwater adventures in midcity baton rouge.
healing, medicine, wellness, massage, alternative, therapy, natural, sanctuary, holistic, energy, rouge, health, baton, naturopathic, life, counseling, consults, center, naturopath, spiritual
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holistic healthcare - holistic health services - holistic care- hackettstown
dr. harjit singh offers holistic health services like hypertension and acupressure treatment and reiki therapy to northern new jersey and north eastern pa.
medicine, remedies, alternative, holistic, hackettstown, practitioner, natural, eastern, homeopathic
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barry juillerat naturopath - home
barry juillerat naturopath. practitioner of alternative & preventative medecine. naturopath. homeopath. chinese herbal medicine. acupressure. massage deep tissue sports remedial. nutrition. weight loss. male female child illnesses
practitioner, naturopath, sports, tissue, deep, weight, health, loss, massage, barry, remedial, juillerat, isagenix, naturopathy, support, nutritional, qualified, experienced, homeopathy, natural
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park avenue stem cell treatment center
the creator has provided the human body with the means to heal itself. these are your stem cells. at park avenue stem cell treatment center, using the latest technology, we harness the power of your cells and use this power to help you heal in ways that heretofore have not been possible.
stem, cell, therapy, knee, cells, orthopedics, back, copd, alternative, replacement, urology, neck, adipose, banking, avenue, park, bank, derived, city, york
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robert lanza, m.d. biocentrism
biocentrism is a new theory of everything proposed by american scientist robert lanza
stem, cell, cells, science, biology, advanced, embryonic, lanza, medicine, creationism, design, physics, pseudoscience, thinking, critical, skepticism, intelligent, biotechnology, biotech, technology
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europes stem cell hub | eurostemcell | stem cell research, regenerative medicine and stem cell ethics. resources, fact sheets, faq.
europe's hub for stem cell research, regenerative medicine, ethics. features stem cell facts, educational resources, award-winning films, news, faq.
stem, cell, research, cells
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dr. keliiheleua | naturopath - natural medicine | portland family dr.
natural family health clinic of portland, oregon offers natural medicine, naturopathic and natural remedies for the entire family with a holistic and nutritionist approach.
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national regenerative medical practice |
stem cell therapy is the leading alternative to surgery in regenerative medicine. heal quickly and naturally with your bodies own stem cells at stem md.
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the good samaritan medical center - clinic, hospital, treatments, therapies cancer, alternative medicine, integrative, holistic, mexico, cancer, clinics, hospitals, natural, dr. james, dr. ricardo james james
theraphy, infusion, cells, ozone, treatments, oxigen, rectal, peroxide, hyperbaric, amigdalin, dmso, leatrile, bioidentical, hidrogen, hormone, inmunotheraphy, ionic, depression, disease, 714x
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natural healing consultants of ojai
khabir southwick - naturopath, nutritionist, ayurveda practitioner, herbalist - provides expert natural health-care services & herbal products in ojai, ventura, oxnard, santa barbara, california
natural, cures, herbal, nutritional, herbalist, treatments, blood, pressure, health, high, diabetes, remedies, remedy, coaching, planning, management, teas, ayurvedic, detox, weight
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functional holistic medicine practitioner
dr. sarah williams offers unique medical services that are patient-centred and integrate holistic and functional medicine together with laboratory testing
medicine, functional, testing, practitioner, laboratory, holistic, biochemical
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merge medical center, natural remedies, natural medicine, holistic medicine, acupuncture
we offer holistic, natural medicine, and acupuncture in charleston and mt. pleasant, sc
medicine, natural, charleston, holistic, acupuncture, solutions, homeopathy, health, lovegrove, remedies, preventative, merge
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stem plus cryopreservation - dcgi approved cord blood bank
we cryopreserve cord blood / cord tissue / placenta, menstrual blood stem cells, urine derived stem cells and dental stem cells, and provide treatement to patients; under the same roof. we are world's first private bank to store urine derived stem cells.
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natural health magazine :: natural therapy, natural health magazines, wellness, holistic, alternative and complementary magazine
australia's number 1 natural health magazine for natural therapy, alternative medicine, complementary medicine, natural health and well being. featuring information on self healing, natural health articles, events, practitioner listings and health retreats.
natural, medicine, complementary, health, magazine, magazines, therapy, alternative, integrative, environmental, physical, emotional, social, meditation, herb, lifestyle, mental, remedies, consciousness, options
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sandi radomski and allergy antidotes
psychotherapy with a focus on the natural treatment of allergies. sandi radomski's therapeutic system of identifying and treating allergic reactions due to substance sensitivities. sandi is a psychotherapist and naturopath doctor who practices therapy in suburban philadelphia and new jersey.
energy, allergy, holistic, toxins, autism, eagle, medicine, laser, psychotherapy, loss, treatments, tubes, etox, antidotes, radomski, treatment, natural, remedies, testing, weight
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holistic meaning
what is holistic healing what is natural medicine
holistic, natural, remedies, what, allergy, nursing, healing, medicine, home, herbal, approach, meaning, healthcare, provider, treatment, eczema, supplements
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holistic doctor san diego - | dr. gaila
holistic doctor & traditional naturopath san diego. traditional holistic practitioner specializing in natural approaches to healthcare problems. call at 760-746-7829!
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national dental pulp laboratory | preserving dental stem cells
the national dental pulp laboratory is dedicated to helping you learn more about stem cells in dental pulp and how they could benefit your family.
stem, dental, pulp, cells, cell, store, blood, cord, banking, services, laboratory, england, mesenchymal, transplant, treatment, national
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home - biotime, inc.
stem, embryonic, healing, cells, wound, therapeutics, research, purestem, hydrogels, cell, progenitors, cellular, hyaluronate, medicine, biotime, regenerative, michael, reprogramming, west
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stem cell safari - pluripotent stem cells, regenerative therapy, adult stem cells
stem cell safari uses adult pluripotent stem cells to treat arthritis, joint injuries, incontinence, allergies, and non-healing wounds in your pet.
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natural health innovations, inc., naturopathic doctor, houston, texas
natural health innovations is houston’s most trusted natural, alternative and naturopathic clinic. the naturopathic doctor at nhi specializes in god-given natural techniques to restore the body’s ability to heal itself. we use herbs, homeopathic products and nutrients. at natural health innovations, we believe you deserve to live a healthy, full life.
naturopathic, medicine, near, natural, practitioner, doctor, chronic, illness, 77055, holistic, homeopathic
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a directory of holistic practitioners | chicago healers
find the best natural medicine, wellness and holistic practitioners and doctors in illinois, wisconsin, indiana and minnesota.
holistic, medicine, therapy, weight, stress, organic, practitioner, loss, yoga, soul, practitioners, park, chicago, homeopathy, herbal, wellness, massage, depression, digestion, chiropractic
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folsom natural - revolutions naturopathic, inc
natural, medicine, naturopathic, health, roseville, rocklin, grove, hills, holistic, folsom, solutions, medical, physicians, doctors, sacramento, dorado
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melanie ellis | natural health care clinic
natural health care clinic and melanie ellis, nd (naturopathic doctor) offer natural, alternative medical care using botanical medicine, homeopathy, lifestyle choices, body work (bowen technique) and bio-identical hormones for general wellness and conditions such as peri-menopause, thyroid dysfunction, menopause, and weight gain to improve health, increase energy, encourage natural weight loss, and support healthy aging.
medicine, natural, ellis, doctor, melanie, naturopathic, holistic, care, naturopath, wyoming, dysfunction, health, cody, physician, lifestyle, perimenopause, syndrome, hormones, choices, weight
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exquisite healing, alternative medicine in eugene, oregon - home
natural, holistic, alternative healing in eugene, oregon. harmonizing the body, mind and spirit through jin shin jyutsu and reiki, but most of all, love.
alternative, natural, healing, medicine, holistic, integrative, shin, massage, practitioner, acupuncture, jyutsu, oregon, stress, therapeutic, reiki, eugene, wellness, health
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dhanvantari ayurveda center ayurvedic practitioner consultant herbalist holistic medicine
ayurveda consultant practitioner herbalist for ayurvedic medicine (holistic indian medicine), ayurvedic nutrition, panchakarma cleansing (pk), also called ayur-veda, ayurved, using pulse to assess ayurvedic body type and physiiological imbalance
medicine, ayurvedic, beach, palm, indian, natural, cleansing, ayurveda, florida, lauderdale, miami, panchakarma, herbs, therapy, practitioner, massage, education, holistic, boca, alternative
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human primary cells, leukopaks, pbmcs, stem cells | hemacare
hemacare supplies human primary cells derived from bone marrow, cord blood, and peripheral blood including stem cells, mononuclear cells, dendritic cells, and other biological products.
cells, hemacare, bioresearch, leukopak, pbmc, products, primary, human, blood, cord, marrow, stem, monocytes, dendritic, neutrophils, bone
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holistic pet vet-ana-falk-dvm | veterinary consultations | natural animal care
does your pet suffer from a chronic disease? not responding to traditional treatments? a holistic approach may be the answer: dr. ana falk, dvm provides expert care: 319-626-2999
medicine, health, natural, animal, holistic, care, homeopathic, hospital, clinic, treatment, veterinary, remedies, herbal, acupuncturist, homeo, lycopodium, naturopathy, chinese, sick, integrative
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jasons holistic health & healing - home
jasons alternative medicine & healing - encino, ca. health, alternative medicine, nutrition, holistic medicine, natural medicine, alternative healing, holistic healing
medicine, health, holistic, homeopathy, craniosacral, nutrition, care, complementary, alternative, therapy, practitioners, smoking, oriental, healing, effective, acupuncture, herbal, chinese, aromatherapy, therapists
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natural medicine family doctor in portland & vancouver
medicine, natural, naturopath, naturopathic, family, treatment, shots, wellness, allergy, care, milwaukie, hormone, replacement, hormones, fatigue, alternative, primary, bioidentical, therapeutic, fibromyalgia
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dental stem cell banking | store-a-tooth
stem cell research holds the promise that your child will live a life of unprecedented wellness, using a toolkit of their own stem cells. store-a-tooth preserves stems cells harvested from baby and wisdom teeth.
stem, cells, teeth, wisdom, diabetes, dental, extracting, banking, saving, tooth, baby, store, cell
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davinci college of natural medicine
for one of the world’s leading colleges of natural medicine, please click to view our outstanding ranges of courses and disciplines that you can study...
medicine, holistic, college, natural, courses
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rivers edge natural health and nutrition - home
rivers edge offers an interdisciplinary team with a holistic approach to walk an individual through the discovery of the root causes of their illness.
health, remedies, practitioner, naturopathy, homeopathic, detox, natural, herbal, holistic, counseling, minerals, wellness, medicine, nutritional, consulting, alternative, vitamins, supplements
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fate therapeutics - guiding cells to improve lifefate therapeutics | guiding cells to improve life
guiding cells to improve life
cell, stem, regeneration, fate, therapeutics, cardiac, muscle, pancreatic, medicine, therapy, hematopoietic, characterization, transplant, regenerative, restoration, hearing, multiplex, ipsc, biology, diego
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naturopathic and holistic doctors directory - find naturopathic and holistic doctors and healers - natural health answers
join the #1 directory of naturopathic doctors and healers.complete your profile in minutes and help patients find you today!
medicine, naturopathic, natural, holistic, doctor, schools, homeopathic, remedies, healing, physician, homeopathy, alternative, degree, health, naturopathy, college, integrative
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eatgenius - a holistic approach to health and wellness
holistic health consulting
health, holistic, natural, wellness, alternative, nutrition, coach, diet, therapies, programs, program, naturopathic, integrative, expert, integrated, education, medicine, care, sessions, diets
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dr. danielle schwaderer - naturopathic doctor in sonoma county - home
danielle schwaderer, nd. naturopathic and holistic family medicine. b-12 injections, cleanse and detox packages, weight loss, anthroposophic medicine, pediatric services in sonoma, california.
medicine, doctor, natural, sonoma, naturopathic, napa, holistic, alternative, herbal, marin, helena, north, 95476, roots, womens, aging, anti, health, therapy, treatment
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your guide to natural healing
non-profit research site for natural cures that work plus a guide to physicians using a holistic approach.
natural, cures, guide, wellness, events, practitioner, treatments, medicine, research, cancer, alternative, holistic
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dr. lisa arnold :: doctor of naturopathic medicine
naturopathic medicine has something to offer everyone, regardless of age or condition of health. in my practice, my role is to facilitate and augment your body·s own natural healing process.
medicine, naturopathic, herbal, cape, nutritional, doctor, disease, therapy, natural, arnold, remedy, remedies, lisa, physician, naturopath, homeopathic, alternative, craniosacral, treatment, vitamins
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holistic medicine free webinardr. hanoch talmor, m.d.
dr. talmor is the director of gainesville holistic center in florida. holistic medicine is a system of health care which leans towards optimal attainment of the
talmor, medicine, pollution, alternative, betterw, florida, gainesville, chelation, biosyntony, homeopathy, biosyntonie, holistic, hanoch
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abundant private practices
helping holistic and wellness practitioners get more clients, market their private practice, be more profitable and succeed in their natural therapy business.
practice, business, therapist, private, marketing, health, practitioner, natural, therapy, wellbeing, holistic, complementary, clients, naturopath, physical, chiropractor, shiatsu, reflexology, homeopathic, building
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medfinds: holistic medicine directory- alternative healthcare providers- natural medicine directory - medfinds
medfinds is a new comprehensive website for complementary and alternative medicine (cam). our growing directory of local alternative health care providers, schools and events is a simple gizmo for better health.
medicine, alternative, natural, health, doctor, holistic, massage, directory, naturopathic, therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor, herbal, healthcare, doctors, mental, integrative, complementary, healing
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mcquinn naturopathic | everett naturopathic clinic & hcg weight loss center
our everett naturopathic center focuss on providing safe, natural, alternative , holistic wellness and primary care, specializes in hcg weight loss, skin
everett, naturopathic, natural, medicine, weight, loss, diet, clinic, holistic, doctor, health, washington, detox, marysville, lynnwood, detoxification, snohomish, stevens, lake, mukilteo
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holistic and alternative medicine directory | find a holistic practitioner and doctors, health and wellness products, wellness books, holistic schools, magazines, stores
with us you will find everything holistic, from alternative and complementary medicine practitioners and doctors, natural health remedies, health and wellness products, holistic health books, cds & dvds, natural health magazines, wellness stores, alternative medicine schools, holistic workshops - both local and online as well as spiritual retreats.
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all natural therapies - a world of natural therapies
introduction to the ancient natural therapies. heal yourself without harming drugs.
natural, medicine, holistic, remedies, greeks, romans, systems, japanese, acupuncture, kanpo, ayurvedic, balance, treatments, cures, therapy, herbal, body, spirit, homeopathic, herbs
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recoverup| hair loss treatments using stem cells
recoverup stem cell hair regeneration, a new hair loss treatment using stem cells, ethically, safely and effectively. regrow your hair using your own bodies stem cells.
hair, loss, stem, treatment, using, cells, cell, doctor, cure, stop, clinic, restoration, regeneration, regrowth, thinning
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genesis natural medicine center - home
naturopath tucson
tucson, medicine, naturopathic, natural, drainage, lymphatic, cancer, therapy, naturopath, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, doctor, oncology, colon, colonic, massage
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balanced ayurveda - holistic practitioner schaumburg il
welcome to balanced ayurveda schaumburg il. nama ayurvedic practitioner providing therapies with extensive knowledge of ayurveda. call us: (630) 448-2424
ayurveda, practitioner, holistic, ayurvedic, schaumburg, shirodhara, naturopath, naturopathic, balanced, chicago
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cell, stem, therapy, clinics, regenerative, medicine, autologous, treatments, medicellcr, transplants, cells
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stem cell research and regenerative medicine | scottsdale stem cell
the scottsdale stem cell center is dedicated to providing the best experience possible when undergoing fat transfer with stem cells. call 480-464-8000!
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bisbee chiropractic and natural health center - welcome
welcome to bisbee chiropractic and natural health center. we treat the whole person with all-natural therapies.
health, natural, chiropractic, naturopath, chronic, fatigue, pain, thyroid, center, bisbee, sciatica, allergies, holistic, county, medicine, chiropractor, cochise, traditional, fibromyalgia
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dave ou, m.d. - holistic and natural medicine - atlanta
dave ou, m.d. is a leader in holistic and natural medicine located in atlanta. he is board certified in internal medicine and uniquely qualified in cutting edge holistic modalities such as functional medicine, nes health, and matrix energetics.
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dr. nicole sundene, nmdfountain hills women's health - dr. sundene
fountain hills naturopathic medicine
best, medicine, physician, doctor, naturopath, holistic, natural, shots, hills, mesa, scottsdale, naturopathic, fountain
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natural rheumatology, arthritis, autoimmune, milford, ct naturopath
milford, ct naturopathic doctor, milford, ct naturopath, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, hashimoto, lupus, fibromyalgia, new haven, ct naturopathic doctor
natural, arthritis, pain, medicine, rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, relief, naturopathic, juvenile, herbal, autoimmune, herbs, holistic, homeopathic, lupus
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naturopathic health - natural medicine
naturopathic and homeopathic doctor
doctor, natural, health, alternative, holistic, weight, nutrition, cancer, loss, herbs, depression, anxiety, medical, naturopath, homeopathy, medicine, naturopathic, homeopathic, charlotte, supplements
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animal naturopath - :animal naturopath
animal, natural, naturopath, dogs, therapist, australia, adelaide, clinic, therapies, medicine, naturopathy, alternative, animals, clinics, about, pets, health
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holistic alternative solutions
welcome to holistic alternative solutions, dr colene allen, canon city, colorado. call for an appt. today 719-275-6464
city, holistic, canon, alternative, naturopathy, practitioner, massage, naturopath, medicine, solutions, naturalhealingarts
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serenity natural health center | radiance in health, balance for life
medicine, natural, licensed, frederick, health, naturopathic, doctor, alternative, physician, maryland, naturopath, safe, based, effective, evidence, integrative, complimentary, downtown, functional
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natural health 1st - home
natural health alternative medicine
cancer, naturopath, medicine, alternative, holistic, natural
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stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine from blue horizon | stem cell therapy blue horizon stem cells
blue horizon is the leader in stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine studies and research. stem cell therapy by the world leader in care.
stem, cell, macular, degeneration, hypertension, diabetes, alzheimers, injury, therapy, research, spinal, cord, parkinsons
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tess godfrey natural therapies - bioresonance naturopath brisbane - bioflex natural therapies
naturopath in bellbowrie, west of brisbane city. bioresonance therapist, nutrition, herbs, flower essences and massage therapy. offering a truly holistic 21st century health care option.
naturopath, bioresonance, bellbowrie, brisbane, kenmore
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perth natural medicine practitioner & medical herbalist - perth naturopath
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welcome to radiant naturopathic!
naturopathic doctor's office in redmond, wa
pain, disease, doctor, primary, naturopathic, care, graves, craniosacral, hashimotos, health, medicine, physician, instructional, allergy, diabetes, natural, videos, video, prevention, holistic
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american board of chelation therapy, chelation, chelation therapy
toxicity, chelation, therapy, metal, medicine, edta, heavy, integrative, calcium, alternative, chelators, abct, oral, board, american, aluminum, toxicology, metals, dmps, dmsa
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dr. liz
women's holistic healthcare
naturopath, montana, helena, healthcare, cavin, care, womens, cancer, natural, medicine, supportive, holistic, health
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pcr kits for medical diagnosis
kamla molecularmedicine ltd offers pcr kits, pcr analysis and stem cells for human and veterinary medicine
veterinary, medicine, cell, stem, genekam
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santa rosa acupuncture with erin prucha also serving sebastopol and sonoma county
acupuncture in santa rosa, ca with erin s. prucha
medicine, acupuncture, holistic, pain, practitioner, santa, alternative, sebastopol, rosa, natural, nutrition, management, acupressure, clinic, prucha, erin, county, chinese, sonoma, acupuncturist
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hemogenix -- cell proliferation, cell viability, methylcellulose colony forming assays and cell differentiation assays
hemogenix provides advanced assays for life sciences and contract services for research and biopharma.
cell, stem, cells, blood, potency, assays, vitro, cord, drug, services, immune, research, development, interaction, contract, transplantation, regenerative, hematopoietic, veterinary, serum
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naturopathic doctor downtown toronto | best natural alternative medicine | naturopath acupuncture vitamin iv myers cocktail
we offer a full line of treatment options, including naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, and iv vitamin therapy.
medicine, toronto, naturopathic, yelena, deshko, wellness, allergies, natural, naturopath, doctor, alternative, acupuncture, complementary, herbal
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international center for stem cells, cancer and biotechnology (icsccb), pune, india | programs in stem cell biology and molecular medicine
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amenda clinic - home
welcome to the amenda clinic. we are an integrative clinic providing natural mental health and addiction treatment in a safe and respectful environment. our practitioners focus on whole-person care from a holistic perspective by examining and healing the underlying causes of disorders or imbalance. we treat a wide range of mental health issues with the fundamental idea that true recovery from mental illness is possible.
medicine, testing, depression, holistic, hormones, alternative, disorders, naturopathic, homeopathy, biofeedback, adhd, hormone, addiction, heartmath, bioidentical, eating, schizophrenia, alzheimer, mood, illness
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northwest center for optimal health
the northwest center for optimal health, is a holistic medical center in edmonds washington, staffed by physicians and other health care providers, specializing in natural medicine and education.
medicine, therapy, desensitization, allergy, hormone, aromatherapy, family, seattle, edmonds, natural, general, osteoporosis, homeopathy, nutrition, ayurvedic, naturopathic, craniosacral, chelation, detoxification, care
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leslie medical center
leslie medical center was started by dr. melissa taliaferro in 1985. her unique style of practice utilizes methods of natural healing and complimentary medicine
therapy, natural, nutritional, herbal, supplements, oxidative, management, pain, replacement, therapies, healing, doctor, medicine, alternative, chelation, detoxification, mineral, holistic, hormone
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regenerative medical group - the miracle of stem cells
regenerative medical group (rmg) provides the opportunity for every appropriate patient to benefit from stem cells.
stem, cell, macular, degeneration, treatment, dementia, jolla, neurofibromatosis, charcot, attack, heart, stroke, dialysis, treatments, therapy, cells, cures, regenerative, group, medical
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melissa hawboldtregistered traditionalchinese medicine practitioner - melissa hawboldt, registered traditional chinese medicine practitioner
traditional chinese medicine acupuncture, herbal formulas and food therapy in victoria bc
medicine, chinese, treatment, spiritual, physical, atcma, victoria, mental, ctcma, harmony, practitioner, traditional, registered, holistic, wellness, acupuncture, symptom, balance
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human nature natural health - naturopathic clinic portsmouth, nh
human nature natural health is a naturopath clinic located in portsmouth, new hampshire that focuses on treating the unique individual that is you! whether your goal is healing from a chronic disease, treating cancer, or lyme disease or achieving optimum health and aging gracefully, we can help you.
naturopathic, medicine, lyme, diabetes, holistic, alternative, oncology, integrative, natural, clinic, naturopathy, acupuncture, blood, naturopath, type, cancer
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natural health therapies, holistic medicines & sustainable green living - wellbeing
australia's most comprehensive online natural therapy guide featuring natural health articles, events, practitioner listings, courses, schools and colleges, natural products & services day spas, retreats, travel and hundreds of articles.
natural, living, sustainable, green, holistic, health, therapies, medicine
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stem cells portal - stem cells journal online community
a hub covering the latest stem cell research and news from bench science and clinical applications, and forum for research labs and societies worldwide.
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bedford nh naturopathic doctor/ bedford nh naturopath/ dr. kristen odell
welcome - bedford nh naturopathic doctor/ bedford nh naturopath/ dr. kristen odell - providing naturopathic care for the whole family. located in bedford, nh at 82 palomino lane, (603) 660-9677. bedford natural health care, bedford natural health clinic.
medicine, health, natural, doctor, bedford, fatigue, alternative, naturopathic, weight, loss, allergies, kristen, family, celiac, sprue, homeopathic, pcos, physical, exam, chronic
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serenity natural health
dr. serena ma: holistic medical practice integrating naturopathic and oriental medicines
york, soho, manhattan, alternative, medicine, integrative, holistic, serena, city, health, natural, naturopath, acupuncture, chinese, naturopathic, herbs
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stem cell solution
stem, cell, treatment, india, cirrhosis, liver, therapy, cells, laboratory, heart, myocardial, infarction, techniques, diseases, nanomedicine, diabetes, transplant, mellitus, cancer, training
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stem cell assays reproducible research on stem cells
collaborative online project aimed to bring together professionals working in the field of stem cell research and cell therapy to discuss methodological issues that are holding back progress in the field
cell, stem, therapy, gene, assay, cancer, regenerative, blog, medicine
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holistic medical doctor in boulder co| telemedicine| health consulting | a personalized natural approach to wellness
natural, integrative, alternative treatments; women's health, chronic pain, weight loss, addiction, medical marijuana and cannabis medicine
medicine, natural, health, holistic, family, pregnancy, whole, therapy, postpartum, lifestyle, fertility, care, weight, pediatrics, infertility, nutrition, prenatal, management, syndrome, menopause
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holistic medicine and thermography - integrative health
integrative health solutions offers holistic medicine and thermography in great neck, ny. our health services also cover nutrition, kinesiology, nutrition, chelation, vitamin drips, lifestyle programs and detox programs.
holistic, thermography, long, island, medicine, reiki, acupuncture, detox, cleanses, kiniselogy, homeopathy, doctors, health, functional, nutrition
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wellness pathways holistic health - holistic medicine, naturopathy and wellness techniques to restore balance and promote healing
giving you the best holistic, natural ways to allow your body to heal itself and restore balance - learn healthy aging and natural lifestyle approaches to good health - holistic medicine at wellness pathways
holistic, wellness, naturopathy, medicine, wellnesspathways, pathways, quantum, analysis, reflex, cnhp, health, healing, approach, naturopathic, programs
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bloom homeopathy - homeopathic medicine, natural medicine, homeopathic remedies
family wellness clinic offering homeopathic medicine in peterborough, ontario homeopathy, homeopath, naturopath, peterborough, holistic, doctor, dr, midwife, pregnancy, breastfeeding, birth, childbirth, prenatal care, natural remedies for morning sickness, natural remedies for depression, natural remedies for anxiety, natural remedies for headaches, natural remediesnatural remedies, homeopathy, homeopathy, naturopath, herbs, remedies, nausea and vomiting, morning sickness, fatigue, digestive upset, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, heartburn, varicose veins, emotional, depression, anxiety, anemia, breech baby, posterior baby, help coping with labour, back labour, postpartum recovery, baby blues, postpartum depression, blocked ducts, mastitis, low milk supply, fussy baby, colic,
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home | wild fern natural health | dr. brigid crowe, n.d. | ashland, or
dr. brigid crowe. preventative primary care for the whole family using natural medicine, including: nutrition, homeopathy, herbal medicine, exercise, cranial-sacral therapy and lifestyle modification.
medicine, health, naturopathic, doctor, disease, wellness, nedrow, autoimmune, allergies, bonnie, anxiety, asthma, springs, minerals, vitamins, herbs, hidden, center, challenges, eczema
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bodytalk san diego - holistic medicine practitioner
holistic medicine practitioner
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sukh parmar: holistic therapy & reiki practitioner
sukh became the first certified lifeline practitioner in the uk, & specialises as an alternative holistic therapist using energy medicine in hitchin, hertfordshire
reiki, hypnosis, linguistic, programming, london, sacred, feminine, divine, hertfordshire, neuro, darren, technique, weissman, holistic, certification, practitioner, healing, lifeline
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dr julia scalise is certified holistic health practitioner
dr julia scalise, doctor of naturology, certified holistic health practitioner, energy-work and drugless healing consultant
holistic, health, practitioner, healing, consultant, drugless, wellness, medicine, certified
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american institute of natural medicine - home
american institute of natural medicine
medicine, natural, zermeno, german, doctor, orange, nutrition, women, county, prolozone, thyroid, chelation, replacement, hormone, adrenal, fatigue, light, bioidentical
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naturopathic & holistic healthcare provider in durango, colorado ~ durango natural medicine
providing the very best in comprehensive, holistic healthcare. we provides a complete & unique healthcare experience by drawing from both natural & conventional medicine
medicine, naturopathic, homeopathic, environmental, durango, natural
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trio natural medicine
trio natural medicine is south bay's premier naturopathic health center dedicated to women's wellness. our services include bioidentical hormone therapy, hcg weight loss, iv nutrient therapy, b12 shots, and detoxification. dr. kelly cohn specializes in menopause, women's health conditions, thyroid disorders, diabetes, stress, fatigue and hormone imbalance.
medicine, natural, treatment, therapy, naturopathic, shots, vitamin, holistic, menopause, pcos, fibroid, thyroid, homeopathic, bioidentical, loss, weight, hormones, hormone, doctors, doctor
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exhalation integrative wellness
a holistic, natural health and healing center.
holistic, medicine, health, healing, healthcare, care, functional, lifestyle, loss, waste, change, acudetox, nutrition, alternative, integrative, wellness, natural, integrated, massage, therapy
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home | naturopath | fertility, infertility & pregnancy | author & educator
leah is based in sydney australia and provides expert naturopathic support for fertility, pregnancy and reproductive issues. in addition, she is an educator, presenter, and author.
fertility, natural, naturopath, nest, medicine, health, sydney, crows, homeopathy, hechtman, clinical, naturopathic, nutrition, blog, infertility, pregnancy, herbal, leah
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holistic integrative alternative medicine washington dc md va
the institute of multidimensional medicine is directed by a licensed, integrative family physician, and assisted by a team of licensed professionals, certified and credentialed in their fields.
washington, medicine, alternative, integrative, medical, marijuana, holistic, therapy, chelation, acupuncture, colon, hydrotherapy
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denver acupuncture | acupuncturist denver | wash park acupuncture | chinese medicine denver
denver and wash park acupuncture for pain, fertility, digestion and more. providing chinese medicine and the best in denver acupuncturists.
acupuncture, holistic, what, medicine, health, pain, alternative, naturopathic, treatment, naturopath, ayurvedic, natural, cupping, naturopathy, anxiety, infertility, fertility, denver, acupuncturist, weight
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natural clinic mesa arizona | mesa arizona natural doctor | arizona natural medicine
the natural choice clinic is a natural clinic in mesa arizona. their mesa natural doctor specializes in chelation treatment, acupuncture, naet, homeopathic medicine, natural medicine and more!
arizona, gilbert, mesa, chelation, natural, acupuncture, physician, naturopathic, clinic, medicine, homepathic, medicing, homeopathic
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narrows natural health clinic naturopathic medicine gig harbor washington
dr. karl peterson d.c. n.d. naturopathic medicine, gig harbor natural medicine.
medicine, natural, harbor, healing, chiropractic, herbs, peterson, karl, natropatathic, naturopath
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johannah reilly nd, lac | naturopathic medicine - acupuncture - homeopathy
dr. johannah reilly nd, lac, is a doctor of naturopathic medicine, licensed acupuncturist and medical intuitive practicing alternative, holistic, natural medicine in boulder, colorado. she provides an eclectic approach to your well-being,
medicine, management, pain, homeopathy, medical, intuitive, physician, natural, naturopathic, acupuncture, practitioner, reproductive, health, sports, alternative
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the whole dog
natural dog care -promoting holistic true naturopathic health and wellness for your dog, educating the owner how to use natural alternatives to healing your dog, providing natural, holistic, naturopathic dog and cat care since 2003 through consultations, articles, webinars and our natural product on-line store
natural, health, holistic, care, veterinary, nutrition, dogs, consultations, essential, naturopathy, oils, aromatherapy, pets, naturopath, animal, doctor, supplements, expert, with, animals
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natural health atlanta - home
natural health atlanta uses a consultative holistic approach to correct nutritional imbalances that cause a wide range of wellness issues. we accept most major insurance plans
weight, pressure, blood, high, diabetes, loss, arthritis, allergies, test, healthy, drug, alcat, fatigue, acne, chronic, nutrition, management, naturopathic, naturopath, approach
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stem cell therapy in usa
stem cell therapy in usa - world stem cells, llc provides one of the best stem cell therapy in usa. advanced stem cell procedures are performed here!
stem, cell, therapy, cellsclinic, treatments, cells
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alternative medicine & holistic doctors in philadelphia, pa
call earthly essence today for a naturopathic practitioner specializing in alternative medicine when you need a holistic doctor in the philadelphia, pa area
health, earthly, essence, holistic, practitioner, medicine, philadelphia, naturopathic, alternative
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stem cell therapy india | stem cells clinics & research company | stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis, diabetes, spinal cord injury in delhi, gurgaon, ghaziabad, noida, faridabad ncr | umbilical cord stem cell transplant
looking for stem cell therapy clinic in india? unistem biosciences is a leading stem cells research company in delhi ncr providing stem cell transplant for hearing loss, cerebral palsy and various other ailments. to find more about our therapy procedure, visit us online now or send your query online.
stem, cell, india, therapy, delhi, research, transplant, autologous, transplantation, umbilical, mesenchymal, cells, marrow, cord, company, clinic, solutions, gurgaon, bone
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natural elements medicine - home
naturopathic medicine
medicine, naturopathic, robles, essenzia, herba, botanical, nutrition, naturae, herbs, health, hernandez, complementary, naturopath, physician, doctor, albany, alternative, natural, oregon, homeopathy
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labyrinth holistic healthcare, naturopathic medicine oshawa, (oshawa naturopathic doctor, oshawa naturopath)
lisa-ann bilinsky nd, oshawa naturopathic doctor of labyrinth holistic healthcare in oshawa. providing primary care and physical exam, nutritional & lifestyle counselling, accupuncture, chinese medicine, botanical, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and doula services in oshawa
oshawa, health, medicine, naturopathic, doctor, perinatal, mind, acupuncture, wellness, body, naturopath, holistic, doula, homeopathy
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crispr service, knock-in mice, genome editing - applied stemcell
applied stemcell are stem cell experts providing products and services including mef feeder cells, transgenic knock-in mice, rosa26, teratoma formation, human primary cells, stem cell characterization, stem cell differentiation and stem cell generation.
cells, human, formation, primary, neural, stem, teratoma, rosa26, feeder, transgenic, mice
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ralph golan md
achieve optimal health with our holistic care integrating conventional and alternative diagnostic and treatment approaches for a broad variety of conditions. rest assured with our 21 years of experience that you will learn how to care for yourself toward optimal health.
medicine, health, wellness, exhaustion, chelation, fatigue, therapy, adrenal, parasites, menopause, cardiovascular, diagnosis, intestinal, nutritional, integrative, preventative, prevention, functional, alternative, optimal
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accellerated biologics - stem cells stem cell therapy platelet rich plasma, regenerative medicine autologous biologics, stem cell treatment
accellerated biologics stem cells stem cell therapy platelet rich plasma
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stem cell therapy | stem cells 21
stem cell therapy medical centre & laboratory facility. stem cell treatments are available for a range of disease, anti-aging and orthopaedic conditions. stemcells 21.
cell, stem, therapy, disease, palsy, lift, face, skin, thailand, lupus, bangkok, facial, kidney, liver, osteoarthritis, cerebral, diabetes, treatment, autism, stroke
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169, online home of randy s. baker md, holistic physician in soquel, ca
clear & concise info and links about holistic, alternative and complementary medicine, environmental medicine, mercury and lead toxicity, detoxification, lyme disease, nutrition, homeopathy, herbal medicine, preventive medicine, natural therapies to prevent and treat heart disease, cancer, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances etc. information on the practice of randy s. baker md in soquel, ca and the pacific center for integral health.
medicine, therapy, cell, toxicity, analysis, live, disease, cancer, heart, natural, gong, chelation, hypothyroidism, candida, jerry, lead, breast, thermography, herbal, allergy
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stem cells therapy | stem cells therapy india | regennmed
looking for stem cell therapy services in india? regennmed is a biotechnology company is providing stem cell therapy services in india. call us at 8527391966.
therapy, cells, stem, india
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holistic balance acupuncture - home
holistic balance acupuncture, a traditional chinese medicine practice, located in pepperell, massachusetts
medicine, holistic, acupuncture, balance, natural, integrative, pepperell, acupuncturist, alternative, traditional, chinese, holism, complementary
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revive naturopathic medicine, inc - revive naturopathic medicine, inc - carlsbad, ca
welcome to revive naturopathic medicine, inc. - carlsbad, ca
naturopathic, natural, alternative, heal, medicine, therapy, carlsbad
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natural healing doctor, acupuncture, hormones, naturopathic physician, holistic health, naturopathy, honolulu, hawaii | 438 hobron lane, suite 314 honolulu, hi 96815
steelsmith natural health center is dedicated to providing the very best in naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, and other natural therapies.
naturopathic, hawaii, natural, doctor, health, honolulu, physician, naturopath, laurie, kristen, steelsmith, coles, naturopathy, holistic, hormones, acupuncture, prolotherapy, releif, pain, center
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john paul ii medical research institute
jp2mri is a non-profit medical research institute devoted to find cures for medical diseases for the use of ethical adult stem cells.
personalized, medicine, stem, cells, regenerative, disease, institute, medical, research, rare, cancer
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holistic and family practice medicine - home
holistic and family practice medicine, healthcare for the 21st century
medicine, functional, nutrition, recovery, fitness, candida, cancer, lifestyle, counseling, loss, weight, healthy, suburbs, family, practice, orthomolecular, natural, alternative, river, holistic
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katelyn intres, dc
dr. intres is a board-certified chiropractor, acupuncture practitioner and nutritionist providing high quality patient-centered natural & functional medicine.
acupuncture, medicine, nutritionist, natural, nutrition, holistic, cosmetic, alternative, chiropractic, chiropractor, functional
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seattle naturopathic doctors of alternative & holistic medicine: northwest natural health clinic
holistic, alternative medicine treatments for cancer and other diseases from seattle's top naturopathic doctors. start getting healthy naturally, call our health clinic today!
medicine, cancer, treatments, alternative, holistic, naturopath, naturopathic, seattle
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northeast healing arts, naturopathic doctor, syracuse ny
rebecca lewis, nd, naturopathic doctor in syracuse, ny. provides naturopathic care, homeopathy, herbs, diet, holistic support.
naturopathic, naturopathy, natural, health, practitioner, doctor, naturopath, holistic, integrative
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179 :: welcome to aja integrative family health
welcome to aja, the office of jennifer o'leary, nd and andrea thompson, lmt. we are happy to offer help in women's health, natural fertility, digestive disorders, food intolerance, fertility massage, pregnancy massage and craniosacaral therapy.
medicine, natural, naturopathic, health, fertility, therapy, disease, clackamas, celiac, infertility, arvigo, oregon, whole, naturopath, physician, massage, craniosacral, holistic, midwifery, milwaukie
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nutritionist (holistic) / naturopath: homeopathy, atlanta ganutritionallyyours
were passionate about all natural approaches to health, to help you feel better soon! our holistic nutritionist / naturopath can help you too. atlanta ga
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alternative medicine and holistic medicine in tyler texas qhi wellness
holistic medicine, integrative medicine, natural medicine, homeopathy, recall healing, family practice, chronic disease management, alternative treatment
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vannette keast health consulting ltd. holistic medicine and alternative and natural health products and and services with offices in calgary and red deer.
natural health therapy in calgary and red deer, holistic medicine in calgary and red deer, alternative health in calgary and red deer, health consulting, weight loss, kids health
health, edmonton, calgary, food, naturopath, different, vitamins, than, pain, management, healing, massage, supplements, therapy, testing, allergy, alternative, womens, mens, crystal
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the institute of natural health
the institute of natural health is the st. louis area's premier destination for natural healthcare.
medicine, intravenous, natural, health, thyroid, integrative, heart, chelation, diabetes, functional, pemf, disease
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holistic, certified natural health consultant & practitioner
the rhc certified natural health consultant believes health is more than the absence of disease. we are holistic, certified natural health professionals, consultant and health practitioners located at castle rock, colorado, usa.
natural, health, certified, holistic, doctor, castle, consultant, rock, colorado, centennial, springs, denver, littleton, monument, englewood, elizabeth, lucas, professional, practitioners, practitioner
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wendy simpson naturopath iridologist
put yourself first and invest in your health today by booking a naturopath consultation with a caring practitioner with 20 years experience who knows how to help you regain your health and vitality.
issues, iridology, hormonal, herbal, medicine, essences, flower, nutrition, wellbeing, emotional, detoxification, loss, weight, allergies, digestive, health, mental, naturopath
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naturopathic family medicine and nutrition center, llc - dr. natalie colicci
welcome to the naturopathic family medicine and nutrition center. created by dr. natalie colicci, nfmnc’s mission is to provide excellent service tailored to the unique physical, mental, and spiritual needs of each individual. drawing on medical research, nfmnc uses only the highest natural supplements designed to achieve maximum health benefits.
naturopathic, trumbull, natalie, medicine, holistic, natural, naturopathy, naturopath, fairfield, doctor, alternative, doctors, nutrition, medical, homeopathy, cold, smoking, hydrotherapy, naturo, type
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holistic medicine and natural health - northern virginia - pure nutrition and wellness - naturopath & nutrition
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hope family health, np pllc
holistic-integrative health practice in rochester, ny
medicine, hope, health, medical, practice, nurse, practitioner, complementary, family, christian, alternative, rochester, ideal, pllc, metagenics, nutrition, pediatric, allergies, asthma, tammy
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home page
naturopathic doctor, holistic practice combining clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine and lifestyle counseling in sullivan county, orange county, middletown ny, goshen ny, wurtsboro ny, new york ny
naturopathic, wellness, nutrition, naturopath, natural, healing, health, medicine, alternative, sage, doctor, advice, care, homeopathy, holistic
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beacon naturopathic: specializing in holistic healing, natural health care, naturopathy, alternative medicine, and natural medicine
beacon naturopathic is a holistic health center in the boston area for natural medicine, alternative medicine, alternative health care, massage therapy and acupuncture. we specialize in natural medicine for men, women, families, and children.
medicine, natural, alternative, health, care, center, therapy, loss, weight, naturopathic, holistic, boston, remedies, pain, chronic, beacon, therapies, diet, acupuncture, risk
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promocell - the cell culture experts - human primary cells
promocell is a premier manufacturer of cell culture products and is especially recognized for its broad range of human primary cells, stem cells and blood cells, as well as optimized cell culture media. scientists worldwide use promocell products in basic and applied biomedical research to obtain better results from more accurate physiological models.
cells, primary, human, media, culture, stem, cell
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promocell - the cell culture experts - human primary cells
promocell is a premier manufacturer of cell culture products and is especially recognized for its broad range of human primary cells, stem cells and blood cells, as well as optimized cell culture media. scientists worldwide use promocell products in basic and applied biomedical research to obtain better results from more accurate physiological models.
cells, primary, human, media, culture, stem, cell
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paula koger, doctor of oriental medicine: natural medicine - holistic family practice
paula koger, doctor of oriental medicine, offers cutting edge holistic and integrative medicine in a caring and supportive environment.
medicine, online, clinic, virtual, doctor, treatment, reduction, stress, disorders, allergy, autism, holistic, oriental, acupuncture, field, control, alternative, energy, therapy, learning
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stemaid™ : embryonic stem-cells
your source for embryonic stem-cells
therapy, heart, embryonic, clinic, disease, cell, autism, kidney, stem
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naturopathic doctor in hamilton - naturopath hamilton - sarah penney
naturopathic doctor in hamilton serving ancaster, burlington, waterdown, stoney creek, dundas and area providing evidence based natural therapies including clinical nutrition, acupuncture, herbal medicine and more. licensed hamilton naturopath.
hamilton, naturopathic, naturopath, doctor, penney, weight, nutrition, loss, treatments, acupuncture, medicine, arthritis, fertilitiy, natural, sarah
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natural alternative medicine
holistic approach to medicine for you and your family. we customize alternative ways to heal: naturally
medicine, alternative, longmont, holistic, natural
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darlene zwolinski, naturopath - windsong holistic health
windsong holistic health, inc in centennial offers a wide range of services for your health and well being.
issues, health, chronic, weight, digestive, loss, cleanse, detoxification, supplements, bodytalk, naet, natural, alternative, holistic, naturopathy, herbs, herbal, elimination, allergy, homeopathics
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specialty natural medicine in mukilteo
specialty natural medicine - naturopath, acupuncture, family medicine, primary care, chiropractor in mukilteo, nutritional iv therapy
nutritional, acupuncture, therapy, chiropractic, boeing, near, doctors, office, mukilteo, everett, naturopath
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classical formulas
classical formulas focuses on naturopathic, herbal, homeopathic, and other alternative medicine approaches to healing developed and practiced by dr. les moore.
health, moore, natural, medicine, acupuncture, remedies, department, being, well, holistic, york, homeopathy, herbalism, pittsford, herb, naturopath
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green tree animal hospital lexington, kentucky
“visit green tree animal hospital in lexington, ky! your local animal hospital that will care and look after your pet family member. contact us at 859-223-2221 to set up an appointment!”
lexington, stem, treatment, cells, hospital, cell, autologous, rich, platelet, plasma, serum, lipoaspiration, liposuction, arthritis, osteoarthritis, medicine, conditioned, derived, veterinarian, horse
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dr. sylvia cimoch, naturopathic doctor - home
medicine, county, cancer, autism, fibromyalgia, homeopathy, sleep, acupuncture, hormones, pediatrics, problems, york, fairfield, naturopath, holistic, natural, health, wellness, detox, alternative
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prolotherapy miami stem cells regenerative medicine platelet rich plasma
prolotherapy dextrose prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma prp bioidentical hormone replacement therapy & stem cells dr. charles mahl genlife miami
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center for natural medicine
an integrated healing clinic offering a full range of nature-centered healing modalities. from internal medicine to bodywork and movement, all caregivers work cooperatively as your personal healthcare team.
medicine, therapy, physical, massage, natural, cheryl, doerfer, caitlin, schmidt, meyer, kunkler, pernitz, mindy, herbs, corinne, homeopathy, integrative, health, wellness, chiropractic
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services & policies
helen helen nd, naturopath, wellspring naturopathic clinic, natural healthcare and wholistic health care alternatives. services such as homeopathy, acupuncture, botanical medicine, spinal manipulation, natural prenatal care and home birthing services, massage therapy, and nutritional counseling
drug, wholistic, wellspring, natural, alternative, detoxification, nutrition, health, herb, naturopath, vitamins, homeopathy, healy, issues, other, holistic, replacement, hormone, helen
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natural medicine & hormone therapy | oregon natural medicine
oregon natural medicine provides naturopathic services, holistic healthcare, and hormone therapy. call today for a free consultation!
natural, medicine, oregon, modern, health, therapy, hormone
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spokane natural medicine | dr. lindsay donahue, nd | natural treatments | holistic medicine
as a naturopathic doctor in spokane, i work with natural, holistic treatments for a variety of ailments and sicknesses. fewer prescriptions, more energy, and
holistic, spokane, doctor, medicine, naturopathic
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new jersey regenerative institute
new jersey regenerative institute specializes in breakthrough non-surgical solutions for sports, spine and orthopedic injuries. we provide the regenexx family of procedures to our patients, which consist of using your own adult stem cells to treat muscle/joint injuries, bone/cartilage damage, and tendon issues. we also utilize the next generation of prp (platelet rich plasma) treatments. our goal is to improve your quality of life after your injury whether you need to get back to an athletic lifestyle or restored to your former functionality.
stem, cell, alternative, injuries, treatment, surgery, alternatives, cells, treatments, total, replacement, jersey, knee, sports, medicine, shoulder, repair, arthritis, injury, meniscal
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bellinghams naturopathic, alternative and holistic health care center
we offer naturopathic, alternative, and holistic health care options in the beautiful fairhaven district of bellingham, wa. free 15 minute consultations!
medicine, holistic, disease, bellingham, pain, whatcom, 98226, food, county, lynden, fatigue, chronic, mount, thyroid, allergy, allergies, blaine, roberts, birch, vernon
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lewis family natural health - holistic doctors in asheville
we are doctors eric & kristina lewis, a husband-and-wife team of naturopathic physicians and experts in natural health care & holistic medicine in
holistic, health, homeopathy, natural, nutrition, medicine, doctor, doctors, naturopathic
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options for wellness
dr. thelma jones, m.d. provides holistic healing options for healthier living.
holistic, medicine, techniques, freedom, emotional, acupressure, jones, thelma, hypnosis, women, health, healing, integrative, practitioner, supplements, alternative, treatments, cancer
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mariposa homeopathy -- michalene seiler classical homeopath
homeopathy, a two hundred-year-old natural healing system, provides lasting relief for hard-to-treat ailments such as allergies, depression, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, pms and other ailments that limit the freedom of true health.
holistic, homeopathy, mariposa, natural, wellness, homeopathist, healing, health, medicine, classical, alternative, practitioner
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orchard holistic medicine - naturopathic medicine, holistic health care, naturopathy
naturopathic medicine in port orchard and holistic natural medicine clinic on the kitsap peninsula. your source for natural primary health care.
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david hogg, n.d. and naturopathic wisdom, online naturopathic doctor naturopath naturopathic holistic integrative doctor of alternative natural medicine in san jose california has natural remedies for your illness campbell los gatos : :
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fat-stem |
fat-stem laboratories develops regenerative therapies for veterinary applications in horses, dogs and other animals through experience, research and development of technologies in this field.
stem, cell, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, cellular, regeneration, osteoarthritis, therapies, tendinitis, inflammatory, somatic, anti, veterinary, dysplasia, medicine, regenerative, dogs, derived, cells
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holistic and integrative pain management | vip concierge medicine
healthy cells happy life seeks to assist patients in their journey toward health and happiness. using an integrated approach that combines western and holistic medicine, hchl will help you find and work toward your optimum lifestyle.
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ayurvedic & naturopathic integrative medicine
dr. vaishali is a licensed naturopathic physician. she studied ayurveda in india. she practices integrative holistic medicine at her office in fremont, wa.
seattle, naturopath, ayurvedic, fremont, ayurveda, natural, vaishali, verma, medicine, changes, physician, doctor, diet, lifestyle
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naturopathic doctor in charlottesville | biopuncture | detox | hormonal balance | iv nutrition
dr. kelly is a leading naturopathic doctor located in charlottesville, va and encinitas in california. dr. kelly offers alternative medicine solutions including natural health charlottesville, holistic health charlottesville, holistic health encinitas, detoxing, biopuncture, hormonal imbalance treatment, iv nutrition and wellness programs.
encinitas, naturopathic, diego, doctor, naturopaths, naturopath, doctors, medicine, natural
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the center for holistic wellness/jedidiah d. smith/ellicott city, md 21043/frederick, md 21701
reflexology, hypnotherapy, massage, holistic life coaching, naturopath, nutrition, herbal medicine, weight control, supplements, lifepak, stress, natural skin care, hypnosis smoking cessation, sports hypnosis, golf,
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katelin parkinsonnaturopathic doctor (inactive)&holistic reproductive healthcare practitioner (trainee) - katelin parkinson naturopathic doctor
about katelin parkinson, naturopathic doctor in toronto on, katelin parkinson, nd is a licensed naturopathic doctor and trained birth doula. maintains general family practice with special interests in all areas of women’s health including hormone balancin
naturopath, health, east, toronto, beaches, medicine, family, general, practice, parkinson, preventative, holistic, ontario, birth, doula, doctor, naturopathic, katelin
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spirit of change magazine | holistic new england
a holistic and alternative health magazine with articles, events, local guides and an alternative health directory.
holistic, medicine, alternative, natural, health, magazine, living
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welcome! |
i recognize that every women is uniquely different, and therefore my mission is to provide integrative, multi-disciplinary, comprehensive and individualized holistic health care for women.
boulder, integrative, medicine, practitioner, nurse, healthcare, natural, holistic
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jb vitality tcm and acupuncture melbourne
acupuncture melbourne, chinese herbal medicine practitioner melbourne
medicine, acupuncture, natural, pain, health, chinese, birth, period, pregnacy, management, holistic, infertility, fertility, womens, herbal, irregular, mesturation
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cord blood banking | umbilical cord blood & cord tissue bank | alphacord
cord blood banking since 2002, alphacord has the lowest cost for cord blood & cord tissue banking at the highest quality. umbilical cord blood & cord tissue storage is a once in your baby’s lifetime opportunity to save newborn stem cells, only available at birth. we provide more expecting parents with newborn stem cell storage at the highest quality and lowest cost. stem cells from your baby’s cord blood & cord tissue may not only help your baby, but other family members too. more than 80 diseases may be treated with cord blood stem cells including: cancers – acute leukemias, myelodysplastic syndromes, stem cell disorders, myeloproliferative disorders, lymphoproliferative disorders, phagocyte disorders, liposomal storage diseases, histiocytic disorders, inherited erythrocyte abnormalities, congenital (inherited) immune system disorders, amegakaryocytosis / congenital thrombocytopenia, plasma cell disorders, breast cancer, ewing sarcoma, neuroblastoma, renal cell carcinoma
cord, blood, stem, banking, umbilical, cells, tissue, pregnancy, storage, bank, cell, newborn, research, parenting, pregnant, banks, regenerative, cryopreservation, services, medicine
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transformational health - naturopath in bellevue washington on the seattle eastside
dr. aurora sedmak, nd is a naturopathic doctor with a family clinic in bellevue and redmond washington (eastside) with a foccus on holistic management and treatment of chronic pain and disease. specializing in craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, homeopathic medicine, biopuncture & botanical medicine.
medicine, naturopathic, naturopath, nutritional, supplementation, management, stress, counseling, botanical, homeopathic, vitamin, biopuncture, injections, lifestyle, visceral, physician, doctor, sedmak, aurora, bellevue
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energy healing and sanskrit chant - welcome
durgayatanam holistic energy healing arts - minneapolis, mn. caprina brown: brennan healing science practitioner amp; sanskrit teacher. barbara brennan school of healing graduate. private practice in south minneapolis and via phone or skype.
healing, energy, brennan, sanskrit, science, health, holistic, medicine, alternative, care, minneapolis, chant, complementary, touch, integrative, hands, practitioner, natural, yoga, barbara
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natural awakenings hudson county edition
natural awakenings hudson county new jersey - education & resources supporting a healthy mind, body & planet. topics include: whole foods, organics, fitness, nutrition, natural health, holistic & integrative medicine, sustainability & supporting the local economy.
medicine, chiropractor, acupuncture, dentist, health, development, personal, wellness, oriental, alternative, whole, organic, natural, foods, holistic, healthy, integrative, functional
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find natural, holistic and alternative medicines. natural herbs, herbal remedies, herbal medicine, medicinal herbs, and how to use natural remedies for better health and healing.
medicine, health, natural, depression, womens, detox, homeopathic, disease, herbs, mens, weight, remedies, loss, holistic, herbal, home
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find natural, holistic and alternative medicines. natural herbs, herbal remedies, herbal medicine, medicinal herbs, and how to use natural remedies for better health and healing.
medicine, health, natural, depression, womens, detox, homeopathic, disease, herbs, mens, weight, remedies, loss, holistic, herbal, home
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find natural, holistic and alternative medicines. natural herbs, herbal remedies, herbal medicine, medicinal herbs, and how to use natural remedies for better health and healing.
medicine, health, natural, depression, womens, detox, homeopathic, disease, herbs, mens, weight, remedies, loss, holistic, herbal, home
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all is well, inc, holistic health coaching, alternative medicine, natural medicine, transpersonal counseling, psychic services
holistic health coaching and natural medicine, spirit, mind, body wellness through mediumship, psychic intuitive readings, energy healing and spiritual counseling
health, medicine, readings, holistic, alternative, natural, touch, coaching, counseling, grief, healing, chakra, auric, cleansing, balancing, life, galleries, home, transpersonal, womens
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infinity holistic health │ north carolina
integrative functional medicine and nutritional therapy in chapel hill, north carolina. heal your body naturally.
medicine, nutrition, nutritionist, naturopathic, holistic, functional, integrative, naturopath
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utah natural medicine
naturopathic doctors in salt lake city, utah
hormones, health, medicine, doctors, bioidentical, hypothyroid, loss, thyroid, nutrition, doctor, naturopath, alternative, integrative, naturopathic, holistic, weight
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dr. kate tenney, naturopathic doctor, marin county california - home
dr. kate tenney is a naturopathic doctor practicing in marin county, california.
holistic, medicine, doctor, naturopathic, nutrition, alternative, marin, medical, county, california, natural, naturopath, physician, naturopathy
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salinas natural health
a new choice in medicine...a natural choice.
medicine, natural, health, naturopathic, hormones, homeopathic, herbal, insomnia, preconception, fertility, loss, weight, detoxification, wholistic, holistic, alternative, doctor, salinas, california, homeopathy
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pet stem | groundbreaking stem cell therapy clinic for pets opens in los angeles revolutionary stem cell treatment that heals and regenerates tissue free consultations available at studio city location. - stem cell for dogs los angeles - my cat has a hurting hip, my dog has hurting hip, pain in the joint, discomfort hip, sprang joint, sore muscle pain, tissue damage, tired leg, my dog limps, dog has arthritis hip. groundbreaking stem cell therapy clinic for pets opens in los angeles revolutionary stem cell treatment that heals and regenerates tissue free consultations available at studio city location.petstem breathes new life into animals—literally. the veterinary staff are experts in reducing your pet’s pain and helping heal the cause without the use of potentially harmful medications. as the first and only location in southern california dedicated to stem cell treatment for animals, the groundbreaking clinic has just opened for business in los angeles at 11311 ventura blvd. in studio city, ca 91604. it’s already changing the lives of both pets and their owners, living up to its motto “their cells their cure” in the process. petstem offers revolutionary stem cell therap
stem, cell, cells, angeles, animal, hollywood, dogs, studio, north, joints, cats, city, santa, treatment, monica, animals, treatments, health, arthritis, joint
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natural vitality center - holistic, integrative healing
the natural vitality center is committed to providing holistic, integrative healing based on the best alternative and complementary therapies the whole body, mind and spirit.
health, natural, vitality, carolina, holistic, north, integrative, vaughan, medicine, greensboro, whole, sauna, graph, therapy, acupuncture, infrared, weightloss, grade, supplements, personlized
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pura vida natural medicine scottsdale arizona — scottsdale natural medicine, homeopath, naturopath, mental health
scottsdale natural medicine, homeopath, naturopath, mental health
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naturopathic doctor | kerri-lynn lapointe nd | toronto, etobicoke, milton
i am a licensed naturopathic doctor practicing family medicine in toronto, etobicoke, and milton.
health, alternative, pain, therapy, milton, holistic, medicine, healthcare, naturopathic, doctor, natural, nippissing, body, christie, danforth, riverdale, lapointe, chester, royal, west
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gibbs natural healing centre: homepage
at gibbs natural healing centre, pc our mission is to help effect positive change in an individual's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being by providing chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, classical chinese medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy and other natural approaches in a caring, healing environment to facilitate the fulfillment of his or her potential in these areas.
natural, medicine, healthcare, center, gibbs, healing, alternative, holistic, mary, lyme, chinese, complimentaly, centre, disease, chiropractic, illness, acupunture, naturopathic, chronic, health
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ihcpaa - welcome
medicine, caring, doctor, acupuncture, alternative, family, holistic, naturopathy, naturopath, integrative
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healing medicine in portsmouth, nh
learn about healing medicine specializing in health and medical in portsmouth, nh from this business profile provided by network solutions
medicine, healing, holistic, brennan, medical, energy, practitioner, doctors, barbara, integrative, healingmedicine, network, solutions, health, profile, business, school, bbsh, behavioral, science
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dr. bruce dooley, m.d. | advanced natural medicine wellness center jupiter florida
dr. bruce dooley specializes in edta chelation therapy, mercury detoxification, heart disease and anti aging therapies.
medicine, natural, jupiter, anti, therapies, aging, advanced, detoxification, dooley, bruce, edta, chelation, mercury, therapy
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breakthrough medicine - cottonwood, az - holistic health services
nestled in the beautiful verde valley of arizona, breakthrough medicine provides conventional and holistic medical treatment for men, women, and children.
holistic, health, natural, treatment, medical, medicine
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natural, treatment, denver, doctor, holistic, acupuncture, food, westminster, fatigue, testing, pain, migraine, naturopathic, littleton, hormone, liver, gagliardi, stagnation, spleen, eczema
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antiaging medicine mexicali | aesthetic medicine in mexicomedicina estetica
aesthetic medicine mexicali. high quality medical treatment in mexicali. antiaging medicine, botox, stem cells, smart lipo, facial lift.aesthetic medicine.
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naturopath brisbane
naturally for you health, lauren stark naturopath holistic health and wellness through naturopathy, nutrition swedish massage, pamper parties, natural skincare
stark, lauren, naturopath, pamper, party, nutrition, massage, brisbane, natural, naturallyforyouhealth
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alternative medicine australia: alternative doctors in australia: your health
alternative medicine in australia - your health are located in australia are a group of alternative / holistic doctors. they are the leaders in integrative medicine providing the optimal blend of natural / alternative medicine and tradition medical treatment.
alternative, medicine, australia, holistic, clinic, doctors, practitioners, natural
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natural therapy pages - alternative medicine, natural therapists
natural therapy pages is a natural therapies and natural health site, where you can search for practitioners and natural health clinics or learn more about natural therapies
natural, health, medicine, herbal, herbs, homeopathy, naturopath, yoga, vitamins, massage, remedial, nutrition, healing, acupuncture, australia, pages, therapy, zealand, united, directory
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alternative medicine | holistic | functional | granger in
family-centered practice located in granger, in that integrates the traditional practices of western medicine along with the practice of functional medicine
medicine, bend, south, granger, elkhart, holistic, alternative, integrative, natural, wellness, michiana
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new paradigm integrative health naturopathic medicine & holistic health - your trusted source for naturopathic medicine
new paradigm integrative health is a naturopathic telehealth service. we treat the cause of your health issues, not just the symptoms.
medicine, telemedicine, holistic, naturopathic, integrative, consultations, naturopath, telehealth