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p2016 race for the white house - by democracy in action
a framework for following and understanding the 2016 presidential campaign, with documents, press releases and photos, presented by democracy in action p2016
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p2012 race for the white house - the 2012 presidential campaign by democracy in action
democracy in action p2012: a framework for understanding and following the 2012 presidential campaign.
2012, presidential, site, rick, campaign, successor, romney, mitt, paul, election, newt, cain, herman, michele, pacs, super, americans, elect, gingrich, bachmann
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presidential endorsement poll | national people's action campaign
who should national peoples action campaign endorse for president? cast your vote before february 21 at 11:59pm cst!
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official kevin mccormick for president 2016
the official campaign website for the presidential campaign of united states libertarian kevin mccormick.
husband, father, friend, neighbor, libertarian, candidate, mccormick, 2016, presidential, kevin
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pushing democracy since 1995 | wisconsin democracy campaign
the wisconsin democracy campaign is a nonpartisan watchdog group working for clean, open and honest government and reforms that make people matter more than money in politics.
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presidential campaigns and candidates
election, john, presidential, clinton, campaign, 2012, 2016, hillary, george, mitt, bush, romney, campaigns, 2008, 2004, humphrey, richard, hubert, nixon, lyndon
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campaign for peace and democracy
the campaign for peace and democracy promotes a new, progressive, and non-militaristic u.s. foreign policy that renounces power politics and uses cooperation, aid, and political support to encourage democratization and social change throughout the world
peace, iraq, democracy, international, democratic, scholars, independent, grass, justice, economic, roots, labor, activists, terrorism, antiwar, movement, foreign, statement, campaign, policy
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occupy democracy | because democracy is in crisis and we want real democracy now!
re-imagine democracy – towards a citizen’s convention on the constitution jointly called by assemblies for democracy and occupy democracy at the runnymede festival for democracy on the 800th anniversary of the magna carta. saturday, 14 november 2015 from 10:45 to 16:30 waterloo action centre baylis road, se1 7aa john mcdonnell mp, labour shadow chancellor natalie
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practicing democracy forum
policies and politics discussion represents democracy in action. diversity of opinions and a healthy debate is encouraged.
democracy, policies, politics, republicans, future, international, democrats, affairs, silent, action, inaction, majority, shaping
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welcome to! | roseanneworld
learn more about roseannes 2012 presidential campaign platform and how you can help to change the face of american democracy for future generations!
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nrcat action fund
the national religious campaign against torture action fund engages in public policy advocacy and electoral campaign work to end u.s.-sponsored torture, and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.
torture, guide, nrcat, congressional, campaign, against, legislation, voter, scorecard, presidential, birddogging, vote, card, score, national, churches, voting, banners, across, action
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idk not trump tho 2016
trump, campaign, sign, sticker, bumper, president, donald, presidential
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aimspoll | drive the agenda for the 2016 presidential campaign
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trump 2016 australia
an australian campaign in support of donald trump and his presidential campaign.
donald, trump, white, republican, 2016, house, president, australia, australian, campaign, presidencial
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home - martin hahn-2016 presidential campaign committee
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motorcycle action group
mag - morotcycle action group is the leading riders rights organisation in the uk
politics, campaign, voters, motorcyclist, farmyard, rally, rallies, party, democracy, fight, group, action, motorcycle, motorbike, bike, rights, bikers, biker
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unlock democracy
unlock democracy is a grassroots campaign for democratic reform and participation. we campaign for voting reform, transparent and accountable government, and including women and young people in our political system. find out more about us here.
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presidential campaign websites 1996 to 2016
presidential, rick, john, bush, 2008, george, election, campaigns, 2004, 2000, kennedy, campaign, 1984, 1976, 1972, 1980, lyndon, 1992, 1988, 1996
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presidential candidates
2016 presidential candidate profiles ♦ 2016 presidential election
candidates, presidential
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vote match 2015 — unlock democracy
unlock democracy is a grassroots campaign for democratic reform and participation. we campaign for voting reform, transparent and accountable government, and including women and young people in our political system. find out more about us here.
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save the democracy - the incoming difference
efforts to make this world a better place, by making people aware with the positive stories and cases/stories that compels us to think and take action.
save, revolution, democracy, opinions, information, news, green, debates, take, action, politics
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2016 presidential endorsements |
an aggregation of major newspaper endorsements for the 2016 presidential race. including a scorecard that summarizes the number of endorsements and readers, plus a comparison of 2008 and 2012 endorsements.
president, newspaper, 2016, endorsements, clinton, trump, endorse, presidential, major
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kids pick the president
kids pick the president is a multiplatform grassroots campaign that empowers kids to be involved in the presidential election process. it has been part of nickelodeon for the last 28 years, and 2016 marks the 8th presidential election cycle covered in depth by this project.
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jen sorensen | cartoonist, writer, cultural panopticon
elections, inequality, finance, campaign, voter, plutocracy, democracy, corruption, 2016, tanf, citizens, united, voters, doctors, bombings, without, borders, hospital, policy, foreign
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us presidential election day 2016
presidential election 2016 that is the biggest decision day between donald trump vs hillary clinton. us election day 2016 polls results will be announced on 8 november.
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on may 28, 2009, in this space, we published a well-researched article entitled, “who stole your social security and why?” the idea was to clarify the concept
rights, budgets, health, care, campaign, presidential, obstruction, taxes, 2016, labor, wall, abortion, culture, general, romney, media, street, government, intervention, lobbying
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2016 presidential debate schedule | covering 2016 presidential and primary debates
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the new era reformist club
democracy, funding, election, american, aipac, groups, israel, affairs, committee, interest, policy, corporations, campaign, representative, economic, inequality, direct, multinational, special
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lindsey graham for president 2016 |
the official 2016 presidential campaign website of lindsey graham.
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u.s. campaign for burma - home
us campaign for burma utilizes u.s. government and policy to help leverage and promote human rights, democracy, and freedom for all persons in burma/myanmar.
burma, myanmar, democracy, southeast, asia, freedom, rights, campaign, human
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the democracy defined website. the campaign for restoration & universal adoption of trial by jury.
i have the right to vote, so i live in a democracy, right? — wrong ! suffrage does not define democracy. the democracy defined educational campaign for restoration of jury nullification of unjust law: genuine trial by jury.
jury, cannabis, referendum, nullification, british, democracy, nazi, constitutions, constitution, universal, adoption, european, stalin, rights, judges, juries, prohibition, trial, communism, despotism
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bluestatered - president 2016 campaign t-shirts - very comfortable!
the most comfortable t-shirt you will ever wear! 100% money back guarantee. support ted cruz, donald trump, marco rubio, rand paul, carly fiorina, jeb bush...
campaign, party, huckabee, carly, mike, trump, fiorina, donald, warren, presidential, paul, rand, bush, elizabeth, carson, scott, cruz, president, walker, marco
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atherton presidential productions - your source for presidential quotation note cards
we specialize in note cards printed with famous quotes by the 44 presidents of the united states.
presidential, quotations, quotes, cards, reagan, historic, collectables, notecards, ideas, gift, ronald, lincoln, abraham, famous, franklin, john, roosevelt, kennedy
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2016 election | republican & democratic candidates, news & forums
the 2016 us presidential election campaign has started. join the debate on election predictions, news, issues & candidates.
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us election 2016 results | 2016 primary election results
us 2016 elections: campaign news, polls, results, presidential candidates.usa election 2016, us election results 2016, primary election results
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caucus 101 - official iowa caucus education curriculum
the official iowa caucus education site can be used for any iowa core, government class to educate students about the 2016 caucus and political process.
government, iowa, caucus, presidential, curriculum, civics, election, 2016, core, education, political, high, school, state, secretary, class, candidate, requirements, campaign, vote
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opencampaign - all politics is local!
all politics is local. opencampaign is a political social network that matches individuals and politicians by local and national issues. opencampaign is the evolution of politics in the 21st century that draws voters and politicians into a virtual town hall to create, discuss and highlight important issues. who should i vote for 2016. who should i vote for. gary johnson, donald trump, hillary clinton, jill stein, darrel castle, 3rd party candidate 2016, third party candidate 2016
2016, quiz, candidate, local, politics, presidential, issues, party, election, should, vote, network, social, politicial, hall, campaign, management, national, influence, third
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usamericana ~ presidential, political & historical memorabilia & collectibles
we are your source for the best in political and presidential pinbacks and badges, tokens and medals, posters and paper ephemera, textiles, ceramics, 3d and more. 1000+ items available from george washington to barrack obama, priced from 95 cents to $1, 000+.
political, items, memorabilia, campaign, pinbacks, buttons, heritage, history, apic, french, vintage, badges, historical, collectors, pinback, presidential, poster, ribbons, broadsides
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the living room candidate
an archive of presidential campaign commercials from 1952 to the present, organized by year, type, and issue, with teacher resources and playlists by experts.
presidential, race, playlist, campaigns, commercials, political, politics
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campaign compliance group campaign compliance group | accounting services for political candidates, committees, and donors
campaign compliance group assists a wide range of clients, including candidates, political action committees, and major donors in complying with complex campaign reporting requirements under federal, state, and local laws.
campaign, treasurer, accounting, compliance, political, county, california, finance, orange
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our  voices  arkansas |
their deeds tell us who they are. action is truth in politics (and in life).
arkansas, marriage, conway, rights, responsibility, rfra, cotton, 2016, jason, rapert, governor, senator, cities, constitution, liberty, human, campaign, individual, ruling, sanctuary
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news balita
presidential candidate of mayor rodrigo roa duterte campaign
duterte, campaign, rodrigo, mayor, candidate, presidential
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campaigns, elections & political ads! | i agree to see
i agree to see is a building an audience of people who like watching political ads. check out the latest news leading up to election from campaigns around the country.
political, campaign, election, best, party, advertising, consultants, cartoons, funny, media, negative, race, consultant, republican, campaigns, candidate, democratic, television, presidential
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california disclose act -- california clean money campaign: california clean money campaign
the california clean money campaign educates voters on how clean money/fair elections public financing will take special-interest money out of californian politics and revitalize our democracy.
money, elections, government, special, clean, campaign, reform, fair, public, funds, matching, lobbyists, interest, politics, interests, turnout, voter, lobbying, democracy, california
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aristotle political technology to power democracy.
we power democracy. providing technology, data, and strategy for your campaign and public affairs needs.
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millennials rising pac - contribute
started by millennials, we are a super pac that aims to engage millennial voters ahead of the 2016 presidential election in support of jeb bush's presidential candidacy.
millennials, rising, 2016, president, bush
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who do you like 2016 - elections, news, opinions, analysis, videos and polls
show which presidential candidates you like and get the latest political news, opinions and polling data.
election, news, presidential, political, poll, nominee, nomination, democratic, 2016, analysis, politics, general, elections
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first budget was a joint initiative of the concord coalition and the campaign to fix the debt that was focused on raising awareness in iowa and new hampshire about the dangers posed by the nation’s unsustainable budget policies and to make solving this problem a high priority for the 2016 presidential candidates.  now that the
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49 | 2016 gop news, polls and blogs for republicans & conservatives is a news and commentary site devoted to daily coverage of the 2016 republican nomination contest and the 2016 presidential general
primary, paul, caucuses, 2016, republican, iowa, barack, primaries, obama, hampshire, calendar, president, race, nevada, carolina, conservative, south, rick, sarah, palin
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socialist central committee | america's socialist party
countdown clock to the 2016 presidential election presented by the socialist central committee of america's socialist party
2016, presidential, campaign, clock, countdown, party, central, committee, socialist
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presidential polls 2016, elections results, news, predictions
latest presidential polls 2016 for u.s elections 2016 news, results, predictions, candidates analysis around republican and democratic campaigns.
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monterey county green party -
monterey county green party activists campaign for winners. we've petitioned and stopped mst development on coastal forest land, work on removing the corrupting influence of money in politics, campaign for public ownership of our water system, and more.other green party activities: green party regular segments on krxa 540 am radio member of pea...
green, party, county, monterey, organization
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campaign finance - money, political finance, campaign contributions
campaign finance, money, american politics, american political campaign contributions, presidential campaign contributions, barack obama, hillary clinton, rand paul, marco rubio
campaign, contributions, american, rand, clinton, paul, rubio, marco, hillary, presidential, money, finance, politics, political, barack, obama
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rally against omalley "making sure 2016 doesnt happen"
chronicling the 2016 presidential run of martin omalley. his adminstration ran maryland into the ground, imagine what he could do for the country.
malley, martin, drudge, 2016, presidential, omalley, rain
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laura's official home on the web
code red rally laura ingraham the home page for political commentator and talk show host laura ingraham. a new breed of talk show, for a new breed of listener.
bush, election, republican, political, campaign, george, presidential, republicans, party, parties, president, conservative, show, talk, candidate, radio, 2000, senate, activism, government
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zimbabwe election | latest news on voting & democracy – campaign for free & fair elections in zimbabwe. democracy, transparency and the rule of law. youll find the latest news on zimbabwe politics, voting, polls and democracy. join us on facebook and twitter.
campaign for free & fair elections in zimbabwe. democracy, transparency and the rule of law. youll find the latest news on zimbabwe politics, voting, polls and democracy. join us on facebook and twitter.
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presidential debate 2016, schedule, election results, polls, news
latest presidential debate 2016 schedule info for us election 2016 news, polls, results, predictions, around republican and democratic campaigns.
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58 | learn to code faster, better, together.
oncebuilder is the most promising framework, you can mange your projects, plugins, backups, resources, libraires, tools in one place.
framework, oncebuilder, builder, development, rapid, developer, best, micro, application
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59 | ignite liberty in the 2016 presidential primary
leveraging a track record of 76 electoral wins in new hampshire, stark360 will ignite liberty in the 2016 presidential primary
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as our elections become increasingly flooded with special interest money, americans have lost hope in our democracy. counterpac has a plan to restore it.
money, campaign, spending, finance, attack, outside, dark, untraceable, citizens, reform, election, transparency, counterpac, united
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ca vote 2016
let’s keep california moving forward by getting democrats to the polls in november. with more than 60 field offices taking part in this year’s ca vote 2016 campaign, there’s a campaign office near you. click here to help and volunteer today.
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the o'dell center
democracy education reflection and action are two elements of a single well-lived personality.  action without reflection is disempowering and arrogant.  reflection without action is weak and anemic. reflection does not prove our action, but rather our action proves our reflection. the jack hunter o’dell education and reflection center, located between seattle and tacoma, washington on
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nina illingworth dot com | "when the revolution is for everyone, everyone will be for the revolution"
terrifying 2006 film about voting machine fraud in us presidential elections. part of our "wicked game: the clandestine murder of democracy in america" series.
clinton, election, sexual, ohio, media, voting, first, computer, hacking, democracy, juanita, willey, kathleen, elections, broaddrick, justice, indictment, democratic, crimes, lady
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the best democracy money can buy - a greg palast film
who is stealing 2016 election? greg palast investigates the billionaires and ballot bandits who are trying to steal your vote. learn more and take action!
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ivy league lifestyle | ivy league parties, ivy league schools, ivy league athletics
freshman, college, research, sleep, league, university, yale, news, health, president, startup, 2016, presidential, harvard, campaign, releases, education, decision, science, from
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empowervote home page. discover your choices. own your vote.
who should i vote for? i'm a candidate. discover your choices. own your vote for all types of election scenarios.
political, candidates, campaign, vote, local, voter, politicians, primary, republican, elections, party, voting, issues, independent, help, politics, democratic, management, presidential, matching
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explain politics — 2016 presidential election coverage
2016 presidential election coverage
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the hill politics — 2016 presidential election coverage
2016 presidential election coverage
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candidate comparison
compare 2016 presidential candidate profiles ♦ 2016 presidential election
candidates, comparison, compare
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framework home page & the fred computer language, framework iv, ii, iii, v, vi, vi, vii
framework, computer, language, fred, interpreter, programming, dbase, files, functions, borland, selections, object, handheld, computers, psion, oriented, software, file, viii, home
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robby wells for president
2016 democratic presidential candidate robby wells has an eaglenomics plan to restore our economy by bringing back manufacturing jobs, energy independence, educational restoration, universal childcare, and much more...
robby, wells, candidate, presidential, democratic, 2016
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independent candidates
2016 independent presidential candidate profiles ♦ 2016 presidential election
candidates, independent
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sandy rios
official website of radio personality, sandy rios, fox news contributor, president of the culture campaign, and columnist. whether defending america’s military, advocating for religious freedom, analyzing presidential politics, or the social and moral dilemmas of the day, sandy brings her unique perspective to a wide variety of issues.
sandy, radio, rios, presidential, freedom, politics, show, network, salem, religious, personality, culture, news, campaign, townhall
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uganda elections 2016-all information and updates in the 2016 uganda elections,uganda news
find all the latest news and information on the 2016 uganda elections. follow presidential aspirants campaign trails, updates and news from the various camps. kampala mayor elections and parliamentary elections for uganda
news, uganda, vision, election, mbabazi, breaking, ugandan, amama, museveni, 2016, besigye, yoweri, barya, kampala
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a personal blog regarding senator bernie sanders presidential campaign.
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president mahinda rajapaksa | sri lanka presidential election campaign 2015
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freedom collection
freedom collection - with the freedom collection, the bush institute will send a message to dissidents and underground preachers and political prisoners around the world: we hear your voice, and as you stand for your freedom, free people will stand with you.
freedom, democracy, collection, archive, political, promote, presidential, george, bush, center
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insidegov | government data visualized
insidegov brings together data from the u.s. government and transparency websites to provide visual knowledge for the average taxpayer.
campaign, finance, government, supreme, court, contracts, election, congress, presidential, race, president, politics
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vocaleyes : community voting - turning ideas into action. vocaleyes is an advanced participation and engagement tool.
vocaleyes: turning ideas into action. an advanced participation and engagement tool for any group, business or communinity
vocaleyes, tool, citizenship, digital, democracy, localise, consultation, shire, initiative, vocalise, idea, building, empowerment, consensus, management, participation, eyes, crowdsourcing, community, strategy
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keeping track of the fec violations made by bernie sanders' presidential campaign
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framework studio
framework is an award-winning creative production company integrating live-action, motion graphics and post-production.
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2016 dream ticket: whom would you like to see as the gop presidential nominee in 2016?
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welcome to the democracy forum | the democracyforum ltd
democracy, democracy forum, london democracy, uk democracy, indian democracy, democratic society, british democracy forum,
democracy, forum, society, british, democratic, london, indian
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php framework - nova framework - a simple mvc framework
nova framework (formerly known as simple mvc framework) is a php 5.5 mvc framework. designed to be lightweight and modular, allowing developers to build better and easy to maintain code with php.
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professional support for your kickstarter campaign
get your kickstarter campaign funded. we offer a range of professional services, from kickstarter press releases to targeted traffic, social media, ...
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professional support for your kickstarter campaign
get your kickstarter campaign funded. we offer a range of professional services, from kickstarter press releases to targeted traffic, social media, ...
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yii php framework: best for web 2.0 development
yii is a high-performance component-based php framework best for web 2.0 development.
framework, jquery, ajax, comparison, frameworks, best
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yii php framework: best for web 2.0 development
yii is a high-performance component-based php framework best for web 2.0 development.
framework, jquery, ajax, comparison, frameworks, best
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presidential blitz
is the 2016 presidential race between donald trump and hillary clinton getting a little too serious? laugh it off while playing this fun retro video game, presidential blitz!
trump, hillary, clinton, donald, game, blitz, retro, video, presidential
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que me : action for democracy in vietnam
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presidential experience | a nonpartisan tribute to presidential history
america presidential experience is a unique traveling presentation of exhibits that celebrates and brings to life the american presidency in an entertaining and educational format.
exhibits, lady, airforce, political, first, presidency, democratic, convention, american, presidential
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evoteamerica - re-engineering democracy - from 'the 1%' to 'the 100%'
interested in becoming an evoting candidate? no political experience or campaign donations are required.
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bernie post - bernie sanders news
the bernie post is the only dedicated bernie sanders news outlet, covering the bernie 2016 presidential election campaign.
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ppc campaign generator - ppc campaign generation software
ppc campaign generator software lets search engine marketing agencies, paid search managers, business owners & affiliate marketers generate ppc campaigns fast.
campaign, maker, builder, generator, creator
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the 2016 kentucky caucus - gop - republican presidential ky caucus
the republican 2016 kentucky caucus - learn more about the first kentucky caucus including the republican presidential candidates, faqs & caucus locations.
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webnodes semantic cms -
webnodes is an enterprise quality cms framework. its suitable for a wide range of project types, ranging from small campaign sites to large multinational web presences.
content, management, topic, maps, ontology, framework, system
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marc nuttle - home
marc nuttle has been involved in a federal campaign in all 50 states, managed a presidential campaign and advised 5 presidents of the united states.
report, nuttle, moment, truth, lawyer, author, political, ronald, reagan, conservative, marc, consultant
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fairvote action | • power up democracy 2.0 •
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hillary men for hillary clinton
peter daou and tom watson founded #hillarymen to provide actionable analysis of the 2016 campaign focusing on the gender barrier in u.s. politics. peter is a former senior digital adviser to hillary clinton and the clinton global initiative. he is a veteran of two presidential campaigns (kerry '04 and clinton '08). tom is an author and columbia university lecturer who advises companies and non-profits on social activism.
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george w. bush presidential center: home to the bush presidential library and museum and the bush institute
immerse yourself in history as you explore the presidency of george w. bush at the bush center or join us in our effort to solve today's most pressing challenges by developing leaders, fostering policy, and taking action with the bush institute.
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doophp - the fastest mvc based php framework
doo is a high-performance mvc-based php framework for developing web 2.0 applications rapidly.
framework, jquery, ajax, programming, easy, record, datamapper, fastest, rest, active
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102 - accueil
cooptation et offres d'emploi sur, plateforme collaborative de l'emploi. développez et exploitez votre réseau professionnel pour trouver un nouvel emploi ou coopter d'autres membres. inscrivez vous maintenant !
recrutement, conseils, recruiters, advice, action, embauche, salaire, prime, comprofiler, userprofile, contact, relation, cooptation, coopter, coopteur, cooptaction, recruter, recruteur, cooptant, emploi
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oneamerica votes | democracy and justice in action
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coprosper affiliate network | affiliate marketing, traffic | cost per action (cpa) campaign
coprosper affiliate marketing specialist. we help you to maximize the revenue from your website. contact us for affiliate and cpa advertising: cpa cost per action campaign, cost per sale, cost per lead and performance based marketing.
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105 | send highly targeted messages to potential voters on your elections campaigns in nigeria| offers a platform to send elections campaign messages via sms, mail or phone to highly targeted voters any in geographical zone, ward, polling station, local government or state in nigeria
nigeria, elections, assembly, house, representatives, national, councillorship, state, senate, government, commission, campaign, electoral, independent, presidential, chairman, local, political, parties, inec
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blue frontier | website & campaign management software for dems
blue frontier provides everything a democrat needs to run a great campaign. campaign website, online donations, email blasts, and event rsvps all in the cloud.
campaign, political, website, websites, contributions, donations, fundraising, online, limits, tools, best, management, candidate, credit, card, posters, reports, template, finance, donors
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poll headlines | 2016 presidential polls, latest political polls, 2016 gop primary poll
poll headlines provides the latest election poll results, including the poll averages, poll charts, interactive election maps, and 2016 election predictions
polls, election, 2012, political, poll, current, presidential, national, polling
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the new york times - breaking news, world news & multimedia
the new york times: find breaking news, multimedia, reviews & opinion on washington, business, sports, movies, travel, books, jobs, education, real estate, cars & more at
united, climate, change, framework, global, warming, nations, convention, greenhouse, emissions, paris, states, immigration, emigration, obama, barack, 2016, clinton, election, presidential
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the new york times - breaking news, world news & multimedia
the new york times: find breaking news, multimedia, reviews & opinion on washington, business, sports, movies, travel, books, jobs, education, real estate, cars & more at
united, climate, change, framework, global, warming, nations, convention, greenhouse, emissions, paris, states, immigration, emigration, obama, barack, 2016, clinton, election, presidential
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local business week 2016 - local business week may 16 - 22nd may 2016
​local business week is an annual campaign encouraging the public to buy more from their local businesses as well as giving local business owners access to advice and resources they can use to compete with the big guys.
local, store, 2016, business, week, trade, 22nd, news, group, boss, advice, shop, cafe, quiz, radio, independent, relations, campaign, media
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可爱滴web开发框架 - lmlphp framework
lmlphp框架为自由灵活高性能的web开发而生, 它拥有体积小, 纯面向对象, mvc架构, 强大的路由, 强大的debug工具, 代码安全, 使用方便, 自动更新等优点.它遵循mit开源协议, 对商业支持良好, 可以免费使用.lmlphp framework, a fully object-oriented php framework, keep it light, magnificent, lovely.
framework, development, lmlphp
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campaign legal center | representing the public interest to protect and strengthen our democracy
representing the public interest to protect and strengthen our democracy
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113 - latest album releases free download
new album releases free download
music, download, 2016, album, free, 2015, albums, alben, metal, musik, dance, rock, electronic, latest, releases, upcoming, best, uploaded, share, leaks
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2016 - presidential polls
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democracy fund: of, by, and for the people
the democracy fund invests in social entrepreneurs working to ensure that our political system is responsive to the public and able to meet the greatest challenges facing our nation.
bipartisan, investment, politics, omidyar, democracy
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free online petitions for change - democracy in action
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youth forum for democracy and citizenship
the youth forum for democracy and citizenship is a registered non-profit moroccan association that aims at instilling the values of democracy and good practices of citizenship among young people in the world
civil, society, civic, participation, empowerment, citizenship, youth, forum, democracy, yfdc
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hawaii alliance for progressive action
hawaii alliance for progressive action (hapa) is a kauai-based, statewide organization dedicated toward the advocacy of people over profits and a revitalization of grassroots democracy.
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young progressive voices | presidential election 2016 news
progressive political news, 2016 presidential election coverage and political breaking news by young progressive voices: a new generation of progressive thought.
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young progressive voices | presidential election 2016 news
progressive political news, 2016 presidential election coverage and political breaking news by young progressive voices: a new generation of progressive thought.
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democracy is not freedom
democracy, matters, iraq, truth, bush, george, afghanistan, imperial, america, states, united, imperialism, democrat, collectivism, control, freedom, liberty, liberal, second, amendment
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commit 2 vote 2016 landing page commit 2 vote 2016
in this century, every u.s. presidential election has been won by a slim margin. you vote in 2016 matters. focus on the family wants you to commit to vote.
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the millennium development goals expire in 2015. beyond 2015 is a global campaign aiming to influence the creation of a post-2015 development framework.
2015, must, haves, mdgs, framework, post, collaboration, beyond, development
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committee for open democracy, home
the purpose and mission of the committee for open democracy is to observe and monitor elections domestically and internationally to evaluate transparency,
ukraine, democracy, observation, election
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php framework - simple mvc framework
simple mvc framework is a php 5.4 mvc framework. designed to be lightweight and modular, allowing developers to build better and easy to maintain code with php.
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the green papers: united states off year election 2015
the green papers: 2015 off year election. facts, figures, and tidbits about the general election, primaries, caucuses, delegate selection plan, state and national political conventions, and candidates.
election, presidential, plan, selection, delegate, house, national, convention, primary, caucus, democrat, debates, term, candidate, president, electoral, representatives, governor, senate, reform
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usa democratic news | democracy and the freedom of choice
photo credit: republican presidential candidate, trump once again, is threatening violence against his rival politicians. he sent out a
clinton, hilllary, hillary, trump, sanders, donald, bernie
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2016 - 2017 official site for new car release dates, price, photos, list of new car, suvs, crossovers, hybrids, pickups releases - 2016 2017 new cars, coming soon cars: new car models for 2016/2017
coming soon cars: new models for 2016/2017. release date, price, engine and specification of new cars for 2016 – 2017! don't buy a new car until you've read this - our ultimate guide to the new cars coming in 2016
2016, tips, videos, photos, news, advice, info, sell, read, pics, sports, your, reviews, vehicle, 2017, rating, buying, latest, maintaining, selling
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washington community action network | making democracy work, one person at a time!
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opendcn - fre e-democracy
piattaforma open source per l'e-participation e l'e-democracy
online, rete, civica, democrazia, opendcn
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recess php framework
recess is an open source, full-stack php framework that uses rest, annotations, and strong object-oriented design. recess simplifies web 2.0 development in php.
framework, ajax, jquery, restful, rest
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presidential duel
decide between the candidates donald trump and hillary clinton for the united states presidential election of 2016 in the most exciting opinion poll.
trump, clinton, poll, debate, hillary, donald, election, 2016, pence, opinion, election2016, presidential, numbers, polls
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ala arkansas girls state (official)
are you up for the challenge? developing leadership skills, confidence and action-based understanding of the government process gives young women a lasting foundation for success, both personally and professionally. the american legion auxiliary believes that educating youth about the basic ideals and principles of government will help ensure the survival of our democracy. ala arkansas girls state is a unique and exciting government-in-action learning program in which auxiliary members guide young women to become knowledgeable stewards of freedom, democracy and patriotic citizens
state, girls, arkansas, auxiliary, american, legion
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tools and opportunities to build democracy | citizen works
citizen works gives people the tools and opportunities to build democracy. we develop innovative and systemic means to advance the progressive citizen movement.
corporate, planning, reform, movements, campaign, movement, citizen, control, ralph, nader, theresa, amato, power
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welcome to recyclenow - a civic action campaign of the recycling alliance of philadelphia
recyclenow is a civic action campaign of the recycling alliance of philadelphia. it seeks to improve recycling for residents of philadelphia and is the top source for information about recycling in th city of philadelphia.
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genesis framework outline
a full outline of the folders, files, functions, action hooks and filter hooks of the genesis framework.
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american islamic forum for democracy
the american islamic forum for democracy’s (aifd) mission is to advocate for the preservation of the founding principles of the united states constitution,
democracy, muslim, liberty, forum, american, islamic, aifd
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donald trump 2016 - make america great again!
an unofficial blog about donald trump, 2016 presidential gop candidate.
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movies etc, the leader in online home entertainment information
movies etc is a source for dvd and blu-ray release information as well as theatrical releases and celebrities.
releases, video, rumors, news, celebrity, gossip, star, movie, profiles, coming, upcoming, soon, movies
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they say that democracy has taken our fleg, well lets say no to democracy and yes to our fleg. the loyalists of ulster would like to exclude ourselves from democracy and insist that our fleg is flow...
commonwealth, games, israel, loyalists, belfast, gaza
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dead presidents
a journey through presidential history with compelling stories, intriguing facts, original writing, and answers to your questions about the presidency, presidential politics, and each of the american...
politics, books, presidential, history, presidents
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presidential candidate, legalize marijuana, skip for president 2016
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2016 presidential election interactive map and history of the electoral college
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presidential mortgage group - presidential mortgage
presidential mortgage group provides competitive mortgages and home loans including conventional, fha, va, and construction loans to customers in va, md, pa, and nj. contact us today to learn more!
mortgage, loan, loans, home, presidential, business, refinance, lending, bankers, group, news, construction, corporate, bonds, officer
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presidential mortgage group - presidential mortgage
presidential mortgage group provides competitive mortgages and home loans including conventional, fha, va, and construction loans to customers in va, md, pa, and nj. contact us today to learn more!
mortgage, loan, loans, home, presidential, business, refinance, lending, bankers, group, news, construction, corporate, bonds, officer
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take action
protect democracy from corporate criminals stop the influence of criminal corporations in our election system
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home, houston public relations, houston press releases, public relations campaign, susan love fitts
whether you need to announce one news item or initiate a full public relations campaign, susan love fitts communications delivers your message to the right contacts and get the desired results.
houston, media, outlets, business, online, social, broadcasting, journal, marketing, fitts, communications, love, susan, firms, print, coverage, communictations, press, building, image
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dvd verdict - a class action approach to film criticism
dvd verdict: purveyor of blu-ray and dvd reviews, upcoming dvd releases, podcasts, and sweepstakes
releases, podcast, sweepstakes, contests, upcoming, dates, movie, reviews, release
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earthaction's mission is to inform and inspire people everywhere to turn their concern, passion and outrage into meaningful action for a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.
action, environmental, activism, environment, education, justice, peace, global, policy, 2020, barber, lois, campaign, tariff, sustainable, earth, nonprofit, sustainability, natural, grassroots
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presidential pets - presidential pet museum - photos and information
looking for information about presidents pets? the presidential pet museum highlights past and current white house pets, including bo obama and many more.
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hollywood news - dvd release dates, imdb, movie releases 2016
dvd release dates, imdb, movie releases 2016
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democracy corps
party, democracy, democrats, polling
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icc world t20 - is back in action icc world t20
icc world t20 2016 - is bak in action....icc world t20 live score, highlights, squads, scoreboard, and more update of icc world t20 2016...
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new music videos 2016 | new popular pop songs and singles
[td_block_16 custom_title='pop' custom_url='' he
popular, music, 2016, videos, from, songs, album, releases, singles
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cygnite php framework- the new cool kid!
cygnite- the modern php framework for web developers.
cygnite, framework, routing, namespaces, restful, providers, container, hmvc, service, builder, sanjoy, dynamic, finders, database, schema, migration
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lightweight responsive css framework
lightweight, more intuitive and useful responsive css framework. since we care about maximal usability of framework, all components are fully responsive.
responsive, framework, site, grid, lightweight
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national people's action campaign | take action for people and the planet
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presidential museums - historic sites and libraries
presidential museums is your primary portal for presidential museums, libraries, birthplaces, centers, and other notable places of historic importance.
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mtvs elect this campaign
mtvs elect this campaign is here to help you elect to have your own conversation, elect new ideas and real action, and elect to have the candidates listen to you for a change. so lets get started.
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dr. ron paul - presidential candidate 2016
moments from marco rubio's career florida sen.
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hunger action month™ | feeding america®
hunger action month (september) is the feeding america network’s nationwide awareness campaign to take action on ending hunger. get involved!
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democracy & freedom watch | - democracy & freedom watch | reporting on the state of georgian democracy
reporting on the state of georgian democracy
georgia, news, freedom, abuse, south, visa, prisoner, policy, patriarch, orthodox, prison, mtskheta, foreign, church, caucasus, democracy, abkhazia, ossetia, georgien, tbilisi
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elastic css framework
powerful css framework
layout, style, column, adaptive, breezi, wordpress, javascript, framework, design
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tac - treatment action campaign
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showbiz video, the leader in online home entertainment information
showbiz video is a source for dvd and blu-ray release information as well as theatrical releases and celebrities.
video, releases, rumors, news, celebrity, star, profiles, movie, gossip, soon, upcoming, showbiz, coming
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the video store, the leader in online home entertainment information
the video store is a source for dvd and blu-ray release information as well as theatrical releases and celebrities.
video, releases, rumors, news, celebrity, star, profiles, movie, gossip, coming, store, upcoming, soon
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mega - movies
search megamovie , action , horror , comedy , sci-fi , western , drama , animated , cartoon , new releases and more
cartoon, animated, releases, more, drama, western, action, megamovie, horror, comedy, search
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athens democracy forum · nyt conferences
as the world lurches from crisis to crisis, democracy is under extreme pressure. from the rise of islamist extremism and regimes in states that reject liberal democracy, to growing inequality and the rapid expansion of new technologies, democratic foundations are being threatened in a world where profound changes happen almost overnight. in this era of global uncertainty, these issues and more will frame the debate at the third, expanded athens democracy forum (september 13-15). the event, hosted by the international new york times and the united nations democracy fund, takes place in athens, greece - a living showcase of democracy under extreme challenge as the nation once again goes to the polls on september 20.greece may be the birthplace of democracy but, in recent years, the nation has had its foundations shaken by a political, economic and social crisis that has threatened, at times, to tear europe apart. and in other parts of the world, the arab spring, the maidan protests
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parliamentarians for global action
parliamentarians for global action (pga) - a non-profit, non-partisan international network of over 1, 200 legislators in more than 140 elected parliaments around the globe.
international, issues, human, population, development, sustainable, rights, network, democracy, peace, equality, court, global, politicians, politics, legislators, action, rule, parliamentarians, criminal
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home - vote on 2016 political polls
stay up to date with the latest political polls for the 2016 presidential race between donald trump, hillary clinton, and bernie sanders. vote now!
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action man
vintage action man collectors unofficial website and tribute (1960s - 1980s). action man uk history, figures, uniforms, accessories and paperwork with lots of action man pictures
action, palitoy, vintage
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presidential apartments london - serviced aparthotel london
luxury self-catering serviced apartments in central london, ideal for short or long stays on holiday or business trip. book direct for our best price and offers
london, presidential, apartments, aparthotel, serviced
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lightweight responsive css framework - lightuikit
lightweight css framework, responsive css framework, lightweight responsive css framework for faster web development , high speed front-end framework - lightuikit
framework, frontend, development, responsive, html, lightweight
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future of nursing | campaign for action
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we've seen this before. a campaign of bend the arc jewish action
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future of nursing | campaign for action
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war and law league
a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicatedto the rule of law in international affairs.
peace, presidential, constitution, international, wars, house, unlawful, relations, foreign, illegal, dictatorship, president, framers, life, death, reform, sudan, james, yugoslavia, vietnam
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dfw gi joe and action figure show 2017
dfw gi joe and action figure show 2017 2016. same location as last year. grapevine convention center. as the name of the show states, this show is just not solely about gi joe but about his action figure friends as well. so, no matter what your taste in action figures you'll be able to find it at the show!
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best toys and action figure reviews 2016
preview toys and action figure all your favorite
toys, best, figure, action, barbie, girls, kids, gundam, tosy
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182 | home
communicate with key political leaders! let send a signed, physical letter for you! with our streamlined letter writing campaign service you can quickly and effectively write to your congressman and other elected officials online and we do all the work for you! we print, stuff, address, stamp, and mail the letter to your selected officials office. join the movement today and make change happen in america.
letter, write, campaign, influence, your, online, political, officials, senator, congressmen, makers, advocate, decision, petition, organization, action, email, mail, send, turnontheheat
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токарчук андрей (zend framework, php, ruby on rails, ruby)
zend framework, doctrine, php, ubuntu и другие интересные штуки. блог zend framework разработчика. программирование на php, вопросы использование memcached,
ruby, framework, javascript, html, ajax, mootools, tookit, dojo, jquery, mysq, rails, paterns, php5, zend, php6
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gop 2016 presidential debates 2016 -
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best action cameras reviewed & complete table comparison in 2016
looking to buy a new action camera? look no further - we have tested every cam on the market to give you the 10 best picks for any budget!
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presidential history
presidential elections ♦ list of presidents ♦ profiles of the presidents
history, presidential
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home - democracy
welcome to democracy, we are a multi award winning pr, social and digital agency.
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democracy awakening
coming together to awaken a democracy that is accessible to all and is not beholden to big money interests.
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democracy clothing | declaration of jean dependence
democracy home collection.
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street democracy
shattering the illusion democracy reaches all homes in all streets across our political landscape
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together 2016 – the campaign
together 2016 is the day a generation will meet on the national mall to come together around jesus in united prayer, worship, & a call for catalytic change.
everything, changes, jesus
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192 - news
latest news from laos and the adl work
laos, democracy, wiese, bounthone, marcus, alliance, rights, human, ruprecht, polenz, auswrtiger, klose, auswrtiges, ulrich, hans, ausschuss, chidhalay, stiftung, conference, politics
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zend framework forum - zf1 / zf2
zend framework forum. professionelle hilfe für internet-anwendungen mit dem modernen, objektorientierten php zend framework. bereits über 8.000 themen ...
pattern, project, php5, zendframework, framework, zend
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mentawai - full-stack action based java mvc web framework.
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get a campaign website or campaign logo today from demwebs!
for more than a decade demwebs has been america's go to source for democratic websites, democratic logos, campaign cards, banners and much more
campaign, democratic, website, websites, signs, political, democrats, wordpress, themes, templates, brochures, design, company, designers, logos, yard
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bob dold for congress in 2016
add your name to stay in touch with our campaign and find out how you can help reelect bob dold in 2016. learn more here.
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cry of the orphan
cry of the orphan. recognizing that the severity of today's orphan crisis is bigger than any one organization, hope for orphans, focus on the family and show hope joined together to launch a long term, nationwide campaign called cry of the orphan. this campaign seeks to raise awareness of the orphan crisis and spur fellow christians to action.
orphan, care, focus, campaign, family, hope, familylife, ministry, christian, foster, adopt, adoption, children, fatherless, aids, church
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glc-teach democracy 2 | building grassroots democracy in minority communities
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presidential dollars : commemorative coin : mint coins : presidential coins : u s quarters :
first commemorative mint is america’s trusted seller and the coin collector's source for mint coins, commemorative coin, presidential coins, u s quarters and presidential dollars.
coins, presidential, quarters, dollars, coin, mint, commemorative
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django-fr | le framework web python pour les perfectionnistes
django est un framework web python de haut niveau encourageant un développement rapide et bien fait, un design pragmatique.
framework, documentation, francophone, python, django
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custom action figures, talking custom action figures, personalized action figures, make your own action figure, custom action figures of yourself
custom action figures that look talk and dress like you, we are the company that created custom action figures
action, figure, custom, your, figures, make, plush, heads, bobble, toys, navy, makers, gifts, specialties, maker, customized, trump, donald, create, personalized
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heritage action | take back america september 18, 2015
take back america - september 18th, 2015 heritage action fo america’s republican presidential primary candidate forum. register today!
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gibraltar action group
the gibraltar action group. not necessarily the official line of the gibraltar government, and probably somewhat lacking in simple diplomacy. in other words- honest!
question, problem, campaign, spin, rock, gibraltarian, gibraltar
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campaign #forchange - we believe in empowering individuals to be changemakers with the tools you need to start a movement.
campaign, brands, community, movement, competition, introduce, idea
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we need a law
canada is the only democracy in the world with no protection for children before birth. we need laws that protect the human rights of all human beings.
legislation, humans, provincial, federal, advocacy, campaign, parliament, government, abortion
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blueshoes php application framework and php cms
blueshoes is a comprehensive application framework and content management system. it is written in the widely used web-scripting language php.
framework, php5, php4, opensource, open, free, source, phpunit, apache, mysql, linux, application, blueshoes
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207 | game cheats for android and ios
this application gives you unlimited coins , gems and energy .
angry, action, birds, hack, gems, unlimited, free, cheat, bird, jailbreak, raccolta, trucos, resources, account, tool, tricheurs, prestige, points, generator, iphone
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pinecss - responsive css framework
pinecss size kolaylıkla responsive arayüz tasarımları yapmanıza olanak sağlayan bir css framework'üdür.
framework, pine, pinecss, responsive
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dancer - perl web framework for easy and fun webapp development
perldancer is a micro perl web framework designed to be as effortless as possible for the developer. with perldancer, web development is fun again. it's a very expressive dsl for writing web applications with tons of plugins and a very dynamic community.
framework, application, webapps, micro, dancer, perl, perldancer
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action cam test 2015 & 2016 ᐅ testsieger im vergleich +neu+
llll➤ der action cam test 2015 ✅ welches ist die beste action cam ᐅ✚ᐅ testsieger in unserem test ✓ hier klicken für großen action kamera test ✚ vergleich.
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democracy for nigeria - home
nigeria political action committee
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home - the george w. bush presidential library and museum
the george w. bush presidential library and museum is the 13th presidential library administered by the national archives and records administration.
bush, first, lady, national, archives, laura, presidential, president, george, library
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my inbox media | m!m provides bulksms, bulkemails, short code and voice greeting.sms campaign, email campaign, short code.
campaign, business, online, promotion, greeting, ideas, voice, short, india, code
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consumer action - help and advocacy for consumers
consumer action law centre is a campaign-focused consumer advocacy, litigation & policy organisation in melbourne, australia. we provide help & advocacy
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website-php framework php
website-php is a php framework which has the distinction of being fully object-oriented, and not requiring special knowledge of html or javascript. knowledges of php and mechanisms for object-oriented programming (oop) are still is an easly framework on php 5.2 and compatible with the database mysql. with his 100% object programming you have a maximum reusability of the framework components and your job.
jquery, dotnet, eclipse, object, website, framework
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the ultimate source for everything about movies, upcoming releases, movies in theaters, celebrity interviews, featuring the latest celebrity scandals, hollywood
movies, releases, movie, trailers, upcoming, theaters, 2009, coming, release, latest, recent, soon, dates, list, theater, times, music, locator, video, week
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русскоязычное zend framework сообщество
zend framework ru - русскоязычное сообщество поддержки популярного php фреймворка
framework, zend
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cherry framework - the best wordpress framework
the most delicious wordpress framework fully responsive design, easy install, steady updates, great number of shortcodes and widgets, integration of bootstrap
templates, bootstrap, wordpress, framework, cherry
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the elegant ruby web framework - padrino ruby web framework
padrino is a ruby framework built upon the excellent sinatra microframework. this framework tries hard to make it as fun and easy as possible to code much more advanced web applications by building upon the sinatra philosophies and foundation.
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presidential greens apartments in alexandria | udr apartments
experience better apartment living at presidential greens, in desirable alexandria. view stylish apartments, remarkable amenities, and thoughtful features in the washington dc area.
apartments, alexandria, greens, presidential
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koch-blocked | don't like getting koch-blocked?
see the kick-ass video. then join the campaign to push the koch brothers' money out of politics and bring democracy back in.
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liheap action center | campaign for home energy assistance
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login | leadjet campaign manager | action lead solutions
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log in
official website of the 2008 republican national convention
election, campaign, minneapolis, paul, rncc, 2008, republican, president, presidential, mccain, convention
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fesmedia asia: home
fesmedia asia is the media project of the friedrich-ebert-stiftung (fes) in asia. we are working towards a political, legal and regulatory framework for the media which follows international human rights law and the relevant standards or covenants of the united nations.
social, media, dialogue, democracy, politik, dialog, political, asean, asem, justice, singapore, growth, inclusive, migration, cooperation, union, barometer, asian, asien, asia
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stop fracking now! tell congress to pass the frac act
support democracy for america and environmental action to put an end to fracking. please sign the petition:
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tramps against trump
#votes4nudes usa 2016 // snapchat: trampsxtrump // campaign to engage youth voters in the 2016 federal election // nudes for the politically engaged //
votes4nudes, trampsagainsttrump, fucktrump, election2016, submissions
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cross-channel campaign management, marketing automation software | adobe campaign
adobe campaign lets you orchestrate personalized experiences across online and offline marketing channels and increase productivity through campaign automation.
campaign, marketing, management, software, automation, tools, cross, channel, integrated
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paul hartunian's ready-to-use press releases, headlines and story ideas for your business - free publicity, press releases, news releases
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peliculas online estrenos | peliculas online estrenos
2016, romeo, branagh, theatre, monstruo, verme, viene, jetzt, juliet, unsere, gibby, brits, jones, jasper, pottersville, coming, zeit, terrordactyl, crown, sticky
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qua tet 2016, giỏ quà tết 2016, hộp quà tết 2016 | hop qua tet 2016|gio qua tet 2016|
chuyn cung cấp giỏ qu tết, hộp qu tết, rượu tết, hoa lan tết 2016- uy tn-chất lượng-chiết khấu cao- giao hng tận nơi.
2016, tang, dich
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humanity in action
we educate, inspire, and connect a global network of students, young professionals and established leaders committed to promoting human rights, diversity and active citizenship in their own communities and around the world.
rights, diversity, democracy, active, citizenship, minority, human, action, fellowship, humanity
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birtus for .net framework 3.0 or higher
source code generator for .net framework with 40 classes and 200 functions for .net framework 3.0 for use with microsoft visual studio, c#, vb .net, or asp .net
source, interface, code, mysql, oracle, sqlserver, framework, programming, basic, development, studio, visual, freeware
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email campaign management & ecommerce campaign management company
idreambiz is an email campaign management & ecommerce campaign management company also specialized in email campaign templates, web solutions & digital marketing.
campaign, email, management, marketing, services, ecommerce, templates
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presidential realty
presidential realty is your real estate professional brokerage for homes and real estate services in the phoenix area including mesa, chandler, gilbert, tempe, ahwatukee, queen creek, apache junction, and gold canyon.
home, presidential, realty, your, mesa, cash, sell, instant
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politicalpeopleblog homepage
- a blog for those with political opinions
democracy, trump, sanders, 2016, climate, cruz, clinton, left, election, labour, corbyn, jeremy, party, conservatives, miliband, cop21, racism, donald, obama, change
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237 boilerplate - web application framework | home page
an application framework and starting point for mvc web applications with best practices and most popular tools!
framework, application, jquery, knockoutjs, durandal, boilerplate, single, page, template
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spark framework - a tiny java web framework
spark framework - create web applications in java rapidly. spark is a micro web framework that lets you focus on writing your code, not boilerplate code.
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:: godwin obaseki official campaign website for edo 2016 ::
godwin obaseki for governor of edo state 2016, godwin obaseki for edo 2016, godwin obaseki for governor
state, 2016, godwin, obaseki, elections, governance, governor, responsibility, politics, compassionate, citizens, fiscal, first, good, goforward, governorship, gubernatorial
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240 - powered by hearts & minds - home of the end poverty campaign
you can help end extreme poverty more quickly! plus: resources for more effective volunteering - self-help for a wide range of psychological and physical challenges - inspirational quotes and ideas.
change, social, campaign, poverty, volunteer, clean, seniors, organizations, volunteering, journalism, opportunities, nongovernmental, economic, americans, development, global, environment, survival, creativity, culture
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2012 elections - political positions and politlcal views for all candidates and elections - is the presidential election headquarters for campaign news, polling results, primaries, the candidates running and where they stand on the issues.
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"hoover presidential foundation"
the hoover presidential foundation fosters the collection, interpretation, and preservation of historical resources relating to the life, ideas, values and times of herbert hoover, thirty-first president of the united states.
association, library, uncommon, student, history, american, presidential, iowa, 31st, hoover, president, branch, west, herbert
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overseeing canadian democracy :: one page at a time
harper, wikileaks, canada, democracy, canadian, accountibility, transparency, party, canaga, government, stephen, conservative
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social action
social action (social development integrated centre) is an organisation dedicated to education, mobilisation and solidarity for communities and activists working for environmental justice, democracy and social change in nigeria and the gulf of guinea. the organisation is promoting increased citizens’ participation in addressing policy and practices in energy and mining, trade and investments that affects human rights, democracy and livelihoods. social action works primarily in nigeria while collaborating with other citizens groups in the ecowas zone and the gulf of guinea. through active participation with national and regional networks, the organisation is connected to the global movement for social justice. our core beliefs nigeria, the largest country in west africa, is experiencing increasing mass impoverishment with rapidly decaying social infrastructure. lack of democracy and pervasive corruption in public and private institutions and civil society have me
budget, nigeria, centre, petroleum, industries, bill, flaring, vincent, tonye, dappa, chinenye, environmental, 08065232898, delta, icode, codeworksarena, bayelsa, rivers, bellonwu, degradation
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245 : flu education and prevention : organizational campaign timeline : influenza vaccination reports guidance
nofluforyou exists to increase influenza vaccination rates among health care workers by providing their leaders with the best possible resources that reduce misinformation and perceived barriers.
influenza, campaign, vaccination, health, louis, county, cost, guidance, prevention, worker, care, vacciniations, toolkits, vaccines, importance, methods, call, action, summit, 2011
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center for development democracy and governance - cddgcddg
center for development democracy and governance - cddg is a non-governmental organization, aiming at local development, governance, democracy all over lebanon
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expand framework is the first open source project based on devexpress expressapp framework (xaf)
framework, expressapp, modules, devexpress, expand
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home - mouth cancer action month
mouth cancer action month is a charity campaign which aims to raise awareness of mouth cancer and make a difference by saving thousands of lives through early detection and prevention.
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presidential impeachment
impeachment law | articles of impeachment | presidential impeachment process
speeches, presidential
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action - action france
bienvenue sur le site d'action. vous trouverez ici des informations sur les dernières offres et les derniers produits d'action.
artikelen, aanbiedingen, supermarkt, producten, action