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political forum, live political chat and blogs discussing political and social issues.
political forum and politics discussion of uk's and worldwide politics, cultural and social issues.
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debate policy - political forum for debates & discussion is americas top ranked political forum for those wishing to be a part of discussions and debates about current events, politics, us affairs, congress, stock market, economy, energy, immigration, law, education, science, religion, health, military, conspiracy theories, presidents, elections, and more.
political, debate, terror, politics, board, forum, forums, message
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3 political debates and polls
a forum where you can debate others on all topics: politics, religion, abortion, gun control and some just for fun.
conservative, liberal, abortion, religion, control, politics, board, forum, debates, discussion, bulletin, political, debating
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political fray forum
we strive to offer a higher level of discourse than most other political forums by valuing intellectual discussion and debate and by not tolerating unfounded insults. political fray is open to all people from around the world for the discussion of politics, economics, society, and more.
politics, economics, debate, religion, learn, discuss, forum, american, political
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bc forums
interactive satire community with arcade & casino, based on heated, uncensored debate & arguments.
debate, political, forum, discussion, news, poetry, racism, flaming, games, chat, politics, forums, arcade, casino, arguments, community
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political wrinkles
your forum to discuss political topics and other issues.
online, debate, discussion, basketball, outdoors, football, baseball, backpacking, nascar, hobbies, debates, finances, abortion, hockey, poetry, camping, drugs, executive, president, republican
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7 - the best forum for politics (4000 posts/day)
pf is the original. millions of posts. covering every aspect of politics. news, humor, polls. check out our forums today.
forum, politics, political, forums, debate, polls, blog, blogs
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political world ~ irish politics & international politics
world politics and irish politics political discussion forums for discussion and debate, news aggregator and news and current affairs sources
forum, elections, obama, international, nama, dail, discussion, forums, debate, politics, irish
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u.s. politics online: a political discussion forum archives
this is a political discussion forum: all views on politics and other subject matter are welcome.
political, world, rights, affairs, united, states, america, politics, liberal, conservative, education, guide, events, current, anarchist, libertarian, moderate, republican, paper, democrat
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on line opinion - australia's e-journal of social and political debate
on line opinion - australia's e-journal of social and political debate
politics, policy, debate, relations, research, australian, public, government, australia, international
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socio-economic religion and political uncensored debate
socio-economic religion political current affairs free debate discuss world issues
news, science, breaking, current, bollywood, hollywood, events, petrol, drugs, board, bulletin, discussion, politics, finance, obama, terrorism, religion, forum
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the latina café home
the latina café is a forum where one can come to discuss and debate important issues that for many years have been swept under the rug or have not been addressed due to political and cultural sensitivity. through this forum we want to reach readers of all ages touching on issues such as education, employment law, politics, health, nutrition, cooking, beauty, arts and entertainment, selfesteem and women's empowerment. we hope that you will become a regular and if there are any issues that are of interest to you, start the dialogue with us. so send in your suggestions and let's talk about it.
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critical issues | latest crisis | debate topics
bharat vichar manch discuss social development, political, law, justice, government, employment, defense, spiritual, health, entertainment, sport issues
latest, debate, problems, crisis, issues, current, news, social, topics, vichar, bharat, manch
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post abortion healing and help, post abortion stress syndrome support
a neutral post abortion support site. after an abortion, this site provides neutral, non-judgmental, non-political, non-religion based healing support for women and their families. abortion related interactive areas, such as abortion recovery message boards, abortion support email lists, abortion stories, post abortion chats, abortion surveys.
abortion, post, stress, prolife, prochoice, healing, debate, loss, syndrome, help, grief, resources
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kings politics | the hub for political discussion in cambridge
the kings politics society is delighted to present you with a series of three topical debates this lent term. we are honoured to be welcoming some of britains top political thinkers to debate the most hotly contested issues of this year. all our events are completely free and open to everyone – above all, we aspire to be an inclusive
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the political pulse
politics, history, finance, and current events. come discuss and debate the issues of our time. debate is what makes america great.
news, leno, wall, street, action, h1n1, affirmative, bailout, breaking, money, recession, finance, history, political, opinion, swine, republican, healthcare, blogspot, blogs
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the politics forum
welcome to the politics forum ( the political discussion forum for people who love to talk (argue) politics.
forums, discussion, forum, politik, political, politics
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political hotwire - political forums
political forum - largest political forum for politics and political news
forum, politics, political
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the word on politics | politics surveyed from a biblical grid.
politics, culture, social and contemporary geo-political trends understood from a biblical perspective. shining the light of god’s word into these areas advocating not to a political party but fidelity to scripture.
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us elections | politics. solutions. community.
2014 us elections, election races, candidates, news and calendar. us politics forum, political debates, opinions, polls, videos, images and more.
election, politics, videos, images, photos, calendar, news, opinion, political, elections, races, candidates, forum, debate
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21 - free balanced, non-partisan discussion of political & social issues for debate (pros and cons - decision making politics)
free balanced, non-partisan discussion of controversial social and policital issues (pros and cons)
editorials, polls, left, right, opinions, opinion, issues, issuse, editorial, country, conservative, liberal, reform, civil, liberties, government, libertarian, concerns, state, problems
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political tracker | accountability for all
customize and start tracking congress, officials, bills, interest groups, committees, state legislation and legislators for free. start tracking politics now.
political, politics, news, presidential, track, campaigns, issues, today, tracking, tracker, voters, guide, current
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politics and vision
this site will be a forum for identifying, debating, and synthesizing political ideas and trajectories that influence and operate in the u.s. political landscape. we aim to generate and articulate, clear and compelling political visions that are necessary to advance egalitarian politics in mainstream political discourse.
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defending the truth political forum
political forum for politics, news, current events
news, forums, forum, politics, political
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online debate network
this is a debate community for all ages, skill levels and topics.
opinion, argument, social, argue, politics, republican, foreignpolicy, healthcare, democrat, science, logic, christianity, religion, debateforum, debate, theism, atheism, fallacy, philosophy, forum
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the colombian post
find breaking news, multimedia, reviews & opinion on colombian issues, business, sports, movies, travel, books, jobs, education, global issue & more.
news, migration, politics, issues, political, colombian, travel, english, spanish, global, opinion, environment, post, technology, economy, education, information, colombia, journal, prensa
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the cutting edge of media, focusing on issues across the globe, we are not afraid to report controversial issues, and take pride in being the alternative
news, politics, inflamer, political, media, conservative, social, blogs, world, justice, cartoons, terrorism, feeds, international, daily, breaking, alternative, latest, bias, online
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russian military forum
military forum for russian and global defence issues
military, english, russian, issues, vidoes, photos, russia, political, leaders, forum, debate, nuclear, weapons
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u.s. politics online: a political discussion forum
political discussion forum: all views on politics and other subject matter are welcome. political forum.
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tallahassee tiger bay club, florida political club
the original purpose of the capital tiger bay club, founded in 1971, was to provide a non-partisan forum on current political issues and listen to the views of newsmakers and opinion leaders of the day. monthly luncheons are scheduled at the convenience of the speaker.
site, forum, political, florida, politics, tallahassee
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brahma prakash dua
my blog is my reaction and analysis of the current political and social affairs of our country.
indian, politics, political, current, affairs, india, social, religious, drama, outs, sattire, analysis, reaction, today
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center for planetary culture | advances new ideas and solutions to today’s most challenging ecological, social, and political issues.
center for planetary culture advances new ideas and solutions to today’s most challenging ecological, social, and political issues.
pinchbeck, arts, intentional, ever, shift, manifesto, consciousness, culture, daniel, jana, noosphere, planetary
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political irish | welcome to political irish - the irish politics forum. discussing news, current affairs, economics and world affairs.
welcome to political irish
politics, forum, political, irish
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political debates and polls forum
debates polls on all topics and you can join in
issues, vote, academic, argument, forums, forum, poll, polls, arguments, information, topic, debates, topics, open, evidence, internet, school, national, debate
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uk politics forum
uk political, news and currant affairs discussion forum.
forum, discussion, political, politics, britain, british
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district 6 middle tn news, live news feeds, speakers, and political and military issues.
politics, news, issues, islamic, constitution, state, federal, president, house, white, paine, national, core, political, district, patriotic, links, home, common, conservative
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china/divide | social and political commentary on modern china
china/divide offers social and political commentary relating to modern china. we seek to go beyond knee-jerk stereotypes, nationalism, and prejudice to engage
international, divide, china, politics, relations, translations, society, controversy, political, issues, commentary, news, social, chinadivide
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the political forums
the political forums are a member-run message board discussing the latest news and politics. join the debate today!
politics, discussion, board, message, forums, political
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39 - your essential reference to indonesian legal and political issues we speak the truth latest indonesian news politics and law
news, criminal, case, corruption, debate, politics, informasion
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politics news, uk political features, views and analysis - - homepage
up to the minute uk politics news, features, view and analysis, plus guides, briefings and debate.
party, politics, features, views, analysis, policy, democrats, labour, political, news, conservative, liberal
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global issues : social, political, economic and environmental issues that affect us all — global issues provides insights into global issues that may be misrepresented but are all closely related. list of topics covered include social, political, economic and environmental issues, including human rights, economy, trade, globalization, poverty, environment and health related issues.
rights, media, issues, free, development, trade, global, food, biotechnology, biodiversity, children, conflict, conservation, agriculture, small, arms, energy, landmines, democracy, justice
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debate forum | online debate community | createdebate
create debate is an online debate forum that allows students and experts alike to debate a variety of topics and practice persuasive writing. find your topic today!
debate, online, debates, writing, persuasive, educational, create, forum, community, discussions
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utopia talk
100% totally uncensored political and religious debate. we practice freedom of speech.
politics, bush, islam, obama, discuss, carter, reagan, mehul, clinton, religion, talk, utopia, debate, flame, freedom, troll, speech
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chinafolio home - politics, history, economics, society | chinafolio | information. analysis. insight. trends. provides high value information and analysis on the history, politics, economics, social issues, and art and culture of china. relates its information to china today, and uses its information and analysis to identify future political, economic, social, and artistic trends.
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americas most popular voting guide for elections, political issues, candidates, and poll data
isidewith shows which political parties, candidates, and ballot initiatives you should vote for based on your stances to the most important political issues of
political, issues, quiz, polls
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maintain the beige - thoughts on the contemporary political landscape in australia
political, issues, commentary, politics, burnside, australian, sarah
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the hindu centre for politics and public policy | home page
the hindu centre for politics and public policy: a new public policy resource that will mentor research on current issues on national agenda and also provide a platform for political debate.
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irish radio network usa
since 1970, the adrian flannelly show, through irish radio™ network usa has provided a unique platform for the airing of crucial political, social and economic issues from ireland and the irish in america.
radio, news, music, irish, commercials, advertising, sales, marketing, multimedia, public, page, design, international, player, sports, talk, show, media, audio, consultancy
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irish radio network usa
since 1970, the adrian flannelly show, through irish radio™ network usa has provided a unique platform for the airing of crucial political, social and economic issues from ireland and the irish in america.
radio, news, music, irish, commercials, advertising, sales, marketing, multimedia, public, page, design, international, player, sports, talk, show, media, audio, consultancy
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new left review analyses world politics, the global economy, state powers and protest movements; contemporary social theory, history, philosophy and culture.
academic, international, literature, philosophy, cinema, socialism, socialist, communism, communist, marxism, marxist, marx, history, interviews, culture, economics, politics, left, review, social
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the mango man | latest indian social and political blog
get the latest views on politics and social issues in india at the mango man. join us and express yourself freely like every mango man at this website does.
political, website, indian, blog, views, blogs, news
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shouldn't the candidates for president be debating the big science issues that are changing the economy, our health, and the planet? we think so. join us.
science, antiscience, politicians, politics, debate, political
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africa voice - social network community source for business and culture
social network community source for any one to post any topic on business, culture showbiz politics social issues create your own social network.
upcoming, submit, comments, tags, live, groups, networking, articles, stories, vote, publish, social, news
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headline politics | headlines with a buzz
headline politics provides political news, insights, and polls delivered straight to dedicated readers. this growing audience is interactive and enjoys political issues and commentary.
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just tell me why | dichotomies, debates and opinions.
just tell me why is a new web social service 2.0. it is an hybrid between a social marker, a blog and a forum. it is based on dichotomies, a subject with a clear division of opinions. each user stands for his own opinion, two choices. a survey with arguments. dichotomies resolved by the majority.
social, discussion, debate, opinion, dichotomy, versus, forum, tops, lifestyle, internet, entertainment, politics, technology, society, design
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planet debate | policy debate, lincoln-douglas debate, public forum debate, congressional debate, extemp
a comprehensive collection of resources for policy and lincoln-douglas debate, which include evidence cards, chats, forums, research resources, and more.
debate, research, policy, evidence, douglas, lincoln, topic, argument, poverty, topicality, resolution, ceda, files, school, tournaments, jobs, camps, harvex, harvard, debating
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57 - lgbt and political news and opinion
news and politics on gay issues, culture and disco knowledge
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liberal forum political chat room
liberal forum political chat room
political, chat, conservatives, barred, liberals, forum, debate, liberal, holds
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values exchange community
vx community - debate social issues. through the community create unlimited polls, surveys, cases, boards & conferences - find out what people really value.
ethics, think, debate, conference, thinking, forum, matters, opinions, learning, share, communication, health, care, universities, schools, world, philosophy, reflection, your, have
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new left review 94, july-august 2015
new left review analyses world politics, the global economy, state powers and protest movements; contemporary social theory, history, philosophy and culture.
academic, international, literature, philosophy, cinema, socialism, socialist, communism, communist, marxism, marxist, marx, history, interviews, culture, economics, politics, left, review, social
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esquire philippines: lifestyle, culture, politics, women
lifestyle, culture, politics, women. at a pace that meets the era's constant stream of concerns, issues, and fashions. for the filipino man at his best.
philippine, politics, women, culture, fashion, magazine, lifestyle
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american conservative resource center at truth based logic
truth based arguments on wide spectrum of contemporary issues, social, cultural, economic; resource center, kipling theme novel, conservative intelligence center, debate handbook; american direction.
policy, debate, roles, progress, handbook, race, resource, issues, culture, heritage, novel, conservative, social, direction, individual, government, foreign, america, traditional, american
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freezerbox magazine
an online journal of global politics and culture since 1998.
democrat, magazine, social, infocrat, electronic, university, college, ezine, review, graduate, article, political, other, voice, journalism, systems, thought, book, science, history
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great debater
debate with people all across the world! debate on current events, news, politics, sports, and various topics with real-time stats and scouting reports on your opponent.
debate, interesting, topics, forums, rooms, chat, online
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india discussion forum
india discussion forums for proud indians to debate on bharat culture , politics , ladies , women , travel , news , youth , defence , economy and technology.
forums, forum, india, discussion
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welcome to the forensics files! debate files | debate evidence | lincoln douglas debate ld files | policy cx debate files | public forum debate pfd files | debate briefs | posters | cards | powerpoints | textbooks | student congress | resolutions | topics | extemp | informative extemp | persuasive extemp | university interscholastic league uil files | flow template | speech and debate resources | speech resources | ld debate | cx debate | policy debate | pf debate | pfd debate
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international helpline for abortion recoveryinternational helpline for abortion recovery
concepts of truth international offers help and healing to those suffering after an abortion. depression hurts but you don't have to.
abortion, after, help, helpline, recovery, post, hurt, what, regret, pain, hurting, healing, care, counseling, wrong, happens, stop, there, crying, with
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loose politics
loosely moderated political debate
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what is politics? uk politics and political language explained what is politics?
a simple guide to understanding uk politics. everything you need to know about the government, voting, the different uk political parties ,
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70 community forums
debate and relate is a discussion forum with engaging debates, sharing ideas and meeting friends.
parenting, relate, debate, home, politics, family, relationships, babies, sharing, children, religion, bulletin, learning, share, forum, community, debateandrelate, discussion, board
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take back canada
take back canada
canada, life, conservative, obama, taqqiya, take, news, back, abortion, political, politics, christian, canadian, emerging, media, speech, freedom, election, action, traditional
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opencampaign - all politics is local!
all politics is local. opencampaign is a political social network that matches individuals and politicians by local and national issues. opencampaign is the evolution of politics in the 21st century that draws voters and politicians into a virtual town hall to create, discuss and highlight important issues. who should i vote for 2016. who should i vote for. gary johnson, donald trump, hillary clinton, jill stein, darrel castle, 3rd party candidate 2016, third party candidate 2016
2016, quiz, candidate, local, politics, presidential, issues, party, election, should, vote, network, social, politicial, hall, campaign, management, national, influence, third
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naral pro-choice texas
the political arm of the pro-choice movement in texas.
abortion, texas, reproductive, find, women, with, stand, senator, house, representative, bill, need, woman, whole, legislature, where, txlege, issues, justice, rights
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naral pro-choice texas
the political arm of the pro-choice movement in texas.
abortion, texas, reproductive, find, women, with, stand, senator, house, representative, bill, need, woman, whole, legislature, where, txlege, issues, justice, rights
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sunstar is a political news provider with daily updates of all important political news, happenings and leaders profile. political world in uttar pradesh, bihar, jharkhand and entire india is covered and published by janadesh. janadesh covers all political sensational issues of politics and politicians
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the politics forums
the politics forums is the fastest growing political forum on the web. all are welcome. join today!
politics, discussion, board, message, forums
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pro israel politics fccpac
we support members of congress who have a positive voting record on pro israel issues.
israel, politics, florida, american, political, action, committee
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western free press
western free press covers arizona politics. reporting and commenting on the news and generating public dialogue on important issues and figures. covering
arizona, political, blogs, polls, elections, politics
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the political social worker - politics through a social work lens.
politics through a social work lens.
social, nonprofits, media, work, politics, justice
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help my india - online communities, social communities, social networking site, political forum site, prime minister, narendra modi
help my india is the vibrant social community site that includes blogs, articles and forums on technical, legal, social, political, real estate, health, business, environmental or any other topics.
forum, sites, iphone, site, social, communities, apple, arvind, modi, kejriwal, cook, narendra, plus, forums, best, political, webmasters, networking, blog, posting
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empowervote home page. discover your choices. own your vote.
who should i vote for? i'm a candidate. discover your choices. own your vote for all types of election scenarios.
political, candidates, campaign, vote, local, voter, politicians, primary, republican, elections, party, voting, issues, independent, help, politics, democratic, management, presidential, matching
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tkrl - abortion facts | life issues | accurate abortion info | visalia, tulare, hanford, porterville, dinuba ca - tkrl - abortion facts | life issues | accurate abortion info
tulare-kings right to life tells the absolute truth about abortion and other life issues. clear abortion facts and statistics. no whitewashing allowed ...
tulare, life, abortion, california, visalia, dinuba, porterville, information, facts, kings, right, issues
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one utah | utahs favorite public square for loud political debate
utah based writers and journalists current news and commentary on politics, republicans, democrats, libertarians and tea partiers
independent, politics, utah
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فكر أونلاين
political website designed for publishing youth ideas and vision about domestic, regional and international issues as we believe they can build the future موقع سياسي بحثي يهتم بعرض الرؤى الشبابية للقضايا الداخلية والإقليمية والدولية إيمانا بدور الشباب لصنع المستقبل
political, youth, international, relations, researches, thought, science, economics, social, egypt, parties, human, rights, politics, issues, african, middle, east
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progressive political commentary | political debate | humorthe sunshine empire | clear political commentary | debate | humor and sports
clear political commentary | debate | humor and sports
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harvard political review
the harvard political review is the preeminent nonpartisan quarterly covering politics, culture, and campus life.
review, nonpartisan, political, politics, harvard
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political discussion forums political discussion forums
political forums and message boards
forums, politics, discuss, online, debate, vegas, message, boards, political
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home - my website
find my thoughts and opinions about events and processes in the social and political life of the society.
political, liberal, regime, democrat, democracy, blog, government, leader, politician, party, election, program, politics
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89 - do more than watch - us political news videos from a grass roots social media community.
media, democrat, republican, independent, social, issues, united, states, news, videos, politics
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conservative commentary | politics | social issues | conservative commentary on politics and social issues.
issues, social, politics, liberals, conservatism
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political action committee | find kansas pro life political candidates
find kansas pro life political candidates
voting, vote, representatives, election, ballad, delegates, abortion, primary, house, senators, politicians, politics, life, candidates, senate, elections, primaries
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revolutionary forums
a discussion forum and resource site about revolutionary socialist, communist, and anarchist politics.
revolutionary, left, forum, radical, worker, revolution, anarchism, proletariat, anarchist, bourgeois, board, bulletin, discussion, anarchy, bourgeoisie, lenin, debate, politics, leftwing, revleft
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political debate forums
forum software by xenforo
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94| pakistan politics| political discussions
best political website of pakistan for all political news, views and political discussions
politics, pakistan, democracy, pmln
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political science rumors - forum for political scientists
political science rumors. the forum for political scienctists to discuss political science and rumors in the profession
political, jobs, professor, forum, economy, science, polisci, economics
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fox&hounds :: california politics and business
fox&hounds discusses the confluence of politics and business in california, and influences the political debate from a different perspective – one that’s concerned with a vibrant economy and economic growth in the golden state.
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us message board - political discussion forum is the premiere united states political forum with many areas of discussions including current events, politics, us affairs, congress, stock market, economy, energy, immigration, law, education, science, religion, health, military, conspiracy theories president, elections, and more!
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the great business debate
the great business debate is a cbi campaign to help build public confidence in business. read up on the issues, share your views and take part.
impact, facts, case, toolkit, studies, opinions, subscribe, events, news, debate, analysis, values, culture, local, environmental, diversity, inclusion, jobs, choice, consumer
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united states political forum |
united states political forum for discussing politics and recent news events.
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beyond chron | the voice of the rest
an alternative voice for the city. we provide coverage of political and cultural issues often distorted or ignored by other media.
politics, francisco, education, labor, area, food, progressive, tenderloin, soda
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voice from the rooftop | blog of vincent augustine d\souza
voice from the rooftop. blog of vincent augustine dsouza. clear thoughts on politics, current affairs, economy, corruption and social issues.
vincent, dsouza, augustine, movies, shows, media, coverage, cricket, news, issues, political, indian, politics, order, corruption
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new orleans needs peace, not more abortion!
more planned parenthood will lead to more abortions in new orleans. our city faces many pressing issues, from violence in the streets to poverty, and we must continue to address these issues. but planned parenthood bringing more abortions will not solve these problems... it will only create more.
abortion, planned, parenthood, reduce, facts, against, orleans
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conservative political forum - tea party discussion and debate - ted cruz 2016
conservative political forum - tea party discussion and debate - ted cruz 2016
party, conservatives
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feminist majority foundation - breaking news, feminism from affirmative action to sexual harassment to women's sports
the feminist majority foundation works for social and political and economic equality for women by using research and education to reduce violence against women, promote abortion rights and birth control access, global women's rights. the feminist majority foundation online features daily feminist news, issues of sex discrimination, abortion and birth control, domestic violence, sexual assault, pay equity, women's equality in jobs, women's and girls' equality eduation, and women's and girls' equality in sports, a feminist career center.
rights, abortion, feminist, women, violence, against, birth, control, news, gender, global, health, pill, sweatshops, clinics, reproductive, harrassment, marriage, feminism, foundation
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dcx political
dcx political - chronicling the decline in american justice, faith and morality from a political perspective.
political, news, wing, politics, right
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106 home page
an information forum on politics, democracy, human rights, environment, economy, science, and social justice issues, interact and make your voice heard.
social, security, lies, issues, justice, economy, market, reform, liberal, fascism, freedom, media, democracy, free, homeland, stop, patriot, elections, bush, articles
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democracy forum
british political web forum for news, gossip, events and more from ukip and the other political parties.
democrats, liberal, european, union, labour, conservatives, ukip, english, british, politics
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daily hindi news portal :: janadesh :- daily hindi news website,political news and analysis
janadesh is a political news provider with daily updates of all important political news, happenings and leaders profile. political world in uttar pradesh, bihar, jharkhand and entire india is covered and published by janadesh. janadesh covers all political sensational issues of politics and politicians
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nsf - nigerian social forum nsf - nigerian social forum - nsf-nigerian social forum nsf
the home for nigeria informations, news, events, politics, entertainment, make money online, education, technology, sex, business and jobs.
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the chris murray report | a public forum for sports, politics and culture
a public forum for sports, politics and culture
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debate nirvana
debate nirvana is a site dedicated to debate. debaters can utilize our many forums to chat with one another, discuss research, and more. also, we provide free and comprehensive research on over 50 controversial and current issues.
debate, research, topics, free, league, topic, cons, pros, better, middle, help, school, debates, info, articles, tricks, utopia, tips, advice, debater
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mel dominguez | visual artist
mel “melo” dominguez is an artist, muralist from los angeles living in tucson since 2007. mel’s artwork is a direct expression of her chicano/a culture, political issues, social issues and environmental issues. mel enjoys using creativity and activism to create a difference throughout the tucson community.
tucson, shop, tamale, popcycle, company, brown, trees, arizona, social, angeles, melodominguez, painting, dominguez, paint, melissa, melo, graffiti, mural, muertos, artwork
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istorya politika | cebu, quezon city blog | philippines - politics + governance + social issues blog
politics + governance + social issues blog
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voice of naija social and political issues of nigeria
social and political issues of nigeria
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socialist unity | debate & analysis for activists & trade unionists
discussion, debate and analysis for socialists & trade unionists, covering british & international politics, trade unionism, economics and culture.
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abortion clinic florida -- tampa - orlando - jacksonville abortion - call us 800 736-6656 - locations
abortion, pill, clinic, florida, ru486, late, surgical, control, obstetrical, obstetrics, birth, canada, term, early, gynecologist, obgyn, cost, procedure, medical, clinics
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socio-political commentary...
breaking news and analysis on political and social issues.
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the hampton institute: a working-class think tank
a working-class think tank providing commentary, theory, analyses, research, and history on a variety of social, economic, political, educational, and cultural issues.
hampton, think, issues, tank, working, politics, theory, class, radical, institute, albany, education, justice, gramsci, criminal, urban, antonio, feminism, anarchism, marxism
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need not fret - home
dealing with theology and pop culture from a conservative evangelical perspective.
satire, devotions, issues, social, politics, theology
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healthy debate
healthy debate: unbiased facts and informed opinions about canadas health care system. come join the debate!
cost, costs, long, unbiased, biased, comments, commentary, bias, term, community, innovation, managing, management, chronic, diseases, promotion, prevention, disease, discussion, debate
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newsview - informed opinion and analysis
analysis, editorials and satire covering the latest international and topical south african news, social issues, sports, politics, gambling and economics.
sports, reporting, satirical, cartoons, casinos, online, analysis, gambling, social, commentary, political
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freedomsnation™ - "we the people" meet here...
freedomsnation™ is the social networking community where
social, rights, government, vote, voting, bill, independence, patriot, independent, congress, federal, forum, republican, opinion, declaration, libertarian, democrat, community, freedomsnation, internet
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se forum social entrepreneurship forum
se forum has been promoting social entrepreneurs worldwide since 2004. we work with those whose innovative solutions improve society’s most pressing issues.
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south dakota faith in public life
south dakota faith in public life is a group of religious leaders committed to respectful dialogue around controversial social and political issues.
social, issues, faith, life, public, dakota, clergy, politics, south
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global media journal | open acces
global media journal, open access, editorial board
sociology, journal, social, society, review, american, media, research, global, culture, criminology, science, family, nature, quarterly, politics, journalism, political, international, movement
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jealousbrother - debate rivalries in entertainment, politics, sports
engage in rivalry style debates with the jealousbrother community. topics include celebrities, news, politics, sports, technology, and more! build your ego!
yell, argument, users, shout, comment, president, vote, community, network, topics, college, professional, development, media, networking, social, politicians, conservative, argue, disagree
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we (are) the people - reddit-style political opinion polls on issues of the day
a reddit-style political opinion polling site focused on increasing active participation and education on issues of the day. we the people decide and vote on what issues are most important, which sources of information we trust regarding those issues, and use that data to hold our politicians accountable.
democracy, political, informed, organize, media, what, education, stay, issues, polls, resources, people, voice
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volconvo debate, talk, and discussion forums - volconvo: ideas worth debating
volconvo: ideas worth debating. a forum for debating and discussing controversial topics like religion, politics, economics, and society.
politics, society, religion, discuss, debate, volconvo
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rochesterwatch - rochester, ny - forum, news, politics, opinion, blog
rochesterwatch, rochester, ny, conservative forum, blog, media bias, political correctness, vrwc, right-wing, second amendment
rochester, conservative, media, news, correctness, political, forum, vwrc, liberal, bias, conservatives, york, blog, rights, amendment, activism, local, national, politics, republican
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blog about social political issues - never mind blog
analyzing the social political developments in right perspective.
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politisite - breaking politics, latest polls, 2016 election, commentary and analysis
politisite provides breaking political news, latest polls, 2016 election, debate coverage, election results, commentary and analysis.
election, politics, political, white, house, obama, republican, poll, congress, clinton, 2016, democratic, american, polls, news, breaking, barack, latest, politisite, president
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opinion forum
opinion forum provides a wide variety of thought by different authors on news, politics, and life in general.
discussion, miller, carter, barry, constitution, civil, afghanistan, veterans, policy, foreign, politics, economics, current, events, political, affairs, military, iraq
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practicing democracy forum
policies and politics discussion represents democracy in action. diversity of opinions and a healthy debate is encouraged.
democracy, policies, politics, republicans, future, international, democrats, affairs, silent, action, inaction, majority, shaping
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empire of the iguanadons
conservative values from a republitarian trapped in a nest of liberal californians. topics include politics, pc gaming, entertainment, programming, science/technology, and other randomness of life. leave your political correctness at the door.
elder, modding, scrolls, oblivion, internet, gaming, life, conservatism, sovereignty, debate, humor, politics
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lipstick and politics
lipstick and politics is an online magazine and community for men and women. we believe that intelligence is sexy and that feminism is not a dirty word.
womens, politics, bipartisan, policy, health, political, website, pregnancy, site, culture, women, interest, beauty, feminism, fashion, family
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breaking news and conservative opinion on politics - townhall
read conservative news, political cartoons, blogs, conservative magazine, commentary on politics. talk radio with opinion on gop, republican issues, world news from townhall conservative.
radio, talk, conservative, fred, coulter, hewitt, thompson, michelle, medved, republicans, michael, prager, malkin, dennis, hugh, commentary, political, cartoons, columnists, townhall
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hotair politics, culture, media, 2016, breaking news from a conservative viewpoint
hot air is the leading conservative blog for breaking news and commentary covering the obama administration, the gun control debate, politics, media, culture, and the 2014 and 2016 elections.
pawlenty, immigration, media, bachmann, opinion, michelle, glenn, beck, party, primary, campaign, barack, obama, romney, mitt, election, republican, 2016, 2014, politics
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seasonal schools: homepage
global politics seasonal schools are short term intensive programs for advanced students to study and debate recent political and economic developments around the globe.
study, school, seasonal, politics, global
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welcome to the political party website
the political party hosts non-partisan political networking + special events. the political party creates a networking opportunity which is otherwise...
events, profit, social, special, mixer, democrat, nevada, vegas, politics, candidates, libertarian, republican
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the multicultural council of saskatchewan - mcos | multiculturalism is central to the cultural, economic, social and political life of saskatchewan
keep up to date with the lastest trends and issues. do you have something that concerns you? do you have an idea on how to improve culture in
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collective lens: photography for social change
collective lens: photography for social change is an online photography website and publication that uses photography to connect individuals to the social concerns of todays world. collective lens publishes photo essays and photographs that provide a journalistic and documentary viewpoint on humanitarian and social issues. this photography website presents photojournalism and documentary photography news stories that rely almost solely on the photo to convey their point. the focus of these photo essays is not only to educate, but also to inform the public on social change, issues, and how they might personally become involved, be it with time, money, or through simple daily choices. collective lens publishes the photos of amateur photographers, nonprofits, and ngos in an effort to cover stories that cross a variety of cultures, demographics, and political viewpoints. this photography website provides an outlet for amateur photographers to present their work to the public through
photo, publish, change, photos, social, essay, volunteer, submissions, call, travel, others, charity, helping, sharing, organization, submission, government, documentary, humanitarian, issues
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safe and affordable abortion services you can trust
we sale 100% pain-free safe medical abortion pills for women seeking solution and help at very low costs. contact dr lucia on +27727793390
abortion, pills, surgical, clinic, work, side, effects, womens, safe, pill, procedure, clinics, medical
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the cheers online magazine - telling you how things really are since 2004
online magazine the cheers has been in business since 2004. step in to read articles on political issues, important world events as well as american politics. and besides everything, we try to make fun, humor on everyone.
politics, american, humor, everyone, issues, political, magazine, important, world, events, online
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berkshire gop - home
berkshire gop, republican and conservative issues and candidates in western mass, berkshires
political, glenn, beck, issues, correct, politics, right, rush, sean, chartock, berkshir, allan, wamc, president, hanity, limbaugh, romney, berkshires, republican, conservative
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al4life - alabama citizens for life - al4life
al4life is non-partisan, non-denominational, non-profit, we educate the citizens of alabama about life issues: abortion, euthanasia, embryonic and adult stem cell research. go to or to learn about the life issues of today. al4life - alabama citizens for life
al4life, life, cloning, abortion, right, prolife, stem, research, euthanasia, infanticide, fetal, homicide, fertilization, cells, violence, cell, implantation, therapeutic, reproductive, ultrasound
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patriot statesman — fresh conservative commentary on a wide range of topics from politics and culture to religion and family.
conservative political commentary on a wide range of topics from politics and culture to religion and family. patriot statesman was founded in texas and has one foot in local politics in addition to covering the national scene.
religion, commentary, liberty, government, politics, right, conservative
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aka william | all kinds of gay
aka william is a fresh gay site that exists right at the bustling intersection of lgbt issues, entertainment, politics, sexy guys, news, and pop culture.
lgbt, humor, news, issues, blog, politics
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the nut graph | making sense of politics & pop culture
malaysian online news site that makes sense of politics and pop culture. provides news, analyses and commentaries with insight and humour.
malaysia, malaysian, news, stories, graph, blog, politics, political, elections
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abortion recovery program
abortion affects everyone. ramah international offers an abortion recovery program for those who are experiencing symptoms abortion ptsd.
abortion, healing, information, sydna, masse, massey, massie, clinics, syndrome, program, recovery, risks, ptsd, post, stress
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old hickory's weblog
a blog about politics in the united states, germany politics, argentine politics, austrian politics, political philosophy
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conservative news, politics, opinion, breaking news analysis, political cartoons and commentary – townhall
townhall is the top source for conservative news, political cartoons, breaking news, election news and commentary on politics and the media culture. the perfect site for conservatives, republicans, libertarians and liberty loving americans
conservative, michelle, coulter, palin, sarah, republicans, mitt, romney, rick, perry, bachmann, malkin, conservatives, opinion, political, cartoons, columnists, news, magazine, republican
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conservative news, politics, opinion, breaking news analysis, political cartoons and commentary – townhall
townhall is the top source for conservative news, political cartoons, breaking news, election news and commentary on politics and the media culture. the perfect site for conservatives, republicans, libertarians and liberty loving americans.09/04/2015 6:03:53am est.
conservative, michelle, coulter, palin, sarah, republicans, mitt, romney, rick, perry, bachmann, malkin, conservatives, opinion, political, cartoons, columnists, news, magazine, republican
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frontline : in-depth analysis of issues and events in india and around the world
in-depth analysis of issues and events in india and around the world in the fields of politics, economy, industry, social justice, the environment, culture, literature, cinema, art, science and media.
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paul a. djupe
religion and politics, social networks, social identity, public opinion, political psychology
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thought maybe
a library of films to provoke, inspire and inform radical social and political change.
political, change, thinking, activism, protest, social, provoke, watch, inform, action, culture, streaming, documentary, film, free, library, video, society, critical, archive
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election debates | political topics
find election debates, political debate at
debates, politics, political, election
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room4debate - debates that matter
{{app.metadata.description || 'the best source of timely debates relevant to people who want more than just traditional news.'}}
debate, online, discuss, website, commentary, issues, room, opinion, keywords, metadata, discussion, editorial, expert
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the peacemakers - home | where are the peacemakers?
where are the peacemakers? commentaries about peace and war
politics, election, polls, news, peacemakers, voting, forum, party, republican, what, politic, elections, commentaries, henderson, peace, world, jerry, where, political
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he | the political magazine
he | sri lankan leading political magazine : editorials, current affairs, political forum, business affairs
news, political, lanka, asia, media, business, corporation, affairs, story, companies, developing, health, travel, video, reports, education, suyamas, group, style, life
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smeggy's forums
oct 2015 - smeggy's forum! just a great online pub to hang out. discuss anything from serious to down right silly! - #smeggysforum -
debate, sport, travel, clubbing, illuminati, drinking, gaming, websites, software, eating, freedom, world, troll, post, point, scoring, conspiracy, strawman, games, order
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jammu redefining provides featured stories,videos, information on jammu kashmir, politics, culture
leading jammus web portal featuring news, local issues, politics, videos, culture, tourism and others
jammu, opinion, tourism, cuisine, portal, blog, kashmir, news, politics, dogri
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thought-provoking social & political opinion and news commentary | axiom amnesia
commentary, news, politics, black, socialism, axiom, amnesia, american, rights, african, theory, world, communism, order, breaking, human, civil, obama, terror, progressive
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pakistan news service - paktribune
pakistan news service providing, pak news, news wire the 24 hrs updated news service and also providing news about iraq, iran, america, kashmir, india, pakistan. news alerts around the world.
pakistan, news, forum, politics, business, kashmir, interviews, iraq, speak, polo, cartoon, culture, pakistani, weather, squash, entertainment, classifieds, rabi, discussion, muharram
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political critique central and eastern european magazine of politics and culture
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independent journal review
ijreview is a news, politics & culture forum for everyday americans who need to know what is fun and important now. ijr blends relevant news with social media share-ability.
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conservative issues — discussion on top u.s. political issues
discussion on conservative issues such as health care reform, the obama adminstration, economic stimulus package, and other political issues affecting the u.s.
issues, political, reform, health, conservative, care
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index - sirf hunter
find my thoughts and opinions about events and processes in the social and political life of the society.
liberal, regime, democrat, democracy, blog, government, leader, politician, political, party, election, program, politics
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forum research inc.
forum research is a full-service qualitative and quantitative market research firm located in downtown toronto specializing in market research, customer satisfaction, consumer research, customer experience and public opinion polling on social and political issues at municipal, provincial and federal levels.
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political issues - pakistani talk shows,jobs and employment,live news feed,breaking news presents pakistani talk shows, pakistan news feed, breaking news , latest gossips, news bulletins , political community
pakistani, with, news, rozetv, capital, live, pakistan, baton, khabar, bolta, media, talk, arslan, goya, geomentary, khalid, hasb, haal, awam, most
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வினவு - vinavu - tamil news - tamil political news - tamil political blog - tamil forum - revolutionary news
revolutionary politics - discussion forum - புரட்சிகர அரசியலும் விவாதங்களும்
tamil, political, blog, news, vinavu
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home | abortion changes you
abortion, after, stories, risks, healing, recovery, women, clinics, providers, changed
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jasmyne a. cannick | los angeles, race, politics, music & pop culture
the opinions and views of social commentator jasmyne a. cannick on race, politics, music, pop culture, and life in los angeles.
music, race, culture, angeles, politics
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on may 28, 2009, in this space, we published a well-researched article entitled, “who stole your social security and why?” the idea was to clarify the concept
rights, budgets, health, care, campaign, presidential, obstruction, taxes, 2016, labor, wall, abortion, culture, general, romney, media, street, government, intervention, lobbying
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thirdrailforum - flame war forum
insults, politics, adult humor, flamewar, news, sports, debatethirdrailforum - flame war forum
insults, football, sports, news, humor, adult, politics, travel, espn, atheism, college, jokes, religion, discussions, flametown, flamewar, debate, fantasy
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political scrapbook
news and political gossip from westminster and beyond.
political, david, cameron, party, government, politics, gossip
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davey d's hip-hop corner: the news source for the hip-hop generation
the world from a hip hop perspective-hip hop culture, politics and beyond
radio, media, davey, knock, davy, davie, cook, kmel, dave, songs, political, conscious, dissent, rapper, hard, politics, breakdown, news, culture, history
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the pop history dig | pop culture and the history & businesses of pop culture, with emphasis on media & entertainment, including sports, politics, advertising & marketing as these relate to media, entertainment & popular culture.
pop culture and the history & businesses of pop culture, with emphasis on media & entertainment, including sports, politics, advertising & marketing as these relate to media, entertainment & popular culture.
history, celebrity, entertainment, music, sports, media, stars, industry, politics, culture, rock, advertising, publishing, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1950s, 2000s, movie, political
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alive caravan, news magazine | political news | latest news | current news | top news | national stories |
alive - a journal of politics and culture. alive caravan, news magazine, political news, latest news, current news, top news, national stories, politics, culture
news, politics, stories, culture, poltical, breaking, national, current, magazine, caravan, political, latest, alive
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the sutton law firm
the sutton law firm specializes in political and election law and litigation, representing businesses, individuals, candidates, ballot measures, pacs and nonprofit organizations involved in the political and legislative processes on the local, state and national levels. the firm seeks to help its clients achieve their political and legislative goals while avoiding legal pitfalls.
sutton, francisco, political, california, election, politics, firm, elections, representation, ballot, lawyers, heneghan, kevin, campaign, james, area
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from the mind of lord publius
a blog about aspie issues, nerd culture, cars, science, science fiction, technology, rock music and varying socio-political issues.
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- chasing glenn beck
blog for chasing glenn beck by michael charney, discussing conservative, liberal and consiberal politics, current events, twitter technology, political culture and political media pundits
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nueva economía fórum
nueva economía fórum es la organización de debate de referencia en españa. de carácter privado, independiente y no partidista, su objetivo es el de promover el debate y el diálogo a través de sus foros abiertos, neutrales y plurales.
pais, galicia, vasco, smartcity, ciudad, innovacion, catalunya, actividades, organizacion, forum, debate, tribunas, madrid, foros, dialogo, economia
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welcome to liberty gb - liberty gb
liberty gb will address all the political issues great britain currently faces, something the three main parties so conspicuously fail to do
health, welfare, immigration, policy, foreign, housing, planning, parliament, election, democracy, freedom, constitution, manifesto, islam, christianity, religion, politics, education, economy, energy
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politikwissenschaft - professur schlumberger
political, politics, middle, development, tuebingen, east, science, democracy, promotion, comparative, arab, democratization, regime, regimewechsel, krise, interview, swr4, cooperation, authoritarianism, wdr5
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brown political review
brown political review is brown universitys nonpartisan politics magazine. it is a student-run and written publication sponsored by browns political
brown, review, island, rhode, political, policy, government, politics, university, league, college
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national ave | we eat culture for breakfast
entertainment, sports, and political news and commentary with a humorous vibe.
film, politics, reviews, hodgepodge, movies, local, culture, sports, entertainment, humor, blog
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grandparents website | gransnet
gransnet is the busiest social networking site for the over 50s. at its heart is a buzzing forum where users debate the hot topics of the day, support each other through tough times and share a laugh.
grandchildren, sleeves, with, grandmother, grandfather, dresses, social, network, advice, forum, conversation, daughter, grandparents
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welcome to the kutztown area democratic club
the kutztown area democratic club will act as a gathering place for political activities, programs, and educational events so that individuals may develop a sense of membership and connection with the progressive democratic movement and its candidates.
progressive, political, politics, berks, party, democrats, states, democratic, kutztown, politician, primary, blue, election, compassionate, compassion, organization, pennsylvania, county, liberal, grassroots
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simply govind
rti, relationship, product review, blogger, corruption, blog on social issue. education, career guidance, admission and courses, india education
indian, review, information, real, product, issues, right, governance, cases, religion, religious, discussion, government, format, better, activist, politics, example, mobile, alert
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slate magazine - politics, business, technology, and the arts
online magazine of news, politics, technology, and culture. combines humor and insight in thoughtful analyses of current events and political news.
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rod 2.0:beta #gay #news #lgbt #gaynews
rod 2.0 is a leading weblog for urban gay men. pop culture, politics, black gay culture, fashion, books, activism, hiv, aids, sports, media, television ... and all things tyson beckford.
blog, politics, culture, black, progressive, liberal, urban, tyson, beckford, lgbt, aids
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the water's edge : northern wisconsin environment issues politics
watersedge introduction page as a free lance news site.wisconsin's environmental threats, mining, tribal concerns, economy, development, and political controversy.
wisconsin, shed, water, clean, river, sierra, conservation, voters, league, club, gtac, taconite, politics, mining, superior, lake, economics, issues, project, education
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the economic voice
for the latest news, comment and debate on current affairs, politics and economics as well as everything in between.
news, travel, culture, energy, affairs, fracking, current, environment, business, finance, politics, house, prices, technology, entertainment, economics
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free abortion help | pregnancy information
if you're pregnant and looking for an abortion, we’re here to empower you with the information you need to make the choice that is best for you, your body and your health.
abortion, procedure, pregnant, pill, free, help, clinic
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sandy rios
official website of radio personality, sandy rios, fox news contributor, president of the culture campaign, and columnist. whether defending america’s military, advocating for religious freedom, analyzing presidential politics, or the social and moral dilemmas of the day, sandy brings her unique perspective to a wide variety of issues.
sandy, radio, rios, presidential, freedom, politics, show, network, salem, religious, personality, culture, news, campaign, townhall
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weber state debate institute
wsdi provides quality summer camp instruction in policy debate, lincoln douglas, public forum, and congress for high school students.
debate, summer, camp, weber, institute, state, douglas, udca, lincoln, ndca, public, policy, wsdi, forum, congress, congressional
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florida politics
florida, newswire, political, politics, nelson, bill, bush, scott, rubio, charlie, news, crist, marco, 2000, rick
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serious topics political and economic discussion forums.
serious topics political and economic discussion forums.
debate, parliament, forums, economics, politics
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top political issues of 2015 in america | 2015 political issues that affect us in the united states, political blog
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daily political | daily politics and us news
get the latest and best political and news at
news, politics, leftwing, liberal, rightwing, conservative, republicans, world, democrats
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centre for studies in social sciences, calcutta
centre for studies in social sciences, calcutta, csssc, social science research - eastern india, economics, history, political science, geography, cultural studies, urban popular culture, library, archive
studies, history, science, geography, culture, bengal, cultural, political, social, tapati, jalan, abhijit, chatterjee, partha, gender, human, sociology, bhattacharya, jyotsna, lakshmi
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home -
politics, politician, blog, entertainment, news, wives, trophy, become, queens, celebrity, beauty, culture, scandals, girls, girlfriends, daily, wags, fashion, political, breakingnews
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politwitter - canadian political tweets
a canadian non-partisan political twitter & social media aggregator & directory. making it easy to connect elected mps & mlas with the canadian people.
twitter, canadian, tweets, canada, political, election, federal, politics, tweeting, politicians, parliament
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athens democracy forum · nyt conferences
as the world lurches from crisis to crisis, democracy is under extreme pressure. from the rise of islamist extremism and regimes in states that reject liberal democracy, to growing inequality and the rapid expansion of new technologies, democratic foundations are being threatened in a world where profound changes happen almost overnight. in this era of global uncertainty, these issues and more will frame the debate at the third, expanded athens democracy forum (september 13-15). the event, hosted by the international new york times and the united nations democracy fund, takes place in athens, greece - a living showcase of democracy under extreme challenge as the nation once again goes to the polls on september 20.greece may be the birthplace of democracy but, in recent years, the nation has had its foundations shaken by a political, economic and social crisis that has threatened, at times, to tear europe apart. and in other parts of the world, the arab spring, the maidan protests
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an unbiased online media portal for pakistani political updates, news & scandals
an online platform for pakistani politics, latest political updates, breaking news, political parties, scandals, political discussions, current affairs & daily talk shows
news, political, pakistani, talk, naak, capital, khabar, abbasi, hamid, dunya, samaa, haal, kashif, hasb, politics, bulletins, updates, discussions, insights, interviews
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ideas on europe | informed analysis, comment and debate
ideas on europe is a blog hosting service which provides an independent forum for informed analysis, comment and debate. it hosts blogs by organisations and individuals actively engaged in european issues.
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life issues | abortion information | euthanasia | pro life | stem cell research - right to life australia
an organisation advocating for the right to life of all human beings from conception to natural death. we support a pro-life position on life issues such as abortion, euthanasia and stem cell research.
life, issues, cell, research, organisation, stem, euthanasia, abortion, right, embryonic
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bethlehem/easton pennsylvanians for human life
pro-life organization serving lehigh and northampton counties in the lehigh valley of pa - non-partisan, non-denominational, non-profit, primarily educational resource of life issues: abortion, partial-birth abortion, cloning, infanticide, embryonic stem-cell research and euthanasia..
life, cloning, prolife, abortion, lehigh, research, bethlehem, stem, right, easton, euthanasia, infanticide, therapeutic, reproductive, cells, cell, victims, fetal, unborn, violence
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tanqeed | a magazine of politics and culture
a magazine of politics and culture
tanqeed, magazine, gilgit, punjab, sindh, baltistan, south, urdu, pakistani, asia, baluchistan, fata, pakistan, zine, tanqeedorg, politics, culture, terror, balochistan
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forums home - captain cynic forums & discussion
featuring philosophy and psychology debates and discussions, voice chat forums and more. discuss political quotes on our free internet forum.
forum, voice, chat, free, discussion, debate, online, philosophy, psychology
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211 - latest news, in depth news, india news, politics news, indian cinema, indian sports, culture, video news is a digital daily of political and cultural news for india. our focus is on analyses, reportage and commentary.
news, politics, culture, online, breaking, latest, scroll
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glia | make every choice a statement | app available
glia empowers you to make informed spending decisions by guiding you to businesses that share your values which results in stronger support for shared causes.
shopping, corporate, political, glia, spending, values, partisan, purpose, election, with, iphone, responsibility, club, responsible, conscious, ethical, socially, sierra, issue, empowered
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truth is reason - reasoned political and social commentary
truth is reason is a blog devoted to social and political commentary.
analysis, constitution, conservative, opinion, commentary, reason, politics, society, truth
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home abortion - home abortion remedy - how to get a home abortion
is the best homemade recipe. home abortion remedy 100% secure and effective to interrupt unwanted pregnancy during the first 7-8 weeks. if you think it is not the right time, don’t worry anymore.
abortion, home, abortions, pregnancy, remedy
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main square
a social gathering place for friends across the country
debate, politics, community, tcrebel, tivo, rebel, chat
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the politicus | where political ideas are created and discussed!
the politicus is the destination for political activist. post, share and influence!
news, politics, blog, political, breaking
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politicoscope: politics | news | politicoscope: politics
politicoscope official world politics news home. follow political news headlines and biography. share, comment on politico scope latest news in politics.
political, america, latin, biography, politicoscope, nigeria, scope, politico, east, middle, africa, world, headlines, asia, pacific, politics
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movement for a better america
a movement of men, women and families dedicated to restoring a culture of life and building a pro-life majority in america through education, communications and persuasion.
abortion, bomb, life, america, culture, death, population, john, cardinal, oconnor, survive, controllers, redeem, parenthood, unity, solidarity, planned, king, rate, dream
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no quarter usa, political discussion blog by larry johnson
no quarter is a weblog, founded by larry johnson, that addresses issues of terrorism, intelligence and politics. nominated as best political blog of 2008.
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the hill - covering congress, politics, political campaigns and capitol hill
the hill is a top us political website, read by the white house and more lawmakers than any other site -- vital for policy, politics and election campaigns.
hill, williams, presidential, juan, call, roll, election, lobbyists, most, pelosi, endorsements, street, legislation, beautiful, house, business, lobbying, morris, dick, capitol
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the hill - covering congress, politics, political campaigns and capitol hill
the hill is a top us political website, read by the white house and more lawmakers than any other site -- vital for policy, politics and election campaigns.
hill, williams, presidential, juan, call, roll, election, lobbyists, most, pelosi, endorsements, street, legislation, beautiful, house, business, lobbying, morris, dick, capitol
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border health pac | a political action committee
border health pac is a political action committee dedicated to promoting the issues of the medical profession along the border of the state of texas.
political, valley, grande, medical, politics, committee, health, border, action, bhpac, texas
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the rational radical
radical short takes about politics and culture. take-no-prisoners, just spell out the truth.
bush, progressive, views, commentary, estefan, president, hypocrites, george, commentaries, gloria, left, analysis, political, cultural, pundits, columns, opinion, leftist, news, alternative
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new spotlight magazine is a national fortnightly news magazine run by a group of independent non-partisan journalists with the objective of promoting and disseminating objective opinions and analysis of the political, economic, social, cultural and ecological issues of nepal.
nepal, news, nepali, magazine, health, tourism, economics, samachar, issues, interview, literature, photos, newspaper, editorial, financial, finance, economical, columns, business, epaper
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whole womans health
whole woman's health - private gynecology and abortion care for women in fort worth, san antonio, baltimore (md), las cruces, nm and minneapolis (mn)
abortion, clinic, worth, cities, twin, antonio, minneapolis, texas, minnesota, mexico, mcallen, austin, care, baltimore, beaumont, fort, whole, health
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yeah right
an eclectic look at popular (and unpopular) culture
culture, rock, politics, youth, entertainment, criticism, reviews, movie, music, punk, libertarian, conservative, indie, right
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illinois times, the capital citys weekly source of news, politics, arts, entertainment, culture illinoistimes
the capital citys newsweekly
local, food, politics, glatz, music, rall, illinois, tourism, springfield, sangamon, blagojevich, live, culture, social, agriculture, education, environment, justice, movement, arts
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camp campaign - politics from all sides
at camp campaign you will find political articles with a range of views: conservative, liberal, democratic, republican, independent, and more.
peace, laws, world, washington, bills, vote, debate, rally, citizens, campaign, election, party, green, republican, liberal, democrat, congress, president, conservative, independent
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229 : the digital reference library of punjab. is a complete encyclopedia of punjab, the one stop platform with comprehensive information on politics, culture, historical places, profiles of political leaders and assembly and parliament constituencies and legendary personalities from various fields are available for ready reference.
parliament, assembly, leaders, constituencies, legendary, reference, ready, personalities, political, profiles, encyclopedia, punjab, politics, places, historical, culture, punjabpage
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gulf research center - home page
gulf research center is an independent think tank to support the decision making on political, economical, social and security issues, as related to the gcc states and the gulf countries in the middle east.
saudi, research, security, social, spending, reforms, qatar, people, policies, political, statistics, studies, emirates, arab, workshops, yemen, united, trends, theses, think
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global arts and politics alliance: politics, arts & activism
gapa brings together a unique mix of media artists and individuals involved in the domain of political science and aims to further political & art activism.
activism, global, organisation, politics, arts
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adam brown, byu political science
professor of political science at brigham young university with research in several peer-reviewed journals. teaches courses on american politics, congress, the utah legislature, voter behavior, state politics, and environmental policy.
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welcome to the catholic conference of ohio
catholic, ohio, religious, public, schools, conference, politics, affairs, life, school, rights, bishops, issues, catholics, religion, reverence, catholocism, freedom, family, marriage
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spief will provide a unique platform for global leaders to engage with their peers in finding solutions to the most pressing issues affecting the world today: political challenges, the fragility of...
economic, global, venue, petersburg, issues, political, recovery, pressing, challenges, pulkovo, leaders, lenexpo, airport, emanating, ongoing, opportunities, shifting, power, equations, emerging
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institute for religion, culture, and public life | the ircpl brings together scholars and students in religion, cultural anthropology, history, political science, economics, sociology and social psychology, and other allied fields to support multi-disciplinary analysis, reflection, and response to historical and contemporary issues of great significance.
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christian worldview testing and training program to families, schools, churches, businesses and political groups
we provide christian education programs complete with instructional material, testing and grading. the peers test evaluates an individual's belief in five major areas of life: politics, economics, education, religion and social issues.
views, christian, worldview, economic, thinking, political, jesus, educational, scientific, peers, training, testing, philosophy, sites, assessment
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andhra site | andhra news, politics, education, films
andhrasite is an informative website reflecting the culture, heritage, tourism, political and arts of andhra pradesh. we proudly present you telugu film news, political news, information about tourism and happenings all over a.p state
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our aim is to offer a site where progressives from a variety of religious traditions, discuss law, politics, religion, and culture together in mutual respect and affection.
politics, religion, culture, progressive, left, religious
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election forum
the election forum is your guide to impacting the culture, church, and politics so you can be salt and light in your community.
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240 - peacetopian community
peacetopia - imagine a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. together we can create a better world. - helping the world imagine peace on earth. - more than 2000 free printable resources to inspire and empower the global movement for a culture of peace. these resources address more than 60 social issues, and revolve around a calendar of more than 80 action days for a culture of peace dealing with these social issues. all free resources created by robert alan silverstein unless otherwise noted. may be distribtued freely for non-commercial uses only.
peace, culture, earth, songs, world, quotes, calendar, better, nations, unesco, united, betterworld, books, prevail, alan, robert, assemblies, movement, global, fairs
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all things democrat
smart analysis and opinion on the latest political news, issues and hot topics of interest to dems.
elections, campaigns, candidates, news, political, blog, media, headlines, forums, freebies, links, politics, lefty, allthingsdemocrat, democrat, things, democrats, democratic, left, progressive
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arizona capitol times | your inside track to arizona politics
arizona politics & political news, covering elections, the governor, legislature, courts, agencies & campaigns in print and online. an arizona news service newspaper.
news, politics, arizona, capitol, source, newspaper, government, central, legislative, policy, public, affairs, political, legislature
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243 - non profit organization: mla & mp information mumbai, mumbai ward information, civic, health, political issues
praja is a non-partisan organization. it was started in mumbai in 1997 to re-establish accountability and transparency in governance. you can discuss regarding the political issues, political information, know your mla and mp information in mumbai and issues like civic, education, health, crime, elected representatives in mumbai.
mumbai, issue, political, organization, ward, issues, politician, national, profit, know, your, partisan, topics, area, india, state, information, details, list
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the existentialist cowboy
a blog about politics, issues, philosophy, current events, policy, world issues, u.s. politics
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different day, same shit.
different day same shit is a blog that talks about politics, social issues, race, economics and other important topics and issues of the day.
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observer | news, politics, culture, art, style, real estate, movie reviews, tv recaps
a sophisticated take on news, culture, politics & luxury.
york, culture, real, estate, politicker, lifestyle, opinion, city, news, commentary, politics
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politics is dirty. wash away the political grime - godfather politics
politics is rough. we believe it is our duty to inform you about americas dirtiest pastime. find all the news the media refuses to print.
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political film society
recognizes outstanding achievement in films that raise political consciousness.
political, film, september, four, state, civil, history, siege, american, guns, action, with, regeneration, review, freedom, human, science, politics, movies, hollywood
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the cagle post
political cartoons, comics, editorial commentary on the latest news, politics, cartoon memes and events around the world
political, humor, cartoon, comic, webcomic, cartoons, politics, poliitcal, meme, editorial
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aaron womens clinic - late term abortion services
abortion, houston, pills, clinic, pregnancy, terminations, abortive, mifeprex, surgery, abortionservices, costs, abortos, clinics, clinica, abortio, medical, procedures, termination, doctor, abortions