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postgresql: the world's most advanced open source database
the official site for postgresql, the world's most advanced open source database
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sourceforge - download, develop and publish free open source software
free, secure and fast downloads from the largest open source applications and software directory -
source, open, software, downloads, secure, free, community, development, code
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mysql :: the world's most popular open source database
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the world's open source leader | red hat
red hat is the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, virtualization, storage, linux, and middleware technologies. red hat also offers award-winning support, training, and consulting services. red hat is an s&p 500 company with more than 80 offices spanning the globe, empowering its customers’ businesses.
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the geek stuff
provides instruction guides, how-tos, troubleshooting tips and tricks on linux, database, hardware, security, web and open source for both newbies and geeks -
ramesh, administrator, system, manager, geek, natarajan, stuff, oracle, database, unix, mysql, security, hardware, linux
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homepage :: mybrowseraddon
mybrowseraddon is a community for open-source projects. we can help you create new projects to share with the world! here, you can explore different ways we serve the open-source community and also help us to make these open-source projects even more awesome!
html, browser, webpage, website, coding, host, javascript, yandex, plugin, extension, chrome, firefox, safari, opera, addon
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keepass password safe
keepass is an open source password manager. passwords can be stored in highly-encrypted databases, which can be unlocked with one master password or key file.
code, free, master, disk, reichl, dominik, source, open, security, safe, password, database, encryption, manager, secure, keepass
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its f.o.s.s. — open source news, tips and tutorials
its foss is all about open source. you get the latest news, how-to tutorials and free learning materials.
tips, tricks, news, tutorials, source, ubuntu, open, linux
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navicat gui | db admin tool for mysql, mariadb, sql server, sqlite, oracle & postgresql client
powerful database management & design tool for win, mac & linux. with intuitive gui, user manages mysql, mariadb, sql server, sqlite, oracle & postgresql db easily.
navicat, database, administration, tool, management, admin, intuitive, linux, data, mariadb, mysql, premium, premiumsoft, server, postgresql, oracle, sqlite, modeler
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cocos2d-x - world's #1 open-source game development platform
cocos2d-x is an open-source and cross platform open source free 2d game engine for mobile game development known for its speed, stability, and easy of use
windows, android, ipad, metro, bada, playbook, marmalade, iphone, platform, game, cocos2d, engine, opengl, multi, cross
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upc index - the world's largest upc database for free
search over 70 million upc numbers with barcodes, products, images and shopping guide from the world's largest upc database. free.
search, engine, code, product, universal, index, database, barcode
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enterprisedb | the postgres database company
the leader in open source database products, services, support, training and expertise based on postgresql. free downloads, documentation, and tutorials.
postgresql, database, training, replication, source, migration, installer, mysql, postgres, open
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nosql database | couchbase
couchbase server 4.0: the world’s best database for building web, mobile and iot applications.
database, nosql, source, open
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heidisql - mysql, mssql and postgresql made easy
heidisql is a powerful and easy client for mysql, mariadb, microsoft sql server and postgresql. open source and entirely free to use.
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rethinkdb: the open-source database for the realtime web
expand collapse - advance pr 4 social bookmarking site - your source for social news and networking is a pr 4 social bookmarking site managed by an open source content management system that lets you easily submit and share your updates with the rest of the world. submit your links in the growing database to get search engine love and real human referral traffic.
upcoming, submit, comments, tags, live, groups, networking, articles, stories, vote, publish, social, news
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home | sys-con media
sys-con media, nj, a leading technology and computing media company on breaking news in the cloud.
open, source, eclipse, coldfusion, apache, ajax, flex, perl, powerbuilder, oracle, iphone, video, sddc, data, devops, cloud, things, internet, containers, microservices, mobile, security, stack, linux, webrtc, java, enterprise
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iredmail - free, open source mail server solution for linux/bsd
iredmail is a free, open source mail server solution for linux/bsd, provides services pop3/imap/smtp, anti-spam, anti-virus, etc.
server, mail, source, open, freebsd, dovecot, postfix, greylisting, dkim, openbsd, email, centos, free, linux, debian, ubuntu
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fossies - the fresh open source software archive
fossies - the fresh open source software archive with special browsing features
source, unix, documentation, highlighting, linux, windows, science, research, engineering, internet, syntax, code, shareware, freeware, fresh, download, free, open, fossies, archive, software, browsing
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welcome to our code world | our code world
our code world provides you with a lot of interesting articles and solutions for your daily development life
java, javascript, symfony, website, free, open, source, articles, development
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firebird: the true open source database for windows, linux, mac os x and more
developed by dq team
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slackware, suse, opensuse, fedora, ubuntu, mandriva, debian, gnome, internet, mozilla, microsystems, postgresql, mysql, linux, solaris, freebsd, openbsd, kernel, free, software, source, netbsd, open, unix
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postgis spatial and geographic objects for postgresql
postgis provides spatial objects for the postgresql database, allowing storage and query of information about location and mapping.
postgis, geocoding, routing, raster, mapping, database, spatial, queries
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open source for you - the complete magazine on open source
from foss newbies to power users, from developers to sysadmins, open source for you has everyone covered. join our community, and lets collaborate in creating content to assist users!
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open source cms, enterprise content management & digital platform by ez
ez publish is an open source content management system (cms) and platform with digital marketing and e-commerce capabilities
management, content, enterprise, source, open, platform, experience, publishing, media, networking, engagement, social, online, framework, business, webshops, multichannel, intranet, website, software, user, customer, systems, system, server, portals
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sphinx | open source search engine
sphinx is an open source full text search server, designed with performance, relevance (search quality), and integration simplicity in mind. sphinx lets you either batch index and search data stored in files, an sql database, nosql storage -- or index and search data on the fly, working with sphinx pretty much as with a database server.
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cloud database application builder - dbface
dbface - build frontend applications for mysql, postgresql, oracle, etc. self-service bi solution for sql database.
builder, application, software, dashboard, mysql, frontend
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bioinformatics community open to all people. strong emphasis on open access to biological information as well as free and open source software.
open, careers, employment, software, jobs, source, access, courses, biology, computational, community, research, education, development, bioinformatics
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xenserver | open source server virtualization
xenserver is the leading open source virtualization platform, powered by the xen hypervisor. it is used in the world's largest clouds and enterprises.
virtualization, server, platform, computing, cloud, open, source
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cubrid - open source database management system optimized for web
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oclhashcat - advanced password recovery
world's fastest and most advanced gpgpu-based password recovery utility, now open source
password, recovery, cracker, cracking, cuda, opencl, nvidia, oclhashcat
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database tools for mysql, sql server, postgresql, sqlite, oracle, db2, firebird by sql maestro group
sql maestro group vendors powerful database administration, development and management tools for mysql, oracle, sql server, db2, sql anywhere, postgresql, sqlite, firebird and maxdb.
oracle, postgresql, mysql, tools, maxdb, firebird, sqlite, ianywhere, tool, client, server, dbms, database, maestro, admin, development, management, administration
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postgresql tutorial
learn postgresql quickly through a practical postgresql tutorial designed for database administrators and application developers.
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aurora hdr | by macphun and trey ratcliff
the world's best and most advanced hdr photography software. a complete toolkit to make beautiful hdr photos of any kind. made exclusively for mac.
software, advanced
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openmw, open source elderscrolls iii: morrowind reimplementation, morrowind remake, morrowind remade
open source elderscrolls 3: morrowind reimplementation. openmw is an attempt to reimplement the popular role playing game morrowind. it aims to be a fully playable, open source implementation of the game. you must own morrowind to use openmw. you can watch short video-faq or read detailed information on openmw faq page.
scrolls, gpl3, ogre3d, elder, remade, source, open, morrowind, reimplementation, rewrite, remake, openmw
expand collapse - the geek stuff
provides instruction guides, how-tos, troubleshooting tips and tricks on linux, database, hardware, security, web and open source for both newbies and geeks -
administrator, system, geek, stuff, carver, thoma, ramesh, manager, oracle, database, unix, mysql, security, hardware, linux
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linuxinsider: linux news & information from around the world
linux news and information from around the world with fresh perspective on linux and the open-source movement.
linux, analysis, news, stock, tips, employment, security, jobs, center, enterprise, source, open, datacenter, databases, business, resources
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revolution systems
revolution systems is a leader in open source consulting and support. specializing in infrastructure scaling, development, and training using django, python, and postgresql.
wiles, jacob, frank, infrastructure, python, postgresql, linux, django
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free open source cms :: open source cms, free php cms
get the power of the most user-friendly open source content management system written in php5 - subrion! spice up the free cms core functionality with the tons of free plugins and professional templates! get the best cms now!
source, open, free, opensource
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open source for drones - px4 pro open source autopilot
professional open source autopilot solution.
expand collapse – the easiest way to get started with postgresql on the mac is the easiest way to get started with postgresql on the mac. open the app, and you have a postgresql server ready and awaiting new connections. close the app, and the server shuts down.
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sourceforge - download, develop and publish free open source software
free, secure and fast downloads from the largest open source applications and software directory -
source, open, software, downloads, secure, free, community, development, code
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r-statistics blog | statistics with r, and open source stuff (software, data, community)
a blog on statistics and r
database, programming, data, analysis, analyst, programmer, biomedical, statistics, statistical, access, analyzing, visual, basic, excel, scientific, modeling, survey, building, mining, object, bioinformation, visualization, biostatistics, bioinformatics, oriented, model, logistic, setup, queries, organization, multivariate, services, splus, developer, consulant, consultant, regression
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ems sql manager - sql tools and database administration, database development and database management tools for mysql, sql server, postgresql, interbase, firebird, oracle, db2
sql tools and database administration, database development and database management tools for mysql, sql server, postgresql, interbase, firebird, oracle, db2
tools, database, developer, interbase, firebird, mysql, administration, oracle, server, postgresql
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dbeaver - universal database manager
dbeaver - universal database manager and sql client
database, free, freeware, sqllite, firebird, download, entity, browser, diagram, jdbc, derby, postgresql, mysql, client, manager, universal, jbase, sybase, oracle, odbc
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an open source mqtt v3.1 broker
mosquitto is an open source message broker that implements the mqtt (mq telemetry transport) protocol v3.1.
topic, pubsub, internet, things, library, client, broker, messaging, open, source, mqtt
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cloud database application builder - dbface
dbface - build frontend applications for mysql, postgresql, oracle, etc. self-service bi solution for sql database.
builder, application, software, dashboard, mysql, frontend
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the xen project, the powerful open source industry standard for virtualization.
xen project: open source hypervisor, high performance clouds, free software, open source virtualization, open virtualization, cloud computing, desktop virtualization, mobile virtualization, embedded virtualization
vmware, openstack, cloudstack, cloud
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geodatasource world cities database latitude longitude global world | geodatasource
geodatasource provides quality geographical database gazetteers of world features, cities and zip codes with place names, coordinates, latitude, longitude, and distance calculation.
cities, city, place, names, world, latitude, database, lookup, locations, county, geocities, finder, directory, feature, codes, zipcode, postal, populated, distance, calculator, countries, global, longitude, state, list, geographical, places, gazetteer, atlas
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navicat gui | 支持 mysql、mariadb、sql server、sqlite、oracle 和 postgresql 的数据库管理
navicat是最佳的数据库管理工具, 专门用于简化, 开发和管理mysql, sql server, sqlite, oracle 和 postgresql 的数据, 提高了用户的生产力.
navicat, database, management, modeler, tool, admin, administration, data, oracle, premium, premiumsoft, mysql, sqlite, server, postgresql
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the zcash open source miner challenge | home
on october 28, 2016, the launch of zcash will make zec coins available for mining. since zcash is an open source, decentralized cryptocurrency, we believe that mining should be available to everyone, regardless of their access to specialized hardware; anyone should be able to use a computer to mine by using open source software, and add more transactions to the zcash ledger to get zcash coins in return for their effort. by distributing the ability to perform mining, the zcash network can be a more accessible and a truly community supported cryptocurrency.
source, miners, open, contest, cryptocurrency, coding, zcash
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content management system - dotcms open source java cms
dotcms is an open source content management system (cms), built on leading java technology and open standards (saas, paas and on-premises cms).
content, source, java, open, management, system, service, saas, platform
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the xen project, the powerful open source industry standard for virtualization.
xen project: open source hypervisor, high performance clouds, free software, open source virtualization, open virtualization, cloud computing, desktop virtualization, mobile virtualization, embedded virtualization
vmware, openstack, cloudstack, cloud
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guide open source : le référentiel des solutions open source professionnelles
portail participatif des meilleures solutions open source professionnelles : actualités, plus de 330 fiches produits, comparatifs, avis d’experts, chiffres clés, évaluations
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find open source alternatives to commercial software | open source alternative - helps recommend a open source software alternative or replacement for commercial products and even shareware. remember that open source software is also a freeware alternative.
open, source, find, search, free, alternative, software
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kicad eda
kicad is an open source eda software for windows, osx and linux. create pcb circuits for free with the most advanced features.
expand collapse | using linux and open source to get the job done!
at you will find tutorials and information on how to complete different computer task using popular linux distributions and open source software as well as provide links to other useful resources on the web.
linux, mint, fedora, opensuse, ubuntu, centos, source, open, tutorials, arch
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open source enterprise solutions - portals, ecm, ecommerce, big data analytics
cignex datamatics is a silicon valley based, global, pure-play, open source consulting company offering enterprise-grade solutions, platforms, products and services for systems of engagement and insight. cignex datamatics has experience of delivering over 500 open source solutions to clients worldwide.
open, source, analytics, ecommerce, data, portals, consulting, company, assessment
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open source software scripts cms php asp net perl cgi java javascript
directory of open source scripts
source, free, software, open, scripts, downloads, code, development, community, secure
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postgresql + python | psycopg
python adapter for postgresql
psycopg2, database, psycopg, driver, postgresql, adapter, python
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the raw food world
the raw food world : - misc appliances raw foods supplements raw beauty raw vegan books/dvds herbs, mushrooms etc. exercise & detox equipment raw world team picks and faq 'at-cost' specials virtual catalog kitchen tools cleanses raw lifestyle accessories ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping
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free seo cms, open source cms & web site builder | free shopping cart & open source ecommerce web site builder software solution
seotoaster is the most advanced seo cms and e commerce website builder that can be used right out of the box, with no plug-ins required. seotoaster features an unique bundle of a powerful and intuitive cms, fully integrated shopping cart software, and complex sale or b2b e-commerce quote engine configurable in 60 seconds or less, combined with powerful automated organic search engine marketing. it is an open source and free cms that is customizable at will.
source, open, software, builder, cart, website, solution, ecommerce, free, shopping
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techie corner | the place for computer tips and tricks! microsoft windows, open source, database, programming, freeware and etc
the place for computer tips and tricks! microsoft windows, open source, database, programming, freeware and etc
wordpress, linux, hosting, exension, theme, firefox, javascript, microsoft, database, security, tutorial, open, source, cpanel, software, tuning
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simple cms for html websites
sitecake is drag and drop cms for your static website. no templates, no database, open source and free.
simple, open, free, drop, source, flatfile, html, drag, sitecake
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osscube | a global open source enterprise software development company
open source software consulting and application development for enterprises. osscube, a global solution provider develop mission critical solutions for businesses. our innovative open source software solutions and consultancy can reduce tco by 30%. contact us!
open, source, software, solution, development, company, enterprise, consulting, provider
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galera cluster for mysql | the worlds most advanced open source database cluster
the world's most advanced open source database cluster
cluster, database, replication, multimaster, synchronous, data, galera, codership, mysql
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database research & development
bigdata | nosql | mssql | mysql | postgresql
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pjsip - open source sip, media, and nat traversal library
professionally supported open source, portable, small footprint multimedia communication libraries written in c language for building portable voip applications. includes implementation of sip, rtp, stun, turn, and ice. available for windows, mac os x, and many other systems.
embedded, stun, source, open
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booked scheduler - free trial
booked scheduler - a simply powerful, reserve anything scheduler
open, source, booked, scheduler, calendar, reservation, toes, software, phpscheduleit, twinkle
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migrazione software open source open office | yacme
migrazione openoffice, zimbra ed altre soluzioni open source. integrazione con tecnologie proprietarie, sviluppo software e gestione infrastrutture di rete. applicazioni ios e android.
assistenza, zimbra, sistemistica, cloud, cmdbuild, tablet, iphone, android, supporto, openoffice, source, open, sistemi, infrastruttura, formazione, sviluppo, networking, linux
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kaltura: open source video developer community | leading the open video revolution
video, source, open, website, player, developers, community, editor, online
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open source and third-party software audit services | nexb
nexb offers open source and third-party software scanning services and tools. nexb provides software audits to help companies identify and manage open source and other third-party software components within their software.
audit, software, open, diligence, source, license, management, review, product, acquisition, nexb, release, services
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auto-rex online dashboard - management system
xoops cube legacy is a dynamic object oriented based open source portal script written in php.
comments, comment, portal, open, kernel, polls, boards, board, poll, survey, source, opensource, mysql, database, databases, site, unix, freesoftware, license, bulletin, forums, plugin, module, theme, templates, network, social, headlines, technology, xoops, cube, legacy, free, downloads, community, forum, download, blog, ajax, content
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database tools for the open source community -- bigprof software
we provide simple and affordable data tools and utilities for open source web software.
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thottbot: world of warcraft database
a world of warcraft (wow) database website with talent calculators, item planner, news, guides, and character profiles.
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openmind - we like to challenge a brand "status quo” and to enhance it through the digital technology
openmind - business consulting, digital ux design. business technology, digital innovation, digital transformation. hybris and magnolia partner, open source experts. hybris partner for e-commerce. magnolia rated world's best cms.
digital, magnolia, open, experience, ecommerce, monza, projects, opensource, hybris, rated, java, technology, business, trasformation, innovation, strategy, customer, j2ee, mind, openmind, user, source
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oio gmbh - schulung beratung entwicklung - java, xml, open source
competence center softwarentwicklung mit java, xml und open source. technologieberatung. software factory - schlüsselfertige individualsoftware.
berater, trainer, coaching, realisierung, individualsoftware, nearshoring, knowhow, beratung, projekte, java, seminar, open, entwicklung, source, schulung
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xoops is a dynamic object oriented based open source portal script written in php.
freesoftware, license, unix, opensource, source, comment, kernel, comments, portal, open, mysql, theme, modules, themes, management, content, module, guru, databases, database, site, weblog, polls, poll, phpnuke, geek, geeks, hackers, hacker, myphpnuke, headlines, technology, xoops, xoop, nuke, linux, software, board, bulletin, boards
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open source saml openid connect sso & api access management
gluu's open source authentication & api access management server enables organizations to offer single sign-on, strong authentication, and centralized
saml, open, source, single, provider, identity, work, cloud, managed, service, sign, federated, federation, authorization, authentication, openid, access, connect, management
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polska strona linuksa - informacje, porady, wymiana doświadczeń...
open, free, software, source, suse, debian, ubuntu, slackware, redhat, mandriva, database, knoppix, fedora, gnome, katalog, firmy, linki, wydarzenia, praca, windows, unity, plasma, android, unix, instalacja, konfiguracja, howto, oprogramowanie, programy, informacje, hosting, linux, linuks, news, download, license, freesoftware, opensource, downloads, community
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tourist database
tourist database is a website created for tourists, adventurers, and people who are interested in knowing about countries, cities, and landmarks around the world. we do our best to get data on every place around the world.
tourist, safety, life, shopping, things, night, places, tourism, database, countries, cities, landmarks, regions, friendly
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open source software for developing world hospitals.
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forum open source
forum open source user manual, guides what you need to know about the forum open source.general questions and answers.
cart, joomla, magento, opencart
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dsfc - denis szalkowski formateur consultant
formateur red hat, centos, ubuntu, ipv6, sécurité, perl, powershell, apache, mysql, postgresql, sql server, oracle, sql, php, wordpress, seo, référencement
server, oracle, perl, oscommerce, wordpress, database, bash, business, objects, squidguard, squid, scripting, powershell, mysql, formateur, linux, centos, opensuse, formation, suse, debain, ubuntu, postgresql
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all things open - oct 19 & 20 raleigh, nc
join the world’s top developers, technologists, and decision makers as we explore open source, open tech, and the open web in the enterprise.
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open source software and freeware download for pc, mac & linux
india's first open source software and freeware publishing site, download + upload open source software and freeware relevant to the paid ones for pc, mac and linux.
softwares, software, open, source, full, free, version, windows, linux, site, sharing, download, innovative, freeware, gadgets, latest, compzets, unique
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php database front-end / crud generator for mysql sqlite postgresql - create a php online database application / data entry application without coding - dadabik is a database interfaces creator
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wolf cms - open source content management system -
wolf cms is a lightweight, fast, simple, yet powerful content management system. php-based, easily extendable; uses mysql, sqlite 3, or postgresql as db. simple drag-drop page hierarchy. open source, licensed under gplv3.
issues, goals, wolf
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cross reference for open source projects
cross reference for open source projects
source, mysql, nginx, android, kernel, redis, linux, cross, reference, code, open
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runningcoder open source javascript plugins
useful open source javascript plugins using the jquery library for your web applications, read documentation and try multiple implementation demos
demo, source, development, open, plugins, typeahead, validation, jquery, javascript, runningcoder
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tsw database
your #1 source to the secret world guides, walkthroughs and tutorials
secret, database, world, aspect, forums, regional, boss, decks, lair, guide, solution, tswdb, walkthrough, walkthroughs, quest, builds
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boston gis: geographic information systems web mapping opengis and open source solutions
boston gis a testbed for gis mapping services focusing on boston massachusetts
mapping, files, ortho, photos, mapinfo, esri, consulting, mapserver, postgis, boston, postgresql, shapefiles
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postgresql: 世界上功能最强大的开源数据库...home page__
the official site for postgresql, the world's most advanced open source database
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open source erp solutions and crm dms pos | vienna advantage
free open source erp and crm with html5 ui. use it on the cloud or download code! powerful dms and pos module available on demand to boost your business.
solutions, system, software, source, management, open, free, solution, cloud, vendors, customer, enterprise, resource, planning, relationship, document
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the java gui programming resources and its open source friends - php, apache, mysql database, java gui, java visual web applications, netbeans ide etc
this site provides a hands-on approach on java old plain code and gui programming using netbeans ide. other related information includes steps on how to install, setup, configure, test and use the open source application software such as apache web server, php scripting parser, mysql database, netbeans the java ide and many more
tools, services, download, programming, info, packages, library, components, utilities, applications, sevelopments, technology, database, source, open, framework, projects, java, server, platform, visual
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laraadmin - open source crm with crud generation and workflows
laraadmin is a open source crm for quick-start admin based applications with features like advanced crud generation, schema manager and workflows.
laravel, generation, crud, admin, open, source
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the open source backend for your mobile app | baasbox
open source mobile backend made easy. build your app in minutes. no vendor lock-in! deploy baasbox anywhere you like. try it now
backend, mobile, apps, android, winphone, development, service, baas, open, source
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whitesource | open source license management
we help you manage your open source components, so you can focus on building great products. open source license and security management is now effortless.
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ravendb - the open source nosql database for .net
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jason's blog - kafka,sql,postgresql,数据库,大数据,分布式,集群,云计算,云计算cloud,java,设计模式
java, postgresql, kafka
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open source support, scanning and services | openlogic
embrace the power of open source - safely, with the open source confidence that openlogic provides. learn more about our capabilities.
open, support, source, consulting, cloud, scanning, governance
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oss watch - independent expert advice on open source software
independent experts on free software, open source software, and open source hardware based at the university of oxford
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postgis : home
postgis spatial database extension for postgresql.
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communauté francophone consoles open source - caanoo gph / openpandora
communauté francophone consoles open source - android / caanoo gph / open pandora / wiz / yinlips / gamepad / archos / gcw-zero / nvidia shield
snes, gamegadget, emulation, nintendo, yinlips, retrogaming, amiga, nvidi, handheld, portable, gp2x, francophone, emulateur, console, forum, open, source, france, android, linux, caanoo
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npgsql is an open source data provider for postgresql, it allows programs written in c#, visual basic, f# to access the postgresql database server. it allows any program developed for .net framework to access database server. it is implemented in 100% c# code. works with postgresql 9.x and above.
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database converters for data migration and synchronization between mysql, ms access, oracle, postgres, dbf, excel, microsoft sql
intelligent converters is a company that develops solutions to migrate data between popular databases and pdf export tools
mysql, oracle, download, synchronization, access, database, word, postgresql, convert
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pod - product open data
the world's largest open product database joins open knowledge foundation and you can get involved!
data, open, gtin, product
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fossasia | asia's open technology organization for open hardware, free software, open design, open data
fossasia open tech community - open source, big data, design thinking and free knowledge tools with asia's premier open technology organization
source, software, asia, open, foss, free, fossasia
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poor sql - instant free and open-source t-sql formatting is a free online t-sql formatting service using the open-source .net 2.0 poor man's t-sql formatter library.
tsql, formatter, formatting, free, obfuscator, minifier, obfuscation, ssms, plugin, highlighting, syntax, poor, beautifier
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ispirer - home
sqlways - database migration tool to migrate mysql, sql server (mssql), oracle, db2, firebird, postgresql and convert vb, c#, java, delphi and .net applications.
migration, conversion, database, functions, triggers, embedded, procedures, stored, application, tool, software
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valentina is open source pattern drafting software, designed to be the foundation of a new stack of open source tools to remake the garment industry.
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existdb - the open source native xml database
exist solutions long term support (lts) and service level agreement (sla) order form
forms, entwicklung, xforms, xquery, nosql, database, existdb
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open source mlm script, readymade mlm script
mlm script plays an imperative role for multi level marketing business. we provide advanced future, easy to use php mlm script reaches @+91-9790033633
script, free, download, readymade, source, software, open
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open information security foundation
community driven, open source the open information security foundation is a non-profit foundation organized to build community and to support open-source security technologies like suricata, the world-class ids/ips engine.
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database, pgsql, postgres, postgresql, source, open
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symmetricds | open source database replication
symmetricds is an asynchronous database replication software package that supports multiple subscribers and bi-directional synchronization.
replication, database, synchronization, model
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compiere open source erp - a modern, low-cost erp software solution
compiere open source erp software provides a modern, highly adaptable, low-cost erp business solution
source, open, warehouse, manufacturing, solution, training
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isbnplus - free and open source isbn database
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we use open source solutions on a daily basis here at allegro group. why not work on our karma and give something in return? welcome to our open source technology blog.
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open charge map - the global public registry of electric vehicle charging locations
open charge map is the global database of ev charging stations, managed and populated by ev drivers from all over the world.
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foss force | keeping tech free
news that matters about free and open source software.
source, linux, open, software, mint, slackware, gentoo, debian, ubuntu, openoffice, foss, libreoffice
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crud admin generator - generate a backend from a mysql database
an open source tool to generate a complete backend from a mysql database
admin, generator, backend, crud, symfony, source, silex, open
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free projects download,java, dotnet projects, unlimited free downloads, documentation, source code, ieee projects, dot net ieee projects, java ieee projects, advanced java, core java, oracle, mysql,,, c sharp, sql server,, ms access, literature survey, sytem design, database, cse, it, mca, m-tech, mtech, m tech, b-tech, btech, b tech, b.e, be, m.e, me, india, ms, m.s, usa, uk, computer science engineering, mini projects,final year projects,final sem projects, document, ppt, pdf, description, free projects download, free academic projects download, free mini projects download, free source code, free documentation,free database file,free ppt, free source code download, free documentation download,free database download,free ppt download, free cse it projects download, abstract,ieee projects, 2009, 2010, 2011,projects, mumbai, delhi, bangalore, hyderabad, ahmedabad, chennai, kol
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locomotivecms is an open source cms for rails
locomotivecms is a free open source cms in rails that helps web developers create and manage websites faster than ever.
cloud, rails3, amazon, editing, inline, liquid, heroku, source, open, ruby, rails
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dashbuilder - home
open source dashboards and reporting platform
software, source, open
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audaxis - intégrateur de solutions open source erp, web média et bi
audaxis est un expert en solutions métier open source dans les domaines de lerp, la bi et du web.
source, open, opensource, openerp, jaspersoft, expert, dpi247, expertise, media, partenaire, ssll, saas, compiere, audaxis, drupal, publish, jasper
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jita tech solutions - jita tech solutions - web application development, mobile application development, e-commerce web development, database solutions, open source customization, website maintenance, application maintenance , migration, data analyticsjita tech solutions web application development, mobile application development, e-commerce web development, database solutions, open source customization, website maintenance, application maintenance , migration, data analytics
jitatech solutions specialize in software outsourcing, web applications, mobile app development, e-commerce solutions , website designing, application maintenance and migration, database solutions and data analytics
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open source rails
open source rails is a community site dedicated to tracking the best open source ruby on rails applications.
rails, ruby, source, open
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slims | open source library management system
slims (senayan library management system) is a free and open source library management system. it is build on free and open source technology like php and mysql. slims provides many features such as bibliography database, circulation, membership management and many more that will help
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mysql :: il database open source più diffuso al mondo
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paris open source summit
paris open source summit, 1er événement européen libre et open source, est le fruit de la fusion de solutions linux et de l’open world forum, deux événements emblématiques du libre et de l’open source.
expand collapse ¦ builderengine cms open source & enterprise. php professional content management platform and website builder
builderengine cms is an next generation smart content management system that is both open source and enterprise. powerful, fast and easy to use with advanced security system. ease of use website builder for designers and users of all skill levels. welcome to the future of the today's web 2.0 and tomorrow's web 3.0.
enterprise, builder, content, management, software, website, easy, free, license, html5, platform, script, open, professional, community, source, builderengine, design, system, mysql, templates
expand collapse - open-source mobile e-commerce platform - open-source mobile e-commerce platform. focus on great user experience and avoid all struggles with coding.
backend, service, application, mobile, ecommerce, mcommerce
expand collapse - search and browse open source java classes is a ide like online application built for java developers to search and browse open source java projects. it provides features like search, browse by project, class references, method outline to increase productivity.
source, java, browse, search, annotations, class, libs, libraries, compile, lookatsrc, lookat, lookatsource, developers, open
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blendermada is blender material database
ccby, creative, commons, source, open, libre, ccbysa, library, materials, online, database, assets, free, community, blender
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pgxn: postgresql extension network
search all indexed extensions, distributions, users, and tags on the postgresql extension network.
postgresql, network, extension, pgxn, extensions
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webgui - content management system | cms | open source content management | web application framework | perl
webgui is an open source content management system with message boards, event management system, photo galleries, shopping carts and more built-in.
content, system, source, open, management, enterprise
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dsa | open source iot platform & toolkit - home
distributed services architecture (dsa), is the open source platform that facilitates device inter-communication, logic and applications at every layer of the internet of things infrastructure.
open, source, platform, technology, toolkit, internet, things
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amanda network backup: open source backup for linux, windows, unix and os x
amanda: the advanced maryland automatic network disk archiver
backup, source, open, software, network, server
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ros-industrial is an open source robotics software project that extends the advanced capabilities of ros to new manufacturing applications. supported by ros-i consortium which is led by swri and fraunhofer ipa.
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the open source document management system (dms) -
kimios is an open source document management system (dms) based on a fully service oriented architecure.
open, management, source, java, content, system, free, document, enterprise
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home - lovd - an open source dna variation database system
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database administration & linux tricks is about database administration & linux tricks where you will find all kind of technical fix, installation, configuration & much
data, backup, pump, backups, postgresql, windows, guard, import, mysql, server, export, rman, oracle
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koha - open source ils - integrated library system
koha is the first open-source integrated library system (ils). in use worldwide, its development is steered by a growing community of libraries collaborating to achieve their technology goals. koha's impressive feature set continues to evolve and expand to meet the needs of its user base.
library, standards, design, interfaces, compliant, database, integrated, system, koha, dual
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flamerobin is a cross-platform, open-source database administration tool for firebird sql rdbms.
backup, database, restore, triggers, functions, tool, administration, firebird, rdbms, flamerobin
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sqlpro for postgres - mac osx postgres management ui
sqlpro for postgres is a sequel like database application for editing and viewing postgresql databases on mac os x.
database, postgres, postgresql, sequel, professional
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download email database | email database store online | indian email database pack | world email database pack | bulk email database | email addresses list | email id database
available database packs: world email database pack, indian email database pack, online shoppers email database pack, job portals email database pack, world companies email database pack, indian companies email database pack, world business email database pack, indian business email database pack
email, database, indian, world, online, business, companies, download, purchase, store, shoppers, portals
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visual basic code at
hundreds of visual basic source code snippets and files. copy and paste code from your browser directly into visual basic. download complete visual basic projects. search our extensive visual basic source code database.
code, visual, basic, source, database, functions, game, subroutine, programming, routines, programs
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email database| email address lists india| buy world email id database| download free email email id lists online| world email database
buy & download indian email id database & buy world email database, business email addresses, canada, uk, usa consumer email list, companies email id list india. business email id lists. ecommerce, companies, b2b email database, nri email, it employee.
email, database, bulk, list, world, lists, addresses, mailing, indian
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elephantsql - postgresql as a service
elephantsql - postgresql as a service. the most advanced open-source database, hosted in the cloud.
postgresql, hosting, postgre, service, hosted, reliability, performance, version, latest, postgres, elephantsql, managed, cloud, 84codes
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postgresql - postgresql
informace o databázi postgresql pro začátečníky i pokročilé
czech, postgresql, postgres
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rising world | open-world sandbox game
rising world is a voxel-based open world sandbox game, featuring a procedurally generated world, playable in single and multi-player
world, open, procedural, concept, sandbox, multiplayer, voxel, jmonkey, rising
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mysql, sqlite, postgresql web client - mywebsql
mywebsql is a fast, intuitive and modern web based database client for mysql, sqlite and postgresql.
client, mysql, sqlite, postgresql, based, administration
expand collapse open-source in a closed world | comments, storys and updates about open-source and my work in it
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mapwindow open source gis - home page
mapwindow is a free and open source geographic information system project. it includes an open source programming component, mapwingis activex, and an extensible desktop application that supports plug-ins written in .net (c# and
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osscube | a global open source enterprise software development company
open source it application development at osscube india, an open source enterprise deals in open source software and it software development for your business. our innovative open source software solutions can reduce tco by 30%.
open, source, software, india, development, solution, provider, enterprise, application
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firebird news
ibobjects, firebirdsql, open, source, cantu, server, interbase, rdbms, database, client, firebird
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open source game clones
list of open source clones of popular old-school games.
remake, remakes, clone, game, source, open
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open source alternative | open source alternative to commercial software
open source alternative helps you find free and open source alternatives to commercial software. now enjoy your favorite software without spending huge bucks.
open, source, alternative, software, photoshop, free, dreamweaver, commercial, alternatives, proprietary
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free source code and usefull technical articles - programmer world
this site contains free books on c sharp , , , java , c++ , linux , unix and other programming topics. beside it contains articale and source code of free open source firewall for windows. it contains free tools , code , articles , libraries for various programming language.
windows, hack, books, java, free, software, source, tutorial, professional, registry, code, resume, cisco, tips, hidden, parameter, secret, firewall, sharp, database, visual, basic, newgen, open, sales, system, invoice, oracle, resources, technology, faqs, fdisk, partition, enginner, format, mangla, articles, tutorials, sudhir, limat
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pgmodeler - postgresql database modeler
pgmodeler is an open source tool for modeling databases that merges the classical concepts of entity-relationship diagrams with specific features that only postgresql implements.
code, tool, generator, diagram, case, database, postgresql, modeling, modeler, design, pgmodeler
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mloss | all entries
mloss is a community effort at producing reproducible research via open source software, open access to data and results, and open standards for interchange.
source, open, learning, machine
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arduino is an open-source tool used for electronic projects. arduino consists of a physical programmable board and a development environment.
arduino, open, source, hardware, software, start, starter
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linux scoop - linux and open source video sharing
linux scoop is the site dedicated for linux and open source apps video sharing. it also allow user to submit video about linux distribustion review, open source application review, open source apps how to and videos related to linux and open source.
video, linux, source, open, sharing, review, application
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eanalytics :: integrated open source web analytics
eanalytics the integrated open source solution for web analytics which offers everybody the opportunity to do professional web analytics without license fees.
analytics, dashboard, testing, inhouse, open, source, eanalytics, heatmap
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open source development company | linnovate - web solutions for enterprise
linnovate is the leading open source and drupal company in israel, dedicated to the creation of high-end open source based solutions for enterprise, and the creator of
node, mongo, angular, source, drupal, open
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attune world wide technology consultant | open source development | attune world wide
attune world wide is an open source web development company. we are providing open source development, web design development, open source technology trainings and technology consulting services across the globe.
open, development, source, training, services
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mac odbc: connect to sql server, mysql, oracle and more!
we develop affordable, easy to use odbc drivers for mac os x, connecting excel and filemaker to microsoft sql server, oracle, access, sybase, mysql and postgresql.
odbc, oracle, driver, mysql, sybase, access, conversion, postgresql, file, macos, macintosh, software, database
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xataface | the fastest way to build a front-end for your mysql database
xataface is an open source php framework for building php/mysql applications in less time that with fewer lines of code that do more.
mysql, code, database, alternative, framework, generation, generator, administrator, source, open, phpmyadmin, website, editable, crud, development, rapid, grid, library, application, dataface, xataface, filemaker
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opensourcehunter - on the hunt for the best open source resources and more.....
on the hunt for the best open source resources and more.....
icons, jquery, mootools, inspiration, tools, design, source, opensource, freebees, tutorials, open
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freebase is a community-curated database of well-known people, places and things.
database, discussion, semantic, metaweb, google, community, information, open, shared, facts, fact, sheet
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world cities database with zip code and latitude longitude database
download world cities database, latitude longitude database, postal code database, us zip code database and uk database at best price
database, code, latitude, longitude, zipcode, cities, countries, city, world
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home | jobskee - simple open source job board
jobskee is an easy-to-install open source job board inspired by some of the best job boards online
board, jobskee, open, source
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gestionale open: il gestionale open source per la tua azienda
gestionale open - il software open source per la gestione delle piccole e medie imprese italiane
open, gestionale, source, programma, ciclo, gratis, gratuito, conai, raee, matricole, vtiger, opengo, goweb, lotti, virtuemart, gestionali, gestionaleopen, mobile, analitica, fatturato, venduto, acquisti, fatture, ordini, italiano, amministrazione, passivo, attivo, commesse, gestione, inventario, magazzino, produzione, alimentare
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open source software training and consulting
open source consulting, and open source software training and consulting. zabbix, postgresql, hadoop, aws, cloud computing
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email , database and other information technology products and services
bitdaddys is where you can come to find powerful solutions to your email, database and other it projects
extract, convert, view, translate, command, program, line, open, utilities, message, outlook, download, database, email
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recipes, food photos & discussion at open source food
amazing recipes. delicious food. beautiful photography. created and rated by you and fellow food-lovers from all over the world. open source food is your gastronomic hub where every visit will bring inspiration and a rumbling belly...
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about - diamantedesk open source helpdesk
diamantedesk is an easy-to-use, open source support ticketing system and customer service solution powered by eltrino. let's rock your ecommerce together!
source, platform, open, system, desk, support, ticketing
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open source small business management software solution
a market place for microsoft access business management software. our ready built database software templates will make running your business easy.
software, management, business, access, source, open, database, small, property, services, customer, travel, busniess, agency, cloud, inventory, based, project, human, lims, resource, sales
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oceanic sky :: david siedband
empowering environmental groups with advanced open source technologies.
francisco, watershed, river, design, marin, california, linux, debian, freebsd, studio, zope, python, plone, siebo, siedband, developer, environment, advocate, source, open, david
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open source hardware, software and services business in mississauga canada. dedicated and committed to promoting open source technology and culture.
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professional database oracle, postgresql. on call services odoo. | on call services open erp | on call services open source | on call services big data. on call services db.on call services dba.on call services rdbms.on call services dbms.on call services nosql.on call services postgresql.
thousands of people in the world can do the database and remote oracle dba, only the databtech gives you a true real-time quote the work of remote oracle dba. it security and remote management with us is included. request quote. on call service remote source
oracle, remote, database, call, service, quote, administrator, source, time, open, online, real, services, science, full, website, support, administration, world
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gis tutorials for beginner, intermediate, and advanced gis users -
a source of beginner, intermediate and advanced gis tutorials that demonstrate how to use different gis applications including numerous open-source examples.
postgis, programming, applications, postgresql, grassgis, tutorials, autocad, esri, arcgis, mapserver
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home page | all your base - the practical database conference
all your base - the practical database conference
data, open, oracle, cassandra, python, ruby, source, scaling, couchbase, hadoop, elasticsearch, store, sharding, performance, rdbms, conference, back, databases, developer, database, architect, mysql, redis, mongodb, postgresql, nosql
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accueil / open wide outsourcing
infogérance open source et hébergement à lyon et paris, accelance vous propose son expertise apache, mysql, postgresql, linux, ... dans la mise en place de la solution d'infogérance de votre site internet.
expertise, source, open, linux, architecture, support, virtualisation, serveur, paris, reprise, exploitation, internet, plan, site, nagios, cloud, computing, virtuel, lyon, centre, conseil, postgresql, tomcat, mysql, centreon, apache, zimbra
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postgresql to najbardziej zaawansowany open source system relacyjnych baz danych.
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maps | free maps | free world maps | open source world maps | open source maps | free map of the world | world maps open source | free world continents maps | world countries maps | open source world states maps | free world provinces maps | world admin maps open source |
mapsopensource is an open source mapping portal for all your map image solutions. all the maps available on this portal are free to use, share and can also be used for commercial purpose. all maps of mapsopensource are designed as per international cartographic standards. these beautiful maps of this portal has been created using combination of open source gis and vector/raster software.
maps, free, source, open, world, america, cities, continents, countries, south, states, united, north, antarctica, africa, asia, europe, oceania, australia, print, presentation, website, opensource, online
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open source development tutorials
open souce tutorials covers open source technologies from getting started by getting a domain name and a hosting company all the way up to how to manage the mysql and postgresql database that will be needed for ecommerce sites.
tutorials, articles, flash, dhtml, python, tutorial, mysql, perl, java, javascript, html, planning, legal, site, hosting, names, issues, privacy, design, principals, accessiblity, usability, trust, domain
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open source day 2014
open source day 2014 - udine 29 novembre
ubuntu, open, source, mixxx, gimp, runeaudio, angularjs, udoo, kali, webrtc, postgresql, evento, friuli, sicurezza, samba, touch, sogo, android, iglu, asci, opensource, udine, freebsd, pcbsd, free, opensourceday, linux, netbsd, openbsd, forensics
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professioneller service und support für ihre open source software | credativ - open source for business
service, managed, betrieb, hosting, schulung, monitoring, postgresql, debian, ossc, training, deutschland, berater, source, open, beratung, consulting, software, support, netzwerk, infrastruktur, linux
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한국 포스트그레스큐엘 홈페이지 :postgresql kr
postgresql 한국 공식 사이트...
pgsql, postgis, database, postgresql, rdbms
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timbira .:. postgresql solutions
timbira is the only brazilian it company whose focus is postgresql database
taveira, euler, timbira, postgres, postgresql
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churchinfo open source church database created with php & mysql! - churchinfo open source church database created with php mysql!
churchinfo is a free church database program to help churches track members, families, groups, pledges and payments. our feature set is comparable to expensive church management software packages. our users are supported by an open-source community of people who volunteer their time and energy to make this technology available to all churches.
church, software, membership, database, free, info, christian, community, management, open, source
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etek accounting systems
etek provides a broad range of accounting & business management systems for mulitple industries; emphasis on ease of use + open source/open database architecture for unmatched flexibility.
open, general, payroll, ledger, chain, financial, affordable, reporting, supply, source, database, flexible, easy, accounting
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cybertec the postgresql database company | alle services, support, schulungen und trainings rund um postgresql datenbanken und linux
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dew cis solutions
dew cis solutions is a leading provider of information technology (it) solutions and services including open source enterprise applications, infrastructure services, baraza java applications and tamshi business communication products
open, source, linux, servers, management, systems, application, java, file, database, software, consulting, kenya, services, infrastructure, applications, framework, baraza, security, enterprise, operating, server, mail
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esf database migration toolkit - migrates database between various database formats
enables you to migrate data across oracle, mysql, sql server, postgresql, ibm db2, ibm informix, intersystems cach, teradata, visual foxpro, sqlite, firebird, interbase, microsoft access, microsoft excel, paradox, lotus, dbase, csv/text and other systems directly.
database, converter, migrate, migration, conversion
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paris open source summit - 18 & 19 novembre
paris open source summit, 1er événement européen libre et open source, est le fruit de la fusion de solutions linux et de l’open world forum, deux événements emblématiques du libre et de l’open source.
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attune world wide technology consultant | open source development | attune world wide
attune world wide is an open source web development company. we are providing open source development, web design development, open source technology trainings and technology consulting services across the globe.
open, development, source, training, services
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attune world wide technology consultant | open source development | attune world wide
attune world wide is an open source web development company. we are providing open source development, web design development, open source technology trainings and technology consulting services across the globe.
open, development, source, training, services
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paris open source summit
paris open source summit, 1er événement européen libre et open source, est le fruit de la fusion de solutions linux et de l’open world forum, deux événements emblématiques du libre et de l’open source.
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open source data warehouse, column database software, improve sql performance -
ice is a column-oriented database with a unique knowledge grid architecture to eliminate the complexity of data warehousing.
performance, query, index, data, source, open, database, mysql, warehouse, support, warehousing, null, column, intelligence, analytic, oriented, business, queries, scalability, improve, engine, storage, analyze, indexes, select, insert, tuning, cost, scan
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stand up open mri - sit down open mri - washington open mri centers
stand up mri - sit down mri – world’s most advanced open mri washington dc, maryland northern virginia. all insurance - same day appointments!
open, virginia, northern, chevy, silver, spring, chase, maryland, washington, grove, shady, hill, gaithersburg, advanced, sitting, oxon, standing, greenbelt, openmri, baltimore, rockville, owings, bethesda, clinton, mills
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المصادر المفتوحة الآن (open source)
أخبار وفوائد عالم المصادر المفتوحة open source world وهو مقدمة لكل باحث عن الحرية، والأمان، والبرامج الشرعية الموثوقة
open, source, ubuntu, redhat, ebooks, slackware, suse, downloads, free, software, linux, download, unix
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varlena, llc | postgresql consulting performance support training
postgresql, newsletter, database, postgres, bits, performance, varlena, training, consulting, support, general
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best open sources projects - javamonday
find best open source projects across all platforms. free, secure and fast downloads from the largest open source applications and software directory -
source, open, free, development, community, code, software, downloads, listing, repository, projects, resources, libraries, business
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open source t-shirts - stuff based on foss designs. we sell open source projects merchandise, and contribute a portion of each sale to each project as donation.
software, python, perl, mandriva, firefox, slackware, cherokee, archlinux, fedora, ubuntu, mysql, openbsd, netbsd, solaris, opensolaris, freebsd, postgresql, wine, apache, hispano, gnome, abierto, libre, camiseta, source, free, foss, tshirt, linux, debian, nerd, geek, friki, freak, open
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php code generator pro
apeel php code generator pro generates advanced ajax-enabled web/intranet applications from your mysql database in minutes. simply enter your database connection details, confirm intelligent settings, hit generate and in moments you have an object-oriented, open-source framework based php web/intranet application ready to test.
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postgresdba - all about postgresql
포스트그레스큐엘, postgresql, postgres plus advanced server,, postgresql dba
postgresql, postgresdba, server, advanced, postgres
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inmojo - make. share. live. open source hardware.
buy, sell, discuss open source hardware on inmojo. open source the world.
open, source, oshw, hardware, inmojo
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black desert database
check out black desert online through the database the most advanced in the world dedicated to this game! always updated to help you defeat your enemies!
black, desert, database, bdodb, world, mmorpg, online
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execute query
execute query is an operating system independent database utility for all major databases including oracle, postgresql, sql server, db2, mysql, sybase, sqlite, h2 and any other database that supports jdbc. original developer - takis diakoumis.
query, tool, database, tools, server, execute, statement, result, persistence, java, swing, export, data, underworldlabs, import, postgresql, queries, jdbc, table, select, diakoumis, scripts, builder, sybase, takis, mysql, oracle, hsqldb
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database pub is a discussion forum and helpdesk for database design, development and administration issues.
server, pervasive, postgresql, sybase, oracle, mysql, informix, database, adabas
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java开源项目大全(open source software together)|第一开源网|sourceforge中文版|提供开源社区(open source sns)、开源代码(open source code)、开源论坛(bbs)(open source bbs)、开源erp(open source erp)、开源cms(open source cms)、开源oa(open source oa)、开源blog(博客)(open source blog)、开源门户软件(open source portal)、开源事件(open source news )等开源项目索引(open source index)、开源软件(open source project)、教程(tutorials)、实例(examples)、官方文档(documents)、用户手册(user manual)、(代码)源码下载(source code download)、(软件)程序下载(program download )、最新版本(latest version)、项目简介等
提供java, php, ajax, c/c++, ruby, perl, python, c#, .net, asp, sql, actionscript, delphi/pascal, basic, erlang, lua, 汇编等开源项目(open
actionscript, basic, erlang, ajax, ruby, perl, python
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postgresql support & services - stormatics
guaranteed sla-based support packages, unrivaled remote dba, architectural health check, database development & migration services from postgresql experts.
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world cities database - excel and mysql
finally, a database of cities of the world that makes sense. if you are looking for a world cities database for your website, it is very unlikely that you want your visitors to wade through almost 3 million entries as some other databases offer. if you are like me, you want a database with a focus on the u.s. and canada with a decent coverage of the rest of the world. this is exactly why i created this database in excel and mysql formats. you can now buy it for only $4.99.
list, cities, database, world, tools, countries, webmaster, website, websites, samples, locations, excel, states, regions, provinces, mysql, cheap, free
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tophat stuff: indepdendent open source game & software development
indepdendent open source game & software development. home of hexgen, an open source procedural world generator, and hero extant, an open source fantasy role-playing game.
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php advanced transfer manager (aka phpatm) - about -
php advanced transfer manager (aka phpatm) is the ultimate php download & upload manager (which does not need a database).
download, modification, upload, opensource, source, open, scripto, advanced, transfer, manager, script, phpatm
expand collapse :: :: phpbb, phpbb2 und phpbb3 support-forum
phpbb and phpbb2 is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customisable open-source bulletin board package. phpbb has a user-friendly interface, simply and straightforward administration panel, and helpful faq. it is based on the powerful php server language and a choice of mysql, ms-sql, postgresql or access/odbc database servers which makes phpbb the ideal free community solution for all web sites.
forum, community, subsilver, builder, communities, creator, fast, templates, customise, postgres, phpbb2, phpbb, board, bulletin, phpbb3, kostenloses, free, source, open, mysql
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database skill provides database skills about mysql, sql server, oracle, postgresql, db2, sybase, sql, t-sql, pl-sql.
sybase, postgresql, oracle, skill, mysql, server, database
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sofa statistics open for all - home page
sofa statistics open for all - the user-friendly, open-source statistics, analysis, & reporting software package.
plots, whitney, kruskal, wallis, mann, correlation, scatter, anova, square, wilcoxon, server, cubrid, postgresql, access, signed, ranks, mysql, sqlite, range, software, tables, simple, stats, source, open, data, analysis, reporting, free, graphs, charts, standard, deviation, total, mode, median, easy, statistics
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articles - bitweaver
bitweaver is a unique, open source web application framework and cms. it has features such as complete modularity and is therefore one of the most flexible systems available. its
imagegallery, images, gallery, image, phpbb, gallery2, wysiwyg, homepage, oracle, apache, postgresql, mysql, forums, articles, content, management, source, free, open, system, blogs, wiki, tikiwiki, framework, application, bitweaver
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infoaxon technologies - india's first open source integration company
infoaxon technologies is india's first open source integration company specializing in content and knowledge management, business intelligence and providing enterprise grade open source solutions using open source platforming
open, source, alfresco, integration, development, pentaho, liferay, customization, platforming, consulting, platforms, solution
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database problem(questions & answers) provides database questions and answers about mysql, sqlserver, sql, oracle, sqlite, postgresql, tsql, access, database design, plsql.
database, postgresql, tsql, access, plsql, design, sqlite, answers, questions, problems, mysql, sqlserver, oracle
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world christian database
the world christian database. the world christian database provides comprehensive statistical information on world religions, christian denominations, and people groups.
database, religion, world, christianity, christian, gcts
expand collapse - linux | open source | databases | web - tips and examples is a technical blog with tips and examples of how to solve different technical challenges.
server, mysql, postgresql, databases, foss, windows, open, source, linux
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open@citrix | citrix open source community
open@citrix is the home of open source initiatives at citrix. citrix supports open source organizations and projects to power their enterprise solutions.
apache, cloudstack, xenproject, xenserver, opendaylight, iaas, computing, open, source, virtualization, cloud
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outlook sql synchronization: connect with any sql database
sync outlook with any sql database. database connectivity solutions for microsoft outlook and exchange
access, mysql, server, sybase, sqlbase, postgresql, oracle, contact, synchronization, outlook, mail, calendar, odbc, database, task, exchange
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evolutility :: crud framework
evolutility is an open source generic web ui for database crud applications. with it you can build web applications for asp .net and microsoft sql server easily without writing code. simply describe your application structure and evolutility will provide the necessary web forms and the corresponding database crud (create, read, update, delete) functionality based on a simple mapping.
metadata, crud, microsoft, code, server, application, source, open, evolutility, framework, object, relational, driven, database, mapper, lightweight
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advanced database management system - tutorials and notes: advanced dbms topics
advanced database topics, dbms notes, adbms notes, database management system, advanced database management system, distributed databases, parallel databases, sql, normalization, dbms university questions, university questions with answers, dbms exercises, adbms notes, adbms tutorials, dbms solved examples, database concepts, advanced database concepts, object oriented databases
database, distributed, processing, design, concurrency, query, deadlock, protocols, transaction, control, exam, normalization, adbms, oodbms, parallel, questions, dbms, indexing
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ms access connection strings - ado sql database connection strings - sql server, ms access, mysql, oracle, postgresql, db2, ...
various sql database connection strings and database connection scrpting examples. looking for the correct databse connection string syntax? look no further we got them all! this reference contains connection strings for many different databases, datasources and files, via ole db, odbc, sql server .net, ole db .net, etc...
connection, command, recordset, sybase, interbase, database, cursor, execute, open, procedure, stored, mysql, oracle, oledb, odbc, server, string, access, strings
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osintinsight | advanced osint tools
one-stop resource for open source intelligence. advanced osint tools for intelligence specialists, information professionals and researchers.
intelligence, osint, resources, open, source, research, competitive, toolkit, cyber, tools
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scholarius is now thesica, the #1 open access online web portal for phd theses...
thesis, database, online, upload, download, researchers, open, doctoral, source
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- temporarely unavailable... check back!
appix - internet business hosting company
appix, mysql, source, mambo, open, opensource, tomcat, postgresql, servlet, java, perl, horde, spamassassin, https, http, torino, imaps, smtps, postfix, apache, clamav, versioning, hosting, mailserver, email, pop3s, po3s, postgres, postgers, mailbox
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database documentation tool - elsasoft sqlspec
sqlspec is a database documentation generator for sql server, oracle, db2, mysql, postgresql, access, and analysis server
server, access, analysis, documentation, apexsql, dbdocumentor, schematodoc, bidocumentor, dbdesc, sqlscribe, document, docs, eazydoc, bidocumenter, dbdocumeter, generator, dictionary, schema, data, generate, database, elsasoft, oracle, sqlspec, postgresql, mysql, services
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open source escapades | adventures in the open source world of java, elasticsearch, mysql, mongodb, solr, python, perl, php and bash/shell
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citrusdb - the open source customer service and billing software
citrusdb is open source customer service and billing software solution (cc&b) that uses php and a database backend (mysql) to keep track of customer information, bss, operational crm, services, products, billing invoices and credit cards, and support information.
billing, customer, subscription, consulting, consultant, hosting, webhost, payment, service, invoice, mysql, services, invoicing, internet, report, telecom, database, software, source, business, support, card, open, credit, care, system
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openapc - open source advanced process control - open apc
open, scada, free, industry, adcanced, process, control, automation
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astpp - open source voip billing solution
astpp is a most powerful advanced open source billing solution for voip. a perfect solution for small, medium and larger voip industries.
billing, voip, source, open, asterisk, opensource, freeswitch
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naturalgis, sig open source. empresa líder em soluções baseadas em qgis: formação, desenvolvimento, suporte
software, bugs, development, migration, suporte, desenvolvimento, training, webgis, mapping, cursos, fixing, courses, support, qgis, quantum, aberto, livre, source, free, grass, saga, open, osgeo, postgresql, postgis
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osscube | open source enterprise software development company uk
open source software consulting and application development for enterprises. osscube, a global solution provider develop mission critical solutions for businesses. our innovative open source software solutions and consultancy can reduce tco by 30%. contact us!
source, open, software, solution, development, provider, application, enterprise
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red hat | the world's open source leader
red hat is the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, virtualization, storage, linux, and middleware technologies. red hat also offers award-winning support, training, and consulting services. red hat is an s&p 500 company with more than 80 offices spanning the globe, empowering its customers’ businesses.
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astpp - most powerful open source solution for voip billing
astpp is a most powerful advanced open source billing solution for voip. a perfect solution for small, medium and larger voip industries.
billing, voip, source, open, asterisk, opensource, softswitch, freeswitch
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tenancy database | tenant database | national tenancy database check | tenant reference database | national tenancy database check
datakatch provides next generations software to the australian real estate industry. including our tenancy database & profiling system, open homes & auction bidders register and our client retention portal including vendor and settlement gifts.
database, tenant, tenancy, open, property, auction, management, sales, home, registry, bidders, homes, estate, real, rental, australia, default, check
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choon-chern lim | i came, i wrote, and i gave it away for free.
welcome to my open source project world! i spend a lot of time writing software. if the software may be useful to other folks, i will make it an open source software to be shared with anyone in the world... for free. my software are usually custom tailored to my own needs, but i do
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database query tool for oracle, sybase, db2, sql server, informix, mysql
database query tool for oracle, sybase, db2, sql server
database, query, editor, table, procedure, index, edit, stored, trigger, constraint, view, script, compare, system, tables, cardett, dictionary, catalog, productivity, graphical, isql, administrator, export, mysql, administration, oracle, admin, builder, tool, cross, multi, sybase, odbc, interbase, firebird, postgresql, pervasivesql, informix, server, sqlbase
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free open source e-commerce shopping cart software | kartris
an shopping cart system, open source (gpl v2), code in vb (web forms) and capable of handling stores with 1, 000, 000+ skus
control, stock, options, attributes, database, worldpay, quickbooks, google, sagepay, checkout
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opens - open source, seo, sem, smm, smo
opens is the most advanced open source marketing platform. start your marketing campaigns and think of unlimited possibilities!
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business intelligence and database management-mongodb-nuodb-mysql-oracle-sqlserver-hive-db2-informix-postgre-odata-odbc
database manager is a modern database management, administration and tool for windows. bi studio is a powerful business intelligence and data analysis software for the relational and not relational database systems. database master and bi studio supports mongodb, mysql, oracle, ms sql server, sqlite, postgresql, db2, firebird, informix, sql azure, teradata, odatam odbc or oledb.
linq, editor, data, database, tool, sqlite, server, oracle, mysql, postgresql, sybase, mongodb, oledb, odbc, azure, informix, firebird, json, import, reports, development, management, admin, administration, charts, dashboards, export, client, business, intelligence
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game warior - an open, online database for video game fans
play and download hight quality games, get unlimited access.
games, cover, open, source, forum, search, game, fanart, wallpapers, meta, database, metadata, trailers, youtube, video