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reaction - politics, economics, culture, ideas
the home of commentary and analysis on politics, economics, culture and ideas from leading writers.
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zero hedge | on a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero
leading news site for global finance, economics, market, and political analysis.
markets, politics, analysis, economics, finance, hedge, zerohedge, zero
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chinafolio home - politics, history, economics, society | chinafolio | information. analysis. insight. trends. provides high value information and analysis on the history, politics, economics, social issues, and art and culture of china. relates its information to china today, and uses its information and analysis to identify future political, economic, social, and artistic trends.
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rebel yid | politics, capitalism, economics, libertarian
frustrated by the lack of depth in most media; we aim to discover the dimension of ideas beyond the left/ right, red/blue, and liberal/conservative thinking. we write about economics, politics, power, history, religion and culture. we are enthralled with most things american but skeptical of ethnocentric biases and group think. clarity and discovery is often found with humor.
blog, libertarian, economics, jewish, israel, religion, finance, media, philosophy, politics, satirical, capitalism, history, political, business
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opinions. news. analysis and commentary. the truth. — news. analysis. opinions.
headline digest cuts through the clutter and misinformation surrounding current news events. we present the latest headlines from around the nation and around the world so our readers can easily find out what’s happening on main street, wall street and in the world of politics. headline digest covers economics, politics, foreign affairs, global events and even pop-culture -- our objective is to reveal the truth and to give opposing viewpoints that other media and news outlets dont cover.
world, politics, foreign, economics, affairs, events, viewpoints, truth, global, news, current, digest, latest, headlines, around, nation, headline
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stephen bainbridge's journal of law, politics, and culture
cars, politics, culture, wine, food, business, economics, religion
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institute of ideas
the institute of ideas organises intelligent public debates, on controversial topics, and most importantly challenges contemporary knee-jerk orthodoxies and a culture of conformism.
liberty, enlightenment, podcast, video, debates, institute, ideas, future, salons, public, discussion, technology, politics, infrastructure, cities, education, economics, culture, international, relations
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the bahnsen viewpoint — politics, economics, and culture through my eyes
politics, economics, and culture through my eyes
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centre for economics & business research |leading economic forecasts & analysis
cebr is one of the uk’s leading economics consultancies. we provide research to support thought leadership and maintain a speciality in the analysis of economic
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flassbeck economics international - economics and politics - comment and analysis
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socialist unity | debate & analysis for activists & trade unionists
discussion, debate and analysis for socialists & trade unionists, covering british & international politics, trade unionism, economics and culture.
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ideas - international development economics associates
ideas is a network of heterodox economists engaged in analysis of world economy, liberalisation, finance, economic development, inequality, industrial policy, social policy.
ideas, macroeconomic, policy, agriculture, globalisation, employment, trade, financial, development, international, economics, networkideas, ideaswebsite, regulation
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new left review analyses world politics, the global economy, state powers and protest movements; contemporary social theory, history, philosophy and culture.
academic, international, literature, philosophy, cinema, socialism, socialist, communism, communist, marxism, marxist, marx, history, interviews, culture, economics, politics, left, review, social
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a blog devoted to analysis of financial, political and economic events around the world.
economics, finance, current, politics, events, economy, india, business, student, american, degradation, land, outlook, google, economic, renewable, united, open, kingdom, tesoo
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the economic voice
for the latest news, comment and debate on current affairs, politics and economics as well as everything in between.
news, travel, culture, energy, affairs, fracking, current, environment, business, finance, politics, house, prices, technology, entertainment, economics
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new left review 94, july-august 2015
new left review analyses world politics, the global economy, state powers and protest movements; contemporary social theory, history, philosophy and culture.
academic, international, literature, philosophy, cinema, socialism, socialist, communism, communist, marxism, marxist, marx, history, interviews, culture, economics, politics, left, review, social
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economics online home
the homepage of economics online - a free digital resource for students of economics with regular updates and a blog
economics, busines, revision, competitive, markets, global, economy, national, resources, free, analysis, theory, comment
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naked capitalism: finance, economics, politics, power
worlds most influential finance and economics blog with trenchant commentary, tenacious investigation and insider political/regulatory analysis.
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rod 2.0:beta #gay #news #lgbt #gaynews
rod 2.0 is a leading weblog for urban gay men. pop culture, politics, black gay culture, fashion, books, activism, hiv, aids, sports, media, television ... and all things tyson beckford.
blog, politics, culture, black, progressive, liberal, urban, tyson, beckford, lgbt, aids
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asian correspondent - asias leading independent news
independent asia news and analysis of regional politics and current affairs - asian politics environment media education culture and more.
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oly pakistans top business blog - a voice from islamabad
oly is one of the pioneer business blog of pakistan who covers global politics and economics. a voice from islamabad is popular segment of this blog site.
pakistan, blog, research, investing, economics, politics, analysis, islamabad, voice, leading, portal, business, from
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reason is a libertarian monthly print magazine covering politics, culture, and ideas through a provocative mix of news, analysis, commentary, and reviews.
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sri lankan news reviews, world news analysis, literature, arts, politics, culture, knowledge, entertainment|| home
breaking news analysis from sri lanka. politics, world news, photos, videos, literature, arts, culture, knowledge, entertainment: sri lankan web magazine boondi since 2008. boondi is a collective effort of sri lankans who thoroughly believe in a change for a better world by setting a stage for discourses on politics, arts and literature.
boondi, news, magazine, senaga, lankan, reviews, world, culture, knowledge, entertainment, politics, arts, analysis, literature, akshara, site, bondi, bundi, boondey, boondee
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pulsamerica: latin american news, politics and economics
pulsamerica: breaking latin american news and comment and culture to the world
america, politics, economics, news, latino, latina, south, chicano
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emerging europe — reviews, opinions, intelligence and news
emerging europe — opinion, analysis and intelligence. updates on business opportunities, economics, politics and culture of central and eastern europe.
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books, culture, politics and ideas - literary review of canada
a review of canadian books, culture, politics and ideas.
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economics exposed - economics ideas , theories & factors
economics exposed discusses the latest and classical theories of different topics and the factors depending upon those economics questions . theory of economics exposed - economics ideas , theories & factors is also disdussed here.
exposed, economics
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ebc tv - economics & business channel
ebc tv is the leading economics and business channel focusing on economics, business, finance culture, lifestyle, and other related resources and news.
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hungarian spectrum reflections on politics, economics, and culture
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nepali times | latest news and analysis from nepal on politics, economics and society
nepali times is an english language weekly newspaper published by himalmedia private limited. it provides nepal news, news of nepal, news on business, economics & more news from including depth reporting, expert commentaries and analysis on nepal.
news, nepal, economics, business, from, more, nepalitimes, times, nepali
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pakistani news and commentary
pakistan think tank, a repository of ideas about pakistan from leading thinkers.
pakistan, navy, politics, culture, news, army, islamabad, pakhtunkhwa, airforce, seals, khyber, marines, force, balochistan, education, rural, geography, history, pakistani, urban
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george reisman's blog on economics, politics, society, and culture
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george reisman's blog on economics, politics, society, and culture
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left business observer
lbo is a newsletter on economics and politics. sample articles, historical stats, and innumerable other delights
street, finance, work, money, wall, market, politics, political, economy, stock, economics
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newsview - informed opinion and analysis
analysis, editorials and satire covering the latest international and topical south african news, social issues, sports, politics, gambling and economics.
sports, reporting, satirical, cartoons, casinos, online, analysis, gambling, social, commentary, political
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world review | analysis and insights from experts on global affairs - covering issues in economics, politics, defence and security, and energy.
world review provides analysis and insights from experts on global affairs - covering issues in economics, politics, defence and security, and energy.
security, energy, defence, economics, review, politics, world
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black news, politics, commentary and culture | blackpressusa
blackpressusa is a portal for african americans to find news, politics, sports, entertainment, culture, international affairs, and opinions and analysis
black, newspapers, news, press, culture, commentary, american, african, people, perspective, owned, national, association, publishers, newspaper, africans, america, diaspora, sports, entertainment
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all study notes | we make concepts easier
in demand analysis and supply concept you will come to know about what demand is, its types, demand function, its law, supply concepts along with pdf and ppt's
demand, economics, analysis, introduction, supply, schedule, managerial, importance, macro, scope, curve, forecasting, elasticity, concept, types, micro
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policonomics, economics made simple
policonomics, economics made simple: a concise, reliable and user-friendly economics dictionary
economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, adam, keynes, krugman, friedman, oligopoly, smith, monopoly, dictionary, path, learning, economist, politics, trade, international, policonomics
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fact and myth - facts and myths about politics, economics, taxes and more
fact and myth - politics, economics, taxes and more
party, revenue, republican, greentech, stimulus, taxes, package, deficit, paul, economics
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think christian
christian, culture, economics, entertainment, media, religion, ministry, theology, politics, faith, books, news, movies, music, church, bible, contemporary
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economics jobs and economist jobs -
the world's leading site for economist jobs and economics jobs. listing jobs in economics, econometrics, and finance. apply online, upload your cv, advertise vacancies.
jobs, economics, econ, careers, economist, econometrician, statistics, kingdom, econometrics, united, graduate, openings, recruitment, economists, statistician
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the market leader of uk retail economic analysis | retail economics
retail economics provides unique analysis of macro-markets, supplying robust independent economic analysis to institutional and corporate clients across the uk.
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russia beyond the headlines: top stories
russian news in english. all about russia: politics, economics, international news, society, opinion, arts & living, photo of the day, blogs.
russia, news, society, business, photo, about, from, russian, politics, economics, international, culture
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fivethirtyeight | nate silver’s fivethirtyeight uses statistical analysis — hard numbers — to tell compelling stories about politics, sports, science, economics and lifestyle.
nate silver’s fivethirtyeight uses statistical analysis — hard numbers — to tell compelling stories about elections, politics, sports, science, economics and lifestyle.
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armenian economics, law, art and culture network
distance, education, dictionaries, library, constitutions, management, economics, rock, culture, arts, hyeroglyphs, researches, miniatures, ornaments, armenia
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47 your doorway to japan
scholarly analysis and entertaining articles on japans society, economy, and politics. presenting real-life images of japan in seven languages.
japan, society, politics, culture, analysis, japanese, nippon
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freedom | politics | religion | economics:
the destination for news, blogs and original content offering coverage of freedom, politics, religion, economics, and more.
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greedypicks features uncensored and honest coverage on the stock market, current events, politics, technology, and interesting people. daily stock market commentary and actionable trading & investing ideas. view and follow recent trades and current portfolio positions. free advice on trading, investing, stock analysis and portfolio analysis. links to free finance-related resources for wealth management, investments, trades, & economics.
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economics and finance - home
economic ideas, economist, economic analysis, financial analysis, macroeconomics, microeconomics, fiscal policy, monitory policy
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politics news, uk political features, views and analysis - - homepage
up to the minute uk politics news, features, view and analysis, plus guides, briefings and debate.
party, politics, features, views, analysis, policy, democrats, labour, political, news, conservative, liberal
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fog city journal san francisco bay area news, arts, culture and politics
fog city journal is an online news organization providing coverage of breaking news, arts and politics in san francisco and the greater bay area
legislation, supervisors, board, propositions, ballot, california, candidates, races, measures, analysis, opinion, news, area, francisco, arts, politics, journalism, photojournalism, photography, culture
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the langar hall - progressive sikh blog
the langar hall seeks to give analysis to today's events from a sikh point of view. from sikh culture, politics, economics, to events in south asia, punjab
punjabi, bhangra, giddha, khalistan, punjab, khalsa, sikhs, singh, kaur, sikh
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economic forensics and analytics
efa, inc. is located in the northern bay area, california. efa provides forensic economics and accounting. services include forensic economics and accounting,
analysis, forensic, economic, economics, event, speaking, corporate, testimony, services, eyler, area, consulting, witness, robert, data, retail, leakage, impact, accounting, urban
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newsweek - news, analysis, politics, business, technology, lifestyle, photos and video
newsweek provides in-depth analysis, news and opinion about international issues, technology, business, culture and politics.
photos, video, lifestyle, technology, analysis, politics, business, news
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swans commentary: ideas, opinions, thoughts... and a flock of swans
2015 infamous predictions, and prespectives on 2014
locally, think, criticism, globally, affairs, politics, journal, intellectual, activism, opinions, opinion, honesty, scale, education, agriculture, nonviolent, solutions, creative, invent, community
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tully's page
politics, economics, civil liberties, culture, gay interest, sports, and life in general from a leftist-libertarian/progressive perspective
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jammu redefining provides featured stories,videos, information on jammu kashmir, politics, culture
leading jammus web portal featuring news, local issues, politics, videos, culture, tourism and others
jammu, opinion, tourism, cuisine, portal, blog, kashmir, news, politics, dogri
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shaneview - politics, economics, society, standards, philosophy, ethics, poetry, allegory, rebuttals | a conservative view on contemporary culture, politics, society, world, including rebuttals of the national punditry
our land is still young as great nations go twelve score, naught much more it would seem tho' fragile to start but with firm righteous hearts built of
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esquire philippines: lifestyle, culture, politics, women
lifestyle, culture, politics, women. at a pace that meets the era's constant stream of concerns, issues, and fashions. for the filipino man at his best.
philippine, politics, women, culture, fashion, magazine, lifestyle
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political fray forum
we strive to offer a higher level of discourse than most other political forums by valuing intellectual discussion and debate and by not tolerating unfounded insults. political fray is open to all people from around the world for the discussion of politics, economics, society, and more.
politics, economics, debate, religion, learn, discuss, forum, american, political
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the atlantic
the atlantic covers news and analysis on politics, business, culture, technology, national, international and life on the official site of the atlantic magazine.
atlantic, news, international, life, culture, science, technology, national, politics, commentary, theatlantic, magazine, opinion, analysis, breaking, business
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tanqeed | a magazine of politics and culture
a magazine of politics and culture
tanqeed, magazine, gilgit, punjab, sindh, baltistan, south, urdu, pakistani, asia, baluchistan, fata, pakistan, zine, tanqeedorg, politics, culture, terror, balochistan
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the mint | fresh ideas on economics, monetary theory, politics, and less pressing but equally entertaining matters for the english and spanish speaking worlds
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volconvo debate, talk, and discussion forums - volconvo: ideas worth debating
volconvo: ideas worth debating. a forum for debating and discussing controversial topics like religion, politics, economics, and society.
politics, society, religion, discuss, debate, volconvo
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economics study guide for school and college students -
a comprehensive study guide for highschool economics. it's like having your personal economics tutor available to you 24x7! try it. you will learn.
economics, fundamental, international, micro, eoct, macro, finane, microeconomics, tutor, quiz, study, guide, macroeconomics, tutorial, personal
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67 - industry leading advice and help on business
get the latest buzz on business, economics, trade, finance leadership & more!
leadership, news, politics, trade, international, finance, economics, education, environment, business
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doo doo economics
doo doo economics - the difference between government and tyranny is the dosage. green is the new red
economics, tyranny, green, cafepress, government, dosage, difference, politics, party, doodooecon, interventionist, marxism, between
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state of nature
an online journal of radical ideas.
policy, articles, foreign, east, economics, middle, reviews, interviews, social, movements, marxism, marxist, essays, poetry, philosophy, socialist, socialism, radical, journal, nature
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tklist - see it share it
posts and comments on current politics, news, economics, technology and government events.
economics, politics, news, technology, science, government
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yeah right
an eclectic look at popular (and unpopular) culture
culture, rock, politics, youth, entertainment, criticism, reviews, movie, music, punk, libertarian, conservative, indie, right
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whistling in the wind | economics, politics, religion and esperanto
economics, politics, religion and esperanto (by robert nielsen)
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economics tuition | economics cafe | edmund quek
economics cafe is a leading economics tuition centre in singapore which provides ‘a’ level economics tuition. the principal economics tutor is mr. edmund quek.
tuition, economics
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the new republic
the new republic tackles politics, culture, and big ideas from an unbiased and thought-provoking perspective.
hill, capitol, white, house, arts, literature, congress, washington, domestic, foreign, policy, reviews, book, politics
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the mex files | ¡como mexico no hay dos! the "real mexico" from transvestite wrestlers to machete-wielding naked farmers. history, culture, politics, economics, news and the general weirdness that usually floats down from the north.
¡como mexico no hay dos! the "real mexico" from transvestite wrestlers to machete-wielding naked farmers. history, culture, politics, economics, news and the general weirdness that usually floats down from the north.
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our aim is to offer a site where progressives from a variety of religious traditions, discuss law, politics, religion, and culture together in mutual respect and affection.
politics, religion, culture, progressive, left, religious
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orion magazine | nature, culture & place
orion brings ideas, writers, photographers, and artists together, focused on nature, the environment, and culture, addressing environmental and societal issues.
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observer | news, politics, culture, art, style, real estate, movie reviews, tv recaps
a sophisticated take on news, culture, politics & luxury.
york, culture, real, estate, politicker, lifestyle, opinion, city, news, commentary, politics
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newsline | the leading current affairs magazine of pakistan, covering news, politics, business, sports, arts and lifestyle
newsline magazine, the leading current affairs magazine of pakistan, covering news, politics, business, sports, arts and lifestyle
culture, business, sport, society, technology, blog, india, pakistan, news, features, analysis, newsline, latest
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the mango informant
a socioeconomic magazine dedicated to providing you the insights and analysis of the relevant news & contemporary happenings.
mango, news, reviews, socioeconomic, informant, culture, economics, educative, analysis
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economics circle tuition | economics circle
introductory to intermediate economics expert tuition
economics, with, tutor, tuition, help, econ
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wallwritings | news analysis of politics, cinema, modern culture and the ambiguity of human existence addressed from a religious perspective.
news analysis of politics, cinema, modern culture and the ambiguity of human existence addressed from a religious perspective.
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edgeworth economics, l.l.c.
edgeworth economics is a boutique economic, financial and quantitative consulting firm. our clients include world-class law firms, fortune 500 companies and government agencies, and we have worked on behalf of samsung, google, bloomberg, and the nfl players association.
economic, analysis, firm, consulting, economics, financial
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mbc times - news, breaking news, analysis and top stories
top stories, news, analysis and interviews on world, politics, culture, technology, people, entertainment, science, beliefs, life, spirituality & travel.
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writers on writing writers views | articles, news, views and freelance writers
writers views offers news, contests, opinion, and ideas from writers, both freelance writers and hobbyist writers from us, canada, and world writers guild, famous writers, and new writers.
writers, writing, articles, content, views, guild, famous, freelance, news, jobs
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economics tuition singapore for a levels - sg econs tuition specialist - economics at tuitiongenius
leading economics tuition in singapore with an established econs tuition programme for a levels students. economics tuition classes are taught by mr eugene toh, founding econs tutor for the economics at tuitiongenius programme. our econs tuition programme are very popular with students from most junior colleges.
tuition, economics, econs, level, economic, econ
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arizona politics for conservatives: sonoran alliance
arizona politics, news, commentary and advocacy presented with a conservative worldview by writers, activists, consultants and government insiders - we are sonoran alliance
political, sonoran, news, commentary, legislature, immigration, phoenix, analysis, governor, opinion, weekly, politics, conservative, candidates, arizona, republican, alliance
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:: ::
an independent community of information, education and action
black, politics, race, social, electorate, vote, studies, economics, income, taxes, democrats, republicans, blackelectorate, investment, theory, founding, senate, fathers, economic, security
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hotair politics, culture, media, 2016, breaking news from a conservative viewpoint
hot air is the leading conservative blog for breaking news and commentary covering the obama administration, the gun control debate, politics, media, culture, and the 2014 and 2016 elections.
pawlenty, immigration, media, bachmann, opinion, michelle, glenn, beck, party, primary, campaign, barack, obama, romney, mitt, election, republican, 2016, 2014, politics
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chicago reader - news & politics, music & nightlife, arts & culture, film, food & drink, blogs, classifieds, deals
chicago news, culture & food. music & nightlife. entertainment guide. event listings. politics. media. plus classifieds: the best place to find a job, apartment, and more.
guide, apartments, fashion, politics, analysis, housing, employment, reader, chicago, giveaways, tickets, critics, shows, eating, drinking, arts, film, movies, dining, restaurants
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the rational radical
radical short takes about politics and culture. take-no-prisoners, just spell out the truth.
bush, progressive, views, commentary, estefan, president, hypocrites, george, commentaries, gloria, left, analysis, political, cultural, pundits, columns, opinion, leftist, news, alternative
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youth ki awaaz | citizen media. news. opinion. analysis
stories that matter, contributed by you: yka covers india, news, politics, pop culture, gender, human rights, lgbt issues, music, arts and world events.
news, analysis, latest, crowdsourced, youth, awaaz, citizen
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fashion through a historical and cultural lens | thread for thought
magazine concerning fashion and its effect on politics, economics, gender, race, and pop culture. includes book and film reviews, and plenty of images.
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business ukraine magazine | business, politics, geopolitics, society and culture
read analysis and insight into today's ukraine from business, investment and politics to culture, sport and society
ukraine, ukrainian, investment, news, agriculture, estate, emerging, real, kiev, business, geopolitics, economy, politics
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diasporascope | nigeria opinions, articles, africa & nigeria breaking news
nigerians share ideas about nigeria and africa politics, economics, education and other events in nigeria and africa
nigeria, politics, africa, diaspora, news, nigerians, africans
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books, ephemera, religion, comic, ideas, academia, culture, politics
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belarus digest - news and analysis of belarusian politics, economy, human rights and myths
belarus news, analysis of politics, military, economy, culture, tourism, human rights, belarusian language and life in minsk and elsewhere in belarus.
news, russia, byelorus, bielorussie, white, belurussia, belosusian, byelorussia, belorus, belorussia, belorrussian
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truth, beauty, science. - undark
undark magazine explores science at the point where it intersects — and sometimes collides — with politics, economics and culture.
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capitalism magazine - politics, economics & culture
capitalism magazine is the source for commentary from an individual rights, pro-capitalist, laissez-faire perspective.
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home - great british politics
great british politics, your source for news and analysis. we are an online magazine specialising in british political news, analysis, and opinion.
politics, magazine, britain, great, british, analysis, political
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the navel observatory | culture & politics
culture & politics (by lauren lueder)
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best of the web | economics, financial markets and politics
economics, financial markets and politics (by lukas daalder)
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103 change
odisha, news, oriya, live, politics, cuttack, puri, sambalpur, bhubaneswar, berhampur, education, social, jeypore, health, sports, technology, josh, ratha, koraput, yatra
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the phoenix writers club
welcome to phoenix writers club pwc members support and mentor each other, sharing knowledge and experiences. whether you are a published author or just beginning to put your ideas on paper, we hope
club, writers, phoenix, uncategorized, home
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hunt country writers
hunt country writers-writing tips & ideas, an annual writers' retreat, & more.
writers, middleburg, group, retreat, virginia, county, publishing, writing, loudoun, book, ideas, tips, neuharth, authors, hunt, country, author, help, aspiring
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tailored for smart, curious, socially aware readers, tn/rns covers politics, culture and big ideas from a #rns perspective.
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design probes - far-future research dialogue by philips design
a philips foresighting initiative which tracks emerging developments in five areas: politics, economics, environment, technology and culture
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descrier news and culture magazine
latest news, comment and analysis from the descrier, the uks fastest growing news and culture magazine
news, world, magazine, music, film, movies, culture, food, science, breaking, newspaper, europe, tech, politics, technology, business
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project syndicate - opinion articles from the world's thought leaders
project syndicate - opinion articles from the world's thought leaders
international, syndicate, energy, security, climate, politics, economics, culture, insight, nobel, society, medicine, science, laureate, news, philosophy, relations, newspaper, global, analysis
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the fruits of graft: financial analysis and classical economics
classical economics is theory of the firm, examining factors which affect success of individuals building businesses of any size. macro-forces are public policies on money, taxes, spending and crime as influenced by elites and middle class producers.
investment, short, euro, naked, dollar, productivity, funds, bank, energy, selling, default, graft, politics, senate, house, corruption, crude, hedge, swap, options
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guildhall press
derry-based book publisher covering the troubles, local history and culture.
northern, ireland, derry, ulster, publisher, politics, troubles, book, publishing, books, writers, writer, from, irish, process, peace, trimble, david, paisley, mcguinness
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fair observer - world news, politics, economics, business & culture
fair observer is us-based nonprofit media organization that aims to inform and educate global citizens of today and tomorrow.
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politics, religion, culture. life after prism
blog, prism, fred, clark, blair, eric, civilians, sullivan, evangelical, christianity, culture, environment, andrew, bush, politics
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information for the middle east business leaders | forbes middle east
forbes middle east is a leading source for reliable business news and financial information. read news, politics, economics, business
business, news, politics, read, information, economics, finance, forbesmiddleeast, financial, leading, source, forbes, middle, reliable, east
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econimind : students level up!
students level up with econimind! use our core articles to learn the basics, and edge articles to be better than everyone else! pass all your exams easy!
economics, gcse, tutor, ebook, free, online, revision, articles, alevel, university, student, alevels, resources, academics, article, students, ebooks
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moroccan writers | everyones ideas.
moroccan writers is a new place on where people (especially moroccan people) share ideas and stories with everyone. it’s created for little stories that make
moroccan, about, write, morocco, ecrire, marocain, writings, stories, writers, marocains, poetry, diaries
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a level economics tuition - top sg economics tutor
get your jc economics tuition @ econsactually. our economics tutor, mr. clive foo holds a 1st class honours bachelors degree in economics (bbsc) from nus.
economics, tutor, tuition
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chris blattman - international development, economics, politics, and policy
international development, economics, politics, and policy
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matlab tips and tutorials
analysis, sports, economics, politics, data, tutorials, java, blog, tips, matlab
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120 - news today news everyday is your daily news portal. find lastest update about celebrity, economics, politics, sport and entertainment here.
sport, entertainment, politics, economics, celebrity, news
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121 | global tax news delivers news headlines and features on international tax, law, politics, economics, trade and more.
news, stories, items, headlines, breaking, articles, latest, archive, investing, investment, information, archives, jurisdcitions, politics, legal, offshore, political, economics, havens, iofcs
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auctorly provides reflection, analysis and opinion on topics related technology, politics and culture in india and the world.
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the hittman chronicle, a magazine of opinions, politics, and humor
the hittman chronicle is a journal of ideas and opinions from a slightly disgusted, somewhat amused perspective.
hittman, hitman, dave, hitt, humor, science, culture, statistics, junk, politics
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kimberlywritescreative multipurpose business and creative services writer and marketing consultant
writers, creative, services, content, writer, copywriters, scriptwriters, automotive, video, publications, website, healthcare, technology, relations, public, freelance, business, huntsville, advertising, journalists
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east asia forum
economics, politics and public policy in east asia and the pacific
economic, asia, east, policy, pacific, south, analysis, forum, trade, development, china, news, japan, stimulus, relations, asian, politics, international, public, growth
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economics tuition for a-levels examination, singapore - jc econs specialist
h1 and h2 economics tuition guided by our econs tutor, ex-hod in economics. we deliver results in your a-levels examination!
economics, tuition, econs, study, case
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dagblog | politics, business, arts, sports, satire, etc.
one cup liberal politics, two tbsp penetrating analysis, a dash of witty repartee.
politics, progressive, liberal
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jeffrey c. goldfarbs deliberately considered
jeffrey (jeff) c. goldfarbs deliberately considered brings scholars, experts, intellectuals, writers, and public figures together to discuss news, current events, and the important public issues of our time in a measured, deliberative way by including analysis and opinion from every corner of the globe from the middle east, asia, the pacific rim and china to the european union and the americas.
political, obama, bush, history, care, economics, health, current, events, news, issues, economy, markets, expert, informed, expertise, knowledge, specialist, research, articles
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welcome to caribbean studies press
caribbean press designs, develops, publishes, and distributes a broad range of haitian-related educational materials for use in haiti, united states, canada and the caribbean area.
caribbean, haitian, culture, environment, development, literature, geography, history, bahamas, antigua, barbados, borde, urban, land, ecology, cuba, haiti, economy, floods, dominican
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behavioral economics .com | the behavioral science hub
home of the behavioral economics guide and the behavioral economics group. a behavioral science hub hosting information, discussions and resources.
behavioral, economics, science, finance, events, guide, resources, information, public, change, psychology, degrees, george, courses, network, group, journals, programs, loewenstein, ariely
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conservative opinions & views on politics in south africa, economics, world trends, world politics. ww3, global economic collapse
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the number one site for content specifically and directly addressing the economic ills of black people around the world.
black, african, american, economics, lifestyle, culture, history, hair, wurd, community, namd, anderson, maggie, dick, year, radio, diaspora, empowerment, experiment, education
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cee: leading organization for economics and financial education
the council for economic education focuses on economics and financial literacy education by providing economics education resources to teachers & students.
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global economic intersection
an economics based website. global economic intersection ( focuses on the economic effects on finance, investing, social interactions, and politics / public policy. it features original economic commentary, debate, and economic analysis of economic indicators. econintersect also offers an store / marketplace for products to help the busy investor.
economic, news, opinion, forecast, newspaper, analysis, steven, john, lounsbury, econintersect, hansen
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frontline : in-depth analysis of issues and events in india and around the world
in-depth analysis of issues and events in india and around the world in the fields of politics, economy, industry, social justice, the environment, culture, literature, cinema, art, science and media.
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russia profile - russian politics, russian business, russian current affairs and society
russia profile provides in-depth analysis on business, politics, current affairs and culture for russia watchers around the world. it is the first place for all your russian news needs.
russian, news, culture, media, magazine, current, medvedev, business, life, military, source, daily, society, politics, dmitry, affairs
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the yucatan times - yucatan news, politics, economics and more...
news, yucatan, maya, culture, merida, estate, quintana, riviera, cancun, real, travel, ingles, english, noticias
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what is economics? a definition of economics
what is economics? learn the definition of economics in this economics 101 summary of the field and study of economics.
economics, definition, what
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authors meeting place. publish your blog for everyone. anyone can get it freely.
spirituality, personal, economics, society, leisure, travel, sport, science, health, politics, culture, articles, social4web, articoli, blogget, blogs, social, network, comments, commento
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drunk ex-pastors podcast and blog – culture. politics. religion. bieber.
best friends (and ex-pastors) jason and christian discuss politics, culture, and religion over drinks.
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capx - for popular capitalism
bringing you the best writing on politics, economics, markets and ideas underpinned by a commitment to make the case for popular capitalism.
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video book summaries on economics history & big ideas - nickwrght
i create book summaries for books on history, economics & big ideas. i animate my favorite books that i find interesting or useful & share with you.
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home | willamette writers conference
writers at the willamette writers conference in portland, oregon learn more about writing, become inspired and pitch ideas, scripts and manuscripts.
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engaged, informed, unapologetic
driving the new american narrative. multimedia news, politics, culture, opinion, business, latino and more. thoughtful and incisive,
techonology, philadelphia, media, business, culture, opinion, politics
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the incidental economist
contemplating health care with a focus on research, an eye on reform. a blog about economics, health policy, health services, health care, and politics.
health, parenthood, technology, politics, services, research, information, personal, reform, policy, medicare, economics, finance
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jasmyne a. cannick | los angeles, race, politics, music & pop culture
the opinions and views of social commentator jasmyne a. cannick on race, politics, music, pop culture, and life in los angeles.
music, race, culture, angeles, politics
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hillbuzz conservative politics, analysis & humor | kevin dujan editor
political action, analysis & adventure | politics, humor and commentary from gay conservative analyst kevin dujan
political, politics, elections, hillbuzz, democrat, dujan, kevin, republican, libertarian, news, analysis, commentary, conservative
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blog - mere orthodoxy | christianity, politics, and culture
politics, christianity, and culture for those who love words. we also love g.k. chesterton, c.s. lewis, and intellectual scrums. and fun.
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rupert heath literary agency
literary agency handling commercial fiction, historical fiction, cutting-edge literary fiction, history, biography and autobiography, popular science, nature, politics and current affairs, popular culture and the arts
science, nature, autobiography, biography, history, historical, politics, current, books, publishing, culture, popular, affairs, fiction, writers, contracts, author, representation, agenting, agent
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le magazine de lafrique
for over 45 years new african provides unparalleled insights and analysis on african politics and economics, via an african perspective, always. with our in-depth monthly reports, new african brings africa closer to the world and is ideal for those looking to gain a better understanding of the most important issues affecting africa.
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a new voice on culture, politics and change combining social anthropology, an accessible style of writing and multimedia.
picture, voice, analysis, fieldnote
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black inc. publishing | abia small publisher of the year 2015
black inc. publishes some of australia’s finest writers and poets, including les murray, alice pung, simon leys, nicolas rothwell and amanda lohrey. the much-loved best australian stories, poems and essays anthologies are published annually under this imp
business, environment, society, culture, music, writers, intellectual, intelligent, poetry, poems, national, australia, books, independent, politics, essays, stories, history, black
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perrspectives: blog
perrspectives provides unique commentary, analysis and satire on the state of american politics and culture.
perr, bush, john, george, angel, society, avenging, kerry, consulting, states, america, united, marketing, software, linux, commentary, democratic, republican, republic, democrat
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the truth dispatch | intelligent. christian.
the truth dispatch provides intelligent christian conservative political commentary and analysis on topics ranging from religion & the culture to business
truth, christ, jesus, mankind, bible, government, gospel, spirit, liberty, constitutionalism, prudence, faith, politics, church, holy, national, christian, conservative, political, intelligent
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freedoms lighthouse
covering politics, history, and culture in the greatest nation on earth .
news, history, culture, politics
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the american journal
culture politics opinion
entertainment, donald, trump, opinion, politics, paleoconservative, libertarian, culture, american
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the federalist - culture, politics, religion
the federalist is a web magazine focused on culture, politics, and religion. be lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray.
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the citrus report | art, culture, news, graffiti, music, street art, clothing, politics, reviews
a place for all the news thats fit to print. and not print. art. culture. graffiti. politics. music. shopping.
reviews, music, gallery, skyou, murals, report, merchandise, demand, fifty24sf, citrus, upper, politics, grafitti, culture, street, news, artists, indie, playground
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technical analysis uk, trade ideas, financial markets uk | pia first
pia-first produces professional standard trading view, technical analysis and ideas reports prepared by our experienced team of analysts in the uk.
trading, analysis, london, technical, trade, ideas, forex, signals, financial, markets, view
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seth payne - musings on politics, business, economics, religion, ethics and other stuff.
musings on politics, business, economics, religion, ethics and other stuff.
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the latest news from the world of politics, economics and technology and media in russia and the world, internal and external state policy of russia, and social policy.
policy, foreign, domestic, social, public, information, media, politics, economics, technology, news
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key west literary seminar
kwls promotes the understanding of important literary works and their authors; supports new voices in american literature; and preserves key west’s literary
writers, west, literary, littoral, resources, audio, culture, education, archive, awards, readers, conference, seminar, workshop, scholarships
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what the folly?! - news, analysis & political commentary -
u.s. news & politics
news, world, policy, government, foreign, conservative, analysis, politics, commentary, democrats, republicans, liberal
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technical analysis uk, trade ideas, financial markets uk | pia first
pia-first produces professional standard trading strategies, technical analysis and fixed income reports prepared by our experienced team of analysts in the uk.
trading, technical, trade, analysis, ideas, london, commodities, signals, financial, markets, hedge, funds
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economics homework and assignment help tutor online |
economicshelpdesk is a pioneer in providing economics homework and assignment help in specialized subjects like micro, macro, managerial, econometrics, international, health, labor, industrial, political economics.
economics, help, tutor, homework, online, assignment, economicshelpdesk, assistance
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5 pt. salt | theology, culture, politics
theology, culture, politics (by joel taylor)
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kaliti press | latest news, analysis, opinion, politics, exclusive reports, interviews, video, and more
latest news, analysis, commentary, politics, exclusive reports, interviews, entertainment, breaking stories from ethiopia and around east africa
interviews, video, more, reports, exclusive, news, analysis, opinion, politics, latest
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listowel writers week 
listowel writers’ week is an internationally acclaimed literary festival devoted to bringing together writers and audiences at unique and innovative events in the historic and intimate surroundings of listowel county kerry.
writers, week, programme, writing, festival, workshops, 2016, competions
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exclusive analysis of the politics, economics, military and culture of china-us relations | china us focus
china us focus, economic, cultural, political and cultural outlook, shaping the most important bilateral relationship and world.
china, relations, trade, news, relationship, economic, with, 2022, american, diplomatic, history
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rolling stone – music, movies, tv, politics, country, and culture
get the latest music news, movie and album reviews, tv show recaps, politics, and pop culture commentary from rolling stone.
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rolling stone – music, movies, tv, politics, country, and culture
get the latest music news, movie and album reviews, tv show recaps, politics, and pop culture commentary from rolling stone.
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animal - art, new york city, culture, politics, and opinion
a daily mix of art, news, culture, politics, and opinion — straight from the gut of new york
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economics entrance - home
for students who wish to pursue masters in economics from delhi school of economics or indian statistical institute or any institution of repute in india.
economics, entrance, amit, goyal, coaching, institute, delhi, school, indian, statistical
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real progressive politics - politics - pop culture - history - trends
politics - pop culture - history - trends
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news from world
last news from world and russia
news, politics, russian, sport, economics, incident, culture, business
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home - fiction writers mentor
fiction writers mentor is a website for fiction writers, sharing resources, information and ideas to help you learn your craft.
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theblaze - breaking news and opinion
theblaze is a news, information and opinion site brought to you by a dedicated team of writers, journalists & video producers. our goal is to post, report and analyze stories of interest on a wide range of topics from politics and culture to faith and family.
finance, security, government, politics, intelligence, slideshows, america, polls, videos, media, economy, blog, opinions, information, stories, faith, technology, education, news
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the pop history dig | pop culture and the history & businesses of pop culture, with emphasis on media & entertainment, including sports, politics, advertising & marketing as these relate to media, entertainment & popular culture.
pop culture and the history & businesses of pop culture, with emphasis on media & entertainment, including sports, politics, advertising & marketing as these relate to media, entertainment & popular culture.
history, celebrity, entertainment, music, sports, media, stars, industry, politics, culture, rock, advertising, publishing, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1950s, 2000s, movie, political
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sgeconomicstuition- economics tuition centre a level
singapore's leading economics education centre for a level students
tuition, economics, econs, singapore
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bizaonworld - world news, politics, economics, business, entertainment
world news, politics, economics, business, entertainment
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bond economics
a blog for analysis of bond market economics.
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dissociated press
pop culture, technology, music, politics and lifestyle served fresh daily
politics, clean, green, music, technology, culture, media, lifestyle
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brahma prakash dua
my blog is my reaction and analysis of the current political and social affairs of our country.
indian, politics, political, current, affairs, india, social, religious, drama, outs, sattire, analysis, reaction, today
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russia beyond the headlines
russian news in english. all about russia: politics, economics, international news, society, opinion, arts & living, photo of the day, blogs.
news, russian, russia, latest, travel, from, politics, scientists, scientific, guide, history, world, life, tussia, religion, science, culture, today, headlines, business
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mahala | music, culture, reality | magazine
mahala is a free south african music, culture and reality magazine that strives to report and represent whats really happening along the fault line and in
poverty, crime, thought, creativity, ideas, money, philanthropy, social, responsibility, optimist, positive, development, opinion, politics, reality, online, culture, music, magazine, free
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balkanist magazine
balkanist magazine is an experimental, bilingual platform featuring balkan politics, analysis, culture, and criticism for a smart, international audience
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the ronald coase institute: research on institutions that govern real economic systems
the ronald coase institute promotes research using the tools of new institutional economics to better understand how real economic systems work and how institutions affect transaction costs. it encourages comparative analysis and collaborative research across countries and disciplines, and conducts workshops for scholars to enhance their research, networks, and communication.
coase, ronald, analysis, property, transaction, costs, economics, institutional, institute, right, rights, economic, research, cost, exchange, comparative
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the best in politics and culture headlines from around the web
conservative, party, elections, term, liberal, politics
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the best in politics and culture headlines from around the web
conservative, party, elections, term, liberal, politics
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jewish & israel news | breaking alerts, commentary, insights analysis and blogs
the fastest growing jewish newspaper in america, your one stop source for all news, commentary and analysis from israel and jewish communities around the world.
jewish, israel, news, breaking, middle, analysis, commentary, east, updates, music, culture, blogs, tradition, politics, israeli, opinion
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patriot statesman — fresh conservative commentary on a wide range of topics from politics and culture to religion and family.
conservative political commentary on a wide range of topics from politics and culture to religion and family. patriot statesman was founded in texas and has one foot in local politics in addition to covering the national scene.
religion, commentary, liberty, government, politics, right, conservative
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new african magazine - the bestselling pan-african magazine
for over 45 years new african provides unparalleled insights and analysis on african politics and economics, via an african perspective, always. with our in-depth monthly reports, new african brings africa closer to the world and is ideal for those looking to gain a better understanding of the most important issues affecting africa.
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political news, analysis, commentary, and more about california and beyond
california, politics, angeles, francisco, sacramento, state, local, news, analysis, commentary, opinion
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blogpair news ব্লগপেয়ার নিউজ -24 ঘণ্টা এক্সক্লুসিভ বাংলা সংবাদ
blogpair news is the leading online bangla news portal in bangladesh which covering latest and update news of politics, business, economics, sports, lifesty
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world politics review | analysis of international affairs and global trends
world politics review provides uncompromising analysis of critical global trends and international affairs to give policymakers, businesspeople and academics the context they need to have the confidence they want.
review, politics, world
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tattooed culture | tattoo art & ideas
browse through thousands of tattooed people, ideas and culture. come see the best tattoo gallery on web for free images and more for 2014.
tattoos, culture, tattooed
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economics guide | economics tutorials, economics notes, economics quizzes, ebooks, news & more
economics o level and economics a level tutorials, quizzes, ebooks , economy/business news, economics questions & answers.
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avenir sports performance analysis software | video analysis software
avenir sports is ireland’s leading performance analysis company, working with many of the leading teams in irish sport. we provide video analysis software and services for teams at all levels. we are the performance analysis partner to the fai. we specialise in the sportstec/sportscode suite of software products.
analysis, sports, video, galway, avenir, gamebreaker, software, performance, plus, endzone, sportstec, tripods, ireland, digital, soccer, solutions, sportscode
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about us |
german and european news, analysis, opinion and breaking news from germany's international broadcaster
economy, travel, podcasts, business, politics, opinion, background, video, audio, culture, environment, arts, sports, soccer, football, analysis, european, news, german, germany
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about us |
german and european news, analysis, opinion and breaking news from germany's international broadcaster
economy, travel, podcasts, business, politics, opinion, background, video, audio, culture, environment, arts, sports, soccer, football, analysis, european, news, german, germany
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journal of the american revolution - history, culture, politics, war.
online magazine of american revolution history, culture, politics and war. creative and smart, making history more palatable. scholarship, reviews, lists,
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guide to london, carnival of capitalism, exploitaiton and greed
ravish london is a guide to ravishing the economic and cultural capital of the world, its people, its energies and its soul. take it all for yourself. its for twisted tourists and down-to-earth londoners. it tells truths.
love, tourism, lust, economics, power, travel, society, culture, politics, building, london
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technical writing email discussion list home | techwhirl
a searchable resource for technical writers with over 18 years of tips, tricks and ideas for technical communications and technical writers.
technical, writer, communication, tech, writers, techwhirl
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outside the beltway | otb | online journal of politics and foreign affairs
analysis of us politics, world affairs, and public policy from an educated, thoughtful perspective
media, technology, entertainment, business, security, world, affairs, national, politics
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home - developer economics
developer economics is the leading online resource for mobile app development, helping developers find insights and research data on platforms, tools & apis
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finland for thought | politics, current events, culture - in finland & the united states | blog of an american living in finland
politics, current events, culture - in finland & united states | blog of an american living in finland
norway, denmark, sweden, nordic, events, americans, estonia, libertarian, tanja, karpela, halonen, tarja, liberal, current, scandinavia, america, politics, states, united, blog
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teaching economics through games
economics games for teaching microeconomics, industrial organization, environmental economics, energy economics, transport economics, ...
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philosophy politics economics
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209, learning economics... solved!
a site about learning economics, 100s of useful posts going over common questions in economics classes.
macroeconomics, market, econ, problems, solving, tutor, economics, microeconomics, learn
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210 the only really nice website circulating on the internet has been refered to 'a publication of the gutter' and has achieved 'entirely new levels in everything which is contemptible, despicable and unspeakable in contemporary journalism'. blather has 'no principles, no honour, no shame'; its object is 'the fostering of graft and corruption in public life, the furtherance of cant and hypocrisy, the encouragement of humbug and hysteria, the glorification of greed and gombeenism'
irish, writers, news, comedy, humour, writing, humor, breaking, offbeat, weird, politics, culture, stories, funny, dublin, satire, archeaology, journalism, ireland, newspaper
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investing and market insights from premium and independent financial experts
stocks, funds, bonds, financial, news, analysis, foreign, options, precious, hedge, metals, treasury, caps, fundamental, market, nano, technical, junk, preferred, swaps
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angola monitor - notícias de angola
notícias de angola, vídeos e imagens. toda a actualidade num só portal.
angola, economics, politics, companies, society, sport, culture, science, noticias, news, economia, cultura, desporto, sociedade, empresas
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african writers center
the african writers center is for those interested in social change and wish to share information, ideas, thoughts and different experiences across cultural and national divides.
african, writers, center, africanwriterscenter, videos, newswire, news, books, journals, music
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institute for religion, culture, and public life | the ircpl brings together scholars and students in religion, cultural anthropology, history, political science, economics, sociology and social psychology, and other allied fields to support multi-disciplinary analysis, reflection, and response to historical and contemporary issues of great significance.
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national institute of agricultural economics and policy research
agricultural, economics, policy, research, chand, institute, ncap, ramesh, national, delhi, naip, india, niap, analysis, icar, indian, planning, fellow, professor, director
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illinois times, the capital citys weekly source of news, politics, arts, entertainment, culture illinoistimes
the capital citys newsweekly
local, food, politics, glatz, music, rall, illinois, tourism, springfield, sangamon, blagojevich, live, culture, social, agriculture, education, environment, justice, movement, arts
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hungary today - the latest news about hungary
hungarian politics hungary economics, sports, culture. hungarian news hungary
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national observer
a progressive voice covering energy, pipelines, politics and culture from an award-winning, experienced and passionate team that believes in the future of journalism.
culture, progressive, politics, energy, news, pipelines, journalism
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economics news | economics help
economics wiki provides economics news and economics help for students and anyone studying economics.
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the nut graph | making sense of politics & pop culture
malaysian online news site that makes sense of politics and pop culture. provides news, analyses and commentaries with insight and humour.
malaysia, malaysian, news, stories, graph, blog, politics, political, elections
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library grape - the best in politics, culture and delicious snark
library grape - the best in politics, culture and delicious snark: because the unexamined life is not worth living
culture, delicious, snark, politics, grape, best, library
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arindrajit dube | associate professor of economics, umass amherst.
my work focuses on labor economics, health economics, public finance, and political economy. some of my current areas of research include minimum wage policies,  effects of unions, and fairness concerns at the workplace. i received my b.a. in economics and m.a. in development policy from stanford university, and my ph.d. in economics from the university of chicago. prior to
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rom economics - the complete resource for economics education.
rom economics is a resource for deciphering all the basic concepts, theories and key terms in economics.
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224 | law | policy | economics and politics
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the new palgrave dictionary of economics online: dictionary home
the new palgrave dictionary of economics online: the definitive resource for a new generation of economists. the new palgrave dictionary of economics, 2nd edition, edited by steven n. durlauf and lawrence e. blume, contains over 1, 850 articles by more than 1, 500 of the world's leading economists.
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julie borowski - politics. culture. weirdness
politics. culture. weirdness
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clash daily politics. culture. attitude.
politics. culture. attitude.
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the islamic monthly — politics, culture, society.
politics, culture, society.
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political forum, live political chat and blogs discussing political and social issues.
political forum and politics discussion of uk's and worldwide politics, cultural and social issues.
forum, politics, political, debate, democrat, control, forums, liberals, republican, culture, blog, politic, civil, rights, censorship, abortion
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professor antal e. fekete
professor antal e. fekete is a renowned mathematician and monetary scientist. this site will illuminate some of his important ideas on economics, mathematics, gold and silver basis, interest, financial markets, arbitrage and the austrian school of economics.
economics, price, salinas, hugo, bonds, speculation, arbitrage, hedging, mises, interest, basis, silver, austrian, school, mathematics, gold
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economics tuition | best economics tuition centre in singapore
our economics tuition lessons give students ample revision and techniques on answering case studies and essays.
tuition, economics, singapore, econs
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the bhojpuri: news, views, culture, society, language, for the people who speaks bhojpuri and think in bhojpuri
the bhojpuri brings the latest & top breaking news in bhojpuri on politics and current affairs in india & bihar, uttar pradesh, up, & opinions from leading columnists, bollywood news and entertainment, bhojpuri culture, society, employment & bhojpuri songs.
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21cb | asian politics, pop culture, and internet stories
covering asia and the asian diaspora. your go-to blog and aggregator for current events, pop culture, and internet memes.
asian, movies, videos, gaming, politics, news, censorship, entertainment, style, memes, internet, technology, tech, blog, culture, hong, kong, chinese, china, american
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all balkans home :: balkan insight
find the latest balkan news and analysis. breaking news on the balkan's economy, politics, business, entertainment, arts and culture.
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235 : africa news, maghreb news - the african daily newspaper, africa's news portal, is a daily online newspaper that highlights news and information from around the world with emphasis on africa as well as its close and distant diaspora. features a wide range of news, analysis and features, including culture, economics, arts and entertainment, views, interviews, society, sports, technology.
news, maghreb, africa, journal, nouvelles, african, continent, africain, actualite, meteo, technologies, music, press, voyage, daily, newspaper, from, education, tourisme, multimedia
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n+1 | n+1 is a print and digital magazine of literature, culture, and politics.
n+1 is a print and digital magazine of literature, culture, and politics published three times yearly. we post new online-only work several times each week and publish books expanding on the interests of the magazine.
letters, poetry, politics, fringe, reviews, situation, ukraine, supplement, translation, police, times, people, intellectual, fiction, drama, essays, controversies, activism, foreign, affairs
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queensland writers centre is the leading provider of information, services and support for writers and writing in queensland
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is | ought
a topical blog, upholding the principles of liberty, one law for all, and no religion in politics and government
public, politics, liberty, policy, religion, socialism, science, reason, governance, speech, equal, economics, capitalism, constitution, protection, freedom, free, expression, atheism
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economics, economic history, politics and finance from u.c. berkeley economist brad delong
economic, economy, delong, political, history, economics, growth
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dazed & confused magazine | fashion, art, music, film, ideas | dazed
youth and pop culture provocateurs since 1991. fearless fashion, music, art, film, politics and ideas from todays bleeding edge. declare independence.
dazed, confused, magazine, ideas, dazeddigital, network, fashion, film, music, sharing
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lipstick and politics
lipstick and politics is an online magazine and community for men and women. we believe that intelligence is sexy and that feminism is not a dirty word.
womens, politics, bipartisan, policy, health, political, website, pregnancy, site, culture, women, interest, beauty, feminism, fashion, family
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duvet-dayz: about life, technology, gadgets, politics, the planet earth and other interesting things.
internet, environment, energy, economics, science, design, politics, history, technology
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seeing the forest | who is our economy for, anyway?
labor, economics, union, courts, plutocracy, dogs, senate, terrorism, congress, taxes, government, humor, society, conservatives, wing, right, lesbian, politics, campaign, party
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geist: ideas + culture, made in canada
geist is the canadian magazine of ideas & culture—fact + fiction, photography, comix, essays, reviews, and the weird and wonderful from the world of words.
magazines, canadian, magazine, canada, poetry, writing, literary, culture, submissions, geist, contest, poem, story, short, review, creative, poems, workshop, authors, fiction
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the word on politics | politics surveyed from a biblical grid.
politics, culture, social and contemporary geo-political trends understood from a biblical perspective. shining the light of god’s word into these areas advocating not to a political party but fidelity to scripture.
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article advocates - find or share useful information
new articles from our members based on categories and themes!
tourism, agriculture, lifestyle, culture, tropical, history, economics, business, beer, politics, optimization, engine, marketing, search, investment, power, purpose, reality, success, motivation
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creative writing prompts . com ideas for writers
creative writing prompts collection of writing prompts and story starters for writers. come up with creative content for blogs and blog stories with the help of these creative writing ideas.
writing, prompts, creative, blog, stories, writers, pieces, poems, ideas, imagination, content, creativity, starters, story, writer, write, poetry, fiction
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one utah | utahs favorite public square for loud political debate
utah based writers and journalists current news and commentary on politics, republicans, democrats, libertarians and tea partiers
independent, politics, utah
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public radio of armenia
news from armenia, world and regions
news, live, armenia, from, sport, culture, broadcast, analytics, politics, society, economics, region, world
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einvestorsforum - forex & stock community for sharing trading ideas
a leading source to professional forex & stock traders for news, analysis, strategies, charts, calendar, chat and sharing trading ideas.