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sharing the scriptures - home
home page for sharing the scriptures
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god -
god - the christian community for seekers, skeptics, and believers. do you want the answers to all of life's questions? discover the truth about god, jesus, the holy spirit, the bible and christianity!
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end times prophecy, current events, christian symbols, numerology -
focusing on end times prophecy including the rapture, the mark of the beast (666), the antichrist, global government, and the second coming of the lord and saviour jesus christ. symbols, events, numerology, and news.
jeremiah, isaiah, daniel, revelation, spirit, ezekiel, matthew, thessalonians, corinthians, holy, scriptures, lord, saviour, coming, times, jesus, christ, studies, bible
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this is a place for those who are serious about worshiping our father in spirit and truth. may yahweh be magnified and may he bless all who seek him.
yahweh, spirit, truth, love, lord, roots, jewish, christ, jesus, spiritual, bible, peace, commandments, scriptures, messiah, feasts, hebrew, hebraic, yashua, yeshua, yhwh, yahushua, seventh, sabbath, salvation, elohim, torah
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faith in gods word is the real power behind prayer
faith scriptures & faith articles for receiving gods blessing for depression, hopelessness, fear, worry, healing, protection, love, mercy, and grace.
scriptures, gods, suicide, confession, salvation, quotes, word, faith, hope, kenneth, protection, fear, hagin, wigglesworth, healing, price, simpson, kenyon, prayer, depression, born, spirit, meditate, bible, osteen, dodie, jesus, holy
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home - community bible study
who is jesus christ, god the father, and the holy spirit? we provide in-depth bible study for adults, students, and children that will answer these questions and more. find a class near you, where you can study god’s word from a judeo-christian point of view.
adult, find, class, discover, fellowship, relationship, growth, leadership, development, grow, life, prison, young, teacher, grace, married, single, denomination, stage, word, connect, hospitality, spirit, bible, study, christian, holy, father, christ, student, children, multilingual, church, prayer, language, global, ministry, community, international, jesus
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welcome to
god has given each believer a spiritual gift that he wants us to use for his glory. god wants us to be involved with his work. he is so gracious that by his holy spirit he freely distributes spiritual gifts to all who are saved. he not only wants us to know our spiritual gifts, but he expects us to grow in them each day.
gifts, spiritual, test, youth, free, spirit, holy, faith, baptist, online, evangelical, assessment, jesus, christianity, trinity, reformed
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community of christ homepage
community of christ is a worldwide church with a mission to “proclaim jesus christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.”
christ, jesus, church, reorganized, temple, missouri, indpendence, rlds, saints, mission, spirit, holy, community, hope, home, peace, love, ministry
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holy spirit interactive - catholic information resource
holy spirit interactive is an online information resource for christians
holy, christian, bible, spirit, rosary, prayers, missal, readings, charismatic, apologetica, humor, christians, catholic, interactive, jesus, christ, scripture, study
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pursuing deeper faith, thriving marriages, and a greater life.
christian, living, practical, marriage, advice, jesus, spirit, christ, holy, life, theology, leadership, daniel, passini, live, thriving, centered, follow
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angelic revelations - the gospel of god's love
the gospel of god's love: the true teachings of jesus
divine, spirit, writing, truth, heaven, sphere, automatic, spiritualism, channelling, spiritual, immortal, spiritist, mortal, stainton, moses, swedenborg, william, kardec, channeling, soul, allan, incarnate, world, gospel, angelic, angel, padgett, james, love, holy, birth, angels, jesus, prayer, newage, christian, christ, testament, coming, revelations
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is the trinity true or false - is the trinity biblical
was jesus created, who is the holy spirit, who is the comforter, is jesus omnipotent, is jesus omniscient and is the trinity true or false?
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truth or tradition? - dedicated to helping you understand the word of god, free from the traditions of men.
there are many ideas about christianity, but our aim is to help people understand what the bible actually says.
holy, jesus, communion, saved, christian, doctrine, unitarian, death, bible, scripture, heaven, spirit, hell, trinity, salvation, truth, lose, tradition, lord, enlightenment, socian, allah, torah, money, deity, apostle, abstinence, dispensationalism, interpretation, salvati, devil, presents, understanding, shabbat, eucharist, intermpretation, education, biblical, wrong, speaking
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bibles : find foreign language bibles in over 4000 world languages
home page of, a searchable database of where to get bibles and scripture resources in the worlds languages.
testament, word, writ, christ, jesus, scrolls, scriptures, holy, book, pentateuch, apocalypse, revelation, letter, letters, canonical, published, dead, epistle, publication, scriptural, date, writings, languages, language, bibles, world, search, find, gospel, epistles, bible, writing, locate, christian, gospels
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dawn bible students association - home page
dawn bible students association, publishers of the dawn magazine. a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the gospel of christ's coming kingdom.
bible, dawn, kingdom, students, judgement, jesus, christ, ernest, prayer, consecration, sacrifice, tabernacle, studies, presence, pentecost, publications, armageddon, frank, holy, passover, israel, temple, sunday, school, crucifixion, grave, millenium, spirit, miracles, soul, immortality, word, creation, gospel, resurrection, salvation, faith, hope, church, judgment
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bible truths, salvation, creation, angels, jesus, god, holy spirit
this web site presents the truths of the bible on an unusual level of honesty and accuracy
divorce, predestination, remarriage, martin, baptism, spirit, apologetics, miracles, holy, christianity
expand collapse | a website about god and his son, jesus christ
articles, videos & audio mp3s in support of biblical monotheism & unitarian christianity (not to be confused with unitarian universalism).
jesus, bible, trinity, christian, monotheism, doctrine, christ, spirit, holy, father, study, theology, triune, church, debate, trinitarian, history, reformation, john, unitarian, christianity, romans
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bible scriptures
find a good selection of kjv bible scriptures. bible scriptures by subject. search free kjv bible scriptures.
bible, biblical, verses, study, studies, catholic, christian, bookss, qoutes, inspiring, funerals, children, life, kids, lessons, king, james, teen, colleges, quotations, free, religious, schools, bibles, motivational, online, line, good, topic, scriptures, scriptural, faith, search, popular, famous, find, family, inspirational, uplifting, favorite
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saline church of christ: saline, mi
we are a group of christians, nothing more and nothing less, meeting in saline to praise and honor god. though we come from various walks of life, we have a common goal; to help souls get to heaven.
church, christ, testament, prophet, baptism, gospel, faith, beginning, spirit, heaven, godhead, truth, trinity, savior, revelation, soul, jesus, michigan, bible, holy, covenant, saline, promise, salvation, scriptures
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inspirational bible verses and scriptures ***
find the best inspirational bible verses and scriptures by subject. a-z bible verses and scriptures for those of the christian faith. short bible verses and scriptures for family, children and friends.
life, quotes, family, great, hope, comfort, tattoos, friends, short, find, small, search, prayer, holy, today, jesus, inspirational, faith, daily, verses, scripture, children, kids, live, bible, good, christian
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holy name of jesus catholic church
official website of the holy name of jesus catholic church. features include parish news, mass and confessions schedule, bulletins, parish calendar, descriptions of all parish programs and much more!
jesus, catholic
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christian directory listing of christian sites across the globe.
listings of christian websites including christian businesses, rock groups and religious web pages. /
bible, christian, free, american, home, music, sabbath, holy, site, gospel, james, standard, heaven, king, christ, jesus, testament, nehemiah, ministry, micah, lord, leviticus, minister, missionary, mission, nasb, psalms, sermon, scripture, directory, worship, wisdom, religious, religion, pray, lamentations, pastor, prayer, praying, preaching
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| holy spirit river
welcome to the holy spirit river website, the site is a non-denominational, christian website focusing on a desire to see a greater outpouring of the power of
holy, spirit, baptism, gifts, bible, church, jesus, father, school, miracles, study, deliverance, trinity, praise, ghost, saves, speaking, tongues, healings, chri, amen, evangelism, hallelujah, revival, language, covenant, testament, pirit, fruit, experiencing, prayer, fire, power, christian, pentecostal, catholic, salvation, born, filled, healing
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holy cross anglican church - home
we are a community of believers dedicated to building up the kingdom of god. we come together to know god through his word in the scriptures and to experience jesus christ in the sacrament of his body and blood. once nurtured by this experience, we j
quincy, diocese, newsletter, calendar, lake, villa, raskopf, eric, illinois, office, daily, scriptures, worship, acna, anglican, holy, spirit, christ, jesus, eucharist, baptism, christian
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writings of the holy spirit
writings of the holy spirit homepage, jesus, gospel video, christ, holy spirit, holy bible, king james version auth. 1611, spiritual truths, his fathers words meanings, scriptural teachings, insights into scriptures,, web sales copy writer
holy, copy, spirit, writing, words, webwriter777, lead, christ, service, jesus, lord, page, elance, aaawebcopyservices, sales, divine, instruction, gods, word, christian, meanings, fathers, gospel, videos, poetry, sermons, writings, righteousness, counsel, lords, inspired, wisdom, utterance
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revival focus forum: discussing the christ-life and revival
revival focus forum, previously known as the "friends of revival" blog, launched on september 1, 2012 with the intent of facilitating an ongoing,
holy, spirit, bible, ghost, study, teaching, trinity, gifts, father, revival, gospel, verses, daily, doctrine, lessons, jesus, works, describe, studies, information, anointing, spirt, books, empowered, ministries, evangelism, focus, sermons, evangelize, preach, christ, netcasters, ministry, revivalfocus, hollandsworth, intercession, prayer, online, john, teachings
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biblical archaeology truth - home
site that relates quotes and passages from the bible to archaeological discoveries made in recent times.
jesus, spade, sword, methodology, holy, testament, spirit, ghost, christ, faith, father, shovel, scripture, scriptures, scientific, archaeology, archaeological, science
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home - progressive church of denmark, sc
we believe in the full and total inspiration of the holy scriptures as being inspired and under the direction of the holy spirit as holy men wrote.
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the holy spirit - facts about the holy spirit, fruit of the spirit, jesus, holy ghost, god, tongues, prayer, speaking in tongues, pentecost, trinity, bible, scripture, father, son
the holy spirit: who is he? why do i need to know him? facts about the holy spirit, fruit of the spirit, jesus, holy ghost, god, tongues, prayer, speaking in tongues, pentecost, trinity, bible, scripture, father, son
spirit, jesus, sandy, kulkin, tongues, holy, spiritual, gifts, healing, angels, miracles, interpretation, discernment, knowledge, revival, charismatic, wisdom, jerusalem, peter, fire, wind, breathe, pentecostal, ascension, power, empowerment, comforter, heaven, speaking, kulin, sanford, dove, peace, king, gift, fruit, lord, love, truth, trinity
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going to
jesus came and died so that we could receive a baptism of life, the holy spirit baptism. this life is the new and living way or worship in spirit and truth and it is the only way to please god.
baptism, spirit, holy, birth, born, ghost, tongues, life, trials, speaking
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guyana adventists - home
the website of the guyana conference of seventh-day adventists.
adventist, holy, adventists, sabbath, spirit, ghost, guyana, religious, education, scriptures, realities, positive, uplifting, creation, eternal, bible, contribute, scripture, congregations, institutions, salvation, personal, rest, church, life, moral, question, faith, crusade, georgetown, christian, guyanese, berbice, coming, country, trinidad, worship, evangelism, gospel, prayer
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faith in his blood . org - welcome to faith in his blood . org
the lord jesus christ did all the work necessary to bring about the needed reconciliation between god and man, and salvation is a free gift from god!
holy, bible, jesus, king, james, ghost, spirit, christ, lord
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lighthouse body of christ is a non-denominational christian church body that believes and teaches the power of god the father, jesus christ the son and the holy spirit while adhering to the scriptures as the word of god, infallible and unchangeable. the primary and official scriptures of the church are from the king james version, from which all sermons are brought; however, all are welcome to use and study from versions that they are familiar with.
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brice united methodist church - brice ohio
united methodist church we profess a christian faith in god, incarnate in jesus christ for our salvation and ever at work in the holy spirit.
church, methodist, school, brice, praise, holy, bible, jesus, food, ministries, ministry, pantry, outreach, youth, emmaus, sanctuary, academy, ohio, christian, chapel, band, blessing, group, grace, salvation, recovery, redemption, love, christ, united, spiritual, scriptures, community, compassion, service, worship, spirit, prayer, bless
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holy spirit church
holy spirit church lebanon official website
holy, savior, heals, lebanon, beirut, sermons, sermon, bible, healing, church, spirit, jesus, salvation, cross, life
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sweet home assembly
sweet home assembly invites all to participate in our spirit filled fellowship. join us each sunday at 9:30am for a pastry and a hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa. cap that with worship and word at 10:30am. whether you are curious or all in, sweet home assembly welcomes you.
holy, spirit, ministry, church, bible, jesus, assemblies, tombleson, food, assembly, missions, youth, outreach, community, larry, sweet, gifts, spiritual, filled, pentacostal, worship, choir, ghost, gospel, chrstian, home
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victory tabernacle - home
holiness and holy living exhibit obedience to the word of god, understanding of the word and a desire to know him for yourself.
holy, brac, military, lord, trust, living, sanctified, christian, word, scriptures, filled, anointed, sins, christ, crucified, chruch, victory, obedience, jesus, church, pentacostal, worship, praise, carolina, lillington, pray, holiness, spirit, preaching, teaching, north, ghost, father
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meaning of dreams: free christian dream interpretation
as a christian believer it is important to understand the meanings of dreams and the interpretations of them. for there are over 20 different biblical characters in the word of god that are recorded as dreamers. we need to come to the place of discerning what is both good and evil in our walk with jesus christ.
holy, life, dream, worship, holiness, miner, revelation, questions, gold, matthew, eternity, encouragement, guidance, analogies, comfort, daniel, prophecy, window, scriptures, understanding, interpetation, christian, dreams, free, meanings, angels, meaning, newsletter, books, spirit, believer, bible, jesus, spirits, love, ezekiel
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new testament revealed: deception by the devils
shocking new research of the new testament reveals christianity as a deception tool. all exposed in new testament revealed: deception by the devils.
bible, jesus, holy, christ, book, scriptures, lies, people, hebrew, research, true, religious, living, prophecy, testament, prophecies, order, christian
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maranatha fellowship church - home
what we believe 1. the triune god — father, son, and holy spirit 2. the deity, vrigin birth, and sinless perfection of jesus christ 3. the holy bible as the infallible word of god 4. salvation only through repentance and accepting jesus christ as your personal savior 5. water baptism 6. the baptism of the holy spirit 7. divine healing 8. the second coming of christ 9. a real heaven and hell 10. the witness of the holy spirit
darren, maranatha, church, powell, fellowship, pastor, west, virginia
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bible, testament, holy, scripture, scriptures, study, word, spirit, koran, talmud, hyperbible, church, jesus, search, torah
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living faith bible church our god is an awesome god
serving sauquoit new york and the sauquoit valley, mohawk valley, non-denominational, spirit filled church, serving new hartford, new york,
holy, worship, spirit, bible, father, expository, trinity, scriptures, believers, preaching, based, debt, jesus, suffered, promise, teaching, trusting, stories, died, lasting, styles, traditional, hymns, filled, church, faith, thing, praise, music, building, living, memories, children, oriented, family, familiar, contemporary, style, biblical
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holy spirit lutheran church sharing jesus love in word and deed
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abundantlife international - atl home
the person and work of god the holy spirit in the earth
christ, life, body, abundant, spirit, jesus, holy
expand collapse - the official web site of the youth bishopric - egypt
saint, holy, trinity, coptic, family, christ, spirit, christians, church, religions, youth, jesus, bible, egyptian, savior, egypt, aigyptos, mina, mark, george, maximus, soul, domatius, faith, prayer, scriptures, sacraments, catholic, kingdom, prophets, apostles, glory, jerusalem, priest, lord, anba, community, guide, male, female
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the importance of spiritual knowledge
holy, grail, spirit, word, jesus, life, salvation, ghost, john, flesh, saviour, nathaniel, baptist, christ, believers, messiah, blood, crucifixion, divine, temptation, disciples, trinity, annunciation, divinity, creed, nicene, luke, gospels, mark, matthew, ephesus, niceaea, mallory, spiritual, knowledge, quest, legends, parsifal, amfortas, wagner
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word of hope international church :: home
we are word of hope. a ministry called to passionately love god and each other. we declare that every stronghold of the enemy be broken through our prayers, our worship, our works and our giving. we have divine favor & connections that will enable us to fulfill the plan of god for our lives & ministry.
worship, jesus, prayer, praise, holy, request, songs, spirit, sermons, online, gospel, audio, lord, church, christ, bible, ministry, prayers, song, verses, christian, county, spring, fasting, traini, montgomery, wheaton, silver, faith, maryland, training, missional, sermon
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word of hope international church :: home
we are word of hope. a ministry called to passionately love god and each other. we declare that every stronghold of the enemy be broken through our prayers, our worship, our works and our giving. we have divine favor & connections that will enable us to fulfill the plan of god for our lives & ministry.
worship, jesus, prayer, praise, holy, request, songs, spirit, sermons, online, gospel, audio, lord, church, christ, bible, ministry, prayers, song, verses, christian, county, spring, fasting, traini, montgomery, wheaton, silver, faith, maryland, training, missional, sermon
expand collapse ::: free online bible commentaries
free online commentaries on gods word, the holy scriptures, written by mature christian missionaries. these insights will prove to be a valuable bible study tool
bible, commentaries, free, scriptures, online, commentary, john, corinthians, thessalonians, holy, acts, romans, nahum, habakkuk, malachi, haggai, micah, zechariah, zephaniah, colossians, revelation, study, david, peter, titus, philippians, jonah, ephesians, philemon, galatians, hosea, leviticus, exodus, numbers, deuteronomy, joshua, genesis, missionaries, biblecommentaries, biblecommentary
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the church at asheville - home
this is your special invitation to come and worship with us at the church at asheville! we are a spirit-filled congregation of bible-believing children of god who come together expecting great things to happen, and we are never disappointed. the only way you can leave without a blessing is if you dont want one. so bring the needs of your life, your heartaches and disappointments, your past failures and your future fears, and expect god to do something special just for you. pastor jed douglas
jesus, holy, acts, speaking, tongues, spirit, children, ghost, receive, gift, promise, lord, call, afar, baptized, apostles, doctrine, pentecostal, apostolic, baptism, evidence, congregation, christ, remission, sins, repent
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grace presbyterian church of arlington, texas | we are called by the holy spirit into a loving relationship with jesus christ glorifying god, growing in faith, serving others, and sharing the good news of jesus christ
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tlw publications
holy spirit inspired products and services.
prayer, kingdom, publishing, tracy, williams, holy, spirit, jesus, kings, authors
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fairland baptist church - home
an independent church in shelby county indiana, fairland baptist church exists to worship. to grow in knowledge and practice of the scriptures, and to carry out christ's work in our community.
christianity, children, christian, traditional, worship, teens, jesus, love, grace, spirit, holy, scriptures, bible, county, indianapolis, shelby, church, baptist, greenwood, shelbyville, south, southeast, east, franklin, greenfield, fairland
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harvest church of murfreesboro
we believe everyone needs an encounter with the living god. experience the difference, a church on the move
spirit, jesus, holy, outpouring, trinity, tennessee, praise, murfreesboro, revival, filled, christ, cross, church, ghost, israel, breakthrough
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scriptures on dance from the bible
scriptures on dance from the bible. let us dance in his presence, why we dance, what is dance? worship him in dance, how we should dance, reasons for dancing
dancing, church, dance, spirit, scriptures, lord, jesus, liturgical, scriptural, child, presence, kids, children, adults, worship, study, dancer, woman, word, bible, danser, dances, choreograped, dancers, dancor
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word of god online from the living bible and free audio bible
word of god online is dedicated to bringing you the living bible version of the holy scriptures in video and audio bible format, audio bible format and regular old text.
bible, free, spirit, jesus, christ, study, daily, holy, audio, living, word, video
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quest for the eternal creator of the universe - united hebrew congregation - the holy scriptures
quest for the ancient of days using the holy scriptures.
holy, moon, testament, tribes, lost, feast, days, festivals, commandments, full, eternal, calendar, judaism, sacred, yeshua, repentance, names, salvation, quest, yhvh, scriptures, yhwh, israelite, hebrew, jesus, hashem, yahweh, israel, creator, christianity, calendars, sabbath, studies, life, christian
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all nations biblical study center | home
all nations biblical study center . . . for all individuals interested in furthering their biblical education, regardless of their specific ministry callings. offering tuition-free bible courses in the hebrew scriptures, the new testament, the life of jesus, the biblical languages, biblical cultures, the land of israel, and a wide array of other related subjects.
bible, online, free, jesus, jewish, courses, hebrew, study, gospel, classes, biblical, scriptures, christ, studies, land, holy, church, background, christian, galilee, ramsey, class, prophets, israel, temple, greek, torah, roots, koine, journey, john, distance, learning, life, audio, journeys, early, video, bethlehem, discipleship
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arnprior wesleyan church, 128 mary street, arnprior, ontario, god, jesus, holy spirit, family, faith, heaven, evangelical, sunday school - home
the arnprior wesleyan church site features christian beliefs, including: god, jesus, the holy spirit, scripture, holiness, family, education, missions, evangelism, audio, video, and links
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christian, non-denominational, church on the rock: home page
a christian, non-denominational church, church on the rock, is a word of faith church based in georgetown and lago vista, texas and central texas and preaches directly from the bible and allows the holy spirit to move freely.
spirit, holy, jesus, christian, church, rock, christ, ghost, gifts, hill, father, round, country, austin, cross, family, pflugerville, team, revolution, band, spanish, espanol, community, gift, salvation, ignite, youth, kotr, dennis, healing, deliverance, preaching, teaching, services, cotr, prayer, bible, lago, vista, angela
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independent baptist connection - indwelt or not?
this talks about the indwellling of the holy spirit in both the old testament and the new testament. was this indwelling temporary or permanent?
spirit, holy, indwelling, notions, popular, saul, king, david, scripture, permanent, temporary, filled, opinion
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bible, bible study, scripture, and interpreting scriptures, focusing on bible studies and scripture studies
bible study, bible studies, the scriptures, and learning the scriptures from interpreting scriptures. learn about the word of god and the holy bible.
bible, scripture, jesus, christian, church, studies, study, holy, scriptures, studying, word
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salvation house - be set free
faith based community committed to charity, fellowship, and ultimately jesus. we value abiding in god's presence, and loving god with everything we've got.
bible, holy, friends, love, glory, holiness, fellowship, langford, colwood, study, spirit, jesus, church, family
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victory church - home
victory church upc a united pentecostal church international (upci) worship center located in pleasant view, tn. acts 2:38 jesus name apostolic oneness preaching evangelical church pastored by marshall pilcher
holy, jesus, spirit, king, tennessee, filled, talking, pleasant, view, james, baptism, truth, bible, version, tongue, worship, upci, acts, ghost, pentecostal, oneness, powerful, apostolic, church
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bethesdas mission is to develop its members knowledge of the word of god, enabling them to establish a relationship with jesus christ and his church, that they might fulfill their destiny in his kingdom on earth.
dedication, baptism, prayer, catechism, water, children, bethesdachristian, wearebcc, communion, confirmation, spirit, holy, sterling, michigan, charismatic, bethesda, christian, heights, knowledge, bible, scriptures, christ, jesus, relationship, destiny, church
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first apostolic church of milton, florida
a jesus name, holy ghost filled, anointed apostolic church located in northwest florida in the city of milton, just east of pensacola.
spirit, jesus, speaking, ghost, holy, gifts, tongues, repentance, oneness, bible, apostolic, pentecostal, doctrine, truth, baptism
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the door ministry - home
a ministry dedicated to enabling gods people to believe the holy scriptures and trust in the power of god through his son jesus christ.
believers, worship, jesus, ministry, christian
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gospel of christ ministries
present the revelation of jesus christ, the loveliness of his person and the perfection of his work for the raising of the glorious church
smith, father, scriptures, apostles, ministries, worship, sonship, communion, paul, prayer, annie, glory, grace, christ, jesus, faith, salvation, shawn, spirit, holy, gospel
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irish evangelist mile mckee proclaims:"'is jesus enough?", "'is jesus really god?" "is jesus really man?" "faith alone" "the scriptures alone" "christ alone" "getting into heaven before they close the door!", "the gospel quiz", "spurgeon"
jesus, equal, heaven, word, spurgeon, safe, wednesday, father, scriptura, redemption, scriptures, faith, christ, words, sola, smooth, quiz, gospel, made, simple, stones
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the speakn deacon solid bible teaching
social media ministry. experience bible teaching safe at home.
bible, study, gospel, sermons, christian, jesus, christ, holy, preaching, books, truth, evangelism, scripture, discipleship, topics, minsitry, christians, theology, ministry, praise, commentary, online, spirit, worship, reading, church, community, teaching, youth, scriptures
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corpus christi worship centre
corpus christi worship centre is a spirit filled church dedicated to serving gods people, we believe and stand on the truth that god the father sent his only son jesus christ to this earth so that his people can be saved, we believe in the baptism of the holy spirit evidenced by speaking in tongues, healing by the laying on of hands, the great comission to go out making disciples of all the lands and baptizing them in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit and that jesus has risen from the grave!
christ, spirit, corpus, jesus, centered, church, ccwc, tongues, ministry, speaking, baptism, salvation, centre, worship, christi, filled, holy, father
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speaking in tongues, holy ghost baptism, pentecostal gospel materials!
a pentecostal (speaking in tongues) resource center offering free on-line gospel tracts, newsletters, cassette tapes, books, on-line real audio and true speech audio clips, bible studies and tests, and other holy ghost centered materials
tongues, spirit, holy, audio, pentecostal, born, gifts, jesus, ghost, real, pentecost, baptism, speaking, video, christ, tracts, healing, books, bible, charismatic, pirit, pentacostal, filled, pentecostalism, miracles
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trinity assembly - home
trinity assembly spirit filled word church * demonstration of god's holy spirit
spirit, assembly, church, holy, prayer, healing, counseling, kenneth, trinity, orlando, filled, hagin, support, faith, worship, teens, christ, jesus, youths, children, pentecostal, ministries, seniors, adults, family
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atlanta north church
atlanta north church of seventh-day aventists
church, atlanta, adventists, north, trinity, christ, spirit, jesus, prayers, saturday, dunwoody, prayer, sabbath, holy, adventist, institution, scriptures, health, christian, devotion, scripture, bible, friends, school, publishing, mission, service, missionary, world, community, save, temple, sanctuary, general, conference, eternal, life, belief, salvation, baptism
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the river - blythe foursquare church - home
holy, johnston, spirit, father, jesus, healing, anointing, rhema, gifts, ghost, flow, evangelical, california, faith, foursquare, pentecostal, charismatic, river, church, robert, desert, blythe, stream
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a word in season
a word in season, the voice of breakthrough, voice of prophecy, prophecy, prophesy, prophet, prophetic
glory, holy, jesus, word, breakthrough, ministries, voice, healing, miracles, bible, realm, ghost, lord, christ, spirit, fire, deliverance, elijah, free, blessed, rohi, christianity, shekinah, jehovah, rapha, ministry, religion, jirah, cloud, isaiah, season, anointed, prophetic, prophesy, anointing, prophet, christian, revelation, tavolacci, elaine
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prmi :: presbyterian-reformed ministries international is part of the great wave of the holy spirit that is advancing the gospel of jesus christ world wide. our historic roots are in the presbyterian and reformed stream of the christian faith but we are called to serve the whole church of jesus christ.
community, long, brad, ignite, cross, dunamis, holy, reformed, presbyterian, spirit, healing, fellowship, charismatic, prmi
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calvary apostolic church - oxford apostolics
cac, calvary apostolic church, is about promoting truth from the bible to have as many as possible experience salvation through the teaching and preaching of the word of god. specifically promoting repentance, baptism in jesus name and being filled with the spirit of god evidenced by god speaking through you in a language you have never learned.
jesus, holy, church, calvary, apostolic, oxford, baptism, saved, baptize, baptized, truth, ghost, christ, bible, oneness, holiness, gospel, music, upci, florida, pentecostal, love, family, praise, worship, spirit
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holy spirit roman catholic separate regional division no. 4
we are a catholic faith community, dedicated to providing each student entrusted to our care with an education rooted in the good news of jesus christ. guided by the holy spirit, in partnership with home, parish and society, our schools foster the growth of responsible citizens who will live, celebrate and proclaim their faith. our catholic faith is the foundation of all that we do.
division, regional, separate, spirit, roman, catholic, holy
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news - lawful and right
our assemblies are for worshiping god, built on the foundation of jesus christ for godly instruction with the goal of eternal life.
baptism, christ, church, scriptures, bible, holy, spirit, baptize, leesville, park, white, preach, judgment, obedience, water, faith, hope, love, worship, resurrection, life, eternal, jesus
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peace presbyterian church | welcome
invitations to worship from followers of jesus in elk grove, ca
church, bible, holy, study, games, serving, traditional, contemporary, service, worship, spirit, christ, jesus, ghost, joshua, invitations, salvation, faith, youth
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revelation 6 - new int. readers version :: bibleserver
[...] verse 10: they called out in a loud voice. “how long, lord and king, holy and true?” they asked. “how long will you wait to judge those who live on the earth? how long will it be until you pay them back for killing us?” [...]
testament, jesus, psalm, christ, concordance, theology, synopsis, scriptures, evangelical, bible, gospel, holy
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holy land missions
calevary missions
jesus, israel, holy, christ, palestine, baptist, calvary, peace, spirit, church, khoury, missions, land, steve, pastor, born, post, jerusalem, news, christianity
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absolute bible study
study, bible, word, religion, testament, love, gospel, guidance, spiritual, church, lord, holy, theology, scriptures, spirit, christianity, jesus, advance, christian, christ
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home - wenatchee church of the nazarene | wenatchee church of the nazarene
web site for the wenatchee church of the nazarene, a community for and about god, jesus, the holy spirit and teaching and loving his church.
christian, truth, peace, sermon, love, jesus, holy, spirit
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home - faith multipliers international ministries
faith multipliers international ministries
spirit, faith, jesus, holy, education, conference, spreading, media, gospel, health, missions, discipleship, philos, fruit, agape, witnessing, mission, giving, medical, love, christian, multipliers, abiding, ghost, father, christ, grace, bible, peace, worship, fellowship, prayer, forgiveness, hope
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covenant community fellowship | welcome to covenant community fellowship!
our mission at covenant community fellowship is to lead others to jesus christ through a personal relationship with god, teaching of the scriptures, proclaiming his lordship in baptism, living in obedience to god’s commands, and empowerment of the holy spirit.
church, jesus, christ, christian, lansdale, community, fellowship, mennonite, covenant
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new hope worship center
pentecostal church, worshiping our lord and savior jesus christ
spirit, jesus, holy, gospel, full, pentecostal
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welcome to the website of trinity lutheran church, pasco, wa. we are a small congregation for whom christ has died and reconciled to our father. by the power of the holy spirit we seek to share the message of love and forgiveness given to us through jesus christ.
jesus, christ, spiritual, christian, spirit, holy, basin, city, mission, ministry, bible, church, evangelical, synod, lcms, missouri, trinity, pasco, united, states, richland, kennewick, lwml, american, lutheran
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resource - renewal for mission in the power of the holy spirit
resource - renewal for mission in the power of the holy spirit
evangelism, holy, church, ministries, renewal, spirit, anglican, prayer, network, jesus, magazine, love, oxford, freedom, abingdon, evangelical, england, resource
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oak hills presbyterian church milwaukie, or
we trust in the one triune god, the holy one of israel. jesus christ—fully human, fully god—is the way, the truth and the life. the spirit justifies us by grace through faith. in a broken and fearful world, god gives us courage to pray, to witness, and to work for justice, freedom and peace.
church, trinity, holy, love, spirit, christian, religion, protestant, presbyterian, jesus
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holy name society - national association
national association holy name society, nahns, holy name society, spreading devotion to the most sacred names of god and jesus, confraternity of catholic church, jesus prayer, catholic men
holy, jesus, confraternity, society, catholic, blessed, prayers, vercelli, novenas, church, john, prayer, names
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welcome to the home of molalla church of the nazarene. we are a holiness church worshipping god, jesus and the holy spirit as the trinity. we exist to help god transform people through the holy spirit by connecting with god, growing in christ and serving others. welcome home!
party, ministry, holy, giveaway, harvest, festival, halloween, backpack, trinity, christian, church, nazarene, holiness, love, outreach, fellowship, friend, molalla
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in the streets-hands up high ministry
sharing our work and passion for the homeless and less fortunate for the glory of jesus christ.
prayer, nava, roland, jesus, evangelist, spirit, holy, fellowship, pastor, church, ministry, worship, homeless, fortunate, praise
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sonlight church
a place to meet jesus
church, save, hopeless, lost, sinner, free, hope, home, friends, school, sunday, freed, jackson, county, gainesboro, spirit, jesus, holy, tennessee, road, creek, flynns, love
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the word of god is free ministry
food, bank, spirit, holy, jesus
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emmanuel's international cathedral of the holy spirit of waycross, georgia
emmanuel's international cathedral of the holy spirit of waycross, georgia welcomes you!
sermons, spirit, holy, church, james, services, membership, building, events, calendar, fund, biography, waycross, georgia, cathedral, scripture, international, members, christ, religion, prayer, jesus, christian, churches, worship, bible, sermon, order, purchase, michael, bishop, congregation, bishops, photos
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church of the good shepherd - waukegan illinois
a contemporary pentecostal christian church embracing traditional apostolic doctrine, located at 228 n. genessee st. waukegan, il, 60085. lake county
holy, spirit, truth, county, church, prayer, lake, lord, worship, gifts, shepherd, jesus, good, requests, evangelists, open, speakers, pastor, apostle, close, scriptural, scriptures, emmanuel, charismatic, people, band, missionary, missions, doctrine, rock, praise, honest, doctrinal, counseling, modern, urban, prueser, music, small, addictions
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breath of life worship center inc.
a christian base organization. non denomination. we believe in the father the son and the holy spirit
spirit, hope, jesus, life, holy, breathe, church, faith, breath
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home - holy spirit encounter
at holy spirit encounter you’ll hear the word of god preached, hear song and worship, and experience the person, presence and power of the holy spirit.
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christian revival, kingdom of god, jesus ministry, holy spirit, bible study, disciple of christ, spiritual quest
for those seeking revival and a greater experience in the holy spirit... our greatest quest is to find god… to know him as creator and our source of life!
study, bible, disciple, christ, spiritual, spirit, quest, holy, kingdom, revival, jesus, ministry, christian
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evangelical free church of two harbors
welcome to the evangelical free church of two harbors.
christ, evangelical, jesus, holy, grace, truth, forgiveness, compassion, holiness, free, servants, honor, evangelists, died, sacrifice, ministry, blessing, cross, sinners, growth, bride, foundation, savior, church, teach, peace, fellowship, preach, love, doctrine, evangelism, sound, heal, exort, scripture, gospel, saints, assembly, bible, correct
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avonhead baptist church: home
following jesus we shall live for people not yet in the kingdom and shoulder our responsibility to disciple increasing numbers of new believers. we will allow him to make us spiritually healthy, empowered by his spirit and resourceful, able to carefor those he brings to us
holy, spirit, comunity, church, christian, jesus, baptist, avonhead
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new destiny church - home
new destiny church, richland, ms
holy, spirit, ghost, jesus, birth, baptism, prince, filled, richland, destiny, mississippi, church, apostolic, pentecostal, britt
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friendship church richmond home
jesus driven | bible based | spirit inspired | people centered
katy, richmond, jesus, holy, rosenberg, spirit, churches, assemblies, church
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glise de jsus-christ (pre-fils-saint esprit) / church of jesus christ (father-son-holy spirit) / iglesia de jess cristo (padre - hijo - espritu santo)
bienvenue sur le site de l'glise de jsus-christ (pre-fils-saint esprit), une glise o nous levons le nom du seigneur jsus et le seigneur accompagne sa parole par des signes, des miracles, des prodiges et la gurison des malades. le but de cette page web est de prsenter des enseignements bibliques en-ligne et en mp3, la radio chrtienne en-ligne, de la musique de louange et d'adoration (musique gospel), requtes de prires en-ligne, et notre ministre d'vanglisation./ welcome on the website of the church of jesus christ (father-son-holy spirit), where the lord jesus christ is worshipped in spirit and in truth. the word of god is preached in power and with the authority of the holy spirit, and accompanied with signs and wonders. proclaiming the good news of jesus christ. announcing his coming and preparing for the rapture and reaching the lost.the purpose of this webpage is to present online and mp3 bibl
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mountain view united methodist church
located in cottonwood, az; mountain view united methodist is living god's word, led by the spirit, loving all in christ's name! come join us for worship! we'd love to have you as part of our family!
methodist, spirit, holy, jesus, music, children, group, youth, freedom, salvation, women, hang, love, worship, hymn, christian, united, methodism, grace, church
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refreshing harbor international outreach, pastors ron & barbara chamberlin, proclaiming the love of jesus christ thru prophetic teaching & miracles since 1980
holy, spirit, baptism, ministry, truth, bible, teaching, prophetic, missions
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grace community assembly of god
we are a spirit-filled church of followers of jesus christ saved by his grace. we are located in smithfield, north carolina.
smithfield, grace, assembly, community, spirit, north, churches, carolina, holy, church, jesus, love, county, johnston, christ, worship, praise, discipleship, teaching, prayer, healing, forgiveness, triangle, raleigh, missions, lord, filled, sunday, youth, adults, bible, outreach, mission, salvation
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church website
faith, christian, hope, love, illinois, aledo, spirit, holy, evangelical, free, jesus, church
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the church in san francisco - lovers of jesus affiliated with local churches, watchman nee, witness lee (splash page)
a local church, the church in san francisco, enjoys christ and recommends the ministry of witness lee, watchman nee.
recovery, local, christians, witness, watchman, version, campus, church, churches, christ, bible, spirit, holy, jesus, living, ministry, stream, believers, fellowship, testimony, scriptures, salvation, testimonies, gospel, scriptural, christianity, truth, spiritual, prayer, believer, emanna, amana, francisco, lord, study, life, faith
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good news dispatch
good news dispatch, a resource for those seeking to learn more about jesus christ, featuring videos by gayle erwin and zola levitt.
gayle, erwin, jesus, holy, christ, spirit, rapture, trinity, hell, heaven, lord, satan, israel, commandments, righteous, life, afterlife, eternal, evangelism, witness, video, nature, bible, videos, servant, news, christian, good, dispatch, quarters, verses
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word of life
we are a fellowship of believers under the lordship of jesus christ. we desire to be conformed into his image by the power of the holy spirit. we are not a denomination. we are simply a fellowship of believers brought together by god’s love and common beliefs.
spirit, pentecostal, charismatic, holy, bentonville, christian, church
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الموقع الرسمى للكورسات المتخصصة - أسقفية الشباب
saint, holy, church, religions, egyptian, christ, spirit, christians, family, coptic, trinity, corsat, youth, bible, jesus, catholic, prayer, faith, egypt, kingdom, soul, glory, sacraments, category, icons, photos, articles, home, christmas, fasts, feasts, community, guide, pope, bishopric, youthbishopric, christian, mary, churches, shenoda
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spirit filled hearts ministry | serving jesus christ through the power of the holy spirit
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i am one movement - home
i am one movement
christian, life, jesus, holy, spirit, biblical, bible, coaching, relationship, counseling, mentor, christ, coach, courses, breaking, chains, free, living, health, wellbeing, freedom
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jesus christ is lord
christ, life, jesus, holy, rfid, chist, messiah, antichrist, anti, salvation, baptism, biblical, text, scripture, evangelical, spirit, beast, christian, creator, meaning, faith, church, religion, implant, mark, order, world, bible
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christ covenant church
christ covenant church is a missional church with roots in the restoration movement.​​ we accept the essentials of the christian faith. there is one body, one spirit, one hope, one lord, one faith, one baptism, and one god. there is but one gospel, which is the good news of the death, burial and resurrection of jesus christ. there is one mediator between god and man, the man jesus christ. we accept the power of the holy scriptures as our only authority for faith and practice. ​ ​​​​​​​doctrine we accept the necessity of the foundation of christ as lord. christ's teachings mature and strengthen us. his teachings serve the purpose of training, edifying and growing us to the point of becoming more and more like jesus.
praise, christian, worship, jesus, churches, church, christ, missional
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jacques gauvin, religion
observations, understanding and study of the holy scriptures and teachings of jesus christ.
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houston faith church | spirit filled | pastors chas & joni stevenson - houston faith church
houston faith church is a non-denominational, spirit-filled church in west - northwest houston where your faith will grow. we emphasize solid bible teaching, sincere devotion to jesus christ, and fervent love toward people. it's time to understand salvation through jesus christ and the power of the holy spirit, be saved, find god's healing power, find peace, joy, love, and forgiveness. we provide extensive bible study bible teaching and believers learn who they are in christ and what it means to be a witness, a soulwinner. we do show signs of being charismatic, as we believe in the baptism of the holy spirit and the gifts of the spirit with tongues. we also are considered 'word of faith', as we believe the word of god is the final authority and activates the power of god when it is believed. miracles, real bible miracles, miracles today, more than just apparitions of mary or burning bushes, but real miracles of god today.
chas, spirit, stevenson, jesus, joni, bible, gospel, houston, holy, questions, testament, answers, faith, churches, church, pastor, word, wisdom, covenant, gentile, missionary, kingdom, preach, angels, angel, demons, preaching, preacher, teacher, evangelist, prophet, apostle, money, peace, freedom, finances, truth, bhudda, muslim, islam
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the providence of god outreach network
the education or teaching of people the truth of god from the pages of the holy bible.
sabbath, holy, spirit, jesus, church, praise, education, teach, devil, forgive, satan, faith, faithful, rapture, chosen, saturday, death, armageddon, festivals, tabernacles, hope, promise, called, witnesses, kingdom, bible, studies, immortal, conversion, baptism, truth, days, christ, repentance, soul, gentiles, providence, love, commanded, jews
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a church that loves god
holy, youth, belief, faith, awana, spirit, sermon, king, message, ministry, james, healing, church, baptist, free, jesus, northside, bible, salvation, prayer, sunday
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gordon williams evangelistic association
the rushing mighty wind of the holy spirit is blowing throughout the world today with all god's wonderful gifts of revelation, power and utterance, enabling those who will receive him to live and minister the abundant life that jesus came to give. the holy spirit wants to do a good work in and through your life. visit our website for more information.
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jesus the good shepherd catholic church | monroe, la
gathered as a prayerful people, strengthened by our diversity, and sharing the enthusiasm of our founders, we, the members of jesus the good shepherd parish are called to be a loving, nurturing family in faith, to affirm the varied gifts of each member, to reach out to others and to proclaim god's liberating and healing presence through word, worship, and service. empowered by the holy spirit, we willingly accept the challenge to reflect, to share and to promote the gospel of jesus christ in our daily lives.
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abundant life centre busselton - home
abundant life centre busselton is an acc church. our desire is that people encounter jesus christ and take hold of the abundant life that he offers, in the power of the holy spirit.
busselton, holy, christ, jesus, spirit, loving, assembly, fellowship, peak, supernatural, church, centre, life, abundant, tony
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church of the holy spirit | webster, ny
we at holy spirit invite you to join us in celebrating the life, death, and resurrection of our lord jesus christ. each week we gather to worship as a community of catholics from all walks of life. come join us and connect with christ.
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harvest assembly church | come. grow. reach.
we would be a strong, faithful church for evangelizing the world where the gospel of jesus christ would be preached and taught, a church of mission and life.
derry, church, holy, jesus, renewal, pennsylvania, bible, love, christians, christ, spirit, ghost
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the gaglio zone: basic christian doctrines and teachings
basic information to evangelize non-believers to the christian faith, the doctrines of the trinity in god, jesus christ, the holy spirit and encourage and edify believers in their spirit and walk
christian, doctrines, faith, serpent, satan, eden, angels, devil, adam, hell, fire, damnation, lake, hades, miracles, sheol, demons, forgiveness, spirit, heaven, paradise, holy, jesus, trinity, redemption, atonement, lamb, sacrifice, blood, salvation, cross, prayer
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victory center church where jesus is lord
victory center church-where jesus is lord, pastor anna drinkwine
ministry, spirit, victory, prayer, holy, church, reverend, pentecost, pastor, power, healng, ghost, tongues, praise, lost, soul, worship, word, preacher, miracle, women, trumpet, salvation, saved, request, christ, jesus, center, form, bible, zion, blow, dove, gifts
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night of spirit 2015 - home
night of spirit - holy spirit school st. paul mn
spirit, night, holy, whip, school
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saint ann's episcopal church - amsterdam, ny
saint ann's episcopal church is a group of disciples of jesus christ making visible the kingdom of god in the power of the holy spirit. we believe that the bible is the word of god containing all things necessary for salvation. we gather together for worship, celebration, fellowship and the celebration of the sacraments.
bible, church, holy, amsterdam, communion, eucharist, jesus, episcopal, albany, diocese, welcoming, city, sermons, believing, wedding, baptism, prayer, christ, saint, anglican, spirit, study, book, care, nursery, group, common
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inspired by light: the arts at ilcc - inspired by light - love god. create. repeat.
creators and lovers of the arts, gathering to encourage the engagement of the holy spirit in all forms of creative worship.
community, creativity, gifts, music, holy, spirit, jesus
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holy spirit filled worship, the wellspring at florence florence, co home
the wellspring at florence, a vineyard christian fellowship. to proclaim the good news of salvation by faith in our lord jesus christ.
florence, word, praise, biblical, spirit, filled, worship, holy, teaching
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the pendleton lighthouse church - pendleton oregon
this site is about the activities of the pendleton lighthouse church, of pendleton, oregon. the lighthouse church is a spirit-filled apostolic church. we believe in a relationship with god that is life changing. the infilling of the holy ghost changes lives for eternity. in this hour in which we are living just before the coming of the lord, god is pouring out his spirit on people all over the world. the pendleton lighthouse is about preaching this gospel to the whole world.
jesus, holy, life, worship, people, coming, music, youth, love, pentecostal, hope, evangelism, excitement, power, baptism, eternal, ghost, spirit, church, repentance, born, apostolic, healing, deliverance, oneness
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salt of the earth church
learn jesus, love jesus and live jesus learn jesus through the preaching and teaching of the bible love jesus through prayer, fasting, praise and worship live jesus through accountable appilcation of scriptures and guidance from holy ghost
church, street, cogic, prayer, salvation, school, sunday, saved, preaching, change, armour, earth, salt, bearer, conference, jesus, burlington, bible, heart
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princesswarriors | mighty women in jesus
princess warriors brings women together in the unity of the holy spirit for prayer, worship and sound biblical teaching so they can enter into relationship with jesus christ, be equipped to walk out their faith as his disciples, and be raised up as warriors in gods kingdom.
womens, prayer, group, retreat, island, bluffton, study, bible, head, hilton, lisa, christ, jesus, warriors, lovette, holy, teaching, biblical, spirit, princess
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welcome to the new testament church of brandon website!
new testament church of brandon
testament, church, jesus, word, holy, brandon, service, grandparent, worship, services, isaacs, rangers, royal, sunday, pray, florida, christian, spirit, ghost, bible, christ, prayer
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on the go mission whitehouse texas serving god bible studies community service missionaries jesus ministry homeless youth
therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit, and teaching them to obey everything i have commanded you. and surely i am with you always, to the very end of the age.
lord, relief, disaster, needy, spirit, praise, prayer, discipleship, father, holy, missions
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holy spirit school - home
holy spirit school in fremont, ca
school, traditions, 21st, century, education, technology, elementary, spirit, fremont, catholic, holy, quality
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feed my sheep ministries - feed my sheep world evangelism
holy, lord, spirit, bible, peace, study, adonia, teaching, worship, praise, saved, salvation, christian, religion, jerih, father, healer, prince, christ, deliverer, savior, jesus, ghost, jehovah
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the scriptures alone bible school - the scriptures alone bible school
"where the holy scriptures are taught aright"
school, martin, richling, scriptures, james, bible, king
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legacy church new braunfels freedom transform holy spirit kingdom of god legacy church new braunfels texas freedom
legacy church is a community connection point to jesus and his people. we want to see every person saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered and serving. we are spirit-led, bible based church. legacy
church, free, healed, saved, serving, healing, prophetic, prophecy, empower, disciple, connection, community, braunfels, point, equip, freedom, bible, jesus, legacy
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hilltop church | welcome!
fuquay, church, spirit, holy, varina, hilltop, christ, awana, worship, jeff, free, baptist, jones, jesus
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gospel preachers : preach the word of god
gospel is a breath of fresh air to online christian community. reaching the world with the word of god. gospel membership is 100% free.preachers, pastors, evangelist, apostles, prophets, teachers, church members, promote your ministry. upload your sermon. upload your music. chat and network with the body of christ here.
jesus, christ, bible, gospel, heaven, christian, spirit, holy, preacher, preachers, truth, articles, pastors, grace, free, teaching, dating, magazine, music, guidance, missionary, counseling, singles, romance, wisdom, enogieru, prophet, teacher, apostle, evangelist, sermon, evangelism, pastor, blog, love, angels, kids, teens, family, godwin
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names for god. biblical names of god the father, son and holy spirit
names for god found in the bible. all 500 different names of god the father almighty, jesus christ and the holy spirit. a resource for christians.
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prayer of salvation 2015 salvation prayer prayer salvation jesus pray
prayer of salvation, salvation prayer, salvation prayers 2015, prayer of jesus, receive salvation, how to be born again? receive jesus. new birth, sinners prayer,
prayer, salvation, jesus, sinners
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holy name society of the philippines
official website of holy name society of the philippines
holy, philippines, society, catholic, jesus, confraternity, blessed, novenas, prayers, matt, bonifacio, vercelli, church, hnsphil, john
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home | new vision ministries
we are the church planting ministry of new vision church. we desire to restore the priesthood of all believers and the every believer ministering church. we seek to make disciples whose passion is to know jesus christ intimately and develop an intimate relationship with him. our desire is to raise up holy spirit-filled, holy spirit-led disciples and equip them for the work of the ministry.
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infant jesus .com :: home page
the pioneer site of infant jesus
holy, catholic, jesus, infant, church, prague, christ, eucharist, mass, sunday, faith, roman, sacraments, rosary, christian, child, prauge, mary, sacramentals, christianity, christians, vancouver, belong, palm, water, week, apostolic, communion, divine, mercy, catechism, devotion, redemptionis, sacramentum, catechesis, catecetical, passion, blood, philosophy, body
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milton assembly of god
milton assembly of god
holy, bible, ministry, milton, baptism, spirit, supernatural, mens, rangers, womens, belief, royal, hampshire, miracles, james, prayer, pray, pentecostal, assembly, jesus, ghost, version, king, revalations, rapture
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the garden gathering | home
the garden atc center provides training to equip believers in jesus christ for the work of the ministry and to be victorious and free in all areas of their lives through the supernatural empowerment of the holy spirit.
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spoken word church
spoken word church
jesus, christ, word, bride, branham, time, spoken, spirit, church, birth, holy, faith, rapturing, rapture, redemption, christianity, baptism, angels, brother, seals, ages, spokenwordbride, william, hebrews, predestinated, foreknowledge, message, spokenwordchurch, lord, voice, full
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orlando episcopal church | the church of the holy spirit welcomes you
the church of the holy spirit is an orlando congregation in the episcopal diocese of central florida, located in apopka. we welcome all who worship jesus christ.
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wsm home page
the purpose of winning souls ministries is to reach those peoples who never have the experience of salvation and don't know about jesus as the lord and savior. and in this way we are teaching the gospel of jesus christ to win lost souls and take them into the kingdom of god. because it is written in matthew 28:19 "therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit."
religion, christian, resurrection, sermons, bible, jesus
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the new holy bible
the new holy bible, it supercedes and it replaces the old holy bible, the torah, and the koran.
jesus, christ, lord, metatron, enoch, yahweh, bible, messiah, dreher, coming, shekinah, mark, holy
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holy order of mans
an alliance of priests, ministers, teachers, and laypersons—dedicated to teaching and living the ancient mystery teachings in today’s world.
holy, mother, spirit, mans, order, ancient, ecumenical, tarot, mystery, christian, teachings, affiliate, associates, teacher, alliance, mysteries, paul, mysticism, mystic, initiation, spiritual, hoom, mystical, jesus, ruth, blighton, father, mary, christ
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grace presbyterian church of lodi california
we are a christ centered fellowship empowered by the holy spirit to live according to god's word.
homeless, holy, ministry, bible, prayer, preschool, conservative, feeding, grace, preaching, study, spirit, reformed, presbyterian, christianity, reformation, church, christ, jesus, ghost
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samuel daniyan international ministries
to utilize the gospel as a medium to propagate holy spirit filled revivals and crusades where prophecy, deliverance, and healing will be paramount through the
deliverance, healing, crusade, prophecy, revival, gospel, holy, spirit, jesus
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amity brush arbor church - home
amity brush arbor church
holy, church, belton, bible, rollers, ghost, mills, heaven, spirit, killeen, texas, jesus, joshua, christ, bless, arbor, brush, service, congregation, ministry, amity, easter, deliverance, grace
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christian tract outreach
christian bible studies and tracts designed to encourage the reader to experience the word of god on a personal level
spirit, tracts, holy, word, bible, studies, discipleship, disciple, theology, religious, father, lord, christian, christ, jesus
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centrepoint church
welcome to the centrepoint elim church, bournemouth. we are committed to communicating the message of christ in a way that is both relevant and attractive, inviting people to meet jesus personally. you are most welcome to join with us, and will find a warm friendly atmosphere, open to the life changing power of the holy spirit"
church, elim, bournemouth, centrepoint, hawthorns, family, coffee, elimcentrepoint, winton, children, shop, youth, jesus, holy, spirit, evangelical, pentecostal, club
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piercing the darkness with the love of god best describes our church. god is love and his love conquers all.
jesus, spirit, baptism, repentance, word, truth, worship, infallible, ghost, bible, deliverance, born, birth, water, divine, healing, acts, complete, holiness, holy
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christ community church of owensboro, kentucky
at christ community church we worship god in the holy spirit and rejoice in jesus christ with the bible as our guide.
bible, owensboro, church, churches, prayer, pray, christian, worship, jesus, father, christ, holy, spirit
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coffeyville first assembly of god
jesus, christ, worship, praise, holy, spirit, penticostal
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catholic church of the holy spirit, pensacola, florida
the catholic church of the holy spirit has a vibrant liturgy and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. we are a spiritual family engaged in evangelization, worship and stewardship.
pensacola, spirit, church, holy, florida, sherman, field, perdido, catholic
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glory united ministries
glory united ministries was founded by evangelist patricia benneman and bishop dr. gregory scott, delaware universal ministries. evangelist benneman's prophetic ministry is framed within the doctrine of the christian gospels, in terms of saving souls for jesus christ and helping others to understand the meaning of jesus’s death and resurrection that leads to salvation via the holy spirit and accept jesus as their personal savior. evangelist benneman is the ceo and founder of the women on divine assignment ministry (woda). dr. scott’s healing ministry in framed within the doctrine of the universal ministries, which encompasses all beliefs, understanding that the wonders of religious enlightenment, spiritual upliftment and the joys of the holy spirit are available to all. his work serves those on other god-centered spiritual paths that have not yet accepted jesus as their savior, as he has. with prophetic guidance, he truly understands that the holy bible provides the framework for under
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nlcc - nlcc home
a bilingual multicultural church moving in the gifts of the holy spirit. contemporary praise and worship with a vision to take the message of salvation to all the world.
worship, arizona, fellowship, christian, heaven, assembly, charasmatic, music, peace, love, salvation, prayer, spirit, phoenix, emilio, avondale, praise, church, holy, spirituality, jesus, cruz, bible
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sisters of the holy spirit and mary immaculate, san antonio, texas
the sisters of the holy spirit and mary immaculate, founded by margaret mary healy murphy in 1893, in san antonio, texas, for the purpose of ministering to the poor in their need, believe that we are called by god to be women of faith and trust who live together in simplicity, humility and love to manifest the compassion of jesus to the poor, especially those who are denied respect for their human dignity.
sisters, murphy, mary, holy, zambia, john, bernard, ghost, mexico, religious, immaculate, spirit, congregation, women, healy, margaret, ministries
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the pentecostals of troy - troy illinois
apostolic pentecostal church. information about operations, staff, calendar and beliefs in st. louis metro.
spirit, baptism, holy, tongues, birth, biling, born, speaking, metro, water, louis, jesus, ghost
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calvary chapel harrisburg - west shore
welcome to calvary fellowship of harrisburg - west shore. it’s my prayer that everyone who visits the fellowship will be filled with a solid diet of god’s infallible, inerrant and inspired word. we begin our time together each service with heartfelt praise and worship. jesus christ is lord and our sincere desire is that he receive all the glory. my desire is to communicate and expound the word of god clearly and effectively. therefore, we go through the scriptures systematically and inductively—line by line and verse by verse—as a church fellowship.
calvary, harrisburg, fellowship, chapel, shore, line, west, bible, scripture, scriptures, grace, spirit, jesus, holy, christ
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holy family catholic church | marietta, ga
holy family catholic church is located in marietta, georgia. holy family is a welcoming community of faith, united in our diversity, rooted in scripture and roman catholic tradition. guided by the holy spirit, nurtured by the sacraments, and inspired by the holy family, we commit ourselves to growing the family of god by learning, living and sharing god's word. we love and serve the lord by serving one another.
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pentecostal church of eastlake
bible, pentecostal, church, jesus, tongues, study, gifts, healing, truth, word, spirit, gift, speaking, preacher, holy, faith, united, baptism, eastlake, preaching, armageddon, repentance, repent, fruits, salvation, lord, religion, savior, heaven, spir, sanctification, mysteries, free, prayer, home, exploring, times, ministry, relationship, studies
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the story of jesus - florida's leading passion play.
passion play, the story of jesus: a most incredible, full-scale passion play portraying the birth, life, death and resurrection of our lord and savior jesus christ.
holy, jesus, king, christian, bible, florida, story, land, ministries, disney, galilee, testament, nazareth, peace, passion, play, lakeland, sebring, orlando, lake, avon, bartow, park, tampa, wales, springs, deliverer, stories, heaven, prayer, nazarene, judea, zolfo, county, hardee, baptist, sarasota, fort, literature, pioneer
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home discoverthe center, discover christ as the center of your life
welcome to the catholic charismatic center, houston tx. discover your charisms attend a called and gifted seminar. experience new life in the spirit. discover the fullness of truth about catholic faith and tradition. welcome jesus into your life today.
spirit, holy, prayer, charismatic, center, evangelization, street, radio, gifts, maria, called, gifted, wade, discover, ministries, life, theophostic, knowing, retreats, adore, groups, catholic
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the pentecostals of eastland - eastland, texas - home
the pentecostals of eastland
holy, encouragement, peace, healing, hope, acts, baptism, ghost, prayer, apostolic, church, jesus, pentecostal, salvation, spirit
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the church of the holy spirit, goddard, ks
official website of the church of the holy spirit, roman catholic church of the diocese of wichita. features include parish & school news, mass and confessions schedule, bulletins, parish & school calendar, podcasts, descriptions of all parish programs, school activities and much more!
catholic, spirit
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old union baptist church, shannon, ms
old union baptist church is a fellowship of believers who seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of jesus christ and share the gospel with the unbelieving world. we believe that there is one and only one living and true god, jehovah, who reveals himself to us as father, son, and holy spirit. we believe that jesus christ is gods only son who paid our sin debt through his death and resurrection. we believe that the bible is the inspired word of god and the guide for life.
church, union, prayer, redeemed, faith, grace, requests, shannon, community, fellowship, mississippi, saved, pray, belief, savior, christ, jesus, baptist, salvation, spirit, holy, father
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the recovering christian | a site dedicated to my continuing journey away from god, jesus, the holy spirit, and all supernatural trimmings.
a site dedicated to my continuing journey away from god, jesus, the holy spirit, and all supernatural trimmings. (by anonymous)
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home | church,worship,miracles,revival, bethel,healing,god,jesus,san francisco,, holy spirit
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daily messages
intercessors of the lamb, inc. - have been called to discipleship by the holy spirit and formed in the heart of mary to continue the redemptive mission of the lamb of god through his powerful “burden bearing” ministry of intercession.
ministry, jesus, mary, holy, spirit, lamb, intercession
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st lukes church, watford
holy, spirit, church, beavers, cubs, pray, praise, prayer, rainbows, scouts, brownies, solid, altitude, rock, saints, guides, urban, hymn, party, worship, service, england, watford, anglican, jesus, christening, christian, funeral, wedding, christ, baptism, bible
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the church of elohim
church, lansing, ministry, holy, knox, derrick, truth, walk, spirit, ministries, servant, real, jesus, servants, love, linda, elohim, agape, gardner, word, godhead, homelessness, forgiven, ghost, savation, healing, saved, forgiving, michael, nikkeya, offering, jnikkeya, eugene, tithe, sewell, greater, rhema, bible, christ, christian
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new hope church - splash page
new hope church ministries seeks to touch people with the message of god's love, bring the awe of god back into the church, and transform lives through the supernatural power of the holy spirit.
church, hope, holy, ministry, spirituality, nondenominational, youth, service, gospel, salvation, school, pastor, prayer, healing, truth, christ, jesus, christianity, savior, lord, mcallen, edinburg, ministries, spirit
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trinity episcopal church
trinity episcopal church, ambler pa 19002 episcopal church website
church, christ, jesus, trinity, spirit, episcopal, holy, christian, county, churches, episcopalian, ambler, montgomery, 19002, pennsylvania
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viewpoint christian church (formerly known as full gospel center)exalts jesus christ as lord and is a spirit-filled church that honors the scriptures by ministering to the needs of the southbridge community.
bible, faith, christ, muslims, catholics, pentecostal, webster, charlton, sturbridge, dudley, spencer, brookfield, southbridge
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mountainglory! : 20 years of amazing grace
camp mountainglory! is a not-for-profit christian organization established for the purpose of sharing the gospel of jesus christ through a bible camp one week each summer.
camp, activities, time, family, teaching, ministry, prayer, community, gospel, bible, camping, praise, spirit, father, glory, mountainglory, lord, holy, jesus, savior, worship
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ctk nampa - home
ctk church in nampa
spirit, hope, support, friends, holy, bible, love, jesus, idaho, nampa, christ, king, family, community, church
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free bible downloads
holy, life, praise, everlasting, holiness, eternity, prayer, biblical, studies, sermons, evangelism, evangelist, trinity, spirit, father, satan, devil, apostle, decision, baptize, baptism, belief, messiah, christ, christian, christianity, jesus, student, software, quality, friendly, free, faith, philosophy, soul, heaven, hell, theology, religion, bible
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redeemed by grace a place where all are welcomed to gather to worship the lord in spirit and in truth. redeemed by grace is where we contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. jude 1:3 and hold to the berean spirit in searching the scriptures daily. acts 17:11 redeemed by grace seeks to help others in the time of need both in food and clothing as we proclaim the light of jesus christ within the community. pastor: lauriel thomas
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faith presbyterian church
faith presbyterian church in sacramento, ca, is a medium-to-large sized church with a membership of just over 500. we maintain our excitement in the spirit by exploring new and different ways to bring our gifts to bear in sharing gods grace. faith presbyterian church is a community loving christ, building disciples, serving all…
holy, faith, zazzera, chapman, church, sacramento, presbyterian, california, pocket, greenhaven, calif, jeff, congregation, norcal, apostle, sierra, protestant, sacto, jesus, christ, disciple, ghost, spirit, gifts
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henderson memorial| baptist church| hopkinsville ky
baptist church in hopkinsville, ky reaching, teaching, sending to make disciples in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit.
church, ministry, youth, group, missions, baptist, holy, spirit, jesus, christ
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new hope christian center - lima ohio
new hope christian center is a non-denominational church that is family oriented! we believe in the full gospel and the entire word of god. we believe in the gifts of the spirit and we allow the holy spirit to move freely in our services. children and youth ministries are a priority to us. come join us!
toddler, ministry, outreach, nursery, bible, preaching, teaching, missions, deaf, friendly, home, exciting, radio, prayer, church, teen, youth, family, spirit, jesus, holy, children, fellowship, praise, worship, center, hope, christian
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cornerstone community church - wisconsin rapids wisconsin
we are a holy spirit filled, pentecostal/charismatic church. and we solely exist to proclaim that jesus christ is lord, preaching the word of faith!
wisconsin, jesus, deliverence, love, charismatic, healing, salvation, praise, worship, anointing, power, bible, faith, word, community, church, cornerstone, lord, rapids, pentecostal, christ, spirit, holy, gifts
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our lady of hope is a welcoming catholic community of faith in jesus christ, inspired by the holy spirit and guided by mary. through the gospel and celebrating the sacraments, we are called to serve.
catholic, jesus, parish, hope, lady, spirit, christ, shores, clair, mary, community, school, church, christian, faith, saint, father
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at the well international ministry - our ministries - pasadena, ca
at the well international ministry inc is a non profit organization dedicated to the gospel of jesus christ. our ministries include healing, prison, prophetic, evangelism, teaching, preaching and feeding the poor and needy.
ministry, spirit, holy, prayer, church, baptism, prison, donate, today, prophetic, language, seed, christian, anointing, evidence, anointed, fire, give, heal, fold, gifts, speaking, ghost, nondenominational, laying, tongues, hands, angelic, trinity, funds, charitable, hungry, people, needy, charity, profit, international, apostolic, pentecostal, jesus
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lighthouse church
lighthouse, sunday, spirit, holy, church, service, sermon, international, christian, ludwigsburg, jesus, kirche, pastor
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awakening florida ~ home
god is awakening the church in florida to the power of prayer in bringing his kingdom to earth, driving out the darkness, and opening the heavens over our communities.
prayer, holy, spiritual, spirit, florida, church, transformation, strategy, awakening, altars, body, times, revival, christian, conferences, central, seminars, prayers, christ, jesus, renewal
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free methodist church of santa barbara
  by the power of the holy spirit and with jesus' transforming love we draw people to christ, disciple them in the faith and equip them for ministry.
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welcome to holy spirit parish
holy, spirit, father, nondorf, doyle, looney, sister, katherine, catholic, parish, church, sacramento, timothy
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elim lutheran church
we are a community of people united in jesus christ, loved unconditionally and forgiven by god, and empowered by the holy spirit to live in response to godís gift of grace.
utah, lutheran, congregation, worship, christianity, christian, faith, theology, elca, prayer, faithful, evangelical, jesus, ogden, church, christ, elim, spirit, holy, religion
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home - holy trinity lutheran church - port angeles, wa
we hope you will come and hear god's word, receive god's gifts and join us in sharing the good news of jesus christ and join us in doing god's work.
christ, jesus
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the bible
this a blog about the bible that focus on everything about the bible : the word of god, jesus christ , salvation messages, the holy spirit, declarations and confessions, healing , the gospel of jesus and inspirational verses
jesus, verses, confessions, healing, declarations, gospel, inspirational, holy, word, christ, salvation, messages, spirit
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benny hinn network
benny hinn network is a one-of-a-kind blend of yesterday and today, sharing timeless teachings on faith, prophecy, prayer, healing, health, fitness, finances, and more, along with our most anointed miracle and healing crusades from throughout pastor benny hinn's ministry, now in its 36th year.
hinn, benny, jesus, christian, prayer, holy, christ, warrior, tiyd, broadcast, network, mighty, missions, power, healing, saving, online, ministries, crusades, spirit, requests
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wol bermuda
the purpose of word of life fellowship international is the evangelization and discipleship of youth through various means consistent with the holy scriptures to strengthen and build up the church of jesus christ.
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home - living word i.t. park
we are a gospel-centered church empowered by the holy spirit, devoted to the faithful teaching and application of scripture and the discipline of prayer so that we can be committed to god in worship, committed to each other in authentic relationships and committed to the world in witness for the glory of god.
park, living, word, skyrise, worship, philippines, scriptures, cebu, lahug, jesus, church, christian, gospel, christ, trinity, bible
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bfmc - barrie free methodist church - home
god's family - knowing, growing and serving, in christ's love., barrie free methodist church home page
bfmc, ontario, cundles, barrie, jesus, free, church, methodist, hope, faith, belong, love, salvation, join, holy, spirit, heaven, baptize, sunday, growing, fellowship, community, methodism, exciting, canada, evangelical, christian, christ
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living springs christian fellowship is a small, non-denominational christian church located in seymour, connecticut.
jesus, christian, hoyt, hill, pastor, seymour, lscf, springs, church, valley, christ, bible, holy
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living life church
anoint anointing anointed prophet prophesy jesus christ god holy spirit bible
holy, spirit, bible, christ, jesus, anointing, anointed, prophet, prophesy, anoint
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joseph pickell ministries currently is me (joseph) sharing my daily holy spirit lead bible studies. using this time to listen to the spirit and what he teaches me. i put this together and share it on facebook, twitter, and with others that request it.
profit, organization, homeless, unemployed, religion, shelter, based, emergency, assistance, faith
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our vision is to bring the light of the world (jesus) to all peoples of all nations throughout the world.
jewish, feast, hebrew, high, holy, matzah, judaism, covenant, messianic, testament, tanakh, torah, scriptures, ruakh, shabbat, tabernacles, sukkot, sabbath, erev, hakodesh, spirit, talmud, shul, synagogue, temple, jerusalem, israel, olives, mount, messiah, rabbi, nidre, prophets, mishnah, gemarrah, literature, midrash, writings, rosh, bread
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lakeside christian church
worship at lakeside christian church in boynton beach florida
truth, word, spirit, free, jesus, family, friendship, sinners, fellowship, addicts, living, worship, revival, life, power, praise, holy, awesome, miracles
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spirit of life fellowship
spirit of life fellowship in white plains, ny is an oasis of love, the place of agape
earth, jesus, spirit, holy, holyness, holiness, biblical, hope, peace, father, bible, heaven, evangelistic, save, saving, salvation, evangelism, prayer, mercy, healing, almighty, forgiveness, sanctuary, christian, spiritual, ministry, church, life, fellowship, nazareth, ministries, mission, gospel, righteousness, deliverance, agape, love, missions, missionary, outreach
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this is the website for concordia lutheran church.
this website will provide information to members of concordia lutheran church, and to all who are interested about learning more about us.
holy, scripture, jesus, faith, bible, spirit, father, grace, communion, christ, lcms, church, lutheran, gospel, sacraments, concordia, service, divine, baptism
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freedom christian fellowship - grove city, oh - home
fcf is all about healing salvation and deliverance. we are here to set the captives free and heal the sick. located in grove city ohio we are here for lead you into encounters with the father.
spirit, words, power, holy, healing, church, powell, randy, clark, fellowship, bethel, zion, christian, bill, prophets, wisdom, truth, evangelism, knowledge, prophecy, apostolic, leadership, unexplained, johnson, jesus, home, healed, worship, fire, bible, deliverance, salvation, worshipers, filled, flame, trinity, wind, fresh, pentecostal, believers
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follow lord jesus | the teachings of lord jesus
follow lord jesus's teachings, recieve gods holy spirit, be forgiven and inherit eternal life in gods kingdom forever.
jesus, follower, teachings, follow
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church of christ history
who are the churches of christ, and what do they believe? discover what the bible teaches about the church of christ. learn what the scriptures alone teach.
christ, churches, church, apostles, spirit, holy, teaching, pentecost, gospel, history, beliefs, baptism, christian, jesus
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harvest church
church, phoenix, glendale, peoria, arizonia, west valley, christian, pentecostal, spirit filled, holy spirit, jesus, god, assembly of god,
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the church of jesus christ
the church of jesus christ, where holiness and truth is our life and language
jesus, christ, doctrine, church, priest, unity, spirit, assurance, prayer, priestly, oneness, baptism, peace, high, holy, reunited, unify, disciple, blessed, perfect, unite, presence, petition, apostolic, pentecostal, christian, matt, spiritual, suffer, death, gospel, cross, acts, love, pray, sanctify
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the spiritans - one heart. one spirit.
the congregation of the holy spirit is a global roman catholic religious congregation of nearly three thousand members, founded in 1703.
holy, spiritan, claude, libermann, spiritains, poullart, places, missionnaires, spiritani, saint, roma, ghost, spirit, casa, generalizia, congregation, church, esprit
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valley bible church, 3347 west avenue j, lancaster ca 93536. 661-942-2218
valley bible church - a non-denominational church founded upon the belief that god has authority over our lives and has communicated his truth uniquely in the bible.
bible, word, jesus, christ, church, valley, lancaster, scriptures, verse, spirit, sword, trinity, california, antelope
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new generation church international | a people with a significant dream lived with passionate, strategic intent
new generation church is a joyful, colourful and multi generational community of believers who love our father, are passionate about jesus and who want to do all we can to respond quickly to the holy spirit. we are a people with a heart to live out god’s purposes in the community around us and to the ends of the earth.
cape, spirit, holy, christ, jesus, charismatic, refinery, evangelical, believing, bible, theology, group, newgen, international, church, generation, somerset, west, life, family, western, town
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transforming lives through the holy spirit and seeing people grow from biblical information to biblical life application.
church, bread, christ, jesus, interactive, real, holy, ministry, spirit, peace, hope, gifts, tithes, evangelism, giving, ministries, international, life, love, christian, christianity, decatur, praise, worship
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enter into his rest ~ spiritual transformation and healing
i received the following intimate spiritual experiences bringing about a progressive, transformative, healing, restorative work in my soul, heart, mind, body, and soul. the promise remains of entering his rest, and we can enter into that rest by faith. unbelief will make us fall short of the rest god has for us.
free, gods, rest, lord, spirit, world, leaders, christian, promises, books, apostles, enter, online, jesus, reconciliation, heart, prophecies, acts, meditations, holy, spiritual, gift, prophetic, heaven, earth, kingdom, ministry, finding, goverment, christ, loving, words, fulfillment, current, present, reality, inspired, prayers, sheep, prophecy
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living grace dianella
sharing gods unconditional love and teaching how to live in grace
christ, church, sermons, recovery, groups, dianella, latta, jesus, love, holy, john, spirit, grace
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tacoma calvary :: tacoma, wa church
veritas chrisitan fellowship is a non-denominational church located in tacoma, wa. our desire is to grow in our relationships with jesus christ and to make his gospel known.
christian, calvary, study, jesus, christ, chapel, fellowship, veritas, tacoma, service, pray, prayer, praise, truth, love, worship, holy, spirit, holiness, family, righteousness, peace, faith, child, bibles, theology, ministry, bible, biblical, washington, church, spiritual, scripture, scriptures, children, parent, parents, sermons, sermon, preach
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sidney assembly of god, plankenhorn rd, sidney ny
assemblies of god church offering a home church to the community and surrounding area to get intimate with god, through worship and adoration for jesus christ.
bible, groups, royal, prayer, pentecostal, rangers, sunday, purpose, women, service, courage, christ, church, studies, assembly, ministries, assemblies, jesus, spirit, holy
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holy spirit catholic church | 404 s rollins st, centralia, mo 65240
information about holy spirit catholic church, centralia, mo
spirit, holy, centralia, catholic, hours, church, mass, catholicism, bulletins, missouri, christ, information
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mountain view baptist church
our purpose is, through the holy spirits power, to reach, win and teach others the gospel of jesus christ as set forth in the holy bible, so that together we will worship god, grow in our faith, and share our witness with the world.
grace, youth, scripture, religion, wetumpka, alabama, salvation, savior, cross, praise, believers, baptism, gospel, redemption, mountain, emerald, family, spirit, holy, christian, bible, children, worship, love, ministry, living, pray, faith, jesus, baptist
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home - the river a house of prayer and worship
this ministry is for all those who are seeking to allow holy spirit to flow through them changing the world around them.
charismatic, outreach, ministry, spirit, holy
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spirit, bible, shofar, prophecy, teaching, healing, love, faith, peace, music, jesus, olney, holy, gospel, filled, southern, illinois, charismatic, christ, worship, outreach
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witness tools ministries
armor of god, jesus, holy spirit, cross, coins, pendants, key chains, dog tags, faithful christian reminders to remind us each day of our life style.
jesus, armor, armour, savior, christ, witnessing, armer, christian, witness, tags, witnes, teddy, coins, holy, spirit, cross, pendants, bear
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the world of angels can truly help us. they are links between god and us. spirituality is the gift of the holy spirit, which creates within us the urge to improve ourselves, may our souls all find their way home to our everlasting joy in truth beyond our veils of this illusion.
message, spiritual, world, spirit, angel, messages, finance, guides, jesus, guidance, competitions, work, prosperity, life, love, readings, relating, heal
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the world of angels can truly help us. they are links between god and us. spirituality is the gift of the holy spirit, which creates within us the urge to improve ourselves, may our souls all find their way home to our everlasting joy in truth beyond our veils of this illusion.
message, spiritual, world, spirit, angel, messages, finance, guides, jesus, guidance, competitions, work, prosperity, life, love, readings, relating, heal
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sfc world ministries, inc.
spirit-filled, non-denominational, multi-cultural worldwide ministry
mcbride, pastor, cedric, nicolle, spirit, jesus, christ, holy, church
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earthly ministry
earthly dedicated to providing churches and jesus ministries the outlet to witness to the masses 24/7. the site provides sermons, prayer, music, bible study, scriptures, and help.
sermons, love, salvation, christ, kingdom, faith, ministry, soul, religion, anointing, truth, eternity, prosperity, healing, freedom, bible, omega, earthly, life, alpha, miracles, prophecy, online, baptism, heaven, hell, sermon, church, jesus, holy, spirit, prayer, praying, minister, pastor, preacher, witnessing, witness, music, fellowship
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the church of pentecost - home - tampa, fl
the church of pentecost - tampa fl a multicultural assembly of the original church 813.358.8588 we are a unique assembly of people from all walks of life and different cultures. we celebrate our unity in christ andour diversity in the body.
holy, spirit, speaking, ghost, holiness, oneness, tongues, tutoring, contemporary, filled, miracles, prophecy, baptism, pentecost, tampa, church, revival, pastor, jesus, apostolic, pentecostal, jeff, pfohl, easter
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discover the scriptures products for lds families
products to help your children discover and love the book of mormon and the bible. perfect for lds homeschool families.
book, scriptures, mormon, homeschool, jesus, christ, testament, curriculum, notebooking, children, scripture, discovery, workbook, living, kids, church, history, discover, homeschooled, homeschooler, journaling, homeschooling
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st. john neumann catholic church | welcome to st. john neumann catholic church
welcome to our church! join us for worship. mission: guided by the holy spirit, st. john neumann parish of irvine shares the good news of jesus christ with people of all ages, diverse faiths and cultures, forming a welcoming, worshiping catholic community.
neumann, holy, faith, john, communion, sacraments, marriage, baptism, children, events, community, christian, bible, scripture, spirit, pope, vatican, religion, catechism, formation, county, church, california, orange, irvine, jesus, christ, filipino, knights, ministry, catholic, vietnamese, spanish, columbus, youth
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holy spirit lutheran church eldersburg, md home
holy spirit lutheran church is a congregation of the elca located in eldersburg, maryland.
eldersburg, spirit, holy
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redemption harvest church website for communication with members and invitation to visitors.
holy, church, preach, spiritual, pentecostal, darden, preacher, preaching, halls, teaching, sermon, jody, knoxville, christ, harvest, jesus, ghost, redemption, bible, spirit, tennessee
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home | the lutheran church of the holy spirit
this is the website for the lutheran church of the holy spirit, an elca congregation in albany's historic south end neighborhood.
lchs, york, elca, albany, spirit, lutheran, church, holy