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smipple - social code snippets
smipple is a social code snippet sharing service that lets you share your snippets with your friends and other programmers.
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home of free code snippets for bootstrap |
a design element gallery for web designers and web developers. find snippets using html, css, javascript, jquery, bootstrap, and more.
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java programming, learn java online with the java code geeks | java developers resource center - java, scala, groovy, android
learn java online. android development tutorials, java tutorials for beginners, java books, scala, groovy and jruby news, tutorials, code examples and snippets, articles and more.
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free code snippets, tutorials, articles, technical stuff, tips, solutions and much more.,,, jquery, json, javascript, gridview, sql server, ajax, jquery plugins, jquery ui, angularjs, ssrs, rdlc, crystal reports, reports, facebook, twitter, google, google maps, api, windows forms, windows, winforms, xml, html, css, css3, jquery demos, code, snippets, examples, articles, google charts, html5, canvas, hello world examples, introduction, getting started, demo, tutorial, sample
expand collapse - online compiler and ide >> c/c++, java, php, python, perl and 40+ other compilers and interpreters
online, code, programming, interpreter, python, java, tool, execute, snippets, compiler, learn, snippet, pastebin, debugging
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c - learn c and c++ programming -
programming, quiz, code, tutorials, source
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1look4 - share products, coupons, recipes, reviews | social bookmark your website
share your gadgets, knowledge, fun, innovations, recipes, reviews, vehicle, hosting, coupons codes and more info, checkout what others want to share with you | social bookmark your website
upcoming, submit, comments, tags, live, groups, networking, articles, stories, vote, publish, social, news
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codeguru - microsoft developers related ideas, articles, tips, tricks, comments, downloads, and so much more related to programming in areas including c++, visual c++, c#, visual basic, .net framework, and more
codeguru is where developers can come to share ideas, articles, questions, answers, tips, tricks, comments, downloads, and so much more related to programming in areas including c++, visual c++, c#, visual basic, asp,, java, and more.
programming, developers, code, visual, architects, csharp, studio, coding, software, development, windows, source, community, download, downloads, microsoft, string, activex, ajax, listbox, shell, basic
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train with programming challenges/kata | codewars
codewars is where developers achieve code mastery through challenge. train on kata in the dojo and reach your highest potential.
code, development, kata, dojo, coffeescript, software, ruby, coding, practice, codewars, javascript
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coding cage | programming blog - php, mysql, ajax, jquery, web design tutorials
coding cage is a programming blog maintained by pradeep khodke. featuring tutorials on php, mysql, ajax, jquery, web design, and more.
programming, ajax, tutorials, script, mysqli, tutorial, database, crud, validation, development, form, code, jquery, oops, object, free, submit, oriented, scripts, coding, data, examples, html5, codeigniter, java, mysql, blogger, source, design, css3
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perlmonks - the monastery gates
a community committed to sharing perl knowledge and coding tips. the site contains questions and answers, useful snippets, and a library of code.
vroom, examples, answers, questions, node, code, votes, experience, tutorials, learning, expressions, regular, regexp, programming, whoring, perl
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code snippets - snipplr social snippet repository
snipplr lets your store and share all of your commonly used pieces of code and html with other programmers and designers.
code, html, snipplr, textmate, source, share, repository, organize, programming, store
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php freaks - php help index
php freaks is a website dedicated to learning and teaching php. here you will find a forum consisting of 132, 227 members who have posted a total of 1, 379, 780 posts on the forums. additionally, we have tutorials covering various aspects of php and you will find news syndicated from other websites so you can stay up-to-date. along with the tutorials, the developers on the forum will be able to help you with your scripts, or you may perhaps share your knowledge so others can learn from you.
news, snippets, tutorials, development, programming, resources, forums, tutorial
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code search for developers
the best code search for developers
code, recipe, source, repository, snippets, gist, programming
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planet source code home page
need programming help? we've got your covered. 14.2 million lines of source code examples to build from.4.2 thousand tutorials and articles to learn from.discussion boards, coding contests with prizes, and 2 thousand open programming jobs.
server, vbscript, database, winapi, bulletin, programming, code, visual, active, function, basic, pages, game, dcom, directx, downloads, microsoft, functions, msaccess, odbc, long, single, integer, boolean, byte, double, currency, variant, free, string, object, date, type, data, subroutines, certify, front, dbgrid, decompiling, decompiler
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programming blog on php tutorial, jquery, ajax, online demo and download code
discussdesk is a programming blog mainly focus on topics ranges from php, mysql, javascript, jquery, ajax, web development, programming tips with their live demo and download. user can see live demo of web projects and download their code.
programming, tutorial, jquery, demo, discussdesk, code, online, blog, ajax, mysql, download, codeing, javascript, technology, form, json, google, development, design, facebook, database, validation
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great code examples & snippets | codota
codota is a revolutionary search engine for android code examples and snippets.
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javascript, php scripts, wordpress plugins, html5, jquery and css | codegrape
buy premium wordpress plugins, php scripts, mobile components, extensions, plugins, and css files from codegrape.
code, development, script, snippets, marketplace, codebase, system, widget, class, mysql, program, extensions, plugins, wordpress, premium, javascript, sell, titanium, iphone, mobile, android
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market share for mobile, browsers, operating systems and search engines | netmarketshare
market share for mobile, browsers, operating systems, search engines and social media. mobile market share and desktop market share data.
market, share, social, desktop, media, marketing, mobile, engine, operating, system, search, browser
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free programming tutorials and source code
kodeblog is an education website that provides free programming tutorials and complete source code
expand collapse - oracle pl/sql database code library and resources | examples | syntax | dbms packages | pl/sql | sql |
oracle pl/sql examples, syntax, dbms packages, string, timestamp, substring, php code, and javascript code reference library (formerly known as morgan's library)
oracle, primary, date, select, analyze, alter, constraint, oratech, code, mysql, library, snippets, oracel, javascript
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codeshare - share code real-time in your browser - codeshare
share code snippets and collaborate with developers with this free code sharing tool.
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best social sharing plugin for wordpress - easy social share buttons
stand out from the crowd with beautiful and eye catching social share buttons. meat the most complete social sharing plugin for wordpress you will ever need
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snip2code is a web service for software developers to share, collect and organize code snippets. it highly improves the performances of the develop...
code, snippet, online, snippets, library, manager, quality, coder, notebook, execute, software, programming, repository, knowledge, collect, java, share, engineering, developer, compiler, eclipse, tool, source, reuse, basic, visual, debugging
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sfcsf social bookmarking - share your website worldwide - your source for social news and networking
sfcsf is a social bookmarking website that allows users to share urls.
upcoming, submit, comments, tags, live, groups, networking, articles, stories, vote, publish, social, news
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home - the repository - canton, oh
get the latest breaking news, sports, entertainment, obituaries - the repository
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learn web programming online with the web code geeks
web developers resource center. javascript, php, html, css,, html5, news, tutorials, code examples and snippets, articles and more.
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code pad - organize and share code snippets
share and store code snippets. collaborate with other developers using this free code sharing service. free for public open-source code.
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codesamplez - programming tutorials and source code examples
blog site containing programming and software development tutorials for software guys with detailed explanations and code examples.
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php code checker - syntax check for common php mistakes
an advanced, custom php code checker that searches your code for common, hard to find typos and mistakes; includes a syntax check.
testing, test, syntax, lint, language, programming, code, tester, php5
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jfrog - managing binaries for maven repository, docker, .net, ruby and more
host, manage and proxy artifacts using the best docker registry, maven repository, gradle repository, nuget repository, ruby repository, debian repository npm repository, yum repository. deploy, share and distribute your build artifacts and dependencies from development to production.
maven, repository, ripository
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codingunit programming tutorials
codingunit is your online resource for learning to program. tutorials on c, c++, php, python, mysql, java, jquery, opengl, directx and many more!
programming, development, game, jquery, software, learn, tutorials, java, opengl, directx, dummy, visual, tutorial, code, source, python
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buttonspace - social media buttons | social network buttons | share buttons
get more social proof for your website by using our social media share buttons. it's free and easy to use our social networking buttons. facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, pinterest, and stumbleupon.
social, share, buttons, networking, media, bookmarking
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share tally | how many social shares does my url have?
share tally is a free tool that gives you social sharing data from tons of different social networks!
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gistbox - the beautiful way to organize code snippets
gistbox is the best interface to github gists. organize your snippets with labels. edit your code. search by description. all in one speedy app.
code, snippets, organize, beautiful
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jqueryhouse | latest jquery plugins & resources
code snippets are very handy and useful. they do the job for you without much effort. hold onto these snippets to use for your next project.
snippets, chat, jquery, plugins, plugin, effects, fixed, yeoman, positioning, notifications, sticky, notification, gchat, projects, code, javascript, developers, html, facebook, development, gmail
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weblinkr - organize, share and explore the most popular weblinks
weblinkr is a collection of the most favourite internet links (urls). organize, share and discover the most popular weblinks. be a weblinkr!
social, search, favorites, bookmark, weblinkr, share, organize, discover, find, ajax, favourite, weblink, weblinks, bookmarking, bookmarks, favorite, delicious, favourites, engine
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650+ wordpress snippets, code, hacks, for your theme, blog
over 650+ wordpress snippets to enhance all aspects of your wordpress theme or blog wp snipp attracts web designers & developers world wide.
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cipher trick
we at ciphertrick are a small and dedicated team of developers based out of mumbai india. our intention here at ciphertrick is to share knowledge through our blogs and tutorials and build an interactive relationship with our readers.we also listen to requests for tutorials here.
programming, blog, tutorials, code, technology, languages, tech, download, home, demo
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home - vbcity - the .net developer community
vbcity is a community of vb and .net developers joined together with a common goal: to learn, teach, and have fun programming. developers from all over the world come together to share knowledge, source code, and tutorials for free to help their fellow programmers - professional developers, hobbyists and students alike. (
visual, developer, dotnet, community, winforms, studio, webforms, server, blogs, board, programming, basic, csharp, microsoft, bulletin, discussion, forums, forum, blog
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[real's java javascript pb and wsh how-to]
real's java javascript wsh and powerbuilder how-to pages with useful code snippets
visualj, vcafe, datastore, object, powerj, development, microsoft, powersoft, powerscript, programming, vbscript, javascript, tips, tricks, swing, datawindow, powerbuilder, java
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programming tutorial , sharing , how and learn together
seegatesite is a personal web blog. the admin want to share, learn together about programming tutorial or all about computer with the netters.
amazon, software, tutorial, programming, autopost, wordpress, imacross, auto, grabber
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programmingfree is a technical blog with quality articles on various programming languages with appropriate source code, screenshots and live demos.
angularjs, twitter, bootstrap, mysql, dotnet, java, javascript, programming
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jkey share - get every thing best !!!
blog for share theme, plugin wordpress, script, code, tool mmo free and best !
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stepblogging - php, mysql, jquery, tutorials, free php demo & code.
stepblogging is a web magazine for technology and programming language. we focused on php, mysql, web services, web design, free php demo and source code.
stepblogging, payment, programming, demo, java, scripts, sagepay, opensource, hosting, blog, tutorials, design, development, cakephp, script, zend, rest, jquery, soap, mysql, services, ajax, html5, gateway, paypal, android, application, mobile, framework
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open repository, from biomed central, offers enhanced dspace software, hosting & a range of additional open access & preservation services
open repository is the hosted repository platform from biomed central, leading open access specialist. enhanced dspace. easily upload, manage, preserve and disseminate your organization's content. curate articles, images, video, research data and metadata
repository, open, access, biomed, preservation, central, provider, institutional, dspace, institution, registered, service
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freevbcode - high quality visual basic and c# source code is a code repository for free visual basic code and samples. visual basic examples and articles are freely available to download and review.
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share what you like
a powerful social bookmarking website, share what you like and organize your bookmarks.
social, links, bookmark, bookmarking, website
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a practical programming tutorials on c++, c language, windows and linux network, mfc user interface gui, standard template library (stl), compilers, win32, device drivers, secure coding and object oriented with code and program examples
these tutorials cover a wide range of c and c++ programming for both opensource and commercial. the topics include c and c++ basic to advanced programming, c and c++ secure coding, windows forms, mfc gui, linux and windows network programming, c++ object oriented and many more. complete with working code and program examples, detailed step-by-steps with screenshots
computer, programming, software, applications, training, industrial, networking, developments, hardware, certifications, compilers, financial, wireless, technology, drivers, device, win32, managements, mobile, medical, opensource, object, oriented, linux, language, tutorials, visual, databases, samples, program, examples, code, security
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daily resources for web designers & developers by andy sowards
inspiration & resources for creatives
design, development, downloads, social, technology, wordpress, media, programming, jquery, javascript, ajax, lynchburg, database, internet, code, agency, python, networking, branding, application, marketing, logo, mysql, creative, services, articles, resources, andysowards, inspirational, applications, html, freelance, business, rates, quality, websites, reasonable, consulting, hacks, math
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codeabbey - programming problems to practice and learn for beginners
collection of programming problems to practice solving, learn to program and code, and win certificates
learning, studying, beginner, practice, solving, projects, education, problems, exercises, programming
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php, javascript, and wordpress code snippets and articles, as well as general hobby projects and editorials.
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#! code | code tips, snippets, resources, tutorials and help
expand collapse - ein blog, geschmiedet aus kaffee und schweiß.
ein technik-blog über programmierung, softwareentwicklung und hardware hacks mit tutorials, code snippets, tipps und tricks.
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css2sass | convert css snippets to syntactically awesome stylesheets code
css2sass | convert css snippets to syntactically awesome stylesheets code
ruby, rails, scss, sass, haml, html
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free tutorials, articles, examples, code snippets, lists, and more!: asp alliance
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the foos fun computer programming for kids
kids learn computer programming and have fun playing the foos, a visual programming game designed for young learners in kindergarten through 3rd grades.
coding, hour, code, games, educational, stem, foos, computer, programming, codespark, kids
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computer science and information technology tutorials, articles, code snippets, and faqs. programming forums : computer programming forums : questions and answers, articles, tutorials, and code snippets
questions, computer, codemiles, answers, articles, code, programming, forums, snippets, tutorials
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source code beautifier / syntax highlighter convert code snippets to html
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php programming, facebook programming, social networking scripts, demos & tutorials
99points is a php programming blog, founded in 2010 by zeeshan rasool. 99points is much popular for its social networking scripts. you will find facebook style
scripts, facebook, tutorials, social, networking, wall, jquery, 99points
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im programmer learn programming do programming teach programming
we started this site to inspire young minds to motivate and encourage them towards programming language. programming tutorials, tech, programming facts, programming fun and programming blogs.
programming, programmer, stuff, blog, tech, funs, tutorials
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uandblog is a leading source for tutorials, banking and finance, news, computer, health, information, technology, health, travel resources for the connected people. goal of u and blog is to improve your knowledge various field like android programming , php programming , html programming , gaming and more. uandblog also deliver many reviews just like game, movie, products which you will get more information.
android, game, programming, social, blog, information, tech, youtube, google, facebook, news, application, html, online, buisness, media, networking, technology
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coder bag
coder bag, software development, programming
programming, multithreading, sergej, kuznecov, concurrent, algorithms, win32, windows, windbg, javascript
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coder example - coders example library
coders example library. live demo, downloadable code, details analysis on code.
code, wordpress, mysql, parallax, javascript, datatable, serverside, coder, jquery
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miffy code snipets - code snippets
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visual basic code, free vb code
free visual basic code, vb code. visual basic,, c#, asp, source code snippets and downloads in all categories including, visual basic database programming, game programming, networking, controls, graphics, security, activex, api, asp, .net, and more.
code, visual, basic, source, win32, books, programming, game, free, database
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code handbook | a code journal
code handbook is a code journal which publishes articles & tutorials realted to software programming.
jquery, html, mobile, nodejs, programming, python, angularjs, csharp, software, javascript
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blender 3d model download repository | blender 3d | bmr
blender models and more; share, discuss and download blender 3d models of all kinds! official blender model repository. 100 % free
expand collapse - all about code snippets
browse 200+ useful code snippets. currently we have over 200+ useful code snippets for php, wordpress, web development, and other popular technologies.
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proven open source php web software scripts for web business offers unique paid and free open source web applications for web entrepreneurs. all of our revenue generating scripts can be used to start turnkey online business. also offers script customization, installation and custom programming in php, asp, xml, ajax etc..have partner and affiliate programs for web hosts and webmasters.
scripts, source, script, free, code, social, networking, business, turnkey, card, opensource, webscripts, paypal, gateway, payment, programming, credit, open, software, automation, apps, developer, ecommerce, programmer, mysql, coding, ajax
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sedot code,source code php
sedot code, free source code, download source code programming php script, blog berisi sepenggal kode gratis dari berbagai sumber gratiss.
source, code, aplikasi, penjualan, absensi, perpustakaan, informasi, sistem, codeigniter, gratis, website, download, crud, mobil, komputer, pegawai, alumni, metode, rental, koperasi, karyawan, projects, contoh, sample, framework, mysql, online, free, login, sekolah
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youth digital - kids online programming, coding & computer courses
kids learn to code, program in java, mod minecraft, create mobile apps, design video games, animate their own movie, print in 3d, and more!
design, minecraft, illustration, kids, stem, animation, coding, program, programming, java, code
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the code ship
deployment, adventure, coding, code, development, software, programming
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social, buttons, apps, share, media, follow, publisher, discussions, twitter, sharing, marketing, facebook, wordpress, plugins, network
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itorian, mvc, c#, .net, jquery, linq - articles, ebooks, pdf, interview faq, development tricks - tips, code snippets, reference manual and resources
tutorial, jquery, engine, view, ebooks, silverlight, books, programming, razor, free, tricks, mvc4, mvc3, forms, tips, recipes, linq
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code send - share programming code easily. a free programmer's collaboration tool.
code send - share programming code easily. a free programmer's collaboration tool. includes features such as registration, private/public code, syntax highlighting, browser extension, and more.
code, collaboration, snippets, programming, share, send, codesend
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pastebin — копируем, постим, обсуждаем
pastebin помогаем работать и общаться: скопировал, вставил, отправил
code, source, highlight, share, copy, paste, pastebin
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kalpesh mehta - magento certified developer plus
magento technical articles, code snippets, certification and interview preparation guide, development resources and freelance work by certified magento developer.
questions, code, snippets, interview, certified, developer, magento
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tobi web | programming blog - php, mysql, codeigniter
blog tentang percarian source code toko online, codeigniter, laravel, source code toko online.
code, source, dengan, online, toko, mysql, codeigniter, website, contoh, data, laravel, program, ecommerce, berbasis, tempatnya, cari, aplikasi, tobi, pengelolaan
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how to start programming
computer programming tutorials and source code for beginners who wish to start programming. tutorials mainly for the .net framework but also for other languages.
programming, framework, learn, snippet, microsoft, teacher, language, javascript, html, programmers, basic, visual, tutorial, lesson, coding, start, software, computer, code, source, development
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java creed
java news, articles, tutorials, code examples and snippets
code, snippets, tutorials, examples, articles, java
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confused by code: programming, writing, music, uninformed opinion
a writer shares his best hints and tips on computer programming. since he doesn't have many, he ends up writing about other things.
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make your witty profile share moments & thoughts
share your thoughts around and earn reward points on the basis of your activity & social circle.
social, videos, online, money, network, music, people, friends, recharge, whatsapp, viral, photo, free, networks, media, earn, internet, funny, sites, images
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code farms | new ideas on how to design better software
we distribute ideas of how to rapidly evolve industrial grade software with superb runtime performance, while working all the time with a functional code. in this truly agile programming environment, pointer/reference errors in your code are completely eliminated, both in c++ and in java.
persistent, data, database, code, memory, pointer, library, associations, design, serialization, blasting, patterns, swizzling, resident, farms, engine, ingergrity, diagram, aspects, farm, model, languages, codefarms, meta, generator, class, software, persistence, objects, programming, generic, tools, intrusive, incode, agile, java, structures
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ruddwire | food, book, theatre reviews, data presentation projects, code snippets, millisecond date calculators food, book, theatre reviews, data presentation projects, code snippets, millisecond date calculators
reviews, book, mysql, unix, theatre, millisecond, date, calculator, cheeses
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planet source code home page
need programming help? we've got your covered. 14.2 million lines of source code examples to build from.4.2 thousand tutorials and articles to learn from.discussion boards, coding contests with prizes, and 2 thousand open programming jobs.
server, vbscript, database, winapi, bulletin, programming, code, visual, active, function, basic, pages, game, dcom, directx, downloads, microsoft, functions, msaccess, odbc, long, single, integer, boolean, byte, double, currency, variant, free, string, object, date, type, data, subroutines, certify, front, dbgrid, decompiling, decompiler
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free social media tools donreach social tools
increase your social reach and drive more traffic with our free social tools & widgets.
share, analytics, social, count, buttons
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techie code - programming, technology, interviews questions, tutorials
techie code - programming, technology, interviews questions, tutorials, php, c, java, database, angularjs, blogging, seo, blog maintained by girijesh kumar.
interviews, questions, tutorials, technology, programming, code, techie
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free java tutorials & guide | java programming source code
free java guide website to learn java programming through examples. beginner's tutorials of plsql and sql with java source code
jdbc, programming, language, html, guide, online, learn, plsql, tutorial, tutorials, java, source, code, examples, free
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sharing tutorial, tips and trick all about web design and blogger
blogger, snippets, tricks, design, template, free, widget, fostrap, templates, bootstrap, code, tips, blogspot, collection, tutorial
expand collapse experiments in web programming
experiments in web programming. features articles, tutorials and example code related to client-side and server-side web development. heavy on the standards.
active, gecko, mozilla, server, pages, development, programming, java, netscape, model, style, html, dynamic, sheets, javascript, object, document, dhtml
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reviews, promotion, software, programming - webtech 360
website update technology news, new cars, smartphone, share experience, source code, templates, software, promotions, reviews
smartphone, webtech360, cars, software, reviews, source, code, templates, promotions
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wordpress plugins, code snippets, classes and stuff for developers
expand collapse
jquery 2 dotnet
jquery and mvc tutorial with examples, css3 best tutorial, free web tutorials on mvc, css, jquery, html5, css3, bootstrap cool examples template
jquery, code, css3, snippets, tips, events, sheets, cheat, performance, download, selectors, mobile, ajax, plugins, tricks, animation, questions, bootstrap, linq, html5, interview, examples, functions, methods
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plugins e code snippets wordpress
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» great discount up 70% off monthly!
bring to you all of valid and biggest coupon codes, discount codes, voucher and promo codes. they are enriched and updated every day. you can completely found
code, coupon, discount, active, share, giveaway, promo, valid, voucher
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visual c# kicks - csharp programming .net free source code and downloads
free visual c# tutorials and source code for programming. explore our collection of original free and commercial .net components.
code, programming, articles, visual
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newbie code news
blog that share about programming language, networking, pc support, how to optimize blog using seo methods, information technologies news, and android tips.
support, internet, marketing, networking, language, information, technologies, news, programming, android
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find source code | support with tutorials and source code
find source code and video tutorials of c, c++, c#, java, php, html, css and etc. we provide various kind of software development and programming recipes.
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learn swift online - welcome -
welcome to learn swift online - this site will provide code snippets, tutorials and reference material for swift, apples new programming language.
expand collapse
bootstrap tutorials - ultimate resource to creating bootstrap websites using components, code snippets and templates
codes, templates, snippets, code, examples, components, tutorial, twitter, boot, strap, bootstrap
expand collapse,,, sql server tutorials, articles, code snippets, .net interview questions, sample .net projects
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free code snippets,,,,mvc, mvc,linq,jquery,javascript,sql server,wcf,ajax,entity framework snippets and tutorial
free .net articles,,,, jquery, javascript, gridview, sql server, ajax, jquery plugins, jquery ui, crystal reports, jquery demos, code, snippets, examples, articles, html
tutorial, entity, framework, code, beginner, server, linq, questions, interview, ajax, report, sample, data, rdlc, beginners, gridview, source, tips, guide, html, wordpress, learning, articles, samples, dotnet, controls, articlemirror, webform, download, facebook, store, crystal, reports, jquery, javascript, table, dataset, visual, repeater, dropdownlist
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code alarm replacement remote experts
code alarm remote. full line of code alarm replacement remotes and remote starter systems. authorized dealer call 1-586-244-8003
remote, alarm, code, tech, entry, vehicle, replacement, keyless, specific, bypass, transponder, support, installer, flcan, ready, case, programming, systems, transmitters, remotes, alarms, starter, security, start, find, starters, flashlogic
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snippet repo
snippet repo is a members-only code repository created to save developers time spent rewriting code.
snippets, snippet, bootstrap, python, node, angular, jquery, repo, html, code, javascript
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c and c++ programming tutorials and source code - mycplus
programming resources for c and c++, visual c++ and c# .net languages, c and c++ programming tutorials and articles, source code, free open source programs and
programming, code, source, free, language, books, faqs, magazines, tutorials
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c programming
c language, basic of c, c tutorials, c programming codes, pyramids, source code, triangles, c program list, c/c++ programs blog, how to learn c language,
expand collapse
learn c programming | c language | c programs
learn c and c++ programming with ccodechamp. get c and c++ tutorials, c programs, c source codes, parsers, books, video tutorials for free.
parser, compiler, ebooks, algorithms, programming, program, programs, tutorials, source, codes, code
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sketchmouse - save and manage your code snippets
instantly save and manage your favorite code snippets all in one place!
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code snippets in one place | snipplicious
snipplicious is a gallery of code snippets for web designers, web developers and programmers. snippets can be easily copied and pasted and will work just out of the box!
html, javascript, bootstrap, snippets
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jayapal chandran - aks vikku - computer programmer - word reminder | tamil unicode converter | indian language unicode converter | ringtones
jayapal chandran aka vikku. computer programmer. my techincal and personal website. working on unicode converters, programming articles, wordreminder and ringtones.
snippets, converters, unicode, codes, programming, ringtones, articles, code, vikku, chandran, word, reminder, enhancer, vocabulary, jayapal
expand collapse || delphi pascal source code, programming articles, tutorials and programs
delphidabbler: delphi pascal source code library, components, programming articles, tutorials and open source programs
code, source, pascal, delphi, tips, object, download, hints, open, tutorial, applications, programs, software, library, programming, components, article
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php code snippets
helping developers from the experienced to the beginner learn and connect with others. share php code snippets of all types to learn and to use for later use in production quality projects.
simple, timezone, script, send, registration, caesar, ciphers, feed, checklist, artist, toolkit, annoying, learn, phpsnips, code, snippets, wordpress, addresses, convert, chrome, wrapper
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wp-snippets | hacks, snippets and articles
wp-snippets provides useful hacks, tips and tutorials to create a better wordpress theme.
snippets, code, wordpress
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ngulik kode
share programming code everyware
kode, ngulik
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powershell code repository
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php code - its all about php
sharing the php knowledge | php code | php code help | php blog
code, library, snippets, toolkit, online, implement, buddy, learn, ggateway, tutorial, scripts, wordpress, customization, payment, integration
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programming from the human perspective.
a programming blog featuring insights, tutorials, and and clever tips to hack your code and daily life by ibrahim diallo
blog, programing
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my android solutions - android programming tutorials and snippets
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girlwallpaper | share news on the social networks
girlwallpaper provides the easiest way to share news on the most popular social networks. sign up and start to share news on the most popular social networks with a click.
friends, facebook, twitter, share, news, networks, publish, social
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stat story: its all about measurement
statstory is an attempt to create a repository of information about google analytics & piwik with real code examples
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coding labs :: home
coding labs - marco alamia - programming c++ web site with articles and tutorials for game programming and engine programming in directx and opengl
code, labs, alamia, alien, marco, zenith, psyche, pomb, bios, orbital, game, programming, coding, design, graphics, portfolio
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chia sẻ code seo trên nhiều nền tảng, hướng dẫn làm wap web share code hay nhất
blogger, template, tien, thuat, code
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codershood - articles,tutorials and more
codershood programming blog dedicated to providing high-quality coding tutorial and articles on angularjs, css framework, node.js, expressjs and many more
programming, codershood, tutorial, website, tutorials, blog, code, coders, hood, info, program
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wordpress code snippets & hacks for your blog - wpcodesnippet
wordpress code snippets, we are a website focused on helping wordpress developers/users tweak and improve their templates and websites.
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it developer zone
blog for beginners, enthusiasts & experts. collection of tutorials, interview questions, code snippets on, c#, sql server, ssis, ssrs etc.
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webcodo web programming blog
web programming blog offering you some code examples, tips, how-to guides and more with php, jquery, ajax, html, css
social, instagram, twitter, information, mysql, blog, tutorial, media, networking, facebook, jquery, javascript
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asp free online course tips functions and help
asp is fun! asp is a powerful programming language that lets you create dynamic webpages that interact for your visitors. asp lets you code your own polls, newsletter subscriber boxes, form processing tools, membership systems, and shopping carts.
free, code, date, routines, sample, learn, lessons
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tipocode, php, css, ajax and jquery programming tutorials
tipocode is a resources website for developers. find free ajax, symphony 2, web design, bootstrap, jquery code sample, tutorials and tools
tutorials, jquery, javascript, sample, code, free, bootstrap, symfony, networks, twitter, mysql, ajax, html, programming, json, script, database, social
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delphi tutorial, tips, source code --- by delphiland
learn programming with our online delphi tutorials. fully commented source code matching each tutorial. download lessons and source. delphiland also offers more specific tutorials with complete projects, tips, free delphi source code, links to the best delphi sites.
delphi, free, code, tutorial, learn, download, downloads, training, source, tips, beginner, programming, lessons, online
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oid repository - home
authority, repository, identifier, object, registration
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visual c++ .net programming tutorial: learn step by step c++ .net programming through program examples and source code samples
this page host the visual c++ .net 2003 and 2005 step-by-step console mode application development programming tutorial using visual c++ .net with code samples and project examples
visual, framework, code, psdk, tools, development, compilers, download, managed, winforms, applications, console, programs, examples, 2005, technology, edition, express, toolkits, studio, install, tutorials, system, programming, project
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learn together, teach together - is a social platform for programmers to teach, learn, connect and share their latest projects. programmers use everyday to spread and discover new stuff related to programming.
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wp smackdown - wordpress tutorials, tips, news, code snippets, plugins, themes & more.
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oliver caldwells blog on javascript, vim and linux
a place to share my various learnings as i go about my career.
code, programming, blog, linux, javascript
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gonet web design and programming
gonet web design, programming code and resources
programming, subdomains, free, code, design, resources
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fcswap :: swap your friend codes!
swap your social game friend codes. enter your code in the submit box to add yours to the list!
friend, code, share, codes, swap, fcswap
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wiser coder - tips, tricks and snippets for smart programmers
a collection of concise solutions to common programming problems with code examples and detailed explanations.
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20fingers2brains, mvc 4, projects,, html5, wcf, jquery, json, javascript, gridview, sql server, ajax, jquery plugins, ssrs, ssis, reports, facebook, twitter, mvc projects, xml, html, css, css3, code, snippets, examples, articles
articles, code, ajax, javascript, tutorial, examples, dotnet, csharp, sharp, gridview, howto, programming, guide, tips, css3, linq, demos, free, ssis, studio, visual, jquery, ssrs, samples, webservice
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faceadventure - log in or sign up -
faceadventure giving you the power to share and connect with friends, family and other people you know. share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.
connect, social, share, network, power, networking, media, randomly, life, people
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sunshine's homepage
sunshine2k's private homepage about programming.
java, dotnet, graphics, engineering, coding, algorithms, reverse, code, programming
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first code academy - kids coding courses and camps in hong kong and singapore
kids coding and programming courses and holiday camps in hong kong and singapore. learn scratch, appinventor, python, javascript and more!
coding, kids, children, teens, learn, school, code, camp, programming, courses, python, computer, thinking, design, christmas, camps, easter, scratch, bootcamp, summer, singapore, entrepreneur, javascript, appinventor, appjamming, valley, hour, academy, silicon, kong, robotics, hong, hopscotch, alice, makeymakey, drones, littlebits, raspberry, turtle, java
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techieroop tutorials, programming solutions, tips & tricks
techieroop is a technical blog. we regularly keep posted about technology news update, programming solutions, technical tricks and tips with code snippets.
elasticsearch, jdbc, river, tutorials, blog, ansible, tutorial, technical
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code nirvana - programming tutorials
learn programming and algorithms easily. c, c++, java, php, sql, data structures tutorials for beginners. blogger templates, widgets and support.
learn, programming, blogging, technology, blogger, projects, code, tricks, development, source, computers, programs, java, algorithm, javascript, coding, structure, data, design
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code, search, optimization, implementation, security, scripts, snippets, javascript, ajax
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learn os programming online with the system code geeks
os developers resource center. windows, linux news, tutorials, code examples and snippets, articles and more.
expand collapse | share scripts, share software, share wordpress, share host, share hostting, share vps, share theme, share code, share psd, share coupon
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code arsenal - programming tutorials and code samples
.net and java tutorials, c# (csharp), wpf, xaml, java source code examples
tutorials, source, code, download, examples, linq, java, python, sqlite, xaml
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procbits: source code snippets and other random musings about software
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web code programming blog : jquery, html, html5, youtube api, ajax, css3, css, php, javascript - w3 tweaks
w3 tweaks is a programming blog. tutorials focused on programming, jquery, ajax, php, demos, web design, javascript, software and mysql.
ajax, programming, jquery, youtube, demos, w3tweaks, development, scripts, script, form, twitter, validation, examples, tutorial, facebook, database, blog, hosting, application, submit, free, software, blogger, mysql, search, tutorials, expression, design, regular, list, java, technology, coding, visualization, code
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active snippets - android snippets
active snippets on android snippets, a community driven website to share, explore and improve code snippets for the android platform.
expand collapse - die community-plattform für .net-entwickler zum austausch von code-snippets in den sprachen c#, vb und c++.
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cnc programming tutorials examples g & m codes - helman cnc
cnc programming tutorials example codes for beginner to advance level cnc machinist. g & m code programming tutorial, course, examples.
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arduino basics
a repository of arduino tutorials, projects, and examples. parts, code and diagrams which show you how to use various shields and sensors.
diagram, code, projects, tutorial, arduino
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a developer diary - {about:"code learn and share"}
{about:"code learn and share"}
expand collapse - social networking and marketing website for all ! is a social networking website with new concept of share holder members, share photos, videos, blogs, forums, games, questions, answers, social networking
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visual basic code at
hundreds of visual basic source code snippets and files. copy and paste code from your browser directly into visual basic. download complete visual basic projects. search our extensive visual basic source code database.
code, visual, basic, source, database, functions, game, subroutine, programming, routines, programs
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free source code,snippets,snippets,tutorials,interview questions,videos
free articles, jobs interview questions answers, videos, news, updates in c#,, jquery, mvc and much more
videos, free, snippets, source, samples, examples, reference, code, news, books, answers, questions, school, interview, demos, primer, codes, html5, beginnersguide, tutorials, learning, programming, jquery, lessons
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lukkr | multisearch, share buttons and widgets
search all easier and faster. web, music, mp3, videos, photos, files and more.... get smart social share buttons for your websites and blogs
buttons, share, sharing, social, search, engines, apps, facebook, tools, twitter, website, google, plugins, widgets, gadgets, lukkr, browser
expand collapse | your online notepad
use kl1p as an online notepad or online clipboard to share text between computers or to friends over the internet. write programming code or rich text. upload images or documents. write down a list of todos. use kl1p as a whiteboard to draw and share.
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snippetvalley - snippetvalley is a tidy repository of jquery plugins and snippets using html, css, javascript, jquery, bootstrap, and more.
snippetvalley is a tidy repository of jquery plugins and snippets using html, css, javascript, jquery, bootstrap, and more.
expand collapse - learn to code - a developer community for all - learn to code - prodivdes a developer community for all. an opportunity to launch a new high skilled career
code, learn, county, diversity, programming, mobile, orange, development, california, women, bootcamp, training, yeswecode, angeles, developer
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programming bootcamps reviews and comparison
programming bootcamps reviews, side-by-side comparison and testimonials. the list of ruby on rails, php, javascript, python, asp and big data programming schools.
programming, bootcamps, learn, school, javascript, bootcamp, ruby, review, coding, comparison, code, python, rails, testimonials, compare, java
expand collapse - code snippets repository
a simple way to share code snippets and pastes with others.
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diễn đàn kỷ niệm share code web xenforo và style xenforo
diễn đàn kỷ niệm share code web code diễn đàn xenforo style xenforo share code wordpress tải game android. dốc bầu tâm sự cùng kỷ niệm
code, full, game, android, share, xenforo, wordpress
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social marketing tools and custom programming services
welcome to musoftware's online market place. create your own store for free and make money by selling your products.
programming, services, custom, marketing, tools, social
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clean code development - code affine
code affine is a group of independent software engineers dedicated to clean code development. we offer consulting, training and tool programming.
expand collapse - like it? share it. earn cash!
share magnet pays you to share the brands you love with your friends on facebook, twitter, pinterest & more.
facebook, promoted, tweets, advertising, viral, magnet, social, media, marketing, share
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literate programming
learn about literate programming using the cweb tool for software development. download a free cweb distribution for microsoft windows
software, literate, programming, documentation, ctan, typesetting, pdftex, publishing, desktop, languages, metapost, postscript, freeware, comments, code, source, cweb, refactoring, development, public, tools
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genesis theme framework code snippets
hundreds of tried and tested code snippets for the genesis wordpress theme framework to speed up your theme development
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source code for delphi programming
delphi source code. get free code for your application. develop easily your programs using simple examples. use the tutorials to increase your skills.
delphi, code, source, develop, application, sample, tips, borland, tutorials, tricks, programming, free
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lrn - learn to code at your convenience
lrn is a mobile app that teaches you to code through interactive mini-quizzes
javascript, ruby, python, education, programming, coding, html
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hacker's delight
a collection of programming tricks at the bit level, including a superoptimizer program for risc computers.
prime, numbers, programming, code, algorithms, graphs, formulas, delight, curve, plots, tricks, superoptimizer, curves, peano, hamming, hacking, correcting, bashing, level, twiddling, bits, binary, assistant, bitwise, cyclic, error, redundancy, check, edac
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programming tutorials geekpedia
programming tutorials and source code for many programming languages and especially for the .net framework. also has software articles, faqs, reviews, news, projects, forums, blogs from the it domain.
software, programming, source, code, assembly, perl, java, mysql, visual, basic, javascript, script, webmaster, news, webdesign, graphics, games, open, microsoft, teacher, reference, snippet, tutor, delphi, development, language, community, free, tutorials, programmers, online, csharp, sharp, project, framework, hardware, interactive, courses, learn, lesson
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code tricks - coding and beyond
coding and beyond. blog on latest web technologies like wordpress, php, javascript, jquery, frameworks. hang on! for cool tricks and snippets.
jquery, wordpress, tricks, code
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techlister - web design and programming - web design tutorials and tips on php, jquery, wordpress and joomla. free source code and plugins available for download.
code, joomla, wordpress, plugin, javascript, source, free, tutorials, snippet, blogging, apps, jquery, plugins, programming
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webmaster kiste
php scripts, wordpress themes, wordpress plugins, html 5 templates, code snippets, facebook apps, android apps, iso apps, buy online
apps, wordpress, facebook, android, online, snippets, templates, themes, scripts, plugins, html, code
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source code formatter & beautifier for c/c++/java/vb/php/asp/c#/delphi
sourceformatx is multi-language source code formatter, source code beautifier, pretty printer and code indent tool for c, c++, java, c sharp, php, asp, jsp, vb, vb dotnet, vbscript, javascript, delphi, pascal, c#,, 80x86 assembly and asm51 programming languages.
code, source, beautifier, formatter
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winsock, socket and network programming tutorials using c#, c++/cli and vb .net with code examples and program samples
this is a windows platform network programming tutorials using the .net framework with working c#, c++/cli, vb .net source code and program examples.
platforms, libraries, courses, computers, software, frameworks, tools, projects, developments, internet, hardware, notes, programs, programming, network, winsock, tutorials, protocols, training, technology, socket
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the intersection of pastebin, help desk, version control, and social networking
code, sharing, algorithms, articles, snippets, programming
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coding epiphany - coding tutorial, code snippets, concepts and understanding as well as general it related discussions
coding tutorial, code snippets, concepts and understanding as well as general it related discussions
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share buttons | share on any social sharing service. e-mailit
the button that monetizes your site. a superior social experience with smarter sharing, less clutter and lightweight widget.
share, buttons, social, button, plugins, facebook, wordpress, follow, joomla, widgets, pinterest, tweet
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programming | library | reference -
be a part of our developer community and help create the wiki for programmers to support us do simple things e.g. correct spelling and grammar,
code, library, source, wiki, quick, programming, reference, start
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meditech data repository services - meaningful use reporting
meditech data repository consulting, dr reports, data repository training, meaningful use, security audits, nursing quality and business intelligence
repository, data, reporting, support, decision, patient, clinical, safety, magicview, auditor, intelligence, financial, interfacing, report, meaningful, development, training, meditech, integration, downtime, business
expand collapse :: qr codes in the news & in the wild — promoting the use of qr codes
the most comprehensive resource for qr codes, qr code generators, scanners/readers and so much more.
code, tracker, reader, create, scanner, response, mobile, tags, quick, generator
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what a computer is and how it works on
we offer general how-to computer articles and tech articles to help you be more efficient, to see the power of computing, and increase your computer knowledge.
programming, computer, software, guides, source, code, works, computers, tutorial, programmer
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social experiment
this online resource is a free think tank where marketers can share their social media successes and failures stories so everyone can learn together.
social, media, sharing, tips, marketing, experiments
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snipped code snippet gallery
snipped is a social code snippet sharing service that lets you share code snippets with your friends, co-workers and other programmers.
code, repository, social, share, programming, source, javascript, snippets, snipped, jquery
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share my snippets //your code here
manage your code snippets and share them with others.
java, objective, perl, python, csharp, programming, code, development, javascript, snippets
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csnipp - social code sharing
csnipp is a code snippet management tool which helps coders to share knowledge, recieve feedback and reduce their time spend on writing code
snippets, code, snippet, tool, management, angular, knowledge, store, collaborate, share, sharing, python, html, csnipp, javascript, bootstrap, jquery, ruby, node
expand collapse - code paste snippet and code store. is a code snippet in javascript, html, php, css,’s a way for you to keep your code snippets organized and easily accessible from any computer.
code, snippet, iphone, java, textmate, ajax, android, jquery, html, repository, programming, organize, share, source, store, pastebin
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devs forrest - developer community - code snippets
share and add code snippets never forget code that you has spent hours or even days figuring out how to use. never forget code add and share or keep private
facebook, developer, share, delete, wordpress, javascript, buddypress, profile, joomla, google, twitter, tags, coder, photos, free, media, forum, amazon, search, groups, email, dropbox, storage, toolbox, java, ruby, vote, jquery, forrest, snips, snippets, code, isimpledesign, suys, create, iphone, update, video, screencast, ipad
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insert new paste | ipaste,
ipaste allows you to store (for unlimited time), share, download, display (in different formats json, xml, yaml) and keep track of textual content like code snippets. the website is mainly oriented towards the world of developers, offering services like syntax highlighter and code snippet password protection. ipaste supports several programming languages ​​such as java, php, perl, python, c #, c + + and many more
storage, development, pastie, vault, snippet, pastebin, online, markdown
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exorithm - execute algorithm: contribute and run php code snippets
a repository of algorithms. execute them on our server and see them run. anyone can edit and contribute.
database, free, open, wiki, repository, tools, hack, computer, sandbox, online, execute, programming, snippet, script, code, python, algorithm, perl, java, program
expand collapse - save your code snippets and share with other programmers
do you want to have yor code snippets allways accessible? save your code snippets and share with other users.
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codedammit - find code samples and snippets in one place!
codedammit helps you find source codes of real apps to help you learn programming faster. codedammit also maintains a curated list of many tricky code snippets and basic algorithms.
code, learn, source, codes, snippets, algorithms, examples, samples, programming, find, coding
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snippets — code snippets management tools for mac & windows
snippets is a set of tools and services designed for collecting and organizing of code snippets, reusing then in different project and sharing with the team or publicly.
snippets, library, notebook, coder, code, manager, developer, windows
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coderzone programming community - index
coderzone programming community - php snippets, html, css, javascript, xml, asp, sql, vbscript, references and examples
code, examples, dhtml, vbscript, learning, reference, source, demos, samples, free, html, howto, library, programming, javascript, mysql, snippets, perl, syntax, tricks, programmers, tutorial
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csspop - a community collection of css snippets [beta]
csspop is a css submission gallery where you can find, share and vote on css snippets.
snippets, share, social, gallery, csspop
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snipsave 2 - save code snippets online for future reference
save snippets of code quickly and easily into your own repository for future reference. instant search helps you find the exact piece of code you're looking for.
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organize and share your code snippets - php, javascript, java, c, c++, ruby, jquery, actionscript and more code snippets
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active snippets - moai snippets
active snippets on moai snippets, a community driven website to share, explore and improve code snippets for the moai platform.
expand collapse | just another code snippets library.
collection of useful code snippets for various development languages and platforms like .net, php, javascript, wordpress, and more.
code, joomla, source, library, snippets, samples, wordpress
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code experts - tech development resource
tech development resource, free code snippets, reference guide for software developers, network engineers & it professionals. oct 7 2014
code, free, source, snippets, networking, experts, programming
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wpsnippy - cool wordpress snippets
wpsnippy offers cool wordpress code snippets to help plugin and theme developers to develop their website efficiently.
code, source, programming, wpsnippy, tricks, tips, snippet, hack, wordpress
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programming articles - php scripts, articles, tutorials - roscripts
find the best programming scripts, articles, tutorials, jobs, resources and code snippets for webmasters and developers including php and ajax.
jobs, snippets, webmaster, developer, freelancers, code, resources, programming, scripts, articles, tutorials, roscripts
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build a code | code snippets, tech guides, programming and software development tutorials
build a code is a blog for programmers, developers and tech savvy people, providing code snippets, software development tutorials and tech guides.
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dos programming, undocumented dos, and dos secrets a few little secrets about dos programming. continuing to get more code snippets and info. do you need help with you dos programming?
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code issue - get free help and solution for your programming code issue
get free help and solution for your programming code issue. free sign up. share and resolve coding issues. share articles and gain more knowledge. create your professional profile and create your professional circle of friends to resolve coding issues.
basic, visual, website, resolution, solution, problem, mysql, programming, program, issue, software, development, database, code
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wordpress development snippets, collection of wordpress shortcodes, widgets, snippets and functions
wpdevsnippets provides frequently used plug n play code snippets, shortcodes, widgets, css styles and js/jquery functions. it is equally helpful for both developers who just started their development in wordpress and who has been developing for years.
wordpress, snippets, functions, style, htaccess, shortcode, hooks, development, code, codes
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programming hub
programming hub is a perfect app that makes your programming life so much easier! #1 application to learn 15+ programming languages such as python, assembly, html,, c, c++, c# (c sharp), javascript, php, ruby, r programming, css, java programming and much more! fastest way to learn any programming language by referring ready made programs and theory created by programming experts.
programming, code, java, examples, programs, learn, html, coding, nexino
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technology mantra blog - a blog for geeks
technology mantra blog provides code snippets, programming tutorials, programming tricks, computer projects, android tutorial, video tutorials, programming vlog, discussion forum, programming contest and many more.
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syntax share
syntax share is a community where you can interact with other users, share you problems and improve programming skills as a group.
programming, tree, binary, algorithms, search, solution, dynamic, syntax, graph, coding, online, interview, learning, geeks, java, code
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betaprogrammer is a place for programmers to share knowledge about computer programming with one another. we started this site in the hopes we can somehow repay the cosmos for all the times someone else was good enough to share information online freely. we are starting with a blog populated with tips and tricks we have learned. there will sometimes be code samples as well. eventually, if we get an audience, we would like to set up a forum as well.
html, javascript, coding, code, programmer, computers, tips, tricks, programming
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80+ jquery snippets, code, hacks, for your site -
80+ jquery snippets to enhance all aspects of your website or blog
jquery, snippets, datepicker, training, popup, pagination, countdown, layout, tablesorter, datatable, style, overlay, scrollbar, window, treeview, lightbox, hacks, code, effects, class, template, position, accordion, templates
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chili pepper design
tutorials, how-tos, musings, and code snippets about web development and technology. using php, jquery, mysql, mongodb and more.
hacking, code, design, development, programming
expand collapse | best code snippets, tutorials and jquery plugins from across the world
best snippets and plugins, best snippets and plugins across the world, best asp, vb, c#, jquery, java, c, c++, c# code snippets, demos and wordpress plugins
expand collapse
code snipper - code snipper - code snipper - free code enchancements for your html and joomla! sites
code snipper - code snippets, extensions and templates for joomla! cms with k2 component and for static pages.
joomla, templates, themes, esxtensions, snippets, html
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manage your code snippets with codebelt | code examples / tutorials / articles
i created this website so i can hopefully give back to the interactive community that has helped me out over the years. when i have time i will try to upload
code, minneapolis, interactive, developer, articles, examples, snippets, software, codebelt, tutorials
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codemio - programming and technology - a software developer's blog
software projects, free, code snippets, java, c, c++, javascript, html5, css3, python, programming, tutorials, technology, seo and more by berk soysal
software, developers, blog, technology, programming, codemio
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code and me - wordpress code snippet repository
code & me is designed to make wordpress source codes available easier. moreover, with code and me, we have tried to bring up an established community by
snippet, wordpress, repository, code
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pete roome - code snippets and such like.
code snippets and such like.
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ed rackham - web application developer
php, mysql, ajax and other web snippets for the everyday web application developer!
step, programming, databases, free, database, application, ajax, mysql, tutorials, snippets, code
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programming tips, code and tutorials
jaxcoder - code for the fun of it!
interface, gradients, software, arduino, assembler, studio, periphieral, serial, atmega, micro, controller, attiny, assembly, language, atmega1280, register, shift, atmel, fundiono, iduino, debounce, button, generator, wave, gradiator, atmega48, atmega328p, attiny2313, square, ubuntu, easy, made, windows, snippets, code, csharp, development, programming, graphics, framework
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buy scripts and code snippets -
buy scripts, code snippets and templates for your site. php, html5, wordpress themes and plugins.
scripts, templates, snippets, code, plugins, themes, wordpress, html
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apiembed by mashape
auto-generated code snippets in many programming languages for your website, blog or api documentation. made with love by mashape.
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page config - deep inside webpages
articles, tutorials, how-to, designs, scripts and code snippets for websites.
scripts, code, snippets, designing, snipets, articles, tutorials
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send me code
send me code - one of the most popular software testing blogs with best code snippets. latest and complete information on qtp, vbscript and coding
testing, automation, training, expression, regular, programming, interview, framework, forums, jobs, certification, descriptive, questions, script, manual, tutorials, software, templates, quality, test, assurance, quiz
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claim academy | teaching st. louis how to code
learn to code with claim academy! start your programming career here.
code, programming, computer, developers, bootcamps, louis, ruby, java, coding, learn
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perlmonks - the monastery gates
a community committed to sharing perl knowledge and coding tips. the site contains questions and answers, useful snippets, and a library of code.
vroom, examples, answers, questions, node, code, votes, experience, tutorials, learning, expressions, regular, regexp, programming, whoring, perl
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kickdrop - buy and sell code
check out our frontend code marketplace, featuring the best templates and code snippets on the web. save time & make great interfaces. buy and sell code.
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my sub page
viral langaliya | techie with experience in magento, cakephp, codeigniter, zend framework. a blog about programming tips and tricks, code snippets
developer, magento, programming, development, langaliya, cakephp, zend, codeignitor, tutorials, design, viral, blog, blogger
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codefixup | api code & web programming tutorial blog provide api implementation code solutions for multiple web services without any code complexities. the site is enriched with popular api implementation details along with the web programming code.
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web programming blog | facts about internet
web programming blog - includes information on the languages and topics that are the gateway to programming for the web. interesting articles focused on web programming, web programmers, internet facts about web and internet. web programming is the key to successful internet applications.
code, search, embed, converter, html
expand collapse! your censor-free paste site since march 14th 2012 is your censor free site to post your codes, code snippets or stories.
code, upaste, snippets, coding, pastesite, homepage, paste, pastebin
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code support | a technology and programming roomcode support
code support is a initiative by ankita gupta, for technology and programming awareness. code support is fond of google and talk about seo, programming, trending tech updates, wordpress, and all aspects of technological news.
google, marketing, wordpress, programming, technology, trend
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codefixer - asp tutorials, tutorials, asp programming, asp code
asp, tutorials, programming, code and free scripts for the beginner to intermediate asp developer.
tutorials, programming, code, server, active, pages
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visual basic code source - free source code for visual basic and visual
free and unique source code, examples, code snippets, tutorials, controls, and more for visual basic 6.0, visual basic .net, and 2005, vb 2008, vb2010, and visual basic 2012
code, visual, source, free, basic, vbdotnet, examples, files, tutorials, class, snippets, controls, application
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home | pragmaticode
pragmaticode helps developers with web design tutorials, css code, php snippets, jquery plugins and anything else web design/programming related.
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kiwwito – code snippets and more
code snippets and more
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kingdom of roi
a simple blog where i share my little programming experience
ruby, rails, scripting, framework, programming, code, zend
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statsvn - repository statistics - introduction
statsvn retrieves information from a subversion repository and generates various tables and charts describing the project development.
subversion, statistics, open, source, java, code, statcvs, repository, graphs
expand collapse | wordpress tips, code snippets, and how to tutorials
wordpress tips, code snippets, tutorials, theme help, and lots of other wordpress how to guides to help you get the most out of your wordpress site or blog.
wordpress, blog, theme, design, code, tips, recipes, themes, wptuts, free, website, blogging, tutorials, snippets, site
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diglog | design elements, code snippets & web hacks?
design elements, code snippets & web hacks?
wordpress, jquery
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home of free code snippets for bootstrap |
a design element gallery for web designers and web developers. find snippets using html, css, javascript, jquery, bootstrap, and more.
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welcome to
repository with sample code and other resources for using wrds with sas.
financial, accounting, research, wrds, sample, code, repository
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paul scheinast feel free to copy, modify and share what you like.
this is my blog where i write about coding and could find here much about programming and developing with perl under linux.
source, scheinast, code, software, open, foss, tipps, html, projects, technology, tricks, javascript, perl, regex, linux, paul, shell, bash, programming
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key-code. your partner for key programming.
key-code: your professional network for transponder technology.
transponder, supplier, proveedor, technology, keys, llaves, touchclone, products, online, programming, shop, eeprom, locksmiths