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the ecologist: environment, climate change, news, eco, green, energy - the ecologist
news and investigations on the environment, climate change, farming, energy, food, health, green living, eco friendly products - the ecologist
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ecological society of australia
the ecological society aims to promote the scientific study of all organisms in relation to their environment
green, climate, friendly, carbon, waste, recycling, transport, organic, gardening, society, campaign, health, news, living, ecologist, change, food, farming, natural, environment
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climate change news digest
climate change news is an internet news portal that provides constantly updated links to the latest news on climate change. all articles are spam and mal-ware free and filtered by a human to remove the repetition and rubbish and leave only the relevant. the aim of climate change news is to promote a broader view of climate change and to show how inherently it is linked to political, economic, ethical and even philosophical issues.
news, climate, podcast, ecology, green, renewable, sustainablity, newsfeed, environment, energy, greenhouse, portal, change, warming, carbon, global, methane, dioxide, effect
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climate one
climate one at the commonwealth club offers a forum for candid discussion among climate scientists, policymakers, activists, and concerned citizens.
climate, energy, ecology, education, global, fracking, warming, green, drought, oceans, agriculture, power, change, wind, solar, environment, economy, food, resilience, weather
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planet custodian | go green- save the planet
planet custodian is an environment friendly blog, committed to provide our readers everyday with the latest news on sustainable developments, green products,
solar, climate, energy, recycle, power, change, wind, global, green, environment, warming, wildlife
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down to earth | latest news, opinion, analysis on environment & science issues | india, south asia
down to earth brings to you latest news, opinion and blogs on environment and science from india and south asia. follow us for information on water, waste, climate change and energy among other topics
energy, food, warming, clean, climate, pollution, water, change, global, security, science, environment, news, technology, forest, india, deforestation, agriculture
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earth times | news and information about environmental issues
news and blog articles about the environment and information on current environmental issues and topics affecting planet earth
news, green, pollution, environmental, climate, conservation, nature, science, energy, global, change, warming, business, times, earth, opinion, gadgets, issues, blog, environment
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green consumer guide - environmental news and products
environmental news, products and services - updated daily
green, environmental, news, issues, environment, feed, energy, products, efficiency, investments, visas, certification, goods, white, appliances, rated, emas, 14001, change, climate
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climate ark: climate change and global warming portal, news feed and search
climate ark is a climate change and global warming portal, search engine and newsfeed that promotes public policy that addresses global climate change through reductions in carbon dioxide and other emissions, renewable energy, energy conservation and efficiency, and ending deforestation.
climate, change, global, warming, conservation, news, ecology, energy, weather, environmental, water, seas, rising, environment, advocacy, search, portal, activism, snergy, renewable
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climate, check, media, policy, research, news, fact, environment, change, science, energy, global, warming, carbon
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ask about energy | energy ireland | energy forum | irish energy news
energy forum, energy news and ber assessor directory
energy, ireland, renewable, sustainable, future, emissions, recyle, trust, action, grant, investment, about, advice, paper, carbon, white, equity, policy, geothermal, solar
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ecologist news – how to live with an eco edge
ecologist news discusses issues related with environmental conservation and also provides valuable information and latest news on ways to protecting the nature.
green, environment, ecology
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the climate coalition
climate, energy, chaos, stop, efficiency, climatic, environment, renewables, coalition, change, green, coal
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ricardo energy & environment website::: home
ricardo energy & environment is a global sustainability consultancy, combining world-leading energy, climate change and environmental expertise with powerful it, knowledge management and economics capability. we help policy makers understand complex issues and empower business leaders with award winning consultancy advice.
laqm, environment, mamagement, public, data, consultant, climate, change, quality, energy
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green technology
strategy and leadership for clean and sustainable communities.
energy, green, building, alternative, efficiency, chemistry, california, change, pollution, environment, technology, sustainable, renewable, government, climate
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green your head
kelpie wilson's green blog, green your head, covers energy, the environment, and how to live sustainably.
change, forests, sustainability, biochar, climate, rights, blogging, energy, population, green
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rcs front
climate, global, warming, news, change, latest, weather, world, changes, newspaper, recent, climates, round, planet, report, head, site, resources, science, research
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ecovoice: voice of the earth | environment news
environment news, articles, events & products from australia and overseas
news, clean, energy, organics, change, events, climate, environmental, sustainability, environment
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climate change home page | department of the environment, australian government
we contribute to developing climate change solutions, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and adapting to the impacts of climate change. find out about.the emissions reduction fund, adapting to climate change, greenhouse gas measurement and reporting, climate science, emissions projections and renewable energy.
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gwfotd - climate change news
the latest climate change news from members of the gwfotd facebook group.
feed, media, article, headlines, news, environment, change, global, warming, climate
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center for climate strategies
improving the economy, environment and energy systems.
climate, energy, electricity, power, financing, heat, residential, commercial, forestry, agriculture, industry, transportation, waste, economic, environment, economy, action, change, enviroment, systems
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climate action | climate change | how to be green | sustainable design | sustainable architecture | casey danson
global possibilities is an environmental non-profit committed to educating the public about climate change solutions to our ecological, economic and political crises. climate change solutions should be our first priority. we must mitigate climate change with climate action. immediate climate action is important to solve our climate crisis!
climate, green, sustainable, design, change, action, global, warming
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welcome to green-e!
green-e is the nation's leading independent consumer protection program for the sale of renewable energy and carbon offsets in the retail market. green-e offers certification and verification of renewable energy and greenhouse gas mitigation products through green-e climate, green-e energy, and green-e marketplace.
energy, power, green, electricity, certification, renewable, climate, clean, wind, sustainable, carbon, marketplace, consumer, emmisions, solar, generation, resource, marketer, center, soutions
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green eatz | healthy eating for a green planet!
the impact that food and nutrition have on our health, the environment and animals.
climate, warming, change, environment, welfare, animal, global, nutrition, healthy, sustainability, diet, carbon, footprint, food
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clean - citizens league for environmental action now! - home page
clean air- we need it. climate change- we’re concerned. environmental education- we're doing something about it.the citizens league for environmental action now provides houstonians with scientific evidence on the health effects of air pollution. we offer solutions to improve houston's air quality that will benefit houston socially and economically. we encourage the public to speak out on these issues.
environment, health, environmental, energy, clean, renewable, living, efficiency, news, smog, healthy, children, natural, lifestyle, cancer, deregulation, quality, superfund, sustainability, toxics
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center for climate and energy solutions | working together for the environment and the economy
center for climate and energy solutions (c2es) was formerly the pew center on global climate change
research, emissions, change, climate, warming, greenhouse, global
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this green blog
green living tips and trends from the author of nrdcs this green life. covers food, water, health, energy, climate, recycling, sustainability and more.
recycling, energy, chemicals, home, nrdc, mixit, eisenberg, sheryl, productions, wildlife, animals, guide, tips, living, environment, nature, health, eating, food, green
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ecotricity - the green energy company, supplier and generator of eco electricity and gas
switch to ecotricity today and choose green energy, making the biggest difference you can to fighting climate change. we supply homes & businesses with green electricity and green gas.
energy, green, renewable, electricity, wind, power, suppliers, alternative, company
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tools for survival - maps, food, water, health, climate change, energy, housing, security, communications, livelihood, plans, tools
tools and resources for surviving present and future hard times.
climate, change, security, food, safety, water, sustainable, energy, alternative, 2012, peak, hard, survival, times, economy, survive, recession
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earth & industry - sustainable and responsible business
earth & industry focuses on the intersection of people, planet and profit, leading the discussion on how businesses can progress in a sustainable way.
green, energy, business, renewable, building, management, jobs, resource, change, sustainability, blog, climate, environment, alternative
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green mark, leeds, green building index certification consultants
design and build services for energy efficient, environment friendly, sustainable, high performance, green buildings, facilities, eco cities to achieve bca green mark or leeds or green building index certification and to reduce carbon footprint, climate change.
energy, quality, modelling, green, savings, greenery, professional, audit, mark, water, solar, building, lighting, certification, leed, design, consultant
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climate change | climate central
climate central bridges the scientific community and the public, providing clear, honest information to help people make sound decisions about climate and energy.
global, warming, climate, change, facts, anthropogenic, recent, effects, scientist, causes
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long-range energy alternatives planning system
leap 2014: faster, more powerful, built for interaction
energy, planning, model, mitigation, decision, software, policy, analysis, support, modeling, iclei, electricity, retscreen, integrated, development, climate, system, change, green, community
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scientific data relating to climate change; including deforestation, disease, drought and global hunger - world preservation foundation
world preservation foundation
climate, change, environment, policy, solutions, government, facts, education, warming, causes, global
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sustainable business, green business, renewable energy, organic & green investing, green capital
online community for green business: green dream jobs, progressive investor, renewable energy stocks, healthy living stocks, green capital, daily sustainable business and investor news.
energy, green, sustainable, sustainability, capital, environmental, careers, clean, business, technology, reports, organic, agriculture, tidal, industry, efficiency, recycle, development, corporate, wave
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paryavaran mitra, handprint, environmental project, centre for environment education, environment education, childrens, friends, students, cee, arcelormittal, apj, abdul kalam, kidsrgreen, earth charter, global warming, climate change, world environment day, green calendar, green club, eco club, classroom project, teacher resources, biodiversity, waste management, energy, water, green teacher, moef, sustainability, sustainable development, footprint, paryavaran ambassador
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environment jobs and environment post
looking for an environment job, careers or recruitment into the environment sectors. such environment jobs may be in one of several sectors such as ecology, conservation, countryside management, wildlife, recycling, waste management, sustainability, environmental management, landscape, climate change, energy, renewable energy and others. an environment-job can be very fulfilling but salaries do vary according to which sector.
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become part of the green energy future | good energy
our ambition at good energy is to enable homes and businesses to be part of a sustainable solution to climate change.
energy, green, renewable, electricity, supplier, tariffs, feed
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become part of the green energy future | good energy
our ambition at good energy is to enable homes and businesses to be part of a sustainable solution to climate change.
energy, green, renewable, electricity, supplier, tariffs, feed
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easy & simple ways to go green -
learn about all of the ways to go green. the more people know and do, the better we all be. think globally, act locally. go green!
green, ways, energy, earth, change, life, climate, pictures
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renewable energy news from alphatech5
alphatech5 is a leading source of news about energy, renewable energy, alternative energy, emerging technology, climate change and global warming.
power, energy, nuclear, biofuels, technology, climate, warming, global, change, geothermal, wind, alternative, renewable, alphatech5, fuel, solar, cells, wave
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news & analysis on energy policy, renewables, innovation & climate change | the energy collective
the web’s best commentary & analysis on energy policy, climate change, renewable energy, and energy innovation.
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energy related opinion, news, analysis
energy, news, clean, change, climate, weather
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teri: innovative solutions for sustainable development
teri - the energy and resources institute: not-for-profit, policy research organization - working in the fields of energy, environment and sustainable development
energy, sustainable, science, urban, renewable, transport, environmental, green, development, climate, change, buildings
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ontario centre for climate impacts and adaptation resources
climate, change, adaptation, impacts, ontario, workshop, resources, adaptive, community, risk, presentations, tools, case, centre, studies, canada, frameworks, management, publications, global
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earth care awards 2016 | climate change | latest news for earth care
times of india organise an annual award function named earth care awards and is also concerned about earth care, green environment and climate change.
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the climate institute
the climate institute has been in a unique position to inform key decision-makers, heighten international awareness of climate change, and identify practical ways of achieving significant emissions reductions throughout the world.
climate, observatory, tickell, center, training, leadership, environmental, energy, acar, warming, global, change, solutions, arctic, registry, action, sustainable
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earthtalk: questions & answers about our environment
earthtalk: questions & answers about our environment, focusing on climate change, alternative energy, recycling, green living & activism to save the planet.
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earth connexion | amazing green living advice, news, products & reviews!
thanks to climate change impacts, species and ecosystems may have less time to recover from el niño. will this threaten their survival?
planning, trip, garden, bills, home, recommended, accommodation, europe, biodiversity, megacities, ecotourism, singapore, africa, electric, solar, power, automobiles, extinction, ecosystems, change
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business green – news and analysis for the low carbon...
the uk's leading source of information for the green economy, delivering the latest news and in-depth analysis on green business and environmental issues.
green, business, waste, reducing, sustainability, cost, initiatives, issues, environmental, delivering, clean, carbon, news, economy, change, climate, energy, technology
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carbonnation - the movie - home
carbon nation, a climate change solutions movie that does not even care if you believe in climate change.
energy, clean, warming, renewable, sustainability, global, change, peter, nation, byck, climate, carbon
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john kerry on climate change | jbs news renewable energy
the us secretary of state, john kerry speaks at cop 20 (officially named unfccc cop 20) about climate change and renewable energy, december 2014 in peru.
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53 - discuss climate change
discuss climate change. join the debate on global warming today! is a neutral climate forum and online community.
pollution, sustainable, renewable, energy, effect, warming, climate, change, greenhouse, global
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our common future under climate change
our common future under climate change: a major international scientific conference in the cop21 perspective
climate, cop21, future, change, common, adaptation, vulnerability, mitigation, paris, 2015, ecology, under, interdisciplinarity, biodiversity, solutions, impacts, ipcc, giec, environment, science
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india environment portal | news, reports, documents, blogs, data, analysis on environment & development | india, south asia
environment news, reports, government documents, court cases, policy papers, data, statistics, presentations, reviews, press releases, opinions and analysis & more from india and south asia.
water, pollution, environment, energy, waste, development, rivers, forests, clearance, health, food, urbanisation, livestock, security, fisheries, sanitation, harvesting, deforestation, supply, obesity
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the research institute for climate change response
the riccr finds ways in design and technology to reduce the amount of the co2 emissions from the cities. riccr deals with climate change by integrating the area
city, sustainable, urban, development, design, indicator, sustainability, green, performance, environmental, emission, index, climate, smart, energy, change
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home | green energy uk
an electricity supplier that doesn’t act like one – see for yourself........switch today
energy, electricity, power, green, wind, solar, impact, heat, ecofriendly, combined, tidal, fuel, sustainable, wave, alternative, turbines, village, levy, fete, farms
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mother earth news - organic gardening, diy, renewable energy, homesteading and livestock, real food, natural health, nature and environment, green homes, green transportation
mother earth news is the "original guide to wiser living." the magazine and website cover organic gardening, diy projects and plans, renewable energy and energy-efficiency, natural health remedies, and recipes and tips for cooking real, local food. find all you need to achieve self-sufficiency and live sustainably.
living, green, nature, health, natural, less, homes, transportation, sustainable, environment, sufficiency, renewable, gardening, organic, earth, news, energy, homesteading, self, mother
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california climate & agriculture network | advancing policy solutions at the nexus of climate change and sustainable agriculture
the california climate and agriculture network (calcan) is a coalition that advances policy solutions at the nexus of climate change and sustainable agriculture
climate, agriculture, farming, food, california, protection, management, adaptation, rangeland, biodiversity, farmland, ecological, systems, local, coalition, agroecology, soil, organic, sustainable, change
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five percent: conserve energy
green product reviews, tips on saving energy, green news, fun stuff, and a somewhat different perspective on conservation, climate, and energy independence.
energy, reduce, electricity, compact, florescent, economics, sustainability, bulb, recycle, bicycle, fuel, fossil, warming, global, peak, save, conserve, bike, prius
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indianapolis green congregations - home
indianapolis green congregations: helping central indiana faith communities become better stewards of the earth, and all its inhabitants.
green, congregations, indianapolis, efficiency, ministry, change, climate, energy, indiana, care, environment, central, creation
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iceasd 2015 is one of the leading international conferences for presenting novel and fundamental advances in the fields of agricultural and environment for sustainable development, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.
agriculture, security, energy, management, biodiversity, water, food, plant, agro, waste, environmemt, resource, alternative, soil, production, climate, change, protection, animal, health
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home - climate colab
collaborate with people all over the world to win contests on what to do about climate change.
energy, cities, resiliency, management, waste, fossil, fuel, consumption, diesel, agriculture, forestry, buildings, transportation, adaptation, geoengineering, fracking, warming, global, contest, change
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climate corps bay area - home
climate corps bay area is a 10 month fellowship program. we work with san francisco bay area nonprofits and local governments to implement measurable greenhouse gas reduction projects and engage community members in climate protection.
energy, climate, internships, area, corps, americorps, service, clean, ccba, community, efficiency, volunteer, change, greenhouse, gases, renewable, internship
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why? why not?
demand answers on climate change. watch auditions with questions from youth around the world and add your voice. #whywhynot
climate, change, stop, warming, global, gore, contest, video, summit, reality, project, question
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recool : sustainability in architecture
recool is a new platform for the exploration and discussion of design and technology solutions for the built environment.
design, engineering, reviews, change, environment, green, leskosky, reed, westlake, climate, transparency, leed, architecture, zero, energy, hvac, products, benchmarking, sustainability
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avisglobal, avisenergy, avisbank, green energy, clean energy, bionic
the energy solution for the world's present dilemma green energy for everybody the energy solution for the the world's present dilemma
avis, green, food, energy, financing, fish, fullcell, water, technology, world, clean, global, bionic, change, children, clear
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global buildings performance network
the global buildings performance network (gbpn) is a globally organised and regionally focused network whose mission is to advance best practice policies that can significantly reduce energy consumption and associated co2 emissions from buildings.
energy, building, green, buildings, renovation, house, design, making, policy, technologies, deep, policies, estate, real, codes, passive, packages, retrofit, value, bpie
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b l o g o d r i l
hidup, hutan, deforestation, forest, hujan, parks, kebakaran, national, climate, change, environment, news, emission, recycle, energy, global, warming, earthquake, forestry, film
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no impact man
a blog by colin beavan aka no impact man about living a green, sustainable, environmental life to help save the planet by reducing pollution, global warming, and climate change
green, impact, beavan, colin, sustainability, planet, saving, zero, global, environmentalism, warming, climate, living, change, environment
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green forums | be green | how to be green
interested in green energy, pollution, eco friendly goods, green travel, sustainable living or green fuels? discuss ways to be green, share green events and find the latest green news at green forum.
green, hotels, restaurants, jobs, transporation, tips, leed, roofs, homes, news, forums, forum, energy, cars, travel, buildings, vacations
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green climate fund - green climate fund
the gcf mission is to expand collective human action to respond to climate change. the fund aims to mobilize unprecedented levels of funding to invest in low-emission and climate-resilient development on our home planet
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73 - think green with eco friendly news and tips - earth, water, air, life. | home provides you with a fun online social atmosphere that encourages the exchange and discussion of green ideas. a marathon environmental and ecological conversation for normal people. join us! a greeniac nation is a happy nation!
green, living, lifestyle, carbon, nation, sustainable, simple, fuels, environmental, energy, nature, renewable, simplicity, alternative, products, greenie, greeny, greeniac, greeniacgreeniacs, ecology
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'go green' think green, act green
carbon, warming, global, cars, hybrid, climate, change, neutral, offsetting, offset, earth, energy, living, sustainable, green, conservation, freecycle, recipes, beauty, homemade
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75 - environmental web portal is an environmental web portal that connects people to environmental updated news, feature, article, interview, events.
environmental, environment, bdenvironment, portal, change, issues, warming, matters, global, climate, club, young, initiative, news, earth, article, environement, webportal
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energy star | the simple choice for energy efficiency
energy star® is the simple choice for energy efficiency. for more than 20 years, epa’s energy star program has been america’s resource for saving energy and protecting the environment.
energy, efficient, star, certified, appliances, buildings, homes, expert, audit, products, most, blue, label, resource, little, year, advisor, partner, change, home
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save the globe
our planet is dying and we are running out of time, lets do something!
global, warming, energy, earth, greenhouse, carbon, planet, pollution, wind, green, going, renewable, free, overheating, what, environmental, issues, mother, footprint, consequences
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climate change solution - ocean energy turbine
climate change solution - ocean energy turbine - a limitless supply of clean renewable ocean energy to replace fossil fuel and nuclear energy dependence.
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home | ecoweb - your gateway to european eco-innovations.
innovation, research, funding, european, energy, climate, environmental, change, project, results, social, environment, pollution, funds, efficiency, mitigation, renewable, clean, innovations, technologies
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brisbane local food - growing local
a network for those who grow, buy, make, sell and share local food. because these things are improbably, yet reverberatingly important.
local, sustainable, change, organic, garden, permaculture, plants, gardening, climate, renewable, food, green, energy, urban, peak, community, agriculture, brisbane
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the official website of dr. tim ball
this website examines a wide variety of topics about the way the environment affects humans and the way humans affect the environment.
climate, change, carbon, ball, greenhouse, science, dioxide, footprint, timothy, effect, intergovernmental, anthropogenic, global, warming, panel, ipcc
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consumers international (ci) is the only independent and authoritative global voice for consumers. our work includes: financial services, sustainable development and consumption, social responsibility, energy, climate change, food and our annual campaign, world consumer rights day.
change, climate, international, consumers
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earth news, earth science, energy technology, environment news
earth news, earth sciences, energy and environment.
earth, environment, energy, climate, news
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national environment agency
nea is the leading public organisation responsible for improving & sustaining a clean and green environment in singapore.
waste, public, environment, health, radiation, cleanliness, haze, hawking, pollution, vector, control, weather, infestation, pest, centres, smoking, recycling, food, burial, chemical
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affiliate partnership center - national wildlife federation
nwf’s fair climate network is working to widen the national network of leaders representing underserved communities in order to forge connections to each other, resources, and to decision makers in an effort to further initiatives that promote sustainable communities, clean energy, and green jobs.
climate, fair, change, network, warming, advocacy, community, project, justice, global
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green pages the global directory for environmental technology
environment information service and business portal - a gateway for environmental professionals worldwide about issues of sustainable development and the environment
sustainable, hazardous, agriculture, forestry, waste, disposal, transportation, energy, renewable, recycling, cleantech, conservation, sanitation, supply, water, change, irrigation, resources, natural, pollution
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eco friend - eco friend - green, environment friendly, sustainable, energy saving, solar and organic products and guide
covering the latest news about environment, global warming, sustainable solutions, renewable energy and green design
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environmental topics & sustainable development
enviropaedia is an online environmental encyclopaedia linked to a green directory with a sustainable living guide and leading edge articles on sustainable development. this free access and interactive resource is ideal for individuals and businesses who wish to live and work in a more eco-friendly manner.
green, sustainable, renewable, energy, sustainability, living, organisations, lifestyle, change, warming, environment, development, environmental, encyclopaedia, global, conservation, climate
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environmental news, articles & information | global warming news | ecoworld | environmental news, information & articles on climate change, global warming and sustainability
find the latest environmental news, information & articles on climate change, global warming and sustainability at keep up to date with the green movement and learn how to live a healthier more eco-friendly lifestyle.
environmental, sustainability, green, movement, warming, change, news, information, articles, climate, global
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simply green eco friendly information to save our environment
simply green is an environmentally friendly source of information on going green, natural products, organic products, eco friendly products (including recycled products), green building, alternative energy, and other information to help you to understand the new world of the green office, green home and green car that will serve to save the environment.
green, products, organic, friendly, food, alternative, building, energy, recycled, home, africa, south, environment, office, nash, global, urban, recycle, environmentally, warming
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91 - home
coalition's mission: to represent accurately, and without prejudice, facts regarding climate change; to provide considered opinion on matters related to both natural and human-caused climate effects; and to comment on the economic and socio-political consequences of climate change.
climate, global, warming, zealand, change, science
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goal for the green
para-education and green living information
energy, green, read, recycling, relaxation, social, research, tree, misc, marketing, nature, plant, networking, solar, power, wind, work, from, home, wildlife
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nola wise
global green, usa - new orleans office. environmental non-profit. programs: nola wise, water wise, holy cross project, louisiana wetland action program
climate, nola, energy, green, wise, orleans, building, change, efficiency, louisiana, holy, global, cross, project, lwap, leed, cdcac
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green homes, green technology, green cars, vehicles, green energy, green news, green money
tips on making a greener and eco friendly planet through initiatives in green homes, green technology, green vehicles, green energy and ways & means of
green, cars, fuel, gases, fuels, money, construction, energy, home, homes, improvement, technology, vehicles, news
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climate parliament: legislators working worldwide to combat climate change
climate parliament
climate, initiative, green, parl, parliament, cparl
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climate cooling, the other side of climate change science: global cooling
global cooling facts- the monster of climate change. an impact assessment scientist tells about global climate cooling facts
climate, change, global, warming, facts, about, impacts, truth, ocean, research, atmosphere, questions, weather, cooling, books, science, greenhouse, paleoclimate, effect, earth
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ecopolitology - politics of energy and the environment
ecopolitology features fresh news and critical analyses of the politics of energy and the environment.
energy, environmental, policy, politics, alternative, clean, renewable, green, environment, movement
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i will try
simple, effective ways to reduce your contribution to climate change, and save money doing it.
rocket, stove, drag, coefficient, efficiency, energy, change, solar, collector, climate
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myanmar climate change alliance
welcome to the myanmar climate change alliance. read about the latest news regarding climate change action in the country, learn the terminology, or participate
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environews nigeria - for a healthy & pollution-free environment
environews nigeria is an online news magazine dedicated to the pursuit of a healthy and pollution-free environment via effective information dissemination.
reports, marine, science, development, sustainable, tech, conservation, estate, real, radio, settlement, biotech, sports, health, politics, entertainment, business, renewable, energy, news
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sustainability and climate change consultancy | climate protection company
501 carbon is an award winning non-profit climate protection company provides sustainability and climate change consultancy services for energy and carbon industry.
climate, consultancy, change, company, protection, sustainability
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home - cape farewell - the cultural response to climate change
cape farewell changes the way we think about climate change. we engage great creative minds to address society's biggest challenge: climate change.
climate, warming, global, carbon, artcop21, david, farewell, buckland, change, cape, artcop
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home - crowdsensor
collaborate with people all over the world to win contests on what to do about climate change.
energy, cities, resiliency, management, waste, fossil, fuel, consumption, diesel, agriculture, forestry, buildings, transportation, adaptation, geoengineering, fracking, warming, global, contest, change
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climate change dispatch - home
we provide climate change news through sound science, opposing viewpoints, and factual information. we abhor consensus science and alarmist reporting.
news, factual, viewpoints, opposing, charade, hoax, consensus, fraud, current, debate, dioxide, change, climate, warming, facts, information, carbon, science, global
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the daily fusion: energy news, science, technology, ideas, innovation
the daily fusion is the hub for all the energy news: from fossil fuels, to renewable energy and cutting-edge technology and science.
energy, news, daily, alternative, green, sector, science, conventional, industry, articles, renewable, technology
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home |
solutions to climate change from the world's most important organisations working to decarbonise the economy.
climate, change, global, warming, carbon, energy, renewable, solar, wind, clean
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john j. berger, ph.d. | specializing in climate change, energy & natural resources
a letter from john berger during many years of professional work in the fields of renewable energy and environmental policy, i have been deeply concerned about the effects of human activities on the environment. my focus was originally on the environmental impacts of energy technologies.  after studying the energy options globally available, i was convinced
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front-page alexander's gas and oil connections
newsletter covering global oil & gas, energy, economy, climate & environment, geo-politics
energy, solar, wind, economy, geopolitics, water, renewable, climate, drilling, shale, pipeline, refinery, offshore
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concert for the climate home page
a free gift to the kansas city region to improve our understanding of climate change and provide ways to minimize our impact on climate change and travel more lightly on the earth.
solutions, future, change, climate, event, musical, enducate
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rtcc - responding to climate change
rtcc was founded by james ramsey in 2002 and its mission is to raise awareness about climate change.
climate, global, change, emissions, sustainability, warming, cop21, cop20
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go green at save with green
learn why and how you should go green with the help of save with green's holistic living guide and natural products directory designed to help you go green and to understand the impacts and necessities of going green this day and age
health, organic, save, green, food, news, conservation, vitamins, herbs, holistic, medicine, wholistic, pollution, minerals, environment, with, earth, money, environmental, going
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energy news - energy technology - energy business - energy and the environment
energy news - brings you daily news on energy technology - its manufacture, its distribution and its application
energy, ethanol, hydro, diesel, fusion, rock, geothermal, technology, information, news, solar, nuclear, natural, coal, wind
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environment - ecology - nature - habitat - gaia
information about; ecology, ecosystem, ecovillage, ecological design, ecological agriculture, deep ecology, applied ecology, ecologist, ecosophy, ecosystem services, environment, habitat, nature, holism, holistic view, gaia, general systems theory, permaculture, biodiversity, sustainability, sustainable development, green architecture, green energy, adaptive systems, agenda 21, agroecology, clean technology, amory lovins, arne naess, bill mollison, biological diversity, biologist, biomimicry, bioneers, biotic, citta slow, climate, conservation, david holmgren, desertification, ecological footprint, endemic, evolution, examen hilosophicum, exphil, food security, food safety, global warming, green revolution, harmony, hydroponics, jacque fresco, jaime lerner, james lovelock, janine benyus, lester brown, life, masanobu fukuoka, millennium development goals, millennium ecosystem assessment, natural resources, natural selection, one-straw revolution, open systems, organic agriculture,
systems, ecosystem, ecological, ecology, green, revolution, natural, food, millennium, development, agriculture, security, safety, harmony, hydroponics, warming, global, evolution, holmgren, david
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compare prices and save.
news, information and blog posts on green products.
green, energy, wind, power, solar, inverters, turbines, windmills, alternative, environment, panels, products, water
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energy cities
energy cities, the european association of local authorities in energy transition.
energy, urban, european, policy, municipalities, planning, transport, ambiente, practice, public, energa, solar, liberalisation, wind, market, cogeneration, green, funds, projects, climate
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joint energy and environment projects
jeep, joint energy and environment projects, is a non-governmental organization working for a green uganda with an environmentally safe and clean habitat for the present and future generations. located in the pearl of africa, where biomass accounts for 93% of the entire energy used, our mission is to combat environmental destruction and conserve natural resources.
solar, stove, tree, project, installation, uganda, energy, climate, saving, training, awareness, conservation, africa, environmental, sense, insect, renewable, east, kampala, fare
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global warming forecasts | climate change projections | global warming predictions
global warming forecasts from 2010 - 2100. the web's authoritative collection of published climate change forecasts projecting heat waves, water shortages, wildfire projections, cost of global warming, global warming deaths, glacial melting caused by global warming, polar region greenhouse effect impacts on arctic and antarctic ice sheets, polar ice melting projected impacts on sea levels, global warming temperature forecasts, heat-related fatalities, global warming droughts, agricultural and food production global warming future effects, food and feedstock projections, displaced populations, eco-migration climate change predictions, species extinction global warming predictions, energy forecasts, energy workforce projections, carbon dioxide emissions projections, china carbon emissions projections, ipcc projections, population forecasts, greenhouse gas emissions forecasts, water scarcity global warming predictions. global warming predictions usa and climate change predictions.
global, warming, forecasts, predictions
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kids 4 clean air | pollution | climate | recycling
information on global warming, climate change, air pollution, acid rain, ozone depletion and sustainable development
weather, development, sustainable, transport, energy, schools, environment, waste, depletion, ozone, change, climate, warming, pollution, rain, acid, global
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macrae media and communication | positively social | positively media | postively video | positively,green | social | sustainability | communications | broadcasting | pr | video content | relationship marketing | csr strategies | green issues | environment | climate change | zero carbon | london | pr oxfordshire | campaigns | crisis communications | green pr | issue communications | low carbon, marketing | public relations
specialists in science and environment, sustainability and low carbon pr and communication strategy.
green, positively, communications, change, content, marketing, carbon, media, video, social, climate, oxfordshire, zero, london, crisis, relations, macrae, public, environment, issue
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the climate | developing innovative popular media content on climate & climate change
goals the goal of the climate media net is to help develop fresh and popular approaches to climate change in non-news uk media. the net will be a new independent resource for broadcast, print and online media.  the net’s focus will be on high rating mainstream content (entertainment, comedy, drama, soaps, sitcoms, features and factual). our interest is not
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allen hydro energy corporation (ahec)
clean energy, climate change solution, global warming, green energy, sustainable power, ahec power plants, innovation, hydroelectricity, hydro power, clean energy solution
power, energy, clean, solution, ahec, hydro, plants, innovation, hydroelectricity, green, climate, change, global, warming, sustainable
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paula owen consulting — energy & climate change consultancy
energy & climate change consultancy
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green choices - the green website for eco-living
green choices - the uk guide to greener living and eco friendly products & services
energy, saving, sustainable, reducing, friendly, efficient, recycling, greener, guide, products, living, climate, waste, change, green
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ecoisms: poking eco geeks!
at ecosims we provide you with the latest green news about the environment such as various green gadgets , go green art and architecture, go green concepts and
green, environment, gadgets, news
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independent climate and environment news | celsius
independent climate and environment news with a distinct aussie bent, because we care about this planet and the people that populate it. join us.
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the4cs - climate change community champions - home
plastic, biogas, anaerobic, digester, livelihoods, environment, recycling, gardening, alleviation, development, sustainable, change, community, ethiopia, poverty, ethiopian, climate
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stockholm environment institute-u.s. center
u.s. center of the stockholm environment institute, an international research organization working on sustainable development. sei-us is a research affiliate of tufts university in massachusetts.
water, climate, economics, energy, planning, scenario, analysis, management, demand, side, stern, reservoir, aquifer, quality, renewables, biomass, review, groundwater, models, change
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hobs gas | hobs gas
energy, wind, development, green, potential, environment, geothermal, drawbacks, efficient, power, solar, policy, cell, hydrogen, renewable, disadvantages, fuel, saving, homes, economy
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fairfax climate watch
the big picture on global warming and climate change - news and information that matters.
global, warming, climate, change, greenhouse, effects, cuases, rise, effect, level
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green diary - green revolution guide by dr prem - lets go green and save the environment for a sustainable future
all about green technology, solar energy, wind energy, renewable energy, green design and eco friendly tips for a sustainable future
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environment news south africa
environmental news, articles and legislation for south africa. nuclear issues, global warming, climate change, environment, ecosystems, mining, poisoning, acid mine drainage, gm foods, legislation.
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environment news south africa
environmental news, articles and legislation for south africa. nuclear issues, global warming, climate change, environment, ecosystems, mining, poisoning, acid mine drainage, gm foods, legislation.
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environment stock photos and images. more than 1,000 environment pictures, clip art and royalty free environmental photographs for you to search and download. -
ecopics environment pictures, stock photos and clip art include environmental topics such as air pollution, water pollution, drinking water, stormwater, waste, solid waste, energy, climate change, recycling, open space, sprawl development and many more popular subjects.
clip, environmental, photo, pollution, water, environment, photograph, picture, drinking, stormwater, climate, change, images, recycling, graphic, ecopics, photos, graphics
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climate council
australians deserve independent information about climate change, from the experts.
climate, heat, extreme, science, change
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few - home examines the production and distribution of food, energy, and water (few) from a global justice perspective.
water, sustainable, energy, food, inequality, poverty, development, climate, environment, global, agriculture, justice
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all recycling facts & eco green living – every bit counts
this is all on eco green living and recycling facts. earth is our gift and it is all we have. learn why we need to protect it and what we can do. also pick up interesting facts and green tips.
green, climate, change, energy, living, recycling, recycle, facts
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137 - buliding green awareness, be that change!
green-la, green living, los angeles, global warming, hollywood, environment, eco-friendly, eco, hybird, prius, energy, events, downtown la, loft, lofts, loft living, yoga, organic, los angeles mayor, green la, celebrities
green, angeles, energy, downtown, renewable, solar, park, griffith, conserve, gardens, healthy, mayor, organic, greater, panels, celebrity, hollywood, clean, tips, whales
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taiwan international green industry show
tigis is a unique platform that spotlights the latest and best green products in asia. it is also the most-renowned b2b green exhibition in taiwan, whose green strengths rank world third in sustainable development (imd, 2013) if you were one of the 180 exhibitors exhibiting in your country pavilion (china, finland, germany, japan, turkey and the usa)in tigis-13, you were likely delighted at your results and are planning to return this october. and as an exhibitor you know the great chances you had to connect with green-friendly visitors from 49 nations/regions who were scouting smart ways into renewable energy, wind power systems, water tech, eco-friendly equipment, fuel-saving electrical vehicles, sustainable factories and the best for green buildings and urban renewal.
energy, fuel, smart, saving, motorcycle, wind, battery, grid, cell, biomass, electrical, products, geothermal, solar, hydropower, meter, water, recovery, sustainability, reduce
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european biomass industry association - home
eubia - european biomass industry association
energy, development, association, biomass, green, sustainable, waste, wood, chips, biogas, projects, financing, scale, warming, combustion, gasification, conference, global, change, rapeseeds
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climate, change, fukushima, press, energy, warming, carbon, nuclear, lake, journalism, roger, pielke, john, drought, center, realclimate, associated, power, boiling, relativity
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energy audits, energy saving solutions, weatherization, green constrution, bangor, maine | osher environment systems
an energy efficient home can save you up to $1, 500 per year. it also helps reduce your carbon footprint with energy audits, energy saving solutions, weatherization and green construction
energy, efficient, maine, auditing, free, analysis, consultation, bangor, environment, savings, audit, weatherization, green, osher, construction, systems
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sublime | changing the media to change the world
for creative thinkers and inquiring minds. sublime is an international sustainable lifestyle magazine. it is an independent publication dedicated to inspire a new generation of readers to bring about social and environmental sustainability.
living, sustainable, power, solar, energy, community, renewable, environment, change, climate, vegetarian, green, entrepreneur, cleantech, magazine, lifestyle, ethical, design, trends, smart
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exxonmobil singapore
homepage of exxonmobil singapore
energy, exxon, mobil, change, industry, climate, transparency, demand, responsibility, supplies, fuel, community, corporation, esso, exxonmobil, society, environment, social
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| ens
climate, toxic, wolf, elephant, tiger, deer, farming, plants, plant, grass, agriculture, whale, bear, dolphin, healthy, health, organic, sustainability, fish, chemical
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the sustainability institute transforming communities for this generation and the next.
the sustainability institute is an award-winning, nonprofit organization with a mission of empowering south carolinians to conserve energy and reduce our environmental impact where we live and work.
energy, green, home, environment, improvements, insulation, assessment, ecodistrict, spray, performance, hvac, envelope, training, duct, verifier, audit, foam, weatherization, efficiency, clean
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efficientcarbon - sustainability, carbon management and renewable energy advisory
efficientcarbon is a hyderabad, india based specialist consulting firm providing advisory and consulting services in the areas of sustainability, carbon management & renewable energy
energy, carbon, green, testing, renewable, management, hyderabad, environmental, advisory, light, efficiency, 14001, environment, pollution, lights, waste, clean, assessment, efficient, water
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southern alliance for clean energy
sace has been a leading voice for energy reform to protect the quality of life and treasured places of the southeast for more than 25 years.
energy, coal, clean, change, climate, nuclear, renewable, wind, solar
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send a sceptic to space
despite 97% of scientists agreeing climate change is real, some of the world’s most influential leaders don’t get it. so we’re sending the worst climate sceptic on the planet to space, to change their perspective on the environment for good. help us get lift off.
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development alternatives group
development alternatives da, the worlds first social enterprise dedicated to sustainable development, is a research and action organisation striving to deliver socially equitable, environmentally sound and economically scalable development outcomes. das green technology innovations for habitat, water, energy and waste management, which deliver basic needs and generate sustainable livelihoods, have reduced poverty and rejuvenated natural ecosystems in the most backward regions of india, creating some one million livelihoods and empowering over 6 million people
management, group, development, change, climate, technology, solid, waste, cleaner, building, delhi, indian, environment, environmental, india, water, recycling, paper, tara, governance
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epic! energy labs interactive video
there is a way to power our lives without dirty energy. there is a solution to climate change without nuclear reactors. we can solve the climate crisis and power our lives from 100% renewable sources and energy efficiency. now is the time to create our fossil and nuclear-free future.
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climate science for sceptics - home
climate science for those who genuinely want to know more about why scientists are worried about the global warming effect of man made carbon dioxide other greenhouse gas emissions from energy, transport and agriculture.
climate, energy, level, anomaly, temperature, rise, carbon, keith, burrows, pause, hiatus, dioxide, weather, balance, warming, global, science, change, sceptics, skeptics
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scope intervention| saving and conservation of our planet earth intervention
scope intervention is a youth-led non-governmental organization operating in kenya. it's a movement of young people passionate about fighting climate change and promoting socio-economic development in their communities.
kenya, water, environmental, organization, climate, deforestation, change, environment, forest, catchment, sustainable, people, young, natural, conservation, management, society, intervention, lobbying, wetlands
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solar family - join the solar revolution
energy experts providing one-stop shop for rooftop solar pv installations. for households and commercial buildings.
energy, solar, rooftop, grid, peta, greenpeace, bears, polar, change, india, channel, partner, mnre, subsidy, climate, bescom, connected, energymeister, electricity, renewable
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groupe energies renouvelables, environnement et solidarités - association geres
association de développement et de solidarité internationale
energy, environment, climate, sustainable, development, change, durable, environnement, renouvelable, changements, climatiques
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stockholm environment institute
the stockholm environment institute (sei) links science and policy across a broad range of environmental and development issues at all scales across the globe.
water, poverty, livelihoods, policy, sanitation, transitions, health, ecosystems, scenarios, consumption, energy, resilience, johan, environment, development, sustainable, kuylenstierna, sweden, vulnerability, change
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low carbon communities network
the low carbon communities network was formed in april 2008 to link, network and support the rapidly growing movement of climate change groups that are forming
activism, greenhouse, communities, local, media, social, ozone, emissions, energy, community, renewable, environment, planet, green, carbon
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eco-products international fair - eco-products, eco-technologies, eco-services
eco-products international fair 2014
green, energy, building, water, automobile, fuel, saving, smart, home, city, products, geothermal, systems, certification, electric, hydropower, biomass, cell, education, battery
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ereda renewable energy pvt. ltd - erepl jodhpur rajasthan
erada renewable energy pvt. ltd. (erepl) is one of the leading service providers in solar plant, energy and environment sector with specialization in the areas of renewable energy project development and is dedicated to work across the spectrum of renewable energy, climate change, carbon markets, and sustainable development with its best customer oriented services, ereda renewable energy pvt. ltd - erepl jodhpur rajasthan
erepl, jodhpur, rajasthan, renewable, energy, ereda
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facts about climate change science and ocean acidification, truth from consensus and climate change skeptics
unbiased climate change and ocean acidification information-an impact assessment scientist separates climate change facts from fiction
climate, global, change, warming, facts, ocean, emissions, truth, about, questions, greenhouse, noaa, weather, atmosphere, impacts, books, science, acidification, united, nations
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climate risk
climate risk has been providing risk and adaptation advice to government and business for 10 years we are australias only dedicated adaptation company.
climate, weather, infrastructure, resilience, extreme, environment, change, risk, adaptation
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climatebites | your climate communication toolkit
climatebites is an online toolkit for climate communication. it offers climate metaphors, soundbites, narratives, humor, graphics and more -- to breath life into presentations and help make your climate messages stick.
climate, change, humor, metaphors, communication, soundbites
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climate analytics - preventing dangerous climate change
climate analytics is a non-profit climate science and policy institute, which brings together interdisciplinary expertise in the scientific and policy aspects of climate change.
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emissions services by cleaner and greener®
information on green energy, green electricity, green power, emissions trading markets, reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides, particulates, mercury, greenhouse gases, and other pollutants. calculate the pollution from your electricity use.
pollution, emissions, greenhouse, reporting, gases, change, trading, prevention, reduction, climate, energy, green, reductions, survey, ozone, oxides, nitrogen, emission
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alternative energy news - revolution-green
green energy, clean energy, affordable energy, lenr, cold fusion, plasma, magnets, wind turbines, solar energy.
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how to let go of the world - a film by josh fox
in how to let go of the world and love all the things climate can't change, oscar nominated director josh fox (gasland) continues in his deeply personal style, investigating climate change – the greatest threat our world has ever known. traveling to 12 countries on 6 continents, the film acknowledges that it may be too late to stop some of the worst consequences and asks, what is it that climate change can’t destroy? what is so deep within us that no calamity can take it away?
climate, oscar, earth, sundance, change, documentary, movie, film, josh
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godrej | good & green
we have articulated our commitment towards building a more inclusive and greener india - godrej good & green
good, green, godrej, leadership, india, climate, social, employable, indian, forbes, awards, 2015, change, responsibility, related, reporting, conscious, information, year, british
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home | climate realists
the realists take on climate change: man made climate change is a lie, why pay green taxes when global temperatures have started to fall despite co2 output continuing to rise!
global, warming, change, variance, variation, arctic, made, realism, transpolar, snap, cycle, solar, activity, beaufort, trans, polar, drift, shift, irradiance, star
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now in its 20th year, e/the environmental magazine is a bimonthly clearinghouse of information, news and resources for people concerned about the environment who want to know what can i do? to make a difference. a 13-time independent press awards winner and nominee, e is chock full of everything environmental -- from recycling to rainforests, and from the global village to our own backyards.
toxins, health, energy, renewable, climate, change, environmental
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esso france
esso france filiale du groupe exxonmobil
energy, exxon, mobil, change, industry, climate, transparency, demand, responsibility, supplies, fuel, community, corporation, esso, exxonmobil, society, environment, social
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world renewable energy congress / network (wrec/wren)
wren is a major institution for renewable energy promotion.
renewable, energy, climate, change, network, wren, environment, world
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clean technology insights in emerging economies - climate change, renewable energy, food science, water management and more.
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plants need co2 - first page
carbon, climate, dioxide, change, global, green, emissions, gases, warming, greenhouse, house, science, plants, atmosphere, emission
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the climate and energy project
helping midwesterners take charge of a clean energy future - by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, developing renewable resources, and improving energy efficiency.
energy, sound, policy, affordable, kansans, kansas, renewable, efficiency, climate, midwest
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climate change connection
this website provides climate change facts and solutions to manitobans. ccc is a non-government organization. it is a program of the manitoba eco-network.
climate, emissions, solutions, manitoba, change, science, mitigation, greenhouse, adaptation, global, network, connection, warming, reduce
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humanitarian news
humanitarian news is the largest news aggregator, collecting the latest nonprofit news and blog posts from 1000+ handselected sources.
nonprofit, united, change, nations, climate, charity, policy, foreign, relief, refugees, blogs, workers, environment, humanitarian, international, world, news, conflict, emergency, disaster
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transition culture
an evolving exploration into the head, heart and hands of energy descent
descent, sustainability, energy, change, plan, action, kinsale, hopkins, localisation, building, devon, natural, education, climate, permaculture, global, warming, peak, totnes
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alternatives-magazine home page
if you believe real food, safe water, clean energy and your health is important . .
fitness, bike, montana, health, paddle, whitefish, sports, forward, climate, fishing, water, food, sustainable, lifestyle, awareness, living, moving, transportation, energy, development
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a\j – canada's environmental voice
alternatives journal (a\j) is canada’s environmental magazine, featuring intelligent analysis, inspiring stories and smart solutions to today’s environmental problems.
living, green, pipelines, natural, resources, conservation, energy, change, climate, magazine, canada, alternatives, environmental, sustainability, solutions, environment
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a\j – canada's environmental voice
alternatives journal (a\j) is canada’s environmental magazine, featuring intelligent analysis, inspiring stories and smart solutions to today’s environmental problems.
living, green, pipelines, natural, resources, conservation, energy, change, climate, magazine, canada, alternatives, environmental, sustainability, solutions, environment
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between the poles
all about infrastructure and the impact of global climate change on how we manage our infrastructure
change, utilities, public, works, climate, global, sustainability, green, stimulus, modeling, infrastructure
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exxon mobil ireland
exxon mobil corporation is the parent of esso, mobil and exxonmobil companies around the world. exxonmobil is an industry leader in almost every aspect of the energy, oil and gas, and petrochemical business
energy, exxon, responsibility, change, climate, transparency, industry, supplies, fuel, demand, social, environment, esso, exxonmobile, mobile, mobil, corporation, community, society
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the little green books environmental ebooks - the little green books environmental ebooks
educational & informative ebooks on climate change and other environmental issues
smith, ebook, change, books, climate, green
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() ()
exxon mobil corporation is the parent of esso, mobil and exxonmobil companies around the world. exxonmobil is an industry leader in almost every aspect of the energy, oil and gas, and petrochemical business
energy, exxon, mobil, change, industry, climate, transparency, demand, responsibility, supplies, fuel, community, corporation, esso, exxonmobil, society, environment, social
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geography and you|climate change in india|climate change|ngo|urban|climate change india|ngo india|india.lights, teachers capacity building, environment in india, india, poverty in india, climate change, magazine in inida, development, agricultutre , urban , rural, extreme event, events india, extreme event india. the range extends from conduction field surveys, research and analysis to presenting international quality books that can even be dispatched to the requisite destinations
india, change, event, extreme, research, analysis, surveys, presenting, field, extends, from, conduction, international, quality, dispatched, requisite, destinations, even, books, that
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plant trees for a better planet! | tree-nation
tree-nation is the planting community united against climate change. planters, companies and world citizens team-up on tree-nation to develop high standards reforestation projects in order to fight climate change, deforestation and help local economies.
tree, plant, trees, warming, carbon, neutral, global, offset, change, planting, environment, climate, desertification
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your renewable news
global leading international renewable news website focusing on industry and project information.
renewable, wave, photovoltaic, biomass, change, hydro, climate, geothermal, biofuel, energy, solar, wind, news, turbine, hydroelectric
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green dog foam solutions - your home's best insulation friend
do you know how much of an impact your home’s insulation has on your energy consumption, utility bills, quality of life and the environment? according to national geographic, buildings consume over 40% of total energy used and a staggering 47% of the world’s energy is spent on heat.
green, foam, environment, value, bills, energy, solutions, insulation, home, utility
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alternative energy in cyprus
looking for tips on alternative energy in cyprus ? wondering what you can do to go green? well, click on through to our alternative energy blog for tons of free
green, power, environment, planet, earth, wind, alternative, homes, solar, cyprus, energy
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home - energyvortex
energyvortex explores energy news, energy certification, energy education, energy technologies, cleantech, energy management, green job opportunities, sustainable development.
energy, jobs, membership, green, industry, online, engineers, seminars, renewables, leed, energyvortex, hvac, lighting, power, building, certification, management, books, services, products
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the energy bill revolution | a campaign for warm homes & lower bills
an alliance of organisations and members of the public calling for warm homes and lower bills for all.
energy, carbon, fuel, bills, green, poverty, homes, bill, costs, efficiency, lower, emissions, economy, home, cold, winter, reduction, cost, crisis, reducing
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air pollution news
air pollution news tracks the latest news on air pollution and its effects.
greenhouse, levels, rising, icecap, melting, gaia, environment, gases, effect, global, health, environmental, warming, climate, change, pollution
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water & climate change
water and global climate change - this website will be your guide to understanding water and climate change. using our maps you will be able to visualise changing rainfall patterns.
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el ciprés coffee | café el salvador
café el ciprés no solo es un café de alta calidad, sino que nace con la idea de llevar bienestar para todos: productores, trabajadores, consumidores, comunidades y para el país entero.
cafe, coffee, salvador, altura, change, climate, green, agriculture, sustainable, protection, environment, quality, good, excelencia, barista, bourbon, arabica, specialty, estricta, taza
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go green america tv
all of the news and information you need to start down the road to a greener america
green, nutrition, products, living, beauty, energy, news, technology, business, sustainability, health
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the green optimistic - alternative energy news, green technologies
publishing the best alternative energy and green technology news since 2008, with an optimistic hint.
power, energy, wind, cars, electric, technologies, renewable, green, alternative, solar
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home- international climate initiative (iki)
since 2008, the international climate initiative (ici) of the federal ministry for the environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety (bmu) has been financing climate and biodiversity projects in developing and newly industrialised countries, as well as countries in transition.
energy, system, eastern, network, caribbean, transformation, projects, federal, environmental, ministry, environment, agency, bundesumweltministerium
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oecd 73
the most comprehensive inventory of climate change investment available
climate, finance, landscape, change, global
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your green store
green, clean, and healthy: food, energy, garden, and fashion to replace the energy wasting products of the past.
green, shopping, products, technology, solutions, shop, living, store, home
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climate change, energy, sustainability. get the facts and learn about the solutions.- global warming is real
climate change, energy, sustainability. get the facts and learn about the solutions.
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marine biodiversity & conservation - dulvy lab
nick dulvy is a marine ecologist with 20 years of experience of doing the marine science that matters. i seek to understand, describe and shape the future of our oceans, focusing on the evolution, ecology and sustainability of sharks and rays.
change, global, climate, biodiversity, extinction, sharks, diversity, conservation
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amazon continuum >> researching climate change where the amazon meets the atlantic
funded by the national science foundation and the gordon and betty moore foundation, the amazon continuum project will explore the amazon river and plume affect global climate change.
warming, feedback, dioxide, carbon, cycle, cyanobacteria, environment, ocean, teaching, education, research, respiration, cooling, weather, brazil, marine, continuum, plume, river, biology
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conservation conversations | get into it!
energy, efficiency, blog, water, doors, saving, heating, conservation, demand, windows, seal, products, leaks, save, watt, green, voltage, change, conversations, department
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miccgreentec | energy innovations
miccgreentec solar systems llc (mgt) is primarily a technology based company involved in research, development and manufacturing. mgt develops and partner.
solar, energy, lights, green, middle, east, services, trading, lighting, desert, power, systems, solutions, general, dubai, climate, project, management, gulf, water
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energyguardian | exclusive coverage of energy and climate news delivered to your email inbox and browser.
energyguardian provides exclusive intelligence on energy and climate issues and government policies
capitol, electricity, hill, washington, energy, policy
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mobil oil new zealand
exxon mobil corporation is the parent of the mobil and exxonmobil companies in new zealand.
mobil, energy, exxon, climate, responsibility, change, social, demand, industry, supplies, fuel, society, transparency, mobile, zealand, exxonmobile, esso, environment, corporation, community
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new security beat - the blog of the wilson center’s environmental change and security program, with contributions from the maternal health initiative, china environment forum, and more
the blog of the woodrow wilson center’s environmental change and security program (ecsp) on the nexus of population, health, environment, security, and development.
youth, urbanization, aging, migration, climate, conservation, poverty, peacebuilding, agriculture, food, health, security, environment, demography, development, resources, water, conflict, population
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nesolarandgreen | local. turnkey. professional
mission statement: new england solar & green solutions strives to replace current methods of energy production with green alternatives along with assisting in energy conservation. in doing so, nesgs and its customers remain dedicated to the environment through its offered services.  the services that we offer encompass two similar themes. the first is green energy
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the new climate economy
the new climate economy report shows how countries at all levels of income can achieve economic growth while combating climate change
climate, economy, change, report, growth
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209 | where sustainable meets sensible.
where sustainable meets sensible
energy, green, technology, international, news, clean, wealth, wellness, development, waste, organic, gardening, efficiency, sustainability, renewable, kaye, angeles, leon, alternative, independence
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exxonmobil in the uk
exxon mobil corporation is the parent company of the esso, mobil and exxonmobil companies in the uk
mobil, energy, exxon, transparency, petrol, change, climate, demand, fuel, supplies, responsibility, diesel, industry, community, corporation, esso, exxonmobil, society, environment, social
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ultimate survival
survival tips and nibiru news ! find out what is coming during the end times and how you can avoid death and destruction.
survival, fema, change, climate, times, your, build, survive, safe, global, fukushima, disaster, earth, changes, collapse, family, nibiru, plan, planet, surviving
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earthweek - a diary of the planet: news in science, health, weather, environment and nature
hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, cyclones, change, nature, climate
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it's hot in here | radio - it's hot in here | radio | archives
environmental public affairs radio on 88.3-wcbn-fm-ann arbor
environment, climate, radio, grooves, arbor, views, wcbn, communication, grassroots, student, change, school, snre, natural, resources, university, michigan
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billions in change
watch the billions in change film and learn more about our movement to build a better future through the creation of solutions in water, energy, and health.
help, solutions, disease, energy, change, world, drought, poor, environment, prevention, clean, prevent, electricity, renew, free, maker, rain, electric, manoj, billions
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billions in change
watch the billions in change film and learn more about our movement to build a better future through the creation of solutions in water, energy, and health.
help, solutions, disease, energy, change, world, drought, poor, environment, prevention, clean, prevent, electricity, renew, free, maker, rain, electric, manoj, billions
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the new york times - breaking news, world news & multimedia
the new york times: find breaking news, multimedia, reviews & opinion on washington, business, sports, movies, travel, books, jobs, education, real estate, cars & more at
united, climate, change, framework, global, warming, nations, convention, greenhouse, emissions, paris, states, immigration, emigration, obama, barack, 2016, clinton, election, presidential
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the new york times - breaking news, world news & multimedia
the new york times: find breaking news, multimedia, reviews & opinion on washington, business, sports, movies, travel, books, jobs, education, real estate, cars & more at
united, climate, change, framework, global, warming, nations, convention, greenhouse, emissions, paris, states, immigration, emigration, obama, barack, 2016, clinton, election, presidential
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transition milwaukee - rebuilding community resilience & self-reliance
bringing the head, heart, and hands of greater milwaukee together to transition to a sustainable future.
cooperation, power, food, community, green, water, grow, reskilling, garden, bees, local, climate, peak, milwaukee, change, resilience, energy, renewable, wisconsin, transition
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online eco-friendly products store - change for green
change for green is an online eco-friendly products store in us. buy eco-friendly products and become a green ambassador. we carry a best energy saving products like solar products, lawn etc...
products, green, friendly, home, efficient, energy, change
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green america: economic action for a just planet
green america is a national nonprofit consumer organization, promoting environmental sustainability, social justice, and economic justice through marketplace strategies including green living, responsible shopping, fair trade, green business, corporate social responsibility, and socially responsible investing -- for consumers, businesses, workers, investors, and everyone.
green, fair, business, pages, trade, climate, sweatshops, planning, energy, real, unshopping, financial, activism, shareholder, responsible, investing, mutual, efficiency, recyclable, funds
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bnrcc - building nigeria's response to climate change
vulnerability, impacts and adaptation - climate change in nigeria
climate, africa, change, nigeria, plan, level, strategy, copenhagen, country, rise, upcoming, developing, desertification, credit, spillage, erosion, national, drought, events, flood
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powersave schools - home
resources to promote energy efficiency in educational facilities/schools
green, energy, jobs, schools, clean, going, efficiency, environment
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climate name change
since 1954, the world meteorological organization has been naming extreme storms. we propose a new naming system. one that names extreme storms caused by climate change, after policy makers who deny climate change. sign the petition and learn how to contact your representatives at
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un climate talks live
tracking the global twitter conversation about climate change
socialmedia, 2015, cop21, networks, social, change, twitter, climate
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texas green homes | green home architects houston, austin | environment associates | laverne williams environment associates
your new green home saves money, uses less energy, offers a healthy life at home , and sits lightly on the planet.
green, architect, texas, home, homes, design
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walk of life consulting | sustainability jobs, talent and career coach | cv | resume | interview prep | sustainable hr | csr | corporate responsibility | job market
walk of life consulting is the leading sustainability career advisory service, guiding our clients to achieve their career goals through improved clarity,
jobs, green, career, writing, services, service, coaching, carbon, careers, professional, counselling, climate, change, london, life, coach, sustainability, servi, finance, trading
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macsur - modelling european agriculture with climate change for food security - home
macsur - modeling european agriculture with climate change for food security
security, research, project, organisation, food, climate, agriculture, european, modeling, macsur
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women’s green guide to living environmentally friendly safe healthy & responsible
eco news / information, earth- friendly, non-toxic products / services / non-toxic resources for the home – appliances, cleaning, energy & water conservation, recycling, building, decorating, and remodeling.
green, earth, woman, women, environment, energy, clean, save, nature, world, healthy, safe, future, maceachern, diane, ecoexpo, beat, planet, week, prices
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environmental services, waste management, solid waste management |
online one stop go green source to provide b2b solutions for environment protection, pollution control management, energy conservation, renewable energy, waste management and safety management.
management, environmental, green, safety, news, waste, clearance, environment, jobs, services, treatment, wastewater, pollution, energy, environmentcare, solid
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sustainable forest management for forest health and energy
forest biopower provides information on sustainable forest management strategies and practices to improve forest health and provide renewable energy also contributing to reducing global warming
forest, energy, logging, photosynthesis, solar, climate, biomass, change, warming, renewable, health, management, environment, carbon, sustainable, global, wildfire
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the energy advocate index welcome!
energy, climate, ackwards, bass, confuse, alarmists, einstein, solar, extinction, species, questioning, renewable, relativity, with, effect, cause, valeslake, reefs, coral, golem
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crisp green | fresh green news: technology, science, design, concept, art...
crisp green covers the cutting edge of the environmental revolution, helping you stay up to date on the latest in clean tech, environmental science, green design and sustainable innovation.
green, technology, energy, blog, environment, sustainable, design, clean
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granite state futures - exposing and exploring the granite state future program in nh
granite state futures - explaining the granite state future program in nh
change, building, energy, consensus, conservation, benefit, efficiency, cradle, climate, commuter, community, cost, social, deforestation, analysis, corporate, culture, conversation, conserve, complex
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go green & eco-friendly blog
latest news on eco friendly products, energy, environment, global, green living, health, international law, world
health, living, international, world, green, global, friendly, products, energy, environment
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home - florida climate institute
florida climate institute
climate, research, regional, flux, application, enterprise, service, society, hourly, heat, humidity, temperature, reanalysis, institute, model, environmental, florida, science, adaptation, geopotential
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fitz-mont environmental | green solutions new england
business solutions for food waste reduction, alternative energy sources, and concentrated, green cleaning products. start saving money now, help the environment.
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g home | affordable, sustainable green home & eco friendly lifestyle
smart green design for the earth & planet using architecture, building, construction, products, materials & technology for zero carbon & climate change living.
housing, houses, hybrid, innovation, lifestyle, life, future, environmental, ecological, design, economical, efficient, energy, electric, clean
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green and organic comparison plus informational website
on the green sites an informative and comparison green, organic website.
green, products, organic, sell, stuff, food, home, office, sites, comparison, news, remedies, herbal, beauty, clothes, shoes, solar, environmental, latest, energy
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get summaries of news items on energy, pollution, forests and biodiversity, climate, waste and ecosystems
news, events, pollution, forestry, ecosystems, energy
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enact: about us
enact is a program to help you live a greener, more sustainable life and to build community.
green, energy, homes, efficient, friendly, home, water, house, building, going, resources, environmental, tips, construction, conserving, architect, architects, architecture, buildings, computers
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build green things | creative diy projects and craft ideas!
learn step by step how to build the most interesting projects.
green, energy, build, step, crafts, news, alternative, renewable, free
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indigenous environmental network
the indigenous environmental network is an alliance of grassroots indigenous peoples whose mission is to protect the sacredness of mother earth from
native, food, climate, carbon, fracking, mining, uranium, offsets, trading, redd, justice, security, news, american, sands, keystone, sovereignty, pipeline, energy
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carbon washington | yes on initiative 732
initiative 732 makes taxes fairer. it taxes carbon to fight climate change, boost clean energy & save the environment for future generations. support i-732.
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carbon washington | yes on initiative 732
initiative 732 makes taxes fairer. it taxes carbon to fight climate change, boost clean energy & save the environment for future generations. support i-732.
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solar energy
solar energy systems are quiet and reliable. learn more at
solar, energy, power, environment, cells, panels, residential, electricity, alternative, cost, green, friendly, protect, reduce, clean, lighting, photovoltaic, provider, benefits, education
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environmental news and eco news, green opinions and industry and political views | click green
latest green news from across eco-related , green sport and the environmental news. live green news source for green business, green celebs and green culture
green, stories, celebrity, sport, news
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climate-kic | the eu’s main climate innovation initiative
climate-kic is europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate innovation to mitigate and adapt to climate change.
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joseli llc | environmental awareness
joseli llc is striving to be the #1 environmental awareness organization in the world! come and join us in our advocacy at
environmental, sustainable, green, energy, agriculture, construction, organic, awareness, technology, farming, sustainability, environment, development, renewable, chemistry, environmentalists, issues, groups, education, conservation
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green dating, vegetarian dating, humanitarian ethicalsingles
ethicalsingles helps you find your ethical soulmate in today's busy world. dating for green, eco, vegetarian, vegan, humanitarian singles! why leave love to chance?
dating, green, singles, recycling, change, friendship, romance, marriage, energy, testing, renewable, climate, pollution, veggie, vegan, vegetarian, humanitarian, global, personals, warming
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renewable green energy power
articles, information and opinions on renewable energy technology and green power
energy, water, wave, geothermal, biomass, wind, green, solar, renewable