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unesco | building peace in the minds of men and women
unesco encourages international peace and universal respect for human rights by promoting collaboration among nations. its mission is to contribute to the building of peace, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue.
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care2 - largest online community for healthy and green living, human rights and animal welfare.
largest online community empowering people to lead a healthy and green lifestyle while taking action on important causes such as human rights, animal welfare and global warming.
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thinking humanity
thinking humanity - freedom of speech, human values, human rights and justice! science, technology, sustainability, consciousness, health, the self
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global issues : social, political, economic and environmental issues that affect us all — global issues provides insights into global issues that may be misrepresented but are all closely related. list of topics covered include social, political, economic and environmental issues, including human rights, economy, trade, globalization, poverty, environment and health related issues.
rights, media, issues, free, development, trade, global, food, biotechnology, biodiversity, children, conflict, conservation, agriculture, small, arms, energy, landmines, democracy, justice, water, nations, foreign, policy, terrorism, united, refugees, labor, labour, military, population, debt, human, social, sustainable, poverty, politics, consumption, corporations, globalization
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live action news - covering human rights, abortion, & pro-life issues
covering human rights, abortion, & pro-life issues
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dc leaks |
dcleaks is a new level project aimed to analyze and publish a large amount of emails from top-ranking officials and their influence agents all over the world. the project was launched by the american hacktivists who respect and appreciate freedom of speech, human rights and government of the people. our aim is to find out and tell you the truth about u.s. decision-making process as well as about the key elements of american political life.
hillary, clinton, strategy, rights, reveal, breedlove, nato, washington, election, truth, hill, soros, confidential, restricted, politics, military, republican, documents, email, democrat, leaks
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clarion project | challenging islamic extremism - promoting dialogue is the world's leading website for authoritative, up-to-date news on islamic extremism, sharia law and human rights.
christian, pastor, iran, threat, islam, sharia, radical
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the leadership conference on civil and human rights
the leadership conference on civil and human rights is a coalition charged by its diverse membership of more than 200 national organizations to promote and protect the civil and human rights of all persons in the united states.
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workplace fairness - employee rights, job rights, workers rights
information about job rights, workers' rights and employment issues provided by a nonprofit organization that helps people understand employee rights.
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revolutionary association of the women of afghanistan (rawa)
rawa is an independent political/social organization of afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women's rights in fundamentalism-blighted afghanistan.
rape, kabul, crime, islam, taliban, photos, picture, music, fundamentalism, fundamentalists, report, french, pashtu, german, italian, spanish, pushto, persian, crisis, struggle, killing, realaudio, farsi, disaster, politics, rights, human, justice, women, violence, trafficking, association, revolutionary, terrorism, feminist, feminisim, children, mine, osama, laden
expand collapse – human rights service
likestilling, trosfrihet, ytringsfrihet, verdier, integrering, demografi, tvangsekteskap, innvandring
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annual international human rights summit 2012
learn about youth for human rights: watch videos and read articles for education on the united nations declaration of human rights including public service messages on issues of abuse and violations of law.
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agniveer - be human | social equality | women empowerment | behavioral repatterning | vedas|
spend a couple of days on agniveer and your life shall change forever. number 1 site on self help, motivation, human rights, vedas, hinduism, anti-racism, anti-casteism, women rights
motivation, behavioral, repatterning, humanism, universal, spiritualism, women, hinduism, rights, caste, system, vedas
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rootsaction is a new online initiative dedicated to galvanizing millions of americans who are committed to economic fairness, equal rights, civil liberties, environmental protection -- and defunding endless wars.
rights, environment, progressive, iraq, human, peace, afghanistan, protection, liberties, economic, action, grassroots, fairness, equal, rootsaction, civil, environmental
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universal declaration of human rights campaign: what are human rights? definition
what are human rights? uhr is dedicated to furthering universal declaration of human rights issues education & law. watch videos, download educator kits.
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polaris | combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery
this organization works on all forms of human trafficking and serves victims of slavery and human trafficking.
trafficking, human, slavery, hotline, child, modern, labor, stop, victims, jobs, facts, anti, states, charity, domestic, traficking, today, trafficing, persons, smuggling, beings, statistics, polaris, united
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third world traveler - third world, foreign policy, friendly dictators, war crimes, human rights, covert actions, false flags, ruling elite, global oligarchy, banks, corporations, democracy, propaganda, mainstream media, international travel
third world traveler is an archive of articles and book excerpts that seek to tell the truth about the state of american democracy, media, and foreign policy, and about the impact of the actions of the united states government, transnational corporations, global trade and financial institutions, and the corporate media, on democracy, social and economic justice, human rights, and war and peace, in the third world, and in the developed world. third world traveler also provides information and links to aid international travelers.
travel, social, democracy, media, justice, diseases, weather, rights, economic, human, policy, foreign, states, world, africa, america, latin, asia, united
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unesco iesalc. instituto internacional de la unesco para la educación superior en américa latina y el caribe.
enlaces, podcast, iesalc, unesco, redes, observatorios, iniciativas
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islamology ....the science of peace, the salvation
online multilingual library & resources: quran, hadith, comparative religions (christian, jews, & others), faq about islam, islamic laws, human rights, islam & modern issues, shia sunni books, islamic philosophy, economy, history, spirituality
science, religion, islamic, quran, arabic, human, woman, muslim, koran, islamology, peace, screen, prayer, society, family, books, reasons, savers, moslem, jihad, origins, biology, geology, virtual, reality, logic, reasoning, astronomy, physics, bible, alphabet, knowledge, terror, creation, evolution, calligraphic, raising, islam, teaching, jesus
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peace international schools
peace educational foundation is a muslim initiative standing for a paradigm shift in the field of education on the perception of education is the process of making human personality through training its physical, emotional, intellectual, imaginative as well as spiritual aspects. the foundation strive its best to commence excellent schools as well as other educational institutions on the basic of this perception.
peace, school, trikaripur, payangadi, kasargod, vengara, kollam, ernakulam, manglore, manjeri, kozhikode, peaceschool, international, public, peaceschools, pschool, kottakkal, schools, mathilakam
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syrian network for human rights - syrian network for human rights
syrian network for human rights
syrian, human, rights, fadel, network, syria, ghany, snhr, sn4hr, abdul
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humanity in action
we educate, inspire, and connect a global network of students, young professionals and established leaders committed to promoting human rights, diversity and active citizenship in their own communities and around the world.
rights, diversity, democracy, active, citizenship, minority, human, action, fellowship, humanity
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cuaderno intercultural
recursos, ayuda e ideas para la interculturalidad y la educación intercultural. recopilaciones de materiales y recursos didácticos accesibles vía internet
intercultural, generadores, cuentos, material, grupo, juegos, herramientas, recursos, online, generadors, aprender, derechos, humanos, educativo, culturas, mundo, diccionarios, cine, educativos, literatura, educatiu, valores, interculturalidad, education, lectoescritura, inclusiva, diversidad, infantiles, videos, cortos, idiomas
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greennet | internet services, web design and hosting for peace, the environment and human rights
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your legal rights | your legal rights - free legal information for people in ontario
a project of cleo, your legal rights is a website of legal information for people in ontario.
ontario, rights, human, legal, revenue, canada, agency, claim, court, small, welfare, commission, disorders, mental, canadian
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servindi - servicios en comunicación intercultural
servicios en comunicación intercultural
servindi, intercultural, comunicacion, servicios, peru, indigena, ecologico
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iwgia aims to endorse and promote indigenous peoples' right to self-determination, their cultural integrity and their right to development on their own conditions. iwgia work includes human rights advocacy, research, documentation and project support.
indigenous, rights, peoples, human, minorities, tribal, people, peopels, ethnic
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center for reproductive rights
the center for reproductive rights uses law to advance reproductive freedom as a fundamental right worldwide by documenting violations, waging legal battles and shaping policy.
rights, abortion, human, reproductive
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awid is an international, feminist, membership organisation committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development and women’s human rights
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cuba verdad information on human rights and repression in cuba
information on human rights in cuba links to the reports of international human rights organizations
cuba, rights, human, freedom, torture, prison, press, repression, international, report, audio, video, iachr, kuba, amnesty, derechos, genocide, revolution, revolucion, speech, verdad, cubaverdad, cubana, cubano, humanos, castro, fidel, abuses, droits
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the biomimicry institute – inspiring sustainable innovation
the biomimicry institute empowers people to create nature-inspired solutions to complex human challenges for a healthy planet. biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. similar concepts include bio-inspiration, biomimetics, and bio-inspired design.
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citizens commission on human rights, cchr - nonprofit mental health watchdog
learn about cchr, which exposes human rights violations in the field of mental health. visit the psychiatry: an industry of death museum in hollywood, ca.
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center for constitutional rights
a non-profit legal and educational organization committed to the creative use of law as a positive force for social change. founded in 1966, ccr is dedicated to advancing and protecting the rights guaranteed by the u.s. constitution and the universal declaration of human rights.
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village earth | sustainable international development training programmes, appropriate technology library
village earth supports grassroots organizations in places like the peruvian amazon, cambodia, and the pine ridge reservation in south dakota, by providing training to individuals and organizations that work with the grassroots, by providing technical support, information, and resources needed by grassroots organizations to develop and carry-out their own strategies for social change and by building international networks of allies and resources in support of marginalized communities.
rights, technology, sustainable, participation, livelyhoods, social, grassroots, justice, building, library, indigenous, development, human, empowerment, training, capacity
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washington office on latin america | advocacy for human rights in the americas
wola facilitates dialogue between governmental and non-governmental actors, monitors the impact of policies and programs of governments and international organizations, and promotes alternatives through reporting, education, training and advocacy. wola works closely with civil society organizations and government officials throughout the americas.
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chri home
the commonwealth human rights initiative (chri) is an independent, non-partisan, international ngo working for the practical realisation of human rights in the countries of the commonwealth
police, information, commonwealth, prison, reforms, rights, initiative, watch, emagazine, emag, human, judicial, justice, access, colloquia, statistics, legal, literacy, reform, freedom, practitioners, students, researchers, society, civil, policewatch, legislation, mission, advocacy, finding, fact, enforcement, accountability, chogm, cmag, laws, meetings, chri, papers
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belarus digest - news and analysis of belarusian politics, economy, human rights and myths
belarus news, analysis of politics, military, economy, culture, tourism, human rights, belarusian language and life in minsk and elsewhere in belarus.
news, russia, byelorus, bielorussie, white, belurussia, belosusian, byelorussia, belorus, belorussia, belorrussian
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elsam | defending human rights for justice
defending human rights for justice
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کمیسیون مستقل حقوق بشر افغانستان
afghanistan independent human rights commission
human, women, rights, childs, rihgts, peoples, afghanistan
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cchr international |
citizens commission on human rights warns parents to be alert to their teen-aged children being illicitly sold the stimulant adderall (amphetamine and
antidepressants, rights, side, drugs, adderall, commission, human, citizens, effects, suicide, health, universal, services, peter, death, narendra, gotzsche, nagareddy, died, international, eastgate, abuse, patient, academy, deaf, prescriber, patients, aggression, national, similar, stimulant, taking, meth, depression, adhd, cchr, risks, neurologist, gervais, screening
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human rights law network (hrln)
the human rights law network (hrln) is a collective of lawyers and social activists dedicated to the use of the legal system to advance human rights, struggle against violations, and ensure access to justice for all. a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation, hrln defines rights to include civil and political rights as well as economic, social, cultural and environmental rights. we believe human rights are universal and indivisible, and their realisation is an immediate goal. human rights law network (hrln) is a division of the socio-legal information centre (slic). slic is a non-profit legal aid and educational organization, registered under the registration of societies act, 1860, indian public trust act, 1950 and the foreign contributions (regulation) act, 1976.
rights, india, human, food, litigation, indian, starvation, criminal, legal, labour, refugee, women, housing, disability, justice, death, secularism, peace, volunteer, hrln, trafficking, hunger, internship, activist, awareness, programmes, social, case, network, slic, centre, information, child, malnutrition, aids, movement, system, socio, cases
expand collapse - do one thing for a better world is a project of the emily fund, a nonprofit organization created to continue emily rachel silverstein's legacy of hope in action for a better world. every act of compassion makes a difference because although none of us alone can change the world, together we make a world of difference. do one thing for a better world.
rights, peace, doonething, emily, environmental, earth, scholarship, sustainability, social, animal, justice, human, culture, thing, rachel, silverstein, world, clubs
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i am syria - home
a humanitarian campaign on the behalf of the syrian people.
syria, crane, david, human, syrian, rights, summer, institute, genocide, revolution, beiter, andrew, studies, watch, abdulhamid, conflict, educators, activism, ammar, impunity
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red de recursos de educaci
education, development, rights, human, global, peace, interculturalidad
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socialists & democrats
we want an inclusive european society based on freedom, equality, solidarity and diversity. our meps fight for social justice, jobs and growth, consumer rights, sustainable development, financial market reform and human rights.
parliament, european, brussels, press, releases, traineeship, pittella, progressive, alliance, socialists, democrats
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we are humanity - more peace, altruism, knowledge, love
stories about humanity, the world, human rights, altruism, activism, science, technology, health, environment, knowledge, wisdom, truth, quotes, videos and more
humanity, human, intelligence, stories, motivation, humans, animals, environment, peace, knowledge, truth, wisdom, awareness, love, altruism, nature, relationships, world, activism, humanitarian, humanism, rights, technology, science, quotes, videos, health
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people's movement for human rights education
rights, health, food, housings, work, globalization, education, basic, economic, women, social, cultural, human
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inicio - aula intercultural
aula intercultural - el portal de la educación intercultural
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physicians for human rights
physicians for human rights: using science and medicine to stop human rights violations.
health, human, rights, training, environment, investigations, harm, forensic, refugee, workforce, policies, reduction, armed, global, physicians, asylum, migration, violence, torture, conflict
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institute of modern russia
the institute of modern russia is committed to strengthening respect for human rights, the rule of law, and civil society.
khodorkovsky, independent, media, mikhail, pavel, society, rule, rights, civil, human
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people's union for civil liberties
people's union for civil liberties, pucl is india's oldest and the largest human rights organisation. for more than 20 years pucl has sought to defend human and civil rights of people irrespective of religion, caste, language or national origin.
liberties, court, civil, people, rights, human, victims, life, number, courts, large, nhrc, emergency, police, pucldr, deaths, opinion, food, problem, organization, union, public, national, state, india, country, work, supreme, members, government, pucl, cases, delhi, make
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leigh day | personal injury & medical negligence lawyers | human rights | employment
leading personal injury, employment and human rights solicitors. successfully representing injured people in the uk and abroad
leigh, negligence, firm, human, medical, liability, rights, clinical, mesothelioma, faulty, consumer, product, injury, discrimination, products, justice, highly, distinctive, 1987, established, quality, legal, solicitors, bodies, state, advice, personal
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islam 101
islam 101 is an educational site on islam, muslims, its theology, rituals, human rights, jihad, sharia and history.
human, terrorism, rights, ramadan, zakat, hajj, jihad, sharia, allah, muslims, muhammad, quran, koran, islam
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madre :: demanding rights, resources and results for women worldwide
madre is an international women's human rights organization that uses human rights to advance social justice.
organization, women, rights, international, human, indigenous, relief, latin, middle, iraq, africa, east, america, humanitarian, justice, wangki, tangni, cadamuc, cadpi, antzetik, network, donations, nonprofi, freedom, information, palestinian, material, kofaviv, development, lundu, emergency, chirapaq, zenab, society, daughters, stars, medical, sudan, building, peace
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philippines news and commentary, politics, human rights, economy
philippines, arroyo, philippine, entertainment, news, extrajudicial, killings, macapagal, gloria, president, human, rights, blogs, migration, travel, visayas, luzon, manila, filipino, mindanao, show, commentary, tourism, business, opinion
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axisoflogic - activism news and comments - opinion, news and analysis on international affairs including economics, politics and human rights.
america, activism, workers, empire, latin, australia, africa, racism, human, death, penalty, socialism, capitalism, rights, asia, news, palestine, pakistan, chavez, hugo, venezuela, israel, afghanistan, middle, east, poetry, iran, iraq, revolution
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صفحه نخست - قاصدان آزادی
we are an independent iranian news agency seeking complete change of the iranian regime by reporting on the human rights situation in iran, and exposing the truth about the iranian regime.
regime, iranian, rights, human, iran
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resell, rights, master, videos, marketing, tutorials, internet, resale, products, ebooks
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cchr | cambodian center for human rights
cchr is a leading non-aligned, independent, non-governmental organization that works to promote and protect democracy and respect for human rights primarily civil and political rights - in cambodia. we empower civil society to claim its rights and drive change; and through detailed research and analysis we develop innovative policy, and advocate for its implementation.
human, rights, center, cambodian, cchr
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friends of animals - home
friends of animals is a non-profit, international animal advocacy organization, incorporated in the state of new york since 1957. friends of animals works to cultivate a respectful view of nonhuman animals, free-living and domestic. our goal is to free animals from cruelty and institutionalized exploitation around the world.
rights, animal, animals, blog, news, activism, facts, site, information, resource, movements, issues, activists, groups, movement, articles, feminists, friends
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bashar al_assad - home
personal website for president bashar al-assad:interviews, speeches, pictures. president hafez al-assad , mrs.asma al-assd.
syrian, arab, international, president, role, peace, golan, heights, legitimacy, language, national, freedom, unity, expatriates, sport, dialogue, islam, terrorism, resistance, mass, destruction, weapons, european, relations, middle, democracy, order, cooperation, development, times, comprehensive, solidarity, lebanon, syria, syriatimes, bashar, hafez, asma, iran, palestinians
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bindmans llp – leading london law firm |bindmans llp
bindmans llp is a central london law firm. specialising in human rights law, mental health law, and criminal law...
lawyers, public, solicitors, misconduct, police, negligence, expert, london, ranked, health, mental, employment, personal, criminal, family, human, immigration, clinical, rights, injury
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islamic human rights commission (ihrc)
ihrc is an independent, not-for-profit, campaign, research and advocacy organization based in london, uk.
commission, rights, human, islamic
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the prem rawat foundation - dignity, peace, and prosperity
the mission of tprf is a simple one: to address the fundamental human needs of food, water and peace so that people can live with dignity, peace and prosperity.
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gestion des risques interculturels | entreprises & management interculturel
reflexions, notes et anecdotes sur les differences culturelles dans le monde de l'entreprise.
interculturel, management, intercultural, formation, interculturelle, multiculturelle, expatriation, communication, formateur, risques, accompagnement, conflit, developpement, team, building, risk, competences, seminaire, gestion, interculturels, culturel, multiculturel, risque, dialogue, entreprise
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culture project - new york's home for socially conscious theater
culture project is dedicated to addressing critical human rights issues by shining an artistic spotlight on injustice. by fostering innovative collaboration between human rights organizations and artists, we aim to inspire and impact public dialogue, encouraging democratic participation in the most urgent matters of our time.
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peter clifford online
human rights, democracy, freedom, equality, diversity, justice - without these no individual is free to discover their true creative potential or to become the very best that they can be.
rights, respect, womens, inspiration, love, syria, kobane, iraq, change, development, equality, freedom, democracy, diversity, justice, human, empowerment
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international mens organization
international men's organisation
rights, family, custody, support, news, contact, child, human, injustice, father, issues, organisation, international
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fordarfur - for life | helping those in need | darfur crisis
for darfur inc. is a non-profit organization, started to help raise both awareness and funds in order to help the people suffering in darfur.for darfur was created by five high school students who realized that darfur needed more help than it is currently being given. the creators of for darfur promise to help the people suffering in darfur and pledge that all proceeds from for darfur events will go to help the people being tortured and executed in darfur.
rights, human, conflict, activists, defenders, armed, crisis, darfur, justice
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genda mirembe
genda mirembe/go in peace is a non-profit/non-governmental, human rights organization focused on women's and children's empowerment in rakai district, in the southwestern region of uganda
programmes, empowerment, justice, small, rakai, uganda, district, business, mirembe, peace, genda, educational
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dialogue society | connecting communities • empowering engagement • inspiring ideas
founded in 1999 as a registered charity, the dialogue society is an organisation of research and civic engagement working to develop and deliver new methods of dynamic, effective and meaningful dialogue to advance intercultural dialogue, community relations and positive social change.
education, integration, identity, seminar, theology, community, rights, human, democracy, religion, multiculturalism, muslims, islam, interfaith, dialog, terrorism, radicalism, london, fundamentalism, dialogue
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pacifica institute | interfaith dialogue and intercultural understanding
our mission is to develop social capital—the creation and extension of positive connections within disparate social networks to achieve mutual understanding.
dialogue, movement, building, cohesion, intercultural, peace, social, mutual, interfaith, hizmet, gulen, understanding
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initiatives for peace and human rights (iphr) - initiatives for peace and human rights - iphr (official website)
iphr is a rwanda-based human rights ngo which strives to enhance the culture of peace in the great lakes region through widespread human rights and good governance education.
rights, human, great, lakes, lgbt, region, transparency, education, good, governance, rwanda
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generations for peacehome - generations for peace
generations for peace is a leading global non-profit peace-building organisation dedicated to sustainable conflict transformation at the grassroots.
leadership, donate, change, violence, conflict, social, fundraise, respect, dialogue, olympic, unicef, global, sustainable, young, youth, volunteering, volunteer, generations, tolerance, peace, mentoring, learning, citizenship, responsible
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concordis international | building relationships for sustainable peace
concordis works with communities affected by conflict using dialogue to build relationships which improve human security and bring sustainable peace
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global education magazine
global education magazine
education, global, magazine, development, rights, sustainable, human, poverty, javier, collado, educational, journal, international, unesco, peace, acnur, peacebuilding, articles, eradication, life, goals, objetivos, millennium, awareness, desarrollo, para, vivir, educar, milenio
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national confederation of human rights organizations, india
human rights in india, nchro, national confederation of human rights organizations, india, human rights data base,
human, rights, freedom, state, india, deaths, custodial, prison, organizations, religious, hindutva, peace, trade, weapon, fascism, amnesty, violations, minorities, dalits, tribals, torture, christians, muslims, terrorism, indian, jains, sikhs, prisons
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centhra | centre for human rights research and advocacy
centhra is a community of human rights defenders consists of researchers, activists, supporters and donors committed to promoting human rights, dignity, quality of life and sustainability in malaysia and around the world through multidimensional human rights research and advocacy programmes. we strive to meet our goals through participatory research, deliberative dialogue, educational outreach, public debate, grass-root engagement and policy consultation with various groups of human rights stakeholders at the local, national, regional and international levels. centhra aims to contribute an active role in shaping the 21st century human rights understanding and practice as well as in encountering the contemporary human rights challenges by embarking on advanced and critical research and advocacy programmes in the different areas of human rights issues. we make our work available on-line, in electronic formats and in prints such as reports, monographs, books and pamphlets. we intend to m
rights, human, research, centhra, advocacy, chancery, place, putrajaya, fiqh, islamic, centre, malaysia
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home | concord carlisle human rights council
the concord-carlisle human rights council is a community organization of volunteers working together to foster respect, understanding, good will, and conciliation among individuals and groups in the community. it is dedicated to the belief that all people are entitled to dignity and respect. the role of the human rights council is one of education and advocacy.
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human rights and other news about west papua
rights, human, indigenous, people, indonesia, report, peace, papuan, papua, international
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peace brigades international: pbi
pbi works to protect human rights defenders, ordinary people and groups who face death threats, intimidation, detention and harassment because of their peaceful work in defence of human rights.
peace, conflict, rights, action, brigades, international, haiti, guatemala, peacekeeping, paramilitary, nonviolence, project, refugee, victimize, violence, volunteer, union, threat, repression, state, team, nongovernmental, resolution, consensus, direct, mexico, activist, abuse, accompaniment, education, freedom, colombia, military, militia, indonesia, human, gandhi, ghandi, lanka
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press for peace
a not-for-profit organization working in jammu and kashmir. its objectives are policy advocacy, capacity building, research and networking in peace & security, human rights, gender empowerment, sustainable development.
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human rights law centre | freedom. respect. equality. dignity. action.
an independent, not-for-profit organisation which protects and promotes human rights in australia and beyond through a strategic mix of legal action, advocacy, education and capacity building.
centre, resource, rights, human
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find – india-europe foundation for new dialogues | find is a non-profit swiss foundation with a mission to promote intercultural dialogue between india and other countries. its activities focus on three main pillars: music, photography and intercultural dialogue. find believes that knowledge, research and dialogue are fundamental in overcoming prejudice, fanaticism and discrimination. respect and mutual understanding are crucial in bringing different nations and cultures closer, particularly in todays societies dominated more and more by internet, mobile phones and the media.
find is a non-profit swiss foundation with a mission to promote intercultural dialogue between india and other countries. its activities focus on three main pillars: music, photography and intercultural dialogue. find believes that knowledge, research and dialogue are fundamental in overcoming prejudice, fanaticism and discrimination. respect and mutual understanding are crucial in bringing different nations and cultures closer, particularly in todays societies dominated more and more by internet, mobile phones and the media.
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intercultural dialogue institute promoting intercultural & interfaith dialogue
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peace prayer bowls - give a gift or award dedicated to peace awareness
the peace prayer bowl is dedicated to creating peace awareness, supporting human rights and fair trade. these beautiful gifting bowls are perfect as peace awards for peace activists or blessing bowls for those who want to eat in peace.
peace, bowls, products, prayer, trade, fair, imagine, blessing, world, custom, activist, awards, gifting, human, bowl, rights, awareness, gifts
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peace brigades international-usa: pbi
pbi works to protect human rights defenders, ordinary people and groups who face death threats, intimidation, detention and harassment because of their peaceful work in defence of human rights.
rights, defenders, peace, conflict, environmental, human, international, action, land, brigades, disappeared, disappearances, psychosocial, enforced, femicide, violence, victimize, union, volunteer, field, torture, work, facebook, indonesia, haiti, guatemala, threat, team, nepal, lanka, economic, kenya, whrd, women, abuse, ghandi, consensus, resolution, accompaniment, direct
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dialogue new / nouveau-brunswick - dialogue new brunswick
dialogue new brunswick fosters understanding, respect and appreciation between english-speaking and french-speaking new brunswickers. dialogue nouveau-brunswick favorise la compréhension, le respect et l’appréciation entre les néo-brunswickois d’expression française et anglaise.
dialogue, friends, brunswick, award, ambassador, prix, ambassadeur, fournier, carole, scholarship, bourse, meeting, brunswickers, friend
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human rights monitor
human rights monitor is an independent, non-profit organization focused on defending and protecting human rights for all individuals with no discrimination based on ethnic, religion, origin, political opinion, colour, sex or race.
human, rights, monitor, humanity
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learn about, the world democracy audit, corruption, press freedom, the rule of law, human rights, and political rights. we examine the human condition. we monitor human rights online. we provide news, links and e-commerce facilities for human rights publications.
human, rights, declaration, violence, universal, trials, abolition, death, refugees, abuse, execution, inhumanity, penalty, cruel, oppression, degrading, inhumane, campaigns, torture, humanitarian, persecution, news, democracy, organisations, online, publications, corruption, united, nations, imprisonment, conscience, prisoners, amnesty, political, prison
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culture of peace: scientific approach
this website provides the key research and action papers from david adams, the director of the united nations international year for the culture of peace (2000), and from the global movement for a culture of peace called for by the un resolution for a culture of peace.
peace, terrorism, movement, democracy, psychology, global, united, adams, david, research, nations, warriors, aggression, tolerance, ecology, culture, solidarity, equality, development, sustainable, rights, human, women
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cambodian human rights portal
sithi means 'rights' in khmer, the language of the khmer people and the official language of the kingdom of cambodia
human, cambodia, rights, portal, sithi, cambodian, cchr, center, election, violation, website, 2012, chanthyda, chor, virak, land, press, release, report, development, tracking, news, education, collaboration, cooperation, concession, economic, training
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swedish peace agency
swedish peace agency works to prevent, mitigate, and resolve violent conflict around the world. spa does this by engaging directly in conflict zones and by providing analysis, education, and resources to those working for peace. working to ensure that all development finance institutions respect human rights. we strive to bring more coordination to a global movement led by communities and supported by civil society organizations.
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bangladesh handicraft brand producing sustainable bags with a positive social impact. focusing on human rights and elimination of human trafficking through sustainable development.
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karuna center for peacebuilding - home
the karuna center for peacebuilding bridges divides to build sustainable peace.
peace, conflict, business, building, social, responsibility, capacity, corporate, reconciliation, dialogue, resolution, sustainable, sustainability, peacebuilding, training, transformation
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first human rights portal, human rights news, for social justice and human rights, nepal earthquake, clean election
rights, women, child, nepal, insec, human, inseconline
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peace action new york state | peace demands action
peace action is dedicated to promoting the non-violent resolution of conflict, the abolition of nuclear weapons, halting the global spread of conventional arms, building a human rights culture and supporting human needs instead of militarism.
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dialogue beyond borders
dialogue beyond borders (dbb) dbb is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization registered with the nys charities bureau. dbb promotes active tolerance, human rights, and understanding among diverse communities.
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dialogue institute of the southwest - kansas branch
interfaith, intercultural, educational non profit organization
dialogue, interfaith, institute, kansas, lawrence, wichita, intercultral, city, southwest, dialog, dinner, annual, friendship
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el canche: human rights in guatemala
el canche: rob mercatantes blog about life in guatemala, human rights, mindfulness, photography, and cool stories!
justice, peace, meditation, mindfulness, photography, mayan, maya, human, rights, defenders, indigenous, guatemala
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intercultural studies, interfaith dialogue and more at blue dome press
publisher is established to publish scholarly, prestigious titles, primarily in the fields of interfaith dialogue, intercultural studies, art history.
basics, islam, science, fethullah, culture, turkish, islamic, isbn, theology, quran, hadith, books
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home | idn-indepthnews | analysis that matters
idn-indepthnews offers news analyses and viewpoints on a wide range of topics that impact the world and its peoples, such as sustainable development, global governance, culture of peace and global human security.
world, rights, international, peace, media, bank, nations, ngos, society, relations, united, security, conflict, education, affairs, foreign, transparency, corruption, unfccc, civil, unccd, unifem, ifad, communication, development, africa, disarmament, atoms, asia, america, europe, globalization, canada, north, south, environment, science, human, technology, health
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iran human rights | official website
iran human rights (ihr) is a non-profit, human rights organization with members inside and outside iran. it is a non partisan and politically independent organization with its base in oslo, norway.
iran, rights, death, human, rouhani, ahmed, shaheed, executions, penalty, hanging
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مركز إعلام حقوق الإنسان والديمقراطية - شمس
the centre for human rights and democratic participation, shams, is a non-governmental
rights, democratic, participation, society, human, work, press, shops, seminars, citizenship, media, crisis, advocacy, liaison, networking, civic, good, rule, conventions, civil, nations, united, liability, governance, accountability, transparency, violence, conflicts, productive, dispute, negotiation, conflict, communicating, dialogue, volunteerism, tolerance, centre, training, coaching, accepting
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seacoast peace response
seacoast peace response is dedicated to promoting peace and justice worldwide.
civil, vigil, quaker, weapon, demonstrate, nuclear, rights, disobedience, dialogue, democracy, justice, activist, iraq, columbia, palestine, peace
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tostan | dignity for all
the mission of tostan is to empower african communities to bring about sustainable development and positive social transformation based on respect for human rights.
development, female, social, education, genital, human, marriage, child, economic, tostan, empowerment, girls, cutting, community, declaration, somalia, mali, gambia, mauritania, guinea, djibouti, public, transformation, international, sustainable, long, night, holistic, melching, change, norm, theory, molly, norms, childhood, governance, health, leadership, growth, environment
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human rights | social activism | sustainable culture - home
human rights social activism
child, film, columbus, activism, ohio, rights
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bioethics art competition | unesco chair in bioethics & human rights
unesco chair in bioethics & human rights
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interkulti / intercultural portal & online community
interkulti is an independent not for profit progressive grassroots portal
world, dialogue, music, interkulti, streaming, radio, lindh, online, photography, anna, fusion, intercultural, community, euromed, media, mediterranean, publisher, qulaity, union, forum, listen, photographers, communa, share, civil, photo, zulla, news, ethno, independent, social, alternative, networking, vision, terror, actions, 1001, international, tilos, caravan
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iemc-unesco | intercultural euro-mediterranean centre for unesco
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greenhost | sustainable webhosting
greenhost | sustainable webhosting
virtual, rights, edri, freedom, digital, bits, netherlands, zimbra, secure, ubuntu, debian, linux, email, human, server, domainregistration, sustainable, hosting, magento, drupal, security, privacy, ceph, wordpress, webhosting
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licadho, a cambodian human rights ngo
cambodian non-profit organization licadho protects and promote civil, political, economic, cultural & social rights to support human rights defenders and people.
rights, human, land, grabbing, licadho, defenders, cambodia
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the quaker voice in europe
peace, sustainable, energy, security, justice, economic, quaker, human, rights, qcea
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national center for civil and human rights inc.,| center for civil and human rights | center for civil and human rights
the center for civil and human rights is an engaging attraction that connects the american civil rights movement to todays global human rights movements.
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intercultural journeys
seeking to promote understanding in pursuit of peace among people of diverse faiths and cultures through dialogue and the presentation of world-class performances in music, dance the spoken word, and other art forms.
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equality and diversity forum | equality and diversity forum
the equality and diversity forum (edf) is a network of national organisations committed to equal opportunities, social justice, good community relations, respect for human rights and an end to discrimination based on age, disability, gender and gender identity, race, religion or belief, and sexual orientation.
rights, respect, human, opportunity, diversity, justice, equality
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latest news
migrant forum in asia (mfa) believes that migrants' rights are human rights. documented or undocumented, irrespective of race, gender, class, age and religious belief, migrant workers' rights are guaranteed by the un declaration of human rights, the un convention on the protection of rights of all migrant workers and members of their families and other international conventions.
rights, migrant, human, workers, forum, asia
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emergency uk | medical & surgical care for victims of war and poverty
emergency provides free, high quality healthcare for victims of war and poverty, whilst promoting a culture of peace and respect for human rights. 
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ukraine human rights
ukraine human rights - informing about the devastating human rights situation in ukraine.
execution, prison, weapon, army, civilians, nationalism, racism, dead, torture, infos, rights, human, informations, situation, killing, death, ukraine
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events | geneva centre for human rights advancement and global dialogue
the panel discussion entitled “muslims in europe: the road to social harmony”, which took place at palais des nations in geneva, was organized by the geneva
united, geneva, nations, hanif, representative, permanent, human, rights, qassim, office, centre, republic, council, gonsolin, hassan, vaqif, zaabi, nasser, saeed, saja, majali, sadiqov, mariem, jordan, algeria, azerbaijan, arab, emirates, democratic, palais, ahmed, hashemite, salem, kingdom, baba, violence, citizenship, tolerance, event, europe
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euro-mediterranean foundation of support to human rights defenders
the emhrf aims at promoting and enhancing a human rights culture and the consolidation of a nascent democratic civil society within the south-mediterranean region
rights, human, regional, institutes, national, organizations, financial, strategic, assistance, support, emhrf, local
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promoting gender equality human rights and sustainable
shiners kikagati promoting gender equality, education, human rights and sustainable development through education
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geneva institute for human rights - home
geneva institute for human rights is a non-profit, independent, international, non-governmental organisation. it works closely with the dissemination and training on human rights mechanisms and aims at affecting change.
tunisia, sudan, egypt, libya, kuwait, syria, lebanon, yemen, institute, rights, geneva, switzerland, mena, human
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peacekids - a project of the people for peace project. featuring more than 3000 free printable resources on more than 60 social issues for kids that want to make a difference. do one thing for a better world - every act of compassion makes a difference! join a peacekids club. portraits of heroes for a peaceful world are included for illustration purposes only. no celebrity endorsement is implied.
rights, peace, emily, peacekids, environmental, earth, scholarship, social, human, animal, justice, sustainability, thing, kids, doonething, world, clubs, silverstein, rachel, culture
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center for peace through culture
the center for peace through works to create a culture of peace through psychological change, and by bringing people from the arts, sciences and philosophies to explore new ways of thinking and problem solving.
peace, culture, banner, roerich, workshops, organization, differences, fanaticism, dialogue, promoting, community, overcoming, spirit, values, systems, belief, creative, overcome, psychology, nicholas, cooperative, cultural, solutions, stop, prejudice, fight, path, building, builders, exchange, center, communities, promote, global, planetary, publications, shared
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all rights | torch bearer of your rights
rights, aapka, urdu, human, fundamental, consumer, activist, aawaj, magazine, adhikar
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for human rights and a sustainable planet | | read, debate: engage.
fairplanet is concerned with human rights issues and the way we, as humans, are treating our planet and its inhabitants.
engage, humanity
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sgi-usa austin | keeping austin happy
organization for world peace through mutual respect, dialogue and harmony. non-violence and peace. empowering, joyful, lively, positive, determined to change.
overcome, depression, happy, transformation, austin, spirituality, life, buddhism
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ichr - news
international center for human rights (ichr) is a non-governmental, non-profit international organization dedicated to promoting and defending human rights and democratic values. our goal is to secure a peaceful and equitable life for members of the society.
human, rights, ichr, center, international
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70 years - 70 choirs sing human rights 2018
musical human rights education. 70 choirs will sing human rights in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights in 2018.
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human rights nights
human rights nights film festival is an international festival dedicated to human rights cinema and presents filmmakers who use their cameras for resistance in an unjust world.
human, rights, nights, lumiere, hrnsbo, bologna, film, festival, cineteca
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human rights careers | opportunities, jobs, internships
empowering the next generation of human rights defenders by exploring, sharing and evaluating the best human rights career opportunities worldwide.
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institute for human rights and business
the institute for human rights and business (ihrb) is a global centre of excellence and expertise (a think & do tank) on the relationship between business and internationally recognised human rights standards.
rights, human, morrison, tripathi, john, salil, blogs, independent, commentary, scott, opinion, house, aizawa, margaret, wachenfeld, motoko, barnes, frances, sector, jerbi, research, principles, guiding, business, corporate, responsibility, tank, shaping, accountability, abuses, ihrb, strengthening, practice, policy, advancing, private
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better world links
100, 000 links on global topics like peace, environment, human rights, one world, social justice, women, religion, education, economy, conflict regions, politics and news
globalization, pollution, sustainability, military, religions, democracy, health, culture, tibet, news, alternative, women, iraq, social, justice, environment, rights, human, world, iran, election, presidential, conflict, peace
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peace development fund | the peace development fund works to build the capacity of community-based organizations through grants, training, and other resources as partners in human rights and social justice movements.
pdf helps build the capacity of community-based organizations through grants, training and other resources as partners in the human rights and social justice movements.
social, justice, environmentalism, foundation, rights, human, training, organization, peace, grants
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kansas human rights commission
this is the official website of the kansas human rights commission presented by the information network of kansas
rights, employment, housing, accommodations, civil, public, kansas, discrimination, khrc, freedom, human
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home - world ywca
the world ywca is a global network of women and girls working for justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and care for the environment in 122 countries worldwide. it has been at the forefront of empowering women and girls for 150 years, and today reaches 25 million people in 22, 000 local communities.
women, violence, aids, leadership, justice, ywca, human, peace, rights, based, young, governmental, week, training, christian, profit, tree, olive, world, changing, gender, change, care, community, trade, development, girls, economic, credit, grassroots, fair, micro, organization, global, prayer, international, intern, internshi, organisation, communities
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clarity press, inc.
an independent progressive publisher on global issues and alternatives with particular focus on human rights and social justice.
middle, east, social, peace, justice, international, books, human, rights, progressive
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yeu international
youth for exchange and understanding is an ingyo and works to promote peace, understanding and co-operation between the young people of the world, in a spirit of respect for human rights.
convention, erasmus, volunteering, ingyo, action, trainings, exchange, europe, cooperation, youth
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welcome to uttaran - a social development organisation
we are uttaran (transition), a people centred ngo using a rights based approach to empower poor communities and reduce poverty. we work across the coastal region of southwest bangladesh. we are gradually expanding our activities to other parts of the country. our work is focused on human rights, land rights and agrarian reform, sustainable water management, community based river basement management, adaptation to climate change, sustainable agriculture and food security.
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robert f. kennedy center for justice & human rights - la casa dei diritti umani | robert f. kennedy europe | robert f. kennedy center for justice & human rights
the robert f. kennedy center for justice and human rights is a leading international human rights organization whose core programs work together to help realize robert kennedy’s dream of a more just and peaceful world.
penalty, religion, death, microcredit, rights, international, cooperation, human
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comprehensive advice on human rights
comprehensive and easily absorbed information on your human rights, the human rights act and privacy & protection issues in the uk and abroad.
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the human rights foundation
the human rights foundation (hrf) is a nonpartisan organization devoted to defending human rights globally, with an expertise in the americas.
expand collapse - peacetopian community
peacetopia - imagine a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. together we can create a better world. - helping the world imagine peace on earth. - more than 2000 free printable resources to inspire and empower the global movement for a culture of peace. these resources address more than 60 social issues, and revolve around a calendar of more than 80 action days for a culture of peace dealing with these social issues. all free resources created by robert alan silverstein unless otherwise noted. may be distribtued freely for non-commercial uses only.
peace, culture, earth, songs, world, quotes, calendar, nations, unesco, united, betterworld, books, prevail, alan, robert, assemblies, movement, global, fairs, festivals, utopia, links, fundraisers, videos
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child rights advocacy | human rights conference | speakers on child abuse
offering information on human and child rights advocacy, fohrd can assist you with human rights conferences.
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daisaku ikeda website
in-depth profiles of daisaku ikeda as educator, buddhist philosopher and peacebuilder, and selected writings and records
peace, buddhism, buddhist, soka, dialogue, culture, proposal, author, gakkai, institute, nichiren, toda, ikeda, oriental, museum, association, tokyo, fuji, concert, josei, tsunesaburo, makiguchi, japanese, education, komeito, nature, anime, stories, philosophy, poet, engaged, empowerment, philosopher, thinker, humanism, revolution, human, president, sokagakkai, international
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centre for architecture and human rights
cahr, centre for architecture and human rights, focus on cultural rights, land rights, rights of access, rights of migrant workers, protection from forced evictions and development-induced displacement through education, research, building, planning
migrant, rights, workers, planning, schools, human, evictions, architecture, research, design, education, environment, action
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centre for civil and political rights | human rights
the centre for civil and political rights envisions the full and universal realisation of the rights proclaimed in the international covenant on civil and political rights (iccpr) and its 2 optional protocols.
rights, civil, political, iccpr, human, centre, committee, optional, protocol
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justice human rights organization
justice human rights organization-justice for all!!
human, rights, montreal, canada, laval, organization, saar, 14feb, bahrain, justice, rajab
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the empress of time
a blog about 2012, ascension, humanity, earth, earth allies, human rights, universal peace, human sovereignty, social and global shifts.
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the international society for peace and human rights
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save the human rights act
every single one of us is protected by the human rights act, but right now its under attack. do the human right thing – its time to take a stand.
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save the human rights act
every single one of us is protected by the human rights act, but right now its under attack. do the human right thing – its time to take a stand.
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western connecticut association for human rights
wecahr new location
human, epowerment, advocacy, children, adults, training, success, personal, justice, advocate, dignity, rights, independence, disability
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human rights defence is a non-profit organisation focusing on human rights issues around the world; our mission is to support victims and activists through an on-line community, offering legal advice, and creating public awareness in order to uphold political freedom and prevent inhumane conduct.
human, defence, rights, teresa, defender, nordlander, luisa, salazar, lucro, fines, venezuela, mateo, burillo, defenders, eric, tomas, benjamin, jakobus, mujica, victims, humanrights, violation, advice, doctrine, declaration, legal, defense, humen, doctrina, ayuda, asesoramiento, humanos, derechos, defensa
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eugene, oregon the human rights city project | the human rights city project eugene, oregon | none
the human rights city project is exploring ways that city government can implement international human rights standards and principles in its operations.
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welcome to navsarjan
navsarjan is the largest dalit organization in gujarat, and one of the most effective in india. it is active in more than 3, 000 villages, as well as in the cities. our mission is to eliminate discrimination based on untouchability practices; ensure equality of status and opportunities for all, regardless of caste, class or gender; and to ensure the rule of law.
rights, human, dalit, governance, political, digitization, data, local, awareness, video, unit, community, motivation, youth, implementation, women, education, untouchability, eradication, manual, navsarjan, land, wage, minimum, scavenging, center
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karamah | muslim women lawyers for human rights
karamah muslim women lawyers for human rights, is a u.s.-based non-profit organization that works through education, legal outreach and advocacy to generate understanding and promote human rights worldwide, particularly the rights of muslim women under islamic and civil law.
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aphad | alikar center for peace human rights & democracy
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iipjhr | international institute for peace, justice and human rights
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tapol | promoting human rights,peace and democracy in indonesia
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international partnership for human rights (iphr)
iphr is a brussels-based ngo that works to raise human rights concerns internationally and promote the rights of vulnerable communities
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pbi canada - peace brigades canada - making space for peace
pbi canada - making space for peace.
colombia, donate, action, guatemala, indonesia, nepal, mexico, rights, human, brigades, peace, canada, violent, defend
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cair coalition | working to ensure all immigrants are treated with fairness, dignity and respect for their human and civil rights
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welcome to the official website - ejo youth echo (eye)
ejo youth echo (eye) uses medias to promote the culture of peace, non-violence, human rights, culture and implementing millennium development goals in central africa. it is based in kigali.
youth, peace, echo, rwanda, promotion, building
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human rights voices
human rights voices
human, rights, nations, treaty, systems, united, treaties, complaining, voices, stories, violations, abuses, complaints
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what is human trafficking | manna freedom
what is human trafficking? 27 million people are enslaved worldwide. manna freedom is working to raise awareness, provide resources and prevent human trafficking.
trafficking, human, slavery, modern, child, rights, prevent, organizations, statistics, persons, united, states, europe, eastern, stop, anti, people, organization, sexual, america, exploitation
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rocky mountain peace and justice center |
the rocky mountain peace and justice center (rmpjc), located in boulder, co. our mission: rooted in the spirit of unconditional nonviolence, the rocky mountain peace and justice center is dedicated to progressive personal and social change. we are a multi-issue organization that works to restore and protect earth and human rights. we educate, organize, act and build community in order to create a culture of justice and peace.
peace, rocky, mountain, group, community, boulder, actions, nonprofit, justice, rmpjc
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it is not only a window of china's human rights for the world, but also a platform for the exchange of human rights information between china and the rest of the world.
white, weibo, exchange, paper, memorabilia, cshrs, unhrc, legal, protection, rights, human, guarantee, development, society, harmonious, china
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intercultural dialogue institute, canada -
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international justice resource center | international justice resource center
ijrc provides principal services to victims and advocates seeking to better understand, or more effectively engage with, human rights protections, such as providing timely information and analysis on developments in international law and human rights conditions, explaining human rights law and the bodies that enforce it, guiding visitors to the most useful research tools, and advising victims and advocates through our unique publications and educational videos.
court, justice, human, rights, international, american, refugee, commission, inter, humanitarian, european, resource, center, legislation, place, protect, america, social, refugees, ijrc, society, civil, jurisdiction, universal, caribbean, standard, treatment, union, rules, minimum, prisoners
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masterpeace. creating peace. together.
music above fighting, dialogue above judging, bread above bombs, creation above destruction. that’s masterpeace. masterpeace aims to inspire everyone to use their talent and energy for building peace and togetherness. masterpeace will help lead the way to a more sustainable world with less armed conflict. masterpeace is the fastest growing grass-roots peace movement of the world, with the ambition to reach out to millions and mobilize at least 400, 000 new peace builders by 2020. masterpeace is an innovative, bottom-up global peace movement, as a result of an east-west cooperation, supported by ngos, companies, cities, artists, social entrepreneurs and you. masterpeace is an open and inviting movement, in which people are encouraged to use their talents and energy for building peace. on the international day of peace this year, masterpeace will organize series of events termed masterpeace in concert taking place in 50 countries featuring artists from the worlds confli
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grassroots international
grassroots international works to create a just and sustainable world by building alliances with progressive movements. our primary focus is on land, water and food as human rights and nourishing the political struggle necessary to achieve these rights.
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grassroots international
grassroots international works to create a just and sustainable world by building alliances with progressive movements. our primary focus is on land, water and food as human rights and nourishing the political struggle necessary to achieve these rights.
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attorneys for the rights of the child | safeguarding children's rights to genital integrity
circumcision, rights, human, lawyers, genital, lawsuits, lawsuit, integrity, attorneys, autonomy, intact, svoboda, intactivist, violation, steven, intactivism, intactivists
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home | foundation for global collaboration and peace
fgcnp (fgc+p) is the resource center for participatory peace, where you can learn universal human commonalities, connect with people and peace ngos, share your experience and participate in peace building.
peace, commonalities, human, slice, experience, share, life, collaboration, foundation, gallery, global, facts, universal, participatory, center, resource, building, ngos, scientific, shared, media
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dr. shashi tharoor's official website
dr. shashi tharoor is an author, united nations peace-keeper, refugee worker, human rights activist, minister of state for human resources development, an elected member of the indian parliament from the thiruvananthapuram constituency in kerala and a former minister of state for external affairs, dr. shashi tharoor straddles several worlds of experience. born in london in 1956, dr. tharoor was educated in india and the united states.
tharoor, shashi, state, human, minister, rights, refugee, activist, worker, external, affairs, thiruvananthapuram, development, resources, united, author, nations
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home | evens foundation
the evens foundation initiates and supports sustainable projects that contribute to respect for the cultural and social diversity of europe, in the fields of sustainable peacebuilding in europe, peace education, media education.
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while i breathe, i hope
fight for every human and animal right. for love and respect, for inner beauty, serenity and freedom of thoughts. welcome into a world of love!
diversity, sharing, words, equal, rights, emotions, behaviour, human, power, tolerance, beauty, understading, discrimination, feelings, disparity, love
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art works projects
art works projects provides visual advocacy tools which bring international awareness to human rights crises. conceptualized and created in conjunction with long established humanitarian and human rights advocacy organizations, these art and design exhibitions, books, recordings, films, and other media provide opportunities for large numbers of the general population to engage in ending major rights violations.
advocacy, organizations, rights, human, visual
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peaceiowathe iowa city peace center
peaceiowapromoting international peace through education, intercultural communication, activism, and personal choices
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alphabetics helps countries, companies and institutions achieve growth and development.
nuclear, development, human, rights, wastes, international, radioactive, justice, natural, resources, sustainable, european, secrecy, weapons, government, union, waste, biodiversity, energy, fairness, climate, environment, countries, rule, change, effectiveness, environmental, developing, action, marine, pollution, hazardous
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friends of the cmhr - friends of the canadian museum for human rights
by supporting friends of the canadian museum for human rights, you take an active role in ensuring we can empower human rights champions around the world.
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human rights investigations
evidence-based, independent and rigorous investigation of human rights abuses (by hri mark)
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northwest territories human rights commission | a north at peace with its diversity where everyone is safe, confident and respected on their journey
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universal human rights student network |
the universal human rights student network is a student-led organization seeking to amplify the voices of the next generation of human rights defenders.
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kirdarc nepal is an ngo dedicated to human rights, peace building, media and development in karnali zone since 1999. it works with a mission to enable karnali people to claim and exercise their rights for poverty reduction and improved livelihoods through their organization, research, policy advocacy and judicious resources mobilization.
poverty, advocacy, policy, judicious, research, mobilization, people, karnali, nepal, development, human, rights, kirdarc
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intercultural development research institute - home
the intercultural development research institute is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to a constructivist definition of the field of intercultural communication and to support continuing and new research in intercultural development
intercultural, research, interculture, communication, development
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women for afghan women
a new york based grassroots organization concerned with human rights and women's rights in afghanistan.
center, rights, human, guidance, family, support, afghanistan
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center for international policy
advocating a u.s. foreign policy based on cooperation, demilitarization and respect for human rights
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latest vacancies
a specialist human rights job advertising website.
jobs, rights, human
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dialogue islamo-chretien
ce forum est dédié au dialogue entre musulmans et chrétiens de toutes confessions. dans le respect 100% des convictions de l'autre. cherchons d'abord ce qui nous enrichit !
dieu, mohamed, crucifixion, sunnite, soufis, imam, catholique, musulmans, islam, dialogue, coran, pape, bible
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- justice, peace, and integrity of creation
the missionary oblates of mary immaculate's justice, peace, and integrity of creation effort is a global initiative to promote justice, equality, peace, and a clean and sustainable environment for all.
investing, justice, faith, rights, immigrants, border, penalty, death, change, aids, community, climate, mission, organizing, ecology, social, economic, oblates, catholic, peace, responsibile, socially, environmental, missionary, based, responsible
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brandeis center - the louis d. brandeis center for human rights under law
the louis d. brandeis center for human rights under law is an independent, unaffiliated, nonprofit corporation established to advance the civil and human rights of the jewish people and promote justice for all. ldb conducts research, education, and advocacy to combat the resurgence of anti-semitism on college and university campuses.
campus, rights, louis, anti, brandeis, marcus, crimes, campuses, college, center, freedom, civil, semitism, israelism, antisemitism, academic, human
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the united nations human rights treaties emcompasses the full range of data concerning the application of the un human rights treaty system by its monitoring treaty bodies since their inauguration.
text, document, analysis, international, unhchr, country, state, treaties, committee, rights, human, nations, treaty, system, convention, united
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kaiciid | king abdullah bin abdulaziz international centre for interreligious and intercultural dialogue
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myanmar centre for responsible business (mcrb)
the myanmar centre for responsible business is a new initiative to encourage responsible business activities throughout myanmar. the centre is a joint initiative of the institute for human rights and business (ihrb) and the danish institute for human rights (dihr).
rights, human, business, institute, sector, swia, transparency, burma, wide, bowman, assessment, impact, danish, dihr, mcrb, ihrb, myanmar, yangon, responsible, vicky
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the human rights web home page
the first www site on human rights, and the place to start if you want to know more about them.
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nesri | national economic & social rights initiative | human needs | human rights
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association for human rights defense international | caring for human rights all over the world
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atheists for human rights
because so many violations of human rights have their source in religious authoritarianism.
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lawyers for human rights | independent human rights organisation in south africa
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outright action international | human rights for lgbtiq people everywhere
outright action international is a leading international human rights organization dedicated to improving the lives of people who experience discrimination or abuse on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.
nonprofit, activism, outright, rights, human, lgbtiq
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ensemble pour le respect de la diversité
agir avec les jeunes pour promouvoir le respect des différences et engager le dialogue afin de bâtir un environnement sans discrimination ni intimidation.
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people's forum on peace for life
peace for life is a faith-based peace and justice movement and forum engaged in building interfaith solidarity and mobilising the power of spirituality against the life-threatening forces of empire.
peace, faith, movement, interfaith, globalised, world, groups, communities, life, globalisation, alternative, anti, vision, solidarity, terror, partnerships, agenda, initiatives, advocacy, pfpl, process, peacebuilding, dialogue, forum, peaceforlife, justice, global, ecumenical
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working against the causes of poverty and an unfair society by exhorting respect for human rights and the basic needs of people and giving living standards of the citizens a high priority value.
cambodians, vulnerable, save
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sheba for democracy and human rights a non government human rights organisation
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china aid
china aid is an international non-profit christian human rights organization committed to promoting religious freedom and rule of law in china. we believe that religious freedom is the first freedom, which lays the foundation for all other basic human rights.
freedom, human, rights, religious, chinaaid, china
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unesco-welterbestätten | unesco welterben
unesco weltkulturerbe: das schönste, was mensch und natur uns hinterlassen haben. | unesco welterben
welterbe, unesco
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alberta human rights: alberta human rights commission
alberta human rights commission home page, news, programs
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home - nansen dialogue network
nansen dialogue network
nansen, network, dialogue, reconciliation, peace, lillehammer, norway
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| border action network is a human rights organization. our mission is to establish safety, equality, dignity, understanding & respect across cultures in border/immigrant communities.
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redress - human rights organization | seeking justice for torture survivor
redress trust is a human rights organisation based in london which works internationally to combat torture by seeking justice and reparation for torture survivors.
torture, survivors, human, reparation, rights, justice, victims, seeking, international, free, charity, combat
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the forum - home
"nothing about us without us" "do not take the decision to concern us without us" this is the slogan adopted by the forum as an association concerned with human rights in general and the rights of persons with disabilities in particular. in 1986, the issue of disability gathered a group of persons with disabilities and their friends, believed that living decently is the right of every human being, and that the rights and duties which are the base must be paramount.
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victorian equal opportunity and human rights commission
the victorian equal opportunity and human rights commission provide information on humans rights, equal opportunity and equality, workplace laws against discrimination & unfair dismissal.
discrimination, rights, human, harassment, race, workplace, australia, disability, dismissal, unfair, victorian, equal, equality, opportunity, commission
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thirdway | human rights and development
thirdway is an international volunteer-driven organization, committed to universality and indivisibility of human rights through active, hands-on programs
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thirdway | human rights and development
thirdway is an international volunteer-driven organization, committed to universality and indivisibility of human rights through active, hands-on programs
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home - foundation for human rights in cuba
our mission is to empower cuban civil society to build a durable democracy in cuba with zero tolerance for human rights violations.
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take the future: training for change, dialogue for change, folkehøjskole for change
take the future: training for change, dialogue for change, folkehøjskole for change: join the conversation
human, spirit, globalization, future, culture, folk, theory, integral, globe, society, training, system, high, denmark, danmark, join, international, school, change, dialogue, conversation
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the peace house oklahoma city | a center for education and nonviolent action on issues relating to human rights, economic justice, environmental sustainability, and nonviolence
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striving for human rights in iran | annual event to share news about the ongoing violations of human rights in iran
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the universal logo for human rights | human rights have a symbol
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trompenaars hampden-turner
trompenaars hampden-turner provides consulting, training, coaching and (un) learning services to help leaders and professionals manage and solve their business and culture dilemma's,
intercultural, culture, management, business, trompenaars, strategy, diversity, cross, leaders, negotiations, aquisitions, mergers, cultural, competence, international, differences, multicultural, awareness, global, project, procurement, advertising, reconcilliation, integration, marketing, change, guru, riding, dimensions, trompenaar, fons, managment, waves, globalization, model, globalisation, building, twentyone, dilemma
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declaration of human rights and the christian church
rights, declaration, human, church, christianity, christians, christian, united, nations
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home | love does
restore international’s goal is to try to change a few lives for the better. we fight for freedom and human rights, work to improve educational opportunities, and try to be helpful to those in need of a voice and a friend. restore was founded in 2003 by bob goff, after a trip to india, where he witnessed extreme human rights violations. restore india started with efforts to free those in bonded labor, sex trafficking, or otherwise exploited. in 2006 we began working in uganda in human rights and education. we continue to work in both india and uganda with a variety of programs.
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home | love does
restore international’s goal is to try to change a few lives for the better. we fight for freedom and human rights, work to improve educational opportunities, and try to be helpful to those in need of a voice and a friend. restore was founded in 2003 by bob goff, after a trip to india, where he witnessed extreme human rights violations. restore india started with efforts to free those in bonded labor, sex trafficking, or otherwise exploited. in 2006 we began working in uganda in human rights and education. we continue to work in both india and uganda with a variety of programs.
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libereco – partnership for human rights |
we are a swiss-german human rights organisation working on belarus and ukraine | wir sind eine deutsch-schweizer menschenrechtsorganisation, die zu belarus und der ukraine arbeitet
eastern, europe, unabhngig, independent, verein, gefangene, lukaschenko, lukaschenka, petition, lukashenka, lukashenko, politische, zrich, political, menschenrechtsorganisation, diktatur, weirussland, ukraine, regime, dictator, rights, belarus, human, menschenrechte, osteuropa, prisoners
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svabhinava - visuvalingam home page
svabhinava website for intercultural dialogue: homepage of sunthar and elizabeth visuvalingam
management, comparative, knowledge, philosophy, roma, esoteric, religion, interreligious, freedom, enterprise, dialogue, free, athens, lhasa, transgressive, sacrality, visuvalingam, sunthar, abhinavagupta, abhinava, humor, bhairava, jerusalem, mecca, chindia, hinduism, benares, svabhinava
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ompp wofp - world organization for peace
the world organization for peace is a non-profit institution and its function will be to preserve human life on the planet and outside of it. this worldwide organization, wofp/ompp, will conform to the guidelines of the united nations, which is the ruling parent organization that together with the countries which are members, determines and proposes the destinies of our humanity. the wofp/ompp will have as its key purpose a proposal of a ceasefire on the entire planet, and at the same time promote a peaceful dialogue within endless paths, in order to ensure a culture of lasting peace and contentment for all
ompp, paix, peace, pace, frieden, wofp, agency, mondiale, mundial, weltorganisation, della, agenzia, organizzazione, para, organisation, world, organization, pour, organismo
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daga index
cyber resource of the documentation for action groups in asia
theology, conflict, peace, human, racism, justice, militarization, rights, mission, management, building, transformation, activism, democracy, debt, imperialism, asian, religion, struggle, movement, ecumenical, pluralism, research, globalization, society, civil, asia
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human | be.
human is a human creates stories and experiences which transform the way we see ourselves and the world around us.
united, story, human, development, sustainable, agenda, love, citizen, states, nations, olinger, jonathan, google, humanity, global
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music and writings by will chris holley, on psychology, anthropology , nutrition, human rights, and animal rights. archure is a registered trademark, all right reserved, copyright thru 2015 and beyond
human, archure, rights, holley, astrology, chris, williamsii, nutrition, marijuana, animal, vegetarian, vegan, sexuality, music, sidereal, anthropology, psychology, aquatic
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restore international
restore international’s goal is to try to change a few lives for the better. we fight for freedom and human rights, work to improve educational opportunities, and try to be helpful to those in need of a voice and a friend. restore was founded in 2003 by bob goff, after a trip to india, where he witnessed extreme human rights violations. restore india started with efforts to free those in bonded labor, sex trafficking, or otherwise exploited. in 2006 we began working in uganda in human rights and education. we continue to work in both india and uganda with a variety of programs.
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illinois domestic workers coalition - home
advocacy site for domestic workers bill of rights in illinois
caregivers, house, child, bill, legal, care, healthcare, fair, wage, minimum, senior, protect, state, respect, illinois, dignity, rights, workers, chicago, human, legislature, caregiver, services, domestic
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be the change international
501(c)(3) nonprofit globallyadvocating, empowering, & serving women and children impacted by poverty and/or violence. join the movement!
rights, change, human, program, perfect, picture, safe, poverty, bought, drop, international, world, counts, child, trafficking
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unesco clubs philippines - home
a global grassroots movement, clubs for unesco supports the organization’s priorities by using a community’s own experience, skills and outlook to foster peace and exchange. they consist of groups of people from all ages, from all walks of life and e
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national day labor organizing network: ndlon improves the lives of day laborers by unifying & strengthening its members to be strategic & effective in developing leaders & mobilizing to protect & expand civil, labor, & human rights.
rights, labor, organizing, communities, alto, sb1070, centers, workers, secure, arizona, civil, national, laborers, social, justice, community, human, immigration
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esperanto brasil | língua internacional
esperanto ĉe brazilo
esperanto, language, brazilo, world, learning, distance, idiom, human, long, democracy, international, neutral, brazil, brasil, propedeutico, propedeutical, ecology, rights, ecologia, peace, brasileiro, internacional, lingvo, unesco, unesko, internacia, learn, esperantist