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water alternatives | a journal on water, politics and development, water alternatives an interdisciplinary ejournal on water, politics and development
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ncrp ejournal | electronic journal of negotiation, conflict resolution and peacebuilding (ncrp) | ncrp ejournal
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hard water to soft water converter | water softener alternatives
our hard water to soft water converter saves valuable equipment from scales and algae and minimize expenditure on power and fuel. its alternatives to water softener.
water, alternatives, softeners, equipment, remover, treatment, lime, soft, converter, hard, scale
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home - interdisciplinary journal of contemporary research in business issn (2073-7122)
research, interdisciplinary, business, institute, contemporary, journal, ijcrb
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myanmar journal download | home
home - you can download myanmar journals. we update all journal download link from myanmar. such as sports, news, technology, arts, jobs, politics, culture journal
journal, myanmar, newspaper, news, sport, kyamon, union, view, daily, light, messenger, wave, auto, world, media, aurora, sports, shwe, tway, mizzima
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anamnesis journal
anamnesis is both an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, academic journal and an intellectual online journal dedicated to the study of tradition, place, and ‘things divine.’ the journal strives to avoid ideological commitments and, instead, be open to diverse scholarship relating to our major themes.
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femspec is an interdisciplinary feminist journal dedicated to critical and creative works in the realms of sf, fantasy, magical realism, surrealism, myth, folklore, and other supernatural genres.
journal, fastasy, interdisciplinary, magic, surrealism, genre, supernatural, folklore, myth, scholarly, scholars, science, feminism, feminist, fiction, women, minority, woman, femspec
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about javnost - the public, javnost - the public
javnost - the public is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed social and cultural science journal published by the european institute for communication and culture in association with the faculty of social sciences, university of ljubljana.
public, international, interdisciplinary, sphere, article, journal, javnost
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idjrb — interdisciplinary journal of research in business
interdisciplinary journal of research in business (idjrb) interdisciplinary journal of research in business (idjrb) is an international high
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grounded theory review | an international interdisciplinary journal
the grounded theory review is an interdisciplinary, online academic journal for the advancement of classic grounded theory and scholarship. the grounded theory review adheres to the highest standards of peer review and engages established and emerging scholars from anywhere in the world.
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international journal of computer and communication system engineering
international journal of computer science and communication system engineering is a free journal of computer science which publish scholarly peer reviewed interdisciplinary research articles bimonthly
journal, computer, science, engineering, communications
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the undergraduate exeter - university of exeters interdisciplinary academic journal
university of exeters interdisciplinary academic journal
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journal of games criticism
the journal of games criticism is a non-profit, open-access, peer-reviewed journal ... a feed-forward publisher of interdisciplinary approaches to video game criticism.
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international journal of innovative research and development
ijird: "international journal of innovative research & development"(issn 2278 – 0211) is a monthly multidisciplinary journal.
journal, science, engineering, management
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jedem - ejournal of edemocracy and open government
jedem - ejournal of edemocracy and open government
business, papers, research, eparticipation, evoting, case, studies, reviews, descriptions, project, egovernment, edemocracy, legislation, policy, science, political, information, technology, ejournal, cyberpsychology
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current world environment journal - international research journal of environment science
current world environment (cwe), strives to provide a forum for worldwide scientific researchers to share findings on all aspects of environment and to
environment, journal, pollution, journals, resources, research, environmental, indian, water, sciences, forestry, natural, treatment, development, atmospheric, sustainable, soil, publications, india, reviews
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the criterion: an international journal in english bi-monthly refereed and indexed open access ejournal issn: 0976-8165
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ijsrd call for papers : april 2016
ijsrd - international journal for scientific research & development is an india’s leading open-access peer reviewed international e-journal for science, engineering & technologies’ manuscript.
journal, research, online, development, engineering, science, publication, thesis, scientific, reviewed, peer, call, international, paper, ijsrd, indian
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society of interdisciplinary business research - sibr home
sibr society of interdisciplinary business research strives to extend knowledge and understanding of the real business world from interdisciplinary perspectives, and acts as a focus and centre of excellence for interdisciplinary business research.
research, interdisciplinary, business, economics, conference, management, marketing, finance, accounting, interdisciplinarity, interdiscipline, society, 2012, call, sibr, paper
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entomology journal | zoology journal | journal of entomology and zoology studies
journal of entomology and zoology studies is a peer reviewed journal. prime focus of the journal to publish articles related to the current trends of research. this journal provides the platform established with the aim of motivating the students and such personnel in the entomology, zoology and related subjects.
journal, journals, entomology, zoology, arachnology, myrmecology, paleozoology, malacology, planktology, ornithology, zoosemiotics, arthropodology, zooarchaeology, primatology, apiology, helminthology, zoological, entomological, herpetology, cetology
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naturally pure alternatives - pure air, water, alkaline water, health products
naturally pure alternatives offers the best health supplements and air, water, shower and garden purification systems
ozone, cancer, osmosis, reverse, diabetes, weight, disease, cardiovascular, arthritis, gain, health, alkaline, calcium, water, coral, innerlight, doulton, factory, seven, essential
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trade, law and development
trade, law and development is a bi-annual, student-run, academic journal published by national law university, jodhpur, india. tl&d seeks to provide a forum for scholarly discussion on issues of law, international trade, environment and development.
trade, jodhpur, india, journal
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multidisciplinary journal | international journal of multidisciplinary research and development
international journal of multidisciplinary research and development is peer-reviewed, indexed and refereed journal and is designed to publish research articles in language, literature, science, social sciences and humanities.
journal, multidisciplinary, research, international, humanities, social, literature, science, language, sciences
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international journal of fisheries and aquatic studies | aquatic journal
international journal of fisheries and aquatic studies is a peer reviewed journal. prime focus of the journal to publish articles related to the current trends of research in fisheries and aquatic science. this journal provides the platform with the aim of motivating the students and personals in the fisheries and aquatic research and development.
journal, aquaculture, marine, aquatic, fisheries
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tactical asset allocation | strategic asset allocation | investment strategy
investment strategy bureau service access an objective, interactive strategic asset allocation & tactical asset allocation resource, strategic engine platform.
asset, allocation, investment, technology, fixed, strategic, interest, tactical, strategy, independent, research
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home - creativity & human development international ejournal
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journal of interdisciplinary studies in education
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palaver | uncws interdisciplinary journal
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sayisal grafik
kültürel kaynak yönetimi
book, journal, ejournal, sanat, gallery, systems, cultural, resources, management, kaynak, emuseum, system, edergi, ebook, ekitap, museum, library, kataloglama, katalog, automation
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approaches an interdisciplinary journal of music therapy
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international e-journal for education & interdisciplinary studies
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global media journal | open acces
global media journal, open access, editorial board
sociology, journal, social, society, review, american, media, research, global, culture, criminology, science, family, nature, quarterly, politics, journalism, political, international, movement
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focis - home
the federation of clinical immunology societies (focis) exists to improve human health through immunology by fostering interdisciplinary approaches to both understand and treat immune-based diseases. focis is the global leader in immunology education, supporting basic and clinical scientists to perform the best research, create new tools and provide new insights.
immunology, translational, congress, education, interdisciplinary, journal, immunological, meeting, clinical, focis, medicine, diseases, human, health, immunologists, societies, immunologist, federation, course, courses
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34 | a global network for dynamic research and publishing runs interdisciplinary research and publications projects which bring people together from differing contexts, disciplines, pro
interdisciplinary, academic, research, publishing, transdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, approach, connections, studies
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reason papers | a journal of interdisciplinary normative studies
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international journal of engineering research and technology
international journal of engineering research and technology is not limited to a specific field of engineering but is instead devoted to a wide range of subfields in the engineering sciences. all original research contributions papers of interdisciplinary nature are welcome. our journal intends to be of interest to scholars and researchers in the academic, industrial and governmental sectors around the globe.
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interdisciplinary social sciences
exploring disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches between the social, natural and applied sciences through conferences, journals, and books.
studies, social, sciences, conference, proposal, book, journal, organizational, human, ground, article, publishing, policy, common, sustainability, community, technology, interdisciplinary, sociology, cognitive
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the water's edge : northern wisconsin environment issues politics
watersedge introduction page as a free lance news site.wisconsin's environmental threats, mining, tribal concerns, economy, development, and political controversy.
wisconsin, shed, water, clean, river, sierra, conservation, voters, league, club, gtac, taconite, politics, mining, superior, lake, economics, issues, project, education
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fog city journal san francisco bay area news, arts, culture and politics
fog city journal is an online news organization providing coverage of breaking news, arts and politics in san francisco and the greater bay area
legislation, supervisors, board, propositions, ballot, california, candidates, races, measures, analysis, opinion, news, area, francisco, arts, politics, journalism, photojournalism, photography, culture
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journal of spatial information science
the journal of spatial information science (josis) is an international, interdisciplinary, open-access journal dedicated to publishing high-quality, original research articles in spatial information science.
information, science, spatial, systems, spatiotemporal, computational, algorithms, geospatial, geocomputation, geometry, creative, journal, access, giscience, geographic, open, commons
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home - artmatters
artmatters is an interdisciplinary, on line, peer-reviewed journal providing a platform for the relatively new but rapidly developing field of technical art history. new papers will appear biannually.
history, technical, journal
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project polymath: catalyzing interdisciplinary education for a new renaissance
project polymath is an ongoing effort to create a new type of interdisciplinary university dedicated to the universal pursuit of knowledge and the development of students' full potential as thinkers, doers, and leaders. our goal is literally to train polymaths and, in so doing, to profoundly accelerate advances across all areas of knowledge.
renaissance, charity, transdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, university, polymathy, education, school, interdisciplinary, polymath
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outside the beltway | otb | online journal of politics and foreign affairs
analysis of us politics, world affairs, and public policy from an educated, thoughtful perspective
media, technology, entertainment, business, security, world, affairs, national, politics
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development alternatives group
development alternatives da, the worlds first social enterprise dedicated to sustainable development, is a research and action organisation striving to deliver socially equitable, environmentally sound and economically scalable development outcomes. das green technology innovations for habitat, water, energy and waste management, which deliver basic needs and generate sustainable livelihoods, have reduced poverty and rejuvenated natural ecosystems in the most backward regions of india, creating some one million livelihoods and empowering over 6 million people
management, group, development, change, climate, technology, solid, waste, cleaner, building, delhi, indian, environment, environmental, india, water, recycling, paper, tara, governance
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water, irrigation, roman, egyptian, nile, aqueduct, qanats, canals, hydropower, waterwheel, development, history, historical, multimedia, historic, dams
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joint interdisciplinary doctoral program "human rights under pressure - ethics, law, and politics" (hr-up): homepage
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meta description for gifre
journal, science, research, articles, educational, education, social, scientific, free, international, engineering, assessment, design, agricultural, sciences, biological, crop, professional, childhood, agriculture
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interpreting ceramics : an international, refereed, electronic journal
an international, refereed, electronic journal committed to the encouragement of broader and more interdisciplinary research into all those categories of human activity which are indicated by the term ceramics
ceramics, pottery, electronic, journal, studio, archives, culture, studies, archaeology, museum, anthropology, material, figurative, interpreting, icrc, industrial, architectural, ceramic, traditional, sculpture
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skit research journal
skit research journal
journal, best, research, international, skit, civil, electrical, mechanical, jaipur, free, physics, electronics, science, original, ijskit, work, computer, engineering
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write it out journal workshops
write it out: the journal as a tool for growth and lasting change. journal workshops and classes
journal, writing, prompts, write, school, journals, kids, rubric, high, topics, what, middle, plans, lesson, classroom, ideas, assessment, teaching, paper, research
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international journal of humanities and social science studies
international journal of humanities & social science studies (ijhsss) is an online and print bilingual, interdisciplinary academic journal publishing research and scholarly articles, book reviews from the disciplines of humanities and social sciences. the subjects, in specific, covered by the journal include: bengali commerce, economics, education, english, hindi, fine arts, visual arts, management, pol. science, philosophy, sanskrit, sociology, criminology, anthropology, business studies, communication studies, corporate governance, cross cultural studies, demography, development studies, ethics, geography, history, industrial relations, information science, international relations, law, linguistics, library science, media studies, methodology, population studies, psychology, public administration, social welfare, literature, paralegal, performing arts (music/theatre/dance), religious studies, women studies.
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international journal of computer science
international journal of advanced research in computer science (ijarcs) is a scholarly online, open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, bimonthly, and fully refereed journal focusing on theories, methods and applications in computer science and relevant fields.the journal covers all areas of computer science, like computer engineering, computer security, biometrics and bioinformatics, database management system artificial intelligence, software engineering and more. we publish original research articles, review articles and technical notes.
shrimali, tarun, maharaja, college, engineering, science, udaipur, computer, journal, international, advanced, research, ijarcs
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the caravan - a journal of politics and culture
a journal of politics and culture
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stephen bainbridge's journal of law, politics, and culture
cars, politics, culture, wine, food, business, economics, religion
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secret thirteen
interdisciplinary journal, offering eclectic mixes and smart interviews with original artists and label owners as well as reviews of contemporary arts.
online, magazine, music, journal, drone, secret, contemporary, ambient, magazines, thirteen, post, muzikos, rock, modern, arts, mixes, interdisciplinary, noise, electronic, smart
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the minds journal
a thought is a very powerful weapon of the mind – it attracts similar energy thoughts which result into a particular mindset and thus the whole perception of an individual. the minds journal is dedi
journal, minds, mind, life, talk, self, alone, relationship, wisdom, development, inspiration, thought, lesson, quote, index, motivation, love
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alternatives-magazine home page
if you believe real food, safe water, clean energy and your health is important . .
fitness, bike, montana, health, paddle, whitefish, sports, forward, climate, fishing, water, food, sustainable, lifestyle, awareness, living, moving, transportation, energy, development
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home page
offering green alternatives to traditional water conditioning.
water, scale, conditioning, removal, ultrasonic, osmosis, filters, reverse, treatment
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welcome to the world water organization (wwo)
water, organization, international, access, harold, haiti, benefit, partnership, development, security, global, elaine, health, millennium, goal, valdov, center, lincoln, concert, events
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sjournals (scientific journals) is a leading international scientific publisher dedicated to publish peer-reviewed significant research work, delivering quality content through innovative information products and services. our business is to manage the knowledge and disseminate the new discoveries globally.
journal, medical, pain, articles, american, news, scientific, journals, article, street, sciences, british, atlanta, diet, constitution, weight, submission, reviewer, pure, applied
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the history of water filters
the history of water filters provides a comprehensive history of water filters, a listing of water treatment alternatives, and information about the safety of common, drinking water.
water, filters, treatment, history
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international journal of communication
media, communication, online, journal, international, telecommunications, visual, politics, information, mass, technology, communications, policy
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your babys or pregnancy journal - is personalized online pregnancy or baby journal. it helps future and present parents preserve every precious moment of their child’s life and safely share the most important with their friends and family. it offers week by week pregnancy development updates and month by month baby development updates.
journal, pregnancy, baby, week, grow, growth, family, parents, health, food, calendar, timeline, kids, medical, years, kidbook, scrapbook, keepsake, babybook, diary
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john's well service - well installation and treatment | lyons, co
emergency services. over 34 years of experience. residential water treatment, water pumping, well drilling alternatives. water treatment. call 303-444-7237.
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foodarc | research inspiring change
to support an interdisciplinary research program that enhances the capacity to address food insecurity in collaboration with students, faculty, community
food, university, vincent, policy, saint, development, qualitative, quantitative, security, mount, insecurity, training, research, action, centre, participatory, williams, patricia, interdisciplinary
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your seo optimized title
join in the debate, have fun, laugh or cry, at my take on real politics, leadership, change management, career development and well, just life!
change, management, government, union, business, personal, development, european, politics
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electronic journal of biotechnology
international scientific journal which publishes papers from all areas related to biotechnology.
science, biology, transcriptomics, genomics, ecology, cancer, pharmacology, immunology, systems, molecular, policy, evolution, genetics, evolutionary, earth, interdisciplinary, materials, medicine
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the vassar chronicle - vassars journal of thought and politics: ideas in exchange.
vassars journal of thought & politics: ideas in exchange.
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codediesel | web development journal
articles, tutorials and ideas on web development
development, databases, mysql
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philica - the instant, open-access journal of everything
science, journal, business, mathematics, medicine, management, studies, music, linguistics, philosophy, sociology, transport, zoology, psychology, politics, international, physics, neuroscience, history, online
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beverly frydman - creative journal writing courses in london, including journal to the self and yoga on the page
beverly frydman is a dedicated journal writer. she has an m.a. in creative writing and personal development from the university of sussex and is one of three instructors in the u.k. certified to teach the journal to the self workshop. she is also a practicing bereavement counselor.
writing, journal, yoga, journey, self, page, courses, holland, creative, frydman, london, notting, beverley, hill, park
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uspw - home
providing water treatment equipment at the point-of-use, to eliminate the need for bottled water.
water, filtration, carbon, plastic, purification, station, hydration, treatment, fountains, drinking, events, wells, waterbar, iron, uspw, pure, chlorine, alternatives, ultraviolet, waste
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raseborg web development
raseborg web development owns and operates a network of websites focused on politics and history.
history, politics, development, raseborg
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cosmic journals - best online journals, computer science journal,journal with impace factor,best electronic journal,best management journal,best education journal,best international journal
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blank journals - scripture journal, the personal journal and literary journal
blank journals for personal diary or journal writing. each have their own organizational system, are ring binders, and come with a travel companion for on the road journaling.
journal, journaling, spiritual, literary, scripture, personal, missionary
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goddess and the poet
suzi blu is a mixed media artist documenting her life in zen-like telletubbies-hip-chick style. artists and non artists alike will find her motivational spirit infectious and treasure her nurturing and unconditional support.
journal, mixed, paintings, suzi, media, drawings, color, acrylic, water, paint, portraits, folk, suziblu, midori, scrapbooking, journaling, soul, painting, daily
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the journal online | welcome to the journal-online
williamston, pelzer, west pelzer, piedmont, powdersville, moonville, ware place, west allen williams, journal, palmetto, wren, woodmont, newspapers, anderson county, greenville county, the journal, printing, thejournalonline, williamstonjournal, journalonline, thejournal, journal, the journal on line, journal on line, journal online
journal, line, online, journalonline, thejournal, thejournalonline
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water oak development group
water oak development group, inc. specializing in reo preservation, solar installation, remodeling, custom kitchens, and custom bathrooms.
remodeling, services, preservation, water, development, construction, florida, real, central, remodel, interior, exterior, contractor, commercial, service, residential, estate, bathroom, trash, owned
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sahara press-صحراء بريس
journal marocain en arabe journal marocain al akhbar journal marocain en ligne almassae journal marocain journal marocain le matin journal marocain en francais journal marocain arab journal marocaine en arabe journal marocain de cardiologie journal marocain al khabar journal marocain la vie économique journal marocain journal marocain a montreal journal marocain en arab journal marocain en arabe assabah journal marocain en anglais journal marocain en pdf almassae journal marocain en arabe journal maroc en ligne journal en maroc journal marocain l'économiste journal maroc al sabah journal marocain l opinion journal marocain le soir journal marocain al sabah journal marocain al mountakhab le journal marocain d'aujourd'hui le journal marocain le journal marocain assabah le journal marocaine le journal marocain de cardiologie le journal marocain en francais le journal marocain almassae le journal maroc arab le journal maroc soir le journal maroc 2m journal maroc à meknes journal marocain d
marocain, journal, arabe, ligne
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stamps of india
the online resource of indian philately (stamps). includes news, feature articles, original research, web links, and much more.
india, ejournal, magazine, ezine, journal, history, philately, stamps, stamp, collecting
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stroud water research center: our focus is fresh water
since 1967, stroud water research centers scientists and educators have been focused on one thing — fresh water. at the heart of the organization is an interdisciplinary team of scientists whose research efforts are dedicated to understanding the ecology of streams, rivers, and their watersheds — both pristine and polluted.
research, rivers, streams, education, watershed, programs, students, teachers, basic, communities, scientific, knowledge, global, freshwater, stewardship, groundbreaking, water, fresh, applied
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on line opinion - australia's e-journal of social and political debate
on line opinion - australia's e-journal of social and political debate
politics, policy, debate, relations, research, australian, public, government, australia, international
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journal of medical sciences & health
journal of medical sciences and health is a triannual, peer reviewed, open access, print & online journal of adichunchanagiri institute of medical sciences, balagangadharanatha nagara, mandya district, karnataka which specifically deals with a common aim to promote research in all the disciplines of medical sciences, health & medical education.
journal, medical, bangalore, jmsh, shankar, post, article, indian, vijay, submit, sciences, karnataka, journals, doctors, kciapm, science
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a\j – canada's environmental voice
alternatives journal (a\j) is canada’s environmental magazine, featuring intelligent analysis, inspiring stories and smart solutions to today’s environmental problems.
living, green, pipelines, natural, resources, conservation, energy, change, climate, magazine, canada, alternatives, environmental, sustainability, solutions, environment
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a\j – canada's environmental voice
alternatives journal (a\j) is canada’s environmental magazine, featuring intelligent analysis, inspiring stories and smart solutions to today’s environmental problems.
living, green, pipelines, natural, resources, conservation, energy, change, climate, magazine, canada, alternatives, environmental, sustainability, solutions, environment
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solutions for regional and international water related challenges :: international h2o solutions, llc
ih2os is an international consultancy focusing on legal, policy, and management issues related to global and transboundary fresh water resources. we are dedicated to providing practical and feasible solutions for regional and cross-border water-related challenges facing nations and communities around the world.
water, river, advisor, consultancy, consultants, treaties, watercourses, convention, dams, consulting, transboundary, danube, hungary, basin, conflict, management, politics, treaty, pollution, wetlands
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welcome to second mile water | live a better story. end water poverty. - second mile water | live a better story. end water poverty.second mile water | live a better story. end water poverty.
water, clean, safe, america, drinking, pumps, wells, poor, nonprofit, development, international, access, hygiene, sanitation, latin, give, central, nicaragua
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international journal of pharmaceutical research and development - ijprd (issn 0974 – 9446)
pharmacy research journal l free full text articles l research articles l review articles l free access l platform for reserch work l call for paper l join free l open access journal l
journal, research, pharmacy, drug, ijprd, science, publication, your, platform, work
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libreplan: the open source web application for project planning, monitoring and control
the open source web application for project planning, monitoring and control
resource, allocation, planning, project, management, application, sharing, calendars, multiproject, skill, sigmoid, ajax, interpolation, strategies, group, method, manual, functions, gantt, load
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libreplan: the open source web application for project planning, monitoring and control
the open source web application for project planning, monitoring and control
resource, allocation, planning, project, management, application, sharing, calendars, multiproject, skill, sigmoid, ajax, interpolation, strategies, group, method, manual, functions, gantt, load
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401k, ira, annuity (retirement) investments & portfolios
asset allocation for retirement plans: 401k, ira, 403b, 457, 529, variable annuities & variable life insurance. risk management & portfolio
plans, allocation, asset, tactical, savings, schwab, stocks, ishares, vanguard, bonds, ameritrade, mutual, strategic, global, strategies, investment, fidelity, funds, etfs, contribution
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ijecs is a leading international journals for publication of new ideas, the state of the art research results and fundamental advances in all aspects of computer science and engineering
journal, engineering, science, international, computer, open, access, paper, advanced, technology, research, call
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nyu journal of international law and politics
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the journal of politics - home
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north state journal | nc news, weather, sports & more
the north state journal is north carolina's only statewide newspaper, bringing you top national and statewide news, politics, opinion, and the sports and lifestyle coverage that makes this state home. elevate the conversation with the north state journal.
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minol-strategic utility and energy management solutions
minol-mtr, water, submetering, apartment, billing, metering, rubs, allocation, utilities
management, energy, billing, utility, water, conservation, utilities, rubs, submetering, apartment, metering, allocation
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windsor journal - news
windsor journal weekly is the local newspaper of windsor, connecticut. in print and on our website we cover from a positive angle everything in town and the greater windsor area.
windsor, politics, business, civic, groups, hall, schools, journal, connecticut, news, newspaper, town
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polish journal of environmental studies
the polish journal of environmental studies publishes original papers and critical reviews
soil, water, supplement, metal, plant, factor, impact, manusript, abstract, stud, environ, pjoes, journal, studies, environmental
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international journal of computer science
the international journal of computer science and application (tijcsa) issn - 2278-1080 is a refereed journal for scientific papers dealing with any area of computer science research. the purpose of establishing the scientific journal is the assistance in development of science, fast operative publication and storage of materials and results of scientific researches and representation of the scientific conception of the society. this is a scholarly online, open access, peer-reviewed, monthly and fully referred journal that publishes articles, focusing on theories, methods and applications in computer science and relevant fields. it is an international scientific journal intended for professionals and researchers computational mathematics, computer engineering and scientific computing.
science, computer, journal, international
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mcsilver institute for poverty policy and research
the mcsilver institute for poverty policy and research conducts, promotes, and disseminates interdisciplinary applied research to address poverty.
national, education, sustainability, york, international, development, organizational, interdisciplinary, science, implementation, research, policy, poverty, advocacy, social, participatory, collaborative, work, mcsilver
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hungarian politics, politics hungary news - is the key independent news resource about hungarian politics in english.
politics, hungarian, viktor, jobbik, parliament, elections, hungary
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the potomac a journal of poetry & politics
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browserbob, create smart applications of tomorrow already today
the browserbob frontpage introduces the browserbob development suite and 4 typical solutions - types of application browserbob is dedicated for.
internet, explorer, browser, programmable, desktop, tabbed, offline, custom, software, online, standalone, interactive, smart, applications, application, ejournal, ebook, develop, development, browserbob
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nodaway county economic development | where business starts.
to aid business development, nodaway county economic development (nced), a not-for-profit corporation which is a public/private partnership approaches economic development as a team; which means listening to business, identifying needs, matching resources and following through to encourage capital investment, job creation and innovative business development.
business, northwest, location, development, journal, site, partnership, weda, louis, kansas, city, heartland, roundtable, ingrams, realtors, iaop, renews, kcadl, medc, businesses
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journal of interdisciplinary dentistry : free full text articles from j interdiscip dentistry
j interdiscip dentistry, official publication of the indian society of prosthodontics-restorative-periodontics
access, online, free, open, submission, electronic, interdiscip, dentistry
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international journal of applied research
international journal of applied research is a peer reviewed journal. prime focus of the journal to publish articles related to the current trends of research. this journal provides the platform with the aim of motivating the students and personnel in the social sciences and humanities, medical science and engineering.
journal, publication, research, multidisciplinary, quick, fast, international
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ethiopian news and politics | debteraw
ethiopian news and politics journal
ethiopian, amharic, haile, gebreselassie, bikila, tilahun, london, church, abebe, gessesse, riddles, oral, litreature, proverbs, tuma, gemoraw, hama, assimba, eprp, ethiopianreview
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old hickory's weblog
a blog about politics in the united states, germany politics, argentine politics, austrian politics, political philosophy
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the american journal
culture politics opinion
entertainment, donald, trump, opinion, politics, paleoconservative, libertarian, culture, american
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tsp allocation guide
a free, transparent thrift savings plan allocation strategy guide for federal employees and service members
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daily journal 24
daily journal 24 brings you the latest news and their related articles.
fashion, opinions, sports, politics, entertainment, tech, reading, related, news, world, daily
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dynamical psychology dynamical psychology: an international, interdisciplinary journal of complex mental processes
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ijprs | international journal for pharmaceutical research scholars | pharmacy journal india
international journal for pharmaceutical research scholars (ijprs) is an official scientific website for the online publication of research articles, review articles, case studies or short communications through various research scholars.
journal, pharmacy, journals, articles, research, paper, call, factor, international, pharmaceutical, impact, favorite, online, science, development, useful, magazine, recommended, reviewed, publication
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journal of administrative management, education and training (jamet)
journal of administrative management, education and training (jamet) editor in chief: apandi mat jafri issn online: 1823-6049 issn print: 1324-604x publication frequency: 1-2 issue(s) per year
journal, management, jamet, education, article, paper, review, publishing, islamic, economic, fast, acceptance, accept
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home of hydronic alternatives | hydronic alternatives
at hydronic alternatives, we believe that heating radiation products should be both pleasing to the eye and functional. we carry a wide variety of products including radiant baseboards, radiant floors, radiators and towel warmers.
radiant, heating, towel, hydronic, radiators, radiator, warmers, thermal, solar, baseboards, support, geothermal, snowmelt, integration, panel, radiantpanel, accessories, water, alternatives, imperial
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far east research centre
we are engaged in scientific publishing, developing networks for international education and research, offering scholarships for students and researchers and giving financial support for research projects and promoting social development.
journals, journal, science, research, social, east, centre, management, business, medical, agricultural, free, fareast, access, ferc, fercjournals, open, academic
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religion & politics
religion & politics is an online news journal, dedicated to the two topics thought unfit for polite company. it is a project of the john c. danforth center
trump, donald, order, evangelical, vote, science, money, bioethics, foreign, education, culture, liberties, media, sexuality, civil, elections, gender, policy
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journal of arts and humanities
journal of arts and humanities (jah) is a peer-reviewed and refereed journal in the area of arts and humanities, published monthly in the form of electronic and print version. it publishes contributions in all areas of the humanities - literature, philoso
journal, humanities, arts, social
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designing democracy - this interdisciplinary studio explores the power of design to activate possible forms of collectivity – the quality or state of being collective – and ranges from intervening on the scale of personal media to rethinking the institutions of democracy itself. the program aims to apply design as a specific method of critical thinking and use it to reimagine collective structures of dialogue, debate and social progress. design used to be one of the self-evident tools to shape politics, but today the role of design in large-scale politics is either underestimated or controversial. the aim of the studio is to understand this reconfiguration and to experiment with new articulations of design that give shape to democratic politics.
this interdisciplinary studio explores the power of design to activate possible forms of collectivity – the quality or state of being collective – and ranges from intervening on the scale of personal media to rethinking the institutions of democracy itself. the program aims to apply design as a specific method of critical thinking and use it to reimagine collective structures of dialogue, debate and social progress. design used to be one of the self-evident tools to shape politics, but today the role of design in large-scale politics is either underestimated or controversial. the aim of the studio is to understand this reconfiguration and to experiment with new articulations of design that give shape to democratic politics.
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welcome to south asian journal of management
the south asian journal of management (sajm) is a scholarly academic journal, published quarterly, by the association of management development institutions in south asia (amdisa). amdisa is an international not for profit association and a "recognised body" of the south asian association for regional co-operation (saarc) - the inter-governmental agency. to know more about amdisa and its activites please visit
management, journal, south, asian, sajm
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the arrow | a journal of wakeful society, culture, and politics
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the seattle star seattles journal of culture and politics.
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icdl - dir floortime
icdl is the home of dir and dirfloortime. the interdisciplinary council on development and learning (icdl) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to using the latest child development approaches to help every child flourish and develop to their fullest potential. icdl uses a developmental, individual differences, relationship-based (dir) approach and a technique called floortime to promote positive child development.
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asian journal of multidisciplinary studies
asian journal of multidisciplinary studies (ajms) is a international journal published in english, hindi & marathi. journal welcomes original research articles in all research areas
journal, science, multidisciplinary, research, lifee, social
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journal bd। জার্নাল বিডি
we are dedicate to publish the news perfect as per our motto. we know about the journalism. so we can not hurt anybody in illegal way.
journal, journalbd, journalbd24
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new river - highlands rc&d - home
natural resource conservation and development
development, management, community, water, land, conservation, best, practices, soil, forestry, travel, alternative, economic, energy, tourism, grant, writing
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ijcse if: 2.162 (thomson reuters listed)
we are pleased to inform you that we are publishing an open access, scholarly, peer reviewed, interdisciplinary, monthly, fully refereed and scientific online journal international journal of computer science and engineering (ijcse) for scientists, engineers, research scholars, students and academicians involved in all aspects of computer science, engineering, information technology and it is the vision of ijsce to publish original research papers, refereed papers and articles in all areas of human study without financial restriction.
research, paper, publish, science, engineering, journal, where, papers, call, publishing
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deschutes river conservancy
the deschutes river conservancy is a bend, oregon-based non-profit organization working to restore streamflow and improve water quality in the deschutes basin.
oregon, water, central, river, restoration, conservation, deschutes, rights, issues, stream, bend, allocation, northwest, flows, projects, over, leasing, irrigation, sustainable, farming
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livestock research for rural development
lrrd (livestock research for rural development) is an international journal published electronically by cipav, an ngo in colombia, as a forum for exchange of knowledge on sustainable rural development. it is continually updated as papers are published immediately they are refereed and edited. cipavs home page is at
development, sustainable, colombia, decontamination, cipav, sistemas, animal, agriculture, research, livestock, rural, traccion, mixed, traction, sostenibles, cane, tropics, tropical, cattle, farming
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positive alternatives - positive alternatives
positive alternatives, inc., is a private non-profit, community-based, multi-service organization serving youth and families in wisconsin. through a c
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development, water, irrigation, pump, sustainability, design, sustainable, rural, enterprise, technology, market, drip, sprinkler, bags, storage, rope, affordability, growth, economic, worldwide
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clean water: a layman's guide to water treatment around the world
you can help provide clean water to a thirsty world. clean water development information you can use.
water, africa, filters, clean
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rapid pure home
rapidpure provides water filtration systems and equipment to purify water for individual or group use.
water, filters, emergency, drinking, world, bottle, pack, ultralight, hydration, camelback, lightweight, group, preparedness, ceramic, sawyer, soil, platypus, katadyne, light, bottles
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aquachem water treatment services– saving water, energy & the environment
aquachem has a wealth of experience in water treatment, hygiene services, engineering and general industry supplemented by on-going training and development programmes. aquachem is now one of the largest employers in the irish water treatment industry.
water, treatment, hygiene, services, chemical, cleaning, domestic, disinfection, refurbishment, systems, irish, chemistry, aqua, ireland, recycling
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the hittman chronicle, a magazine of opinions, politics, and humor
the hittman chronicle is a journal of ideas and opinions from a slightly disgusted, somewhat amused perspective.
hittman, hitman, dave, hitt, humor, science, culture, statistics, junk, politics
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politikwissenschaft - professur schlumberger
political, politics, middle, development, tuebingen, east, science, democracy, promotion, comparative, arab, democratization, regime, regimewechsel, krise, interview, swr4, cooperation, authoritarianism, wdr5
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the latin american art journal
the latin american art journal provides knowledge about world latin american visual arts through engaging and easy-to-read articles that are interdisciplinary
latin, arts, museum, artist, american, arte, painting, sculpture, installation, visual, culture, fair, auction, news, latinoamericano, contemporary, gallery, fine
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s.a.f.e. alternatives® | locations
s.a.f.e. alternatives is a nationally recognized treatment approach, professional network, and educational resource base, which is committed to helping you and others achieve an end to self-injurious behavior.
cutter, suicide, schools, help, resources, injury, alternatives, self, cutting, treatment
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natural pet health alternatives - natural pet health alternatives
natural pet health offers alternative treatment for animals and complement to veterinary care.
natural, alternatives, health, dogs, hemangiosarcoma
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journal of the american revolution - history, culture, politics, war.
online magazine of american revolution history, culture, politics and war. creative and smart, making history more palatable. scholarship, reviews, lists,
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welcome to dorma publication center
journal, information, computer, security, publication, call, open, papers, access, ijcncs, index, deadline, scopus, free, management, engineering, technology, journals, science, system
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greywater, rainwater, water tanks, garden irrigation
greywater & rainwater systems by water rhapsody … water tanks & irrigation for cape town.
water, rainwater, green, systems, cape, storage, tank, greywater, tanks, saving, friendly, going, environmentally, architecture, shortage, restrictions, management, pollution, save, irrigation
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weap: water evaluation and planning system
weap: water evaluation and planning system
water, planning, reservoir, river, quality, side, demand, catchment, management, aquifer, modpath, pest, modflow, qual2k, flow, groundwater, hydrology, program, integrated, resource
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rough&tumble california policy and politics
california politics and policy
health, economy, care, legislature, jobs, water, senate, assembly, taxes, environment, policy, immigration, politics, california, education
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integrated journal of british
integrated journal of british
online, journal, science, arts, social, journalism, engineering, journals, medical, pharma
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international journal of engineering research and development (ijerd) is an open access online and offline peer reviewed international journal that publishes for paper 2012, hard copy of journal, research paper publishing, where to publish research paper, journal publishing, how to publish research paper, call for research paper, international journal, publishing a paper, ijerd, journal of science and technology, how to get a research paper published, publishing a paper, publishing of journal, publishing of research paper, reserach and review articles, ijerd journal, how to publish your research paper, publish research paper, open access engineering journal, engineering journal, mathemetics journal, physics journal, chemistry journal, computer engineering, computer science journal, how to submit your paper, peer reviw journal, indexed journal, reserach and review articles, engineering journal,, research journals, yahoo journals, bing journals, internat
journal, paper, research, engineering, publishing, ijerd, publish, journals, call, articles, computer, reserach, your, review, copy, hard, international, science, yahoo, 2012
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valley international are open access journals publisher covering a wide range of academic areas. vij serves the world’s research and intellectual community and aims to achieve highest standards in the research realm.
journal, medical, science, international, sciences, social, invention, humanities, clinical, research, indian, public, health, american
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a site for public or private prayer journals online. security allows you to decide who can view your journal entries. write down what god has done in your life and share it with others.
journal, prayer, online, journalling
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reno and its discontents
reno nevada's most popular blog about town where you can read about reno development and city life, politics, events, night life, the arts, entertainment, and culture.
bjorn, minx, myrna, music, houseboy, travel, culture, news, politics, guide, television, film, urban, development, downtown, nevada, restaurant, event, lounge, reno
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plants journal | journal of medicinal plants studies | pharmacognosy journal
journal of medicinal plants studies covers the field of botany, pharmacognosy , phytochemistry, agriculture, ayurveda science . this journal provides the research ground for the botany, pharmacognosy and phytochemical researchers and provides them proper support.
journal, phytochemical, pharmacognosy, medicinal, botany, plant
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steinbeis transfer institut - sti-bid biomedical interdisciplinary dentistry
seite steinbeis transfer institute biotechnology interdisciplinary dentistry slavicek gregor occlusion funktionsanalyse okklusion condylography cephalogram kephalometrie aufwachsen wax up malocclusion interdisciplinary therapy stomatology
slavicek, science, training, joint, temporomandibular, week, dttw, curriculum, concept, zahnmedizin, dentistry, condylography, cephalometry, education, bachelor, master, kiefergelenk
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engage, enrich, empower india
swain initiative is a non-partisan organization that delivers development solutions in grassroots india by working with elected officials.
development, dashboard, policy, elected, support, consulting, unemployment, official, skills, social, gender, health, education, politics
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telos press
telos press, publisher of the journal telos as well as books about philosophy, politics, critical theory, culture, and the arts.
telos, theory, journal, publisher, politics, philosophy, press, critical
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water quality plus
the home for water quality related information and data.
water, quality, information, data, usage, saving, ground, facts, conserving, filtering, filters, conservation, surface, confidence, drinking, safe, fracking, puns, report, consumer
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journal binet - scientific publications
journal binet publishes open access journals that provide publications by a simple, intuitive and powerful system for faster publication and global indexing of articles.
journal, binet, management, online, open, access, business, scientific, technology, publications, review, bioscience, agriculture, peer, science, environment
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blue ridge journal
h.paul lillebo's monthly essays cover politics, government, international affairs, religion, education, science, society.
science, international, religion, lillebo, paul, politics
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stars & stripes bruin water polo clubstars & stripes bruin water polo club
about stars & stripes bruin stars & stripes bruin water polo club is a competitive age group water polo club open to boys and girls of all ages and
polo, water, club, bruin, olympic, stars, stripes, development, program, olympians, beach, manhattan, junior, competitive, elite, coaching, girls, training, usawp, venice
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national water safety congress homepage
the national water safety congress is a non-governmental, nationally recognized organization dedicated to serving the general public by promoting recreational water and boating safety in the united states.
water, education, journal, national, nonprofit, guard, coast, plan, strategic, summit, boot, accidents, safety, recreational, boating, lifejackets, spirit, cold, america, camp
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journal lifestyle magazin
journal je priča za sve one koji vole život, žive ga punim plućima i od njega uzimaju najbolje. pročitajte teme o svemu što život čini ljepšim.
journal, lifestyle, magazine, magazin, kolumne
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401411 helps you better understand your 401k, 403, or 457 plan and make better investment and allocation decisions. submit your retirement plan for free portfolio allocation suggestions.
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phil for humanity
phil for humanity. continued survival and perpetuation of humankind. personal development. environmental protection. rational clearcase training. politics.
humanitist, development, humanitarianism, environment, clearcase, personal, humankind, phil, humanity, environmentalism, politics, philforhumanity
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journal politics - northeast mississippi politics and government
northeast mississippi politics and government
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nicholas m. agnetti | my online journal sales development | self development | leadership
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pda – professional development alternatives
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home | retrofit a million education fund
retrofit a million connects communities of modest means with water and energy efficiency products. we are a non-profit organization introducing energy efficiency and green alternatives to limited-income households.
efficiency, energy, living, sustainable, environmental, communities, responsibility, solutions, lightbulb, free, georgia, bulbs, saving, fluorescent, sustainability, atlanta, water, million, organization, retrofit
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igloo construction
construction: water features - (swimming pools, fountains, waterfalls, aquarium, water treatment.) real estate development, general infra-structural development & environmental art consultants.
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international journal of computer science issues - ijcsi
the international journal of computer science issues (ijcsi) is a refereed journal for scientific papers dealing with any area of computer science research. the purpose of establishing the scientific journal is the assistance in development of science, fast operative publication and storage of materials and results of scientific researches and representation of the scientific conception of the society.
papers, computer, science, journal, august, september, july, june, april, november, index, deadline, december, march, october, publication, access, call, open, issues
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dublin business journal - dublin business journal
the savannah business journal has been the savannah metro region's leading source of business news and information since 1998, owned by coastal empire news, savannah, ga. learn more about cen at the sbj publishes the book of lists annually, sold in print and online at
savannah, business, estate, real, development, commercial, economic, journal, news, banks, people
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guinea shots - a game dev journal by renato pereira
blog by renato pereira, a scientist heading towards game development. this blog is a journal to recording my steps towards the game industry.
graphics, design, inkscape, gimp, source, open, programming, python, game, pereira, development, html5, createjs, renato
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clean water alliance watershed projects, education, coordination and guidance
the clean water alliance (cwa) is the messenger of the clean water activities to the people of dickinson county. the cwa seeks to communicate to the public through various methods about clean water.
water, quality, iowa, clean, rain, great, lakes, garden, soil, commission, district, conservation, swcd, watershed, education, okoboji, alliance, spirit, lake, impact
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coalition newspaper | greensboro, georgia
coalition is a weekly newspaper that serves the greene, putnam, and morgan counties of central georgia. we report on arts, politics, schools, economic development, and more.
news, georgia, newspaper, politics, greensboro, local, diversity, communities, community, development, economic, rule, lake, eatonton, weekly, gerogia, madison, oconee, rural
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palestine - israel journal of politics, economics and culture
the palestine-israel journal is a non-profit organization, founded in 1994 by ziad abuzayyad and victor cygielman, two prominent palestinian and israeli journalists, and was established concurrently with the first phases of the oslo peace process to encourage dialogue between civil societies on both sides and broaden the base of support for the peace process.
conflict, gaza, history, holy, land, forum, peace, blog, border, facts, arab, timeline, israeli, article, talks, genocide, vote, religion, population, proximity
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web development blog | developerdrive | web development blog, news and tutorials
wordpress, resources, sass, frameworks, tutorials, managing, sites, design, alternatives, best, development, projects, fields, custom, practices, tools, build, manage, ruby, about
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what is politics? uk politics and political language explained what is politics?
a simple guide to understanding uk politics. everything you need to know about the government, voting, the different uk political parties ,
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real liberal politics
politics, jones, politicususa, news, sarah, easley, obama, jason
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lucky craft u.s.a. ~ lure product & development ~
fishing and dreams, lure product and development
bass, fishing, water, cranking, sliding, lucky, bait, action, global, salt, tail, angling, side, lure, craft, luckycraft, team, crank, suspend, rolling
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clicker counter thingamajig
rs publication running 6 open access online peer reviewed international journal that publishes research
journal, paper, research, review, science, study, dissertation, comparative, article, survey, informative, chapters, case, international, refereed, peer, indian, fully, ijsr, synopsis
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adderall alternatives can really help get stuff done!
addrena the best over the counter adderall alternatives pill for adults. these otc energy supplement pills are a legal substitute for men and women.
reviews, addrena, testimonials, alternatives, adderall
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envis centre : development alternatives
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ecotecture | journal of ecological design the online journal of ecological design
wenz, sfia, construction, skip, architect, building, architecture, nature, sustainability, ecology, environment, philip, journal, sustainable, development, ecosystem, design, ecological, ecocities, richard
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about surface water alternatives of maryland; exclusive installers of porous pave
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international science and research journals
world's no1 highest cited journals and publications with impact factor:1.7, 100% no plagiarism
international, journals, journal, engineering, research, science, computer, applied, scientific, development, applications, arts, medicine, management, isrjournals, technology
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state of nature
an online journal of radical ideas.
policy, articles, foreign, east, economics, middle, reviews, interviews, social, movements, marxism, marxist, essays, poetry, philosophy, socialist, socialism, radical, journal, nature
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institute without boundaries – interdisciplinary design strategy
a post graduate certificate program in interdisciplinary design strategy at george brown colleges centre for arts, design, and information technology.
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aabri home page
journal, business, research, russell, baker, studies, academic, education, case, clute, conference, management, cases, institute, economics, marketing, sustainability, legal, issues, cultural
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186 - the center for alternative sentencing and employment services
cases provides alternatives to incarceration that hold individuals accountable for their crimes and help them to develop the skills and access the resources they need to build hopeful, lawful lives.
juvenile, prevention, crime, offender, justice, mental, abuse, substance, health, youthful, development, community, incarceration, alternatives, sanction, youth, city, york, cases
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kangen water by enagic
kangen water slows down the aging process with antioxidant-rich alkaline water - make antioxidants with your tap water - alkalize and detoxify your body.
water, kangen, ionizer, benefits, enagic, reviews, mirical, wellnness, green, alkline, oxgen, rich
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problem water fixed
water, mary, orlando, lake, deltona, osteen, volusia, seminole, 32764, counties, orange, 32810, 32746, testing, bottled, chlorine, clean, purification, home, filtered
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dr. dobb's | good stuff for serious developers: programming tools, code, c++, java, html5, cloud, mobile, testing
software tools and techniques for global software development. dr. dobb's features articles, source code, blogs, forums, video tutorials, and audio podcasts, as well as articles from dr. dobb's journal,, c/c++ users journal, and software development magazine.
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tactical asset allocation
tactical asset allocation retirement income solutions built by a former fund manager
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js wholesale h2o distributor
we provide consumers with affordable products to fit all their water needs and budgets. from condominiums to commercial cooling towers we build it, install it and maintain it
water, softener, treatment, hard, osmosis, well, commercial, reverse, heaters, calcium, purifier, filters, services, system, drinking, potable, filter
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my journal
your open journal is waiting for you to fill. a resource for the community of online journalers - publish your journal online, no technical knowledge required
diary, journal, adult, online, journaler, journaller
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the water and power report
the water and power report is the one-stop marketplace for news, ideas, and insight into the water and power community. focusing on issues ranging from irrigated agriculture to municipal water use to hydropower development, this website will cover the gamut of information affecting our most important natural resource – water.
magazine, washington, united, states, leader, irrigation, power, news, report, water
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welcome to texas child care quarterly-a training journal for child care providers and early childhood educators.
texas child care quarterly is a training journal for child care providers and early childhood educators.
child, care, development, texas, early, education, training, childhood, school, readiness, practice, parent, developmentally, appropriate, curriculum, involvement, community, discipline, staff, program
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the journal keeper, a memoir
"the journal keeper" is a thoughtful, humorous and ultimately enlightening journey through the life experiences that touch us all -- love, loss and the
journal, love, atlantic, death, inspiration, writers, writing, grove, keeping, author, theroux, writer, essayist, phyllis, keeper, diary
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water treatment equipment services & supplys | century water conditioning & purification, inc.
water softeners, filters, treatment & water purification systems. serving the camden, burlington, gloucester, atlantic, cumberland and ocean counties.
water, stains, taste, salty, stinky, blue, alpha, gross, test, radon, green, analysis, metallic, carbon, tanks, chlorine, tasting, systems, foul, solids
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chris blattman - international development, economics, politics, and policy
international development, economics, politics, and policy
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b2 journal
politics, reagan, real, clear, recipes, quotes, pork, obama, photos, ronald, socialism, york, video, welfare, upstate, taxes, societal, issues, stimulus, military
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chemistry & biology interface
chemistry& biology interface is an official open access journal of indian society chemists and biologists. it also publishes conference proceedings.
journal, chemistry, biology, science, online
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welcome | pacific rehabilitation centers
pacific rehabilitation centers (ubc, inc.) emphasizes return-to-work skills and physical rehabilitation. our interdisciplinary programs include psychology, vocational counseling, medical, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pain management, chronic pain rehabilitation nursing and biofeedback.
seattle, therapy, pain, when, drug, alternatives, management, physical, treating, away, washington, rehabilitation, occupational, chronic, never, goes
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diary of a bad man
a journal of opinionated views of a lagos resident on the politics, entertainment, fashion, music and events of nigeria.
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wcmc | blanchard lab
welcome to the blanchard lab at weill cornell medicine located in new york city. our interdisciplinary team seeks to push the frontiers of biomedical research.
fluorescence, interdisciplinary, biophysics, methods, hybrid, microscopy, biophysical
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global journal of computer science and technology
international peer reviewed journal for publication of engineering organization research paper, review paper and research articles having print journal, ejounral, online journal.
journal, research, paper, publishing, online, manuscript, international, print, peer, review, publication
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i-explore international research journal consortium
i-explore international research journal consortium journal of research in it engineering applied sciences management social sciences
journal, international, sciences, social, engineering, applied, management, physics, chemistry, economics, science, ijieassr, ijmssr, irjc
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integrated publishing association- online open access peer reviewed journals publishers
online, open access and free to publish engineering and scientific journal publishers
journal, engineering, free, structural, editorial, management, section, indian, publish, civil, environmental, scholar, science, index, access, open, corrosion
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digital journal: a global digital media network
digital journal is a digital media news network with thousands of digital journalists in 200 countries around the world. join us!
news, citizen, journalism, technology, lifestyle, tech, world, business, internet, sports, religion, entertainment, crime, environment, travel, arts, breaking, politics, paid, powered
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etf, exchange traded funds, index fund | global x funds
global x funds is a new york-based provider of exchange-traded funds that target commodity producers, international, domestic, alternatives, industry, income, and asset allocation fund suites.
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makupo development group - home
makupo development group
village, water, makupo, tourism, sustainable, house, life, wells, guest, clinic, group, development, malawi, sustainability, africa, chilanga, african
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global engineering system | ges
water treatment solution provider in uae, global engineering systems is uniquely positioned as a total environment solutions provider with over ten years experience in two major business domains: water & environment and sustainable development. we are internationally recognized with references in the entire gamut of environmental solutions including, but not limited to: sewage & effluent treatment technologies, energy & water conservation methods, sustainable development and green building certifications & processes and alternative & renewable energy. ges offers clients a total package of turnkey solutions in all areas of sustainability and environmental engineering.
water, pollution, monitoring, control, energy, treatment, development, recycling, soil, effluent, auditing, conservation, solution, renewable, consultancy, mechanism, clean, desalination, laundry, osmosis
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mâcon infos - le web journal du mâconnais -
suivez l'actualité en direct de mâcon et sa région avec votre web journal mâcon-infos
journal, loire, info, infos, locale, journaux, culture, civil, ligne, tournus, lejsl, presse, sport, actu, informations, information, macon, maconnais, cluny, faits
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a journal of the christian spiritual life
spiritual, life, journal, development, formation, academy, palmer, growth, parker, lesson, sermon, scholarly, deeper, christian, pamela, room, upper, publication, magazine, devotional
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the indian concrete journal
the indian concrete journal is the oldest civil engineering journal of its kind in india. it was founded way back in august 1927. the objective of the journal is to improve and extend the use of concrete through publication of scientific and engineering fieldwork. we are a monthly technical journal.
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214 | latest bangla news update from - site is a fast growing online newspaper dedicated to disseminate the voice of root level oppressed people, bengali culture and up-to-date news from bangladesh
news, newspaper, bangla, eibela, bangladesh, online, politics, today, daily, english, journal, world, latest, national, sports, list, newspapers, protidin, internet, bengal
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abhinav publication
abhinav publication publishes monthly open access journals in commerce, management, science, technology, engineering, arts & education.
journal, management, arts, education, engineering, commerce, research, indian, science, technology
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water news, fullfillment contractor, emergency water, disaster relief, water rights, bulk water, springs, bottled water, water markets, water, water marketing, water trading, analysis, water investment, water investing, investing in water, investments in water, water
water rights: water rights for sale: water business: ranches: water properties: buy: sell: broker: trade: market: exchange: allocate: appriasal: privatize: springs: bottled water: bulk water: potable water: waterbank trust: water utilities: agricultural: municipal: mining: industrial: subdivisions: water abstraction: abstraction licences: trading: river agent:
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isr national science and research journals
world's no1 national journals and publications with impact factor:1.5, 100% no plagiarism
national, journals, journal, engineering, research, science, computer, applied, scientific, development, applications, arts, medicine, management, isrnational, technology
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ejournal | a place to share
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pure water for florida - clearwater enviro technology
water, mary, orlando, lake, deltona, osteen, volusia, seminole, 32764, counties, orange, 32810, 32746, testing, bottled, chlorine, clean, purification, home, filtered
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the politics forums
the politics forums is the fastest growing political forum on the web. all are welcome. join today!
politics, discussion, board, message, forums
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water softeners, iron filters, reverse osmosis brandon mi
aaa quality water conditioning waterford mi call (248) 673-8250 for a free estimate. deal direct with the owner and save $$$ on water treatment equipment. full service company we install your water system
softener, water, lake, bloomfield, hills, farmington, harbor, independence, keego, holly, hamburg, highland, angelus, lapeer, metamora, milford, memphis, livonia, lakeville, hadley
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the havok journal focuses on politics, foreign policy, and veterans/military issues, among other topics of general interest.
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water to go - water delivery virginia - bottled water delivery
as part of northern virginia's only clean water club, water to go members enjoy drinking water that has been purified using particle filtration, reverse osmosis, uv light and ionizing technologies that work in combination to create the cleanest water available anywhere.
water, delivery, gallon, dispenser, coolers, cooler, bottle, home, bottled, office
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rht - main
agricultural engineering services, professional land development, permitting and stormwater management engineering services in sw florida call 239-369-8900
engineering, development, florida, agricultural, permits, southwest, permitting, recovery, reservoirs, irrigation, autocad, civil, south, commercial, water, management, residential, district, environmental
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ameritek industries
manufacturer of water purification/softening/disinfecting systems.
water, systems, antiviral, antibiotic, home, stores, commercial, antibacterial, soft, softeners, purification, clean, disifection, hard, alkaline, natural
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international journal of chemical studies
international journal of chemical studies, is a chemistry journal covers the field of organic chemistry, physical chemistry, phytochemical, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry and analytical chemistry. this journal provides the research ground for the researchers and provides them proper support.
journal, chemistry, medicinal, analytical, biochemistry, physical, organic, phytochemical
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simply haiku: a quarterly journal of japanese short form poetry
simply haiku publishes haiku, english haiku, tanka, renku, renga, haiga, haibun, oriental art, japanese haiku, japanese poetry. a quarterly haiku ejournal, ezine, electronic journal
haiku, japanese, poetry, simplyhaiku, simply, short, tanka, renku, renga, haiga, haibun
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international journal of applied science and engineering research
open access international engineering and science journal supporting research fraternity
journal, engineering, science, international, research, applied, indian, biotechnology, open, access, nanotechnology, mechanical, civil
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enter stage right - a journal of modern conservatism
enter stage right is a politically conservative e-journal which promotes laissez-faire capitalism, individualism and freedom. esr stresses a rational conservatism which sometimes leads it to support positions different from that of mainstream conservatism.
free, freedom, politics, conservative, individual, rights, philosophy, economics, amendment, current, libertarian, events, liberties, capitalism, individualist, individualism, conservatism, government, enterprise, market
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researchers world
researchers world – international refereed international refereed journal of arts science & commerce is an open access peer review quarterly research journal that publishes articles in the field of arts science & commerce. it is an international journal intended for professors, scholars, academicians, professionals and students engaged in the area of arts science & commerce research.
journal, international, reearch, refereed, science, arts, world, researchers, commerce
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crystalline water
we provide a less expensive alternative solution to bottled water, for the office or home, unlimited supply of pure water using reverse osmosis filtration. no more lifting bottles of water!
water, purifier, filter, office, dispenser, drinking, cooler, bottled, filtration, coolers
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we specialize in basic research for development applications. at the mast center we understand resource allocation and have designed our program to complement our sponsors strengths in product development. our main focus is sponsor-relevant research
membrane, processes, tech, transfer, separation, engineering, science
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english russia daily selected things from russia and ex ussr countries. published in english.
interesting news from russia in english language.
russia, news, russian, moscow, putin, journal, business, petersburg, government, hotels, weather, ruble, daily, union, soviet, politics, spartak, lokomotiv, visa, torpedo
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style analysis & performance analysis software | zephyr associates, inc
styleadvisor software provides style analysis, performance analysis, asset allocation analysis, and a manager search tool for use by institutional investors, plan sponsors, money managers, and consultants, asset allocation model, asset allocation software, zephyr returns based style analysis, zephyr mutual fund analysis, zephyr associates
style, allocation, asset, analysis, software, money, model, consultants, returns, attribution, mutual, investment, managing, fund, based, sponsors, associates, zephyr, advisor, performance
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the journal of zoology studies | jozs journal | international zoology journal
journal of zoology studies includes fisheries journal, mosquito research journal and entomology journal. one journal for all
journals, zoology, zoological, multistudies, pure, free, indexed, research, fresh, indian, jozs, journal, real
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dynamic asset allocation with multi asset investment solutions | all season investing
dynamic downside-risk-managed multi-asset investment strategy; consistent performance in both bull and bear markets with etf portfolios
asset, allocation, conservative, moderate, aggressive, defensive, portfolios, life, strategy, cycle, dynamic, tactical, investments, downside, risk, multi, management
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daily journal and diary software - -
secure, personal online journal and diary. get reminders for journal entries, download your entries, and more.
journal, inbox, email, entry, diary
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home - australian ejournal of theology
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tradervue trading journal - journal, analyze, and share your trades
tradervue - journal, analyze, and even share your trades
trading, journal, trades, trade, intraday, analyzer, analyze, social, sharing, share, performance, equity, stock, futures, forex, currency, tagging
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brookcrest water offers bottled water service for your home or office, coffee service, water filters (residential or commercial), custom label water and wholesale bottling solutions.
water, delivery, bottled, service, coolers, office, sacramento, drinking, dispenser, spring, delviery, load, distributors, oaks, grove, fair, orangevale, bulk, rocklin, truck
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garden, books & coffee
a journey through words and lens among the flowers, chapters and a cup of coffee.
journal, gratitude, garden, coffee, bullet, photographer, personal, development, writer
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john c. wright’s journal
journal on worldly, otherworldly, or extraterrestrial topics by acclaimed science fiction author john c. wright
author, catholic, politics, religion, fantasy, fiction, wright, science, john
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unique ten year journal easily builds into a personal or family memoir
journal, year, diary, gift
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journal database
comprehensive journal database including journal abbreviations, impact factors, issn numbers and more.
journal, issn, abbreviation, factor, impact
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backflow prevention services
backflow preventions services, llc is a consulting company that assists water systems in the development, implementation, and management of cross connection
water, backflow, protect, safe, supply, tester, preventer, camp, potable, cross, connection, prevention, system, boot
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journal of agriculture and rural development in the tropics and subtropics (jarts)
journal of agriculture and rural development in the tropics and subtropics - jarts
tropical, agriculture, rural
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crosstalk magazine - the journal of defense software engineering - home
crosstalk, the journal of defense software engineering, is an approved u.s. department of defense journal. crosstalk's mission is to encourage the engineering development of software in order to improve the reliability, sustainability, and responsiveness of our warfighting capability and to inform and educate readers on up-to-date policy decisions and new software engineering technologies.
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european medical journal - integral, impartial, independent
the european medical journal (emj) is an open-access, peer-reviewed medical journal. founded in 2012 as an imprint of gorely new media, the european medical journal provides reviews, symposiums and developments from europes medical congresses. each journal is published six weeks after its relevant congress.
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journal, science, international, ijarest, technology, engineering, paper, gujarat, journlal, online, advance, research, call
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canadian journal of emergency medicine - back issues - cambridge journals online
canadian journal of emergency medicine (cjem) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles of interest to emergency medicine care providers in rural, urban, community, and academic settings. cjem focuses on emergency medicine content relevant to clinical practice, emergency medical services, research, medical education, administration, and continuing professional development and knowledge exchange. cjem is indexed by the national library of medicine and is the official journal of the canadian association of emergency physicians (caep).