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children's learning difficulties | dyslexia…or something else
reading, spelling, maths and writing help for people with dyslexia, irlen syndrome and other learning difficulties.
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open lore | reading software for dyslexia | accessible e-books
shop for reading software and classic e-books specially designed to help with dyslexia, adhd, irlen syndrome, and other reading difficulties.
reading, reader, struggling, learning, with, disabilities, bookshare, help, irlen, syndrome, difficulties, problems, dyslexia
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irlen visual learning center and abilities ot
irlen visual learning center provides innovative, effective, evidence-based interventions to address medical and educational challenges. these include: the irlen method using color overlays and spectral filters for stress management and relief from symptoms of visual stress, light sensitivity, dyslexia, dysgraphia, chronic migraines/headaches, sensory processing, anxieties, visual distortions which impact reading, math, writing, working at a computer monitor, attention, focus, behavior and well-being. irlen visual learning center and abilities ot services provide group and individual educational assessments and interventions, tutoring, therapy, brain gym consultation, the listening program, eft/emdr, educational consulting, case management and continuing education programs.
irlen, problems, visual, dyslexia, syndrome, light, learning, reading, clinic, diagnostic, filters, helen, lens, headaches, migraines, autism, glasses, lenses, diagnosis, overlays
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irlen egypt إرلن مصر learning difficulties centre in egypt صعوبات تعلم
irlen egypt provides the identification of and the solution to irlen syndrome. there is a solution for reading and writing problems & light sensitivity. صعوبات
difficulties, irlenegypt, learning, egypt
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dyslexia | reading and learning difficulties | newcastle | hunter region - welcome
irlen diagnostic clinic newcastle provides support for children who are struggling at school for no apparent reason. their teachers and parents cannot...
poor, difficulties, dyslexia, learning, newcastle, handwriting, spelling, processing, headaches, reading, migraines, sensory
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irlen visions of chico | diagnostic assessment & spectral filters for scotopic sensitivity / irlen syndrome
irlen visions is certified to determine irlen syndrome, a perceptual problem that inhibits reading, learning, and studying. irlen syndrome is also called scotopic sensitivity syndrome (sss).
irlen, syndrome, testing, filters, spectral, sensitivity, visions, scotopic
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irlen center of wichita home page
counseling resources of wichita offers counseling services for relational and learning disabilities.
irlen, overlays, reading, colored, lenses, testing, contacts, colors, dyslexia, lens, clinic, syndrome, color, institute, helen, glasses, method
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integrated brain - home of innovative learning difficulty therapies
learning difficulties therapy using bal-a-vis-x, london, uk
difficulties, disorders, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, impairment, motor, concentration, memory, problems, processing, auditory, aspergers, dyslexia, balance, learning, syndrome, spectrum, autistic, exercises
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the learning clinic - helping children and adults with dyslexia, learning difficulties and reading difficulties to learn, read and succeed.
the learning clinic provides programmes for children and adults with learning difficulties. helping those with dyslexia and reading difficulties to read, learn and succeed.
difficulties, dyslexia, help, reading, learning, with, problems, school, child, dyspraxia, children
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michigan ida
information on reading methods for dyslexic students, dyslexia, michigan, testing, diagnosis, learning disabilities
dyslexia, reading, help, learning, disabilities, children, causes, famous, with, tutoring, disability, diagnosis, differences, signs, schools, assessment, dylexia, center, teacher, brain
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dr. arnio's learning solutions, rapid city, psychological testing, adhd, learning disabilities, reading problems, dyslexia - home
does your child struggle with school work. if you or your child struggles with learning or reading, learning solutions offers a reason for new hope. learning solutions offers an intensive 12-18 week one-on-one cognitive training program, not academic tutoring. learning difficulties are most often caused by underdeveloped cognitive processing skills.
processing, phonological, speed, irlen, dyscalculia, syndrome, sensory, south, dakota, city, rapid, integration, auditory, dyslexia, disabilities, educational, learning, eduction, testing, counseling
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irlens syndrome | am i dyslexic free dyslexia test online dyscalculia
irlen syndrome (meares-irlen syndrome and visual stress) is a processing disorder not an optical problem. it is a problem within the brain.
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dr. carol zuccone, licensed psychologist, specialist in school psychology
carol f. zuccone is a licensed psychologist specializing in school psychology and diagnosis and treatment of the irlen syndrome (scotopic sensitivity syndrome) located in houston and austin tx.
learning, school, psychology, scotopic, difficulties, assessment, disabilities, houston, austin, college, texas, therapy, adhd, dyslexia, sensitivity, irlen, zuccone, training
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irlen alberta - irlen syndrome
irlen syndrome method in alberta.
irlen, information, syndrome, benefits, lenses, news
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the dyslexia centre (u.k.) - new store now open
dyslexia support services ltd.. assessment, support and advice
dyslexia, school, training, syndrome, services, awareness, what, meares, dyspraxia, support, work, disability, visual, stress, centre, discrimination, condition, alone, with, stand
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overcome learning difficulties workbooks
workbooks books for children with learning difficulties. extensive help with apraxia. luk system, luk learning, mini luk and mini luk, used for learning problems, learning difficulties , education problems. free personal email help and strategies.
learning, teach, problems, maths, difficulties, workbooks, spell, apraxia, math, worksheets, mathematics, reading, children, education, disorders, programs, homeschooling
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speld new zealand - dyslexia and other learning difficulties
aiming to help children who are not realizing their educational potential because of specific learning disabilities like dyslexia.
development, dyscalculia, problems, tutors, frustration, motor, spelling, writing, parents, reading, memory, professional, training, nzqa, distance, approved, advocacy, perception, specific, learning
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pyramid of potential - the solution for learning challenges
i know you'll find the answers that will help you or your child blast through your learning barriers to create a solid foundation for a successful life.
learning, brain, difficulties, reading, dysgraphia, dyslexia, alzheimers, reflexes, your, dyscalculia, primitive, disabilities, exercises, challenges, problems, adhd, maintaining
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dyslexia - the danks davis tutoring method - home
dyslexia tutoring using multisensory method: success for dyslexics using zannie danks davis' seven steps for literacy success programme. dyslexics succeed in reading, writing, and spelling as shown in standardised tests given by registered psychologists
dyslexia, method, davis, danks, spelling, programme, tutoring, program, speld, school, poor, slow, problems, schooling, tutor, learning, education, grades, dyspraxia, dyslexic
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mind matters learning lab - the solution for struggling students
learning problems - effective solutions with mindmatters
reading, spelling, improving, concentration, dyslexia, problems, adhd, learning, difficulties
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mission statement | dyslexia association australia
the australian dyslexia association inc is concerned with the identification and educational treatment of those with dyslexia
dyslexia, association, dyslexic, reading, problems, learning, spelling, correction, international, processing, adult, disorder, auditory, words, australian, training, information, written, creative, children
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ruskin mill trust: education, health & care for young people with learning disabilities & special educational needs, sen
ruskin mill trust operates three successful and expanding independent specialist colleges for young people aged 16-25, and one specialist school for people aged 7 - 19 with complex learning and behavioural difficulties, many of whom have autistic spectrum conditions.
education, syndrome, brantwood, learning, problems, specialist, college, developmental, delay, spectrum, autistic, down, school, asperger, disorders, special, needs, communications, mental, health
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sydney dyslexia correction
fast, effective, individual correction programs for dyslexia and other learning difficulties for children and adults. for more information you can contact us on 0402 686 327 (barbara hoi) or go to
sydney, dyslexia, help, autism, with, asperger, mosman, central, coast, correction, difficulties, davis, reading
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dyslexiability inc. dyslexia montreal
we deal with the root cause of dyslexia and not just the symptoms. we help people with difficulties in reading, writing, comprehension, math, attention deficits, and hyperactivity use their natural talents to experience success!
reading, davis, disabilities, learning, montreal, dyslexia
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itutor grahamstown | 1-on-1highschool maths tuition
itutor is an independent mathematics tutor. itutor offers additional tuition in mathematics (extra maths) to grahamstown high school students. .
maths, tutor, learning, syndrome, mathematics, itutor, extra, grahamstown, school, high, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia, adhd, disorder, deficit, attention, thinking, assessment
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dyslexia support and tutoring central coast
multi sensory learning central coast offers specialised tutoring for dyslexia and other learning difficulties we help with learning to read
learning, support, readiness, school, tutor, central, coast, literacy, tutoring, read, reading, difficulties, dyslexia
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the dyslexia solution | this program is designed to empower children and adults who experience difficulties with reading, writing, math, language and attention.
dyslexia, davis, boerne, adhd, gift, texas, dysgraphia, processing, disorder, auditory, dyscalculia, mastery, help, dial, facilitator, tools, program, correction, adult, release
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dyslexia treatment - dylexia test online - meares irlen syndrome
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homeschool curriculum - homeschool writing curriculum - creative writing - expository writing - descriptive writing
reliable, student praised, parent endorsed homeschool curriculum and helps that do not weary your household or strain your pocketbook.
curriculum, writing, learning, homeschool, tests, guide, diagnostic, assessments, planning, adhd, jill, dyslexia, styles, dixon, literature, expository, descriptive, creative, disabilities, special
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buy prescription irlen syndrome and migraine relief glasses online from qualified opticians uk
read 123 dyslexia tinted glasses available in prescription and non prescription, to alleviate symptoms of dyslexia. make reading from the whiteboard easier with dyslexia tinted glasses.
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home - discover learning inc. | orton-gillingham learning centre in vancouver bcdiscover learning inc. | orton-gillingham learning centre in vancouver bc
orton gillingham learning centre for learning disabled children suffering from dyslexia
dyslexia, school, tests, math, education, schools, books, reading, tutor, college, learning, teaching, online, research, mathematics, screening, effects, dyslex, tutors, teachers
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the learning center
the learning center of bowling green, kentucky tutors students with learning difficulties.
tutoring, difficulties, reading, dyslexia, adhd
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specific learning difficulties association of sa / speld sa
speld sa is the dyslexia and specific learning difficulties association of sa. supporting children & adults with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia.
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dyslexia ld learning disabilities problems add adhd autism homeschool
dyslexia ld learning disabilities problems add, adhd, autism homeschool homeschooling reading skills
visual, phonics, tracking, homeschooling, homeschool, instruction, writing, teaching, strategies, vocabulary, autism, adhd, learning, fluency, reading, problems, dyslexia, disabilities
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solutions for learning difficulties in reading, writing, or mathkims learning solutions
dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, reading disability, math disability, writing disability, communication disability, assessment or testing, tutoring
businesses, individuals, families, schools, support, services, providing
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dyslexia writing & reading assistive technology | ghotit dyslexia -
ghotit provides advanced literacy software including writing and reading assistive technologies tailor-made for people with dyslexia and dysgraphia.
dyslexia, software, dysgraphia, specific, disabilities, treatment, learning, assistive, technology, help, with
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educational therapy center | dyslexia, adhd, ld
the educational therapy center in parkville, mo provides specialized tutoring and one-on-one instruction to students with learning disabilities.
learning, writing, dyslexia, therapy, educational, assessement, skill, differences, comprehension, lorrie, skills, problem, symptoms, language, wolf, reading, adhd, center, education, missouri
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empowered learning - home
welcome to empowered learning! at empowered learning, we specialize in dyslexia. we provide comprehensive screening for dyslexia, consulting services, as well as research-based tutoring using the barton reading and spelling system, an orton-gillingham ba
dyslexia, denver, tutor, consultation, consulting, tutoring, reading, screening, screen, writing, spelling
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dystalk - dyslexia, dyspraxia & adhd
dystalk - dyslexia, dyspraxia & adhd - dyslexia, dyspraxia & adhd. information on dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, adhd and dysgraphia, through online videos, resources, and forum.
dyslexia, dyspraxia, videos, difficulties, special, lectures, learning, needs, distalk, adhd, dyslexic, dystalk, information
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where dyslexics "play dyslexia away"
edugamestar is educational therapy for dyslexics in video game format that overcomes dyslexia by building all the skills and fluency a reader needs.
dyslexia, test, dyslexic, with, apps, numbers, have, help, children, causes, types, know, kids, child, forms, free, learning, disability, treat, diagnose
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identify learning - testing for learning disabilities, dyslexia, dysgraphia, kindergarten readiness, college accommodations, private school application, psychoeducational testing, learning differences, reading, math, writing, dysgraphia
highly qualified testing for learning disabilities, dyslexia, dysgraphia, kindergarten readiness, private school admission, satact accommodations, and college accommodations. based in frisco, tx and serving the entire dfw metroplex.
learning, reading, dyslexia, testing, college, education, university, readiness, failed, special, kindergarten, school, disability, problems, disorders, frisco, dysgraphia, identify, accommodations
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mission to provide independent and happy life to children who are suffering from dyslexia/autism.
sashakt is an organization which connects with children for providing special education for conditions like autism, dyslexia, cerebral palsy, down’s syndrome, mental retardation and various other learning difficulties, also provides services as early childhood intervention, remediation, social skills building group, life skills training, spiritual healing sessions.
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crossbow education
specialists in irlen syndrome teaching resources and teaching aids for children with dyslexia.
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school for dyslexia and learning disabilities in stamford connecticut | villa maria school
villa maria school
schools, learning, dyslexia, disability, school, reading, fairfield, greenwich, connecticut, york, westchester, stamford, adhd, language, disorder, difficulties, teaching, remediation, dyslexic, disabled
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the best source in portland and vancouver for diagnostic testing and treatment of reading difficulties and dyslexia
the best source in portland and vancouver for diagnostic testing and treatment of reading difficulties and dyslexia
dyslexia, tutor, tutoring, bell, services, lindamood, portland, oregon, vancouver, math, washington, spelling, testing, treatment, reading, learning, help, disabilities, comprehension
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dyslexic brian - the dyslexia coaching service that assists you 2 re-invent dyslexia
we dream of a world where dyslexia is fully understood, where ‘dyslexic people’ no longer experience difficulties with literacy and can compete on an equal foo
dyslexia, dyslexic, support, coaching, brain, parents, adult, help, workshops, session, free, child, overcome, training, resources, blog, dyslexicbrian, coach, overcoming, brian
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schools for dyslexia in memphis| reading help memphis, dyslexia | bodine school
schools for dyslexia in memphis, reading help memphis, dyslexia. the bodine school for children with dyslexia in memphis area has been helping students with reading difficulties. since 1972. offers reading help for dyslexic children in memphis.
memphis, dyslexia, learning, school, reading, schools, help, disorders, disabilities, disability, tennessee, bodine, children, with, tutors, dyslexic
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dore programme - a personalised drug-free exercise programme for dyslexia, dyspraxia, adhd, aspergers and other learning difficulties.
dyspraxia, adhd, aspergers, dyslexia, treatment, learning, difficulties, programme, dore
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teach-me-speech-sounds | speech therapy program
phonic all stars, teach-me-speech-sounds is a speech therapy speech and correction program developed by katrine elliott, speech pathologist from once upon a time therapy on the gold coast, australia. the program is for student who have challenges with dyspraxia, phonological processing, speech delay, speech impairment, articulation impairments, language impairments, social communication disorder, autism, down syndrome, dyslexia, dysgraphia, central auditory processing disorder, hearing impairment.
speech, difficulties, impairment, stars, phonic, elliott, pathologist, therapy, katrine, spelling, reading, literacy, dyslexia, dysgraphia, phonics, learning
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landmark school | day and boarding school for dyslexia and language based learning disabilities in massachusetts
landmark school is a leading coeducational boarding and day school specializing in language-based learning disabilities (lbld), such as dyslexia, for grades 2-12. landmark remediates specific learning disabilities (ld, sld) and language-based needs
reading, skills, learning, dyslexia, school, remediation, difficulties, disorder, study, organizational, language, executive, differences, disability, boarding, teaching, lbld, function, landmark, tutors
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center for assessment and remedial education
dyslexia is not a disease and has no cure. dyslexia can cause bright capable emotionally stable individuals to enter a spiral of underachievement.their difficulty is in the learning, retention and expression of language arts skills when they are taught with conventional method. in addition to having specific language difficulty dyslexics often have a gifted mind.
difficulty, language, skills, sensory, teacher, multi, learning, assessments, testing, application, auditory, perceptual, cognitive, screening, consulting, pakistan, canada, karachi, master, visual
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dyslexia tests, assessment, reading, writing, spelling struggles
we help children who struggle with reading, writing and spelling. we test and assess for dyslexia and core language problems. don't wait for them to fail.
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dyslexia association of sarawak - home
dyslexia association of sarawak information: effective help for dyslexic children and adults; teacher training; and articles exploring creative talents and learning abilities
dyslexia, learning, correction, association, dyslexic, words, written, reading, people, adult, children, creative, perceptions, training, davis, sarawak, gift, ddai, problems, international
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ipicthat - free online dyslexic talking picture dictionary
online dyslexic talking picture dictionary, aimed at people who suffer from dyslexia, specific learning difficulties spld and poor readers.
spell, write, read, speak, language, spelling, alphabet, pronunciation, esol, learn, english, learning, help, dictionary, dyslexic, difficulties, spld, picture, talking, reader
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welcome to the progress center
progress center™ is an innovative center specializing in a unique combination of programs to help with focus, attention and listening skills. we serve children and adults with a variety of learning challenges including add/adhd, autism, dyslexia, and classroom difficulties.
attention, listening, skills, focus, difficulties, dyslexia, learning, challenges, classroom, autism
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edison high school
located in portland, oregon, edison is a private high school dedicated to meeting the special education needs of learning disabled (ld) teens. our students’ learning differences include dyslexia, add, adhd, asperger’s syndrome, tourette’s syndrome, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, visual perception and nonverbal learning disorders.
learning, special, syndrome, adhd, dyslexia, disabled, teens, nonverbal, disorders, perception, visual, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, education, personal, washington, differences, curriculum, southwest, oregon
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child and family centre - psychological services for children and families in hong kong
assessments and counseling services for hong kong children with adhd, aspergers syndrome, dyslexia, autism and other learning difficulties.
psychologist, therapy, autism, dyslexia, speech, child, kong, educational, hong, adhd
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sand hill school
school in palo alto, ca for children with learning, attention and social challenges
learning, problems, adhd, school, disabilities, deficit, math, attention, dyslexia, disability, reading
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dyslexia tutor, dyslexia tutoring, dyslexia testing, dyslexia help,
dyslexia tutor, dyslexia tutoring and dyslexia testing. we educate and empower the dyslexic student and their families. dyslexia is our passion.
dyslexia, tutoring, reading, disabilities, math, learning, phoenix, testing, tutor, barton, scottsdale
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knowles learning specialists - educating 4life
knowles learning specialists builds bridges enabling students who learn differently to incorporate new skills that lead to success. we teach specific skills and
learning, education, study, language, wilson, tears, skills, reading, consulting, tutoring, grammar, spanish, writing, math, without, methodology, dyslexia, learn, specialists, differently
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thoughtful therapies - home
thoughtful therapies - 1044 east end road, homer, alaska, 99603. gentle therapies respecting all ages and all issues. thoughtful therapies provides services and products for supporting individuals of all ages in addressing neurodevelopmental issues that interfere with daily function. we offer handle (holistic approach to neurodevelopment and learning efficiency) , eft (emotional freedom techniques), matrix reimprinting and cst (craniosacral therapy).
syndrome, disorder, learning, deficit, attention, disorders, potential, spectrum, fetal, alcohol, autism, efficiency, pain, organizational, delays, problems, sleep, psychological, deemed, management
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irlen syndrome
syndrome, irlen
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helping children with dyslexia and learning difficulties
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ben bronz academy, a school for dyslexia and the learning disabled
ben bronz academy is a state approved day school for students in grades 2-12 with dyslexia, dysgraphia, executive function disorder (efd), adhd, and more.
school, disability, math, adhd, writing, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia, learning, reading, autism, capd, functioning, disabilities, disabled, high
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restored hope education center | just another wordpress site
learning, reading, literacy, school, help, vision, disabilities, difficulties, processing, auditory, deficit, dyslexia, adhd
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scottish rite dyslexia center of austin
scottish rite dyslexia center of austin focuses on the evaluation and treatment of dyslexia in children in central texas. the center provides low cost dyslexia evaluations and free effective instruction to children. the center also offers nationally accredited, comprehensive dyslexia therapist training to educators.
therapist, rite, free, learning, dyslexia
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willow schools
willow schools provide an outstanding accredited remedial education program for students with documented learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, auditory processing deficits, and mild speech and language difficulties.
remedial, education, private, school, difficulties, language, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, auditory, processing, dyslexia
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online programs for reading, dyslexia, add & apd
gemm learning provides intensive online programs for reading, dyslexia, auditory processing disorder and add. we treat the difficulties at their source.
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caip - canadian association of irlen professionals - home
caip is a professional association dedicated to irlen professionals in canada.
irlen, canada, association, professionals, clinic, directors, screeners, diagnosticians, canadienne, canadian, professionnels, caip
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elliot tutoring & assessment
tutoring and assessment services for students with special learning needs in austin, tx. dyslexia and learning disability testing.
tutor, reading, testing, writing, math, processing, therapy, dyslexia, homeschooling, lindamood, disabilities, homeschool, middle, school, wilson, scottish, rite, alexandra, lakeway, visual
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creative writing solutions, creative writing lesson plans and resources
proven creative writing techniques to get your kids or students motivate to write. here are some proven ideas that work for everyone.
learning, dyslexia, lesson, plans, disabilities, writing, home, school, creative
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renaissance mind®
the gift and non-medicinal approach to dyslexia, ad(h)d and autism by dr. angie gonzales md
workshops, children, problems, autism, dyslexia, spectrum, program, intuitive, parenting, disorder, reading, behavioral, adults, teen, psychologist, davis, math, corona, adhd, dysgraphia
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lgs educational services
lgs education services works with public and private schools developing customized curriculum for learning disabled children using advanced neurolinguistic programs that deliver significant results
learning, free, syndrome, little, giant, delayed, developmentally, aspergers, hyperactive, disabled, auditory, information, resources, disorder, processing, dislexia, distractible, adhd, challanges, difficulties
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visual learning for life - purchase cd's and worksheets downloads
over 2000 worksheets to help with visual perception problems. visual learning for life's worksheets are an invaluable resource for stimulating the development of your child's visual perceptual skills.
visual, memory, ground, learning, figure, difficulties, adhd, dyslexia, integration, motor, sequential, relations, skills, perceptual, perception, closure, discrimination, constancy, form, spatial
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the butterfly garden - a project for people of all ages dealing with disablement of any kind.
students and children with learning difficulties, learning through gardening skills
skills, with, project, needs, land, those, problems, behavoural, special, difficulties, learning, gardening, children, students, have
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free range learning
free range learning home page
learning, syndrome, john, range, free, sandra, gatto, dodd, taylor, einstein, asperger, autism, holt, khon, alfie, critical, science, math, life, homeschooling
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greenwood school for adhd, dyslexia, and learning disabilities
greenwood school is a boarding school in vermont for bright, talented boys with language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia and attention deficit disorders (add / adhd).
school, learning, dyslexia, disabilities, burns, boarding, gettysburg, middle, high, vermont, address, special, disability, dysgraphia, differences, adhd, executive, education, greenwood, function
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thirst for learning - home
educational tutoring center for dyslexic children
school, dyslexia, dyslexic, learning, tutoring, alternative, spelling, overcoming, teens, kids, writing, differences, after, tutor, program, special, needs, home, disabilities, reading
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premium quality anti-glare a4 blue, yellow and mint green overlays for irlen syndrome | read123-shop, uk
quality anti-glare irlen syndrome coloured overlays and mint green overlays from opticians. 5 and 10 packs available in any colour combination.
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national institute for learning development canada
an organization dedicated to train educators to work with children & adults with learning difficulties through an individualized program of educational
learning, teach, search, therapy, nild, distinctives, children, struggling, writing, individualized, rhythmic, interventions, independent, learner, potential, development, skill, group, academic, intervention
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melmed center - home
the melmed center provides diagnostic, therapeutic and educational services for children and adults with ad/hd, learning difficulties and dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, developmental, behavioral and mood disorders. our office is located in scottsdal
developmental, scottsdale, practitioner, psychiatric, phoenix, nurse, arizona, support, help, adhd, psychologist, therapist, learning, center, melmed, pediatrics, disabilities, delay, pediatrician, problems
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gallatin valley learning solutions - bozeman, mt
gvls offers quality instruction, advocacy, and appropriate accommodations for those struggling with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and add.
tutor, barton, susan, dyslexia, tutoring, program, information, dyslexic, advocate, educational, montana, about, tutors, writing, spelling, reading, orton, gillingham, help
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home | stern center for language and learning
helping children, teens, and adults who struggle with reading, writing, math, communication, organizational and/or test taking reach their full potential. we help all learners, include those with learning disabilities, dyslexia, language disorders, autism, attention deficit disorders, and learning style differences. workshops for educators
learning, disabilities, homework, reading, teach, literacy, professional, support, preschool, teachers, assistance, autism, disorder, dyslexia, tutoring, tutor, language, disorders, nonverbal, tutors
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successful students | dyslexia tutor, reading/writing tutor | virginia
successful students is a tutoring service offering dyslexia tutoring, reading/writing tutoring & academic coaching to students in leesburg, va.
tutor, tutoring, dyslexia, reading, writing, disabilities, learning, academic, loudoun, leesburg, virginia, wilson, adhd, coaching
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home page
dyslexia is a neurologically based learning disorder exhibiting difficulties with discrimination, remembrance, and retrieval of sounds, delayed speech, omitting parts of words, and word and letter reversal.
reading, fast, forward, language, multisensory, speech, gillingham, dyslexia, tutoring, orton, brunswick, earobics
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golexia - specific learning difficulties, dyslexia, dyscalculia assessment and tuition experts based in newport, south wales | golexia
specific learning difficulties, dyslexia, dyscalculia assessment and tuition experts based in newport, south wales
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untitled document
the brain integration therapy center can help children and adults with many different learning problems including adhd, add, sensory integration, emotional regulation, non verbal learning difficulties, ld, dyslexia, reading comprehension, learning center
learning, help, center, denver, regulation, crossinology, integration, brain, adhd, concentration, disabilities, verbal, injury, boulder, reading, comprehension, emotional, traumatic, behavioral, deficit
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home | tnida
tnida, home, the tennessee branch of the international dyslexia association provides a network for individuals with dyslexia, their families and professionals.
dyslexia, learning, disorder, tennessee, auditory, association, international, attention, impulsivity, cognitive, deficit, hyperlexia, conceptual, discrimination, memory, dyscalculia, disorders, branch, home, education
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acld school and learning center
acld school and learning center provides evaluation and treatment of learning difficulties and learning disabilities for children and adults in the youngstown area.
learning, disabilities, math, disability, tutoring, children, testing, tutor, with, autism, what, adults, find, dyslexia, needs, jpsn, program, special, help, specific
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::: kdisc malaysia - supporting malaysians with disabilities :::
kdisc, malaysia, kiwanis, disability, disabilities, disabled, information, support, centre, special, needs, impairment, impaired, difficulties, difficulty, syndrome, disorder, resource, treatment, pantai, therapy, intervention, association, library, help, teacher, doctor, therapist, school, community, directory, learning, disorder, children, society
disorder, directory, learning, children, community, school, help, teacher, doctor, therapist, society, cacat, dyslexia, hyperactive, downs, adhd, autism, assistance, hospital, book
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help for students with dyslexia, adhd, asperger's syndrome & autism
we offer help to parents and teachers of children with dyslexia, autism, adhd and asperger's syndrome. workbooks, games & worksheets for reading & spelling.
teaching, dyslexia, dyslexic, students, with, children, adhd, grade, syndrome, autism, homeschooling, child, help, workbooks, worksheets
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the garden play therapy centre
the garden play therapy centre
difficulties, play, learning, issues, parents, separated, behavioural, socialising, neglect, bullying, abuse, trauma, spectrum, problems, bereavement, dublin, therapist, therapy, gregan, emotional
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fort wayne center for learning | every child is different, their right to learn is the same.
every child is different. their right to learn is the same.
learning, education, disabilities, difficulties, dyslexia, attention, autism, deficit, game, schools, fwcl, center, wayne, lindamood, fort, bell, brain
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dyslexia, help for reading, math and writing difficulties, remedial programs in las cruces nm for children and adults, phonics, phonemic awareness, tutoring for advanced math
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the big picture: rethinking dyslexia
the big picture: rethinking dyslexia
dyslexia, richard, pritzker, redford, karen, branson, schwab, gavin, newsom, boies, david, james, charles, sally, yale, center, rethinking, picture, differences, learning
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l.e.a.r.n. @ h.o.m.e. - welcome
l.e.a.r.n. - laurel educational associates for reading and numeracy - ottawa, on. individual teaching for students ages 8-80 who have challenges with literacy and/or numeracy skills, such as dyslexia, dyscalcula, add, adhd. "l.e.a.r.n. to achieve success!"
reading, dyslexia, learning, multisensory, math, communication, education, ontario, literacy, writing, educational, spelling, auditory, disabilities, teachers, tutoring, association, teaching, consultation, homeschool
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the vanguard school: boarding school for asperger's, dyslexia, adhd
the vanguard school is a fully accredited boarding and day school for asperger’s syndrome, school for adhd, and school for dyslexia.
school, learning, schools, disability, dyslexia, boarding, adhd, dysgraphia
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fern ridge press books & videos specializing in childhood problems
add, addh, allergies, attention deficit syndrome & therapy, autism, bed wetting, behavior problems & more. fern ridge press books & videos specialize in childhood problems and their solutions.
graphology, handwriting, analysis, hypoglycemia, fear, metabolic, dyslexia, nutritional, causes, intelligence, games, limbic, rages, neurological, organization, programs, learning, raise, juvenile, delinquents
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calgary vision therapy doctor brent neufeld developmental optometrist helping you achieve your potential - vision-therapy-calgary
calgary vision therapy is calgary's first exclusive vision therapy clinic for diagnosis and treatment of visual disorders which cause an individual to struggle in learning and reading. doctor brent neufeld, developmental optometrist, specializes in vision training programs for learning related visual problems, dyslexia, focusing-accommodation-dysfunction and lazy eyes. psychologists may diagnose a child with visual information processing problems. many of these problems can be remediated through optometric vision therapy.
vision, calgary, therapy, visual, learning, optometrist, perceptual, neufeld, memory, strabismus, skills, sports, motor, information, brent, eyecare, therapist, perception, processing, integration
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ottawa: overcoming dyslexia, add, adhd, & learning disabilities - an introduction
overcoming dyslexia: carl nigi, a licensed davis® facilitator, helps overcome learning disabilities such as dyslexia, add / adhd, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and dyspraxia in the ottawa area.
ottawa, dyslexia, dyspraxia, learning, disorder, dyscalculia, disability, attention, deficit, help, test, dysgraphia, reading, otawa, developmental, hyperactivity, adhd, dyslexic, learn, overcoming
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welcome to
problems, reflex, delay, disorder, processing, integration, language, speech, sleep, complimentary, motor, reading, sensory, disabilities, learning, medicine, alternative, leaky, autistic, spectrum
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vision problems, vision problems treatment, vision problems in children adults, cheyenne, wy
beyond 20/20 offers real solutions for unresolved vision problems including: convergence insufficiency and other visual challenges, amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (eye turn), focusing (accommodative disorder), and tracking (ocular motor dysfunction), low vision problems, computer vision syndrome and headaches, sports vision treatments and therapies, vision problems from brain injury and stroke, visual perceptual difficulties (spatial and processing), general adult optometric care and contacts and glasses.
vision, visual, problems, brain, injury, stroke, from, therapies, headaches, sports, treatments, perceptual, difficulties, care, contacts, glasses, optometric, adult, general, syndrome
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the main goal and purpose of african association for dyslexia is to spread awareness about the problems related to dyslexia in africa and work towards possible solutions.
organisation, africa, dyslexia
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learning house ct - literacy for children and adults
learning house ct is a professional community committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.
phonics, orton, gillingham, learn, dyslexia, read, learning, approach, remedial, teach, disability, games, word, program, lesson, game, connecticut, disabilities, guilford, house
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home:learning | learning disabilities | developmental neuropsychology |denver| 80111
robin mcevoy provides comprehensive learning, developmental and neuropsychological evaluations of children, teens and adults.
evaluations, neuropsychology, developmental, 80111, concussion, neuropsychological, denver, attention, evaluation, disorder, writing, disability, hyperactivity, problems, behavior, schools, dyslexia, deficit, consultation, head
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local learning centre
educational and dyslexia coaching.
dyslexia, birmingham, support, barr, great, tutor, coaching, educational, education, sutton, perry, aston, walsall, road
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home - alabama scottish rite learning centers 

the alabama scottish rite foundation learning centers provides service for children with language and learning difficulties including dyslexia. we have several centers located in alabama
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abc diagnostic & learning center | riyadh, saudi arabia
abc diagnostic and learning center is a diagnostic, intervention and training center located in riyadh to help learners of all ages.
therapy, learning, behavior, adhd, counseling, difficulties, speech, lindamood, training, teaching, teachers, modification, education, autism, dyslexia, riyadh, center, brainrx, diagnostic, special
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dyslexia information | find out about dyslexia | being dyslexic
being dyslexic is a website for anyone with dyslexia, or anyone interested in finding out about dyslexia. packed full of dyslexia information and the largest dyslexia forums on the internet.
dyslexia, dyslexic, support, being, advice
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the gow school for dyslexia and learning disabilities
the gow school is a college-prep boarding and day school for students, grades 7-12, with dyslexia and similar language-based learning disabilities.
dysgraphia, adhd, executive, function, dyscalculia, capd, disabilities, learning, school, dyspraxia, dyslexia
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private school for children with ld & dyslexia in philadelphia | dvfs
dvfs is a quaker private school in paoli, pa for children grades 6-12 with language based learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other reading disorders
schools, school, learning, private, philadelphia, dyslexia, disabilities, disorders, valley, dvfs, delaware, friends
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brighton learning house
handle courses with sean williams, handle practitioner and screener services and feldenkrais based in brighton and across the uk and europe. help for autism, learning difficulties, dyslexia, adhd, cerebral palsy, tourette's, asperger's, sensory integration issues, speech and language issues, stress, anxiety and more.
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kathy lorenz
disorders, therapy, problems, chronic, stress, difficulties, fatigue, emotional, infantile, cord, injuries, scoliosis, learning, disabilities, spinal, disorder, syndrome, joint, fibromyalgia, other
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dyslexia resourses canada
life through pictures. using the dyslexic's gift side to eliminate the root cause of learning disabilities. we offer one on one programs that help clients discover and eliminate the causes for their confusions.
disorder, language, dyslexia, processing, expressive, resources, canada, receptive, writing, issues, guelph, cambridge, ontario, waterloo, memory, kitchener, short, auditory, order, central
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tutoring for dyslexia & learning disabilities | syllables learning center
syllables learning center. helping struggling learners overcome dyslexia, add/adhd, poor working memory. atlanta, alpharetta, marietta, online. 770-752-1724
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tutoring for dyslexia & learning disabilities | syllables learning center
syllables learning center. helping struggling learners overcome dyslexia, add/adhd, poor working memory. atlanta, alpharetta, marietta, online. 770-752-1724
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spellread of greater baltimore - spellread of greater baltimore
a learning program based in ellicott city, md helping those with dyslexia and other learning disabilities learn how to process information to improve reading and comprehension. with over 10 years of experience, learn more about spellreads successes!
dyslexia, learning, adhd, disability, slow, learner, read, spell, spellread, child, joan, tutoring, tutor, baltimore, disorder, teach, teaching, maryland, city, ellicott
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reading comprehension, 3rd grade, dyslexia treatment, add and adhd treatment, and struggling readers and writers. | learning matters | 949-388-8501
increase your brain's capacity so that learning becomes faster and easier with learning matters.
reading, help, development, writing, adhd, math, kids, treatment, improve, children, struggling, student, schooled, home, sports, performance, tutorial, read, comprehension, strategies
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welcome to dyslexia scotwest, dyslexia scotwest
homepage of dyslexia scotwest, the leading dyslexia charity in the west of scotland
specific, learning
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home - learning tools
learning tools uses davis® dyslexia programs to teach tools and skills in reading, writing, math, and focusing attention so they can have the confidence needed to achieve their goals.
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eagle hill school for adhd, dyslexia and learning disabilities | eagle hill school
eagle hill school is a private co-ed college preparatory boarding school that serves students in grades 8-12 with a learning disability, including the specific learning disabilities ld, dyslexia, la
school, learning, disability, private, deficit, attention, disorder, nonverbal, dyslexia, disabilities, hill, boarding, eagle, differences, disabled
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eagle hill school for adhd, dyslexia and learning disabilities | eagle hill school
eagle hill school is a private co-ed college preparatory boarding school that serves students in grades 8-12 with a learning disability, including the specific learning disabilities ld, dyslexia, la
school, learning, disability, private, deficit, attention, disorder, nonverbal, dyslexia, disabilities, hill, boarding, eagle, differences, disabled
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international alliance of healthcare educators
disorders, therapy, chronic, stress, manipulation, problems, fatigue, emotional, difficulties, craniosacral, disabilities, learning, injuries, scoliosis, infantile, fibromyalgia, disorder, syndrome, joint, other
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providing support for people with learning difficulties
needs, special, helpers, learning, difficulties
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the center for the assesment and remediation of reading difficulties, inc. (carrd, inc.)
the carrd, inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting individuals who have dyslexia and reading difficulties become competent readers through research, assessment and intervention strategies.
disabilities, reading, resources, remediation, prevention, carrd, learning
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vision therapy expert in marietta, ga - serving patients in the atlanta metro area with amblyopia, lazy eye, strabismus, dyslexia, dyslexic, autism, autistic
cook vision therapy center, inc.'s purpose is to help the greatest possible number of people develop the visual abilities needed to achieve their goals in life. twenty percent of the population (children and adults) suffer needlessly from vision perception problems because they are not aware of vision therapy and it's benefits. many of these problems are not corrected by glasses. we offer solutions to vision problems that are effecting lives on a daily basis.
vision, education, problems, special, attention, therapy, perception, sports, depth, deficit, disorder, double, alternatives, adhd, coordination, hand, learning, disabilities, eyes, crossed
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portland reading & dyslexia specialist
certified, qualified, passionate literacy experts provide assessment and individualized instruction to students with dyslexia and related learning disabilities.
specialist, learning, disabilities, reading, dyslexia, portland, dysgraphia, adhd
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tomatis® method, a listening program therapy | training course | find a provider
official website. the tomatis® sound sensory integration stimulation can help people with learning and language difficulties, add, pdd, emotional disorders, stress, dyslexia…
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dane f. jensen design
born and raised in seattle, washington, dane studied architectural, industrial and furniture design. hes currently acting as an advocate for students with language learning difficulties, particularly dyslexia.
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main menu tri-counties branch of the international dyslexia association main menu
literacy is one of the most important issues facing the tri-counties area of southern california. to strengthen our communities and our economy, and to provide a better future for our families, we need to provide better opportunities today. the ida is doing just that by providing classes, information, resources and services for addressing the problem of literacy
dyslexia, literacy, children, reading, strategies, dyslexiadash, conference, dysgraphia, training, problems, dyscalculia
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a vadodara based center catering to children with special educational needs (sen) | praangan
a vadodara based center catering to children with special education needs (sen). slow learning, dyslexia down syndrome, adhd etc.
children, education, down, dyslexia, syndrome, adhd, learning, needs, praangan, vadodara, based, slow
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dyslexia tutoring services atlanta, decatur, ga ||
nankids tutoring based in atlanta, decatur, ga provides dyslexia tutoring services by an experienced tutor for children and adults with dyslexia. call today
tutor, dyslexia, processing, services, atlanta, decatur, auditory, visual, learning, adult, disabilities, adhd
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dyslexia tutoring program | help for dyslexic children and adults | baltimore, md
the dyslexia tutoring program helps low-income children and adults throughout maryland who are dyslexic or have a language-based learning difference to read our tutors are trained in the orton-gillingham method of reading, writing, and spelling.
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dyslexia | dyslexic advantage
dyslexia community | dyslexic advantage is a 501c3 dyslexia non-profit charitable organization.
disability, dyslexic, learning, advantage, dislexia, dyslexia
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osteopath, chiropractor, dyslexia help, erina central coast
solutions for pain and health are holistic providers including osteopath, chiropractor and learning difficulties teacher / consultant in erina, central coast
erina, consultant, dyslexia, chiropractor, osteopath
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dyslexia advice | liverpool dyslexia advice | help, grants & testing
dyslexia help & advice from dyslexia foundation. our charity work has a portfolio range of assisting adults with dyslexia across the north west. adult dyslexia access has charity status which means we are in a specialist position to offer support to people with dyslexia.
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steps software - learning staircase
innovative educational software program. literacy program which caters for all ages and abilities, including learners with dyslexia. home user and schools versions available. free trial available.
steps, lugg, learning, literacy, staircase, shark, training, step, specific, disabilities, software, first, reading, numeracy, spld, dyspraxia, writing, teacher, spelling, david
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daily vitamina | your daily vitamin for life
your daily vitamin for life
sclerosis, multiple, syndrome, calculator, down, weight, ideal, cell, anemia, videos, bipolar, erectile, dysfunction, autism, problems, disorder, sinus, sickle, menopause, bladder
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139 | education
some students do not have any problems writing an essay. however, for many other students, essay writing is a nightmare. many students spend hours of their
writing, essay, learning, research, services, paper, online, institute, tips, foreign, courses, beauty, preschool, higher, docs, training, write, therapy, google, forgetfulness
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online adult dyslexia tests | dyslexia symptoms and diagnosis | the dyslexic center
click here to learn about online dyslexia tests and how to properly diagnosis and treat dyslexia. find dyslexia tests designed specifically for adults.
dyslexia, treatments, symptoms, test, adult
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lda minnesota helps children, youth and adults with learning and attention difficulties
difficulties, literacy, minnesota, minneapolis, adhd, disabilities, attention, deficit, disorders, learning
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the may center for learning | helping intelligent students with learning differences make the leap
join us on friday, october 16 at 6:00 pm at the santa fe railyard tower to light it up red for dyslexia!   national dyslexia awareness month was designed to draw attention to the needs of dyslexic learners, to raise understanding of the impo...
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vocational & educational day centre adults learning difficulties
centre for adults learning difficulties - stirving to enable students to improve thier quality of life, vocationally, educationally, socially & emotionally
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academic achievement - every student a reading success!
academic associates reading program is the most effective methodology for reading instruction. many teachers now use the academic associates reading program in the classroom. public and private schools have adopted our program. academic associates learning center of kansas city offers reading help for all ages.
reading, center, clinic, learning, help, academic, associates, problems, results, specialist, difficulties, instruction, meaning, teach, research, teacher, success, tutoring, successful, students
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tennessee dyslexia centers
we specialize in dyslexia therapy, processing development, dyslexia testing, reading and spelling training, and academic tutoring for all ages.
dyslexia, tutoring, testing, therapy
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dyslexia support & reading intervention | banner literacy
help, reading, disabilities, literacy, writing, shore, intervention, north, learning, wilmette, diagnostic, teaching, dyslexia, child, chicago
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dyslexia testing dallas ft. worth, tx
linda l. sullivan is a dyslexia expert that offers dyslexia education, testing, and training in the dallas-ft. worth area, throughout texas and beyond.
dyslexia, training, education, special, therapist, workshop, teaching, counseling, educational, assessments, multisensory, approach
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the learning well llc
the learning well, llc services school districts and parents to address the special needs of developmentally delayed children within the southern new jersey (primarily burlington county) area. we help clients overcome difficulties, mostly associated with autism spectrum disorders; however our staff also has experience with a variety of other developmental delay disorders, as well as challenges due to emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and other social problems.
learning, autism, children, well, disabilities, development, toilet, training, respite, wells, estrella, developmental, delays, speaks, cosac, department
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products & support for learning for dyslexics and special educational needs | the dyslexia shop
the dyslexia shop sells thousands of products relating to dyslexia and special educational needs, including teaching aids, specialist software, books, audio and video, electronic aids, stationary and much much more...
dyslexia, educational, needs, special, products, shop
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abc read - self-taught phonics and spelling
self taught reading program teaches children and adults phonics and spelling in 3 weeks. ages 5-90. learn to read at home. pictures help those with dyslexia. teach yourself or someone else.
read, flash, sounds, phonetic, disabilities, cards, pictures, language, grammar, complete, syllables, difficulties, help, phonics, dyslexia, taught, self, program, teach, learn
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woodland hall academy - home
disorders, dyslexia, learning, attention, hyperactivity, deficit, hyperactive, difference, disability, adhd, academy, hall, research, institute, dyslexic, woodland
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free resources, e-learning, tutorials & help for dyslexia & neuro differences | skills rocket has free resources, e-learning, tutorials & help tips for dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, adhd, cognitive differences, strokes & brain injury. easy to understand videos & articles that help your skills rocket!
skills, rocket, video, downloads, help, tutorials, free, resources, dyslexia
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key school of fort worth || dyslexia, dysgraphia, add/adhd
for over 50 years, key school of fort worth, has offered an educational environment that allows children to overcome learning difficulties and find success.
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new england dyslexia solutions - new england dyslexia solutions, a davis dyslexia correction program provider located in amesbury, massachusetts
new england dyslexia solutions is a provider of the davis® dyslexia correction program - serving massachusetts, seacoast nh, seacoast me, and most other new england locations. 978-337-7753.
dyslexia, disability, gift, learning, reading, program, davis, massachusetts, solutions, england, correction
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supported living, learning disabilities, autism | voyage care
supported living, outreach support & residential care for people with complex needs by experienced care providers. 250 care homes. 20 rehab services
learning, injury, willi, prader, syndrome, disability, specialist, rehabilitation, head, homes, care, people, autistic, autism, disabilities, spectrum, disorders, difficulties, brain, acquired
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the power of dyslexia
dyslexia is a learning disorder that is language-based. if a person has this disorder then it likely that they have a difficult time with reading. they may...
dyslexia, power
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learning foundations | tutoring and academic coaching in denver, co
learning foundations offers tutoring grades 1-12 and college in reading, math, writing, science, history, spanish, language arts, study skills, organization, sat/act test prep and more.
interactive, reading, learning, writing, languages, math, schools, history, specialize, studies, visual, auditory, kinesthetic, metronome, comprehension, management, support, social, time, dyslexia
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carousel learning services - home
carrousel learning services is passionate about providing a continuum of high quality learning services to support student learning in schools. we offer speech therapy and tutoring for students in the forney and rockwall. texas areas.
disabilities, language, reading, consultation, learning, dyslexia, staar, writing, math, intervention, student, developmental, articulation, tutoring, therapy, expressive, receptive, communication, stuttering, fluency
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bright learning - cyber high school | teach index | special needs education
social, needs, learning, school, mckay, problems, skills, teach, index, secondary, scholarships, special, differences, difficulties, behavioral, orlando, disabilities, adhd
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dyslexia phoenix | dyslexia phoenix, az | dyslexia treatment phoenix
dyslexia tutoring, dyslexia treatment phoenix, phoenix tutor, dyslexia testing phoenix, dyslexia tutor arcadia phoenix, dyslexia tutor, dyslexia phoenix
tutor, dyslexia, reading, phoenix, scottsdale, disability, tutoring, learning, arcadia, arizona, barton, treatment
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healus center : working with the body's organizational intelligence : bodywork treatment modalities education community
strategies for healing: we assist recovery from acute injury, chronic musculo-skeletal pain, scoliosis, postural alignment problems, coordination difficulties, sports injuries, mild head injury, stroke and cognitive dyslexia
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michigan dyslexia institute
dyslexia, michigan, deficit, disorder, adhd, attention, disabilities, testing, instruction, diagnosis, learning, institute
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163 understand some of the difficulties people with disabilities have when trying to find employment, so working with education groups, training providers and local authorities, is an opportunity to break down some of the barriers of finding employment by providing a video cv to visually demonstrate a person's ability to fulfill a job role!
writing, write, examples, good, help, your, professional, with, services, example, template, online, servi, creator, service, howto, making, guide, perfect, free
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ottawa art therapy - news
this is a art therapy website. autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, developmental delays, adhd, depression, anxiety, learning difficulties
depression, anxiety, cerebral, palsy, music, piano, adhd, syndrome, autism, therapy, spectrum, disorder, down, child
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paradise learning unlimited services - home
dyslexia, autism, tutoring, facilitator, program, davis, noit
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assistive technology for rehabilitation, slant boards, book holders.
assistive technologies provides slant board devices to improve reading, writing and creative skills for children with learning disabilities. slant boards and our book holders are especially designed to help disabled persons adapt during their disability rehabilitation
learning, valley, coachella, board, technology, writing, disabilities, book, holder, nonprofit, rehab, association, slope, reading, dyslexia, slant, disability, special, assistive, needs
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inclusion therapy | shadow support and home therapy in singapore
​inclusion therapy meets your needs with shadow support services for children with autism, dyslexia, adhd, among other learning and behavioral difficulties
needs, special, support, singapore, help, shadow, therapy, aspergers, autism, dyslexia, home
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the institute for creative learners
the institute for creative learners provides reading intervention, dyslexia testing and therapy, tutoring, homework assistance, art & science enrichment.
dyslexia, lubbock, reading, tutor, learning, preschool, help, center, therapy, creative, afterschool, learners, testing, texas
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dr. lysette iglesias md
dr. lysette iglesias md provides state-of-the-art pediatric endocrine and diabetes care in an efficient and patient-friendly private practice setting.
syndrome, lysette, miami, problems, iglesias, endocrinology, pediatric, endocrinologist, endocrine, growth, calcium, down, medicine, wellness, children, kids, cure, illness, child, healthcare
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cognitive solutions learning center - add / adhd attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia & learning disabilities chicago
we help individuals with attention deficit disorder (add/adhd), learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia), autism, anxiety...
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in the heart of woodbridge providing therapy for language delay, speech disorders, reading, writing, learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorders.
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empower des official website | empower dyslexia education solutions
if your child has reading problems, needs tutoring, has working memory issues or you are looking for dyslexia help.
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catholic psychological consult - catholic church oriented counseling for personal, marital, family problems
a catholic-oriented psychological consultation by telephone with an experienced licensed psychologist about personal, marriage or family problems.
abuse, difficulties, abortion, parenting, adolescence, counseling, skills, adjustment, problems, behavior, emotional, experiencing, effective, family, children, child, contraception, pregnancy, birth, control
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latest news
hamlin robinson school - dedicated to meeting the educational and underlying social/emotional needs of students with dyslexia and related language difficulties.
language, education, dyslexia, school, robinson, hamlin
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the phyllis phund raises money for people with down syndrome.
a non-profit organization helping not only families with down syndrome, but all special needs.
down, syndrome, about, association, information, chromosome, charities
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adhd, dyslexia, learning disability testing
we provide a wide array of psychological assessments (adhd, dyslexia, autism, neuropsychological, learning disability testing) for families and schools.
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utah brain integration - home
rocky mountain health and wellness center
help, adhd, dyslexia, brain, learning, integration, with, stress, medicine, addictions, cureology, cure, utah, alternative, health, disabilities, tutor, wellness, crossinology
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alta - academic language therapy association - home
the academic language therapy association (alta) through academic language therapy help develop effective secondary language and written communication skills through proficiency in reading and writing.
language, reading, disability, learning, skills, multisensory, tutor, academic, therapy, disorder, awareness, instruction, problems, comprehension, grammar, auditory, expression, different, written, composition
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erik aybar
learning all that i can. i enjoy writing about programming, learning, and life. i love experimenting with technology and find writing about it to push my learning and growth as a software engineer.
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brain abilities -
we help children and adults suffering from attentional, emotional and cognitive difficulties. our total body approach includes specialized brain training, nutrition and unparalleled support
help, treatment, disorder, processing, autism, therapy, auditory, anxiety, aspergers, abilities, adhd, learning, dyslexia, brain, disability, drug, attention, hyperactivity, alternative, deficit
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learning disability testing, evaluation and treatment for children, kids and teens
insight provides solutions and help for academic struggles and learning disabilities, anxiety, stress, depression, adhd, addictions, autism, ocd, sleep disorders, aspergers, dyslexia, tourette's syndrome and other conditions. offering psychological services, evaluations, individual and family therapy. wellness services includes acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, neurofeedback, homeopathy/naturopathy, massage, reiki, yoga and more.
disorder, disability, deficit, hyperactivity, attention, syndrome, reading, sensory, integration, learning, dyslexia, autism, counselor, adhd, counseling, disabilities, holistic, developmental, management, anger
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learning disability testing, evaluation and treatment for children, kids and teens
insight provides solutions and help for academic struggles and learning disabilities, anxiety, stress, depression, adhd, addictions, autism, ocd, sleep disorders, aspergers, dyslexia, tourette's syndrome and other conditions. offering psychological services, evaluations, individual and family therapy. wellness services includes acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, neurofeedback, homeopathy/naturopathy, massage, reiki, yoga and more.
disorder, disability, deficit, hyperactivity, attention, syndrome, reading, sensory, integration, learning, dyslexia, autism, counselor, adhd, counseling, disabilities, holistic, developmental, management, anger
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brookwood christian, dyslexia learning disablity school
private school in acworth, ga specializing in language based learning disabilities such as dyslexia, speech issues and adhd. tutoring available. a ga special needs or sb10 scholarship school with small classes. we serve all of metro atlanta including kennesaw, canton, cartersville, marietta, woodstock and dallas.
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dyslexia midlands | support network for families of children with dyslexia
dyslexia midlands family support network is a kenilworth-based community group dedicated to supporting families of children with dyslexia. twice a month, there is a support group for  parents and carers of children with additional needs (e.g.
difficulty, learning, solihull, avon, disability, dyspraxia, carer, grandparent, parent, dyscalculia, upon, stratford, midlands, group, support, dyslexic, kenilworth, coventry, birmingham, warwickshire
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vision therapy, double vision, diplopia, vision training, strabismus, amblyopia, lazy eye, traumatic brain injury, optometrist | vision and learning center of muncy, pa, lycoming county, danville, montgomery, hughesville, laporte, lehighton, palmerton, carbon, bradford, clearfield, clinton, columbia, lackawanna, lehigh, luzerne, montour, northumberland, potter, schuylkill, snyder, sullivan, tioga, wayne, susquehanna.
vision therapy for double vision or diplopia - learning related vision problems - vision and learning center of muncy, pa, has the latest techniques and equipment for issues related to traumatic brain injury and stroke as well as treatment for strabismus (eye turning) and amblyopia (lazy eye) that can lead to learning disabilities.
injury, learning, vision, brain, vips, developmental, processing, infants, visual, information, pediatric, delays, cerebral, palsy, autism, nearsightedness, aspergers, syndrome, turning, optometrist
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tutoring services and staar test prep we are a tutoring service, specializing in addressing the needs of students with asperger's syndrome, adhd, test anxiety, emotional and behavioral issues, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities.
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welcome to aucocisco school | aucocisco school
attention, adhd, deficit, disorder, anxiety, syndrome, disabilities, reading, special, school, private, purpose, learning, dyslexia, disability, maine
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stevenson learning skills |
methods and materials for teaching students who have difficulty with reading, spelling, writing, grammar or other basic language skills.
reading, stevenson, instruction, disabilities, multisensory, skills, learning, phonics, writing, cursive, basic, printing, grammar, dysgraphia, handwriting, language, structured, dyslexia, mnemonics, mnemonic
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foothills academy society
a calgary based centre of excellence for children and youth with learning disabilities and adhd offering a full-time school program and community services centre.
learning, calgary, disabilities, school, adhd, children, tutoring, deficit, attention, difficulties, camps, development, professional, workshops, recreation, services, with, private, academy, problems
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calibre audio library - audio books for people with sight problems, dyslexia or disabilities
calibre audio library brings the pleasure of reading to people with sight problems, dyslexia or disabilities that prevent them reading print, through a free nationwide postal and internet service of audio books. this website provides details of all our services including on-line access to our complete catalogue of audio books.
books, dyslexia, blind, disabilities, impaired, digital, audiobooks, talking, calibre, visually
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adolescents & adult relationship difficulties|therapy for behaviorial school problems|new braunfels counseling
if adolescents & adult relationship difficulties, therapy for behaviorial school problems or frequent fighting are problems, you need help, call new braunfels counseling near gruene, 830-625-0599.
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dyslexia, dyscalculia, literacy & maths tutors & assessment
tutors and assessors specialising in dyslexia, dyscalculia, literacy and maths difficulties based in south west london
tutor, twickenham, london, isleworth, richmond, chiswick, ealing, private, literacy, english, dyslexia, dyscalculia, maths, multisensory, assessment, specialist
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swift school for dyslexia and language learning differences
students in grades 1-8 build a foundation of language skills, confidence, strengths and self-advocacy within a nurturing and rich academic environment.
learning, differences, dyslexia, school, atlanta, swift, home
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vocal communication difficulties, voice communication difficulties
vocalscience specializes in treatment of vocal communication difficulties & voice disorders worldwide. contact to us for voice communication difficulties.
vocal, voice, treatment, surgery, lost, therapy, lessons, thyroid, speech, problems, coaching, damaged, cords, laryngitis, hoarse, cord
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personal and life coaching, helps you dealing with personal, relational or psychological problems and difficulties. the lemon tree coaching.
personal and life coaching, art therapy, the lemon tree provides assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social or psychological problems and difficulties. self-development, empowerment, transformation.
coach, pierre, mental, health, problems, issues, psychologist, personal, lemon, tree, life, thelemontree, counselor
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ινστιτουτο ιρλεν ελλαδασ - προτυπο θεραπευτικο κεντρο πατρασ - μποχατζιαρ ευαγγελοσ - λογοθεραπευτησ ecs, pass, irlen screener
προτυπο θεραπευτικο κεντρο πατρασ - κεντρο λογοθεραπειασ - μποχατζιαρ ευαγγελοσ - λογοπαθολογοσ - λογοθεραπευτησ ecs, pass, irlen screener
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adhd/add hyperactivity learning disorders
there are three major learning disorders which handicap progress through school for many children: dyslexia, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (adhd), and dyspraxia. for most, the conditions frequently continue to affect individuals in their adult lives as well. these conditions are frequently "co-morbid, " meaning that individuals can have more than one condition at the same time. they also run in families, so it's not at all unusual to find a family that has one child with dyslexia, another with dyslexia, and the third with adhd. this suggests that there may be a common biological basis to the three disorders. in 1995, research conducted by myself and others indicated that this common biological basis may be related to fatty acid metabolism and supply.
attention, coromega, kids, thought, adhd, hyperactivity, deficit, dyslexia, clear, dyspraxia, children, factors, learning, gels, blend, junior, attentivechild, focus
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dyslexia center of utah your dyslexia tutoring, testing and training solutions.
dyslexia center of utah the place to find experienced, knowledgable and caring staff. we can help individuals of all ages young and old to succeed in life to
dyslexia, utah, solutions, testing, tutoring
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childrens dyslexia center of allentown
children's dyslexia center of allentown provides tutoring for children, teens and adults with dyslexia. we are certified by the children's dyslexia centers.
dyslexia, tutor, reading, instruction, multisensory, training, children, tutoring, allentown
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auditory processing disorder in the united kingdom
the apduk web site tries to provide information , support and help for familes who are affected by apd. apduk will also lobby for greater recognition of apd, improved apd diagnostic tests, and apd support programs in the uk
auditory, processing, disorder, dyslexia, dislexia, memory, hearing, dislexier, disordery, deficit, audiology, apsbergers, verbal, capd, difficulties, pragmatic, mild, central, autism
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cambridge school - for dyslexia and other learning disabilities
cambridge school is a special education school in pennington, nj. we help children with dyslexia, adhd, and other language-based learning disabilities.
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epping forest sportability club - a sports club for young people with physical and learning difficulties
epping forest sportability club is a multi-sports club for young people with mild to moderate physical and learning difficulties, aged 6 to 19, based in loughton, essex.
sports, children, with, difficulties, multi, learning, disabilities, club, physical
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reading therapy | dyslexia tutoring | spelling | writing | tutoring
results reading provides dyxlexia tutoring and reading therapy, including writing and spelling skills. patricia mundahl, certified academic language therapist.
writing, language, therapist, students, skills, dyslexia, tutoring, reading, tutor
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uniquely gifted - resources for gifted/special needs children
online resources for families with gifted/special needs children (including learning disabilities, adhd, asperger syndrome, etc.)
education, learning, special, treatment, assessment, support, sped, homeschool, advocacy, assistive, technology, skills, social, bullying, children, nvld, adhd, differences, disabilities, needs
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jim forgan, ph.d. & associates jim forgan, ph.d. psychologist, adhd, dyslexia expert
jim forgan, ph.d. school psychologist. palm beach, jupiter, dyslexia testing, adhd/ add testing, learning disabilities, child counseling, dyslexia tutoring
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the prentice school home page
the prentice school is the answer for students who learn differently. our mission is to empower students with learning differences to fulfill their potential
dyslexia, autism, orange, county, anxiety, school, differences, learning, adhd
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cognitive development specialist > tutor cleveland > northeast ohio
cognitive development specialist .the center for cognition & development provides a unique drug-free option to intervention for children challenged with attention deficit, sensory integration difficulties, developmental delays, auditory processing, dyslexia, dysgraphia and other non-specific learning disorders.
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the wellness institute of nashville
the clear mind institute is a leader in neurofeedback services dealing with neurological issues like add, depression, autism, anxiety, ptsd, addiction and more
disorder, syndrome, neuro, attention, head, deficit, learning, disease, brain, chronic, neurological, disorders, sleep, injury, depression, therapy, mapping, seizures, disabilities, aphasia
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teach reading to students with down syndrome, all ages
special reads for special needs produces reading materials designed for students with down syndrome, targeting their learning needs, weaknesses, and strengths. a direct, effective approach.
reading, special, education, handicapped, syndrome, abuse, homeschooling, presentation, book, preschool, hale, retardation, natalie, pathology, children, speech, early, disorder, resources, flash
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east hill academy | educating children with autism
east hill academy is a private non-profit school that provides educational services (grades 1-12) to children with autism and related learning disabilities. east hill academy was created in 2002 in order to develop the academic potential of children with autism and to help them improve their social and emotional abilities.
disorder, learning, autism, school, county, deficit, attention, flying, high, syndrome, central, auditory, dysgraphia, dyslexia, processing, scholarship, conferece, with, conference, virtual
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academic associates reading course of hendersonville, in sumner county, tn
located in hendersonville in sumner county, tennessee, academic associates reading course is an in-depth phonics-based program taught one-to-one by patient, qualified instructors. it’s comprehensive and logical format has helped thousands of students of all ages to be confident readers.
reading, clinic, help, learning, academic, center, associates, student, stages, students, successful, specialist, results, meaning, instruction, problems, research, teach, gallatin, nashville
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summit academy | the answer for children who learn differentlysummit academy | the answer for children who learn differently.
an independent, non-profit school for children with learning disabilities in louisville, ky. we educate children pre-k - 9 with dyslexia, add, adhd, language processing disorder, asperger’s syndrome, non-verbal learning disorder, sensory integration disorder, central auditory processing disorder, and many more.
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readinghelplive provides the personalized help of a reading specialist to all families who lack this help and support. the goal is to provide answers, coaching, guidance....whatever is needed to help parents help their children become successful readers.
reading, educational, readers, school, books, dvds, software, kids, home, writing, literature, teaching, toys, tutoring, authors, games, pets, materials, smart, math
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the learning nest educational services - home
dyslexia tutoring and educational services
literacy, reading, homeschool, educational, portfolio, certified, nest, florida, jacksonville, barton, tutoring, learning, dyslexia
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dyslexia & adhd support group and resources dallas tx | stand up ld
we are a texas based non-profit helping families affected by learning differences including, dyslexia, adhd, dyscalculia etc.
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dyslexia victory online teaching solutions for dyslexics
dyslexia victory online teaching solutions for dyslexics - dyslexia as a learning difference which affects a students ability to understand many skills taught in the average classroom.
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east bay licensed educational psychologist
psycho-educational assessment for disabilities such as adhd, autism, dyslexia, emotional issues, and learning diabilities impacting academic success.
disability, learning, dyslexia, assessment, adhd, autism
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cranio sacral therapy in pasadena and north hills
craniosacral therapy can alleviate migraines, neck and back pain while increasing energy and overall health. craniosacral therapy helps tmj, sleep problems, learning difficulties, and infants problems with breastfeeding and colic.
stress, sleep, apnea, balance, health, snoring, healing, therapy, migraines, headaches, craniosacral, fibromyalgia
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pace brantley school- learning disabilities school
focused on learning disabilities since 1972. central florida school for student with learning disabilities, adhd, add, dyslexia, auditory processing. programs include orton-gillingham, fast forword. serving orlando and surrounding areas (orange, seminole, osceola, volusia)
learning, processing, auditory, disorder, fast, forword, adhd, schools, central, disabilities, florida, orlando, school, disability, dyslexia
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specializing in functional and developmental vision care, dr. phil nicholson, olney, maryland
at the visual learning center in olney, maryland, dr. phil nicholson and his practice provides testing and treatment for vision problems that affect learning,
vision, learning, problems, care, child, childrens, adolescent, abilities, affected, affects, center, maryland, functional, phil, nicholson, developmental, visual, affecting
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yearning 4 learning | educational therapy
educational therapists understand learning differences and specialize in adhd, dyslexia, dysgraphia, executive function & non-verbal learning disorders.
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autism flashcards and other visual aids - inekards
autism visuals including flashcards and other teaching devices to assist children with communication and learning difficulties
aids, learning, difficulties, visual, autism, children, with, helping
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rocky mountain learning systems - programs to strengthen learning abilities.
software, music, learning, memory, school, educational, skills, brain, dyslexia, visual, baby, basic, programs, babies, special, high, research, consultant, deficit, disorder
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, kidcenter, , , , , , , , learning, difficulties, , , , , , ,
difficulties, learning, kidcenter
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genesis learning centers - middle tennessee schools for emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges
geneis learning centers provide specialty programs, schools and services for children and adolescents who are experiencing intense emotional, behavioral, developmental, and learning challenges or difficulties. genesis learning centers are located in nashville tn and serve nashville and the surrounding communities of middle tennessee.
learning, behavioral, emotional, developmental, challenges, difficulties, adolescents, children, centers, specialty, schools, services, genessis
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west valley dyslexia learning center - online dyslexia tutoring, barton reading & spelling system
west valley dyslexia learning center online dyslexia tutoring using barton reading & spelling system
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home - real life options
learning difficulties
disability, learning
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centerpoint learning solutions
centerpoint learning solutions, giving you the tools and helping lay a sturdy foundation for a solid future.
issues, reading, math, spelling, free, davis, comprehension, drug, handwritting, kelley, phipps, foundations, rebuild, writing, writting, adhd, idaho, fruitland, dyslexia, dyspraxia
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destinata school
south african school for children with specific learning disabilities
remedial, grade, therapy, school, technical, education, learners, high, fundraising, profit, organization, destinata, donations, children, teachers, psychology, adhd, therepy, speech, problems
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the law office of vanessa jachzel
disorder, language, learning, speech, disability, dyslexia, writing, diso, reading, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, adhd, evaluation, section, fape, education, students, with, advocate, classification
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skin problems and respiratory diseases, sick house syndrome prevention, sick car syndrome prevention, sick furniture syndrome prevention, sick house syndrome removal method
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children's dyslexia center of lancaster
dyslexia, tutor, reading, instruction, multisensory, training, children, lancaster, tutoring
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dear | dyslexic education association of r's - dyslexic education association of r's
dyslexic education association of r's mission is to release dyslexia's grip on the three areas of communication with an emphasis on reading.
reading, dyslexia, tulsa, program, literacy, system, disability, learning, readi, focus, disabilities, unusual, proven, unique
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focalpoint educational services - focalpoint
wenatchee after school learning center. we offer reading instruction, math instruction, and help for adhd and behavior issues from kinder to college.
learning, reading, tutor, precal, trig, writing, precalc, teacher, help, school, center, trigonometry, ausbergers, tutoring, behavior, math, instruction, adhd, algebra, wenatchee
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the learning convergence
the learning convergence is a san diego based tutoring center teaching reading, spelling, comprehension, literacy skills and math to children grades k-12. we provide education to children with learning disabilities, language processing issues, dyslexia, decoding and comprehension issues as well as those with various learning styles. our teaching methods are multi-sensory, creating whole brain learning which provides students with the ultimate success - good grades and report cards!
learning, disability, language, children, style, brain, teaching, cards, education, report, grades, dyslexics, math, dyslexia, reading, readers, read, tutoring, diego, convergence
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sbcc baby & child clinic
sbcc baby & child clinic is the most established paediatric group practice in singapore. we have provided high quality paediatrics care for over 2 generations of singaporeans and expatriates.
health, disorder, sleep, vaginal, allergy, development, obstetrics, child, delivery, clinic, caesarean, autism, children, birth, discharge, managing, syndrome, barbie, maternal, pregnancy
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reading boo(s)t camp provides intensive, orton-gillingham, multi-sensory reading support to children who have difficulties with reading, dyslexia or are on the
reading, phonics, sensory, camp, multi, awareness, instruction, intervention, expert, phonological, evaluation, phonemic, tutor, boost, assessment, teacher, dyslexic, dyslexia, lindamoodbell, bell
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buteyko breathing method | hyperventilation treatment
breathing normalization helps people to overcome breathing problems & other health issues. learn buteyko breathing method at breathing center.
problems, breathing, system, nervous, difficulties, respiratory, normalization, center, immune
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have questions about adhd or learning difficulties? canlearn society can help you achieve learning success. unlocking potential so all can learn.
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biofeedback center of florida
eeg biofeedback (also known as neurofeedback) offers:a non-invasive, drug-free treatment for add/adhd, tourette's, epilepsy, and depression/anxiety; peak performance training for athletes, executives, etc.; maintaining focus and calm under pressure; relaxation training for pain management, particularly migraines and tension headaches
biofeedback, disorder, florida, problems, anxiety, brain, pain, bipolar, drug, learning, headaches, behavioral, neurofeedback, free, training, migraine, fort, issues, conduct, neurofeedack
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coleg elidyr • specialist college, wales
coleg elidyr is a specialist college in wales for young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities, including autism and down syndrome
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dr. donna baldwin-mickey - eye care in oh, vision therapy in toledo, ohio, eye doctors
toledo vision therapy, vision therapy in toledo, ohio, eye care in ohio, optometrists in toledo, oh, eye doctors
vision, optometrists, visual, care, learning, park, brain, integration, therapy, developmental, pediatric, behavioral, neurological, sports, development, developmentally, dyslexic, dyslexia, disabilities, double
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therapy success
therapy success develops individualised tutoring programs, using tools from the: tomatis method, mnri masgutova method alert program, esdm, social thinking. tutoring clients in australia and asia
processing, disorder, dyslexia, dyspraxia, auditory, autism, developmental, difficulties, delay, global, anxiety, scoliosis, dyscalculia, disorders, adhd, issues, reflex, intergration, tutor, reflexes
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ldhope help for learning disabilities | there is help for learning disabilities
improvement in reading, spelling, auditory/visual processing, dyslexia, add/adhd, nonverbal learning disabilities, testing.
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nb tutoring in the jupiter area.
nb tutoring serving the jupiter area for english tutoring, math, reading, writing, i specialize in children with learning difficulties, add and adhd.
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dyslexia specialist | learning disabilities levinson medical center
levinson dyslexia specialist of levinson medical center provides medical/holistic help to people with dyslexia and learning disabilities.
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disability rights news from inclusion daily express!
the daily disability rights email news service
news, living, rights, supported, facilities, abled, differently, early, dyslexia, mandt, olmstead, intervention, rehabilitation, employment, independent, institutions, accessibility, habilitation, tash, restraints
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help for all learning disabilities in the chicago area, add/adhd, dyslexia. private evaluations, tutoring, speech therapy, occupational therapy, gifted
learning, therapy, disabilities, occupational, prep, attention, deficit, gifted, disorder, test, college, psychoeducational, diagnose, dyslexia, speech, tutoring, evaluations
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upstate vision therapy | comprehensive vision therapy for all ages | treatment for learning-related vision problems | visual rehabilitation treatment for stress-related visual problems | sports vision correction and/or improvement
upstate vision therapy is devoted solely to the piece of the puzzle known as vision. we go beyond 20/20 to the development and efficient use of visual skills necessary for learning. we help people who have convergence problems, amblyopia, strabismus and those recovering from a brain injury.
vision, learning, problems, attention, convergence, deficit, visual, training, dysfunction, problem, therapy, related, reading, motor, perceptual, autism, distorder, sports, insufficiency, oculomotor
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fg syndrome family alliance
fg syndrome is an x-linked genetic syndrome, believed to affect both boys and girls; which causes a variety of physical anomolies, developmental delays, and special health needs.
syndrome, opitz, kaveggia, alliance, family