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1 - aviation, aircraft, airplane pictures & news
online aviation photo database, featuring over 2 million photographs of jet airliners, general aviation airplanes, business jets, cargo planes, military aircraft, discussion forums, aircraft census and more. the friendly way to fly.
b707, b717, b727, b737, a380, a340, a310, a320, a330, b747, b757, helicopteros, fotografia, aviacion, aviones, fotos, b767, b777, b787, a300, airliners, boeing, airbus, airliner, aircraft, photos, photographs, pictures, jetliner, jetliners, plane
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welcome to silkair: asia's leading regional airline
silkair, the regional wing of singapore airlines, flies you to the most exotic destinations in asia
airline, booking, fares, weekend, ticket, tickets, asia, asian, silkair, beach, airlines, a319, passenger, a320, b737, airbus, airtravel, asean, priority, best, surf, pass, check, cheap, promotions, budget, padang, solo, manado, medan, yangon, borrobodur, makassar, palemban, balikpapan, pandang, ujung, philippines, davao, where
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twoje forum lotnictwa
najwieksze polskie forum lotnicze lotnictwo lot spotting spotter foto aparat lufthansa centralwings air samolot boeing airbus a380 737 747 757 767 787 a300 a310 a320 a319 a321 a330 a340 flug aircraft plane airliners jetphotos 737 2008 2009 2010 a320 air airbus airlines airport airways an124 atr boeing c11 canon epwr f16 flight force france fs2004 fsx incydent inne international jaki katastrofa lądowanie lcc lot lotów lotnictwa lotnictwie lotnicza lotnicze lotniczy lotniczych lotniska lotnisko lotnisku lotu loty nowa nowe nowy opinie pll pomoc praca prośba problem przez przy pytanie radar rozbił ryanair show sprzedam strachowice szkolenie usa warszawa waw wizz wizzair wro wrocław wypadek zdjęcia sbs1 sbs sbs-1 portal wortal samolot galeia zdjęć lotniczych samolotów zdjęcia
boeing, a320, airbus, samolot, lotniczych, pomoc, opinie, praca, przez, przy, pytanie, problem, radar, loty, lotniska, lotniczy, lotnicze, lotnicza, lotnisko, lotnisku, nowe, nowa, lotu, nowy, szkolenie, portal, sbs1, wortal, forum, galeia, board, wypadek, lotnictwie, strachowice, sprzedam, show, warszawa, wizzair, wizz, ryanair
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skyliner - aviation news & more
skyliner - aviation news & more
douglas, a330, a320, a300, a319, a340, a380, wings, wind, concorde, b747, tail, magazin, news, shop, skyliner, registration, airways, fokker, triebwerk, approach, gear, landing, yakovlev, propeller, database, picture, flight, images, free, airport, aircraft, airbus, tupolev, airline, upload, start, landung, overview, mcdonnell
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fuelplanner - advanced fuel planner for microsoft flight simulator
aircraft fuel planner for boeing 737, boeing 757, boeing 767, boeing 777, boeing 747, airbus a320, airbus a380, md-11, dc-10, crj2, crj-200, e135, embraer, mcdonnell-douglass
planner, fuel, dc10, md11, e135, crj7, crj2, e145, a340, e120, a320, embraer, airbus, boeing, a380
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6 - aviation site for enthusiasts - aircraft photography and meeting point for spotters from around the world is an aviation site that includes high quality photos, discussion forums and news.
camera, embraer, spotter, jumbo, a310, a340, a350, a300, a320, lockheed, a330, douglas, model, lens, zoom, digital, photography, aircraft, airport, nikon, canon, airbus, antonov, aviation, boeing, helicopt, olympus, sony, mcdonnell
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aviation explorer | airplane data facts & references | history of aircraft jets airports airlines flight & aerospace
aviation explorer | airplane reference pictures & facts | detailed history & information on airlines jets airports aerospace & aircraft
dc10, md80, a340, a380, l1011, a330, a321, md90, a319, a320, airport, planes, jets, flying, airlines, aerospace, explorer, aircraft, airplanes, pilot, airports, live, landing, helicopter, flight, military, force, aviation
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small planet airlines
small planet airlines is a charter airline, providing charter flights, full charter programs, non-scheduled flights & aircraft wet lease services. our fleet consists of boeing 737 & airbus a320
charter, airlines, lease, leisure, aircarft, aircraft, full, planet, carrier, flights, small, programs
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ask captain lim
aviation, flying, air travel, becoming a pilot, airbus and boeing 777. for travelers and aspiring pilots who want to know all about flying.
pilot, flying, turbulence, pilots, boeing, career, fear, shear, airlines, wind, airbus, flight, crash, captain, plane, travel, safe, thunderstorms, icings, lightnings, night, flights, windshears, forecast, aspiring, weather, severe, about, a380, fearful, flyer, a340, crosswinds, contrails, videos, salary, opportunities, aviation, training, a320
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airbus, boeing, convair and douglas production list
production lists of airbus, boeing, convair, douglas (and license-built) aircraft starting at number one.
cv240, cv340, cv880, cv600, cv580, cv440, cv990, seattle, renton, omaha, martin, vega, wichita, long, aviation, links, pictures, beach, lockheed, mcdonnell, douglas, convair, boeing, production, list, registration, number, line, constructionnumber, letter, a330, a340, a321, a320, a319, a380, a400m, a318, a310, a300
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the model airplanes: model aircraft, including commercial and military planes and scale craft - hand crafted and hand made from wood
high quality wood airplane models of military and commercial aircraft including boeing and airbus planes and scale craft. shop and buy all model airplanes from general aviation, commercial airplanes, and a full range of modern military model planes including helicopters and nasa shuttles.
boeing, model, airbus, aircraft, a320, a380, world, helicopters, airlines, a330, airplanes, planes, models, military, nasa, airplane
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jflight a320 simulator
あなただけの自由な空へ 横浜から世界の空へを高性能フライトシミュレーターで実現 行き先を決めるのは、あなた自身です jflight a320 simulator
jflight, yokohama, simurater, a320, flight
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kaps academy home page
wel come to kaps academy ground courses provider in india, one of the leading academy in civil aviation bangalore
a320, india, ground, classes, academy, course, best, school, bangalore, study, group, exams, preparation, conversion, atpl, courses
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boeing 737 type rating and airbus a320 type rating specialists
boeing 737 and airbus a320 type rating specialists, with line training packages. easa approved
type, rating, a320, boeing, airbus, test, organisation, skills, training, approved, easa, b737, licence, proficiency, check
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dingoo digital a320 and dingoo a380 | unofficial english support site
the dingoo a320 and dingoo a380 are handheld gaming devices that plays games, music and videos. more importantly is the open source gaming.
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faszination fliegen - flugsimulator karlsruhe von ast
mieten sie unseren a320 flugsimulator in stutensee-blankenloch bei karlsruhe und erleben sie was es heißt ein pilot zu sein.
cockpit, simulator, flugsimulator, karlsruhe, a320, stutensee, aircraft, simulation, technology, bruchsal
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flyajetsim - home
flight simulator a320
flight, gifts, sydney, simulator, certificates, gift, experience, aircraft, training, a320, airbus, christmas
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the renewed pilot blog | ramblings of a twice furloughed pilot in the us aviation industry
im a twice furloughed 737 pilot for a us legacy carrier. i share thoughts & stories of my adventures on the road. come read along...
pilot, airbus, airline, a320, careers, hire, interviews, training, furlough, furloughed, blog, career, renewal, flight
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efb desktop | a320 displays and panels
efb desktop | a320 displays and panels
panels, displays, a320, desktop
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ica usa inc
ica usa inc - b747 vip mile high casino + strip bar - airbus a380 a330 a320 - boeing b747-400 b787-10 b737-800 - new & used power barges 500mw new and used power generators, used chinook 47d nvg helicopters, in house turnkey financial solutions for airlines - aircraft - power companies - water desalination - low income housing finance
b747, power, mile, generators, high, casino, strip, barges, turbines, b737, a320, a330, b777, b787, a380
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yourcockpit - der flugsimulator in köln/bonn - airbus a320 und ec135
einen, eines, ohne
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aviationspotters - index welcomes enthusiasts of aviation photography from all over the world.
airport, international, paris, force, european, a300f, transport, leipzig, hercules, natl, brussels, norwegian, boeing, shuttle, embraer, lufthansa, lockheed, belgium, alitalia, a321, barajas, madrid, belavia, papp, gonzalez, ilyushin, airlines, adrian, ostrava, lingus, a320, bence, aeroflot, liszt, airbus, budapest, czirok, transat, vamosi, czech
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aerostar sa - performanta prin profesionalism
boeing, airbus, a320, maintenance, aircraft, airlines, europe, systems, civil, eastern
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cpat global llc
cpat provides cbt and custom training for the dc9, dc10, md80, b777, b747, a320, a330, a340, emb190, b757, b767, b787, and fms, pms, and gps. training for pilots. our computer based training helps pilots efficiently obtain type ratings with minimal sim time.
training, pilot, computer, b767, b787, b757, a330, a340, emb190, boeing, douglas, commercial, airline, private, presentations, a320, based, mcdonnell, b777, aircraft, dc10, md80, b737, gpws, b747
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converts flight plans to x-plane .fms plans and company routes for the jar a320. includes a descent calculator
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wasinc international
wasinc international specializes in helping pilots find positions in asia, mainly china and japan. pilot jobs that we offer include captain positions and first officer positions on a320, a330, b737, and b747 type ratings. we offer great contracts and good conditions for commercial, cargo, or business jet pilots to ensure the best positions with the best contracts in asia.
position, pilot, first, officer, good, business, conditions, captain, b737, china, wasinc, jobs, asia, japan, a330, a320, b747
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site de jean claude boetsch, crash de habsheim, af447, rio-paris, photos, documents expertises et rapports, histoire de l'a320, news aeros, nouvelles de l'aviation, autres crashs
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qualitypark aviationcenter
safety, services, aviation, aviationcenter, qualitypark
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flight simulators | experiences - gifts and training
the largest flight simulator company in the uk _ branches, midlands, manchester and southern england. full motion and fixed base simulators, 737 800 - a320 - 747
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home - lufthansa flight training
thales, kabinentraining, verkehrsfliegerschule, flugschule, pilotenausbildung, training, emergency, a380, simulator, airbus, flugbegleiter, pilotentraining, pilot, boeing, a319, a340, a330, a321, a320, flugsimulator
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swiss teknik - boeing 737 simulator parts, crj parts supplier - boeing 757 - polyken 290fr tape 108 - cockpit parts airbus a320 parts
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k & s aviation services, inc.
airline pilot training center faa 142 pilot training center faa 141 pilot flight school
type, ratings, b767, b737, a320, b757
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nasc neustädter aerospace center
neustädter aerospace center | nasc: follow me, flugzeuge, flugsimulation mit b737 und a320, authentische towerarbeitsplätze, sternwarte und vieles mehr . ..
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viennaflight - das flugsimulatorzentrum im herzen wiens. xperience the difference. wir verbinden leidenschaft, service und professionalität zu ihrem unvergesslichen flug - airlebnis.
flugsimulator, simulator, gruppenevents, firmenevents, flugangstseminar, vorbereitung, wien, airbus, a320, hubschraubersimulator, boeing, screening
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pegasus havayolları aralık 2005 tarihinde başladığı kargo hizmetine, büyüyerek devam etmektedir. filomuzda bulunan boeing b737 ve airbus a320 tipi uçaklar ile sabiha gökçen havalimanı'ndan avrupa, orta doğu, balkanlar , türki cumhuriyetler ve rusya’nın farklı bölgelerine kargo gönderimi gerçekleşmektedir.
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simloc research. flight simulators | home
flight simulators. at simloc we offer the most important flight simulators in commercial aviation as the a320, the b737 and others.
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training, pilot, raiting, type, cpat, a320, aero, centre, airlines, simulator, aviation, boeing, fokker, organisation, professional, f100, ryanair, trto, airbus, montenegro
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takeoff simulations | lentosimulaattori helsingiss
takeoff, simulations, lentokoneen, ohjaus, a320, lentosimulaattori, fabritius, panu, airbus
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quantumairs about us
quantum, aviation, tac2000, repair, atr42, atr72, engines, landing, gear, services, 0056a, industry, aguilar, aeronautical, jorge, a320, classic, fokker, md80, management, exchanges, broker, fokker50, fokker100, rotable, airbus, rotables, spares, sales, aircraft, boeing
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home - lufthansa flight training
training, flight, pilot, simulator, thales, emergency, school, center, cabin, a340, boeing, airbus, attendant, pilotentraining, a319, a320, a380, full, a330, a321
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fscockpit solutions, llc - fscockpit - flight simulator deck solutions
fscockpit solutions was created to meet the global requirement for cost effective flight simulation products offering a variety of configurations and fixed based trainers including b737, a320, helicopter, cessna, kids flight simulator.
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cochin international aviation services limited (ciasl)
cochin, india, kerala, dgca, components, airframes, gcaa, airbus, south, a320, cial, airport, maintenance, aircraft, aviation, repair, international, overhaul, limited
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coljet colombia
nuestro objetivo principal es fomentar el aprendizaje a los nuevos semilleros de la aviación virtual y real en colombia aportando entre todos las ideas y experiencias adquiridas, es por ese motivo que disponemos de varios sistemas para que nuestros pilotos vayan incrementando sus conocimientos día a día.
virtual, a320, boeing, airbus, comercial, flight, simulator
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aviation maintenance training | your easa part 147 partner
easa 147 training school for atr 42/ 72 and airbus 320 and fokker aircrafts. agt can provide level 3 training for aircraft maintenance licenced engineers
fokker, course, training, a320, airbus
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flugsimulator, simulator, boeing, 737-700, airbus, a320, fixed-base, flugtraining, berlin, brandenburg, event, film,, flugsimulator brandenburg, ftc, hobbypiloten, funflights, flugsimulator berlin, jet, trainer, geschenkidee, erlebnis, realistisch, flugsimulation, event, firmenevent, klemens klein, anthony evans, groãÿbeeren, grossbeeren, 737-ng, 737-800, 737-900, simulatorbau, consulting, training device, münchen, dresden, ipilot, flight, simulations,
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fly vergiate - simulator a320
lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. ut eleifend egestas laoreet. in congue rutrum est quis dignissim. nam in vestibulum orci. quisque tempus facilisis enim at vestibulum. nullam augue felis, imperdiet eget ullamcorper quis, tempor sed nibh. nam ultricies enim quis metus dictum vulputate. ## quisque aliquet risus in tu...
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aircraft parts supplier | boeing, airbus, bombardier, atr, pratt & whitney, embraer, rolls royce
boeing airbus aircraft parts supplier and electronics distributor for, airbus , bombardier crj, embraer erj, cessna, and more. for oems, airlines, and 145 mros. 737 747 757 767 a310 a320 a330
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alloy & stainless fasteners
astm and industrial fasteners for the heavy construction, energy, and power industries. manufacturing services for industrial studs.
a320, bolts, nuts, manufacturing, studs, fasteners, stainless, astm, alloy, a193
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aviation-store kessler - luftfahrtbedarf & flugbedarf
aviation-store kessler ihr online-shop für luftfahrtbedarf, pilotenbedarf und pilotenausbildung. simulatorflüge b737 und a320 online bestellen.
flugsimulator, pilotensoftware, simulatorflug, pilotenausbildung, pilotenbedarf, luftfahrtbedarf
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studbolt and nut astm a193 b7,b7m,b16,b8,b8m,a453 660,a182 f55,a182 f51,astm a453 660 , a 347 b4b , x12cr13 , aisi 904l , astm a182 f44 , inconel 718 uns n07718 , nitronic uns 20219 xm-19 , incoloy alloy 925 (uns n09925)
press bolt manufatures stud bolts, bolts, hex nuts and special fasteners in astm a193 b7, b7m, b8, b8m, b16, a320 l7, l7m, l43 and exotic materials like a453 660 and uns s32760
bolts, studbolts
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benvenuto in manuale di volo
portale di cultura aeronautica
alitalia, pallini, marco, ciavarella, federica, pietro, airfrance, aeroclub, aereporto, ferretti, atr42, colaninno, sabelli, nordio, embrarer, md11, a320, a380, scuola, volare, comandante, hostess, primo, ufficiale, pilota, nave, aeronautica, cultura, aereo, steward, elica, sicurezza, alta, quota, volo, licenza, brevetto, b747, md80, imparare
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fcg group | oficial
se les comunica a todos nuestros seguidores. en las próximas horas vamos actualizar nuestro blog noticiero. en nuestra web oficial
avion, noticias, futlbol, milan, madrid, atletico, ventas, barcelona, fidel, sexo, reclusa, cambio, california, vuelos, castro, maraca, a320, casa, fronteras, nicaragua, desde, ttrabajo, global, inversiones, rusia, boko, actualizacion, nuclear, preacuerdo, haram, secuestros, estrella
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metar/taf airport-wetter | - das tglich aktuelle fliegermagazin
das aktuelle fliegermagazin f
a321, a340, a320, a319, airline, airbus, a400m, a318, a350, a350xwb, billigflug, billigflieger, schn, flugsicherheit, eurofighter, a380, boeing, embraer, fluggesellschaft, luftfahrt, ultraleicht, helikopter, icao, seneca, diamond, piper, c172, easa, cockpit, pilot, airport, flughafen, aviation, atpl, general, cessna
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virtual avionics
soluções em aviônicos para simulação de vôo. módulos, softwares, hardwares, entre outros
flight, virtual, vuelo, simulador, avionics, simulations, simulaciones, virtuais, prepar3d, vuelos, simulator, a318, a319, a321, a320, e190, home, cockpit, mcp737, efis, simulation
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55 vliegtuig foto's schiphol amsterdam vliegtuigfoto's airport airplane wallpapers pictures
big size boeing airbus embraer fokker aicraft wallpapers schiphol amsterdam posters sorted by airliner photos foto's pictures pics made by canon d60 20d 30d 40d 50d 7d ©2001-2014 etienne jong vliegtuigplaatjes
a380, a340, a330, vliegtuigplaatjes, planespotters, pictures, airplane, a320, a310, a300, airbus, boeing
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directory of pacmin (pacific miniatures) model airplanes
directory of pacmin (pacific miniatures) model airplanes
a300, a350, a380, a340, a330, a320, airplanes, airplane, model, miniatures, pacific, models, pacmin
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wir fliegen ab lbeck, lbeck ist unser heimat flughafen
lbeck, luebeck, blankenese, flughafen, airport, airbus, airways, world, billigflge, discover, a319, cost, a320, luewbeck
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mls. modelutions dormagen.
modelutoins dormagen
airlines, herpa, dormagen, modelle, limitierte, lufthansa, pacific, a319, cathay, jumbojet, b767, b777, a320, singapore, b757, a340, newsletter, flughafen, flughafendiorama, a330, b747, a380, emirates, a321, b717, sammlern, models, flugzeugmodelle, sammler, dioaramenbau, concorde, b707, modelutions, b727, airbus, boeing, kleine, flieger, miniaturmodelle, diorama
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das flugangst-portal
flugangst ist weit verbreitet. nicht selten liegt die ursache in fehlenden informationen über die sicherheitsmaßnahmen in der luftfahrt. das flugangst-portal besteht bereits seit 10 jahren. mit sachverstand klären profis über die abläufe in der luftfahrt auf. warum fliegt ein flugzeug? was passiert im cockpit? was wird für ihre sicherheit getan? und vieles mehr...
navigation, navigieren, etops, landen, landung, fluglotse, funkfeuer, lotse, instrumentenflug, treffpunkt, absturz, sicherheit, angst, flughafen, cockpit, flugzeug, fliegen, pilot, boeing, b747, a320, frankfurt, airbus, flugangst
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european flight simulator : simulateur de vol de boeing 737
mettez-vous dans la peau du commandant de bord. prenez les commandes d'un avion de ligne. notre simulateur de vol représente à l'identique le cockpit d'un boeing 737 ng l'avion le plus vendu en concurrence avec l'airbus a320. visitez european flight simulator le seul simu accessible au grand public
flight, simulateur, ecole, ipilot, pilotage, adventure, ligne, center, experience, motion, simulation, efsimulator, simulator, prepar3d, system, european, flights, pilote
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so tech aviation services - frontpage
so tech is an easa approved line maintenance service provider currently operating in various locations around the world.our worldwide operations are coordinated from our headquarters in keflavík, iceland.
approval, line, aircraft, maintenance, a319, a320, a321, a330, a318, a300, generation, airbus, a340, a310, work, task, organization, part, classic, support, professional, quality, a380, jumbo, research, delivery, return, record, russian, station, easa, bermuda, daily, transit, dreamliner, checks, boeing, engine
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aviation iran worlds first iranian aviation news website in english
aviation iran brings you the latest news from the iranian aviation industry.
aviation, iran, airlines, thai, airways, korean, b737, aeroflot, b777, caspian, asia, a380, icao, iranienne, iranian, persia, persian, homa, a321, b747, a320, a350, a330, france, kish, airport, aircraft, tehran, shiraz, flight, bombardier, news, boeing, airbus, embraer, mashhad, tabriz, aseman, meraj, qeshm
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airplanesusa aircraft sales - - home page
airplanesusa offers new aircraft and used aircraft sales, aircraft brokerage, and aircraft acquisition. import export
aircraft, aero, acquisition, aeronautical, aerostar, charts, classifieds, aeronave, aeroplanes, aeroporto, aeronautica, aeropuerto, commander, aerial, circulars, advisory, compa, club, aerobatic, aerospatiale, aerocomp, appraisal, taxi, appraisals, traffic, control, airbus, acquisitions, brokerage, brokers, affordable, aerotrader, agricultural, show, buyers, classified, 1900, a321, a320, a319
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welcome - angelwingsva
angelwings professional virtual airline
flight, wings, italia, airline, angel, virtual, limc, malpensa, milan, fiumicino, anchorage, rome, breafing, jet1a, price, fuel, teamspeak, livemap, radar, lirf, weather, tower, kong, a321, b747, b737, a320, a330, gamespy, avro, rj100, livery, hong, alaska, sbgl, janeiro, panc, cost, luca, quality
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purepower pw1000g engine
the award-winning purepower pw1000g engine photos and related media.
engine, fuel, emissions, engines, purepower, burn, reduced, noise, green, aircraft, gear, system, technology, whitney, pratt, pw1000g, irkut, lower, regional, reduction, changes, generation, next, mitsubishi, this, everything, embraer, boeing, a320, cseries, comac, c919, airbus, gallery, images, photographs, bombardier, geared, efficient, efficiency
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airline pilots jobs, airline pilots, airline pilot, become airline pilot, commercial airline pilot |
pilots jobs, airline pilot recruitment, commercial airline pilot, pilot job vacancies, airline pilot career, jobs for pilots, pilot vacancies, airline pilot jobs uk, airline pilot careers
pilot, airline, pilots, jobs, first, vacancies, commercial, captains, a320, officers, b767, middle, bahrain, east, officer, become, career, recruitment, korean, careers, a330
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b&g manufacturing co., inc. is a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of threaded fasteners and machined parts.
b&g manufacturing is a legendary manufacturer and supplier of threaded and machined fasteners, serving customers in the power generation, petro-chemical, nuclear, marine, and medical industries
bgmfg, stock, screws, alloy, steel, nuts, stainless, bolts, threaded, studs, surplus, a194, manufacturing, heading, fasteners, a193, b7rod, grade, hardware, a320, machining, strain, nuclear, hardened, bolting
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68 | fly safely, fly higher!
fly safely, fly higher!
simioni, luca, boeing, academy, voar, airbus, piper, giovannini, dassault, cessna, piloto, brasileiro, voando, multimotor, monomotor, brevet, exterior, aeroentusiasta, forca, aerea, aero, entusiasta, flightsafety, rating, como, pouso, decolagem, tornar, estados, decolar, aerosim, delta, connection, escola, unidos, hasp, oceanair, avianca, webjet, aeroporto
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jetstream aviation academy - aviation academy approved by easa gcaa dgca
jetstream is an easa and uae general civil aviation authority approved training organization (ato) with an international profile, supporting airline operators and individual pilots in set up, selection and training.
pilot, approved, training, courses, dgca, rating, type, aviation, academy, airplane, maintenance, gcaa, indian, india, students, technician, learn, engineer, easa, helicopter, jetstream, cources, aircraft, a320, airline
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general mro aerospace :: home
general mro aerospace inc. is dedicated to the repair and overhaul of civil and military aircraft components. sales, manufacturing, warranty, shipment
actuator, valve, general, aerospace, system, search, manufacturer, autopilot, part, rotary, door, capabilities, expertise, assurance, parts, quality, telephonics, assembly, microphone, hochelaga, goodrich, assy, fuse, parker, exciter, ignition, bendix, solenoid, lock, nomenclature, sterer, linear, arkwin, supply, power, electric, intake, battery, motor, honeywell
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sim aero
sim aviation group is an approved aviation training organisation, providing various courses for airline pilots, cabin crew and other aviation staff. the company operates 4 centers of full flight simulators in paris, johannesburg, dinard and dubai.
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pacific airways virtual airline | welcome
pacific airways virtual airlines (pay) is an international virtual airline using microsoft flight simulator that has been in operation since 1997. headquartered in seattle, wa, pacific airways offers over 1, 200 flights a day from seven hubs including seattle, los angeles, denver, chicago, miami, new york and internationally from london, england. the airline also operates a cargo division from los angeles, new york, and london. pacific facilitates easy connections throughout smaller markets in its route system with pacific blue, its connection carrier; operating regionally to smaller airports in the us and europe. pacific offers some of the most modern aircraft available and carries one of the largest and most diverse fleets in the virtual aviation community. experienced staff and excellent pilots, coupled with comprehensive training and support and a strong vatsim presence will make you feel apart instantly. pacific airways is a part of the american pacific group.
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air cost control
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