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quotes and famous sayings - the quotations page
your source for quotations from famous people and literature. search or browse over 27, 000 quotations from thousands of authors. includes the popular quotes of the day, motivational quotes of the day, quote search, and random quotations pages.
speeches, literature, words, writing, reference, moncur, aphorisms, proverbs, quotation, quotes, quotations, famous, epigrams, quotable, quote
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find the famous quotes you need, quotations. quotations is your source for famous quotes from thousands of famous people. search or browse more than 300, 000 quotations, subscribe to the popular quote of the day.
reference, writing, speeches, phrases, proverbs, epigrams, aphorisms, literature, motivation, quotations, quotes, quote, quotation, inspirational, quotable, famous
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3 – humor, pictures, erotica, adult content, puzzles - get a doze of the best internet fun ever.
get a doze of the best internet fun ever. if you are searching for some ‘food for thought’, original and dynamic content, or simply the best of the internet humor, art and images – search no longer, you’ve stopped by to the right place. has it all! ‘tune in’, get comfortable, and dictate your preferences to get the most thrilling internet experience with us, at, and remember, “parking” with us is pure fun and is intelligent viewing!
lesbian, fetish, problem, puzzle, actresses, actors, streetwalker, anal, oral, group, hide, voyeur, models, singers, internet, interesting, life, creativity, verses, painting, news, national, sportsmen, politicians, antiadvertising, cookery, peep, personal, automobiles, picture, cars, vehicle, caricatures, auto, citations, poetry, jokes, humor, aphorisms, story
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in rebus: use the power of latin!
latin language and its vicinities. latin quotes, sayings, aphorisms, book reviews, latin motto generator, ideas for personalized engravings. resources for learning latin (classical and ecclesiastical), greek and romance languages.
latin, latein, mnemonic, dictionaries, latine, proverbs, classical, aphorism, adage, language, learn, mottos, sayings, quotes, phrases, legal, love, maxims, poems
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akiane: child prodigy, artist, poet. purchase paintings and prints direct from akiane
akiane is an artistic child prodigy, artist and poet. purchase paintings and prints direct from akiane. find out more from her book akiane her art her poetry her life. her work is inspired by nature and god.
artist, paintings, child, christian, akiane, oprah, jesus, winfrey, prodigy, realist, literature, religious, christain, realism, painting, portrait, painter, christ, poetry, aphorisms, book, poet, gallery, prints, artwork, contemporary, large, prayer, religion, literary, writing, canvas, poems, world, magic, picture, angel, genius, guest, magical
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bryant mcgill, human potential thought leader, best-selling author, speaker, and social entrepreneur
bryant mcgill is a wall street journal and usa today bestselling author, and speaker in the fields of human potential, personal empowerment, and social entrepreneurship. his prolific writings and small aphorisms have been published in hundreds of books and thousands of works by other authors and thought leaders.
nobel, congressional, site, peace, prize, leadership, treaty, official, goodwill, author, mcgill, writer, speaker, ambassador, poet, activist, bryant
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юмор и развлечения - анекдоты, афоризмы, розыгрыши, музыка, sms-приколы, гороскопы, стихи, игры в компании, веселые истории, различные веселости, тесты, приколы, шутки, прикольные программы, flash-мультфильмы, демо-сцена, компьютерные игры, jokes, aphorisms, draws, music, sms, horoscopes, verses, games in the companies, histories, tests, programs, flash-cartoon, demo, смс развлечения, игры, games, jokes, анекдоты, приколы, деморолики, мульты, проги, развлекуха, афоризмы
портал юмора и развлечений - элитная коллекция юмора
games, jokes, verses, horoscopes, draws, companies, music, aphorisms, programs, demo, tests, histories
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androsophy - androsofia - a way of art - andros site
a way of art - andros site
arte, andros, site, aforismi, libri, film, movie, tecniche, techniques, painting, androsofia, androsophy, blog, sculpture, news, aphorisms
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"информационно-развлекательное издание"
электронная библиотека русской и зарубежной литературы, красивые стихи, сказки и загадки, афоризмы и цитаты, пословицы и поговорки, юмор для детей и взрослых.
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discordian quotes - weird, witty, wacky, wise, womble
the discordian quotes: a collection of thousands of quotations from the weird and nonsensical to the sublime and enlightening.
weirdness, weird, discordian, discordianism, eris, randomness, random, quote, quotations, quotation, aphorisms, sayings, quotes
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quotes and aphorisms, poetry and novels - save a quote
here you can find quotes and aphorisms to be read and dedicated. quotes for any occasion to make good wishes, poems, novels, movie quotes, riddles, jokes, etc.
words, occasion, thoughts, poetry, aphorisms, citations, poems, quotes
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aphorisms galore! » feed your wit
aphorisms galore! lets you feed your wit by browsing, searching, submitting, discussing, and rating witty sayings by famous and not-so-famous people.
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giga home page
giga's broad collection of 100, 000+ ancient and modern quotations, aphorisms, maxims, proverbs, sayings, truisms, mottoes, book excerpts, poems and the like browsable by author or cross-referenced topic, and including a directory of useful internet links and a selective reading list.
solver, puzzle, crossword, anagram, subanagram, backgammon, aphorisms, quotes, quotations, excerpts, proverbs, maxims, giga
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famous quotes reflections aphorisms - home -
collections of famous quotes, reflections, proverbs, sayings, famous author aphorisms, you can find one of the biggest quotes sites, quotes about life, quotes about friendship, funny quotes
quotes, about, change, love, life, famous, friendship
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15 - insights, aphorisms & stories from a hacker of fate
insights, aphorisms & stories from a hacker of fate
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the absolute - truth, thinking, philosophy, genius
truth, thinking, philosophy, genius. materials and links relating to nietzsche, kierkegaard, weininger, hakuin. aphorisms, buddhism. you will find quotations, writings, mailing lists, pictures, site search.
religion, aphorisms, spirituality, buddhism, certainty, quotations, kierkegaard, thinking, philosophy, truth, weininger, nietzsche, absolute
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aphorisms and favorite sayings.
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organon of medicine aphorisms explanation: 5th & 6th edition of organon - homeopathic philosophy - hahnemann homeopathy
aphorisms explanation: 5th & 6th edition of organon - homeopathic philosophy - hahnemann homeopathy
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yiddish wit: illustrated yiddish proverbs, sayings, insults, curses, aphorisms and idioms, in yiddish with yivo transliteration and english translation
yiddish, sayings, folk, humor, jewish, proverbs, illustrated, quotes, illustration, transliteration, text, translation, wisdom, words, curses, language, insults, expressions, idioms, aphorisms
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silvia licciardello's thoughts | subscribe to the diary. an exclusive selection of thoughts, aphorisms and quotes fresh daily delivered.
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quotation collection | think about this
inspiring, motivational, proverbs, aphorisms, quotable, motivation, inspirational, quotations, quote, quotation, inspiration, quotes
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strange wondrous quotes and quotations
thought-provoking quotes, browsable and searchable; more than 10, 000 authors and 1, 800 subjects
humour, research, reference, intellectual, humor, wisdom, quotations, aphorisms, epigrams, quotes
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quotes for life - imagesofquotes : quotations and aphorisms. quotes for every taste
quotes on any topic from books, movies, songs, great people. all quotes are grouped by author, topic, category and rating.
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generation terrorists - quotes
quotes from movies, books, songs and television - generation terrorists quotes
quotes, laws, principles, proverbs, truisms, mottos, aphorisms, axioms, cites, maxims
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winwisdom - famous quotes
a collection of famous quotes and quotations from some of history's greatest leaders and authors.
quotes, aphorisms, humor, knowledge, wisdom, sayings, inspirational, quotation, quotations, famous, quote, motivational
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works by carolyn sortor, including video ('looking glasses' and the cremaster parody, 'creamistress 6'), virtual art, digital art, photos, a miniature shakespeare festival for book clubs (with supplements), poems, essays, fiction, aphorisms, and literary criticism.
shakespeare, book, theory, sortor, systems, reading, change, clubs, historical, site, shakefest, sight, biography, background, wars, william, roses, prof, virtual, video, biographical, groups, festival, supplements, sartor, sortore, sorter, poems, cremaster, creamistress, contemporary, ccyte, csite, csight, carolyn, cells, artwork, arts, artist, artworks
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27 - your source for jargon off all kinds, your source for all the jargon available, the premier resource for blogs, blogging and the blogosphere.
blogs, webblogs, blogosphere, blogsphere, blogging, sayings, aphorisms, jargon
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gregoire de kalbermatten | sakshi pokhari - the pond of the witness
text, stories, aphorisms by a follower of the meditation with kundalini awakening and self – realisation from shri mataji nirmala devi
truth, dharma, meditation, reality, spirit, divine, dream, sakshi, angels, life, yoga, shri, mataji, devi, nirmala, sahaja
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web design by luis de avendao
website design in english and spanish. multilingual sites a specialty.
avendano, madrid, avendao, luis, genealogy, espana, quotes, aphorisms, skyline, webcam, espaa, spain, website, html, bilingual, multilingual, design
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perle di saggezza
perle di saggezza, citazioni, aforismi, riflessioni, storie e poesie, immagini e parole di grandi autori
paroledisaggezza, life, quotes, happiness, love, aphorisms, stories, meaningful, beautiful, reflections, teachings, friendship, faith, siti, saggi, sagge, saggio, sito, download, altervista, inspirational, wisdom, riflessioni, poesie, racconti, storie, insegnamenti, significative, saggezza, belle, riflessive, aforismi, pensieri, famiglia, fede, words, amicizia, frasi, vita, amore
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ashleigh brilliant -- home page
personal website of artist and writer ashleigh brilliant, creator of pot-shots syndicated humorous, philosophical, inspirational cartoons, available on postcards and in books. located in santa barbara, brilliant enterprises helps everyone communicate
brilliant, faith, therapy, motivation, inspiration, philosophy, counselling, cards, illustrations, automobile, essays, humor, sermon, greeting, cartoons, ashley, enterprises, quotations, quotes, ashleigh, thoughts, postcards, aphorisms, potshots, epigrams, posters, books
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franklin merrell-wolff :: philosopher. mathematician. mystic. spiritual teacher.
the authentic website for franklin merrell-wolff, created and supported by his family and friends. our mission is not merely to present franklin merrell-wolff's philosophy, but to illuminate it with insight and empathy, using our critical and inquiring intelligence. we serve as a focal point for spiritual seekers to connect with us and each other, both online through our varied offerings including the sangha newsletter, and at franklin merrell-wolff's home and ashrama near lone pine, california.
consciousness, leonard, franklin, space, conference, doroethy, transcendental, lone, center, great, pine, cwows, sherifa, nondualism, object, without, pathways, through, aphorisms, transformations
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nc | nietzsche circle | a philosophical community
the nietzsche circle is a philosophical community whose main concern is artistic production and the question of aesthetics, of responding to the crisis of art and its bearing on life, though it will explore all dimensions of nietzsche’s thought. the nietzsche circle is devoted to the question: what kind of art is vital to our existence?
birth, idols, tragedy, richard, thomas, literature, nietzsche, evil, greek, human, fati, amor, affirmation, pessimism, eternal, friendship, community, contest, return, aphorisms, future, brobjer, york, school, kierke, university, deutsches, soul, haus, library, bataille, christianity, delius, strauss, foucault, hesse, michel, holmboe, schoenberg, andre