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tutorials for coffeescript, cpanel, laravel, sap webi, ms sql server, pinterest, indian polity, google charts, sap bpc, sap bods, t-sql, orinetdb, distributed database, supply chain management, teradata, windows10, groovy, gulp, grunt, tableau, meteor, sap lumira, php7, python3, sap sd, network security, turbogears, documentdb, sap fiori, vlsi design, web socket, hcatalog, sap abap, sas, crystal report, database testing, mvvm, web2py, reactjs, ms project, silverlight, foundation, django, apache storm, etl testing, pure.css, entity framework, cordova, materialize, windows 10, less, statistics, embedded systems, penetration testing, jenkins, webrtc, sass, codeigniter, qlikview, sap hana, wxpython, social intelligence, zookeeper, ionic, discrete mathematics, grav, rspec, pyqt, brand management, work civility, wpf, webgl, individual and group behavior, workplace diversity, consumer behavior, business ethics, work life balannce, data structure & algorithms, business acumen, business etiqu
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plunker is an online community for creating, collaborating on and sharing your web development ideas.
testing, javascript, preview, coffeescript, live, pastebin, codepen, angular, editor, online, jsfiddle, jquery
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js bin - collaborative javascript debugging
a live pastebin for html, css & javascript and a range of processors, including scss, coffeescript, jade and more...
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train with programming challenges/kata | codewars
codewars is where developers achieve code mastery through challenge. train on kata in the dojo and reach your highest potential.
code, development, kata, dojo, coffeescript, software, ruby, coding, practice, codewars, javascript
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js2coffee 2.0 convert javascript to coffeescript
a js to coffeescript trans-compiler
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gulp.js - 基于流的自动化构建工具。 | gulp.js 中文网
gulp.js 是一个自动化构建工具,开发者可以使用它在项目开发过程中自动执行常见任务。gulp.js 是基于 node.js 构建的,利用 node.js 流的威力,你可以快速构建项目并减少频繁的 io 操作。gulp.js 源文件和你用来定义任务的 gulp 文件都是通过 javascript(或者 coffeescript )源码来实现的。
gulp, node, make, coffeescript, javascript, grunt, gruntjs
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koala - a gui application for less, sass, compass and coffeescript compilation.
koala is a gui for less, sass, compass and coffeescript. koala can run in windows, mac, and linux.
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julien renaux - blog
hi, i am a front end engineer based in toulouse, france. i am particularly interested in ui design, coffeescript, javascript (jquery, mootools, angularjs), php,
wordpress, hybrid, ionic2, ionic, mobile, system, cordova, client, nodejs, trendingdevs, typescript, ecmascript6, angularjs, webpack, front, tools, tutorials, angular2
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coffeescript 中文
coffeescript 中文, unfancy javascript, 翻译
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iam portfolio of maarten baijs: webdesign, webgraphics and javascript is een portfolio gericht op interactieve media of te wel iam. de website is bedacht en gemaakt door maarten baijs
browserify, commonjs, canvas, jira, grunt, gulp, requirejs, drupal, memcache, varnish, nodejs, apache, nginx, wordpress, backbone, coffeescript, json, less, haml, sass, javascript, jquery, bash, macos, linux, mysql, html
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offshore it service comapny || website development || || web development with, mvc, knockoutjs, emberjs, coffeescript, telerik's kendoui controls, mvc3 extension etc
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harp, the static web server with built-in preprocessing
harp is a production-ready web server. rapidly build static sites and client-side applications using markdown, sass, coffeescript, and more—no configuration necessary.
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codecombat中国 - 通过游戏学习编程|致力于为编程爱好者提供更好的服务
coffeescript, clojure, javascript, python, codecombat
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framer group – archive
this is a read-only archive of the framer community on facebook. framer is an interactive prototyping tool for ios, android and desktop.
javascript, prototyping, interaction, sketch, mockup, code, coffeescript, online, android, tool, design, animation
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codethinked by justin etheredge
a blog about programming, technology, and life.
coffeescript, madexpo, community
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jsrun javascript在线编辑器,支持scss编译 - jsrun
test your javascript, css, html or coffeescript online with jsfiddle code editor.
online, editor, javascript, coffeescript, scss, testing, code, html
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ricardo garcía vega, full stack developer - code, love & boards
my name is ricardo and i'm a passionate full stack developer linving in the northen coast of spain. i love building web applications using ruby on rails, coffeescript, haml and sass.
ruby, jquery, javascript, haml, sass, html5, coffeescript, rails, stack, full, applications, ricardo, developer, vega
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codebunk: online realtime collaborative editor and compiler
ideal for phone screen/online interview of developers and learning to code from friends, codebunk provides a realtime collaborative editor with in-browser code execution and repl (read-eval-print-loop) shells. codebunk is an online compiler/interpreter for php, python, ruby, perl, lua, javascript, c, c++, java, erlang, haskell, julia, clojure, go, r, rust, scala, coffeescript. codebunk also has peer-to-peer video/audio chat facility.
online, compiler, perl, python, ruby, erlang, clojure, julia, haskell, java, scala, rust, collaborative, coffeescript, repl, prelude, iruby, ipython, compile, phone, developer, screen, mentoring, interpreter, javascript, realtime, editor, video, programming, interview, programmers
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wallaby - intelligent test runner for javascript, typescript, and coffeescript
smart and fast test runner for javascript/typescript/coffeescript, it enables continuous testing, tdd and bdd with instant feedback in your text editor.
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js2coffee 2.0 convert javascript to coffeescript
a js to coffeescript trans-compiler
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coffeescript love
a fan blog about coffeescript.
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minijs - jquery plugins made easy provides a suite of simple and consistent jquery plugins written in coffeescript
tooltip, feed, notification, counter, boilerplate, twitter, slider, javascript, plugins, utilites, coffeescript, demo, jquery
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ect - fastest javascript template engine with coffeescript syntax
fastest javascript template engine with embedded coffeescript syntax. ect can runs on server-side with node.js and client-side with all modern browsers.
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benjamin lupton
website of benjamin lupton. founder of bevry, docpad and history.js. aficionado of html, coffeescript and nodejs. available for consulting, training and talks. entp.
history, html, programming, lupton, hackathon, hacking, aloha, hallo, inventor, entp, jekyll, contenteditable, design, editor, docpad, nowpad, javascript, node, benjamin, coffeescript, jquery, css3, balupton, ajax, html5, cson, ruby, nosql, development
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emberscript: ember.js-infused coffeescript
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software engineering, music, sports
continuous, integration, cakefile, node, coffeescript
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think2011 | javascript | coffeescript | node | node.js | nodejs | angular | angularjs
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imba : welcome
react, language, lang, meteor, coffeescript, javascript, node, imba
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free professional hd screencasts and video tutorials on ajax, coffeescript, css, css3, haml, homebrew, html5, ios, javascript, jquery, ruby, ruby on rails, sass, sinatra, titanium mobile and unobtrusive javascript
javascript, ruby, tutorials, jquery, rails, sinatra, unobtrusive, mobile, titanium, sass, html5, coffeescript, ajax, videos, video, css3, screencasts, homebrew, haml
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mod synth
mod is a new chrome experiment where you can create your own modular synthesizer, or emulate different synths by simply drag and drop components.
pixi, javascript, coffeescript, box2d, webaudio, webmidi, webgl
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home | jan monschke
homepage of jan monschke. javascript, coffeescript, web audio api, couchdb, backbone, react, react native
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sohan's blog
for an opinionated framework like ruby on rails, i expect it to come pre-bundled with a coffeescript based test framework and test runner. here’
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web energy: современные технологии в веб-разработке — алексей симоненко
блог о современных технологиях в веб-разработке
mongodb, coffeescript, css3, node, nodejs, javascript, html5
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alan j. hogan: web developer, mac user, and more |
alan hogan's website: web design, web development; javascript, coffeescript, css, php, python, xml, xhtml, mysql, c#, ruby, and c++ discussion, programming and code; apple, mac, and os x tips; arizona state university; and more.
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online, code, editor, coding, html, less, coffeescript, anywhere, devices, mobile, extension, compiler, html5, manager, together, ipad, development, collaborative, chrome
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darkhorcrux blog ! | influence, not impress
influence, not impress
programming, codes, python, euler, project, spoj, video, wordpress, videopad, editing, exclusion, solutions, mutual, coffeescript, distributed, systems, linux, java, assembly
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38 - ricardo tomasi's blog
stories about code, design, coffee and other good stuff.
design, interface, interaction, user, alegre, porto, experience, code, javascript, coffeescript, css3, node, development, html5
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cassette | asset bundling for .net web apps
cassette automatically sorts, concatenates, minifies, caches and versions all your javascript, coffeescript, css, less, sass and html templates to help you manage your client-side code.
asset, development, software, bundling, developer, management, tools
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omar fouad - advanced angularjs structure with gulp, node and browserify
omarfouad, zero, quartier, fouad, omar, official, css3, html5, javascript, nodejs, sass, coffeescript, development, ruby, designer, website, developer, quartierzero, portfolio, york, egypt
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neil carpenter interactive developer
i build websites - personal portfolio of neil carpenter, interactive / front end developer
interactive, html, coffeescript, javascript, websites
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bruno imbrizi - creative developer
bruno imbrizi - creative developer
designer, motion, minimalism, grafikonstruct, sonoplastico, unit9, london, sketch, coffeescript, imbrizi, bruno, developer, flash, javascript, processing, creative
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train with programming challenges/kata | codewars
codewars is where developers achieve code mastery through challenge. train on kata in the dojo and reach your highest potential.
code, development, kata, dojo, coffeescript, software, ruby, coding, practice, codewars, javascript
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the disco blog
technology observations, tutorials, and options from a disco lovin' cat who writes ruby, java, node, and objective-c code.
continuous, mobile, heroku, jquery, mongoid, devops, delivery, docker, coffescript, integration, ubuntu, linux, mongodb, android, html5, redis, scala, javascript, node, coffeescript, elasticsearch, java, rails, podcast, ruby, cloud
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domflags - devtools extension to create keyboard shortcuts to dom elements
domflags is a browser extension for web developers to create shortcuts to dom elements. created by phil lapier.
sass, javascript, scss, coffeescript, tools, developer, browser, inspector, extension, chrome, devtools, design, development, shortcut, keyboard, domflags
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ongo works | we're building a new commerce experience.
ongo works - building reaction commerce, a new commerce experience
node, coffeescript, javascript, ecommerce, commerce, meteor
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powow! we make apps that solve problems
powow! we make apps that solve problems
development, agile, ruby, reviews, programming, pair, code, mapper, remote, team, offshore, augmentation, kanban, staff, object, consultancy, coffeescript, javascript, rails, clojure, angular, powow, software, company, scrum
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home | techether
we help you find the best learning material for all programming languages and frameworks. come contribute to the vast database of technology-learning resources!
java, language, ruby, laravel, marionette, spring, october, opengl, applescript, node, reactjs, erlang, backbone, jquery, coffeescript, ajax, dart, fortran, latex, elixir, julia, cherrypy, openframeworks, processing, algorithms, google, linux, game, lightweight, sass, library, programming, mongodb, grails, html, django, smalltalk, scala, swift, python