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overwatch™ is a team-based shooter where heroes do battle in a world of conflict.
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interactive live map of conflict in ukraine and eastern europe -
ukraine interactive map. russia war on ukraine in donbas and crimea. russian military agression against free world
ukraine, eastern, beginning, world, conflict, crimea, politics, kyiv, foreign, policy, donbas, poroshenko, russia
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beyond conflict free diamonds and engagement rings | brilliant earth
discover beyond conflict free diamonds and stunning engagement rings.  brilliant earth is the global leader in ethically sourced fine jewelry.
diamonds, canada, free, canadian, conflict
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star conflict mmo space action -
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welcome to mahatma gandhi one spot complete information website
comprehensive mahatma gandhi information website, well-worth bookmarking for researchers scholars activists students everyone. mahatma gandhi, m.k.gandhi, mahatma, philosophy, non-violence, photographs of mahatma gandhi, ghandi, mahatma, mohandas, peace, conflict resolution. includes a large collection of links on gandhi, non-violence peace and conflict resolution.
expand collapse is the most visited mediation website and has the most used mediator directory. find your mediator today or join our mediator directory and search over 15, 000 free articles, news briefs, blogs and videos. also offers mobile friendly website development and hosting, geographically focused marketing for mediators and cloud-based case management.
resolution, conflict, negotiation, dispute, mediator, articles, site, divorce, child, resources, court, negotiate, mediate, lawyers, education, marketing, internet, mediation, support, arbitration, judge, commercial, attorneys, practitioner, locate, stat, communication, legal, business, civil, workplace, sections, property, spousal, employment, facilitation, psychologist, facilitate, custody, visitation
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star conflict mmo space action -
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vega conflict ship calc
a ship calculator for vega conflict from
vega, ship, calc, conflict, calculator
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gsdrc - governance, social development, conflict and humanitarian knowledge services
the gsdrc is a research and knowledge management centre specialising in governance, social development, conflict and humanitarian issues.
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homepage - ea worldview
news & analysis of the syrian conflict, iran, & the middle east
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if americans knew - what every american needs to know about israel/palestine
if americans knew is dedicated to providing americans with everything they need to know about israel and palestine. statistics updated every week.
israeli, liberty, peace, americans, conflict, attack, knew, christianity, weir, alison, muslim, moslem, jewish, christian, judaism, memorial, civilian, checkpoint, soldier, arafat, bomber, suicide, ethnic, ship, islam, sharon, home, interests, american, posters, palestinian, mideast, east, palestine, isreal, rachel, corrie, middle, isreali, arab
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call steward dispatch software
an online tool for getting labor to work. an online customizable database for dispatching employees and volunteers. user access and conflict resolution allow you to send the right person to the right job at the right time with the right skills!
call, steward, schedule, volunteer, user, contracts, conflict, resolution, church, senority, communication, resources, skillset, dispatch, human, administration, theshowcall, unionware, union, iatse, employee, show, labor, ware, employer
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insight on conflict
insight on conflict is the leading online resource on peacebuilding in conflict zones worldwide. published by peace direct.
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conflict resolution education connection: home
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heart of business - every act of business can be an act of love.
experiential training on communications, conflict management, coaching, facilitation and team building. located in washington.
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hurifo land conflict mapping tool - public maps - hurifo
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lab created diamonds - conflict free engagement rings | miadonna
welcome to miadonna – world leader for beautiful, ethical and affordable lab-created diamonds, man-made diamonds & conflict-free engagement rings. home of the diamond hybrid® simulant.
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freeman institute -- seminars and workshops addressing diversity, conflict resolution, stress management, communication, teamwork and problem-solving -- facilitated by dr. joel, professional counselor and veteran chaplain of the nba washington wizards...
freeman, diversity, building, business, problem, team, teambuilding, communication, disability, teamwork, solving, leadership, conflict, resolution, johari, development, organizational, corporate, vision, mission, window, sales, motivational, speaker, author, retreats, workshops, institute, joel, seminars, books, cultural, management, change, mentoring, stress, history, customer, service, black
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peace pledge union
the peace pledge union the oldest non-sectarian pacifist organisation in britain provides a wide variety of resources on war and peace, conflict and nonviolence. resources for pupils and teachers are also available.
peace, education, peacemakers, resolution, conflict, militarism, union, pledge, genocide, objection, soldiers, child, justice, nonviolence, arms, trade, conscientious, pacifism, poppies, white, disarmament
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ken & dana design | conflict-free • handcrafted • eco-friendly
handmade and custom engagement rings and wedding bands, locally crafted in nyc using conflict-free diamonds and recycled metals.
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conciliation resources | peacebuilding ngo supporting people affected by conflict
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selfquest empowers you to self-heal anxiety, depression, addictions, relationships, resolve conflict & learn to love yourself, all from the comfort of home.
relationship, recovery, depression, addiction, advice, shame, selfquest, resolution, conflict, anxiety, morissette, alanis, practice, technique, learn, process, love, bonding
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kashmirwatch - latest news & in-depth coverage on kashmir conflict.
kashmir, srinagar, history, india, pakistan, cashmere, conflict
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conflict of laws .net news and views in private international law
the worlds foremost website on the conflict of laws, updated by a team of legal academics and lawyers from all major jurisdictions
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conflict, trends, peace, global, systemic, system, development, states, fragile, fragility, polity, political, governance, civil, armed, regimes, data, failure, state, africa, instability
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conflict-free investment research for individual investors - 5iresearch
conflict-free investment research for individual investors
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online courses for conflict management and change management | kilmann diagnostics
providing recorded online courses on conflict management and change management with the thomas-kilmann instrument (tki) and other assessment tools.
conflict, management, modes, resolution, coaching, change, survey, ralph, kilmann, alternative, handling, resolving, workplace, interpersonal, team, dispute, executive, problem, courses, assessments, online, mediation, corporate, transformation, culture, assumptional, ceus, organizations, quantum, analysis
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social & life skills programs, school to work programs, conflict management, special education programs
the james stanfield publishing company offers the nation’s best video modeling curriculum for special education.
skills, work, conflict, education, transition, special, social, fitting, stanfield, humor, employability, reading, whitepapers, health, sexual, disabilities, featured, developmental, resolution, anger, management, laughs, autism, school, parenting, life, bullying, sexuality
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| the center for understanding in conflict
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violent metaphors thoughts from the intersection of science, pseudoscience, and conflict.
thoughts from the intersection of science, pseudoscience, and conflict.
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civilians in conflict
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institute on human rights and conflict studies
institute on human rights and conflict studies
conflict, studies, rights, human, institute
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helping companies make informed choices about conflict-free sourcing in their supply chains.
cfsi, helping companies make informed choices about conflict-free sourcing in their supply chains.
sourcing, conflict, free, minerals, initiative, smelter, electronics, mining, cfsi
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working toward peace through education & information
peace in the middle east by ending racism, aparthied & ethnic cleansing: the writings of israel shamir
israel, middle, truth, conflict, newsletter, east, understanding, understand, angry, arabs, united, states, press, jordan, afghanistan, saudi, arabia, qatar, iran, iraq, journalism, journalist, books, essays, origins, create, democracy, freedom, zionism, save, cleansing, palestine, peace, apartheid, ethnic, judaism, christianity, exposed, shamir, zionist
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international campaign to stop rape & gender violence in conflict
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conflict engagement specialists - home of the conflict specialists show hosted by dave hilton, m.a.
effective strategies to resolve disputes, manage conflict, negotiate better and improve communication. home of the conflict specialists show hosted by dave hilton, m.a.
conflict, show, mediate, negotiate, specialists, hilton, dave, engage, mediator, engagement, management, expert, resolution, negotiation, mediation, specialist, coach, arbitration, dispute
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center for conflict dynamics - welcome to the center for conflict dynamics at eckerd college
premier resource for managing conflict in the workplace, helping consultants, trainers, human resource professionals and professors. call us at 888-359-9906
conflict, resolution, workplace, training, resource, dispute, team, management, corporate, building, managing
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communication and conflict
a website about the relationship between communication and conflict. articles on conflict resolution, mediation, why effective communication is important for conflict management in relationships.
conflict, mediation, coaching, resolution, articles, communication
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about the conflict center - the conflict centerthe conflict center | conflict is inevitable. violence is not. anger management classes, denver co
the conflict center teaches communication skills, choices, negotiation, anger management classes, conflict management, parenting and assertiveness.
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mutual choices
helping people negotiate their differences mutual choices is dedicated to providing innovative dispute resolution services to corporate real estate transactions and individual clients seeking to resolve difficult disputes
conflict, mediation, workplace, divorce, resolving, counseling, resolution, services, relationships, negotiating, relationship, conflicts, training, work, marriage, problems, management, strategies, negotiation, resolutions, couples, family, skills
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welcome to conflict dynamics | conflict & dispute management training
conflict dynamics presents training courses and workshops to equip individuals with the necessary skills to constructively manage conflict and settle disputes.
resolution, conflict, training, mediation, dispute, management
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conflict and health | home page
conflict and health focuses on the intricate relationship between conflict and health, and how health interventions in war zones may contribute to peace.conflict and health goes social - follow us on twitter: @conflict_health
health, general, medicine, emergency, conflict
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berghof foundation is supporting conflict stakeholders and actors in their efforts to achieve sustainable peace through peacebuilding and conflict transformation.
conflict, research, studies, berghof, foundation
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christian mediation ministries
christian mediation ministries specialize in resolving family conflict, civil commercial conflict, church conflict and community conflict.
conflict, resolve, mediation, family, business, community, online, mediate, christian
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the conflict doctor: home
interpersonal, intercultural and team conflict made easy - if you or your company are going through changes or merges and want to experience them as an enlightening development to a more successful and prosperous future, rather than an endless process of internal battling of conflicting parties.
conflict, workplace, doctor, resolution, team, virtual, meetings, negotiation, communication, teams, presentation, networking, correspondence, group, training, building, career, business, interview, techniques, social, intercultural, network, rhein, neckar, relationships, parry, heidelberg, made, international, nick, seminar, certification, mediator, easy, managing, english
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conflict management strategies - home - tacoma, wa - managing conflict & empowering people - conflict management federal way wa
conflict management strategies - home - managing conflict & empowering people - conflict management federal way wa - 1000 town center ne, tacoma, wa, 98422
federal, conflict, business, coaching, office, managing, mediation, management
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conflict resolution services | national conflict resolution center
learn about our conflict resolution services that help with divorce, business contract disputes, organizational friction and more. we can help you find common ground in controversy.
resolution, conflict
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vega conflict russia - главная страница
русскоязычное сообщество игроков vega conflict. свежие новости, перевод обновлений, видеоуроки, гайды, инструкции, форум.
vega, conflict, vegaconflict
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jonathan elston - montreal mediation services
dealing with a difficult conflict at home or at work? montreal mediation services provides professional services to manage complex conflict so that you can move on. conflict resolution can increase your options in a difficult situation. learn about our services in mediation, conflict coaching, training, group interventions and more. call for a free conflict resolution consultation.
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conflict resolution services & management training courses| crtc
crtc’s conflict resolution training courses have been the benchmark in australia since 1999. focusing on conflict management, customer aggression and crisis intervention, courses are customised for your business.
conflict, resolution, management, courses, training, difficult, customers, services, australia, dealing, crisis, intervention, customer, aggression
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denyse perry conflict resolution coaching, training and mediation - conflict coaching | 802 825 8102
conflict coaching available on the phone, skype or in-person.
coaching, conflict, online, phone, resolution, mediation, burlington
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voorkom conflicten snel en vakkundig | sabobo mediation
sabobo mediation krijgt beweging in wat vast zit, op een snelle, en vakkundige manier uit uw conflict! kijk weer vooruit dankzij professionele mediation.
conflict, arbeidsconflict, mediation, werk, oplossen, bemiddeling, hantering, mediator, bemiddelen, arbeidsconflicten, conflicten
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learning about conflict resolution for families - learning about conflict resolution for familieslearning about conflict resolution for families
do you feel like you dont have good relationships with your family members? learn more about conflict resolution and how it can help.
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types of conflict - conflict resolution, definition of conflict, conflict management styles
conflict resolution, definition of conflict, conflict management styles
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i heart resolution - home
conflict resolution and communication training
communication, conflict, techniques, skills, solutions, processes, coaching, resolution, mediation, training, circle
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sports conflict institute | prepare for optimal performance™
sports conflict institute | understanding, preventing, and resolving destructive conflict both inside and outside the lines | (541) 887-0724 [email protected]conflict
expand collapse marc conflict resolution and religious peacemaking
a blog about conflict resolution, peacebuilding, the middle east conflict, israel, palestine, and religious peacemakers, and jewish muslim dialogue
jewish, conflict, middle, east, peace, palestinian, peacebuilding, diplomacy, israel, syria, citizen, muslim, analysis, resolution, religion, religious, peacemakers, arab
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cherwinski conflict management & counselling services
a professional conflict management and clinical counselling service for individuals, families, and organizations
cherwinski, nickolas, conflict, counselor, langford, negotiation, loss, nick, organizational, consultant, divorce, counselling, counseling, management, counsellors, custody, victoria, grief
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conflict investment
conflict investment mewujudkan tata kelola sosial yang baik untuk pencegahan dan penyelesaian konflik, berhubungan dengan investasi yang beretika berbasis sumber daya alam di indonesia.
investment, conflict
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transformation for divorced parents - three trusts, inc., golden, co
parenting, conflict, divorced, trust, coaching, mediation, coach, class, resolution, child, breeding, classes, online, parents, transformation, ruth, dynamics, john, rinehart, profile
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win-win resolve, solving work conflict
workplace, dispute, resolution, conflict, alternative, whistleblower, mediation, investigations, atlanta, hotlines, internal, management, employee, systems
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ipac - institute for policy analysis of conflict
institute for policy analysis of conflict
insurgencies, extremism, electoral, violence, vigilantism, violent, disputes, conflict, land, resource, communal
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velvet steel app - velvet steel app
velvet steel: strengthening relationships at home & at work
conflict, communication, relationship, romance, solve, solving, children, skills, women, relationships, resolution, marriage, kids, work, spouse, family, parenting
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icse conflict management | icse conflict management
icse, the number one provider of conflict management courses in ireland including physical intervention skills, resilience training and more, call us today
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mediation, communication, and conflict resolution
coaching, conflict, planning, community, strategic, dialogue, participation, facilitation, public, mediation, resolution
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progressive conflict solutions media, pennsylvania | progressive conflict solutions in media, pennsylvania, offers custom services to resolve conflicts in a productive manner while building conflict resolution skills for individuals, families, community organizations, and small businesses. services include mediation, conflict coaching, consulting, and workshops. serving delaware county and surrounding areas.
peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict - alternatives to passive or aggressive responses, alternatives to violence.   ~ dorothy thompson progressive conflict solutions offers custom services to resolve conflicts in a productive manner while building conflict resolution skills for individuals, families, community organizations, and small
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transformative mediation - institute for the study of conflict transformation
the institute is an international think tank that works to produce educational resources, materials and services for the conflict resolution field and the general public.  it seeks to influence collective responses to diversity and differences in a way that can transform conflict from a negative, destructive, and sometimes violent event to a positive and constructive experience.
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peaceful change initiative - home
peaceful change initiative
conflict, ukraine, mena, south, africa, eastern, georgia, europe, north, caucasus, east, management, conlict, peace, prevention, resolution, peacebuilding, middle, syria, libya
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selden prentice, seattle workplace and family mediation
selden prentice is a seattle mediator who helps both employees and families resolve conflict so that they can move beyond conflict to peace and productivity. for mediation or conflict coaching call 206-715-0341.
seattle, mediation, conflict, sibling, family, dispute, workplace, services, resolution
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culture conflict and cooperation - home - blog platform
create an accessible and open space dedicated to the promotion of a dialogue and cooperation between cultural heritage professionals and other actors and stakeholders involved in conflict areas
blog, cooperation, conflict, culture
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gregan dispute resolutions | gregan dispute resolutions
unfortunately we cannot avoid conflict. conflict is everywhere. disputes can only be avoided for so long before they become malevolent and begin to cause destruction. therefore, we must have forms of
negotiation, advice, concilliation, gorey, dublin, wexford, breakdown, marriage, coaching, practice, mediation, resolution, conflict, personal
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high conflict separation & divorce communications
providing clear and effective communication strategies specific to your high conflict separation and divorce needs.
calgary, mediation, conflict, divorce, parenting, coordinator, resolution, child, high, family, alienation
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home - institute of international relations
the institute is a global think tank, research and academic center with focus on conflict prevention, legal and humanitarian issues.
conflict, international, prevention, resolution, relations, dhanji, finance, economics, center, courses, civil, shaan, shahrukh, human, security, global, rights, powers, rising, mediation, rationalist, muller, masters, michel, diplomacy, definition, theory, degree, dispute, management, institute, approaches, training
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tammy lenski conflict resolution - conflict resolution courses and services
conflict resolution
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ild - institute for leadership dynamics - the 4cs of leadership - berlin
conflict, communication, change und coaching sind die schlüsselkompetenzen für eine innovative zusammenarbeit und führung.
conflict, interims, management, consulting, coaching, communication, change, resolution
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mastering conflict: anger management, conflict resolution, counseling, and training for individuals, couples, and organizations.
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conflict books - store
pathfinder pvp rulebook by conflict games
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welcome | world mediation organization
mediation, conflict, peace, training, master, resolution, education, doctorate, long, berlin, ausbildung, evaluation, global, distance, online, reconciliation, europe, asia, deutschland, management, negotiation, africa, america, restorative, justice, nato, nations, united, diplomacy
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mediation conflict resolution
mediation is a private, confidential process where parties decide the best outcome for their problems. our services are offered at low or no cost to you!
mediation, conflict, divorce, schools, visitation, workplace, post, training, elder, coaching, resolution, custody, business, parenting
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conflict resolution strategies , how to resolve conflict, conflict resolution in the workplace
the other door is a leading portal about conflicts and negotiation. the site provides free posts & clips about variety of confrontational situations: conflicts, negotiation, difficult conversations, sales etc along with on line courses and books on these
negotiation, influencing, shani, asaf, sales, difficult, tactics, conflicts, conflict, resolution, strategies, conversations
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ark is a research, conflict transformation and stabilisation consultancy that supports local communities in conflict and fragile areas.
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is conflict between people destroying your work environment? - deborah whitedeborah white | conflict resolution expert, vancouver bc
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coparenting and custody help
dr deena stacer's coparenting courses help parents resolve conflictual child custody issues. online courses are designed to help parent learn skills and strategies to disconnect from the fight and the ex and stay closer to the children.
classes, coparenting, conflict, high, online, parenting, county, angeles, kong, hong, riverside, orange, intervention, education, parent, mediation, custody, counseling, diego
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conflict resolution | mediation | arbitration | barradr denver, co
professional conflict resolution, mediation and arbitration services from barradr. visit today or call at 303-579-1188.
arbitrator, mediator, resolution, conflict
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conflict resolution personal relationships conflict resolution training male female relationships employment conflict management
getting real resources offers conflict resolution, personal relationships, conflict resolution training, male female relationships, employment conflict management.
conflict, relationships, resolution, employment, female, training, personal, male
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accord - home
the african centre for the constructive resolution of disputes (accord)
conflict, peace, diplomacy, early, research, track, warning, internship, mediation, settlement, resolution, africa, management, negotiation, education, accord
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guy harris: the recovering engineer
reflect, respect, reengineer, and reinvent yourself to master conflict resolution, leadership, team building, and communication.
conflict, skills, team, building, leadership, harris, resolution, resolving
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coi riskmanager, conflict of interest software, conflict of interest disclosures
reduce risk and streamline financial disclosure and coi process, project based declarations and periodic amendments with osprey riskmanager
conflict, grants, software, solutions, interest, policies, bioethics, riskmanager, osprey, research, financial, disclosures
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kathleen bartle | conflict consultant
kathleen bartle, ma, cpcc, pcc discerning & compassionate consulting
conflict, kathleen, bartle, workplace, behavior, consultant, abrasive
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campus conflict resolution resources main quad
this is the opening page of the conflict management in higher education resource center.
mediation, resolution, university, college, warters, ombuds, education, clearinghouse, solving, conflict, dispute, problem, campus, higher
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stop rape now
un action against sexual violence in conflict (un action) unites the work of 12 un entities to prevent all forms of gender based violence, including sexual violence in conflict. it is a concerted effort by the un to improve coordination and accountability, amplify programming and advocacy, and support national efforts to prevent sexual violence and respond effectively to the needs of survivors.
violence, rape, conflict, unifem, women, weapon, gender, action, sexual, based
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stop blood diamonds
stop blood diamonds is here to promote the use of conflict free diamonds. stop blood diamonds works with consumers, jewelers, and diamond merchants to to rid the world of blood diamonds. loose diamonds education is a service provided by a&w diamonds to better inform the public about wholesale diamonds. a&w diamonds is unique in that it offers wholesale diamond prices to the public online.
diamond, diamonds, conflict, blood, wholesale, africa, loose, clarity, education, leone, sierra, movie, free, diamondswhole
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how to negotiate: negotiation skills for any situation
tips and tricks on negotiating your way through all of life's adventures. from negotiating a new raise to divorce negotiation, all the negotiation skills you need to survive. includes a negotiation dictionary from a to z.
negotiation, mediation, conflict, skills, negotiating, divorce, resolution, salary, debt, dispute, resolving, managing, management, arbitration, services, negotiate, negotiatoin, training, contract
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conflict news | breaking news on war and conflict
conflict news strives to give you breaking news on conflicts around the world. with live feeds that give you news the moment they happen.
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wic: modern warfare mod 4 for world in conflict - mod db
modern warfare mod 3 brings world in conflict from the cold war into the modern age. it also ups the ante on realism and authenticity in every role – infantry, armor, support and air, while trying our best to keep everything relatively balanced for...
expansion, pack, chapter, single, episode, creation, multiplayer, strategy, time, real, extension, indie, world, warfare, modern, conflict, development, addon, conversion, total
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virginia conflict resolution
conflict resolution, mediation in virginia, vaccr, virginia association for community conflict resolution
mediation, virginia, resolution, conflict, training, affordable
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tvアニメ『brothers conflict(ブラザーズ コンフリクト)』 公式サイト
tvアニメ「brothers conflict」公式ホームページ。月刊『シルフ』連載!たくさんのキョーダイたちと一つ屋根の下で暮らすドキドキのストーリー、禁断の“恋愛衝突”(ラブコンフリクト)開幕!!
conflict, brothers
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bill bondtrager is dedicated to providing biblical counsel to people in legal and / or relational conflict
conflict, bontrager, legal, william, counsel, biblical, people, bible, bongtrager, bill
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practical, immediate support for all your relationship needs | wabi sabi relationship coaching
relationship coaching that helps you improve your communication and resolve conflict
coaching, conflict, resolve, communication, mediation, coach, resolution, relationship, relationships
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resolving conflicts, conflict solutions center - is an online conflict solutions center for people who willing to resolve conflicts from past. sign-up for free & peaceful conflict resolution
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one small step to learning how to handle conflict better
when theres so much going on inside your head. when you dont like feeling this way, or how youre behaving. you can learn how to handle conflict better.
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randy hoerschgen, mediation, mediator, conflict resolution, divorce mediation, eeo law, baseball agent, conflict management systems
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music for peace
music for peace mfp is an initiative of artists in northern uganda to promote music in peacebuilding and build solidarity among artists from conflict zones in
conflict, transformation, acholi, uganda, arts, peacebuilding, music
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-galactic-conflict in the stars-
check out this godaddy hosted webpage!
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crcmc | conflict resolution center of montgomery county
conflict resolution in montgomery county, bethesda, md
conflict, resolution, maryland, montgomery, bethesda
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state of the art teamwork; conflict management, technical emergencies | chaco canyon consulting
chaco canyon consulting works with the people in dynamic technology organizations who want to improve organizational performance by improving teamwork.
conflict, leadership, management, consulting, politics, teamwork, coaching, resolution, canyon, chaco, project, idea, technical, development, office, communication, creativity, workplace, innovation, generation
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managing organizational change, 360 degree feedback toronto, uk
performance appraisal consulting through 360 degree feedback solutions that enhance human resources development. offering leadership training and conflict resolution through behavioural, attitudinal and organizational culture change.
change, resolution, culture, conflict, training, grid, toronto, organizational, workplace, ontario, leadership, feedback, techniques, teams, make, america, decisions, development, organization, north, company, degree
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prairie land conflict mediation center
prairie land conflict mediation center is a not for profit community mediation and dispute resolution organization serving people in champaign urbana and surrounding illinois counties.
dispute, legal, resolution, conflict, mediation
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resolve mediation | communicating through conflict mediation, negotiated agreements, conflict coaching, and facilitation
communicating through conflict -- mediation, negotiated agreements, conflict coaching, and facilitation (by joselin)
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imtd | international mediation experts | washington dc
imtd uses a holistic and participatory approach to assess the key variables in deep-rooted conflicts and post-conflict settings. the institute is focused on identifying and understanding the causes of conflict within a nation. imtd promotes the breaking down of stereotypes and other barriers to peace ...
negotiation, mediation, facilitation, diplomatic, contract, workshops, courses, dialogue, diplomacy, services, inca, process, resolution, conflict, washington
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education for conflict resolution
education for conflict resolution, inc., (ecr) is a non-profit agency with offices in north manchester, huntington and warsaw, indiana. in addition to its training program, ecr provides community mediation free of charge. ecr mediates neighborhood conflicts, property problems, family conflicts, civil and small claims, workplace disputes, and landlord/tenant problems.
conflict, resolution, warsaw, huntington, fort, community, programs, training, manchester, wayne, mediation, workshops, education, seminars, midwest, indiana, north
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conflict resolution center of baltimore county
resolve a conflict. restore a community.
baltimore, county, center, resolution, conflict
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seattle mediation for divorce and family & workplace conflict
skilled and experienced seattle mediator helps clients manage conflict and resolve tough disputes, saving them time, expense, and heartache.
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spark - entrepreneurship and education for post-conflict societiesspark
spark is an ngo that develops higher education and entrepreneurship so that young ambitious people are empowered to lead their post-conflict societies into prosperity.
ambition, youth, education, society, prosperity, entrepreneurship, spark
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first aid courses, jiu-jitsu, conflict resolution training, restraint training by ijja training solutions
whether you’re after first aid courses, conflict resolution training, breakaway or physical restraint training, ijja training solutions can deliver all of these on-site and at a time to suit you. we also offer personal training in jiu-jitsu and self-defence with clubs in barrow-in-furness and kendal. all of training is legally defensible and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. we also give you the chance to become an affiliate so you can earn money by simply recommending us to your friends and business associates. so see how partnering with ijja training solutions could change your life today.
courses, training, conflict, teach, management, free, team, online, resolution, intervention, physical, safer, breakaway, care, handling, federation, bjja, distance, learning, arts, martial, world, handle, nfps, wjjf, dispute, paediatric, work, restraint, emergency, cross, alternative, techniques, johns, defib, dealing
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peacemaker resources - skills for respectful communication, conflict resolution, conflict resolution in the workplace
peacemaker resources-- skills for respectful communication, conflict resolution, and healthy communities (homes, schools, and workforce) in bemidji
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hci high conflict speakers, books, consultations - high conflict institute
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physical intervention, conflict resolution, ethical care control & restraint from ecc&r (uk) ltd.
welcome to eccr the oldest most comprehensive private providers of control and restraint physical intervention and conflict resolution training in the uk as the originators of many of the control restraint physical intervention and conflict resolution methods in use throughout the country today ecc and r uk ltd are the best choice for training in the prevention and management of violence and aggression pamva
training, control, conflict, restraint, resolution, care, bedfordshire, management, physical, intervention, northamptonshire, kent, hertfordshire, essex, pamva, ethical, buckinghamshire, prevention, violence, aggression
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enlightened conflict
enlightened conflict, a blog by bruce mctague is a collection of thoughts, musings and observations on topics ranging from advertising, marketing and business,
philosophy, advice, observations, communications, business, marketing, conflict, bruce, mctague, advertising, enlightened
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10 facts about the arab-israeli conflict | palestine & the middle east
summary of 10 important yet overlooked facts about the arab-israeli conflict and the history of palestinians and jews in the middle east.
fatah, hamas, zionism, refugees, peace, terrorism, east, middle, facts, israel, conflict, palestinian, occupation, palestine, arab
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menno simons college | international development studies and conflict resolution studies in winnipeg, manitoba, canada
menno simons college is a pioneer in peace and social justice education at the university level. we offer courses and bachelor of arts degrees in international development and conflict resolution studies.
conflict, simons, studies, menno, winnipeg, resolution, international, development, university, canadian, education, mennonite, college, canada, manitoba, peace
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conflict desert storm 2 конфликт буря в пустыне 2. игра conflict desert storm 2 - это командный шутер, в котором вам предстоит управлять целым.
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sustainable solutions | professional conflict resolution
professional conflict resolution and workplace mediation specialists in grand forks, north dakota.
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executive coaching milwaukee wi | conflict mediation | leadership development | rjw consulting llc - business success through people
specializing in conflict resolution, executive coaching, organizational assessment and leadership development
leadership, development, mediation, conflict, coaching, executive
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conflict armament research
conflict armament research identifies and tracks conventional weapons and ammunition in contemporary armed conflicts.
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resolving conflicts now - fort myers, naples, bonita springs, estero, cape coral - keith grossman | transforming the way conflict is managed
with christmas and new year coming up, i want to make sure you know how valuable the pause can be. the pause is a conflict management strategy. i have
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a green divorce - mohawk valley mediation
leigh works both as the administrator of mohawk valley mediation and as an active mediator, conflict coach, and trainer. leigh's focus on a green divorce..
mediation, coaching, conflict, divorce, oneida, syracuse, green, utica, rome, workshops, mediator, mohawk, valley
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mediation & conflict resolution consulting | sally patchen
mediation and conflict resolution for small business and property management companies. save money, get peace of mind and produce win win results.
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reconciliation and conflict resolution / mediation center - disputes defuse management center helping you settle all differences outside judicial system
mediation, center, resolution, conflict, reconciliation, blog
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mona baker - home page
the site provides resources on two main areas: the middle east conflict, and research in translation and intercultural studies.
israeli, palestinian, conflict, studies, translation, boycott, israel, academic
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creative resources education
conflict coaching, leadership development, women leadership coaching, conflict support
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specializing in conflict resolution and mediation strategies
mediation, webinar, family, training, resolution, corporate, conflict
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creative resources education
conflict coaching, leadership development, women leadership coaching, conflict support
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condev at texas a&m university
conflict and development at texas a&m university
conflict, development, condev, university, condevcenter, tamu, center, texas
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mediation center of rochester has over 20 years experience in divorce mediation and also specializes in business, construction, real estate, arbitration and post office, church, religious mediation.
mediation, conflict, disputes, management, training, church, separation, arbitration, marital, resolution, legal, divorce, post, business, estate, real, justice, office, rochester, transformation, binding, york, restorative, construction, violence, assistance, adoption, dispute, mediate, mediators, agreements, custody, employment, financial, harassment, sexual, domestic, peer
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center for peacemaking and conflict studies - mediation associates
mediation associates offers professional conflict intervention and consulting services including mediation, facilitation, and process design
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home page
waters gone by counseling in boise, id amy orlovich, mapc, lpc, specializing in marriage, adolescent, and individual counseling for those struggling with conflict, anxiety, stress, anger...
counseling, marriage, adolescent, conflict, teen, anxiety, stress, young, life, depression, therapist, counselor, christian, individual
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publications ph.d. in international conflict management kennesaw state university
ph.d. in international conflict management at kennesaw state university.
management, georgia, conflict, kennesaw, international, north, cobb, county, atlanta, university, state
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partners in mediation, inc.
partners in mediation, inc. a professional mediation service in cincinnati, oho. working with business, family, divorce and civil disputes.
conflict, divorce, mediation, separation, family, eldercare, resolution, court, disputes, business, cincinnati
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i zap conflict - conflict resolution
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conflict resolution center
the conflict resolution center is a non-profit agency formed in 1989 to provide affordable and less adversarial options for dispute resolution to the communities that it serves. the center strives to build the capacity of the communities to resolve disputes before they escalate into violence or destroyed relationships. to accomplish this goal, the center offers mediation, facilitation, and restorative justice conferencing services as well as a variety of conflict resolution classes for individuals, organizations and businesses.
court, dispute, custody, divorce, visitation, family, training, order, separation, certified, workplace, roanoke, kids, sake, resolution, mediation, conflict, parenting, classes, facilitation, teambuilding, meeting, volunteer, internships, mediator
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obsidian conflict - a coop mod for half-life 2
obsidian conflict, a coop mod for half-life 2 and episodes
source, life, episode1, episode2, half, halflife, coop, conflict, cooperative, obsidian
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blueprint for change - home
conflict, relationship, coach, healthy, counselor, worth, esteem, improve, goal, love, balance, juvenile, empowerment, mediation, resolution, mediator, mediate, success, concerns, life, guidance
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duane ruth-heffelbower, esq. - conflict specialist - mediator
duane ruth-heffelbower offers professional conflict intervention and consulting services including mediation, facilitation, and process design
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real hope for couples conflict | handling conflict with confidence for couples
los angeles marriage workshops and therapy for relationship communication and to stop arguing. relationship advice. anger management. marriage counseling.
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cohav | israel advocacy | hasbara | public diplomacy - home
umbrella organization of hasbara volunteers doing public diplomacy about israel and the palestinians and the arab-israeli conflict.
conflict, palestinian, background, history, peace, cooperation, settlers, palestine, diplomacy, bank, west, hasbara, advocacy, gaza, public, army, israeli, israel
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maui mediation services - maui mediation services, conflict resolution counseling
maui mediation services offers trainings, workshops and mediation services promoting better communication to resolve conflict.
maui, training, resolution, services, mediation, conflict
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conflict managment coach, mediator, mediation
we provide workplace conflict resolution solutions and coach you to be a great problem-solver.
life, coaching, guide, development, leadership, resolution, confilct
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all about the siachen glacier: the conflict, perspectives of india and pakistan, geography, history and the possible resolutions | siachen glacier: pristine beauty, and the war at the top of the world
the siachen glacierthe roots of the conflict over siachen (the place of roses) lie in the non-demarcations on the western side on the map beyond nj9842. the
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commonwell institute international | working toward peaeceful, poverty-free lives around the world
commonwell institute international is dedicated to creating opportunities that support secure, economically sustainable communities in conflict and post-conflict environments.
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lab created grown diamonds | numined man-made diamonds
shop here for lab grown conflict-free cvd & hpht diamonds, which are identical to mined natural diamonds physically and optically.
diamonds, hpht, conflict, cultured, synthetic, free, grown, made, created, diamond
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weapons tracing, james bevan - weapon specialist and conflict analyst home
internationally recognized weapon and conflict analyst, specializing in the tracing of weapons and ammunition in the world's conflict zones.
arms, ammunition, tracing, weapons, small, light
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global unites • youth movements for conflict transformation
global unites is a diverse, multi-cultural, non-partisan global movement committed to long-term conflict transformation and sustainability.
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teach through love - changing the way you speak, changes everything.
lori petro will show you how to transform your family with conscious parenting, peaceful conflict resolution and mindful relationships.
parenting, punishment, communication, resolution, conflict, conscious, compassionate
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cooperative parenting institute | home
divorce, parenting, conflict, child, parent, mediation, education, step, family, coordination, groups, classes, programs, seminars, training, workshops, parents, high, plans, skills, resolving, parental, hign, conflicts, products, families, books, susan, boyan, advocate, custody, termini, marie, anger, management, specialist, children, cooperation, cooperative, alienation
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the stress doc, motivational speaker
humor, team, stress, building, change, conflict, motivation, organizational, conferencing, speaker, phone, speaking, creativity, public, keynote, burnout, performance, stressdoc, anger, motivational, successful, coaching, skills, telephone
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fairway resolution
fairway resolution delivers services in all aspects of the conflict management cycle. and we do it in an innovative, personalised and entirely fair way.
zealand, resolution, dispute, management, conflict
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wholehearted warrior. self defense and anti-bullying classes in northern colorado. we teach you to live courageously!
wholehearted warrior teaches self defense, anti-bullying, assault prevention, and conflict resolution to men, women and children in northern colorado. we teach the fast (fear adrenal stress training) system of self defense that empowers you to deal with adrenal stress in conflict situations. we teach you to effectively confront conflict from a simple verbal confrontation all the way to a violent physical assault.
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dayton mediation center
the dayton mediation center is a supportive place where people that are having problems, conflicts, or disagreements can come to talk. a mediator will help
mediation, resolution, conflict, court, custody, child, dayton, problem, visitation, support, solving, education, ordered, referred, delinquency, facilitation, family, joint, alternative, dispute, mediate, ohio, center, solutions, parenting, divorce, certification, mediator, juvenile
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conflict free engagement and fine jewelry : d & hd&h sustainable jewelers
a sustainable jewelry design house, selling canadian and conflict-free diamonds with an ethical approach to design. appraisal services and repair servi...
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win prizes playing video games at club conflict
win money playing video games with club conflict. play online with friends for fun or create teams and join leagues and tournaments.
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milltown cemetery, an established landmark of nationalist belfast, is often identified outside the realms of normal everyday burials, with the conflict of the past thirty years. being the main catholic burying ground for the city it is intertwined into the legacy of conflict. the republican plot, the funeral of bobby sands and those that subsequently followed in 1981 and more recently the huge 60, 000 turnout for the tom williams commemoration are only three examples as to why this cemetery is now on the tourist guide for visiting. however, there is more to milltown than most would imagine, even those who visit it on a weekly basis. it captures a wide diversity of history that makes the importance of the cemetery stretch beyond belfast conflict. there is the graves of polish airmen whose story stretches from warsaw to britain, then to kerry and finally milltown.
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tpo uganda
tpo uganda integrates psychosocial support in all its development work including child protection, gbv, livelihood support, hiv and aids, conflict resolution.
livelihoods, psychosocial, support, uganda, reduction, disaster, children, climate, change, conflict
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latest conflicts & country profiles |
conflictbase is a big data startup changing how we interact with and derive meaning from global events.
global, conflict, conflicts, country, data, center, analysis, conflictbase, events, profile, reporting, startup, risk, management, journalism, geopolitical, profiles
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wiam | wiam: the palestinian conflict resolution/transformation center.
as we are approaching christmas, we are still searching for solace and tranquility that we cannot grasp in the holy land. we are still inundated with
christ, wiam, peacemaking, peace, christmas, jesus, volunteers, statehood, staff, palestine, conference, international, cooperation, conflict, humanitarian, rights, human, bethlehem
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israel-palestina informatie | een on-line gids over het midden-oosten conflict
israel-palestina informatie - gids midden-oosten conflict
arabieren, vrede, joden, zionisme, antisemitisme, conflict, informatie, israel, palestina, palestijnen
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conflict skates whetstone leicester skateboard longboard old school skateboards t shirts wheels trucks
conflict skates is the online shop of conflict old skool boards whetstone leicester uk. we specialize in old school skateboarding and custom skateboards over 300 decks in stock.
skateboard, skateboards, trucks, wheels, hoods, vintage, caps, clothing, longboards, school, skool, custom
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home - center for resolutions - conflict resolution services for delaware & chester counties center for resolutions mediation conflict resolution, training, bullying prevention, alternative dispute resolutions youth aid panels media, pennsylvania and delaware county
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ellie vargas, lcsw psychotherapy and emdr
oakland-based private therapy practice, providing trauma-informed psychotherapy and emdr. specialties include depression, anxiety, social anxiety, panic, ptsd, trauma, low self-esteem, parenting challenges, family conflict, workplace conflict.
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laura preshong
custom design, ethical sourcing, heirloom quality fabrication.
jewelry, free, conflict, engagement, rings, ethical, custom, design, diamonds
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home - international contractors online
international contractors association is a professional association that offers a variety of online career tools for private contractors working in conflict and post-conflict areas.
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sullivan conflict solutions - professional mediation services for individuals and organizations
as a trained mediator, i help parties in conflict reach a mutually satisfying resolution by facilitating an open and honest discussion of their issues, coaching them through the negotiation process, and helping them collaborate to find creative, win-win solutions.
intervention, resolution, dispute, problem, fault, money, disagreement, friendly, argument, fight, influence, practice, accommodation, collaborativ, family, children, solve, vehicle, reconciliation, communication, conflict, arbitrator, negotiation, arbitration, mediator, mediators, mediate, commercial, mediation, civil, workplace, alternative, divorce, talk
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world war 2 and a half | world war 2 and a half
welcome to ww2½ , a site dedicated to design and production of accessories and clothing from during and after the 1939-1952 global conflict.
conflict, global, home, wares, painting, beads, reproduction, accessories, unique, handmade, fiction, spider, insect, earrings, craft
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listening project
the u.s. & international listening project center provides listening project resources, consultation, training and trainer referral, and offer creative tools for nonviolent community organizing and education.
listening, organizing, conflict, development, social, grassroots, reconciliation, peace, community, herb, change, walters, mapping, justice, empowerment, project, organizational, asset, activism, rural, rsvp, southern, mediation, deep, management, resolution, compassionate, voice
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tampa florida mediatiors, conflict resolution, family, marriage, divorce, civil, workplace, teen
20 years of legal and mental health experience, tampa mediations bring a unique perspective to your mediation. you get the best of both worlds combined into one service. attorneys are especially helpful in drafting agreements, understanding the legal process and rules of law while mental health professionals are more sensitive to the emotional issues of your conflict.
resolution, conflict, dispute, negotiation, articles, mediator, support, internet, site, child, education, mediate, negotiate, lawyers, court, resources, marketing, divorce, mediation, judge, arbitration, attorneys, legal, family, practitioner, locate, communication, commercial, psychologist, sections, employment, spousal, workplace, facilitation, facilitate, property, business, custody, visitation, civil
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the johnson letters | life lessons from one generation to the next to speed up and enhance your chances of success
conflict, success, comfort, time, management, generosity, breaking, defensive, negotiation, tips, risks, taking, life, lessons, learning, handle, focus, relationsh, questions, free, interests, attitude, worry, retaliate, positions, control, attitudes, solve, achievement, generous, money, overcoming, overwhelm, productivity, mindset, resolution, fisher, priorities, tipping, rohn
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conflict resolution and mediation centre of trinidad and tobagocertified mediation agency - home
trinidad mediate
problem, negotiation, family, company, corporate, arbitration, facilitate, mediate, tobago, mediation, conflict, resolution, trinidad
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we make it easy – conflict minerals platform
platform, minerals, conflict
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restorative solution, p.c - dedicated to solving conflict
dedicated to solving conflict
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likoed nederland | het conflict palestijnen - israel
het conflict palestijnen - israel
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benjamin lowy
benjamin lowy is a new york based photographer specializing in conflict and feature photography.
photography, lowy, terror, assignment, america, digital, fashion, drugs, commercial, american, darfur, conflict, photojournalist, iraq, afghanistan, features, benjamin, haiti, portraits
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workplace conflict resolution - the workplace adviser
the workplace adviser provides expert advice and support in relation to workplace relations matters and assists with conflict resolution in the workplace.
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daga index
cyber resource of the documentation for action groups in asia
theology, conflict, peace, human, racism, justice, militarization, rights, mission, management, building, transformation, activism, democracy, debt, imperialism, asian, religion, struggle, movement, ecumenical, pluralism, research, globalization, society, civil, asia
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australia/israel & jewish affairs council | home page
conflict, israel, palestinian, palestinians, jewish, palestine, east, middle, arab, multicultural, bomb, iran, australia
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donna noakes counselling service - contact information
located at smyth medical centre in ottawa. accepts third party billing and charges 120 dollars per hour
counselling, therapy, conflict, parenting, couple, anger, life, divorce, parent, teen, depression, personality, anxiety, affai, feeling, marital, extra, affairs, making, control, chronic, blended, families, family, psychotherapy, behaviour, cognitive, esteem, stress, counseling, christian, classes, management, social, mental, marriage
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kristine butler tampa therapist | tampa family therapy | tampa marriage therapist
individual marriage, couples, adolescent & family therapy in tampa fl
therapy, conflict, kristine, marriage, butler, lcsw, physical, trauma, moving, adoption, financial, divorce, life, survivors, anxiety, stress, family, tampa, relationships, grief, depression, jobs, school, disorder
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focused solution coaching | life coaching - adhd coaching - conflict resolution
coaching adults, children, families, and partners effected by adhd - life coaching - relationship coaching - divorce and family mediation - conflict resolution
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the center for understanding in conflict: new york and san francisco bay area education in mediation
the center for understanding in conflict offers unique mediation training in the new york and bay areas.
mediation, mediator, training, divorce, friedman, conflict, jack, gary, family, collaborative, himmelstein, california, education, process, continuing, legal, resolution, lawyer, jobs, experienced, practice, garry, northern, information, certification, negotiation, lawyers, katherine, miller, conner, catherine, understanding, professional, services, alternative, boston, laywer, dispute
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infowar - technology | security | crime | conflict
the original infowar site tracking the nexus of technology, security, crime, and conflict since 1994. informing the concerned public on the full spectrum of
information, alex, jones, warfare, infowars, infowar, security
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karuna center for peacebuilding - home
the karuna center for peacebuilding bridges divides to build sustainable peace.
peace, conflict, business, building, social, responsibility, capacity, corporate, reconciliation, dialogue, resolution, sustainable, sustainability, peacebuilding, training, transformation
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the avi schaefer fund
the avi schaefer fund (asf) was created in memory of avi schaefer to promote the ideals and dreams that inspired avi throughout his life. the fund is dedicated to changing the climate of the discussion surrounding israel and the israeli-palestinian conflict on north american college campuses.
peace, pursue, seek, schaefer, fund, conflict
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wie zijn wij? - merkenbureau markenizer
merkenbureau markenizer wil de merken- en modellenportefeuille van bedrijven verbeteren. markenizer is onafhankelijk wat met name bij buitenlandse merk- en modelbescherming en merk- en modelconflicten voordelig is.
conflict, merkenbureau, handelsnaam, modelconflict, domeinnaam, auteursrechten, merkinbreuk, modelinbreuk, merkconflict, patent, merkbescherming, merkregistratie, modelregistratie, modelbescherming, markenizer
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cityconflict - kostenloses stratragie browsergame
war 24/7 ist ein kostenloses militr-strategie browsergame. als commander bernimmt du die volle kontrolle ber smtliche aktivitten innerhalb des landes.
browsergame, online, game, browsergames, spiel, conflict, laptops, browser, tablets, kampf, war24, world, citykampf, onlinegame, kostenlos, strategie, kriegsspiel, strategy, miliz, militr, modern, military, krieg, urban, land, nachfolger, angr, kampfland, lnderkampf, urbanconflict, city, besten, classic, aufbau, kampfspiel, kostenloses, desktop, free, laptop, kostenlose
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karel murray: author, humorist, real estate and management expert
karel's presentations utilize reality based straight talk infused with insightful humor and anecdotes. she weaves her personal accountability theme through all presentations focusing on successful goal accomplishment. clients discover that these informed presentations, which echo corporate objectives and culture, ultimately result in participants retaining more of the materials and having a better understanding for future application of new ideas.
women, conflict, mentoring, generational, murray, business, karel, work, workplace, falls, waterloo, cedar, iowa, humorist, humor, train, seminar, real, estate, presentation, present, trainer, motivational, speaker, corporate, resolving, resolution, female, differences, generation, network, empowerment, intergenerational, programs, life, balance, motivate
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ethical & fairtrade jewellery, conflict free | cred jewellery
cred jewellery create beautiful, fairtrade certified jewellery. our ethical engagement & wedding rings are made from conflict-free diamonds, designed in uk.
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arlen dispute resolution services
arlen dispute resolution services helps people in conflict to identify issues and brainstorm solutions that work. we help engage, transform and resolve issues.
resolution, restorative, justice, mediation, conflict, dispute, alternative
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mediation is a cost-effective way of settling disputes and resolving conflict in the neighbourhood and in the workplace. it is increasingly being recognised as a preferable alternative to employment tribunals and county court actions. the aim of mediation is to help the parties reach a genuine agreement through increased understanding of each other's point of view.
resolution, politics, office, tribunal, cardiff, wales, south, workplace, conflict, mediator, mediate, solution, dispute, mediation
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swedish peace agency
swedish peace agency works to prevent, mitigate, and resolve violent conflict around the world. spa does this by engaging directly in conflict zones and by providing analysis, education, and resources to those working for peace. working to ensure that all development finance institutions respect human rights. we strive to bring more coordination to a global movement led by communities and supported by civil society organizations.
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conflict resolution services dallas, ft worth | dolak dispute resolution
sharon dolak, mediator, offers successful conflict resolution and dispute resolution for families, couples, and workplace in the dallas ft worth.
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bdk mediation dublin
dublin mediation and conflict coaching leinster.
mediation, mentor, resolution, separation, mediatiors, leinster, divorce, dublin, conflict, northside
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phoenix strategies inc. - colorado springs mediation - divorce mediation - conflict coaching - school of mediation - divorce mediator — mediation, colorado divorce mediators, conflict coaching, school of mediation, facilitation, faith conciliation and much more. based on colorado springs, co.
offering a full line of dispute resolution services and training including family mediation, divorce mediation, workplace mediation, facilitation, faith conciliation, and conflict coaching in colorado. serving both colorado springs and denver. need a colorado mediator? give phoenix strategies a call today. since 1997.
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victim offender mediation association archive site
this is the archive site for victim offender mediation association (voma), an international membership association, supports and assists people and communities working at restorative justice models. voma provides resources, training, and technical assistance in victim-offender mediation, conferencing, circles, and related restorative justice practices. it is not currently active.
conflict, resolution, victim, dispute, justice, training, transformation, management, family, group, sentencing, circle, conference, vorp, restorative, criminal, mediation, vomp, offender, sensitive, alternative
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conflict solutions | patrick coughlan & devon coughlan, mediators
conflict solutions is a national and international mediation firm with a proven record of successful settlements in the most difficult and complex disputes. conflict solutions is comprised of the most experienced mediators in the country and specializes in all areas of construction, including business disputes, insurance coverage, employment disputes, and environmental issues; every type of professional malpractice, including medical malpractice and legal malpractice; intellectual property; product liability; and catastrophic personal injury matters.
malpractice, coughlan, personal, injury, catastrophic, product, intellectual, property, liability, york, maine, hampshire, vermont, washington, pennsylvania, coverage, massachusetts, connecticut, florida, medical, commercial, mediation, arbitration, international, national, solutions, patrick, devon, services, professional, conflict, focusing, resolution, alternative, dispute, insourance
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governance support, conflict and intervention management
crownstone consulting ondersteunt boardroom vraagstukken op c-level, toezichthouders in de zorg en commissarissen. tevens actief voor ondernemingskamer
governance, management, accreditatie, toezicht, toezichthouder, commissaris, vrouwelijke, familie, ondersteuning, zorg, mediation, bedrijven, faillissement, conflict, corporate, heslinga, eyck, interventie, ondernemings, heske, beslechten, geschillen, kamer, begeleiding
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just projects international
finding justice for child soldiers and trafficking victims. jpi does development work and business consulting in conflict zones.
advocacy, justice, injustice, trafficking, mexico, development, consulting, philippines, human, burma, conflict, armed, child, soldiers, risk, children, drug
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relationship expert: paula quinsee author of embracing conflict
paula quinsee - relationship expert and author of embracing conflict works with individuals and organisations to cultivate healthy relationships.......
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m.a. foran & associates - leadership classes, communications & conflict management training, improving your board of directors
leadership classes or private coaching can help you improve your communications techniques, management conflict, and improve your overall performance with a board of directors, at work - or at home.
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the dossier | deep state politics and class conflict
deep state politics and class conflict. films, documentaries, articles, news reports and investigative journalism. formerly
articles, documentary, film, journalism, video, investigative
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mim mediation | a place for the willing to resolve conflict
| a place for the willing to resolve conflict
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home: life coach | life coaching | conflict coaching / relationship coaching
personal and professional coaching provides life, leadership, conflict management and career coaching, balance, stress management, time management, organization in-person or phone coaching
coach, coaching, life, personal, skills, setting, goal, growth, relationship, forms, free, executive, motivation, communication, consultation, certified, success, management, conflict, career, leadership, find, professional, janie, neff, coaches
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hoosier financial: financial advisor, financial planner, benefits consultant - hoosier financial
the future of financial guidance is here with no commissions and no conflict of interest. hoosier financial takes a fiduciary responsibility in their relationship with clients.
financial, bond, stock, mutual, plan, retirement, fund, interest, bloomington, advisor, planning, indiana, commissions, conflict
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recall healing gets to the root cause of any illness, optimizes your ways of healing.
healing, emotional, recall, conflicts, conflict, health, regain, experienced, supporting, medicine, alternative, vancouver, claude, deprogramming, biological, disease, support, awareness, meaning, illness, sabbah
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legal aid society of santa clara county
administration, conflict, housing, legal, jose, education, special, rights, case, domestic, fair, family, violence, justice, county, clara, santa, society, organization, silicon, vally, system, judicial, income
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since 1986, crc has helped thousands of clients – businesses, organizations and individuals – find satisfying solutions to difficult problems. whether you are experiencing conflict at home, in your neighborhood, or at work, crc can help you find relief.
small, mediation, individuals, consultation, businesses, santa, salinas, watsonville, cruz, program, training, collaboration, mediator, claims, conflict, facilitation, resolution, dialogue
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christian mediation and training
christian mediation and conflict resolution providing training in eldercare issues, and forgiveness for healthy relationships
peace, trainings, forgiveness, eldercare, conflict, resolution, christian
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home - canadian institute for conflict resolution (cicr)
canadian institute for conflict resolution / institut canadien pour la résolution des conflits
conflits, icrc, cicr, pour, canadien, institute, conflict, resolution, institut, canadian
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paul hensel's home page
paul hensel's home page. this page offers access to dr. hensel's research on international conflict and conflict management, as well as his course syllabi and links to useful internet resources.
paul, hensel, icow
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generations for peacehome - generations for peace
generations for peace is a leading global non-profit peace-building organisation dedicated to sustainable conflict transformation at the grassroots.
leadership, donate, change, violence, conflict, social, fundraise, respect, dialogue, olympic, unicef, global, sustainable, young, youth, volunteering, volunteer, generations, tolerance, peace, mentoring, learning, citizenship, responsible
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sfppr | selous foundation for public policy research
selous foundation is a conservative washington dc-based think tank founded in 1985 during the height of the reagan revolution, whose mission is to formulate and promote public policies based on the american values and benefits derived from the founding fathers, including limited government, individual liberty, freedom, opportunity, economic prosperity and the primacy of national sovereignty. throughout history the greater understanding of conflict over institutions and the distribution of scarce resources has provided a viable pathway toward the peaceful resolution of conflict. president ronald reagan’s philosophy of "peace through strength" guided america to victory in the cold war. where peaceful resolution of conflict is not possible, victory becomes the ultimate goal. in the area of foreign policy, we subscribe to the cold war strategy of the reagan doctrine: "we win, they lose."
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karabakh facts .com | a comprehensive database on the nagorno-karabakh conflict database on artsakh / nagorno-karabakh conflict with all documents, resolutions, statements, articles, resolutions and other materials (related key words: nkr, nagorno-karabakh republic, nagorny, karabagh, garabagh, karabakh issue, karabakh war, minsk group co-chairs, azerbaijan, armenia, madrid principles, self-determination, territorial integrity, non threat or use of force baku, sumgait, maragha, khojaly, xocali)
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israel institute for strategic studies
the israel institute for strategic studies is an independent policy center devoted to the promotion of joint values shared by israel and the united states of america as embodied in israels declaration of independence and the us constitution.
israel, arab, conflict, east, realtions, middle, studies, strategic, strategy, palestinian
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home - innovative interchange associates
change, leadership, conflict, corporate, management, culture, training, interventions, behavior, dayton, team, executive, interchange, coaching, facilitation, innovative, development, building
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workplace solutions northwest
jill goldsmith / workplace solutions nw provides a unique approach to conflict resolution, neutral fact finding and training for your business or organization.
training, programs, employee, solutions, relations, workplace, resolution, jill, goldsmith, conflict
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untangled counseling - home
untangled is a counseling service created to help individuals and couples untangle the ineffective and unhealthy patterns developed in their lives and relationships.
conflict, communication, poor, marital, concerns, unresolved, spouse, unfaithful, counseling, couples, untangled, relationships, patterns, unhealthy, individuals
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brent stirton
brent stirton is a world renowned photographer based in new york. his award-winning work has been widely recognized for its powerful depiction of issues related to conflict, and environmental issues.
photography, cancer, aids, canon, travel, elephant, geographic, getty, rhino, lion, mccurry, national, magnum, world, conflict, africa, stirton, press, brent, kandar, nadav, valley, steve
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alternatives to violence project avp indiana | conflict is a part of life, but violence doesnt have to be.
conflict is a part of life, but violence doesnt have to be.
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wingspan seminars, llc
conflict resolution and crisis management training for schools, organizations, and corporations.
miami, florida, facilitation, dolphins, resolution, prevention, intervention, richie, incognito, global, international, south, martin, jonathan, mediation, facilitators, building, corporations, team, harassment, crisis, bullying, schools, youth, retreats, conferences, seminars, communities, development, workplace, conflict
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your guide to permanent peace and prosperity with paula langguth ryan
consumer advocate helps you rebuild your life after bankruptcy, negotiate debts and break through fears and old beliefs that keep you from having what you
bankruptcy, church, recovery, conflict, credit, unity, training, coach, financial, churches, catherine, ponder, association, books, board, leadership, wealth, negotiation, mediator, denver, boulder, debt, mediation, vitale, mastery, stephen, snyder, paula, langguth, options, life, abundance, empowerment, corporate, ryan, expert, prosperity, happiness, asset, resolve
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nancy shertok, msw, lcswpsychotherapist - alpharetta therapist
help for depression, anxiety, stress, worry, grief, conflict, marriage, relationships
therapist, alpharetta, marriage, conflict, fighting, stress, separation, anxiety, divorce, johns, counselor, 30009, 30005, psychotherapist, psychotherapy, creek, roswell, therapy, depression
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providing affordable conflict resolution assistance to the greater dallas community.
our mission is to provide affordable conflict resolution assistance to the greater dallas community through mediation, education, training and referrals.
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healthy relationships - couples therapy - codependency - conflict resolution | lisa may-sachs, lcsw-c - baltimore, md - keswick
lisa may-sachs provides counseling and therapy services in and around baltimore, md. specialties include healthy relationships, couples therapy, parent counseling, conflict resolution, career counseling, grief counseling, low self esteem, and related services.
parent, counseling, family, parenting, esteem, issues, conflict, therapist, therapy, violence, systems, relationships, healthy, support, training, guidance, improvement, codependency, resolution, couples, management, work, grief, lisa, balance, life, career
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welcome - training solutions inc.
training solutions - we have the tools and skills to help you select, train and retain the right employees.
management, training, coaching, conflict, disc, telephone, sales, recruitment, workforce, development, harassment, stress, performance, attitudes, profiles, inscape, communications, ferraro, listening, frontline, sharon, issues, legal, publishing, expectations, sexual, integrity, interviewing, leadership, traiing, relationships, solutions, teams, michael, motivation, apples, diversity, solving, employees, meetings
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backchannels | conflict, culture, language, psychology
conflict, culture, language, psychology
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jvectormap demo
safety and security information changes frequently, having knowledge of conditions on the ground can make all the difference before travelling to conflict zones.
alerts, travel, page, updates, current, twitter, zone, conflict, country, alert, international, news
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world of wars
world of wars - největší české a slovenské komunitní fórum zabývající se mmo hrami. svět válek, world of tanks, war thunder, world of warplanes, world of warship, star conflict, navyfield, navyfield 2, arma, arma2, arma3, world of wars, world of tanks, war thunder, world of warship, wolrd of warplanes, worldoftanks, warthunder, worldofwarship, worldofwarplanes, war, thunder, tanks, czech, slovak, cz, sk, forum, komunita, world of war, worldofwar, arma, arma 2, arma 3, arma 3, valka, svet va...
world, arma, star, planety, svet, valka, thunder, tanks, conflict, wars, valek, vesmirna, svetova, vesmirne, lode, worldoftanks, warthunder, warplanes, wolrd, warship, worldofwarship, worldofwarplanes, forum, komunita, slovak, czech, worldofwar
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world of wars
world of wars - největší české a slovenské komunitní fórum zabývající se mmo hrami. svět válek, world of tanks, war thunder, world of warplanes, world of warship, star conflict, navyfield, navyfield 2, arma, arma2, arma3, world of wars, world of tanks, war thunder, world of warship, wolrd of warplanes, worldoftanks, warthunder, worldofwarship, worldofwarplanes, war, thunder, tanks, czech, slovak, cz, sk, forum, komunita, world of war, worldofwar, arma, arma 2, arma 3, arma 3, valka, svet va...
world, arma, star, planety, svet, valka, thunder, tanks, conflict, wars, valek, vesmirna, svetova, vesmirne, lode, worldoftanks, warthunder, warplanes, wolrd, warship, worldofwarship, worldofwarplanes, forum, komunita, slovak, czech, worldofwar
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jews, christians, muslims | common roots, seeds of conflict, rays of hopejews, christians, muslims | common roots, seeds of conflict, rays of hope
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conflict resolution systems - home
company name - asbury park, nj. company message
park, asbury, systems, resolution, conflict
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catalina prebisch counselor for mood disorders, life transitions, family/relationship's conflict, anger management, and trauma
transitions, mood, disorders, trauma, life, conflict, anger, management, family, counsuling
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v i e ! coaching & consulting - home
v i e ! coaching consulting - washington, ut. reclaim balance passion ~ personally, professionally, life coaching, business consulting, conflict mediation, team building, personal peformance
coaching, mediation, sales, conflict, therapy, development, training, energy, transformation, money, advisor, stuck, relationship, actualization, personal, spiritual, reading, washington, consulting, george, life, chinese, face, reiki, workshops, hypnotherapy
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don h polston | the life that wins
walking in the concepts of, the life that wins, you will learn the danger of inner conflict, and outer conflict and how to emerge a winner. this truth, throughout don h. polston’s ministry, is not for the satisfied, the uncourageous or the fearful. only brave souls examine details to the winning life in christ.
polston, champions, heart, christ, learning, judging, aspirations, desires, exceed, future, goals, works, peace, ruth, living, successful, life, wins, true, guide, mind, bible, faith, prayer
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organized chaos - progressive metal band
organized chaos are a progressive metal band from serbia. they just released their first official album - inner conflict.
darson, alek, lalic, milan, jejina, vlahovic, marta, yeqy, vladimir, conflict, progressive, band, chaos, metal, serbia, organized
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wanep realizes its vision and mission in the sub region through strategic programs aimed at strengthening the capacity of peacebuilding organizations and practitioners in west africa; increasing awareness on the use of nonviolent strategies in responding to conflict; developing a conflict prevention network; and building the capacity of west african women to participate in peacebuilding processes at all levels in the sub-region.
peacebuilding, international, security, peace, wanep, west, africa, network
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the jonathan spikes foundation
the jonathan spikes foundation, inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization that takes a holistic approach to anti-bullying conflict resolution.
jonathan, spikes, youth, resolution, conflict
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people - process - profit | creative conflict solutions
certified mastermind executive coach, facilitator, author, speaker. focused on human capital in leadership and the millennial generation in business.
coaching, business, training, leadership, values, retreats, individual, planning, stress, reduction, assessments, cultural, setting, based, goal, speaking, workshops, keynote, executive, mentor, facilitation, consulting, solutions, conflict, creative, communication, millennial