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hypable • passionate fandom coverage
the latest entertainment news across all your favorite tv, movie, and book fandoms including harry potter, hunger games, doctor who, game of thrones, teen wolf, and more.
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the fandom post
anime, movies, comics, entertainment & more
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main - the fandom
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4 - harry potter news, discussion, fandom
harry potter news, discussion, fandom
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fandom following - for all your fandom needs
for all your fandom needs
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amal | 19 | ♀ | my birthday : 20-5 | i am a gamer and an editor, this is a multi-fandom blog 90% supernatural 10% other television series or video games, request any time, dont be shy.
movie, this, funny, love, spoilers, creative
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welcome to
mate, dating, love, advertisements, fandom, personals, furry
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fandom indonesia
karena sepak bola tak selesai dalam 90 menit.
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fandom auctions
the dealers den furry fandom auctions and sales fursuit artwork
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project fandom - free to geek!
project fandom delivers the latest news in geek cultures tv, movies, books, comics, anime, cons, and more. join us and be free to geek!
geek, free, comicon, reviews, videos, games, video, cons, comics, culture, movies, fandom, geeks, project, books, anime
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your one stop shop for all things fandom! the geeky cauldron
welcome to the geeky cauldron! we are your one stop shop for all things fandom!
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nerds for her
fandom swag supporting hillary clinton for president. 
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all you have is your fire
kimmy / 20 / multi-fandom. mostly the walking dead and once upon a time. i like to ship, make gifs, and get really emotional about fictional people.
daryldixonedit, twdedit, mine
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file 770 | mike glyers news of science fiction fandom
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capri chicago 18 lesbian she/her medieval history major cosplayer multi-fandom mikayuu hell glambert
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pure fandom — expert fans, kickass content
pure fandom is your place to discover whats happening in pop culture: tv, movies, comics, video, fashion, music, podcasts and more. find your fandom today.
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how to get away with murder
multi-fandom blog
htgawm, conrad, ricamora, cast, alfred, karla, souza, enoch
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zauberspiegel - der zauberspiegel
zauberspiegel-online: web-magazin (webzine) für spannungsgenres. - alles was spannend ist in jeder publikationsform, fantasy, horror, sf (sci fi, science fiction), abenteuer, western und historischem, inklusive der erzählungen aus magira. es geht um filme, heftromane, comics, bücher, taschenbücher, hörspiele, dvd musik.
cons, fandom, fantasy, fanclubs, horror, fanzines, zauberer, druiden, literatur, blutsauger, hexen, film, piraten, geschichten, artikel, rezensionen, cowboys, feste, phantastische, hans, rudi, treffen, zauberspiegel, historischem, inklusive, western, abenteuer, science, magira, mark, larsen, licht, familie, schwarze, serie, schatz, vampire, finsternis
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☆stuck in room 707☆
rui | 26 | ♓ | isfp | he/him | gamer & artist ☆ this is a multi fandom blog ☆ i draw a lot of random stuff ☆ please dont upload or use my art without asking
pokemon, save, potter, harry, responds, anonymous, toast
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and boom goes the riptire
audra/22/nj | i am a meme-loving fuck that also draws things a lot. this blog is an all-around blog. beware of dank memes and fandom junk before following. be sure to read my faq if ya wanna know...
friend, amethyst, video, steven, universe, favorite
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the otakus study | studying the labyrinth of fandom
navigating the labyrinth of fandom to provide you with the latest news and reviews on anime, video games, visual novels, artbooks, film, manga and much more.
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hp fandom :: fan fiction archive
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a place where i explore my own fandom just as much as the idea of fandom. warning: extremely random
lewis, them, 1960s, jerry, patti, happy, coming
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home - the daily fandom
welcome to the daily fandom! were fans who collect all the news, reviews, meta, speculation, fanfic recs and vids for you! we also do fandom studies.
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for all my fandom needs
this here is where i gush about my latest fandom obsessions through fanarts and fanfics and character analyses. its pretty sad. its mostly httyd. some borderlands, korra, pjo, and snk makes its way...
cute, crazyviking, feral, ahhh, asking, good, thank, queue
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( ´∀`)ノ~ ♡
you can call me sab/sabu. multi-fandom blog. i also draw a lot. i also like cake. art tag: sabart
nice, like, legit, this, ooohhh, askbox
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pure fandom — expert fans, kickass content
pure fandom is your place to discover whats happening in pop culture: tv, movies, comics, video, fashion, music, podcasts and more. find your fandom today.
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geeking on talkchain community | chat, roleplay, fan fiction & fandom
geek discussions or whatever your passion is, you can find on geeking. meet and have fun with people who love what you love.
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bestfandom | official site
bestfandom is a fandom competition platform. only one fandom will win! who will it be?
best, fandom, fandoms, fans, smiler, lovatic, rusher, belieber, directioner, lovatica, selenatic, smilers, selena, cyrus, wanted, selenatica, time, latinoamerica, month, votes, vote, justin, bieber, bestfandom, rush, direction, miley
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fandom is in the details - home - fandom is in the details
home - fandom is in the details
details, fandom, bisexual, women, female, television, lesbian
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love for our wonderful writers
a blog to help support our wonderful tumblr rpers, regardless of fandom!please read the guidlines before submitting.
sigridofdale, recklessheir, tolkien, queue, multi
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destination: toast!
i post fandom stats and commentary about fandom in general, and the sherlock fandom in particular. i also post fanfic and talk about writing. and toast. also, currently, a hell of a lot about my
cats, whyyyyyyy, snerk, stuff, continuum, queue
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furry fandom infocenter: information about furries and furry fandom
what are furries? what is furry fandom? where can i get one of those furry animal costumes?
furry, furries, what, fandom, convention
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northwest fan fest
a massive celebration of fandom for everyone, may 29-31 at the anvil centre, new westminster bc.
fandom, prizes, console, contest, fanfest, tabletop, summer, june, vancouver, games, northwest, comics, fangasm, fashion, geekdom, geekery, geek, anime, japanese, costuming, convention, cosplay, gaming, culture, video
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fandom news | micabezafriki
noticias sobre el universo fandom: juegos de mesa y cartas, rol, reportajes, entrevistas...
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random fandom box | mystery fandom themed boxes
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furry teens - helping young furs into the fandom, one paw at a time
forum and website for furries aged 13-25 to meet and learn about the fandom -
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wear your fandom philippines wear your fandom | jewelry and trinkets philippines
fandom jewelries and accessories, philippines
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ambitions like ribbons
this is a blog for my illustrative work and anything fandom-related. occasionally nsfw! please read my faq before asking any questions, thanks! ***gen art tag*** all art tags (my art - by fandom)...
monsters, music, sosc, personal
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oh fandom
if a baby cries in the forest and aramis is around to hear it does that make it his? this is now a fandom critical blog and im not on here very often, the old aus and fics are staying up but anything...
anonymous, xsarahx, ward, anti, talks, musketeers, beej
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sophiahelix 2.0
ask box northern california. 33, longtime fandom vet, mom of a toddler, writer. currently: hockey rpf for the blackhawks (with hometown loyalty to the sharks). for baseball and sf giants rpf, find me...
maximus, brooooooo, broius, fandom, toews, queue, jonathan
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i like many, many things. i post mostly tv gifs, some femslash, some not, and i rarely stay in one fandom for long. no, seriously. that fandom youre thinking of following me for? ive already left...
right, books, fault, stuff, femslash, related, spoilers
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outlander, doctor who & sherlock t-shirts - fandom merchandise - getting shirty
we are a uk based company selling custom designed apparel both here and on amazon. every t-shirt we sell comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. 100% positive feedback rating on ebay with over 11, 000 feedback comments left.
fandom, merchandise, outlander, sherlock, doctor
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45 erotic fandom
blue blood appreciates a good flamboyant costume, including chicks in chainmail, science fiction fantasy, and halloween.
fandom, erotic, costuming, knight, convention, costumes, costume, guns, fiction, blood, blue, pics, dungeons, blueblood, fantasy, science
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this is a teen wolf chubby!kink fandom blog with a very special appreciation for one stiles stilinski/dylan obrien being chubby (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ also btw i dont really follow too many fandom blogs with...
headcanons, chubstilinski, anon
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91 days fandom: who the fuck is alistair petrie
lesley. 33. cis, bi, they/them or she/her. wt historian. i love you. this is a sfw blog. this is a multi-fandom blog with heavy concentration on sherlock, johnlock, and tjlc. check my about me for...
come, true, squee, drumph, dream, maybe, someday
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this is fandom calling
multi fandom blogger scrapbooking half the internet: a midsummer nights dream / agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. / american psycho film / angel the series / anthony mackie / the avengers movies / bandom /...
mads, mikkelsen, steve, rogers, hannibal
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its aja! im a geek staff reporter for the daily dot, and a writer/editor/fandom consultant. i formerly ran/now occasionally help run the daily dot tumblr. actively in the inception fandom....
tumblr, stuff, hamilton, broadway
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a thirty-something melbournian fujoshi who was a burned-out social worker but is now back at uni and has since fallen in love with corporate finance. this tumblr includes posts about fandom, posts...
much, gaming, this, love, games, fandom
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the females of fandom
for the pictures of the greatest females from any genre. these are the women of grace, beauty, and femme fatalities throughout the various realms of fandom. copyright info : none of the pics posted on...
vixens, anime, fangasm, blushing, book, comic, females, breasted, fandoms
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outing the horrible people of the furry fandom
this blog is to warn people of the bad members of the furry fandom (scammers, trans/homophobics, and overall nasty people) affiliates oh--god--furries
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southern fandom resource guide
the southern fandom resource guide is a calendar of science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and anime conventions held throughout the southeastern united states.
south, cons, conventions, southern, southestern, calendar, southeast, comics, anime, fiction, science, gaming, fantasy, fandom
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talk about lost in translation
i make crack posts about marvels agents of shield the fandom clairvoyant #shieldom bacon of peace the abraham lincoln of the fandom crack ship queen + multi shipper trash @agentsofff
will, daniels, lash, same, shield, spoilers, agents
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home -- among the janeites: a journey through the world of jane austen fandom
among the janeites: a journey through the world of jane austen fandom is an affectionate and entertaining nonfiction look at the quirky subculture of rabid jane austen fans – the kind of people who wear regency costume to jane austen festivals, spend hours online arguing about mr. darcy’s love life, and pore over dozens of modern sequels to pride and prejudice.
austen, jane, janeites, pride, persuasion, abbey, novels, sensibility, sense, northanger, prejudice, emma, yaffe, deborah, fandom, mansfield, among, darcy, park
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matthew delman - fandom, fatherhood, and fitness
fandom, fatherhood, and fitness
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the fandom imagine
a collection of imagines and drabbles from any and all fandoms with any rating. please note i do not own any of these gifs, nor do i claim ownership of them. if you see one of your own gifs, then...
imagine, thefandomimagine, imagines, fandoms, fandom
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plush toys, collectibles & true fandom stashriot
stashriot is the place for your favorite plush toys and collectibles. true fandom - we live in the worlds of adventure time, rilakkuma, minecraft and more
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votaidolos | sitio oficial
mejores, fans, fandoms, fandom, selenatic, lovatica, rusher, lovatic, smiler, selenatica, wanted, smilers, mejor, directioner, selena, miley, justin, latinoamerica, votaciones, bieber, votaidolos, cyrus, rush, time, direction, belieber
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fandom fare fandom fare today
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anthony rotolo
information about professor anthony rotolo and his courses on popular media, science fiction and fandom
syracuse, media, star, trek, social, university, fiction, education, fandom, science, doctor
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sexy fandom science fiction cosplay comics tv books cons
science fiction, horror, fantasy, comics, movies, books, cons, costuming, and web sites for mature fen is what sexy fandom with molly case is all about.
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fandata's fandom directory - on-line edition
your on-line link to fandom around the world! science fiction, star trek, comics, trading cards, gaming and more! point and click access to thousands of fan, collector, dealer, store, publisher, club and convention email addresses and web sites. listings are free!
cards, fiction, science, retailer, order, mail, paperbacks, books, fandata, mailing, hobbies, television, hobby, free, list, addresses, advertising, fantasy, zines, store, publisher, club, dealer, collector, directory, convention, fandom, clubs, zine, baseball, comics, trading, cons
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64 portal
forum zrzeszające polski fandom furry, zajmujące się tematyką społecznosciową jak i artystyczną.
futrzaki, furry, polfurs, antropomorficzne, furries, eurofurence, anthropomorfic, antropomorfizm, furrycomicsite, fursuit, sona, fursona, fursuiter, fursuiting, cesfur, yiff, feral, anthro, forg, fandom, postacie, furs, postaci, wikifur
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the nerd punch - where fist meets fandom.the nerd punch | where fist meets fandom.
where fist meets fandom.
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66 > a multi-fandom, high quality screencap archive
[ ] a multi-fandom screencaps source, providing you with screencaps from tv shows, movies and music videos.
screencaps, caps, bluray, movie
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pokémon crossroads - bringing together the pokémon fandom
bringing together the pokémon fandom
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no award | social justice, media, fandom, drop bears
social justice, media, fandom, drop bears
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welcome to miscon | miscon 30 montana's longest running science fiction convention | from the ashes | miscon 30 celebrating 25 years of fandom in montana
science, convention, fiction, cthulhubob, cthulu, fandom, running, longest, montana, miscon, artist, scifi, fantasy, book, literature, writer, author, missoula
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makemygraphic | home | online store powered by storenvy
we make fan art decals, designed by fans, made for fans. we work with an assortment of fandom artists worldwide! a portion of every sale we make by designers gets sent back to the artists who created the original artwork! the decals sold on our shops are specific for outdoor use, and all weather. - online store powered by storenvy
state, offroad, flags, pride, potter, fandom, random, fans, american, cutie, products, decals, what, time
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playgamefreenow - a fun take on fandom
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76 - a fun take on fandom
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77 - slovenský portál sci-fi, fantasy, mystery a hororu
slovenský portál zameraný na scifi poviedky, knihy, hry, seriály a filmy a na novinky zo sveta scifi a fantasy
fandom, kino, recenzie, filmy, kritiky, akcie, novinky, slovensko, poviedky, horor, scifi, fiction, science, videohry, fantasy, videohra, fantastika
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hobby fandom 건담스토어
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아이돌 팬덤
아이돌 팬덤 - 스타에 대한 모든 것이 있는 곳
fandom, idol
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supernatural fandom: the movie |
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akb48wrapup - delivering latest news and insights of akb48 and its fandom from japan just for you!
delivering latest news and insights of akb48 and its fandom from japan just for you!
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home - cc2k | the nexus of pop-culture fandom
founded in 2004, cc2k offers geeks of all stripe an array of portals into pop-culture fandom. aficionados of movies, tv, books, music, comics and video games all have a home at cc2k, which publishes reviews and in-depth essays about all kinds of media. we attract more than 3 million page views annually.
essays, comics, reviews, comparative, analysis, music, games, movies, books, video
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wrestling wrepresentations | examining fandom, celebrity, and representation in pro wrestling
examining fandom, celebrity, and representation in pro wrestling (by tom)
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star trek fanzines, gay romance, male/male, k/s, slash, erotica, star trek, the sentinel, fanzine, fanzines, zines, fandom, slash fanzines, slash fandom, miami vice, starsky & hutch, the man from u.n.c.l.e., war of the worlds, wiseguy, houston knights, 21 jump street, twin peaks, quantum leap, lethal weapon, dark shadows, the professionals, the equalizer, star trek, star trek: the next generation, star trek: deep space 9, vampires, young guns, law & order, the six million dollar man, thunderheart, garrison's gorillas, blake's 7, beauty & the beast, startrek
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the online home of the atlanta outworlders
outworlders, inc. is science fiction, fantasy and horror fan group that supports and promotes gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender themes within these genres. everyone is welcome. an interest in the genres and an open mind are the only requirements. our members are as diverse as their interests and enjoy exploring fandom in a welcoming community of like-minded people.
atlanta, battlestar, galactica, larp, gaming, lord, doctor, gaylactic, network, firefly, serenity, rings, comics, fangroup, lesbian, bisexual, glbt, georgia, science, fiction, fantasy, horror, fandom
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fandom haven story archive
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percy jackson fandom (100% unofficial)
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techno-fandom home page
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the home planet we put the dumb in fandom.
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the voices of fandom - home page
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kevin standlee: fandom is my way of life
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95 | sci-fi a fantasy v čechách a na slovensku
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slashcity - premier slash fandom host
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slashcity - premier slash fandom host
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classic images: the newspaper of film fandom
the newspaper of film fandom
images, classic
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a home for science fiction fans and fandom
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sf fandom | science fiction and fantasy communities
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be careful what you dredge up
welcome, fandom, hannibal, fear, that, last, primary, especially
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how many miles to babylon?
this, fake, fandom, terror, beauty, getting, next
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fandom jewels nostalgic jewelry for the biggest fans
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fandom advisory network | pop culture- from your point of view.
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a drama queens dream | show your fandom in style
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banished to the pen | internal discussions on baseball, stats, and fandom
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fandom steel cage match march madness
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coastcon 40 celebrating 40 years of gaming, cosplay,and fandom
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everybody finds love in the end…♡
mainly an art blog, however may occasionally have fandom stuff.
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the fandom revolution™
lgbtfdb, lgbtvdb, campaigns, billboards, twittertrends
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sassy badger | harry potter, got, breaking bad & awesome other fandom goodies
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fan showcase - the best fan made tv artwork and videos
showcasing the talented world of tv fandom
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hamish, if you're looking for a baby name!
hello sweeties! here you will find a lot of fandom. like sherlock, merlin, doctor who and so on.
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interesting activities of the elite: the bizarre world of jack vance fandom
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red zone fandom
red zone fandom supports fans of fantasy, sci-fi, rpg, tabletop games, fantasy card games, anime, cosplay & furs, and much more, one photograph at a time. red zone fandom supports fans of anime, ccgs, cosplayers, doctor who, fantasy, furs, mlp, rpgs, sci-fi, steampunk, video & tabletop games, and a great many other aspects of fandom. we also feature content local to the great state of idaho, where fandom needs more voices. the red zone's direction is guided by user submissions and participation. every voice is heard and every member is a valued contributor!
magic, deck, mythic, playing, lotus, gathering, cards, players, power, wizards, games, rare, play, rares, builders, kasandra, type, casual, competitive, phases, kitchen, table, moxen, stack, blacker, boothby, black, sanctioned, ajani, tahrmogoyf, tarmogoyhf, tarmoghoyf, tharmogoyf, goyf, game, fantasy, gamers, gamer, mythics, commons
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rachel | 23 art, fandom, translation main
speep, even, real, fuckin, kinnikuman, jjba
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christian fandom home page
writers, essays, biographies, interviews, authors
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dont mind me.
condescending, this, totally, happened, amazing, serious, applicants, only, fandom
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final boss of the ludwig fandom
lemmy, koopa, anonymous, audio, koopalings
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gateway to roleplay
gateway to roleplay is a site with a friendly community involved with fun chat and role play of various genres, including fantasy, fandom, original, and modern!
roleplay, forum, play, role, allowed, various, characters, genres, fandom, gateway, fantasy, original
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an international a:tla/lok community that provides avatar fans with up to date news and other awesome stuff from around the fandom.
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an asteroid and a wild desert flower
gata. brazil. 18 years old. multi-fandom.
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confessions of gensokyo
(dont remove this)
favorites, fandom, loris, character, confession, touhou
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( ・ิω・) hn.
| つるいち | tsuruichi | multi-fandom blog |welcome! |
these, adorable, ranbu, touken, tourabu, hngh
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the untitled
the more you scroll, the more you learn about me. what you find includes my current mood, fandom etc. so thank you for coming here :) - ah, fandoms, so many of them.
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who the hell is bucky?
rayyan / 16 / art / i like bands c: multi-fandom blog. see my art:-) behance | society6 | art ig | band ig
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real rocknrolla
home page of real rocknrolla, a fashion / clothing from grand rapids, michigan. real rocknrolla is your one stop shop for licensed band apparel and merchandise, graphic tees and custom apparel. we arent your average t-shirt store. we showcase artists from all over the globe including musicians, fandom art and more! we campaign for various charities, offering sale promotions for participants. global shipping! over six years in business with an excellent customer service rating!
more, through, connection, make, international, than, underdog, campaign, store, just, clothing, fiction, artwork, online, concert, shop, hoodies, posters, bands, fandom, music, coming, collectibles, showcase
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uuu space travel
this is my personal! this is a multi-fandom blog. lots of different series will be thrown in here
jasper, forget, never
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✿ boycott beyoncé ✿
alex. professional zayn stan and bitter bitch. fandom trash. she/they.
more info collapse
my secret fandom hideaway
because in public i pretend im classy.
this, nerd, deserves, look, some, anonymous
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space ☆ mutt
personal/main blog multi-fandom - mainly pokemon & gundam
raichu, best, okay, pupper
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maybe i could backcomb?
or, you know... come back? #missme
johnlock, mary, wank, 2016, london, fandom, life, sherlock
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tumblr game abe simpson
a bitter man soured on beer and given to claims. gamer/kink/fandom shamer
more info collapse
manu, ♀, 24, from italy. fandom, aesthetic, meta, various resources. text posts on tenbitchyfingers
nudity, video, cats
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olyfant | fandom shirts for everyone
pop culture & original t-shirts designed by top artists. tees inspired from tv shows, movies, books, comics & more! shipped worldwide.
shows, from, inspired, movies, comics, worldwide, shipped, more, tees, books, artists, original, fandom, culture, prints, designed
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orange crushed
time and relative dimensions, in place. {orange_crushed @ ao3}
fandom, black, excellence, fanworks, stucky, cascades
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.we're all nerds here.
hey~ nice to meet anyone who finds this thing. ill post art, fandom shit, and shiny things. enjoy.
dioptase, mcgems
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(non)fictional discussions of fandom-dependent. and some other stuff.
year, strange, magic, potionless, happy, strangemagicsecretsanta, butterfly
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fandom fix launch page
the best place in the scv for the anime and fantasy youve been craving! books, blu-rays and dvds, apparel, accessories, and art- its all here!
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voice actors in the news - serving fandom & the industry since 1999 - as the webs premier source for voice acting entertainment news & info
serving fandom & the industry since 1999 -- as the webs premier source for voice acting entertainment news & info
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otaku journalist | where journalism and fandom collide
otaku journalist: where journalism and fandom collide
journalist, otaku
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otaku journalist | where journalism and fandom collide
otaku journalist: where journalism and fandom collide
journalist, otaku
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just me arting
my art stuffs. for both proper art and doodles or sketches. looking for something? the fandom and characters are all listed in the tags!
wata, klance, voltron, lance, keith
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sad men in tight clothing
kiran. 26. fandom blogge, i follow/comment as kiransingh
force, awakens, history, star, wars, dragon
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korcari wilds
| ally | multi-fandom | | not a spoiler free blog |
moving, castle, witcher, howls, vine, thrones, game
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these are all absurd dirty lies
a multi-fandom blog for information on leopold and loeb see the lnl tab below
dorado, road, faux, bless, gravity, falls
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「 -ism /ɪz(ə)m/ (suffix): denoting a state or quality. 」 tobes | she/her | 19 personal / fandom blog
caps, lock, vines, spoilers, misc, until, dawn
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mondo monster wear
a shirt company that will satisfy your fandom. ordered shirts will be printed up after each order and sent out promptly. part of profits sent to worthy causes
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semantic nonsense
multi-fandom blog where all my personal branding efforts go to die. twitter: @sweetraiscake snapchat: raiscake
osomatsu, same, mass, effect, shakarian
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pale plant mom
18. ace. scorpio. multi-fandom. professional hermit. music junkie. half hippie trash. bucket of paranoia (icon by ectochoir)
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sea bass
*amanda *30s *dedicated to the batfamily: my boys (the robins) my girls (the batgirls) and otps of bat/cat & dick/babs *also ill post from any fandom that strikes my fancy *dont be shy! say hi! i...
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the last thing i do
michelle | us | 30 | lesbian | mostly humor, some 90s aesthetics, and always here for bad ass women and batman ||| fandom stuff will happen, home of drunk!regina, and sometimes i do recaps and write...
kenny, tell
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i am an eternal flame, baby
| maggie | 23 |portuguese | personal and multi-fandom | cries a lot about cartoons |
green, dorito, anonymous, universe, queue, steven
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i accidentally deleted my account ahahaha
22 / female / australia multi fandom blog, expect anything current obsessions: the man from u.n.c.l.e. (movie), superbat (dc)
napollya, uncle, from
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fandom - powered by wikia
the entertainment site where fans come first. your daily source for all things tv, movies, and games, including star wars, fallout, marvel, dc and more.
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on the uphill road leading to tomorrow
multi-fandom blog, but above all my heart belongs to pokmon.
horror, body, chika, maximum, actual, chikatext
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this ain't my first rodeo
hi, you can call me ana. this is a multi-fandom blog, and the star i was born under exploded in post-orgasmic bliss.
damned, queen, aaliyah, vocabulary, photography
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the supernatural fandom has a gif for everything
a blog dedicated to our fandoms supernatural ability to find the appropriate gif for any situation.
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multi-fandom but shinee owns my heart
minho, taemin, jonghyun, shinee
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buzzing - hivetale
hivetale is a multi-fandom roleplay service. we're pretty cool.
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what just happened
mostly hockey
gifs, hazel, wank, hockey, talk, fandom, replies
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buzzing - hivetale
hivetale is a multi-fandom roleplay service. we're pretty cool.
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defying labels
guards, fandom, discworld, teaching, holyfant
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fandom obsessions
obsess much?
isles, sameen, shaw, maura, 6x16, rizzoli, rizzles
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orbit books
rule, love, fandom, millenniums, fantasy, fanart, books
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war never changes
this is a multi-fandom & personal blog feminist | pansexual | she/her | 29 ts4 creations tagged my cc steam id : thatmaloriegirl origin id : sonnenblum
text, post, plays, fallout, malorie
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al ☕ southern us | slytherin | ♌| intj personal & fandom blog. sometimes nsfw and not spoiler free, though tagged appropriately.
fantasy, noctis, final, axel, crying
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kay; 23; us cis she/her; entp i like to write/talk about head canons and fandom history so send me those if you want :))) also tag me in stuff! i love it when people do that! interests include: lilo...
hair, harry, louis
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ellie, 26. teacher, rper, gamer. this is a fandom appreciation blog interspersed with personal posts. often nsfw.
mass, effect, important, racism, cute
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philip hamilton was hot
eliza, she/her, 20, leo!, idek anymore super multi-fandom
this, hamilton, love, video, osomatsu
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this isn't a diamond!
rebecca. 23. irish. affable weirdo. fandom grandma est. 1992.
true, queuependi
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lilly fandom mom 26 f bi ky pinklikeme - personal art blog commissions! (by abhorsen-sabriel!) (by treescab!) pixel family! ask t)(e )(eiress! faq please read before asking!
colossalcon, soon, stuff, summer, excellent
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hi; i write & sketch. nsfw. i post mostly fandom; women, star trek, tolkien, & murdoch mysteries. [ ask away! / ao3 / bio / fic/meta requests ]
myart, fanfiction, mywriting, hobbit, silmread
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all the homestuck, all of it. other fandom blogs f.a.q. this is a blog dedicated to homestuck. everything from art to cosplay to videos and much more. over 6000 pages! content will not go above pg-13...
audio, queue
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tumbleweeds escapism
a little fandom blog, full of tumbleweeds.
hashihime, games, koshotengai, anonymous, info, posts, askblogging, game
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the cultural vacuum
fandom, feminism, other things that start with an f...
stark, arya, eddard, brain, patriarchy, watches, julia
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what a bunch of misfits and freaks we got 'ere
throwaway fandom blog for overwatch shitposting and art (mostly concerning the filthy gay australians.)
lucio, roadhog, junkrat, overwatch
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chronicles of dracontis
leona. nsfw at times. multi fandom/personal
kuroko, quote, basuke, haikyuu, basket
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no gender in the wasteland
vivi | 24 | they/them art, fantasy, inspiration, fandom, and personal blog. icon by madqueenmomo
locations, negative, friend, dragon, personal
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mischievous kid
this is not a democracy french girl - 25 years multi fandom
swan, killian, jones, ouat, emma, klamille, captain
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this is my second blog, seeing as the first one became too full of supernatural to share with people in real life. multi-fandom, multi-ship. et cetera.
dogs, cats
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sometimes you gotta roll the hard six.
im fio, a 25 year old environmental educator from nyc, currently living in beijing. my blog is mostly geeky fandom and shameless fangirling, with some cute animals, social issues and personal stuff....
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twitter-icon-default copy 3
wikia is the home of fandom and the largest entertainment fan site in the world. it is the complete source for tv show, movie, video game and pop culture fans in the know.
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lost without you
previously ikasama-shoujo > kurokokamo. my name is ika and im a ten count trash. ultimate otps of all time | 10% personal | 90% multi-fandom n s f w - follow at your own risk!
writes, tcask, anonymous, anon
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kids, tournaments, cosplay, fandom, activities, mexico, juarez, convention, games, card, borderland, texas, paso, entertainment, anime, game, video, media
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and she dreams in the rain.
fer/synn. i watch a lot of tv and cry about it through drawings. ask box is usually open for fandom requests. fanart tags are under the about page. please do not repost or edit my art in any way. if...
wars, kylo, star, awakens, force, anonymous
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its me, redworld96, but you can call me reddy :dd after asking you an adjective for me, im the "savior" of the tmnt 2012 fandom. spanish 20 girl blogger and gamer . here you can find news, full...
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why so blue, deary~?
i think purple looks far better on you~! indie muffet rp blog. will rp with any fandom. icon credit click me
chatter, gaming, plays
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confused and confusing
multi-fandom cosplayer/fanficcer/space-marine fangirl. submit writing prompts to me and i will write them. call me rae.
nicki, minaj, octopus, animals, cute, destiny
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call me the sinmother ™
multi-fandom art and cosplay blog. i live in video game hell, but am also slowly spiraling into ladybug madness?
blvrryheart, takeheartmyprince, fruitlessadventure, tlatb
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31 year old english woman in scotland. multi fandom blog and gif maker. currently between fandoms so see a variety of stuff posted including vikings, dragon age, star wars, legend of zelda, and x-men:...
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diane. 34. she/her/hers (they/them/theirs also works). canadian dork with a hole in her head this blog is a mess of fandoms. cute things. pretty stuff. nonsense. the flags on the right link to fandom...
boost, signal
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what in tarnation
royce/ 23/ chicago/ sagittarius/ type o/ transman/ he-him-his multi-fandom blog run by some cranky lil asshole with too much time on his hands. i enjoy writing, drawing, gaming, anime, and reading.
illness, other, some
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les petites choses brillantes
je reblogue les choses cool qui passent chez mes amis, principalement en fandom.
women, upthebaguette, awesome, xkcd, belphegor1982, teaching
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slyme5 - is an online store that will satisfy your inner fandom with creative artwork from just about every genre of the universe.
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awesome. wow.
alex | she/her eh this blog has no damn theme tbh. its everything. i post my art and reblog fandom stuff. other times ill ramble about history and current affairs. so if you follow me, you might...
bollywood, movie, babbling, 1950s, america, this, answer
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bloom and doom
some dumbass from the internet currently enrolled in art school. blog content mainly consists of reblogs of fandom trash and cool art i find by other people.second blog for even more stupid stuff art...
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zoe. 20. starspangledbucky on ao3 and wattpad. for all your fandom needs. scottish. writer. photographer. marvel. supernatural. teen wolf. star trek. the hobbit. lord of the rings. sherlock. winter...
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i have no idea what this is
artist - aussie - 28 - multi fandom blog - lots of art, lots bioware, lots of ladies.
giant, goof, what, caviezel, music
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tornveil | where faith, fandom and fiction meet
fiction, lucifer, video, games, bible, speculative, third, heaven, christian
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something of interest
all the cure thats fit to rate. || anime, music, video games, shitposting, that sort of thing. || multi-fandom. || oh, and pictures of flowers, im an amateur flower enthusiast. || infj. || pisces....
just, care, pokemon, sometime, self, true, this
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slipstrike mambo
im m, huge fucking nerd extrodinare. this is my fandom/personal blog. come talk to me or something!i can be a sarcastic, acerbic little shit sometimes, but generally im nice. ◉◡◉ could occasionally...
works, fanfiction, transformative, writing, transformers, queue
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“family don’t end with blood, boy!”
hey, im maya, im 20, college girl. obsessed with tv shows & movies. i post multi-fandom stuff. check out my sidebar and choose your favorite.
bing, walking, dead, joey, chandler, tribbiani
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got gifs & musings
unapologetic booksnob here. dorne is important. also sansa stark. thanks to gots butchery of both, i have entered the void. [tags/about]; [faqs] - visit my new website, fandom following, for all your...
spoilers, season, asks, temporalconundrums, anonymous
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graychalk | on the way there
92% fandom distractions. small bits of random. occasional offerings. icons to the left are main fandoms; click to sort them by tags. faq page. ta
comic, haikyuu, manga, talk, basuke, kuroko
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the canaries cried
edy. 23. italy. bisexual. this blog is dedicated to marvel, dc comics (mostly live-action) and a few more shows, like game of thrones. i hereby share all my edits and writing fandom works. requests...
spoilers, gotedit, reblog
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making progress
25; female; loves fandom (esp kingsman), nature, food; you can find me at ao3 as sourdough_pup. i love talking to people, so drop me a line (or a prompt)!
this, nature, forest, autumn
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and now for something completely different...
a place for my art and my randomness, especially my comic projects. about two years ago, i became part of the tales of vesperia fandom and now i no longer have a life. not that i had much of one...
pickle, comics, hahahahaha, haha, saltiest, very, pickled
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subtle like seabrook
kat. hockey fan. graphic designer. not inclined to resign to maturity. banner designed by ash.
hockey, sharks, smith, jose, selling, fandom
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i am twenty-something and live for books and coffee! i am healthy obsessed with random fandom stuff, games, adventures and more books. my favourite place to be is in my room with my books or in a...
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gehe | male | 18 | spain | sep 22nd - - - - - - - - - cosplayer & artist - - - - - - - - - - hi im gehe, welcome to the fandom hell; shingeki no kyojin, free!, evangelion, big hero 6, steven...
barnes, captain, america, league
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despite everything, it's still you
(bg by cryptovolans!) welcome to my blog! the names jordan, but im usually referred to as bloodsbane or just bane. this is a blog is full of much fandom content, art, music, and silly posts. i try...
banebabbles, purplebono, anonymous, baneanswers
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o(≧∇≦)o multi fandom girl
my name is nhi ai, entp type, and im a girl who is very into j-pop, but lately also into otome game (・・)ノ so basically i update new games from voltage inc., walkthroughs or maybe something random...
devil, guys, with, days, basket, fanart, kuroko
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memories of another world
bree. 19, female. humanist. this is a fandom blog, with some politics, social issues, and personal things scattered throughout.
shows, watch, ladybug, miraculous, galavant, video, personal
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sick my duck
commissions: open ambient shitposting, some fandom stuff and occasional attempts at drawing also: memes. a lot of memes. steam deviantart
things, stranger, shit, pretty, omfg
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the chen den
monica | isfj | uk | 93 line | shawol | daisy | army | mine | 1.jongdae, 2.hakyeon, 3.hoseok. multifandom doesnt cover me. fandom scarves lead to associated tags. im a student but i gif, draw, and...
block, classic, fave
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the force is calling to you...
jackie. 20+. fanartist. multi-fandom blog featuring film, tv, comics, video games, general humor etc. no ships, mostly sfw. art for sale on rb and s6.
legend, zelda, doggie, drake, uncharted, nathan, redbubble
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everything is hitsuzen.
cat x 25 x istj switzerland hi! i blog animanga, bl stuff, movies, food, scenery and random. sometimes i make gifs/edits, i draw fanarts and i cry over my otps everyday. multi fandom x yaoi sometimes...
reply, drawing, this, want, kurofai
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darling be afraid
everything you love will be taken away... hey im kate. i run a what the fuck is her main fandom kinda blog. occasional feminist rants are a thing. i reblog a lot of stuff and i also make my own...
gifs, apple, sucks, tomorrow, arrow, legends, queued
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i need an adult
i was forced to get on tubmlr. i have no clue what i am doing. steph|she|34|completely clueless. phd in headcanons and immoral smut fandom blog, specializing in hannigram and madancy/danish crumpet...
theshockinglyeloquentdog, amazing, betterwhenitsraining, glitterspacequeen, m0ar, n00b
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the winter otter
good, stuff, america, captain, wolf, meta, omfgggggggggg, teen, fandom
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airun garky tv shows, movies series, cine
latest news and interviews from your favorite tv shows and movies. every fandom is welcome!
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art & fic
this is a place where i mainly post fiction and fandom related stuff! inkedawaymain is the blog i will ship asks from but... i wont be posting anything there. i will also follow and like things from...
poketale, turn, next, yeeee, musings, trainertale, myart
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¿quién habla de victorias?...sobreponerse es todo.
frase: rainer maria rilke. avatar: saezuru tori wa habatakanai by yoneda kou. (+18 y nsfw)
yessss, mods, perros, animales, fandom, saezuru
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le temps viendra, je buffyboleyn
christine the canadian. 21. cis. she/her/they. multi-fandom, hypercritical and sundry fun. runs incorrect buffy quotes!
btvs, trash, network, spuffy, bless, wank, cher
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i can feel your heart
laurie 18 uk genderneutral they/them asexual panromantic team instinct libra infp ~v~ please read ~v~ hey guys! my name is lauren, but im gender-neutral so please call me laurie....
casualty, fandom, shoelace, food
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#137: the virtual pokemon
my names avery. im a 24-year-old, bisexual, canadian trans man and transmedicalist/truscum. this is primarily a personal/fandom blog but discussion of trans issues and current events will be very...
accurate, sounds
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野性城邦 首頁
furry, creatures, fantasy, animals, language, chinese, taiwan, therian, polis, wild, fandom
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fandom, life, and everything in between
a life lived slightly out of control. home to one manic pixie dream dragon this is a nsfw blog, 18+ only i am autistic. this sometimes will cause...
nsfw, valveplug
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i aim to misbehave
28 | british | all around odd ball | writer | lurker | budgie owner | dragon age trash multi-fandom blog occasional personal post. ask box is always open if you want to talk or vent. please dont...
fishcrow, minutemen, preston, star, wars
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nerdy recipes
a blog dedicated to fandom and otherwise geeky recipes. i do take requests for locating recipes. unless otherwise stated, no recipes here are of my own fabrication.
dessert, entree, transformers, cocktail, recipe
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multi-fandom trash
answers, bovaria, soulmate, last, anonymous, reblog
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moriarty's network
miescha, 24, female. this is a fandom blog. there will probably be a lot of bbc sherlock stuff. but music puns are good too. and gaming stuff. and movies. and turtles. and birds. and... okay you know...
pics, gifs, hunter, king, criminals, shadow
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magic & fantasy
welcome to my multi-fandom blog! im a spanish girl who loves: - manganime - books - movies - games -tv shows. harry potter / the hunger games / the mortal instruments / percy jackson / tmnt / the...
more info collapse
im a general fangirl; though not the overly crazed type. my tumblr is a whatever the fuck i come across and want to post type of blog, but fair amount of fandom, fluff and feminism. should i lose...
epic, gods, cried, laughed, screamed
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i'm just saying...
23 | nb and pretty gay | aspie | germany | sometimes i have weird pronoun days, but she/her is generally fine this is my personal/fandom blog on which i pretty much post what catches my fancy. stuff...
channing, tatum, nice, asjgdahf, check, please, ghostbusters
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maybe someday
i draw sporadically and post them from time to time. i do not promise to be loyal to any one fandom :)
fallout, meme, your, nerd, showing, guns, week, hate, drawing
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conrad ricamora | jack falahee
"my tv better half" multi-fandom blog daniel | 20 htgawm coliver tracking: oliver-hamptonz
gifs, anon
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hello, tailor
staff writer at the daily dot. co-editor of the rec center, a weekly newsletter for fanfic recs & fandom news. costume design, tv and movie reviewer at hellotailor. see my masterpost for more info!...
bucky, barnes, lgbt, soldier, winter, civil
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dreaming of you
ilinox. イリ. dreamer. romantic. wistful. this is a multi-fandom personal blog. includes otome games, drabbles, art, music, food, and animals. beware the tl;drs. my personality in a nutshell here.
ghell, inspiration, emblem, agent, carter, fire
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the one who became beta
"a magical ink dragon with a hoard of books" this is multi-fandom blog. the following list of tag is definitely not complete... science! space nature portal lotr or the hobbit ff xiii tomb raider rwby...
check, later, book, recs, good, queue
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casey. f, 26, british, queer, likes marmite.aka learnfromthewintertrees. this is my shameless fandom blog. happy to take prompts & talk headcanons. multi-shipper, poly-shipper and loving the...
romanoff, queen, natasha, ghostbusters
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this is my personal blog where i mostly repost silly animal images, fandom-related things, and cosplay stuff. sometimes i draw things or post photos ive taken.
bird, fashion, animal, lolita
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pussycat scribbles
[emily-fay] artwork of the magical or gay variety. sometimes both at the same time. occasional cats. please see my "about" page for key links, fandom tags and other miscellaneous but helpful...
pussycat, inktober, anonymous, draws, responds, inktober2016
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all animated characters american horror story being human uk & us buffy/angel charmed criminal minds divergent doctor who glee grimm harry potter htgawm les misrables merlin oc without a fandom ouat...
korean, research, icon, icons
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i will protect annie leonhardt 2k16
heidi | 26 | ♀ | united states analysis | graphics | fanart merchandise | news | spoilers this is a multifandom blog. my main fandom is attack on titan. check my about page for more info!
edward, elric, anon, reply
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life goes on
multi-fandom anime blog, generally safe for work. feel free to ask me anything, im always bored. matching icons with @noirpsi
attack, midoriya, titan, smith, erwin, izuku, fates, hero, academia, fire, emblem, boku
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chara defense squad
a homestuck blog trying desperately to be multi-fandom. (glances at undertale as it completely takes over.) a fanfic writer who sometimes doesnt know when to stop (and comes up with really crazy shit...
aaaa, rants, frisk, shaped, meet, friend, knife, pinky
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nuclear waste aerobics
f/finland. art blog. i draw a webcomic and lurk in a fandom or two! if you have a question, check out faq tag first comic twitter @maariamph e-mail [email protected] tags #faq...
phantomland, elias, updates, webcomics
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a place both wonderful and strange
a place to collect the beautiful gifs created by the wonderful twin peaks fandom. contains spoilers!
audrey, horne, with, walk, cooper, laura, palmer, fire, dale