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home | archive of our own
an archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works
archive, fair, transformative, works, fanfiction
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asianfanfics - for fans of all things asian
asianfanfics is the largest social network and writing platform for fans of all things asian including entertainment from korea, japan, taiwan, china, singapore, philippines, indonesia, malaysia, and many others
fanfic, asian, eunhae, yunjae, kyumin, yulsic, celebrities, entertainment, stories, daragon, yongseo, fanfiction, taeny, asianfanfics, kryber, hunhan
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equestria daily
my little pony: friendship is magic news, art, media, fanfiction, community, and general brony culture.
pony, ponies, music, merchandise, analysis, meetups, conventions, news, fanfiction, games, toys, comics, video, cartoons
expand collapse - das fanfiction archiv - das deutsche archiv für fanfiction und freie werke
startrek, akte, roswell, angel, buffy, charmed, final, romane, literatur, essays, gedichte, fantasy, kurzgeschichten, pokemon, sailormoon, freie, werke, geschichten, fanfics, fanfic, fanfiction, fanfictions, dragonball, piece, digimon, evangelion, neon, genesis, fanfiktion
expand collapse - my little pony: friendship is magic fanfiction
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scrittura, serie, final, direction, fantasy, ball, naruto, dragon, piece, racconti, fandom, creativa, pubblicare, amatoriale, scrivere, potter, storie, leggere, merlin, film, fiction, anime, fanfic, fanfiction, letteratura, lettura, manga, fumetti, televisive, videogiochi, narrativa, telefilm, cartoni, libri, harry
expand collapse der anime- und manga-verein - vereinsseite und community mit news, fanarts, fanfics usw.
fanfiction, doujinshi, cosplay, fanfic, fanarts, manga, naruto, news, anime
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home - forever dreaming
welcome to our world! striving to be your # 1 source of online entertainment! tv shows, movies, music, shippers and fan fiction.
fanfiction, games, entertainment, couples, celebrities, shows, movies, music
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tth twisting the hellmouth buffy crossover fanfiction
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les fanfictions (fanfic ou fanfiction) de fanfic fr - accueil des fanfics
ecrivez vos propre fanfics (fanfic ou fanfiction), épisodes ou suites de vos animes-séries-films préférés ou inventez, puis mettez-les en ligne et gérez-les vous-même. partagez-les avec des gens qui aiment les fanfictions.
japonaise, japonaises, japonais, japon, fanfic, images, voyage, fantaisie, fantasy, fantastic, fantastique, voyages, quebec, canada, fanfictions, fanfiction, fanfics, fics, convention, blog, forums, forum, conventions, blogs
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original artwork, fanart, and fiction by ashley cope/glassshard.
losstarot, vincent, valentine, sydney, murkoph, manga, comics, soulreaver, kain, blog, oekaki, artwork, playstation, cope, writing, ashley, photoshop, casualvillain, casualvillian, glassshard, story, vagrant, fanfiction, rpgs, glass, zombies, roleplay, vampires, fantasy, backroom, final, fanart
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dokuga - a sesshoumaru and kagome fansite
sesskag, fanfiction, kagsess, kagome, sesshoumaru
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write your own romance, fanfiction, fantasy & other stories online | miss literati
write your own stories, share them with the miss literati community and read stories written by other miss lits!
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sycophant hex
sycophant hex - quality harry potter fanfiction and fanart.
weasley, dumbledore, rowling, wizardry, gryffindor, ravenclaw, artwork, fanart, femslash, slash, witchcraft, hufflepuff, slytherin, pureblood, severus, snape, granger, potter, hermione, remus, lupin, wolfsbane, harry, occlumency, lumos, malfoy, draco, hogwarts
expand collapse - the fanfiction network
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create fanfiction & beautiful quote photos -
create beautiful, amazing, and inspiring photos as wells as write fanfictions on our community has a passion to create only the best quote photos & fanfictions to inspire you.
quote, pictures, livelovecreate, create, live, graphics, love, photos, fanfiction, imaginesphotos, images, fanfictions, quotes
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fanfiction, wincest, slash
expand collapse :: qaf fanfiction without regrets
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wap đọc fanfiction online - truyện teen online
wap đọc fanfiction, truyện teen online trên điện thoại. đọc truyện tốt trên smartphone, lumia, nokia s40, s60.
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the meryton assembly | jane austen fan fiction (jaff)
the meryton assembly is home to jane austen fan fiction. writers and readers gather here to share stories in the pemberley library, the meryton reading room, and on the boards at a happy assembly.
austen, jaff, jane, fiction, darcy, pride, fitzwilliam, elizabeth, bennet, prejudice, assembly, stories, regency, fanfiction, happy, happier, fanfic, alternative
expand collapse - fanfiction
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sink into your eyes :: sink into your eyes - a harry/ginny fanfiction archive
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stories online free - read write share publish - movellas
read over 100000 stories and publish your own for free on movellas. enjoy fanfiction, fantasy, romance and more on the number one reading and writing site for teens.
young, download, writers, mobile, fanfiction, fiction, authors, aspiring, share, write, free, stories, community, online, read
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the petulant poetess :: fiction archive
story archive hosting harry potter fanfiction and original fiction and poetry.
harry, potter, snape, fiction, fanfiction, wizarding, library, weasley, granger, malfoy, stories, lupin, fanfic, mugglenet, burrow, rowling, lumos, sycophanthex, sycophant, online, cauldron, leaky, ashwinder, tauri, charms, samiko, ladymage, mischa, angel, hermioneweasley1972, phoenix, ring, dracontia, pearle, dumbledore, succubus, spells, potions, chaos, defense
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the sterek library
masterlist: /list | list of tags: /tags | fics of the week: /week appearance header by indecentdrawer this blog is strictly for sterek fanfiction. the link posts are ones we have read & recommend....
coffeeshop, college, hale, laura, recs
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fantasy & fanfiction
my stories, my ao3
glass, anonymous
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star trek news - star trek portal mit news, downloads, trailer uvm.
star trek news, downloads, videoclips, episodenkritiken, forum, reviews, fanfiction, hintergrundinformationen, bilder, trailer, community, rpg uvm.
star, trek, hoshi, trailer, startrek, sato, ethan, neelix, dawson, picardo, torres, phillips, jennifer, keating, reed, lien, holodoc, meaney, nichelle, nichols, uhura, trinneer, tucker, connor, worf, michael, linda, bashir, colm, obrien, dorn, siddig, phlox, crusher, fadden, burton, forge, laforge, tasha, dreffects
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mass effect saga
mass, effect, space, role, community, relais, saga, lost, extended, paragon, deception, retorsion, blasto, galaxy, planete, galaxie, recolteur, comics, film, garrus, fanart, ascension, revelation, roman, fanfiction, collector, science, biotique, play, omnitech, charon, palaven, solo, extraterrestre, alien, spectre, conseil, interview, multijoueur, operation
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ryokura shippers
ryokura, tacchon, love, fanfiction, ryohkura, steal
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creative narrative resources formerly rpgens
short, stories, twists, plot, fanfiction, blackaeronaut, humor
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kirk/spock fanfiction :: automated archive
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ficsave - an open-source online fanfiction downloader
an open-source online fanfiction downloader. download fanfics as ebooks from various sources online, for free.
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the history of a song of ice & fire
tower, fanfiction, stark, robert, baratheon, lyanna, asoiaf
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welcome to bangtan fic rec! were a five-man squad that runs this archive of bts fanfiction recommendations. all of the fics have been read by us and are 100% honest recommendations. please feel free...
nissi, compilation, vmin, admin, btfr, bangtan
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= конорама = : московский ордена гаечки узел связи
= конорама = : московский ордена гаечки узел связи
zipper, rescue, monty, dale, gadget, chip, rangers, cdrr, tvshow, animation, fanfiction, fanfic, fanart
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votre ressource en ligne de fanfiction (fanfics et fanfictions) française. écrivez, publiez, libérez votre imagination!
manga, animation, bandes, anime, romans, publier, histoire, chapitre, romance, imagination, france, lecture, livres, films, personnages, jeux, publication, naruto, harry, potter, fiction, fanfic, fanfictions, fictions, twilight, evangelion, city, hunter, bleach, internet, yasha, gundam, stargate, eragon, fanfiction
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hawthorn & vine :: dramione to the very core | draco/hermione fanfiction, art and poetry
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castle fanfiction
a database blog for all the amazing castle fanfics out there! lists tags authors episodes prompts blog
finder, takeover, emilys, blog, queue
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the index :: hermione granger & severus snape stories
harry potter fanfiction: hermione / snape centric. an index of hg/ss fanfics
potions, snape, hermione, index, master, hgss, wiktt, fanfiction, fanfic, granger, thepotionsmaster, potter, potionsmaster, harry, whispers, severus
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fan history wiki
march, livejournal, historical, anniversaries, list, news, wiki, page, 2004, charmed, fanfiction, main
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wtf fanfiction
the good, the bad, and the ugly of fan fiction. as an anon said, "fanfiction by virgins e. l. james." please read the faq before asking questions!
underage, nsfw, wtffanfiction, submission, fanfiction
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skype: please leave an ask for my skype name my hobbit meta on writing fanfiction: tumblr - fanfiction - avelera archive of our own - avelera behind-the-scenes commentary on aveleras...
winter, soldier, stucky, thilbo, hobbit
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xena fanfiction | rizzles fan fiction | otalia fanfic | buffy fanfiction
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world's largest fanfiction archive and forum where fanfic writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion.
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avengers fic recs/reviews
avengers, fanfiction, rogers, steve
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fanfiction - pov
fiction, fanfiction, potter, harry
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fanfiction affliction :: where your fanfiction obsession comes to life.
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home - my immortal
the infamous harry potter fanfiction my immortal dubbed worst fan fiction ever. hilariously bad with worst abuse to english ever.
worst, fanfiction, hilarious, vampire, awful, goffic, goffik, goth, harry, gilesbie, potter, immortal, tara
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the time line
cmar homepage fanfiction
rangers, time, force, power, fiction, fanfic, fanfiction
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write for me, furi
this is a blog specifically for my own kuroko no basuke purposes. this includes fanfiction, re-formatted roleplays, and reblogging random knb stuff. currently not accepting requests.
challenge, shipmylife, reply, sentence, fanfiction, akafuri
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wtf fanfiction de
wtf fanfiction - jetzt auch auf deutsch! habt ihr einen satz in einer fanfic gefunden, bei dem eure augenbrauen in ungeahnte hhen schieen? schickt ihn ein!
piece, nsfw, harry, potter
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ncis fanfiction archive >> welcome
fanfiction archive for the tv show ncis. all kind of ncis fanfiction, bot gen, het and slash.
ncis, slash, fanfiction, fiction
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ncis fanfiction archive >> welcome
fanfiction archive for the tv show ncis. all kind of ncis fanfiction, bot gen, het and slash.
ncis, slash, fanfiction, fiction
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fanfiction mobile
mobile version of the world's largest fanfiction archive where fanfic writers and readers unite. for iphone, ipod, android, web os, blackberry and opera mini.
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(writing like i'm running out of time)
intj / sagittarius-capricorn cusp / q&i in lgbtqia+ / neuroatypical / stealth slytherin / she or they pronouns are fine. contains insomnia, black tea, poetry, & fic. but mostly just fic. as of...
fanfiction, future, back, omens, meme, good, meta
expand collapse - the fanfiction portal
cordyslash, relationshippers, buffy, vampire, bolin, kate, slayer, unconventional, pearl, fanfiction, archives, fiction, fandom, dymphna
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destiel fanfiction
a blog dedicated to collecting, reviewing, and organising destiel fanfiction. feel free to suggest or review a fic. you can browse using our tags. if youre looking for something more specific, try...
abusive, family, pining, dean, destiel
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5 seconds of summer fan fiction :: 5sos fanfics
your source for 5 seconds of summer fanfiction.
fanfics, fanfiction, summer, seconds, calum, luke, clifford, michael, ashton, irwin, hemmings, hood, 5sos, stories, band, 5sosfanfics, 5sosfanfiction, boyband
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bellarke fanfiction
ask ❖ tags your #1 resource for all things bellarke and bellarke fanfiction.
bellamy, blake, bffnet, bellarke, reblog, gifsets
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pop fanfiction :: all your pop fanfiction in one place
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faking it fanfiction
f.a.q masterlist
faking, update, fanfiction, karmy, submission
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larry fanfiction
this blog is dedicated to recommending larry fanfiction. to look at our tags, click "tags" at the top of the page; if youre on mobile or on the app, click here. if a link is not working, please let...
sarah, auos
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klaine fic updates
tracking approx. 300 current klaine fanfiction works-in-progress!! (also tracking certain other pairings. see tracked fics for details.) follow us on twitter: @klaineficupdate please note that this is...
ariadnes, curse, admin, complete, magic, fanfiction, weave, klaine
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segundo intercambio de fanfiction larry en español
bienvenidos al segundo intercambio de fanfiction en espaol de larry, esta vez con temtica primavera/otoo contacto: [email protected] plazos y reglas en los links abajo. prximo...
fics, aleexad, publicaciones
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rizzles fanfiction recs
this is a place to find recommendations of rizzles fanfiction stories as well as asking for help in finding stories. feel free to submit a recommendation of your favorite stories. *make sure you check...
rizzles, isles, findme, maura, jane, fanfic, rizzoli
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fanfiction poviedky o harrym potterovi
preklady fanfiction poviedok o harrym potterovi
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forever is over
im so broken that i cant get up
larry, fanfiction, wtbtsias
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the chosen two archives :: a buffy/faith fanfiction community
femslash fanfiction featuring buffy summers and faith lehane from buffy the vampire slayer. c2 is author owned and operated. get your fuffy fix here!
buffy, summers, femslash, fanfiction, lehane, slayer, vampire, fuffy, faith
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bre/dust2dust34/there was no choice to make
| bre | dust2dust34 | 28 | | fanfiction navigation | ao3 | | twitter | while arrow (read: olicity) currently rules my entire world, this is still a multi-fandom spot. i write lots of fanfiction...
arrow, spoilers, answers, olicity, season
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jane austen fanfiction index
a searchable index of online fanfiction based on the works of jane austen.
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gun brooke - author & artist
gun brooke fiction, digital art, poetry, music vids, fanfiction, etc.
fanfiction, videos, music, poetry, fiction
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fanfiction archives for stargate atlantis, sg-1, hercules: the legendary journeys, young hercules, and when hellmouths collide
john, hurst, michael, sheppard, stargate, atlantis, sorbo, kevin, fanfic, fanfiction, hercules, legendary, iolaus, journeys, ltlj
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ficsave - an open-source online fanfiction downloader
an open-source online fanfiction downloader. download fanfics as ebooks from various sources online, for free.
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ffnet downloader
download and read your favorite fanfictions as pdf / epub while offline for free.
fanfiction, downloader, free, download, online, fiction, ffnet
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ai no kusabi - anime and novel
some info about the novel, novel synopsis, anime script, translation of the cd drama, some good fanfiction and other stuff.
fanfics, fics, polls, gallery, fanfiction, slash, drama, yaoi, translation, ceres, apatia, midas, tanagura, angst, jupiter, amoi, anime, iason, riki, katze, erogenous, dark, kusabi, raoul, furniture, rieko, yoshihara, master, kirie, mongrel, blondie
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why god, why?
a place to go to discuss everything awful- community based off of godawful fan fiction
house, fanfiction, hobafa, child, hobff, badfic, badfanfics, bastard, place, discuss, fiction, godawful, awful
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anime etc. ::
a site with multiple anime fanfiction archives as well as efiction skins, website templates, and website design tutorials.
efiction, skins, otaku, archive, writing, library, templates, webdesign, html, tutorials, design, dbgt, fanfictions, fanfiction, anime, girl, gokugirl, fanfic, dragon, ball, goku
expand collapse | online roleplaying social network for fans of all things asian | roleplay online for free
asianroleplay, a social network for fans of all things asian, including entertainment from korea, japan, taiwan, china, singapore, philippines, indonesia, malaysia, and many others. k-pop, j-pop and other east asian entertainment stars are popular in this genre.
fanfic, asian, fanfiction, cindy123, yongseo, taeny, shin, kryber, eunhae, kyumin, yunjae, yulsic, daragon, hunhan, network, jpop, kpop, roleplay, online, roleplaying, entertainment, social, mobile, celebrities, forum
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fanfics brasil - rede social de fanfic e web novela - e-novelas
fanfic, direction, naruto, fanfics, fanfiction, justin, anime, piece, bieber, idolos, tokusatsu, bleach, animes, livro, potter, lemon, site, search, interativas, fanfictions, brasil, harry, rebelde, fiction
expand collapse :: the last bastion of quality harry potter fanfiction
the last bastion of quality harry potter fanfiction. patronus charm serves only stories from the harry potter fandom. we are the alternative. sister site to dark lord potter.
dark, harry, potter, lord, riddle, independent, weasley, voldemort, discussion, ginny, granger, snape, hermione, indy, gringotts, curse, stag, spell, charm, goblins, patronus, severus, hogwarts, darklordpotter, fanfiction, darklord, games, forum, fiction, fans, bulletin, fics, board, forums, good, evil, chat
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more than either alone: fanfiction by lbilover
a website dedicated to the slash pairings frodo baggins/sam gamgee and sean astin/elijah wood.
white, hobbit, alphas, cabin, pressure, horse, faculty, fiction, fanfiction, heyer, spirited, georgette, jeremiah, rings, wood, sean, elijah, gamgee, astin, frodo, lord, slash, baggins
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●♥ exo fanfiction story ♥●
expand collapse - fanfiction
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funficworld | all about fanfiction
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•●♥ exo fanfiction story ♥●•
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harry potter fanfiction
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t� :: t�rkiye'nin fanfiction ar�ivi
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avenged sevenfold fanfiction
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welcome to the home of elisabeth's fanfiction!
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5 seconds of summer fanfiction
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the walking dead fanfiction
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beautiful memoirs :: fanfiction
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welcome to jaded -- fanfiction by jade
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motionless in white fanfiction
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pierce the veil fanfiction
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falcom fanfiction | falcom中文同人文库
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vampire knight online | a vampire knight fan community
vampire knight online is your place to find and share all things related to the vampire knight manga and anime. fanfiction, pictures, videos, doujinshi, games, even recipes! check out the plot bunny adoption farm and create challenges to share with your friends.
vampire, knight, stories, lemon, games, pictures, fanfiction, doujinshi, pairings
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wraithbait :: stargate: atlantis fanfiction
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nfa community :: ncis fanfiction addiction
expand collapse
psychfic :: a psych fanfiction archive
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fanfiction lookout
description here
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the brian/justin fanfiction community
expand collapse
nine lives :: a caryl fanfiction archive
expand collapse
lindas lotr fanfiction companion
expand collapse
ultimate harry potter fanfiction
expand collapse
trixie belden fanfiction
expand collapse
yuri manga, doujin, forums and fanfiction
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ad astra :: star trek fanfiction archive
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tth twisting the hellmouth buffy crossover fanfiction
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who said age wasn't nothing but a number?
a chris brown fanfiction
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unlimited fan fiction :: your ad-free fanfiction archive
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laramie great central overland ma5il and stage stop
this website is devoted to the laramie television series starring robert fuller and john smith. in our opinion, the best western ever on tv.
laramie, western, robert, fanfiction, fanfic, episode, revue, byington, reviews, spring, studios, family, guide, sherman, cowboys, harper, television, jess, westerns, fuller, series, john, crawford, carmichael, hoagy, smith, slim
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the realm of sailor energy: original webcomics (online mangas), sailor moon & anime fanarts, webcomics (mangas), sprites and others
original anime inspired webcomics, sailor moon fanfiction mangas (comics) and artwork done by jeffrey a.
sailor, fanmanga, fanfic, fanarts, stories, kawaii, drawings, villains, gifs, cute, fanworks, artwork, manga, fanfiction, moon, comic, doujinshi, realm, anime, energy
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the unknowable room - a harry potter fanfiction community
expand collapse
dgrfa :: destiny's gateway romantic fanfiction archives
expand collapse
lord of the rings fanfiction :: a tolkien loving community
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imagery acres: spiletta42's j/c fanfiction, and more
this fanfiction site, home to the fanworks of spiletta42, is dedicated to providing quality fanfic based on stargate sg-1, buffy the vampire slayer, star trek, roswell, and firefly.
slayer, buffy, vampire, janeway, stargate, trek, willow, xanadu, pete, paris, mitchell, kathryn, captain, chakotay, cameron, jackson, daniel, doran, jack, carter, incrowder, fruitcake, warrior, inara, angry, kenlow, vala, kennedy, xander, summers, rosenburg, torres, years, firefly, roswell, btvs, animorphs, trekkie, shipper, gater
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survival instinct :: william adama and laura roslin fanfiction
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flag :: download fanfiction in epub, mobipocket (kindle), pdf, html, rtf
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acciofanfiction :: fanfiction harry potter :: primo archivio italiano
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a blog about my little pony friendship is magic fanfiction, and the writing of.
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dwa ognie połączone w jedno
opowiadanie, fanfiction, andrzej wrona, siatkówka, fanstory, voleyball,
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i love gintama! check out my fanfics: i make gifs
expand collapse
for the love of writing!
lumina, lightning, farron, paddra, final, rose, fanfiction
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austen underground
jane austen fanfiction forum.
austen, jane, underground, fanfiction
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very little, none of note
slightly insane, prone to rambling tags, often attempting to write . . . beautiful icon by andavs
omgcp, fanfiction, zimbits, check
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tłumaczenie fanfiction/opowiadania, którego postacie zapożyczone są z serialu tajemnice domu anubisa + grant gustin & harry shum jr.
expand collapse
home of the eldritch mage
welcome to a writers musings about all kinds of stuff.
saga, noor, chronicles, angels, fanfiction, thranduil, barduil, bard
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home the empty hearse
bored while waiting for the next sherlock episode? we are here! with active social media accounts, regular blog posts, extras, fanfiction and so much more!
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in your reflection
i primarily post video games, the legend of korra, artwork, fanfiction, and the occasional snippets of outstanding news. deal with it.
breathing, heavy
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carny on hubpages
i am a tech enthusiast who practically lives on the internet. i enjoy sci-fi and fantasy books, video games, fanfiction, and anime in my free time....
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rpdr fics
hurt, comfort, fluff, fanfiction, asks, rpdr, anonymous
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the pokemon tower - the best in pokemon fanfiction & fanart!
the pokemon tower -- the best in pokemon fanfiction and fanart!!
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operation can't wait any longer
diablo, brood, warcraft, starcraft, cwal, blizzard, fanfiction, operation
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szukasz fanfiction?
witaj na naszym blogu - miejscu, w ktrym znajdziesz najlepsze polskie fanfiki o one direction. ilość opowiadań w spisie: 539
tumblr, larry
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warm ice cube
nowości: 1. powieść romantyczna (ziam one shot) 2. whoopsie daisy? (rozdział czwarty) prompts: zamknięte |
opowiadanie, fluff, fanfiction, direction
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ryuusa's lair
ryuusa a.k.a. bunnie rabbit || taurus || art blog
ladybug, fanfiction, miraculous, anonymous, pirate
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makoharu is love
hello! my name is jolla and im from the netherlands. makoharu is my otp, im very obsessed. id rather stay as far away as possible from rh, it being my notp.sometimes i write gay fanfiction. i...
stupid, cute, hold
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sharing twilight fanfiction recommendations (by twifanfictionrecs)
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hi; i write & sketch. nsfw. i post mostly fandom; women, star trek, tolkien, & murdoch mysteries. [ ask away! / ao3 / bio / fic/meta requests ]
myart, fanfiction, mywriting, hobbit, silmread
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oh captain, my captain!
you can call me meghan, meg, m, cappy--whatever you please! i write fanfiction and occasionally doodle. networks: ☆ | ☆
milah, rumplestiltskin, spoilers, ouat
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some words about words
i write mediocre fanfiction and play video games badly fic stuff (avatar by wai2cool thegadgetfish)
rivelia, irelia
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just another ghostwriter
my name is ghosty/ghostie. i have three different settings when it comes to fandoms, shipping, fanfiction, events etc: dislike, neutral and oh my freaking gosh capslock about it 90000 times in five...
yamato, hikari, taichi, digimon
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from the eevee's paw
eeveebeth fejvu: fan fic writer & artist
daud, emily, kaldwin, outsider, corvo, attano, dishonored
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buffy cazavampiros, buffy vampire slayer, buffy, spike, angel, spuffy, spangel, giles, spiles, spangelus, fanfiction
buffy, giles, spiles, spangelus, fanfiction, spangel, angel, cazavampiros, vampire, slayer, spike, spuffy
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my fandoms
bun/bunny // 16 // she/her my fanfiction blog! dont be scared to send in requests or simply ask me headcanons! my fandoms vary from day to day, check my about me page below for more info!
mavin, daaayyyuuuuummmmm
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writer of fanfiction, obsessed with the silmarillion. my work on the silmarillion writers guild my stories on archive of our own
hairy, armpits, halbarad, elves, loki, love
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5h fanfiction brasil
sugestes de fics para serem traduzidas ou ideias para alguma fic original, mande-nos uma ask ou em nosso
good, getcha, gonna, update
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eternal contradiction
ao3 | tumblr fics| misanthropic librarian aesthetic. currently otping: steve/bucky. have a weakness for the captive prince trilogy.
idea, stucky, evans, drabble, chris, fashion
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k'schoiceofafi: so it goes
hi. im just here. i write fanfiction sometimes. ivy adorer, quinn stan, myka/h.g. enthusiast, rachel/nina supporter, college student. wanna blog about our ideals?
precious, literally, swift, good, taylor
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kellic trash
hey there. i write gay fanfiction about band members (mainly kellic. some others like cashby, jalex, lashton) you can find them here or check the tkutvfics tag on the app. i really love bands okay. if...
ignore, anywayyy, dont
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everything asterix
outstanding original asterix articles, news, views, fanfiction, and every latin joke explained. everything you ever wanted to read about asterix, obelix, and all your favourites
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images based on fanfiction lines posted at @fanfiction_txt (images pulled from google image search) i didnt really draw any of this.
superman, tails, knuckles, sonic, sega
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time for a pit stop
motogp, perhapsillbeabird, fanfic, fanfiction
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kalajorn's art
just some art and other randomness
gravity, falls, comics, stan, bonding, grunkle, fanfiction, ford, mabel
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femslash fics!
this is a tumblr dedicated to recommendations of femlash fanfiction. dont like? dont read.
minds, brittana, criminal, femslash, fiction
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kudara fiction
fanfiction, kotor, gargoyles, kudara, fiction, trek, voyager, star
expand collapse - touhou project image board / discussion / chat / fanfiction / cyoa
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if you'll have me,i'm yours
this is harry styless fanfiction "dark" fan blog 画像リブログしたり小説そのままか気に入ったtrailerを和訳していきます
styles, harry, dark, fanfic
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lionheart library
a merlin/arthur fanfiction library. if you have any recommendations or youre looking for a story, just send a message! tag page and a-z for the mobile app.
royalty, merthur, anon
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roger's jrock page
j-rock. russian page about jrock. страничка, посвященная японскому року. multimedia, gallery, news, midi, fanfiction, fanart, cosplay, lyrics.
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inner world
serwis zajmujący się tematyką gier japońskich lub z japońskim rodowodem. newsy, recenzje, artykuły, poradniki. zapraszamy!
mmorpg, jrpg, fanfiction, japonia, anime, manga, konsole, final, world, fantasy, komputerowe
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kitty burroughs: the ever-slick slinger of quips. 27, and proud to be a glitter-loving lady. about me storeenvy gumroad smashwords my fanfiction masterpost become a posterchildren patron
posterchildren, anonymous
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writing is hard
side blog for my fanfiction. ill be rebloging stuff for fanfics and future fics. mainly inspiration for ocs& stuff that reminds me of my fics.
dean, audrey, surrender
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magic bubble
oi oi! wiam was wszystkich na moim tumblr. tym co tu znajdziecie jest masa fanfiction, ((nie zawsze tłumaczonych przeze mnie)) zdjęcia chłopcw i niezliczona ilość przypadkowych zdjęć ktre zwrcą...
polish, night, cloudstagram, trees, polishgirl
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jonas brothers fanfiction archive :: your #1 source for jonas brothers fan fiction
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fireismyelement - fic writer
fanfiction writer - kennett shipper trash i take drabble requests for kennett and bonkai submit an ask
bennett, katherine, pierce, bonnie, kennett, queue, mikaelson, assassins
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jesse/marz | 32 | he, him | queer, trans | hannigram and madancy trash | mun/author of twinkyempath & third place best hannibal fanfiction | 18 + | nsfw | header by bayobayo
hannibal, lecter, hannigram, graham, dogs
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ryan lochte
fanfiction michael ryan oneshots
adrian, johnson, gifs, nicole, phelps, michael, nathan, schmelps
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mycssmenu save document
a roswell tv show fan site featuring roswell fanfiction, roswell fanart, a silver handprint repost, and the largest and most comprehensive roswell archive and reference available
roswell, artist, silver, show, series, television, print, handprint, cravings, dreamer, hand, fanart, fanfic, site, antar, room, evans, eraser, saving, destiny, underestimate, lollipop, roswelloracle, parker, oracle, visions, roswellian, jason, behr, shiri, double, awakened, dipper, life, hunger, alpha, hands, omega, archives, fiction
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a. arden writes
im a colorful cupcake.
rizzoli, isles, rizzles, jane, maura
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spn fanfic/ requests are closed (for now)!
dean girl, but i adore sam and cas, too. i write supernatural reader inserts, and love talking to all of you wonderful people!
supernatural, shot, fanfiction, fluff, fanfic, smut
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fanfiction, drawings, and some thoughts about something
cosplay, carol, peletier, dead, walking, personal
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i dream and the world trembles
megan. 27 usa. im a librarian. i play world of warcraft, listen to exo, read lots of history books, read tarot and write little bits and pieces of fanfiction across a wide range of fandoms.
stunning, anonymous, chen, suho
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here, there be dragons...
rowanred81 on and writer/co-creator of "what if? the comic". they/them. agender. panromantic asexual. wiccan. writer. disabled army veteran. t-shirt and jeans kind of person. icon and...
scarypunkghcst, chloe, price, roleplay, rowanred81, strange, life
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one direction fanfiction archive :: your ultimate one direction fan fiction archive
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sign in - better in texas fiction
a place for readers and authors of all genres of fiction and fan fiction to write and read. home of betterintexas's fiction and fanfiction.
fiction, texas
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superior caffeine addict
gurren lagann enthusiast. apparently in love with drakengard 3. fanfiction writer that loves badass ladies who have all the complicated and intense feelings for other ladies. terrible sense of humour....
cassiopeia, drakengard, read, titan, destiny
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fangirl by night
girl engineer by day. fangirl by night. never grew out of playing pretend. cosplay fanfiction meta also find me at: lyra ngalia at archive of our own death takes a holiday at ao3 womanwhobeatyou on...
hate, sherlock, criticism, hamilton, hell, irene, adler
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website of author shay savage
savage, raine, surviving, transcendence, author, fanfiction, shay, savage7289, cover, occupied, mayhem, creations
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angels are bright still though the brightest fell.
rowan. 22. american. multishipper. supernatural, the walking dead, elementary, sherlock, grimm, the almighty johnsons, in the flesh, dominion, teen wolf, revolution, game of thrones, arrow, attack on...
blue, wings, deancastiel, true, green, brothers, woah, fanfiction
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shadow of reflection
welcome to the tumblr counterpart of my website, shadow of reflection. shadow of reflection is a site consisting of my fanart, fanfiction, and videos, as well as two large galleries and other...
nymphomaniac, aaron, paul, gainsbourg, charlotte, labeouf, stellan, skarsgard, shia
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chris hemsworth frustration
a place for fans, by fan, to share their frustrations of any kind. we thrive on your submissions - which can be your fanfics, thoughts and prompts. we accept any and all chris hemsworth fanfiction, be...
thor, reblog, whispers
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it's all about fanfiction and original stories
fictionesque is a place where fanfic writers can publish stories. fictional or non-fictional, fictionesque is all about fans and their creative power
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nocturnal light
buffy, spike, reviews, screencaps, gallery, spuffy, nocturnal, btvs, fanfiction, archive, fanfic, light
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korrasami, fanfiction
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the fever ache begins
sara, los angeles. this is a mostly 5sos blog, i pretty much only tag personal posts and fanfiction. i like to chit-chat, lets be pals. :d check out my etsy shop sara louise vintage, and follow the...
veronica, lodge, goals, comics, archie, betty
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crear un foro -
foro gratis foro de todo tipo: fanfiction, manga, anime, libros, roleplaying, juegos, etc. entra y crea tu propio rincon en esta pequeña comunidad! foro dedicado a reseñas de libros, un poco de farándula, películas etc.
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home - the conqueror's library
maas, merwolf, armageddon, darphus, fanfiction, corinth, birdie, wells, conquer, melissa, princess, warrior, mayt, lord, amazon, queen, fiction, stories, fanfic, gabrielle, conqueror, callisto, ares, amazons, slave, eponin, solari, ephiny, xena
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fanfiction prompts
with regard to submissions: we no longer accept fandom specific prompts and wont post them if we do receive them. our goal is to have prompts that can inspire writers for all fandoms without forcing...
prompt, fanfic, shipping, submission, general
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linett's lore
stories are everything. dragon age fanfiction and fenris appreciation here. knitting at @lanaemagistra. call me ranna dylin or linett redfern or lanae magistra or durandir. when im not...
fenhawke, hawkquisition, appreciation, fenris, dragon
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undertale happens here. i make theory posts, write fanfiction sometimes and reblog things. there will be spoilers. if you want the theories without the reblogs, click the theory button. most of it...
save, chara, analysis, frisk, reblogs
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a wonderful life
fangirl, fanfiction writer, music addict. i like lots of things. i reblog lots of things. glee is my favourite thing in the world and i will love it forever. im here for klaine. and for kurt. and for...
glee, yesyesyes, klaine, queued, youre
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imagine this: creative outlet for a dreamer
~temporarily closed for requests~ here is mymaster list, if you would like it:
gubler, criminal, minds, gray, matthew, imagine, fanfic, fanfiction
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~snowtime~ - home
snowtime, fanfiction, fanfics
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the hunger games fanfiction's
i will write you your own personal story, submit anything and i will do one long story and if i like your idea good enough, i might continue on your story. make sure you check out the tags before you...
games, hunger, cato, fanfics
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stargate novels::home
stargate, novels, merchandise, stories, books, chevron, fiction, fanfiction, gate, jaffa, samantha, colonel, jack, major, jackson, daniel, carter
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twilight, travel, and treats
find out about twilight travel and cake decorating.
edward, vancouver, forks, travel, bella, fondant, iphone, ebook, gumpaste, mobile, stanza, kristen, pattinson, robert, stewart, cake, fanfiction, cupcakes, decorating, twilight
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home - shaviva's stargate fan ... stuff
an archive of my (shaviva) efforts with stargate fanfiction, fan videos, and role playing.
stargate, general, sheppard, john, jack, mckay, rodney, doctor, colonel, evan, fiction, atlantis, video, role, major, playing, lorne
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malora ❤ swan queen ❤ dragon queen ❤ red kansas ❤ feminism ❤ zelena friendly ❤ rumbelle friendly #chipped bug my hobbies: manips ☆gifs ☆ fanfiction☆ meta || caution: i am heavily anti-hook and...
ouat, anti, hook, spoilers, regina, mills
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fandomain, text based role playing, creative writing, social networking, roleplay, online, role play, roleplaying, roleplayer, rpg, roleplaying game, role playing games, character roleplay, fantasy roleplay, fantasy rpg, role play site, interactive writing, blogs, fanfiction, poetry, medieval rp, myths and legends
role, roleplay, play, roleplaying, fantasy, writing, playing, poetry, fanfiction, blogs, interactive, medieval, legends, myths, site, character, based, online, creative, networking, roleplayer, fandomain, social, games, game, text
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across the stars
gemma here! introvert. writer. anidala trash. this blog is dedicated entiely to anakin skywalker and padme amidala and prequel appreciation alongside my writing. got an anidala prompt? send it to me, ...
anidala, skywalker, fanfiction, anakin, amidala, wars, padme, star
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space:1999 fiction archive
archive of fan fiction about the 1970s science-fiction series space:1999, starring barbara bain and martin landau.
television, moonbase, alpha, moon, scifi, fanfiction, fiction, ariana
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asian fan fiction :: your favorite source dedicated to asian fanfics
asian fanfiction is a moderated archive for fanfics featuring asian artists and also for original fiction featuring asian characters.
yamapi, soompi, shinee, taeyang, 2ne1, gdragon, mike, yang, bang, dbsk, asianfanfics, super, junior, rainie, yaoi, slash, winglin
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zeldapower forums - powered by vbulletin
zeldapower forums - the zelda discussion forum of
fanfiction, fanart, fanworks, board, bulletin, jelsoft, community, ganon, discussion, forum, zelda, ocarina, princess, twilight, vbulletin
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bill & ted's excellent online adventure - home page
an official website for everything related to the bill & ted universe! party on, dudes!
bill, pictures, stories, sounds, fiction, soundbytes, fanfic, comics, comic, toons, cartoons, dude, fanfiction, party, winter, alex, keanu, reeves, journey, bogus, adventure, excellent
expand collapse ~ v.09 ewan mcgregor
amanda, macleod, highlander, raven, connor, methos, avatars, icons, duncan, darieux, fiction, fanfiction, fanfic, wolfe, webgraphics, nick, montrose, graphics, names, sound, clips, celtic, kurland, lynn, spike, buffy, mcgregor, ewan, wallpapers, fanlisting, fanlistings, daire
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asociación juvenil acnil | asociación juvenil burgalesa
friky, pillars, eternity, papel, burgos, jornadas, alternativo, asociarse, socios, alas, ocio, manga, concurso, review, carcassonne, game, juego, catan, torneo, acnil, fanfic, devir, nacional, fanfiction
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slayers' time | news, femslash, fanfictions, lezmovie - slayerstime
slayerstime, site de fanfictions et de femslash français
lesbien, fanfic, time, buffy, roman, swanqueen, fanfiction, femslash
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the mentalist tv show - the mentalist on cbs
a fansite for the cbs show the mentalist with pictures, cast and character bios, videos, spoilers, fanfiction, and more.
mentalist, baker, cast, episodes, pictures, simon, jane, patrick, show
expand collapse - the best in yaoi fiction - the best in yaoi fiction. offering guaranteed weekly updates in yaoi, gay, slash, m/m romantic fiction. original, fanfiction, sci-fi, historical, serial and more.
yaoi, fiction, boylove, slash, yaoifix
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anime ai home
anime ai. com is a web community focused on anime, gaming and manga. the site includes a large gallery of user art, a large wallpaper database, anime gaming and roleply forums, anime fanfics and fanfiction, stories and anime video clips. we also have a roleplay area so anime and gaming fans can roleplay all their favorite scenarios
anime, xbox, gaming, manga, animeai
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sonadow online
your number one resource for all things sonic x shadow. user based art gallery, an extensive fanfiction library, oekaki, an online sonic radio station, a live chat system, and forums. must be 18 or older to enter.
sonic, shadow, hedgehog, sonadow, shadonic
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joseph palmer
joseph palmer's home page. links to ranma fanfiction, paper airplanes, and more.
opinions, view, airplanes, paper, palmer, home, ranma, fanfictions, joseph
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castle – slovenský web o seriáli vtierka castle |
seriál castle - slovenská stránka venovaná seriálu vtierka castle. nájdete tu novinky, slovenské titulky, postavy, download epizód a veľa ďaľšieho
castle, beckett, rozhovory, spoilery, fanfiction, poviedky, rick, postavy, serial, vtierka, slovenske, titulky, download
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the blue shinra archive
final, kasahara, fantasy, reeve, square, shinra, squaresoft, sith, summon, cait, enix, fanfiction, fandom, fanfic, fiction, scarlet, squeenix, elena, ffvii, blue, tseng, rude, reno, turks, loveless, rufus
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starfox's mansion - a website for fans of the tv-show the sentinel
this site is dedicated to the tv-show the sentinel and the main characters jim ellison, blair sandburg and simon banks..
sentinel, ellison, mansion, fanfiction, banks, links, simon, quotes, info, news, keepership, gallery, sounds, sandburg, james, richard, burghi, petfly, garret, maggart, young, bruce, blair
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sheryl nantus's home page
the home of sheryl nantus, romance writer. books here in paranormal fantasy, science fiction romance, steampunk romance and superhero romance
romance, fiction, superheroes, shifters, gaming, fanfiction, harlequin, toronto, canada, samhain, carina, novels, ebooks, genius, science, fantasy, scifaiku, poems, poetry, short, stories, girl, speculative, life, zombies, books
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:: люциус малфой & джейсон айзакс ::
potter, harry, winamp, screen, saver, jason, isaacs, malfoy, lucius, fanart, fanfiction
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i sign. i wander. |
continuing from day 2 & plenary speakers of day 3… the linguistic-cultural rights in deaf education and the sign language act in finland - jaana aaltonen
language, sign, deaf, 1880, bilingualism, deafness, disability, american, education, auslan, british, rights, human, culture, community, potter, harry, fanfiction, fanfic, hogwarts, iced, fiction, oralist, oralism, milan, voldemort
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forum, drarry, harry, draco, fanfiction, czytanka, lizgoska, dracoharry, potter, malfoy, literackie, harrydraco
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bones in italia? tutto quello che vuoi sapere sul telefilm lo trovi qui: news, spoiler, guida agli episodi, colonna sonora, sottotitoli e tanto altro!
bones, temperance, brennan, booth, trailer, video, kathy, seeley, reichs, download, ascolti, auditel, stagione, sides, hart, hanson, deschanel, emily, telefilm, episodi, anticipazioni, spoiler, italia, david, boreanaz, soundtrack, sottotitoli, sonora, colonna, news, fanfiction