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bootstrap the world's most popular mobile-first and responsive front-end framework.
bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.
frontend, development, bootstrap, framework, javascript, html
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yii php framework: best for web 2.0 development
yii is a high-performance component-based php framework best for web 2.0 development.
framework, jquery, ajax, comparison, frameworks, best
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laravel-简洁、优雅的php开发框架(php web framework)。- laravel中文网(laravel中国社区)
laravel是一套简洁、优雅的php web开发框架(php web framework) -- laravel中文网
laravel, routing, restful, framework
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codejava - coding your passion
java programming tutorials, articles, tips, code examples and demo programs of various categories: java core, java se, java ee, spring framework, struts framework, hibernate framework, eclipse id, tomcat server, books review, bookstore.
samples, programs, applications, howto, code, examples, tutorials, articles, tips, tricks, java
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prestashop 1. 6 themes | joomla template| theme clubs - leotheme
best prestashop framework | best prestashop 1.6 framework | prestashop template club | prestashop 1.5 framework
prestashop, best, support, provider, template, club, leotheme, framework
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jqwidgets - jquery html5 ui widgets framework
the leading html5 ui widgets framework powered by javascript, css & jquery. build responsive web sites and apps that work on pcs, tablets and smart phones.
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phaser - a fast, fun and free open source html5 game framework
phaser: the fun, fast and free html5 game framework
sprites, animation, physics, audio, collision, webgl, canvas, html5, games, framework, library, phaser
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slim framework
slim is a php micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and apis.
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these tutorials helps you to understand microsoft entity framework. it covers basics to advanced level entity framework with code snippets using simple school database example.
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javascript ui library, ajax components & html5 framework - dhtmlx
dhtmlx offers a rich javascript library, ui components & html5 mobile framework. build impressive web apps for both desktop and mobile devices.
javascript, framework, ajax, library, html5, development, application, controls, java, component, dhtml, mobile, components, toolkit, user, dhtmlx, interface
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bulma: a modern css framework
bulma is a css framework based on flexbox and built with sass
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metro ui css - the front-end framework for developing projects on the web in windows metro style
metro, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful framework for faster and easier web development for windows metro style.
frontend, development, metro, framework, javascript, html
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homepage - beego: simple & powerful go app framework
beego web is official blog and documentation website for beego app web framework
framework, blog, documentation, golang, beego
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leading enterprise java web framework | zk
zk is the leading open source ajax + mobile java web framework integrating jquery, spring, jpa, hibernate, javaee, grails, scala and many more.
java, framework, ajax, source, groovy, lgpl, open, grails, jquery, framekwork, spring
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lightweight responsive css framework
lightweight, more intuitive and useful responsive css framework. since we care about maximal usability of framework, all components are fully responsive.
responsive, framework, site, grid, lightweight
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kohana: the swift php framework
kohana homepage. kohana is an hmvc php5 framework that provides a rich set of components for building web applications.
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17 boilerplate - web application framework | home page
an application framework and starting point for mvc web applications with best practices and most popular tools!
framework, application, jquery, knockoutjs, durandal, boilerplate, single, page, template
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cherry framework - the best wordpress framework
the most delicious wordpress framework fully responsive design, easy install, steady updates, great number of shortcodes and widgets, integration of bootstrap
templates, bootstrap, wordpress, framework, cherry
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prestarshop themes, modules and joomla extensions
joommasters is premium prestashop template club, we provider best prestashop framework, we support prestashop 1.5.x, prestashop 1.6.x
prestashop, framework, best, theme, premium, template, club
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bootstrap (deutsch) das beliebteste anpassungsfähige und moderne front-end-framework der welt
bootstrap, ein umfangreiches und dennoch schlankes mobile-first frond-end-framework für einfachere und schnellere entwicklung im web.
bootstrap, deutsch, dokumentation, framework, javascript, html
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chsakells blog | anything around mvc,web api, wcf, entity framework & c#
anything around mvc, web api, wcf, entity framework & c# (by christos s.)
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bootstrap em português (brasil) o mais popular framework front-end responsivo e focado para dispositivos móveis do mundo.
bootstrap em português (brasil), agradável, intuítivo, e poderoso framework front-end para criar facilmente de forma ágil projetos web responsivos e mobile-first.
frontend, development, bootstrap, framework, javascript, html
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wp outcast - your #1 place for studiopress themes
a mobile responsive studiopress theme marketplace for multiple blog niches. search for a genesis framework theme anytime.
genesis, studiopress, framework, marketplace, themes, wordpress, theme, child, premium, html
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sequence.js - the responsive css animation framework
the responsive css animation framework for creating unique sliders, presentations, banners, and other step-based applications.
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spark framework - a tiny java web framework
spark framework - create web applications in java rapidly. spark is a micro web framework that lets you focus on writing your code, not boilerplate code.
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bottle: python web framework bottle 0.13-dev documentation
bottle is a fast, simple and lightweight wsgi micro web-framework for python.
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27 machine learning framework is a .net machine learning framework combined with audio and image processing libraries completely written in c# ready to be used in commercial applications.
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compile mode - learn mvc,,c#,sql,wcf,web api,azure,signalr,entity framework,wcf rest
learn, mvc, c#, sql, wcf, web api rest, azure, signalr, entity framework
azure, signalr, framework, entity, code, source, tutorials, free
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framework y · advenced easy and fast to use template for develop html websites.
framework y, a flexible, intuitive, and productivity oriented front-end framework for fast and easy development of web sites.
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gumby - a flexible, responsive css framework - powered by sass
create rapid and logical page layout and app prototypes with gumby framework, a flexible, responsive css framework, powered by sass
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fat-free framework for php
a powerful yet easy-to-use php micro-framework designed to help you build dynamic and robust web applications - fast!
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부트스트랩 세상에서 가장 인기있는 모바일 우선이며, 반응형인 프론트엔드 프레임워크.
bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.
frontend, development, bootstrap, framework, javascript, html
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bootsfaces: the next-gen jsf framework based on bootstrap
bootsfaces, a powerful jsf framework that takes the best from bootstrap and jquery ui to let develop well-designed state-of-the-art next-gen front-end enterprise applications fast and easy supporting html5.
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yaml css framework for truly flexible, accessible and responsive websites
yet another multicolumn layout (yaml) is a modular css framework for truly flexible, accessible and responsive websites.
layout, mobile, flexible, responsive, accessibility, forms, modular, css3, height, toolkit, framework, grid, column, equal, html5
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microsoft .net framework, скачать бесплатно любую версию
здесь вы можете скачать любую версию, от новейшей 4.5 до давно устаревшей 1.0. установка .net framework требуется для работы многих программ.
framework, microsoft
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llblgen pro | entity modeling solution and orm framework for .net
llblgen pro: using databases in your .net code made easy. the entity modeling solution for entity framework, llblgen pro runtime framework, nhibernate and linq to sql.
mapper, llblgen, framework, designer, nhibernate, linq, entity
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sutana ryans blog, portfolio and review site
sutanaryan is a programming blog maintained by ryan sutana. tutorials focused on programming, jquery, ajax, php, demos, web design, javascript, software, mysql,
framework, wordpress, design, android, javascript, foundation, tutorial, bootstrap, mysql, html5, modules, plugins, joomla, jquery, themes, css3, responsive, theme, ajax
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unicorn ui framework
a highly customizable and production ready ui library for the web.
scss, library, development, framework, buttons
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blueprint: a css framework | spend your time innovating, not replicating
the official homepage for blueprint, the original css framework. also known as blueprint css.
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opencart mobile theme + extension | omframework
youve got a lot of mobile traffic to your opencart store, but your smartphone visitors leave your site without buying anything? obviously you are missing out on a lot of sales.
opencart, mobile, framework, template, theme, smartphone
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laravel - web sanatçılarının php framework'ü.
laravel - web sanatçılarının php framework'ü.
taylor, otwell, framework, laravel
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sphilip, développeur web, joomla, jea
développeur web freelance à saint-etienne. développement joomla, jea, zend framework.
framework, zend, mysql, joomla, webdesign, javascripts, ajax
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concise framework
concise is a lightweight front-end framework that provides a number of great features without the bloat.
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enyo javascript application framework test
enyo is a javascript app framework enabling developers build native-quality html5 apps that run everywhere — from phones and tablets to pcs and tvs.
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laravel brasil | a framework for web artisans
laravel, tutorial, agile, eloquent, screencasts, artigos, framework, composer, blog
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python rest api framework eve 0.6.1-dev documentation
python rest api framework to effortlessly build and deploy full featured, highly customizable restful web services.
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open source php user management framework
recaptcha, framework, management, user
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nouveau wordpress framework | a modular wordpress framework built on zurb foundation and php 5.3+
nouveau is a free, open-source, developer-oriented wordpress framework built on zurb foundation. create wordpress themes & plugins with incredible speed.
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49 - application framework is a port and extension of the java based spring framework for .net.
framework, open, source, spring, application
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gamua - consistent game development across all platforms
create stunning games across all platforms with the starling framework for flash and the sparrow framework for ios.
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base - a super simple html/css responsive framework
a rock solid, responsive html/css framework built to work on all devices big and small.
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ionichina:全球最大的 ionic framework 中文社区
ionichina:全球最大的 ionic framework 中文社区
ionic, cordova, phonegap, native, angularjs, android, hybrid, drifty, html5, mobile, javascript, framework
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coding explained - programming made easy
coding explained focuses on open source web development, and particularly java, spring framework, php and zend framework.
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yesod web framework for haskell
yesod is a haskell web framework for productive development of type-safe, restful, high performance web applications.
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learn java by examples
learn java by exampleslearn java by examples. everything you want to know about java. tutorials, source codes, scjp, scwcd and ebooks.
java, framework, swing, programming, interfaces, programs, tutorials, networking, core, faces, server, classes, advanced, source, struts, hibernate, spring, servlets, overview, code, examples, introduction, objects
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responsive html email framework
the email framework for creating responsive html emails layouts/templates supported on over 40+ emails clients. code your email templates confidently today.
email, html, framework, responsive
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flat ui kit free is a twitter bootstrap framework design and theme, this responsive framework includes a psd and html version.
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yj simple grid - cms template framework
template framework for joomla
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falcon - the minimalist python wsgi framework
falcon is a truly fast, light-weight framework for building cloud apis. it tries to do as little as possible while remaining highly effective.
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supersocket, an extensible socket server framework - home
supersocket is a light weight, cross platform and extensible .net/mono socket server application framework
server, platform, sharp, cross, open, source, performance, socket, framework, high, supersocket
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yazılımcının günlüğü |
bu site içerisinde .net teknolojileri (c#,, sql server, mvc) üzerine en iyi yazar ve editörler tarafından hazırlanmış makaleleri bulabilirsiniz.
framework, visual, server, silverlight, studio, servisleri, sharepoint, teknolojiler, entity, micro, mobil, dynamics, microsoft
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vapor (web framework for swift)
a web framework and server for swift that works on macos and ubuntu.
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bayram üçüncü | principled coder, mvc, mvc, jquery, test driven development ile ilgili yazılar ve örnek uygulamaları bulabileceğiniz bir site.
framework, fremework, server, entity, windows
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titan framework - awesome wordpress option framework
create options for your wordpress products with ease with just a few lines of code. generate your own underscores & titan framework based theme now
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django brasil | website da comunidade brasileira
django é um framework web de alto nível escrito em python que estimula o desenvolvimento rápido e limpo. django brasil é a comunidade brasileira de usuários do framework django.
python, django, framework
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the elegant ruby web framework - padrino ruby web framework
padrino is a ruby framework built upon the excellent sinatra microframework. this framework tries hard to make it as fun and easy as possible to code much more advanced web applications by building upon the sinatra philosophies and foundation.
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book on node.js express framework - express.js
home of the book "express web application development", and a place to discuss about express, the web framework for node.js
express, framework, nodejs, book, node
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quasar framework
quasar framework - build desktop & phone/tablet apps simultaneously
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phpmoadmin - mongodb gui administration tool for php, built on vork
mongodb gui administration tool for php. built on a stripped-down version of the vork php framework
framework, phpdocumentor, zend, docblock, gplv3, foss, mongo, phpmoadmin, admin, vork, nosql, mongodb
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estensioni joomla italiano gratis | framework php |
componenti joomla, plugin, php framework, applicazioni android ed altre cose, è tutto software open source e freeware.
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buying a house is a big deal. do it right. - framework
once upon a time, buying a home was simple. today, the game has changed. whether you’re buying for the first time or the fifth, you need to be more savvy, more proactive. with the framework online course, you can be.
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code epicenter | the point is to understand
you think your wireless and other technology is safe? from blue tooth to automobile remotes, pcs, and "secure" credit cards, hacker extraordinaire shows how
framework, software, tutorial, development, programmer, developers, speech, identityinterface, login, leaders, hire, functionality, video, life, computer, developer, engineer, engineering, artificial, intelligence, simon, php7, sinek
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php frameworks - frameworks
we compare all kinds of php frameworks, help you find the best php framework and choose the right php framework for your project.
news, comments, select, compare, framework, difference
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php framework - nova framework - a simple mvc framework
nova framework (formerly known as simple mvc framework) is a php 5.5 mvc framework. designed to be lightweight and modular, allowing developers to build better and easy to maintain code with php.
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home - การใช้งาน ซอฟแวร์ และเทคโนโลยี่ใหม่ๆ
รับเขียนโปรแกรมระบบงาน ทั่วไป
framework, java
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cascade framework
professional frontend framework that makes building websites easier than ever.
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a web framework's framework for node.js.
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dcodes - the online css framework with 1,500+ shortcodes
dcodes is a comprehensive css/html framework with over 1500+ template shortcodes.
framework, hosted, online, codes, shortcodes, html, templates
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ryan pierce
bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.
frontend, development, bootstrap, framework, javascript, html
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80 | learn to code faster, better, together.
oncebuilder is the most promising framework, you can mange your projects, plugins, backups, resources, libraires, tools in one place.
framework, oncebuilder, builder, development, rapid, developer, best, micro, application
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framework home page & the fred computer language, framework iv, ii, iii, v, vi, vi, vii
framework, computer, language, fred, interpreter, programming, dbase, files, functions, borland, selections, object, handheld, computers, psion, oriented, software, file, viii, home, page, fw10, format
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yii php framework: best for web 2.0 development
yii is a high-performance component-based php framework best for web 2.0 development.
framework, jquery, ajax, comparison, frameworks, best
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doophp - the fastest mvc based php framework
doo is a high-performance mvc-based php framework for developing web 2.0 applications rapidly.
framework, jquery, ajax, programming, easy, record, datamapper, fastest, rest, active
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可爱滴web开发框架 - lmlphp framework
lmlphp框架为自由灵活高性能的web开发而生, 它拥有体积小, 纯面向对象, mvc架构, 强大的路由, 强大的debug工具, 代码安全, 使用方便, 自动更新等优点.它遵循mit开源协议, 对商业支持良好, 可以免费使用.lmlphp framework, a fully object-oriented php framework, keep it light, magnificent, lovely.
framework, development, lmlphp
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php framework - simple mvc framework
simple mvc framework is a php 5.4 mvc framework. designed to be lightweight and modular, allowing developers to build better and easy to maintain code with php.
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recess php framework
recess is an open source, full-stack php framework that uses rest, annotations, and strong object-oriented design. recess simplifies web 2.0 development in php.
framework, ajax, jquery, restful, rest
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cygnite php framework- the new cool kid!
cygnite- the modern php framework for web developers.
cygnite, framework, routing, namespaces, restful, providers, container, hmvc, service, builder, sanjoy, dynamic, finders, database, schema, migration
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elastic css framework
powerful css framework
layout, style, column, adaptive, breezi, wordpress, javascript, framework, design
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lightweight responsive css framework - lightuikit
lightweight css framework, responsive css framework, lightweight responsive css framework for faster web development , high speed front-end framework - lightuikit
framework, frontend, development, responsive, html, lightweight
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токарчук андрей (zend framework, php, ruby on rails, ruby)
zend framework, doctrine, php, ubuntu и другие интересные штуки. блог zend framework разработчика. программирование на php, вопросы использование memcached,
ruby, framework, javascript, html, ajax, mootools, tookit, dojo, jquery, mysq, rails, paterns, php5, zend, php6
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zend framework forum - zf1 / zf2
zend framework forum. professionelle hilfe für internet-anwendungen mit dem modernen, objektorientierten php zend framework. bereits über 8.000 themen ...
pattern, project, php5, zendframework, framework, zend
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django-fr | le framework web python pour les perfectionnistes
django est un framework web python de haut niveau encourageant un développement rapide et bien fait, un design pragmatique.
framework, documentation, francophone, python, django
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blueshoes php application framework and php cms
blueshoes is a comprehensive application framework and content management system. it is written in the widely used web-scripting language php.
framework, php5, php4, opensource, open, free, source, phpunit, apache, mysql, linux, application, blueshoes
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pinecss - responsive css framework
pinecss size kolaylıkla responsive arayüz tasarımları yapmanıza olanak sağlayan bir css framework'üdür.
framework, pine, pinecss, responsive
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dancer - perl web framework for easy and fun webapp development
perldancer is a micro perl web framework designed to be as effortless as possible for the developer. with perldancer, web development is fun again. it's a very expressive dsl for writing web applications with tons of plugins and a very dynamic community.
framework, application, webapps, micro, dancer, perl, perldancer
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website-php framework php
website-php is a php framework which has the distinction of being fully object-oriented, and not requiring special knowledge of html or javascript. knowledges of php and mechanisms for object-oriented programming (oop) are still is an easly framework on php 5.2 and compatible with the database mysql. with his 100% object programming you have a maximum reusability of the framework components and your job.
jquery, dotnet, eclipse, object, website, framework
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русскоязычное zend framework сообщество
zend framework ru - русскоязычное сообщество поддержки популярного php фреймворка
framework, zend
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birtus for .net framework 3.0 or higher
source code generator for .net framework with 40 classes and 200 functions for .net framework 3.0 for use with microsoft visual studio, c#, vb .net, or asp .net
source, interface, code, mysql, oracle, sqlserver, framework, programming, basic, development, studio, visual, freeware
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expand framework is the first open source project based on devexpress expressapp framework (xaf)
framework, expressapp, modules, devexpress, expand
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jooby - a micro java web framework
scalable, fast and modular micro web framework for java
framework, micro, modern, scalable, best, world, express, hello, async, easy, java, sinatra
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cms accessibile e framework di sviluppo web - flexcmp
il cms e framework accessibile per il web 2.0. flexcmp è il cms e framework che permette di realizzare siti e portali web accessibili, ricchi di funzionalità, da gestire in totale autonomia.
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viewing and converting wks wdb fw3 fw4 files for excel, word or openoffice.
converters for ms-works and framework iii/iv files to office application.
framework, view, convert, open, file, extension
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genesis framework for wordpress, what is it? - wpmarketing
the genesis framework whether youre a business owner or website developer this framework is now the industry standard for anyone using a wordpress blog.
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awesome studio framework for wordpress
wordpress framework for creating beautiful websites, by assembling ready to use modules. it also best wordpress framework for rapid prototyping in wordpress
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jui framework: html5 based ui framework, support many components, svg charts and fast grid.
jui framework is all free. a simple, fast, many: jui is all-in-one desktop ui framework. bootstrap support, independent style & script components, svg-based chart and map components.
chart, dashboard, free, grid, framework, html5, nodejs, canvas
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gumby 960 grid responsive css framework
create rapid and logical page layout and app prototypes with gumby framework, a responsive css framework based on the 960 grid you already know.
grid, responsive, framework, prototypes
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responsive boilerplate framework
a responsive boilerplate css framework.
framework, responsive, grid, mobile, system, media, queries, css3, html5, first, design, micro
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framework productions
internet-auftritt der framework productions gbr
berlin, productions, framework, produktion
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web framework - home web framework brings together a cohesive design vision across all of our web properties. we provide a centralized location for designers, developers and partners to access our design philosophy, ui components and engineeringresources
frontend, development, microsoft, framework, javascript, html
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jelix, php framework
official web site of jelix, a php framework
xhtml, services, framework, jelix, standards
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your body mechanic - home
canvas framework master template
framework, canvas
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pádraic brady - php, security, testing, zend framework
php, security, testing, zend framework and other crazy stuff
zend, framework, wibble, padraic, padriac, security, mockery, php5, mutateme
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startseite :: adventure php framework (apf)
das adventure php framework versteht sich als hilfsmittel zur implementierung von objektorientierten, generischen und wiederverwendbaren php-web-applikationen. der entwickler wird dabei unterstützt applikationen nach anerkannten oo-design-pattern zu implementieren und das framework bietet bereits eine vielzahl von lösungen für bekannte problemstellungen.
controller, rewriting, generierung, link, module, benchmark, high, mapper, performance, konfiguration, framework, page, front, templates, formulare, taglib, adventure
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114 - แหล่งชุมชนคนใช้ codeigniter php framework
แหล่งรวมความรู้ของคนทำเว็บเกี่ยวกับ codeigniter php framework ที่ใช้งานง่าย
framework, codeigniter
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typeframework | mvc framework for typescript
typeframework is a mvc web application framework that runs on node.js with typescript. typeframework combines the performance of nodejs platform together with the power of typescript to give you a web framework that is fast and scalable.
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ez-css: an easy to use, lightweight, css framework.
a simple, lightweight, framework agnostic, and browser-friendly solution to build any type of css layouts.
module, styles, rules, lightweight, layout, framework
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j.g. jan gantzert webdevelopment | zend framework, magento & coding
zahlreiche artikelbeiträge, tutorials und hilfreiche code-snippets zu den themenbereichen zend framework, zend framework 2, magento, wordpress & coding.
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oxygine - 2d c++ game framework
oxygine is free c++ engine and framework for 2d games on ios, android, windows, linux and mac.
creative, code, sound, engine, game, opengl, framework, oxygine
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spock haskell web framework
spock is a lightweight haskell web framework inspired by ruby's sinatra. it provides a full toolbox including everything to get a quick start into web programming using haskell.
framework, haskell, spock
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rlib - an opensource, lightweight and multi-platform framework for cpp programming
rlib is a lightweight, highly cohesive and low coupling framework of useful toolkit that aims to make common cpp development more effectively and easily.
rlib, windows, android, linux, framework
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pocket-e - a framework for building solutions
ipad, android, mobile, framework
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home iiif | international image interoperability framework
international image interoperability framework: a community driven image framework with well defined apis for making the world’s image repositories interoperable and accessible
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yiistrap, twitter bootstrap for yii
framework, bootstrap, application, yiistrap, development, tutorial
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yii framework
yii framework
website, extensible, efficient, framewok, code, easy
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wave framework - open source api-centric php micro-framework
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diem content management framework | diem cmf cms for symfony
open source content management framework designed to build not so simple websites. based on symfony 1.4, zend framework 1.10 and jquery 1.4
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flat ui kit free is a twitter bootstrap framework design and theme, this responsive framework includes a psd and html version.
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flat ui kit free is a twitter bootstrap framework design and theme, this responsive framework includes a psd and html version.
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get the .net framework fast - download the smallest .net framework distribution possible
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jsonmodel - magical data modelling framework for json on ios and osx!
objective-c framework for creating rapidly powerful json model classes.
data, model, class, framework, download, javascript, json, iphone, ipad, apple
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technology blog - java, j2ee, spring framework and rest webservices
technology blog about java programming, adobe flex, spring framework, java reports, jsf, blogging tips, hibernate framework and cloud computing
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nursecare of shreveport | framework v2.6 meta title default
framework v2.6 meta description default that shows up in the serp as the description.
internet, marketing, design, default, meta, keywords, framework
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hardening framework
the hardening framework combines devops with security by adding a security layer into your automation framework, that configures your operating systems and services. it takes care of difficult settings, compliance guidelines, cryptography recommendations, and secure defaults.
development, saltstack, cloud, continuous, delivery, puppet, ansible, security, chef, devops
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soft pyramid - laravel framework deveoper
soft pyramid - laravel framework developer of pakistan
laravel, pakistan, framework, developer, developers, development, lahore, soft, artisans, rails, training, softpyramid, khan, fakhar, pyramid, pyramids, ruby
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русская документация и локализация t3 framework для joomla
русская документация и локализация t3 framework для cms joomla.
framework, joomla
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framework | フレームワーク オフィシャルサイト
framework (フレームワーク) オフィシャルサイトでは、季節の特集や、ショップの最新情報、新着アイテムを紹介しております。
spick, span, noble, framework
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uize javascript framework | ajax, ria, widgets, json, oop, class inheritance, xmlhttprequest, dom manipulation, and all that stuff
uize (pronounced "you eyes") is a powerful, open source, object oriented javascript framework - supporting widgets, ajax, dom, templates, and more.
framework, javascript, uize
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zeroneed php web framework
zn framework php tabanlı kod çatısı
framework, zntr
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unofficial yii php framework portal - yii2 yii framework
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crystals framework site officiel du framework
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responsive css grid framework - jumpeye framework
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limejs html5 game framework
html5 game framework for building fast, native-experience games for all modern touchscreens and desktop browsers.
lime, blog, html5, roundball, zlizer, game, framework, limejs
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knacss, un micro framework css qui a du goût !
knacss, c'est un peu comme une feuille de style css reset sur-vitaminée qui permet de commencer un projet à partir de zéro tout en tenant compte de bonnes pratiques générales (accessibilité, performance, responsive webdesign).
framework, css3, alsace, html5, responsive, saucisse, workflow, raphael, reset, html, less, sass, styles, alsacreations, goetter
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soft pyramid - laravel | rails | angularjs framework developers pakistan
softpyramid - expert team of laravel framework developers in pakistan.
laravel, pakistan, framework, developer, developers, development, rails, lahore, fakhar, training, khan, soft, pyramid, artisans, ruby, softpyramid
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ork framework the complete rpg engine for unity
create your own role-playing game with this time saving framework for unity! try the free test version of ork framework today and get started with the game
game, playing, development, role, gamedev, unity, unity3d
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scqf | scottish credit and qualifications framework
the scottish credit and qualifications framework (scqf) promotes lifelong learning in scotland. through the framework learners, employers and employees can find
scqf, lifelong, learning, framework, qualifications, level, credit, partnership
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nouveau wordpress framework | a modular wordpress framework built on zurb foundation and php 5.3+
nouveau is a free, open-source, developer-oriented wordpress framework built on zurb foundation. create wordpress themes & plugins with incredible speed.
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pop php framework 2 : a lightweight, yet feature-rich php framework.
pop php framework is a lightweight, yet feature-rich php framework.
framework, lightweight
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framework sites
framework sites version 2.0 is an open source content management, ecommerce, and rapid development platform.
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blaze - the microsite framework
blaze is a php framework for microsites, landing pages and small to medium website projects.
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nooku - joomla extension framework
a solid, modern framework and lean architecture for building joomla extensions.
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programming entity framework
lerman, julie, julia, tutorial, oreilly, programmability, framework, data, entity
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kissmvc: a simple php mvc framework - introduction
kissmvc is a simple and minimalist php model-view-controller (mvc) framework for rapid development of web applications. it is designed with the kiss principle in mind, and the entire source code can be read and understood in minutes.
model, view, controller, framework, kiss, kissmvc
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sohan's blog
for an opinionated framework like ruby on rails, i expect it to come pre-bundled with a coffeescript based test framework and test runner. here’
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cache manager - caching framework for c# .net
cachemanager is an open source caching framework for .net written in c# and is available via nuget.. with core support, cross platform c# .net
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framework studio
framework is an award-winning creative production company integrating live-action, motion graphics and post-production.
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wpcloudserver | optimized wordpress hosting
we use genesis and its framework (or we use genesis’ framework ), which offers a variety of attractive themes for your content and are html5-compatible and
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создать мобильное приложение онлайн -
html5 android framework online, phonegap/cordova framework, build your mobile app online
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evolution: the evoscript web framework
evoscript is a free, database-enabled web application framework written in perl.
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roboframework is a front-end framework. our framework for developing responsive, retina ready and mobile projects.
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a next generation javascript framework | nx
nx is the best client-side javascript framework. it is simple, small, fast and powerful.
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tiny framework 是基于java语言的面向组件的企业级开发框架。
parser, java, html, framework, j2ee, tinygroup, cluster, router, flow, spider, tiny, tinyframework, eclipse, idea, engine
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wink toolkit - a mobile javascript framework to build great webapps
wink is a mobile javascript framework to develop mobile webapps on iphone, ipad, android and blackberry
framework, javascript, mobile, html5, ajax, iphone, html, ipad, android, blackberry, toolkit, wink, tool, development, innovation, webapps
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about the dabo application framework
linux, framework, wxpython, programming, database, desktop, python
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c#, .net framework
c#, .net framework of a journal about the experiences i have developing little applications in c#, perl, html and javascript and talking about things new things that i use. always geeky; always nerdy; always poor grammer!
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application framework made by sanjaal corps
sanjaal, framework, corps, smarty
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net framework 4.0 descargar aplicacion gratis para windows
net framework 4.0 es una plataforma muy completa de programación que fue lanzada por microsoft, que sirve para desarrollar aplicaciones específicos.
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alopex ui - html5 framework in simplicity and ease of use
alopex ui is html5 framework which enables one-source development of traditional pc web, mobile web, and mobile web applications. alopex ui is constantly upgrading to support html5’s standardization. we provide component compatibility in internet explorer 7, 8, and recent mobile platforms. through alopex ui, you can easily develop casual applications as well as complicated enterprise applications.
html5, framework, component, data, accessbility, grid, meap, elements, dropdown, tooltip, tree, platform, form, chart, plugin, webapp, responsive, easy, simple, osmu, mobile, jquery, oriented, designer, cross
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metro ui css - the front-end framework for developing projects on the web in windows metro style
metro, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful framework for faster and easier web development for windows metro style.
frontend, development, metro, framework, javascript, html
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home | tiger cms
tiger cms is an advanced automated system for creating and updating web presentation. this web is an applications based on php codeigniter php framework.
builder, editor, block, html, wysiwyg, system, built, installation, header, sidebar, footer, post, wizard, page, bootstrap, html5, mobile, table, desktop, design, responsive, modular, full, version, framework, codeigniter, support
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powerful asynchronous i/o and web toolkit for d, providing a fiber based blocking programming model and an efficient api.
framework, asynchron, vibe
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sailor! a lua mvc framework - about
we will bring a powerful and light programming language to its full potential as the foundation of a fast and simple to use web development framework. sailor will be completely free to use and open source.
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framework law group pc
framework law group pc, we build foundations for artists, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.
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dcoder technologies
simple responsive css framework
metro, windows, framework
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drug framework | best useful css framework | make more, easily...
drug framework | best useful css framework | make more, easily... no css ! full class ! , responsive , most useful colors , basicly usage
useful, framework, most, responsive, colors, basicly, class, usage, easily, make, best, more, drug, full
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ext4yii framework - home
an enterprise level extjs extension for php yii framework
sencha, gantt, scheduler, calendar, extensible, ext4yii, framework, touch, extjs
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bastleford engineering and consulting
reliability, maintenance, management, framework, reliability maintenance franchise, reliability maintenance audit, bespoke software development
reliability, maintenance, framework, franchise, fran, management
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uikit на русском
документация uikit на русском языке. коллекция aдаптивных компонентов с открытым исходным кодом. легкий и модульный интерфейсный фраймворк для разработки быстрых и мощных веб-интерфейсов.
uikit, framework, less
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compile mode - learn mvc,,c#,sql,wcf,web api,azure,signalr,entity framework,wcf rest
learn, mvc, c#, sql, wcf, web api, azure, signalr, entity framework
azure, signalr, framework, entity, code, source, tutorials, free
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首页 - eaglephp框架_快速开发框架_php mvc框架_eaglephp官方网站
eaglephp,是一款开源、高效、面向对象的php mvc开发框架,完全基于php5可用于开发web程序和服务,借鉴国外优秀框架的设计思路,分层的设计思想使独立开发成为可能,建立模型推动代码的重用,有助于促进快速软件开发(rad)和创建更稳定的程序,节约了开发者的时间,并减少重复编写代码的劳动。
framework, open, source, eaglephp
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virtufy technology | web development l php l cms l mobile apps l seo provides a web development services like php, php framework, wordpress, zoomla, magento, mobile apps, android, iphone, bbm etc.
framework, commerce, magento, codeigniter, wordpress, ecommerce, android, iphone, apps, mobile, joomla, professional, india, development, website, technology, designing, services, best, chandigarh, custom, companies, virtufy
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crawler-lib - application and service back-end development
framework and tools for the development of application and service back-ends running on the the microsoft .net framework and mono.
tool, consulting, framework, development, service, application
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website development tutorials using microsoft .net framework tutorial about website development using microsoft .net framework and c#, using .net framework the website development process is much faster.
development, developer, tutorial, framework, microsoft, website
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zend frameworks - main page
спільнота zend framework створена для того, щоб допомогти кожному бажаючому розібратися і почати ефективно працювати з широкими можливостями php zend framework.
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genesis changelog - changes in the genesis framework
a list of every change made to the genesis framework, for developers and users alike.
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webtubes blog
webtubes schreibt über alltägliche dinge eines webworkers. die 3 hauptthemen bilden programmierung, seo und sem.
framework, dashboard, mysql, zend, ajax, prototyping, wireframesketcher, pentaho, allgemeines, excel
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responsive css - showcase of best responsive design websites
the most inspiring responsive websites
responsive, framework, design, grids, sass, elements, typography, advanced, standard, module, semantic, grid, best, showcase, websites, flexible, system, preprocessors
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cobalt - an hybrid framework for mobiles
cobalt is an open source mobile hybrid framework aimed to create fast html5 and native hybrid apps
cobalt, html5, bridge, framework, source, mobile, hybride, open
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log4javascript - a javascript logging framework
log4javascript, a logging framework for javascript based on log4j
debug, framework, tool, library, log4j, ajax, logging, javascript, dhtml, log4javascript
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landing framework
easy landing page for everyone everywhere
landing, framework, page, framwork
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landing framework
easy landing page for everyone everywhere
landing, framework, page, framwork
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myengine - разработка web сайтов и онлайн-систем на основе zend framework 2.
предоставление услуг по разработке web сайтов и онлайн-систем на основе zend framework 2.
bootstrap, extjs, framework, zend, myengine
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emobc - mobile application development framework
emobc is a framework to develop multiplatform native mobile apps in ios, android and html5 based in xml.
ipad, iphone, html5, tablet, android, applications, development, apps, mobile, multiplatform, framework
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zo2framework the powerful joomla template framework
zo2 framework comes with drag & drop layout builder which allows you to create any number of stunning and unique joomla template up to 5x faster than traditional way
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home - agavi
agavi is a powerful, scalable php5 application framework that follows the mvc paradigm. it enables developers to write clean, maintainable and extensible code. agavi puts choice and freedom over limiting conventions, and focuses on sustained quality rather than short-sighted decisions.
framework, source, component, model, open, library, webservice, l10n, view, controller, caching, validation, engine, template, database, i18n, development, webdesign, javascript, dhtml, xhtml, soap, webservices, internationalization, html
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framework geek | home to everything web framework related
we are a website here to inform and provide discussion around frameworks of all types for the web. frontend and backend frameworks are all up for discussion here.
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oswframe - php5 framework
bei oswframe handelt es sich um ein opensource php5 framework. es ist die weiterentwicklung von der oswengine, welche 2010 eingestellt wurde.
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ebook2.0 forum – framework of electronic publishing
framework of electronic publishing
amazon, google, apple, html, epub
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whitestormjs documentation (api reference)
whitestorm.js is a framework for 3d web apps built with three.js technology. it implements a core for fast development of a 3d scene with physics.
webworkers, physics, enine, framework, whitestorm, three
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catalyst | perl mvc web application framework
catalyst is the most popular agile perl mvc web framework that encourages rapid development and clean design without getting in your way.
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bugz blog dun web développeur html, css, framework, php, ruby on rails
solution apportée aux bugs informatiques liés aux développements web (html, css, framework, php, ruby on rails)
solution, solutions, jquery, javascript, probleme, problemes, comment, pourquoi, astuce, cisel, vincent, html5, html, geek, bugz, bugs, ruby, rails, css3, framework, informatique, developpement, blog
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wireless communication library
wireless communication library - the ultimate solution for software developers who need support for bluetooth, irda, wifi, serial ports and gaming feautes
framework, bluetooth, delphi, cbuilder, irda, wireless, library, communication, wifi
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rebar grid framework
rebar is a sass / stylus grid framework and makes responsive development more efficient and keep css organised.
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cms tutorial site - webdesign, php, html, css, cms, framework tutorials and much more... all in one place
text/html; charset=utf-8
screencasts, tutorials, framework
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php login script - user management framework | userpie
a user management framework with code that you can quickly understand and modify.
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206 | 유경상의 닷넷 블로그
유경상의 닷넷 블로그
framework, general, windows, azure, visual, database, development, studio
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home - teed and brown
yawa framework
framework, yawa
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digital sanctum
software development and other square topics. a personal blog with solutions and how-to articles about java, ruby, jruby, spring framework, linux, and more.
framework, google, ruby, engine, play, linux, spring, java, shane, sanctum, witbeck, software, jruby, development, digital
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c# brasil - blog e fórum sobre c# (c-sharp),, mvc, ajax, winform, webform, entity framework, microsoft .net framework, sql
blog e fórum sobre c# (c-sharp),, mvc, ajax, winform, webform, entity framework, microsoft .net framework, sql
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octane theme - best fast loading, seo ready wordpress theme on genesis framework
this is an amazing wordpress theme based on genesis framework. this theme have a great support for some wordpress plugins to help integrate additional features.
theme, octane, genesis, best, wordpress, framework, chugh, freindly, mukul
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catberry.js isomorphic javascript framework
catberry is a framework with flux architecture, isomorphic web-components and progressive rendering.
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изучаем yii framework вместе! статьи, уроки и переводы на тему самого быстрого php5 фреймворка - маленький блог
yii - это высокоэффективный основанный на компонентной структуре php-фреймворк для разработки масштабных веб-приложений
jquery, ajax, framework
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fragmenta – a golang cms
fragmenta is a cms and web framework for go, designed to help you build custom applications quickly and easily.
writing, blog, http, fragmenta, framework, rails, apps, golang
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the life hub system
metro, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful framework for faster and easier web development for windows metro style.
frontend, development, metro, framework, javascript, html
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snap: a haskell web framework: home
snap framework: a web framework for haskell
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free zend framework screencasts - zendcasts
free zend framework screencasts. video tutorials to get you up to speed with different parts of the zend framework and enterprise php development.
tutorials, podcast, free, video, screencasts, zend
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framework design - website design & development, dublin, ireland
framework is an award winning website design & development agency. we provide multimedia services, consultancy, online marketing and ecommerce.
design, online, website, social, networking, intranet, extranet, newsletters, branding, templates, system, marketing, content, development, ecommerce, work, frame, search, framework, optimisation, engine, management
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iui - mobile web framework for high-end devices
iui is a framework consisting of a javascript library, css, and images for developing advanced mobile webapps for smartphones & mobile devices.
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ionix systems
ionix systems: leverage your systems potential on the internet space
development, framework, design, solutions, server, ionix, systems, website, urantia, extranet, graphic, j2ee, site, java, application, ufollowup, secure, retirement, voiplogic, americans, qorvis, company, anderson, profiles, plus, gavin, foundation, acegi, flat, tomcat, solaris, responsive, paralla, page, unix, security, ubis, school, internet, appfuse
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apprain: content management framework is a combination of content management system and rapid development framework
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yii framework en español
yii framework
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redex is an android bytecode (dex) optimizer originally developed at facebook. it provides a framework for reading, writing, and analyzing .dex files, and a set of optimization passes that use this framework to improve the bytecode. an apk optimized by redex should be smaller and faster than its source.
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zend framework news, tipps, links und mehr - zend framework magazin
zend framework magazin: die website mit news, tipps, links und mehr zum zend framework
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centralized placement cell | vtu - bengaluru, karnataka, india
metro, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful framework for faster and easier web development for windows metro style.
frontend, development, metro, framework, javascript, html
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san marcos auto body, collision repair and framework: master auto body collision center: san marcos auto body, collision repair and framework services
master auto body collision center is a san marcos auto body, collision repair and framework company that provides professional auto body, collision repair and framework services to san marcos and surrounding areas
repair, body, marcos, framework, auto, garage, collision, maintenance, shop
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226 | yet another tech blog
yet another tech blog
general, framework, jsrender, signalr, visual, jquery, studio, plugin, ajax, entity, facebook, html5, itextsharp
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hyperion home page
training courses for research managers: proposal writing, contract management, presenting r&d results, framework 7
training, research, managers, union, european, framework
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228 - coming soon
bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.
frontend, development, bootstrap, framework, javascript, html
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magic arts | web design | chikmagalur
bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.
frontend, development, bootstrap, framework, javascript, html
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home - andre honsberg
articles about technologies that include php, ruby, javascript, hacking, frameworks and much more.
zend, framework, search, information, technology, jquery, devlopment, ruby, javascript
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no-cms - no-cms | free codeigniter based cms framework
no-cms stands for not only cms. no-cms is a free open source codeigniter based content management system framework with hmvc extension and grocerycrud. no-cms is quiet simple and easy to start with.
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hard boiled greg - wordpress developer; genesis framework specialist
freelance wordpress developer specializing in customizing and developing genesis framework child themes.
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sunshine global hospitals | health & happiness...always!
bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.
frontend, development, bootstrap, framework, javascript, html
more info collapse
framework, system, zend, grid, layout, editor, 960gs, jquery, source, management, content, open
more info collapse
j street | secretary kerry: put an american framework on the table
tell secretary kerry: nows the time to put a us framework for israeli-palestinian peace on the table
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zachman international - enterprise architecture
the official home of zachman international® and the zachman framework
zachman, enterprise, architecture, framework, certification, john, international, consulting, training, workshop, feac, institute, cloud, education, ontology, architect, official, primitive, methodology, certified
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node.js web and framework development company india
node js india has a team of node.js developers providing you cost effective, real-time, scalable node.js web and framework development to meet your all requirements.
node, development, india, company, services, developer, framework
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degreed · the most easiest system to earn money, win your costomers and get your dream.
bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.
frontend, development, bootstrap, framework, javascript, html
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239 - open source ecommerce using yii framework, ecommerce platform using yii framework, yii open source ecommerce platform. online store using yii framework, open source online store using yii framework, free online store using yii framework, free ecommerce on yii framework, open source ecommerce platform built on yii framework
open source ecommerce platform built on yii framework.
framework, ecommerce, using, open, source, store, platform, online, free, built
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elegant framework - nodejs
fastest most elegant web framework built over nodejs , program in elegance
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mage5 - cms solution for magento store
mage5 framework help you edit your site inline and it is very flexible framework for your developers to make custom theme, block types and connecting admin package with mage5 block types. more over it reduces the magento development skinning time. once your site is live, site owners can easily change images/contents (cms) very easily using the powerful mage5 inline editing framework.
magento, content, file, manager, quick, sitemap, concrete5, varien, mage5
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hire php programmer, hire php developer, php framework solutions
looking to hire php programmer? hire php developer for custom php web application development. we are professional php framework solutions provider in chicago
hire, services, solutions, developer, programmer, framework
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allotrope foundation: building an open framework for laboratory data
data, framework, standards, allotrope, analytical
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hospital focus 5, llc - connecting the dots - home
established in 2001, hospital focus 5 exists to provide the framework, methodology and implementation of the foundational transformation needed for real long-term operational improvement.
hospital, focus, framework, consultants, foundational, transformation, foundation, methodology, doctor, implementation
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fox css - a light css framework
fox css - a light css framework by ronan levesque
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silly php framework
pattern, framework, silly
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อีสานเดฟ | esandev ,รับทำเว็บไซต์,เขียนโปรแกรม,ร้านค้าออนไลน์,พัฒนาเว็บไซต์,ออกแบบเว็บไซต์,พัฒนาระบบ,วิเคราะห์ระบบ, เขียนโปรแกรม,พัฒนาเว็บไซต์ php,jquery ,ajax ,java ,codeigniter framework ,yii framework,laravel framework
รับทำเว็บไซต์, เขียนโปรแกรม, ร้านค้าออนไลน์, พัฒนาเว็บไซต์, ออกแบบเว็บไซต์, พัฒนาระบบ, วิเคราะห์ระบบ, เขียนโปรแกรม, พัฒนาเว็บไซต์ php
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48 reasons to use the genesis framework
looking for a reliable, customizable wordpress theme? find out how the genesis theme framework takes wordpress to places you never thought it could go.
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the square grid - a simple css framework for designers and developers
a simple design framework for designers and developers, based on 35 equal-width columns.
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250 - realtime-web framework for nodejs is a realtime-web framework for nodejs. it is simple and elegant, yet powerful and performant. remember this simple formula: = express +
express, nodejs, badass, framework, realtime, socket