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1 - online business dictionary easy-to-use free business glossary with over 20, 000 terms. concise, clear, and comprehensive.
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2 - mobile phones specifications, prices, photos, reviews, news, forums, glossary, fonefinder - mobile phones specifications, prices, photos, reviews, news, forums, glossary, fonefinder
mobile, phones, terminology, term, glossary, upcomming, definitions, messaging, latest, operators, networks, telecommunications, detail, search, newest, telephone, handset, specification, cell, cellular, perspective, rupees, photo, pics, manufacturer, network, service, fonecompare, picture, compare, roaming, development, panasonic, philips, haier, palmone, sagem, ericsson, phone, india
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webopedia: online tech dictionary for it professionals
webopedia is an online dictionary and internet search engine for information technology and computing definitions. voted best technology website.
professional, technical, support, glossary, define, encyclopedia, internet, data, technology, center, enterprise, computing, applications, information
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the web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.
abbreviations, acronyms, abreviations, dictionaries, dictionary, stands, tlas, slang, stands4, acronymes, abbreviazioni, siglas, abreviaturas, emoticons, glossary, initialism, reference, acronym, abbreviation, initialisms, shorthands, shorthand, military, chat, medical, state, states, glossaries
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autoevolution - automotive news & car reviews
your auto encyclopedia, featuring reviews of the latest cars, news, videos, spyshots, car & motorcycle specifications, brand-focused blogs and much more
auto, videos, cars, engines, moto, motorcycles, photos, spyshots, news, reviews, glossary
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multitran online dictionary
multilingual dictionary and glossary
dictionary, online
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investment and financial dictionary by
investorwords - the most comprehensive investing glossary on the web! over 18000 financial and investing definitions, with links between related terms.
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shakespeare online
in-depth and accurate shakespeare information, including free play analysis, shakespeare's biography, essays, answers to common shakespeare questions, and a shakespearean glossary.
henry, help, nothing, about, much, caesar, julius, fifth, dream, romeo, glossary, macbeth, juliet, homework, midsummer, lear, king, shakespeare
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hebrew for christians - learn hebrew for free!
learn hebrew for free. study the hebrew alphabet and names of god. understand hebrew grammar and the hebraic mindset of the bible. gain powerful insights into your christian faith! do hebrew bible study. an online course with exercises, hebrew audio, vocabulary, charts, downloads, and much more.
hebrew, jewish, bible, names, testament, tanakh, forum, messianic, learn, glossary, grammar, lessons, yiddish, blessings, biblical, alphabet, levitt, study, alephbet, books, parsons, yahshua, john, prayers, holidays, chadashah, brit, talmud, zola, resources, homeschooling, yeshua, dictionary, words, roots, jewishness, lettering, hebrew4christians, free, christians
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10 - your personal computing resource
a computer and internet resource with a glossary of computer terms, a file extensions reference, and other helpful resources.
help, acronyms, emoticons, center, chat, resources, extensions, internet, reference, file, computer
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marketing terms - tools for the digital marketing professional (glossary, career, more)
tools for the digital marketing professional (glossary, career, more)
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alphadictionary * free english online dictionary * grammar * word fun
the ultimate language resource: daily words written by a linguist, word games, language jokes, and english grammar help.
word, stylistics, grammar, games, spelling, spellcheck, lists, customized, translation, human, glossary, specialty, dictionaries, dictionary, definitions, foreign, online, linguistics, learning, language
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mythology dictionary - mythology dictionary
mythology dictionary - everything you ever wanted to know about mythology.
online, glossary, terms, dictionary, reference, information, definitions, definition, define, dictionaries, glossaries
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the glossary of education reform -
definitions of common school-reform terms, concepts, and strategies
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psychic library | welcome to the psychic realm | home |
understand the ties that bind the spirit world to the physical world. learn how a psychic medium communicates. use the psychic glossary to find definitions.
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netlingo the internet dictionary
this site contains thousands of definitions about computers, the internet, and the online world of business, technology & communication :-) a popular online dictionary it includes one of the largest collections of text messaging, acronyms and smileys!
internet, online, dictionary, terms, glossary, acronym, definitions, computer, leetspeak, vocabulary, shorthand, reference, lexicon, language, code, learn, slang, stands, lexicographer, erin, jansen, email, lists, lookup, lingo, words, terminology, jargon, word, abbreviations, free, tools, initialisms, smileys, acronyms, netlingo, text, messaging, emoticons
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punch is an independent, online magazine in collaboration with ten speed press. we’re in the business of narrative journalism—written and visual—on wine, spirits and cocktails, and the culture that surrounds them.
recipe, video, glossary, news, places, wine, drink, article, cocktails, spirits, punch
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learn marketing
marketing theory such as the marketing mix, segmentation, product life cycle, balanced scorecard and marketing research. access marketing videos, marketing btec, marketing lessons and contact us.
marketing, powerpoint, crosswords, presentations, youtube, videos, quizzes, glossary, lessons, theory, research, articles, learnmarketing, btec, francaise
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the digital marketing glossary : illustrated terms and definitions
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the story of mathematics - a history of mathematical thought from ancient times to the modern day
the story of mathematics - a history of mathematical thought from ancient times to the modern day
mathematics, math, maths, terms, mathematical, story, dictionary, mathematicians, glossary, history, chronology, developments, development, greek, ancient, thought, list, important, egyptian, euclid, mathematic, hellenistic, roman, archimedes, babylonian, prehistoric, sumerian, mesopotamian, pythagoras, plato
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21 food recipes, cooking guides and information
an extensive database of food recipes, cooking guides and instructions, with a glossary, editor's choice and featured recipes.
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symbol dictionary
religion, symbols, religious, glossary, dictionary, symbol
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screen, digital, textile printing exhibitions, events & associations - fespa
fespa | federation of european screen printers associations - organiser of the world’s leading screen printing & digital imaging exhibitions.
insight, trade, exhibition, features, glossary, espanol, deutsch, english, event, conference, associations, european, federation, wide, format, screen, digital, print, fespa
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construction dictionary by
construction dictionary - easy-to-use free online dictionary with over 15, 000 definitions. concise, clear, and comprehensive definitions of all terms used in the construction and building worlds.
construction, dictionary, glossary, terms, online, reference, information, definitions, free, definition, define, dictionaries, glossaries
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25 the definitive source for all things berserk
berserk, forum, discussion, encyclopedia, anime, glossary, characters, translations, kentarou, knight, skull, information, manga, guts, beherit, griffith, casca, miura
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glass on web
a portal dedicated to the glass industry with directories, fresh news and articles, a glass manual, a forum, classifieds ads, and other interesting topics.
glass, advertising, business, classifieds, manual, market, news, research, glossary, industry, machinery, books, hollow, automotive, optical, flat
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fine dictionary
dictionary with definitions from 4 dictionaries. includes illustrations, example sentences, interesting facts, quotations, idioms and etymology as well as related words (synonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms).
dictionary, online, etymology, pronunciation, example, quotations, idioms, spelling, sentences, define, english, definition, dict, glossary, definitions, free, meaning
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m a t t e r - materials science & engineering educational software
award winning materials science & engineering educational software, interactive simulations, animations and videos. currently available modules: ferrous metallurgy, diffraction and solidification. version 2.1 of materials science on cd-rom, contains 18 modules. there is also a help/tutorial program and an updated glossary. introduction to crystallography, introduction to electrons in crystals, introduction to point defects, dislocations, introduction to phase diagrams, thermodynamics of phase diagrams, atomic diffusion in metals and alloys, nucleation in metals and alloys, introduction to electron microscopes, image fundamentals, beam-specimen interactions, using the sem , aluminium alloys: systems , aluminium alloys: strengthening , aluminium alloys: processing , mechanics of composite materials, deformation of polymers , rubber elasticity, glossary
diagrams, phase, diffusion, metals, education, liverpool, brook, green, goodhew, aluminium, composites, solidification, crystallography, diffration, ferrous, microscopy, mechanics, rubber, materials
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usability first: usability in website and software design
usability resources: a glossary of usability-related terms, usability methods, best practices, humor, and more. a free service of foraker design
design, site, usability, groupware, interaction, applications, supported, cooperative, computer, cscw, work, accessibility, user, useable, useability, usable, interface, customer, universal, glossary, experience
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a maths dictionary for kids 2015 full site by jenny eather | maths resources | maths online | math words | math glossary | math terms | math charts |
an interactive, animated maths dictionary with over 600 common math terms and math words explained in simple language. device friendly version provided. math glossary with math definitions, examples, math practice interactives, mathematics activities, math calculators, math charts and posters. jenny eather 2001-2015.
math, maths, angle, words, terms, dictionary, base, abacus, numbers, acute, altitude, practice, balance, clock, triangle, glossary, annulus, annually, apex, arithmetic, area, annual, approximate, rotation, algebra, term, amount, analogue, analog, word, arms, array, charts, scales, posters, graph, chart, notation, axis, average
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김동근의 텀즈 * 컴퓨터 용어사전
terms, glossary
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welcome to ens - european nuclear society
nuclear, 2011, marion, pime, rrfm, epskamp, diary, bruenglinghaus, kirsten, glossary, topfuel, society, european, topseal, topnux
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abbreviations and acronyms -
internet abbreviations and acronyms, web's acronyms and abbreviations resource.
abbreviations, acronyms, abreviations, dictionaries, dictionary, stands, tlas, slang, stands4, acronymes, abbreviazioni, siglas, abreviaturas, emoticons, glossary, initialism, reference, acronym, abbreviation, initialisms, shorthands, shorthand, military, chat, medical, state, states, glossaries
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---expert project management---
ever need project management information in a hurry? as a checklist? want latest project management thinking? get it here from an expert.
management, project, papers, articles, glossary, faqs, program, checklist
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35 - the english learner movie guides
the english learer movie guides, which are an innovative tool in the learning of english as a second language (esl). each guide reviews one popular movie, with a plot summary, list of major characters, and an extensive glossary of vocabulary and cutural references.
guides, language, american, fluency, vocabulary, glossary, culture, students, sexy, learners, grammar, notes, raynotes, second, english, movie, film, media, guide, synopses
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acronym24: acronyms and abbreviations for all of meanings - acronym24
acronyms, abbreviations resource and dictionary. for all of definitions and meanings of acronyms in every terminology, acronym24 is correct choice.
meaning, definitions, glossaries, glossary, acronym, abbreviation
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brian cryer's web resources
site dedicated to providing tools and resources for websurfers and webmasters.
resources, search, publisher, types, webmasters, glossary, file, engines, site, cryer, brian, tools
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junior dentist | blog for dental students | dental blog
a blog for discussions and tutorials about dentistry and its education to the students who are pursuing the degree to become a dental professional.
dental, dentistry, information, glossary, tips, education, dentist, student, junior, blog
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the succulent plant page - start here
start here for information about growing, identifying, propagating and conserving succulent plants
plant, botanical, senecio, spurge, sempervivum, peperomia, pelargonium, yucca, tree, book, terms, bookmarks, glossary, palm, cultivation, vygies, aizoaceae, asclepiad, agave, aloe, succulents, bulbine, crassula, mesembs, succulent, haworthia, euphorbia, gasteria, gesneriad, nolina
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40 english language resources
user-friendly english study guides, british–american / american–british glossary, instant multi-measurement converters, other interesting diversions
glossary, links, punctuation, article, usage, pronunciation, grammar, words, spelling, tense, verbs, vocabulary, drills, measurement, humor, humour, articles, scribbles, dictionaries, textbooks, conversion, information, bookshelf, reference, toolbox, tools, british, american, english, network, site, website, navigation, user, guide, guides, david, resources, resource, appleyard
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what, community, look, encyclopedia, lookup, technology, define, info, terms, whatis, find, computer, dictionary, definiation, glossary, search
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backgammon: rules, articles, books, faq, glossary, annotated matches, java backgammon game, hall of fame.
sites, annotated, online, play, matches, fibs, games, board, gammon, clients, servers, dictionary, glossary, rules, galore, forum, archive, articles, software, help, game, backgammon
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math, help, possible, providing, online, with, message, quiz, right, tutoring, uaemath, this, solvers, lots, scene, live, forum, free, every, ellipse, center, glossary, left, lessons, interactive, intro
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forex glossary |
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music history and timeline at classical works.
classical music glossary, timeline and other resources
music, history, opera, glossary, dictionary, terms, symphony, wagner, beethoven, classical, bach, mozart, haydn, handel, orchestra
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wikiwords (beta) - an open dictionary built by translators
a large dictionary with terms defined and translated into a number of languages.
translators, glossaries, term, terms, words, wiki, dictionary, glossary, language, translated, translation
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a passion for jazz! music history and education
history of jazz music origins, styles and musicians featuring timeline, photos, festivals, glossary, guitar & piano chords, scales & online lessons.
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theosophy northwest, nw branch, theosophical society (pasadena)
reincarnation, karma, religions, spiritual, glossary, purucker, society, blavatsky, occult, pasadena, theosophical, theosophy
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bienvenue ! welcome!
ce site gratuit (free-of-charge site) est un outil d'aide à la compréhension de l'anglais, ainsi qu'à la communication, l'expression, la rédaction et la traduction en anglais, en particulier l'anglais professionnel (professional english) et l'anglais des affaires (business english).
improve, translation, help, french, practical, english, vocabulary, sentences, course, learning, lexicon, examples, glossary, lexique, glossaire, apprentissage, aide, pratique, cours, communication, exemples, usage, phrases, vocabulaire, traduction, anglais
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small business taxes & management
professional small business tax guidance since 1980.
small, revenue, finance, corporations, business, accounting, rulings, cases, depreciation, cars, entertainment, internal, court, travel, service, fringe, cost, control, personal, management, taxes, partnerships, glossary, benefits, planning, news
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dictionary, multilingual dictionary -
dictionary, multilingual dictionary, dictionaries, word of the day, word translation,
dictionary, online, arabic, portuguese, chinese, turkish, dictionaries, translation, translate, word, italian, greek, russian, free, glossary, multilingual, dictonary, definition, french, spanish, english, german
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ammachiyude adukkala - അമമചചയട അടകകള
the biggest and authentic source for south indian cooking recipes. new keralas north indian south indian recipes collection. updated with india festival recipes, kerala dishes, onam recipes, kerala cooking tips, glossary, breakfast, lunch, dinner recipes, kerala snacks, payasams, rotis, soups and chutneys
recipes, kerala, cooking, indian, recipe, india, south, chicken, breakfast, festival, dishes, vegetarian, marias, menu, mariasmenu, seafood, biryani, easy, cook, best, australian, cake, beef, christmas, cookie, baking, bachelor, christian, syrian, north, womens, weekly, cuisine, sambar, glossary, dinner, lunch, snacks, tips, onam
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world paper money, world banknotes and currency, notgeld etc. - - -
world paper money site for world currency and banknotes collectors: catalog, price lists of 25.000 different numismatic world banknotes, local and private paper money, history of currency, collectibles certificates, pictures, glossary, terminology, grading etc.
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wordfast: world's #1 provider of platform-independent translation memory technology
wordfast is the fastest translation memory software on the market. with advanced translation memory features and a simple design, wordfast has become the tm software of choice for over 15, 000 translators, language service providers, corporations, and educational institutions worldwide.
language, translation, glossary, dictionary, linguistics, compatible, trados, terminology, services, tool, memory, wordfast, localization, interpretation, solutions
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artlandia: pattern design tools and solutions
artlandia: award-wining software for creating seamless repeating patterns, illustrator and photoshop plug-ins, glossary of pattern design and other pattern resources.
textile, design, software, symmetry, tiling, wallpaper, pattern, plugin, symmetrymill, symmetryshop, symmetryworks, livepresets, illustrator, photoshop, artlandia
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multics was a mainframe timesharing operating system begun in 1965 and used until 2000. it was a major influence on subsequent computer operating systems.
honeywell, bell, project, laboratories, computer, program, source, mainframe, software, glossary, sharing, stories, time, timesharing, system, technical, papers, history, bibliography, people, pictures, humor, operating
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57 - entertainment technology resources - home
home page of - a resource for technical theatre, covering stage lighting, sound, stage management, rigging, multimedia for the stage, and including a large glossary of techncical theatre terms.
technical, terms, theatre, glossary, techie, resource, theatrecrafts, home, theater
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ascension glossary
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egypt and art
limited edition lithographs and paintings of ancient egyptian art, archeology, mythology and dynastic history
egyptian, kingdom, obelisk, middle, ramasses, pyramid, king, simbel, isis, nephisis, maat, anubis, osiris, horus, mumm, mythology, memphis, giza, book, dead, deities, mummification, symbols, creation, myth, egypt, lotus, aswan, thebes, nomes, nile, glossary, hieroglyphic, alphabet, cairo
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crawlpedia - the off-road encyclopedia
crawlpedia is an off-road encyclopedia complete with drivetrain calculators, a tire size converter, full off-road and 4x4 glossary, a ton of off-road links, and much more.
encyclopedia, research, convert, glossary, offroad, drivetrain, calculator, reference
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learn burmese online | audio, video lessons | best method
learn burmese online having fun with the most effective online method on with audio, video, glossary, new lessons updated regularly.
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api explorer – google analytics glossary and api reference guide
google analytics glossary and api reference guide
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glossary, term
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korean recipes and home cooking from hannaone.
korean recipes, food history, ingredient dictionary, glossary, and information.
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phoenix weather forecast and current conditions - tiggrweather phoenix home
phoenix weather and current conditions.
weather, star, chart, wildfires, space, astronomy, index, quality, live, conditions, noaa, metar, mesonet, wunderground, history, glossary, weatherunderground, point, humidity, pressure, radar, rain, lightning, barometric, barometer, forecast, solar, nino, temperature, wind, phoenix, tornado, hurricane, trends, storm, tracking
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66 an eclectic hodgepodge
personal homepage for richard tatum, including an ip tools page, a glossary of christian history, a freeware typeface utility, and links of local interst to chicago, illinois.
history, word, microsoft, truetype, windows, carol, illinois, romeoville, naperville, stream, font, typeface, assembly, christian, protocols, internet, personal, church, pentecostal
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the rc zone
the ultimate rc resource!
zone, control, trcz, locator, track, calendar, cars, radio, remote, events, glossary
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strange & unusual references
a site dedicated to strange and unusual dictionaries, including collections of one-letter words, words of only vowels, and words of only consonants.
colloquial, hawaiian, khazar, slang, gargish, comic, serial, subgenius, amazon, forgotten, tome, linguistics, communication, research, study, byrne, semiotics, books, weird, esoteric, lexicon, unusual, strange, dictionaries, online, glossary, rare, reference, wordgames, craig, conley, scrabble, lookup, language, dictionary
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yoyo wiki - wikia
yoyo wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute to. discover, share and add your knowledge!
yoyo, yoyojam, attack, tricks, axiom, styles, list, todo, glossary, play, counter, freehand, history, page, main, wiki, caribou, zero, duncan, works, lodge, yoyofactory
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home + a free dictionary/glossary php-script
glossword helps you to create and publish online multilingual dictionary, glossary, or reference.
vocabulary, thesaurus, mysql, dictionary, component, free, glossary, joomla, addon
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fx words trading glossary |fx words trading glossary
investing, macd, investor, fundamental, analysis, price, channel, money, financial, finance, education, technical, strategies, stock, market, glossary, currency, screener, filter, indicators, charting, charts, stockfilter, forex
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itsec glossary
glossary, itsec, uncategorized, home
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航空略缩语 aviation glossary(12)_航空翻译_飞行翻译_民航翻译_北京蓝天飞行翻译公司
航空缩略语, 航空术语解释, 航空英语解释, 航空缩写词, aviation glossary, 航空英语翻译,航空略缩 air glossary 缩略语英语释义
glossary, aviation
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self realization glossary of words hinduism spirituality bhagavad gita god realized
glossary of words self realization hinduism spirituality by vijay kumar... the man who realized god in 1993. exclusive glossary bhagavad gita upanishads jainism yoga meditation and all hindu sacred scriptures
realization, words, hinduism, glossary, spirituality, newsletter, list, mailing, 1993, free, realized, world, godrealized, wide, center, self
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search engine dictionary: glossary of search engine terms - letter a
a comprehensive guide to search engine terminology - from pandecta magazine.
search, terms, engine, glossary, dictionary, internet, terminology, engines
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solitaire game - solitaire rules, glossary and useful links.
solitaire card games: general information, rules, glossary and links
glossary, download, games, rules, solitare, solitaire
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physical sciences social sciences acoustics - a glossary of over 980 terms related to acoustics. chemistry - a glossary of nearly 1400 terms related to chemistry. electronics - a glossary of over 300 terms related to electronics. environment - a glossary of nearly 1900 terms related to the environment (from epa). geology - a glossary of over 28, 800 terms related to geology, mining, and minerology. anthropology - a glossary of over 1700 terms related to anthropology. archaeology - a glossary of nearly 1200 terms related to archaeology. political science - a glossary of several hundred terms related to political science, primarily us at the moment. psychology - a glossary of nearly 2100 terms related to psychology. sociology - a glossary of over 800 terms related to sociology. biological sciences aesthetic arts agriculture - a collection of over 1900 terms related to agriculture. biology - a collection of over 1500 terms related to biology. biotechnology - a collection of nearly 800
related, terms, glossary, over, nearly, collection, sciences, science, political, psychology, anthropology, sociology, biology, agriculture, geology, archaeology, chemistry, environment, electronics, acoustics, 1900, 2100, biotechnology, moment, 1400, biological, social, arts, aesthetic, 1500, hundred, mining, physical, minerology, 1700, several, 1200, primarily
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all about jewels glossary: a
illustrated jewelry glossary, a.
jewelry, costume, defined, encyclopedia, terms, definitions, fashion, dictionary, glossary, jewels
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medical glossary
glossary of medical and health related definitions.
medical, definition, glossary, dictionary, health, medicine
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welcome to educa vision
glossary, collection, illustrated, puzzle, word, bilingual, jouets, kopivit, livres, haitien, haitian, manipulative, dictionary, jigsaw, multicultural, teachers, toys, science, pictorial, multimiedia, haiti, medical, health, caribbean, creole, deschamps, educa, conflict, citoyen, ayiti, books, language, environment, friendship, game, guide, educational, education, ebooks, educatif
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oilfield glossary - oil and gas glossary
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glossary of kink
glossary of kink, bdsm lifestyle resources and information
adult, erotic, kink, bondage, bdsm
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toronto condos condominiums townhouse lofts for sale and buy is a real estate dictionary providing property(condo/house) and mortgage interrelated terms glossary with real estate information, questions and answers.
real, estate, sale, glossary, terms, mortgage, rent, condos, property, wiki, plan, wikipedia, house, floor, information, condo, toronto
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84 - online sports dictionary easy-to-use free sports glossary with over 7, 500 definitions. concise, clear, and comprehensive definitions of all terms used in the sporting world
sports, dictionary, glossary, terms, online, football, free, basketball, soccer, information, dictionaries, define, definition, glossaries, definitions
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definitions of home, mortgage and insurance terms, dictionary and glossary
main page of the home terms, dictionary and glossary. this site contains thousands of mortgage and insurance term definitions and their related meanings.
home, insurance, mortgage, definition, term, glossary
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coin collecting terminology - glossary of coin collector terms and definitions
coin collecting terms. terminology and glossary of coin collector words, dictionary of definitions and abbreviations.
prices, words, platinum, glossary, links, terms, collector, states, sports, terminology, sets, auctions, company, eagles, customer, feedback, stars, united, price, eagle, authentic, genuine, condition, american, proof, guides, magazines, uncirculated, mint, quick, gold, meaning, silver, paladium, rhondium, numistmatic, numistmatist, collecting, collect, dictionary
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a life insurance and reinsurance web portal.
reinsurance, glossary, insurance, news, search, center, directory, maxcorp, findalink
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ad glossary - internet's largest online advertising glossary. find over 150 definitions of common advertising words, terms, jargon, meanings, abbreviations and symbols.
ad glossary - internet's largest online advertising glossary. find over 150 definitions of common advertising words, terms, jargon, meanings, abbreviations and symbols.
abbreviations, symbols, information, meanings, jargon, definitions, advertise, glossary, words, terms, advertising
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finance glossary : finance, investment and stock market definitions
the finance glossary - the leading online finance reference for financial, trading and investment terms.
shares, equities, derivatives, stocks, investment, financial, invest, investing, finance
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crm reports - customer relationship management resources
crm reports is a website focused on providing the latest crm articles, crm news, crm glossary and other crm related resources.
reports, outlook, siebel, sieble, events, salesforce, awards, types, articles, report, news, glossary, define
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seo term glossary | search engine optimization definitions | seo/sem industry dictionary
comprehensive glossary of over 275 search engine optimization & search engine marketing terms, acronyms & phrases and their definitions.
paid, beginner, advanced, organic, intermediate
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bookie terms | sports betting glossary | jargon for horses racing, poker, casino games
bookie terms brings you the most complete gambling glossary around. learn poker jargon, horse betting lingo and terminology used in land based and online casion. act like a wiseguy and talk like your bookie.
poker, terms, lingo, gambling, terminology, jargon, bookie, betting, glossary, sports, casino
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psychology glossary
psychology lexicon - the glossary for the world of psychology
glossary, lexicon, psychology
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home | remository
welcome to remository, the home of the great file repository. also the home of glossary and remosef.
mambo, aliro, joomla, remosef, remository, glossary, welcome
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minecraft mod item glossary
minecraft mod item glossary for all mods included on this page.
minecraft, guide, crafting, ironchests, tutorial, chests, weapon, buildcraft, recipe, mcmodguides, thaumcraft, iron
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whisky is the answer
whatever the question... whisky is the answer! reviews, tasting experiments, opinions and a whisky glossary. slainte!
whiskey, scotch, blog, tasting, glossary, review, whisky
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realty dynamics wisconsins innovative real estate resource
your home is here! todays innovative real estate resource of tools & information on phones, tablets & computers - he future of local real estate
estate, glossary, real, sale, terms, home, best, homes, architectural, realtor, construction, selling, buying, styles, waukesha, wauwatosa, broker, lakes, career, information, county, properties, wisconsin, lake
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international translation and informatics (iti) ltd.
iti ltd. is one of the leaders on the russian market in localization, dtp, software development and engineering for translation services and glossary work
terminology, management, system, localization, globalization, assurance, gala, project, quality, association, tools, publishing, desktop, software, glossary, translation, language
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dictionary of engineering
online dictionary, online glossary, terms, define, definition, dictionary, dictionaries, glossary, glossaries, terms, definitions, reference, information, electronics, electrical, engineering
terms, online, glossary, dictionary, electronics, information, engineering, reference, electrical, dictionaries, define, definition, glossaries, definitions
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rudy's list of archaic medical terms - antiquus morbus home
a glossary of archaic medical terms, diseases and causes of death. the genealogist's resource for interpreting causes of death.
medical, terms, genealogy, dictionary, glossary, archaic
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dairy cheese making: articles, wikis, methods, equipment, ingredients, recipes, forum, glossary, links.
forum, recipes, glossary, links, ingredients, methods, recipe, wiki, cheese, equipment
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rudy's list of archaic medical terms
a glossary of archaic medical terms, diseases and causes of death. the genealogist's resource for interpreting causes of death.
medical, terms, genealogy, dictionary, glossary, archaic
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hematologyoutlines - home
hematologyoutlines - hematology is the study of blood, blood-forming (hematopoietic) organs, and neoplastic/non-neoplastic blood disorders. it involves multiple disciplines, including pathology, physiology, internal medicine, pediatrics, and laboratory medicine.
hematology, atlas, glossary, hematological, pathology, hemeonc, hematopathology, hematologyoutlines, hematopoiesis
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une introduction l'informatique (informaticinfo)
prsentation de ce site qui est une introduction l'informatique / presentation of this site which is an introduction to computer science
disc, disk, floppy, glossary, computer, informatique, information, peripherique, disque, ecran, technology, science, hard, mere, systeme, memoire, processeur, carte, moniteur, condensateur, electronique, disquette, amorcage, stockage, souris, electronics, clavier, bios, motherboard, peripheral, system, operating, ordinateur, glossaire, memory, processor, keyboard, introduction, scsi, boot
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poker dictionary - glossary of online and live poker terms
this poker dictionary is a glossary of poker terms, definitions, slang, and acronyms used in both online and live poker games.
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television current events, television history, digital television, digital cinema, history of film and digital cinema, television trivia, taste of nab 2002, taste of nab 2003, taste of nab 2004, taste of nab 2005, taste of nab 2006, taste of nab 2007, digital television transition, television biographies, television standards, television practices, television glossary of terms, glossary of broadcast terms, road show
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the curry house
curry, curry recipe, restaurant-style curries, free recipes, curry cookbook, quick meals from the curry house, recipe features, recipes from the raj, party sized curry recipes, curry questions, glossary of indian restaurant terms, glossary of indian restaurant curries, glossary of spices, british curry news and reports, curry recipes, curry cookery book, restaurant-style recipes
curry, bhaji, recipes, vegetable, tarka, aloo, onion, saag, patia, jalfrezi, dhal, bombay, naan, chili, naga, spicy, food, chilli, rice, chapati, paratha, pilau, pasanda, korma, cookbook, indian, restaurant, tandoori, book, cookery, recipe, free, curryhouse, chicken, tikka, vindaloo, madras, dopiaza, biryani, josh
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real estate dictionary | words | terms | definitions | glossary is a free online dictionary that features 1, 000s of real estate related terms, phrases and words
definitions, glossary, terms, words, estate, dictionary, real
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apture: a glossary for the web
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learning encyclopedia - study master
this website offers an encyclopedia or glossary of vocabulary related to learning. it can be used as a dictionary or thesaurus to help you with learning terminology and definitions.
learning, reference, vocabulary, terminology, word, thesaurus, wordlist, index, lexicon, dictionary, glossary, encyclopedia, definitions, study, subject, master, topic
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glossary help you to understand the meaning of the terms used on the restaurant's italian menu. easy translation of dishes and speciality of italian cuisine.
list, menu, translation, dishes, cuisine, speciality, italian, restaurant, translator, glossary, help, meaning, terms, bezil
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home - logistics glossary
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glossary of antiques terms
a to z glossary of antiques terms
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118 | big search glossary
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mmo glossary .com -> mmorpg dictionary
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online dictionary
online dictionary, dictionary, free online english and other language dictionary, thesaurus and reference guide, glossary.
dictionary, online, thesaurus, language, acronyms, special, english, abreviation, reference, dictionaries, glossary, glossaries, definitions
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stroke education
everything you ever wanted to know about stroke. topics include an a - z glossary of stroke terminology, an explanation of the types of stroke, sleep apnea as a cause of stroke, pseudobulbar affect as a side-effect of stroke, we answer your questions about stroke rehabilitation and explain what is involved with recovering from a stroke.
stroke, ischemic, brainstem, transient, attack, cerebellar, anyeurism, accident, cerebrovascular, hemmoraghic, rehabilitation, glossary, education, incontinence, terminology, effect, pseudobulbar, apnea, sleep, recovery
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a glossary of gestures for critical discussion
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123 - your sewing dictionary and glossary on the web
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hand engraving glossary of terms
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quadcopters : a comprehensive glossary of terms
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comprehensive information on a variety of civil and military aircraft including informative articles, breathtaking picture gallery updated daily, comprehensive aircraft links, aviation magazine guide and detailed glossary on aircraft and aviation.
aircraft, aviation, aircraftinformation, articles, pampa, valkyrie, foxhound, ruslan, glossary, home, info, links, gallery, pictures, pics
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the spread betting trading centre - financial spread bet news, spreadbetting tips, training and brokers
home of the spread bet centre providing an introduction to spread betting with a beginner's guide, financial glossary, detailed information, spread betting diary's, spread bet interviews, community and faq.
financial, spread, betting, community, free, reports, speadbetting, company, suppliers, markets, trading, glossary, broker, lists, interviews
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investor dictionary - the online financial dictionary for investors is the online financial dictionary for investors, providing thousands of investment terms and definitions to help you learn more about finance and investing.
dictionary, glossary, definitions, finance, financial, stock, market, online, words, free, stocks, business, term, investment, investor, buzz
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music of puerto rico
music of puerto rico - explore the full breadth and depth of puerto rican music; descriptions of genres, instruments; artist bios with fotos and discographies; audio samples; glossary; links and search; virtual store with cd's, dvd's and videos, books, magazines posters, sheet music, musical instruments and accesories
nueva, trova, bolero, reggaeton, plena, audio, artist, glossary, foundation, clips, bomba, danza, musical, genres, music, rico, puerto, history, composers, salsa, styles, instruments, artists, latin
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search engine optimization definitions and explanations from seo glossary
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the dictionary of english nautical language, glossary and terms directory.
dictionary of english nautical language: a comprehensive nautical dictionary, complete with usage, examples suggesting good seamanship, images of ships and gear and a useful nautical blog.
terms, language, sailing, nautical, terminology, dictionary, marine, maritime, ship, boat, words, glossary, boating, definitions, naval, seafaring, yachting, seagoing, talk, sailor, training, school, boats, yacht, slang, ships, education, vocabulary, jargon
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collectable books from g. a. michael sims (abfar) – home
collectable, second-hand and out-of-print books for sale by g. a. michael sims, 'a book for all reasons', specialising in ww2 non-fiction, military history and golden-age 20th century popular fiction, glossary, bibliographies
history, fiction, naval, east, travel, architecture, anglia, suffolk, glossary, bibliographies, crime, topography, miscellaneous, local, norfolk, royal, patrol, sims, mike, military, service, dornford, golden, specific, authors, yates
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collectable books from g. a. michael sims (abfar) – home
collectable, second-hand and out-of-print books for sale by g. a. michael sims, 'a book for all reasons', specialising in ww2 non-fiction, military history and golden-age 20th century popular fiction, glossary, bibliographies
history, fiction, naval, east, travel, architecture, anglia, suffolk, glossary, bibliographies, crime, topography, miscellaneous, local, norfolk, royal, patrol, sims, mike, military, service, dornford, golden, specific, authors, yates
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home - creative glossary
defining terms used by artists and others who imagine what might be – then make it
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bcmpedia. a wiki glossary for business continuity management (bcm) and disaster recovery (dr).
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forex trading - real trade - best forex broker
real trade, forex trading services, forex demo contest, forex analytics, forex forum, mobile trading, forex glossary
forex, trading, platform, analytics, quotes, glossary, exchange, foreign, allowed, forum, contest, currency, broker, trade, pairs, spot, real, demo, gold, hedging
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gamerisms, glossary, ebook series, quiz & facts-trivia games site
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public relations blogger
public relations blogger is a free, educational resource and pr blog for all of your pr needs. with a glossary of more than 450 terms, thousands of free articles, and advice from author/ editor ashley wirthlin, publicrelationsblogger is your best source for pr tips, techniques, strategies, and definitions.
relations, public, blogs, media, tips, social, marketing, press, release, using, career, definitions, blog, glossary, advice, careers, write
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the glossary
fine purveyor of stimulating videograms for the discerning client seeking to spread their word & wares to the masses.
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news, trends, countries, best, pocketinfo, australian, social, glossary, costs, insurance, zealand, media, facts, cities, worst, world, fiat, safest, money, live, climate, collapse, rise, quality, life, metals, precious, internet, country, almanack, almanac, 2012, city, gold, retirement, havens, auto, geolocation, silver, location
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real estate words|the most comprehensive real estate word database online
online real estate dictionary provides glossary of real estate terms and words
real, estate, glossary, language, dictionary, terms, words
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tax havens of the world. tax haven countries – best tax havens choice
tax havens, offshore tax havens or offshore jurisdictions as they are sometimes called provide many tax advantages for clients and corporations around the world. in tax havens offshore business companies can be registered, offshore foundations and offshore trusts can be formed and offshore banking can take place. the offshore tax havens of the world have high levels of privacy and the tax havens are well known for the asset protection which they offer. tax havens of the world best tax haven offshore tax offshore haven, tax gloss, tax glosses, tax haven definition offshore tax havens and cool tax haven countries best tax havens of the world, tax glossary, tax havens glossary tax havens list world tax havens list or world best tax havens list, tax havens information tax havens definition and tax havens comparison - incorporate in tax haven, tax haven incorporation tax haven company offshore banking in tax havens, tax havens of the world and list of tax haven countries, tax havens busines
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ecg made simple: a free web-based ecg-learning program. includes interactive tutorials and animations, comprehensive practice ecg lists, ecg search engine, glossary and more. learn how to interpret ekgs online for free.
made, electrocardiogram, anas, nader, free, easy, simple, hospital, medical, online, educational, interpret, teach, learn, casella, luigi, comprehensive, animations, tutorials, interactive, practice, ecgs, canada, toronto, glossary, program
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motorcycle views - original motorcycle articles and views on motorcycles and the world of motorcycles
the motorcycle views web site contains original articles and features about motorcycles including motorcycle recalls, seat heights, salvage yards, how-tos, quizzes, stories, tattoos, haiku, user reviews, a motorcycle forum, a motorcycle blog, a motorcycle glossary of motorcycle terms, motorcycle pictures galleries, motorcycle books, beginners, choppers, motorcycle trikes, motorcycle rallies, women on motorcycles, etc. in addition, outside links to other motorcycle sites are provided.
motorcycle, motorcycles, rallies, trikes, women, views, kern, walter, choppers, motorcyclists, books, blogs, forums, quizzes, dictionary, glossary, pictures, terms, beginners
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process of kundalini awakening or arousal
an introduction to the process of kundalini awakening with articles, glossary, booklist, personal story and links to teachers, workshops, healing practices and centers and other resources.
kundalini, yoga, autobiography, practices, spiritual, tibetan, awakening, kunalini, presentation, glossary, spirit, program, healing, workshop, british, sahaja, hatha, vedic, vyutthana, bhakti, patanjali, consciousness, columbia, buddhism, buddist, vancouver, fatigue, books, booklist, tapes, stuart, teachers, resources, risings, cathy, woods, articles, sovatsky, teachings, transformation
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long distance t1
telecom glossary, telecom dictionary and long distance dictionary
telecom, distance, long, definitions, dictionary, glossary
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hell-on-line: about hell, texts, images, timeline, glossary, motif index, bibliography; eileen gardiner, editor
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shippensburg pump company - shipco pumps
shipco pumps manufactures the largest and most complete line of hvac boiler room and condensate return pumping equipment, including a wide assortment of deaerators for steam applications.
deaerator, tank, glossary, feed, steel, asme, condensate, steam, pump, boiler, mathwizard, boilers, vacuum, room, virtualpump, custom, customized, underground, surge, pennsylvania, pumps, stainless, deaeration, code, stamped, atmospheric, shippensburg, centrifugal, pressurized, water, flash, shipco, cast, iron, nema, npsh, hvac, receiver
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ux companion
produced by cyber-duck, ux companion is a handy glossary of user experience design theories and tools, aimed as a resource for ux designers and marketers.
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car audio free advice & technical information | stereo terminology and education
audio advice, education and terminology, audio manufacturers' links
speakers, installing, stereo, home, power, about, capacitor, technical, information, glossary, parameters, eliminating, choosing, understanding, ratings, replacing, head, unwanted, noise, frequently, asked, questions, drivers, tech, work, using, right, tools, tips, installation, range, what, woofer, midrange, tweeter, component, links, enclosures, amps, speaker
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home | whatgreenhome
green homes aka eco homes showcased & for sale from around the world. news, views & product launches, events & training, deals & offers, glossary and more!
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triskelion ltd - home page web page by douglas boynton quine with postnet postal barcode decoder, united states postal service glossary, and hosted web sites regarding beatles, boynton family, postal automation, quine family, willard van orman quine philosophy and mathematics.
postal, quine, service, postnet, boynton, automation, frequently, guest, glossary, asked, book, barcode, engines, triskelion, search, decoder, marjorie, states, questions, willard, logic, language, mathematics, philosophy, music, movies, orman, beatles, public, shakers, usps, united
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глоссарий pmbok
глоссарий проектного менеджера
glossary, project, management
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website compass: your guide to understanding the internet
your guide to understanding and shopping the internet. learn about the web through our examples, tutorials, frequently asked questions and glossary.
internet, tutorials, website, compass, browser, email, marketing, magazine, guide, reviews, glossary, based, shopping, answers, assistance, help, performance, asked, faqs, world, wide, site, frequently, questions
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third millennium entertainment
third millennium entertainment is terrence brady's contribution to the world of film, screenwriting and comics. enter one of 17 theaters and begin your journey.
film, screenwriting, brady, comic, production, book, terms, links, hollywood, terrence, glossary, screenplay, teako170, storyboards, storyboarding, books, company, comics, films, emails, news, jumpcut, daredevil, justice, grades, venoms, blind, hitchcock, loyola, television, teako, entertainment, millennium, terry, third, screenwriter, scriptwriting, movies, graffiti, bronx
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dwarfnet internet guide - chat lingo, internet glossary, tips & tricks, free samples, online games, jokes, and more!!
at dig, you will find a vast array of information. from internet tips and tricks, a free item search engine, chat lingo and internet terms explained, to 'this day in history', and weather information for the u.s., canada and the world, as well as fun with the words of wisdom, fortune cookie and humour sections. join the scavenger hunt and win prizes!!
words, duane, dwarf, quotes, wisdom, acronyms, history, dwarfnet, submit, freebies, freebeez, traffic, freebees, tools, your, site, webmaster, cookie, fortune, scavenger, hunt, search, weather, chat, glossary, internet, tips, canada, canadian, humour, humor, jokes, games, prizes, free
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the mobile index
the mobile index is a multimedia glossary of portable tech terms, brought to you by the folks at mobext.
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food of africa listings, reviews and recipes.
explore traditional african food with free recipes, a glossary, photos, and a directory of markets and restaurants.
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prospect books
publisher of books about cookery, food history and the ethnology of food, man eats pie. introduction · catalogue · glossary · new and forthcoming titles . ppc (petits propos culinaires)
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indian shoe bazaar for shoe industry, footwear news, directory, shoe fairs, fashion shows, experts talk and more
footwear, indian, leather, directory, fair, trade, shoe, sandal, glossary, component, publication, registration, internet, talk, bazaar, fashion, international, sandals, events, services, board, message, experts, prominent, group, main, industries, uppers, organizers, archieves, nike, chappal, clri, profiles, fddi, nldp, poll, ifcoma, links, india
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bocce standards association website
bocce rules, bocce court standards, bocce equipment standards, bocce ball size, bocce court dimensions, bocce glossary, bocce terms, bocce, standards, bocce website, bocce ball website, bocce ball, bocce ball court, bocce ball equipment, bocce ball tournament, bocce game rules, history of bocce ball, bocce rules, bocce ball court standards, bocce ball equipment standards, bocce ball glossary, bocce ball terms, bocce court size, bocce ball court size. open bocce rules, open bocce ball rules, boccie rules, bocci rules
bocce, ball, rules, court, standards, size, equipment, open, website, terms, glossary, boccie, bocci, dimensions, tournament, game, history
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fujiya market :) arizona japanese glossary store
tempe, grocery, japan, arizona, sake, arizona, az, japanese, ramune
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lots of information about food science, food chemistry and food technology, including a food glossary
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glossary of vaccines:
advocating informed choice in vaccine administration in a biologically-vulnerable global society.
autism, thimerosal, sids, bioterrorism, thiomersal, mercury, sv40, vaccines, avian, homeland, security, polio, smallpox, bird
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mba brief - mba concepts and mba frameworks
glossary of mba concepts and terms. expert definitions of complex business concepts, mba frameworks and theories.
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comprehensive list of yoga terms, meanings, sanskrit words, terminology, definitions and meanings, sanskrit translations for hatha, kundalini, bikram, iyengar, ashtanga plus other forms - yoga glossary
comprehensive list of yoga terms, terminology, definitions, meanings, sanskrit words and meanings, sanskrit translations for hatha, kundalini, bikram, iyengar, ashtanga plus other forms.
yoga, sanskrit, translation, fitness, terms, glossary, sweaty, words, vinyasa, astanga, ashtanga, iyengar, kundalini, bikram, hatha
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it management definitions - glossary from
these glossaries define terms about information technology management including compliance vocabulary, business terminology, words about security, storage, network and software management and search engine optimization (seo) definitions.
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excel, betting, trading, betfair, spreadsheet, corners, odds, betgps, glossary, calculating, calculation, sheet, handicap, asian, resources, calculations, calculator, today, loss, score, explai, correct, spreadsheets, profit, comparison, team, statistics, back, combinations, recording, total, phrases, alphabet, terminology, explained
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professional realty - short sale experts, we'll help you get the best deal on real estate!!
short, mortgage, sale, home, loan, professional, real, estate, escrow, calculator, direct, realty, cost, glossary, refinance, loans, save, money, lender, promortgagedirect, good, milestoneescrow, credi, comprecasapropia, refinancie, unlimitedescrow, refinancieya, goproinsurance, solutions, time, casa, first, satisfied, rates, refinanciardirecto, refinanciar, prestamista, clients, discount, prestamistadirecto
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sports terms, phrases, and definitions | sportsfy
ever been confused by a sports term when you watch tv or an abbreviation when you read the news? provides a glossary of sports terms so you understand exactly what you see and hear.
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recipes, cooking tips and ideas, cooking glossary and terms | beckie's kitchen
thousands of recipes to share along with information on dishes, ingredients and cooking terms.
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tanyapedia | mencari arti tak pernah semudah ini
kumpulan deskripsi dari istilah seputar dunia komputer.
komputer, kammus, kamus, daftar, pengertian, glossary, istilah
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173 - your e-partner in maritime industry - linking maritime industry; provides recruitment & crewing services, resume management for maritime professionals, job alerts, marine marketplace exchange, shipping directory, events calendar, community, quick reference guide, maritime acronym, mariner's formulae, and more
marine, maritime, market, professional, link, industry, crew, vacancy, marketplace, glossary, events, college, acronym, professionals, directory, dictionary, crewing, transportation, suppliers, supplier, spares, school, transport, technology, schools, terms, term, manager, formula, graduates, graduate, engineers, formulae, agency, engineering, cargo, engineer, personnel
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agriculture engineers, agricultural engineering, agriculture technology -
about agriculture engineers, agricultural engineering, agriculture technology -
agriculture, agricultural, directory, engineers, jobs, agri, glossary, agriengineers, forum, terms, crops, business, engineer, technology
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woodworkerszone - woodworking forums
woodworking forum focused on making the beginner a better woodworker
encyclopedia, dictionary, table, glossary, reference, zone, references, making, furniture, blogs, blog, wiki, power, tools, lumber, wood, hand, woodworking
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pulp and paper resources on the web
paperonweb is the ultimate resource for the pulp and paper professional. provide links to paper chemical manufacturers, paper manufacturers, pulp manufacturers, paper machinery manufacturers, control system manufacturers, box manufacturers, consultants, paper mill effluent treatment system manufacturers, paper dictionary, paper glossary, acronyms and abbreviations used in paper industry, and paper making process
pulp, paper, manufacturers, resources, tissue, northern, links, mill, sulfite, equipment, crepe, toilet, boxboard, chemical, mills, paperboard, palnt, dyes, producers, companies, newsprint, acronyms, made, museum, designing, recycling, making, papermaking, abbreviation, pulping, flax, dictionary, glossary, pigments, recycled, cellulose, fluff, high, yield, specialty
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hebrew for christians - learn hebrew for free!
learn hebrew for free. study the hebrew alphabet and names of god. understand hebrew grammar and the hebraic mindset of the bible. gain powerful insights into your christian faith! do hebrew bible study. an online course with exercises, hebrew audio, vocabulary, charts, downloads, and much more.
hebrew, jewish, bible, names, testament, tanakh, forum, messianic, learn, glossary, grammar, lessons, yiddish, blessings, biblical, alphabet, levitt, study, alephbet, books, parsons, yahshua, john, prayers, holidays, chadashah, brit, talmud, zola, resources, homeschooling, yeshua, dictionary, words, roots, jewishness, lettering, hebrew4christians, free, christians
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investor glossary - defining the world of investing -
what is [term]? find out right now with a helpful definition and links related to [term].
explained, what, information, definition, define
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from money to metal - finance institutions in mining
money, introduction, mining, sources, glossary, data, metal, from, base
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nitty grits
nitty grits is an international culinary dictionary curated by the sofab institute. it is the most comprehensive food words site or culinary glossary site available..
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easy-to-use online resource for information about candida, symptoms and cures.
candida, types, history, mccombs, glossary, body, antibiotics, gallery, albicans, library, articles, pictures, treatment, videos, photos, what
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when you or someone close to you suffers from a cough or cold, bisolvon® is the reliable partner you can trust to provide relief and help you to recover.
throat, sinus, lung, glossary, breathing, chest, mucus, dosage, cold, cough, influenza, chesty, bisolvon
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simple answers about life and health insurance
help understanding insurance
definitions, define, explain, explanations, meaning, mean, information, answers, health, life, long, term, glossary, care, insurance
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tooltips | wordpress tooltips plugin, video tooltips, image tooltips, audio tooltips, text tooltips.
nice wordpress tooltips plugin -- image tooltip, video tooltip, audio tooltip, glossary
tooltip, plugin, wordpress, glossary, nice, audio, video, tooltips, image
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cross & crucifix home
exploring the image of the cross and crucifix
cross, stiver, resources, collectors, stanley, crucifix, glossary, david, crosses, history
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broadex systems | all about optical disc
this is the webpage of broadex systems and products of broadex systems. it also provides tips, how to, term and glossary about cd, dvd and bluray disc.
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english dictionary - dictionary
free searchable english dictionary with over 200, 000 word definitions and list of their synonyms.
dictionary, online, glossary, english
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grape stomper home info & links to grape places! making supplies making supplies..winemaking recipes
home wine making, home wine recipes! learn how to make different wines. equipment lists, supplies & glossary! questions always answered! wine making supplies making supplies..winemaking recipes
making, wine, stomper, grape, igitur, mythology, greek, gaudeamus, iuliano, dionysus, lese, lisi, sisto, beer, homebrew, supplies, california, indiana, michigan, grapestomper, grapevines, brew, grapestomp, catholic, vines, dionysis, gods, gifs, white, pope, vineyard, supply, term, suppliers, wines, italy, italian, terms, glosary, recipe
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prime curios!: home page
an exciting collection of curiosities, wonders and trivia about prime numbers and integer factorization. pleasant browsing for those who love mathematics at all levels.
education, dictionary, definition, glossary, trivia, curiosities, primes, number, theory, mathematics, prime
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ptc scrutiny earn money from the web!
ptc reviews, interviews with admins and payment proofs. if you need any help, check out pages like faq, glossary, hints&tips and how to file disputes on alertpay and paypal.
sites, paid, money, scam, exposure, paypal, online, advertising, free, sales, investigations, payment, referral, alertpay, traffic, wordlinx, disputes, neobux, best, click, blog, master, list, with, review, official, admins, legit, proofs, interviews, proof, glossary, file, hints, tips, elite, trusted, interview, work, home
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நவீன தமிழ் அருஞ்சொற்பொருள்/glossary of modern tamil
tamil dictionary, தமிழ் அகராதி
dictionary, computer, science, technical, tamil
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nidhi recipes - a site with simple and easy recipes.
a site with simple and easy recipes.
pasta, pizza, course, main, rice, indian, south, soups, glossary, drinks, chocolates, chinese, cakes, breads, chutneys, sauces, appetizers, desserts, cookies, fasting
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current utilities home
current utilities is proud to service texas, illinois, pennsylvania, new york, new jersey and georgia for their energy 855-397-6937
electricity, contact, your, glossary, bill, works, utilities, current, texas
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current utilities home
current utilities is proud to service texas, illinois, pennsylvania, new york, new jersey and georgia for their energy 855-397-6937
electricity, contact, your, glossary, bill, works, utilities, current, texas
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whisky pages - whisky tasting notes, whisky features, whisky glossary, whisky links
whisky, scotch, smith, gavin, single, malt
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linginfo - traduzioni tecniche
over 400, 000 specialized terms, abbreviations and definitions in 4 languages. with references to sources and annotations to specific fields.
translations, translation, abbreviations, abbreviation, english, french, languages, language, russian, italian, definitions, definition, science, vocabulary, thesaurus, glossary, technology, stem, words, word, terms, term, dictionary
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interactive mcat prep book
best mcat prep book. flashcards, video, free formula sheet, glossary, free mcat practice questions, & more. the only mcat test prep you need.
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koi mud pond - home
koi mud pond home
utsuri, sanshoku, ogon, koromo, shusui, asagi, tancho, goshiki, platinum, yamabuk, metallic, mujimono, hikari, bekko, glossary, types, varieties, champions, learning, kohaku, shiro, utsurimono, showa, taisho
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modlisme naval - wooden ship modeling
200 videos, 3, 000 pictures, building techniques, tips and tricks
models, modeling, model, ships, ship, wooden, visitors, links, glossary, visual, subscribers, kits, liens, bois, trucs, modles, bateaux, maquette, astuces, notes, glossaire, visuel, abonns, visiteurs, techniques, navire
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paint inspections calgary contains information about what painting inspectors do, when and why you need one, how to pick one, as well as faqs and a glossary of terms. advertising and membership opportunities are available.
inspection, institutional, commercial, standards, residential, connection, inspector, painter, designer, industrial, building, calgary, inspections, painting, alberta, canada, house, condominium, condo, paint
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welcome to fuzilogik
fuzilogik expounds on sports, wine, food and politics, both as individual topics and also the connections between these subjects.
recipes, olympics, summer, winter, oenophilia, regional, tailgating, gastronomy, food, politics, records, record, rules, medals, glossary, wineries, wine, glossaries, sports
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b auto srl | vendita auto usate san giovanni in fiore
auto, autonews, crashtests, glossary, babes, cars, drives, test, usate, concessionario, giovanni, fiore
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the world of food and cooking
sharing our passion and interests for food and cooking with likeminded people
cooking, dictionary, food, chef, culinary, glossary, tips, cook, recipes, dish, meal, kitchen
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rocksinmyheadtoo! rocks minerals crystals gems & much more!
rocks minerals crystals fluorescent gemstones jewelry enhydro phases enhydros fluid inclusions metaphysical and healing properties systems glossary
scale, ring, gold, silver, alloys, purity, metals, platinum, systems, glossary, pangea, geological, mineralogical, precious, pangaea, recommendations, grading, chart, diamond, color, hardness, fancy, famous, book, pacific, research, diamonds, herkimer, classifications, nirvana, himalayan, scribes, sacred, zeolites, magnetic, kullu, reconnective, energy, boji, quartz
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medical dictionary
searchable medical dictionary defining the most common medical terms.
medical, drugs, health, medicine, terms, dictionary, glossary, doctor
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what is orthostatic tremor
tremor, orthostatic, plus, standing, primary, information, glossary, legs, forum, movement, tremors, disorder, research, coping, skills
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commodities | commodity news | research | reports | data | commodities now
commodities now - the magazine and online resource for the global traded commodity markets.
commodity, commodities, legal, technology, risk, management, exchanges, newsletter, regulations, glossary, mining, power, trading, energy, markets, agriculture, metals, softs
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the web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.
abbreviations, acronyms, abreviations, dictionaries, dictionary, stands, tlas, slang, stands4, acronymes, abbreviazioni, siglas, abreviaturas, emoticons, glossary, initialism, reference, acronym, abbreviation, initialisms, shorthands, shorthand, military, chat, medical, state, states, glossaries
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the coin page
the coinpage coin image database provides images of coins, tokens, medals, elongateds, bullion products free of charge
coin, eagle, bullion, glossary, database, gallery, gold, silver, elongated, medal, image, picture
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walton dell's web site - web site design, computer tutorials and training, humor, video games, and much more!
walton dell's web site: computer technical support and tutoring (with words linked to a glossary of computer terms), professional web site design services, software, music, video games, humor, and much more!
intranet, design, computer, free, consulting, internet, paid, world, consultant, wide, links, computers, hyperlink, frames, tables, activex, java, excel, excell, netscape, explorer, word, clipboard, sysop, products, make, games, midi, sound, music, background, stunts, scores, humor, vrml, crossword, puzzles, reality, virtual, codes
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learn swedish-english-svenska
bilder smögen, väjern, engelsk matordlista, logistik, kungshamn, swedish glossary, engelsk ordlista
ordlista, ordlistor, engelska, english, swedish, datorordlista, bilordlista, marin
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ellin beltz
geology, chicago, dinosaur, beaches, wyoming, fossil, michigan, montrose, beach, hunting, lake, bulletin, column, glossary, glacial, quarry, toads, frogs, lasalle, glaciers, humboldt, illinois, folio, name, translations, 1902, dinosaurs, fossils, park, scientific, anticline, state, kankakee, online, field, trips, thornton
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betting explained | all types of bets are explained
betting explained: all bet types, betting odds and betting rules are explained in full. includes a betting glossary. learn about betting terms here.
betting, understand, explained, explain
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beowulf on steorarume (beowulf in cyberspace) - opening page
critical online edition of beowulf: old english text, english translation, deutsch übersetzung, glossary, explanatory notes, background material
beowulf, england, viking, tolkien, denmark, dane, poem, legend, myth, fantasy, poetry, grendel, translation, beowolf, english, dragon, wyrm, anglosaxon, epic
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frot diggity blog!
a lazy reader's guide to the gilgamesh epic, with plot synopsis and glossary of proper names
flood, gilgamesh, myth, myths, comparative, homoerotic, mythology, mesopotamian, eastern, middle, babylon, david, babylonian, epic, enkidu, ishtar, sumerian, ferry, uruk
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youthinspo mobile phones specifications, prices, photos, reviews, news, forums, glossary
youth inspo is a website by neeraj mathur that provide information for new phone such as full specifications, in-depth reviews, latest news, carrier available and upcoming phones.
youth, inspiration, indeas, ideas, stories
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doriath dungeon: enter!
detailed site on the c64 game doriath, with a complete map, walk thru, faq, glossary, soundtrack, movie files, downloads, how to get into room a11, and much more
dragon, doriath, mingos, magusaan, classic, roimort, draconis, krakoli, cloronar, fungata, wispith, plebata, cobron, potion, blue, gray, braine, dungeon, commodore, commoddore, game, amulet, quasilin, games
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rowynet - free scores for piano, organ, flute and more
download free sheet music. more than 2, 000 scores. music for piano, guitar, violin, flute, accordion, organ and a glossary of italian musical terms.
folk, classical, music, sheet
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english to bengali/bangla and bengali/bangla to english dictionary
word, meaning, glossary, obidhan, ovidhan, bengali, bangla, dictionary, english
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220, abhidhamma the systematic teaching of theravada-buddhism
abhidhamma the systematic teaching of theravada-buddhism
audios, glossary, charts, courses, theravada, texts, abhdidhamma
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open education sociology dictionary: free online sociology dictionary
free sociology dictionary defining key sociological terms, concepts & vocabulary with examples, sample sentences, audio pronunciation & related definitions.
sociology, glossary, vocabulary, dictionary, terms
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stephanie tyler | romantic suspense and paranormal starring warrior heroes
ny times bestselling author stephanie tyler writes romantic suspense with strong military heroes. her site features a military glossary, book extras, a bustling blog, and more. she also co-writes paranormal erotic romances as sydney croft.
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acoustic glossary, sound vibration definitions, terms, units and measurement - home
the world of acoustics is overflowing with terms and parameters. we explain what the 'terms' mean in the practical world.
acronyms, units, parameters, acoustics, definitions, jargon, vibration, dictionary, terms, noise
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essay writing tips - online help for students and writers | essay writing tips online
information on all essay types, stages of writing, common essay subjects, all academic levels and formatting styles. writing tips, common mistakes and problems in writing. dozens of essay samples and comprehensive glossary.
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web design dictionary - web site design glossary of terms
web design dictionary
dictionary, design
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or smoothie & cafe - home
or smoothie & cafe home page
about, merchandise, glossary, menu, home, smoothie, cafe
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welcome to snooker games a site for the true snooker enthusiast
dedicated sections cover practise routines, tuition, book reviews, history, tips and advice, and much more
history, book, games, alternative, reviews, billiards, english, help, routines, practice, improve, snooker, terms, glossary, tuition, advice
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world mythology, folklore, cultures and classical studies
this website is dedicated to greek, roman, celtic, egyptian, native american, japanese, chinese, and babylonian mythology. all mythologies of the world.
titans, creation, olympians, underworld, mortals, awards, webrings, stories, epics, glossary, heros, creatures, gods, babylon, babylonian, chinese, mythology, greek, sumerian, mythological, goddesses, mythical, mythic, myths, graphics
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german words of love and romance - i love you
a special german-english phrasebook for the vocabulary of love and romance in german. how to say 'i love you' in german.
language, german, love, liebe, lexicon, lexikon, germany, foreign, learning, dictionary, vocabulary, glossar, sweetheart, romance, deutsch, darling, valentine, celebration, glossary, lovers
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онлайн словарь
онлайн словарь
encyclopedia, glossary, online, dictionary
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ecology dictionary | environmental dictionary terms
ecology dictionary aims to raise awareness to ecological subjects such as climate change, environmental engineering and such, by offering ecological terms and definitions
ecology, glossary, terms, definition, dictionary, interpretation
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tabularasa mosaic tools and stonecarving supply
supplier of vitreous glass mosaic tile, italian millefiore from murano, smalti from venice, and mosaic tools via mailorder for hobbyists and professionals. tile service for architects and interior designers / decorators. mosaic books, online technical and educational information, and extensive mosaic glossary.
mosiac, mosaics, mosaic, mosiacs, mozaiek, moza, glasmozaiek, maschine, grober, company, taurus, revolution, serpentina, ring, gemini
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word definitions
searchable online dictionary with over 160, 000 word definitions.
word, definitions, terms, dictionary, glossary
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i-study homepage
free comprehensive gcse, igcse & ib revision material for geography, economics, history, environmental systems and societies, international baccalaureate
worksheets, photos, resources, glossary, keywords, baccalaureate, international, study, notes, geography, gcse, economics, free, revising, revision, igcse
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construction terms terminology
source for construction terms. hundreds of construction terms complete with definitions and pictures. construction jargon increases confidence in the communication of construction terms
construction, terms, terminology, glossary, home, dictionary, meanings
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diseases database ver 2.0 ; medical lists and links diseases database
cross-referenced medical dictionary of diseases, medications, symptoms, signs and investigations.links to disease specific web pages, databases, medical search engines
database, glossary, disease, medication, knowledge, umls, diseases, diagnoses, surgical, dictionary, sieve, differential, diagnosis, medical
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brazil carnival spirit: live brazilian carnival ooah!
brazil carnival: learn brazilian carnival in rio through articles, photos & samba glossary with brazil carnival oaah! ®
carnival, brazil, brazilian, spirit
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sushi, nigiri, and maki recipes on sushi day -
sushi day - is all about sushi, nigiri, and maki. traditional japanese sushi recipes and off the wall crazy sushi combinations! there will be posts about sushi restaurants, sushi-making tools, and other randomness related to sushi.
english, experimental, advice, glossary, recipes, allison, nigiri, maki, food, sushiday, sushi
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239 - buy fireworks online - top brands, + fireworks safety, firework displays, firework photographs, etc
fireworks: the original uk fireworks site. buy top brand fireworks, descriptions of types of firework, displays and events, fireworks safety, glossary, photographs, etc.
fireworks, firework, recipes, rockets, sparklers, displays, code, safety, shows, cakes, sale, sales, display, selection, packs, boxes
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welcome to small cap authority
smallcapauthority is a meeting place to connect small cap investors searching for well researched companies. we provide a glossary of stock terms, financial and business news, also a comprehensive chat forum to discuss your thoughts and share other investor opinions.we provide stock market terms and many educational links from other sites to help investors hone their investing skills, all in one convenient place.
small, investment, investing, micro, stocks, pennystock, stock
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241 - human anatomy atlas, anatomy games and cards
exploration of human body anatomy with visual effects and audio is so easy now. you can find anatomy atlases and descriptions on this medical library. includes
anatomy, system, cards, glossary, body, education, atlas, games, medical, human
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swiss watch wire | the source for swiss watch news & more
welcome to swiss watch wire — the source for swiss watch sales, tips, trivia, news, and more!
swiss, watch, omega, glossary, rolex, watches, baselworld
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sports lingo, dictionary, jargon, sports terms, definitions & cliches |
check out our glossary of sports lingo, jargon, definitions and sports slang for all the major sports. our sports lingo dictionary helps sports junkies understand sports jargon, slang & terminology.
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speak jamaican - learn jamaican language, slang, and culture
the world's most comprehensive course in jamaican patois. visit our online glossary of jamaican slang.
jamaican, speak, patois, culture, language
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florida academy of nutrition and dietetics - home
the mission of the florida academy of nutrition and dietetics (fand) is to empower our members to promote optimal nutrition and health for all people.
nutrition, academy, dietetics, food, glossary, fand, latino, manual, health, dietitians, dietetic, diet, florida
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246 - online backgammon guide - learn rules, strategy and more
online backgammon game guide: rules, where to play online, backgammon book reviews, a glossary, blunders analysis, expert matches, worldwide club list, and backgammon strategy tips.
backgammon, online, game, play
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sem-seo,ppc,link building tips and tools also service by seo expert/manager/specialist-india,orissa,bhubaneswar blog contains benefits of sem, seo questions, seo tools, seo glossary, seo service, link building service, sem expert, india, orissa(odisha), bhubaneswar
service, advertising, expert, tools, resume, question
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word + image ag - [professionelle übersetzung translator lektorat aargau zürich]
word+image bietet eine umfassende palette an dienstleistungen in wort und bild und unterstützt sie so, genau die botschaft zu kommunizieren, die für ihre zielgruppe massgeschneidert ist.
fotos, illustration, something, fotographie, photos, sprachen, photography, special, michael, dienstleistung, service, glossar, glossary, brewer, photographer, swiss, schweizer, redaktor, texter, translator, translation, editor, copywriter, proofreading, schweiz, gegenlesen, naming, namen
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bridal lingerie from bello chica
bello is a uk based online retailer selling wedding gifts and bridal lingerie | shop now | see our latest additions
lingerie, wedding, bridal, underwear, sizes, guide, plus, curves, shapewear, size, tights, charts, specialists, hold, measuring, search, catalogue, blog, glossary, stockings, inches
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redefining cricket performances, cricket facts and statistics
impact index- introduction to 100 hidden cricket facts, get cricket facts and its historical statistics, the highest impact bowler, batsman in history, cricket videos, cricket photos, cricket glossary, match review and many more cricket insight.
cricket, videos, fans, historical, performance, facts, history