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the definitive internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation
urban, legends, snopes, hoax, folklore, mythbusters, misinformation, myths, slayer, hoaxes, hottest, archive, scams, rumors
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ellinika hoaxes | ενημέρωση για τις απάτες του διαδικτύου. hoax, scam, fake news και πολλά άλλα. εδώ τα πάντα καταρρίπτονται!
έ ά ύ. hoax, scam, fake news ά ά. ώ ά ί!
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latest email hoaxes - current internet scams - hoax-slayer
stay informed about the latest email hoaxes and scams by subscribing to the hoax-slayer newsletter.
email, hoax, hoaxes, internet, scams, information, current, scam, charity, recognizing, latest, petitions
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the skeptic's dictionary
over 725 definitions and hundreds of articles on the paranormal, the occult, the supernatural, and the pseudoscientific written from a skeptic's point of view, in defense of reason, science, and critical thinking, and opposing superstition, fraud, deception, and irrationality.
science, thinking, pseudoscience, supernatural, logic, junk, paranormal, perception, hoaxes, philosophy, ufos, alternative, rational, critical, medicine, cryptozoology, skepticism, frauds
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online threat alerts - a security blog alerting you to scams and other cybercrimes.
online threat alerts is a security blog that notifies you of scams, malware, fraud, hoaxes and other cybercrimes.
threat, online, alert, threats, alerts, malware, fraud, blog, hoaxes, security, cyber, cybercrimes, scams
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6 | how to avoid a facebook scam | all about facebook scams
loads of information relating to facebook scams, hoaxes and security warnings and how to avoid them
facebook, protect, identity, theft, surfing, scam, safe, media, facecrook, facecrooks, social
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vsantivirus: estar informado para estar seguro. alertas diarias sobre todas las amenazas informáticas, para que el conocimiento sea nuestra principal arma de defensa.
troya, premio, polymorphic, resident, residente, seguridad, security, scam, rootkit, pishing, mcafee, multipartite, malware, maldonado, macro, nod32, norton, parasitic, panda, noticias, sophos, virusscan, virus, uruguay, troyanos, vulnerabilidad, vulnerability, zombie, worms, windows, troyano, trojanproxy, toolbars, spyware, spoofing, traversal, trojan, trojandropper, trojandownloader, trojanclicker
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welcome to spiders at spiderzrule - the best site in the world about spiders, redbacks, huntsmen, garden orb weaver, funnel web, black widow, recluse, hobo spider, daddy long legs.
spiders, redbacks, huntsmen, garden orb weaver, funnel web, black widow, recluse, hobo spider, daddy long legs, venom, bites, webs, hoaxes, spider photos, spider identification
spider, legs, long, daddy, venom, bites, identifications, photos, hoaxes, webs, hobo, recluse, garden, huntsmen, redbacks, weaver, funnel, widow, black, spiders
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the occult - occultopedia: the occult and unexplained encyclopedia
a treasury of occultism, mysticism, supernatural, magic, demonology, mythology, psychic powers, witchcraft, metaphysics, spiritism and pseudoscience
strange, worlds, metaphysics, magic, occult, civilizations, enigmas, phantoms, hauntings, earth, inner, subterranean, specters, hollow, conspiracies, ghosts, fakes, disasters, catastrophism, world, frauds, deceptions, apparitions, hoaxes, forgeries, poltergeists, consciousness, necronomicon, chivalry, knights, crusades, horror, mythos, cthulhu, lovecraft, legends, warriors, medicine, alternative, theology
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skeptic project
skeptic project is a web site dedicated to investigating the internet's most common conspiracy theories, hoaxes, and so on. the web site formerly known as conspiracy science.
science, hoaxes, ufos, ghosts, politics, conspiracies, project, conspiracy, skeptic, paranormal
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the museum of hoaxes
tall, pranks, tales, publicity, tricks, stunts, jokes, practical, misinformation, fake, april, hoaxes
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latest spams, scams and hoaxes
latest spams, scams and hoaxes - the primary aim of this blog is to alert and educate the internet users about latest spam and hoax messages thus enabling them to avoid and/or control such messages. it is dedicated to act as a database of latest spams, scams, hoaxes, junk e-mails, phishing attacks, phishing scams, bogus virus or worm warnings, internet scams, urban legends in circulation. let’s make our web more safer, pleasant and more productive environment.
hoaxes, scams, spams, latest
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this is a project to create a database of hate crime hoaxes in the usa. it builds on the work of laird wilcox, whose 'crying wolf' is the only book dedicated to this subject so far.
hate, splc, center, league, poverty, crimes, crime, hoaxes, southern, fake
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14 - free online greetings, funny jokes, e-cards, email stuff riddles e-mail, ecards, virus hoaxes, chain letters
pick from online greetings, jokes, virus hoaxes, riddles, chain letters, e-cards, plus other cool & fun stuff and send them to your friends.
greetings, online, teasers, logic, brain, humor, puzzles, stuff, quotes, greeting, cards, postcards, virtual, electronic, letters, email, jokes, funny, free, ecards, chain, hoaxes, virus, riddles, cool
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chain letters central
the final resting place for over a thousand e-mail forwards, funnies, hoaxes, jokes, surveys and more.
chain, letters, junk, parodies, junkyard, humorous, suck, annoying, spam, hoaxes, central, forwards, forward, funnies, funny, email, jokes, hoax
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the real news - the real news online
the homepage to one of the only realstes out thereexposing the real enemy. the us media. mostof what we see as false flags in the so called conspiracy community are just elaborate media hoaxes like 9/11, gabby giffords, sandy hook, and on and on. we are
media, sandy, nasa, hook, dose, radio, reality, landing, hoaxes, exposing, fakery, false, flags, history, real, moon
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quintus | democracia direta e participativa, política, espaço, agostinho da silva, quids, ciência, defesa, economia, hoaxes, etc
democracia direta e participativa, política, espaço, agostinho da silva, quids, ciência, defesa, economia, hoaxes, etc... (by clavis prophetarum)
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the april fools jokes site
the april fools jokes site; the best april fools practical jokes of the past, hoaxes that worked, jokes to try and more
april, fools, jokes, hoaxes, pranks, joke, fool, hoax
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försanthållna osanningar, halvsanningar och missuppfattningar -- hoaxes, urban legends, half-truths and misconceptions.
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indonesian hoaxes | membongkar kebohongan - mengekspos penipuan!
the big list of indonesian hoax. membongkar kebohongan dan mengekspos penipuan!
gaib, fenomena, supernatural, hantu, lain, dunia, penampakan, supranatural, paranormal, licking, jahat, program, hipnosis, hipnotis, palsu, dosa, kaskus, arrahmah, islam, kesehatan, pencurian, cracker, hacker, jonru, pembodohan, tips, trik, youtube, twitter, provokasi, instagram, liker, auto, propaganda, religi, kebohongan, satir, sarkas, kristenisasi, lelucon
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rumor has it :
the definitive internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation
urban, legends, snopes, folklore, hoax, mythbusters, misinformation, myths, slayer, scams, rumors, hottest, archive, hoaxes, snopesurban
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the art of the prank
insights, information, news and discussion about pranks, hoaxes, culture jamming and reality hacking.
pranks, prank, political, jester, fiction, urban, tales, magician, than, magic, tall, legend, stranger, spin, conspiracy, existence, theory, propaganda, illusion, fraud, hype, illusionist, april, court, coyote, fools, myth, mythology, fool, raven, loki, busters, good, trickster, etiquette, hoax, deception, party, issues, legal
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mitos y timos
ciencia, escepticismo, fraudes, timos, mitos, leyendas, hoaxes y bulos
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programming the nation
contact info for jeff warrick at ignite productions, llc and marty collins at digital media factory.
subliminal, ufos, health, junk, science, messages, logic, cryptozoology, alternative, psychic, paranormal, skepticism, occult, pseudoscientific, hoaxes, fraud, supernatural
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nina burleigh
historical, books, east, investigations, archeology, middle, journalist, reviews, book, writers, authors, mystery, author, james, myths, jesus, burleigh, ossuary, biblical, investigative, mysteries, hoaxes, nina
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é verdade? ou mentira?
atrás de saber se aquela historia ou e-mail que você leu e ficou com dúvidas é verdade ou mentira? aqui você encontra as respostas, experimente!
hoaxes, folclore, spams, falsidades, virtuais, pulhas, mitos, curiosidades, mentiras, verdades, lendas, urbanas, absurdos
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28, moteur de recherche anti-hoax
moteur de recherche permettant d'identifier les hoax, ces informations fausses, périmées ou invérifiables propagées malgré eux par les internautes.
virus, canular, spams, faux, spam, cancer, disparition, boycott, alerte, urbaines, canulars, hoaxes, rumeur, rumeurs, urbaine, hoax
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:: :: das andere forum für grenzwissenschaften :: - powered by vbulletin
diskussionsforum rund um grenzwissenschaften, anomalistik, zukunftsforschung, alternativmedizin und vieles mehr!
heilverfahren, phytotherapie, heilpflanzen, aromatherapie, medizin, prophezeiungen, hexen, umwelt, alternativ, politik, geheimgesellschaften, mystery, katastrophen, erde, hohle, area, religion, sekten, paranormal, parapsychologie, psychologie, wissenschaft, grenzwissenschaft, anomalistik, chat, raumfahrt, astronomie, buch, esoterik, kulte, hoaxes, fakes, sonne, zeitreisen, psychedelika, grenzwissenschaften
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scam emails, scam letters, phishing, identity theft, internet fraud
scam, email, internet, fraud, nigerian, lottery, crime, commercial, online, theft, letters, hoaxes, database, phishing, identify
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internet blacklist | phishing and scam database
blacklist of domain names, email addresses, and telephone numbers used in phishing attacks and scams, plus a database of email and facebook scams and hoaxes. have you been phished? we can help!
phishing, phish, scams, phishlist, emails, facebook, domains, database, list, phone, numbers
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license plate theft - what to do when your plate is stolen & ways to protect your license plates.
what to do when your license plate is stolen and how to prevent this from happening again. reporting requriements and methods to use to protect your plates. anti theft techniques.
plate, theft, license, stolen, plates, security, cars, licence, automobiles, gasoline, archive, scams, hoaxes, legends, urban, police, identity, vehicles, anti, protection, lost, thief, reports, steal
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relatively haunted
who is relatively haunted? we are a midwestern family of paranormal investigators. our team is called wisconsin illinois paranormal solutions or w.i.p.s. for short. we like to help out familes with paranormal problems because we ourselves are a family.
paranormal, investigation, ghost, wisconsin, illinois, haunted, chupacabras, roswell, monsters, incident, hoaxes, light, travel, legend, urban, alien, sightings, team, relatively, extraterrestrial, abduction, parapsychology, time, synchronicity, grim, evps, psychics, mediums, hunters, encounters, spirit, supernatural, ghostly, phenomena, forteana, haunt, reaper, anomaly, circles, crop
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state of iowa amber alert
state of iowa amber alert
missing, children, child, alert, recovering, hoaxes, abduction, iowa, abducted, state, amber
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35 - investigating strange phenomena
a level-headed, open-minded look at strange phenomena: bigfoot, ufos, ghosts, paranormal investigations, cryptozoology, monsters and mystery animals
ness, loch, monster, ghost, urban, travel, time, freaks, supernatural, hoaxes, skeptical, files, skeptic, legend, witch, blair, patterson, film, holmes, sherlock, parapsychology, chupacabras, monsters, roswell, incident, synchronicity, light, anomalist, reaper, exorcist, cryptozoologist, excorcist, bigfoot, yeti, cryptozoology, fortean, mark, magazine, chorvinsky, obituary
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rumors,conspiracy theories and scams reasearch -
the irumor mill investigates and reports on conspiracy theories, internet rumors or irumors, scams, virus attack and warnings.
rumors, internet, conspiracies, irumors, false, reports, political, theories, conspiracy, government, real, hoax, politics, investigations, myths, erumor, investigation, facts, scams, confirmation, fiction, truth, misinformation, hoaxes, snopes, obama, mill, fact, check, factcheck, erumors, urban, legends, dead, celebrities, posted, lies, fictional, trust, rumor
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the home page of fathers for life
fatherlessness is the absence of their fathers in children's lives. it is a large and serious social problem. fathers for life discusses fatherlessness, its causes and consequences.
males, nuclear, movement, page, parental, politics, planned, paternity, mothers, medusa, judiciary, issues, information, justice, population, life, propaganda, suicide, statistics, society, support, traditional, violent, violence, vilification, social, doyle, richard, religion, rights, save, schneider, ideology, hoaxes, custody, conservatives, civil, dads, deadbeat, destruction
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the book of zohar, the original zohar in english, best translation of the book of zohar, secret book of enlightenment
the original zohar "the book of enlightenment" in english, the best translation of the zohar. "in our perception, reality is broken into two parts: “me” and “the world”. our thoughts control the universe. this secret is simple: there is only one thing you can ask from the universe's call center! free download, free video lessons, reality consists of three elements: the power of love and giving (nature), the will to receive (us, the creatures), and evolution (nature’s plan of development). zohar in english download, how can i improve my life? how to find spiritual love? the book of zohar, the secret of the zohar, secret, the secret, rhonda byrne, wayne dyer, abraham-hicks, napoleon hill, jack canfield, the law of attraction, the book of zohar free download (pdf), spirituality, kabbalah, cabbala, conspiracy, occult, mysticism, hoax, secrets, aliens, ufo, ancient, mysteries, paranormal cryptozoology hoaxes disinfo politics gov projects secret societies 11:11 terror 9/11 general conspiraci
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death and hell intro, infek bin laden
magick, reports, chaos, modification, subversive, fetishism, conspiracy, politics, body, paranoia, brain, cults, media, viral, memetic, literature, apocalyptic, music, psychogeography, mind, pranks, ontology, guerilla, control, engineering, science, fetish, sexual, vampirism, psychic, chemognostic, conclave, poetry, dream, trip, servitor, opening, evocation, experimental, fringe
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home : global insights - dvds, new science, special products, socio-political, cover-up, survival, your health, spiritual & religious, ufos & ets, global insights, spanish books, no more hoaxes, ei, ufo, ufo picture, ufo sighting, alien and ufo, ufo photo, ufo pic, alien, extraterrestrial, end of the world, war of the world, world, end time, prophecy, nostradamus, malachy, armageddon, revalation, war, end of days
world, alien, products, extraterrestrial, weather, earthquake, tsunami, photo, days, prophecy, nostradamus, sighting, time, revalation, armageddon, malachy, survival, your, health, spiritual, science, special, religious, ufos, more, hoaxess, dvds, books, spanish, global, insights, picture
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about-the-web internet guide
free information about browsers, e-books, e-mail programs, hoaxes, urban legends, search engines, making money on the internet, avoiding scams, creating and promoting web sites. simple tips for a better web surfing experience. great web sites to discover.
making, reports, free, money, surfing, beginner, getting, history, site, guide, tips, creation, internet, started, search, basics, webtv, legends, urban, engine, help, scams, browsers, email, engines, newcomer, better, ideas, home, avoid, promotion, great, creating, entrepreneur, reference, online, about, page, programs, browser
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home | the 'x' zone radio & tv show podcast centre
the 'x' zone radio & tv show is hosted by veteran canadian broadcaster and media personality, rob mcconnell. the 'x' zone was first on radio in 1992. the world of the paranormal and the science of parapsychology is the meat and potatoes of this very popular radio show that is syndicated worldwide.
psychic, paranormal, life, astrology, matter, triangle, phenomena, death, scrolls, michigan, wicca, dead, boards, nostradamus, dreams, apocalypse, cosmology, travel, dream, interpretation, bermuda, ouija, cards, tarot, after, science, fiction, cryptozoology, circles, crop, literature, among, subject, parapsychology, other, many, voice, electronic, dalai, lama