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welcome | zeiss united states
carl zeiss is an international corporate group in the optics and optoelectronics industry - a leader in solutions for industry, research and medical technology as well as lifestyle products.
medical, technology, lenses, binoculars, neurosurgery, cine, microscopy, planetariums, care, vision, camera, research, scopes, spotting, manufacturing, industrial, metrology, semiconductor, solutions
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cells alive!
since 1994, cells alive! has provided students with a learning resource for cell biology, microbiology, immunology, and microscopy through the use of mobile-friendly interactive animations, video, puzzles, quizzes and study aids.
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home microscopy: leica microsystems
german company specializing in microscopes and imaging equipment for medical, scientific and industrial use.
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olympus - europe - digital camera / slr cameras / pen cameras / endoscope / microscope / medical / industrial endoscopy / audio systems
digital camera, slr, pen cameras, cameras, olympus, endoscope, endoscopy, microscope, microscopy, medical systems, industrial endoscopy, voice recorders, audio systems, binoculars, testing, instruments, equipement, information, olympus europe
cameras, olympus, systems, endoscopy, binoculars, audio, recorders, testing, instruments, europe, information, equipement, voice, medical, camera, endoscope, microscope, digital, microscopy, industrial
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alan wood’s web site
alan wood’s home page, with links to pages on pesticide common names, unicode, html 4 entities, symbol font, character sets, and olympus close-up photography equipment.
character, entities, home, page, browsers, ansi, names, common, macrophotography, microscopes, photography, list, olympus, microscopy, pesticides, personal, wood, alan, photomicrography, glyph, wgl4, sets, html, symbol, font, unicode, pesticide, entity, macroman, fonts, cpcn, references, windows
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nikon microscopyu
welcome to nikon's microscopyu website, featuring technical support and timely information about all aspects of optical microscopy, photomicrography, and digital imaging.
illumination, contrast, light, imaging, interference, digital, microscopy, phase, darkfield, fluorescence, differential, transmitted, coupled, device, interferometry, charged, lens, polarized, khler, eyepieces, small, world, contest, software, java, photomicrography, tutorial, photography, microscopes, objectives, lenses, lamps, oculars, optics, film, condensers, cameras, tube
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microscopy-uk home (resources for the microscopy enthusiast and amateur, including free bimonthly e-zine, micscape.)
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m a t t e r - materials science & engineering educational software
award winning materials science & engineering educational software, interactive simulations, animations and videos. currently available modules: ferrous metallurgy, diffraction and solidification. version 2.1 of materials science on cd-rom, contains 18 modules. there is also a help/tutorial program and an updated glossary. introduction to crystallography, introduction to electrons in crystals, introduction to point defects, dislocations, introduction to phase diagrams, thermodynamics of phase diagrams, atomic diffusion in metals and alloys, nucleation in metals and alloys, introduction to electron microscopes, image fundamentals, beam-specimen interactions, using the sem , aluminium alloys: systems , aluminium alloys: strengthening , aluminium alloys: processing , mechanics of composite materials, deformation of polymers , rubber elasticity, glossary
diagrams, phase, diffusion, metals, education, liverpool, brook, green, goodhew, aluminium, composites, solidification, crystallography, diffration, ferrous, microscopy, mechanics, rubber, materials
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olympus microscopy resource center
welcome to the olympus microscopy resource center, designed to provide an internet-based educational forum on all aspects of optical microscopy, photomicrography, and digital imaging.
contrast, differential, interference, phase, fluorescence, darkfield, brightfield, hoffman, modulation, aberrations, image, formation, abbe, anatomy, light, color, america, olympus, numerical, aperture, objectives, photomicrography, imaging, optical, optics, digital, condensers, eyepieces, resolution, wavelength, photography, lamps, bases, oculars, stages, microscopy
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marine biological laboratory — biological discovery in woods hole
the marine biological laboratory hosts year-round research programs in cellular, developmental, and reproductive biology; molecular biology and evolution; neurobiology and sensory physiology; ecology; global infectious diseases; and marine biotechnology and aquaculture. for more than a century, hundreds of distinguished scientists from around the world have been gathering to do research at the marine biological laboratory during the summer months.
biology, research, marine, ecology, physiology, molecular, evolution, biotechnology, sensory, neurobiology, microbiology, imaging, microscopy, genomics, informatics, reproductive, embryology, aquaculture, diseases, science, summer, hole, woods, biological, laboratory, fellowships, organisms, parasitology, cell, infectious, global, biomedicine, developmental
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olympus - europe - digital camera / slr cameras / pen cameras / endoscope / microscope / medical / industrial endoscopy / audio systems
digital camera, slr, pen cameras, cameras, olympus, endoscope, endoscopy, microscope, microscopy, medical systems, industrial endoscopy, voice recorders, audio systems, binoculars, testing, instruments, equipement, information, olympus europe
cameras, olympus, systems, endoscopy, binoculars, audio, recorders, testing, instruments, europe, information, equipement, voice, medical, camera, endoscope, microscope, digital, microscopy, industrial
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advancetech controls private ltd
advancetech is leading supplierscorrosion monitoring, corrosion, pressure sensor, calibrator, flow meter, scada, spectroscopy, hpge detector, air monitoring equipment, atomic force microscopy, afm, cad, cryogenic, probe, electrochemistry, backplane, single board computer, chassis, mil std 1553
monitoring, corrosion, electrochemistry, backplane, probe, single, cryogenic, board, 1553, chassis, computer, force, flow, meter, calibrator, sensor, pressure, scada, spectroscopy, equipment, atomic, detector, hpge, microscopy
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best microscope reviews and microscopy research
reviewing and providing information on best microscope models and brands. helping you to understand microscopy techniques and current research.
microscope, information, microscopy, best
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14 homepage
force, atomic, spectroscopy, nanophotonics, nanofluidics, manipulation, microscopy, probe, nanoparticles, magnetic, material, transfer, field, effect, scanning, nanoelectronics, transistor, photonic, crystal, nems, mems, superhydrophobic, filtration, nanopositioning, photovoltaics, nanotechweb, cell, solar, purification, alignment, nanoimprint, spintronics, plasmon, surface, lithography, deposition, electrospinning, nanofabrication, nanopatterning, heat
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media cybernetics - image analysis software | image processing software | image deconvolution
developers of image analysis software and image processing software for scientific and industrial applications.
image, imaging, software, analysis, enhancement, deconvolution, microscopy, processing, digital
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16 - microscopy magazine and blog
the free magazine and blog of microscopes and amateur microscopy. | microbehunter microscopy magazine
microscope, amateur, science, microscopy, ciliates, bacteria, eyepiece, micrography, light, stereo, optical, objective, micrograph, slides, magazine, education, optics, periodical, blog, cover, enthusiast, glass
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australian microscopy & microanalysis research facility
a national collaborative research facility for the characterisation of materials at the micro, nano and atomic scales making expert support, training and
microanalysis, microscopy
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wellcome images
wellcome images is a medical picture library and the world's leading source of images on medicine and its history. pictures cover a period stretching from ancient civilisations to modern day photography.
science, pictures, victorian, hospital, disease, bacteria, skin, darwin, clinical, genetics, image, images, biomedical, library, microscopy, historical, tattoos, anatomy, medical
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microscopy and laboratory equipment and supplies - spectra services, inc.
spectra services, inc. is a worldwide supplier of new and used microscopy and laboratory equipment. - spectra services, inc.
spectra, services, imaging, rochester, microscopy, laboratory, equipment, microscope
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atomic force microscopy | afm microscope - park systems
get widest range of atomic force microscopes, afm system & sicm working on afm principle from park systems – fastest growing afm company in the market.
microscopy, force, scanning, atomic, conductance, sicm, probe, products, microscope, systems, microscopes
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leica - four independent companies share the leica brand
four independent companies share the leica brand. leica camera, leica microsystems, leica biosystems and leica geosystems.
leica, sensing, total, laser, control, engineering, remote, trackers, stations, land, underground, mining, forestry, military, bridges, tunnels, construction, machine, guidance, automated, shipbuilding, cadastral, building, videogrammetr, accuracy, pavers, hydrography, azimuth, aerial, monitoring, dams, maps, road, geoid, elevation, fill, glonass, tachymeters, instruments, defence
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home | polysciences
polysciences, inc. manufactures and sells chemical products that are used in many scientific applications.
chemicals, microscopy, laboratory, histology, fine, specialty, products, biotechnology, medical, devices, care, personal, electronics, pharmaceutical, encapsulants, sciences, monomers, life, manufacturing, synthesis, contract, polymers, microsphers, adhesives, coatings, performance, high, particles, custom
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the open microscopy environment ome
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photron - high speed video camera for slow motion analysis
we offer digital high-speed video cameras for slow motion analysis, primatte chromakey software , and photo optics to manufacturing industries, the medical field, film laboratories, major movie and television studios, forensic labs, and the military worldwide.
motion, tools, analysis, failure, software, microscopy, ballistics, forensic, imaging, slow, video, digital, speed, cameras, photography, fastcam, chromakey, primatte, high
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deltavision microscopy imaging systems
deltavision high- and super-resolution cell imaging systems allow cellular and subcellular analyses beyond the limitations of conventional methods.
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attocube | pioneers of precision
attocube systems is the partner of choice for elaborated nanotechnology solutions. the portfolio comprises piezo-based nano drives, pico precise optical displacement sensors and fully integrated microscope systems.
microscopy, interferometer, imaging, piezo, force, measurements, transport, vibration, confocal, raman, fabry, stage, drives, positioning, nano, perot, atomic, cryogenic, hexapod, precision, hexacube, cryostats, nanopositioning, nanotechnology, magnetic, attocube, research, probe, hall, scanning, magentic
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the spore works
spore works has been supplying quality rare and exotic mushroom spores since october of 1998. our primary focus is providing our customers with the highest quality spore and culture material, and the widest available selection of varieties and species.
psilocybe, cubensis, microscopy, microscopes, mushrooms, cultures, spores
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geological supplies and tools, field equipment, earth science and microscopy | ukge
specialising in geological supplies, microscopy and lapidary equipment, ukge offers a range of maps, books, tools, field equipment, storage and clothing for geologists.
tools, geological, equipment, geologist, geology, science, earth, microscopes, microscopy, preparation, supplies, estwing, fossils, supplier, rocks, hammer, pick, fossil
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carl zeiss is an international corporate group in the optics and optoelectronics industry - a leader in solutions for industry, research and medical technology as well as lifestyle products.
medical, technology, lenses, binoculars, neurosurgery, cine, microscopy, planetariums, care, vision, camera, research, scopes, spotting, manufacturing, industrial, metrology, semiconductor, solutions
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atomic force microscopy asylum research
asylum research manufactures advanced scanning probe and atomic force microscopes (spm/afms) and accessories for nanoscience and nanotechnology. our atomic force microscope products are optimized for biology/life sciences and materials sciences applications.
microscope, atomic, force, scanning, probes, cantilevers, probe, microscopy, tunneling, nanoscience, nanotech, nano, microscopes, nanotechnology
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laboratory chemicals, lab chemicals, analytical reagents, laboratory reagents, lab reagents, and fine chemicals from loba chemie pvt. ltd., mumbai, india
loba chemie is a manufacturer of laboratory reagents and fine chemicals for industrial use. our product range includes analytical reagents like hplc buffer salts, gc solvents, aas standard solutions, biological dyes and stains for microscopy, high purity acids, karl fischer reagent and many more. we also offer a wide range of reagents for life sciences like nucleosides, nucleotides, amino acids and derivatives.
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home | cleo: 2016
well-known for its world-renowned peer-reviewed program, cleo unites the field of lasers and electro-optics by bringing together all aspects of laser technology and offers high-quality content featuring break-through research and applied innovations in areas such as ultrafast lasers, energy-efficient optics, quantum electronics, biophotonics and more.
quantum, optics, lasers, optical, ultrafast, materials, technology, processing, laser, photonic, spectroscopy, nonlinear, phenomena, semiconductor, photonics, metamaterials, matter, condensed, engineering, solids, molecules, solid, state, novel, interactions, attosciences, fabrication, characterization, signal, liquid, plasmonics, physics, atoms, science, electronics, effect, biosensors, infrared, frequency, combs
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specs surface nano analysis gmbh- innovation in surface spectroscopy and microscopy systems
specs surface nano analysis gmbh- innovation in surface spectroscopy and microscopy systems
specs, components, nanonis, publications, systems, analysis, homepage, gmbh, surface
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34 - a blog by markus nolf
tiny, planet, android, tasmania, photosphere, small, things, work, science, plants, imaging, microscopy, fungi, tribulation, picasa, computers, photo, photos, landscapes, random, technology, bioluminescence, cape, nature, lapse, brinno, time, australia
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spore syringes, mushroom cultures, mushroom spores, edible, medicinal, exotic, spore prints -
a wide variety of exotic, edible, and medicinal mushroom spores including psilocybe cubensis for microscopy, available in culture and spore syringes.
mushroom, spores, mushrooms, medicinal, microscopy, identification, edible, psilocybin, shrooms, spore, strains, syringes, psilocybe, cubensis, magic
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microscopy innovations --- bringing macro changes to the microscopy laboratory
the mprep™ system for microscopy specimen preparation helps you work more efficiently, reduce reagent consumption, and track every sample.
microscopy, specimens, automation, barcode, capsules, mprep, labeling, biological, preparation, specimen, electron, cost, efficiency, savings
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imaging & microscopy - research, development, production
imaging & microscopy: light microscopy, electron and ion microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, x-ray analysis, image processing.
vision, pattern, control, camera, system, smart, assembly, surface, gauging, quality, sensor, robot, machine, processing, recognition, matching, inspection, identification, image
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microscopy society northeastern ohio - home
microscopy society of northeastern ohio msno is a group of professionals and students with interest in microscopy. members are associated with local universities, research hospitals and commercial industry in biological and physical sciences.
msno, msneo, meeting, society, northeastern, ohio, microscopy
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atomic force microscopy | afm microscope | 파크시스템스 - atomic force microscope
park systems is a leading provider of atomic force microscopy systems for nanoscale research and engineering in materials, chemical, electrical, life science, semiconductor and disk storage.
microscopy, nano, solutions, nanotechnology, nanoscale, nanoscience, probe, force, scanning, atomic
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atomic force microscopy for nanotechnology & scientific research | nt-mdt
nt-mdt offers atomic force microscopy, stm, snom & confocal raman instruments and integrated systems for scientific and industrial applications.
microscopy, raman, snom, atomic, force
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webmicroscope: web-based virtual microscopy - home page
virtual microscopy is a method of digitizing microscope specimens, and transmitting the produced virtual slides over computer networks. webmicroscope is the website of our virtual microscopy research group. our goal is to develop techniques for producing and viewing virtual microscopy slides of uncompromized quality. applications of the technology include slide atlases, slide seminars, laboratory quality assurance, supplements for scientific articles, and implementations within the high-throughput field of tissue microarrays.
virtual, slides, slide, seminar, what, microscopy, webmicroscope, definition
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home || witec
witec is a manufacturer of high-resolution optical and scanning probe microscopy solutions for scientific and industrial applications. focusing on innovations and constantly introducing new technologies, witec continues to redefine what is possible for a wide variety of optical, structural, and chem
raman, microscopy, imaging, manufacturer, microscope, truesurface, force, micro, atomic, fluorescence, confocal, fast, snom, nsom, scanning, probe
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super resolution microscopy luciaoptics research center microscopy - home
luciaoptics, karlsruhe
beratung, kompetenz, angebot
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advanced imaging concepts - digital imaging solutions for microscopy
advanced imaging concepts supplies digital imaging solutions for microscopy, microscopes, cameras, confocal microscopes, image database, image archiving, medical imaging, scientific imaging, analog video cameras and automated microscopy applications
image, analysis, deconvolution, structured, database, illumination, microscope, imaging, software, microscopy, fluroescence, confocal
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microscopy supplies at your fingertips :: agar scientific
agar scientific - leading international supplier of consumables, accessories & specialist equipment for all disciplines, including electron & light microscopy.
equipment, microscopists, accessories, consumables, international, supplier, microscopy
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bunton instrument company - new and used microscopes, microscopy training - maryland
new and used microscopes, analog and digital cameras available from leica, dage-mti, world video, pixera, microstereopsis corporation, bristlecone, edge scientific and more. 2d and 3d video microscopy products. a wide range of accesories. basic and advanced courses in biological microscopy. offering microscope service and repair. located in maryland.
video, microscopy, microscopes, scientific, cells, edge, corporation, microstereopsis, school, bristlecone, education, biology, microbiology, leitz, research, pixera, science, medical, antique, service, used, courses, digital, camera, repair, leica, microscope, accesories, world
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dennis kunkel microscopy - electron microscopy science stock photography
dennis kunkel microscopy, inc. offers thousands of scientific, biological and medical images photographed with electron microscopes and light microscopes. rights managed science stock photography.
images, stock, photography, science, cell, microscopy, biology, biomedical, electron, microscope, pictures, photos, photo, medical
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micro-ct, microct, mikro-ct, mikroct, micro ct, nano-ct, nanoct, microtomography, nanotomography, small animal imaging, non-invasive, 3d microscopy
skyscan produces a wide range of the systems for non-invasive three-dimensional x-ray microscopy and for small animal imaging with spatial resolution in the micron range.
imaging, volume, microscopy, small, tomography, medical, visualization, rendering, animals, microct, nanotomography, nanoct, mikroct, microtomography, animal
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micro photography uk | macro and microscopy photography training
welcome to the new website of microphotography uk. based in nottingham in the united kingdom, microphotography uk specialises in the photographic training area of macro and microscopy imaging for both creative and technical use.
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50 | low prices on microscopes and microscopy accessories
huge selection of professional and amateur microscopes and lab supplies. free shipping and handling on orders of $49 or more!
microscopes, microscopy, accessories, prices
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microscopy solutions by motic | cancer screening solutions | high voltage insulators
innovative microscope and microscopy solutions designed for education, medical, clinical, and industrial. motic also specializes in high voltage insulators for electrics and cancer screening solutions.
medical, industrial, accessories, education, solution, microscope, microscopy, digital, motic
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salve sub angstrom low voltage electron microscopy project iii of ulm university / fei company / ceos / dfg / mwk: startpage
salve sub angstrom low voltage electron microscopy project of ulm university with the partners carl zeiss nts and ceos gmbh supported by the german research foundation (dfg) and the ministry of science, research and the arts (mwk) of baden-württemberg: cover topic trends 20 kv / 300 kv, tem / stem, materials
university, company, ceos, startpage, angstrom, voltage, electron, project, microscopy, salve
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ikelos scientific microscopy
ikelos - scientific & aesthetic microscopy service
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our mission is to provide the highest quality used sems, scanning electron microscope accessories, and analytical laboratory microscopy services.
electron, lithography, beam, surface, analysis, instrumentation, accessories, microscope, scanning, microscopy, services, used, supplies
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geological supplies and tools, field equipment, earth science and microscopy | ukge
specialising in geological supplies, microscopy and lapidary equipment, ukge offers a range of maps, books, tools, field equipment, storage and clothing for geologists.
tools, geological, equipment, geologist, geology, science, earth, microscopes, microscopy, preparation, supplies, estwing, fossils, supplier, rocks, hammer, pick, fossil
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atomic force microscopy, atomic force microscopes
afmworkshop manufactures modular, innovative, high-value atomic force microscopes and provides world-class atomic force microscopy training. (888)671-5539.
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clemex | scientific image analysis for microscopy
clemex provides professional image analysis software and systems for quality control, research and clinical labs seeking to optimize their analysis process.
microscopy, laboratories, software, scientific, analysis, image
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afm probes, afm tips, afm cantilevers
budgetsensors is supplying the atomic force microscopy (afm) community with reasonably priced, high-quality afm probes.
probe, contact, modulation, capacitance, electric, tapping, silicon, nitride, conductive, cont, mode, coating, functional, tips, scanning, microscopy, force, atomic, nearfield, optical, cantilever, technology, sensor, nano
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the sporelab... welcome!
visit the sporelab, it's a trip you'll never forget! canadian spores, novelty mushrooms, microscopy
spores, mushrooms, substrate, prints, microscopy, novelty, magic, inexpensive, syringes, sterile, cyanescens, canada, sproes, cheap, psilocybe, canadian, cubensis, clean
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panorama synergy
microscopy, sensors, sensor, vapor, biosensors, simultaneous, array, biological, readout, detectors, nanomicrobiology, probe, microelectromechanical, resonator, transducers, scanning, force, atomic, photonics, silicon, development, online, sales, research, synergy, listed, investors, solutions, share, mems, moems, nanomechanical, microcantilever, crystals, price, magneto, photonic, panorama
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welcome to qualitech, inc.
analysis, materials, testing, metallurgical, microscopy, engineering, failure, consulting, plating, laboratory, service, forensic, qualitech, electron, microprobe, metallography, coatings, optical, certification, thickness, surface, scanning, determinations, reverse, corrosion, hardness, spectroscopy, expert, dispersive, digital, energy, testimony, fractography, electronic, applications, examinations
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microscope for sale - professional live cell imaging at bioimager
bioimager specializes in providing the turn-key and high efficient microscopy-based imaging solutions for life sciences and industrial applications, including epi-fluorescence, biological, metallurgical and polarizing microscopy products. the primary services include (but not limited to) sales, custom-design/oem, on-site installation and training, repair and maintenance, and free of charge imaging of your samples or animals in our site. our success is primarily due to our determination in satisfying our customers, considering their needs and most importantly meeting their imaging requirements within a budget limit. we offer unlimited technical supports via phone and email and free consultation.
microscope, camera, microscopes, tablet, microscopy, metallurgical, stereo, cell, live, imaging, biological, fluorescent, polarizing
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nanoprobes: gold nanoparticles and nanogold for immunolabeling, em, lm, fluorescence microscopy, and micro-ct x-ray contrast agents.
gold nanoparticles, nanogold conjugates & labeling reagents for immunolabeling, em, correlative and fluorescence microscopy, enzyme metallography & x-ray contrast agents for micro-ct.
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biomedx - biological medicine live blood analysis traning with nutritional microscopy
wellness programs with live blood analysis training, certification, nutritional microscopy and biological medicine courses. terrain assessment equipment with dry layer, dental screening, programs using dark field microscopes and more.
biological, medicine, health, training, blood, programs, course, wellness, diet, integrative, living, paleo, unchanged, microscopy, alkalize, testing, auditing, coach, alternative, live, complementary, courses, advocacy, analysis, certification, flow, tools, terrain, institute, system
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new and used microscopy instruments and accessories: i. miller precision optical instruments, inc. philadelphia
i. miller precision optical specializes in microscopy applications including monocular or stereozoom microscope configuration, to the integration of digital imaging, measuring, and automation into the optical inspection process.
monocular, compound, metallurgical, measuring, video, polarizing, inverted, stereo, digital, binocular, microscopes, biological, comparison, asbestos, cordless, education
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histocenter (m) sdn bhd | microscopes | microscopy solutions | digital imaging | leica biosystem | leica microsystem | pathology system | camera | malaysia
providing technology solutions for the scientific and medical community
leica, biosystem, microsystem, malaysia, imaging, digital, reichert, microscopes, microscopy, solutions, diatome
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ciasem 2015, ciasem2015, ciasem 2015, microscopy, microscopy congress, xiii ciasem, microscopia, microscopia congreso, congress ciasem, congreso ciasem,
ciasem, microscopia, congreso, congress, microscopy, 2015, ciasem2015, xiii
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gattaquant dna nanotechnologies - home
gattaquant - dna nanotechnologies | nanorulers for any common super-resolution microscopy systems (sted, dstorm, sim, dna-paint, gsd, confocal, afm)
confocal, dstorm, origami, nanotechnology, sted, systems, microscopy, super, resolution, nanoruler
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live blood labs - darkfield live blood cell analysis microscopy
live blood labs sells darkfield and phase contrast microscopy equipment for nutritional clinic live blood cell analysis and dry layer analysis of blood.
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minnesota microscopy society
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new england society for microscopy
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welcome | microscopy society of america
microscopy society of america (msa)
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boston chemical data corp., environmental investigations
boston chemical data corp., environmental testing, microscopy, site sampling and evaluations, radionuclide evaluations, environmental fate and industrial histories.
hazardous, toxic, engineer, expert, database, chemistry, engineering, groundwater, boston, laboratory, microscopy, testing, sampling, environmental, chemical, kaltofen
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conductive afm probe
nauganeedles is a high tech company which manufactures custom made afm probes, stm probes, secm probes, nano probes, nano cantilevers, at a very affordable price.
probes, probe, secm, needle, microscopy, tips, force, atomic, cantilever, needleprobes, needleprobe, nano, scanning, microscope, tunneling, nanocantilever
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tenss - transylvanian experimental neuroscience summer school
tenss will concentrate top-level international expertise to teach a dozen students techniques and concepts in experimental systems neuroscience.
electrophysiology, microscopy, neuroscience, lake, application, pike, student, cluj, neuron, oscillations, synchrony, attention, codes, optogenetics, synaptic, light, fluorescence, graduate, circuits, experimental, summer, transylvania, systems, 2015, romania, school, course, neuronal, tenss, speaker, lecture, lecturer, postdoc
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metasystems usa | automated life science imaging
metasystems is a leading manufacturer of professional imaging systems for microscopy. the versatile slide scanning platform metafer, a family of imaging systems for interactive imaging, and a comprehensive dna probe kit portfolio make metasystems the primary supplier of products for microscopy imaging.
virtual, slides, digital, pathology, imaging, slide, hematology, microscope, devices, scanner, microcopy, cytogenetics, forensics, chromosomes, scanning, toxicology
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semiconductor inspection equipment
leica microsystems at leading business science equipment manufacturer and supplier of high precision optical solutions for microscopy and microphotography and, elated video and optic instruments and for semiconductor applications
optic, fluorescence, video, microphotography, semiconductor, forensic, brightfield, refractometer, polarisation, confocal, darkfield, microscopy, solution, jung, reichert, wild, leitz, microsystems, science, equipment, optical, precision, supplier, manufacturer, leica
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bioptechs | a comprehensive resource of micro-environmental systems for microscopy
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amnis imaging flow cytometers | life science research | emd millipore
the powerful combination of quantitative image analysis and flow cytometry in a single platform creates exceptional new experimental capabilities.
cell, image, imagestream, microscopy, imaging, analysis, high, confocal, phagocytosis, cytometry, microscope, scanning, translocation, oceanography, content, immunology, morphology, images, applications, dark, laser, ocean, field, lasers, coding, flow, autophagy, facs, fluorescence, biochemistry, colocalization, throughput, nfkb, nfat, nuclear, interaction, amnis, multispectral, transcription, factor
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blood microscopy, therapeutic nutrition, probiotic therapy holmes health
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able software, r2v, 3d-doctor, gis, mapping, medical imaging, rendering, volume visualization, raster to vector conversion, map digitizing, 3d dem, image draping, volume rendering, 3d imaging, mri, ct, volume visualization, microscopy
able software 3d doctor r2v
convert, file, digitizing, tutorial, iges, reslice, measure, histogram, segmentation, vrml, microscopy, confocal, free, download, medical, raster, vector, software, image, doctor, conversion, able, volume, images, imaging, rendering
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asi | applied scientific instrumentation
light microscopy systems, components and stages. we create solutions.
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strategic directions international, inc.
sdi is a market research and consultancy firm focused on analytical & life science instruments, equipment and related products. our market reports, ibo industry newsletter, consulting services and solutions are recognized as the standard reference source for the industry.
spectroscopy, analysis, hplc, microscopy, market, cell, imaging, electrophoresis, elemental, optical, trap, polarimeters, luminescence, fluorescence, measurement, magnetic, portable, refractometers, sector, color, raman, emission, parameters, analy, surface, electron, confocal, other, glow, inorganic, organic, discharge, ellipsometry, vivo, clinical, preparative, analytical, lplc, flash, chromatography
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home - konan medical
konan medical innovative ophthalmic diagnostics - specular microscopy | visual acuity | pupillography | color vision | eye banking | vep erg
visual, acuity, specular, corneal, color, cellchek, konan, chart2020, perg, pupil, ipad, defec, blind, eyebank, pupillometer, electronic, afferent, pleomorphism, pachymetry, dystrophy, polymegethism, ophthalmology, surgery, guttata, endothelium, cataract, chart, care, ophthalmic, products, evokedx, missing, been, medical, what, rapdx, colordx, cell, pupillograph, vision
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dealers of ellipsometer, afm, spectrometer, potentiostat, solar simulator in india
ellipsometer, potentiostat, galvanostat, solar simulator & atomic force microscopy instruments importer & supplier in mumbai, india
instruments, instrument, india, importer, mumbai, supplier, microscopy, force, galvanostat, potentiostat, atomic, ellipsometer
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medical device product development | qcis®, machine vision systems and fluorescence microscopy | resolution, ma
resolution provides full product development services from design, rapid prototyping, design transfer to manufacturing for medical devices, life science and automation markets.
medical, device, development, product, software, quality, inspection, compliance, devices, outsourcing, engineering, microscopy, machine, companies, vision, systems, imaging, fluorescence
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glotaran: a tool for global and target analysis for time-resolved spectroscopy data
glotaran is a tool for global and target analysis of time-resolved spectroscopy and microscopy data. it serves as a graphical user interface (gui) to the r-package timp.
analysis, data, timp, timpgui, spectroscopy, global, target, glotaran, microscopy
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deltapix | discover the details
danish company specializing in microscopy and imaging equipment for a wide range of applications among them: forensics, petrology, geology and biology.
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histology at the university of michigan | histology and virtual microscopy learning resources
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microtrace | microscopy - microanalysis - consulting
characterize and identify small particles and unknown materials by microscopical and microchemical methods for forensic, legal and industry clients.
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welcome to omega optical | omega optical
omega optical provides the most diverse offering of interference filters in the industry for microscopy, astronomy, aerospace, life science, and more.
color, laser, filters, rejection, optical, bandpass, wideband, longpass, narrowband, stepper, photonics, shortpass, band, correction, separation, line, diode, wavelength, enhancement, excitation, sedat, beamsplitter, neutral, density, emission, dichroic, spectraplus, raman, vision, flow, microscopy, cytometry, machine, chemistry, omegafilters, buildafilter, curvomatic, clinical, fluorescence, astronomy
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stewart analysis - stewart analysis
what is live blood cell and dry layer testing?
blood, analysis, cell, nutritional, stewart, health, florida, natural, holistic, wellness, microscopy, darkfield, tampa, testing, practioner, live, layer, mind, drylayer, test, stress, brandi, body, oxidative, spirit
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watkins & doncaster
for 140 years watkins and doncaster have been specialising in the supply and manufacture of equipment for the study of the natural sciences. watkins and doncaster supply the equipment to identify, record, collect, store and observe insect life, and you can view it and buy it all here. you can browse field equipment, breeding equipment, study equipment, young watdon, microscopy, dissection, botanical equipment, books, taxidermy and order online, or we have a fully illustrated colour catalogue available on request, free of charge.
equipment, study, microscopy, watdon, young, botanical, taxidermy, books, breeding, dissection, life, doncaster, natural, sciences, watkins, insect, field
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fairy ring spores
this website sells gourmet, psilocybin, panaleous, cubensis and more spores for microscopy research to valid states and countries.
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home | living science wellness centre
nutritionist, naturotherpist, naturopath, pemf, eis, live cellular microscopy, iv therapy, and more. alternative & holistic health.serving ottawa area
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moravision | 3d video dental microscopy
this digital stereoscopic microscope system delivers realtime full hd resolution for each eye with accurate three dimensional depth perception and two correct perspectives of the same operating field, one for the doctor and another for the assistant.
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surface & sample preparation | precision sawing, lapping & polishing equipment
ultra tec manufacturing designs, manufactures and provides advanced surface & sample preparation equipment and consumables for precision sawing, lapping & polishing. we offer solutions for development, analytical and research environments including decapsulation, microscopy, backside preparation, fiber polishing, backside milling, failure analysis, connector polishing, fiber lensing.
polishing, backside, preparation, fiber, failure, milling, connector, lensing, analysis, decapsulation, precision, sample, sawing, lapping, surface, equipment, microscopy
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afm tips for atomic force microscopy - nanoworld
swiss company providing silicon and silicon nitride spm and afm tips, probes and cantilevers.
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microscope manufacturer, wholesalers and exporters - labomed™ microscopes
we are a well-recognized brand for over 60 years delivering high precision microscopes and optical instruments for life science and medical microscopy applications. contact us for more information.
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aven inc - microscopy, inspection and benchtop tools
aven manufactures a broad product line of optical inspection equipment components and is a full-service technology provider.
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102, mushroom spores and cultures - laboratory tools mushroom cultures mushroom spores gift certificate spores, mushrooms, cultures, microscopes, microscopy, psilocybe, cubensis
spores, mushroom, cultures, microscopy, psilocybe, cubensis, microscopes, gift, tools, laboratory, certificate, mushrooms
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profile genomics | a non-profit biotech services company
genomics, atlantic, avenue, profile, alameda, peralta, histology, microscopy, merritt, college
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pixelink industrial cameras
offering usb 3.0, usb 2.0, gige, firewire interfaces, pixelink is a global developer of digital cameras for industrial and microscopy applications.
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protochips | in situ tem holders and sem stages
protochips creates the world's most advanced holders, stages and specimen supports for electron microscopy, and semiconductor technology is at the core of what we do.
durasin, aduro, semiconductors, protochips
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µpeek - the professional microscope that fits in your wallet
a credit card sized microscope that connects wirelessly to your smartphone - discover the microcosm in all its facets wherever you are.
mobile, microcosm, nanoprinting, portable, gadget, microscope, smartphone, microscopy
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wcmc | blanchard lab
welcome to the blanchard lab at weill cornell medicine located in new york city. our interdisciplinary team seeks to push the frontiers of biomedical research.
fluorescence, interdisciplinary, biophysics, methods, hybrid, microscopy, biophysical
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jean-david grattepanche ecology and biodiversity of plankton
jean-david grattepanche aims to assess the diversity and ecology of microbial eukaryotes in marine systems using microscopy, molecular tools and bioinformatics
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dr. genoveva caminschi | mississauga, oakville and toronto
family & cosmetic dentistry |dental implants | microscopy dentistry | mississauga, oakville, erin mills, streetsville, port credit, etobicoke and toronto
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hummingbird scientific | in-situ tem specimen holders
hummingbird scientific offers instrumentation for electron and ion microscopy. including tem holders, sem stages, and in-situ sample chips.
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micrographia: a light microscopy resource: home page and site directory.
for all microscopists, fresh water biologists and users of the light microscope. photomicrographs of microscopic creatures and other subjects. instruction on the use of the light microscope.
water, shrimps, animalcules, illumination, life, aperture, holotrichs, heterotrichs, peritrichs, heliozoans, flagellates, ciliates, amebas, protists, protozoans, diatoms, desmids, protista, protoctista, rotifers, amoebae, amoeba, protoctists, ciliata, bdelloids, amphipods, seed, ostracods, fleas, isopods, decapods, hydroids, hydra, hydrozoans, cladocerans, cyclops, digononta, monogononta, loricate, filamentous
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certified holistic nutritionist newmarket | certified nutritional practitioner york region | nutrition counselling newmarket | food prep classes newmarket | health benefits of coconut } green smoothies recipes | parent adhd support groups ontario | corporate nutritional programs york region | live blood cell microscopy | nutrition workshops york region | nutrition speaker york region | nutrition demonstrations newmarket
905.235.6391 catherine devos is a certified holistic nutritionist and cancer survivor providing individual nutritional counselling, support groups for parents
newmarket, york, region, nutrition, coconut, women, support, disease, groups, neurological, adhd, cancer, survivor, nutritional, medicine, orthomolecular, health, requirements, blood, certified, holistic, recipes, smoothie, alzheimers, green, nutritionist, counselling, cell, microscopy, live, speaker, corporate, workshops, breast
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home - microvision laboratories, inc.microvision laboratories, inc.
microvision laboratories, inc offers anyalytical microscopy and sem/eds solutions
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biovision technologies
biovision technologies
ilas, confocal, microscopy, biovision
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microckscopica - a rock's art project by bernardo cesare - home
microckscopica is fine-art science colors geology minerals gemstones rocks photography and microscopy. all together
photography, geology, science, rocks, fineart
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mountain laboratories
accredited analytical laboratory using plm/pcm to detect the presence of asbestos
sample, laboratory, microscopy, idaho, montana, accredited, nlap, colorado, bulk, analyzing, analytical, asbestos, building, aiha, materials, certified
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lasany international - a complete house of scientific instruments and lab equipments
haryana, scientific instruments, scientific instruments, scientifichouse, india, manufacturers, exporters, microscopes, microscope, microscopy, magnifiers, optical instruments, microscope accessories, polarimeters, spectroscopes, refractometers, optical benches, exporters, exporters from india, exporters of scientific instruments, exporters of scientific instruments from india, exporters of scientific instruments from asia, educational microscopes, stereo microscopes, advanced microscopes, research microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, exporters of microscopes, exporters of optical instruments, accessories and supplies for microscopes including microscope slides, maintenance and repairs of all makers of light microscopes, slides, manufacturers of slides, indian exporters, exporters from india, 100% exportingi unit, biological models, laboratory equipments, lab-wares, balancec, four beam balance, triple bema balance, double beam balance.
instruments, accessories, micropipettes, measuring, scientific, magnifying, slides, supplies, teaching, models, schools, balances, magnifiers, biological, school, biology, scientifichouse, labequipments, microlabs, lasany, lasanyinternational, labfabricators, microscopes, haryana, physics, science, microscopy, microscope, chemistry
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micromecha | sem tensile stages
micromecha provides innovative tensile stages and accessories for your sem and research applications.
ebsd, synchrotron, accessories, adapters, ports, microscopy, micromachine, stage, tensile, testing, biaxial, situ, micromecha
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optronics 4k 1080p 3ccd cmos digital hd microscope cameras & borescope cameras
global hd microscope camera imaging company, develops hd, 4k imaging solutions for clinical research, microsurgery, industrial microscopy, industrial borescopic visualization & documentation
cameras, microscope
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lab architect group – life. science. architecture.
lab / life. science. architecture, inc.
neuroscience, nanotechnology, nanoscience, nursing, physics, architecture, vivaria, psychology, microscopy, mathematics, computer, chemistry, biology, astrophysics, science, engineering, geology, sciences, environmental, astronomy
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mayachitra, inc | image informatics company
mayachitra delivers state of art image informatics solutions.
image, analysis, picasa, microscopy, iphoto, quantitative, search, surveillance, registration, images, mosaic, stitching, security, bioimage
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electron microscope apertures & laboratory supplies | ladd research
ladd research is your source for scanning and transmission electron microscopy supplies and general scientific laboratory supplies. order online or call today.
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natural health coaching - michael finley, cnhp - santa clarita, ca
michael finley, cnhp natural health coaching, nutrition, herbs, enzymes, essential oils, bach flowers, muscle response testing, iridology, microscopy, energy release
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allied high tech
milling, allied, analysis, precision, metallography, microscopy, mechanical, tech, high, failure, digital, microelectronics, imaging, image, metallurgical
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cameras for astrophotography and science - atik cameras
atik cameras manufactures cooled ccd cameras for astrophotography and science imaging applications including microscopy, life-science and industrial.
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simpore - silicon membrane technologies
simpore specializes in the fabrication of silicon-based membranes. we use proprietary etching methods to create freely suspended silicon membranes, along with the latest in mems and thin-film processing methods.
microfabrication, nanopore, cell, culture, foundry, microscopy, nanoporous, silicon, resolution, high, imaging, nitride, oxide
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automated imaging
automated microscopy, automated microscope, brightfield scanning, fluorescent scanning,
automated, genetic, fish, hybridization, equipment, infertility, testing, fluoresence, diagnostic, rare, imaging, cell, detection, analysis, systems
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scopeled illuminator, fluorescence microscope illuminator, brightfield microscope illuminator, benchtop microscope illuminator, dense matrix led
b180, g180, g150, b200, f110, f140d, f120s, clinical, microscopy, benchtop, brightfield, scope, illuminator, light, ideal, fluorescence
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bayoptical index
manufacture, design of ergonimc accessories for industrial microscopes. parts, sales and service for microscopes.
scientific, stereomicrosocpe, instrument, binocular, wafer, objective, forensic, research, semiconductor, inspection, student, wild, design, manufacture, accessories, microscope, service, leica, ergonmic, olympus, nikon, microscopy
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under mer än 160 år har zeiss bidragit till den tekniska utvecklingen med lösningar inom halvledar-, fordons- och maskinbyggnadsindustrin, biomedicinsk forskning och medicinteknik, samt glasögonglas, kamera- och videoobjektiv, kikare och planetarier.
lenses, medical, technology, vision, binoculars, planetariums, neurosurgery, cine, microscopy, solutions, care, metrology, spotting, camera, manufacturing, scopes, industrial, semiconductor, research
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vision automated analysis systems and medical software for clinical laboratory
vision medical digital systems and software for hematology, microscopy, clinical laboratory and cytogenetics.
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lite source inc. - medical replacement light bulbs, batteries, supplies, diagnostic instruments
replacement light bulbs, batteries, hand-held instruments and accessories for medical industries including ophthalmic, dental, surgical, microscopy, hospital, veterinary, general practice and more. we carry light bulbs and batteries for major manufacturers like osram sylvania, ge, eiko, philips, ushio, eiko, welch allyn, heine, keeler, haag streit, topcon, cardinal, propper, kowa, zeiss and many others. we also carry light bulbs for personal use such as household light bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs, and long life bulbs.
bulbs, light, bulb, lights, lite, ophthalmic, replacement, supplies, lamp, fluorescents, source, studio, equipment, stage, xenon, full, blub, spectrum, surgical, lamps, chart, slit, rechargeable, battery, hospital, opthalmic, veterinary, flood, diagnostic, instrument, miniture, microscope, microscopy, projector, welch, supply, dental, litesource, batteries, black
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precision plastics inc. custom fabricators
precision plastics inc.
vitrines, vitrine, acrylic, plastics, microscopy, fabrication, awards, custom, window, well, velux, skylites, covers, signs, adhesvies, fabricator, plastic, lucite, polycarbonate, abrasives, precision, hyzod, tapes
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material identification - testing services, particle characterization lab atlanta georgia | mva scientific consultants
material identification - testing services, particle characterization lab atlanta, product failure, analytical microscopy lab, particulate contamination analysis, litigation support, stack sample particle size distribution
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hacker instruments & industries, inc.
providing the histology and pathology laboratory with a full line of instrumentation including laboratory microwave systems, tissue processors, cryostats, microtomes, embedding centers, automated coverslippers, slide stainers, embedding centers, fume control systems, microtomes knives, microtome knife sharpeners, paraffin dispensers, coverglass, and more.
tissue, microtome, hacker, stainer, microwave, knife, coverslipper, leica, laboratory, fume, microscopy, automated, processor, systems, preparation, microscope, coverslippers, stainers, slide, glass, paraffin, embedding, instruments, industries, laboratories, nitrogen, leitz, microsystems, products, automatic, digital, machin, geosystems, cryogenics, cooling, helium, ftir, refrigerator, slides, sharpening
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out-grow, mushroom growing supplies & quality service
out-grow : - cultivation equipment fungi cultures mushroom growing substrates microscopes and microscopy raw materials canners & sterilizers culture media & isolation tools bulk discounts live mushroom spawn mushroom grow bags miscellaneous products drying and preservation laboratory apparel books and education canner & sterilizer parts impulse heat sealers gift certificates mushroom substrate, mushroom growing supplies, vermiculite, mushroom spawn, mushroom growing kit, mushroom supplies,
mushroom, growing, supplies, spawn, education, canner, sterilizer, books, apparel, drying, preservation, laboratory, parts, impulse, equipment, vermiculite, substrate, certificates, heat, sealers, gift, products, miscellaneous, canners, fungi, sterilizers, materials, microscopes, cultures, microscopy, culture, media, cultivation, grow, bags, live, discounts, isolation, tools, bulk
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zeiss türkiye`ye hoşgeldiniz
carl zeiss is an international corporate group in the optics and optoelectronics industry - a leader in solutions for industry, research and medical technology as well as lifestyle products.
medical, technology, lenses, binoculars, neurosurgery, cine, microscopy, planetariums, care, vision, camera, research, scopes, spotting, manufacturing, industrial, metrology, semiconductor, solutions
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libre pathology, free pathology information
pathology information free of commercial sponsorship and advertisements. gain insight into pathology. understand how cancer is diagnosed.
diagnosis, pathology, access, open, free, wiki, libre, review, cancer, forensic, autopsy, boards, education, cases, special, immunostains, immunohistochemistry, differential, stains, histology, morphology, gross, microscopy, continuing
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microscope supplier | microscopes uk | olympus microscopes
microscope systems limited are uk based microscope supplier. we supply motic, yenway & olympus microscopes to educational, industrial and research organisations in the uk.
microscopes, microscope, microscopy, olympus, supplier
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caliber i.d. - imaging & diagnostics, inc.
caliber id - imaging & diagnosis on a cellular level. confocal imaging devices.
cellular, detection, laser, research, microscopy, diagnostics, vivascope, images, diagnosis, imaging, dermatology, dermapathology, caliber, cancer, confocal
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141 - home
mitchell, image, microscope, software, characterization, applications, programs, microanalysis, acquisition, spectroscopy, programmes, eels, ansto, dave, jeol, characterisation, hitachi, david, shareware, analysis, transmission, electron, microscopy, gatan, scripting, digital, micrograph, script, stem, plugin, control, processing, digitalmicrograph, freeware, plug, materials
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medical solutions made by zeiss | zeiss australia
the official website of zeiss medical technology (international) - carl zeiss meditec ag is one of the world's leading medical technology suppliers. the company is listed on tecdax of the german stock exchange
medical, technology, lenses, binoculars, neurosurgery, cine, microscopy, planetariums, care, vision, camera, research, scopes, spotting, manufacturing, industrial, metrology, semiconductor, solutions
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143 microscopy, fiber-optics, lab equipment
online retailer of new & used microscopes, fiber-optic components and laboratory equipment. serving educational, industrial, r&d and clinical markets.
microscope, objective, centrifuge, camera, spot, qimaging, used, objectives, binocular, trinocular, inverted, stereozoom, lumenera, microscopes, illuminator, nikon, vision, machine, inspection, semiconductor, leica, motic, wild, zeiss
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jacksonville asbestos testing | acm labs and services, llc - home
acm labs is an independent asbestos laboratory located in the arlington area of jacksonville, florida. we concentrate on the identification of bulk asbestos containing material (acm) via polarized light microscopy (plm) and are certified in niosh 582.
jacksonville, asbestos, testing, laboratory, florida, labs, services
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cargille labs
cargille laboratories is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of optical liquids, ranging from our microscope immersion oils and refractive index matching liquids to our custom blended index matching immersion and laser liquids.
transparency, toxicity, dispersion, refractometer, matching, stability, index, refractive, liquids, refract, microscope, microscopy, optical
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ubm institute - the institute for high resolution ophthalmic diagnosis
ubm institute, mumbai is a dedicated center for high resolution ophthalmic diagnosis. with the latest high resolution diagnostic equipment for complete evaluation of the eye, we have pioneered ultrabiomicroscopy in india.
bhatt, deepak, doppler, domain, specular, spectral, microscopy, visante, master, colour, omni, sonography, ubmi, institute, scan, imaging
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home - olympus bioscapes
the olympus bioscapes international digital imaging competition is an international contest to find and honor the world's most astonishing microscopy images of life science subjects.
camera, winners, research, science, images, submit, download, saver, screen, entry, life, photo, imaging, digital, bioscapes, olympus, competition, website, video, gallery, microscope, america, welcome
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3z's llc.
3 z's llc offers a complete supply of scientific equipment for elementary through college.
science, repair, supplies, school, microscope, parco, kits, safety, laboratory, quote, quotations, ohio, walter, college, meiji, equipment, microscopes, microscopy, order, labomed, scientific, swift
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149 - microscope photography art video film services book lectures talks
microscope, science, sand, book, grain, prints, pictures, moon, lectures, films, movies, videos, talks, greenberg, dust, microscopy, service, photography, grains, scientific, photos, services, movie, film, video, gary
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na našej stránke sa dozviete viac o zdravej strave a poradíme vám ako zlepšiť svoju životosprávu
prirodnou, cestou, poradna, chorob, zdravia, krvi, zdravie, detoxikacia, regulacia, hmotnosti, prekyslenie, odkyslenie, prirodne, postupy, liecenia, analyzy, komplexne, chudnutie, priberanie, prevencia, kvapky, zivej, live, blood, analysis, microscopy, darkfield, iridologia, profesionalny, iridolog, naturopatia, bioimpendancne, medicina, mikroskopicka, analyza, alternativna, bystrica, meranie, naturopaticka, banska
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ecleris - innovation value
we are dedicated to the manufacture and sale of medical and aesthetic equipment, mainly focused in: ent, gynecology, aesthetic medicine and minimal invasive surgery.
light, medicine, veterinary, ecleris, digital, microscopes, sources, dentistry, system, quality, divide, zoom, source, video, strobe, microstar, laparoscopy, beauty, surgery, industrial, medical, products, electrocautery, endocamera, microscopy, endoscopy, insufflator, fountain, capture, gynecology
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product and materials engineering consultants manchester and cheshire | product and materials engineering consultants manchester and cheshire
materials and product engineers, expert witness, ndt, xrd or xrf and advanced materials science, 3dforms serves manchester, oldham and cheshire and u.k.
stem, ceramics, macroscopy, microscopy, cheshire, manchester, metals, composites, witness, expert, analysis, engineer, polymers, fatigue, fracture, materials
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.:: visiopharm :: turning images into knowledge ::.
visiopharm contributes to the succesful development of new drugs, by realizing the full potential of quantitative image analysis in drug discovery and development projects.
image, processing, imaging, drug, development, discovery, animal, post, microscopy, models, pharmacology, analysis, utilities, segmentation, life, histology, visiopharm, sciences, toxicology
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heidelberg engineering uk | heidelberg engineering uk
heidelberg engineering is a high tech medical device company which designs, manufactures, and distributes diagnostic instruments for eye care professionals.
images, fundus, devices, autofluorescence, scans, laser, infrared, bluepeak, resolution, imaging, blue, tomography, ophthalmology, ophthalmologist, diagnostic, medical, engineering, confocal, microscopy, coherence, heidelberg, optical, ophthalmoscope, high
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welcome to zeiss southeast asia. zeiss has been contributing to technological progress for more than 165 years – with solutions for the semiconductor, automotive and mechanical engineering industries, biomedical research and medical technology, as well as eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses, binoculars and planetariums.
lenses, medical, technology, vision, binoculars, planetariums, neurosurgery, cine, microscopy, solutions, care, metrology, spotting, camera, manufacturing, scopes, industrial, semiconductor, research
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welcome to zeiss southeast asia. zeiss has been contributing to technological progress for more than 165 years with solutions for the semiconductor, automotive and mechanical engineering industries, biomedical research and medical technology, as well as eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses, binoculars and planetariums.
medical, technology, lenses, binoculars, neurosurgery, cine, microscopy, planetariums, care, vision, camera, research, scopes, spotting, manufacturing, industrial, metrology, semiconductor, solutions
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pixcl automation technologies home page
advanced usb image and video acquisition, processing and analysis hardware and software for windows and embedded systems
image, digital, maximum, processing, language, library, likelihood, brightfield, likelyhood, classification, paralleliped, darkfield, tristimulus, stm32, embedded, chromaticity, hyperspectral, microscopy, components, brovey, transform, twain, cameras, pixcl, software, device, scripting, principal, advanced, still, camera, multispectral
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criteria labs semiconductor electrical environmental engineering
criteria labs is a semiconductor engineering and service company that offers specialized electrical and environment testing, device characterization, packaging.
testing, council, acousitc, microscopy, focus, electronics, static, discharge, automotive, beam, software, development, microscope, scanning, electron, electro, packaging, failure, analysis, environmental, electrical, engineering, specialized, tape, medical, fabless, markets, commercial, defense, reel, aerospace, semiconductor
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sample preparation supplies and equipment, microscopes, imaging solutions
sample preparation supplies and equipment for materials and optical applications.
sample, supplies, preparation, equipment, extec, microscopy, technologies, microscopes, excel, metallurgy, metallography, industrial, consumables, metallurgical, metallographic, applications, corp
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cellavision ab
automated digital cell morphology. systems which locate, identify and pre-classify white blood cells for the hematology field.
blood, cell, analysis, morphology, white, cells, quality, digital, automated, assurance, count, hematology, chemistry, clinical, leukocytes, microscopy, cellatlas, diffmaster, cellavision, bonemarrow, dm96, micro21
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the weber group - artist representatives
the weber group - representing professional artists and illustrators.
medical, weber, illustration, animation, geras, group, photography, rendering, mode, imagery, digital, character, electron, microscopy, scientific, landscape, cartoon, branding, commerical, development, action, photo, mayer, audra, andrew, bill, commercial, webber, tricia, trisha, paul, leonard, falco, journalism, healthcare, michael, modelling, digimata, technical, productions
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pinnacle materials laboratory
independent testing services for thermal analysis of materials
polymer, testing, francisco, composite, materials, thermal, area, analysis, dmta, pinnacle, toledo, laboratory, instruments, mettler, plastic, plastics, microscopy, atomic, city, union, force, transition, glass, roughness, surface, composites
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163 - home
bloodworks is your state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory that offers the following services: immunologic services laboratory studies/routine or standard services hematology chemistry serology microscopy wellness packages it is managed and run by professionals to guarantee you of efficient and quality service. we utilize information technology tools to be able to achieve fast turn around time, providing our patients the results right away.
immunology, total, bilirubin, protein, alkaline, sgot, sgpt, phosphatase, hbsag, immunization, therapy, lymphocyte, urinalysis, nitrogen, reproductive, diagnostics, apas, test, creatinine, urea, bloodtest, blood, cholesterol, uric, acid, triglycerides
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164 an introduction to forensic firearm identification
forensic firearms identification is a discipline of forensic science that has as a primary concern to identify fired ammunition components as having been fired from a specific firearm.
crime, ballistics, firearmsid, firearm, recalls, forensic, ammunition, microscopy, duquesne, calleigh, miami, bullet, firearmid, investigation, science, scene, forensics, firearms, cartridge, guns, identification
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sample preparation equipment & supplies | mager scientific
mager scientific is a dealer for sample preparation equipment by the following brands: atm gmbh, leica microsystems, nikon instruments/metrology, akasel aps, photometrics, qimaging, spot, dage, cooke, mediacybernetics, molecular devices and norpix.
equipment, nikon, metallographic, mager, sample, preparation, software, imaging, supplies, cameras, consumables, leica, scientific, microscopes, electron, microscopy, digital
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advanced biotechnologies inc - international biotechnology company - maryland
abi is a leading international biotechnology company specializing in quality viral reagents, infectious disease antigens, and electron microscopy services
products, advanced, controls, virus, biotechnology, biotechnologies, primers, elisa, antibodies, material, herpes, retrovirus, reagents, bacteria, lysate, disease, infectious, biotech, blood, international, company, quantative, viral
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167 | microscopes, specialty light bulbs, fiber optic illuminators, microscope cameras, lab supplies , | high quality microscopes, illumination and microscopy accessories
microscopes, microscope, illuminators, fiber, schott, repair, optic, bulbs, sony, print, laser, camera, light, paper, meiji, specialty, biology, elementary, medical, lamps, scopes, stereo, student
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spores mushroom spores syringes psilocybe mushrooms with edible mushroom prints spore syringe.
spores mushroom spores syringes psilocybe mushrooms edible mushroom prints spore syringe.
spores, syringes, grow, easy, cheap, cultivate, clean, viable, free, fast, shipping, culture, syringe, mushrooms, shroom, psilocybe, mushroom, shrooms, microscopy, prints, print, psilocybin, study, grain
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the bee man mated queen bees for sale & beekeeping courses
the beeman beekeeping package bees 5 frame nucs beginners beekeeping courses instrumental insemination training british mated queen bees based in scotland uk.
queens, mated, beginners, package, nucs, bees, insemination, artificial, training, courses, scotland, instrumental, microscopy, beekeeping
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castle rock endodontist, castle rock root canal, root canal castle rock co | castle rock endodontics
at castle rock endodontics we employ the latest technological advancements in endodontics, including microscopy, ultrasonic irrigation, multiple intracanal
rock, castle, canal, root, endodontist, cast, endodontics
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studio g productions, gina papadakis photographer
gina papadakis photographer
photography, photos, studio, insect, fine, gina, frog, papadakis, fauna, toads, newts, science, microscopy, trace, tadpoles, beetles, jungle, spyderfemme, entomology, productions, faunafx, bugs, frogs
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lisec industries
limico, a division of lisec industries, inc. is a 30+year old trusted microscopy company specializing in onsite maintenance and repair, whenever possible. the servicing consists of body cleaning, ocular (eye piece) cleaning, objective external cleaning and minor mechanical adjustments that can be completed in the field. this maintenance is suggested to be preformed on a periodic basis, depending on the usage of the scope. if a microscope has to go to the plant for special repair, not covered under the maintenance program, a loaner microscope is provided at no charge. quality work and customer satisfaction are the main concerns of limico.
microscopes, carolina, microscope, maintenance, south, clean, north, limico, adjust, repair
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leader in galvanometer based optical scanning components : galvo motors, servo and galvo sets, scan heads and scanning systems: cambridge technology
as the original inventor, committed innovator, and market leader for galvanometer based optical scanning, cambridge technology provides the market with the broadest range of optical scanning solutions.
laser, scanning, vision, sequencing, ophthalmology, correction, radiography, digital, projection, microscopy, treatment, engraving, servo, motors, galvo, optical, scan, heads, galvanometer, marking, systems, biomedical
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about dr. neeraj kasliwal | kck ent centre
forty years back, dr. k. c. kasliwal, a great visionary and pioneering otolaryngologist started an e.n.t. clinic on a shoe string budget. entering a new era of service to ear, nose and throat patients, the centre has grown into a fully equipped state-of-the-art facility. this premier regional otolaryngological centre is involved in specialist care of all major otolaryngological problems. this entails a very busy outdoor consultation practice having facilities for otolaryngological treatment and rehabilitation, audiometry, speech therapy, electronystagmography, tympanometry, brainstem evoked response audiometry, otoacoustic emissions, polysomnography, microscopy, endoscopy, and other advanced procedures.
fortis, jaipur, center, escorts, hospital, nose, throa, kckentcentre, centre, eyes, kckcentcenter
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asbestos tem laboratories, inc. - noa analysis environmental lead testing
nvlap accredited asbestos and environmental lead testing lab offering plm, pcm, and tem analysis for asbestos bulk, air, soil, dust and water samples.
asbestos, wipes, bulk, transmission, light, environmental, polarized, industrial, fiber, airborne, hazardous, waste, commercial, substance, hygiene, home, east, berkeley, alameda, county, nevada, reno, california, area, household, aiha, government, natural, occurring, naturally, public, nvlap, accredited, monitoring, accreditation, certification, chemistry, certified, microscopy, laboratories
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lumenera corporation high performance digital cameras
lumenera corporation is a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance digital cameras and custom/oem imaging solutions used worldwide for industrial, scientific, surveillance and astro applications.
camera, cameras, digital, manufacturer, surveillance, design, industrial, security, scientific, astrophotography, skynyx, custom, microscopy, infinity, usb2, imaging, gige, ethernet, cmos, lumenera, megapixel, board
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alternative medicine | holistic healthcare centre
hhc centre is an alternative medicine centre in vaughan, provided are naturopathic medicine, psychotherapy and relationship counseling, homeopathy, chiropractic care, nutrition, acupuncture, massage therapy, live cell microscopy and more.
medicine, alternative, nutrition, counseling, chiropractic, relationship, massage, therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, centre, healthcare, treatments, naturopathic, holistic, psychotherapy
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savings for life science products and lab supplies | biosave
find low prices on laboratory equipment, antibodies, microscopes, centrifuges, microplate readers, reagents, chemicals, consumables and much more.
cell, biology, protein, culture, acid, technologies, nucleic, molecular, neurobiology, microarray, mass, robotics, spectrometry, analysis, technology, microbiology, plant, qpcr, rnai, stem, proteomics, expression, other, automation, biochemistry, delivery, immunochemistry, computer, cloning, software, drug, discovery, chromatography, signaling, bioprocess, cancer, research, tissue, flow, cytometry
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179 - animal posters, animal t-shirts, animal sounds and movies
animal posters, animal t-shirts, animal sounds and movies
nature, video, bird, animal, audio, guide, wildlife, multimedia, photography, insect, insects, creatures, reptiles, invertebrates, protozoa, microscopy, birds, animals, image, mammals
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kova international - innovation and leadership in urinalysis
kova international - the gold standard for urinalysis quality, accuracy and safety - kova provides everything the lab needs to standardize the urinalysis
urinalysis, diagnostics, control, proficiency, chemistry, slides, quality, disposable, caps, centrifuge, quickread, pathology, count, tubes, glasstic, party, microscopy, test, external, assurance, services, hydrometer, urinometer, stevens, dipstick, controls, pipettes, petters, fisher, inserts, electronic, testing, aacc, online, reports, laboratory, materials, clinical, labtools, clia
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materials evaluation and engineering, inc. | material testing laboratory | failure analysis laboratory | upper midwest material testing | upper midwest failure analysis
the mee laboratory studies composition, microstructure, and mechanical properties. specialize in comprehensive failure analysis.
services, analysis, imaging, laboratory, failure, industrial, midwest, material, upper, testing, spectroscopy, fracture, energy, electron, scanning, microscopy, field, emission, dispersive
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applied physics technologies - cebix and lab6 emitters
applied physics technologies specializes in thermionic and field emission. aptech is a specialty producer and supplier of cebix (cerium hexaboride) and lab6 (lanthanum hexaboride) cathodes for scanning electron microscopes (sem) and transmission electron microscopes (tem)
cathodes, electron, emissions, microscopes, metals, field, refractory, filaments, lanthanum, hexaboride, cerium, partnering, development, research, cebix, aptech, technologies, physics, ceb6, lab6, applied, transmission, scanning, microscopy
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meadowlark optics | polarization solutions
meadowlark optics provides liquid crystal solutions, polarization optics, liquid crystal waveplates, dichroic polarizers, true zero-order waveplates, reflective spatial light modulators , custom engineering services from 20, 000 sf and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for last 35-years
crystal, liquid, variable, retarders, optical, mwir, systems, photomultiplier, trapping, microscopy, wide, interface, polarizer, retarder, digital, filter, mounts, polarimeters, modulators, beem, steering, light, spatial, waveplates, pulse, shaping, polarizers, filters, cells, pockels, devices, controllers, rotary
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primary ciliary dyskinesia (pcd) foundation
at the primary ciliary dyskinesia (pcd) foundation, our mission is to improve the quality of life of patients with pcd and to develop the means to find a cure.
pneumonia, sinus, newborn, cilia, syndrome, infection, defects, pectus, polysplenia, asplenia, heart, deformities, impacted, heterotaxy, test, dextrocardia, disease, sinuses, biopsy, congenital, oxygen, oxide, nitric, nasal, bronchiolitis, pseudomonas, microscopy, electron, aspiration, dystrophy, hydrocephalus, ventriculomegaly, retinitis, pigmentosa, supplemental, negative, mucus, excess, wheezing, lung
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empf :: homepage
testing, analysis, training, materials, electronics, lead, free, failure, manufacturing, migration, imaging, residue, electromigration, electro, chambers, environmental, humidity, bridging, underfill, consulting, process, selection, package, advanced, whiskers, electronic, spectroscopy, rosa, chemistry, reflow, solders, alloys, tensile, forming, transmission, wetting, acoutisic, scanning, microscopy, diffusion
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endodontist (board certified) - joseph s dovgan dds ms pc - serving paradise valley, scottsdale, & phoenix arizona providing endodontic services such as diagnosis, root canals or endodontic therapy, retreatment, and endodontic surgery
endodontist - joseph s. dovgan, d.d.s., m.s. serving phoenix & paradise valley arizona
root, endodontic, dovgan, endodontics, board, diplomate, joseph, surgery, american, certified, microscope, radiography, infection, control, digital, microscopy, retrofill, canal, therapy, endodontist, scottsdale, paradise, valley, nset, filling, phoenix, resection, apicoectomy, lecturer
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welcome to your source for alkalizing knowledge
health, alkalizing, greens, ashly costa, ashly delgrosso, dancing wih the stars, celestial, celestial arts, dancing, art, illustration, science, healing, ph balance, acid, grass, live cell analysis, blood analysis, ph balance, lose weight
celestial, dancing, ashly, healing, acid, nutrition, grass, nutritional, live, lose, weight, analysis, cell, balance, microscopy, illustration, delgrosso, costa, greens, alkalizing, with, health, arts, stars
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nanolytik® | german powered technology
nanolytik® is a life sciences company that manufactures laboratory instruments. we’re a diversified, global leader aiding customers innovate.
freezer, spectrophotometer, ultra, pipette, spectometer, uktra, deep, microtome, refrigerator, scanning, rotationsmikrotom, search, spctrophotometer, multistage, rotary, laboratory, software, pharmaceutical, portable, pipeta, spektralphotometer, tief, upright, transilluminator, reader, wavelength, stainless, steel, range, rotatorio, electrophoresis, system, german, electroforesis, read, congelateur, congelador, coolingstage, cryogenic, dual
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light guides, fiber optic illumination for microscopy & machine vision, fiber optics, fiber optic lighting,fibre optic lighting, fibre optics, fibre optic illumination - dolan-jenner industries
optic, fibre, lighting, fiber, guides, optics, light, vision, machine, custom, illumination, illuminators
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home - karuna flame cloonloo boyle co roscommon ireland, health assessments & treatments
welcome to our karuna flame website here, you will find a lot of information about health, natural healing, treatments, holistic approach and consciousness expansion. karuna flame – holistic health centre tirelessly promotes a natural lifestyle for people of all walks of life and all ages. tests and health assessments: live blood analysis (lba) / dark field / phase contrast microscopy; cardio check; kinesiology ; quantum resonance body analysis; (checks 36 different health parameters); heavy metals; mercury toxicity tests, treatments and therapies: kinesiology massage; therapy fir mineral heat treatment; reflexology; cupping therapy; pregnancy massage; photon light-colour stimulation; sound therapy; vibroacoustic therapy; singing bowls; rife frequency research play therapy & child/adolescent psychotherapy; ratu bagus; bio-energy shaking yoga meditation classes
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david h. murdock research institute
the david h. murdock research institute (dhmri) is a contract research organization that provides groundbreaking research and development solutions at the intersection of human health, agriculture, and nutrition. through a multi-omic approach we combine expertise and instrumentation to give collaborators customized research answers.
research, north, chromatography, protein, contract, analysis, carolina, flow, chemistry, cellular, biology, metabolomic, elucidation, profiling, cell, cytometry, clinical, expression, proteomics, genomics, metabolomics, nuclear, resonance, magnetic, microscopy, informatics, immunoassay, structural, immunology, genotyping, liquid, gene, biomarker, institute, nutrition, answers, instrumentation, expertise, organization, human
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weblink for wolf schweitzer, md
this is wolf schweitzer's online weblink and online tool for research and case work in forensic medicine and forensic pathology.
pathology, gerichtsmedizin, wolf, forensic, reconstruction, image, wolfe, forschung, cardiac, cardiovascular, research, schweitzer, schweizer, sids, medicine, medical, medizin, quality, bildanalyse, assurance, qualitaetskontrolle, qualitaetssicherung, sudden, infant, contact, swiss, morphology, threedimensional, leadership, team, death, syndrome, statistics, overinterpretation, bildverarbeitung, processing, transmyocardial, laser, revascularization, transmyokardiale
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fan services polymer, rubber, metals testing lab mumbai, pune, nashik, india
materials & product testing – chemical, mechanical, microscopy, failure analysis, grade identification, adhesives testing, product testing – mumbai, pune, nashik, india, us - plastic testing, metal testing, civil testing, weld testing
testing, analysis, materials, product, labs, failure, plating, grade, coating, pune, nashik, india, construction, mumbai, environmental, bath, polymer, rubber, services, mechanical, chemical, metal, adhesives, viscosity, corrosion, electroplating, weld
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aquatic research instruments - equipment and services for aquatic research
aquatic research instruments: plankton net, closing plankton net, bongo plankton net, tucker trawl plankton net, stream sampling net, water sampler, horizontal water sampler, vertical water sampler, sediment corer, russian peat borer, gravity corer, piston corer, percussion corer, plankton trap, utermoehl phytoplankton sedimentation chamber, folsom plankton sample splitter, sediment traps, limnocorral, plankton counting tray.
samplers, sampling, sediment, apparatus, biology, plankton, limnology, marine, oceanography, equipment, enclosures, limnocorrals, research, microcosms, aquatic, sampler, corers, stream, microscopy, subsampling, chambers, paleoecology, ecology, zooplankton, psychology, products, hydrobiology, incubation, nets, water, traps
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explore scientific - telescopes, eyepieces, and accessories to keep you exploring
founded to make astronomy, microscopy, and exploration of nature accessible and affordable, explore scientific helps the general public experience the adventure, wonder, and excitement of scientific exploration. we are a company of jinghua optics and electronics corp. (joc) and we, direct from our own factory design, build, and sell telescopes and eyepieces that are high-quality, durable, and a great value. in 2009, explore scientific and bresser reached an exclusive distribution agreement throughout the americas for binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes, night vision, and other products.
levy, david, scott, astronomy, explore, optical, coatings, roberts, reflector, refractor, apochromatic, newtonian, mounts, filters, optics, tripod, extenders, focal, tubes, eyepiece, maksutov, outreach, alliance, comet, bresser, exploring, scientific, keep, hunter, telescope, microscopes, accessories, astrophotography, scopes, spotting, binoculars, astrograph
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visiomed ag - home
professional early detection of skin cancer and imaging solutions in dermatology and clinical imaging with specialised hardware and imaging databases
digital, cancer, medical, medicina, clinical, image, documentation, photography, base, dermatoscopie, datos, tricograma, malignas, melanomas, archivamiento, malin, imagerie, beau, grains, trichogramme, clinique, piel, dermatologie, microscopie, sistema, prevention, skin, microscopy, dermatology, database, mapping, mole, epiluminescence, dermoscopy, auflichtmikroskopie, dermoskop, dermatoskopie, bilddokumentation, verlaufskontrolle, hautkrebs
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disease diagnostic group
a malaria diagnostic and tracking device
malaria, rapid, diagnostic, technology, lewandowski, john, business, data, tracking, infection, device, world, assessment, billion, invest, sensitive, specific, developing, license, venture, schistosomiasis, about, schisto, chagas, electrical, mechanical, capital, treatment, management, species, vector, team, magneto, lase, optical, competition, plan, analysis, diagnosis, pitch
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restauro architettonico, restauro monumentale, restauro e conservazione dell'architettura, recupero dell'edilizia diffusa
servizi utili per i professionisti del restauro e della conservazione
historic, conservation, materials, analysis, paint, removal, stone, consolidants, compatible, maintenance, consolidating, mortar, finishes, preservation, research, graffiti, integrated, monuments, buildings, patching, cleaning, planning, plan, field, spectroscopy, repairs, prev, stain, transform, specifications, consolidant, scanning, contracting, archival, structures, building, architecture, cultural, resources, architectural
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:.: hecomplex :.:
number, construction, 5r25, drum, merckmillipore, 00r24, merck, chemical, truck, asphalt, roller, paver, mass, single, chromatography, kits, test, liquid, analytical, instrument, powder, chemistry, batch, filteration, paper, material, tire, copco, gasoline, space, super, tower, light, 00r51, 00r49, 00r33, silence, brand, salt, improve
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bio2 energy zone - ozone therapy located in jupiter, fl
the bio2 energy zone is the place to get healthy, be more energized and feel the power of super oxygen…learn about our safe & easy cutting edge health care!
detoxification, jupiter, near, therapy, ozone, health, palm, beach, oxygen, nutritionist, blog, super, holistic, supplements, sauna, gardens, west, county, nucalm, improved, athletic, microscopy, boca, performance, delray, lucie, analysis, port, stuart, martin, metabolism, increase, cyndi, pulsating, electro, magnetic, field, hocatt, bardo, energy
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heather l. zimmerman-curell, nd - blank
dr heather curell, nd. traditional naturopathic doctor specializing in digestion, detoxification and prevention. dr. curell uses only natural methods and products to restore the body to health; ie: massage, colonics, herbs, homeopathics etc.
health, massage, natural, blood, sauna, infrared, christian, alternative, steam, saginaw, doctor, naturopath, medicine, sampling, city, diet, survival, traditional, midland, dietary, urine, nutrition, michigan, foraging, shields, continuing, steamy, sugar, detox, foot, tent, wonder, scrubs, salt, instructor, education, midwife, birth, home, midwives
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novascan: force measurement single molecule afm, uv ozone cleaners, afm bead tip probes & cantilevers, chemical afm probes, acoustic isolators, wafer cleaners, vibration isolators
novascan: force measurement single molecule afm, uv ozone cleaners, afm bead tip probes & cantilevers, chemical afm probes, acoustic isolators, wafer cleaners, vibration isolators
clean, colloid, probes, sphere, cantilever, tips, force, bead, acoustic, isolator, sample, atomic, cleaner, silicon, glass, wafer, noise, microscopy, semiconductor, chamber, molecule, single, measurement, microscope, ozone
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excalibur mineral corporation charlottesville, va (434) 964-0875
excalibur mineral corporation is a complete mineralogist's heaven! excellent quality mineral specimens, microscopes, uv lamps, photographic guide to mineral species on cd-rom, mineral models, and an analytical lab with sem and eds instruments in it's charlottesville, va home
mineral, minerals, collections, crystal, collecting, russia, geology, mineralogy, quality, mining, rocks, gemstones, calcite, rare, mexico, silicates, rough, retail, quartz, elements, native, museum, sulfides, minas, gerais, poona, species, best, articles, advice, locations, fine, coll, classics, collectors, crystals, gems, specimens, zeolites, tsumeb
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kimball physics | kimball physics - excellence in electron and ion optics
kimball physics is a high-tech manufacturer of scientific instruments in ultra-high-vacuum electron and ion optics. kp also manufactures unique, versatile, compact, multi-port vacuum chambers. kimball physics multi-cftm uhv vacuum chambers and fittings are a unique and innovative assembly of vacuum hardware providing users with distinct benefits over conventional conflat components. they are particularly advantageous where there are spatial constraints and where a high density of experimental apparatus is required. ultra high vacuum performance is improved with highly polished surfaces, contoured interiors and minimal welds. in addition, the modular multi-cftm system incorporates built-in internal and external mounting capabilities and apparatus, saving time and eliminating custom design and machining for experimental set-ups. standard accessory elements include, groove grabbers, ev partstm and external mounting brackets, which are all designed to attach and fit together so that
vacuum, electron, source, electrostatic, guns, oxide, phosphor, flange, optics, cesium, lithium, microscopy, electrons, ions, semiconductor, processing, charge, neutralization, spacecraft, testing, electronics, power, laser, supply, particle, rheed, conflat, charged, pump, yttrium, hairpin, screen, equipment, faraday, detector, physics, emitter, cathode, lab6, chamber
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distributors of industrial air cleaning equipment, oil mist extraction units, contamination control air purification, positive pressure filtered blowers for enclosures, continuous duty industrial vacuums, pulse filter vacuums and compressed air vacuums. oakley air systems, inc., 511 nowell road raleigh, nc 27607
distributors of industrial air cleaning equipment, oil mist extraction units, commercial air cleaning equipment and industrial vacuum equipment. lines represented include scientific dust collectors, air systems, inc., extract-all, electron microscopy sciences, lab-air, tri-dim filter corporation, allerair, airrhino, mechanovent industrial fans, pullman-holt, w.m. meyer & sons, inc., vac-u-max, nortech vacuum products, guardair corporation, atrix international and jacob tubing. we confirm indoor air quality applications requiring pulse filter cartridge dust collectors and industrial baghouse collectors. we also can propose portable air cleaners for industrial weld smoke collection fitted with flexible source capture arms, air purification systems for volatile organic compounds (voc) with fume collection arms and portable contamination control negative air machines. in addition to our lines of air cleaning units we also carry several vacuum lines to include continuous duty industrial vac
cleaners, industrial, fume, portable, hoods, ceiling, source, capture, arms, smoke, collectors, dust, collection, weld, control, sterilization, commercial, mount, fixtures, mist, extraction, with, flow, ductless, ducted, surface, grid, frames, hepa, hvac, housings, filter, workstation, flush, above, drop, deodorizers, tables, house, contamination