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the definitive internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation
urban, legends, snopes, hoax, folklore, mythbusters, misinformation, myths, slayer, hoaxes, hottest, archive, scams, rumors
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the organization | ending misinformation
ending misinformation
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fair — fair is the national progressive media watchdog group, challenging corporate media bias, spin and misinformation.
fair is the national progressive media watchdog group, challenging corporate media bias, spin and misinformation.
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e-cigarette reviews and rankings
we review e-cigarettes and rank them by performance and affordability, not by brand popularity or commissions
nicotine, smoking, australia, gateway, health, survey, europe, addiction, wayne, hill, austria, factasia, asia, alliance, study, research, news, cigarettes, misinformation, miranda, ween, electronic, legislation, danko, attilla, action
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heaven's gate - how and when it may be entered
how and when heaven's gate, the door to the physical kingdom level above human, may be entered. organized religions are killers of souls. ufos and extraterrestrials - sorting the good from the bad. final warning for possible survivors.
millennium, angels, coming, times, jesus, second, misinformation, gate, space, alien, extraterrestrial, freedom
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herpes information from the new zealand herpes foundation
more than 30% of sexually active adults in new zealand have genital herpes. misinformation and ignorance about herpes often means a diagnosis can be a shock. this site can help you understand and manage this common infection.
herpes, genital, pictures, symptoms, what, vaginal, simplex, signs, treatment, dating, cured, causes, vaccine, remedies, photos, women, medication, cure, cream, herpesvirus, herpies, medicine, support, cold, papillomavirus, human, zoster, sores, labialis, virus
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james perloff | formerly
thomas jefferson said: nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. the real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day. i
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scepcop - scientific committee to evaluate pseudo-skeptic criticism of the paranormal
scepcop is the 1st coalition to expose the fallacies and misinformation of the pseudoskeptics and their movement. dedicated to truth, objectivity and the scientific method toward all data, experiences and evidence. contains resources, articles, books, videos and forum.
pseudoskeptics, james, randi, conspiracies, telepathy, jref, michael, freethinker, debate, csicop, shermer, aliens, afterlife, pseudoskepticism, paranormal, skeptic, skeptics, debunking, phenomena, parapsychology, scepcop, mediums, psychics, supernatural, ghosts
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9 stuff and things for you! is the central repository for all the email jokes and stuff floating around the net. our goal is to find the people who write these things.
jokes, writing, disinformation, misinformation, conspiracy, information, truth, legends, news, lies, folly, propaganda, fool, brant, borkfactor, blert, narrenschiff, foolish, ship, fools, folklore, story, scrap, crap, netscrap, good, dirty, email, humor, funny, laugh, creative, things, comedy, writers, stories, stuff, script, hollywood, show
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the museum of hoaxes
tall, pranks, tales, publicity, tricks, stunts, jokes, practical, misinformation, fake, april, hoaxes
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fitness exercise, personal trainer, weight loss, and fitness equipment articles
we provide no bs health, exercise, and fitness tips and expose the myths and misinformation currently offered as fact by so-called health and fitness
fitness, personal, training, equipment, exercise, trainer, loss, weight
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12 : hoax, fraud, scam, phishing and misinformation resources
the bunk stops here. hoax, fraud, scam, phishing and misinformation resources
chain, forward, warning, letter, microsoft, trojan, worm, malware, alert, hoax, fraud, scam, phishing, misinformation, virus, disinformation, bunk
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the badger | freedom of misinformation
freedom of misinformation
themes, theme, bavotasan, premium, custom, seymour, bavota, feed, wordpress
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rumor has it :
the definitive internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation
urban, legends, snopes, folklore, hoax, mythbusters, misinformation, myths, slayer, scams, rumors, hottest, archive, hoaxes, snopesurban
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wolverinekills hard rock heavy metal tour info, rumors and misinformation
hard rock heavy metal tour info, rumors and misinformation
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my speedbump on the misinformation triple bypass
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internet myths, lies and misinformation
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medical misinformation is killing us - the transformational nutrition summit
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energy and policy institute - pro-clean energy think tank exposing attacks on clean tech and countering misinformation by fossil fuel interests
pro-clean energy think tank exposing attacks on clean tech and countering misinformation by fossil fuel interests
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knowledge equals black power
this blog is an effort to correct misinformation.
murder, body, brutality, police, dead
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sharing truth by outspeaking falsehood, malice, and misinformation. words of business, politics, and technology.
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how to end the nightmare of colorectal disorders before they end you​.
information about causes of constipation in infants, children, and adults. common misinformation and wrong treatments
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debates & moose tracks
20. black. male. british. egalitarian. this blog is mainly dedicated to dispelling myths and misinformation in the realm of social issues. if you want to know any more, feel free to ask.
crying, this, does, goes
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m-underground – one voice. two species.
our mission: to expose those creating a rift between humans and mutants through misinformation.
onyx, gifted, mutants, tandeminitiative, mutanttruth
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fighting against misinformation and for middle and working class progressive values. our website is highly interactive so all like minded people can come together to exchange and create ideas to solve real problems that the usa faces.
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clearwater seo - rank your small business on google
more and more businesses are investing in online marketing as a way to attract new customers. there is, unfortunately a lot of misinformation available and a slew of malicious companies competing for those marketing dollars.
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political satire | news parody | the specious report
spreading rumors, half-truths and misinformation since 1789
stupid, warning, labels, bush, economy, fuel, shore, osama, laden, jersey
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the t-shirt tango the t-shirt tango
…exposing the hype, the lies, and the misinformation that trap you in a vicious circle of creating heartbreaking, unprofitable campaigns that never “t
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4bitnews - countering misinformation
4bitnews the uks most widely read alternative news to mainstream media. the whole story in 4bits plus source links. read more or less.
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did you know steven universe
paint, stevens, birthday, dogcopter, universe, misinformation, 1000, hours, steven
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bold success club a private network for digital entrepreneurs
helping digital entrepreneurs build multiple streams of legitimate, work-at-home online income by dispelling misinformation and concisely teaching proven basics.
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welcome to our tumblr! media matters is dedicated to monitoring, analyzing & correcting conservative misinformation in the media.
media, gender, conservative, news, race
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evidence to believe | "the heavens declare the glory of god"
welcome to evidence to believe! we believe people should know the facts, and judge for themselves based on the evidence.  today there is so much misinformation in the media about christianity, who christ was, and even what constitutes " a christian"! dont be misled!  investigate the facts - examine the evidence.  it says in the bible "let us reason together"; god
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rbutr - rbutls, debunkings and counter arguments to misinformation on the internet - think again
rbutr helps you find rbutls to any page you read on the internet so that you can get a complete view of all sides of the discussion.
argue, debate, discuss, response, reply, counter, argument, debunk, rebuttal
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sathya sai baba in word and action
dissident articles exposing misinformation, failed prophesies, false claims, rumours and simplistic teachings by self-proclaimed god incarnate
sathya, robert, priddy, secret, swami, avatar, organisation, baba, incarnate, miraculous, saviour, mankind
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healthy eating politics: alternative information about diet and health
most healthy eating guides are based on misinformation. vibrant health begins with the truth about what constitutes real, nutrient dense food.
health, nutrition, eating, healthy
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second-opinions index page
uk based website of researcher and author, barry groves, offering online nutritional information, and exposing dietary and medical misinformation.
nutritional, obesity, loss, saturated, heart, disease, weight, statins, fact, information, fluoride, water, fluoridation, online
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emainstreet alliance: marketplace fairness act
emainstreet alliance is a rapidly growing group of businesses who oppose marketplace fairness act and the burdensome internet sales tax. join with other small businesses to combat the misinformation and defeat the bill before its too late.
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the entitlement to rule: legal, non-territorial sovereignty in international law
international law on deposed sovereignty has the answers that can solve the misinformation and confusion that exists in the field of nobility and royalty.
principality, kingdom, chivalry, fake, titles, sovereignty, royalty, monarchies, republics, prescription, nobility
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ambitious & nutritious | join a registered dietitian on her delicious adventures!
  be ambitious, be nutritious.   health doesn’t just happen, you have to be ambitious enough to find it and make it work for you. with the abundance of misinformation available, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get reliable answers to your nutrition questions.  alex oppenheimer, a registered dietitian, is here to provide evidence-based guidance
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northern self reliance | proving technologies for sustainable living
welcome to northern self reliance.  we hope you find this site informative and entertaining.  this site is dedicated to:dispelling the sales hype and misinformation that is rampant in the alternative energy world.educating the public on how to live more sustainably.sharing preparedness information for natural disasters.saving some money by teaching how to grow more nutritious healthier foods.putting
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top form fitness | personal training toronto
personal training toronto - we provide training programs, workshops, and resources to cut through the myths and misinformation and help you reach your fitness goals.
trainer, toronto, training, personal
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welcome : veterinarians for equine welfare
veterinarians for equine welfare (vew) was created by a group of veterinarians from all disciplines who are concerned about misinformation being transmitted to the public regarding the national debate on horse slaughter.
treatment, keepers, owners, care, husbandry, organization, report, regulations, sanctuary, humane, rehabilitation, horses, protection, welfare, equine, ponies, mare, rescue, pregnancy, foal, veterinarians
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13 myths about vbac
misinformation about vaginal birth after cesarean prevails. let’s draw a clear line between myth and fact.
vbac, kamel, cesarean, bans, birth, hospital, uterine, home, rupture, facts, repeat, vaginal, jennifer, after
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academics review | testing popular claims against peer-reviewed science
academics review tests popular claims and misinformation against peer-reviewed science. visit to find out more.
biotechnology, roulette, jeffrey, smith, genetic, tribe, science, review, bruce, chassy, david, academics
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::: the truth about baby carrots :::
bolthouse farms sheds light on the misinformation surrounding the production of baby carrots including the use of chlorine while processing. the site offers factual information on the production process of baby carrots from harvesting to packaging.
carrots, baby, chlorine, farms, bolthouse, truth, about
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the palestine telegraph palestine telegraph newspaper is an electronic newspaper based in gaza, palestine with some offices in europe and usa. the paper is covering the palestinian-israeli conflict and providing first-hand account information and news on the conflict. it seeks to present another dimension of the conflict by showing the palestinian account. the palestine telegraph/the pt is the first electronic newspaper founded and based in the gaza strip with an all volunteer staff of supporters. the pt is destined to reverberate around the world for we have moved beyond being besieged and destroyed; we are doing something about it. the pt has a dedicated staff of over 25 international reporters and writers; everyone an unpaid volunteer out to change our world. we cover the middle east issues with key focus on palestine thus we can challenge the israeli misinformation and spin campaigns.
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bully pride of arizona bully breed advocacy & community resource center
bully breed advocacy & community resource center. providing the community with bully breed education, shelter system information, bully breed rescue, offering training tips, trainer referrals and foster dog training classes. bully breed housing & insurance referrals and offering courtesy postings of shelter and stray dogs to promote adoptions. advocating against the inhumane activity of dogfighting, chaining and the unethical practice of backyard breeding. striving to help bully breeds obtain a positive image through education despite the image that the general public has of them due to misinformation and media sensationalism. promoting spaying/neutering and responsible bully ownership.
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rumors,conspiracy theories and scams reasearch -
the irumor mill investigates and reports on conspiracy theories, internet rumors or irumors, scams, virus attack and warnings.
rumors, internet, conspiracies, irumors, false, reports, political, theories, conspiracy, government, real, hoax, politics, investigations, myths, erumor, investigation, facts, scams, confirmation, fiction, truth, misinformation, hoaxes, snopes, obama, mill, fact, check, factcheck, erumors, urban, legends, dead, celebrities, posted, lies, fictional, trust, rumor
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51 : flu education and prevention : organizational campaign timeline : influenza vaccination reports guidance
nofluforyou exists to increase influenza vaccination rates among health care workers by providing their leaders with the best possible resources that reduce misinformation and perceived barriers.
influenza, campaign, vaccination, health, louis, county, cost, guidance, prevention, worker, care, vacciniations, toolkits, vaccines, importance, methods, call, action, summit, 2011, models, response, infection, control, pandemic, state, heartland, puplic, guides, reports, education, info, saint, preparedness, policy, effectiveness, benefit, nofluforyou, professional, index
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opinions. news. analysis and commentary. the truth. — news. analysis. opinions.
headline digest cuts through the clutter and misinformation surrounding current news events. we present the latest headlines from around the nation and around the world so our readers can easily find out what’s happening on main street, wall street and in the world of politics. headline digest covers economics, politics, foreign affairs, global events and even pop-culture -- our objective is to reveal the truth and to give opposing viewpoints that other media and news outlets dont cover.
world, politics, foreign, economics, affairs, events, viewpoints, truth, global, news, current, digest, latest, headlines, around, nation, headline