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json editor online - view, edit and format json online
json editor online is a web-based tool to view, edit, and format json. it shows your data side by side in a clear, editable treeview and in a code editor.
json, online, parser, formatter, editor, tools, javascript, format, source, free, open, object, notation, tool, treeview
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блог о сетевой безопасности, программы для хакера, обзоры "серого" софта
soft, spam, ddos, proxy, antigate, parser, delphi, 4game, bruteforce
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jsoup java html parser, with best of dom, css, and jquery
open source java html parser, with dom, css, and jquery-like methods for easy data extraction.
home, parser, html, java, jsoup
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simplepie: super-fast, easy-to-use, rss and atom feed parsing in php.
a super-fast, easy-to-use, rss and atom parser written in php.
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html to xml parser|blogger adsense code converter|escape tool
adsense, tool, html, escape, online, converter, parser, code
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team fortress 2 log parser and stats generator.
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email parser software and workflow automation -
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the xml c parser and toolkit of gnome
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egrabber - automated list building, business lead generation, resume parser, email list completion, data capture software for b2b sales & recruiting
egrabber - world's best b2b prospect list building tools - generate 10x more appointments. purchased by 100k+ companies. call (866) 299-7314 to schedule a demo.
software, lead, generation, tool, email, capture, list, building, completion, data, recruiting, marketing, sales, parser, resume, business, prospect, lists, online
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advanced combat tracker -- an mmo combat log parser
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untitled page
office 2007 style components for winforms, silverlight and wpf
help, html, toolbar, visual, htmlhelp, control, menu, basic, office, context, documentation, office2003, sensitive, microsoft, this, component, controls, workshop, object, 2003, ribbon, silverlight, 2005, pane, navigation, tabstrip, explorer, parser, components, knobs, gauges, htmldom, models, whats, development, files, 2007, style, developers, framework
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math.js | an extensive math library for javascript and node.js
math.js is an extensive math library for javascript and node.js. it features big numbers, complex numbers, matrices, units, and a flexible expression parser.
math, node, function, variable, unit, string, extensive, advanced, matrix, mathematics, value, bignumber, expression, library, javascript, parser, numeric, mathjs, number, complex
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papa parse - powerful csv parser for javascript
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the java gui programming resources and its open source friends - php, apache, mysql database, java gui, java visual web applications, netbeans ide etc
this site provides a hands-on approach on java old plain code and gui programming using netbeans ide. other related information includes steps on how to install, setup, configure, test and use the open source application software such as apache web server, php scripting parser, mysql database, netbeans the java ide and many more
tools, services, download, programming, info, packages, library, components, utilities, applications, sevelopments, technology, database, source, open, framework, projects, java, server, platform, visual
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learn c programming | c language | c programs
learn c and c++ programming with ccodechamp. get c and c++ tutorials, c programs, c source codes, parsers, books, video tutorials for free.
parser, compiler, ebooks, algorithms, programming, program, programs, tutorials, source, codes, code
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pdf parser | php library to parse pdf files and extract elements like text.
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sc2replaystats - starcraft 2 replay hosting stats parser -
sc2replaystats is a unique starcraft 2 replay hosting system with custom stats, and sc2 replay parser
replay, starcraft, hosting, stats, parser
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blog for technology- android tutorial | android,ios device, best list, pnr status, adsense parser tool is the blog where we ha ve discuss about the mobile specification and price, and also the best game, best apps and best software for pc.
tool, tutorial, status, adsense, parser, windows, suite, android, driver
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digital indian club
the main purpose of starting digital indian club to help the people to get free blogging tips, earning tips, tricks, android tricks, network tricks
tricks, tips, games, blogging, tools, android, linux, premium, plus, kali, paid, news, player, office, offer, recover, parser, xposed, serial, rooted, survey, sites, proxy, imei, windows, whatsapp, freedom, tutorial, tirck, apps, software, hacking, club, network, earning, digital, indian, crack, cyberghost, bluestacks
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actionscript 3 tutorials
actionscript 3 tutorials, flash cs5, cs5.5 tutorials, flash cs4 tutorials, air for mobile tutorials, actionscript 3, as3 for android tutorials, flash as3 tutorials for beginners and advanced, air for android, mathematical expressions parser in as3, masking in flash cs3, 3d and 2d graphing in as3, drag and drop in actionscript 3, bitmap programming in as3, particle effects in flash, flash math applets, as3 classes for math
flash, tutorials, actionscript, android, math, bitmap, drag, drop, graphing, effects, classes, applets, particle, programming, expressions, beginners, mobile, advanced, mathematical, masking, parser
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textkernel - cv parsing, semantic search & matching software
empower your recruiting process with textkernels multilingual cv parser and semantic search, sourcing, lead generation and matching tools.
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parser error
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csv reader
read, write, and bulk insert common file formats like csv, excel, and xml from c# and
parser, reader, bulk, insert, width, fixed, excel
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все для сайтов с фильмами | parser kino poisk for dle (парсер кино поиcк для dle)
на нашем сайте можно купить модуль parser kino poisk for dle (парсер кино поиcк для dle). парсер предназначен для парсинга фильмов, сериалов.
poisk, parser, kino
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a-parser - парсер для профессионалов seo
a-parser - парсер поисковых систем, wordstat, whois, pr, youtube, alexa, ahrefs, majesticseo, etc
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better markdown parser in php
fast and extensible markdown parser in php. it supports github flavored markdown and it adheres to commonmark.
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free code format online - online json viewer, beautifier/formatter, editor, validator, minifier - convert json strings to a friendly readable format,into xml/csv
online json viewer, beautifier/formatter, editor, validator, minifier - convert json strings to a friendly readable format, into xml/csv
json, online, viewer, beautifier, minifier, tree, prettify, formatter, analyser, converter, parser
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advanced email parserwelcome to advanced email parser official website
we offers unique solution for business process automation and productivity improvement: advanced email parser
email, parser, parse, attachments, automation, newsletters, productivity, discount, consultations, partners, business, processing, database, extract, process
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home | ffxivapp
ffxiv, chat, fantasy, remote, final, logger, parser, translator, meter, radar, widgets, addons, plugins, ffxivapp, plugin, ff14
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soft gems - homepage of the software library of mike lischke
compiler, parser, virtual, treeview, color, java, delphi, programming
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codewalrus - home
codewalrus is a ti, hp, casio calculator and mobile programming group and discussion forum, focused on gaming and art.
parser, omnimaga, android, games, programming, development, video, prime, mobile, ndless, ez80, casio, education, instruments, calculators, nspire, emulator, texas, plus, premium
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resume parsing | semantic matching | social recruiting | and hr xml certified solution
rchilli provides cv/ resume parser, semantic matching engine, social profile builder. end to end cv automation tools.
resume, semantic, matching, social, recruitng, extraction, parser, engine, parsing
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semantic designs
testing, legacy, parser, transformation, rules, java, agile, refactoring, fortran, cobol, program, migration, generation, synthesis, modification, porting, analysis, translation, reengineering, reverse, plex, system, hogan, engineering, software
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sql parse, analyze, transform and format all in one
t-sql parser for c#, and vc, vb, delphi
library, component, parser, apis
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gold parsing system - a free, multi-programming language, parser generator
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edi development software tools
edi software tools that parse, construct, acknowledge, validate and secure edi files. an edi parser com/.net component to help you create your own edi solution such as an edi translator, generator and edi validator.
contrl, exchange, security, format, acknowledgment, software, translator, programs, framework, fredi, standard, interchange, tool, parser, edifact, hipaa, data, electronic, activex
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byte-welt - die welt des programmierens
java-forum | c#-forum | c++-forum | mobile-forum | wiki | blogs - byte-welt ist eine freundliche und lebendige programmierer-gemeinschaft, die hilfe bei fragen zur programmierung anbietet.
forum, java, hilfe, virtual, declare, override, csharp, include, struct, zeiger, template, pointer, collection, collections, array, variablen, variable, select, visual, basic, links, from, studio, eclipse, jbuilder, netbeans, lernen, hausaufgaben, virus, viren, meldung, wurm, exploits, freundlich, freunde, helfen, parser, instanziieren, html, tutorial
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open parser for starfleet commander and stardrift empires
open parser - galaxy parser for all starfleet commander and stardrift empires universes
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cvlizer - cv-parser zur verarbeitung von bewerbungsunterlagen
cv-parser für das automatische erfassen von bewerbungsunterlagen und lebensläufen. liefert standardisierte datensätze im xml-format.
parser, lebenslauf, parsing, resume, online, lebenslaufparser, analysieren, extrahieren, bewerbung, cvparser, lebenslaufanalyse, cvlizer
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cvlizer - cv-parser zur verarbeitung von bewerbungsunterlagen
cv-parser für das automatische erfassen von bewerbungsunterlagen und lebensläufen. liefert standardisierte datensätze im xml-format.
parser, lebenslauf, parsing, resume, online, lebenslaufparser, analysieren, extrahieren, bewerbung, cvparser, lebenslaufanalyse, cvlizer
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bestcode - math parser, file utilities, web development, build and test tools, database gui, free downloads
math parser for delphi, .net, c#, java, com, c++, php, python, file utilities, formula parser
parser, math, replace, utilities, jpegsize, expression, file, java, delphi, csharp
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x-parser - парсеры контента - это онлайн-магазин парсеров контента. если вам нужен контент для наполнения сайтов, то наши предложения вам понравятся.
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itcons e-solutions private limited - our home
recruitplus talent mgt suite - bringing new wave of automation to recruitment process.
resume, parser, software, recruitment, online, hrxml, utility, parsing, free, saas, management, system, recruiting, based
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domain keyword parser tool -
domain keyword parser tool - parses domains and capitalizes the keywords in them
domain, parser, reader, word, tool, keyword
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parsec inspired javascript parser combinator library.
parser, parsing, combinator, node, combinatorial, incremental, javascript, parsec
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picks4today - picks, stocks, loans, travel, credit cards ...
free online google adsense parser- parse any google adsense code and start monetize your blog with better ad placement.
parser, adsense, online, lottery, pick, lucky, placement, parsing, tool, google, free
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picks4today - picks, stocks, loans, travel, credit cards ...
free online google adsense parser- parse any google adsense code and start monetize your blog with better ad placement.
parser, adsense, online, lottery, pick, lucky, placement, parsing, tool, google, free
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jericho html parser
jericho html parser is a java library allowing analysis and manipulation of parts of an html document, including server-side tags, while reproducing verbatim any unrecognised or invalid html.
html, form, library, java, parser
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php xml and csv magic parser
atom, parser
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tiny framework 是基于java语言的面向组件的企业级开发框架。
parser, java, html, framework, j2ee, tinygroup, cluster, router, flow, spider, tiny, tinyframework, eclipse, idea, engine
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email parser, email to database and email automation solutions | email2db
email parser, email to database and email automation solution. automate business processes from incoming email and tweets.
email, dynamics, twitter, sharepoint, data, auto, responder, parser, azure, database, integration, migration, exchange, monitoring, automation, enterprise, parse, message, salesforce
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[swtor] combat log parser, analyser and meters
combat log parser and analyser for star wars:the old republic, providing in-game damage/dps meters and analysis of uploaded and live near-realtime combat log data.
damage, meters, parser, combat, swtor
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welcome :: :: the call of duty stats parser
the call of duty stats parser
modern, duty, warfare, world, call, community, download, stats, parser, ultrastats
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| web and google scraper / html parser for data mining, seo and business intelligence
we provide google scraping or parsing services (and major search engines too). our html parser and scraper systems, programmed in php, can harvest
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все для сайтов с фильмами | parser kino poisk for dle (парсер кино поиcк для dle)
на нашем сайте можно купить модуль parser kino poisk for dle (парсер кино поиcк для dle). парсер предназначен для парсинга фильмов, сериалов.
poisk, parser, kino
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antlr parser generator
stringtemplate: a java template engine used for any application generating text such as language translators and dynamic web sites; available in c# and python as well.
template, code, language, parser, engine, translation, templates, generation, antlr, parr, strict, function, terence, stringtemplate, separation, generator, parsing, tree, languages, instrumentation, java, sharp, python
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home page
fastpdfkit is an ios framework to create a pdf reader for iphone and ipad and it includes a pdf parser.
reader, parser, iphone, ipad, download
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log parser plus - queries to help you analyze logs
listing of queries and articles to help analyze logs using microsoft's log parser utility.
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скачать сайт целиком, web archive онлайн парсер - -
web archive parser, скачать сайт целиком, онлайн-сервис ████████████████████████████
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auto parser:,,,,, | парсер: авто.ру, авито.ру,,
создание сборщиков данных: парсер (parser), grabber (граббер), spider (спайдер), crawler (кравлер)
spider, crawler, grabber
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a peg parser generator for go
parsing expression grammars (pegs) are an interesting alternative to the traditional context-free grammars (cfgs) often seen in the field of programming languages - usually in some flavor of backus-naur form. attributed to bryan ford and his 2004 paper, this is a relatively new theory. i spent the last few weeks working on a peg-based parser generator for go (think compiler-compiler, a-la yacc/bison). this gave birth to pigeon.
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json editor online - view, edit and format json online
json editor online is a web-based tool to view, edit, and format json. it shows your data side by side in a clear, editable treeview and in a code editor.
json, online, parser, formatter, editor, tools, javascript, format, source, free, open, object, notation, tool, treeview
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html to xml parser | adsense code converter - convert your adsense, and any html code into xml which are compatible to latest blogger templates.
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xss, javascript injection, cross site scripting, parser testing |
international in scope and free for public use, is a database and publisher of scap metrics.
injection, parser, testing, javascript, html, cross, site, scripting
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html parser, datagrid, silverlight, gridview, search engine optimization, document management, seo, adsense, offshore outsource software development, silverlight, wcf
screen scraper, html parser, gridview, datagrid,, client server, document management, software solution providers for microsoft platforms using .net,, asp, com, dcom, remoting, dhtml, xml and enterprise servers. we provide seo, adsense optimization services. outsource your projects to offshore development teams. custom impleemntation of storage resource management srm solutions. development of silverlight, wcf solutions
visual, development, offshore, studio, htmlparser, iis7, amazon, adsene, silverlight, parser, gmail, document, html, management
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vk parser — парсер групп вконтакте. необходимый инструмент для администратора сообществ вконтакте
удобный инструмент для администратора паблика и группы вконтакте. vk parser - сбор информации о подписчиках страницы.
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jobolizer - parser zum erfassen von stellenanzeigen bzw. jobs
parsing software für das automatische erfassen von stellenanzeigen bzw. jobangeboten. liefert standardisierte datensätze im xml-format.
semantic, extraktion, joinvision, recruiting, online, stellenanzeigen, jobanzeigen, parsing, software, jobolizer
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html to xml parser|blogger adsense code converter|escape tool
adsense, tool, html, escape, online, converter, parser, code
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rss php - rss parser and xml parser for php 5+
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блог очередного разработчика | sanasol
и так почему же важно указывать правильный тип столбца в структуре таблицы наглядный пример почему не надо делать столбцы (varchar), особенно если этот столбец
mysql, parser, query, datetime, timestamp, lepus, trust, linux, dura, column, wrong, type, socfishing, github, javascript
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last rss | simple yet powerful php rss parser
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parser 3 ||| || || ||| art. lebedev studio
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ad-hoc sql query builder - easy visual query builder and sql parser
visual sql query builder component with user-friendly graphical interface to build, parse and analyze complex sql queries
query, builder, designer, visual, parser, editor, text, active, graphical, delphi
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warcraft3 (dota) replay parser
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ixale's starparse | next-gen swtor parser
ixale's starparse | next-gen swtor parser
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spectrum consulting - home : hrms, ats, hr, recruitment, human resource, management system, resume parsing, parser, cv data, waltz
recruitment solution provider, human resource provider, consultancy, consultant, hr, hrms, service, software, applicant tracking system, pranav, waltz, web application, windows application, software, products, it software services
software, resume, human, management, applicant, parsing, parser, system, resource, solution, free, hris, information, tool, hrms, resources, extractor, data, scripter, tracking, analyzer, grabber, analyser, crawler, extract, pranav, products, capture, application, extraction, recruitment, download, supplier, package
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rsumfox: enterprise recruiting software with best resume parser
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plaintext-parser.php version 1.06 - 06-sep-2007
personal weather station.
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forbi-shop a-poster, a-parser, прокси | продукты и сервисы от форбиддена
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free email automation and parsing software. email to database solutions
free email automation and parsing software. email to database solutions
email, parser, fields, insert, extract, automation, database, parse
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andy davies
the pre-loader (also known as the speculative or look-ahead pre-parser) may be the single biggest improvement ever made to browser performance.
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smf helper
smf helper
support, themes, help, slide, audible, live, parser, code, modifications, edit, community, package
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главная - punshesoft
punshesoft-vk уникальная программа для сбора скайпов и телефонов с групп/пабликов/страниц
punshesoft, parser
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расшифровка gclid параметра онлайн, decode the gclid parameter
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kubilay erkeç kişisel blog | yazılımcının kendi halinde blogu
mongodb, mysql, update, insert, parser, codeigniter, delete, tarih, mongo, zaman, select, timestampdiff, fark, left, join, kodlar, form, concat, problem, kategori, recursive, nedir, null, takip, indir, derin
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home page - ems healthcare informatics ems healthcare informatics
835 reader, hipaa file parser, edi editing
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archie markup language (archieml)
archieml is a text format optimized for human writability. it was designed for users unfamiliar with existing serialization formats, and defines a forgiving, incremental parser that does not throw syntax errors.
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139 | online and trusted since 2002
wordpress, security, easyclickmate, vulnerability, tool, affiliate, auth, paypal, token, aweber, clickbank, parser, email, easyclickguard
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nameapi - intelligence in names
nameapi is a free and paid service platform to work with names. it provides functionality in the form of web services to do name parsing, name genderizing, name matching, name formatting, and more.
name, genderizer, formatter, matcher, parser
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ruby whois
whois is an intelligent whois client and parser, written in pure ruby without any external dependency.
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hr-software und job-portal -
joinvision bietet hr-software fr unternehmen sowie ein job-portal mit fokus auf it und technik
parser, cvparser, engineering, jobs, projekte, freelancer
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simresults - rfactor, assetto corsa and project cars results log viewer, parser, converter, analyzer and reader
the results viewer for your favorite race sims. this website allows you to upload and view your log files in a readable format. the results will be saved and public, so you can share them with your fellow racers.
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mindfly, software, runic, sourcecode, hartl, andreas, source, andy, tutorials, games, programming, development, game, opengl, runicsoft, function, gamedev, parser
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парсинг яндекс маркет. контроль цен конкурентов - market parser
парсинг цен конкурентов — актуальная информация о стоимости товаров на сотне площадок в яндекс маркет.
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официальный сайт проектов parserdcc
официальный сайт проектов parserdcc (parser dynamic creative created)
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javaxt - open source extensions to the core java library
javaxt is a collection of java libraries and utilities that extend the core jdk
directory, watchers, file, wsdl, parser, search, recursive, image, copy, java
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java library for real-time, embedded and high-performance applications.
cldc, j2me, library, fast, free, parser, sax2, embedded, safety, critical, java
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json web token - decode
view the claims inside your jwt. tooltips help explain the meaning of common claims. if you are concerned about privacy, you'll be happy to know the token is decoded in javascript, so stays in your browser. i’ll never add server side token processing.
decoder, parser, decode, token, json
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melonjs - homepage
melonjs - a lightweight html5 game engine
tile, loader, parser, tiled, framework, lightweight, javascript, canvas, game, engine, html5
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stupid блог | веб-разработка оптимизация безопасность программирование софт
блог, посвященный веб-разработке, php, оптимизации, информационной безопасности, базам данных и ещё многому, с чем приходится сталкиваться
ajax, proxy, parser, http, mysql, curl
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rss world - un mondo dedicato ai feed rss, atom e blog
dedicato a feed rss e atom propone informazioni, articoli e risorse sul formato con approfondimenti su blog e podcast.
blog, newsfeed, codice, parser, documentazione, sintassi, newsreader, lettori, feed, xhtml, atom, script, news
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home -
live, middles, surebet, asian, lines, parser, arbitrages, traiding, odds, polish, oddspredator, calculator, score
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rss/atom feed parser
the immigration lawyers at our michigan-based law firm practice in all areas of employment and family based u.s. immigration law.
immigration, lawyer, attorney, spanish, french, immigrant, michigan
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firewall analyzer | firewall monitoring | firelytics
firelytics is the next generation firewall log analyzer which provide flexible real time dashboard including log viewer, log parser & log reporting. sign up free to take control of your network today!
firewall, analyzer, monitoring, analysis
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vrml/x3d browser and runtime library
virtual, reality, copyleft, lgpl, browser, parser, library, runtime, software, viewer, source, modeling, vrml97, vrml, libvrml97, language, openvrml, open, extensible, free
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svg to raphaeljs converter - ready.set.raphael. beta 2
svg to raphaeljs converter. convert your svg files into raphaeljs javascript code.
snap, raphaeljs, parserr, converte, raphael, converter, parser
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xivpads: a character progression tracker for ffxiv, this site allows you to see your exp/level events, track achievements and quest plus much more.
final, fantasy, events, notorious, wardrobe, achievements, compare, monster, database, tracker, xivpads, parser, community, ffxiv, quests
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ultra fractal: advanced fractal software for windows and mac os x
ultra fractal is a great way to create your own fractal art. it is very easy to use and yet more capable than any other fractal program.
fractal, parser, interpreter, compiler, windows, true, program, generator, software, fractals, image, import, formulas, layers, ultra, images, color
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handle large csv files | delimit
file, rows, comma, separated, columns, delimited, parser, parsing, data, column, delimiter, values, fixed, width, delimit
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rss-tipp feed eintragen | rss eintragen
rss-tipp ihr rss-verzeichnis zum feed eintragen und rss eintragen. rss-tipp das newsfeed portal mit rss-parser für kostenlosen content und aktuelle news per rss.
eintragen, tipp, feeds, feed
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blogparser | the number one source for finding up-to-the-minute news from the blogosphere.
blog parser is the number one source for finding up-to-the-minute news from the blogosphere.
technology, social, celebrity, media, stock, market, blog, news
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beanio is an open source java library for marshalling and unmarshalling bean objects from a stream, with support for xml, csv, delimited and fixed length file formats.
parser, delimited, file, stream, mapping, bean, length, marshaller, java, unmarshaller, fixed, beanio
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rss software
rss software solutions including rss scripts for syndication, rss aggregators, rss editors, rss parsers and scrapers. site includes software reviews, version information and related rss news.
software, parser, scraper, reviews, feeds, scrapers, editor, editors, solutions, scripts, syndication, aggregators, parsers
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справочник по c#
исходники по языку программирования csharp
windows, snmp, services, shield, social, style, port, secure, process, printer, radmin, registrykey, system, resource, serial, telephone, user, winapi, form, update, theme, text, thread, time, uninstall, power, ping, convert, control, cryptography, device, directory, console, compile, antivirus, animation, application, arhiv, calendar, excel
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json editor, json viewer, json format, json beautify
online free tool to view, edit, beautify, validate, minify and format json. convert json to a friendly format
json, formatter, stringify, javascript, object, notation, tools, online, parse, jsonlint, parser, viewer, format, editor
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json, json formatter, json validator, json viewer, json.stringify
json tool aka json formatter, json validator, json viewer, json.stringify. minify json, cnvert json to a friendly format
json, stringify, formatter, online, javascript, object, notation, parse, tools, parser, validator, viewer, editor, jsonlint, format
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парсер 2гис / база email 2gis / дубльгис
парсер 2gis (2гис) осуществляет сбор структурированной информации обо всех организациях, представленных в дубльгисе. база email, телефоны, адреса справочника более чем 100 городов россии, всего за 2500 рублей.
2gis, email, mail, parser
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в помощь админам и хакерам
windows, ddos, delphi, proxy, soft, 4game, spam, antigate, builder, mbrlocker, parser, bruteforce
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gnmidi - midi tools for windows
many midi shareware (gnmidi, gnistyle, gnmidfmt) and freeware utilities, format converter, midi player, midi parser in c++ source code, windows and dos tools to modify midi files.
midi, transpose, utilities, shareware, keyring, polyphony, korg, fade, volume, solutions, software, humanize, text, track, titles, editor, edit, resolution, sources, ascii, change, keyboard, midinet, converter, version, remix, format, check, gnistyle, german, error, convert, virus, contest, gnmidi, cdrom, compositions, lyrics, guess, chords
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все для торрент-трекеров и dle - парсер торрентов for dle | поиск торрентов
на нашем сайте можно купить парсер торрентов rutor, rutracker, tfile, pornolab, nnm-club. все для торрент-трекеров и dle.
rutor, pornolab, rutracker, tfile, parser
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pak blogz
blogging tips wordpress blog tricks blogger tools blogger widgets gadgets social media tricks google products tips blogging tips tricks wordpress blog tricks download blogger templates blogger tools blogger widgets gadgets social media tricks facebook tricks you tube tricks google plus tricks html to xml converter adsense parser tool meta tag generater tool
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easydefine - define multiple words quickly
look up multiple words quickly. simply copy and paste a list with any delimeter. definitions/synonyms are immediately available for viewing, emailing, or downloading.
words, multiple, define, look, once, quickly, quick, vocab, definitions, vocabulary, fast, test, prep, english, homework, word, dictionary, easy, list, forms, parser, plural, easydefine
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gigatr00n developing, modding and gaming community
gigatr00n is a free developing, modding and gaming community which works on big projects like mypassphrase, aion-emu and etc. join us!
aion, gigatr00n, giga, password, generator, geodata, data, engine, parser, emulator, mypassphrase, gigatron, gigatr0n, gigatroon, storage, pass, parsers
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getid3() - the php media file parser
getid3() extracts information like play time, bitrate, resolution, etc from these file formats: mp3, ogg vorbis, wav, avi, mpeg-1 video, asf / windows media audio (wma)/ windows media video (wmv), realaudio & realvideo, monkey's audio, mpegplus / musepack / sv7, midi, zip, iso 9660, bmp, tiff, png, gif, jpg. it parses info from these tags: id3v1, id3v2, ogg vorbis, lyrics3 v1 & v2, riff / avi / wav, ape, replaygain, png, gif. it writes id3v1, id3v2, and oggvorbis tags.
audio, script, video, streaming, id3v1, nullsoft, tags, parse, gzip, write, read, library, function, lossless, riff, id3v2, realaudio, musepack, getid3, mpeg
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toolsverse - data management tools
data explorer is a universal data management tool. etl framework is a compact, modular, high performance and embeddable etl engine written in java.
data, migration, java, integration, development, universal, easy, tool, database, tools, software, click, custom, desgner, parser, transform, extract, engine, load, visualization, designer, discovery, framework
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healthcare recruiting software
recruiting software by recruitingware is a database solution designed exclusively for healthcare recruiters and human resource managers.
software, recruiting, healthcare, staffing, nurse, medical, solutions, resume, recruitment, parsing, parser, independent, based, chat, recruiter, solution, management, physician, industry, hosted, tracking, personnel, online, database, application
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web first step | создание сайта для начинающих вебмастеров
макрос собирает информацию об участниках группы в фейсбук. сохраняет ссылку на страницу профиля, фио и email в отдельном файле, формируя базу в excel.
friends, category, wordpress, wall, friend, javascript, random, quote, post, mambers, vkontakte, child, parent, oninput, account, people, html, email, google, analytics, imacros, parser, facebook, group, members, scritp, position, serp, imacors, top10, user
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180 | تعلم الأندرويد من البداية للأحتراف
في هذا المقال سنتاول مثال متكامل عن قاعدة بيانات sqlite كيفية إنشائها - إضافة بيانات - التعديل - وأخيراً الحذف المقال كما بالفيديو التالي مقسم على
android, voice, parsing, solutions, studio, problems, errors, alarm, light, broadcustreceiver, notification, error, questions, andriod, parser, text, speech, java, flash, answers, interview, contentvalues, sqliteopenhelper, sqlite, onupgrade, floatingactionbutton, coordinatorlayout, oncreate, movetofirst, execsql, getreadabledatabase, insert, getwritabledatabase, material, design, setaction, onclick, setactiontextcolor, settextcolor, toolbar
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natural language processing in c#
this website offers online language processing services, a concise introduction to the major concepts of linguistics needed in nlp, practical and easy-to-follow tutorials for visual studio, and ready-to-use c# code for nlp in particular and algorithm implementation in general. in addition, it presents small programs illustrating aspects of programming in c#. the alias of this site is
processing, language, visual, free, text, morphological, semantic, tagging, studio, linguists, natural, mining, extraction, domain, classification, knowledge, nlpdotnet, measurement, 2008, distance, comparison, parser, analysis, part, service, bridge, software, programmers, nlpcsharp, programming, jiayun, tagger, unsupervised, speech, annotation
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universal gc analysis tool - java garbage collection log analysis made easy
free universal gc log viewer for parsing jvm garbage collection logs. generates wow graphs & aha metrics. memory tunning, long gc pause, memory leak, outofmemoryerror debugging, verbose java gc analysis all made easy.
analysis, java, garbage, collection, tool, analyzer, analyser, long, tuning, pauses, memory, consecutive, verbose, leaks, online, full, outofmemoryerror, event, tools, collector, parser, open, loganalyzer, source, viewer
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az-group of education and technology: home
gensolution: bioinformatics tools & databases || az educations: online & home tutorial, e-education, virtual classes, career consultancy || az technosoft: website designing, database development, application software, school's software || technosoft erp: online university and college management system
education, system, technosoft, software, educations, management, home, tuition, live, online, virtual, classes, science, development, database, create, university, college, designing, website, abroad, parser, computer, tutorials, india, genebank, longest, comparison, common, subsequence, restriction, sequence, junction, motif, bioinformatics, search, pattern, splice, matching, open
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программы для маркетинга, парсеры, грабберы
программы для маркетинга, парсеры, грабберы. программы для сбора данных компаний. базы для рассылок.
2gis, email, parser
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blogger tips and tricks
η ιστοσελίδα blogger tips and tricks διαθέτει διάφορα gadgets και widgets για να μπορέσετε να φτιάξετε στον blogger ένα ιδανικό μπλογκ για εσάς και τους αναγνώστες σας χρησιμοποιώντας διάφορα tricks
blogger, tricks, tips, blog, templates, hacks, google, html, blogging, latest, site, money, optimization, adsense, navigation, template, ajax, menu, trix, jquery, make, feedburner, spider, premium, robot, gadget, meta, script, rollover, page, yahoo, rank, java, gadgets, facebook, parser, code, converter, widgets, blogspot
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бесплатно скачать читы для cs 1.6, читы для css, читы для cs:go,читы для wow,читы для gta,читы для minecraft,читы для rust и прочие читы - это большой чит портал на котором вы можете найти много читов для различных игр , а точнее читы для cs 1.6 , читы для cs source , читы для rust , читы для gta , читы для wow , читы для aion , call of duty читы , а также множество читов для left 4 dead 2 , читы для buttlefield bc 2 и для других игры . также у нас вы можете прочитать много интересных статей о читах и их использовании в играх
bruteforce, 4game, parser, antigate, ddos, soft, proxy, delphi, spam, dota, diablo, world, tanks, tanki, cheat, wallhack, rust, crack, speedhack, maphack, online, crossfire, duty, call, aion, linage, source, pointblank, warface, warthunder
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программа для раскрутки групп вконтакте
готовое решение для раскрутки групп вконтакте, а так же парсер авито, и почтовый рассыльщик. новые технологии парсер вконтакте по всем критериям.
email, parser, avito