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cern | accelerating science
cern, the european organization for nuclear research, is one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research. its business is fundamental physics, finding out what the universe is made of and how it works.
physics, particles, science, collider, cern, large, hadron
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digital-tutors is now pluralsight | tutorials & training for creative pros > pluralsight
learn proven creative skills, software, techniques & workflows with tutorials & training for 3d animation, game dev, design, vfx, web, cad and more.
design, production, overview, registration, tips, computer, post, graphics, news, collision, cloth, fluid, sprites, particles, softbody, simulation, expert, video, purchase, motion, graphic, compositing, editing, customer, mapping, advanced, hair, creative, shading, textures, blending, novice, affordable, zbrush, mental, photoshop, effects, after, softimage, tutorial
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hitfilm 3 pro - the all-in-one editing, 3d & vfx software -
hitfilm 3 pro - the all-in-one editing, 3d & vfx software
hitfilm, free, compositing, effects, plugins, particles, trial, demo, visual, filmmaking, special, editing
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home - side effects software inc.
creators of houdini, procedural node based 3d animation and visual effects tools for film, broadcast, entertainment and visualization production.
effects, particles, dynamics, modeling, visual, software, graphics, prisms, animation, houdini
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vfxinfo | maya教程|houdini教程|3dsmax教程|ae教程|nuke教程|幕后花絮|业界新闻|vfxinfo独家|cg资讯的速递员
vfxinfo, cg资讯的速递员, 每天更新国内外最新的免费视频教程教程,图文教程,幕后花絮,精彩片段,以及业内新闻,同时我们也经常更新vfxinfo独家教程。
vfxinfo, autodesk, fumefx, effect, render, showreel, pflow, particles, mantra, houdini, 3dsmax, maya, naiad
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cern | accelerating science
cern, the european organization for nuclear research, is one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research. its business is fundamental physics, finding out what the universe is made of and how it works.
physics, particles, science, collider, cern, large, hadron
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after effects plug-ins, cinema 4d plug-ins, and final cut pro plug-ins - :: the video plug-ins people
toolfarm, based in san francisco since 1999, is the leading third-party reseller of after effects plug-ins and visual effects tools. known also for distribution, publishing, service and training, it has become the de facto standard as the one-stop shop for adobe after effects plug-ins as well as motion graphics tools.
shine, trapcode, adobe, effects, final, cinema, primere, photoshop, particles, animate, illustrator, maxon, expressions, distribution, filters, explosion, cool, tools, list, fire, training, program, mailing, avid, magic, bullet, digieffects, sapphire, giant, after, particular, stroke, boris, digital, anarchy, editing, graphics, tutorials, video, audio
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3ds max tutorials | houdini tutorials | allan mckay |
3ds max tutorials for destruction and dynamics. lets blow some shit up!
tutorials, houdini, artist, autodesk, rayfire, krakatoa, frost, satni, vray, cebas, particles, thinking, fumefx, pyrofx, destruction, maya, sitni
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9 | your home for cinema 4d tutorials & resources
in this tutorial, i take my first deep dive into x-particles 3 to show you how to create melting, plasticine paint drips in cinema 4d!
toon, sketch, tutorial, models, liquid, paint, candy, type, cinema, text, object, bubble, deformer, graphics, mograph, challenge, training, lynda, line, fluid, animation, dynamics, wipe, balloon, motion, feathers, drips, model, pillow, feather, tool, strokes, pack, illustration, xparticles, effector, softbody, offset, reveal, tracer
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home - x-particles
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11 | online japanese language and culture resource
japanese-online has content suited to varying levels of study, including lessons for beginners as well as lessons tailored for those who need grammar and writing resources
japanese, free, study, resources, online, culture, language, guide, resource, review, learn, studies, guides, lessons, publishing, software, particles, japan, references, learning, reference, traditions, pspinc, grammar, beginner, students, pacific
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info / news
coros'us - minecraft modding
zombiecraft, particles, tornadoes, modding, minecraft
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五角星影视特效网 - 全球最大的中文影视特效学习交流基地
autodesk, effect, mantra, showreel, render, pflow, particles, maya, 3dsmax, houdini
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home | polysciences
polysciences, inc. manufactures and sells chemical products that are used in many scientific applications.
chemicals, microscopy, laboratory, histology, fine, specialty, products, biotechnology, medical, devices, care, personal, electronics, pharmaceutical, encapsulants, sciences, monomers, life, manufacturing, synthesis, contract, polymers, microsphers, adhesives, coatings, performance, high, particles, custom
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masy doro gold it’s an italian product imported by masy frame egypt company the strongest cosmetics in the world our treatment will : 1- revitalise your face; look 10 years younger after 1 year of use. 2-bring back the beauty of the face and neck and remove wrinkles 3-lift the face 4-lighten and unify skin color 5-nourish and hydrate the face 6-replace makeup, giving you a youthful look 7- it contains 58 components to achieve all this brilliant results by using raw gold particles as a primary component, along with caviar and collagen, without the use of gold water – suitable for all ages – how to use: a thin application once a day is enough . gently apply outwards from the beginning of nose even the end of the face from the ears and from the eyebrows to the hair , you can use the product up to twice in the morning and once in the evening this product can be used when going out during the day ,it contains protective material from sun rays.
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cospheric - supplier of microspheres, spherical particles, beads, custom microstructures, coatings, particle sizing - custom density, fluorescent, conductive
cospheric - ##catname## - ##itemname##
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the particle adventure
the particle adventure. an award winning tour of quarks, neutrinos, the higgs boson, extra dimensions, dark matter, accelerators and particle detectors from the particle data group of lawrence berkeley national laboratory.
higgs, extra, matter, dimensions, particle, boson, physics, hadron, dark, collider, collaboration, experiment, science, meson, bang, leptoquarks, heavy, universe, space, hole, black, accelerator, technicolor, particles, adventure, gravity, electroweak, detectors, accelerators, large, antimatter, gluinos, supersymmetry, neutrinos, cern, quarks, bosons
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the air purifier experts | air purifiers america
air purifiers eliminate particles in the air. air purifiers america experts tested the best air purifier brands and compiled air purifier reviews and ratings.
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drug research, development & delivery for pharmaceutical companies - contract drug manufacturer
particles sciences drug development team works with the pharmaceutical industry, minimizing time and risks dealing with drug development & manufacturing.
drug, development, research, manufacturer, sterile, bulk, contract, manufacturing, delivery, pharmaceutical, services, pharma
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gian carlo mingati | design and development for interactive media
network, opengl, processing, animation, jquery, interactive, particles, physics, interface, user, graphics, motion, software, computing, computer, service, consulting, design, training, support, development
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welcome to imabi! -
one of the largest free japanese language resource websites with 336 lessons.
japanese, particles, kana, nihongo, grammar, kanji, lessons, imabi
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single walled carbon nanotubes supplier (swcnts, mwnts, mwcnts, swnts, swcnts, dwnts, dwcnts, graphitized mwnts, industrial grade mwnts, nickel coated mwnts | multi-walled carbon nanotube | mwnts, swnts, dwnts, graphitized mwnts, industrial grade mwnts, carbon nanofiber, nickel-coated mwnts | nanopowder | nanoparticle | us research nanomaterials inc.
nanopowders, nanoparticles, nanopowder water dispersions, cnts, mwnts, swnts, dwnts, graphitized mwnts, industrial-grade mwnts, coiled cnts, carbon nanofibers, aligned multi-walled carbon nanotubes, aluminum oxide dispersions, silicon oxide dispersions, titanium oxide dispersions, zinc oxide dispersions, cerium oxide dispersions, micro powders, alloy nanopowders, alloy nanoparticles, micro particles
nanotubes, carbon, walled, short, mwnt, graphitized, multi, mwnts, single, industrial, swnts, coated, grade, double, nickel, nanotube, dwnts, cnts, cheaptube, cheap, mwcnts, coiled, mwcnt
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new york state regents earth science
a resource for students taking new york state regents earth science
science, earth, solar, regentsearth, epicenter, boulder, glaciers, drumlin, crust, intrusion, properties, cobbles, question, continental, region, plate, station, ocean, fossils, composition, powerpoint, wind, earths, exam, identification, material, granite, chart, mass, form, observer, diagrams, regent, rotation, seismic, volume, relative, tectonics, streams, vesicular
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self-cleaning water filters and automatic water filters - orival
orival, inc. is a leading manufacturer of self-cleaning water filters, automatic water filters, and strainers, for use as industrial water filters, irrigation filters, cooling tower filters and more.
filters, water, irrigation, automatic, treatment, cooling, sand, industrial, heat, turf, exchangers, feed, wastewater, removal, mining, media, reclamation, drinking, spray, nozzles, towers, systems, filtration, waste, agriculture, hvac, micron, drip, inline, soils, sludge, tower, suspended, particles, bottom, scrubbers, intake, cleaning, hayward, reuse
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nederman - dust, mist and fume extraction
products and solutions to reduce the strain on the environment and protect people from harmful particles, fibers, dust, gas, smoke and oil mist.
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26 the consumers guide to air purifiers
quality air purifiers are designed to eliminate particles in the air. our air purifier experts have reviewed the best air purifier brands to improve your air.
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fgd systems, air pollution control equipment from ducon
leaders in supplying air pollution control systems including the most technologically adavnced scrubbers, baghouses, wet esp, incinerators, flue gas desulfurization (fgd) systems & material handling systems for utilities and industries. over 30, 000 installations worldwide.
scrubbers, scrubber, control, pollution, eliminators, mist, particulate, tower, hydrogen, internals, precipitators, handling, systems, system, towers, chevron, monitors, fume, acid, type, incinerators, pm10, submicron, mact, particles, wesp, boiler, material, alumina, credits, conveyors, ammonia, standards, emission, feeders, carbon, venturi, seawater, desulfurization, limestone
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liquid particles 3d |
html5 demo, particles trapped in a sphere
interactive, particles, javascript, canvas, html5
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contemporary physics education project - cpep
cpep posters about fundamental particles
particle, particles, atom, atomic, higgs, poster, chart, nuclear, fundamental
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contemporary physics education project - cpep
cpep posters about fundamental particles
particle, particles, atom, atomic, higgs, poster, chart, nuclear, fundamental
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puntual media
particles.js is a lightweight javascript library for creating particles.
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carp bait | boilies | pellets | particles | kent particles
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everything silver: colloidal & ionic | ions & charged particles | information | studies | research | news | alternative medicine
the silver informational website! colloidal silver - ions and charged silver particles: safety, toxicity, silver colloid use, & silver generators. silver information, history, investment, chemistry, and news.
silver, health, vegas, nevada, medicine, alternative, colloids, ions, generators, particles, colloidal
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asheville web design, asheville web development - particles collide
particles collide is an interactive design agency specializing in user experience, sharepoint, web & app development, branding & content strategy.
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online fishing baits | boilies | pellets | particles | additives
fishing baits supplier for people wanting high quality bait for a low price. we stock pellets, particles, boillies, ground bait, hook baits, colours, additives and more.
fishing, carp, bait, glugs, northwest, baits, boilies, online, pellets, particles
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decoria hyaluronic acid particles products
decoria products are based on the entirely new dps-technology with soft and spherical hyaluronic acid particles instead of the structure with angular rhombs
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medical colloidal silver: colloids | ions & charged particles | information | studies | research | news | alternative medicine
the colloidal silver informational website! colloidal silver - ions and charged silver particles: safety, toxicity, silver colloid use, & silver generators. silver information, history, investment, chemistry, and news.
silver, generators, colloidal, vegas, nevada, health, alternative, colloids, ions, particles, medicine
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flow cytometry for large particles | ubi - union biometrica
union biometrica provides automated systems for analyzing, sorting, and dispensing objects from 1-10 microns including viable small model organisms, small seeds, combinatorial chemistry beads and particles.
rerio, elegans, worm, danio, zebrafish, zebra, fish, flies, particles, combinatorial, chemistry, seeds, beads, embryo, arabidopsis, pollen, melanogaster, caenorhabditis, copas, compas, sorting, cytometer, cytometry, union, biometrica, flow, sorter, dispenser, dispense, sort, analyze, dispensing, analysis, drosophila
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a deconstruction of colloidal silver
colloidal silver refers to the suspension of microscopic silver particles in a liquid, leading to a ‘colloid’. typically, microscopic particles in distilled water.
uses, benefits, silver, colloidal, deconstruction
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nanoshel research center – everything about nanomaterial technology
nanoshel is producing carbon nanotubes, metal nano particles and various other research materials with custom conjugated antibodies for researchers.
nanopowder, nanoparticles, nano, silver, boron, graphite, particles, gold, nanoparticle, aluminium, carbon, charcoal, sodium, lead, cadmium, metal, activated, fiber, delivery, aluminum, nanoshel, drug, nanosilver, modified, surface, powder
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creative diagnostics | products for immune detection and isolation
creative diagnostics provides the most comprehensive list of magnetic particles, nanoparticles, antibody arrays, and related immunoassay kits and services
antibody, beads, based, nanoparticles, array, conjugation, particles, cell, isolation, magnetic
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economical colloidal silver generator
#1 colloidal silver generator, the original low cost, ionic silver, colloidal silver maker, nano particles, micro particles, ionic silver maker, cheap, swine flu, west nile virus, ebola, tb, bird flu,
silver, maker, particles, ionic, colloidal, west, virus, bird, ebola, swine, nile, nano, original, generator, cost, micro, cheap
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nucleal facebook photos particles
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burnt electrons and other random particles
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particle and fibre toxicology | home page
particle and fibre toxicology is a multi-disciplinary journal focused on understanding the physico-chemistry of the particles, the possibilities for human exposure and biological outcomes, and regulatory issues in the workplace and general environment. in addition, there are diverse scenarios where particles may pose a toxicological threat due to new applications of old materials or introduction of new materials. particle and fibre toxicology provides a single, identifiable outlet for output from all these disciplines.
materials, particle, fibre, particles, toxicology, applications, pose, toxicological, threat, single, from, these, disciplines, output, outlet, introduction, provides, where, identifiable, environment, understanding, possibilities, human, focused, journal, exposure, biological, addition, there, diverse, general, workplace, outcomes, regulatory, issues, scenarios
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majesty 24k - anti-wrinkle cream containing 24k gold particles
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circle safe | innovators in the manufacturing of magnetic particle inspection materials
circle system originally name circle chemicals are developing and manufacturing magnetic inspection particles which is our primary business.
circle, systems, magnetic, testing, particles, particle, circlesafe, safety, system
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cinema, maxon, particles, fluid, simulation, liquids, fluids
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producer and supplier of microspheres and nanospheres: plain, magnetic, fluorescent, functional
we are producer and supplier of microspheres and nanospheres in sizes from 50nm up to 100micron. our microspheres - metals, oxides, polymer microparticles, polystyrene, silica, melamine, glass, magnetite. many of them can be supplied fluorescent or dyed. we offer surface functional beads, size standards. we offer bulk quantities and can arrange custom synthesis
microspheres, coated, beads, particles, spheres, micro, biodegradable, melamine, pmma, nano, polystyrene, functional, paricles, dyed, nist, kits, calibration, nanospheres, amino, streptavidin, avidin, protein, carboxyl, cytometry, glass, magnetic, microparticles, shell, core, fluorescent, uniform, monodisperse, monosized, silica, latex, micoparticles, flow
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softsand rubber & asper grit - innovative non-skid particles for paint
softpoint industries - innovative rubber particles
rubber, paint, texturizer, asper, floor, texture, agent, boat, asperity, grit, aspergrit, aggregate, marine, softpoint, covering, softsand, nonslip, coatings, slip, nonskid, coating, additive, soft, grip, paing, sand
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cfd simulation experts: we produce fast, accurate and cost effective optimizations in compuational fluid dynamics for everything that flows (fluids, energy, particles...).
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air purifiers
are you in the market for an air purifier? air purifiers are electric machines that are used to eliminate harmful particles
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home - bottleship vfx bottleship vfx
dynamics, particles, destruction focused vfx company
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спецэффекты для игр
illusion, particle, particles
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personal care industry, emollients, fragrance ingredients, botanically-derived ingredients, specialty particles
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microtrace | microscopy - microanalysis - consulting
characterize and identify small particles and unknown materials by microscopical and microchemical methods for forensic, legal and industry clients.
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carp bait | boilies | pellets | particles | pop-ups | paste | bait dips | groundbait | end tackle | catcher baits
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offline oil filtration systems, particle & water removal on hydraulic & lubrication oils
offline oil filtration for removal of particles, removal of water, removal of acid and oil degradation products from oil and other fluids - preventive oil maintenance
removal, filtration, water, depth, filters, lubrication, fuels, diesel, hydraulic, cooperation, service, supply, maersk, with, systems, fluids, degradation, acid, separation, from, products, fine, oils, maintenance, offline, particles
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fluid, stage, particles, automatic, distribution, analyzer, channel, multi, navair, pals, sizing, particle, analysis, 4406, 1638, 1246c
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genano - genano - en
genano’s unique air purification method removes particles down to nanometre size from indoor air.
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less blah blah. more ah ha! - random thought particles from a real estate sales manager in the woodlands, texas - ken brand, better homes and garden real estate gary greene | 832-797-1779
random thought particles from a real estate sales manager in the woodlands, texas - ken brand, better homes and garden real estate gary greene | 832-797-1779
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less blah blah. more ah ha! - random thought particles from a real estate sales manager in the woodlands, texas - ken brand, better homes and garden real estate gary greene | 832-797-1779
random thought particles from a real estate sales manager in the woodlands, texas - ken brand, better homes and garden real estate gary greene | 832-797-1779
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mad scientist blog | an encyclopaedia of science madness
mad science is a peculiar form of regular science caused by an excess of mad particles to the brainial cavity.
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homepage | insight designs
designer, texture, particles, build, design, designs, second, life, metaverse, insight, secondlife
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"when you need renewable energy" - home
tipawat corporation
wood, leucaena, leaf, meal, pellets, chips, thaibiomass, fuel, biomass, particles
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nederman - dust, mist and fume extraction
products and solutions to reduce the strain on the environment and protect people from harmful particles, fibers, dust, gas, smoke and oil mist.
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ceres nanosciences
novel sample processing with nanotrap particles
disease, infectious, lyme, reagents, sample, immunoassay, cancer, nanotrap, ross, dunlap, biomarkers, elisa
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navolta coating technologies
navolta provides state of the art supercritical fluid deposition particle coating technology to place nanometer range uniform coatings of a variety of functional materials onto particles.
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kanomax usa – the ultimate measurement instruments
kanomax is the measurement solutions in its products and services that adapt precision measurement technology for fluids and particles.
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extreme carp baits (ecbaits) urk
boilies, soaks, particles, vissen, dips, pellets, ecbaits, baits, karper
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manhattan project - a collaboration between section & garage interactive.
a space for the hungry ones, people who thirst to push ahead, take the plunge, and make a statement. a parallel universe that empowers you to be what you want / or work with who you need - chemistry experiments, gravity-defying particles and eventually opportunities to infinity.
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technical director transformation is coming soon
3ds max tutorials, technical director, fx, vfx, particles, simulation, technical artist, fumefx
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home - mesothelioma group
mesothelioma group help people with the rare form of cancer which affects people who have worked on jobs where they inhaled asbestos particles.
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the healthy filters
the healthy filters provides custom a/c filter frames, guaranteed for life, with a media polyester filter that captures from 90% to 99% of dust and other particles.
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alersense™ | allergy and asthma air quality alert system
alersense™ is an in-home unit combined with the mobile app, delivers accurate environmental readings, warning asthma & allergy sufferers as particles build.
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made with c4d
beautiful renders made with cinema 4d and
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nano silver | colloidal silver |nano-silver| wholesale distribuitor of nano silver dispersions
the benefits of silver metal in both bulk and colloidal forms are widely known and exploited in many fields of technology and life sciences. the benefits in the latter applications are significantly enhanced when the metallic silver is in a highly dispersed form, i.e. our silver dispersion consists of particles several nanometers in size suspended in a liquid dispersion medium.because of their high concentration in silver, our dispersions are extremely convenient for transportation, storage and dispensation.
silver, nano, solution, stable, free, colloidal, antibiotic, nanosilver, mold, resistant, pepsi, cola, montain, extremely, 200000ppm, beverages, 10nm, 3000ppm, 25000ppm, sample, bacteria, pandemic, malaria, bird, packaging, ah1n1, swain, food, suppliments, 20000, particles, water, wholesale, from, 3000, treatment, soft, dispersion, cosmetics, germs
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bible, bouw, long, astronomy, joshua, principle, lightning, ball, gerardus, schooling, relativity, planck, superstrings, firmament, geocentrism, particles, science, geocentricity, earth, flat, problems, home
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omnisafe - torque suppressed gas fittings for uhp systems
torque suppressed gas system fittings standard and torque suppressed ultra high purity fittings safe from torsional loosening, galling & particles.
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creative science: life sciences, physics, astronomy
life sciences: biology, earth science, ecology; fundamental physics: particles, forces; space: cosmology, astronomy, dark matter/energy
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rejuvenations salt spa - controlled dry salt therapy l chesapeake va
breathe dry salt micro particles to alleviate symptoms of common respiratory and skin conditions, promote relaxation and support overall wellness.
congestion, cold, bronchitis, cough, cystic, immunity, eczema, fibrosis, asthma, allergies, norfolk, roads, hampton, portsmouth, suffolk, beach, virginia, copd
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the vital health depot | your ultimate health guide
air pollution by particles can be caused by natural events and can also be caused by human activity, through the activities of industry and technology. there
health, skin, care, dental, surgery, fitness, plastic, vital, depot, insurance
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green technology |asbestos detoxify | chrysotile detoxification | chrysotile asbestos neutralising airborne particles /patented thermal process triple l. holding (québec) inc. inventor
detoxify asbestos, asbestos recycling, asbestos airborne hasardous, environment, asbestos disposal, national asbestos
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bulk boilies, bulk carp boilies
bulk boilies : - mainline baits dynamite baits magnum baits nash baits particles pellets liquids ground baits essential baits sticky baits urban baits dna baits big carp bulk boilies, bulk bait, boilies, carp bait, carp boilies
baits, carp, boilies, bulk, bait, urban, sticky, ground, nash, magnum, dynamite, particles, pellets, mainline, liquids, essential
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the air purifier experts | air purifiers america
air purifiers eliminate particles in the air. air purifiers america experts tested the best air purifier brands and compiled air purifier reviews and ratings.
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geoengineering, srm (aka chemtrails) - look up, get the app, save the world
chemtrails? skyderalert is a global movement fighting to end the world's most dangerous environmental program ever - geoengineering and srm: using airplanes to spray the sky with toxic metals and particles, intending to block the sun and force climate change while creating unknown consequences.
weather, modification, management, radiation, skyderalert, geoengineering, solar, chemtrails
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petroxg3 uses completely safe plant-based ingredients to break down petroleum oil and fuels into environmentally safe particles, leaving nothing harmful behind. it can be used to clean petroleum spills on land or in water, with no risk to people, animals, or the environment. it has none of the hazards or drawbacks that other common spill response methods suffer, and satisfies all us federal regulations for use in petroleum spill cleanup.
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the spiritual body temple: divine archetypes and the unified field of chakras and mantras
enlightenment of your divine body temple particles through spiritual particle work with rory goff.
days, color, angels, architypes, spiritual, chakras, archetypes, ascension
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nanotech industrial solutions
nanotech industrial solutions is the primary manufacturer of nano sized particles of inorganic fullerene-like tungsten disulfide.
tungsten, disulfide, fullerene, fullerenes, nanolub, page, nanotech, formulated
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dual walkers
dual walkers
particles, wave, walkers, dual, physics
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carpet cleaning & hardwood floor refinishing | williamsburg & york county, va
conscientious carpet care in williamsburg, va specializes in a "true hepa" cleaning process that removes 99% of all pollen, particles and dust. call today!
cleaning, floor, upholstery, hepa, carpet
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archangel michael & ronna welcome you to star*quest
archangel michael and ronna welcome you to star*quest.
michael, lynne, robinson, cruess, ralph, linda, angels, particles, adamantine, archangels, cindy, faith, alpha, herman, ronna, mastery, randy, leah, arielle, monk, archangel
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value fencing | life time no maintenance pvc fence
as a leading pvc fence supplier, value fencing guarantees the installed pvc material will not peel, crack, chip or blister for its lifetime (minimum 20 years). value fencing supported by the manufacturer, also guarantee the pvc fence will not discolour due to direct sunlight. the guarantee does not provide protection against discolouration or other damages caused by air pollution (including but not limited to metal oxides or metallic particles), exposure to harmful chemicals.
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interdental brushes | why use interdental brushes? - proxy-brite
interdental brushes clean the gaps between teeth and removes decaying food particles which may cause bad breath, plaque formation and gum disease. proxy-brite works better than brushing alone.
interdental, oral, toothbrush, replacements, care, hygiene, brushes, brush
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nosk nasal filters | hay fever prevention without medication
nosk nasal filters prevent hay fever allergy by blocking pollen and dirt particles. nosk protect you from inhalation of hay fever allergens.
nose, australia, runny, pollen, fever, allergy
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cereal ingredients | unique food ingredients worldwide
cereal ingredients is a privately held, employee-owned specialty ingredients manufacturer that was established in 1990 by robert hatch to research, develop and
whole, swirlmaker, products, wellness, grain, breakfast, guidelines, application, breads, health, cereal, ingredients, particles, extruded, cold
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magna-guard oil filter magnets & one-drop instant lubricants test
engine, magnet, pollute, toxic, fuel, emissions, combustion, mileage, drop, system, protection, test, compression, lubricants, pistons, lubricant, motor, particles, filter, maintenance, grit, guard, friction, magna, sludge, wear, rings
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home - resurrection carpet cleaning
let resurrection carpet cleaning bring life back to your carpets and upholstery!
areas, cleaned, vacuuming, inspect, technicians, detergent, shampoo, remove, dirt, brushes, pile, wipe, machine, rotary, particles, effectiveness, call, questions, stain, wine, odor, about, carpet, cleaning, upholstery, cleaner, removal, treatment, frequently, asked, spot, safe, appointment, children, resurrection
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commercial kitchen exhaust systems | ek series electrostatic air filter
an air and water filtration solutions ek series will remove grease, smoke and other finest particles of your kitchen pollutants, filteringover99 % of up to 0.01-micron particle.
electrostatic, commercial, kitchen, cleaners, precipitator, cleaner, filters, purifier, exhaust
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australia & new zealand
with blueair air purifier systems, you can surround yourself with air that is virtually free from impurities — wherever you are. unlike most other hepa air cleaners, blueair's hepasilent fitler technology removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.1 micron - that's 3 times better than a standard (0.3 micron) hepa air cleaner. and with zero ozone emission. our range of world-class room air purifiers meet virtually every requirement for australians living and working with asthma, allergies, hayfever, pets, road fumes, chemical residues and other forms of airborne pollution
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australia & new zealand
with blueair air purifier systems, you can surround yourself with air that is virtually free from impurities — wherever you are. unlike most other hepa air cleaners, blueair's hepasilent fitler technology removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.1 micron - that's 3 times better than a standard (0.3 micron) hepa air cleaner. and with zero ozone emission. our range of world-class room air purifiers meet virtually every requirement for australians living and working with asthma, allergies, hayfever, pets, road fumes, chemical residues and other forms of airborne pollution
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as3 game gears | boost your tools!
as3 game gears is the right place to find tools, libraries and engines to build your game.
games, game, engine, stage3d, starling, flash, adobe, actionscript, native, android, extension, profiling, particles, tweening, isometric, graphics, physic, physics, engines, multiplayer, path, smartfox, finding
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turbobeads magnetic separation
turbobeads supplies nanosized magnetic particles for separation purposes
magnetic, extraction, purification, nucleic, acid, turbobeads, cobalt, iron, biotin, streptavidin, nano, protein, beads, nanoparticles, separation, water, immunoprecipitation, proteina
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natural herbal soaps & skin care by pasha's hammam - baltimore, md
our herbal healing soaps & skin care products are produced by mediterranean olive oil & other natural oils and plant particles.
maryland, soaps, olive, pashas, herbal, healing, blemishes, beauty, eczema, hammam, handmade, baltimore
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ndtgroup inc. - ndt group inc.
we provide nondestructive testing, auditing, and inspection related services to the industrial sector in canada and worldwide. the company brings a combination of basic and innovative inspection, distinguishing itself as an advanced ultrasonic testing provider.
inspection, flight, time, industry, tofd, diffraction, training, advanced, consulting, auditing, nuclear, visual, ultrasound, array, phased, testing, magnetic, nondestructive, pipelines, radiography, industrial, particles, integrity
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advanced electro-thermal purification and graphite electrodes - chicago, illinois
superior graphite specializes in thermal purification, advanced sizing, blending and coating technologies providing graphite and carbon based solutions.
millimeter, material, processing, granular, sized, superior, graphite, illinois, chicago, powders, particles, micron, carbide, conductivity, friction, electrical, lubricity, carbon, coatings, modification, milling, manufactured, ceramic, silicon, alpha, beta, shapes
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glacier salt cave & spa, salt therapy, massage, juneau alaska
relax and discover the healing benefits of salt therapy. breathe micronized salt particles surrounded by glowing salt walls in alaska's first salt cave.
salt, holistic, venue, party, massage, respitory, issues, therapy, lamps, cave, store, products, crystals, yoga, alaska, essential, oils, himalayan, halotherapy, events, juneau
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environmental electromagnetic biomedical testing dallas
scantech main page
field, pm10, dioxide, carbon, outgassing, compounds, respirable, particles, suspended, foot, lumens, candles, decibels, acoustic, osha, oxygen, light, levels, sound, illumination, organic, cellular, device, biomedical, phone, reception, troubleshooting, issues, implant, radiation, shielding, safety, electric, radon, magnetic, rfid, formaldehyde, quality, thermal, imaging
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the sol-gel gateway
sol-gel science and technology. the way of making materials in any form including fibers, films, particles and monolithic solids starting with liquids and molecular precursors. glass, ceramics and organic-inorganic materials can be processed by sol- gel techniques.
materials, jobs, opprortunities, tutorials, monoliths, fibers, projects, journals, groups, thesis, conferences, bibliography, films, references, research, chemistry, alcogels, hybrids, hydrogels, xerogels, colloids, aerogels, nanoparticles, glass, colloidal, gelation, nanotextured, nanotechnology, ceramics
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bill helys computer & online security
plain language, jargon-free projects, particles, hints, tips & resources to assist the average computer user to understand and deal with issues relating to
security, firewall, virus, productivity, trojan, spam, malware, rootkit, registry, root, spyware, internet, usability, protection, identity, privacy, computer, software, hardware, online
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reflections organics | natural & organic makeup and accessories | reflections organics | organic makeup and accessories
reflections organics brings you gorgeous organic makeup and accessories. tested in co-workers, never on animals ~ cruelty-free~ no gmos~ vegan~ gluten-free! makeup with no parabens, no synthetic dyes, no synthetic fragrances,  no nano particles and made in the usa!
organic, makeup, vibrant, colors, cosmetics, singapore
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evas®-smoke in the cockpit-visionsafe corporation
visionsafe corporation is the company behind the evas product (emergency vision assurance sytem). evas is a self-contained system that includes a battery powered blower which draws smokey air in through a filter, filtering out the visible particles, leaving an unobstructed view of the flight controls and path.
smoke, cockpit, hazardous, flying, inflight, fight, conditions, solutions, smell, incidents, assurance, evasworldwide, emergency, evas, vision, system
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dynamite baits | dynamite baits
dynamite baits is europe’s biggest bait manufacturer, specializing in carp boilies, carp pellets, match groundbaits and fishing particles.
tips, guide, fishing, bait, boilies, carp, dynamite, baits
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colloidal silver, nano silver - advanced silver company
advanced silver is a clear ionic colloidal silver water composed of 85% ionic silver and 15% colloidal silver particles. at 10 ppm, our silver colloidal is made with 99.99% pure silver and ultra-pure water with no added proteins or salts. it's ag+ nano silver, all charged up and ready to go.
silver, colloidal, ionic, liquid, nano, water
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au naturale cosmetics
au naturale cosmetics offers organic, non-toxic, and cruelty-free makeup free of parabens, nano-particles, carmine, gluten, and sulfates. au naturale is peta ce
free, makeup, gluten, cosmetics, organic, cruelty, shop, natural, chemical, vegan, paraben
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au naturale cosmetics
au naturale cosmetics offers organic, non-toxic, and cruelty-free makeup free of parabens, nano-particles, carmine, gluten, and sulfates. au naturale is peta ce
free, makeup, gluten, cosmetics, organic, cruelty, shop, natural, chemical, vegan, paraben
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coulter counter primary applications and products
a site and blog detailing the main applications and associated products using the coulter principle including coulter counters
coulter, counts, multisizer, science, cell, blood, light, water, concentration, scattering, corporation, aperture, technology, oceanography, environmental, dynamic, diagnosis, biological, cells, instruments, haematology, analysis, flow, particle, characterisation, beckman, particles, measuring, counter, principle, digital, pulse, testing, cytometry, cytometer, biomedical, life, processing, analytical
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119 - a division of - accurate technical services, llc
authorized distributor of the fs2500 bypass oil filtration system for duramax, cummins, powerstroke, and more. install the world's best oil filter. filter out 99.63% of particles larger than 2.78 microns. watch the fs2500 video today. a division of
filtration, bypass, solutions, accuratediesel, diesel, cummins, accurate, powerstroke, duramax, 2500, worldwide, fs2500, filter
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mercury exposure: a guide to dental mercury amalgam fillings
mercury was created and is maintained by consumers injured from exposure to mercury vapor and particles released by their dental mercury amalgam silver fillings. we aim to provide up to date information, news, science and personal stories of mercury toxicity and chelation detox.
mercury, dentist, dental, detox, safe, free, chelate, health, disease, biological, osha, alternative, silver, amalgam, filling, fillings, exposure, chelation, atsdr
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sciencefiltr | publicizing with heart and mind
non-commercial publicizing. registered authors distribute under free licence and use the network for free; e.g. jens t. hinrichs. i, nerds and person of social interest. i'm writing thousands of thoughts about social media, interaction theory and the internet without frontiers or internet anthropology (e.g. homo socio oeconomicus). enjoy comments, poetry, song lyrics, instinct particles and more.
definitionen, geschichten, kolumnen, anmerkungen, soziolologie, digitalisierung, interaktionen, kulturwandel, wortschatz, internetsucht, internetkritik, welle, algorhythmen, wissensfiltr, journalist, jens, torsten, scifiltr, backlinks, data, media, social, 1984, hinrichs
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universe, galaxies and stars - astronomy and space news.
universe galaxies and stars is a website designed to help people think about all space and cosmos related issues, from the big bang theory to the end of time. the universe is packed with galaxies and stars. the universe is often called space, and is sometimes known as the cosmos. it is believed the universe was created by the big bang theory.
universe, theory, mass, comets, rovers, satellites, hubble, saturn, astronomers, german, ebook, cassini, energy, particles, hitler, jupiter, archives, string, matter, crater, dark, scientists, nazi, space, cosmos, planets, bang, galaxies, stars, mars, earth, light, spcecraft, black, hole, moon, system, images, telescope, solar
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membrane (brane) gravity - string theory, m-theory, gravity, and a physics "theory of everything" (toe); predicting dark matter, dark energy, and how our universe began and will end
proposes a method of fixing string/m-theory with a 'membrane theory of gravity' you can understand. brane gravity predicts dark matter, dark energy, dark flow, and can prove m-theory correct observationally.
dark, theory, quantum, virtual, light, particles, noise, size, universe, length, planck, spacetime, splash, everything, mechanics, energy, matter, brane, relativity, gravity, membrane, string
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air pollution particles in the air which have a negative affect on human health and the environment. air pollution comes from toxic gases released during the manufacturing process, during transportation and from off-gassing. eco buzzwords - b biodegradable a product which is made of natural, raw materials that will decompose or rot into the earth without having a negative affect on the environment. eco buzzwords - c carbon capture a process to trap and hold carbon dioxide as it is being produced before it reaches the atmosphere, as a method to reduce damaging emissions. carbon dioxide (co2) a colourless chemical compound gas released into the atmosphere as a by product of burning carbon and when vegetable and animal matter composes. co2 is one of the many greenhouse gases. carbon footprint a measured amount of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide which are released into the atmosphere by manufacture, transport, products, materials, activities etc. footprints are described in
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home - stainable primer™
who we are stainable primer™ is a primer made up of actual hardwood micron particles interlaced with advanced polymers and resins that allow interlocking adhesion to any hard surface it is applied to. stainable primer™ contains real wood that can be brushed or sprayed on, creating an actual wood surface. unlike other primers that are only paintab
primer, finish, wood, hardwood, durable, stain, offensive, safe, biodegradable, less, professional, professi, based, water, just, damage, smell, ready, interlocking, adhesion, polymers, actual, made, brushed, sprayed, fiber, stainable, paintable, only, surface
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arista™ ah | hemostats | bard davol
simple no mixing and no refrigeration ready on demand and 5 year shelf life pop the cap and apply powder directly to the bleeding site2 safe thrombin free, biocompatible and non-pyrogenic typically absorbed in 24-48 hours* by amylases * because there have been reports of decreased amylase activity in newborns up to 10 months, absorption rates of arista ah in this population may be longer than 48 hours. proprietary mph technology: a unique approach to achieving hemostasis the power of arista ah lies in its proprietary mph (microporous polysaccharide hemospheres) technology. consisting of microporous particles with a controlled pore size, the spheres are designed to act as a molecular sieve. the powerful osmotic action dehydrates and gels the blood on contact to accelerate the natural clotting process. effective clotting process begins on contact, regardless of patients coagulation status3 complete hemostasis is achieve
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biosure products for effective flow cytometry qc
home page
cells, cell, control, calibration, cytometry, quality, cellular, fluorescence, stain, standardization, controls, reference, biological, blood, dyes, instrument, spleen, fluorochromes, heart, mouse, plankton, stains, staining, tools, stem, splenocytes, ploidy, fluorescent, plant, phytoplankton, viability, aneuploidy, apoptosis, autofluorescence, solutions, particles, assurance, biosure, animal, standards
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ivs interactive video systems
interactive video systems (ivs) is an italian company specialized in solutions for the digital video and the content creation. ivs develops proprietary solutions for graphics, displays, cinemas, tv and distributes the best of the worldwide production in the sectors of the professional audio-visual media, and high end it solutions. for more informations, visit - p.iva 06019021218
effects, reality, leitch, velocity, hollywood, perception, digisuite, editing, dpsreality, fusion, dpsvelocity, toaster, color, freeform, render, node, primatte, ultimatte, particles, visualization, correction, paint, video, film, special, visual, graphics, compositing, ivsnewsmanager, velocityq, eyeon, eyeonline, graphic, design, production, digital, computer, online, telecine, dfxplus
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start | cest
chrom, plating, ersatz, korrosion, microscope, pulse, rust, biosensors, layers, particles, thin, nanopartikel, functional, films, nano, force, galvanostat, potentiostat, spectroscopy, pulsstromquelle, reverse, functinal, korrosionsschutz, atomic, surfaces, energy, energiespeicherung, batterie, storage, biochemie, sonsoren, bioelectrochemistry, bioelektrochemie, battery, sonsors, impedance, passivierung, funktionelle, liion, spektroskopie
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home - ground water systems inc.
stenner pumps, chlorination systems, chlorinate, water, well pumps, water treatment, american made, made in the usa, livestock, farm, drinking system, drinking water system, proportional injection
water, pump, pumps, system, injection, metered, stenner, chlorination, series, well, tanks, dirt, germs, bacteria, silt, eggs, indicator, rotten, coli, problems, tank, iron, rust, level, rusty, brown, flow, clay, particles, jacksonville, timer, programmable, nitrates, nitrites, livestock, meter, sanitizer, chemistry, peristaltic, metering
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sandblasting is our specialty and is the quickest and most cost effective method for stripping a surface and prepping it for coating; even in cases of water and fire damage. by forcing solid particles across a surface at high speeds; the result is a more even finish than any other method of surface preparation. we follow the society for protective coatings (sspc - steel structures painting council) & (nace - national association of corrosion engineers) surface preparation standards. specification categories sspc-sp 1-15 and nace 1-8 - painting consists of mixing, application, and curing. surface preparation and the application of chemical compound as coatings is our other specialty here. we follow sspc, nace, and astm standards for our surface preparation coatings as well as our chemical finish coatings. we are partners with the top paint producers and suppliers in the united states. if you're needing an exact type of paint or an exact coating type, we can help you. if you need help ch
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unchained powder coating in new bedford ma. powder coating surfaces provide a superior protective coating.
unchained powder coating in new bedford, ma. powder coated surfaces provide a superior protective coating.
coating, powder, finishing, oven, protective, metal, process, plating, system, coat, colors, coatings, motorcycle, industrial, epoxycoating, application, metallic, plastic, glass, high, wood, textures, ceramics, decorative, particles, charged, rough, quality, electrostatic, highly, gloss, durable, technology, concrete, east, nort, coast, conventional, used, equipment
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emf / iaq inspector dallas, tx 214.912.4691
emf testing / power line consulting / indoor air quality testing - formaldehyde, vocs, radon / pacemaker cardiac heart biomedical device icd and medical device interference, esd, (electrostatic discharge) osha noise level compliance in dallas / fort worth / austin / houston texas --- b.s. electrical engineering - nanoscience technology minor - a.s. electronic telecommunications - certified radio & instrumentation technician
field, pm10, dioxide, carbon, outgassing, compounds, respirable, particles, suspended, foot, lumens, candles, decibels, acoustic, osha, oxygen, light, levels, sound, illumination, organic, cellular, device, biomedical, phone, reception, troubleshooting, issues, implant, radiation, shielding, safety, electric, radon, magnetic, rfid, formaldehyde, quality, thermal, imaging
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metal stone & light - gallery - sculpture & functional art by peter dettmers
metal, stone, & light features the artwork of peter dettmers, an american artist who delights in the creative process and in sharing it with others. crystal lamps, custom lamps, stained glass sculptures... these are the media his muse has chosen.
light, lamps, colors, seven, therapy, crystal, atoms, radiance, stars, illusion, time, height, breadth, elementary, particles, manifest, complex, centers, entropy, animating, inner, source, being, appreciation, human, energy, stored, length, reverse, ascent, toward, into, converting, molecules, play, sculptures, glass, color, feel, good
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avestin - high pressure homogenizers, membrane extruders, and cell disruptors
avestin is a manufacturer of high pressure homogenizers of the highest quality.
pressure, high, processing, rupture, valve, industrie, membrane, homogenizers, homogenisers, homogenization, homogenizing, pumps, haute, homogenising, sterile, size, reduction, filtration, extrusion, extruder, pharmaceutique, encres, enduits, pharmaceutiques, alimentaire, agroalimentaire, chimiques, deagglomeration, nanoparticules, pression, coli, chemicals, liposomes, coatings, inks, pharmaceutical, pigments, nanoparticles, liposofast, emulsiflex
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scientific consulting services look forward to working with shoe companies like finish line. our multifaceted approach draws inspiration from richard p. feynman, a scientist, teacher, raconteur, and musician.
michelle, melville, einstein, theoretical, quantumelectrodynami, superconductivity, chief, bongo, bombs, atomic, shuttlecraft, safecracker, rockaway, relativity, nasa, bust, dick, particles, joan, hieroglyphics, antiparticles, electrodynamics, elementary, infinity, helium, heiroglyphics, greenbaum, nanotechnology, phillip, schwinger, tomonaga, superfluid, safecracking, feynmen, ondar, messenger, inertia, equations, rogers, superfluidity
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home - rx monitoring services, inc.
rx monitoring services providing remote power quality analysis, environmental quality analysis, and line impedance testing to industries worldwide.
power, quality, monitoring, monitor, temperature, services, humidity, wireless, equipment, testing, certification, analyzer, analyser, ground, toshiba, conditioning, america, environmental, emerson, consultant, rxms, factor, kvar, components, phasor, surge, diagram, symmetrical, current, electrical, analyzers, test, meters, voltage, harmonics, analysers, 1000, problem, electronics, supply
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mirrormaze media
mirrormaze media is a motion design and animation studio based in portland, maine. they provide high quality graphic design, animation, motion design, motion
cinema, explainer, video, maine, design, best, production, motion, videos, studio, animation, effector, matchmove, render, corporate, graphic, affordable, after, reel, photoshop, final, effects, cost, animated, scientific, much, does, expla, particles, thinking, jobs, software, inspiration, companies, graphics, tutorials, demo, cupcakes, love, yfrog
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white powder gold, monatomic (monoatomic) gold, indium, platinum, rhodium
superhealth products - white powder gold through modern alchemy for balance of body, mind and spirit. tap higher consciousness
gold, smart, stone, powder, monoatomic, health, water, kangen, monatomic, ascension, white, ascend, light, body, gardner, laurence, crystals, antiaging, david, hudson, philosophers, alchemical, spirit, enlightenment, megahydrate, transformation, meditation, hydrate, consciousness, nutrition, higher, machine, minerals, mega, pill, nanotechnology, particles, metals, super, gregg
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sphereox, metgrit, pureox, steel grit - chesapeake specialty products, inc - chesapeake specialty products
chesapeake specialty products produces blasting abrasive, sphereox, and iron oxides. sphereox® comes in 3 size ranges to improve the finish of your castings and eliminate pin hole and veining type casting defects. nothing works better at reducing veining and pin holes than sphereox®! our sspc-ab 3, ferrous metallic blasting abrasives are recyclable to eliminate waste, dust, and keep cost down. chesapeake produces irregularly shaped metallic abrasive particles specifically engineered to effectively remove paint, rust and mill scale while imparting a consistent, controllable profile free of these problems. chesapeake also has an abrasive product specifically designed for the water jetting industry. our high density material, hdm, is used in steel ingot mold casting as bottom pour shot, weights for exercise equipment, industrial machinery, counter balance weights, and ship's ballast.
grit, steel, ballast, cutting, iron, powder, preparation, surface, casting, media, stone, granite, abrasive, shot, abrasives, fertilizer, oxide, blasting, defects, cast, metal, manufacturer
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biopal, inc.: provides diagnostic tools for the life sciences.
biopal provides novel diagnostic tools to the life science community.
imaging, cell, tracking, agent, labeling, cells, iron, particle, cellular, molday, product, superparamagnetic, uspio, oxide, therapy, stem, mion, tool, rhodamine, reagent, regenerative, primary, medicine, spio, mirb, resonance, magnetic, particles
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كيوتاب دوت نت الموقع التعليمي الاول العربي في الكرتون والفيجوال افيكتس
اول موقع عربي يختص بتقديم دروس تعليمية وخدمات تعليمية عربية باحدث تكنولوجيا التعليم عن بعد في مجالي الكرتون والفيجوال افيكتس . ويقدم مجموعة تعليمية كاملة
effects, after, adobe, visual, graphics, animate, cartoon, best, courses, tutorial, learn, course, arabic, videos, video, tutorials, form, particles, particular, giant, trapcode, looks, motion, pepsi, development, promos, channels, movies, films, pixar, disney, script, storyboard, drawing, animation, expressions, education, live, toon, boom
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143 environmental spill protection specialist.
environmental spill protection specialist specializing in underground and aboveground petroleum storage tanks, absorbents, sorbents, oil gator, gator wash, gator trap, spill kits, containment, hand cleaner, pro soap, bioremediation, septic tank, spill, oil, removals, installations, bioremediation, microbes, hydrocarbons, service remediation, ust closures, soil analysis, environmental site assessments, and service station maintenance
bioremediation, petroleum, gator, service, spill, water, tank, microbes, hydrocarbons, satank, sorbents, storage, aboveground, tanks, enviroment, tnrcc, construction, environment, tceq, dioxide, particles, food, fats, greases, hair, cellulose, carbon, detergents, degradation, fiberglass, tokiem, gasboy, leak, jacket, veeter, undergr, vent, fuel, root, department
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top duck products, llc., creators of superzilla and gunzilla
superzilla ap-10 is designed to lubricate, penetrate, clean, displace moisture and protect all metal parts. it is a patent pending formula made from natural base products and contains no water, no petroleum, no hazardous chemicals, is non-flammable, non-corrosive and it has a low odor. superzilla will remove grease, oil, rust, permanent marker, ink, pine sap, crayon, scuff marks, and label adhesives. it leaves a non-ionic coating for lubrication and protection which does not attract or retain particles. superzilla meets the usda biopreferred requirements and it can be shipped by air as standard freight. no hazmat.
removes, frees, biopreferred, lubricates, water, usds, meets, racing, rusty, displaces, cleans, rust, scuff, remover, superzilla, gunzilla, compliant, saves, moisture, green, product, wonder, petroleum, locks, home, every, america, safe, prot, hinges, money, metal, crayon, pines, glues, label, steel, leaves, adhesives, marks