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patheos | hosting the conversation on faith
explore the worlds faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! patheos has the views of the prevalent religions and spiritualities of the world.
patheos, world, faith, spiritual, religion
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barrierbreaker on hubpages
note: my posts are now on patheos at
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ponder anew –
at patheos evangelical, jonathan aigner shares his blog.
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just and sinner –
at patheos evangelical, jordan cooper writes a blog of lutheran theology and church history.
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mtvpastor – pastoring the mtv generation
at patheos evangelical, josh daffern shares thoughts on life, church and ministry from a pastor in the trenches
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preventing grace – someone has to do it.
at patheos evangelical, anne kennedy, anglican mother of six, keeps a running commentary on the state of her house, the state of the church, and the state of the world.
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andy gill –
at patheos progressive christian, andy gill shares his thoughts on the intersection of faith, justice, and culture.
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godless in dixie – skepticism with a bit of a drawl.
at patheos atheist, neil carter chronicles the thoughts and struggles of former evangelicals who have left their faith and now find themselves learning to relate in a new way to their religious friends, family, and surrounding culture, particularly in the deep south.
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talk with the preacher –
at patheos progressive christian, amy butler, senior minister of the riverside church, shares her reflections on progressive christianity, evangelical faith, and the future of the church.
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warren throckmorton —
at patheos evangelical, warren throckmorton, a college psychology professor, shares his observations about public policy, mental health, sexual identity, and religious issues
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cosmos the in lost – catholic backwardness
at patheos catholic, artur rosman writes on catholic backwardness in culture, philosophy, and the arts.
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pop theology — where religion meets pop culture.
at patheos progressive christian, j. ryan parker explores the intersections of religion/theology/spirituality and popular culture.
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the cordial catholic – cordially explaining the catholic faith.
at patheos catholic, k. albert little cordially explains the catholic faith.
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the atheist rabbi – the blog of jeffrey l. falick, secular humanistic rabbi.
at patheos atheist, jeffrey l. falick presents a secular, humanistic, non-theistic, rational approach to judaism, israel and the world.
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david rupert - red letter believers – thoughtful discussions for the inquisitive believer.
at patheos faith and work, david rupert hosts thoughtful discussions for the inquisitive believer.
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(re)integrate - faith, life & vocations | equipping gods people to participate in gods mission through their vocations
(re)integrate online magazine is now a part of the patheos family of blogs. starting today, i will be writing articles over at our new home, patheos, as part
social, mission, church, john, ministry, sherman, missional, work, evangelism, action, finance, sider, garber, theology, justice, google, calling, anglican, vocation, nelson, culture, worldview, faithfulness, fabric, community, five, marks, mike, steve, pastoral, wittmer, mentor, steven, christians, rich, sector, brian, ronald, hunger, perkins
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the liturgical theologian – legem credendi lex statuat supplicandi
at patheos evangelical, the rev. porter c. taylor, an anglican priest, explores liturgy, the sacraments, and ecclesiology through liturgical theology in ecumenical dialogue. following the works of fr. alexander schmemann, fr. aidan kavanagh, david fagerberg, and gordon lathrop, fr. taylor seeks to explain the place of theology in liturgy. this blog contains everything from sermon notes to sample liturgical prayers to commemorations on feast days to liturgical musings and teachings.