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avaaz - the world in action
avaaz is the campaigning community bringing people-powered politics to decision making worldwide.
global, movement, avaaz, clash, petition, political, western, sakineh, union, happens, next, depends, fees, save, wikileaks, fossil, members, subscribe, trade, what, civilisations, stop, rape, crises, world, human, change, rights, poverty, climate, social, campaigning, nonprofit, campaign, online, organizing, family, fundraiser, action, member
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petition site - start free petitions
the easiest do-it-yourself tools for creating and promoting an online petition. for free!
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ptition, sondage : - site de ptition et de sondage en ligne
site de petitions et de sondages en ligne - créer, gérer gratuitement vos pétitions et vos sondages en ligne
petition, sondage, ligne, signer, opinions, sondages
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4 gives a voice to those who don't have one.
break the silence that is an accomplice of the economic and political powers behind unjust doings. let's spread the word and support the petitions of our people. join us, actively participate in our mission!
political, economic, power, people, support, silence, mission, petition, petitions, change, world, sosvox
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ipetitions - online petition - free petitions
the original online petition site. 20+ million signatures. unlike others, we are non-partisan, non-ideological. just the best tools for your campaign.
petition, write, create, petitions, online
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forcechange - petition to change your world
petitions and social activism for the environment, animals, progressive politics and more.
rights, consumer, protection, heath, human, animals, social, action, politics, environment, petitions
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petition website in india | online petition website | petition online free
social ostracism-worlds best platform for a change, start a petition online free, reading petitions, online petitions, you can start your own petition, see petition in brief, register on social ostracism, sign in on social ostracism, social ostracism on facebook, start a petition online free, subscribe on social ostracism ( सामाजिक बहिष्कार ) .
petition, website, online, free, india
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pétition en ligne gratuite -
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9 - petition for star wars on blu-ray, fan edits, and the art of fan editing
petition to get the original unaltered star wars on dvd.
edition, fanedits, star, trilogy, special, lucas, wars, original, george, clones, attack, menace, preservation, film, edits, back, hope, empire, strikes, jedi, return, phantom
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we sign it | petitioning for a better world
découvrez we sign it, la plateforme de création de pétitions en ligne. vous permet en quelques clics seulement de lancer votre pétition, de faire campagne et de mobiliser autour de vous.
petition, signature, online, wesignit, engagement
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first amendment center – news, commentary, analysis on free speech, press, religion, assembly, petition
first amendment center – news, commentary, analysis on free speech, press, religion, assembly, petition
freedom, speech, free, school, petition, clause, student, expression, code, protest, religion, press, amendment, dress, newspaper, right, internet, censorship, assemble, religious, hate, profanity, hudson, paulson, gene, policinski, david, funeral, know, pledge, adult, rights, indecency, entertainment, allegiance, privacy, public, information, sign, commandments
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standunited | home page
standunited - the free petition platform for mobilizing supporters on issues such as free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, and limited government. take a stand and make an impact.
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activism - online petition
create your online petition, let's change this world from the bottom. sign for your fights.
petitions, collecting, create, signs, petition, online, sign
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14 - the animal petitions site by |
sign or create an animal related petition on the animal petition site
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patriotic viral news | win an ar-15 sign the petition now!
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online petition maker -
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la pétition pour que le manga bleach continue
pour que bleach ne s'arrête pas : signez la pétition objectif : 1 million de signatures pour convaincre tite kubo.
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petitiongo - create a petition
site made for creating petitions and collecting signs
signs, society, economy, politics, petitions
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blog | cats and meows
cats, cream, health, furball, petition, national, brynnan, grimes, essay, ending, dissection, news, claws, contest, blueclaws, food, advice, furballs, care, clawing, caturday, lifestyle, cause, good, blue
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sign the petition - nyclass
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une école meurt, une cité s'éteint ! - ecole maternelle le corbusier
une école meurt, une cité s’éteint ! un collectif de défense de l’école maternelle le corbusier à rezé soutenez l’école : signez la pétition en ligne (...)
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city debate - congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. “if everyone agreed then everyone could be wrong”
congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. “if everyone agreed then everyone could be wrong”
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petition online - petition online has been retired
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i want fast internet - australias fast internet online petition
join our growing community, sign the petition, discuss in our forums and let your voice be heard: i want fast internet for australia!
internet, forum, fast, australia, availability, online, want, petition
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sign the petition - nyclass
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stop the syrian invasion petition - secure america now
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liberty action center: promote liberty
the most powerful online petitions. used by stay-at-home moms and multi-million dollar political organizations. those in the fight for liberty get results with liberty action center.
liberty, petition, generation, political, consulting, government, lead, conservative, action, center, start, libertarian
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sign the petition telling science museums to kick koch off the board!
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then and now
help drive public and insider opinion against the war until the administration brings our men, women, and tax dollars home.
foreign, committee, hearings, senate, petition, sign, soldiers, greenwald, relations, congressional, peacemaker, affair, house, troops, robert, escalation, videos, afghan, afghanistan, rethink, politics, brave, debates, military, policy, foundation, rethinkafghanistan
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rum, romanism and rebellion | we beg no longer; we entreat no more; we petition no more. we defy them! william jennings bryan
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31 | grassroots activism online
aktnow is the free petition and activism service that helps you to leverage the internet to have an impact on the things you care about!
petition, online, petitions, free, create, start, campaigns, facebook, change, easy, sites, maker, advocacy, activism, starting, sample, ipetitions, hosting, sign, epetitions, move, examples, hosted, faxes, faxing, platform, viral, care, form, simple, best, website, networks, template
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online petition | the online petition platform |
start a petition campaign that provokes social change. web platform that helps you start an online petition.
online, petitions, petition
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national voter outreach
experts in ballot access, nvo is a petition management company that has over 60 years experience in assisting candidates and groups attain ballot access.
petition, management, gathering, initiative, signature, nominating, constitutional, petitions, recall, amendment, access, arnold, voter, national, outreach, direct, rick, democracy, ballot
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34 - free petition hosting for your campaign
create and host your online petition for free
petition, support, free, signature, hosting, cause, online, campaign
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bankruptcy petition preparers denver, colorado - easy bankruptcy llc - professional chapter 7 bankruptcy petition preparers serving metro denver and aurora colorado.
we provide chapter 7 bankruptcy petition preparer service for only $199 flat fee, a fraction of the cost you may pay. not only do we make it affordable for the average person to complete their bankruptcy petition, we also provide as much information as possible so that you, the client, can find the answers you are looking for.
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mbëbët org | première plateforme de pétition au sénégal
mbëbët org est la première plateforme de pétition au sénégal ralliant toutes les causes & activités de la populations en faisant des pétition, sondages...
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petition |
petitions on, create petition free, share petitions, list of petitions
petition, start, petitions
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body camera petition - angus lee law firm
angus lee law firm wants to protect the public from improper police conduct. sign the voter initiative body camera petition for mandatory body cameras.
petition, camera, body
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process server new jersey & north jersey (201)780-4145
subpoena server services is a new york process services provider. we are committed to get your documents out to be served reliably an d in accordance to each states laws.subpoena server's "services & specialties":* child support petition and summons * child visitation petition and summons * civil citation * civil summons and complaint * court order * divorce summons or uncontested divorce * hold over petition and notice of petition * judgment * letter * non-payment petition and notice of petition * notice of claim * notice to tenant terminating tenancy * order of protection * spouse support summons and petition * subpoena for records & subpoena to testify documents * supreme court of the state of new york * family court of the state of new york * civil court of the city of new york * surrogate court of the state of new york * united states district court * united states bankruptcy court
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petition: no cuts
29 members of congress have pledged to vote against legislation that cuts social security, medicaid, or medicare benefits. join us. if 100, 000 of us sign this petition, i will deliver it to the white house.
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cotizi - collecte de dons et pétitions en ligne au maroc
le premiers service de collecte de dons et de pétitions en ligne en ligne au maroc en toute sécurité. hotline :05 37 71 09 57
collecte, ligne, cagnotte, publique, site, internet, citoyenne, citoyennes, campagne, dons, associative, maroc, crowdfunding
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marijuana legalization petition |
the marijuana legalization petition & survey of the people's opinion on marijuana legalization. cast your vote and share your opinions on marijuana legalization in america.
marijuana, legalization, cannabis, survey, medical, petition
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texas petition strategies - expert planning for success in the next election! experts in alcohol and liquor local option petitions and elections. john hatch and sissy day offer experience and success for your local option effort.
expert planning for success in the next election! experts in alcohol and liquor local option petitions and elections. john hatch and sissy day offer experience and success for your local option effort.
texas, petition, liquor, alcohol, election, sales, bill, 1199, beer, package, stores, house, wine, poll, local, strategies, option, polling
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peacenow | one billion signatures for peace
join in the biggest petition drive, created with the global resolution for the establishment of infrastructures to support the culture of peace, to
peace, petition, bruer, global, sign, culture, economic, james, establishment, infrastructures, ministries, resolution, film, admissions, cromwell, engine, signatures, site, scott, website, ambassador, peaceful, scotty, world, peacenow, donate, philanthropy, worldpeace, volunteer, billion
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petition zum bildungsplan 2015
diese internetseite informiert über die petition zum bildungsplan 2015 in baden-württemberg. sie will hintergründe aufzeigen, um sich eine fundierte meinung bilden zu können.
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46 - the worldwide petition site is the world’s best petition platform where everyone is empowered to bring change to the world.
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paid petitions where professional circulators find gigs
online community and directory of professional petition circulators that make democracy work.
gathering, petition, circulator, paid
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start a petition ·
start a petition for free.
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souriez, vous êtes flashés !
contre la privatisation des radars embarqués, signez la pétition de
privatisation, mobile, radars
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+artapp | petition apple to add art to the app store
artapp is a petition urging apple to create an art category on the app store for all app artworks and art apps worldwide.
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mark steyn for senate | sign the petition
sign our petition and help us draft mark steyn, columnist of the world, to run for senate against jeanne shehan in new hampshire.
steyn, senate, mark, petition
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sign dont do it petition | tell charlotte city council no
charlotte city council meets on feb 8th to again review lgbt non-discrimination ordinance. sign the petition and let your voice be heard
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sign our petition to tell congress to defeat any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants
sign our online petition to tell congress and the senate to vote note on any bill that contains comprehensive immigration reform amnesty for illegal immigrants and enforce our borders instead.
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petition ministries - petition ministries home
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start gratis een professionele petitie |
begin uw eigen petitie of verzoekschrift. met gratis hosting en begeleiding, veel tools om uw petitie viraal te verspreiden, en u kunt uw ondertekenaars emailen. wij zijn politiek neutraal en ongeb...
burgerinitiatief, ondertekenen, participatie, democracy, petities, petition, petitions, petitie
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robert mccullough - soldier betrayed
please read my plea and if you think i deserve a fair and impartial trial, please place your name on this petition not only in my support, but for every soldier serving in the american armed forces.
fort, louisiana, deployed, polk, leesville, petition, investigation, afghanistan, mccullough, accused, trial, betrayed, convicted, robert, guilty, soldier
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pétition publique
hébergement en ligne gratuit pour les pétitions publiques disponible 24 heures sur 24. un service public de qualité pour tous les citoyens français.
gouvernement, politique, justice, religion, bien, divertissement, environnement, service, publique, arts, culture, sport, technologie, science
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abogado de inmigracion chamblee, la ley inmigracion de obama, abogado de inmigracion doraville, abogado de inmigracion buford, abogado de inmigracion dalton, abogado de inmigracion claxton, abogado de inmigracion clayton, abogado de inmigracion norcross, abogado de inmigracion gainesville, abogado de inmigracion atlanta, abogado de inmigracion lilburn,tarjeta verde, naturalizacion, trabajar visa, familia inmigracion | innocentlaw llc
atlanta, georgia' top immigration attorney, for green card, asylum petition, obama immigration law, citizenship petition, permanent residence denial petition, h 1b visas and fiance petition, with daca and vawa, crime victim visa, same sex marriage petition. best prices guaranteed! call 678-666-4611
immigration, attorney, visa, bond, atlanta, african, black, hearing, cheap, lawyer, chamblee, gainesville, litigation, appeal, investment, obama, norcross, lawrenceville, doraville, work, best, green, card, innocentlaw, citizenship, deportation, resident, authorization, permanent, fiance, asylum, marriage
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nuclear weapons testing - nuclear non proliferation treaty petition
the atom project’s mission is to stop nuclear weapons testing. see the effects of the nuclear bomb and sign the petition to ban nuclear weapons testing.
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stop405tolls in washington state | stop405tolls in washington state
please click here to sign the petition (be sure to click "follow us via email" on the right to get notified when we post important updates. we cannot get email addresses from the petition. if you want to help the cause, please email us at [email protected] ) when it comes to carpooling on the eastside
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center for competitive politics — protecting speech, assembly & petition rights
protecting speech, assembly & petition rights
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would you like a direct flight between italy and san francisco?
we, the business community of the bay area and italy, believe that the lack of a direct flight is an anomaly that damages the economy of both italy and california. therefore we petition alitalia and other airline companies to act fast in order to re-establish the direct flight between italy and san francisco that was discontinued after september 2001. we ask all people traveling back and forth from italy via other airports to join our petition now. sign up above!
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nurses and murses | #1 online community for nurses and murses
a builder who thought it was a good idea to down 35 viagra pills was left with the inevitable - an erection that lasted for...
nurses, murses, nurse, petition, video, patient, federal, broken, male, murse, healthcare, bottom, ratios, body, cast, head, scan, change, ration, ratio, workers, reaction, legislation, safe, staffing, what
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hollande dégage
hollande dégage est un mouvement citoyen pour la démission de hollande. vous ne voulez plus de lui ? alors signez notre pétition. contre la politique du gouvernement, ensemble nous crierons : hollande dégage !
hollande, janvier, gouvernement, demission, dehors, jour
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life as mrs. presson | the immigrant. the wife. the future supermom.
a blog about the journey of a filipina moving to the us through the i-129f petition / k1 fiancé(e) visa route to aos and other immigration processes.
visa, fiance, blog, fiancee, immigration, status, adjustment, petition
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turning passions into actions | youchoose
youchoose allows users to easily create, sign and promote free online petitions, pledges and votes. turn passions into actions with youchoose.
create, online, free, pledge, vote, petition, write, campaign, environment, global, actions, issues, government, speech, community, passions, freedom, public, votes, pledges, petitions, youchoose, forum, protest, debate, rights
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pétition pour la libération de laurent gbagbo - pétition gbagbo laurent
pétition pour la libération de laurent gbagbo.
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eb2 national interest waiver (niw) | green card for phd, self petition, niw requirements, niw diy package
how to prepare national interest waiver self petition - eb2 niw diy package, green card for phd, niw requirements, niw recommendation letter, niw cover letter, evidence
letter, cover, self, petition, recommendation, national, interest, waiver, requirements
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judicial petition for conceived persons - home: what is the judicial petition?
spokane prolife asks, who is a person? they have filed a writ of mandamus to require the police to enforce the homicide laws equally , including at planned parenthood.
prolife, spokane, legal, homicide, being, planned, parenthood, site, spokaneprolife, human, appeal, writ, mandemus, life
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mlm petition | a petition against mlm
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petition - red belspo
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petition to stop ag-gag
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home - give us our land back
petition to de-federalize oregon lands and return public land ownership rights to the chartered counties of oregon
land, forest, ownership, defederalize, national, service, petition, chartered, public, federal, rights, oregon, counties
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the life petition
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撐香港 | 環保 | 聯署 | environmental change | petition
香港 | 環保 | 聯署
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petition - no more casinos coalition
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onedegree petition - one degree
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online petition erstellen -
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faith climate petition - home
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sign the petition | stop the gosnells
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list monitors arrive with petition
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one million for israel | sign the petition
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signez la pétition nous ne céderons pas !
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save cbyx | online petition by
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no petition at the moment | support greens
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92 | sign the petition for a new 9/11 investigation
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petition to have v.b. fired from fox25 boston
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fresh start law center – california criminal record expungement
affordable california criminal expungement services. we have helped thousands of people clear their criminal record in california. learn about the expungement process today.
record, expungement, 1203, petition, clearing, california, motion, dismissal, cleaning, esponge, expungment, expunge, criminal
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milton florida family law and tax law - the priest firm, llc.
family law and tax law representation for all families in the florida panhandle, from pensacola to milton, let the priest firm, llc be your legal guide.
family, adoption, florida, petition, divorce, dependency, court, answer, rules, services, marriage, child, lgbt, paternity, milton, lawyer, firm, estate, planning, domestic, trusts, wills, violence
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sign the petition to congress: use your power to publish the tpp
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usa god & country petition a government reform proposal
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petition - change the "one limb for life" rule
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fire al sharpton from msnbc! | please sign the petition now!
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term limits for congress | sign the petition
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sign the petition to ban horse carriages in nyc - nyclass
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- create a free online petition
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manassas votes - about us
manassas votes is a group of manassas citizens who care about local government efficiency and responsiveness.
manassas, votes, taxes, petition, government, sign, election, save, november, local, move, money, voting, vote, city, elections, referendum, voter, ballot, signature
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signez la pétition | fermons les frontières !
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please help save olympic softball! sign our online petition!
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sign the petition - protect the renewable fuel standard
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take action sign the petition rescue jewish property
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immigration lawyers, attorneys, visa, green card, legal help, law firms, jacksonville, florida
lena korial-yonan, p.a. is a jacksonville, florida lawyer focusing on immigration services including visas and citizenship.
visa, immigration, petition, citizenship, work, citizen, marriage, employment, advice, legal, visas, lawyers, family, naturalization, immigrant, green, court, card, resident, united, visitor, alien, states, spouse, help, filing, case, attorneys, taxes, illegal, spousal, lawyer, lena, korial, services, advisor, representation, board, consultant, residency
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lally & misir, llp attorneys at law
lally & misir, llp is a premier, av rated law firm. we have extensive experience in federal, state and international courts.
immigration, firm, best, visa, appeals, petition, lawyer, based, removal, permanent, green, employment, lally, card, attorney, federal, misir, prevailing, immigrant, wage, removing, family, naturalization, proceedings, marriage, labor, investor, interview, help, residence, certification, border, office, administrative, status, affidavit, support, long, asylum, adjustment
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petition - projet de ferme-usine des 1000 vaches : non merci !
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keine patente auf pflanzen und tiere | jetzt petition unterzeichnen!
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legalize marijuana in all usa
help us make cannabis legal in all usa - sign the petition!
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replace the speaker
join the national petition to retire john boehner.
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tu dois nourrir ta vie!! | de linfo libre, économie, écologie, environnement, pétition et univers du bio.
more info collapse
no more dumb war
i signed rep. alan graysons petition against new military action in iraq. #nonewwar
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nein zur ticketsteuer! | petition gegen die anhebung der mehrwertsteuer auf konzertkarten und kulturelle güter.
more info collapse
duniya hilado
this website is dedicated to voice out & let people of india get support for their causes online
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nc values coalition
sign the petition to defund and investigate planned parenthood in north carolina
more info collapse
nc values coalition
sign the petition to defund and investigate planned parenthood in north carolina
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die perle im glantal › stadt meisenheim am glan
petition zum thema gemeindefinanzsystem. meisenheims großes jubiläumswochenende.
more info collapse
keep the internet fair and open |
sign this petition and tell chairman wheeler that we demand net neutrality in any new regulations.
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organic the jarawas, a global campaign to save the jarawa
organic the jarawa is global campaign to save the most ancient people in the world, the endangered jarawa. they are only 420 in the andamans islands in india.
jarawa, rights, avaaz, photo, book, tribe, organic, organicthejarawa, petition, climat, forced, jarawas, into, human, native, earth, ecology, indigenous, civilization, beilvert, survival, video, save, people, andaman, india, dereims, crowdfunding, documentary
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hawaii name change forms for adults and minors || download petition to change first name, last name or child's name
hawaii name change forms for adults, minors and new brides, with easy-to-use name change kits for download.
name, change, hawaii, your, form, petition, child, changing, last, minor
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124 ...florida's #1 medical marijuana source
medical marijuana doctors in florida medical marijuana prescription cards in south florida
marijuana, medical, florida, doctors, lauderdale, weed, petition, drive, miami, cards, fort, united, marihuana, dispensaries, care, prescripions, doctor, card, dispenary, signature, presription, presctiptions, hollywood, prescription, laws, 2016, prescriptions
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petition to the un high commissioner for human rights calling for an immediate end of forced organ harvesting from falun gong practitioners in china
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welcome to alumni for a catholic usd
there was a 2015 drag queen show on april 16 click here to sign an on-line petition to voice your protest
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connect to database
online petition in support of inducting neil sedaka into the rock and roll hall of fame. don't hesitate: vote now!
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end the wage gap: sign the petition
join kamala harris, tammy duckworth, donna edwards, and your fellow supporters and add your name in support of equal pay, once and for all.
more info collapse
celibacy challenge
sign our petition to pressure the fda to screen all prospective blood donors based on risk, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
more info collapse
130 immigration law without borders
we consistently succeed in getting business immigration visas and family immigration visas including green cards, fiancee and k-3 visas, h1b, eb1, eb2, eb3, eb4, eb5, e1and e2 visas, o1, l1, p1, r1, labor certification under perm, work permits, citizenship and naturalization
visa, immigration, lawyer, business, work, petition, waivers, family, green, citizenship, card, deportacion, 91355, santa, clarita, fiancee, file, solicitor, vawa, residence, legal, permanent, fernando, legalization, amnesty, valencia, ability, exceptional, extraordinary, i130, attorneys, naturalization, experienced, boyfriend, 91403, violation, deportat, hardship, extreme, crime
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a petition to change the world | the global irishman
an irish man interprets the world
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no new war: we're not going back to iraq
i signed rep. alan graysons petition against new military action in iraq. #nonewwar
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marijuana research: science, law, medical marijuana, rescheduling petition
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end step 2 cs
join the national movement to end step 2 cs sign the petition
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more giving... not more government
urge our lawmakers to support increased incentives for private giving to our nation’s nonprofits. sign the petition.
more info collapse
save seed sharing: petition - seed matters
more info collapse
ban sharia law
sign the petition to ban sharia law in every state across america!
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save seed sharing: petition - seed matters
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pumabydesign001s blog | congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
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stop fracking now! tell congress to pass the frac act
support democracy for america and environmental action to put an end to fracking. please sign the petition:
more info collapse
bongalong is the brand for the legalisation of cannabis in south africa. to contact us, show your support or sign the petition: [email protected]
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military consumer protection act
servicemembers deserve a strong watchdog to look after their financial well-being while they are looking out for our nation's security. sign the petition today!
protect, servicemembers
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snam-cgt (union nationale des syndicats d'artistes musiciens cgt)
14 septembre 2015 : états généraux des orchestres gip cafés-cultures : c’est parti ! pétition contre la baisse des subventions pour les (...)
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ohio immigration attorney | immigrant defense attorney
if you need a skilled ohio immigration attorney, contact the the law offices irina vinogradsky, llc, at 216-292-6655 for a free case evaluation.
immigration, attorney, lawyer, ohio, cleveland, visa, petition, asylum, naturalization, affidavit, fiance, immigrant, extraordinary, ability, court, support, deportation, firm, office, diversity, agencies, citizenship, legal, advice, defense, application, card, green, cuyahoga, county, investment
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pci consultants, inc.
pci consultants, inc is the largest and most successful full service petition and field management firm in the country.
paparella, grocholski, angelo, campaign, progressive
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gm free me
a lively visual petition for a gm free uk
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no washington exemption petition: equal treatment for all
download the short quiz to test your knowledge on congress's special obamacare exemption that taxpayers are footing the bill for.
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no washington exemption petition: equal treatment for all
download the short quiz to test your knowledge on congress's special obamacare exemption that taxpayers are footing the bill for.
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newleaf is canada’s newest, ultra-low-cost travel company. stand up with newleaf and sign the petition below — we're in this together!
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sitadom 39
fayçal salhi - 11/06/2016 - 20:30 - moulin de brainans- la librairie polinoise - fruitière des livres - le 11/06/2016 -feuillevineuse, informations sur la pétition contre le center patrcs sur -
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k l a | law firm in pakistan | pakistan law firm | peshawar law firm | law firm in peshawar | peshawar senior advocate | peshawar senior lawyer | attorney in peshawar | senior counsel in pakistan | criminal lawyer in pakistan | criminal law firm | law firm based in peshawar | peshawar corporate law firm | intellectual peshawar property law firm | peshawar lawyer | peshawar lawyers | international criminal law | peshawar divorce lawyer | peshawar khula law firm | pakistani law firm | medical negligence | constitutional law experts in peshawar & islamabad | constitutional petition | writ petition in islamabad | banking law in peshawar | peshawar experts on afghan transit trade law firm | peshawar & islamabad company law experts | law firm in peshawar | - kakakhel law associates
kakakhel law associates is an international law firm of lawyers and jurists of eminence and repute based in peshawar and islamabad
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sign now to help end dog meat in china
lca investigation video, narrated by kim basinger, calls to end chinas brutal dog meat trade. you can help by signing the petition to stop dog meat!
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make seats match votes
the 2015 general election has shown once and for all that our voting system is broken beyond repair. please sign our petition calling for a fairer, more proportional system to elect mps.
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home - care about clairemont
balboa mesa shopping center under consturction. in and out hamburger rezone clairemont. demand better urban planning. sign the petition and tell the power brokers downtown where you stand.
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this video is hard to watch, but it is absolutely necessary that you do, and then use our petition tool below to directly demand your congressman and senators watch this video as well.
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affordable law office |
from the initial client meeting to the filing of the petition, affordable law office will spend the time needed to know you and your case and your needs from
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#keepncsafe petition | ask mccrory to sign hb2
thank gov mccrory & ncga for stopping charlotte bathroom bill by signing hb2 before it became law on april 1st. #istandwithpat #keepncsafe
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petition: no social security hostages
tell senate republican leaders: don’t hold social security benefits hostage
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sauvons nos bélugas
sauvons nos #bélugas! signez la #pétition de la dernière chance et mobilisez vite un maximum de monde.
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nuclear zero - home
support the nuclear zero lawsuits against the nuclear-armed countries. sign the petition telling leaders that zero is the only safe number of nuclear weapons.
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161 sign the petition to stop cruelty to rabbits! pel-freez, the largest rabbit slaughterhouse in the us exposed!
your signature will help stop rabbit abuse.
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grace peak information provides information describing and supporting the petition of the adirondack 46ers to rename the adirondack high peaks summit known as east dix
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stand with israel sign the petition
by signing the letter to the presidential candidates you are adding your voice to that of thousands of christians leaders across the united states asking the next president to stand with israel.
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christian unity of the easter dates
an online petition to unite the dates of easter
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tngop | i back israel
america must support israel. sign our petition and tell president obama to stand with israel today! \n\
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o1 visa
creative artist international o1 visa sponsor offers o1 visa portfolio preparation, reference letter preparation and individual petition with the uscis.
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stop funding the palestinian authority
islamic terror poses the greatest threat to the free world. we must work with trusted allies to fight groups like isis. sign the petition to unite against islamic terror.
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planned parenthood exposed
sign the petition to defund planned parenthood.
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olson immigration law, llc - home
immigration attorney in greenville, south carolina
permanent, residence, immigrant, petition, removal, visa, attorney, lawyer, green, card, immigration
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valencia & associates in west covina, ca
public relations, government relations, coalition building, campaign management, petition management, strategic communications, field operations, canvassing, phone banking, consuting services
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grossman law, llc
residencia, abogado, court, victim, corte, trabajo, asilo, citizenship, labor, visa, rockville, maryland, attorney, lawyer, green, card, asylum, petition, residence, detention, deportation, immigration
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partition action: guide on property partition sale rights
partitioning a house? filing a petition for partition? our acclaimed real estate lawyers explain the process of partition action.
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state of jefferson 51 declaration petition formation
this site is dedicated to formation of the 51st state of jefferson. using article iv section 3 of the constitution, northern california can get representation via a true republic.
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state of jefferson 51 declaration petition formation
this site is dedicated to formation of the 51st state of jefferson. using article iv section 3 of the constitution, northern california can get representation via a true republic.
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state of jefferson 51 declaration petition formation
this site is dedicated to formation of the 51st state of jefferson. using article iv section 3 of the constitution, northern california can get representation via a true republic.
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"the peoples advocate" - home
law office of craig d. carson. you bring me legal problems and ill give you peace of mind.
county, divorce, advocacy, legal, petition, cheap, unemployment, york, evictions, court, insurance, genesee, rochester, carson, craig, esquire, attorney, 19th, division, labor, rights, human, ward, department, misconduct, notice, cost, flat, rate, justice, hall, eviction, warrant, holdover, marshall, claims, judge, civil, proceedings, inexpensive
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eb-5 investor visa law firm / eb-5 program / attorney
attorney irina rostova provides legal support for immigrants seeking eb-5 investor visas, from preparing visa petition to consulting on investment projects.
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online-petition fairpay - jetzt unterzeichnen
berliner erklärung für gleichheit auf dem gehaltszettel. dafür stehen wir im fairpay-bündnis ein. heute werde ich fair bezahlt. heute bezahle ich fair.
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not one bomb for iran | sign the petition today!
tell the leaders of the world's democratic powers not one bomb for iran. we have only a few short weeks to prevent a disastrous mistake.
kerry, moon, john, agreement, nuclear, israel, framework, iran
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stop islamic terror
islamic terror poses the greatest threat to the free world. we must work with trusted allies to fight groups like isis. sign the petition to unite against islamic terror.
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bus rapid transit 4 provo | provo citizens for brt route 4
brt4provo is a group of citizens working to bring brt route 4 to provo-orem. join us! learn how you can sign the referendum petition.
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1 for all | building awareness of the first amendment
1 for all is a national nonpartisan program designed to build understanding and support for the first amendment freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition. 1 for all provides teaching materials and lesson plans at to help everyone learn more about their first amendment rights. 1 for all is nonpartisan. at a time
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stop illegal immigration. signing the petition to require employers to use e-verify.
social, sanctuary, deportation, city, disease, gangs, crime, education, taxes, security, alien, fraud, services, illegal
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plano citizens united | equal rights for all
add your name to the plano citizens united petition against the new plano ordinance that may criminalize free speech & religious freedom.
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tulsa guardianship attorney | guardianship for adults in broken arrow | owasso ok probate lawyer
need to petition for guardianship and need a lawyer in tulsa, oklahoma? call maureen j. knudson, p.c., at 918-747-1400.
advice, legal, office, firm
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- bienvenue sur objectif planet - objectif planet
bienvenue sur le webguide annuaire militant solidarite avec le peuple tibetain soutenons le dalai lama cliquez sur le drapeau signez vous aussi la petition au president hujintao en tant quecitoyens
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carecensf - home
central american resource center
work, children, border, forms, support, permit, victims, health, educati, visa, crime, reform, legal, immigration, empowerment, family, services, community, petition, parents, sister, brother, girlfriend, siblings, relatives, social
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tell the fda: label genetically engineered food gmo summit
ge foods are labeled in 64 countries including the entire european union. the u.s. is now one of the only developed countries in the world that doesn’t require labeling. join 1.4 million people in signing the petition telling the fda that it’s time to label ge foods in the usa.
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tell the fda: label genetically engineered food gmo summit
ge foods are labeled in 64 countries including the entire european union. the u.s. is now one of the only developed countries in the world that doesn’t require labeling. join 1.4 million people in signing the petition telling the fda that it’s time to label ge foods in the usa.
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let's go oakland -- keep the oakland a's in oakland!
sign the petition, and show your support for keeping the oakland a's in oakland and building a new destination ballpark along the oakland waterfront!
oakland, jack, london, raiders, coliseum, square, selig, athletics, major, league, baseball, wolff
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immigration and criminal defense attorneys in nassau county, new york
immigration lawyers will help with i-130, marriage petition and more. our criminal defense lawyers are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. call 516-280-9035
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save our earth : save the rainforests, save the world
we are dedicated to saving the rainforests of the earth. we only have a short time to achieve this...sign our petition, spread the word and save the future!
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brt - let the people decide! - brt - let the people decide
the truth about bus rapid transit for utah county
trax, transportation, vote, petition, busses, orem, county, provo, utah
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sign the petition: ringling bros., free the elephants now! | tell ringling bros. – free the suffering elephants right now, not in 3 years!
circuses are cruel to animals. its time to stop the abuse!
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stopp ramstein | „von deutschem boden darf nie wieder krieg ausgehen.“
öffentliche veranstaltung: fr. 25.09. 18-21 uhr die us-militäörbasen in der bundesrepublik deutschland und ihre funktion im strategischen gesamtkonzept der usa facebook: https://www.facebook.
kampagne, petition, demonstration, friedensbewegung, drohnenkrieg, deutschland, drohnen, ramstein
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max b | official website is an authentic website developed and controlled solely by max b's family and friends.
wave, greene, gain, masar, biggavelli, bigaveli, bigavelli, biggaveli, pardon, support, wingate, boss, free, website, petition, charly, surfer, silver, harlem
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se soigner moins cher pétition sur la vente des médicaments sans ordonnance
soutenez le combat pour la vente des médicaments sans ordonnance
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we stand with phil robertson
show your support for phil robertson's stand by signing the petition!
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end science censorship
the website was set up by concerned citizens and scientists in response to the retraction from the elsevier journal food and chemical toxicology of the study by professor gilles-eric séralini and colleagues.
retraction, censorship, science, petition, seralini
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put wisconsin first's : recaller report system
wisconsin recaller petition research tool. put wisconsin first took every recaller's signature and compared them to court records, sex offender lists, delinquent tax payer data and compiled it into a comprehensive search and reporting tool.
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wincott law firm - home - san antonio, tx
law firm services family law, bankruptcy, immigration, personal injury, and probate. affordable legal fees and convenient appointments.
bankruptcy, divorce, county, attorney, child, support, immigration, modification, family, enforcement, personal, adoptions, injury, petition, alien, auto, relative, childhood, action, deferred, texas, justice, community, bites, program, state, citizenship, arrivals, dream, canyon, braunfels, lawyer, visa, greencard, boerne, austin, accident, status, seguin, lake
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home page
home page
usspecs, specs, petition, nonconforming, vehicle, convert, importer, ferrari, conversion, convert2us, registered, vehicles
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solving poverty in america
legislation, petition, federal, social, rights, congress, suffering, students, college, summit, states, united, human, katrina, poverty, gulf, solving, deal, work, coast, civic, jobs, public, winter, louisiana, works, rebuilding
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ass-kaw international
wade, karim, aliou, ndao, sall, macky, crei, politique, justice
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paralegal service legal document preparer bankruptcy petition preparer
susan m signer services provides virtual paralegal services, in-house paralegal services, bankruptcy petition preparer, legal document preparer, and notary public services for both attorneys and nonlawyers throughout the state of florida. specialty areas include bankruptcy preparation for chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy; family law i.e. divorce, dissolution of marriage, modification of child support, paternity testing, paternity filing, step-parent adoption, grand-parent adoption, and simplified divorce; probate and trusts, probate and trust litigation, estate planning; corporate minute books in volusia county, flagler county, marion county, orange county, seminole county, brevard county, and sumter county.
county, bankruptcy, divorce, help, litigation, support, beach, paralegal, filing, orange, services, paternity, adoption, preparer, probate, trusts, wedding, public, chapter, with, notary, forms, daytona, ormond, port, ocala, seminole, marion, brevard, sumter, florida, flagler, volusia, casselberry, deland, astor, ceremonies, smyrna, deltona, planning
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congress live by your laws - join senator david vitter and citizens united
senator david vitter and citizens united are demanding washington not exempt themselves from the law they forced on us. sign the petition today!
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207, llc - home
virtual bankruptcy assistant serving attorneys nationawide
bankruptcy, preparer, bosscontract713, assistant, contract, petitions, contractor, petition, debtor, nationwide, remotely
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help stop the pending sale of keiro - save keiro
save keiro! as an individual, you may feel one voice is too little to be heard. but collectively, we can make a difference. stop the sale of keiro to pacifica companies. petition, attend public meetings, get the word out.
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france citoyenne
la parole aux citoyens sans voix
hollande, dissolution, france, presse, revue, citoyenne, nationale, tous, pour, mariage, delevoye, philippe, petitions, brillault, cese
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fast law publishing
fast law publishing. your source for prisoner assistance.
briefs, preparing, prisoner, legal, petition, restraint, assistance, prisoners, publishing, fast, habeus, actions, legislative, corpus, books
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sedona smart meter awareness - home
this is a grassroots organization of residents who understand the health, privacy, security and safety issues associated with the use of electromagnetic and microwave radio frequencies, or who understand enough to know that until such time as all of the consequences of using these technologies are known completely and proven to be 100% safe with certainty we are opposed to their continued use and development.
meters, sedona, arizona, smart, radiation, microwave, goldsworthy, stuxnet, public, health, corporation, andrew, report, radio, commission, petition, medical, frequency, official, cruz, santa, association, austrian, ulrich, cancer, autism, warnke, study, your, back, take, lawsuits, power, energy, ohair, 1996, results, hacking, russian, 1960
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a.d. after disclosure
the new book -- a.d. after disclosure — deals with what happens in the world when ufo secrecy is ended. how will this new reality change the economy, military, media, government, science, religion, daily life and culture? it is also the sponsor of "the need-to-know petition" on the white house "we the people" site.
disclosure, dolan, richard, alien, extraterrestrial, secrecy, zabel, bryce, flying, saucer, classified
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generation nutrition
we can be the generation to stop children dying of hunger. urge your government to end child malnutrition. sign the petition now and help stop this outrage.
malnutrition, wateraid, acute, children, nutrition, steps, generation
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bring happy hour back to boston. petitioning the ma legislative branch, the abcc, mayor walsh, & the boston late night task force
petition: to bring happy hour back to boston.
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milton rail, residents affected by intermodal lines
milton rail is a grass roots citizens group formed in 2001, regrouped in 2015 who are opposed to the proposed cn logistics hub with an intermodal component.
milton, saysno, petition, logistics, terminal, gofundme, intermodal
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we need to talk about jeremy | #weneedtotalkaboutjeremy
the government response to petition 104334 of almost 200 000 signatures calling for a vote of no confidence in the rt. hon. jeremy hunt mp, secretary of state for health is disappointing. the response plainly avoids the question at hand, making no mention of jeremy hunt or a vote of no confidence. instead it focuses on seven day
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sothics - we believe in a better future
sothics is a social ethical website created as a tool to enable you to change the world to what ever you want it to be.
organisation, ethical, global, charities, chat, campaign, change, philosophy, unite, petition, networking, groups, information, connect, world, social, media, friends, help, useful, open, free, ethics
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galgo news
news about those who work to help the galgo dog and petition the spanish government to ban hunting with them.
galgo, gryhound, rescue, france, spain
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219 - gratis och kvalitetssäkrade namninsamlingar för gratis, säkra namninsamlingar, upprop och kedjebrev för orättvisor och ogentligheter i samh�llet.
stoppa, krig, bilfri, uppror, upprop, namnlista, kedjebrev, namnlistor, namn, petition, insamling, namninsamling
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healthcare freedom for veterans
veterans fought to preserve our freedom; now we need to fight for theirs. sign the health care freedom for veterans petition to give veterans better options than government-controlled health care.
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climate name change
since 1954, the world meteorological organization has been naming extreme storms. we propose a new naming system. one that names extreme storms caused by climate change, after policy makers who deny climate change. sign the petition and learn how to contact your representatives at
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foie gras : quand on sait, on arrête | stop gavage
le foie gras est issu du gavage extrêmement douloureux d'un canard ou d'une oie : enquêtes, vidéos, pétition pour dénoncer cette véritable barbarie
souffrance, abolition, torture, stop, gras, gavage, interdiction, foie
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no kill now!
a site devoted to the national no-kill shelter movement to end the slaughter of millions of adoptable dogs and cats in animal control facilities, including a personal account of rancho cucamonga residents are fighting their city council to convert the city's 'catch and kill' pound to a no-kill animal shelter. here you'll find news, law and related links.
kill, animal, shelter, humane, lost, society, donate, sleep, alexander, petfinder, bill, owner, dogs, fund, control, petition, animals, pound, states, united, sb1785, hall, friends, 1785, best, maddie, save, puppies, puppy, kitten, kittens, kennel, city, turtle, rescues, rescue, shelters, rabbit, companion, jack
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law office of jocelyne j. kim lew, apc - an employment-based immigration firm in the california bay area
the law office of jocelyne j. kim lew, a professional law corporation is an immigration law firm with an emphasis in employment-based immigration matters. the law office primarily handles h-1b, l-1, tn, perm, permanent residence for hi-tech employers. established since 1982, the firm is now based in rfoster city, california in the san francisco bay area.
visa, visas, work, employment, visitor, united, states, petition, temporary, based, visit, perm, application, jocelyne, bulletin, advance, outstanding, fiancee, esta, fiance, labor, certification, researcher, america, lewslaw, naturalization, citizenship, status, adjustment, program, permit, portability, parole, exchange, professional, business, city, foster, green, card
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ron paul 2016 grassroots petition
ron paul 2012 -
2012, paul, blog
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law office of robert n. martinez, pllc - home
immigration law firm
deportation, family, immigration, visa, defense, abogado, lawyer, petition, removal, green, inmigratorio, attorney, nacara, daca, inmigracion, dapa, card
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defend the colorado | together we can save the colorado river
join us in the fight to protect the colorado and fraser rivers by signing this online petition. don’t let the colorado river go down the drain. soon, 80% of the upper colorado & the fraser could be diverted to the front range. only a trickle would be left. we need to protect the health of our rivers and the people and wildlife that depend on them. please make your voice heard now.
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austin & ferguson l.l.c.
immigration, visa, center, deportation, removal, national, consular, processing, employer, employment, investor, waivers, unlawful, presence, bars, students, naturalization, litigation, sanctions, asylum, work, visas, advice, family, lawyer, xhtml, attorney, green, card, physical, therapists, html, application, india, nurses, philippines, petition, business
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we (often) represent the underdog
trademark oppositions are a tool for trademark owners to use to stop trademark applications that may harm them from registering on the principal or supplemental register. call not just patents llc for help if you need to oppose or if someone is opposing you.
trademark, opposition, cancellation, patents, just, notice, petition, cancel
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call for the resignation or impeachment of president barack obama below!
americans of all races and parties must unify to stop president barack obama
office, removal, protests, petition, congress, resignation, resign, barack, obama, impeach, impeachment, president
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connie immigration services - home
connie immigration service chinatown los angeles california
citizenship, cambodian, visa, petition, interpreter, translation, khmer, california, chinatown, services, downtown, angeles, immigration
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paralegal services, virtual bankruptcy assistant, bankruptcy assistant, chapter 7 petition preparer, chapter 7 filing, chapter 13 filing, what is a chapter 7? what is a chapter 13? attorney fees for bankruptcy
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tenant screening plus llc
tenant screening, tenant placement, bankruptcy petition preparing, small business unemployment claims processing and simple wills.
wills, unemployment, bankruptcy, screening
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rsl leeo; singapore debt analyst & coach. i-rsl management consultancy
a one stop solution to your debt & money management....your journey quest to debt free.
debt, singapore, renovation, loans, stress, free, petition, lenders, education, money, cards, credit, home, license, hutang, bankruptcy
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stop sewage sludge created by bob crockett
this site was created to inform ellis county citizens of the danger of dumping tarrant and dallas county sewage sludge on land ajacent to populated areas. please sign the petition. it is not just about the odor
risk, sewage, sludge, unsafe, renda, legislation, dangerous, ellis, environment, health, biosolids
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dog mag - dogs, puppies, dog breeds, photos and videos
petition goes viral for sadistic abusers light sentence. when this dogs owners drove off without him, one man came to the rescue. sentenced to jail time: former nfl player starved his dog to death. overzealous contractor the sign says. ruby was here we came home from a 2 day camping trip and. epidemic...
breed, videos, photos, photo, video, puppies, dogs, puppy
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yes! on lincoln county charter – we the people count
vote yes on lincoln county, tennessee home rule charter august 7, 2014
referendum, petition, home, rule, taxes, nepotism, lincoln, county, charter
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the york rite bodies of kansas city | chapter, council and commandery
the york rite bodies of kansas city the degrees of ancient craft masonry are the first three degrees of york rite freemasonry. those who have attained the degree of master mason may petition for
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at final solution the range of service stretches to your specific needs. we can process your divorce, marry you, change your name, correct your child's name, establish paternity through dna test, petition for child support and custody. we are also here to boost your credit, notarize your documents, translate you documents in spanish and french, transmit your immigration forms, prepare your taxes, and revise previous taxes for errors and better returns... whatever your issue might be, here we have a final solution for you.
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villa adriana
visit hadrianis villa emperor hadrian marina de franceschini tivoli excavations roman archeology landscape architecture criptoportico heliocaminus tempe terrace philosopher's hall cento camerelle roccabruna mosaic pirro ligorio piranesi official pecile baths odeon casino fede trapezio quadriportico tre esedre greek theather latin maritime archaeoastronomy astronomical orientation petition dumping site
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:: law offices of socheat chea ::
socheat chea immigration lawyer specializing in employment visas for researchers and scholars
appeal, waiver, alien, worker, religious, petition, extraordinary, citizen, citizenship, super, best, chea, socheat, united, states, attorney, family, green, card, lawyer, atlanta, employment, visa, naturalization, georgia, deportation, certification, labor, immigration
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wissen ist macht
wissen ist macht, knowledge is power
russland, putin, ukraine, austria, handelsabkommen, euronews, knowledge, power, eurokrise, weltwirtschaftskrise, background, research, petition, fitch, ratingagentur, standard, macht, dollar, union, euro, geld, wirtschaft, finanz, finanzmarkt, migrant, deutschland, referendum, wissen, ttip, griechenland, amerika, politik
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larry levan way - relive the party - make it last forever
we turned nyc's king street into larry levan way on may 11th, 2014 for a giant street party — a tribute to the legendary dj/producer and the paradise garage. the party is now over, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t participate: listen to the dj sets from the party, and sign the petition to make larry levan way last forever.
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best case bankruptcy software for attorneys - home
product information for best case bankruptcy software.
bankruptcy, forms, legal, chapter, firm, income, debtor, district, electronic, attorneys, reform, software, petition, packages, courts, official, filing
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universal law group, inc -- immigration, criminal, civil, business, and adoption
universal law group incorporated is a network of attorneys who specialize in different aspects of the law. our attorneys and staff can represent you in your legal matters both in and out of court.
universallawgroup, group, universal, asylum, visa, petition, canada, deport, california, lawyer, attorney, immigration, states, adoption, criminal, injury, personal, civil, united
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global labor treaty for living wages
a global labor treaty for living wages will raise the standard of living for workers around the world while simultaneously placing natural dampers on corporate exploitation and their labor crushing international and domestic policies.
jobs, home, living, wages, shareeannegorman, petition, facebook, labor, corporate, abuses, slave, globallabortreatyforlivingwages
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bankruptcy preparation services - bankruptcy preparation services
non-attorney bankruptcy preparation
collections, exemptions, bankruptcy, creditor, legal, debt, meeting, test, foreclosure, repo, creditors, means, repossession, harassment, exhibits, legalshield, chapter, protection, petition, schedules, summary
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wicklow skate park
wicklow skate park
wicklow, park, skateboarding, outdoor, funding, town, skate, murrough, petition
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the downing street memo :: what is it?
the downing street memo, recently leaked, reveals that president george w. bush decided to overthrow saddam hussein in the summer 2002 and
administration, saddam, accountable, authentic, necessary, hussein, prime, petition, legal, regime, minister, american, meeting, downing, street, bush, president, government, tony, blair, truth, fixed, intelligence, minutes
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250, moteur de recherche anti-hoax
moteur de recherche permettant d'identifier les hoax, ces informations fausses, périmées ou invérifiables propagées malgré eux par les internautes.
virus, canular, spams, faux, spam, cancer, disparition, boycott, alerte, urbaines, canulars, hoaxes, rumeur, rumeurs, urbaine, hoax