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epoch converter - unix timestamp converter
easy epoch/unix timestamp converter for computer programmers. includes epoch explanation and conversion syntax in various programming languages.
convert, posix, conversion, converter, calculator, 1970, unix, timestamp, time, january, epoch
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valgrind home
official home page for valgrind, a suite of tools for debugging and profiling. automatically detect memory management and threading bugs, and perform detailed profiling. the current stable version is valgrind-3.10.1.
memory, uninitialised, pointers, overlapping, misuses, pthreads, posix, passing, leaks, callgrind, cachegrind, massif, helgrind, valgrind, memcheck
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the unix system, unix system
the open group holds the unix trademark in trust for the industry, and manages the unix trademark licensing program.
unix, branding, software, standards, posix, information, product, procurement, trademark, certification, unix98, unix95, spec1170, open
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pcre - perl compatible regular expressions
the pcre library is a set of functions that implement regular expression pattern matching using the same syntax and semantics as perl 5. pcre has its own native api as well as a set of wrapper functions that correspond to the posix regular expression api.
perlre, philip, hazel, perl, expression, regex, regexp, regular, pcre
expand collapse thinkplexx: web resource for software developers. articles, blogs, forums, answers.
deltacopy, number, clean, nexus, rhel, centos, check, slave, mkdir, posix, jnlp, secret, runtime, jenkins, curator, elasticsearch, shell, rsync, apache, setup, command, windows, example, bash, howto, java, error, snippet, sendmail, debug, test, simple, cygwin, commons, linux
expand collapse | the internet the way it should be
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ruben lagunas blog
ive been playing around with posix shared memory and i decided that i should write a bit on the different options when it comes to shared
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iozone filesystem benchmark
bsdi, mmap, async, file, stream, cluster, thread, write, read, windows, posix, iozone, disk, performance, freeware, benchmark, solaris, hpux, netbsd, freebsd, filesystem
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syllable free software operating system family
posix, linux, lgpl, object, amiga, beos, atheos, oriented, rebol, source, open, system, lightweight, operating, desktop, server, responsive, soho, free, software, multicore, multithreading, syllable
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regular expression tool -
regular expression tool. help you validate your regular expressions in different languages.
javascript, ruby, perl, posix, expression, regex, pcre, regular
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udpxy - главная
udpxy: udp to http (multicast to unicast) fast and lightweight relay daemon. it is recognized as the definite posix-platform open-source iptv-oriented solution for unicast http streaming.
iptv, unicast, streaming, daemon, relay, http
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regulární výrazy - regexp | tutoriály, testery | php, perl, javascript, .net
regulární výrazy - regexp - návody, články, testery pro php, perl, javascript, .net
regular, expression, posix, perl, regexp, javascript
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.:: arash partow's website ( ::.
arash partow's official website - a computer scientist with interests in cryptography, computational geometry, digital watermarking and complexity theory
arash, partow, geometry, fastgeo, pascal, java, programming, posix, computational, delphi, watermarking, cryptography, weblog, resume, cryptology, projects, science, computer
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hamilton laboratories
hamilton laboratories offers tools for professional software developers world-wide. our main product is hamilton c shell, a tools package that recreates the original unix c shell and utilities completely from scratch on windows.
windows, shell, hamilton, archive, encryption, superuser, tape, diff, cron, microsoft, linux, posix, vista, grep, filename, completion, commands, history, labs, tcsh, editing, scripting, development, utilities, unix, software, tools, scripts, batch, language