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菜鸟教程 - 学的不仅是技术,更是梦想!
菜鸟教程(提供了最全的编程技术基础教程, 介绍了html、css、javascript、python,java,ruby,c,php , mysql等各种编程语言的基础知识。 同时本站中也提供了大量的在线实例,通过实例,您可以更好的学习编程。..
jquery, mobile, mysql, bootstrap, python, angularjs, easyui, html, javascript, w3cschool, ajax
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极客学院作为中国最大it职业在线教育平台, 拥有海量高清it职业课程, 涵盖30+个技术领域, 如android, ios , flash, java, python, html5, swift, cocos2dx等视频教程.根据it在线学习特点, 极客学院推出it学习知识体系图, it职业学习实战路径图, 帮助it学习者从零基础起步, 结合it实战案例演练, 系统学习, 助你快速成为it优秀技术人才!
java, flash, python, html5, cocos2dx, swift, android
expand collapse - online compiler and ide >> c/c++, java, php, python, perl and 40+ other compilers and interpreters
online, code, programming, your, interpreter, python, java, tool, execute, snippets, compiler, learn, snippet, pastebin, debugging
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continuum analytics | anaconda data analytics platform
leading python-based big data platform anaconda, empowers data science teams to collaborate. accelerate performance, connect data to insight. free download.
analytics, data, consulting, analysis, python, scientific, performance, computing, government, enterprise, training, high, exploration, source, open, anaconda, wakari, bokeh, visualization
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documentation of various python packages
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activestate | activestate
enterprise development solutions, including stackato platform-as-a-service (paas), dynamic language distributions of perl, python and tcl, and komodo ide.
perl, komodo, activestate, state, active, python, software, stackato, edit, enterprise, activeperl, activetcl, activepython, windows
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submit resume and upload resume to apply for job vacancies in it sector
tech it jobs, java, ror,, perl, python, php, android, oracle, sap, ui/ux, cto, architect, consultant, developer
oracle, android, developer, consultant, architect, python, java, jobs, perl, tech
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pyimagesearch - be awesome at learning opencv, python, and computer vision
this opencv and python blog is written by adrian rosebrock. learn opencv, python, and computer vision through my opencv articles, tutorials, and guides.
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runestone interactive
learning python should be fun and easy. we provide an interactive python textbook that helps you learn to program in python right in your browser.
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python central | python programming examples, tutorials and recipes
python central is a one-stop resource for python programmers. its a treasure trove of know-how about the python programming language - check us out today!
expand collapse - learn python by example
__str__ vs. __repr__, the del statement, break and continue statements, numeric types in python, dns lookup with python, encoding json with python, how to use mysql connector/python, postgen, getting the most popular pages from your apache logfile, make your life easier with virtualenvwrapper,
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the hitchhiker’s guide to python! the hitchhikers guide to python
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learn python - free interactive python tutorial is a free interactive python tutorial for people who want to learn python, fast.
free, interactive, tutorial, python, learn
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linux, perl, python, jquery
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email address verification service | kickbox
determine which email addresses are real and high-quality for free. upload and verify email lists or use our api for node.js, php, python, and ruby.
email, verify, free, check, node, ruby, verification, list, validation, python
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pythontab致力于成为python中文开发者学习交流平台, 内容涵盖:python教程、python基础、django教程、python入门、web.py教程、linux教程、python web、python中文手册
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full stack python
full stack python explains programming concepts in plain language and provides links to the best tutorials for those topics.
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komodo ide -- one cross-platform ide, all your languages
one ide, all your favourite languages. komodo is the professional ide for major web languages, including python, php, ruby, perl, html, css and javascript.
komodo, activestate, python, environment, perl, development, activetstate, komodolinux, integrateddevelopment, state, active, activestatecomodo, idesoftware, comodo, kumodo
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自强学堂 - 在线教程 - w3c - 学习, 分享, 让你更强!
自强学堂致力于提供优质的it技术教程, 网页制作,服务器后台编写,以及编程语言,如html, js, bootstrap, python, django。同时也提供大量在线实例,通过实例,学习更容易,更轻松。
python, django, html, w3cschool, javascript, bootstrap, jquery
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online python tutor - visualize python, java, javascript, typescript, and ruby code execution
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life with python
python の使い方について、入門、応用、ライブラリ、開発環境などについて書いています。対象は python2.7 です。
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nullege: a search engine for python source code
nullege finds python examples from open source projects. it understands python and yields more relevant results
code, source, search, examples, python
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dive into python
this book lives at . if you're reading it somewhere else, you may not have the latest version.
python, documentation, book, free, programming, dive, into, tutorial
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pydev manual
python, pydev, eclipse
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python 中文学习大本营
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bitboost (aka bitboost systems) -- provider of python obfuscation software, pawsense software to help protect computers from 'cat typing,' and other products and services...
bitboost sells software, custom software development services, and other computer-related services. our best-known retail software product is pawsense[tm], which protects computers against 'cat typing.' we also sell a python source code obfuscator to help protect python software code against reverse engineering, and to optionally somewhat reduce python code size.
game, bitboost, poster, maze, katakana, educational, hiragana, tiletag, kana, puzzle, systems, solutions, japanese, boost, software, learning, computer, tile
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python programming
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linguaggio di programmazione python
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revolution systems
revolution systems is a leader in open source consulting and support. specializing in infrastructure scaling, development, and training using django, python, and postgresql.
wiles, jacob, frank, infrastructure, python, postgresql, linux, django
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sebastian raschka's personal website and blog about data science, machine learning, and python programming.
science, sebastian, raschka, data, programming, machine, learning, python
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编程派 | coding python
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lxml - processing xml and html with python
lxml - the most feature-rich and easy-to-use library for processing xml and html in the python language
lxml, etree, validation, parsing, xpath, xslt, objectify, elementtree, processing, html, simple, python
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python tips | your daily dose of bite sized python tips
your daily dose of bite sized python tips
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latest technology news - how to blog on linux,android,php,python is a fast growing technology site focusing on how to articles for wordpress, linux, installation, php, python
install, libguestfs, tools, attack, drown, download, youtube, ffmpeg, error, ffprobe, video, proxychains, connect, telnet, container, cloudsim, hping, exit, docker
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welcome to the python library
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pyar - python argentina
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o'reilly network's -- web development, linux, apache, mysql, perl, php, python, bsd
linux, development, reference, server, technical, media, source, open, information, python, onlamp, network, lamp, lampp, perl, mysql, apache
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learn opencv ( c++ / python )
learn computer vision, machine learning, and image processing with opencv, cuda, caffe examples and tutorials written in c++ and python.
learning, python, cuda, machine, processing, computer, vision, image, opencv
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python 3 для начинающих и чайников - уроки программирования
уроки программирования python 3 для начинающих и чайников, справочник и документация python 3.
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python 俱乐部 [python俱乐部]
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лаборатория юного линуксоида | свободное программное обеспечение, gnu/linux и программирование для начинающих
использование свободного программного обеспечения на уроках информатики, изучение операционной системы linux, языка программирования python, 3d графики (blender), программа дополнительного образования детей по информационным технологиям, презентации по информатике и другое.
blender, python, linux
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python、php、wordpress、android、raspberry pi、arduinoなど
arduino, raspberry, android, wordpress, python
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el baúl del programador
blog sobre programación y noticias de software libre, lenguajes c++, java, python, android, bases de datos, sql y pl/sql
datos, bases, java, python, android
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python ide for python developers - wingware python ide
python ide for python developers - wingware python ide - the intelligent development environment for python programmers
browser, code, source, coding, programmer, software, programming, programmers, debug, debugger, integrated, editor, development, environment, tools, tool, python
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untitled document
softcrayons-best it training institute in delhi/ncr offers python, php, .net, java, web designing, autocad, digital marketing training, with special discounts on all courses
training, canter, application, mobile, marketing, networking, database, python, system, embedded, digital, unix, trainig, ccna, android, desigining, java, tally, autocad, basic
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python development & plone cms solutions
quintagroup it company that provides a wide range of prime web services on plone, python, django development, leveraging robust web development expertise and 10+ years of experience on the market.
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批处理之家 批处理_bat_cmd_dos_vbs_perl_python_powershell - powered by discuz!
批处理之家 批处理之家是中国最实用的批处理论坛.由批处理, dos, vbs, jscript, javascript, perl, python, powershell等版块组成.涵盖批处理删除文件, dos命令大全, cmd命令大全, 清理系统垃圾bat, vbs整人代码破解等实用信息.众多脚本高手帮助你及时解决各种问题. - discuz! board
jscript, vbscript, javascript, perl, powershell, python
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practice python
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懂客,, 专注于互联网编程、网络安全、数据存储分析、移动平台、微信平台等技术,提供了、java、php、c、c++、python、sql、swift、javascript、jquery、go语言、sql server、网络编程、android、ios、微信、公众号、人工智能、穿戴设备等基础教程、编程手册、技术文章分享等。
java, dongcoder, python, html
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cython: c-extensions for python
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python中国社区 - 专注于python中国技术发展的社区(原django中国社区)
python, django
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micropython - python for microcontrollers
micropython - python for microcontrollers
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bottle: python web framework bottle 0.13-dev documentation
bottle is a fast, simple and lightweight wsgi micro web-framework for python.
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postgresql + python | psycopg
python adapter for postgresql
psycopg2, database, psycopg, driver, postgresql, adapter, python
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learn python | python tutorials for beginners | the python guru
start learning python from the basics to pro level. everything you need to become proficient in python
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python cloud ide | python fiddle
the python ide for the web. play around with and modify live example code. share or demonstrate solutions to problems.
prototyping, rapid, python
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布布分享,, 专注于计算机科学、编程、通信、安全、数据存储分析、互联网、移动平台、微信平台等技术,提供了、c#、php、c++、java、python、sql、swift、ruby、jsp、javascript、jquery、go语言、sql server、oracle、网络编程、android、ios、微信、公众号、人工智能、穿戴设备等编程资料、技术分享等。
swift, python, javascript, jquery, android, oracle, java, html
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python school
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marginhound - barking about python and analytics
programming & analytics blog - focused on using python, php, and analytics to improve marketing and seo performance.
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python programlama dili
python programlama dili için türkçe kaynak
python, programlama, forum, blog, dili, kaynak
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python apprendre programmation django raspberry pi - cours tutoriels tuto documentation française- langage de programmation orienté objet poo
python django raspberry pi apprendre langage de programmation - cours tutorial exercices tutoriels pour débutants et programmeurs confirmés - doc documentation python en français
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大爱 | 软件测试技术与方法
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блог о linux, python, vim и другом здоровом образе жизни | - блог о linux, python, vim и другом здоровом образе жизни: пишу о всем интересном мне: linux, design, python, django, flask, vim, javascript, sql, nosql, css, спорте, фильмах, юморе.
mysql, javascript, centos, archlinux, ubuntu, rock, pygtk, linux, design, python, django, jinja2, android, java, flask, proft
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做国内最权威, 最活跃的python社区.帮助pythoner的技术快速提升, 关心pythoner的工作和生活, 紧紧追随python领域的前沿技术.
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codedodle is a programming and web design blog focusing on php, javascript, jquery, adobe photoshop, mysql, css, c++, python, ajax and web design.
design, mysql, development, ajax, database, demos, template, blogger, storage, session, photoshop, technology, facebook, google, programming, python, less
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codetrick - the ultimate tutorials for development
codetrick is programming blog dedicated to provide high quality coding tutorial on node.js, angular.js, javascript, python, mongodb and many more.
tutorials, tutorial, typescript, mongodb, django, laravel, unity3d, angular, react, javascript, python, node, code, html5, angularjs, backbone, unity5, unity2d, nodejs, trick, backbonejs, machine, learning, golang, ember, bigdata, codetrick, responsive, development, game, gamedev, design
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php中文网 - php教程,php入门教程,php高级技术,php数据库
php中文网(提供了最全的编程技术基础教程, 介绍了html、css、javascript、python,java,ruby,c,php , mysql等各种编程语言的基础知识。 同时本站中也提供了大量的在线实例,通过实例,您可以更好的学习编程。..
jquery, mobile, mysql, bootstrap, python, angularjs, easyui, html, javascript, w3cschool, ajax
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talk python to me podcast
talk python to me is a podcast for developers who are passionate about python and want to learn more about the language and related technologies.
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hdf5 for python
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welcome to voidspace by michael foord
website of michael foord. python programming articles, projects and technical blog.
scifi, voidspace, ironpython, cyberpunk, blog, programming, michael, foord, python
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compare php, java, javascript, python & css frameworks » best web-frameworks
we help you to choose the right web framework for your site/application. you'll find php-, ruby-, perl-, java-, (serverside) javascript-, html5-,, smalltalk-, python-, coldfusion- & css-frameworks.
coldfusion, python, java, smalltalk, javascript, frameworks, compare, framework, ruby, html5, perl
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el club del programador | tutoriales, tips, herramientas y recursos para el desarrollador
construye un sencillo cron para ejecutar comandos en python
angularjs, extender, html, desarrollar, ejemplo, tutorial, ajax, subida, ficheros, applications, animaciones, animation, class, animate, trabajando, html5, burbujas, clase, instancia, variables, consultas, base, datos, mysql, realiza, python, sencillo, cron, ejecutar, comandos, nodejs, algunos, cliente, aplicaciones, utilizar, como, links, construye
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pythonicway - главная
сайт по обучению языку программирования python. примеры программ на python, игры на python, приложения с открытым исходным кодом на python.
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hackademics : forum de hacking – hackers white hat – cours de securite informatique, apprendre langage python, tutoriels de reverse engineering
hackademics - communauté spécialisée en sécurité informatique: hacking white hat. hacking forum - french white hat hackers community
python, langage, apprendre, cours, white, pirate, hacking, hack, hacker, forum, piratage, hackademics
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code pool | dynamsoft coders minds
programming tutorials and tricks for barcode, ocr, twain sdks, android, vss, tfs and other technologies in java, python, javascript, c# and c/c++.
python, java, javascript, twain, sdks, android, barcode
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nyc data science academy - nyc data science academynyc data science academy
new york data science academy - become a data scientist. join our 12 week intensive bootcamp in r, python, spark, hadoop and sas
data, science, online, course, training, hadoop, certificate, spark, class, harvard, python, courses, program, learn, dummies, bootcamp, academy, certifications, intro, degree, degrees, programs, jobs, boot, certification, camp
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python, eric
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cat /dev/random | prakhar srivastav
my name is prakhar srivastav and i build stuff. i love programming, python, vim and ice tea, not necessarily in that order.
prakhar, srivastav, python, programming, blog
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php training in indore | best php training institutes in indore
browse through online training and classroom training courses offered by we conduct online trainings, corporate trainings and classroom trainings across the india - php, python, html5, css3, c programming
programming, training, institute, indore, bhopal, engineering, software, html, python
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program arcade games with python and pygame
computer, science, education, games, pygame, arcade, python
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.: kovalak inc. | هُلدینگ کوالاک | تیم شتاب دهنده کسب و کار | طراحی نرم افزار | branding | برند سازی و تبلیغات | accelerator group :.
kovalak hardware and software team || تیم سخت افزاری و نرم افزاری کوالاک || php, python, ruby, less, sass, js, swift, c++
ruby, python, less, swift, sass, hardware, electronic, software, team, kovalak
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python praca - under constructions
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qtrac ltd.
qtrac, home page, compare pdfs, diffpdf, diffpdfc, python
python, diffpdfc, diffpdf, compare
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php2python - python alternatives to php functions, classes and libraries - php2python
looking for a python equivalent of some php function, class or library. here is the place to find it or contribute your findings.
equivalent, php5, alternative, replacement, version, php4, programming, function, python, class, library, module
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python ya
el objetivo de este tutorial es presentar los conceptos básicos de python.
tutorial, webmaster, python
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pybonacci | python y ciencia
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pythex: a python regular expression editor
pythex is a real-time regular expression editor for python, a quick way to test your regular expressions.
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python to the people pyzo - python to the people
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blog | pythonízame
noticias sobre el lenguaje de programación python
pythonizame, django, noticias, python, blog
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轻舞肥羊的博客, 记录我的生活片段;记录工作心得, 体会;记录编程历程;记录下青春消逝的岁月;当我颓然老去, 在博客中回忆青春
filenet, python, django, delphi, java
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python quiz
take your free online python quiz here
python, perl, mysql, intel, computer, software, purify, valgrind, memory, programming, quiz, leaks, database, oracle, coverity
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pot - python taiwan wiki
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破冰博客 - ice's blog
linux, php, mysql, python...生命不止,奋斗不息,破冰个人自留地^o^
mangodb, nodejs, icesma, mysql, python, xshell, linux
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python nltk demos and natural language text processing apis
python nltk demos and apis for natural language processing. sentiment analysis, part of speech tagging, phrase chunking and named entity recognition.
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chartdirector chart component and control library for asp/com/vb/.net/java/jsp/php/perl/python/c++/ruby/coldfusion
universal chart and graph component and control library for asp/com/vb/.net/java/jsp/php/perl/python/c++/ruby/coldfusion. extensive chart types, interactive, versatile, multi-platform.
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courses - python for engineers
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自動化ツールやサービスの紹介とjavascript, python, clojureを中心としたプログラミングについてのブログです。
java, python, clojure, javascript
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gcse computing python programming resources
gcse computing python resources -- learn python by developing programming solutions to fun and exciting real-world problems.
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parallel python - home
parallel python
python, parallel
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morphmarket: huge ball python sale, 2000+ listed
thousands of exotic ball pythons for sale from many different breeders. search by specific genes and other traits to easily your next python regius morph.
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python china
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kodumun dünyasi
c, c++, c#, visual basic, java se, java ee, android, python, web programlama gibi diller için öğretici içerik ve daha fazlası...
dersleri, java, yazmak, android, python, csharp, dersler, kodumun, programlama
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tutorial gateway - tutorials on c, python, sql, msbi, tableau
tutorial gateway provides tutorials on python, c, sql server, ssis, ssas, ssrs, mdx and tableau. you can visit tutorial gateway & learn those tutorials
ssrs, tutorials, gateway, ssas, tutorial, server, msbi, tableau, programming, python, ssis
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cambia de so | mucho sobre tecnología, linux... y python
lo mío con la raspberry es una especie de relación amor-odio. la abandoné en su caja hace algún mes, y esta misma semana la quise retomar, de nuevo, como un
puntero, lenguaje, github, raton, phpmyadmin, usuarios, mysql, xorg, xinput, nautilus, gnome, shadow, raspberry, linux, python, programa, antergos, repositorios, wordpress, problema, error
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algoritmy: příklady algoritmů v jazyce java, perl, python, řešení složitých matematických úloh
algoritmy, algoritmus, kryptologie, python, hlavolamy, java, automaty
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linkexchange — код sape, linkfeed, trustlink для python
библиотека python для подключения бирж ссылок таких как, и данный код решает задачу продажи ссылок с ваших сайтов на python.
sape, python, linkfeed, django, zope, trustlink, linkexchange
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python testing - python test frameworks and strategies
functional testing using python unit test frameworks, including unittest, nose, pytest, doctest, and perhaps more.
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welcome to
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python, django e desenvolvimento web | klaus laube
artigos sobre desenvolvimento web, python e django.
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python, wins0n, programlife
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simplified python - python django tutorials
simplified python is a website providing python tutorials. for python and django development.
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python blogs
python blogs is a dedicated python blogging platform for professionals and enthusiasts alike.
blogs, python
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planet python
recent postings from python-related blogs.
weblogger, aggregator, blogger, blogs, weblog, blog, python
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iops - desenvolvimento de sistemas web
a iops é uma empresa que oferece o desenvolvimento de sistemas e aplicações de alta disponibilidade, escaláveis e seguros.
desenvolvimento, python, django, empresa, consultoria, software, treinamento, preto, sistemas, escalabilidade
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mi diario python
blog sobre programación en python. ejercicios paso a paso, análisis de código, turoriales, traducción de libros y mucho mas.
python, programar, lenguaje, script, cero, ejercicios, programacion, pygame, django, desde
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python weekly: a free, weekly python e-mail newsletter
a free weekly newsletter featuring curated news, articles, software, events, tools and libraries, jobs etc related to python.
turbogears, zope, pyramid, web2py, grok, newsletter, django, pylons, python
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обучение python 3 с ноля до профессионала на подробные видео курсы и простым языком
python, django, framework, russian, heccrb
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关于编程(java, python, js等)、设计模式、系统(linux)、开源、学习心得、工作经验–人生苦短,我用python
linux, python
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apprendre a programmer avec des exemples - orienté-objet
exemples, cours, tutoriels, code source, java, perl, python, c et c++, csharp, php apprendre à programmer, télécharger les api, jar, information des nouvelles téchnologies, windows microsoft mac. unix
cplusplus, csharp, java, perl, python, programmation
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perl, ruby, python, rental, server, database, free
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makeinfo - android tutorial,apps,games,linux,python
android tutorial, apps, games, linux, python
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the life | a life summary of an gypsy
python 3 で mysql.connector を使って mysql に接続した方法を紹介します。 環境設定 ubuntu と amazon linux で試しました。 ubuntu ubuntu 16.04.1 lts でやりました。
python, linux, chainer, money, ubuntu, isalnum, amazon
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ball python care and information as well as community driven content covering all manner of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates - from boas to ball and blood pythons to bearded dragons and brachys. have questions? we have answers! come join our unique community and create your own photo gallery, compete in monthly contests, classifieds, calendared events and so much more. got balls? we got you covered!
python, ball, care, monitor, burmese, burm, skink, kingsnake, crested, cornsnake, anaconda, mojave, leucistic, albino, hypomelanistic, axanthic, thermostat, piebald, cresties, enclosure, herpetology, reptile, herps, caresheet, ballpython, regius, geckos, boas, retic, reticulated, beardies, leos, caging
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python strftime reference
a quick reference for python's strftime formatting directives.
reference, strftime, python
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index|room 6933
room 6933のトップページです.ほとんどブログのみの更新です。ubuntu/centosなどのlinux, python, c等のプログラミングに関してのこと等を書いています.
centos, ubuntu, linux, python
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python rest api framework eve 0.6.1-dev documentation
python rest api framework to effortlessly build and deploy full featured, highly customizable restful web services.
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python 3 - программирование на python 3
python 3 - молодой, но быстро развивающийся язык программирования. изучить python 3 онлайн на нашем сайте. скачать python 3
python, django, symbian
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入门无忧网-- 技术的梦想从这里启航
入门无忧网-(提供了最全的编程技术基础教程, 介绍了html、css、javascript、python,java,ruby,c,php , mysql等各种编程语言的基础知
jquery, mobile, mysql, bootstrap, python, angularjs, nosql, rabbitmq, easyui, w3cschool, javascript, ajax
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xlwings - replace excel vba with python!
xlwings is a free and open-source alternative to vba that allows you to program microsoft excel with python. it works on windows and mac.
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gc watches -
official site of gc watches. modern, stylish, and luxurious timepieces. swiss watches for him and her.
watches, watch, jewelry, python, blue, modern, gift, quality, fashion, made, swiss, guess, womens, ladies, luxury, style, sport
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two scoops press: making python and django as fun as ice cream
two scoops press is the indie publishing company behind two scoops of django: best practices for django. we specialize in python and django books.
expand collapse # il punto di riferimento italiano per gli appassionati di python # il punto di riferimento italiano per gli appassionati di python
zope, plone, wxpython, pycon, pygtk, py2exe, jython, pypy, ironpython, cpython, numpy, twisted, django, utilizzatori, appassionati, italiano, italia, programmazione, programming, tkinter, pyqt, wiki, forum, scripting, python
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panduan belajar bahasa pemrograman, blogger dan seo
panduan belajar html, css, codeigniter, php, python, javascript, mysql, blogger, bisnis online dan seo.
belajar, jquery, nodejs, html, javascript, python, codeigniter, wordpress, pemrograman, dyazin, bisnis, online, cahya, blogspot
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pycursos transforma desenvolvedores em artistas tecnológicos por meio da educação à distância no ensino de programação usando a linguagem python, uma das plataformas livres que mais crescem no mundo.
cursos, python, desenvolvedor, regex, desenvolvimento, ensino, online, numpy, scipy, pylab, linguagem
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victor jaburs blog information of technology java, soa, python, api, integration
information of technology - java, soa, python, api, integration
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programando con odoo (openerp) y python
blog acerca de la programacion en openerp utilizando python, openobject, vistas en xml, con el modelo mvc
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algorithms: algorithms in java language, perl, python, solving mathematical problems.
search, algorithm, sorting, automats, crzptography, python, algorithms, programming, puzzle, java
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про python
сайт про питон. здесь можно найти различные материалы по языку программирования python: книги, видео, справочник, сообщества, события, обсуждения и многое другое.
python, pythonz
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сообщество python-разработчиков: форум, блоги, работа, обучающие материалы, видео, ссылки.
django, python
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it书籍网 | 但行好事,莫问前程;钝鸟先飞,大器晚成
项目管理, python, java, prel, shell, maven, nginx, saltstack书籍, processing语言
java, python
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个人技术博客, 涉及c, c++, python, java, object-c, c#, android, blackberry10, ios, 移动游戏开发, mysql, git
blackberry10, mysql, android, python, java
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lisp, haskell, python, xyzzy script などの関数型プログラミング言語の小品と解説
xyzzy, script, python, haskell, lisp
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christiano anderson - nosql, mongodb, python, django e big data -
nosql, mongodb, big data, python, django, geodjango, gis, software livre, blog de christiano anderson
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supporting python 3: an in-depth guide supporting python 3 - the book site
2to3, python3, conversion, porting, python
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edumaven - training materials for python, perl, javascript, mongodb, and more
tutorials for ruby, python, perl, javascript, dart, and several other programming languages and technologies. (mongodb, vim)
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python brasil 11
11ª conferência brasileira da comunidade python. cinco dias de tutoriais, palestras e sprints sobre a linguagem python.
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아임포트 - 개발자를 위한 무료 결제연동 서비스
online payment를 아임포트 api를 사용해 1시간이면 개발하는 무료서비스 : python 결제연동, node.js 결제연동, ruby 결제연동, 전자결제, 워드프레스 결제, 우커머스 플러그인, 이니시스, lgu+, 나이스페이, jtnet, tpay
python, ruby, node, inicis, java, paypal, tpay, jtnet, kakaopay
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python - python türkiye
python programlama dili için geçerli tüm kaynakları sunan bir sitedir. python hakkında tüm bilgileri türkçe olarak bulabilceğiniz nadir sitelerdendir.
python, egitim, bilgiler, blogu, temel, mobil, programlama
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かんたん作成【html css javascript php cgi perl ruby python .htaccess】
ホームページ作成用プログラムサンプル集 かんたん作成【html css javascript php cgi perl ruby python .htaccess】
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slash4 - it security, big data, deployment automation
we focus on big data, devops, python development, deployment automation and it sec\ urity. our passion is to keep it simple.
python, learn, training, howto, tutorial
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ete toolkit - analysis and visualization of (phylogenetic) trees
the ete toolkits is python library that assists in the analysis, manipulation and visualization of (phylogenetic) trees.
phylogenetics, paralogy, phylogeny, phylogenomics, python, orthology, newick, toolkit, ete2, tree, visualization
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django brasil | website da comunidade brasileira
django é um framework web de alto nível escrito em python que estimula o desenvolvimento rápido e limpo. django brasil é a comunidade brasileira de usuários do framework django.
python, django, framework
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magento marketplace, dropshipping, mobile commerce & python application – egrove systems
ecommerce development company with several customizable solutions including mobile commerce app builder, marketplace and dropshipper modules. other services include python/django and cloud platform development.
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python learning
django blog python learning
django, blog, agus, summon, python, learning
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fechatag - html5, css, tableless, desenvolvimento web, python, linux
html5, css, tableless, desenvolvimento web, python, linux
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beeware - the ides of python
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pylint - code analysis for python |
python, pylint, pyreverse, code analysis, checker, logilab, pep8
checker, logilab, pep8, analysis, code, pylint, pyreverse, python
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robofont | the ufo editor you have been waiting for ;-)
robofont,  the missing ufo editor. robofont is a ufo based, mac only, font editor. written from scratch in python with scalability in mind. the editor allows full scripting access to objects and interface. the application is a platform for drawing and modifying typefaces and much more...
editor, type, font, python, design, scripting, draw, face
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bouml - an uml tool box
bouml : an uml toolbox running under linux, macos x and windows to specify and generate code in c++, java, php, python, idl and mysql
actor, class, case, reverse, usecase, state, activity, collaboration, deployment, sequence, diagram, component, node, mysql, modeleur, outil, modeller, modeler, tool, linux, macos, python, java, windows, bouml
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python wheels
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studio library - anim and pose library for maya
studio library is a free python script for managing poses and animation in maya.
plugin, pose, python, maya, manager, autodesk, free, library, animation
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monty python official site
the official online home for all things monty python. pages of everything you’ll ever need to know about monty python and their movies, tv shows, books, live stage shows, apps and latest projects, as well as exclusive videos, news and a fanwall where all your #montypython content will live. also, find information about the individual pythons - graham chapman, john cleese, terry gilliam, eric idle, terry jones and michael palin.
python, reunion, life, comedy, terry, grail, parrot, brian, sketch, holy, live, warwick, davis, johnson, boris, show, london, circus, eric, idle, jones, cleese, gilliam, john, michael, palin, monty, flying, comedian, british, meaning
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início | programe em python
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winpdb - a platform independent python debugger
winpdb is a platform independent gpl python debugger with support for multiple threads, namespace modification, embedded debugging, encrypted communication and is up to 20 times faster than pdb.
debugger, python
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qpython - python on android
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主页 | python-cn
china, python
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satchless e-commerce for python
satchless brings e-commerce and python together. it provides the low-level classes and patterns so you can focus on your business logic and ui.
expand collapse - python уроки, python и django, запросы sql и t-sql, настройка cisco, asterisk, freebsd, серверов - python уроки, python и django, запросы sql и t-sql, настройка cisco, asterisk, freebsd, серверов
python, freebsd, django, linux, powershell, cisco, asterisk
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portable python - portable python
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ak eric
this page is about my interests, projects, and profession (video games industry). i code in python (& pygame), mel (maya embedded language), and processing
electronics, maker, printing, arduino, raspberry, replicator, makerbot, pygame, maya, pymel, photography, processing, programming, python
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дайджест новостей о python
еженедельная подборка свежих и самых значимых новостей o python
python, django, flask
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pywaw | home
pywaw to cykliczne spotkania pasjonatów języka programowania python z warszawy i okolic.
barcamp, spotkanie, prezentacje, programowanie, python, grupa, pywaw
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python tr türkçe programlama dili ve teknoloji haberleri kaynağı
programlama dilleri ve teknoloji haberleri için tıklayınız.
python, programlama, ubuntu, teknoloji, linux, dili, debian
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python-ldap: ldap client api for python
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¡bienvenido! - recursos python
manuales, fuente, ejemplos, lenguaje, python
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home | | python web development
home page
python, quokka, mongodb, flask, web2py, curso, django
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como programar android, java, c#, c++, php, python, html5
cómo aprender a programar en android y java, c# (sharp), c++, html, php, visual basic, javascript, objetive c, juegos, python, python, hacking, 2015.
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life is very easy with python
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python - python türkiye
python programlama dili için geçerli tüm kaynakları sunan bir sitedir. python hakkında tüm bilgileri türkçe olarak bulabilceğiniz nadir sitelerdendir.
python, egitim, bilgiler, blogu, temel, mobil, programlama
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myballpython | breeder of quality ball python morphs
this is a web page dedicated to breeding and information about ball pythons; ball pythons for sale. we are a small breeder of ball pythons morphs located in central arkansas. while breeding is our focus, several of our snakes are also our pets
python, ball, pythons, albino, baby, ghost, lavender, calico, ultramel, leucistic, phantom, fire, spider, orange, pied, breeding, genetics, information, piebald, cinnamon, african, soft, bumble, genetic, pictures, regius, royal, info, sale, arkansas, breeder, morphs, pastel, caramel, axanthic, stripe, clown, platinum, mojave, mystic
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python + django framework 1.7, 1.8, 1.9|онлайн обучение django python в спб
создание сайта на фреймворке django, очень подробно по шагам и простым языком. делаем реальный сайт и продвигаем. уроки django - как стать программистом,
django, python, framework, install, windows, server, ajax, render, world, html, hello, history
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python ide for python developers - wingware python ide
python ide for python developers - wingware python ide - the intelligent development environment for python programmers
browser, code, source, coding, programmer, software, programming, programmers, debug, debugger, integrated, editor, development, environment, tools, tool, python
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python jobs hq | python jobs
leading python jobs, by python developers for python developers. brought to you by the curators of the pycoders weekly newsletter where we have cultivated a large and vibrant python community.
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python academy - the python training specialist
we are specialized in python teaching. regular training courses for the programming language python.
python, training, beginners, advanced, learning, programming, seminar, pythonseminar, pythonseminars, pythontraining, seminars
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caperanreptiles - accueil
elevage professionnel de pyhon regius et boa constrictor.
python, regius, elevage, eleveur, ball, royal, center, serpents, mutation, ferme, snake, terrario, tropicale, world, breeder, reptilis, nhreptiles, reptiligne
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learn python - learn python tutorial
welcome to the most reliable source to learn python. we have been teaching python for years now and we have been told we have the best python tutorials.
python, tutorial, best, learn, tutorials
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ball python breeder homepage - ball pythons for sale - welcome to - professional breeder of ball python morphs
ball python breeder with ball pythons for sale. a ball python breeder working with quality ball python morphs where customer satisfaction is #1!
ball, python, pythons, baby, regius, royal, morphs, sale, breeder, info, pictures
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red blood python - home
dedicated to the distribution of information for care, breeding, and morphs of red blood python (python brongersmai)
python, blood, sale, brongersmai
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python šott | úvod
stánka o chovu krajt královských - python regius a jejich barevných mutací.
python, dumerili, acrantophis, curtus, regius
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dr. yves j. hilpisch — the python quant
the python quant
python, quant, analytics, visixion, dexision, pytables, pandas, ipython, wingtsun, escrima, livre, luta, scipy, demand, derivatives, platform, hilpisch, quants, yves, engineering, financial, program, numpy
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choosing python ide - python ides for unix and windows users -
get the latest python ide for your development. and the python editor for beginners in windows, linux or mac.
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python development company, having clients from u.s, europe, and asia
top most python development company with 5 out 5 ratings on freelance, elance and other web portals, and 100% client satisfaction ratio
python, development, dedicated, programmers, frameworks, website, company, django, voip
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un tutorial de python diferente - tutorial python
con este tutorial python, aprenderás lo más usado en la programación con python, con lo que serás capaz de programar rápidamente.
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ocean python | python tools for oceanography and marine sciences is a website to learn python programming language for ocean- and marine-science applications and to share python code. ******* previous posts ********
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αρχική - ελληνική κοινότητα προγραμματιστών python
ελληνική κοινότητα προγραμματιστών python. greek python user group (pug).
python, user, django, taspython, patra, patras, upatras, university, pyathens, tutorials, forum, module, pygame, greek, group, ceid
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woodstock blog
1. choose a framework assuming we use python to do this. plain python? we can write a simple python crawler with the code below: import re, urllib
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добро пожаловать на сайт python-lab: документация и статьи о python! python-lab 1.0a documentation
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welcome to the new
anthony caponetto reptiles - crested geckos, ball pythons, carpet pythons and more
python, gecko, green, morelia, tree, morphs, quality, investment, rhacodactylus, carpet, reptile, snake, crested, leopard, ball, blood
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python training in bangalore | best python training institutes in bangalore
best python training in bangalore offered by india's no.1 python only training institute. classroom, online and corporate training in python.
bangalore, programming, institute, training, python
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python 3 wall of superpowers
too many popular python packages don't support python 3.
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ciaobella - ciaobella python leather bags & accessories 차오벨라 파이톤 뱀피 핸드백 & 악세사리
차오벨라는 뱀가죽의 종류 중 가장 아름다운 파이톤 제품 전문 브랜드 입니다. 차오벨라의 모든 제품들은 cites(멸종 위기에 처한 야생 동/식물 국제거래에 관한 협약)의 허가를 받은 인도네시아산 최고급 천연 파이톤 가죽에 핸드메이드 염색과 차오벨라만의 피니싱 작업을 거친 원재료와 대한민국산 최고 품질의 부자재를 사용하여 현지에서 직접 제작하여 전 세계로 판매하고 있습니다. 차오벨라는 여성/남성용 가방류, 신발류, 액세서리류, 의류 등의 140종의 스타일을 100가지 이상의 차오벨라만의 다양하고 화려한 컬러로 선보이고 있으며, 아름다운 파이톤 고유의 느낌을 살려 앞서가는 트랜드를 보여드리고자 노력하고 있습니다.
python, ciaobella, snake, leather, handbag, eyewear, sunglasses, indonesia
expand collapse - constrictors unlimited- mike wilbanks - home
specializing in the captive propagation of the designer morphs of python regius, ball pythons, royal pythons. we are one of the largest producers in the world of ball pythons. we only work with python regius commonly called ball pythons. focusing on ball python morphs exclusively has helped us become the best. if you love ball pythons, ball python breeding, designer morphs and everything else python regius, you have found your home.
ball, python, pythons, morphs, leucistic, royal, breeding, sale, wilbanks, regius, fire, morph, unlimited, constrictors, eggs, reproduction, black, eyed, super, banana, designer, albino, piebald, reptile, coral, investment, mike, glow, genetic
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the python quants group
the python quants group
python, platform, julia, quant, hegde, finance, quants, banking, funds
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home | 株式会社ビープラウド
python, connpass, professional, programming, beproud, training
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中蟒 (中文 python) 編程語言網站 chinesepython
中蟒 網站主頁 中蟒是 python 語言的中文版本. 提供即譯式, 互動, 以概念出發並可擴展的程式語言. 其結構異常的清楚且用途極廣. 目前已移植到非常多的操作平台上. 中蟒是免費的.
chinesepython, python
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tech boost | embedded systems training in bangalore, india
python training, python institute, python learning
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python diary | what's new
a python blog with many different posts, package reviews, and tutorials.
kevin, examples, veroneau, chronoboy, unixboy666, code, packages, django, programming, videos, tutorials, python
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ball python care
ball python care website is the official guide for captive care, feeding and behavior information. all of the highest quality the web has to offer.
ball, python, care
expand collapse the ultimate monty python site
monty, python, fawlty, towers, midi, sounds, wavs, fierce, comedy, viking, videos, terry, eric, montypython, creatures, yarns, neil, nuns, cleveland, rutles, innes, ripping, carol, scripts, news, faulty, ptyhon, mnty, curtis, books, jabberwocky, twers, music, erik, fish, palin, micheal, pictures, prunella, scales
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python tutorial
python tutorial
exercises, tutorial, multiple, choice, questions, engine, programming, quiz, singapore, pyschools, python
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a repository for learning python from scratch - visit daily and stay updated!
this is a one stop python tutorials site for both beginners and advanced users. learn more about python life-hacks and performance optimisations. this site keeps updating so subscribe to get notified!
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cardinal fang's python site
python, monty, cardinal, grail, holy, life, sketches, spam, biographies, lyrics, songs, meaning, brian, flying, circus, fang, site, quest
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königspython haltung, pflege und zucht von python regius farbmorphen
haltung, pflege und zucht von königspythons (python regius) in allen farben und variationen. hilfestellung für anfänger und liebhaber aus frankfurt am main.
python, ball, reptilien, regius, schlangen
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winnipeg reptiles
winnipeg reptiles - your one stop for all your reptile needs
ball, python, breeding, locally, owned, winnipeg, information, expo, carey, photo, ballpythons, pythons, breeder, albino, sales, gallery
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python 2.7 countdown
python 2.7 will retire in 2020. learn more and see the countdown here.
python3, python, python2, clock
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effective python the book
effective python will prepare you to make a big impact with python.
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peter rice reptiles
python, reticulated, peter, rice, bearded, dragon, iguana, burmese, burm, corn, royal, fenland, march, cambs, peterborough, chameleon, ball, retic, snake, spiders, mystic, chaos, pythons, reptiles, boas, reptile, store, snakes, tarantulas, lizards, cambridgeshire, north, constrictor
expand collapse - home ist eine informationsseite über königspythons
regius, skylineballs, python, snakes, reptilien, royalpython, schlangen, ballpython, koenigspython, balls
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softformance | web development agency specializing in python and django
python and django web developers. we craft tools, apps and websites for clients around the world.
webdevelopment, softformance, django, python
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owalreptiles - home
owal reptiles. owal reptiles homepage
ball, python, pythons, snake, breeder, morph, reptiles, breeders, genetics, calculator, snakes, carpet, calculatorowal, morphs, herping, information, gene, sale, homozygous, reptile, owal, heterozygous, dominant, recessive, herp
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django jobs | djangojobs - the job board for django python engineers
django jobs, connecting django python engineers with companies. post django job listings. find django python jobs
developers, python, jobs, django
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alexandre norman
alexandre norman, site personnel dissertant de choses et d'autres…
enic, management, xael, pyclamd, norman, python, alexandre
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python jobs
the leading job board for python and django related jobs. we help you find the python and django developers you need.
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elite ballz - online ball pythons and reptiles store - elite ballz
your one stop shop for ball python morphs and reptiles
ball, python, sale, reptiles, morphs, pythons, reptile, shop, breeder, snakes, care
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تعليم لغة برمجة البايثون | arabic python
دروس تعليم لغة برمجة البايثون
python, tutorials, scripts, codes
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python backend
python backend, a forum about python backend for junior developer.
backend, python
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master tech - curl | python-2.7 | python-requests
curl | python-2.7 | python-requests
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django-fr | le framework web python pour les perfectionnistes
django est un framework web python de haut niveau encourageant un développement rapide et bien fait, un design pragmatique.
framework, documentation, francophone, python, django
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wr cycles ⎜ python pro partner
wr cycles specialiser sig i high-end racercykler og tilbyder specialbyggede cykler i alle kategorier. samtidig er wr cycles officiel python pro partner, og leverer og servicerer python pro cykler til hele storkøbenhavn
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заметки python
linux, nginx, javascript, mongodb, python, tornado
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full throttle pythons - home
full throttle pythons specializes in healthy, thriving ball python babies.
ball, python, full, throttle, sale, baby
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jesse noller
python programming, developer advocacy - cloud technology, the python software foundation and more.
expand collapse
uintah reptile - home page
uintah reptiles home page
ball, python, uintah, sale, utah, genetics, normal, county, pythons, reptile, morphs
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reptibel - acceuil
magasin de reptiles, reptielenwinkel
python, reptile, baardagame, elaphe, barbu, agame, muizen, korenslang, royal, shop, koningspython, regius, krekels, sauterelle, serpent, slang, pantherophis, pogona, reptielenwinkel, tortue, schildpad, grillon, magasin, gecko, souris
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python software development, cape town | byte orbit
byteorbit is a python software development company based in cape town, south africa.
development, python, cape, africa, south, applications, town, developers, postgresql, mysql, database, mobile, open, ubuntu, linux, django, source, website, facebook, software, product
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daniel sousa
python, sqlobject, transaction, callback, ireport, java, ferramentas, internet, jasperreport
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solution4future - python and ios outsourcing
we design and develop and maintain web and mobile applications using python/django and targeting ios and android platformss
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internet profil software house
realizujemy projekty webowe (python, js) i mobilne. web najczęściej python + django + angularjs
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life is short - you need python!
python programming blog
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i'm mainly a c# developer, but i'm currently working on a project in python. how can i represent the equivalent of an enum in python?
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accueil - reptilebox
python, african, pietin, tail, didier, macularius, gecko, ball, eublepharis, leopard, regius
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metal monkey exotics
metal monkey exotics - quality captive bred ball pythons and other reptiles
python, ball, breeder, michigan, bred, metal, monkey, snake, little, indian, selectively, littleindiangirl, girl, morph, snakes, exotics, morphs, captive, selective, breeding
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garrick demeyer's ball python snakes for sale. check our our selection of ball python snakes for sale, all with a 100% satisfaction gaurantee
snakes, python, morphs, demeyer, sale, ball, garrick
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现居台州, 资深网络营销人员, 现为某医院网络部负责人, 钟爱python, seo技术等, 喜欢研究各种网络营销方法,能独立开发网络营销工具。
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learn python programming language - python tutorial for beginners
python tutorial for beginners